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A community for my tatted and pierced people of color, especially black folks, to connect, uplift, advise, and celebrate each other's modification journeys. No hate or bigotry of any kind is allowed. NSFW posts must be marked. No self promo. IG, Facebook or other social media links are fine. No sex pics or vids.

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A subreddit for discussions and questions about Ontario Tech University (formally known as University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

2021.01.31 21:45 theladyalexandra Nakshatras

This is a space where we can discuss the many traditions and techniques of Vedic Astrology. My hope is that we can connect with our research and ideas of nakshaktras, amsas, navamshas, etc. and the depth and multitude of knowledge this tradition gives us.

2023.03.21 18:24 naesaram a nerdy gay guy is looking for friends and acquaintances with similar hobbies or interests

I'm looking forward for a talkative, somewhat geniuely interested and open-minded friend! As for me, I'm gay and with some autistic tendencies (alas I'm not diagnosed as such).
There are several things I would like to mention.
I'm a major in the field of linguistics, thus as one can say, I'm heavily interested in the phenomenon of language and specific languages, I am able to speak languages such as Russian, English, Spanish and Norwegian (all to some extent).
I'm currently learning Korean, German and wouldn't mind to learn Classic Latin or Chinese.
My interest in applied linguistics has recently moved as to be more inclusive to philosophy.
At the moment, I'm reading up on empiricism, dialectism, metaphysics and some economic theories proposed by Marx and other scholars.
I would like to develop a consistent belief system and my world-view, and, obviously, for that I decided to be much more voracious and open about my math studies and economics.
With connection to philosophy, I'm very political as well.
I am of more social liberal approach, avid proponent of federalisation, secularism and other very “trendy” things, alas I'm much of more concerned of what consitutes a definition of conservative (as well as socialist) cancel culture, which I find a very disruptive phenomenon to the society.
I like K-dramas and I am very much into the genre of Japanese dramas too, I like boy love series and have a very much of a good attitude towards Western movies. I would like to have a friend to discuss latest trends as well.
I don't know what else to say so I'll end this post on a positive note: be yourself!
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2023.03.21 18:24 NOLAGT Some unifi devices missing, and some are showing that shouldn't be under networks. Can I fix this?

Everything is working as it should be but I have 2 sites (home/office) that have some glitches. My work network shows my cameras and NVR Pro under unifi devices, but it has another NVR pro showing as well. I had it hooked with ethernet at first, then went to a DAC. The instance of the ethernet is still showing with no IP, network, or connection speed showing. How can I knock that one off the list?

My home setup is the opposite. Under unifi devices, it shows my cameras but does not show the NVR pro that is hooked via DAC. I had set this system up first and didn't know the NVR Pro should be showing up there with the cameras. I am pretty sure it used to show up under the client devices a while back but it's missing there too. Both systems are on the most up-to-date general release versions.
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2023.03.21 18:23 Harley410 [QCRIT] Second attempt! Nonfiction, 86,000 words Daughter of the Last Hacendado

