Food near the wilbur theater

Donald J. Trumpy for President

2016.02.29 22:51 I_love_Hopslam Donald J. Trumpy for President

Food, eating, the theater!

2009.08.05 02:37 MamsTaylor Road Trip!

/roadtrip is your source for everything road trip related. Whether you enjoy traveling by motorcycle, car, or recreational vehicle this is your destination for everything related to road trips!

2008.06.15 19:41 Fast food news, reviews, and discussion

The /FastFood subreddit is for news, reviews, and discussions of fast food (aka quick-service), fast casual, and casual restaurants -- covering everything fast food from multinational chains, regional and local chains, independent and chain cafeterias and all-you-can-eat restaurants, independent and chain diners, independent hole-in-the-wall restaurants, convenience store and gas station prepared food, food trucks and food carts, the neighborhood taqueria, street vendors, etc.

2023.03.21 18:22 papakanuzh A week in Ladakh

I'm planning to head to Leh for 7-10 days in June as part of a broader India trip. I'm currently in the beginning stages of planning this leg but was hoping to source some ideas as I explore my options.
When traveling I like hiking, nature, temples, and food and am excited for the Himalayan landscapes. Normally I'd be interested in some more involved trekking but I may unfortunately have to work remotely for part of my time there, so I'll generally have to keep it to day trips or shorter excursions.
So far my ideas for what to do/see (feel free to comment on these):
So a couple questions: * Any other ideas for a 2-day or weekend trip from Leh? Interested in both road trip options as well as more hiking-forward options
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2023.03.21 18:21 lilacbrushpen Itinerary feedback 12n Tokyo-Kyoto

I’m looking for some feedback on my itinerary for 12 nights total between Tokyo and Kyoto during sakura season this year. We’ve been to Tokyo a handful of times and the last time we were in Tokyo was in 2017. This will be our first time to the Kansai region.
I’d like to know if we’re missing any must-sees while we’re in Japan this time. I feel like some of our dates could be filled out so we’re open to suggestions about what to do.
We’re not super into temples so visiting 1-2 is satisfactory for us. On this trip, we would like to see cherry blossoms, try unique foods, cycle somewhere scenic and quiet (thinking in Kyoto), and do a little bit of shopping as well.
We have a 18month-old in tow and will have a compact foldable stroller with us.
Day 1 - Mon Forecast: rain • land at NRT mid-afternoon • transit to hotel (Minato-ku) • rest / eat dinner
Day 2 - Tue Forecast: cloudy • sakura viewing at Ueno Park • Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum • shop at Kappanbashi • lunch somewhere • not really sure what to do after…shop around Ginza ?? (Uniqlo, MUJI, Itoya, Tokyo Hands) • teamLab Borderless Planets
Day 3 - Wed Forecast: sunny • boat rowing & sakura viewing at Chidorifugachi • sakura viewing at Shinjuku gyoen
Day 4 - Thu Forecast: sunny • Shibuya - Miyashita Park • sakura viewing at Yoyogi Park
Day 5 - Fri Forecast: cloudy • Disney Sea
Day 6 - Sat Forecast: rain [OPEN DAY] We have an open day/night here. We need to be in Kyoto the following day so we’re okay to transit this day or on Day 7. We’re open to any suggestions for an overnight trip somewhere between or close to Tokyo/Kyoto.
Day 7 - Sun Forecast: rain • transit to Kyoto (if not already done on Day 6) • check into Kyoto hotel [near Kyoto Station] • Kyoto Railway Museum • Nijo Castle
Day 8 - Mon • day trip Osaka (Please help suggest an order that makes sense) • Cup Noodle Museum Osaka Ikeda • Dotonbori • eat takoyaki (Wanaka Sennichimae) & okonomiyaki (Tengu / Mizuno ?) • view sakura at Kema Sakuranomiya park • teamLab Botanical at Nagai Botanical Garden
Day 9 - Tue • day trip Nara / Mount Yoshino • mochi at Nakatanidou
Day 10 - Wed • Philosopher’s Path • Nishiki Market • Kyoto Botanical Garden • cycling ?
Day 11 - Thu • change hotel in Kyoto [near Gion] • explore Gion - Shimbashi dori • Kiyomizu-dera • sakura viewing at Mayuyama Park
Day 12 - Fri • Arashiyama (bamboo forest) • Sagano Romatic Train (is the rich train worth it?) • river boat ride back
4/8 Day 13 - Sat • go home :( (Any suggestions for breakfast?)
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2023.03.21 18:21 TheNerdyNarrative Review: ORION CITADEL by Wilbur Seymore Book #2 The Kuiper Station series Space, Sci Fi, Mystery

Review: ORION CITADEL by Wilbur Seymore Book #2 The Kuiper Station series Space, Sci Fi, Mystery

