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2023.03.22 11:00 Jabre7 Dumb stuff I do with music in the games

Sometimes in Frontier I'll leave the game running for a while in Mezoporta when I'm chatting in the revival project's Discord, it's nice background music for that imo
I sometimes play remixes of a monster's theme during hunts. For example there's this amazing Mashup of Nargacuga's Iceborne and Rise themes by Dravonista, and I like to play that when fighting Exotic Nargacuga, who I find is too special to have the regular theme, and it makes the fight much better imo(although I understand why alot or even most people wouldn't like doing that for a Gen2 game).
There's also a really good metal remix of Tigrex's theme by Falkkone(it's the remake of his cover of the Freedom 2 version), and because I don't really like the Apex theme in 4U, I was considering trying playing this for Apex Tigrex and seeing if that's better once I reach him.
Do you do anything like this with music in the series?
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2023.03.22 11:00 544ssecnirpytterp AITA for Googling a word my friends were using that I didn’t know?

Hi everyone!
I (19F) joined the theatre program at my school for my college. I joined the costume crew for the show, and most of the people in the crew are in a higher year and have been in there since their freshman year. We essentially get a the whole theatre classroom to ourselves, while the other crews work in their respective areas, i.e, sound crew in sound booth, hair and makeup in the dressing rooms, etc.
So the other day we were knitting some hats for the show per the instructions of the crew head, a senior. It was very fun. Two kids in my year, Kevin and Josh, who are more quiet, were sitting near the counter a few feet away from me. One of them, Kevin, had been absent from school for our first semester.
So I hear Kevin talking to Josh a few feet from me, and he says he was at something, we’ll call it Farfields. I asked what Farfields was and Josh says “dont worry about it”. This annoyed me because I felt they were treating me like I was a child or something when I’m the same age. I told Josh I’d just Google it, and he told “there is literally no need for you to know what Farfields is.” So I google it and find out it’s a hospital of some sort, and tell them I found it. Then Josh gets all mad and says that wasn’t any of my business, and I told him that maybe he shouldn’t talk about stuff like that in the open if he doesn’t want anyone to hear, plus it’s rude not to tell people what a something means when they ask. The club ended for the day pretty quick after that and I’m a bit anxious to go back tomorrow because I feel a bit bad, so Reddit, AITA?
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2023.03.22 11:00 Miles00x Modifier keys not working in desktop or gaming mode, tried two docks and two steam decks (housemates)

I searched on here and google but I can't find anything about alt, ctrl or win keys in SteamOS. I did look at the keyboard layout settings in SteamOS desktop mode setttings app, but I couldn't figure out which keyboard layout would be correct for the physical keyboard i'm plugging in.
The absence of other posts on this issue is making me query if it's a steamOS feature that's missing, or is it just my physical keyboard isn't compatible with SteamOS?
Thanks. My keyboard is a Red Dragon Lite VAJRA S101 btw
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2023.03.22 11:00 Qnju Searching for a music interrupted with whistling / bells / noise

I am running Rime of the Frostmaiden and decided to do a spin on the Coldlight Walkers. I'm going to make them more of an unsettling horror theme rather than just an encounter with standard fight. I think of making Walkers have similar vibe as the Groke from the Moomin (weird comparison I imagine but bear with me).
I'm searching for a theme that my players will be able to quickly associate with the arrival of Walkers. Even before I describe them. In my head Im searching for a lightly suspensful melodic music occasionally interrupted with whistles or other sound outside the normal harmony.
Think of similar to the main menu theme from: - Mass Effect 3 with its melodic piano interrupted with "roar" of the reapers" - General ambience of Elden Rings Siofra river with ancestral warriors hunting whistles before appearing).
I will greatly appreciate any help as my brain got itself set in what it wants but I can't find any music fitting these requirements.
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2023.03.22 10:59 davemejias When it comes to legal representation ?

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2023.03.22 10:59 dubaimatchme Exclusive Boutique Matrimonial Service

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2023.03.22 10:59 malhumorada Dupe for Loreal Infallible Foundation?

I'm looking for a dupe of the Loreal infallible 24-hour matte foundation!
My skin is very oily and I have been in the hunt for a long time to find something medium to full coverage that dried quite mattes and to use as a daily foundation. I have recently come back to loreal (it's probably so expired lol!) and forgot how much I like it.
I've recently tried the Tarte Amazonian Clay, Mco beauty foundation (Australia) off the top of my head and they aren't matte enough for me. I do use a matrifying primer already..
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2023.03.22 10:59 Clay194 Some hints?

