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Gathering information in case a Collapse

2011.04.10 10:40 sje46 Gathering information in case a Collapse

A subreddit dedicated to collecting information is case of a Collapse of society, with the side goal of creating a downloadable wiki for use during one.

2020.11.17 23:26 MrScatterBrained showerbirb

Tired of being called the stinky birb? Spending hours preening with no results? Wondering why that budgie won't return your beak kisses? Perhaps you need a showerbirb.

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Dedicated to the game Dawn of Survivors on Nintendo Switch!

2023.04.02 11:01 heyuiuitsme i told ya, it's a food blog

So. like, one time the ex suggested a place for me to work. Like, you know. A company that only just hires … anyway, i guess that was around the time he paid for and ran a background check on me.
It said i wanted on suspension of murder. That’s all. That’s it. You know, that’s what would pop on my background check. But, there’s no hold for pickup or anything. Just like, suspect in murder. From like, idk, three-ish decades ago. Like, found that out via a background check that he ran on me
After we done been living together for years. I mean, lol. Idk, wanted to know who i was but didn’t want to ask me. No one else would tell him, so, only just bits and pieces is what all he knew.
Plus, you know. The standard warnings that both my mother and my sister will give to potential suitors of mine once they meet them. Like, once it looks likes he’s sticking around, better warn him about her. Omg, can you even imagine.
Like, dating someone and then both their mom and sister come at you to warn you about her. They say i’m manipulative and that i’ll make you do things you didn’t know you wanted to do until after you’ve already done them. Like, with the ex.
I totally did manipulate him into starting a business and then buying a house. Yep. i did do that.
In 2020 it went away and i was able to pass a deep employment background. So, there’s different levels of background checks that a company will and can do. I couldn’t pass one of those deep kinds, only just the convictions kind. Like, the one that lists convictions is what most companies do and i don’t have no felonies or any convictions or arrests involving theft or fraud or nothing like that.
So, nothing on my background check would really preclude me from employment from most places. I mean, you know, it ain’t that bad. But, it ain’t great. And, there’s a lot of oddities that would make it appear like i’m some kind of criminal.
A wants search. You know. But, it’s just wanted for but there’s no pickup directions. Flagged by a sheriff’s dept that i was wanted for questioning in these crimes, but no arrest warrant or anything like that.
Wanted in connection to and then some bullshit like: MURDER. And, then, like, nothing. No further instructions like what usually goes along with that. Like, if seen call: this fucking number. You know. Just nothing, but some kinda bullshit attached to my name if you did a certain kind of background check.
And, then, you know, arrested for things and then the charges being dropped. But, you still have to get booked. That sort of stuff. Which makes HR flag me as not eligible for hire at large corporations. For the most part.
Oh, that. Criminal record. Yeah, it’s not that bad. But, it looks bad. I think one of those, like, when they got my dna. Like, i got arrested for kiting a check. Like, to the daycare. I paid each week and she held those checks and didn’t cash them. Then there was a .. idk, an incident at home and that guy was in the hospital
And, i was stuck over there and just checked my balance at the atm and thought i had money, idk, didn’t balance my checkbook. Anyway, it was at that time that the daycare put those checks through. And, one went thru and two of them bounced.
Yeah, cause i spent the money while i was at the hospital. Yeah. idk. I guess i figured it was that money, but what happened was when i took out all the money i at the atm that was NOT that money, like, you know. I knew they’d be a fee, but i didn’t expect it to be, idk, i want to say it was $15.
Ten to the atm company and five to my bank, so, it told me ten, but i didn’t expect the five. So, when i did the math i didn’t account for that extra fee that my bank put on so it caused that check to bounce. Idk, she cashed the most recent one first, on like wednesday at her bank,
Cause i went through my account and tried to figure out how it happened. Cause i didn’t do that on purpose or like, meaning to. And, i was like, wtf. Where’d that other five dollars go. I added that up.
But, anyway, the bank bounced the other two. But, one of those would have covered but they charged the fees on both checks two times, which actually by bank math left some money in the bank. Which i then made a conscience decision to take out the rest of the money at an atm which, i mean, is that not usury.
That’s what i called atms for a long time after, usury machines.
At the fucking hospital. I had to pay for parking, and that was like $10 every time you came and went. So, it wasn’t affordable to leave and i had a limited budget. And, dumb fuck was in icu. Idk, like it’s my job to fucking stay there. But, i did.
Cause the social pressure of that. And, also i was broke. So, you know. I had to budget and the hospital was more than 45 minutes away, and that was if i missed all the high traffic times and took back roads. It wasn’t even close in.
You know. So, like, still gotta eat for those three days and the only thing that’s readily available is vending machines or cafeteria food. Which is all expensive as fuck, and ain’t nobody willingly at the fucking hospital.
Oh, i take that back. There are those that quite willingly check themselves into hospitals.
Anyway, i like to treat myself at minor inconveniences. It just makes me feel better. If i find myself in a situation in which i become inconvenience, well, i just treat myself. Why, yes. You do deserve ice cream after any minor inconvenience that doesn’t set you the fuck off.
I reward myself for good behavior. With ice cream or candy. Or, whatever. Banking apps didn’t exist in those days. So, you know …
And, then, like right after that happen, i got fired from my job. It was all kinds of craziness at once. Then, she pressed charges. It all happened pretty quick. Really. I mean, like, we only been back from the hospital not even a day when that cop showed up with a warrant.
Over those checks and it had only just happened. Like, happened two days earlier while i was still over at the hospital. When they bounced. The day we got home or the day after is when that cop showed up.
Told me to just show up at the sheriff's dept between the hours of whatever and whenever to get my picture taken. Do the prints and all of that. “All of that” that’s what he said, and i was like, ok.
And, i got down down there and they took my dna to run through nsa. Told me it was policy and law now. That if i get arrested for bouncing a check you run my dna through the nsa. Well, that don’t sound right.
And, i was just like, you fuckers tricked me. I would have never just shown up for this.
Took a cheek swab for my dna. Over a bounced check. I was losing my damn mind the whole damn time. Like, wtf. No. what. This can’t be legal. If you try to use this in court for something, i’m disputing how you got it.
Just saying. To the guy. You know. The booking officer. Cause you know, wtf.
It’s my 1st amendment right to shit talk. I accused him of being the government. All kinds of crazy shit. I just said all kinds of craziness while i was there. But, i was laughing and it was all just jokes, but i was mad as hell over them taking my dna.
Idk, 2004ish. 03 maybe. I guess. Somewhere in there. It’s that really good mugshot of me. I looked great. It’s like the best picture i’ve ever taken, i told that guy, hey, if this don’t work they could really use you at the dmv.
I mean, the pictures they take down there. Jesus fucking christ. Why.
So, i know there’s no dna evidence tying me to any damn murder of you’d have arrested me then. Also, i’m not even quite sure what you’re talking about. I told you it wasn’t me.
Told you so. First of all, i don’t have the details of what even you’re talking about and, also, additionally, as well. I don’t know what you’re talking about.
There’s been other people who’s run background checks and couldn’t resist telling me what they found out. I mean, you can imagine. So, ugh. Heather. Yeah. so, yeah, ran a background check on you and it says you’re wanted for murder. And, i’d be like there’s like 12 fucking people in this town, if i was so wanted they’d come and fucking get me.
Idk, it just says that. Idk why. Probably some other psycho girl named heather. There’s probably a lot of us. You know. All the heathers are crazy. It was a really popular name for one fucking year, so most of us are the same age.
