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​Welcome to the Global Path Holidays
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2023.04.02 08:02 Own_Willingness_3153 Making sister sister split costs for vacations.

I (25f) have a younger sister (22f) who I go on several (3-7) vacations with every year. Usually, it is camping and short cabin stays. We have been wanting to travel to further places (Hawaii, Mexico, Florida)for a while now. I purchased a time share/travel plan this year that will pay for the actual lodging to travel to further locations. But with this comes rental car fees and airplane rides.
Up until now I have been paying for most of the vacations we go on expenses being like food, gas, all of camping supplies for camping, hotels, activities, with the exception of her putting 50 down for groceries, or paying for a meal usually once per trip on 5 night trips.
Even when we go out to eat or go on day trips, she never pays for food, or activities just expects me to do it.
I don't make that much money, for the last few years, I have worked two full time jobs during the winter, to pay for us to travel during the summer and to pay off student loans, my car, save up for a house, etc.
In previous years, I have asked her to pay for more expenses, and she has always said she can't. She doesn't make as much money as me. In the last year or so, she has started working at a newer place and makes significantly more than I do compared to my main job. 30$ hr compared to 23$. I have asked for her to pay for more in light of that, not more than me, just split. She says I still make more than she does per taxes (because I work 80-90 hours a week during the winter). Every time I have brought it up, we just get into arguments.
I love traveling with her, she is my best friend. I am introverted and do not have anyone else I can travel with, but she also does not see how draining it is to pay for so much every time we go out. I do not mind spending money on her or others when we go out, but I do not think it should be an expectation. Any advice?
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2023.04.02 07:20 LeutnantzurSeeFritz The Exploits of Irving Reese Part 13: A Shower for a stag and hen

(Sorry it took awhile for me to post this to Reddit. Power was knocked out and I had to wait until it came back on to post it here.)
(As here usual, you can find this story and the pervious parts here.)

