Plumbers in titusville fl

FL Aggressively Pursues ML

2023.04.02 11:34 TwoSongsPerDay FL Aggressively Pursues ML

I'm looking for a romance drama in which the FL pursues the ML aggressively (basically, a super wholesome femme fatale).
Dramas I've watched (related to request): Backstreet Rookie, IOTNBO, Oh My Ghostess, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.
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2023.04.02 11:30 Shubhanshu208 Only one remaining.. 🔥😎

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2023.04.02 11:27 Virtual_Chain9547 Fast Lane in May

Hello, I'm currently planning a trip to CP for a weekday at the end of May and was planning on getting FL+ for me and a friend but was wondering if this might be overkill since I don't think school will be out? I haven't been to the park in around 10 years so not really familiar with crowd size and wait times as its been such a long time. We're only going to be there one day and I'd like to try and get on everything at least once. I'm kinda concerned about spending the extra money since it sounds like some of the line skips just skip you ahead a little ways into the line and not all the way to the front, if crowds are small enough it sounds like you wouldn't really skip ahead much at all, I could be wrong or misremembering something I read here. I don't mind spending the extra money I'm just a little tight with money simultaneously if there isn't much value in it. Does anyone have experience with the crowd size in May during a weekday and the value of a FL+ pass being worth it even if it is a day with a smaller crowd?
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2023.04.02 11:23 tribal_learner Is this a potential impact of hate subs like r india

A 15 yr old child, born to parents of Bharathiya origin, ran away from her home and managed to survive on-her-own for 75 days in the USA.
She was taken into protective custody at a library in Tampa FL (yes, a 15 yr old that actually goes to the library). When she was taken into custody, she was trying to search for and apply for jobs so she could survive at Tampa. She was reunited with her parents.
Secondary source:

Background / context:
- Her parents are on visa
- A few weeks / months ago her mother lost her job & hence visa status due to which the mother had to move out of the USA. She came back to USA, on a dependent visa.
- With the on-going lay-offs in IT, and her dad (ie, the 15 yr old's dad) works IT, she was scared that her dad too will lose visa status and they will have to relocate to Bharath
The very thought of having to live in Bharath has sent such tremendous shock wave to this 15 yr old library-going teenager that she'd rather risk running away, living in homeless shelters in the USA.
The sort of garbage about Bharath that is being regularly dished out on hate subs like r india may have at least some consequence / impact.
If there is some evidence that establishes a link between this child's decision and the hate spread by r india - will there be any legal consequences that the mods of r india might face - and should there be any legal consequences that the mods "MUST" face?
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2023.04.02 11:20 ushoptions Discover the Best Cosmetic and Elective Procedure Coverage in Jacksonville, FL: Your Ultimate Guide to Affordable and Effective Options

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2023.04.02 10:55 Apprehensive_Dot9987 FTB Level 3 Survey flagged some issues - how do we negotiate?

FTB buying a 1 bed flat in Greater London.
Requested a level 3 survey with repair estimates.
The bits we are concerned with are:
  1. Asbestos board needs removing in an airing cupboard. Estimated £500. Not a massive deal but it might also be in seller's interest to remove it sooner as they are occupiers too.
  2. Recommended to replace a cylinder due to low water pressure. Estimated £2000 for the unit, doesn't include delivery/removal or labour. We haven't spoken to a heating engineeplumber yet.
  3. Old and narrow double glazing prone to condensation mould "soon". When we visited the windows felt like they needed some work, though it didn't seem too urgent. Estimated £5000 for materials. We have not yet spoken to builders.
Otherwise, there are no major issues with the flat.
  1. Do any of these issues sound unreasonable to consider for price reduction? I feel like the seller may push back on windows, as they are not literally falling apart but are a risk
  2. What is the right way to bring this up? We usually speak through the solicitor and sometimes through the seller's agent to chase some bits. Should the solicitor be involved?
  3. How are price changes reflected on mortgage?
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2023.04.02 10:50 Floatingonawaveform Reaper questions I have never seen asked before & airing my grievances

Maybe these are intermediate questions at best...but here we go...