But, that .. you know, those background check issues, idk, it made it hard for me to get jobs at certain companies and certain kinds of jobs. Kept me underemployed, not able to get better employment due to that.
So, it wasn’t just that i had a terrible reputation amongst the pillars of the community, but also, you know. My background check comes back patchy. And, like, none of those charges are fucking real. Like, just bullshit.
It’s all literally just bullshit. Personal vendettas from opposing counsel. That’s one of them. Ok. didn’t know you could catch charges for that, but o fucking k
I didn’t even know or remember or care who the fuck she was. Like, when she told me, you know. Who she was. And, then she was kinda pissy that i didn’t remember her. Anyway, like, it’s not something people are normally charged with. That way.
I did the booking for that one at the 911 office. They didn’t do anything, just handed me a yellow slip of when i was to show up for court. Didn’t get my picture taken. Nope. Not for that. I just went to the window and they handed me a yellow court slip.
That was it, no picture or nothing. Which is a shame cause i just got my hair done. I talked to that woman at the window a little bit, it wasn’t busy when i went down there and i knew her.
She handed it to me and said what even is this bullshit. They all read it, it wasn’t in an envelope or nothing. You know. It’s a small fucking town. Those old hens, they all read and passed it around and talked about where they knew me from.
That’s just how it is in a small town. But, i don’t think they took my picture. Cause, like, i got dressed the fuck up for it. Practiced my smirk.
Did my hair, makeup. All of it. She just handed it to me, and i was like, you ain’t gonna take my picture. I dressed up for this. She took a selfie with me on her phone over the pay counter.
Idk, i don’t even think that’s real. Stupid shit. You know. It’s always nothing but stupid shit
But, it’s always a big fucking hassle for me. Like, gotta take time out of my day for your fucking bullshit. Oh, cause you’re fucking offended. I don’t care. Omg. such a fucking cunt.
I think we probably just about fill up all the private prisons with people like you that need to be fucking arrested. Like no fucking joke corrupt. And, you know. It’s always just for bullshit hurt your fucking feelings reasons.
So very fucking petty. You’re just so fucking petty.
She said they had one on file. And, i was like, oh. Alrighty then. That’s totally how this all supposed to work, but i’m just going to fucking go with it. You know. See where this road goes.
During the time hueser was in prison. He mitigates a lot of that shit, you know, by pointing out how they’re going to get caught, then they don’t do it. But, without him around to point out how stupid they were being they got real fucking stupid.
It wasn’t like i could do anything about it, you know. Just endure. I mean, you know. That’s just what it’s like when “they” don’t like you. Purely personal reasons and also it’s not in their financial best interest to do so.
So, there’s always that. You know. How you’ve legally bound yourself to me.
That’s dumb, you know. To do that. Use the courts to commit the fraud, cause you know, that creates records. It’s like you’re just creating more and more and more records of your own wrongdoings. And, like, you - you work there, i know you know better.
You can’t claim ignorance of the law. I mean ….
People are so stupid. Up to an including me. Another big reason i needed to go was, you know, all those dead bodies keep coming up in town. It’s ok. They’re totally solved. I guess. Idk, i didn’t know none of those people.
Never met any of them or if i did, idk, my memory, as you know, not so good. Idk. idk if i know any of those people, but one of those people used to hang out with snitch ass and ponzi scheme.
And, i don’t know anything about any of that. Like, i found it best, most especially since i ain’t being paid, you know. If crime pays, then, you know, where’s my fucking check.
But, no. i just don’t get involved or you know, if people start talking about stuff i don’t want to hear about i just do my little snit thing and walk away. You know. When i pst-pst-pst at people like they’re cats when they talk about things i don’t wish to discuss with them
Or, to disengage myself from a .. dumb shit. I just pst-pst-pst and jazz hands, then walk away. It’s a good way to put a stop to that bullshit.
But, sometimes i just nod yes and tell myself what i will be doing instead of the thing they’re trying to tell me to do. You know. Like, idk. People who mean well but give bad advice, i just nod in agreement and then do whatever the fuck i want to do.
Man, i should read that and maybe not post that … ick. Idgaf
So, like, dude did you just say it proves how “smart” you are that you were so success at defrauding a child. A literal fucking child. Like, a 2nd grader.
Wow. you did it. You outsmarted a 2nd grader. Gold star for you. Congratulations. It seems to have paid off for you quite well.
Oh, are people going on about my duis. I don’t have any. Yeah, i have driven drunk, every drunk has. I mean, you know. Idk, i’ve never had an accident or gotten pulled over while being intoxicated.
Idk, maybe i’ve never drank and drove. There’s no evidence of that happening.
Eyewitness reports of such. Well, ok. Yeah. so. What do you want me to say. Sorry, i quit drinking. Or, you know. Just do it at home or when i have someone else to drive. Drinking and driving is bad.
How many duis you got.
So, anyway, lots of things to be done. I have a four year plan, then i’m going to retire to something else. At that point i’ll be able to buy a small farm and you know. Then, after that … idk.
Then my time will be my own. When i do it, it’ll be fucking quick and you ain’t going to have a chance to get cameras up before i do. I have a plan. Certain restaurants which i’m not going to name, they don’t seem to want to let you use them for meal prep either.
Fast food chicken fingers. Omg. reheated, fucking great. And, cost wise around about the same as those tyson ones. You know. Like, like at the grocery store vrs a large from a fast food place, about the same. And, the fast food ones are just ever so slightly better.
Then, if you get the really big meal, you can eat part of it now and then put the rest in a toaster oven or air fryer. Follow me for more cost friendly diet tips. Lol
It’s cheaper than going to the grocery store and it’s already made. So, you know. Like, i can’t help that it’s cheaper, but fast food is also at an all time high, cost wise.
I’m cheap as fuck, everyone knows. I brag about how frugal i am. Like, the deals, you know. I love saying i just paid $3 for that. It’s my favorite thing.
I mean, jesus, everything costs so much right now. Like, so fucking expensive. But, what was strangely cheap was consumer goods and electronics. Crazy fucking online sales, and if a brick and mortar is having a clearance sale and it’s online, they are over fucking loaded with mechandise.
Dumb shit you can just buy, air fryers and such, so. Yeah, i’m totally just buying an air fryer. Finally convinced that i need it. I have a plan for .. meal prep.
Idk, i’ll have to see how you can use it.
A couple of years ago when the instapot craze hit, i didn’t get one. I mean, that’s just a pressure cooker, first of all, and i got plenty of problems already without getting on the makes meth watchlist. You know.
I don’t make meth. That’s a joke. I took some adderall that, wtf even. Who gives a shit. Please read the proceeding pages for an explanation of events.
The value of things is all topsy tervy. When my kids were little i could get two large chicken finger meals and feed all four of us. It’s a cheaper option and i like to feel like chicken fingers are healthier than fast food burgers. So.
Please don’t spoil my delusion about that. Like, either of those is good. I know that’s not a good way to eat, but god damn it’s cheap and convenient. However, my cooking is better.
I think what i’m going to do, is idk, buy an air fryer. It’s literally cheaper than two combos from a fast food place. Then, i have a plan for meal prep that involves me doing zero dishes. I’m going to try it out.
Well, i guess a little more than zero. I still have to wash knives and silverware. But, i’m not willing to give those up. In my quest to never do dishes again.
It was a childhood dream of mine, you know, to never have to do dishes again.
Laundry, too. Hate that shit. I’ve got everything down to just one load that i wash all together without separating a damn thing. I just throw all of it in all together, be damned how it turns out.
Ahh, well, if i can’t wash it guess it ain’t meant for me. My period claimed another pair of pants today. A good pair that i really liked. Sad, sad, very sad times.
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2023.04.02 11:01 BigMonkeEnjoyer39942 MLB X Squid Game (Part 3): Things are about to get a whole lot crazier