The New Year rang in as Irving and Enterprise counted the days until their wedding in February.
Irving looked at the calendar and chuckled.
“Huh. It looks like our honeymoon will be on Valentine’s day.”
Enterprise blushed. She never realized the coincidence.
They knew that the wedding was going to be on February 10th.
In January, Oklahoma had her baby shower. Before the baby shower, Oklahoma told the rest of the shipgirls that she was having a boy.
The shipgirls gave her things such as clothes for the baby. Akagi gave her a crib.
After a while, Oklahoma was tired of all the shipgirls trying to feel her belly. Her baby tried to kick as if to tell them to stop, but this only encouraged them to do it more.
Malcolm could sense his wife’s frustration. He leaned in and whispered into her ear.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”
After that, every time a person would try to feel Oklahoma’s belly, Malcolm would give them a death glare that would put the kibosh on that idea.
After the baby shower was over, Oklahoma embraced her husband.
“Thanks, honey.”
She knew she could count on him to protect her and their unborn son.
Soon, February dawned. Irving knew that his and Enterprise’s wedding was right around the corner. He decided on the plan for his bachelor party.
Malcolm couldn’t go, as even though he was his best man, he was busy helping Oklahoma in the late stages of her pregnancy. Denis could go, as he was not that busy. Fritz would go, as he had nothing better to do. Samuel and Warren could go as well.
Irving smiled as he thought about how wild his party could get.
Meanwhile, Enterprise was planning her bachelorette party. She knew Oklahoma couldn’t go for the obvious reason of being eight months pregnant.
She invited New Jersey, Bismarck, Arizona, and Kronshtadt. She knew that the Northern Parliament had a bar that served the best drinks on the base.
Soon, the soon-to-be weds were at their respective parties.
Irving and his group were at the same bar where they had Malcolm’s bachelor party.
“A shame Malcolm couldn’t go.”
Samuel turned to face Irving.
“Eh, He’s gonna be a father soon. What did you expect?”
Irving noted Denis did not drink that much. He was in no state to drive, but he only had a few shots of vodka.
“I cannot process alcohol well”
Irving laughed and nodded. The rest of the group was equally drunk. Samuel was trying to play pool, but he could barely keep his shot straight.
Fritz was dancing on a table, his arms flailing around like a scarecrow in a wind tunnel.
Warren was already vomiting into a toilet in the restroom.
Irving noticed the bartender was looking at him with an angry look. He knew unless he did something; they were going to get kicked out.
Irving grabbed his phone and picked a random contact.
It turned out that the random contact was Heinz.
Heinz picked up the phone. He was in his black boxers. Bismarck had already left to join Enterprise for her bachelorette party.
“Ah, Heinz, my man. Listen, I need a ride back home. Do me a solid and pick me up, m’kay?”
Heinz’s face went blank. It surprised him Irving had his number. It was likely that either Fritz or Bismarck gave it to him at some point.
Heinz hung up his phone. He knew that Irving and his group were most likely at the bar at the Eagle Union part of the base.
Meanwhile, in the Northern Parliament part of the base. Enterprise and her group were busy getting drunk and partying something fierce.
Kronshtadt and Bismarck were busy tearing it up the karaoke machine. Apparently “Bismarck” by Sabaton was on it, and Bismarck did not want to waste an opportunity like that.
New Jersey was already asleep. Arizona was on her phone.
Enterprise tugged on Arizona’s sleeve. She was drunk and could barely speak a few words without slurring them.
“Hey, can you call Oklahoma to pick us up?”
Arizona sighed and texted Oklahoma.
Oklahoma awoke to a phone vibrating. She unlocked it and saw it was a text from Arizona.
“Hey, can you pick us up? We are at the bar in the Northern Parliament part of the base.”
Oklahoma sat up and sighed, which alerted her husband.
Malcolm sat behind her and placed his arms around her belly.
She turned her head and kissed her husband.
“What’s wrong?”
Oklahoma chuckled and felt Malcolm’s hands around her large middle.
“Oh, other than having to pee almost every fifteen minutes, my boobs leaking more than a broken pipe. Louis treating my insides like a soccer ball, my back aching like a geriatric, and now I got to be the drunk wrangler, I’m doing just fine.”
Malcolm froze and raised his eyebrows.
"What if you go into labor while you are driving? What if something happens and you crash?
Oklahoma kissed her husband again as she felt Louis kick inside of her.
“Mal, relax. I’m going to be okay. You treat me like I’m a dainty daylily. Like my water will break as if I so much as sneeze too hard.”
Malcolm calmed down. Ever since Oklahoma had entered the last trimester of her pregnancy, he had been more protective of her.
Oklahoma got up to put on a purple t-shirt with a white unicorn on it and some black leggings. Malcolm followed behind her.
Oklahoma turned around to face her concerned husband.
“Relax, if something happens I’ll call you or the Commander.”
Malcolm and Oklahoma embraced and kissed. Oklahoma made a slight moan. She placed a hand on her belly.
“Relax, it’s just him kicking me a bit too hard. Vestal, Bismarck, and Tirpitz told me I would feel it around this stage.”
Oklahoma grabbed her phone and got into her car. She drove to the Northern Parliament side of the base.
Heinz’s car stopped right in front of the bar in the Eagle Union part of the base. He saw Irving and the others make their way to his car.
Once they arrived, they noticed a very pressing issue.
There were not enough seats for all of them.
Warren piped up.
“I’m going in the trunk.”
Before Heinz could protest, Warren had already placed himself in the trunk and closed the door.
With Warren in the trunk, that left enough seats for the men.
Irving got into the back of the car with Samuel and Fritz. Denis got into the front with Heinz.
They drove to the Ironblood part of the base. They could get Irving’s clothes for the wedding tomorrow.