  1. How to make the mixer and channel toolbar at the bottom SHORTER.
  2. How to save click levels as a main setting. I hate having to go into the click settings each session.
  3. How to have good click sound presets.
  4. How to have session presets of which audio device to use. I have to always change if its my computer, interface or something else. I want to set each session to automatically use my interface ASIO > Focusrite.
  5. How to adjust the punch in length. For me, when I punch record its too close to the punch mark, there is not enough time for me to get comfortable for a good take.
  6. WHY CANT WE FADE IN AND OUT ON MIDI TRACKS!???? Seriously!!!! ugh!
  7. How to have control of MIDI note in Piano Roll. in FL Studio you can draw the velocity of the note have it tail off at the end or peak in places. I miss that.
  8. In the Piano roll I want ALL of the keys to be named like the C1, C2, C3, C4 are. I want my piano keys in the roll to look Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg. I want to see the note name on each key not just C12345.
  9. to be able to see what mic input on the channel in the Channel toolbar at the bottom instead of only on the left side where the channels are.
There are probably more and Ill add to the list as they come up.
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2023.04.02 10:35 BoxAggravating thank god

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2023.04.02 10:34 BoxAggravating thank god

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2023.04.02 10:34 DiegGV27 Como ven a este idiota subdesarrollado?

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2023.04.02 10:33 Minute-Accountant796 How is auto insurance Palm Beach Gardens FL a helpful insurance company?

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2023.04.02 10:22 Minute-Accountant796 How is Home insurance the best property insurance products for the customers?

On the off chance that you consolidate property holders insurance or a tenant's contract with your vehicle insurance, Palm Beach Gardens will offer a markdown to counterbalance this, diminishing your regular installment. An entire vehicle insurance contract is expected for drivers in many states; however, compulsory most minor inclusion sums and contract cutoff points will change. While deciding your pay, auto backup plans assess the dangers of protecting drivers, specifically in urban areas, considering the populace, crash rates, crime percentages, and climate in every region.
home owners insurance palm beach gardens fl is the fundamental piece of safety that can help you find the best home assertion for your necessities, whether you need to screen a brilliant home, find the best rates, or need a provider with various adaptable decisions. Ackerman Assurance Organizations are unequivocally the best names in the security business, reliant upon rates.
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2023.04.02 10:18 WebCommissar Y'all need to lay off DeSantis, he's our best hope

I've been seeing a lot of comrades attacking Ron, and it seems that they're being serious. So, let me educate the ones not in the loop.
Ron DeSantis is our guy.
Dead fucking serious. He's our man on the inside. Now, his exact politics are ambiguous. It's hard to tell just where he lands on a scale of lib to leftist. However, the important thing is that he is not really conservative. He's successfully infiltrated the GOP via a carefully constructed persona and cunning theatrics. Let me explain.

A little background

First off, Ron was born and raised in Jacksonville, one of the largest enclaves of BIPOC culture in all of Florida. Ron's mother was a hippie and his father was a left-wing atheist, they even met at Youngstown State University (which was one of the most liberal colleges in the country at that point). There's a lot of information about Ron's upbringing, most notably his fascination with baseball (the national sport of Cuba) yet, curiously, there's very little on his Churchgoing life, or if he even attended Church at all. Nowadays he's quick to cite his attendance to the OLL Catholic High School, although it's ambiguous how much time he actually spent there. It's possible he wasn't there longer than a semester, if even that.
The point is, Ron was not born or groomed into conservatism like most Republicans are. Even after graduating Dunedin High School, he pursued a liberal education at both Yale and Harvard. It wasn't even until 2012 that Ron got involved with politics at all, running as a Republican in an overwhelmingly Republican district (6th congressional district), one that hasn't elected a Democrat since the party switch. He won, and proceeded to have a very uneventful, middle-of-the-road congressional career. He also married Casey Black, an openly feminist journalist and Charleston alumni with a major in Economics and a minor in French.
So, up until his bid for governor, Ron DeSantis has been anything but the typical Republican. In fact, he's been battling RINO accusations since as far back as Michael Cohen's political relevancy (if any of you even remember him). His actions are less consistent with a Republican ideologue and more consistent with someone who secretly loathes the party they're in but is trying to keep up appearances. A bit like an anti-Krysten Sinema, if you will. But, as the heading indicated, that's only the background. Let's get to the interesting part.