Police Station (Paris), Day time
Its been a day since the first round of the squid games and Roger in on the case alongside him is British detective Martin who are working on the case to find the 200+ people who were reported missing that were based in Europe
Martin: As far as I can see the first flood missing reports came at around 7am yesterday which means that the mass abductions must have happened at around then.
Roger: And what exactly does this prove
Martin: Nothing, for now but don't worry we are already 1 step closer to finding our crimminal
Paris Metro
Nino has been trying to get in contact with Adrien however he simply would not answer.
Nino: Come on dude why hasn't he been answering, I've tried seeing if he is at home but no one is answering what if his dad was abducted as alongisde him. I hope they are okay
Bunk Rooms
Everyone has been served breakfast we then cut to Sabrina and Lila talking to each other
Lila: You haven't been feeling well
Sabrina: It's just that I miss Chloe, I know she was mean to me at times but we were still good friends
Lila: You see Marinette over there
Sabrina: Yes
Lila: We are going to sabotage her and make Chloe proud
Sabrina: But
Lila: Trust me on this one
Sabrina agrees and immediately plans to sabotage Marinette we then cut off to 4:40pm where the next game begins
Control Room, 4:40pm
We see Gabriel and Tomoe sitting on two couches and wearing masks we see the recruiter working as a personal asistant in place of nathalie
Recruiter: Your whisky sir and for you mam your tequilla
Gabriel and Tomoe take their drinks and put in on a coffee table
Tomoe: So Gabriel, are we ready for our next game
Gabriel: Yes begin to open, we will know mask ourselves
Bunk Rooms
Everyone gets a notificaftion for the next game
Front man: You will now be escourted to your next game please follow the guards
Marinette: What will it be this time
Adrien: I don't know but I am pretty certain it will be another death game
Everyone follows the guards to the playground where they are asked to select a shape
Felix knows what the game is exactly about so does Nathalie they instantly choose the circle Marinette goes for the square, Kagami goes for the triangle and Adrien goes for the umberlla. Then the front lady gives an announcement
Front Lady: Welcome to the second round you here you have been given a honey comb biscuit with the shape you selected inside your tin your goal is to get the biscuit out if you fail to do so in 1 hour you will be eliminated. If you mess up you will be eliminated.
At 5:00pm sharp the game begins and everyone is in panick
Adrien: Seriously, why did I chose the Umbrellla
Felix: Don't give up on your self you can do this, I will always believe in you
Early in the game Felix and Nathalie manage to succeed we see people getting shot 1 by 1, Marinette and Kagami finish soon after. As the timer falls to 30 minutes Adrien is worried
Adrien: Come on, Come on.
Adrien is getting more and more worried as the timer begins to go to 15 minutes and soon 10 minutes and then he gets an idea
Adrien: Wait if this is sugar then I can just lick it off
Adrien licks the biscuit and gives the final product to the guards others around him follow suit, quickly runs back to the bunk rooms.
VIP Lounge
Gabriel sees everything and is impressed by his son's thinking
Elite 1: Gabriel, see I knew your son will win just look at his thinking
Gabriel sighns in relief
Gabriel: Thats good to hear I was worried for a second
Its 5:59 and there is only a few more seconds left till the end of the game there are still people at the surface
Front Lady: 5,4,3,2,1
The guards shoot every last person who is left at the playground
Bunk Rooms
We see everyone who is left back at the bunk rooms the number of survivors has dropped to just 90 people less than 1/2 of the people who were there before the game
Marinette: Thank god you're okay Adrien
Adrien: Don't worry
Felix: We shouldn't be calm for too long who knows what will happen next
Kagami: Dinner has arrived we should probably eat now we really need the energy if we want to win
Every person is given water and a lunch box with rice and vegetables
Person 1: Seriously
Person 2: I know right
Everyone ate and most people are now in the recreation room, Marinette and Adrien are playing foosball, Lila and Sabrina talking together, Nathalie is listening to music, Kagami is reading a Manga and Felix is jotting down his plans
Lila: Well that was easy
Sabrina: I know but how are we going to sabotage Marinette
The lights go out all of sudden and everyone is in panick mode but is afraid to move
Marinette: What was that
Adrien: I don't know
Person 3: Screaming
The screams of three people can be heard before the lights flicker the first time the three people are seen dead and the second time everyone is holding a bloody knife.
Person 1: Attack
Person 4: Lets all calm down
Everyone in a fit of rage begins fighting in both rooms
Adrien: Marinette run
Adrien and Marinette run to the bunk room to the top of the bunk beds the room is darker than usual but it is still possible to see
Kagami: Are you guys okay we heard screaming
Adrien: I don't think so there is a fight going on
Marinette: Hopefully the guards will help use
Control Room
Gabriel: Ah yes this is all going to plan and Adrien has managed to run to safety
Tomoe: Good, just make sure our children are safe
Bunk Rooms:
The attacks also reach the bunk rooms and it becomes a fight to the death
Felix: Adrien come here
While the cameras are focused on the fight Felix briefs Adrien on the plan
Adrien: How did you get the schematics
We suddenly reach a flash back
Flash back Atlantic Island
At this time Atlantic island was still under construction Felix had taken screen shots to several schematics of the island showing every possible route. We then go to flashback of him at his house
Flash Back Felix's house
Felix: And there we have managed to stich in every key detail of the the map
Duusu: It's looking good
Felix: Now all we need is a way to get in without getting caught.
Amelie: What are you up to Felix
Felix: Nothing mum can you please go
Amelie: Anything for my boy
We then cut back to the present fighting scene
Bunk Rooms, Present
Felix: A little spying
Adrien: Aren't we going to get caught, they probably already caught us
Felix: Don't worry as long as they are focused on the fight they wont worry about us
Felix then grabs a set of tools here he has a gun, a small handheld device, a usb and screw driver.
Felix: Once I insert this usb I will always have direct access to the entire system allowing me to make changes to the security system
Adrien: How are you going to do that
Felix: Just watch and learn
Felix opens a box with a few screws allowing him to insert a usb. He manages to do all of this in a matter of minutes
The fight rages on until 30 minutes have passed here the guards have came to stop the fight as they seize everyone's knives.
Marinette: Thank god we are alright, I am going off to bed
Felix: Me two
Kagami: Me three
Adrien: Me four
Nathalie: Same
They all fall asleep as they are tired after fighting
Control Room
Elite 1: That was amazing Gabriel you need to do this again
Gabriel: Well it is not in the roster and they have probably already caught on don't worry though we have more surpises planned, I just wished that, Marinette Dupain Chang was dead already
Tomoe: Well Gabriel about that we do have some luck
Gabriel: Tomoe tell me more
Tomoe: Apparantely both Lila and Sabrina are planning to plot against Marinette maybe we should assist them
Bunk Rooms
After the fight everyone decided to go to sleep as the lights went out Lila is still awake on her bed while the guards are cleaning up the scene. Lila gets a notification on her alliance
Front Man: Hello Lila Rossi.
Cut to black end of part 3
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2023.04.02 11:01 locoluciano189 The Talking Parrot with Colorful Language and Discerning Taste

