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This sub is for organizing to protect water, sacred sites, the climate, and more from the Dakota Access Pipeline. It's also about why we're opposing it, what we're for, who we are, how we're winning, the latest news, and perhaps most importantly, how you can get involved.

2023.04.02 10:46 InsideAmbassador7441 Advice on being dry at night

My daughter is nearly 3 and a half, she has been dry during the day for about 2 weeks now and she’s doing really well. For about a week now she’s been consistently waking up with a completely dry pull up and going to the toilet for a wee once she’s awake. I’m just wondering at what point I should try her without a pull up at night?
She is my second born but my oldest (nearly 7) still isn’t ready to be dry at night and still wakes up with quite a wet pull up so this is pretty new to me and I wasn’t expecting her to be dry at night so soon. So any advice would be much appreciated, thank you
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2023.04.02 10:44 Possible_Ad_4835 How many i have to ask to play in a bar ?

Hello everyone, i need if possible a quick answer because i'm supossed to play in a shiringito ( a bar near the beach) this afternoon and they asked me how many i want ?? i've never been paid so i don't know.
I'm solo ( but with lot of instrument , i play on loop ) for a 45 minutes set , 5 song (song last 10 minutes) i saw on internet it would be 500 euro but it seems very lot for me. thanks
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2023.04.02 10:44 Sinpleton025 Rifts of War - Chapter 10