![img](0kmkqs5am4pa1 " Characters - 9 Atmosphere - 10 Writing - 8 Plot - 10 Intrigue - 8 Logic - 8 Enjoyment - 10 ")
Characters ORION CITADEL is the second book in The Kuiper Series by Wilbur Seymore and once again, the characters are written and developed over the course of the book in a way that had me hanging on to every interaction. We first meet the Master Technician Bob in the first book, where he had to grow on me. By the time I reached this book, he was a favorite - not only a favorite, but a character I think of often, even when I'm not actively reading the series. The depth of his character is explored further, which I found interesting and relatable. I found a new favorite in this book - Athena. She was introduced in the first book, but she played a bigger role in the sequel and I enjoyed getting to know her better and seeing who she really was.
Atmosphere We spend a tiny amount of time on Kuiper Station, but the vast majority is on the ship, Nemesis Endurance as our survivors head to Orion Citadel. The author made me feel like I was out there seeing space for the first time. Bob and Melino had never been away from Kuiper Station, so they reacted just like I think I would. I appreciated their observations and awe of the things they got to see as they made their trip. Space is always cool.
Writing This author's style of writing is really good - it flows easily and freely. There are some places that get a bit technical as it describes functions of the technology or the ship - but it's presented in a way that I enjoyed with Bob teaching his apprentice about performing maintenance.
Plot The ship contains all of the people who survived Kuiper and are using the pirates ship to escape to Orion Citadel. There's a lot of tension aboard as most of the people on the ship are criminals who were on Kuiper Station to avoid capture by the law. Athena has her hands full keeping the peace. Speaking of Athena, it's become clear that she's more than she seems and presented a puzzle to me as I tried to unravel it for myself. I particularly enjoyed Bob's inner thoughts as he tries to figure out what his future holds because Kuiper Station was all he knew - could he survive on the more civilized Orion Citadel? Could he obtain a job? There's also the feelings he's coming to terms with regarding Melino. AND there's more: the pirates these survivors killed in order to escape? Yeah, the captain's lover has just received word of his death, and he ain't happy.
Intrigue I read the first book in the series and immediately downloaded the rest of the series on my Kindle to read. Now that I've read the third book in the series - I can't wait to read the third! Definitely looking forward to reading more from this authoseries. Loved the surprises that were woven into the fabric of this plot - I didn't see a single one of them coming!
Logic Now, I would be lying if I said I fully understood everything described about space, the craft, the space stations and programming. I don't. What is important is that the author wrote all of this information and presented it in the text in a way that made sense and made me feel like I understood it. I don't have to know the ins and outs and fact check - if it makes sense, I'm good with it!
Enjoyment After the first book, I knew if nothing else, I'd want to reread the first book again. It was a story with characters that stayed with me. Now that I've read the second one, I can say the series will be a reread. With the depth of the character Bob still being explored and developed, I know once I reach the end, I'll want to return to the beginning and read the story again, but with the full understanding of how the end of the circle meets up.
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2023.03.21 18:21 Luke_starkiller34 Heavily considering getting a Super Crush 100 and have a couple questions

I didn't see any rules about posting questions for purchasing, so hopefully I'm not breaking any hidden rules
So I've been a huge Marshall guy for most of my life, but I've always envied the Orange amps. And I'm thinking of moving away from Marshall and get a Orange Super Crush 100! I'm super excited but also don't know a lot about Orange amps (solid state or tube for that matter)
The first question I have is about my cab. I'm not very technical, but currently I have JCM900-Lead1960. Will this head match ok (wattage-wise I guess)? Wasn't sure if I'd run into any issues with this combo. Which output on the amp would I use, and which input on the cab?
The second question I have is around footswitches. It looks like it doesn't come with a footswitch to switch between clean and distortion (dirty). But I can get an FS1 to rectify that; do I need another one for reverb? I didn't see a "reverb" pedal, but assume the FS1 pedals are just basic on/off switches for either of those inputs (channel/reverb) on the rear of the head? So just run 2 FS1 pedals?
How are they with shipping? Would I be ok ordering direct from Orange, or just head to a dealer near me?
I think that's it really-I'm super excited about it and can't wait to hear it! As soon as it arrives I'm going to join this sub LOL! Thanks for any input!
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2023.03.21 18:21 catalog6trcyhyt 1S1D Store] [H] [Lifetime] Fub0 - F1TV - N3tflix - D1recTV - Hu1u - Sling - HB0 - Disney Crunchyroll - Funimation UFC - NBA MS Windows - Office Keys N0rd - ExpressVPN - IPVanish Tidal - Sp0t1fy Codeacademy & More Over 10000+ Customers 1200+ Feedbacks [W] Pay.Pal Credit Cards, Crypto

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2023.03.21 18:21 0x0x01 Fiction I wrote to Spread Awareness about "Marital Rape" on Instagram