Back again with another stab at the synopsis! Really appreciate the feedback. I realized I was definitely missing the whole point of the synopsis before, so this is a rewritten bit. I'm not sure if the introduction part is too long? The whole thing might be too long really. Any feedback is so appreciated!
Sendero Luminoso is the name of the most lethal terrorist group in South American history. The movement began in Peru in the 1980s, and it took the lives of over 70,000 Peruvians. Sendero Luminoso wiped out communities and destroyed families and entire ways of life. If there were survivors of a Sendero Luminoso attack, they lived to tell the tale only by hiding beneath the bodies of the dead. The Peruvian military, in their misguided efforts to stop Sendero's bombings and killings, tore apart innocent families with equal lethality, arresting and "disappearing" primarily members of the oppressed indigenous community virtually indiscriminately.
Juliana Pacheco is the daughter of the last hacendado, a feudal-style lord, in the remote Andean highland area called Occenay. One of the first regions to suffer attacks from Sendero, her father was the last to escape before the whole place was burned to the ground. Sendero Luminoso set Juliana on a journey that took her through two continents and several countries before returning to the valley Occenay. Back where Sendero's war began, she finds that for her family to survive, she must heal the wound in this land. This wound has carried its infection through the generations of her family. It cursed her grandfather, her father, herself, and even her children; though they are far away in prestigious American universities, they are still not free.
The Daughter of the Last Hacendado weaves together history, culture, and biography to tell a moving and intimate story of a family along with a sweeping narrative of country and culture. Complete at 86,000 words; this narrative non-fiction features a dynamic, multigenerational cast of characters that blends the genres of travelogue, memoir, and biography.
The first third of the book takes place in present-day Peru. Juliana Pacheco has brought me to Peru to meet the people and see the places that formed her. Through the depiction of our friendship and travel together, we meet Juliana Pacheco. We learn she is a strong woman, an American immigrant, and a politically conservative Latina with a strong sense of pride and dignity. This strong character has kept her safe and served her well throughout her life, but this strength can also manifest itself as rigid and judgmental thinking toward groups of people.
The trip takes us first to Lima, the urban capital of Peru, then to Ayacucho, the mountain region that saw the birth of Sendero Luminoso and where Occenay, the remains of her family’s hacienda, lie. As the American narrator, I provide a relatable, self-deprecating tone along the lines of An Idiot Abroad as we experience Peruvian culture and history on a large scale. Finally, we arrive in Occenay, and the global becomes personal as we step into the destroyed remains of Juliana’s childhood home. The stone hacienda is still imposing, even in its ruins. Its skeleton and the scorched earth around it are a strong testament to the depth of hatred in this valley that existed at least once towards Juliana and her family.
The second part of the book becomes the story of Occenay, told through the perspectives of the humans who lived and worked there, beginning with Juliana’s grandfather and grandmother. The narrative introduces the complex family dynamics between the elder Pachecos and their children, three daughters and a son, Juliana’s father, Pepe, and the intense cultural dynamics between the hacendado and the andinos that farmed the land. Pepe and his parents lived through several seismic shifts in their government, from the outlawing of the feudal-style system that had been sustaining the family, several military coups, and finally, the attack by Sendero Luminoso that ultimately drove the family from the hacienda. The history uses historical documents, letters, pictures, and personal stories from interviews with Juliana, her living family members, and the members of Occenay’s community, including a 95-year-old woman who worked for Juliana’s grandmother and lost one of her own sons in Sendero’s attack.
In the last part of the book, we follow Juliana’s personal story and witness her journey from that of wounded hacendado’s daughter, angry at Sendero Luminoso, dismissive of the struggles of others, and into a woman who has spent the last ten years of her life serving other people, from her career in America which she dedicates to helping minority and at-risk students, to the very soul of Occenay itself. The book ends with Juliana and her husband sitting at a table with the descendants of the andinos who once served her grandfather for no wage. Occenay no longer belongs only to the Pachecos. Every man at the table owns a piece of it now. Occenay is no longer a hacienda, but a cooperativa.
Similar to how Sarah Vowell, in her books "The Assassination Vacation" and "Unfamiliar Fishes," takes the reader through her journey, using her own experiences to immerse them in the culture of the places that she is visiting, this book brings the reader along on this trip through Peru, combining culture and history with travel. Fans of Bill Bryson's style of weaving together incisive observation and personal anecdote with a dry wit will enjoy the humorous, self-deprecating tone and analysis of culture, both that of America and Peru. Richly researched and buttressed with the words and experiences of a diversity of Peruvians, fans of South American political and cultural history will read about and rediscover familiar characters, such as the notorious disgraced Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori and Abimael Guzman, leader of the terrorist group known as the Shining Path.
My intimate and personal connection to the Pacheco family sets this book apart from those like Sarah Vowell’s, Bill Bryson's, or any historical non-fiction about South America. The genuine friendship and shared history between myself and Juliana will bring readers into a real relationship of mutual love and respect despite, or perhaps because of, our differences in culture, background, and politics. This mix of the personal with the historical creates a unique structure with the tone and readability of a memoir combined with the objectivity and sprawl of a biography.
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2023.03.21 18:23 canna_nation81 Lymphoma and the PACT Act

In 2006 I was diagnosed with a terminal lymphoma. I managed to beat it and finish out my career. I am now rated at 0% for it. Question being is would that change with the PACT act now as I’ve already been rated and service connected for it.
Also what about the mental health role that plays. I’m rated at 50 for MH but feel I qualify for 70. I understand it’s all rolled up into one rating and what it’s rated as doesn’t matter as much as long as you get the rating. I was never sent to a MH professional for cancer. I just got a fit for duty memo and pushed back in. Mind you I was morbidly overweight at the time from chemo.
The original MH rating is for anxiety. I was with the 3rd ID on the initial push into Baghdad and some places in Asia that should tick the box for PACT act.
I am contemplating on getting a lawyer as I feel my case could be complex. I know they take a portion of pay. That’s not my concern as to being properly rated.
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2023.03.21 18:23 Less_Connection1412 Not hot enough for a wild hookup? Is he even interested?

