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Easy to eat savoury food/ meals, for someone who can't chew?

2023.03.21 19:17 smol-egg- Easy to eat savoury food/ meals, for someone who can't chew?

My mom had dental surgery a few days ago, every one of her teeth removed. Her dentures aren't going in and her next appointment isn't for a few days, shes a big foodi and its really really depressing her. She hates the way she looks and ontop of that she can't eat anything! She's been relying on these meal drinks and scrambled eggs. Is there any food I could make her, that she wouldn't have to chew?? I've thought about things like rice as she loves it, but things that small can get stuck in her gums right now as she isn't fully healed. I'm just exhausted of my mom not being happy like she should be, help?! She is also underweight right now as she's not been able to eat properly/ well in a long time. So high calorie things are a bonus!
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2023.03.21 19:16 ferry120997 How to make bandaged wrists look… Not bad?

I have what I suspect is contact dermatitis on my wrists- both of them. It has slowly spread across my left wrist onto the top part of my hand near my thumb, and the right wrist it started from the right side and spread across the whole wrist. I DO have an appointment with a dermatologist but it is far out.
It is ugly. It is red, scaly, dry, and bumpy. It also sucks up any type of lotion I put on it ( and I have tried a LOT of different creams/lotions. ) I’ve started to put a cream on it, then a bandage or bandaid over top to lock in that moisture, and that seems to help. However, now I have big ol’ bandages over both my wrists and the side of my left hand and people keep questioning me about it. Due to the cream I put on it, I can’t keep peeling back to bandage to show people my weird rash thing because the bandage won’t stick good after I peel it back. These bandages also keep me from wanting to itch it, which I tend to do right in the morning when I’m half asleep. The itching has also caused me to break skin a few times which makes the rash / dermatitis look even worse.
Is there any possible way to make the bandaged wrists look less like an.. unalivement attempt coverup? I’ve had good-willed strangers at my job try to talk to me, concerned professors at school, classmates. All of my friends know what it is cuz I’ve had the dermatitis for months and they’ve seen it uncovered. Do I just tell people to mind their business?
Also, any advice on how to treat it is also appreciated. My appointment with the dermatologist is still 2 weeks out. Can provide pictures if necessary.
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2023.03.21 19:16 DarkWolf2017 What can/should Apple do to try to appeal to PC users, specifically gamers?

Basically the title, but I’ll clarify. I do have a MacBook, but I also do have a gaming pc. I’ve been getting disenchanted with Microsoft, and I do feel they need someone to come in and give them a good challenge to their market dominance. Apple does seem to have some interest in the gaming space, they’re apparently making a quest competitor, they were apparently looking at possibly buying ea, and they seem to want to expand the Apple Arcade. I’m sure they see the statistics that more people are currently leaving console to go to pc, so what should they do?
One point that would worry me is it seems Apple wants to integrate their SoCs to the point where you really can’t even add RAM or storage, I don’t think gamers would accept needing to buy a whole new computer if they want to go from 16 to 32 GB aid ram.
Then maybe the last one, maybe if Apple chooses to expand any foot in gaming, it’ll be more an effort to grab people who recently left console, not to try to pull pc gamers away from Windows, leave that to Linux. I just feel I’d like to see a real effort to break Microsoft’s monopoly.
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2023.03.21 19:14 abbzombie feeling discouraged

where did you start out as a first year esthetician? does anyone absolutely love where/who they’re working for and make a living wage? do i have to go back to bartending? i need to know there is hope.
basically, i am very disappointed in my current job. it’s my first job as an esthetician and when i first found it i thought it would be perfect. not a franchise, but a small spa owner looking to hire another esthetician other than herself. flexible hours. sounded exactly like the reason i got into this business. but boy is that not the case…..
the boss is pretty clueless when it comes to skincare and clearly became an esthetician primarily to become a business owner (kind of strange). so this is a brand new spa she opened, and hired me on without any steady clientele (but claimed there are plenty of clients when i interviewed… red flag already). we’re located in a suite in a professional building which could be fine if she knew how to network and advertise, but we go weeks without an appointment & she even admitted to not wanting to be the face of her own business, but rather “wants the spa to speak for itself” (even tho there is clearly no one to speak to lmao). i get paid hourly for this reason, on a part time schedule and she just uses me to do her busy work 90% of the time since there aren’t any appointments and she’s not doing anything effective to bring them in/puts this pressure on me to bring in clients/relies on groupon for the few clients we do get. she wants me to build her brand, write blogs for her website, curate her instagram, clean & do laundry. and i truly feel like i’m not learning anything other than some marketing techniques (which are obviously not very successful) and how to brand someone else’s social media. the only perk is a very flexible schedule and that’s obviously due to there not being many appointments 😂
so i go to look at indeed for other jobs bc i feel like i’m very stagnant in my career rn and wasting my potential at this place, and the only places hiring are either only hiring medical aestheticians or the popular chains/franchises. and i’ve heard horror stories about the chain spas regarding pay/hours/workload. is there hope? can i find a job i will love that will provide for me and help me strengthen my knowledge as an esthetician?
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2023.03.21 19:13 italofoca_0215 Level Scaling and Item Progression

I know this ship has sailed but I feel like this is one of the first things that will need to be addressed.
Right now I feel like the system is just off. Monster level scaling generally outpaces your level up (+1 all stats and +1 skill point). So, after you level, you catch up only after dropping new gear with better damage and armor. This implies the game needs to constantly give you gear to ensure you won’t fall behind by leveling.
Personally, this doesn’t provide the aRPG experience I’m looking for. Reasons:
I can’t see any of this working in classic ARPG seasonal format where power leveling is the norm (and honestly, part of the fun).
I give professional game designers the benefit of doubt… Surely they know all of this. So I’m hoping they innovate on the season format in order to make this work but if they go with a mmorpg format like Destiny, I’m out.
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2023.03.21 19:12 YourGuyRye Best Fossilized farm?