WARNING: The following content contains Suicide, Rape, Murder, and Sexual abuse. Not scared, nor sad, she looked into his monstrous eyes every chance she got. He couldn’t tolerate it and punished her tries by coming up with new ways to punish her for her sins. Sins she had never even committed. She wasn’t surprised or shocked when it started. It was as if she had been expecting it. Somehow, it was always a fact to her. She knew she was gonna suffer like that, again and again. It was her fate and she had accepted it. She had tolerated hell when it comes to physical pain, but this time, the pain was worse than hell. Her body was unable to tolerate it. It was as if her heart was about to explode any minute. She wanted it to explode. Wanted it to end. But, it didn’t. “Sometimes there’s just no way out of suffering, some people are just cursed.” she thought to herself. It was a long dark night. But eventually, it passed. Just like those twenty years that had passed.
She tried telling her mother about it the next day when he left her at her parents' home. She did so to empty her chest, expecting no help from her. “It’s normal, let him do whatever he wants, he’s giving you a roof to live by, don’t be ungrateful” she replied. Not something she couldn’t have anticipated. She wasn’t surprised at all because she remembered how this woman did nothing to fix or revenge her daughter's suffering. She could never forget how her mother had blamed her abuse, along with everyone else. How could a kid cause someone to rape them, she could never wrap her head around it. She had discretely discussed it with everyone she had trusted her whole life but they all reacted in the same strange way. Most couldn’t even understand what she was saying. The idea of “marital rape” was alien to them. They could never wrap their heads around the fact that a woman can say NO, even to her husband. That it was her choice.
Throughout the day, she kept thinking about how she could still end up with a man, becoming his object, when she had spent all her life trying to convince her mother to not marry her off. Her efforts to avoid going through the same pain went down the drain, and so did her prayers. But she knew it was not her fault. It was not her choice. Just like it was not her fault when she suffered from the same hell when she was a kid. It was the norm. All those who suffered, or were still suffering, had no other choice… It had been twenty years since that long dark night. The wounds didn’t seem to heal. Time didn’t help. It was as if time had stopped for her, right there, right when the pain was at its peak. Despite the fact that her wounds were as fresh as day one, she had learned how to live with them. She had gotten used to that pain… That Trembling of legs, thumping of heart, shaking of hands, the loss of conscience, lack of emotions, the restlessness, and the utter anguish, all these things were common to her now, she had gotten used to it all. On the outlook, it was as if nothing had ever happened to her. Nobody could tell what storms of anguish were buried in her chest. Let alone falling in love, the mere idea of a man holding her hand had disgusted her for her whole life. Marrying someone? There was no chance!! She hated all men to her core. She considered all men worse than pigs. Whether pigs were bad or not, she had no idea… she just considered them the most disgusting because the religion she was born into taught that. Romance? She had to skip a million books just because of how much she hated that word. But it was fate. She was stuck in a vicious cycle of suffering. Maybe the vacuum that true lovers create by loving someone with all their soul was what caused it. Perhaps she was the one who was to fill that void they created. Perhaps she had to be the yin and balance things out by taking all the suffering on her soul.
A day and night passed. She was brought back. She was back in that room. Sitting in a corner, on the floor, she stared at her elevated bed. There were still some rose petals left. “Spreads flowers and then… and thenn-” she murmured. It was an uncontrollable absurd murmur. The pain she was going through caused it. Her whole body was sore. She was in utter pain. Constant, uncontrollable pain. Eventually, the time came, and the night before yesterday repeated itself. She was expecting it even though she tried her best to stop it. She begged him. Begged him to understand. Begged him to not further scar her soul. But he didn’t listen. The pain was even more intense. Tears fell sideways from her eyes. Her expressionless face and her vision, both were red as blood. She kept staring at his face, tried moving like last night, tried shouting, but it was all in vain, he covered her mouth every time she cried out loud, she could almost see him enjoying it, she could see it on his face. How can a human do this, she thought to herself. An animal could not have done something like this. The possibility of it happening, doesn't that make us humans worse than animals? she thought to herself, in her head,… Just before her marriage, she had finished reading 1Q84. Despite Haruki’s unsuccessful tries to justify pedophilia, she read it till the second volume and admired Aomame with all her heart. Back at her mother’s home, she had planned it all. She had prepared herself. She was about to be the Aomame of her life. She was waiting. She waited for a long time. In tears. In pain. She waited for him to let go of her wrists. She had decided on it already. She had decided to end it. Once and for all. She had decided to take revenge. She had decided to break the vicious cycle and rebel. The minute he let go of her wrists, she slowly slid her right hand under the pillow next to them. Her neck was his next grip, she was gasping for breath. If she hadn’t done what she was about to do, she might as well have died because of lack of oxygen.
Without letting him suspect anything, she gripped that sharp knife in her fingers. She was following in the footsteps of Aoamame, like a student. But in a wild way. Using her own new method and the murder weapon. In a split second, she gathered all her courage, and fast forward to three seconds, it was over. The knife was through his neck, sideways, and his blood was oozing out onto her. She instantly gasped for breath because her heart had clearly skipped quite some beats. She tried moving but his wait won’t let her. He was in the other world. In the other non-existing world. He died in an instant. She felt powerful killing him. There was no guilt at all. She was at peace. At ease. The storm was over. There was no more suffering. But she didn’t know what was next. She had only planned it till this point in those couple of hours that she had spared to think. Sitting in the same corner she had sat in earlier that evening, she stared at the scoundrel’s dead body. She was drenched in his blood, shivering. Hina on her hands was barely visible because of the redness of his blood. Her whole body shook. A million thoughts came to her mind. It was as if she was reliving those twenty years, all again. It was as if there was no way out of her pain and it was a vicious cycle. She could bear it no more. Walking out of his room, then his house, she stood in the middle of the dark street, covered in his blood, shaking. There was no one around. They were all deep in their slumber, just like her rapist. But the only difference was that her rapists' sleep was gonna last forever. The only place she remembered was that beautiful Canal. She had always loved coming to her aunt’s house because of that Canal. Yes, he was her own cousin. She had never known him much though. They were almost alien to each other because of the extreme segregation… Walking on the pavement, barefoot, she eventually reached the grass, then damp soil. She could see the beautiful water. The moon and its reflection. It was all beautiful to her. It soothed her soul…
The water was cold. It felt good on every inch of her skin. She kept making bubbles and managed to let out all the air from her lungs, the deep canal devoured her further into its depth. She eventually touched the bottom surface of the canal. Laying in the muddy water, she waited, waiting for the time to come. And it came. She could no longer keep the water out of her and felt it push into her sinus, then her trachea, and finally her lungs. It was very painful but nowhere near what she had been through her entire life. It took no time when it all went blank and the time was no longer relevant to her and she ceased to exist… or did she!?
Note: I am from Pakistan. The concept of marital rape is still alien to people around me despite their education levels. Not just that, a lot of people do victim blaming which disgust me to my core. Not one, but many people I had been very close to suffered through similar traumas. Today I couldn’t bear it anymore. I had to let it out somewhere, somehow. This was my imperfect attempt to convert the pain that I feel for them, into words. Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for reading!
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2023.03.21 18:21 SplendidMellon TIFU by willingly depriving myself of sleep for days

