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(Part 22 of a series) The Retail Punishment in Clovis

2022.12.22 19:43 Timely_Huckleberry97 (Part 22 of a series) The Retail Punishment in Clovis

This is a brief, targeted instalment, covering a few points of interest, and then a CALL TO ACTION. This is a TIME-SENSITIVE post, please help get this in front of as many investors as possible, so we all can PROTECT OUR OWN INTERESTS.
First the TLDR, followed by the lowdown…
Do you wonder why Pat Mahaffy has gone down this BK route? The reasons may surprise you. At the very basis of the BK filing is a corrupt intent, which can be pursued and uncovered in a court setting. If you wish to ensure that shareholder interests are represented in BK, I STRONGLY URGE you to join the group formed by eddioo at Stocktwits. Deadine is Dec 23, FRIDAY.
(1) What is Pat’s interest in going the BK route?
Many folks on the message boards seem to be in disbelief about why Pat would go the BK route? Here’s my opinion:
Pat and others on Clovis management are fully aware of the strength of their assets and would like a larger piece of the pie before they would allow a complete sale! With the authorized share ceiling nearly tapped out, they have made no less than four attempts in two years to have it increased but rejected each time.
Do you have any doubt that if the ceiling was raised, Pat, the BOD and his cronies would have taken large number of shares and options for themselves? Since it has been repeatedly blocked, they are now attempting to WIPE OUT the existing shareholders who have blocked their agenda. The goal is to get a new set of shareholders who would hopefully be more supportive of their agenda. Even otherwise, the terms of the restructuring itself could set aside a large chunk of equity for Pat and his cronies.
People assume that all shareholders are alike. Wrong! You and I can get wiped out and that’s the end of the road. Pat’s shares will also get wiped out, but he can turn around and get a large block of equity awarded soon after the BK event, at historically low prices. That is the KEY difference that allows him to shaft the existing shareholders and bring in a new set.
So, there is an aspect of revenge here, and doing a ‘reset’ with a clean slate. If you don’t want to be at the receiving end of this malfeasance, join the Clovis investors group which is a combined front ONLY for shareholder interest.
(2) The very foundation of these BK proceedings is a corrupt intent
The bankruptcy process is being abused by Pat Mahaffy, and I would liken it to a slow motion crime-in-progress. To understand the reason for this bold statement, consider the following:
The bankruptcy courts are meant to protect the interest of both creditors and the businesses that are debtors. The basis is that it is no longer ‘a going concern’, and some asset sale or restructuring is needed.
If, however, a company chooses to enter bankruptcy proceedings when the valuation of its assets is FAR GREATER than the creditor’s claim, then the company management is willfully engaging in a behavior completely opposite to fiduciary duties. There are both CIVIL and CRIMINAL aspects to such behavior.
There are many, many aspects to this, which I have covered in the past, and more that I will share with attorneys, but I will only tease you with a tidbit:
Tesaro was a $5 billion acquisition by Glaxo. Their PARPi is Zejula. Do you know what this drug pulled in most recently? $140 mn in the latest quarter, annualized to $560 mn, a half a billion in revenues!! Zejula is only in the second place, Lynparza in first place has annualized revenues for Ovarian Cancer of over a billion dollars.
Zejula’s strong showing is the result of the molecule from the Tesaro acquisition and the clinical, regulatory, and marketing muscle of GSK.
And here we have Pat Mahaffy downplaying his company’s drug even when some recent meta-analysis has indicated that Rubraca may be the best-in-class PARPi! As the court action proceeds, Pat Mahaffy will be put into situations where he either has to misrepresent the strength of the Ruca asset, or he has to admit that the bankruptcy filing was not the correct avenue with the assets at their disposal. Pat is on thin ice as the future legal action will make clear.
As I have said, there are MANY MANY other angles, but I will not tip my hand in advance, all of that for later.
(3) No time to waste. Make sure your interests are represented
Now that it is well understood that Pat Mahaffy is out to decimate shareholder interests, we need to vociferously fight back to make sure we get a return on our investment. If you are so inclined, please get your own counsel and get standing in the proceedings. However, for the large majority of investors it makes sense to band together in one large group and mount a strong legal challenge.
Broadly speaking, there are two outcomes:
(a) The final outcome is such that a bankruptcy is averted, and some other option emerges that protects the interests of all current shareholders.
(b) The bankruptcy does get approved with the restructuring that it entails, but at the same time this group of investors does get a sizable payout for the appropriate valuation and dispositioning of the company assets.
You want to make sure that in either situation you come out ahead. Make no mistake, if you are not part of the investor group, you would have a zero payout if outcome (b) were to pass. Pat would continue with his new entity after wiping out existing shareholders.
I strongly urge you to join the group being mobilized by EDDIOO on Stocktwits. I had a long and detailed conversation with him yesterday and am fully convinced that he is working in the best interest of Clovis investors. He himself has a sizable holding in Clovis, and through our mobilizing, we will have a large enough group that will have standing in front of the court.
Do not be distracted or confused by people who are somehow casting doubt on the organizing effort. I want to let you know that this mobilization of Clovis investors IS REAL and HAS TEETH.
Do not miss the deadline of getting into the group! Go to Stocktwits and read the posts of EDDIOO on how to put your share count on the record. I am vouching for his effort and will be fully supporting the legal effort through my posts.
One request for my readers please: Please post on other forums that my Part 22 is posted and people can come to Reddit under user Timely_Huckleberry97 to read it. This is time-sensitive information that needs to reach people urgently so they can meet the deadline for joining the group. I used to be able to post on Yahoo but cannot any longer. Please reference this part 22 on sites like Twitter, Yahoo, Investor Place, Cafepharma and others so we let people know of the group that has been formed. I am planning to post my instalments ONLY on the closed investor group in future. Thanks in advance!
One last thing: some misleading usernames have been created on Stocktwits. Make sure you look for the exact username eddioo and look through his recent postings.
Here’s to the good fight. SPAARTAAAAAA!
I am here until CLVS is acquired. And for you, my only recommendation is: Choose wisely!
Poster: Jacaranda Bloom
Reddit user ID (bookmark or follow): Timely_Huckleberry97
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2022.01.23 06:18 Teejaye83 Indivior Internal Pharma Forums (Cafe Pharma)