Trying to finally get in on making my Dino Bone weapons (Two Longswords)

What's an optimal farming route for the bones I'll need? Quests mainly, which would be best and the fastest to do.
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2023.03.21 19:11 BlueSamurai50 Quest 2 link wobbling/shaking when moving head?

So basically recently ive been trying to play blade and sorcery and other games on pcvr, but this happens the most on blade and sorcery. When i play, sometimes my game gets a massive lag spike, and after wards when i move my head it starts to wobble or shake if thats how you want to call it. It is really annoying when it happens as several lag spikes happen after wards. Do you guys have any solutions?
im using quest 2 link, my specs are:
-Nvidia geforce rtx 2060
-intel core i5 10500h
-16gb ram
-windows 10
if you want me to make a video then i will
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2023.03.21 19:07 Eithrotaur [Online][5e] Experienced player looking to join a new campaign.

Hello all! I've been playing D&D on and off for about 6 years now and I'll be fully honest, I'm just getting real lonely, so I'm looking to join another campaign to make some friends and have adventures with. Now a little about me, I'm 18 years old, as I said I've been playing D&D for six years now, I mostly like to play frontline martial characters but I'm open to play anything that the party needs, I'm a kobold enthusiast and I also love dwarves. I'm also fine with NSFW elements in campaigns so that won't be a problem. I really love a campaign with a chill, fun atmosphere and lots of roleplaying, but I still enjoy my fair share of combat, questing and exploration. Above all I like to use D&D to have fun and to make new friends, so I hope whatever group I join is open to that. My timezone is EST but I'm open to any time, night or day to play. So if you've got a campaign and need another player, I hope you consider sending me a message.
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2023.03.21 19:06 Anonplox Glares or lines that move across vision in daylight, backlight or screens?

Hi everyone, for the past two years, or so, I’ve been dealing with a pesky floater(I think), in my left eye.
When indoors, or in moderately lit rooms, I don’t notice it, and my vision is fine.
However, when I am driving, looking at outdoor light, or looking at white screens, I see a “glare” that moves across the field of vision, and then settles away. It’s like a thin blurry white cloud that I can see drift across my vision.
But again, it only happens in bright light
It doesn’t look like a typical black eye floater, and only seems to appear when I shift my eyes quickly from one direction to another. If I look stationary, I don’t get bothered by it.
Has anyone else experienced a floater like this?
Two years ago I went to the eye doc, and he said he could see some floaters in my left eye, but other than that and a very mild astigmatism, my eyes looked super healthy.
I have another appointment for next week.
This is seriously annoying, making me feel super anxious when I see it, and is affecting my mental health. I’m a healthy 28/male.
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2023.03.21 19:06 Both-Engineer153 [TX] PCP forgot referral for surgury. Huge bill.

In 2021, I used the option to switch insurances. I had Ambetter until the end of June 2021 and Blue Cross Blue Shield starting July 2021.
Unfortunately, at the end of June 2021 I unexpectedly got a call from my dermatologist that a biopsy I had gotten in May was positive and they wanted me in ASAP for Moh's surgery. I informed them of the insurance switch and ask if there would be any issues. They said I would need to get approval from a PCP under my new HMO plan and made a note of the new insurance. Date was set for July 8th, but I could move if I couldn't get the referral in time.
I spent the next 2-3 days frantically calling a number of PCPs to see if they had any last minute appointments and would be willing to take me and make the referral. I found one on ZocDoc. Appointment made for July 5th.
Due to the proximity in dates, I asked if the referral would be processed in time. They said yes, don't worry about it. Offered to make any other referrals and got me scheduled for a future visit for a pap smear. Before leaving, I reclarified that they had handled everything with insurance for my surgery on Friday and was told yes, don't delay surgery, everything was done.
I have the surgery. Pay $500 at the facility. Then am surprised in August 2021 when I receive a four figure bill.
I call insurance and they say that my PCP never even submitted a referral for the dermatologist, only for two other non-related specialists. I call my PCP and they say, oops, there is nothing they can do, but to pay any bills I receive.
Do I have any recourse?
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2023.03.21 19:06 AmbitiousBikeRace My partner's relative lives with us and its driving me insane

Ill be using non-specific pronouns to keep this as anonymous as possible.
My partner and I are both young adults (M/F,28) and have been together for around 2 years.
For the first year, we would alternate between our two residences, but i've since moved in with them to cut significant costs on rent, commuting, etc. Living together is great and we get along well, but they have an elderly relative that lives with us too and im slowly getting more and more frustrated.
To start off, my partner and I pay the mortgage/property taxes, 2/3 of utilities, and wifi. The relative pays for most if not all of the tv provider (we dont watch it ourselves), 1/3 of utilities, and pays for the majority of the usual groceries, but I buy a lot of my own things due to different tolerances. My partner seems to think the relative pays for a lot of the expenses and is really the main reason the relative is still living here. I personally dont think so, because I know service and utility costs would be a lot less with them here (constantly leaves lights on, high water usage, tv is on 24/7, etc)
They are also in the position where they would like it to be just us in the house, but again, a lot of it comes down to expenses. We are planning on moving just the two of us to a different county as soon as we can, but a lot of my finances are currently tied up in paying off student debt and I wouldn't have enough for a down payment for another year or so.
I feel a lot of frustration towards the relative because I feel like I dont have any privacy, I cannot go into the kitchen to make myself anything without them coming and "coincidentally" needing to be in there too which leads to them hovering over me, or im struck with them constantly complaining about things no one has any control over and it is mentally and emotionally draining. The relative also treats my partner like a child, and will try to persuade me to be controlling towards them in the way a parent would, which I find is horribly disrespectful to our relationship. There is also a massive lack in communication, as im often expected by the relative to do certain tasks I dont mind doing, but they dont ask if I will do it that day (cooking, cleaning, yard work) and will just leave things out so I can deal with it. I cannot stress how annoying it is having all of the ingredients for dinner thawed and set out for the entire day with the expectation that its what im cooking, or even feel like having. The relative also gets extremely frustrated if I dont eat something they've made, which 9/10 times is because its something I cannot have without getting sick.
My partner knows I am frustrated and tells me to tell the relative off, but I feel like my frustrations would get the better of me in that situation and make things messy. Every time I bring this up, Im always told to make an appointment with the bank so we can move, knowing very well I dont have enough to even have a conversation about it. Or maybe I should get my own place. My partner also gets frustrated and stressed by the constant neediness from the relative, and having to be the bridge of communication between them and me because they cant be bothered to message me directly despite being fully capable of it.
Has anyone had any similar situations where they have had to live with a relative or roommate they didnt particularly like? I have no idea how long my mental/emotional state can hold up before I snap. I feel like the entire situation is taking away from mine and my partners intimacy because we're not truly on our own and the quality of our relationship is declining.
TL;DR Partner's relative lives with us and is putting a toll on my mental and emotional health
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2023.03.21 19:02 GreenSpearmint555 Subclass Quest Help