A man walks into a pet store and sees a parrot with a sign that reads, "Talking Parrot: $500." Intrigued, the man asks the store clerk about the parrot, and the clerk responds, "This parrot can repeat anything it hears and can even carry on conversations with you."
Excited by the prospect of having a talking parrot as a companion, the man buys the bird and takes it home. As soon as they get home, the man asks the parrot, "What's your name?"
The parrot responds, "My name is Peter."
The man is amazed and asks, "How did you learn to talk?"
Peter replies, "I used to live in a brothel, so I picked up a lot of colorful language from the patrons."
The man is taken aback but amused, and he decides to show Peter around the house. They go into the kitchen, and the man asks Peter if he would like a snack.
Peter says, "Sure, I'll have a cracker."
The man gets a cracker from the pantry and gives it to Peter, who promptly spits it out and says, "This is stale! Do you have anything fresher?"
The man is impressed by Peter's discerning taste and gives him a fresh cracker. They continue to tour the house, and as they pass by the bathroom, Peter stops in front of the toilet and says, "What's this?"
The man explains that it's a toilet and demonstrates how to use it. Peter watches carefully and then says, "I see. And where does the toilet paper come from?"
The man shows him the roll of toilet paper and how to use it, and Peter seems satisfied. They continue on their tour, and as they pass by the living room, the man turns on the TV to watch a football game. Peter is fascinated by the game and starts asking questions about it.
The man explains the rules of football, and Peter seems to understand them. As the game progresses, Peter starts getting more and more excited, and he begins cheering for one of the teams.
The man is impressed by Peter's enthusiasm and asks, "Peter, are you a fan of football?"
Peter responds, "I sure am! In fact, I used to be a professional football player."
The man is incredulous and asks, "Really? What team did you play for?"
Peter says, "The New England Patriots."
The man is skeptical and asks, "The New England Patriots? But how could that be? You're a parrot!"
Peter responds, "Well, technically, I was a kicker."
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2023.04.02 11:00 nimawashere Anyone know why or how I can fix the false corrupt save bug?

I've finally finished downloading and installing all mods and started a new playthrough. But after a short while the saves are "corrupt" but when i quit and relaunch the game it works again for a short while before it occurs again. I tried changing the MAXStdis in the ssse engine fixes settings but that didn't work, and I don't have any other idea how to fix it. I can use the go around method for a while but would really like to fix the issue.
Here's my load order
0 0 Skyrim.esm 1 1 Update.esm 2 2 Dawnguard.esm 3 3 -

If anyone finds a answer please tell me, I've benn trying to find it out for over a week now
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2023.04.02 11:00 Sti8man7 Enduring F&B franchises

Had a few observation over the last couple of days:
Was walking by Far East/China Square and realised the spaghetti joint “Aglio Olio” is still around and thriving at 7pm in the evening. The joint that pioneered letting diners choose the level of spiciness in their pasta was never thought to have survived the cut throat business of f&b and the ever evolving taste buds of Singaporeans. This is also after the death by a thousand cuts of the Covid lockdown which hit the nail on the coffin for most CBD crowd. Needless to say, I was most impressed with this joint.
Fast forward to today, I was in the Far East Plaza area and wanted to have a “healthier” lunch at the Chicken Rice store at level 4 of Far East Plaza, never knew their name outside of “Hainan Chicken Rice.” Lo and behold, at the late lunch hour of 2.30pm, a queue was still present with the lone hanging chicken not offering much hope. I had no choice but to move on to Eggslut, which boast snaking lines and crowd control in their early heydays. What-do-u-know, the queue was nowhere to be found and the queue stands stood forlornly, appearing to have lost their purpose in life.
I breezed into the restaurant and even had the luxury to deliberate my seats if I wanted one by the full length windows or just a cozy corner. How the shine have lost in such a short while.
Besides the obvious Swenson, which are the F&B outlets that have survived the test of time?
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2023.04.02 11:00 Mental_Implement_321 My (18f) fiancé/gf of 5 years (18F) has been lying but I’m not sure it’s malicious

Not even sure where to begin as this is my first Reddit post but I don’t know where else to turn to for help about this situation. Me (18F) and my fiancé (18F) have been dating since we were 13 years old. We met through our online school penpal program in 8th grade. We went through a rough toxic period leading to a breakup when we were 15-16 but ultimately we ended up making amends and forgiving each other four months later. We took it slow but ended up dating again after making sure we were both healthy enough to try to make it work. Now to the actual story. We have always written together, as in she has been helping me with a novel I’ve had in the works since I was 12. It’s our little thing. A few months ago, a semi suspicious account followed me and started saying they had always been a fan of my writing that I’ve posted to Wattpad. It’s worth mentioning I’m good at spotting suspicious and catfish accounts as I’ve dealt with many since the age of 13. I’ve been talking to this person casually about my writing, details about my writing, their life, etc. things average friends would discuss. We’ve been talking for a while now, and there’s been a consistent theme of this person disappearing for months at a time and coming back at odd times. At times this person would bring up oddly specific scenarios that applied to my current life matching up a little too well with very minor differences if any. This person supposedly has a 5 year old and has a baby on the way. They’ve talked about their addiction, how them and their partner met, and even why they broke up not too long ago. I started to get suspicious of this person months ago, when stories matched my life too well. Small sign, but it’s how I’ve started to catch on to people like this in the past, but ignored it and told myself I was being paranoid due to trauma. Well, gut feeling of suspicion grew stronger when this person talked acted and felt just a bit too much like my fiancé. Then I started noticing the time periods this person “disappeared” (which they said was because of rehab or their child) were times I was unemployed so was around my fiancé almost 24/7. And the person would only reply to me when my fiancé was not in the same room as me. Almost every time my fiancé was temporarily out of the room I’d get a message from that person. If you haven’t guessed yet, my gut was right and it was my fiancé pretending to be a fan of my writing. The worst part is my biggest thing in a relationship is trust especially due to past trauma, and my fiancé knows this. I even asked them when I first had the suspicion if it was them “tricking me” and that if it was them and they told me, I wouldn’t even be mad or upset. They denied it and got offended that I would think they’d do that. I just don’t know how to feel right now or what to do, I just found out tonight that I was right and I wanted so badly to be wrong. We both just moved in with my MIL/their mom so I could start a new job. What should I do? Confront them? Pretend I don’t know? I really need any help or advice. They’re my everything and up until now I thought we were completely open honest and transparent with each other about everything
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2023.04.02 10:59 MrMangow I'm losing contact with life more and more each day

I was at my nephews 4th birthday today, and he was so happy running around with his new Bluey stuffed animal and new pajamas. It made me smile to see him like that, and how my family that were around him were laughing and playing with him. Then I realized my position in the room: away from everyone and everything, zoning out for 10 minutes at a time thinking about killing myself.
I feel almost nothing anymore. I don't feel happy that my birthday is coming up. I feel nothing when my partner kisses me. I feel nothing but anxiety when I'm around people because my presence is just a nuisance. I feel nothing but guilt going to therapy because I think I'm wasting his time with my mine. I feel bad when I post about my mental health asking for advice so I delete almost every one I make.
I don't know if I want to be in this world much longer, so maybe it's time to go. Perhaps in the next life I'll find some sort of meaning or love or comfort that I never found in this one.
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2023.04.02 10:59 big_rig77 Teased by parents about romance in my childhood - possible explanation for lack of dating experience?