Expedition report from Rift Group 4
Report carried out by Lieutenant Marvin Bailey
Report states: Peaceful contact with the local town of Una has ended in failure. Upon nearing the gates, the elves demanded RG-4 to identify themselves and after identification, they opened fire on with bows, crossbows, and scorpions. RG4 retaliated by opening fire with its 50mm chain gun, destroying parts of the wall, killing an unknown number of defenders, and destroying their heavy defenses. The initial shock from the chain gun froze the defenders, allowing RG-4 to vacate the area with minimum damage and no losses taken. This was the first unsuccessful interaction with the local populace since the beginning of the expedition and the Rift Group program and it shows that not all natives will be pleased with REC's arrival.
Other news: The enemy force on the other side of the North Alston river has not shown any signs of movement. Moreover, drone footage shows a number of the local populace leaving the Meilume capital and Una across the river, further suggesting that the Imperial army wishes to fortify and wall off the area between the two Alston rivers with the intention of boxing the REC before attacking. CIA sources can confirm this is the case. As far as the Rosian vassal kingdoms are concerned, RG-1, upon making successful contact with the border town of Afa, has sent a platoon, led by lieutenant James Wilson, to the Alston capital of Olinor where they made contact with the king of Alston, Thavok Zorgen. After a number of debates, king Thavok has agreed to accompany the platoon to the duchies of Zirith, Dothen, and Elarith, as well as the kingdom of Opherin to convince the dukes and kind Ostontul to attend a meeting with ambassador Eugene Anderson. Additional transportation will be provided should it be necessary.
30th day of late yellow season
Elyana, Empire of Light
"So.", said the chained human, "Is it my turn to pick the nail or yours?". The torturer responded by punching him in the face. The prisoner spat out a piece of his tooth before answering, "C'mon, you're supposed to be consistent. It's nail, nail, cut, punch. The teeth come later when all the nails are gone. Everyone knows that.". The torturer punched him again. "There you go again, messing up the consistency. I think I know why you work in this shit hole now."
The torturer wanted to hit him again, but a voice stopped him, "Enough!". A moment later, two elves walked into the room.
"Great General Laeroth.", the torturer said as he bowed.
"How is the questioning, Maul?", Laeroth asked.
"Not well, my lord. This human is proving to be a greater challenge than I had anticipated. All I got was a name. Jack Mitchell."
Laeroth sighed as he approached the chained-up human. His body was cut in several places and half of his fingernails have been removed. In addition, he was missing two teeth and bleeding from his mouth and nose. Yet he still denies Maul. As much as it pained Laeroth to admit it, he was impressed. Any Rosian or even elf would have broken by now. What made this human different?
"Jack Mitchell.", Laeroth said, making Jack lift his head and smile.
"What's up?", Jack asked.
"The ceiling.", Laeroth answered, making Jack laugh. "What is humorous?"
"Maul over there said the same thing.", Jack replied as he wheezed, "You sure you're not related? You got the same shade."
This made Maul mad as he grabbed his hammer, "You insolent savage!"
"Calm yourself.", Laeroth said, "I still need this human alive. High mage Gunru, you have my permission.".
"Yes, general.", said Gunru. He was one of the seven high mages of the empire in North Altia, second only to the grand mage Ishton. Each high mage is able to use more than one type of magical ability. Usually, a mage is only able to use one ability from a single spirit. The mages of Vita can be healers or they can use their power to give life to made objects. This way they can create their own army, however, the mage has to remain alive in order for the creature to remain alive, and if the creature is destroyed the life will return back to its source. The mages of Elendi can use one of the various elements, such as wind, fire, water, and so on. One other ability the high mages possess is 'Mind read'. By focusing their spiritual energy on the mind of the target, they can visualize their knowledge.
"What the hell are you doing?", Jack asked as Gunru grabbed his head with both hands, "I mean I'm flattered but I'm into women, just so you know."
Gunru closed his eyes and white energy started appearing from his hands. That energy went into Jack's head, which remained perfectly still as this occurred. Gunru entered his mind and began to project Jack's memories, thoughts, and knowledge around him. Laeroth just watched. He himself couldn't see unless Gunru gave the knowledge to him. But he did see something that disturbed him. Gunru began to twitch. A twitching that turned to shake as his eyes opened and quickly pulled back while panting and holding his head as though he had a headache.
"Gunru.", Laeroth called, "Tell me, what have you seen?"
Gunru shook and could barely grasp the words to speak, "T-T-Terrible things. A mistake. All of this was a mistake."
"Show me."
"No!", Gunru yelled immediately, "You must not. I could not get all the details myself. You will go insane."
"I must know our enemy. Even if it is a little, I must know. Gunru, you must show me."
Gunru greatly hesitated and opposed this. But at the same time, he knew if anyone was able to take the strain, it was Laeroth, the most loyal servant of the empire. "Very well. I shall show you as much as I can. Forgive me."
As Gunru placed his hands on Laeroth's head, the same energy went into it. Laeroth opened his eyes and found himself on a field of battle. Two sides were fighting, humans. One side had blue clothing and the other was red, both fighting with cannons and boomsticks, but nothing else. The blue-clothed soldiers appeared to be winning and they charged the red ones, all while carrying a flag. Red and white stripes with stars. It was brutal. What could it mean?
Night turned to day over and over again, until another battle occurred. Same thing, broomsticks, and cannons, but they fought each other. Once again, there was a flag with stars and stripes but now there were two. A civil war? Hundreds of thousands of men died all for what?
Fast forward, Laeroth appeared in another field, but considerably more terrifying. It was a field of black mud, ash, and blood as far as the eye could see. Thousands upon thousands of bodies piled up around giant cannons that fired and destroyed castles. He could see waves of soldiers running forward at their dug-in enemies. They fell by the dozen until a few lucky ones reached the line and engaged in a brutal brawl. The fighting kept escalating until a massive white cloud filled the battlefield and everyone caught in started choking and dying.
Once the smoke cleared, Laeroth could see hundreds of thousands, no, millions of soldiers and armored beasts marching across a field. They fought another gigantic army, one Laeroth thought could never exist. Millions of troops met on the battlefield and slaughtered one another as the metal monsters spat fire and thousands of iron wyverns fought in the air. Massive ships of steel fired enormous cannons of steel at one another as hundreds of iron rods fell from the sky and flattened the cities below.
Closing and opening his eyes one more time he saw a city. A large city with towers of stone and glass that pierced the clouds. But then he saw it get destroyed as it was engulfed in a literal sea of flames. All of those people were dead in an instant, and in place of the city was a gigantic cloud in the shape of a mushroom.
The day turned to night again as Laeroth was lifted into the air and observed the world change. The nations fought one another while also existing in peace. Cities became massive and their armies even more powerful. But then, the fires came. The great cities turned to a smoldering pile of ash as they turned on one another in the name of 'salvation'. War, disease, poverty, entire civilizations were whipped out and empires started to fall. But in this chaos, something was born. The petty rivalry of the great powers vanished and united they led their armies and pulled the corruption by its roots. It took them decades but they did it. And now united, they rebuilt their homes. The world was not at peace but they made the most of it. At least until they showed up. The rift opened, the invasion failed and now an angered giant prepares to take its vengeance and punish them for their crimes.
Gunru stopped sending energy into Laeroth's mind and let go of his head. Laeroth bent over and panted. His heart was racing and his nose bleeding. He could not believe what he saw. Was there really no hope? Was this war lost before it even began? How was he to win? He wasn't, but he knew he couldn't just give up. His pride as a warrior and a soldier wouldn't let him. But more than that, it was Canus. His maniacal nature coupled with fear will only make things worse if he were to find out. Furthermore, the Inquisition will most likely pull strings and keep the war going for their sick and twisted games. Laeroth knew he had to come up with something, otherwise, the empire will crumble.
"General, are you alright.", Maul asked.
"I am fine Maul.", Laeroth answered, "Take the human back to the cell and treat his wounds. I will let you know what I want with him next later."
"Yes, my lord.", Maul said as he gestured to the guards to help him.
"Yes, general?", Gunru answered.
"You must not speak of this to anyone. Not even the emperor. This stays between us. Do you understand me?"
"Yes, general."
"Good. Now excuse me, I must clean myself and prepare for the future.". Laeroth left the torture chamber and climbed up the steps to the halls. On his way to his personal chamber, he could feel a strange sensation run down his spine. The effects of the mind read? No, this was something else. He made a random turn and walked down a narrow hallway. After taking a few steps, he prepared a knife and waited. Soon, a cloaked individual suddenly appeared from behind the corner and started running away. Laeroth immediately gave chase, signaling the guards in front to stop him. Two guards formed up with shields, which made him stop for a moment. After a moment Laeroth threw his knife at his back. He yelled in pain as he fell over and the guards moved in.
"Leave him!", Laeroth shouted as he grabbed the man and pulled the cloak down. It turned out to be a woman. "Who sent you!? Talk!". His words fell on deaf ears as the woman's head twitched and a thick purple foam-like substance oozed from her mouth. Laeroth groaned and let her go, "Burn the body. Speak nothing of this.". The guards nodded and carried the body outside.
'Gilshor.', Laeroth thought, 'I will not let you turn this war into your own personal puppet show. The darkness will not rule the light.'
Upper level of the Imperial palace
Lilyth Camilla Agorix was always a strange girl. While the other girls took care of their hair, she took care of the armor forged specifically for her. While the other girls practiced knitting and read poetry, she expressed an interest in politics and philosophy. This behavior wasn't particularly accepted by her father. Her mother, on the other hand, empress Alruna Flavia Agorix, greatly supported her. It was thanks to her effort that women were allowed to join the army, and at the moment, a tenth of the army is female. Alruna wasn't named the Lioness for anything, and Lilyth tries to live up to her expectations.
But some members of the family aren't as hard-working as her. Her brother Armas is the biggest and most disgusting slob. She could hear him and his hooligans laugh in his chamber. Trying her best to ignore them, she walked past, but as Armas exited the room he called her over, "Hey sister! Come on in. We have room."
Lilyth groaned, "I have more important matters to attend to than entertain a room full of children."
Armas laughed, "Oh come on, loosen up. The slaves taught me that."
"Armas, if mother finds out-"
"What? What will she do? These slaves were given to me and I can do whatever I want with them."
"Is that so?", spoke a mature womanly voice, "Tell me, Armas, what exactly have you been doing?"
"M-Mother?", Armas uttered. Next to her was the second youngest daughter, Khelsa, along with the captive human girl, Amy. The two became friends after Amy arrived and while Alruna didn't support it at first, she learned that a child is a child, and her being from a supposedly savage land is irrelevant. "Nothing. Just questioning these captives with my soldiers."
"You mean raping women with your hooligans.", Alruna said as she walked into his room. The stench and sight made her sick. "Guards! Take these women to my chambers and bring along some maids. Clean them, feed them, and dress them properly." Guards did just that, pushing away the thugs who grunted in response.
"Khelsa?", Amy asked, "Is that your brother?"
Khelsa sighed in response, "Yes. I'm sorry you had to see this."
As the guards took the women out, Armas protested, "Mother, this is unfair. These women are my slaves. Furthermore, they are savages from a barbaric land. They should consider themselves lucky to even be in my presence. Father says-"
Alruna slapped him, stopping his sentence, "Your father may be the emperor, but I know him better than anyone else. He is narrow-minded and frightened, only seeing what is right in front of him, and never bothering to properly assess anything. We may be the chosen bringers of light, but if we act as barbaric as our adversaries then we are no better than them. Now, get this room cleaned and then yourself. You are royalty, act like it." With that Alruna and Lilyth left, leaving Armas to bicker and throw tantrums.
"Thank you, mother.", Lilyth said, "I must go now."
"Go, my daughter.", said Alruna. Lilyth bowed and entered her chamber.
"Fenris.", she spoke, "Is everything ready?"
"Yes, princess.", Fenris said, "The savage stands before you in chains and the scribe has prepared the parchment."
"Excellent. Scribe, you are to document any and all findings. Listen carefully. Do you understand?"
"Yes, princess.", answered the scribe.
"Let us begin.", Lilyth said as she walked to the captive, "What is your name?"
"You know that.", he answered and received a back-handed slap. After moving his head back, he answered, "Brian O'Neil."
"Where are you from?"
"My mom.", to which he received a punch in the stomach. It didn't hurt a lot, considering he was a large man. "The United States of America."
"Tell me more about it."
"It's a unity of fifty-two states with three hundred and fifty million people."