This past weekend I [23F] went to a pretty fun social with people from work. We're all grad students around the same age but working under different people and just connected through the host.
There were only 3 guys who were single and a ton of other ladies. Two of the girls were really outgoing and all over the one really good looking guy. At one point, it seemed like they had monopolized the conversation with him despite several of us sitting there.
The banter got sexual and he was obviously a really confident guy but it didn't seem like he was comfortable in front of an audience. That's when he turned to me and asked me about myself. I got really flustered as I've never been the center of attention like that. I felt like I would start melting under his gaze when he started flirting, telling me I was really cute and followed me on social media despite having a huge following.
On the way back to the host's place, we ended up being the only 2 waiting for the next elevator. It was the only point that night where it was just us. I really thought he would make a move or at least ask me out. Instead, he was just silent. It was a long ride up and I commented the look of the elevator. He joked that it was actually a grungy urban nightclub, we laughed, then he immediately said he would've totally fucked my brains out right there but I "seem like a good girl" and he's "a different person now".
I'm upset because it felt like the perfect setup for that once in a lifetime spontaneous hookup with a hot guy, and he was attracted to me, but I will never be that wildly hot girl. I haven't even followed him back yet or messaged him, and haven't received anything either.
How do I explain to him that I'm interested, I've always been the quiet good girl, but I want to experience that bad boy side of him?
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2023.03.21 18:22 splinterTHRONS 一旦和王晶翻脸,我就会一下子准备好我自己走向终结同时不无作为的样子