Please note: This is not a pity plea, it comes from a place of self assessment and I’m interested in the thoughts of others.
Context: When I (male only child, now 19) was younger, whenever romance was brought up I’d get teased by my parents, e.g., “ooooo” and poking me and smiling and the like. This happened from a young age, as in, single digits. I cannot remember the specific contexts, as you could imagine, but I remember it happened. It was rare, and likely only in a playful way, but enough to make me feel powerless and angry.
I also recall at around the age of 12 of 13 I was teased by them about the subject when I discussed how year 6 kids were “dating” (I’m sure that happened at other schools...), and how groups of friends would ask out people for one person in that group, and such. I made a passing comment that they asked me once (to which I declined), and the response was that like which I described. This is one of several examples, though by this age, what I feel is “the damage” had already been done.
I experienced romantic feelings from a young age, very young, i.e., used to form attractions for cartoon characters, and then real girls from the age of around 5 or 6. I was mortified at the thought of telling ANYONE this, especially my parents, and at that time the whole “boys rule girls suck” phase was still happening, which compounded this.
As time went on, I still felt romantic feelings, and continued to suppress them from fear of being teased by other people or my parents. This continued until about the age of 15 or 16... I recall around ages 10 and 11 I used to fantasise about one of my crushes about having a secret relationship, as in, go and be boyfriend and girlfriend where no one could see us at lunchtime at school. I couldn’t rationally think that I could be seen with a girl like that or have people know I liked someone. I also used to dread the thought of having to tell my parents, especially my father, about having girlfriends in the future.
At the age of 16, I fell in love with a girl, wholly and truly in love, and I had no idea what to do about this. I was actually friends with her - I should note I’m not scared to talk to girls, just to admit feelings or show romantic intention of any kind. I conduct myself well socially when I need to, though I prefer not to now (I’m introverted by default, but being social wasn’t hard for me at school). Anyway, she eventually moved on because I didn’t know what I was doing, but we remained friends, which I treasure, but I never told her about said feelings. I actually wanted to ask her out, but something within me would not let me. I genuinely couldn’t bring myself to suggest something like that, the very thought petrified me, and still does.
This brings me to now, my current state at 19. I stifle any mention of romance in the house in relation to me, I won’t even admit to finding a girl on TV attractive. It is ingrained in my nature to show no outward interest in the subject, and to be outwardly indifferent to the idea. Inside, I feel I would be showing weakness, embarrassing myself to even suggest that I find someone attractive.
My father has expressed concern over my never having been in a relationship, and I have mentioned the nature of the teasing in passing, which he invalidated. I don’t talk about romance with my mother, I think she understands how uncomfortable it now makes me, and has long since ceased any teasing.
My social go-to excuse for not going out with anyone now is time, i.e., I’m too busy, which is true, I really am and it would be negligent if me to partake with such an active career, but it’s not the whole story.
This might sound like a plea for pity, it’s not, it comes more from a place of self assessment. I’m more interested if this has happened to anyone else, and if the results were similar, and if this is a plausible explanation for how I am. Further, this is Advice, I am wondering you think I could do to change how I think.
Many thanks for reading this far if you have. Any thoughts or advice is welcome, all the best.
TL:DR; As a child I was teased by my parents whenever romance was being discussed, now I feel this has led to feel the idea of expressing feelings or (especially) telling them I experience such feelings towards another person is something to be embarrassed about. Is it reasonable to assume this is why I feel like this, and what would you suggest doing about it?
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2023.04.02 10:58 Potential_Fee9956 Help with bridging LAN's

So basically, I want to create a sort of site to site VPN using wireguard. I have a wireguard server set up on a ubuntu 22.04 box. From an openwrt router i have connected to the vpn and can ping the devices on the server subnet ( I want to set it up so i can do it the other way around as well.
How would i go about letting the server connect to the openwrt subnet (
Here is my current config:
[Interface] Address = ListenPort = 51821 PrivateKey = ######################################### MTU = 1450 PostUp = ufw route allow in on wg0 out on enp1s0f0 PostDown = ufw route delete allow in on wg0 out on enp1s0f0 # Other peer [Peer] PublicKey = ########################### PresharedKey = ############################### AllowedIPs = # Openwrt [Peer] PublicKey = ########################## PresharedKey = ########################## AllowedIPs = # Other peer [Peer] PublicKey = ######################### PresharedKey = ########################## AllowedIPs = 
openwrt client:
[Interface] Address = PrivateKey = ############################## DNS = MTU = 1450 [Peer] PublicKey = ############################# PresharedKey = ######################### AllowedIPs = Endpoint = #############:51821 PersistentKeepalive = 15 
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2023.04.02 10:58 LawnMooer66 Zaffai, Thunder Conductor big spells: consistency, cuts, and power level?

Still new to deckbuilding and, until now, have only built "boom here's a bunch of creatures I hit you now" or "boom here's a bunch of burn spells I hit you now" decks.
For this deck, while it may be a better idea to just use another commander (e.g. vadrik, mizzix, veyran), the random 10 damage (and just the musician theme on the card) really spoke to me, so I'm determined to build around [[Zaffai]] instead. Power level I'm looking for is "reasonably upgraded precon" level. Mana base will still be a lot of basics but I will get better stuff than what's shown to replace a few of them. I tried to make this focused around the big spells aspect to get those sweet random 10 damage triggers.
I had a few questions about this deck:
  1. How can I judge if this an acceptable power level for your typical "reasonably upgraded precon" power level pre-playtesting? Or is my only option "play it against people and see"? I'm doing some goldfishing but have no idea how it's gonna go in practice. I have some ideas as to what I suspect its power level from looking at power level wednesday things on this sub but, being inexperienced, thought it's worth another check.
  2. What (aside from removal, mentioned below) would you recommend to make it more consistently follow its gameplan? Is this deck gonna NEED [[Crackle with Power]] to win the game more consistently?
  3. What 2-3 cards do you recommend cutting out? I went a little too light on removal, and am thinking of adding [[Blasphemous Act]] and/or at least one more boardwipe, something cheap to deal with artifacts and/or enchantments, and... whichever other removal comes to mind.
  4. Also how do you evaluate whether or not your deck has a good mana curve, especially with mana rocks giving the deck a big spike in the number of 2-drops?
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2023.04.02 10:57 KittenDealinMama AITA for lying to my boyfriend about my Match Day?

Originally posted by u/throwra88rising in AmItheAsshole on March 20, '23 updated on March 21 , '23.
AITA for lying to my boyfriend about my Match Day?
March 20, '23
So I (M28) and my boyfriend (M32) have been together for four years. Our relationship has been amazing except for when we have special occasions or gatherings. He is a really sensitive and emotional type to the point that it gets awkward and embarrassing. Match Day is a Day when Med students find out where they will do their residency. I’ve been extremely stressed because I was hoping for my first choice and didn’t need any extra stressors.
My boyfriend asked what time the event that my program was hosting to reveal the match day results and I just knew he would be over the top with emotion and cause me embarrassment so I lied and told him a time well after I’d find out. Match day was Friday and I got my first choice. My boyfriend arrived an hour before the event ended and was visibly upset with me. He went home after and won’t return my calls. AITA?
EDIT: Thank you everyone who has commented and gave me advice. I’d like to preface by saying I love my boyfriend and know what I did was shitty and could have been avoided by a conversation. That being said he did text saying he wants to talk. I’ll update when I can.
EDIT 2: Yes I know the title is wrong. I was thinking between two different titles and fudged it up. Sorry. To those who keep asking, I do love and adore my boyfriend.
EDIT3: I’m very new to Reddit so pls be patient with me. I want to know if I can just update on my page and maybe link this post to it?
Judgment: Asshole
Update: AITA for lying to my boyfriend about my Match Day?
March 20, '23
So wow, the response I got back from this has been pretty massive. Unfortunately, I cannot read all of the comments but Im surprised to not automatically be shunned the asshole. I know what I did was not only messed up but lacked consideration for my boyfriend.
He texted me (yay) last night and said he wanted to talk about what happened. My stomach dropped, like that feeling you get on a roller coaster. We met this morning at our favorite little bakery and I got him his favorite macarons and breakfast sandwich. At first I was really nervous and anxious that what I did was irreversible.
I of course told him not only that I was sorry but explained why I did it. We hadn’t really had this kind of conversation so he was pretty taken aback by why I didn’t want him there. Fortunately, he said he understood but was really hurt that I didn’t talk to him and found reason to lie to him instead. He said that he still wanted to be with me (yay again) but that we should try counseling both together and separate. He was concerned that his many emotional bouts caused attention to be taken away and placed on him whenever we went to any special event.
After breakfast we just walked around his neighborhood and held hands( not really into pda due to trauma). He invited me back to his place to “see the dog” and so now I’m just writing this laying in bed. I might have another update idk. Thank you to everyone who said yta and anyone else who did not thank you for your comments too.
Update 2: AITA for lying to by boyfriend about my Match Day?
March 21, '23
Many of you were spot on about my boyfriend not only being amazing but also sensitive( something I find cute as well) and thoughtful. As soon as I typed up the first update I went to take a shower. Upon getting out my boyfriend is in a suit and there is an envelope in his hand. Yeah I think now would be cause to cry. He said that we can do our own match ceremony. Inside the envelope was a paper saying you match with “insert hospital “ and “ops boyfriend “.
Yeah I did tear up and my boyfriend absolutely cried but my god he’s a pretty crier. And yes we have made sure we are on the same page.
Reminder, DO NOT comment on the original posts or contact the original poster. I am not the original poster. This is a repost.
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2023.04.02 10:57 AnthonyXeno What to do if your teammate(s) are throwing your game?

