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2023.03.22 10:49 Worried-Walrus852 Tech School or Apprenticeship?

Currently I am attending a welding program at the local community college where I live being in Hawaii. We mostly do stick welding, as my professor insists if you can do that, you can do any type of welding. Its a 2 year program. I am paying for this all by myself while also working on the side to get by. Lately, we have been doing absolutely nothing in class. We show up, and the professor shoots the s*** with the few kids that are left attending, and eventually at night (6 hours later after doing nothing) we burn some rods.
Ive been getting good at laying beads, but I feel that this program is a waste of money and time since yes, I will have a degree and welding cert, but all I can do is lay decent beads. No blueprints, haven’t done any joints or pipe welding. Just practicing horizontal, vertical and flat on a plate. Will it be better to get an apprenticeship when I move back to California/Nevada? I feel Id learn more doing that, and actually being in the field but what’re the odds I can land a welding or helping job if I bail on this program? Looking for experienced welders and just your guys’ experience.
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2023.03.22 10:49 upbstock news

StoneX Group Inc. (SNEX) and AirCarbon Pte have signed an agreement to create a digital carbon marketplace in the United States as part of the StoneX platform. The new digital carbon marketplace will enable StoneX clients to access markets and trade carbon over a transparent and seamless solution. Stellantis (STLA) and Crédit Agricole (CRARY) Consumer Finance today announce that they have signed a binding agreement for the acquisition of ALD and LeasePlan's activities in Portugal and Luxembourg, respectively, following ALD's proposed acquisition of 100% of LeasePlan announced in January 2022. This announcement constitutes an immediate acceleration of the two companies' ambitions in mobility and vehicle long-term leasing. EPAM Systems, Inc. (EPAM) announced it has been named a Top IT Sourcing Vendor in the Netherlands across multiple sectors and industry verticals by Whitelane Research, an independent organization focused on IT sourcing research across Europe. This recognition reflects EPAM's superior customer satisfaction KPI ratings in service delivery quality, account management and transformative innovation for clients across various industry verticals. iQIYI (IQ) announced that its popular series The Bad Kids will be remade into a Japanese film version and named Gold Boy, the special edition poster of which was released at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Fair. To date, The Bad Kids and other Light On series have made successful overseas debut in multiple markets such as Australia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, and have been well-received by global audience. U.S. Bank (USB) announced the launch of their new exchange-traded fund services in Europe, as well as their first client for this offering. U.S. Bank will support Horizon Kinetics' European version of their Inflation Beneficiaries ETF, an actively managed fund that seeks to address one of the most important economic and investment drivers -- inflation -- by identifying unique, scalable businesses that have the potential to thrive in an inflationary environment. The fund is structured as a UCITS ETF and will initially trade on Euronext Amsterdam. With this launch of ETF servicing in Europe, U.S. Bank is expanding their relationship with Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) as they adopt the ICE ETF Hub as a front-end and order entry platform for U.S. Bank's ETF clients.
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2023.03.22 10:48 MisturBanana1 I and some others has got the task of showing photosynthesis as a demonstration or laboration infront of, or with a bunch of kids. We have got 30 mins.

How the hell do we do this? I know of one possible laboration. You force a leaf under water and glow UV light on it and hopefully it bubbles. This could possibly take a bit too long however, and I feel like it is rather boring as well. Do you all have any recommendations of what we could do? We have had a hard time finding anything.
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2023.03.22 10:48 Acrobatic-Fuel1485 Wordington language barrier

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2023.03.22 10:48 DesuSnow 2B Review - Single Target Calamity

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2023.03.22 10:48 Tibora86 36 [M4F] #Cincinnati SW Ohio - heyoooo let's gooooo

Names Rashaun 36 I live in southwest Ohio. I'm pretty much a mixed nerdy fit (Athletic with half empty 6 pack) goofball sums me up. I'm married, my wife is mono.
I work in the culinary healthcare field as a Food and Beverage Director. (Yes I can cook 🧑‍🍳). I enjoy the occasional glass of whiskey....comes with the profession. 2 cats 1 dog. I love the outdoors and go hiking, kayaking, camping or just chilling by the fire. 4 tattoos all nature related. I'm a lazy wiccan, meaning I believe but don't usually have time to practice. I'm a gamer and nerd out with my buddies on occasion at night.
I have two kids 9 and 4 and we're done... No more household terrorist for us!!! I like to watch documentaries and learn useless facts. Anime nerd. Play guitar and love all types of music before covid I lived going out to see local bands and go to concerts and just enjoy the amazing energy it brings. My humor is quirky but I can make everyone around me laugh with my antics....
I could probably go on but let's just leave it there for now...anyways hit me up if you want to talk a bit get to know each other a little more yo
Mic drop
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2023.03.22 10:47 MostLikelyNotABot Am I going crazy?

