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2023.03.22 07:30 TheSajuukKhar Ten Forward Weekly 3/21/2023

  1. The environment team looking at the map and deciding if it looks good enough, or if its janky/needs some fixes. Spend several weeks doing that.
  2. Content would have to track down all associated bugs like critters warping in, fading out, then warping back in again. That's a big question mark since Cryptic doesn't know what causes it, and thus, how long it will take to fix.
  3. In regards to refreshing the content itself would require things like. Bringing in a voiced characteactor to be a liaison for the DSEs. Have the writer write up different text for each type of DSE. Couple days for writing, a couple days for recording, a couple days for the audio team to set audio levels and hook it all up. Character reaction has to sculpt their likeness, even if its a mini contact box and not a full dialogue screen. That's weeks of work. If its an STO original character thats still days of work. Content would then have to do things like make higher level DSEs. This would involve copying the DSEs and changing the encounter levels on them, set it all up, and make a new version of the map for all of this stuff. That's a couple days of work due to the number of DSEs. Adding new gameplay features like closing portals, rescuing ships etc, would take a few days to a week. Then it needs to be copied to all the other DSEs and edited for each kind of enemy to make sure it works. Then it goes to QA who has to test all of them, all variations, how it works with teams of people, if things like fighting one type of enemy breaks the new gameplay feature. This is a few weeks for QA to go through everything/send back to programmers to fix issues. Would also include adding DSEs to quadrants without them, critter groups not currently covered by DSEs, new accolades, trying them into the endeavor system, etc. Jesse says he would schedule around 1.5-2 months worth of time to bring DSEs up to 2023 levels of gameplay.
Bug reports/resolutions
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2023.03.22 03:28 ManEatingGoblin What are the guidelines for weapon props at NYCC?

I’m thinking about going to NYCC later this year which would be the first ever Con I would attend. So I don’t know a lot about how Con’s run. Anyways, I came up with the idea of making a DIY Ash Williams costume with a custom chainsaw and shotgun made out of foam, pvc pipe, wood, et cetera.
My main question is would it be perfectly fine to bring the shotgun if I paint the tip orange and exclude the trigger? I assume the chainsaw hand wouldn’t be as big as a problem since it would be a lot easier to tell that it’s fake rather than a prop firearm.
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2023.03.22 03:25 BlairWitchSimpson "I will not buy this game for my child unless it has size D breasts in it 😤" - Gamer™

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2023.03.21 22:04 FabsFigures Jason Voorhees

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2023.03.21 21:58 Endless_Emperor 10 best books, 10 best character's, and 10 most hated characters.

10 best books, 10 best character's, and 10 most hated characters.
And here's Mine(⁠◠⁠‿⁠◕⁠) (You can only list one book from a series) 10 Best Books 1.Words of Radiance 2.Lords Of Chaos 3.Reaper, Cradle Book 10 4.He who fights with monsters Book 3 5.All the skills 6.The Beginning After The End: Convergence 7.mother of learning arc 2 8.The Legend Of the arch magus: valor 9.Defiance of the fall: Book 7 10.The world nexus, Book 3 of The Grand Game
10 Best Character's (You can only list one character per book) 1.kaladin Stormblessed (Stormlight Archives) 2.Jason Asano (He Who fights with monsters) 3.Rand al'thor (The Wheel of time) 4.Eithan Arelius (Cradle) 5.Zachary Atwood (Defiance of the fall) 6.Tou He (A thousand li) 7.sunless (Shadow slave) if this was not a webnovel I could have included it in my to 10 books. 8.Arthur leywin (The Beginning After The End) 9.Arthur (All the skills) 10.veradis (The Faithful and the fallen)
10 most hated characters (One character per book. Just reminding myself because if I don't all the female characters in the wheel of time would end up here 🤣) 1.All the females in the wheel of time. But one shall take the crown. Egwene 2.kenzie (Defiance of the fall) 3.Abby (Viridian gate online) 4.william (The Primal hunter) 5.Wei shi jaran (Cradle) 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. That would be it, I don't hate characters that much only if I can't get myself to see issues from they're perspective that's when things go south or west maybe north.
What's your?
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2023.03.21 21:33 Pokemaster1409 Not every change is good either. Ask cubans and venezuelans.