This shocked Lilyth but she didn't show it, "Are there more countries?"
"Many more. My country isn't even the biggest one."
"So there are more empires in your world."
"No, there aren't any."
Lilyth paused for a moment, "Then what?"
"We are a republic. We elect our leader and that leader represents us. He doesn't have all the power and all of his decisions are put to a vote. Empires and kings are a thing of the past."
"You expect me to believe that? A nation cannot function without a centralized figure controlling it."
Brad chuckled, "We use to think that, too. But we found out that the opposite is true. One person can control a city, or maybe a small nation. But the bigger a nation gets and the more powerful it gets, the more strain appears on a single person. This is why our nations are governed by dozens of people and we have careful systems for governance. A single person is not enough. He would only bring ruin."
This shocked Lilyth more. A system like this was always theorized by politicians and philosophers, but nothing was ever tested because the emperors abolished it, saying that it goes against the path of light. "You say that. But our empire has grown powerful and spread across the world. We have become its rulers and spreaders of wisdom, knowledge, and civilization."
"There used to be an empire in my world that thought just like you. They wanted to conquer the entire world and make it so that only their ways exist. Do you want to know what happened?"
"They became too big. There was too much ground. Their forces were spread thin and could be picked off by united barbarians who didn't like their ways. War stopped and since their economy depended on it, it crumbled. Their politicians became corrupt and power-hungry. They stole from and even killed each other. Eventually, they fell beneath the force of the united kingdoms they called savages and were wiped out. This is why no one can truly conquer the world. No matter how hard you fight, the world always wins."
Lilyth clenched her fists and stared at Brad with an angered look, "You say that we will end up the same?"
"If you refuse to change, then yes.".
After staring at him for a few moments, she spoke, "Fenris! Take him back to his cell. We will continue this tomorrow."
"At once, princess.", Fenris said and grabbed Brad by the arm.
As they were walking out the door, Brad turned his head to Fenris, "You know she likes you, right?".
Fenris looked at him for a bit before pushing him forward. Lilyth was left to ponder Brad's words. There is still much for her to learn.
(That night)
Somewhere between Meilume capital and Una
Being a prisoner is never good. Your rights are taken away and the ones who captured you can do anything they want to you. They could kill you, sell you or worse. This was the predicament the Belus family found itself in. Out of the two hundred soldiers that accompanied them, only one soldier remained, the others were killed and fed to the welfen and leanoids. The Belus family was in a cage with the last soldier, Klaus, and a servant, Lia. The five of them were all sitting with their hands tied behind their backs, wondering what will happen next. Taria was still grieving over the death of Aego, not even lifting her head.
"Bellon.", Nimriel whispered, "What will happen to us?"
"Do not worry.", Bellon said, "We will alright."
"Stop lying, father.", Taria said, still with head lowered, "These people will first rape us, torture us and then demand ransom from the empire."
"Hush, my lady.", Lia said, "Don't say such things."
"What? The truth?"
"You should listen to the little girl.", said a rogue elf as he crouched in front of the cage. Behind him was the fire in the center of the camp with four more rogues, two leanoids, and one welfen. Most of the bandits were asleep, only over a dozen stayed awake. "The money we'll get from you will make us set for life. Sure, we might have lost more than half our men, but that just means more for the living."
Taria spat, "Open this cage and I'll show you a little girl."
The rogue chuckled, "Quite a fighter. I saw you kill that leanoid. You're good. Why don't you come with us?"
"Why would I join a bunch of good-for-nothing traitors? You know nothing of honor, duty or the light."
The rogue laughed, "They still teach that shit? The light is nothing but a made-up excuse the first emperor made so we can take these lands. People like us? We see the truth. And all of you are being manipulated."
"You dare mock the path of light?", asked Bellon.
"Shouldn't a bad joke be mocked?"
Taria and Bellon gritted their teeth. This is why rogues are killed on sight. They know nothing but greed. As Taria stared at the rogue, something appeared in the corner of her vision. A man in green armor held a black boomstick and aimed it at the bandits by the fire. She looked around and saw six more. Are they insane? If they fire it, it will alert everyone. But when they fired them, only a slight sound was heard. Enough for the rogue in front of her to turn around. He saw his mates dead, but couldn't call for help as his neck was ripped out by a welfen. The Belus family was in shock as the welfen opened the cage.
"Don't be afraid.", he spoke, "I'm with the Americans."
This confused the family. "Who?", Taria asked.
Soon after, a soldier in green got to them, "My name is Lieutenant Caden Roberts of RG-3. We're here to rescue you.". He cut their ropes and waved his hand to signal the rest of his men. As they moved, Taria saw the dead bodies of the bandits and when they got out of the camp she could see that only fifteen soldiers, including two tribals, came to rescue them.
"Who are you people?", Taria asked.
"We're the Rift Expeditionary Force from the United States of America.", said the lieutenant as he pressed a small metallic box which caused the entire bandit camp to get engulfed in flames. The bandits burned and screamed, some ran out of the camp but got shot by the green soldiers. Their camouflaged armor, repeating broomsticks, and fire magic puzzled Taria greatly. She couldn't even see their faces from their masks and eyewear. Who are they? Her questions had to wait a little longer, as iron carriages moved from behind them and opened.
"Lieutenant, is it go time?", spoke the man from one of the carriages.
"Yeah.", said the lieutenant, "Let's go, I'll get them to the MRAP. Come on.". He led the five of them to the middle carriages through its back door. It looked like it was completely made of metal and that it could take a cannon shot. This just further confused them. As the carriages started moving, they noticed that it was going at high speeds, even faster than horses.
"Who are you?", Bellon asked, "What do you want from us?"
The soldiers in front of them looked at each other before taking their masks and helmets off, revealing their pale faces. It wasn't anything sinister and they didn't look like they intended to harm them.
"I am sergeant Jeff Parker.", spoke one of them.
"I am staff sergeant Liam Cook.", spoke the other one, "Over here is Lioba, our feelian, and Olaf, our friendly welfen."
"It's welfen that attacked us.", Klaus spoke.
"Do not speak as if they are of my kind.", said Olaf in an angered tone, "Those beasts lost their meaning in life."
"What do you mean?", Jeff asked.
"Each wolf lives for the pack. For the tribe. He fights for it, provides for it, and dies for it. These wolves, they've abandoned their blood and chosen the life of a wild animal. They're no better than the ferals."
"I see. We have those too. We call them deserters. They flee the army and abandon their brothers. And so we hunt them down and punish them."
"As you should."
After some silence, Klaus spoke, "Forgive me. I meant no disrespect.". Olaf nodded.
"Are you taking us home?", Nimriel asked.
"No.", Liam said, "We're taking you to Galdush. Our lieutenant-general wishes to speak with you. Well, lord Bellon more specifically." The five went silent. This was the enemy from the rift, and now they're taking them to their leader.
"Are we to become your slaves then?", Taria asked.
Jeff and Liam chuckled a bit. "No no, of course not. That kind of thing is in the past for us. Our lieutenant-general only wants to speak with you. After a nice conversation, we will personally bring you back to the Meilume capital."
"How do you know its name?", Bellon asked.
"We have our ways. Now sit back and enjoy the ride.", Liam said as he pulled some blocks out of his pocket. When he opened it, it was gray and seemed to be food. After offering it to Lia, he spoke, "Hungry?". After some hesitation, Lia took it and tasted it. It was quite delicious. As she ate the whole thing, Liam chuckled as he opened a bag, "Don't strain yourself, I have enough for everyone."
(Several hours later)
Fort Galdush
"My lady.", said Lia as she shook Taria, "My lady, wake up, we've arrived."
Taria woke up, "What? How long have I been asleep?"
"A few hours, my lady."
This was surprising, to say the least, "We're already here?". She looked out the window and saw their fort as well as their machines. The M2 battle tanks rolled over the hills and fired at the targets, blasting through them. She saw soldiers shooting their guns and groups running in a circle. At the gate, the lieutenant introduced himself and the convoy continued. Inside, they could see soldiers clad in thick, metal armor carrying large boxes and as they got out of the MRAP they saw the Invictus ACs flying in the air. All of this overwhelmed them. To them, these were otherworldly monsters. To the rangers, it was a normal everyday occurrence.
Lieutenant Roberts stood in front of his men, "Alright. I will take lord Bellon Belus to lieutenant-general Coleman. Parker, Cook, you take the rest to their temporary residents."
"Yes sir.", both of them said as they saluted, "Okay, let's go. I promise it's nothing bad."
Taria, Lia, Nimriel, and Klaus went with Jeff and Liam to their residence while Caden took Bellon to the lieutenant-general. The two of them went into the central command building.
"Lieutenant Caden Roberts of Rift Group 3 here to see colonel Andrew Marshal and lieutenant-general Patrick Coleman.", he said to a woman who worked as a secretary.
After some delay, the woman nodded, "Go down the hall to meeting room two."
"Thank you. Come on.". Bellon followed Caden through the hall. He admired how it was crystal clear and pearl white like they were made of pure marble. As they walked they reached the meeting room and entered. Inside were two men who stood up immediately.
"Good morning.", said the first man, "I am lieutenant-general Patrick Coleman of the Rift Expeditionary Corp. And this is our logistics officer, colonel Andrew Marshal."
"Nice to meet you.", Andrew said, "You are the lord of Meilume, Bellon Belus, correct?"
Bellon stuttered, "Y-Yes I am. Great general, you have my eternal gratitude for saving my life, and my family.", he said as he bowed.
"Please.", Patrick spoke, "No need to bow. And please call me Patrick. Sit down."
"Thank you, Patrick.", Bellon said as he sat down, Caden next to him.
"While I accept your gratitude, I'm going to need to ask something else of you?"
'Of course. What was I expecting?', Bellon thought, "And what would that be? If it is gold I assure you the emperor will pay a decent sum for my family and me."
"Oh no, god no. I'm not asking for money. I need something from you that only someone of your status within the empire can provide."
'Someone of my status'. "What exactly?"
"As you know, your empire opened a rift in our country and attacked without warning and unprovoked. We beat the invasion force and the force than came after it. You lost two armies in less than a month, or, a moon cycle as you call them."
"Yes, I am aware of this. What does that have to do with me? I didn't send those armies."
"We know. But you have a connection with the person who did. And we want you to send a message to him for us."
'A message?' "And what kind of message?"
"We would like an audience with a representative to negotiate peace."
This stunned Bellon. 'Peace?'
Jeff and Liam brought the four to an empty army barracks, reserved for these situations. "Okay.", Liam spoke, "You'll be staying here until the lieutenant-general orders otherwise. Don't worry, you'll be comfortable." They entered the barracks and it was clean, with several beds, a fridge, desks, and lights, which Jeff turned on, surprising the 'guests'.
"Make yourselves at home.", Jeff said, "I'll bring you some breakfast soon.". He left and closed the door, leaving the four to talk.
"What do you think will happen, Klaus?", Nimriel asked.
"I don't know, my lady.", he answered, "But we shouldn't do anything to anger them. I think we should wait and see what is to come."
Taria looked out the window and saw the tanks and LAVs driving past as well as soldiers marching in unison. "Incredible. All this power. They could have destroyed Meilume before we even had the chance to escape. And yet here we are. In their fortress, waiting for them to bring us food. They want something."
"Well.", Lia said, "That man who offered me the sweet food was nice. I think they're not that bad."
"They are the enemy, Lia. Enemies should never be trusted. It might seem like they are good, but they are using us. They want us here so we can witness their power and use us to spread fear through the rest of the empire. Clever."
"I think you are thinking too much about it, my lady. Perhaps you need to sit down, and rest."
Taria sighed. She walked to a nearby desk and observed the notebooks, pens, and pencils. She sat down and opened a notebook, immediately noticing how the paper is milk-white with lines to help her writing. Picking up one of the pens, she observed how smooth it was and made of spotless, thin metal, but also how it didn't have a tip. Then she noticed the round top and remembered how the lieutenant pressed his metal box. Pressing down the top, the pen clicked and the tip appeared. Amazed, she clicked it several more times before starting to write.
"Taria?", Nimriel asked, "What are you doing?"
"I'm writing down what I saw."
At that moment, Jeff opened the door and brought several white cardboard boxes, "I brought breakfast. I hope it's to your liking."
Each of them took one and Jeff put the last one on Taria's desk. She looked at him and asked, "Can you show me more of your fortress?"
Jeff hesitated a bit, "Why?"
"I'm curious. I wish to learn."
"So you can write it down and give the information to the army?". Taria sat silently. This wasn't untrue. "Look, we're not your enemy. Our commanding officer is talking to your father about peace. Truth is, we don't want war.". Taria paused to think about that. "But if I get permission, I'll show you around."
"I would appreciate it. Thank you."
End of chapter 10