Hi, and thank you to everyone in this community! This is my first post here. First of all, my (32 M) wife (32 F) is not diagnosed, but I have a feeling she might have BPD. Some reasons for thinking so:
-Her life is an emotional rollercoaster, she is often very moody
-She is on a constant watch for other peoples gestures and emotions, picking up the smallest of cues
-Being around her makes me monitor my own actions with extreme care, walking on eggshells would describe this well
-There have been multiple occasions where we talk about random stuff and she suddenly goes on a tangent, targeting me
-Whenever I am seeing friends etc. she needs to know exactly when I'm coming back.
-When she is in a bad mood, the rest of the family (two kids included) are quiet and try not to do anuthing that might trigger her
The list goes on. We had a major dispute 1.5 years ago about our family size. Previously we decided that 2 kids was a good amount and talked about permanent operations to lock the number. However, she got pregnant by accident. We panicked and reserved a vasectomy appointment for me.
After a while with the pregnancy, she was not so sure if she wanted another kid after all. Here is the major screw up I made, I went to the operation kind of knowing this! Not secretly though ofc, but without initiating a good conversation with her.
This started a phase in hell relationship wise with her demandin a reason for going to the operation. I was not even sure why I went, so I kind of said yes when she asked if it was due to her being irrational and overly emotional. This of course led to another level of hell, suddenly the action itself was not even the worst thing.
We ended up in counseling, which helped for a bit. Our communication got better, but on a pretty mechanical level. Fast forward to a week ago, my wife asked if I felt we still need counceling. I said no, later telling her I felt so because I thought we had last time agreed that it might not be needed.
This made things so much worse, since she had not said so. I honestly rembered it being so at the moment, but did agree that I was at fault. The whole fiasco led to her accusing me of gaslighting and her doubting everything that had been said and done previously in our relationship.
Now this is the guestion at hand: am I so crazy that I alter my own past to get out of sticky situations or could I be unconsciously gaslighting her for my benefit?
Does anyone have any similar experiences?
Sorry for the long post, appreciate any insight!
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2023.03.22 10:46 SeparateRetention Smart home cleaner machine

I am a mother of two children and have a dog at home. My daily life revolves around my family, preparing breakfast for the kids, and clothes to wear to school. I usually chores in the morning and my own thing in the afternoon, sometimes painting, keeping the house tidy, and decorating it with my paintings. There was all well and good, until we got a bigger house, I found that doing chores often took all day, I tried to make our home better but at the same time it resulted in me not having time for myself, peharps I should find some smart cleaning machine to help me save time, I plan to buy a floor scrubber and a wet dry vacuum cleaner. Nowadays, I plan to buy a Bissell vacuum cleaner. But the scrubber is not suitable yet, I have learned about Tineco, but the price is too high. I don't have much budget, any suggestions?
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2023.03.22 10:45 AutoModerator [Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Courses Collection Bundle List in the description

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Now, who is the genius (kidding… kinda) behind this whole course?
Let me introduce myself, my name is Iman. At the age of Seventeen, I dropped out of high school to commit to the world of online marketing. Within my first year I had made over $300,000+, I had traveled the world working from my computer, I had constructed my dream lifestyle and this was all done through the power of what I teach in Six Figure SMMA. I run my own digital marketing agency based out here in London, although we have clients out in Amsterdam and St. Tropez.
I have my personal brand which is another six figure business…
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Damn… I worked hard for this life. I worked hard to create the sort of income where I can take care of my family and not even check the price…
I guess that’s why I’m so passionate about what I teach. It’s because it changed my life in unexplainable ways. I don’t think I could ever go back to my old life after living like this.
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2023.03.22 10:45 FictionalMediaBully One of the DARKEST & MOST ADULT storylines in the entire programme!