What mattered now was getting the men to a safe spot to sober up.
And Heinz knew just the place.
Meanwhile, Oklahoma was driving to the bar in the Northern Parliament part of the base. She had to stop to pee at least two times while she was driving.
Oklahoma put one hand on her belly and rubbed it. She knew she had woken up Louis, as he was kicking in anger.
Oklahoma made her way to the bar. She parked the car and waddled to the entrance.
She had to go to the restroom first. Once she finished, she walked to the group.
“I’m here to be the drunk wrangler.”
It surprised the group that it was Oklahoma who picked them up. Arizona stared at her with concern.
“Oklahoma, why are you here? You-”
Oklahoma cut her off. She stared Arizona in the eye, her eyebrows down.
“I don’t want to hear it. Malcolm already gave me the same spiel before I left.”
Soon, the group was inside Oklahoma’s car. Oklahoma decided she would drop off Kronsthadt first, as she was the closest.
Oklahoma parked the car next to the dorm. Yaroslav and Nikolay were ready, and they picked up Kronshtadt.
“Thanks for the lift, Okie.”
Nikolay and Yaroslav carried her to her dorm.
Next up was Bismarck. Prinz Eugen was at the door of the dorms and helped her into the building.
Prinz Eugen nodded at Oklahoma, and soon she drove to the Eagle Union part of the base to drop off New Jersey, Arizona, and Enterprise.
Oklahoma decided she would let New Jersey, Arizona, and Enterprise crash at her place, as she did not want them to be alone.
Enterprise woke up.
“I’m sorry you had to pick us up, Okie. I didn’t want you to be the drunk wrangler as you have so much going on in your life.”
Oklahoma shook her head.
“Enterprise, it’s okay. I already told Malcolm this. It’s not like my water will break if I sneeze too hard. I’m more durable than you think.”
Enterprise calmed down. She knew Oklahoma was a tough cookie.
Heinz pulled up to the parking lot of the Ironblood dorms. He grabbed the group of men and unlocked his trunk to let Warren out.
Warren came out of the trunk and joined the group. They all walked to the elevator and took it to Heinz and Bismarck’s room.
When Heinz opened the door, he saw Bismarck on the couch with a bucket near her. Helga and Joachim were looking at their mother, curious about what was wrong with her.
“What's wrong with Mutti, Vadi?”
Heinz knew he could not explain a hangover to a young girl that well, so he tried to explain it in terms she could understand.
“Mutti is sick, but don’t worry, you won't get sick as well.”
Irving and the other men quickly made it to Heinz’s kitchen. They grabbed any large bowls they could.
Soon, they all vomited. Heinz, Helga, and Joachim all watched this horrible event unfold.
Heinz expected Helga and Joachim to cover their eyes. Instead, they watched as if it was a magnificent spectacle. Joachim looked at his father.
“Did they have some of Mama’s horrible casserole?”
Heinz laughed and shook his head. He knew Joachim was referring to the night when Bismarck made a casserole. It was bad. Everyone was throwing up in the morning, including Fritz and his family, who came for dinner that night.
“No, this isn’t from a casserole.”
Joachim nodded. The casserole was a good thing in his opinion. He got a day off from school for it.
Meanwhile, on the Eagle Union side of the base, Malcolm was holding up a hungover Enterprise. Arizona was carrying a passed-out New Jersey to Oklahoma and Malcolm’s room. Oklahoma was in the front, waddling her way to the room.
Once they reached the door, Oklahoma opened it. Arizona laid New Jersey on the bed in the guest bedroom. Arizona decided that the living room floor was a great place to lie down and sleep.
Oklahoma sat down on the couch. She was exhausted.
Enterprise laid down on the couch and asked a somewhat odd question.
“Can I put my head on your belly?”
Oklahoma nodded and pulled her shirt up to expose her belly. Her navel had popped out, becoming sensitive to the touch.
Enterprise put her head on Oklahoma’s belly like a pillow. She smiled.
“I can hear Lou’s heartbeat. I can even feel him move.”
Oklahoma blushed.
Enterprise asked another odd question.
“Hey, Okie, what’s it like being pregnant? Is it like being hungover?”
Oklahoma raised her eyebrows. She didn’t think about it.
“At first, yeah, it was like being hungover. Then Lou began growing, and I felt him kick. It was cute at first, but then it hurt as he got bigger.”
Oklahoma could see Louis’s kicks from the outside of her belly. She knew Louis would cry his way into the world soon.
Oklahoma placed a finger on her belly to play with Louis. She moved her finger to see if Louis would kick where the finger was. He would do so, making her giggle.
“The worst part is the feeling of having to pee every fifteen minutes, and the backaches.”
Oklahoma turned to face her husband and blushed. He blushed back.
“The odd part is feeling horny. Malcolm had to learn that the hard way.”
She continued to blush. She knew she was sharing the not so fun parts about being pregnant.
“Well, that and the leaking boobs. I swear they have a mind of their own.”
Enterprise blushed as Oklahoma was oddly open about the more suggestive parts of being pregnant.
Enterprise yawned and asked the ultimate question.
“Do you think I’ll make an amazing mother?”
Oklahoma and Malcolm looked at each other with cheerful looks on their faces. Oklahoma stroked Enterprise’s hair.
“I think you would make an amazing mother, Enty. And I also think Irving would make an amazing father.”
Enterprise yawned and nodded her head. She fell asleep.
Oklahoma pulled a blanket on Enterprise. She left her head exposed. Malcolm wrapped a blanket around Oklahoma.
“ Are you coming to bed with me?”
Oklahoma shook her head.
“I think Enterprise needs me out here. She’s gonna need all the help she’s gonna get tomorrow.”
Oklahoma felt Louis’s kicking stop. She knew he had finally fallen asleep. She turned her head to look at Enterprise, who was fast asleep with her head on her belly.
Oklahoma sighed.
She could oddly get used to this.
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2023.04.02 07:19 techgirl2626 Stung by dodgy Sharjah car showroom.