A series of Saul Goodman gambits

I know you've read about Ron in the news, or at least in posts here. I'm sure everyone here knows about Martha's Vineyard, LibsOfTikTok, the "war on woke". These would all be very fashy things if they were meant to succeed. But, that's just it: they weren't. Let's go down the list.
The Martha's Vineyard Stunt: Everyone knows about this act of cruelty: Ron kidnapped a bunch of undocumented latinx immigrants and stranded them in frozen weather. The left was outraged, the right was cheering and Ron became a hero to the conservative cause. But let's take a closer look. It's common knowledge in lefty circles that the undocumented immigrants were shipped from Texas to Florida, and then to Massachusetts. At first glance it's the actions of an extreme hypocrite: a xenophobe who complains of "illegals" swarming his home, but can't even find any within his own state. This wasn't by accident. Florida has 772,000 undocumented immigrants (source). Ron could have just much more easily found immigrants in Palm Beach or Broward, but he deliberately chose to 1) Subtly undermine his own stunt and give an optical victory to the left 2) Relocate dozens of undocumented immigrants out of Texas, one of the cruelest states to immigrants in general (particularly of a latinx background). Martha's Vineyard is one of the richest parts of one of the most migrant-friendly states in the country. No matter how you slice it, their lives are vastly improved and it was all done on Florida's payroll.
LibsOfTikTok: Here's a much shorter breakdown. When infamous TikTok Nazi and serial doxxer, LibsOfTikTok, got doxxed herself, Ron DeSantis publicly announced that he would offer refuge in his governor's mansion. He got a lot of praise from the right and scorn from the left. Then he didn't do it.
The War on Woke: Here's another long breakdown, although not as long as I had expected. Ron's made constant news coverage with his supposed "war on woke", a series of proposed laws and regulations that would criminalize leftist thought and persecute minorities. This is absolutely a terrifying force to be playing with. However, this is the point that I need to remind y'all: Ron went to Harvard. He graduated with a JD. These laws haven't just failed, they were designed to fail. You've heard of failproof? These were successproof, and intentionally so. The Reedy Creek board has no control over Disney, yet Ron gets credit for "taking down woke Disney". The "stop-woke" law targeting colleges couldn't even make it past a conservative judge. The supposed book bannings have even had the comical side effect of removing the bible from many Florida public schools, a matter which he had curiously not anticipated despite being the architect of their machinations. I'm sure many here assume that these outcomes are all the product of stupidity, but that's not the case. "But why make laws that aren't supposed to succeed?" Well, that's where things get really interesting.

Why would Ron do all this?