Hey 23, I have a hard time picking up hints with women hitting on me. At the moment I usually find myself thinking nothing of it. Until I analyze it further afterwards and I exclaim that fuck they were hitting on me. I don’t really know what to do as far as being dropped hints to pick up. How do I turn this switch during meeting someone, and not afterwards. I don’t really want to date right now, but I’m worried I won’t be able to develop these social skills in the future. Is it worth even trying to change this right now or should I just keep on doing me?
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2023.03.22 10:59 godrejsales 4 Bhk Flats in Gurgaon

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2023.03.22 10:59 YashGhela I just launched my studying app and would love to hear what you guys think!

Hi all! So for the past few months, I've been working on a studying app on the side for students of all ages, I built this app primarily because I've always wanted something that could be the whole studying experience in one but I couldn't really find anything that suited my needs. It's still in the early days but I'd appreciate it if you guys would give it a shot and give me some feedback!
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2023.03.22 10:59 Certain_Ease_8573 If You Are Hopeless, You're Not Alone

I was hopelessly lost to the disease when I came to my first Narcotics Anonymous meeting. I had nothing left. No possesions, no self-esteem, no clue what to do. It felt like I had tried everything. I couldn't even off myself right. I was in a wheelchair after jumping off a bridge. To say I was desperate is an understatement. I was willing to do anything, anything at all to get clean.
I thought drugs were my problem. I thought if I could just stop using, I could make the pain stop. That was my primary reason for coming to NA meetings at first: I didnt want to be in pain anymore. I saw other members with 1, 2, 5, 10 years clean, some even more. I opened up, I forced myself to talk to people. To get contacts. For the first time in years, I wasn't alone anymore. Members of NA cared about me.
They suggested I get a sponsor, so I did. He wanted me to call him every day; sounded fucking stupid at the time but I did it anyway. He said all I had to do for now is make it to the meeting, and dont get high between meetings; So I did. They suggested I attend a meeting every day, did that too. Members of NA gave me rides to every meetings, every day. Picked me up in a wheelchair.
I learned how to be grateful for what I have. I learned how shut up, sit still and listen. My source of hope is seeing how other addicts found a way out of my prediciment, and emulating them.
Today, I am walking. I have a job, im paying my own bills. First time I stood up out of the wheelchair was in an NA meeting, to pick up my 30 day tag. Im doing my step work. I have been freed from the overhwhelming obsession to use that has plagued me for as long as I can remember. I have friends in NA. I am finding a new way to live. And for all of that, I am so incredibly grateful.
This program does unexplainable things. We had to be beaten before we became willing. If youre reading this, and youre struggling; You are not alone. If youre reading this, and youre thinking about killing yourself because you cant live with or without drugs; youre not alone. There is a way out. There is hope, freedom from the disease is possible. This is a beautiful, miraculous program. Join us. Dont let that motherfucker run your life anymore.
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2023.03.22 10:59 014754 Possible reason why Andrew left abruptly

I grew up close to Doncaster around the time that Andrew went missing.
At this time I was bullied but had lots of friends. I was not lonely and had no reason to but I (f26) would spend hours talking to strangers online every night when I came home from school. They would often pretend to be teenage boys in our secondary school but I would later find out they were middle aged men. This happened more times than I can count.
They often drew me in initially by talking about emo music and common interests but as conversation faded they would tell me they was suicidal and wanted to die. This would guilt me into staying online and talking for hours on end to 'save them'. I now know this was manipulation and was a lie. I spoke to my friends about this over the years and have discovered that every single one of my friends did the exact same thing step by step as I did over several years.
Could Andrew have been manipulated by someone that he urgently had to go to London because they was going to kill themselves and he had to go to 'save them'. It would explain being grumpy in the morning, leaving the charger at home, frantically saying no to the return ticket and only bringing enough money for a day trip. He wanted to come home later but he didn't know how long he would need to be. He had to deal with the consequences later because saving someone's life is more important than getting into trouble.
If I remember right kerrang magazines had numbers in for people interested in music to message and hang out. Could there have been a secret phone that he messaged on? I was always followed home by middle aged men, watched and cat called as was my friends. I also hung out with older guys as part of our friendship group (maybe early 20's) If someone I liked had offered me a old phone I would have taken it no problem and wouldn't have thought anything of it other than this was person wanted to talk to me and was kind enough to hand me an old phone that they wasn't using anymore. I might have been embarrassed and not said anything to my parents because talking about having a crush etc was embarrassing.
I know from experience of being a teenager around the emo era that I could be manipulated into staying up all night talking someone out of suicide and meeting up with someone all in the space of a few hours as was my friends. We was all in the top classes so quite bright like Andrew and all came from middle class backgrounds in a town close to Andrews with no home life problems.
My questions: did you experience something similar in this time period?
Could this be what happened?
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2023.03.22 10:59 AutoModerator [Latest] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (updated)

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2023.03.22 10:58 YashGhela I just launched my studying app and would love to hear what you guys think!