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2023.04.02 10:44 windchiller Kingsblood - Icy Forge - Grimdark Mercenary RPG with Autobattler Mechanics

I'll keep it short: For more than 3 years, we're developing this game with two friends next to our jobs and are almost done.
About the game: Kingsblood blends tactical autobattler mechanics and dungeon crawling in a mercenary RPG with a fully voiced campaign. Join the fight against a tyrannical monarchy in a grimdark world of political intrigue and injustice. Assemble a powerful guild of unique followers, send them on dangerous missions, while building your guild hall. Master the art of party composition and unlock the true potential of your warriors as you fight battles and dungeons in your quest for justice.
Steam store page: (with trailer, screenshots, and demo - check it out for yourself)
Feel free to ask me anything here, or join us in our Discord!
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2023.04.02 10:44 DzRythen Anyone else feel like it might be working too well?

OK I know probably sounds weird but with Bupropion nearly eliminating my anxiety (and depression but there were no redeeming aspects of that) and it's left me feeling weirdly empty. Like I've spent my whole life with immense anxiety and without it, I almost don't know how to function anymore. I feel like that's what drove me, what guided me. Does it absolutely suck and feel horrible? Yes. And yet I can't help feeling if it might be better if it were working a little less well. In a weird bizarre way my anxiety feels almost comforting. Am I crazy? lol, perhaps I just need to adjust to an anxiety free life which is so foreign to me.
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2023.04.02 10:42 Bron147 Am I becoming a psychopath

I have this ungodly feeling this urge, it only flares up massively when certain things are mentioned.
So recently my girlfriend referred herself in her own group of friends as the poor girl ( were not poor) and we both have decent jobs making a combone total of 100k a year and growing, but for some reason when I heard this, something in me just broke and I feel this ungodly urge to be better then them, to the point where they can't even be in the same tax bracket not just in that but in fitness I dropped 15lb and upped my weights I put more effort in my job to earn more ( I work with commission based ) which I have successfully did boosting my income to near double but for some reason all I can think is I want more I want them to personally understand that we are better then them and in reality I want them to understand that I am better that nothing they do will ever surpass me that I will be the top dog the absolute best. And it's only started after this comment was made a while ago and it's only toward them personally my brother ( not my real brother but my best friend) he is the only guy that I try to be as good as him and have genuine respect and I look up to him. What is happening to me.
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2023.04.02 10:41 olivethrowaway12 [WeWantOut] 31M Retail Manager 30F Marketing Officer UK -> Anywhere

Hi! I'm a 30yr old woman with a 31yr old male partner. We have two children (12 and 7). I currently work as a Marketing Officer and my partner works as a Retail Manager. We have a very much loved dog who we would ideally bring if we could in a way that would not traumatise him. I'm in pipedream territory right now - I'm aware I haven't "done the research" yet, I just want a seed to get started with.
Getting increasingly depressed in the UK. We've already left our hometown after being priced out being too near London. Currently renting in the Midlands with no hope to buy. We both have a decent tolerance for the heat. I dread October knowing that I likely won't get an enjoyable day of weather again until April - I basically write off 6 months of the year, aside from walking our dog.
We basically live in the tiniest new build 3 bed you can imagine so aren't greedy for space. The one bonus of the UK is that we have some of the best Universities, so that's what has motivated me to stay. But my kids just increasingly seem to want to stay in and sit infront of their screens - which their peers all also do. I desperately want to move somewhere that motivates us to explore nature everyday. We are definitely more active in the Spring/Summer and will tend to stay around the coast as much as we can.
I was thinking a less populous part of coastal Australia due to us being UK citizens, but I think we might be too old now. Also not sure how we would get dog over safely. I have Italian nationality too - I moved to the UK when I was a toddler. Only have a basic grasp of the language though. Family in Milano but not hugely close with them.
Thank you for your ideas!
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2023.04.02 10:39 Superworld_Batman 31 [M4F] Midwest USA, still on patrol.