One of the DARKEST & MOST ADULT storylines in the entire programme!
"Rumor Has It" is, without question, the APEX of the series of "Lincoln & Friends" storylines and another example of why CONTRAST is MANDATORY when telling a good story. The morally well-behaved and optimistic group find themselves in a twisted, challenging and cynical predicament; as they fearfully hitch a ride with Lincoln's teacher, Mr Bolhofner. Their reactions towards Mr Bolhofner, whether it's him bringing up a dagger or being deliciously menacing, are priceless and lead to some of the programme's best animation by far. The colours, expressions and music create a horrific atmosphere that generates worrisome amongst the viewer for the kids' safety. Conflicts ensue, resulting in the group reluctantly hanging out in his cabin; the dangerous content it holds frightens them substantially. They escape after some plan-hatching but then approach a dead end. All seemed over until Mr Bolhofner saved them from a bear - it's here the kids realise their mistake, leading to a thoroughly satisfying and uplifting ending; they learn Mr Bolhofner is a caring person under all the tough and rough exterior, proving the rumours false. It leads to them showing some friends the video Lincoln recorded, thus beginning his redemption.
STORYTELLING: 10/10: A beauty in masterfully crafted contrasting story writing - filled with thoroughly engaging chemistry and development, and the ending is the cherry on top.
AESTHETICS: 10/10: Glorious colours, sophisticated music, and top-notch voice work make it pleasing to the senses.
CORRELATION: 10/10: A thoroughly mastered blend of story and aesthetics that exudes polished television.
EMOTIONAL VALUE: 10/10: "Rumor Has It" is one of the best episodes "The Loud House" has ever crafted. When I first watched it, I was impressed by its extraordinary quality, and my second viewing has only increased my love for it. Mr Bolhofner is one of the best side characters, period; his over-the-top, menacing personality, mixed with an uncomforting presence, makes him a joy to watch; throw in contrasting characters, and the fun factor increases substantially. It's an episode I'm guaranteed to revisit frequently; an exceptional adult cartoon disguised as one for children.
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2023.03.22 10:44 Mylastnamebecake AITA for calling out my brother’s comments to my niece in front of all his children ?

My (25 F) Brother, B (39M), came over to my Mum’s, for his birthday last week. He brought over my SIL (36F) their 3 children M(F11), Z(F9) & N(3M).
I’d done a whole buffet of food and had probably gone a bit OTT, but we don’t see eachother as often as I’d like and it was a celebration.
Everyone loved the food and everyone ate their fill, but B kept calling out M.
He kept making disapproving comments telling her to slow down and asking her if she was going back for more. When she grabbed herself a second cupcake he said “Put that back little piggy”. She put it down and looked like she was going to cry, she then went and sat in the corner away from everyone and wouldn’t really engage in anything after that, despite me trying to get her to join in.
B, Z & N all had multiple cupcakes and it really bothered me he’d called M out.
I put some leftovers into boxes for them to take home and told M that I’d put an extra cupcake in there for her. B’s response was “She doesn’t need it, look at her the little porker”.
M isn’t fat - She’s put on some weight recently, but in the way kids do before they have a massive growth spurt.
I told B he was going to give her a complex and I told him that comments like that lead to disorders.
He said he was just looking out for his kids. Im not a parent, I don’t understand that he needs to teach them to be healthy. I said as long as you have balance you can have eat like this sometimes.
He looked uncomfortable and tried to lighten the mood with “well at least she’d be skinny” and my response is the reason I think I am the AH - I said “Yeah, maybe she’ll be so skinny she’ll be dead”.
Everyone went quiet, apart from my youngest two nibblings who were tormenting my cat under the table.
They took their leftovers and went, B sent me a text later saying he was really mad about the way I handled things. I shouldn’t have questioned his parenting and that he’s considering if I should be at his wedding. My SIL hasn’t commented and I’ve not responded to my brother.
Mum thinks I was an AH but my heart is in the right place.
Note: My brother has never struggled with an ED, whereas I’ve had troubles with eating since I was 12 so this is a sensitive subject.
AITA for calling him out like that?
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2023.03.22 10:43 MarmitePrinter My Pleasantview/Strangetown families after 20 years in game...