这是我曾经向我的朋友倾吐我身上的灾难,发泄压力时所作的解释。老实讲,不熟悉英文的话,机翻就好,内容有些部分换成中文会难以启齿 The thing is about 2019, I have accumulated a little influence through activities in some of the larger online communities. but,I have not used that for my personal image. Since I certainly thought that the Internet in China could be intentionally controlled by the government (not just censorship), I analyzed the state of public opinion at the time and found the target of someone I thought was an official.
He pretends to be a sane populist ,and, while uninteresting, always conducts relatively influential online activities. I deliberately pretended to be close to the same point of view as him and then kept shifting our conversation in other direction, implying that I knew he is official, he finally admitted, the evidence is that after that I tried to do something that might normally would get hit by censorship in common, but unexpectedly didn't get any.
When I say officials here, I don't mean the very obvious kind of robot opinion-controller who serves an unintelligent public. He disguised himself as a sane person to engage in so-called opposition activities, and, most importantly, he had the power to cross the distance of social software through personal connections to keep me safe from the direct hit of censorship.
I kept in touch with him until June 2020. At that time, China's internet censorship became very strict and I thought it was time for me to do something else, so I alienated him. Looking forward to 2021, I think the opportunity is ripe. At the time, a group of what I thought was a government-manipulated opposition group developed, all operating outside of GFW, at the time - mostly reddit. I was there to help build that community, like I didn't know that the administrators of that community and the manipulators behind it were the government. I did a lot of activities pretending to be someone who happened to be very smart, undermining their control, including debating with all kinds of people, making predictions about what was to come (my predictions were accurate enough to prove that I was obvious genius). When the time was right and that group had grown very influential (although a lot of the opposition who held by GFW didn't look there at all, but there was a great reputation there, so... ), I disclosed the purpose of what I did , continuing to announce to everyone that this is a hoax. My approach works. since I started doing it, knowledgeable, creative users keep silently leaving there. I put out a lot of evidence of experimental action, and that community quickly became unsustainable. But these so-called opposition groups are people with no economic motivation and little ability to organize, so I don't intend to let things develop too much. I'm just here to bust the government's scam. I don't know how important my actions are, but after I've been doing it for a while, there are people who are suspected officials who start doing unusual things, and they go around saying don't overdo it.
Chinese people are very stupid, they see these unusual things, a small number of people know what's going on, they don't help me but leave on their own, most people pretend it's not under the control skills of social psychology occur,choosen ignore. That's when I realized that if I continued, I'd only be able to develop this into something that I couldn't go back to, and I'd hit the upper limit of tolerance they've been hiding for control. So I gradually moved away from the opinion where I expressed my surrender.
The end result was that I brought 4 months of chaos to that community, but the subsequent impact was not measurable. That group can no longer grow up now. Although many people are silent, occasionally someone suddenly remembers my prophecy and what I said. I'll make an example of how important that community is. I think that in the West, both racists and feminists are, to a certain extent, tools of the government to control public opinion, and they have both been for a long time. This practice is only going to get worse in China. The meaning of that community in China is the sum of racism + democracy + good populism, and the voices of rogue feminists can't be compared to them, and can't seem to be comparable to them when they are active. But after my campaign, their voices are very weak compared to feminists. (I don't think feminists = bad people, but they will never become a group with sincere intentions under the manipulation of the government... omit this part)
My living conditions were so bad that I had no way of getting a job under very strict censorship, after I suffered a lot from worrying about the future: I tentatively disclosed my previous activities to the official I knew before identity in. I can't be a part of the work they do, I just want to prove my abilities and try to be their advisor and find opportunities to immigrate (sounds like adventurers from the colonies). If they don't accept it, they may arrest me right away. But surprisingly they didn't, I was terrified at first, and then I waited for the opportunity with peace of mind. I've been waiting since January of this year, until May to test their receptivity, and even started to do something outrageous (usually at least result in my account being banned), but nothing happened. until June. Because I see that the government's lockdown policy due to the coronavirus is about to lead to famine. I thought that was bound to happen, so quickened the urging of their voices
After I've said the above, I need to briefly describe my story and what that means. (They are all successful examples, I have not made a prediction of failure since 2020)
Basically a very early prophecy: I told them a week before the war in Ukraine that war was coming.
I think the US will find various reasons to ease the blockade of China
I think Xinjiang is more likely to be the focus of attention than the human rights situation of Chinese nationals or Tibetan/Myanmar
i think switzerland will suddenly take a stand in the ukraine war
The predictions I have made so far include:
The United States will focus on many social problems to one-time solution, and in fact has always regarded China as the target of its actions
Putin had a back deal to start the war in Ukraine (I said it here too, and showed that the war would last a long time. Now I say if the US is ready to act against China, the war in Ukraine will end)
Enthusiasm for these actions which going to China in the United States will suddenly rise, and tech giants and social media giants are looking for opportunities to indulge public opinion
Europe will temporarily remember the justice of colonialism
Apart from international issues, my predictions on social issues require too much explanation to write here,so ,I will explain the impact I have made.
The current enthusiasm for constitutionalism and enlightenment in China is the result of my previous actions
The smooth progress of the current power struggle within the ccp is partly the result of my previous actions. Roughly speaking, I have spread that China is not an autocratic monarchy but an aristocratic republic.
The acceptance of elitism among Chinese people is improving, which is also the result of my previous actions.
As you might imagine, these influences were caused by my Voltaire-like "performance". . .
No one else is on the same path as me but me, so you can almost be sure that it's all my credit
The public opinion environment in China is a very bad place. People are so stupid and lack personal credibility that they are actually easily manipulated by the government, so you can also think that I influenced public opinion by influencing individual officials. A lot of the public have long forgotten me, just as they have forgotten many things, but the officials who manipulated them had remember
After I finished my previous actions, I chose a new place (an anonymous board) to negotiate with them anonymously (what happened here is not new to me). This is the third time I've been looking for them, I don't know who I'm treating/how much power he has, I don't know how widely my deeds have spread, but since June, all this has made me Crazy development.
At first I was just urging them normally that they should hire me as a consultant, then I found out that some kind of response to my words was going on for a long time and still happening now. When I say I'm short on money right now, another person complains "My girlfriend doesn't reply to me, just asks me for money". I did not ignore such replies this time. A big part of my mental illness is because I'm an mtf and it's impossible to disclose that identity in the environment I'm in. I haven't made it public, but if they were an officer with knowledge of psychology, they would probably guess. So I jokingly said, "I'm so ugly, I'm pessimistic because I can't dress as a woman," and they started responding with a lot of encouragement.
It was an open environment, so our conversation went on in a signal for a few days, and I kept making it clear that my attitude was that I wanted money. Here's the summary: There is one specific individual, as an official, who knows about a recent selfie on my phone (government and business unite, a commonly invasion of privacy), and wants to be in a relationship with me! ?
I don't know his gender, age, position, attitude towards what I've done, what he's been up to lately, but he encouraged me to say I'm not ugly and that he's okay with rough dress.
I'm pretty confident about my appearance as a man, but chronic stress has made my skin really bad. Because I'm an mtf, I've been giving up on my male appearance all the time, and there are even many small accidental wounds on my body (he doesn't know this). As a woman, my appearance can only be said to be more like a child, but I is taller.
I realized that even though we were not publicly identified, officials like each other would not be low-ranking officials. I politely declined, guessing that the other person might actually be a female (older), but that the other person indicated that he was male and would not mind some violence if I had been refusing.
It looked like a shit story.
and when it happened, it was really bad. I can't just say no outright, it's dangerous, and I really need the money to get away from China's impending disaster, so I can't provoke him.
From June 4th to June 8th (I said it here, and...I actually meant it), I negotiated quite a lot, and finally chose to accept his proposal, but kept my desire to emigrate (I hope He will give up when he sees me in person). The final answer to the matter was ,the limited frame he said yes is june 8. he refused , let the negotiation stand in the am 0.00, saying "I hope we can easily have sex with each other and not think about it in the first place. my identity". He said he wished he and I would start with some sex-related conversations, almost wishing me to flirt.
Here, I thought that he might just be dissatisfied with me because of my previous actions, and at the same time dare not really hurt me, so he used this method to insult me. So I have always refused, my negotiating condition is unless he can guarantee to let me immigrate.
Our "negotiations" have since broken down, and I've even begun to do something dangerous that would make me re-emerge as troublesome by the government that he was forced give me answer. He tolerated these, but made no statement. Knowing now, I still don't know what my future holds and how exactly this happened. I still haven't seen him in person, don't know his age or gender, and haven't been punished for what I did.
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2023.03.21 18:22 IIShana Momentum 4 won't connect to PC via USB anymore