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2023.03.21 20:35 Crystal_959 (Updated) Everything we know about the FNaF movie

Will update as needed, feel free to add information or give corrections in the comments. Last updated March 21, 2023
The movie began filming in New Orleans, Louisiana on February 1st 2023 and will end April 6th 2023. FNaF is currently 49 days into its 65 days of filming.
FNaF is set to have 3 films all produced by Blumhouse Productions, according to actor Matthew Lillard. He will appear in all 3. Though the film’s on-set “code name” is Bad Cupcake, Lillard, Jason Blum, and other actors have all simply referred to the film as Five Nights at Freddy’s.
The movie will be directed by Emma Tammi, and was written by Scott Cawthon, Emma Tammi, and Seth Cuddeback. Scott Cawthon is also reportedly onset overseeing production.
The film likely takes place in the 1990s, as production is seeking cars from the 70s, 80s, and 90s for use in filming.
The FNaF movie will star Mike Schmidt (played by Josh Hutcherson), a young man struggling to take care of his little sister Abby (Piper Rubio) in the absence of their parents. Mike is described as curious to a fault, troubled, and riddled with guilt over a tragedy in his past. He gets a job at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place as the night security guard.
Mike’s sister, Abby, is described as self-reliant due to her brother being unreliable. She often expresses herself through drawings, but is not without the usual outbursts of a 10 year old
Vanessa (played by Elizabeth Lail) is a police officer who aims to help Mike survive his shifts without revealing too much about what she truly knows about the past of the restaurant. Reportedly production also has been seeking an actor to play “young Vanessa.”
William Afton will be played by Matthew Lillard. It’s currently unknown what the extent of Afton’s role will be in the movie, though it’s safe to assume he’ll act as an antagonist.
Another seemingly-prominent character is Max/Maxine, whose exact role is unknown. Apparently the character wears an outfit actor Kat Conner Sterling likes, but is unable to show off. We will also apparently be seeing Mike’s mom, played by Jessica Blackmore.
Other child actors include David Huston and Jophielle Love as ghost kid 3 and ghost kid 5, as well as Lucas Grant who will play a child named Garrett. Ghost Kid 3 and Ghost Kid 5 are likely the spirits of the child victims, though Garrett’s role is unknown. Apparently production is also seeking a stand-in actor for Garrett.
David Huston has also posted a photograph with Grant Feely, another actor named Asher Colton Spence, and two other currently unidentified children. It’s not certain but it’s likely these will be the movie’s MCI. Child actor Grant Feely will play a currently unknown “strong supporting role” for the film.
Mary Stuart Masterson will play the role of an as-yet unnamed female villain. Other actors whose roles are unknown/unclear include Christian Stokes as “Hank,” Tadasay Young as “Dr. Lillian,” Bailey Winston as “Kim,” Joseph Poliquin as “Carl,” and Julia Belanova, Michael P. Sullivan, and child actor Xander Mateo in currently unnamed roles.
Animatronic costumes for the film are being made by the Jim Henson Creature Company, and their designs appear to be closely based on their appearances in the first game. Natalie O’Brien has also joined the film’s crew as a costume designer. Will not spoil who, but we have seen one costume from a great distance, and two versions of another animatronic’s head in the workshop. They look fantastic.
Award-winning composer Michael Whalen has joined in as the composeconductor for the movie’s music.
A few scenes have been caught mid-filming by onlookers, though I won’t spoil their contents/actual events here. One was filmed in front of the recently deconstructed facade of the outside of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place. The inside of the Pizza Place is most likely in a separate studio or warehouse somewhere.
A single placeholder poster has been revealed for the film, though it’s just text that reads Five Nights at Freddy’s. The movie has no current release window at this time.
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2023.03.21 20:33 Trulytheirony How come whoever is cast as the killer never wear is actually in the ghost-face costume until the end and they always have some tall man behind the mask doing the murder scenes. (Spoiler just in case)

I kind of get why they always have a tall man in the ghostface costume doing the murder scenes. But it doesn’t make sense for the female killers to be like a foot shorter than the ghost face stunt double who is actually playing the character. Wouldn’t it make more sense to hire a female stunt double for female ghost faces that’s height appropriate and a make ghostface that’s height appropriate. Cause sometime whenever ghostface falls down (very frequently) you always hear a man grunting when we know for a fact at the end of some of the movies that it isn’t a man behind that killing. I hope this makes sense I’m awful at language.
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2023.03.21 20:31 emseemilk [US-IL] [H] Plenty of Pops!!!! Including the Simpsons (01-04) Scream Ghost Face (Vaulted) Fast and Furious, Breaking Bad and a ton more! [W] Paypal