My Pleasantview/Strangetown families after 20 years in game...
I recently put my previous PV/ST megahood on pause as I rejigged my mods and messed things up a bit, so I felt like I needed to start over from scratch. The new version is now twenty years in so I thought I'd share the progress!
  1. The Goth family
Dina and Mortimer got married and Dina moved into the Goth house. She helped raise Alexander and eventually she and Morty had a baby of their own, Fridrik. After Mortimer passed, Dina IMMEDIATELY started flirting with Alexander, who had just returned from uni. He reciprocated and their chemistry was insane, so now she's in a weird semi-incestuous live-in relationship with her former stepson. Will they marry and secure Dina's future?
  1. The Curious family (1)
Cassandra was left at the altar by Don (after he got her pregnant). She fell into severe depression for a few years despite having son Fabrizio to dote on, but eventually she met Vidcund Curious through her coworker Pascal. They fell madly in love, got married and moved in together with their children. Fabrizio and Vidcund's son Icarus (by abduction) soon became best friends (they're currently at college together) and Cass and Vidcund had two children together - Gretchen and later, after much persuasion on Cassie's part, Madeleine. Can life get any better for this blended family?
  1. The Lothario/Caliente family
Feat. my weird open-plan remodel of the Caliente condo!
When Dina moved out, Nina was left in charge of the condo. After she got pregnant accidentally, she and Don agreed to live together there and raise the baby while still maintaining relationships with other people. Hasina was their first baby and after a few years Nicolo came along too. They're perfectly happy in their open relationship and it looks like Hasina is taking after them too - she's a Pleasure Sim. Will she be a heartbreaker like her parents?
  1. The Broke/Burb family
Brandi met John Burb at the market one day and they were instantly attracted to each other. They began an affair, of which little Ian was the product, and when Jennifer caught them in the act, John divorced her and married Brandi. They moved to a larger house where they now live with Beau (who recently returned from college and can't afford his own place yet), Bobbie (unborn baby Broke) and Ian. Beau was in love with Tycho Curious in high school, but they drifted apart when he went to uni - will they reunite now that Tycho is in college himself?
  1. The Broke family
Dustin met Kristen Loste while he was at uni. He was still with Angela, but he started flirting with Kristen and the rest is history. They fell deeply in love despite their small age gap and, as soon as Dustin graduated, he moved into a small apartment with Kristen (that was all they could afford) and got married. They now have a daughter, Madison, who has to share a room with them as their apartment is only 1 bedroom. Will they ever be able to afford to move now that Dustin is rising through the ranks of his Architectural career and Kristen is doing well at her Athletic one?
  1. The Dreamer family
Another remodel - of the Dreamer house this time!
Darren married divorcée Mary-Sue Oldie and, scandalously, Cassandra autonomously kissed him on their wedding day. He stayed faithful, keeping away from Cassandra any time she visited, and eventually Cass moved on with Vidcund while he and Mary-Sue had baby Delilah. A few years later, on Mary-Sue's 60th birthday, Cassandra (who was feeling particularly broody but her own husband didn't want any more kids) kissed Darren again, this time in eyesight of her former best friend. Mary-Sue wasn't going to stand for a second cheater in her life, so she didn't listen to any of Darren's excuses and divorced him. Meanwhile, eldest son Dirk split up with Lilith when she became his stepsister, and later fell in love with Lucy Burb. They now have a baby together, Finley, and have no intention of following in their cheating parents' footsteps!
  1. The Grunt/Oldie family
After Mary-Sue married Darren, Angela inherited the family home. Soon enough, her deadbeat dad Daniel and his new wife Kaylynn came a-knocking looking for a better place to stay now that Kaylynn was expecting. Angela generously let them move in. She also moved in her fiancé Tank and they had twins George and Harriet. After a few years, there wasn't really room for two growing families and, with Kaylynn pregnant again, Angela gave them some money to find a place of their own. Then, just as she and her family had the place to themselves again, Mary-Sue arrived with daughter Delilah in tow having just divorced Darren. Now they live together in semi-harmony but still have to pay the rent and bills on dad Daniel's trailer. Will they ever dig themselves out of this hole?
  1. The Pleasant family
After his divorce from Mary-Sue, Daniel married his lover Kaylynn and they had two children - Oscar and Sophie. They live in the trailer rented and paid for by Daniel's daughter Angela and leech off her whenever they can using guilt that she didn't let them stay in the family home. Oscar isn't doing too well in school, preferring to romance every boy and girl in sight rather than study. Will he be another deadbeat like his dad or make something of himself?
  1. The Curisant family