As the title states, somehow today my Momentum 4 stoped working with my PC ... I've had them connected via the USB Cable to my PC. Always running perfectly fine. Taking them on the go wirelessly sometimes.
But somehow today they just won't appear on my PC... Windows 10, nothing changed since january. I've already tried to factory reset them, update the firmware via the app, turning them off and on multiple times, sometimes while plugged to the pc, sometimes while not. I just can't get them to appear on my PC... which sucks hard, since I sold my old pair for the Momentum 4...
Does anybody have an idea?
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2023.03.21 18:22 Guilty-Flan-2054 Beeping?....

While this has only happened two or three times I'm still confused and slightly worried. When this sound happens it's the exact same tone, exact same length, volume, etc. This only happened when I had my APM connected, and I attempt to play something without noise. Is this a common occurrence? Should I just try to clean the connectors by myself? Should I contact support and get them replaced?

Btw my right earcup in ANC has seemed off, almost like I'm underwater? Idk why.
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2023.03.21 18:21 Then-Matter-1242 35 [F4M] London, UK - looking for meaningful connections and/or a romantic partner

Me, I’m a London based 35 year old female. My passion, vocation and academic background is in philosophy although my career has taken me in a different direction and I now work in tech consulting. I suffer from social anxiety and generally have troubles forming connections but once I get comfortable with certain people I like to think I’m a decent friend with a lot to say. I am interested in sciences (especially physics) as well as philosophy, arts and literature. Currently, I am rethinking my previously hardcore atheist and materialistic worldview and considering different types of cognition whereas my whole life (well into my 30s) I unambiguously believed in the good ole Cartesian/enlightenment paradigm.
I’d love to meet London based people, not necessarily with similar interests. Radically opposing interests are also welcome unless of course you’re driven by hatred and/or fear so please no racists, homophobes, transphobes, conspiracy folk etc. Not interested in hookups, casual sex doesn’t do it for me. Cliche as it may sound, I am only interested in genuine connections, either on a friendly or romantic level. Physically, I am 5’6/168cm, Caucasian, brunette, normal/slim built with pretty decent and proportional facial features. I primarily get attracted to a person’s intellect, humour and kindness. Looks don’t play that big of a role and I find all sorts of people attractive.
I am the happiest when a person somehow has the capacity to surprise me so it’s hard to say what I am looking for in friends and partners. I’m drawn to eccentricity but at this stage in my life it’s important to me that you have financial stability accompanied by a relatively grounded approach to life. When I was younger, I was the type to move from country to country and live in the clouds so nowadays I cherish stability no matter how uncool or unsexy this sounds. I am also a huge animal lover. You don’t have to be crazy about animals but we will probably get on better if you at least like them. I own pets so if animals are repulsive to you, we probably won’t get along.
Anyway, this has become too long. What can I say- surprise me!
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2023.03.21 18:21 coonsquad6 HP monitor doesn’t turn on but USB ports are charging

I have a HP z27k and it worked fine before but recently started having issues.
I’m connected to my Mac using USBC as a display connector. It charges my MAC and my iPhone using the rear USB and USBC connectors, but the monitor never really turns on (no indicator light or splash loading screen). I’ve tried different monitor power cables and different USBC cables (both work when connected to different monitors) but it’s the same issue. I’ve also tried different power outlets. I’ve tried unplugging everything except the USBC and power outlet but still no power.
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2023.03.21 18:21 Bucknutnat1on Single Fault Protection for Battery Management Circuit

Single Fault Protection for Battery Management Circuit
I am seeking design guidance for a circuit that has been significantly simplified to drive the point home.
I a looking for options to safely disconnect the battery to protect my circuit in the event of a single point failure of either Q1 or Q2. Q1 and Q2 can either be drain connected or source connected to contain current flow for charge or discharge during normal operation. Our circuit also includes a fuse rated for the full discharge current and a current sense circuit.
In the event of a short circuit of Q1 the battery would be able to discharge through Q2 body diode regardless of FET drive circuit signal. Likewise, if Q2 is shorted there will be no control over the charge current as the battery could be charged through the body diode of Q1.
Several ideas have been floated but none of them are fool-proof. We have a MCU for the system that is not shown. Ideas considered include:
  1. Replace Q1 and Q2 with IGBTs. This would mitigate single point failure, but drives up conduction losses as RDSon with paralleled devices is much lower than VCEsat of even the best IGBT I could find around 1-1.2V.
  2. Create a circuit to blow the fuse under fault scenario (e.g., through an SCR in parallel with fuse). This solution is feasible for Q1 short, but a Q2 short would impact other batteries connected on the DC bus through Q1 body diode, which is not an acceptable result
  3. Add additional Q1 and Q2 pair in series yielding two pairs of drain-connected or source-connected FETs - would mitigate disconnection concerns but drives up power losses and cost significantly
Any ideas are appreciated. Thank you. :)
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2023.03.21 18:20 AutoModerator [Get] Justin Welsh – The LinkedIn Playbook – From 0 to 80k+ Followers