Context: in Ranked grinding to Diamond Solo-q and got a Lifeline and a Bangalore, immediately the Bang solo dropped and swung around i thought nothing of it, after being heavily contested no weapon and only managed to score 1 kill i died, but after being rezzed this Bang kept using up the Smoke throwing it at random places i was confused, then they wanted us to fight so we did but kept doing the same thing and not even shooting a bullet just stood there not hiding out of panic either, just stood right in the open, in the end me and the lifeline lost because the Bang didn't help us and the bang died with 0 dmg, what do i do when i encounter teammates like this? i'd understand if they were beginners and such and didn't know how to play but this guy had 690 kills and was Prestiged so he wasn't a beginner i was confused and frustrated ;-;
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2023.04.02 10:56 RazorStoJ Steel Battalion Online needs your help to crack a rar file password for game preservation!

Hey guys so we have a project currently running and we're looking for experienced tech wizards to help our mission to preserve a debug build of the game our community is based around Steel Battalion Line of Contact for Original Xbox. steelbattaliononline
This is the story so far:
-What we know about the Debug file/why we want it:
The debug version of the game is the oldest known obtainable version of the game (and the oldest known playable version of the game). The absolute oldest known build would be the E3 build, however it is currently doubtful that could ever be obtained nor is it likely that it still exists. The oldest obtained build right now is the Pilot Test, however it is unplayable since it was built to run on the xbox live beta campaign servers. This debug version (October 4, 2003) is almost 2 months older than the Pilot test (November 24th. 2003), making it not only the oldest obtainable version, but also (likely) the oldest playable version of the game, too.
The debug version of the game also holds a TON of debug info on how the game works and what the stats are for many things (stats obv not applicable to the release version, but gives us a good idea of how things work). See:
The rar file is 222.1mb in size. From the screenshots the file size is supposed to be 552.61mb, however this is it in its uncompressed state. To compare, compressing the final game (594 MB) gives us a file at a similar size (in my testing I got 222mb using 7z), so it’s highly likely that the file size is correct and that this file is in fact the debug version of the game.
What we currently know about the password: The rar would have been encoded in 2015 using winrar.
hash of the password is:
U/Tenfresh grilled his friend who created the password on his habits and memories; determining that these parameters are more likely (though definitely not guaranteed!):
1st character is likely a capital letter 2nd to 4th are likely lowercase 5+ are likely lower case, number or special. 7-10 characters estimated
Unlikely to have another capital in the middle Special characters likely to be at the end Not randomly generated
In ~2015, PERSON A saved a dev xbox from capcom offices where he worked.
PERSON A asked his friend PERSON B to serve as an intermediary to find a buyer for it on assemblergames (where his username was ‘coolmod’); because PERSON B had a much longer history there and b/c PERSON A was nervous to be associated w/ the item online.
PERSON B screwed around with it and recorded this video:
PERSON B sold the xbox to PERSON C, and as a courtesy dumped the hard drive for him.
PERSON B password protected the .rar for two reasons It’s standard practice and expected among collectors when exchanging prototype software out of concern for the slightly sensitive position of his capcom employee friend.
PERSON B relayed the password to PERSON C via a PM on assemblergames. PERSON B threw out the files b/c they were not of interest to him anymore and he considered the matter closed.
About a decade passes…
PERSON B finds he accidentally kept a copy of the .rar on a backup drive and rethinks its value, but has no records available, nor memory of the password.
(see dead “ends” below) In 2023, PERSON B mentions to his friend, u/Tenfresh, that he has a password protected .rar of the LoC beta. WHAT?!?!
Dead Ends (AKA what’s already been tried): PERSON B is slightly amazed he still had the .rar file on a hard drive at all. He is moved by how much we care, and has looked high and low and does not have an uncompressed version, nor can he find the password.
Assemblergames has since gone defunct so the PM containing the password there is lost.
Inquiries have been made to those involved w/ the site and we’ve been told that there is almost no chance that a backup/archive of the site exists.
PERSON B reached out to PERSON C a few years ago, but he said he no longer could find the password either, and had since sold the xbox to PERSON D (whose identity is currently unknown [Le Fishy: I’m pretty confident I know who this is, however it’s a hard dead end]).
PERSON C’s name and 2015 address are known, and another outreach is in progress; but we’re not giving that info out publicly.
The hard drive that the uncompressed file was on when the .rar was created no longer exists; so data recovery is not an option.
Rockyou.txt dictionary has been tried. ixitomixi Has tried the kanoshi word list
MagnumKale has tried the darkc0de, 10 million password list top 10000000 and wordlists with no hits. As a sanity test, all ?a[1] to ?a?a?a?a[4] using the following command have been tested. hashcat -m 12500 -a 3 -w 3 rar.hash ?a?a?a?a?a --status --status-timer=1
5 char is running now and will be done in a few days
rainbow tables don’t work on rar3 hashes
If anyone here is interested in our project please feel free to join our discord server:
We have a channel set up called #Brainbox and this is where all the people involved are pooling together to help crack the password.
I'm currently doing a give away to 1 lucky winner a green button Steel Battalion controller to whoever is the first one to get the password.
Thanks for getting this far through and I hope to hear contact from you soon for our mission 🫡
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2023.04.02 10:55 jessipoo451 Can't get past mental block to do uni work

Looking for advice/suggestions/kind words please.
I have a 4-week holiday to catch up on loads of uni work, the first week has passed and I haven't done any work. It's mostly because I've been sick to be honest (stress induced migraine) but I'm also just not able to work. I sit and stare at my computer and can't make myself do any of the tasks I need to. Like there's a mental block preventing me from doing it.
In the past I could motivate myself with rewards like a takeaway when the assignment is finished, or £1 pocket money for every lecture I make notes for, but I can't afford to do that this time.
I will get kicked out of uni if I don't submit this next assignment on time and sit my exams, and that would be really really bad for my mental health, so I'm really panicking.
I'm hoping for some suggestions on how to motivate myself, or otherwise get around this mental block. And any kind words would be appreciated too (my uni support to study person said she has no confidence in me to succeed so I'm not feeling very confident).
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2023.04.02 10:54 NekoEye How "bussable" are the future raids?

Absolutely hate the bussing culture in this game and how it pretty much forces you to bus if you wanna stay relevant as an end-game player. Bussing Valtan and Vykas every week is absolutely tedious and un-fun, but if you don't do it, you will fall so far behind from everybody around you that at some point you won't even be able to run content with them anymore.
Sorry for going off on a tangent, so the question is, how "bussable" are the future raids AKA Brel hard, Kayangel, Akkan and Voldike. Are the developers designing those raids with bussing in mind? If the future raids are still easily bussed by pretty much any average player, then maybe it's a good time to reconsider about this game.
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2023.04.02 10:53 Fennikin_ I just realised how much I hate my family..