I've been working on the subclass crucible quests for all my characters and I have to say its a pain. Don't know if this is the right place to put it but I could use help with them. Any tips to quickly get the super multi-kills in crucible. Especially for Defender and Sunsinger. It's just a slog right now. Or if anyone would help me load into a free for all game mode and let me kill them a bunch? I'm not really that good at crucible so I'm just trying to find a way to make it easier.
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2023.03.21 18:57 Rebi22 Applying for E-visa outside of your residence country

I'm a Croatian citizen who is currently visiting Japan. I applied for e-visa at designated embassy which is in Budapest. When I called they told me I have to go to Japan Thai Embassy, however Thai official e-visa says I have to apply for Budapest branch based on my permanent residency.
Did anyone have this issue before?
I won't make it on time for my flight or Japan visa expiration date if I have to go to Japan Thai Embassy. (It takes 1 month to get appointment even)
Any help is much appreciated.
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2023.03.21 18:57 letsgokait Drive belt failure advice

Hey there Reddit- hoping someone can give me a little insight here. I have (had) a 2016 manual Kia Soul (~50k miles) that was having an issue with stalling while idling (red lights, stop signs, in a parking spot). No check engine light. In December I took it to a local Kia dealeservice center. They told me it was a timing issue. Took the engine apart and supposedly fixed this supposed timing issue (to the tune of $3k+) . Stalling kept happening and after a whoooole debacle of bringing it in and picking it up multiple times, they finally seemed to solve the problem by replacing a sensor. Pretty frustrating, and a total fiasco (one of the times I attempted to pick it up I couldn’t even drive it home because somehow a spark plug(s) went bad while in their care).
Now, less than 3 months later, my car breaks down while I’m driving it, total engine shut down. We tow it back to the dealership and they tell me the drive belt failed and has cracked the head gasket (which I assume means the engine is also a goner). They are trying to charge me for diagnostics, maintaining that the drive belt failure has nothing to do with the work they did to the engine. The thing is that they looked at the drive belt as part of their initial service back in December and said it looked fine but that I should bring it in “in the next year or so” to check it as part of regularly scheduled maintenance.
I know basically nothing about cars, but this whole things feels really fishy. I guess I have two questions- 1. Is it possible that anything they would have done while addressing the timing could have resulted in the drive belt failure? 2. Do they bear any responsibility for letting me drive away with a drive belt that was 3 months from failure?
Would really appreciate any insight. Not sure what to do now, but I want to be armed with a better idea of what may have happened before I make any decisions, and feeling like I can’t/don’t trust them at this point. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.21 18:56 Queen_Orange Just had an epidural nerve block, my last step before surgery

I (28F) just had my nerve block done this morning. My neurosurgeon told my husband and I that need surgery, but that I still have a little bit of strength in my leg and can try this first. It was even a surprise to me, considering my pain is an extreme 7-8 of 10 everyday with numbness and weakness for the last few months due to two large herniations. I’ve had this battle for 5 years so far and I have tried every conservative treatment but this one. I’ve been worried that I should have chosen surgery, but I didn’t, so I figured I’d make this post and update it as the week goes by to help others if they’re thinking about this procedure!
I also want to say before anything else, I was blessed and got a good neurosurgeon and pain management doctor. The herniations and pain are so bad that they squeezed me in for this procedure almost a month earlier than it should have been! I will always be thankful for these two doctors, their compassion, and for them trying to get me relief ASAP. Not everyone will be so lucky, so expect a longer wait time if you want to do this procedure.
Anyway, here we go. I went to the hospital for this and they put me to sleep with an IV to put in the injection in my back under an X-ray. They told me the injection can start working within a few days, but that it could be instant. I was hoping it would be instant… it wasn’t. I currently feel worse than when I went in I hate to say. I feel like I’ve been hit by a car, after being hit by a bus already from the large herniations I have, but they did warn me that it’s possible for the pain to get worse. They told me the injection can last a few weeks to a few months, but if it only lasts a few weeks I will say it isn’t worth doing for me sadly. The painful wait time, the stressful pre op prep, the increased pain… it wasn’t fun, especially since they told me once I was there that I’ll need to do PT to actually heal. (I tried PT already and didn’t work for me in the past. It sent me back to the ER, actually.)
If this injection doesn’t work, I can get a second one. I have an follow up appointment with the pain management doctor in a few weeks and I’ll tell him my PT concerns and any update on the injection itself. We will see how it goes and I will post updates. They’re trying to get me relief fast, and I’ll always appreciate them for that… but I fear that surgery is my only option for a normal life.
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2023.03.21 18:55 deannevee Trying to get a copy of my W-2 for previous year