Hi all! So for the past few months, I've been working on a studying app on the side for students of all ages, I built this app primarily because I've always wanted something that could be the whole studying experience in one but I couldn't really find anything that suited my needs. It's still in the early days but I'd appreciate it if you guys would give it a shot and give me some feedback!
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2023.03.22 10:58 jhnbsomerscz4gm Sephora Discount Code Reddit

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2023.03.22 10:58 ThrowRA3326 Do I (28F) move on or do I shoot my shot with him (M40)?

Earlier this year I (28F) had an impromptu dinner with a man (40M) I've been friends with for probably 3 years. We work in the same place (same massive site, rarely interact), play sport together weekly, go to trivia nights with colleagues. He's been divorced for 4 years and hasn't been on a date in that time. He's genuinely a good person (I've been with primarily narcissists, I'm good at picking them now)
Anyway, about 7 weeks ago we went to dinner with colleagues and ended up the last two there. We stayed for a couple hours and talked. And both of us realised fairly simultaneously that there was a spark there. Over the following four weeks we started hanging out a bit more, just the two of us, and sparks were really flying.
And then after about a month we had a beautiful evening, he invited me over and he lot a fire pit, we sipped drinks and talked until 2am. He told me all about his ex wife and kids who now live in another state after she manipulated things and decided to move with her new boyfriend. I told him about my fears in dating and why I was feeling good about us. It was so beautiful to hear a man be so emotionally open and intelligent, to communicate so thoughtfully and carefully. We kissed and he held me by the fire. And boy, did I feel some feels.
The day after I realised I needed to talk to him about, if we are to go further with this, I want to get one of the big talks out of the way because I didn't want to waste his time. I told him I wanted him to know I wasn't interested in just a fun time, I want to find my person and look into my future. He said he really liked me, he thought there were a lot of good things about us, but there are things that would make it hard. He has an ex wife, and kids, and those are big reasons for him to not know if he'll still be in town in a year, or two years.
I was hurt, but also realised he probably is feeling guilty (he's admitted this) that he let his kids go and also guilty that he was feeling happy for the first time in a long time without his kids, and that hit hard for him.
Since then we've stopped hanging out, we've both said we should not pursue anything romantic. But he's seemingly going out of his way to talk to me, at work and at sport, with my colleagues and friends I'm close with and he's not. So it's hard to cut the thoughts off completely. And if I'm honest I absolutely do still have a crush.
So I'm just wondering, I want to ask him if he really doesn't think it's worth just trying and seeing what happens, no expectations and no pressure. But I'm terrified he'll cut off all contact possible and things will be awkward. He's so kind, so good, and I know he doesn't want to hurt me, and I him. He's done nothing wrong.
How do talk to him what I've explained? I'm prepared for the worst. Kind of.
Tl;dr: ended short fling with no hard feelings, still have a crush, how do I speak to him about it?
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2023.03.22 10:58 jonas-riba Software Report from Intune OData-Feed

Hi guys
We currently want to have a software report from our intune environment. In the report should be visible which device has which intune app installed. And for each software it should be visible on which device it was installed.
We tought we could create such a report with the help of the odata-feed from intune which can be imported into PowerBI.
However we don't find a possibility to have a connection between the device and the app table.
Has anyone ever done something simmilar or has an idea how to realize that?
Many thanks in advance
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2023.03.22 10:58 gamesyoub search download and watch video games pc free - free pc games

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2023.03.22 10:57 Ivelikenoidea 20F US I just want to chat snd share some positive vibes 💜

Hiii folks!!! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
My name is Madison, I'm 20 years old, an Aquarius and from Florida, but I recently moved to Washington for college. My goal is to be a veterinarian.
I grew up in a pretty conservative family which is also deeply christian (which I still am), so I've been kinda shielded from the real world and I feel like I struggle to fit in with other people. That being said, I'm definitely more of an extrovert and just love being able to talk about anything! I'm bubbly, lighthearted, giggly and in general a pretty typical ENFP-T.
I would love to find some friendly folks to chat with, just as a way to reflect on the day and just get out some of my massive social energy! Just sharing good vibes, pics of cute animals and more.
My interests include:
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2023.03.22 10:57 greenteawolfer 20% Off Chegg Coupon & Promo Code

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2023.03.22 10:56 kkunaalsharma Robust career choices with CA Articleship Vacancies

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2023.03.22 10:56 interloop01 How Workforce Management Paves a Future for Start-Ups?

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