I am here asking for advice not judgement by the way! Buying my first car out here and stupidly didn’t do my research. A friend of a friend recommended a showroom in Sharjah which he uses to buy his rentals. Rock up, test drive a car, was told it had small bumper damage but he couldn’t find the VIN. Thought it was sound so put 2000 down on it. As I drove away he sent me the VIN and it had been in a front end collision. My partner contacted them the 1/2 days later and said I need my money back as they didn’t tell me about this etc etc. The sales guy said no problem we can have it back. 4 weeks later, hundreds of calls to numerous people, being blown off, a 3 hour trip to the show room and now they are refusing to give it to us. We were told multiple times by multiple people on the phone at the beginning they’d give it us back and to no avail, now they refuse.
What can I do? Can I get the police involved? Is there a way in can file something with someone? Or is it a lesson learnt?
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Book Self Drive Car On Rent In Chandigarh

Looking to rent a car in Chandigarh? Book Self Drive Car has you covered! We offer a wide selection of vehicles ranging from economy cars to luxury vehicles. Enjoy our hassle-free booking process and get the best rates on car rentals in
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2023.04.02 06:17 kev595 Roadtrip from hell with Rivian R1T

Long time looker and first time posting.
I’ve been following this sub and Rivian R1T for a while, had my deposit in Nov 2021 and received the truck in Dec 2022. Since then, it’s mainly been my daily drive, replaced 2010 Odyssey. It drives night and day compared to the minivan. In meanwhile, made one trip from Westchester, NY to South Jersey, had to make one stop at an EVgo on the way back and it worked fine.
Fast forward to this week, kids are off from school next week and decided to go to Orlando and would be fun roadtrip. Since new to EV, decided to test out few more different DC Fast charging, both EA, EVgo and ChargePoint. EA and ChargePoint worked fine but EVgo was hit or missed. With some confidence, left the house on early Thursday and was planning to spend the night in NC, with little kids, it’s almost impossible to made it down in a day. Plus our check in to the resort was Friday.
The first day, things went great. We stopped at 2 EA stations, both at Walmart and it started to charge right away. Pull in to a station, open the charge port, plug-in and follow the instructions on the screen or start from the app then plug in. Also, driving was with Driver+, felt more relax and less tired. We arrived at the overnight hotel on time, the hotel had slow L2 charger - 6kw but it was going to be 100% by the the time we are leaving the next day.
On Second day, even with the slower charger, the truck was 100% ready to go. We grabbed some breakfast and hit the road. We made our way to our first stop at another EV station and things went smoothly, like the day before and hit the road again. Now it was around lunch time and time for another charge. I dropped off the wife and kids at the mall and headed crossed the street to another EV station at Walmart. Pull in and plug in, used the RFID reader to get it going and nothing. The station is stuck on initialing charging and the truck is saying starting charging but nothing happened. So I moved to another station and same. I called the EA service center and was on the phone with them for 30 mins, in meanwhile, wife is keep calling to see when I’m coming over. Even after the reset of the station, nothing worked. Other EVs comes and goes and no problem, even at the station that I was not able to charge. I began to google anything I can find on this issue and hard reset or letting the truck go to sleep for 30 mins may fix the issue. And tried both, nothing. This is definitely the issue with the truck, not the charging station. Now, I’m going crazy, worries started to set in. We are no where close to Orlando, probably another 4.5hrs driving to go and the truck is down to 20% or so. I now go back to pick up the family at mall and saw a L2 charger and plugged it in and it began to charge but at 9kw/hr. We decided to hang around a little longer here add while we look for options. We searched PlugShares and found another DC Fast Charge, about 30 miles away, ChargePoint 125kw stations. We made our way there and nothing, same as EA. Now, we are calling the Rivian Service for an assistance. The service rep I spoke with was very nice and suggested we find a hotel nearby with EV to stay overnight. He was going to set up an appointment with the Orlando Service Center and arrange a rental for us while we stayed there. We didn’t know how these 2 star hotels are so much more expensive when booking on the day of you are staying. Now, we are losing a day at the resort we were planning to stay at and needed to stay in GA. We were all so stressed and exhausted by now and accepted the fact that we have another tough day ahead of us. Luckily was able to find a hotel with L2 charger and book a room. Checked in for the night and plugged in the truck for the night. I don’t even know if Rivian will pick up the tab on this.
Day 3, 3am, I can’t even sleep and now thinking how I’m going to even go back home even if it’s fixed. By 9am, the truck is 97% and hit the road to Jacksonville FL. Overnight, Rivian sent location of L2 charging locations and a rental reservation information. We make our way to Jacksonville and stopped to have lunch, add a little so that we can made it over to Orlando. But now we can’t make it on time to pickup the rental, all Enterprise closes at 2pm on Saturday, except the airport. In meantime, we spoke with few different Rivian Service reps and they were all nice but no one is telling me definite details or going out of the way to help. Now, we are all so tired and stressed, this is not something we wanted to go through during our vacation. We talked to Rivian again, changed the rental car reservation to airport pick up, pick up rental and finally able to dropped off the truck at the service center with 8% to go. Of course the service center is closed and all of their L2 charger are being used so I just parked the truck, leave the key in the drop box and finally checked into the resort.
Now what? The truck will probably die, I would be very surprise if it still has some power left on Monday morning when the service center opens. And will it be fix on time for us to drive it back? It’s an understatement to just say my wife is mad. My wife is insisting that we don’t drive the truck back and I don’t blame her, I feel the same way. We are leaving early Friday to go back to and we all need to be back at work, school next week. All the service reps that we spoke with are nice and like I said no one is going out of the way to take care of the issue. Having a loner at the service center would have been definitely nice, instead of making another stop at the airport. This is the last thing I want to deal with during the vacation. It will be definitely a vacation to remember years from now and laugh about it but for now I’m extremely disappointed and upset. I still have another reservation on R1S for wife but will probably cancel it when it’s called up. I realize now have $85k vehicle that is “home range” only, reliable on home charge but cannot rely on DC Fast charge because it will either be the truck or the charging station with issues. Seriously doubting about keeping the truck.
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2023.04.02 05:56 Sayomi_Koneko cat seems confused on feelings for my boyfriend.. please help