I think I’m driving in circles. I’m a Safety Officer at a college full time, family oriented full time, gamer part time, soon to be a father full time.
Tried to start a family, but that fell apart. So now I’m wondering if I can try again.
Though I work full time, my job isn’t nearly as strenuous as it may sound. I have way more free time than is obvious. My work finds me awake during the night, but hopefully that will change in time.
Just got back into online gaming with my cousin, I only run a PS4 for now, and my gaming usually runs through survival genres, such as Ark, Conan Exiles, and recently I got back into Breakpoint. My solo stuff follows along closely, such as Fallout, Elder Scrolls, maybe some AC.
I’m into fantasy/sci fi stuff, particularly WotC LOTR, and some cryptid related things like SCP. I’m just an old geek.
My family matters to me probably more than it should, I wouldn’t have stayed alive without them, and I owe them dearly and proudly.
I do like to wander the wilderness on occasion, as it rejuvenates the spirit.
My faith is important to me. As a pagan, I find a certain comfort in communing with my gods, and I hope that they are always with me.
I’m a white male, with a red beard, and an unfortunate dad bod, but I keep it strong. I’m 5’ 11” and My hair runs wild for the moment, but when it gets longer, I will be trying some hairstyles if I can.
As I said above, I’m looking for a woman who maybe wants to attempt starting a family, somewhere between 25-31, who wants to be a mother, maybe a little more traditional than is average, but I am certainly not one to limit my partner to the house. Just to be a little picky, a shorter woman would be nice, beyond that, bonuses would be red hair and glasses, those always blow my mind. Big and tall, don’t be shy, I ain’t no spring hair, I know what I’m doing😉
If any of this sounds interesting, feel free to DM me.
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2023.04.02 10:38 KittenDealinMama AITA for making my stepson sleep on the sleeper sofa in the living room?

Originally posted by u/trili19012 in AmItheAsshole on Mar 22, '23 updated on Mar 23, '23.
Trigger Warning: racism, homophobia
AITA for making my stepson sleep on the sleeper sofa in the living room? Mar 22, '23
I (33m) have 3 children (18m, 15f and 10m) from a previous relationship, my first wife died 8 years ago. My now wife (34f) has 3 children (14f, 13m and 11m) from her previous marriage. We started dating 7 years ago and married 5 years ago.
We are currently on vacation because my oldest has spring break from his freshman year of college, we are staying in our vacation home a few states away. Our vacation home only has 3 bedrooms, one for my wife and I, one for the boys and one for the girls.
The issue is there has been conflict between my 2 stepsons, Brecken (13) and Kurt (11). Brecken and Kurt have never gotten along according to my wife but it’s gotten real bad lately and they’re in family therapy for it. Brecken is a good kid, very sweet, he’s definitely the most likely to challenge authority but not always in a bad way. Kurt is more quiet and obedient but he’s had some issues with being nice to others.
The conflict started when my oldest was talking to Kurt and showing him his phone, Kurt’s interests overlap a lot more with my son than Brecken, so they wanted to bond over vacation. The issue came when Kurt was showing my son some texts he sent his friends, this included some truly vile stuff including racism against Brecken’s gf and mocking some of his baseball teammates.
Brecken’s girlfriend is Black, the district we are in is over 90% white. Our family is white. The texts Kurt sent included the n word and were just awful. They also made fun of gay people, it was really bad. Kurt fully knows better than this, he has a high IQ, into some advanced topics like coding and trivia and has even been considered to be a possible grade skipper (he’s in 5th now), but we haven’t bc we didn’t want to stunt social growth.
When we got out of the van, my son said he wanted to talk to me and showed my wife and I the texts. We called Kurt in and he didn’t show any remorse. He made a big deal out of us calling him in which led us to have to explain everything to all of the kids. Brecken, who almost always smiles was angrier then I’ve ever seen before.
Brecken told us he didn’t want to be near Kurt and locked him out of the room the boys are supposed to stay in.
My wife and I agreed that it was best that the 2 didn’t stay in the room together. The couch in the living room is a sleeper sofa, so we told Kurt he needed to sleep there to prevent fights.
We thought this was ok, obviously Kurt was mad at us but we were surprised when the girls started saying we were being “too hard” on Kurt and that we should just let him apologize to Brecken. Brecken said he wouldn’t accept an apology because “you can hurt me, but you can’t hurt my girl or my boys”. We also thought forcing an apology was bad but the girls keep guilt tripping us. He slept on the sofa last night and was a real pain about it. AITA?
Judgment: Not The Asshole
UPDATE: AITA for making my stepson sleep on the sleeper sofa in the living room? Mar 23, '23
After listening to comments and talking to my wife’s parents about what went down, we had my wife’s parents pick up Kurt. We talked to the girls about why they felt they should defend Kurt and explained to them how much his comment’s hurt Brecken. They didn’t have much of a reaction to the talk we had, so we’re still trying to figure out how they feel.
Kurt has only been with my wife’s parents for a bit and we’re already hearing he’s being very defiant but we’re not letting him back.
Like I mentioned, this vacation is during my oldest’s spring break so we’re currently spending time with him.
Brecken was very happy when we told him Kurt would be picked up, though he’s still very mad at Kurt and has said stuff like “he’s not my brother anymore”, which is definitely something we’re going to bring up therapists.
As for the comments mentioning finding anti-racism respected, my sister is an English teacher so we’re going to try to find some stuff she thinks is appropriate for 5th graders in terms of reading levels and what Kurt could comprehend.
We’ve also been speaking to the parents of the other boys he was texting and they’re all horrified this was going on and said they plan to address it with their sons.
We also made sure that Brecken knew that we would always support him and his girlfriend and him and his baseball teammates.
Reminder, DO NOT comment on the original posts or contact the original poster. I am not the original poster. This is a repost.
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2023.04.02 10:37 Bron147 This has been my mental state and I don't know what happen to me I need help.

I have this ungodly feeling this urge, it only flares up massively when certain things are mentioned.
So recently my girlfriend referred herself in her own group of friends as the poor girl ( were not poor) and we both have decent jobs making a combone total of 100k a year and growing, but for some reason when I heard this, something in me just broke and I feel this ungodly urge to be better then them, to the point where they can't even be in the same tax bracket not just in that but in fitness I dropped 15lb and upped my weights I put more effort in my job to earn more ( I work with commission based ) which I have successfully did boosting my income to near double but for some reason all I can think is I want more I want them to personally understand that we are better then them and in reality I want them to understand that I am better that nothing they do will ever surpass me that I will be the top dog the absolute best. And it's only started after this comment was made a while ago and it's only toward them personally my brother ( not my real brother but my best friend) he is the only guy that I try to be as good as him and have genuine respect and I look up to him. What is happening to me.
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2023.04.02 10:37 xmeshu How to be a PvE player only?