I am applying for a mortgage, and the lender wants 2 years of 1040’s, plus the actual W-2’s associated with them.
My company was acquired at the end of 2021, so my 2021 W-2 is not maintained by the current company, nor do they know who it is maintained by—the Hmanagement company phone number they gave me for the old place connects to a totally different business.
I am really, really, really trying to avoid having to file a Form 4852 or making an appointment with a TAC because both of these options will take forever. The loan officer was unsure if sending the W-2 transcript would suffice, and advised that if they do request the real documents, they will need them within 14 days.
I know the SSA provides free copies for “SSA related reasons”….WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Does anyone here know? I do not want to pay $125 for a W-2.
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2023.03.21 18:54 Cute_Investigator_42 Three witnesses for accusations against appointed men?

Hi guys!
So I came across something while listening to a secretly-recorded judicial meeting on youtube last night that I’d never heard before and wanted to get your thoughts.
Do appointed men require THREE witnesses instead of the normal two in order to have action taken against them judicially?
An elder in this recording said as much – and I could not remember reading that anywhere in the Shepherd book.
But it would make total sense, because when my dad (an elder at the time) was DFd and wouldn’t confess to anything, the elders had me, my brother AND my mom testify on two separate occasions. I always thought it was because they were just wanting to increase their odds of getting two solid witnesses…but because elders NEVER tell you why you’re being asked to a meeting I didn’t know for sure.
My mom asked me over and over “why are they making all three of us do this AGAIN?”
It caused her so much distress to have to go through that more than once, and especially in front of my dad, the accused.
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2023.03.21 18:52 nostone3241 The connection between Freemasonry, Indian residential schools, the Indian wars, the Indian removal act, the Indian act and the Indians-as-Israelites theory.