Long post, sorry.
I've had my cat Lilith for 10 years and my boyfriend has known her for 4 of them.
She had been completely fine with bf for the first year and a half to two years as my bf had a dog and she didn't come by as much. His dog died a year and a half into our relationship and she had comfortable free roam around the house and would occasionally hiss seemingly randomly at him. I've seen it happen and can confirm for the most part he does nothing to antagonize. The only times he has directly made it happen is when he's upset and has that grumpy aura about him in every way and he just walks past /nearby or when we hold her longer than she wants to be held because we just wanna love on her and it annoys her. I admit I'm guilty too. She's too cute and fluffy to not want to hold her and bury my face in her fur.
Its gotten worse since last year as we've moved across country since then. We originally were going to travel for 2 weeks to get here as there was a gap between leases but it was delayed 4 months due to incompetent rental management. During this ride she was on and off with calming meds as some days she still seemed groggy and quiet for a while. When she wasn't groggy she was, of course, meowing. And if she did it for an extended amount of time he would yell at her. She was kenneled a good amount of those 4 months as she started moving around in the car in my lap a lot and would be kenneled at night including when we were in a hotel / temp space since we didn't want to be responsible for damages.
Once she got to our permanent place and never had to be kenneled again, she got worse after a week or two. maybe more but i don't remember. She was super happy to be free, constantly on my lap and following me around (especially when she hears the bathroom door open.) But with him it was off and on if she liked him. He can walk by, not even make eye contact or have any angry energy about him and she hisses. 95% of the time she just watches him walk around the apartment if he's in her view and crouches down and flattens her ears when he gets closer. I can be right in front of her showing that he's in a good mood and she may still hiss at him. He's wanting to kennel her if she hisses when I'm not home since I just put her on her cat tree and cover it with a blanket making her a safety fort. He's allergic to cats but knows I love them so he just asks that she remain out of our bedroom and we keep the door closed. We have to open it at night since the heater works like crazy where we live and we need it to cool off before bed. We try to discourage her from going down the hall pass the bathroom but of course she's a curious cat and its a room she doesn't get to explore. She will sometimes want to go down there but we have caught her enough that if we just say "what are you doing" to her while she goes down the hall she gets upset and hisses. We can ask her any other time but if she's heading to the bedroom she hisses.
About 50% of the time I'm home she's alright with him but when I'm not home she apparently likes him 99% of the time. She does everything to him that she does to me other than following around and being excited for bathroom time. She will lay in his lap / next to him, stand on the back of the couch to stretch up on his chest to be pet and held or stretches up against the wall, counter or door frame to be picked up. She loves being held and will even become a scarf kitty. He'll pick her up or pet her if he is angry (when she let's him) and it has nothing to do with her so she knows its ok. He picks her up when he's content and she can have that look about her but she can change in a matter of seconds when being held. He's changed her mood and laid down with her ending up falling asleep on him. He trys to hold her often because she likes it and he wants to get along with her.
After I got Lilith she was attached to my hip. After I vaccinated her she had a reaction to a bug bite shortly after the shot was given so her face swelled up and she scratched half of it off (I was at work and bf at the time wasn't paying attention). I cleaned her up best I could and got her all fixed up. She now has beautiful "scar"fur on her face. My bestfriend met her soon after she healed. Btw she loved my best friend but had never sat in her lap or cuddled up to her until I moved in with my current boyfriend.
The 1st place Lilith and I lived after moving out of my parents house was with an emotionally abusive boyfriend (not any mentioned before) who had previously been hired to "remove" cats (i fully regret this especially because I knew beforehand) from neighborhoods... he was constantly angry and punching walls. I had come home and she had an injury on her ass / back upper thigh. He claimed he didn't know what happened but I don't believe him. I moved out shortly after.
So she's been through a lot and current boyfriend is getting increasingly angry for "having to walk on eggshells in our own place". I understand this and I just want them to get along. I don't know what to do. I've tried calming collars, wall plug ins. Hell, I gave her the last pill of her calming medicine when she was having issues with him the other day and she was still glaring at him when she was awake.
Latest issue was this morning. Bf woke up and went to the living room to work out. She lifted her head lazily to see what he was doing and went back to sleep. After he woke me up so I could sleep with her on the couch and I exited the room / went to the bathroom, she started having issues. She was hunched down, ears flat.
He thinks its like a step dad thing. He was one before and the kid was great around him but as soon as mom was around she was a piece of shit kid that walked all over mom.
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2023.04.02 05:52 MIZSCD Bought one set booster after an edh tornament

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2023.04.02 05:49 Aspiringginger Should we sell our car and trade it for a house?