Just some light Sunday afternoon reading.

Cafe Pharma - Indivior Pages

Above is a forum where Indivior pharma reps post anonymously. And I swear, I've heard less bitching in a clinic methadone line.
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2021.03.14 09:59 Doggity Big Monday? Some thoughts on recent volume and more

Shitpost flair because these thoughts aren’t really worth of my next DD post, but may prove interesting. At least it’s the shortest weekend of the year.
Volume was my biggest reason for investing in txmd now despite all the research I did. I was playing with an entry point, but entered a majority of my positions in March around 1.50.
The reason I didn’t wait is because txmd has been seeing unprecedented volume since early December.
It really kicked off in January, but the past couple weeks in particular have been the most interesting imo.
Even on the way down during the market correction txmd was up premarket and would open green and then close red. What I saw as a critical three days were March 1-3 where it would open high and close flat, on high volume. Here’s a link for those wishing to follow along.
We finally saw movement the past two trading days that made sense for the volume. A .20 gain on 10 million volume with very little resistance along the way, but spread out over about three hours. I’m not sure what leaked or if a major short position was closed, but we saw the price stick on Friday with once again more volume on a climb, followed by a low volume selloff in the final hours.
I went in for another $5,000 in shares, which I intend to hold for at least a year or two.
By far the most interesting site I found while scavenging for any dirt was
It would make any nonbeliever consider selling tbh. I was even a little rattled at first. After reading a bit more I got the vibe it was a combination of low level employees, bag holders, and denied interview candidates.
In other news, we saw txmd covered by a ton of small time stock sites mostly with auto generated bot articles but the coverage can’t be bad.
I’d love to hear all your thoughts.
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2020.07.03 18:17 ResidentSmartass Does Anybody Have Screenshots of Dr. Maurice Wolin's Old Dating Profiles?

Shortly after his wife divorced him, Dr. Maurice Wolin (talldreamy_doc) set up profiles on multiple dating sites where he was wearing a toupée and leather jacket, lying about his age, and calling himself "Marco."
I did manage to find one of his profiles, but apparently the rest have vanished without a trace:
I also found a forum post by a woman who allegedly dated him:
If anybody here has any pics or screenshots from his other profiles, I would greatly appreciate the laugh.
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2018.02.20 23:34 cbanking Want to talk anonymously about your job/bank?