[Get] Justin Welsh – The LinkedIn Playbook – From 0 to 80k+ Followers
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Bonus:Advanced LinkedIn

Experimentation, aggregation, articles, hashtags, video, and more.
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2023.03.21 18:20 Cyberunicornx Lg g2 issue network and general setting.

So all other devices are connected to internet. But my lg tv g2 which is connected via ethernet as well as with wifi refuse to connect. Plus other issue is setting>general is not accessible,when i click on that it closes the setting menu.
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2023.03.21 18:20 Many-Ground3470 My adult dog does not like use pee pads

I have a 20 pound dog so i would imagine she needs to pee more than a bigger dog when she was a puppy I would reward her very time she peed on her pad to reinforce that habit. She use to pee a lot so I would got thru like 3 pads a day. I know some people probably think I’m crazy but honestly I figured as an adult she would need to use it less but I don’t mind if she pees inside at night esp while I’m sleeping. I don’t see her as a filthy animal her pee is not dangerous and I just throw out the pads when she uses it. i always keep a pad out at night and she never uses it. She just holds it in until I take her out…
sometimes on the weekend I just end up sleeping in and it’s like she’d been holding it in for 10 hours. When I try to wake up earlier my brain tells me if she really has to go there is pad there for her to use and I end up falling back asleep. She uses it occasionally when it’s raining a lot and her brain connected the dots lol she’s like maybe I should just pee inside so I don’t have to go out lol I always praise for being a smart girl when she does that cause I don’t wanna go out in the heavy rain at night either 😂
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2023.03.21 18:19 CObearrunner How do you tell someone they aren’t a safe space for you?

Tl:dr: Gay guys family isn’t a safe space to come to for any life issues, but family wants more involvement and relationship but doesn’t realize this is why there’s issues and distance. Pls help.
Hi y’all. 37 gay male here in the US. Like a lot of us, I have a somewhat strained relationship with my family. My family “loves me and supports me” - but they are for the most part, white evangelical Christian republicans. This, especially the church they belong to and are leadership for, is always creating problems for us. The church is tied to a mega church in Australia and while they aren’t preaching on brimstone and fire for all homosexuals, the church definitely has some gross trump-esque opinions. They are not completely radicalized but they definitely are victims to the echo chamber they surround themselves by and the misinformation machine of Fox News. My parents are boomers who are the product of emotionally stunted and abusive parents.
Through my coming out they have proven time and time again that 1. They don’t understand how a gay relationship works. One time my mom asked me who submits to who’s will in an argument because there’s no wife.
And 2. They continually do things that show they have some gross opinions about things. Most recently it’s all about trans folks and drag queens. I’m in a gay chorus and my mom had to “do some serious praying” to get her to come to my Disney show.
I want to have a relationship with them. I want to be a part of things and have a family that I love and knows loves me in return but it feels really difficult when it’s never a safe place for me to exist or even be myself. I would love for them to understand that fact - it’s impact on me - and truly understand what I mean if I were ever to tell them they aren’t a safe space for me to exist. I don’t think they have the emotional maturity to understand what I’m saying and not take offense and let their hurt be the focus.
Obviously it’s not entirely abusive or that unsafe that I’ve needed to sever ties to my family - but it’s definitely not a warm, welcoming, accepting, or even understanding place to exist as anyone who’s not cis white hetero Christian.
Anyone dealing with similar have any success or ideas on how to tell them they’re a contributing reason to my distance and separation from the family? I’m at a loss. I worry we’re never going to have true connection or love when there’s no common bonds beyond blood.
I genuinely am preparing myself for a life without a family once my parents die. My oldest sister might be okay and cool but my radical nut job middle sister and I will likely have no relationship. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t hurt. I love my chosen family. I just wish my birth family were the good people they pretend to be.
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2023.03.21 18:19 photography_1 The Art of Capturing Nature