Clickbait title but bear with me, because my fiancée and I have been discussing this for a few weeks and we think it might just work—but would love to be proven otherwise if we’ve missed something in our calculations.
We are currently renting in Melbourne—a precarious situation to be in with the ongoing rental crisis. We are eligible for the First Home Buyers scheme so would only need a 5% deposit on a house, and we also earn under the cap for the Vic Homebuyer’s Fund, so the gov could contribute up to 25% of purchase price to bring down our repayments. We’d be looking at buying a 2-bed apartment in the $400-500k range. As with many first home buyers, the deposit part is the bit we’re finding the trickiest, particularly while paying rent. That said, we are saving consistently into our high interest
We find ourselves in the rare situation where a 5-year old car can be traded in for almost as much as we bought it for—we’ve been offered around 14k.
Do we sell, take the 14k, and salary sacrifice a novated lease on a new car? Repayments on new car would be about $350 a fortnight, and that’s after tax—so it would be less if paying pre-tax. The idea being to bank the 14k for at least three months and use it towards a deposit. At our current savings rate, it would take us about 28 weeks to save that much, so we’d be essentially fast tracking our deposit half a year.
How much would a salary sacrificed car loan impact our borrowing capacity? I earn $85k and my partner works part-time while studying, earning around $50k. We both have HECS debt.
Any other plan pitfalls we’ve overlooked?
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2023.04.02 05:33 daisy1102chan New Driver: Need Tips

Hi everyone. Long post ahead so thanks in advance for reading.
I just passed my TP for 3A license yesterday. I am the only driver in my family as neither of my parents know how to drive and I'm the only child. We do not own a car, and as such we've never found the need to own one. I do not know if I will stay in Singapore after the next 3-4 years, so buying a car is too much of a commitment.
To keep up with my driving skills, however, my family and I have decided to rent cars from car sharing apps and rental companies at least once a week. Money is not that much of an issue so we will not have a problem keeping up with this arrangement.
As I am a super noob driver with no one to guide me (first one among friends to get license), I would like to rely on the knowledge of experienced drivers on this reddit page. I would appreciate any advice you can give me on the following questions.
If this post does well enough then it can provide other newbie drivers the means to ask their own questions in the comments.

  1. I have an ez-link card which is cepas enabled. Do I just put in the card into the IU? Are there any additional steps? Also does the card need to be in the IU the entire time? Like when can I remove my card. If my car has entered car park can I remove my card and put it back in when I'm exiting?
  2. What should I take note of/ be careful of when I'm going up those curved slopes in multi-story carpark?
  3. Will people judge me if my dad helps me park by standing outside the car and guiding me? I would prefer to do this a couple of times until I get used to real world parking.
  4. Instead of car sharing apps, are there good car rental companies offering daily rentals?
  5. Is it okay if I wait for green right arrow before turning as I am not yet used to judging when I can turn right and I want to be careful. I don't want people to start honking.
  6. How can I build confidence to drive in busy and congested places like orchard?
  7. Most embarrassing question of all time: how do i pump petrol at shell? I mean how many litres do i pump, how do i pay and everything else. A step by step guide would be super informative.
  8. Just any in general tips; even personal insights would be valuable.
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2023.04.02 05:33 Bitcoinz_Tech Xeni Collaborates with BitPay to Enable SHIB Payments for Travel Services

US Travel Firm Xeni to Accept SHIB for Payment Through BitPay Collaboration
Shiba Inu's success as one of the most popular meme coins has opened up new opportunities for the cryptocurrency community. The SHIB team has been working on various projects, including collaborations and partnerships, to allow SHIB holders to use their tokens to pay for services without having to convert them to fiat currency.
According to recent reports from BitPay, the platform has partnered with Xeni, a blockchain-based travel selling platform. This collaboration is great news for SHIB holders who can now pay for commercial flights, hotels, car rentals, and other activities with their SHIB tokens.
Xeni's decision to accept SHIB as payment highlights the growing demand and adoption of cryptocurrencies. Along with SHIB, Xeni will also accept other cryptocurrencies, such as ethereum, dogecoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, XRP, and others.
This collaboration between BitPay and Xeni further expands the use cases for cryptocurrencies in the travel industry, offering more convenience to customers who want to pay using their preferred digital assets.
At the time of writing, SHIB is trading at $0.00001074, with a 1% gain in value over the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap data. SHIB has not seen significant gains over the past week compared to other altcoins such as XRP and ADA. The burn rate has also remained stable over the past few days after reaching 61765% on March 27, 2023.
In conclusion, the BitPay and Xeni partnership is a significant step towards integrating cryptocurrencies into mainstream use cases. The acceptance of SHIB and other cryptocurrencies as payment for travel services is an indication of the growing demand for digital currencies and their increasing adoption in various industries.
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2023.04.02 05:31 416cheunglee Not at fault- cancelled insurance