After Jennifer caught John cheating on her with Brandi Broke, she decided to divorce him and focus on her Business career and her second daughter Grace, who chose to live with her. She met Lola Curious when her firm hired Lola's law firm to handle their cases. The two discovered a mutual love of business and hard work, and soon a love for each other. They married and combined their names and soon, to their surprise, Lola found herself pregnant with Jennifer's baby - little Otis. Now, with Grace (their live-in childminder) about to go off to university and both of them at the top of their careers, will they start focusing on raising Otis?
  1. The Pleasant/Smith family
When Dirk became her stepbrother and broke up with her, Lilith fell into the arms of her best friend Johnny for comfort. Soon enough, they realised they had a mutual attraction, fell in love and decided to move in together. They now have a son, Vaughn, who is best friends with his cousins George and Harriet, which has started to rekindle Lilith's relationship with her sister. Johnny and Lilith have been living together for several years without any interest in marriage - will they ever decide to take that final step?
  1. The Curious (2) family
When Nervous escaped the clutches of the Beakers, he changed his name to Neville and took husband Pascal's name when they married. He hopes that will be enough to stop them realising who he is. After he met and bonded with Pascal's son Tycho, he decided to adopt him as his own. Then, a few years later, both Pascal and Neville wanted another baby so, when Pascal's sister Chloe had a baby, they adopted little Emilia as well. But when brother Lazlo wanted to find a place for his family to live, he and Chloe agreed to a 'house-swap' of sorts, so now Chloe is living with Pascal, Neville and Emilia. Will Chloe being back in the life of her bio-daughter disrupt the happiness of the adopted family?
  1. The Loner family
Ophelia had thought Johnny Smith was the love of her life, until he went off to college and she didn't. They drifted apart and she met Ajay one day at the bowling alley. They had instant chemistry and Ophelia decided to break up once and for all with Johnny so that she could be with Ajay. Now they live in her aunt's old house with their two children Ronald and Keira. Ronald, as a Knowledge Sim, devours any form of knowledge and is starting to ask questions about the afterlife - will he take after his great-aunt Olive?
  1. The Beaker family
After Nervous' escape, Circe and Loki had no test subject and no one to look after their son Atom. They were despondent, but one day they noticed a dazed and confused Bella Goth wandering around the crashed spaceship near their house. They took her in, fed her, bathed her, and soon realised that she was pregnant with an alien baby and would make the perfect next subject for their tests. After giving birth, Bella unfortunately passed away, so they adopted her baby Ceres to avoid any suspicion. Now Ceres lives in the basement room, despite her older brother Atom's wishes. Will she be able to follow Nervous' footsteps and escape their clutches?
  1. The Smith family
PT9 and Jenny had another baby, Jasper, but PT9 soon died of old age, leaving Jenny to raise him alone. To combat her loneliness, she asked her daughter Jill to move back in and, soon enough, Jill got engaged to her boyfriend Ripp. They married, despite Ripp's commitment issues, and had a child of their own - little Ethan. Jenny loves having a large family around her again - will she give up her nursing career to focus on her family and her side hustle sewing quilts?
  1. The Grunt family
Buzz met Erin Beaker in town and, despite their age gap, they fell in love and got married. Together they had a daughter, Storm, who Buzz loved taking under his wing once his eldest two had moved out. Buck, on the other hand, never moved out. He was engaged to Chloe Curious for a time, but she left him at the altar and, broken-hearted, he decided to stay at home until he found someone else to be with. That time still hasn't come and he's now in his early 30s. Buzz and Erin are getting a bit fed up of him lurking around - will he ever find someone or just take the initiative and move out?
  1. The Curious (3) family
When Lazlo's growing family needed a place of their own, they agreed to a house-swap with Chloe, who had been living alone in the former Singles household. It's still not quite big enough for a family of five, but it's better than being squished in with brother Pascal's family. Will Lazlo, Crystal, Harmony, Infinity and Prince all continue living happily in their small house or will they need to find somewhere bigger and give Chloe her place back?
  1. The College Sims
Tycho Curious, Fabrizio Lothario and Icarus Curious are all currently at college together. Tycho and Icarus are cousins, and Fabrizio and Icarus are step-brothers, so they all get along pretty well. Icarus is a Pleasure Sim whose LTW is to go on as many first dates as possible so he's been exploring that in college, but might just have found the love of his life in cheerleader Sylvie while doing so. Meanwhile, Tycho just wanted to graduate his Maths degree with a 4.0 and make his dads proud, which he did, and Fabrizio didn't mind what he got as long as he could spent time with his sweetheart Bobbie Broke (they're now engaged). It was pretty much a party house for Fabrizio and Icarus, but they all managed to graduate somehow!
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2023.03.22 10:43 Josh_Woody669 USA is doomed. The low birth rates will kill of "middle America"