Sometimes when you want to be completely candid about what is going on with your bank you may be concerned about being found out. Our message boards at are completely anonymous. We do not record IP addresses, do not require login, etc.
We have run a large community site for medical industry employees for more than 17 years at cafepharma. We want to do the same for bank and finance employees.
If you check out the site, please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions. I would be glad to answer any questions here.
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2017.09.30 11:36 Alasbabylon103 Proof that pharma hires shills and it is not just your Doctor!

Story at-a-glance News outlet STAT published an op-ed piece praising pharma sales reps, but didn’t disclose that its supposed author had received more than $300,000 from drug companies in recent years Further investigation revealed the article was ghostwritten at the behest of the Alliance for Patient Access (AfPA), a group that receives money from close to 30 drug companies Washington D.C.-based PR firm Keybridge Communications was also involved, and it’s becoming increasingly common for drugs companies to hire PR firms to spin out industry friendly propaganda disguised as independent or expert opinions
Here are the hired guns being themselves on a forum dedicated to the pharma industry. See the money hungry "professionals" who work for pharma. The People who will trick an unsuspecting population for profit, regardless of the harm they are inflicting. , Scientists, CEOs, Politicians, even your friendly neighborhood doctor, all under the guise of patient care. Shills are everywhere and this is proof, it is not just online bots either. Enjoy. There is a board for every manufacturer, and sub category of the pharma industry in the link below. You will be so impressed at their professionalism and sense of ethics. NOT! It will horrify you. The link below will show you the shills that shill the shills being themselves.
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2013.10.08 18:24 Aids-in-my-bum How Oxycontin prescribing was shoved down doctors throats by dirty Purdue drug reps.