I was at a red light and a car smashed into me and try to do a hit and run. We chase in to a no exit where he then tried to blame me for the accident. We called 911 ( I had 2 witnesses in the car) because the guy was throwing stuff to my car. When the ambulance arrived, 3 cop cars showed up and the guy was drinking but he was just under the legal breathalyzer. He got 3 different tickets and his license was suspended. We got a tow truck and a rental car because the insurance suggested that (even thought it was cancelled due to no payment). We went to the hospital because my lower back was very hurt and I got bruises in my legs. That same morning (the accident happened at 2:30 am) after we got the rental, we called the insurance and they said that I should return the car and get the car back from the garage. I’m not sure what to do after this since I don’t know how many options I have. I am a new driver, I just got my car 6 months ago.
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2023.04.02 05:10 FaithlessnessOther Small little 5 below haul today. Got the book bag there too lol

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2023.04.02 05:03 charlesvondoom Car go smoosh. What now? Halp.

BC Auto-Collision Question:
Scenario. My wife and toddler were involved in a not-at-fault collision resulting in our new car being towed away. We are with ICBC for basic coverage and private insurer for collision comp. Damage is extensive, but a repair has been deemed feasible. Parts for our vehicle are back-ordered, with no time-line. Could be 6-7 months. Our rental vehicle allowance runs out after 13 days. We are now paying for a car we cannot enjoy or commute with. Shortly have access to no car at all. What type of recourse do I have if any?
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2023.04.02 05:00 MIZSCD Bought one set booster after edh tournament

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2023.04.02 04:44 Harish_Raj_D_R Maxis or Lewax?

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2023.04.02 04:29 bitter_stream Another terrible trip...