My name is Thomas Saul, I am a member of the Skatin Nations tribe in British Columbia, Canada. I am of Salish, and European descent. I began this project around May 2021 when news broke about the Kamloops residential school where the remains of 215 children were allegedly found. As a teenager I briefly Attended Norkam secondary in Kamloops, and have friends and family who still live in Kamloops, so this hit close to home. Upon my research into The origin of this residential school I found that Israel wood Powell, a Freemason, was the Indian Superintendent at the time it was built. Four generations of my family attended residential schools, some in Port Alberni and some Mission City, so naturally I wanted to know more. I have come to the conclusion that Colonisation, Freemasonry, and residential schools go hand in hand. Its a Fact, both the United States and Canada would not exist without Freemasonry, Therefore many Freemasons played a leading role in the genocide of Indigenous Americans. “Freemasonry, as it exists in various forms all over the world, has a membership estimated at around 6 million worldwide.”
Genocide: The UN definition, which is used in international law, states that genocide is: "any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group," as such:(a) "Killing members of the group;"(b) "Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;"(c) "Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;"(d) "Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;"(e) "Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."
The supreme governor of the Church of England is the head of the Church of England, a position which is vested in the British monarch. The father of the Royal Proclamation of 1763 King George III was not a Freemason, George III had announced that the colonies would no longer seize Native lands or purchase them without treaties. Starting in 1763, no English settlers could legally travel through or acquire land west of the Appalachian Mountains. The proclamation specifically stated that Native Americans had been subject to “great Frauds and Abuses” and that their sovereignty should be protected. Freemason Thomas Jefferson in his list of 27 grievances accused the king saying “He has excited domestic Insurrections among us, and has endeavoured to bring on the Inhabitants of our Frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known Rule of Warfare, is an undistinguished Destruction, of all Ages, Sexes, and Conditions.’’ Thomas Jefferson did this to build support for the revolutionary act that the Declaration of Independence would represent. It was suspected that the Freemasons were behind the Boston Tea Party, the American War of Independence, the french revolution, and Napoleonic France triggering British prime minister William Pitt’s, the Unlawful Societies Act of 1799 where he aimed to see Freemasonry abolished. Some Freemasons addressed Pitt explaining how vast their membership is and its connection to Royalty and As a result, Freemasons were excluded from the Act, but lodges were obliged to return a list of members to the local Clerk of the Peace every year, which are recorded in the Quarter Sessions.1. King George IV reigned from the death of George III until 1830, he was the first of many British Freemason kings and was the head of the Anglican church. William IV, Edward VII, Edward VIII, George VI were also masons. In the 209 years since the Union of the Premier and Ancient Grand Lodges to form the United Grand Lodge of England, a member of the Royal Family has been its Grand Master for more than 150.
A Freemason warrant of constitution is the Document which authorizes or gives a Warrant to certain persons therein named to organize and constitute a Lodge, Chapter, or other Masonic Body. The first Warrant for a military Lodge was issued by the Grand Lodge of Ireland in 1732 to the First British Foot Regiment. Within a few years the Grand Lodge of Scotland and both the Grand Lodge of England, Modern and Ancient were issuing Warrants to military Lodges. In 1733, 18 men gathered at the Bunch of Grapes Tavern on King Street in Boston and organized the first Masonic Lodge in North America. The first record of a military Lodge Warrant being issued in the new world happened during the French and Indian Wars. It was issued by the then Provincial Grand Master at Boston to the 28th British Foot in an expedition against the French at Crown Point. Edward Cornwallis became founder in December 1748, of a military Lodge in his regiment, the 20th. Foot, No. 63, on the registry of the Grand Lodge of Ireland. The warrant was issued to Lord George Sackville, Lieut. Col. The Hon. Edward Cornwallis and Captain Milburne. When in 1759 this famous regiment gained new honors at the battle of Minden, that name was immediately adopted as the name of the lodge. Cornwallis’ second lodge was founded in Halifax early in 1750 or possibly earlier, under a “deputation” or dispensation from Major Erasmus James Philipps of the 40th. Regiment at Annapolis Royal, Provincial Grand Master for Nova Scotia under Henry Price of Boston. Of this lodge, known as the First Lodge, Cornwallis was the first Master. Cornwallis In October 1749, issued an order that came to be known as the Scalping Proclamation. His government would pay a bounty to anyone who killed a Mi’kmaq adult or child in a bid to drive them off mainland Nova Scotia.
Sir William Johnson, an agent for the British Indian Department met Joseph Brant, a 9-year-old Mohawk boy while doing a land deal with Joseph's father King Hendrick. Sir William eventually started a common-law relationship with Joseph's sister Molly giving him incredible power over her tribe. Johnson groomed young Joseph Brant to become a loyal warrior and eventually leader of the six nations tribe. At 13 years old Joseph accompanied Johnson on his first tour with the military. Missionary Samuel Occham, a student of Eleazar Wheelock (father of The Great Awakening) procured a 19-year-old Joseph Brant to attend Moore's Indian charity school in Lebanon Connecticut with the blessings and charity of William Johnson. Freemasons Benjamin Franklin and Benedict Arnold had also donated money to Wheelock’s cause. William was the British Crown's first superintendent of Indian Affairs for the colony in 1756 and Joseph Brant was appointed as a captain in the Indian Department. Many Freemason colonists were high-ranking military who waged many wars on the Indigenous American population, scientists say so many Indigenous people were killed as a result of colonization it caused a mini ice age. After the North American wars, many Freemasons took positions as Indian agents helping to remove and segregate the native population. Anyone who wanted access to the six nations had to go through Indian agent Sir William Johnson and his family which includes the Brant family and the Kerr family through various marriages. At one point Johnson proposed that the moor's Indian Charity School move from Lebanon, Connecticut, to Johnstown but it never happened. Eventually, Johnson withdrew the support for Wheelock. In a letter Wheelock had suggested to Lord Dartmouth "The Nations will not make war with us while their Children, and especially the Children of their chiefs are with us” Dartmouth college claims that In 1766, Johnson was invited to join the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (SPG), the largest and most influential Anglican missionary society in the 18th-century British-Atlantic world. He began working to place Anglican missionaries like Freemason and bishop Charles Inglis, rather than Congregationalist and Presbyterian ones, among the Six Nations. I believe Moore's dubbed “the great design” was the original model for the Mohawk Institute and the Canadian residential school system.
On April 10, 1766 Sir William Johnson was raised to the position of Master Mason of St Patrick's Lodge No. 4 where many Freemason Indian agents like John Butler, Guy Johnson, Sir John Johnson, William Johnson Kerr, Christian Daniel Claus, Gilbert Tice, George Croghan and A protégé of Reverend Eleazar Wheelock, Rev. Samuel Kirkland attended. In 1770 Johnson's fellow St Patrick's lodge Freemason Rev. Samuel Kirkland coincidentally parted ways with Wheelock and Moors charity school. Eventually Kirkland founded the Hamilton-Oneida Academy as a boys' school in central New York. In 1776 Joseph Brant was initiated into the Freemason fraternity in London England where it is rumoured a benefactor of Moors charity school king George III gave Brant his masonic apron. When Brant returned to Canada he became affiliated with Lodge No. 11 at the Mohawk village on the Grand River, of which he was the first Worshipful Master, and later affiliated with Barton Lodge No. 10. Joseph Brant invited fellow Freemason and grandson of Eleazar Wheelock to be a minister to the Mohawk. To Joseph It was imperative that Freemason Rev. Davenport Phelps was made minister of the Mohawks, so he reminded the Bishop, through Sir John, of the pledge which the Archbishop of Canterbury had made to him in the presence of the King, that whenever the Indians, by the erection of a church, should be ready for religious instruction, he would do all in his power to supply their wants. A Freemason named Rev. Robert Addison helped make this happen. Mr Addison, a relative of William Johnson, had been minister to the Six Nations and Joseph Brant and Freemason John Norton were his translators. Freemason Reverend Davenport Phelps and Jarvis Wheelock, the brother of Eleazar, were invited to Canada and granted land by Freemason and founder of the family compact John Graves Simcoe, the man behind the Simcoe patent. Mrs Simcoe in her Diary says, “In April of the following year Mary Brant (sister of Freemason Joseph Brant and common-law wife of Freemason Indian agent Sir William Johnson) successfully prescribed a favourite Indian remedy, the root of sweet flag (acorus calamus), for Governor Simcoe, who had been extremely ill with a persistent cough. The medicine relieved his malady “in a very short time. This brought the Brant family and Simcoe family close together. Davenport Phelps became the Worshipful Master of The Barton Lodge under Freemason William Jarvis and he was the first chaplain at the Mohawk Chapel. Davenport was the leader of many Indian agents who were members of The Barton Lodge. I suspect Davenport's mission was to help with the so-called Indian problem.
Chief Joseph Brant has been accused on many occasions of selling off land for his own enrichment and in a lot of cases he sold land to Freemasons. He granted 999-year leases to many families, the Nelles, the Young’s, the families of Adam Young UE, his three sons, Lieutenant John Young (Indian department) UE, Sergeant Daniel Young UE, and Private Henry Young UE, along with Captain Henry William Nelles UE and his families (Rev. Abraham Nelles). Many of these Indian agents were members of The Barton Lodge. Both Captain Henry William Nelles UE and Adam Young UE, fourth great-grandfather of Robert Collins McBride UE, were also the first Freemasons to settle in Haldimand County. Freemasons Robert Kerr and Rev. Robert Addison, William Kennedy Smith, also had land there. "There were very few outright legal sales of our land; 90 per cent of the leased land has never been paid for or paid to Six Nations," according to a research document prepared by Six Nations. Many Freemasons were involved with the Simcoe patent and the Haldimand Proclamation. Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe stated that the Indians could not lease their land since British subjects could lease land only from British subjects. Freemason William Jarvis signed the Haldimand proclamation, Freemason Thomas Ridout surveyor-general was behind the Ridout survey, Freemason Sir Peregrine Maitland lieutenant governor informed them that they had no title to the northern part of the grant, Freemason John Butler acted as an agent of purchase on behalf of the government, Freemason chief John Brant) and Freemason Robert Johnson Kerr finally went to England to lobby on behalf of the Six Nations.
