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What’s happening to the paint on my front door?

2023.03.21 18:33 patrone84 What’s happening to the paint on my front door?

Repainted my front door as one of our first DIY projects as new homeowners. Went with Sherwin Williams exterior acrylic latex paint. Door looked fantastic for the first few months…but now I’m noticing this bubbling texture appearing on the door. Door does get a lot of sun…but is somewhat sheltered from other elements as it’s recessed under an entryway.
What did I do wrong and how do I remedy?
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2023.03.21 03:05 6thDAY How long to wait before sanding between coats of latex paint?

I used Sherwin-Williams exterior latex water-based paint to paint on some small block of wood. I got it primed and just applied the first coat of paint 4 hrs ago.
The can states to wait a minimum of 4 hrs before applying a 2nd coat. However, there’s nothing mentioned about the waiting period for sanding.
Since this is my first time painting, 2 questions come into mind so I don’t fudge up:
  1. How long after first coat of paint before sanding?
  2. How long after sanding before applying a 2nd coat?
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