I've posted here pretty frequently over the last few years about my JNMIL. I'm back after another awful visit. Here is a little background info to help understand family dynamics:
-My husband (39M) and I (33F) have been together for 13 years, married for 4. -Shortly after we bought our home and got engaged we were given emergency custody of SILs child through foster care. He was 7 months old at the time. Rights were terminated and his adoption was finalized at 2.5 y/o. He is now 5. -We had a biological child as we were going through the adoption process of our son. My almost 3 y/o son was 2 months old at the adoption finalization of older son - Husband has 3 siblings. 2 are currently incarcerated with felony charges and have struggled with substance abuse for more than 10 years and are completely enabled by they're mother. The other likely has a drinking problem but is independent and doesn't communicate with his mother. -My husband is a kind, hard-working man who forgives far too easily and can be steamrolled. He feels a deep sense of responsibility and obligation to his family of origin. He is 5, 7, and 16 years older than his siblings so often plays a paternal role to them. -JNMIL moved across the country a few months after my son's adoption was finalized so for the majority of this saga of me standing up for myself, she's been out of state
Historically, I kept my mouth shut when JNMIL would abuse my husband. I was raised to be respectful towards adults so I just followed my husband's lead. There were a few times in the first 10 years that I would interject, but it was pretty rare. The night before my wedding my JNMIL went absolutely crazy at me. She referred to me as her son's future ex wife and told me my family didn't love me. She also called me a bitch and stormed out of the rehearsal dinner. It was horrible but I moved on and didn't let it impact our relationship. Then, I became a mother. I refused to allow her to treat me, my husband, or my children in this same way. Everything went downhill at the adoption finalization of my son. Since then she and I have had almost no communication that wasn't hostile (read history).
We just got back from a visit to see her. This was the fourth time we rescheduled from Christmas due to flight cancellations. We flew in late Monday night and had an early flight home on Friday morning so we were only going to be in town for 3 days. Of course, she started to bitch at my husband that we were only coming in for a few days and that we were staying too far from her condo (4 miles, 12 minutes). I was annoyed because she was in town for one of her kids court cases the week before. She demanded to see my husband but didn't make any attempt to see our children while she was in town.
Tuesday morning my husband was getting the rental car and she's calling him nonstop yelling at him that we're not there yet. It wasn't even 10 am yet and our flight arrived super late - close to midnight the night before. We arrive to her condo around 11 and she pulls out the kids Christmas gifts. It's an obnoxious scene - so much crap that they don't need and we can't even bring back with us because we are flying. She is rushing my kids and telling them they're opening the gifts too slowly. It's obnoxious. We try to give her the present we got for her and she won't open it. The day goes on and she isn't even interacting with my kids because she refuses to be near me. Every time I walk into a room, she leaves. The kids obviously want to be around me so she gets very little interaction with them. By 6pm I'm begging my husband to figure out what's going on for food since she didn't have lunch for us. He suggests we go to dinner and she talks about making food. It was a dish the kids wouldn't eat so I kindly ask if we can just save half a chicken breast and cook it plain for the kids. She sends her husband to go get chicken nuggets for the boys and then I start cutting up veggies. The food never gets cooked, though, and we end up ordering pizza at 8pm. Then, as we are trying to leave, she pulls my husband aside to bitch about the gift we gave her. It was a digital photo frame where we could upload pictures because she's always complaining that she doesn't get any pictures of the kids. She tells my husband that the gift is stupid and she's going to throw it in the ocean. My husband sits there while she yells at him. When we go to leave, she's still mad and we can't find her. We say goodbye to her husband and she's outside as we leave. She embraces my 5 y/o and says to him "I miss you the best" and doesn't even say anything to my 2.5 y/o. I tell him to "say goodbye to Grandma" and he does and she doesn't respond. I point it out to my husband who claims he didn't notice it but says he won't tolerate that.
The next day, she's a little better about interacting with my 5 y/o but stays clear of the 2.5 y/o because he's mainly with me. I told my husband I couldn't stay there all day again and told him we need to go out for dinner instead of dealing with the nonsense from the night before. Early on he's talking about making reservations and she yells at him about not making reservations before we arrived and not planning things (he tried but she shot everything down). My husband makes a 6pm dinner reservation for all of us but when the time comes to leave she refuses to come and then later calls my husband to tell him how selfish we are for going to dinner and for treating this trip as a family vacation and not allowing her to spend time with the boys. She's literally insane. My husband listens and doesn't put her in her place.
Then the last day. I had told my husband that all I wanted to do was go to the beach and that I was sick of visiting JNMIL and just sitting in her condo and not doing things. This is how it's been every time we've visited. So I told him that he needed to tell her that we were going to go to the beach and she could meet us there. She told him she couldn't handle the beach due to her health. She also told him she was upset because it didn't seem like the 2.5 year old liked her. This is crazy because this child throws himself at her for attention (drives me crazy) and she just gives him nothing. Anyway, we went to her house in the late morning with plans to go to the beach in the afternoon. Around 1 I was starving so I suggested we go eat. We went to a restaurant and invited his mom but she said no. Then she showed up at the restaurant after we ordered. When the food arrived she began cutting up and FEEDING my 5 y/o! It was so uncomfortable to watch. When he said no she would give it to my 2.5 year old. Then my husband was cutting up the younger ones food and she snapped at my husband and said "This isn't a competition!" He just says "I know" and then she says under her breath "you're just a bunch of assholes". I tell her not to use that language and try to tell my husband what she said but he didn't respond. Then she left the restaurant.
We go back to her house and even though we left the restaurant after her (and walked when she drove) we arrive before her. When she gets there she sits down and starts saying to her husband while we're all around "Well, they're going to go to the beach. Its obviously a set up because they don't think I'll go. The only one who actually wants me around is 5y/o. They are just setting me up but I obviously have to go if I want to see 5 y/o". I'm tired of this so I say to my husband, "You should probably be a part of this conversation". She tells me not to talk, that she wasn't talking to me. And I stand up to her and tell her what she is saying is ridiculous and if she has concerns or questions she should have a conversation instead of whatever she's doing. She gets mad and starts yelling at me so I say, "Alright guys, it's time to go to the beach. Say goodbye to Grandma". She gets angry and starts screaming at me that she's their grandmother and it's not a competition. I say, "you're right, it's not a competition. I'm their mother". Then she goes, "I know" and starts mimicking how I use my 5y/o full name to redirect him. She did this because she's mad we changed his last name with the adoption (even though it's the same last name as 2 of her kids). Then she tells my son to go to me but uses my first name, not mom. Which she has never done before and I'm certain was a slight that I'm not his biological mom. We leave and she's ridiculous. I tell her not to come to the beach. She has since been calling my husband nonstop. She wanted us to come back to her house for one final goodbye because she claims to be dying. I told my husband I was not going back to the house and if she wanted to say bye to the kids again she could go to the beach. She didn't.
She continues to call my husband and is saying how selfish we are and all this nonsense. I'm so over all of this crap. I hate her and would gladly just completely cut her out of our lives but my husband won't allow it. This has ruined my relationship with my husband and the resentment is deep. I'm pissed he checks out when we're around her and avoids tackling things honestly with her. He has been more supportive of me but he is not engaged enough to truly acknowledge the abuse. I've thought about divorce but it scares me that he would take the kids to see her without me present and he would be disengaged and not protect them from things she does and say. Through it all, I do know he is trying to do what I need but I am not sure he is capable because he is just showing a trauma response when he interacts with her.
I also feel terrible because despite all her abuse, my kids like her. It drives me insane. My son was really upset about leaving and that killed me. I explained to him that sometimes grandma isn't nice to mom when that happens we have to leave because it's my job to keep us all safe. I'm not sure if that was the right thing to do or not.
I don't really know why I'm posting, just needed to type this up. I am proud of myself for not going back to her house. I am proud for leaving. I just wish she didn't have such an impact on my life or relationship.
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