Stats say that by 2060, the white middle class will be a minority. That's why they flooding USA with immigrants. Maybe y'all Americans should stop fighting left vs right and have some kids or USA will fall
"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting"
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2023.03.22 10:42 Cakegirl16 More than 1 special needs child. Advise please.

I have 4 children ages 13.11.8 and 2. We live in England UK if that's of any relevance.
My 8 year old is my only boy and has adhd, odd and dyslexia. From the age of around 2/3 is when things became apparent in nursery that something wasn't quite right. For a long time I dismissed his behaviour as typical boisterous boy behaviour, my older two girls were never like him when they was younger rather the opposite. It wasn't until his teacher sat me down when he was 3 and had a chat with me that it clicked that he wasn't like other kids. Hes 8 now almost 9 and medicated for his adhd and weve peadatrican and others involved with him in his schooling etc. Its hard with him but I'm coping.
My question is.....now my 2 year old is in the same school nursery.....last week we had parents evening and they raised some concerns with her development and milestones. They want a meeting today to go through a report they've done and they want my permission and input on it being sent to the health visitor team. They are aware of my son as he's in the same school an they are aware. So now it's looking like my youngest may also have some issues and I'm just wondering how people manage with more than 1 special needs child? Things were tough when my son was little and we still have bad days and meltdowns with him even now and sleeps a issue still or lack of but I'm wondering how we're gunna cope as a family unit with 2 of them with needs. Im 1 person and do the majority of childcare myself. I have a supportive family nearby and my mum often takes my older two girls to stay the night at her house so they have some respite from their brother (he is loud. Can be aggressive when having a meltdown and destructive) their dad is not the most consistent or reliable so he's not really involved with them. He tries but he's not as...switched on or in tune to what our son needs. For example the parenting course and classes for parents with special needs kids....he never did he wouldnt read up or research anything about adhd or odd and would often just tell our son off for being naughty. Stop crying like a little girl etc. Obviously i did do all the courses and classes and im very involved in my sons additional care so im the primary parent for things that doctors and such phone in regards to him.
What differences are there in parenting a boy with adhd and a girl who may have similar issues as I know it can present differently in the genders..
The nursery have noted my 2 year old doesn't play with other kids, but rather alongside them in her own little world of play. She struggles interacting with other kids and doesn't enjoy or want to join in with group activities. She still tip toe walks too and is quite behind in her speech.
I'm sorry if this is a pile of word vomit but I'm just trying to reconcile with the though of possibly having 2 special needs kids and how to manage that. 1 is difficult enough on the best of days. I'm ngl.....its a daunting thought. Has anyone got any advise or anything with this? Im aware that coz im on my own with them its going to be tough.but how tough. ? Much thanks x
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2023.03.22 10:41 Flimsy-Assumption513 If their is any version of Mordred that i love the most other than the Fate Mordred is the one from Merlin 1998!


I am not kidding you when im telling you that this is one of the best versions of Mordred i have ever seen in my life!! Trust mez!!! Also if you havent watched Merlin 1998 than good for you watch it, its free online and its one of the best versions of King Arthur!!!!
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2023.03.22 10:40 starsquo Where do you all keep your pets?