Okay it's 1:46am Wednesday the 22nd here and I (22M) have been awake since 12pm Sunday for what I think makes almost 62 hours. I want to list a few observations
For context I’m an Architecture student in Australia and have an assignment due Thursday night and I had barely started. I’ve been fueling this exercise in what now feels like self torture with, and do your best not to judge me:
-A steady supply of (prescribed) ritalin, starting with 40mg at the beginning of a dedicated study session and an additional 20mg every 3 hours to account for the half-life.
I estimate I’ve munched down on about 300ish mg so far :(
-Caffeine. Far too many monster mango locos, monster zero ultras, and cans of red bull. A simply exquisite ritalin pairing that I could not recommend more, provided you want a couple of your primary senses, and what feels like new ones all together, to gain the ability to scream at you with each rapidly quickening heartbeat.
-Food. Sort of. On Sunday I ate approx 300 kcal of leftover pasta. Monday was a big one. Unfortunately I did forget to eat all day so it was a single godly meal centering on the divine Large Zinger Box. This was paired with 3 wicked wings, a maxi popcorn chicken, a supercharged slider, and a pepper mayo slider. No idea the calories but well and truly a “feel like absolute shit” quantity. Tuesday I had 2 baos, a far cry from the prior binge.
-Pure rage, and stupidity (also vaping)(+rep nicotine)
WOO The Issues!!
-okay the biggest thing is paranoia. At almost all times I can see movement just in the corner of my peripheral vision. Any small noises become an immediate spike of dread. I'm sitting in my uni commons room completely alone and don’t really feel safe (i know i am)(probably). I fear they notice me seeing them and hide really quickly. Will need to investigate further.
-Lack of ability to think/plan. I just spent a good 3 minutes trying to plan how I would walk out of this building. None of the routes made more sense than another and I couldn't mentally envision myself moving at all so they seemed equally good and worth re-pondering to get to the bottom of this dire conundrum. I should also add that I had no intention of standing, let alone going anywhere, it was just to see if I could, then I got lost in it until I realised I'd been staring at the wall for far too long. I'm also realising I can't conjure any mental images up either. Really cool for the drawing part of this assignment where I can't think of what I'm going to draw.
-I just zone out mid-thought and forget what I was thinking about. To be fair I'm like that normally with ADHD too, but I feel like my head’s a colander and my, obviously revolutionary, thoughts are that sweet sweet starchy pasta water flooding out.
-Big jitters, earthquakes in the palms of my hands. Surgery patients fear me and Jazz pianists want to be me. (currently listening to Ryo Fukui’s - scenery, incredible jazz album)
-Not a single thought of value
-Positives however… not looking nearly as dishevelled as I should be. Don't get me wrong, my body's a mess. I’m pissing constantly. Each one a new hue between a radiant yellow and a tasteful sage green… you just read it you know it’s not good, BUT,, Hair’s sitting kinda nice, eye bags are hardly there, skins not looking too bad. Overall I'd say a visual improvement.
In conclusion, I spent an hour writing this because I couldn't slam two brain cells together to save my degree. I fear if i wrote “to save my life” some subconscious force would keep them apart just to end this. I might even support the cause at this point. My now 63 consecutive wakefull hours have gleaned me an abundance of sweet fuck all. I truly believe the pitiful collection of sub-par work I slapped together could have been done in a day or so of being rested. And NOT ONCE did that fucker in the corner of my eye offer to help. I will be surprised if it's finished in time. I’m expecting the worst :)
I’ve been awake for over 60 hours to work on a uni assignment. Have done less than I would have had I not. My once throbbing juicy brain is a mere paste pooling at the base of my skull. I fear failure is unavoidable and the consequences of my hubris lasting.
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2023.03.21 18:21 Honorable_Lemom Can you just not pay the last months rent if you think landlord will scam you out of your deposit?

So hear me out cause I think this is a way to get ahead of crappy landlords. I know the point of the security deposit is to make sure that the landlord can fix any damages you may make to the property, but so many landlords just automatically keep the deposit when there was no damage. Its nearly impossible to get that money back unless you want to spend months of time and lots of money to try and sue for it. By law in Florida the landlord is supposed to send notarized letter through the mail with an itemized list of the cost of repaired damages and it must be within thirty days of the end of the lease. If the landlord doesn’t do this, then the renter is entitled to their full deposit back (at least that is my understanding of the law).
I have had landlords charge me for routine wear and tear like repainting, or say we ruined the carpets even though we had them professionally cleaned before we left and they weren’t damaged. And not a single one has ever sent and itemized list or shown receipts. If you try to argue with them and ask for receipts, they just ghost you. They know that most people don’t have the time, money, energy, or know how to sue them, so they do whatever they want and trust that the tenants aren’t going to go through the hassle of suing.
So instead of being screwed out of our deposit, can we just not pay the last months rent in anticipation of this? Then if they want us to pay for legitimate damages, they have to come to us with the receipts and notarized letter and go through the whole process to get our money. I’m just tired of being screwed over by landlords who clearly disregard the law because they know it’s unlikely that we will be able to fight back.
So how bad would it be if I did this? Is there anything the landlord could do outside of suing me for the cost of the damages? Cause at least this way they would have the burden of filing the suit and proving their expenses.
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2023.03.21 18:21 Galaxy_the_nightwing First Impressions part 43