So, yesterday my town was burned (500k T4 troops -> 40k T4; 200mil of every res -> 0) because of my lack of performance in KvK. Yeah, I didn't participate because I'm not interested in PvP at all, other than Champions of Olympia, etc. Is it even possible to play this game PvE only? I've been doing it for nearly 1 year with no problem, but now it seems it's not that clear as I lost most of what I gathered during this time.
I saw many posts with "dead weight" attitude comments but some people like me really like the game for the design and lore, but i. e. are working full-time and having families to spend time with, so really doing dailies and a bit extra is maximum we have...
Any tips?
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2023.04.02 10:33 audiophile__ 26 [F4F] Eyes locked, hands locked

So tired with all these situationship or no-label relationships. I'm looking for something serious. Di na tayo bata chz haha
About me: I'm 26 chinita. Wears glasses and short haired. Femme but not too much, saks lang. Working professional. I live near disu. Chubby but I'm trying to lose weight na (samahan mo ko mag gym pls haha) let's talk on tg if u want to know me more
About you: 26-30. Not choosy sa looks but i want someone who's feminine. Working professional din sana. Single pls ayoko maging kabit chz. Manila area. Someone who won't ghost me 💀
Hmu on my dm 🫰🏻
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2023.04.02 10:32 MyAltGotSuspended My upbringing has landed me in a tough spot

I (17) was raised in a very conservative household; I'm talking no revealing clothing, we weren't allowed to read Harry Potter, church every second Sunday; your perfect nuclear family.
Come 9th grade, I started to struggle with my mental health (that's a whole other post for another day), but I also started to gain a little more freedom. I started liking boys, wearing makeup, staying out late, that sort of thing.
We never did sex ed at my school, never had "the talk" at home, none of that. I learnt about sex and what surrounds it from Google and some close friends who had the patience to answer my endless questions.
I started meeting up with this group of kids around my age, and as part of a game of truth or dare, I had to kiss one of them. That one kiss turned into weeks of fooling around (kissing, mostly), but after a while i started getting very anxious because he kept telling me he would "expose me" to my sister, so I cut things off and we went back to just being friends.
I got a job near the end of last year, and I had this coworker who was hitting on me from the get-go. He assumed we were the same age (he's 19), and one day while we were both upstairs clocking on for work he initiated a kiss; which became a couple weeks of mucking around, sneaking around at work to get a kiss in wherever we could, that sort of thing.
I ended up breaking things off because my mental health condition declined so badly so quickly that anything remotely like a relationship would just be damaging, and yesterday he messaged me saying "it hurts to look at you," "i cant work beside you anymore," things like that. He's got the right to feel his feelings, I don't want to take that from him, but we had agreed it would be purely a FWB type of agreement, but I'm guessing he developed deeper feelings.
I'm not sure what to do, this sort of thing is all new to me and I just needed to get it all off my chest.
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2023.04.02 10:32 Weefles28 Tomorrow I (36F) go to the police…

As the title says… Tomorrow I go to the police… And I am so scared.
N Mum called me last week despite me telling her (and having proof) numerous times in the last 2 and a half years to leave me alone.
I called the police non emergency number yesterday morning just to log the incident, I just wanted it on file and didn’t intend to do anything about it like have her arrested or anything. I didn’t even think the police would care as on it’s own it’s a minor incident, but, they are classing it as a domestic abuse incident and want me to go to the police station tomorrow at 10am to make a statement.
Since speaking with the police yesterday I have spoken to my husband about the possibility of reporting EVERYTHING this awful human being has done to me. He is very encouraging and thinks I should do it and have her arrested.
I’ve spoken with my estranged brother (former GC) and his wife and they are both willing to make statements for me.
We all just want justice. She has always been so clever about what she does, and will abuse people when there’s no witnesses, so a lot of it can’t be proven (some can). Even if it doesn’t go to court I don’t care, even if they only arrest her and interview her I’ll be happy with that.
Tomorrow is my one chance to hold her accountable and say “This is what you did, and you KNOW you did it”.
Now I just need to stop being sick with nerves…
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2023.04.02 10:32 a_bit_too_lazy i think my budgie has a problem and im worried about it

i had a budgie for 4 years. i love him a lot. i worry about him everytime. but i dont know if he loves me. not that i care but im starting to think he is scared of me. he kind of trembles with fear. but not that obviously only a little. and he bites me when i try to get near doesnt let me touch him screams sometimes. and i just want to give him the best life. yes i also make mistakes such as leaving him home alone sometimes but thats the best i can do. what should i do? is it too late?
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2023.04.02 10:31 IndependentNo9223 Need Advice: My Wife's Alcoholism is bad and idk what to do...

I don't know what to do about my wife's alcoholism anymore. It's reached a serious tipping point. She's amazing but has mental disorders that are comorbid with her alcoholism. She will get me near the tipping point, fix things, do it again, and cycle. I am also afraid she will harm herself or me if I left. I don't know what to do anymore.
An Apology:
Before I even start, I'm really sorry that I'm bothering everyone because I feel like I should know what to do and not be going back and forth like I've been doing. But, I'm online asking a bunch of strangers for advice (probably because I'm too much of a piece of shit to just man up and do what needs doing).
So, I'm genuinely really sorry. I just feel embarrassed.
My Wife:
One of the smartest, sweetest, amazing women I've ever met. She really is and has been my best friend for nearly 8 years. We do everything together from gaming, books, travel, and she even supports my dream of becoming a writer. We got married about 9 months ago.
I can honestly, without reservation or doubt, say that I love her with all my heart.
She is in the middle of getting a career in medicine.
She has a history of mental issues (primarily bipolar), and I highly suspect she has 1+ untreated neurological issues that result in her struggling with attention, some memory, and other minor things. Because of recent events with work, she is being forced to deal with them.
I'm a writer and work to make real money. I have moved around to help her get her career off the ground and be a good husband. I'm not perfect, but I really try. I have no money. I have a family in the state.
She has had substance abuse problems with on and off throughout her life since she was a teenager. She stopped the hardcore substances around the time I met her and has cleaned up her act substantially. When I met her, I didn't see too much of a problem because I had only seen her in small doses or in social situations.
The deeper into our relationship we got, the worse the issue became. Whenever she'd drink, she became a different person. Whereas she was normally calm, collected, and reasonably friendly when she was sober, she transformed into this raging party animal when she was drunk. It was like she never wanted the party to end and lost all ability to "read the room." Alongside her sudden change of behavior, we would always, without fail, get into a fight. Usually, it was because I was the voice of reason (e.g., "don't go out to 8 more bars and go dancing all night when you have work in the morning," "you probably should lower your voice because you're literally yelling right next to someone," "why are you going in and out of the house and slamming all the doors for the millionth time to yell on the phone at 1 am?", etc.).
For the first few years, I let it go. Every time I confronted her, she told me she would stop (and still do). After the first times, she started sneaking alcohol. She would buy handles, drink them in secret, and leave the empties in her bag/draweetc. like her father used to. I would find them (usually by accident) and she would turn it around on me with accusations that I shouldn't be going through her things.
As time has gone on, the alcoholism stabilized for a while until about 2 years ago. Honestly, I think I still partially blame myself for her deep dive into drinking near the end. I went off to be in law enforcement in another state because we were talking about setting up a life there for when she left medical school. There was no work where we were. So, we both agreed that I go ahead, set everything up, get established, and she would follow in X months. We both agreed on the plan, but she couldn't handle the loneliness. So, she started hanging out with our alcoholic, piece-of-shit, useless neighbor, who I suspect got her back into drinking. Obviously, our plans blew up in my face.
Every time she drinks, we fight over stupid shit. She has driven drunk, spent ridiculous amounts of money (separate bank accounts) on drinking in private, won't tell me when I ask (and know) if she's been drinking. In our most recent fight, she tried to sit in my lap while we were fighting over her insulting my mother. After telling her no, she decided she would try to force her way there. I moved to stop her by putting my hand out (not aggressively. Just stick it out to stop her). She got angry because she said I was pushing her. So, she reacted by trying to choke me, to which I had to physically restrain her (non-violently) to de-escalate the situation. When she calmed down, I immediately let her go and backed off.
This isn’t the first time she’s hit me during a fight. She punched me in the arm two times before. I have never once raised a fist, hit her, or threatened to do so.
She has rejected professional help because she doesn't want it to get out and affect her professional status.
Since then, she has apologized profusely and claims she can't remember the situation. She has been doing a lot of nice, small things for me to show me she's "trying." She is about to join intensive therapy to go over her medication and other issues. However, I don't think alcoholism is among it. She's fine for now, but I don't know. Every single time she does well for a while and I start to trust her, she screws up and goes back to being in the doghouse. Lately, she's been stressed out because of work, giving up drinking (again), and so forth.
Honestly, I'm feeling fairly shocked, disgusted, and shattered over recent events. I haven't been happy even half the time for the last few years. Everything is just tinged with either stress or sadness. I'm tired of the apologies and being sad.
I don't know that I want to stay anymore. The good times are some of the f***ing best times. She is sweet, funny, and amazing. She is getting adjacent help. I love her. However, I don't see the good side very often. Instead, I see the monster, who is spiteful, inconsiderate, and selfish. And, I'm tired of being close to leaving, having her fix it, have it get better, and just continue that cycle endlessly.
But I keep going back and forth on it. I can't seem to decide, even though this is depressing me. I feel trapped because I'm unhappy, but I don't want to abandon someone that needs help so badly. Also, I fear she would:
A) stab me to death if I try to leave,
B) commit suicide if I try,
C) delve straight into her habits and ruin her life
D) become so depressed that her life will crumble.
Her mother is a divorce lawyer with a protective streak for her daughter. I fear that she'll try to blame me or make my life worse if I leave.
Any thoughts? Advice? Anything? Am I an asshole?
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2023.04.02 10:31 leoblack9 Parents insist me to continue the family business and their other ventures and it's hard to say no