Especially if your collection is really small! I only have four right now, but it will grow soon enough. When I was a kid, I used to keep all fifteen of mine in a small roller suitcase in my closet with one of the playsets. I'd rather display them now than stow them away like that, but I want some ideas!
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2023.03.22 10:40 Smedskjaer Feedback on quick sketch wanted

Feedback on quick sketch wanted
Please be gentle about the fact it is a scratchy sketch. I am learning SketchUp and making a model of the house, but I ain't there yet. The scale is a bit off, and this is first floor only.
  • Stairs lead to a loft office that overlooks the entry hall.
  • Entry hall is a formal space to receive guests and gallery of family heirlooms, art, wealth and victories.
  • Hall to bedrooms is supposed to be large enough to allow kids to sit at alcoves with their computers, and is a private inner space for the family.
  • 4 beds, 2.5 baths.
  • Bathrooms in center are vaulted, and natural light comes from clerestory.
I want feedback on the general idea, and on elements, like the grand hall and private hall.
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2023.03.22 10:40 Tastyhealthy Pipika ke life choices

Its just me wondering what did the woman see in her janab?
Her parents could have drifted apart, she could have had issues in her marriage ( one doesn't know what happens behind closed doors, the most kind and chivalrous men can be abusers). Its okay for her to have separated/divorced and eventually find a man as good looking, as intelligent and as independent as herself. Why on earth did she "settle" for janab. Even when janab was not giving her any ghaas, she literally wooed Suitara with gifts and services for her siblings and their families. She took Chabutara under her wing and transformed her into whatever we see of her today. She claims to have provided for beti khalas kids as well. She tried to find Saba a stable job and helped her find her ground.
I mean for a woman that beautiful and independent she could have found herself a man who loved her what she is and showered her with time, love, respect and care that she truly deserves. Why then she enrolled herself to become this.
I always thought it was Janab and his family who must have wooed her, and that's why she goes out of her way to do things for them today. Pata chala, pehle bi yahi woo kar rahi thi aur aaj bi wahi haal hai..
Its only through this sub I realised it was she who was behind janab and then plotted to 1st impress the family and automatically bring janab closer to her.
She had a loving family,sisters, parents who although separated but doted on her. Phir kyu yeh ammi and co ke piche padi thi to win their hearts. I mean I would understand such behaviour from an orphan jiska koi apna nahi ho aur woh pyaar ka bhuka ho, but this woman had the best of everything. She was capable financially, emotionally, socially to look after herself
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2023.03.22 10:40 Sorin61 The anti-inflammatory activity of resveratrol in acute kidney injury: a systematic review and meta‐analysis of animal studies [10 -2022]

Context: Accumulated experimental evidence suggests that resveratrol (RSV) may have an effect on acute kidney injury (AKI) by inhibiting inflammation. However, the credibility of the evidence for this practice is unclear.
Objective: This study investigated the effect of RSV on AKI and the underlying mechanism.
Methods: We searched PubMed, EMBASE, and Web of Science from 2005 to April 2022 for controlled animal trials assessing the effect of conventional resveratrol versus placebo on renal function outcome after AKI. This study was registered within the International Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews (PROSPERO) as number CRD42022329596.
Results: We retrieved 455 studies, 25 studies comprising data of 436 animals that met the inclusion criteria.
Our meta-analysis suggested that RSV treatment was significantly associated with lower levels of serum creatinine (Scr) and blood urea nitrogen (BUN). The greatest effects were recorded in low-dose ( 20 mg/kg/day) groups.
Full: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/13880209.2022.2132264
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2023.03.22 10:39 yellowpowaranga Just unsubscribed from r/recruitinghell, r/careerguidance and r/EstrangedAdultKids