First Previous Next
"Everyone agreed?" Her new Community's [Caretaker] asks the group after they made a rough plan. Everyone agreed and split off to quickly set up their various jobs, leaving her with her two Aviae. The [Broodmother] turned to her and had a concerned expression.
"Are you sure about this? He seems very tence and we don't know what stage he's in. He could very well end up hurting you." Squeaks' confidence in her [Provider] didn't waver at the question. Puffing up confidently she replied, completely sure with herself.
"Im sure, I trust him. Either way, someone has to be with the [pup] who can listen for and answer it's Instict-calls." She paused before tacking on, "And keep it calm." The two reluctantly agree to that point.
"Ok. Make sure to get out of there if something does happen, though. We can find another way to calm him." Squeaks nodded at her then turned and scrambled back inside the [main tree]. Climbing up the shaft for the [elevator] she slowed once she got close to the tunnel Damian was perched at the enterance of. Getting out had been pretty easy, all things considered, since he wasn't paying attention to anything behind him (besides the occasional glance back at particularly pained whimpers from the [pup]). The problem lied now in getting back in without being noticed. Damian was constantly scanning and watching the main doorway, making it hard to just get where she was. Honestly, she's suprised she was even able to get this close.
She took a breath then scrambled up his blind spot when he glanced away from her to scan around the tunnel again. She froze in place near the tunnel, desperately hoping her coloring helped her blend in, when his gaze snapped towards her at the quick movement. There was a long tence stretch of silent staring before his eyes narrowed and head tilted ever so slightly. He slowly moved the blade from his legs and set one hand down next to him, sliding his legs close to he edge and letting one drop over. The slow cautious pace of his movements made it seem like he was trying to sneak up on something, but she was staring right at him. Letting her eyes glance around, keeping the rest of her body perfectly still, she was just able to see something out of the corner of her eye.
She couldn't get a good look at it from he way she was positioned but it didn't look too far from her. Before she could try and figure out what it was, Damian went from slow stalking movements to quick lunging ones. She instinctively bolted up higher and wiggled into a small hole in the shaft. Peering out she saw Damian with one hand gripping the edge of the tunnel and the leg on that side bent up close to him with the other leg straightened out more. Both of his feet were pressed against the wall of the shaft, pushing up an at angle to help support some of his weight as he hung there. Glancing at his other hand, she saw a surveillance drone held tightly in his grip.
He studied it, turning it around in his hand to look at it's different sides curiously. Taking advantage of his distraction, she scrambled up the rest of the way to the tunnel and hurried down it slightly. Glancing back, he didn't seem to notice her. Relaxing in relief, she walked more calmly over to the [pup] and softly greeted it.
The [pup] looked at her and barely muttered a returning greeting. Confused, she tilted her head and questioned it.
Quiet-hurt? Hurt-hurt? Hurt-calm? No-call-help?
The [pup] glanced past her at where Damian was climbing back onto the edge of the tunnel then whimpered softly.
Loud-anger-brute. Loud-anger-sound. Quiet-ignore-Runt.
Squeaks blinked then glanced back at said human, who had sat back on the edge, legs dangling, and still looking over the surveillance drone. Not knowing what the [pup] could mean she called out her own loud whimper to test his reaction. Immediately his head whipped around and he stared at her with an incredibly intense gaze that would have seemed aggressive if she didn't know better. He glanced over both of them then his expression relaxed and he made multiple short comfort-hisses at them before turning back around.
When he hissed at them she heard the [pup] whimper fearfully under it's breath. Now understanding the situation she explained it as best she could to the pained [pup].
Pup-wrong. No-angry. Comfort-calm. Care-concerned.
The [pup] made a soft confused noise.
Care-concerned? No-Brute-Protector? Care-Scavenger?
That one took a second for her instincts to translate for her. ''No-brute-protector'? Is it asking if Damian isn't a [Guard]?' Her instincts then caught up with her thoughts and translated for her. 'Oh! It's asking if he's a [Caretaker] instead of a [Guard]! It's Community's equivalent roles must not be able to do both at the same time. Or maybe they can and it's just confused?'
Guard-Caretaker. Provider. Protect-hurt-pup. Wary-unknown-others. Attempt-help-alone.
The [pup] stared at her for a bit as it processed that then glanced at Damian. She wondered what was going through it's head. Still looking at the human, who had thrown the drone away and broken it, it questioned her answer.
Protect-care? Scavenger-Shoat? Sire?
Before she could answer that 'no, she wasn't a child' and 'yes, he was her [Caretaker], in a way', the [pup] pulled itself off the ground and onto all fours. She immediately abandoned answering and instead ran over to try and convince it to lay back down. She was ignored as it slowly, painfully, dragged itself and one of the cloth-coverings down the short tunnel towards Damian. Damian didn't seem to notice until it started to painfully crawl into his lap.
He immediately picked it up and gently cradled it to his chest, softly muttering to it as he wraps the cloth around it. As he did, he stood back up and brought it back over to the cloth pile. When he tried to set it down, it squealed loudly and clung to his torso-cloth as tightly as it could.
No! No-leave! Stay! Brute-stay! Runt-good. Runt-quiet. Runt-stay-Brute!
Damian winced at the loud noise and cradled it back to his chest, softly muttering and cooing at it to calm it back down again. He looked extremely confused at the loud yell, which confused Squeaks. Didn't his instincts translate for him? Sure it might take a few seconds every now and then, but he shouldn't be confused for this long. Maybe his instincts are being repressed because of the effects of the Dark-crest or whatever it was the [Caretaker] and [Broodmother] told her. Deciding to help out, she trotted over and gained Damian's attention.
"It's asking not to be left back here again." Damian looked worried, confused, and fearful all at the same time as he replied.
"But-...but I need to keep watch. You two are safer back here." As he spoke his grip loosened as he subconsciously tried to set the [pup] down. That earned him another loud scream of a squeal, which made him jump and clutch it closer to him.
Why wasn't Brute-possible-Sire responding? Did he not say it right? No, Instinct told him he did. Did Brute not want him to join its Sounder? Then why was he being held? Why was he being ignored? Why was Scavenger and Brute just making not-instinct-traslate-noise? Why was he being put down!
Noooooo! Stay! No-leave! Comfort! Comfort-pup-pain!
Squealing as loud as he could and digging his claws into the not-skin of the Brute's chest, he pleaded to stay. He ignored the pain that burned through his side at his wiggling and protesting. The Brute held it close again and he trembled in both desperation and pain, whimpering his pain softly with each breath. It wasn't long until he felt the grip on him change. Instead of being pressed against his back and legs, he was now sitting on one of it's arms and leaned against its chest.
He glanced back when the Brute started to move. He watched it take apart the den-pile and move it farther up the not-den-path. It remade the den-pile there and sat down in it once it deemed it good enough. He watched Scavenger come over and be lifted next to Brute's neck. He listened to them make those not-instinct-talk-noises back and forth for a bit. Once he realized he wasn't going to be set down again he settled himself and started to doze off.
Bigwings has been gone for a long time. Ree was getting worried as the absence of his clutchmate slowly grew more and more apparent to his still maturing instincts. Damian seemed angry when he left and he didn't like how his parents scrambled around once he was gone. Ree glanced back at his littlefeather. She was chatting away with the two not-flock beings and looked to be perfectly happy to do so. But Ree is her longfeather. He knows her better than he knows himself.
He can see the minute twitching of the fur on her shoulder blades, the slight shifting of her tailfeathers like she couldn't find a comfortable position for them, the subtle shifting of her ear-tufts. She was anxious. She felt vulnerable. She felt scared. She didn't feel safe. Littlefeather wasn't safe. Clutch is seperated. Clutch is in danger! Protect clutch!
Quickly shaking his head and pushing away the fog that had fallen over it, he collected himself. 'No. No! That's not my job. I'm not the Bigwings. Even if I was, we're safe. We're protected. There's no danger to protect from. We're fine. Damian can handle himself. He'll be back.' Despite trying to reason with himself, his instincts disagreed and kept telling him his clutch was in danger. That he had to protect them. To find his separated clutchmate and bring him back. To keep them all safe.
Ree glanced at his Pa. The dark blue bird was watching a screen larger than the other ones surrounding it. Standing, he called back a short 'I'll be back, stay' warble to his littlefeather. He didn't look back at her but heard her reply of a 'be quick' trill. He silently walked up behind his Pa and watched the screen over his shoulder. It took a second or two to figure out what he was looking at. Once he did, his instincts froze from the constant shifting in the back of his mind.
The screen showed a dark tunnel with Damian sat and leaned against the side, a pile of various cloths under him and a bundle of it in his grip. Squeaks, Ree's almost-but-not-quite-clutchmate, curled up on his shoulder. What drew his instinct's attention was the various new wounds covering his clutchmate's figure. It wasnt nearly as many as his hatching. Though, to be fair, he couldn't remember much from that time. It was mostly fuzzy blurs and blobs of bright color. But he had seen the images of all the wounds Damian had gotten protecting them when no one was looking.
Despite that, it was still bad enough for his instincts to churn and twist in his mind. Tying itself into knots with the need to protect his clutch and the horrible feeling of failing to do so. His instincts hated that he had failed and begged him to find his clutchmate. To wrap his wings around him and keep away the world. To keep him safe. To do his job! Shaking his head to clear it again, he made up his mind. Going back to his clutchmate he called out to her with the sounds only clutchmates knew.
'I'll be back [long distance/time pronunciation]. Stay.' Immediately she turned to him with a worried warble.
'You're leaving [long distance/time pronunciation]? Let me co-' He interrupted her before she could finish with a warning growl to his voice.
'No. I'm getting our clutchmate. Stay.' At the sound of the growl she ducked her head, ending up presenting her neck, and averted her gaze in a non-verbal 'Sorry.' He huffed and shook himself off in a non-verbal acceptance of the apology. Tapping the right sides of their beaks together, he trilled out a goodbye. Gaining one back, he turned and carefully snuck out of the room without any of the adults noticing. Once outside the door he paused, not quite sure where to go.
His instincts pressed against his mind and nudged at him in question. It almost whispered in his hear for him to trust it. Let it lead him to his clutchmate. He hesitated. He's grown used to ignoring his instincts since they tried to make him interfere with or completely take over his Bigwing's job, despite him not being his clutch's Bigwings. But.....did he really have another option?
He took a second or two to think it over but eventually shook himself off and let his instincts lightly drape over his mind. Feeling a small......tug? nudge? on his very being, he followed it. He let himself trust his instincts without constantly questioning it's directions and thinking them over before following through with them. He just let himself be led without the consent doubts and mistrust of his instincts. It felt nice. To not have to worry and just let himself be.
Was this what everyone else felt with their instincts? Not ever questioning and turning over every sentence it told them? Just complete trust in it? He can understand why they say it's useful and calming. He understood what he had been told of how peaceful it was to let his instincts drive him and just be a passenger for the ride.
It makes him wonder though. Why was he always in a constant back and forth with his instincts? Why did they think he was a role he wasn't? Why did he constantly have to push away his instincts and ignore them? Each question just led to another question without being able to figure it out. Just a constant loop of why, why, why without the time to try and puzzle it out. Maybe he can take advantage of letting his instincts take over his body. Try and ponder on these questions and figure at least a few out.
And that's just what he did. As his instincts led him through the maze of hallways, ever closer to his clutchmate, he turned his attention to the swarm of questions that had piled up over the time his instincts had developed. He kept a wary eye on his instincts but worked on trying to detangle a few questions and answer them as he floated peacefully in the back of his own mind.
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2023.03.21 18:20 trying_to_research Local Restaurants