POP Stop
Offers and Negotiations are welcome :)
Homer Simpson: $470 Marge Simpson: $480 Bart Simpson: $660-$830 Krusty the Clown: $480 COMPLETE: $1500
Funko Freddy SE: $27 Birthday Funko Freddy: $15 Hipster Funko Freddy: $30 Funko Freddy shop exclusive: $30
NWO Wolfpack Sting: $130 Sting: $90 Stone Cold Steve Austin: $70
Chucky: $22 Regan: $15 Ghost Face: $450 Michael Myers: $14 Freddy Krueger: $25 Billy the Puppet: $100 Jason Voorhees: $35 Leatherface: $35 Hannibal Lecter: $20 Pinhead: $30 Sharknado: $60
Stephen Curry (Blue): $125 Stephen Curry (White): $260 COMPLETE: $375
Cyberdemon: $30 Space Marine: $20 BMO: $30 Duck Dodgers $10 Space Cadet: $10
Overwatch Pharah: $15
Ferris Bueller: $30 Dancing Ferris Bueller: $40 Cameron Frye: $30
Seth: $45 Evan: $70 McLovin: $70 COMPLETE: $160
Alien Queen: $60 Ellen Ripley: $40 Alien: $10 Predator: $20 Predator (Cloaked): $170
Marty Mcfly: $10 Dr. Emmett Brown: $20
Elsa Mars and Ma Petite: $50 Twisty: $40 Twisty Unmasked: $50 Pepper: $40 Tattler Twins: $40
John Bender: $85 Brian Johnson: $20 Richard Vernon: $60 Allison Reynolds: $35 Claire Standish: $25 Andrew Clark: $30 COMPLETE: $225
Heisenberg: $125 Walter White: $100 Jesse Pinkman: $50 Walter White (Yellow HazMat Suit): $100 Jesse Pinkamn (Yellow HazMat Suit): $70 Gus Fring: $85 Gus Fring (Dead): $200 Mike Ehrmantraut: $190 Saul Goodman: $120 Hank Schrader: $60 The Crystal Ship: $240 COMPLETE: $1300
1970 Charger w/Dom Toretto: $85 Dom Toretto: $50 Brian O’Conner: $65 Luke Hobbs: $40 COMPLETE: $230
Gake Keeper / Zuul / Key Master 3Pack: $50
MegaMan: $10 Ice Slasher: $10 Fire Storm: $10 Rush: $10 Proto Man: $10 Dr. Wily: $10
Jessica Rabbit: $45 Roger Rabbit: $90 Nightshade Sally: $10 Sally: $16 Jack Skellington: $15 Stitch: $10
Harley Quinn (AA) : $10 Killer Croc: $10 Poison Ivy: $10 Harley Quinn (AK) : $17 Scarecrow: $16
Batman (Dawn of Justice): $17 Superman (Dawn of Justice: $17 Aquaman: $12 Aquaman (Patina): $10 Wonder Woman: $10 Wonder Woman (Patina): $18 Superman Soldier: $6
Harley Quinn Imposter: $13 Riddler Imposter: $14 Poison Ivy Imposter: $10 Two Face Imposter: $12
Deadshot: $10 Harley Quinn (HQ Inmate): $14 Harley Quinn (Gown): $13 Harley Quinn: $16 Deadshot: $10 Diablo: $10 Boomerang: $10 Killer Croc: $10 Katana: $10 Rick Flag: $10
Matt Murdock: $145 Daredevil (Masked Vigilante): $85 Daredevil: $100 Wilson Fisk: $55 COMPLETE: $375
Beast: $33 Deadpool: $18 Colossus: $10 Professor X: $45 Mystique: $18 Storm (Black Suit): $36 Storm: $32 Spider-Man: $18 Wolverine: $15 Cyclops: $36 Magneto: $20 COMPLETE: $275
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2023.03.21 19:59 Accomplished-Tea5869 Toxic co-worker using his religion to get his way at work.

I(31m) work at a movie theater while attended a local university (took me a while to figure out what to do with my life). Honestly, I have no idea where to start with this post. I’ve worked with Quincy (26M) for a year and half now and have accumulated so many stories about him, so this post might end up being a bit long. Just know that what I have posted isn't even a fraction of what he has done.
(Somewhat important information to have. I live in a very liberal city and the majority of the staff (including me) are openly LGBT+)
Again, these are just a few things he has done. I have so many more stories. Most of the other stories have nothing to do with his religion. I only notice that it happen to be the theme of this post after I was done typing it. I would be glad to post more if anyone wants to hear them, like why management only has 3 people they feel comfortable scheduling him with.
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2023.03.21 19:35 IcedVentiBongWater 39 [F4R] PNW/Anywhere - Married designer seeks friendship

Hey everyone 👋
Anyone else finding it difficult to make friends as an adult? Move to the PNW from the South about a year ago and it has been a difficult transition for me. I’ve had some luck in the past on Reddit and figured I’d shoot my shot again.
I am a married female who is a graphic designer by trade. I have several interest that include but are not limited to; adobe cc, photography, PC gaming, music, streetwear fashion, cooking/grilling/baking, DIY projects, and documentaries.
Send a message if anything resonates with you. Happy Tuesday ☀️
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2023.03.21 19:20 m-m-mm Epic Games account for sale (180+ Games), GTA V, NBA21, Rage 2

It have many popular games, dm me ur price, here's the list:

Call of the Sea
Rumbleverse™ - Boom Boxer Content Pack
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Gamedec - Definitive Edition
First Class Trouble
Shadow Tactics - Aiko's Choice
Kerbal Space Program
PUBG Founder's Pack
Fall Guys - Snowberry
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Dishonored - Definitive Edition
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Severed Steel
F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch
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Realm Royale Reforged Epic Launch Bundle
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Delores: A Thimbleweed Park mini-adventure
Grand Theft Auto V
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