The Art of Capturing Nature
The Art of Capturing Nature: How Photography Can Help Us Connect with the Natural World
Nature is a powerful force that has the ability to inspire, awe, and soothe us. However, in our fast-paced and technology-driven world, it can be easy to lose touch with the natural world around us. As a nature photographer, I have found that photography is a powerful tool for reconnecting with nature and capturing its beauty. In this post, I would like to share my insights on how photography can help us connect with the natural world and capture its essence.
Check out my latest blog to know more - https://capturedmomentsbygeethika.blogspot.com/
The Art of Capturing Nature
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2023.03.21 18:19 scvready0808 Ethernet slow to connect when wake from sleep or reboot

Ethernet slow to connect when wake from sleep or reboot
I've been getting this issue since I started using FWG+.
Every time I put the computer to sleep and wake from sleep, it would take approximately 30 seconds to actually connect to the internet, and I find it a bit annoying. So, I took a look into Event Viewer, and I noticed this even happens:
> Your computer was not able to renew its address from the network (from the DHCP Server) for the Network Card with network address 0xF02F743XXXXXX. The following error occurred: 0x79. Your computer will continue to try and obtain an address on its own from the network address (DHCP) server.
I have tried to put the computer to sleep and immediately wake it up, and the same thing happened.
I have reinstalled the driver of the Realtek PCIe 2.5Gb E Family Controller and even got the newest driver from the official site.
The port 1 is unused, but port 1, 2 and 3 are under the same LAN 1 Network. Port 4 is obviously my ISP 1 Network in the pictures below.
Network Management
My LAN 1 setting.
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2023.03.21 18:19 LibertyJoel99 How should I go about inviting my gym crush out for a drink? (M24, UK)

I go to a muay thai boxing gym a few times per week and I've been talking to a girl there for 2/3 weeks (with a couple weeks off in-between for a holiday I went on). She seems like the genuine friendly type and when we've talked she's even asked questions / made points back so she's not uninterested and seems down to be friends at least which is good
With things going well, I want to invite her out for a drink to take the next step to becoming friends, take anything outside of the gym and further break the ice
How should I go about inviting her for a drink? I'm thinking on probably just simply asking her mid-conversation whether she'd like to go for a drink either after a session or maybe another time if it suits her better. Additional information is below which probably will have influence on my approach / comments on this post. Thanks in advance 👍
Additional information:
• I go on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for evening sessions (7:30 - 8:30 for Mon/Wed and 6:30 - 7:30 Fridays). Key chat opportunities at the gym are either before sessions, after sessions or a 1-2min slot if I come across her during circuits (50% chance). I have to miss the pre-session opportunity on Fridays due to it being sooner
• We know basics about each other but I've been saving the essentials like asking what she gets up to in her free time for when we go drinking as I have a pickup line to ask that
• There's a fight coming up in a few weeks connected to the gym that she's going to watch and she mentioned that there will be drinks there yesterday so I have a clean opening to ask what drinks she's into or something like that when we next chat. I could easily turn this into an invitation
• She works on weekends (I've yet to ask if that's afternoons or evenings) and goes college* on weekdays (*UK college is equivalent to US high school afaik)
• We live in the same town which is also where the gym is so that's great. There's a pub a few minutes down the road from the gym
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2023.03.21 18:19 RandomFurball 31 [M4F] Sweden/Europe - Looking for a genuine connection

I am a 31 year old male from Sweden! Looking for a genuine connection that might eventually develop into a relationship if everything goes well. I would prefer if you were around the timezone at least but might be fine with anywhere if we really connect. Every relationship has to start somewhere!
Even though I am from Sweden, do not expect me to be blonde and have blue eyes. I am born in Sweden, but I have parents from Vietnam if that matters. I am an introverted person or ISFJ if you are into that. Friends would describe me as caring, smart, analytical and helpful.
My main interests are:
- Food/cooking/foodculture - I love learning about different foods in the world, I want to travel the world, taste different foods learning things to maybe add to my recepies.
- Movies, tv-series, anime - I love to watch movies and tv-series, makes you really get into that world and get away from your life a bit. Genres for movies I do prefer Thrillers, dramas, action and comedies. For TV-series I can pretty much watch anything, I just finished Dark so my mind is still processing everything that the show has brought to me. Animes, I can say that I have watched it a bit less lately but the favorite shows has to be Anohana, Steins Gate, Haikyuu, Relife and Death Note. Movies like Your Name and A silent voice were amazing too. Another thing I have a sweet spot for is Korean RomComs, I know they are cheesy as hell, but damn do I like it.
- Animals - I do have a cat which was a straycat I adopted. He had never had a home before so socialising him was a challange, but it was all worth it in the end. He trusts me now and loves to cuddle on his terms. I am mostly a cat person, but I do want a dog in the future as well.
- Travelling - When I do travel, I travel mainly for culture, food and nature. I am not the kind of guy who wants to travel just for the sun or to party. Was recently in New York which was great, except for the heat. Would like to visit other parts of the US some day, but there are so many more places on my list that I want to visit first.
- Gaming - I have played less and less games lately, mostly because I have gotten bit bored with it, but when I do play, I usually change games a lot. I do like platform games and currently waiting on Silksong. There are some multiplayer games I tend to come back to, which is League of legends, but it comes in periods.
I'm looking for someone who shares some of the same interests as me, someone genuine. Preferred age range is 25-34.
I hope the post was not too long and if it interests you, send me a message! (please not chat, I tend to not check them)
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2023.03.21 18:18 Nwonotmcentire Recommendations - first solo trip - Spain