Hello! I'm going to Brussels in May and am hoping to find some yummy local restaurants that serve Belgian food and are "off the beaten path." I don't really trust the articles I find online, I would love to hear from people who live there! Any price range is good for me :) Thank you!
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2023.03.21 18:20 BackgroundWind893 currently jobless

i'm struggling to pay for food, basic needs and meds.. i don't start work until the 27th anything would help cashapp: $Birdy Cage venmo: metaforest
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2023.03.21 18:20 virtualpostmail TruLease: Your Proof of Address Solution For Opening Amazon Store

What You Need To Open Your Amazon Store

With 98.07 million users accessing the Amazon shopping app at least once a month and retail sales nearing the 500 billion mark, it is no surprise that millions of small business owners have made the leap to open an Amazon store.
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When you register for your Amazon Seller Central account, you’ll need to have the following on hand:
If you don’t have a utility bill to submit as proof of address, VPM’s TruLease plan can help you open your Amazon account. Ready to find out how?

How TruLease Works

VPM partners with commercial building owners to lease you an office space. When you sign up for Trulease, you’ll get a physical address along with a lease agreement and a separate mailing address that comes with virtual mailbox services.
To open an Amazon Seller Central account, you’ll need to request the utility bill add-on. With it, you’ll receive a utility bill in the lessor’s name along with the service address shown on the bill to prove the physical address exists.

Benefits of TruLease

TruLease provides you with a professional business address that is a true physical space. Other major perks of the service include:
Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that TruLease comes bundled with 2 addresses: a mailbox address and a leased address.
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Last of all, with TruLease you can request an additional utility bill for further proof of address (i.e. for opening your Amazon Store).
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2023.03.21 18:19 contentquestions1 Week 3 bloating - is this normal?