Isn't it obvious? Publicity.
It's easy to forget, but Trump is still the defacto leader of Republican Party. There's no sign of a mass exodus from him anytime soon. He is their strongman, he is the new Reagan. Forget Biden, Trump is Ron's final boss. It's also easy to forget that Trump gets billions worth of publicity for free. Nobody can afford to compete with that, not conventionally. Ron is trying to beat Trump at his own game. But there's a clear difference between the two: Trump is a true Republican and has been his whole life. Behind every zany university scam is a trail of ruined lives and stepped on people. Trump has left behind a verifiable trail of destruction. But DeSantis? His big ploys for attention have been victimless. He gave a better life to undocumented immigrants. He wooed right wing voters with authoritarian laws that had no chance of coming to fruition. He's boasted about making the GOP stronger while undermining it every step of the way.
Even John Oliver's Ron DeSantis segment had trouble making substantial criticisms of him. I think this is perhaps because the Last Week Tonight staff are more thorough in their investigations than most legitimate journalists. For example: in the entire 30 minute segment, not once did John ever mention Martha's Vineyard or LibsOfTikTok. In fact, one has to wonder if John is in on it when he spent most of the time playing up Ron's "conservative strongman" persona in a way that would actually make him appealing to the Republican voterbase. In fact, if you watch that segment with the idea of it being pro-DeSantis propaganda, it's actually more effective than it was as a liberal hitpiece. John even felt the need to mention that Trump is the worse between the two.
Which brings me to my final point, and possibly the most important:

What is Ron's relationship with Trump?

That's a topic that the media has been musing over for the last year, but it's really not that hard to figure out. Early on, everyone talked about the "rivalry" between the two. This rhetoric heated up as Trump's jabs at him became meaner and even borderline slanderous. Yet Ron has been careful not to fight back, even attempting to be cordial with Trump.
So, that means Ron likes Trump, right?
Dead wrong. Dead fucking wrong. The biggest piece of evidence that Ron does not like Trump is the fact that he's gearing up to run in 2024 at all. He's only 44 years old. There's no urgency for him to run in 2024. The only reason he would have to dedicate himself to such a clusterfuck of a year is that it's likely his only chance to usurp Trump. Does anyone really expect such a decrepit, out of shape piece of shit to run in 2028? 2028 would likely be easier for Ron, who will only be 48 (an actual child compared to most presidential candidates). Plus he wouldn't be running against a Dem with the incumbent advantage.
No matter how you slice it, the only way Ron's 2024 bid makes any sense is if you view it as pure spite against Trump.
But that circumstantial evidence isn't enough. Instead, I'd like to allow Ron to speak for himself. On the topic of Trump's indictment, Republicans (even supposed "never Trumpers" like Romney) have been outspoken in defense of Trump. Well, with one notable exception. When asked about his thoughts on Trump possibly being the victim of political persecution, DeSantis (who is not one to pass up an opportunity to speak out about Democrats) only had this to say:
He's trying to do a political spectacle … I've got real issues I've got to deal with here in the state of Florida (source)
Ron DeSantis was practically given the chance to woo the Trump voterbase. And yet, a man known for being thunderous and commanding instead responded with... silence. It's perhaps the loudest silence of all: the silence of endorsement.
I rest my post.

TL;DR Ron DeSantis' inexplicable and sometimes illogical political career is a carefully crafted, carefully acted ploy to undermine Trump and possibly the GOP as a whole.

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2023.04.02 10:16 Leafyleaf14 2024 scenarios if it was actually an interesting election

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2023.04.02 10:10 desirepg Help With Game Lagging Hard

Hey guys! I have troubleshooted a lot of commons problems but seem stuck. My game lags super hard but i can run things like fl studio / 3ds emulator no problem.
Idk how to turn smooth mode on or anything f1 is just hot key mapping for me so maybe that might help but when i go in my party especially it lags superrrrr hard and switching takes literal 30seconds-min sometimes
but it was working decently fine for a bit i’m on third gym it started getting unbearable have tried older version and light and alt launcher all lag diff ways but party lag is always the same
any help?
dell laptop
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2023.04.02 10:00 NextGenBot r/tennis Discussion (Sunday, April 02, 2023)

Live discussion for ongoing professional tennis tournaments
STREAMS ↑ Streaming in the top bar
CHAT #reddit-tennis, /tennis Discord
SCORES Protennislive, Flashscore

Week of March 20
Miami Open (Miami, FL, USA, WTA/ATP 1000) Schedule Results MS MD WS WD
This is the mod account shared by the whole tennis mod team.
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2023.04.02 10:00 Distinct-Eye6214 Item was in Richmond (4hrs away from me ) now it’s in Mississauga Ontario. Why?