Both subreddits were counterproductive in my opinion. recruitinghell is all about people discussing how hard it is to find a job or they struggle to get callbacks or get interviews. Everyone at times can be negative straight out the gate with “fuck you” as a headline. Some things I found were hilarious with the off the rocker comments or postings but overtime it’s just them complaining about applications, getting ghosted during their interviews, or their struggles of finding a job. There are some people who give good advice there. At least they want a job but just run into things like the rest of us but I find it not worth being subscribed to anymore because it can be toxic.
estrangedadultkids I’ve outgrown it to be honest. It’s a community that has adults who are estranged from family because of horrible childhoods or their dysfunctional upbringing. I feel I’ve overcame worrying or having irrelevant relatives in my mind rent free a long time ago. I’ve moved on and there’s no need to consistently stress out over that type of stuff once you’ve truly let go. Once you’ve healed, got your own life, and your chosen family. No need to be stressed out over that. The posts are mostly trauma bonding, random outburst of rage, long paragraphs of trauma, and just negativity on my timeline I truly don’t want. I have moved on from this phase. You have to get to point where you move on with your life and start your own family or find a chosen family.
careerguidance is at times a bunch of clueless people or really just seem to post things there to always complain about how they are of a certain age but feel like a failure. It’s alot of self pity. Some post they have a masters degree but they feel like a failure with no outlook on life. There’s also a bit of the antiwork crew there as well. One kid asked how do he get rid of his antiwork ideologies out his mind because he won’t trust companies or the government or anything. Every response he gave was an excuse when people suggested him to go a certain path. He declined all of it to still say “fuck captilaism”.
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2023.03.22 10:37 Paragon_Mad_ship M 41 For F Bergen Norway/Anywhere

M 41 For F Bergen Norway/Anywhere

I guess I am ready to try again. Last time I tried some scammers tried to scam me, so please no scammers. If you are someone I talked to and cut ties with because I got scared when they tried to scam me I kinda cut ties with everybody.
I am 40 years old living in Norway. I am looking to meet somebody to spend the rest of my life with. I don't mind doing long distance in the beginning. Mainly looking in Europe, but open to other places also.
Right now I am living in Bergen, where I study filmmaking atleast until spring. Before that I worked 22 years, 19 on a smeltingplant operating cranes, forklifts, wheelloaders and other heavy machines, and then I worked 3 years on a train terminal for a freight train company. But I started getting trouble with my back, and had 3 Prolapses in 18 months, a pain I would not wish on my worst enemy. So I decided to quit, and try studying instead. I have a very big interest in movies and tv shows, so I decided to study filmaking. It is a 2 years study so will be in Bergen to june 2024. After that it really depends where I can get a job. But most likely I will move back north get a part time job and pursue script writing which I enjoy and hopefully can make a living off

On my free time I love watching films and tv shows. I Love dialog driven shows, Aaron Sorkin and Vince Gilligan some of the writers I admire most. I also love books, I read mostly Fantasy (Robin Hobb, Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, Jay Kristoff, Robert Jordan, Naomi Novik, Tamsyn Muir) I also like to read bioghraphys of famous athlete's and musicians. And then there is my guilty pleasure JoJo Moyes. I also like to stay in shape, I love cycling and football, I am looking into trying boxing and climbing now that my back is getting better, but I am not quite there yet. I love to take walks listening to books, podcasts and music. I listen to mostly old bands like Pearl Jam, Guns N' Roses, Nightwish, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac but also some new acts like The Dogs and Ghost. I also enjoy gaming, mainly Xbox and Playstation, I enjoy mostly storybased games, like Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima, Assassin's Creed series (especially the Ezio trilogy), Batman Arkham but I also enjoy shooters sometimes like Gears of War and Bioshock. I have been into gaming since 87 when I got my first NES, so really there is not that many genres I haven't dipped my feet into. I like traveling, I usually go places where I can bring my bikecycle and go on adventures. In 2013 I cycled from Lhasa in Tibet trought the Himmalayas visiting Everest basecamp and ending up in Kathmandu Nepal. Things like these I dream of doing more in the future, they don't have to be on a bike. But similar things.

I have a form of autism called Aspergers Syndrom, But I am not that bothered about it I have kept a job and passed for normal since I was 18 years old. My main problems are that I am very shy in social situations with people that i don't know, and uncomfortable in crowds or unknown situations, i also have some problems with eye contact. So dating is really hard for me. Because of this I have never been in a relationship, and early in my 30's I decided that I didn't ever want to have kids so I had a vasectomy which didn't exactly make the dating scene any easier. I have tried dating apps both localy and international, and have had some long distance communication that seemed promising but even after being clear on the fact that I do not want, or even can have kids after my vasectomy they have finished when they finally realised that I was serious about not having children
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