I've successfully avoided all the obvious junk food and all other food with added sugar (that I've noticed) for the past 3 weeks. During week 1, I had extreme bloating and constipation for days. Now a couple weeks later, the constipation is resolved but I still feel bloated constantly.
Maybe I'm not taking this seriously enough, because I still eat fruit and carbs sometimes (fruit about every other day, bread or pasta occasionally, and 1 tortilla every day). Do I need to completely cut out all carbs to fix the bloating, or is this normal?
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2023.03.21 18:19 hey8002738255 Crowds in July

Hi, we are excited to return to Belize this July. We’re thinking about spending 5 days on AC. I know it is considered the ‘slow season’ but wondered what you think the crowds will actually be like this July. Also, we’re considering staying near secret beach. Do you expect that area to be very crowded. We aren’t looking for a private beach but generally prefer low to moderate crowds. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 18:19 MrRozo What is your opinion on arab socialism ( the ones made by pre-revolution Syria , Egypt , iraq and Libya )

I’ll just say my opinion , I love it I am Egyptian/Syrian they were better before then rather than now , I may be a bit biased because I had a family member that was a politician in arab socialism ( specifically Syria ) but I feel like it and socialism are the way to go , socialism when used by the right person and used correctly is near perfect , what do you think?
Also for anyone that doesn’t really understand socialism search “Second thought socialism” , good day.
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2023.03.21 18:19 chaos_given_form Easter quack

I am not a gift from the great God Ishtar
I am a living breathing creature
I need food water love
I'm not taught to survive by my mother
I I couldn't build bonds with my sisters and brother
I trusted you would do those things for me
Because I am not a gift from the great God Ishtar
I am your captive
With the bonds I built that could only last as long as your attention span
I was not a gift from Ishtar
I was a toy that wasn't as easy to get rid of
You couldn't throw me in the trash so you did the next best thing
I left me in a park pond or on the side of the road like you didn't rob me of my ability to survive already
I am a domestic animal now
Domestic as in home
Home as in the place you took me when you stole me from my mother
I built a bond that only lasted as long as your attention span because 10 years was to long
A bond for 2 weeks that should have lasted a lifetime
Now my lifetime is full of hunger
You never taught me to forage
Full of freezing nights
You never taught me to fly to warmer weather during the winter
My beak was broken because I wasn't apart of the flock you left me with
I'm hungry
im cold
I'm forgotten at the bottom of the pond with broken wings
I wasn't a gift from Ishtar
And your not a mother hen
I may be duck that you treated like a toy
But your just another quack
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2023.03.21 18:19 pasvague Fiona's 👏👏complex developmental post-traumatic stress disorder👏👏 ditty

Fiona's 👏👏complex developmental post-traumatic stress disorder👏👏 ditty
As referenced in Fiona's 2020 New Yorker profile:
"For decades, Apple has taken prescription psychopharmaceuticals. She told me that she’d been given a diagnosis of 'complex developmental post-traumatic stress disorder.' (It was such a satisfyingly multisyllabic phrase that she preferred to sing it, transforming it into a ditty.)"
It's got a good beat and you can dance to it. 😉 But for real though, Fiona is funny and doesn't get nearly enough credit for persevering with a good sense of humor in the face of adversity.
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2023.03.21 18:19 RandomFurball 31 [M4F] Sweden/Europe - Looking for a genuine connection

I am a 31 year old male from Sweden! Looking for a genuine connection that might eventually develop into a relationship if everything goes well. I would prefer if you were around the timezone at least but might be fine with anywhere if we really connect. Every relationship has to start somewhere!
Even though I am from Sweden, do not expect me to be blonde and have blue eyes. I am born in Sweden, but I have parents from Vietnam if that matters. I am an introverted person or ISFJ if you are into that. Friends would describe me as caring, smart, analytical and helpful.
My main interests are:
- Food/cooking/foodculture - I love learning about different foods in the world, I want to travel the world, taste different foods learning things to maybe add to my recepies.
- Movies, tv-series, anime - I love to watch movies and tv-series, makes you really get into that world and get away from your life a bit. Genres for movies I do prefer Thrillers, dramas, action and comedies. For TV-series I can pretty much watch anything, I just finished Dark so my mind is still processing everything that the show has brought to me. Animes, I can say that I have watched it a bit less lately but the favorite shows has to be Anohana, Steins Gate, Haikyuu, Relife and Death Note. Movies like Your Name and A silent voice were amazing too. Another thing I have a sweet spot for is Korean RomComs, I know they are cheesy as hell, but damn do I like it.
- Animals - I do have a cat which was a straycat I adopted. He had never had a home before so socialising him was a challange, but it was all worth it in the end. He trusts me now and loves to cuddle on his terms. I am mostly a cat person, but I do want a dog in the future as well.
- Travelling - When I do travel, I travel mainly for culture, food and nature. I am not the kind of guy who wants to travel just for the sun or to party. Was recently in New York which was great, except for the heat. Would like to visit other parts of the US some day, but there are so many more places on my list that I want to visit first.
- Gaming - I have played less and less games lately, mostly because I have gotten bit bored with it, but when I do play, I usually change games a lot. I do like platform games and currently waiting on Silksong. There are some multiplayer games I tend to come back to, which is League of legends, but it comes in periods.
I'm looking for someone who shares some of the same interests as me, someone genuine. Preferred age range is 25-34.
I hope the post was not too long and if it interests you, send me a message! (please not chat, I tend to not check them)
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2023.03.21 18:19 ttt6204 M4F M20 Virgin looking for some fun in Harlow, Essex area (UK)

Hey all I'm a Male 20 Virgin who is looking to hookup with a lady. It can be a one time thing but I would be open to making it a regular thing. I live near the harlow, Essex area so if you are close PM me and let's meet up.
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2023.03.21 18:18 justinformedTTS 2

Wife had an affair, how do I figure this whole thing out?
Whew, where to start. I didn't post this when it happened because I knew all I'd get were people saying to lawyer up, delete from FB, hit the gym.