I'm already in my 30s, finished from a decent university with a degree under fine arts. I've never had a corporate job since I worked freelance (video/film industry) ever since graduating a decade ago. Creative work has been scarce since pandemic and I've realized that it might be a dead-end for me and started considering a career shift.. data analytics? Maybe but I'm still exploring new options.
The caveat is that I've invested a lot time and energy being the assistant of my parents in their business and real estate investments (being a very obedient child) for several years now. I'm not at all happy about but I did it because I had a lot of free time when I had no projects. I've brought up my dissatisfaction with parents about current track and insisted that I wanted to carve my own path in my life.
Their response has been lukewarm--reluctant to let me go my own way since what they've built is a sure path for security and suggest that I do both. But I am not a business person at all. I'm a creative, I like working in the field, working hands-on... but since pandemic I've been struggling to find jobs/projects and they've decided for me that I should continue the family business.
There's no one else left to inherit the business. My older sibling was in the same predicament but still rebelled against their wishes and took a bootcamp.. now he is now a successful software dev abroad. I am envious and sad because of course I can leave everything and still do what I want but my parents are already old (nearing 60s) and they've expressed that nobody else should continue what they're doing but me. I feel trapped and I am sad and frustrated..
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2023.04.02 10:31 NicktheRockNerd Are POE builds really that diverse?

So in lieu of the patch notes and the discussion about them I wanted to raise a question. All cry out because of dying build diversity and I have the same feeling. But I don't think it has to do with missing melee and archmage changes (Don't get me wrong please buff both archetypes). I think the cause lies in something different.
I've been playing POE since heist and have roughly 1200 hours in it. So far, nearly all builds I played felt samey in the end. Yea the scaling worked differently often and obsessing hours over POB was super fun, but in the end the actual gameplay did not differ much.
You have one or two curses, you use auras and spam one main skill. You need a guard skill to survive in maps and a movement skill to be faster. On elemental builds you want a source of exposure and so on. So in the end you are doing the same thing on nearly every build because it is optimal. You blast through your map spamming your keybinding for your movement skill of choice, while hammering on your main skill to clear screens of monsters and if a tough rare shows up you curse it before hammering on aforementioned main skill.
Yes the thing blowing monsters up might look different, but in the end it is mostly the same gameplay loop and it doesn't matter what you play.
There was however one exception. I played an arc archmage build briefly and here the gameplay loop differed. I had no auras, and while I was using a guard skill, it mostly helped with damage on tough bosses. I also had to put down sigil of power, which feels amazing. Spending mana and charging that huge rune on the ground.
I think POE needs more stuff like this. Make it possible to not use curses, but get that damage bonus in other ways. Make it possible to not run auras. Make the gameplay feel a lot more different on other archetypes.
Why does melee has to use curses like a spellcaster? Why do I have to shield charge on my caster build? I think things like the 15% increased life if your body armour doesn't have a life modifier is a step in the right direction. Introduce passives that let you deal more damage on uncursed uniques. Bring Mana builds back. And yeah maybe casters should not be able to move with lightning speed through a map while shield charging. This would close the clearing speed gap to melee.
TLDR: I know I oversimplified a bit here and there but I think while scaling works widely different in POE the overall gameplay loop is generic. All characters do the same few optimal things to map fast and do damage. Please change that.
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2023.04.02 10:31 Elystaa My Dr. Brought up grippy sock hell.

In 15 months in. Ppd. Complicated by my CRPS.* I have exstreme anxiety that is making the insomnia even worse. It's morphed I to a type of self harm called dermotalomania. I'm medicated for all of them, but it doesn't do much most times.
I take care of my daughter and my home but that's all I have spoons* for but I push myself anyways because I know my time on county cash aid will run out and my ex refuses to provide even diapers consistently. He flat out refuses to give child support cash. And I'm afraid to go through the courts due to my mental
So I'm working with the department of rehabilitation (for disability) trying to get to the point I can find work and keep a job I can actually physically can do. But it's been months with little results. I feel more a failure now then I did when my daughter used to scream all the time.
The worse my insomnia gets the more my thoughts turn to hurting myself that I deserve it , that I'm already so ugly now what's a few scars on top. That's not even the worst though the worst is driving at night I live in the mountains and it gets harder and harder not to just drive off a cliff.
But I don't want my daught raised by the man who abused me . Call it spite whatever its been keeping me going but lately it's hallow.
I talked to my counselor and she brought up going to grippy sock hell for a little while. The problem with that is my absence will cause more problems and more stress. Not less. Not only that it would take away everything I find soothing , my cats, holding my lil girl at night, heater blanket, weighted blanket. How would it help? Force me into group therapy? Yike... I don't play well with others. That's a recipe for disaster.
What do you all think?
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2023.04.02 10:31 weird_weekend Help on making mascara look more even 👁️

Help on making mascara look more even 👁️
In the last few years the difference in my eyes has increased. The right (left in pic) is nearly hooded while the left (right in pic) is not. Honestly, I prefer the hooded one! I don’t wear eye makeup other than mascara. Maybe I’ll add a little shimmery eye pencil for a night out, but I’ve never been able to apply eyeshadow or eyeliner myself. How can I get the flow of my mascara more similar? I like how on the hooded eye the mascara fans out vs the other eye where it just kind of lifts. I’m working on accepting the difference because at the end of the day it’s not a huge deal, but may consider eyelid surgery if it continues as I age (I’m 33). I get Botox and my injector tried lifting the hooded eye a bit but the results were minor and temporary. It bothers me more in pictures than it does in person. If this isn’t clear, happy to answer questions!
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2023.04.02 10:30 Amecrose Just finished my first playthrough of DBH!