I have been lurking on a site where drugs reps from Purdue gather and talk about the company and the damage it has unleashed on society they tend to post anonymously and use intitials when talking of these dirty reps. We all know where it is now in terms of abuse,but I had a yearning to dig deeper,to understand how it all started,some of these reps worked for the company when Oxycontin was first introduced in 1996, these are some of there stories:
This Post is titled: What really happened In Florida with Oxycontin 05-13-2013
In 1996 WF promoted CS (rep in Ohio) to be the new DM for the Miami District. WF had somehow been promoted to DM after less than a year carrying the bag and was primarily known for firing a bunch of reps in Minnesota. Because of his reputation as a hatchet manager Purdue promoted him to Southeast RM where he languished in the shadows of Russ G (Western RM).
CS used the Cortez 1519 burning of the ships story to light a fire under his reps to put 100% into selling OxyContin versus MS Contin - failure was not an option.
At the 1997 National Meeting Formal Dinner someone forgot to set up a table for the Miami District and they had nowhere to eat. CS used this slight to establish an "us against the world" mentality for his team.
CS taught the unapproved "increase OxyContin dose by 100%" if patient self-reported high pain score. The OxyContin p.i. stated 25-50% increases were allowable.
It went something like this. "Doctor, what is the highest dose of OxyContin you have ever prescribed?" "20mg Q12h", "Doctor, if the patient tells you their pain score is still high you can increase the dose 100% to 40mg Q12h, will you do that?" "Okay" "Doctor, what if that patient them came back and said their pain score was still high, did you know that you could increase the OxyContin dose to 80mg Q12h, would you do that?" "I don't know, maybe" "Doctor, but you do agree that you would at least Rx the 40mg dose, right?" "Yes"
The next week the rep would see that same doctor and go through the same discussion with the goal of selling higher and higher doses of OxyContin. Miami District reps have told me that on work sessions with CS they would sit in the car and role play for as long as it took until CS was convinced the rep was delivering the message with perfection.
It didn't take long for the Miami District to move up the rankings and they finished #1 in OxyContin sales for 1997. Since a 80mg script sold for 8x a 10mg script and all bonus payouts were based on dollar growth it didn't take a genius to realize that selling the higher strengths was a path to riches.
This super success of the Miami District led to Purdue creating new districts in JAX, Orlando, FL panhandle and a 2nd S Florida District in Ft L which CS took over. Purdue kept cutting territories and adding more headcount in FL to cash in. Primarily as the result of the Florida miracle, WF won RM of the year 3x and got promoted to National Sales Director.
What was the result of all this besides a lot of S FL Purdue salespeople getting rich? Death, destruction, ruined lives was the end result. This is why greed is one of the 7 deadly sins. Do your own research into what happened in Florida over the last 17 years and come to your own conclusion.
So CS got a conscience and the company that loves him so much moved him out of FL and gave him a sweet Director's job in development where he never again has to see the daily effects of the trail of destruction.
WF somehow convinced himself through rationalizing and maybe therapy that he did nothing wrong and counts the days to his retirement.
Anonymous comment: I was at Purdue when we launched Oxycontin and left the company after 7 years in 1998. I resigned just a few weeks after returning from the London Toppers trip, my second Toppers trip in back to back years. I did very well with Oxycontin, but the vast majority of mine was for cancer patients at a large cancer hospital. I was in one of the states with a triplicate law so we didn't have any of the pill mills you see in Florida. Florida is truly like a different country when it comes to narcotic prescribing and dispensing. As well as I did at Purdue, the reps in Florida were making 250k, way more than the reps in the rest of the country. I don't know if it is true or not that CS promoted "doubling the dose", but I do know that this type of promotion would not have worked in most states. It definitely would not have worked in my state if I was unethical enough to try it, which I'm not. There are so many unethical criminal doctors in south Florida that it seems anything goes there. The state of FL only just passed a law 2 years ago - FINALLY -to set up a monitoring system for narcotic prescriptions. Prior to that, they had none. Most states have had one in place for many years. I was a super star at PF at the time that I resigned and WF was my regional manager for a long time, but JA was my regional manager when I resigned and he begged me not to leave. It was a tough decision for me to resign; Purdue had been a great company for most of my tenure there. I had a great DM for the first 5 years and there was very little micromanagement and the company was generous and paid very well. And they had great products and a great reputation. I never would have wanted to leave, but I made the decision to walk away after the company announced to us that we would start promoting Oxycontin for acute pain. I tried, as did several other reps in good standing, to talk the company out of this decision. We told them that it would lead to addiction problems and eventually would hurt the reputation of the company and of the drug - Oxycontin. I believed in the drug and I had seen MS Contin and Oxycontin work miracles on very tragic patients at the Cancer Center's pain clinic. When prescribed appropriately, it is an incredibly good drug. But prescribing for acute pain is wrong; it is the wrong indication for that drug. The doctors who prescribe meds for acute pain are not pain specialists and I knew they would not titrate down appropriately and addiction would become a huge problem. I thought it was unethical for PF to make that decisi on and it was about nothing more than greed. Oxycontin was already doing really well and had become the company's first billion dollar drug, so it was completely unnecessary to change the indication. I could not participate in promoting it that way, so I resigned without even having another job. Of course, within 2 years of leaving, everything I predicted came true and Oxycontin became the headline in every newspaper in the country. Michael Friedman and other executives were fined millions by the FDA an they deserved it in my opinion. Too bad Jim Lang wasn't fined, too. I miss the old days at Purdue, though. It's really such a shame. It was a really great company with really great people once upon a time. But the whole industry has gone to Hell in a hand basket since then, so at least PF is in good company.
CS brought more money to Purdue than any of the other managers--he sold more Oxy due to outrageous increases in dosages--even up to 9600 mg q12h. After all, at that dose, the sales are 960x what a 10 mg dose goes for. CS should not have only been fired, but held up before America's town square so that those who've lost loved ones could tar and feather him themselves (or pray for his sole, as I know many would). CS is almost single-handedly responsible for the outrageously high doses that led to the pervasive abuse that was and still is Oxycontin. I would love to know how high of a dose Medicaid and other insurances were suckered into paying for. I would love it if someone did an investigation into this and possible more sanctions against Purdue management. I remember sitting at a round table with others from my district in a regional meeting while everyone would stand up and state the highest dose that they had suckered a doctor to prescribe. The entire region!! And of course, CS's district had the highest dose (see above)
If there is demand for more posts similar I would be happy to dig around more and answer specific questions I would also like to do an AMA with one of these reps,I am wondering if there would be any interest in that.
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