First off my wife and I started drifting apart a few years ago. She quit her job to go to grad school and to stay at home with our son his last couple of years before Kindergarden. I'd work all day and she would either go to school or study nearly every night. I worked a lot of extra hours to make ends meet and when we had arguments I even mentioned a few times that I hoped she wasn't just using me to get through school. During this time things between us honestly weren't bad, they were just ok, definently not passionate like we used to be. I thought that was to be expected after 13+ years with the same person. I never went a day without telling her I loved her and was completely blindsided on 6/27 when I saw her looking for apartments on her laptop.

When I saw her she freaked out and started firing off text messages like crazy and said we need to go talk. She flat out told me she didn't love me anymore and was leaving me. She had split all of the bills and wanted to share custody of my son. She'd obviously been planning this for a while. I told her I still loved her but I wasn't going to beg her to stay because I didn't want that held over my head in any future arguments. On the way home I asked her who she was texting. She got nervous and mentioned two friends. I was in shock so I just went to work and stayed there until about 3:00 AM.

The next day at work I got suspicious and logged into our shared AT&T account and looked to see who she was texting. It was a number I didn't recognize and it certainly wasn't either of the friends she mentioned. What was worse they had exchanged 350 messages in the 12 hours before she told me she was leaving. Even more curious I started looking through past bills and found they've exchanged 15,000 texts between mid March and late June. She called me at work to check on me and I asked who it was. She admitted it was a detective who she works with (she's not a cop but the place she works with has an interagency agreement with nearly every law enforcement group in our part of the state that allows her to see lots of open case information and requires her to work with law enforcement daily). I was pissed and asked if she was having an affair, her response was "I don't think so, you should know me better than that". When pressed she said he was just a good friend and all they talked about was "work related stuff and bullshit".

I pointed out that in the time they had exchanged 15000 texts, she had sent me 150. I told her that if she put a sliver of the effort she put into talking to him into talking to me, our relationship would probably be in a lot better shape. She eventually started telling me she just talked to him about our relationship and and his own relationship with his wife. That night when we got home she had flipped 180 degrees, she was now willing to work things out with me if we went to counseling but she kept mentioning that we needed a clean slate. I told her that if that was going to happen she was going to have to cut ties with the guy at work and she agreed. Next day I log back into the wireless account and see they're still at it. They talked for the entire half hour it takes her to get to work and exchanged a few hundred more text messages that day. I called her pissed and told her to end it, she promised she would. At this point I'm absolutely convinced there's way more going on that she's admitting to. I know she went out to dinner with this detective and his partner a few weeks earlier and didn't come home for 3 1/2 hours.

I started digging. I managed to get a very large portion of her deleted text messages. What I read was awful. As far back as April he's talking about going to get drinks together but he's not sure if he could control himself but he'd better not say anything more or she'll figure out his evil plan. On the way to our anniversary dinner in April he's texting her telling her what she should order and after some joke he remarks "how could you doubt my sexuality since I've been all over you the past week". I read her some of the text messages she had and she turned white as a ghost, she admitted to some flirting but that was it. She promised. I'm fuming mad and start asking her more. Eventually she admits that they met at their office after a happy hour a few weeks prior and made out. She admitted to sexting him multiple times. She admitted planning to sleep with him at an out of town convention that was coming up. At this point her plan to leave me was starting to make more sense. If we were separated I suppose she could fuck him with a clear conscience. I told her to end all contact, the next morning when she woke up I told her I wanted her to call him and tell him on the phone with me there. I told her not to warn him before hand. She called and left him a voicemail. That afternoon I was exhausted and fell asleep on the couch. She starts emailing him and does exactly what I told her not to do, she warned him that I wanted to hear her tell him it was over so he wouldn't call her back. The rest of that thread of emails is what tears me up. She talks about how she's so sorry I found the deleted text messages and how she needed to end it "for now" so she could at least tell her self she tried to work things out with me. He replies back all pissed off and mentions that he had also told his (pregnant) wife he was leaving her and and that they planned on hiding their relationship for 6 months to a year then they'd get married and have babies. The shitbird talks about wanting to buy a house so he could move her and my son in with him. The dude got really nasty with her and her response was "sorry, right now I have to abide by (my name)'s wishes".

We've been to two counseling sessions since this surfaced and we have a thrid one scheduled for Wednesday. The first few weeks were amazing, we got along great, had amazing, passionate sex, talked more than we have in years. Since then she almost refuses to talk to me about what she did. She always says she's too exhausted from work (she does have a very emotionally taxing job) or one of a million other excuses. If I do bring it up she doesn't answer any of my questions (like how did it start, what were you getting from him that you weren't getting from me, etc). All she does is break down crying and calling herself a horrible person. This whole time I've felt like I'm being ripped in two from the inside. Half of me wants to hug her and never let her go, the other half of me feels absolutely betrayed. I feel like I fucked up by not making her leave, at least for a little while so I could figure things out. After 5 weeks I still don't feel any better about the affair or more importantly the constant lies about it. I'm convinced she never would have said a word about Detective Shitbird if I hadn't started digging. So tell me guys:

Is this a person worth trusting? I believe she's done with him (he's tried contacting her since she told him to stop but she's ignored all of his attempts) but I have a horrible feeling that she'll do it again with someone else. I know she's capable of either compmletely writing off our commitment to one another or at she's at least able to justify an affair to herself.

How do I figure out what to do? I don't want to be miserable forever but I also know that she was once my soulmate and maybe she can be again.

tldr - wife had an affair with a coworker, didn't sleep with him but sexted him, made out with him, and made plans to shack up and marry him one day. What do?
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2023.03.21 18:18 SpinachTiny7214 Didn’t have much food at the house; made gravy from ramen packets for this biscuit monstrosity

Didn’t have much food at the house; made gravy from ramen packets for this biscuit monstrosity submitted by SpinachTiny7214 to shittyfoodporn [link] [comments]