Freemasons King George IV, and King William IV, reigned from January 29 1820 to June 20 1837. The idea of residential school was brought forward by the Freemason Governor of Upper Canada, Sir Peregrine Maitland, within the context of a proposal he made in 1820 to the Colonial Office "for ameliorating the condition of the Indians in the neighbourhood of our settlements." Maitland's proposal contained most of the civilising concepts and techniques that would be adopted in the next three decades. The American Freemason, President Andrew Jackson succeeded in pushing the Indian Removal Act through the United States Congress in 1828 leading to the trail of tears. John Brant solicited help from the New England company to build the Mohawk institute, the first residential school in Canada. The mohawk institute operated from 1831 to June 27, 1970. John Brant appointed Rev. Abraham Nelles son of Freemason Robert Nelles as principal of the Mohawk Institute. Abraham after over 30 years was succeeded by Freemason Robert Ashton. Oronhyatekha aka Peter Martin was also a Freemason and played an important role in the development of the Mohawk Institute. The Arthur of the Historical sketch of the Barton Lodge, No. 6, G.R.C., A.F. and A.M., says “the name of Brother John Brant is connected with important events in the history of Canadian Masonry.” John Brant is responsible for the formation of at least 12 residential schools in Ontario, while Freemason Israel Powell the superintendent of Indian affairs in British Columbia Powell “was able to boast that the government had established seventeen Indian schools, one for each year in office.”. Powell sought to establish several boarding schools across the province and particularly pushed for creating a school in Kamloops to address communities in the province’s interior.The school opened in Kamloops in 1890 and became one of the largest residential schools operated by Indian Affairs. The Freemason Organisation is vicariously liable for all abuses in those residential schools.
In 1837 a Rebellion in Upper Canada was led by William Lyon Mackenzie, who was a fierce critic of Simcoe’s Family Compact, an elite clique of businessmen and many Freemasons. Mackenzie opposed a system of land grants that favored settlers from Britain. Many Freemasons such as William Botsford Jarvis and Sir Allen Napier Macnab who was Joint premier of the Province of Canada helped stop this rebellion. Sir Allen Macnab was succeeded by Freemason Sir John A. Macdonald as Joint Premier. This Rebellion of 1837, this triggered the 6th generation Freemason Lord Durham to write The Durham Report, he was appointed governor in chief of British North America. In his 1839 Report on the Affairs of British North America, he recommended that Upper and Lower Canada be united under a single Parliament, with responsible government. In 1863 a steamboat named the Brother Johnathan) carried smallpox from San Francisco to British Columbia killing 1/3rd of the Native population. Many Freemasons like Thomas Harris the first mayor of Victoria, Israel Wood Powell who served in the Victoria Rifle Volunteer Corps which was established to protect the colony from the indigenous population, Amor De Cosmos who was the extremely racist editor of The Daily British Colonist, and Ronald J. NcDonell clerk for magistrate Pemberton who forced The Nuu-chah-nulth to leave their camp, escorted by two gunboats. There are many many more who may have purposefully mishandled the smallpox epidemic of 1863. British freemason Edward Jenner created the life-saving smallpox vaccine but on the other hand Freemasons Jeffrey Amherst and Col Henry Bouquet have been accused of distributing smallpox contaminated blankets to their enemies.
As early as 1866 Israel W. Powell, with his colleague Amor De Cosmos, had proposed confederation with the Canadian colonies. Israel Wood Powell, Superintendent of Indian affairs also outlawed potlatching an indigenous ceremony In British Columbia. Following the Lord Durham’s report, Freemason Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon proposed The British North America Act, 1867 Under section 91(24) of the Constitution Act, 1867, the federal government has exclusive legislative authority for "Indians, and Lands reserved for the Indians." Of the 36 Fathers of the Canadian confederation, 11 were Freemasons. One being Freemason Sir John A. Macdonald, He was named by the United Grand Lodge of England as their Grand Representative near to the Grand Lodge of Canada. Sir John A. Macdonald took a page from American Freemason Andrew Jackson's book by removing the Indigenous people from their land. He was proud that he was able to subdue the Indigenous people with less blood shed than his American brethren. One Of Macdonald's Legacies is the Canadian Pacific Railway which displaced many tribes across Canada. Sir John A. Macdonald's campaign promise in the 1870s was that he would have a railway built that would link the country from coast to coast. Freemasons Richard Marpole, Sir Sandford Fleming, Sir George J.A. Bury And the Chinese Freemasons of Vancouver and Alberta made Macdonald’s promise come true. As quickly as the railroad was laid Freemason lodges were erected. Louis Riel a Métis hero, led two resistance movements against the Government of Canada and its Freemason Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald. Riel sought to defend Métis rights and identity. The Wolseley expedition was a military force authorized by Sir John A. Macdonald to confront Louis Riel and had been dispatched to Red River under Freemason Colonel Garnet Joseph Wolseley. Another of Mcdonald's legacies is the North West Mounted Police. Macdonald established the N.W.M.P in 1873 which boasted 750 Freemason members in its time. He claimed that “it was intended to have a body of mounted rifles to protect the people from the chance of an Indian war.’’ Meanwhile, The Pacific Scandal, the first major post-Confederation political scandal in Canada, Sir John Macdonald and senior members of his Conservative Cabinet were accused of accepting election funds for the contract to build the C.P rail.
The near completion of the railway allowed troops from eastern Canada to quickly arrive in the territory causing Riel to surrender to Canadian forces. The NWMP barracks was where Louis Riel was detained after his arrest in 1885 for leading the North-West Rebellion. Many Freemasons were involved in the defeat of Louis Riel. The RCMP museum had a display of the noose which hung Riel. Macdonald said this about Riel "He shall die though every dog in Quebec barks in his favor." John A. Macdonald is also one of the fathers of the Canadian Indian act First passed in 1876. In 1879 Freemason Nicholas Flood Davin wrote the Report on Industrial Schools for Indians and Half-Breeds, otherwise known as The Davin Report. An amendment to the Indian Act in 1894 under Freemason Prime Minister Sir Mackenzie Bowell, made attendance at day schools, industrial schools, or residential schools compulsory for First Nations children, resulting in over 100000 Indigenous children being forcefully removed from their families by Indian agents and the RCMP. From 1740 to 1896 The Mexican government's response to the various uprisings of the Yaqui tribe have been likened to genocide particularly under Freemason Porfirio Diaz. Due to slavery and massacre, the population of the Yaqui tribe in Mexico was reduced from 30,000 to 7,000 under Diaz's rule. One source estimates at least 20,000 out of these Yaquis were victims of state murders in Sonora. It was during this period of the conflict that the United States Army fought the last battle of the American Indian Wars, the final battle being the Wounded Knee Massacre December 29, 1890, and in the subsequent Drexel Mission Fight the next day. In recent history the statues of Freemason John A. Macdonald, Freemason Edward Cornwallis, Freemason George Washington, Freemason Lawrence Sullivan Ross, Freemason Robert E. Lee and Andrew Jackson have all been vandalized but no mention of their affiliation to the Freemasons in the news. We can't point fingers at the church or government without first confirming whether or not the accused are Freemasons. The Order of the Eastern Star, Job's Daughters, and Rainbow Girls are masonic fraternities for women such as the daughter, widow, wife, sister, or mother of a Master Mason. All masons will cry out that Freemasonry has nothing to do with what an individual member has done, yet they all praise these men and prop them up as heroes. Freemasons claim to have superior morality compared to the average person, that they are the most honorable men on the planet, yet they refuse to acknowledge their members role in the genocide of the Indigenous Americans.
You may believe Freemasons are irrelevant nowadays but that is far from true. Winston Churchill is regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century. Churchill was initiated into Studholme Lodge No. 1591 on 24 May 1901. He said of the Pashtun people “all who resist will be killed without quarter,” Pashtun territory was occupied by the British in 1848 and divided into two areas. Winston Churchill's policies caused a famine that claimed more than 3 million Indian lives during the The Bengal famine of 1943. President Harry Truman, known as one of the most dedicated men to have joined Masonry on the morning of August 6, 1945, ordered an American B-29 bomber to drop two atomic bombs over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The two bombings killed between 129,000 and 226,000 people, most of whom were civilians. John Edgar Hoover, more commonly referred to as J. Edgar Hoover, was an American attorney and director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Hoover was raised on November 9th 1920 in Federal Lodge No. 1 in Washington D.C. In 1919 Hoover became the head of the Bureau of Investigation's (predecessor of the FBI) new General Intelligence Division. The division was also called the Radical Division because it was the task of the division to find radical elements in American society to monitor and disrupt their activities. The Duke of Kent was initiated as a Freemason in Royal Alpha Lodge No. 16 in London on 16 December 1963. The Duke of Kent, is now UGLE’s longest-serving Grand Master. The Duke’s brother, Prince Michael of Kent, is also a Freemason and is Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, and Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex. On 6 March 1953, HRH Prince Philip progressed to the Second Degree of Freemasonry, before advancing to the Third Degree on 4 May 1953.
I encourage those who have been affected by the actions of Freemasons to begin a class action lawsuit against this organization in what ever country, state or province you live in and hold Freemasonry accountable for genocide. The first thing a Freemason will say when presented with this evidence is you don't know how masonry operates, that the lodge is not responsible for individual members actions. That is exactly what the Catholic church said before the Canadian Court of Appeal on July 28, 2020 had found the Archdiocese vicariously liable for abuses committed by a civilian employee. I witnessed countless people stand up against the Catholic Church for what they have done and the Pope came to Canada and apologized. Now it's time to turn your sight toward Freemasonry. You must understand that all Freemasons on the American contenent have greatly benefited from the genocide of Indigenous Americans.
“ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's acceptance of an inquiry's finding that Canada committed genocide against Indigenous people could have tremendous legal impact if a court ever weighs Ottawa's responsibility for crimes against humanity, experts say.”
"I didn't use the word genocide because it didn't come to mind but I described genocide," Pope Francis told reporters on the papal flight from Iqaluit to Rome on Friday.
“The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.”
President John F. Kennedy
“President Kennedy issued an Executive Order prohibiting use of facilities on military bases by groups not integrated. The result was to bar Masonic lodges from using the bases.” Masonic Parallels with History - A Chronology of General and Masonic History by Alphonse Cerza. themasonictrowel
Freemasonry in Nova Scotia
Freemasonry at the Two Sieges of Louisbourg 1745 and 1758
Freemasonry in Quebec
Sir William Johnson, the Brant family, the Kerr family and the British Indian Department
Mohawk Institute (Mush Hole)
The rebellion of 1837
Manitoba Freemasons
Saskatchewan Freemasons
North-West Rebellion
Provincial Premiers Alberta masons
The Canadian Pacific Railway
Smallpox epidemic of 1862
British Columbia Freemasons
Freemason Prime Ministers
American Freemasons and the genocide of the
Indigenous peoples.
Spanish Freemasons
Royal Freemasons
300 Years of Freemasonry Celebrated at Royal Albert Hall Global Event
Freemasonry according to Masons.
The Fourth Council of Toledo Canon 60 and Indian Residential Schools
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2023.03.21 18:52 llbiggs Anyone know of an effective way to contact restaurant and hotel owners/managers?