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2023.04.02 09:58 2legit2quit0071 boss 505 as a songwriting tool, + drum machine recommendation

hi all,
wondering if i can get some gear recommendation? i work in IT thus, the amount of screen time is too much when factoring working in a DAW for writing/demoing.
i'm trying to figure out some tools that I can use for more 'songwriting'. i started in FL studio - and the thing i love about FL is the pattern based stuff - but i also use instruments, so i now i work in Studio One (which i love). especially the arrangement track.
'writing' in a daw kind of slows down my workflow, and i'd like to be able to record things while experimenting parts and playing back on a speaker. i'd like to do something like this:
- record a guitar (or bass or keyboard riff)
- layer other instruments like drum machine
- store the above in something like a memory bank
- record a 2nd pattern in another bank, 3rd pattern in a 3rd bank etc
- mess around with the pattern order
Q1. would the boss 505 be suitable for such a thing? any alternative suggestions?
Q2. any tactile drum machines that would be good for 80ish rock/soft rock. i dont need anything too fancy as i would end up recording either real drums OR use something like studio drummer for making things more intricate
Q3. are there any devices that allow me to use a single set of speakers for multiple inputs? i.e. i have a single set of JBL speakers. i would like to be able to switch between having them 'routed' to my RME Babyface interface, and other times, have them as outputs for something like a 505 - but i'd like the ability to patch between these sources without actually having to plug/unplug.
thank you!
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2023.04.02 09:37 BongBiz Shipping a firearm to yourself?

I have researched this topic and have gotten conflicting reports on the legality and procedure of doing this so let me explain..
I live in FL and moving to WA in 3 weeks. I have already hired a moving company to move all my stuff and firearms that i own and it's en route currently. I was thinking of making a last minute purchase in FL before I move after reading about the assault weapons ban. Can I ship this firearm to my new house from FL to WA? It'll be a CZ Scorpion. If so, does anyone recommend a carrier? (USPS, FedEx, UPS)?
I read that it's legal to ship firearms to yourself if it's for hunting or other lawful activities on the atf website. but confused if I can ship a scorpion to myself since it's technically a pistol.
I'm pretty sure it's legal to fly with it too but I'll be at the airport with my fiancés parents who are very anti gun so I'd really rather not do this option if not necessary. All input is appreciated. Thank you
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2023.04.02 09:33 AnaWolfbay1412 Where in the U.S. you're most likely to die early

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2023.04.02 09:26 Mewbi-UwU Did anyone get Super Mario World Central Production 2 working on their SNES Classic/Mini?

This is the only SMW romhack I cannot get working without serious problems, including in various Retroarch cores. I can get it running in Retroarch, but not without graphical issues. Since its release last year, this is probably the greatest and most polished SMW hack out there imho. I'd be grateful if any helpful/knowledgeable person out there has advice on cores, preset ID's, or anything else to try that worked for them.
After nearly giving up, I've FINALLY figured out how to get 'A Plumber For All Seasons' (another polished and arguably greatest-of-all-time SMW hack) working on my SNES classic, 100% flawlessly WITH NATIVE CANOE no less. It required use of SFROM Tool.exe, changing to a specific preset ID, and saving it from there. Couldn't believe it was possible, but it worked. I'd be happy to give more detailed instructions on getting that hack to work perfectly in canoe if anyone needs them.

I only mention getting this other hack to work -- because despite being told the "All Seasons" hack is quite demanding on resources and supposedly needs newer emulation to run properly, this gives me hope that SMWCP2 can similarly run perfectly on the Classic/Mini as well.
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2023.04.02 09:15 Embarrassed-Fig822 ‘Danger tourist’ Miles Routledge gets shown how safe Afghanistan actually is.

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