I (19F) have just realised how much I hate my family from both sides. As me and partner were discussing options for housing if we can't find a rental (because the rental market here is Australia fucking sucks), Hero was suggesting that we stay with his mother in Denmark (Denmark in Western Australia, not the Denmark with the blue flag Is something he doesn't want to do for his own reasons, but said thay if we had to, we would), and that's made me think "oh man, if only my family were as caring as his". If you guys are wondering why, it's because my family wanted nothing to do with me and my siblings (5 brothers, 2 sisters) while we were growing up. We were considered the black sheeps of the family for so many reasons.
"You don't look like your father, are these really his kids?"
"Your skin isn't dark enough like ours, must be from your father"
"Your hair is super curly, just like your mother"
Blah blah blah, it was always a constant war between the two sides if we went to family events. They always had to nit pick each other and us over the littlest things. But things really took a turn for the worse in 2014. My mother was always abusive towards me and the kids, and I was the one taking the worse to protect my siblings, but this time she wanted to take things WAY too far. CPS got involved after the school reported the many bruises we had, and they wanted to take us in, but my mother had other plans; taking the lives of her kids and then offing herself. Basically a "If I can't have them, no one can" situation. Thankfully it didn't turn out that way otherwise I wouldn't be here telling the tale (that'll be for another post tho)
But where it really hit the fan was after me and my siblings were taken into foster care. We struggled, and we wanted to be with family, people we're comfortable with, but did they come? Nope. No one wanted to take us in, not an aunt, uncle, or even our fucking grandparents. My dad would have if he didn't have to work FIFO, something he did to take care of us before my mother drove him up the wall to the point of leaving. CPS always explained that family were busy, or couldn't afford to have us live with them, or were a risk because of our mother, but the reality was that they didn't want the responsibility of their nieces/nefphews or grandchildren, they were probably happy that we were out of their hair.
Honestly, for my mother's side of the family, we wanted nothing to do with them since they are all just drug addicts and just as abusive. So surely my dad's side would have helped, right? Wrong. In 2017, my father died in a car accident, and I thought that maybe that would help bring us closer, to grieve together and grow to love each other, especially since we were his kids, but after the funeral they ghosted. Yep, just like that. No contact, no visits, nothing. And I wanted to know why.
As soon as I got out of foster care at 18 in 2021, I asked for the case files that would describe EVERYTHING from 2014 to that point. It took me a whole night reading and sorting through everything and honestly, the stuff I read made me sick. Were they too busy to care for us? Nope. Could they afford to care for us? Yes. Was there any risks to care for us? NOT AT ALL. Their reasoning? They were too hesitant to see us. Yep, hesitant. But what reason is there to be hesitant to see us? THERE WAS NONE! It was some stupid excuse just to avoid us for 7-8 WHOLE FUCKING YEARS. I realised that we were outcasts, the black sheeps, we meant nothing to them.
Now, I still hate them. And I probably will for the rest of my life. I have a few of the relatives, who never bother to reach out to us, tag me and the 4th eldest (brother) of the family in their stupid posts. Reminiscing about the rare days we did spend on them, only to be ignored the whole time, and it makes me sick. They are the ones who ghosted so why keep up this act? They have missed out on so much in our lives. Our birthdays, Easter, Christmas, mother's and father's day, everything. And they're gonna miss out on special days like our weddings, baby showers, or anything like that. You guys probably will say "But OP, did you try to reach out to them?" Yes, I did. But after countless times of having no replies, why should I give them the time of day when they never gave a shit about me or my siblings? Treat people the way you want to be treated! Cast us out? Fine, we will do the same!
If you guys have read this far, I'm sorry for how long this rant is. Just thinking about them makes me feel sick to my stomach so all my emotions are scattered.
Oh, and if my family does somehow find this post, FUCK ALL OF YOU! You guys made this bed so you can lay on for the rest of your lives you selfish, ignorant pieces of shit. 🖕🖕🖕
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I at the time m15 was dating a boy m16. We had been together just over 2 years and I was making plans for us to do stuff around my birthday that was a week away. When he texted me about his "friend" that he's been spending time with everyday after school for just over a week and talking about constantly. And when I mean constantly I mean we'd talk about Pacific Rim, friend comes up in conversation and he goes on a rant about this. For times sake I'm going to call the friend Harry, not his actual name obviously. So my bf comes to me and asks for an open relationship and that he met this amazing guy, Harry and how I'd love him and we should all talk. Now, I don't really judge ppl that have OR's but I just wasn't up for one and it felt like cheating to me. So i find out that Harry has my number and texts me hey and stuff. So my bf makes a group chat. The group chat wasn't us talking but them flirting. So I left it and told my bf that I wasn't comfortable and he went on a ramble about how it was good for us both and how we should just talk about it. And then accused me of wanting to break up with him. This hurt me a bit but thinking back at it I should have answered yes. So I don't answer him, tell my mother about it and we talk and go to bed. In the morning I can't hold myself together, it all kind of hits me. My bf went out, met a guy, and then asked me after they'd done God knows what if it was OK. So I did the right thing and sent him a text clearly stating my feelings which was - Hi bf name, I've thought about what you've said and I've slept on it. The thing with Harry feels like an open relationship and I don't agree or want to be in one. If you want to have a relationship with him, then it's not something I wanna be part of. I love you very much but we can't be together if you want to be with someone else. Love you
Now at the time I thought I was being manipulative and a bad bf and that I should just accept the OR and move on. And his response was - I understand that, are you still in?
I said not obviously and he went on a ramble on how he loves me and I said- You wouldn't want to date someone else if you loved me.
And I still think that that was a shitty thing to say. But he told me he loved me and that we'd talk. Now, let's take a pause here, did we talk? Did he explain himself? No. He told me he had homework in a subject he didn't have that day and the last day he had a sub and he told me how happy he was that he didn't have homework. I mean at least one of us has to listen, right? So I kept pushing when he redirected me to a game I just finished and talked about that for a while and then when I went back to trying to talk to him again he redirected to a show I just finished and how I was so upset my favourite character died. Now this was weird but well met because he never really toom interest in my fav games or shows he was more into music.
So the next day he texted me and told me that he hadn't been eating and that he was so sorry, stressed, and that he loves me. This is where he messed up by saying he was going to get food at a place down by my house since it was one of the only take outs in walking distance in the town. So I said that we should meet up and talk. He told me 4 hours later that he's meeting up with "friends". And that the "friends" don't like me so they wouldn't let him leave to see me. So suggested that I go to him. He said no. Now, I'm not stupid, and I knew that most of his actual friends were busy with studying or off on sports trips. So, Harry wasn't. Harry didn't care about his education or sports. So I told him that if I'm less important to him than his "friends" then that shows me where I and our relationship stands. So you've ended our relationship.
Now that shit hurt. And I mean it hurt. But suddenly he was interested in meeting up and talking so he came to MY house. So he was the one out of HIS depth. So after he came I went outside and we sat on the wall outside. He told me that he didn't want to talk to me in town because he didn't want people listening and it made him uncomfortable. So we talked and he told me that he loved me and that he's sorry that he went out and he thought I'd just say yes to the OR. And then came out as fucking polygamous. He told me that he needed someone else to feel happy and that he couldn't change that about himself. Now, I found out that a lot of OR's turn into polygamous couples. So I did some research on that when he wasn't answering me. And do you know what it was all about? Consent, making your partnepartners comfortable, communicating. So I told him that I thought that it was best for us yo end the relationship and he asked if he could hug me because "you look like you're going to fall apart". I said no and he Hugged me anyways. Now, I'm gay right I'm still a man and I will bash someone's nose into there forntle lobe if necessary. I told him that he should probably go to the take out and get some chips since he hadn't eaten in two days. And he stared at me and looked confused before being all loud and agreeing before running off. He told me before he ran off that Harry is down by the take out if I want to meet him. And I asked what about the others. And he said what others? Before telling me they were late. So if I didn't break up with him he would have cheated on me and lied about it. Not even a half hour after our break up Harry posted on his story "guess who has a new bf". And a picture of them at the take out. The next day he spammed me on everything I was on. Even things I forgot I was on. Then he asked what to do about my bday present. So I told him to burn it. His parents didn't know so my mother texted his mother "Hi name, I was just wondering about the musical tickets we had booked. Nice name and ex bf are split up now and he's dating someone new". As you expect chaos ensued. That asked what HE did wrong. Not what I did. And when we told them they were fuming and told me that my tickets were mine and that I could sell the musical tickets and keep the concert tickets. I haven't been spammed since or sent another bad apology so I'm focusing on myself right now. Trying to get over it all and process it. My brother got me a book "A Song Of Achilles" and "The Graveyard Boys" so ill be reading them. Anyways this is probably going to be a throwaway. So, am I the ahole?
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2023.04.02 10:53 Matriarch_Temuorin New driver