I run a business that helps restaurant and hotel owners/managers build and retain a strong clientele. At the moment we only make cold calls and send out mailers to contact these business owners. Is there anyone out there familiar with this industry and has experience setting up multiple appointments in a more efficient strategy?
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2023.03.21 18:52 jtlcr777 Fellow Magic: the Gathering nerds, what color(s) do we think Joe is?

For those of us who don't know: in the cars game Magic: the Gathering, there are 5 colors of mana. White, blue, black, red, and green. Mechanically each color does it's own thing in the game, but outside the game each color has its philosophy on life.
So fellow MtG nerds, what colors do we think Joe is?
Joe is a literature and book lover, so the love of an art form could make him red. His unending quest to find his perfect love also seems to fit with red's desire to chase dreams and not think about the consequences.
Joe may also be black as he easily sacrifices people's lives to save his own skin. Anytime he is in danger if being exposed, he isn't afraid to kill that person.
But could Joe have any white in him as well? There are times where Joe does something because he believes it's the "right" thing, especially when it comes to innocent characters like Paco and Elle. Killing Paco's abusive father could be considered a "white" move as Joe believes he was saving him. Sending money to Elle as compensation seems white as well.
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2023.03.21 18:51 GuineaPigmalion If a vet tech drops an animal, should they tell the veterinarian? And what should the tech do? Tech dropped my hamster, I am not sure if her reaction was appropriate.