And I really loved it. I would like to share some of my favorite moments in the game, and personal opinions on them. (My english may not be good, it's not my first language.)
In my first playthrough, I let Connor remain android and not deviant ("evil" Connor route?), made Markus lead a pacifist rebellion (that turned violent oops), and successfully got Kara, Alice and Luther to Canada.
- The opening
It got me interested in the game right away, Connor's mission was interesting, Markus's story showed the city in such a realistic way that it felt like I was really there - and the intro with Kara was very beautiful.
- The artist's son though. Very disrespectful. I'm glad I didn't see him again in the playthrough.
- The game's style being very realistic
I really like how the characters would have such realistic expressions, and how they'd have raindrops on their face when it rained, or snow when it snowed. Even the way your character turns when you walk close to another - loved it. I don't play such realistic games often.
- Connor's story
I really liked it - it was funny at times, but serious too. I liked figuring out what had happened at the crime scene. While I played the "evil" connor route, I really liked the scene where he met Markus, another android like him, but a "Deviant". Since Connor remained android, he did not see him as a living being, that felt and thought, that had a dream or a cause; he just saw a Deviant he had to dispose of. It was very interesting.
Amanda was not nice though. I did my best and she just replaced Connor :(
- Kara and Alice
"These two really can't get a break" is the first thing I thought. As soon as they found some peace, things got difficult once again; going around without shelter, the police on their tail, Zlatko and even the amusement park in the snow (those androids gave me a heart attack).
I really felt like a mother that just wanted Alice to be warm, dry and safe somewhere, so I could finally be at peace as well. Luther was so sweet too, it was very nice.
In the final chapter, I couldn't bring myself to sacrifice him - though I did feel bad about asking Jerry to do that instead. Such a hard decision, right when everything seemed to be going well for once...
- Markus being down in the dumps
...please excuse my poor attempt at a joke. Anyway, that was a great chapter. It felt very realistic, with the way Markus was crawling and looking for decent body parts to use for himself - and then climbing the wall of garbage to get out... and the close-up, with the way the rain fell, Markus's new heterochromia and the way he walked away with the jacket. Very cool and immersive.
- Quick decisions
I had to memorize the keys and buttons to press fast! I thought I knew them, but the fighting scenes made me take back that thought. Had to act fast and think fast. This game also made me realize I'm really bad at making decisions.
- Kamski's test
I expected something like that since the moment Kamski started speaking to Connor, but that didn't make it any less interesting. As I was going for the "Connor remains machine, not deviant" route, I decided to shoot Chloe (was this her name? I forgot): I needed those answers from Kamski after all. That being said, I half-expected the menu lady to get mad at me when I finished my playthrough that day lol
- Night of the Soul chapter
The moment I saw the house's atmosphere, the gun, and especially Hank's dog being sad, I had a feeling something bad was going to happen; and yet it was still so sudden, and the scene was incredibly well made. The dog barking after the shot made me feel guilty :(
- The chapter where Connor was aiming at Markus from the top of the building, but the cops interrupted him, and Connor looking like "I'm so done with humans"
- Markus' final fight and North's death
Because as I said, I did not do very well with pressing the right buttons fast. During the fight I was doing pretty well, I had teammates covering me and I was advancing. I fought off some soldiers, and after a bit of button mashing, everything seemed to be peaceful... until a drone suddenly appeared. I was not quick enough, and in a second, North was dead.
I'm used to slow deaths in games, like characters bleeding out or similar; I don't play many games with guns and such. For this reason, seeing North just be shot and die in a matter of seconds was shocking; I didn't even like her that much, but she had a bond with Markus, and I felt guilty, as if it was my fault he had lost his lover. Nearly made me cry - one of the most well-made scenes I've ever seen.
- The menu lady left :( do I get another one? It was nice to have my menu talk to me... though when she started looking around with that worried expression I thought my game was broken.
- The menu lady going "oh your save file is corrupted! ...hehe it was a joke."
Nevermind. I do not in fact miss her.
That's all I have in mind, honestly the game was so good I'm still feeling the excitement and all the emotions it gave me. I can't wait to play it again and see how the next playthrough goes!
Have a nice day, and if you read this far, thank you :D
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2023.04.02 10:29 MonsieurCrowley [FC] The Ebonwing Court - PvX - Late Night

About Us:
The Ebonwing Court - (EWC) is an adult gaming community founded in late 2016. Led by our eccentric leader, we are a multi-gaming community full of like-minded individuals that all share the same passion, gaming. We pride ourselves on being a well-established, drama-free multi-purpose community that aims to be respected throughout the Eorzea community. We have a wonderful, diverse crowd amongst our ranks, with players from across the country. We strongly believe in a company-first atmosphere here, and we are confident that this approach will lead to our success.
Our players take much pride in not only our gaming but our role-play as well, so if you desire a well-established, well-respected company to call home, then read on and see if we are right for you! At this stage, you are probably wondering if you should join EWC. Am I right? “Of course I am.” You are asking yourself,”'But what can this company offer me? What separates this company from the rest? What will they expect of me?” Well, let me help you answer these questions.

Areas of Focus: PvX
Player vs Environment — Our main focus will be PvE. With a main and a secondary raid team, we plan on progressing in all open world and instanced dungeons, trials as well as raids, eventually clearing all the end game content as it is released.
We encourage company members to actively help and aid each other to provide a more beneficial community and help the company and its members thrive in a friendly and helpful social company. We don't shun ''lone wolves'' however, we do ask that aid be given where needed if possible.

Player vs Player — We as a company will participate in all aspects of PvP, including but not limited to, Dueling, Crystalline Conflict, Rival Wings, organized PvP Events, and the like. In the event of hostile player aggression, we will always try diplomacy and economic solutions to resolve a situation first. However, we will not shy away from a more drastic approach.
The choice is truly up to the company member on how much or how little they wish to participate in PvP. This is also the case with RP.

Role-playing — As a thriving community, we have many members who actively engage in post-by-post role-playing and have discord channels dedicated to those who wish to engage in the pastime, from improv to organized fictional company meetings and operations. Many of the community members have vast and imaginative backstories, and everyone is more than welcome to participate.
However, this does not supersede our priority as a PvX company. We accept it with open arms until the time comes when we organize group events and such, but the role-playing side of our company is vast, and we encourage participation.

Membership Requirements:
- We play on a North American – East Coast server; however, we will take in players from all around the world as well. (A fluent level of English is needed.)
- You must be at least 21 years of age in order to be eligible for membership.
- Voice chat on Discord will be required for organized PvE & PvP events. You aren’t required to speak, but listening in is a must.

Applying For Membership:
- Players may apply by expressing interest in our Discord server.
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