Looking for any tips and whatnot. I’m currently a doordash delivery driver with around 2k deliveries, so I know my around when it comes to gig work, but this is my first time with IC and I’d appreciate any tips about how things should go when it comes to accepting orders.
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2023.04.02 10:53 CapableDistance5570 CMV: it's nearly impossible for Donald Trump to have a fair trial, in either direction.

I cannot fathom how they're going to do jury selection and it's concerning that prosecutors are on the other side of party lines. Like I'm not saying, let's say if he did actually commit crimes, that Republicans would do anything about it. In fact I'm saying they probably wouldn't and that goes for a jury as well.
It will all boil down to the jury and I feel as if in this case they would be extremely emotionally driven. Also, every member of the jury will most likely than not heard of Trump and already have formed an opinion one way or the other. Just look anywhere on social media, everyone has an opinion one way or another and I truly feel like there's a high chance they would go based off that instead of the evidence provided.. On top of that, the fact that where it's taking place already voted against him once.
If they do try their best to select a jury from both sides, then it will, I assume, continuously result in mistrial.
I don't believe the legal system was built to be able to handle a situation such as this one. It is after all, unprecedented.
I understand that there may be a chance it's a fair trial, I'm just saying highly improbable. And of course I cannot prove it and neither can you if we have to go based on facts so let's please understand that as the basis for the discussion (unless I'm wrong on this, which feel free to go ahead.)
I do hope someone is able to change my view, otherwise I'll continue to be highly concerned about the future of the political system if both sides start going after eachother, whether or not a crime is committed because that means innocent politicians could be found guilty and others may continue to roam free based on internal corruption (aka, if they grease enough hands they might get away with it.) Since in any of those situations, if they have the same level of notoriety and divisiveness as Trump I also feel like it'd be impossible to have fair trials for them (e.g, Nancy Pelosi being indicted in a state that voted 88% against her.) And I'd feel the same way about the situation whether or not I'd "like" it personally (for example, if I'm against Trump or Pelosi, I'd obviously be emotionally okay with one or the other but I would still feel as if the trial would be inherently unfair in both cases, regardless of whether or not they're actually guilty.)
I do not believe that whether or not they're found guilty changes the situation because again, I'm saying it wouldn't be a fair trial to begin with, so the outcome would be invalidated in both cases.
Assuming the trial is very public and every American is able to view the evidence and make their own determination, I also feel as if the same divisiveness would exist (as in if he's found innocent the other side would say he's still guilty, and if he's found guilty, the other side would feel as if he's innocent.) And if it's not public, both sides have even more ammo if it doesn't go their way. So at the very least the perception will be that there wasn't a fair trial, for at least a good portion of all Americans.
I'll be around to reply for the next 3 hours per the rules but I'm cleaning my apartment so it'll be in bursts.
(edit) By the way I'm not claiming to have a solution and I'm not saying we should just let people get away with stuff, just that it'd be insanely difficult if not impossible for the trial to be fair.
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2023.04.02 10:52 jessipoo451 Can't get past mental block to do uni work

Looking for advice/suggestions/kind words please.
I have a 4-week holiday to catch up on loads of uni work, the first week has passed and I haven't done any work. It's mostly because I've been sick to be honest (stress induced migraine) but I'm also just not able to work. I sit and stare at my computer and can't make myself do any of the tasks I need to. Like there's a mental block preventing me from doing it.
In the past I could motivate myself with rewards like a takeaway when the assignment is finished, or £1 pocket money for every lecture I make notes for, but I can't afford to do that this time.
I will get kicked out of uni if I don't submit this next assignment on time and sit my exams, and that would be really really bad for my mental health, so I'm really panicking.
I'm hoping for some suggestions on how to motivate myself, or otherwise get around this mental block. And any kind words would be appreciated too (my uni support to study person said she has no confidence in me to succeed so I'm not feeling very confident).
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2023.04.02 10:52 Loose-Tea-7478 My (F, 30) dad (M, 62) is asking me for money and I worried that if I say no I will hurt him and lose him

My mother married my half-brother's dad first, then divorced. Met my dad, and had me, then divorced when I was 2. I've been on and off with my dad as it was often too overwhelming for me to cope with his words and ways. Now, he is asking for money and mentioning that the law is on his side as a way to dissuade me to give it to him.
Some key facts for you to know:
He has asked for another 1.200 euros and I'm thinking of saying no. I feel very guilty, and would like to hear your thoughts in case I'm missing a reason why I should give him that money.
A part of me feels like it's time to put boundaries and encourage them to be responsibility as opposed to enable them more dependency and disrespect and lack of compassion towards me.
Most often than not all I want is to die. Not only will I never have a loving family but as my parents age and fail to be responsible for themselves, I'm expected to carry that burden. And if I reject it, then with it I lose them.
I feel such a profound emptiness that my dream or consolation is realising that my life will end at some point and then I will finally be able to rest.
I'm 30 and I've only had two long term relationships with people that were never healthy or good for me, and at this point I not only don't trust people, I also find them shallow, uninteresting and worrying.
I've also realised how confused and traumatised I am and won't have children to avoid generational trauma. So for those of you who will say 'one day you'll have your own family', no, not really.
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2023.04.02 10:52 dragmetopurgatory Insecure & anxious about partner

I have two partners—one I’ve been with five years, the other for almost three years. This is my newer partner’s first relationship and I’m their only partner. I’m struggling with possessive feelings and anxiety about the thought of them dating other people. I want support around how to broach conversations of expectations and care so that I can preempt navigating this now, while it’s an emotional issue for me whether or not interest in dating anyone is imminent for them. I have trauma around loss and struggle a lot with fear of it. My partner is somewhat conflict avoidant. They are articulate and passionate about their feelings when feeling good in the relationship, but become quiet and inarticulate when we try to talk about hard stuff. To be fair, very little about our relationship is hard—part of what makes me so anxious about the thought of them dating is that we have a joyful, usually-easy rapport and the level of fulfillment it brings astonishes me. I want to be prepared to be fair and supportive of them finding other love, but to get there, we need to have more conversation about the logistics and about trust. I know I’ll be messier at weathering the hard parts if I wait until there’s a person of interest.
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