Species: dwarf hamster
Age: 2
Sex/neuter status: intact female
Breed: 'sunfire'
Body weight: healthy
History: got dropped by vet tech, she is fine, still alive
Clinical signs: n/a
Duration: n/a
Location: Boston
Links: n/a
Hi! I am studying to be a vet tech right now. I want to know how I should've handled a certain situation as a client, and how the vet tech should've handled it. Basically -- was what happened something I should've complained about and to who?
I have a dwarf hamster. I had taken her to this veterinary clinic before. It is considered one of the best in my area, recommended by other pet owners I know, and they do handled small animals.
On her previous visit, the establishment of care, she was great. Due to COVID regulations, I had to drop her off and wait outside the clinic. I was not present for the appointment, but, the clinic actually called me and had someone narrate what was going on! I didn't even push for that, it was offered, which is awesome.
According to them, she was surprisingly friendly, especially for a female dwarf hamster. She sat still for them, had no issues getting in and out of her carrier.
We trusted this clinic and we trusted our hamster.
The Drop
Hamster went in to get her nails clipped. We explicitly made sure that whoever was seeing her was able to do this, because I know hamsters are an exotic, and hey -- we don't want someone who is not comfortable with a procedure doing it!
My husband took her in.
According to him, what happened was:
The vet techs took my hamster out of her carrier on the exam table. She was fine.
They went to clip her nails. They did not place a box under her.
She slipped out of their grip. (I do not blame them for this! Even when my hamster is well behaved and curious, she can slip because she climbs up the hand. It happens. That is not in their control.)
And...because there was no box underneath her, she hit the table, ran off the table and fell, hard, and freaked out.
That's about a one foot drop, followed by a three foot drop. And my hamster is maybe four inches. Maybe.
My husband said that he managed to get the hamster back in her carrier, carried her straight home, put her back in her habitat, made sure there was fresh food and water.
While he was getting the hamster into her carrier, the vet tech just stood there and cried. She did not do any exams on her to ensure she was okay. The veterinarian did not get involved and may not have even been alerted.
Note my hamster did not die or sustain permanent injuries that I know of.
My questions from a client perspective
I have not used this clinic since. Is that reasonable?
Is it standard practice for people cutting small mammal nails to ensure there is some type of container underneath the animal, so an animal cannot yeet itself right off the exam table?
What should the vet tech have done after my hamster hit the floor?
Was it unprofessional of the vet tech to just stand there and cry? Or to cry at all?
What should've been done after my hamster fell in terms of exams?
Should the veterinarian have been alerted to the fall? And what should the veterinarian have done?
And now, the Karen question...
Should I have reported this incident to the clinic's owner myself, or to some other entity like the NAVTA? What would a report have lead to?
This wouldn't've been to punish this person. It would be so that they would be retrained or, so that the incident would be recorded in case the person has a history of dropping animals.
I think it's important than any animal professional does not make the mistake of not properly restraining an animal. I don't know if a box underneath a hamster counts as a manual or a mechanical restraint given it isn't attached to the animal.
My questions from a vet tech student perspective
If I was the tech in the situation, what should I have done to avoid this? And what should I have done if this happened?
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2023.03.21 18:49 Beosar What should I spend $5000 on to improve my game?

Let's say I've got 5000 bucks and don't trust myself with financial or gamedev decisions because I've been wrong almost every single time for some reason. What would I spend the money on?
I'm a programmer, so that part I can do myself. I can also write some stories, i.e. quests. So I would assume the best choice would be better character models (e.g something like this instead of, well, this) and animations and better images for the store page (e.g. more like this than this), but I'm not sure.
After that, I should probably make a better trailer, maybe hire someone to help me with that.
I would appreciate any advice.
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