Hi all - 31F Canadian, planning my first solo trip and hoping for recommendations on what to do and how to get around! Flights and accommodations booked so I’d like not to change them unless there’s something glaringly stupid with my plan lol
Fly into Barcelona, 3 nights there
(Train/bus?) to Valencia, 2 nights there
Train to Madrid, 5 nights there - thinking maybe a day trip or two during this?
Train to Granada, 3 nights there - Alhambra is the real reason, not sure what else to see
Then getting myself somehow to Portimão Portugal where I have a cheap resort apartment for another week where I can explore in the mornings/weekends and work in the afternoon/evenings. I could only get 2 weeks vacation so added the third week of remote work there.
Fly home from Faro.
Welcome any ideas for places to see, the Madrid day trips, and best ways (or how to find best ways) to get around, especially Granada-Portimão. Right now looks like a bus day connecting through Seville.
Should add this trip is late Sep to mid Oct this year.
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2023.03.21 18:18 Lobukia Thankyou to the Community: Taking students into the black for a week of education and fun

u/DangerPencil Thank you for the time and education and credits to get a carrier up and running u/arandomcanadian91 Thank you (though it was last year) on helping me out with finding a great ExoBio planet for beginners and thankyou EliteDangerous and eliteexplorers all the help from past threads on connecting EDO through a workplace firewall and on tips and tricks in (as a relative newb) taking two teams of newbs from the PFed ball to the big bubble and beyond.
For those that haven't seen me post before, the week before Spring Break (at the College-Prep school I teach at [I'm also a part-time professor, lest anyone think I've misrepresented that]) we do a week of alternate, half-day classes. Some teachers do hiking, furniture crafting, advanced photo shop, etc. In the mornings I do "Narrative Gaming" with a combined 40k/Battletech campaign and in the afternoon I do "Exploration and Other topics in Space". Most of my students were underclassmen this year (students can't repeat a course taken before, and most of the interested upperclassmen took it last year), so many of the topics are things they'll get again later in traditional classes.
Our 5, 3 hour days didn't get near as much done as I hoped... but the kids absolutely loved it... had a great time, and started inviting classmates to the experience. Each day of class I covered real world topics and how they were represented in Elite.
Day 1: got everyone through the PFed opener and established shared keybindings and controls (so that I could quickly answer "how do I?" questions) Topics covered: Government types, basic economics, introduction to the lore of Elite
Day 2: Got everyone to the carrier, built a common Asp Scout after giving them $10 mill (want to help them, but not have them miss the experience of earning things). Topics covered: Space travel theories, physics of landing on a planet, issues with atmospheres, how to use the Galaxy Map, scale compared to a galaxy.
Day 3: Went to an "Outer Rim" like system and explored it. Landed and did bio scavenger hunts. They really got into this, took a ton of time, voted to continue it the next day. Topics covered: world-building, programming, procedural generation, xenobiology, fragility and durability of life
Day 4: Did another day just exploring a planet on foot. Kids got 20+ million in biodata (I don't do much of that and was surprised that one planet earned them that much that quick) and we cleared out a raided base. Topics covered: Space-western genre, law enforcement, bit more of Elite lore, third parties and computer development companies, introduced them to Inara.
Day 5: Asteroid bounty hunting and exploration. Showed how to map a planet. Tried to get to a war-zone, but no missions were being given ANYWHERE for War Zones... so we raided a criminal base instead. We made a plan for when the carrier would jump back to more civilized space and set up a school hosted discussion board for those wanting to continue play. Topics covered: Gamer communities and comparing and contrasting Elite with other games, responsible recreation time management, bit more on scale and EDO, Elite economic forces, aerial combat through history
I took a bunch of pics and a group photo (while on a base), but have either lost the files or did something stupid. When I find them, I'll post here... or maybe get everyone together for a retake.
Again, thank you to the community! It was a great week!!
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2023.03.21 18:17 ShrineSimp Should I transfer my old starters to pokemon home?

Dyngus how the 3DS store is shutting down in a couple days, I’m debating whether or not I want to transfer some of my old most treasured Pokémon to the modern games or keep them in the games that they helped me in. I have a very strong connection to my Pokémon and that’s why I’m debating it.
View Poll
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