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2023.03.21 17:45 drowsy_damad What were the others doing to Craster's sheep? [Spoilers Main]

“For the baby, not for me. If it’s a girl, that’s not so bad, she’ll grow a few years and he’ll marry her. But Nella says it’s to be a boy, and she’s had six and knows these things. He gives the boys to the gods. Come the white cold, he does, and of late it comes more often. That’s why he started giving them sheep, even though he has a taste for mutton. Only now the sheep’s gone too. Next it will be dogs, till . . .” She lowered her eyes and stroked her belly.
The white cold seems to come with the White Walkers, and I assume Craster checked to see if the sacrifice of sheep was accepted before giving more of it. I doubt that they are turning sheep into White Walkers as well, so this seems to be a sort of confirmation that the sheep and the baby are all being eaten.
It shouldn't be this hard to reach this conclusion as in the books they are supposedly alive, and thus require sustenance. But with magic in play everything becomes uncertain. Theoretically, even an army of undead will require food, because movement requires energy, energy requires food.
I think GRRM has been decently scientific in his approach to the undead (given the subject matter). In AGOT he even goes into how the undead rot slower because any living being, including maggots and worms, refuse to go near them:
“They... they aren’t rotting.” Sam pointed, his fat finger shaking only a little. “Look, there’s... there’s no maggots or... or... worms or anything... they’ve been lying here in the woods, but they... they haven’t been chewed or eaten by animals... only Ghost... otherwise they’re... they’re...”
“Untouched,” Jon said softly. “And Ghost is different. The dogs and the horses won’t go near them.”
So, the Others are just eating the babies and sheep, right?
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2023.03.21 17:44 uffhuf [WTB] Looking for AR donations for friends in WA

To put it plainly, we’re getting destroyed out here in WA. I have a few coworkers that were late to the game/too many kids/poor and just got their stripped lowers last week. We all work in EMS and these are solid folks in need of some gear. I’ve been helping them out where I can but I figured doing a little reaching out to the GAFS community could be beneficial.
If you have a garbage tier uppers, 16”556/223 barrels, handguards, lpks, buffer tubes, furniture, anything along those lines and you’re willing to donate it to a good cause, I will gladly pay the shipping.
In return I’ll help them build their rifles and send everyone involved in the donation a pic of the final result and the person the build went to. If you send really Gucci stuff, I’ll hook it up with some tasty foot pics.
Figured I’d give this a shot. $69
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2023.03.21 17:44 Ok_Net2052 My father is abusing my elder grandmother out of money, car is about to get repoed, what do i fucking do.

I need help.
I am 17 and live in PA. Living with my grandma. She is 72 years old and still works, she works for a big company in a factory. My father has been on her tit since he was younger, he had me at 15. He uses manipulation and intimidation to get money out of her. Is there anyway I could get him to stop doing this via legal means, because nothing works. Everyone talks to her and tries to get her to stop giving him money. She also pays for his gas, food, boat payments, truck payments, and he is unemployed. She paid for his wedding rings for all the girls hes been with and is still making payments on all of them. I cannot even imagine how much debt shes in. He has a serve gambling addiction, looses thousands of dollars she gives him at the casino....
Recently its gotten very very bad, she got covid and was out of work so shes been working 70 hour weeks to make up for payments. I was in her phone and I saw her saying to him her car is getting repossed on friday if the payment is not made... I feel so helpless because i dont have physical evidence of him threatening her with violence but i have seen it happen. Some pieces of evidence i do have are
-her telling him she is being abused by him via my Ring camera
-a 20 min voice recording of him screaming at her and my grandfather (he passed) that he is going to fight him and kill him, also that is abuses his meds (xanax)
-Ring camera evidence of her yelling at him to get out of her house but him not leaving.
-Texts of him making threats to put holes in our car tires if she didnt get him food.
I am so lost, I am so sad, and I am so scared of him. Im missing a lot of information but i really really need help. I just thought of all the key details. She is scared of him and still talks to him and gives him cigs and food. She is not fond of the idea of stopping giving him money, for the reason, I DONT KNOW!!! Ive called the elder abuse hotline and they sent someone but she lied to them and said she is not being abused by him. She enables him to the highest degree, and i do not know how to help.. Please is there anything i can do to help her with any of this information.
Thank you
tl:dr- dad abuses grandma, very little physical evidence agaisnt him, car is about to get taken away.
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2023.03.21 17:44 Switchcitement Feedback on my Foodtruck Game's cooking mechanics

New member here! I am on RPGdesign but just discovered this one. Not sure I know the difference, but figured I post on here too to get as much feedback as possible. If this isn't allowed, apologies and please remove.
After feedback on my previous post, I made a much bigger emphasis on the cooking and revamped the mechanics. I’d love any thoughts and feedback! The game is designed to be lighthearted and narrative driven, but I'm open to exploring more complicated mechanics if it means making the game more fun and still accessible to first time or non-regular RPG players.
The Players Stats:
Each character has 4 Punk Stats and 3 Chef Stats.
Punk Stat: Precision
Precision represents your finesse, balance, dexterity, and attention to detail. Ranged weapons or hand-eye coordination tasks use this trait.
Punk Stat: Muscle
Muscle represents your brawn, bicep size, bench press max, and strength. Blunt or large melee weapons and strength based tasks will use this trait.
Punk Stat: Drive
Drive represents your mental fortitude, smarts, charisma, and ability to drive the Foodtruck. Persuasion, communication, and food truck driving based tasks use the Drive skill.
Punk Stat: Cook
Drive represents your mental fortitude, smarts, charisma, and ability to drive the Foodtruck. Persuasion, communication, and food truck driving based tasks use the Drive skill.
Chef stats, Veggie; Meat; Spice represent how versatile and knowledgable you are with each ingredient type.
The dice
Rolling the dice tells you whether or not you have succeeded in your task or check. To succeed in a roll, you will need to roll at least 2 Successes. The dice faces are as follows:
When rolling Critical Success, not only have you succeeded but something even beneficial happened as a result of your exemplary action. Whereas a Critical Failure is a failure that is worse than you can possibly have imagined.
Both the Critical Success and Critical Failures are narrative tools for you to interpret in the context of the action’s situation. Use this to your advantage to make the story more flavorful and engaging.
How to Cook
Cooking is an expressive art, so there are no limitations to how you can cook your dish or whatever final flavor or benefit the dish will be.
When Cooking a dish:
  1. Select the ingredients you would like to cook with from your Foodtruck’s walk-in or personal inventory
  2. Select the dish’s primary type (Meat, Veggie, Spice) and choose its benefit.
  3. Build your Cook dice pool
  4. Roll your Cook dice pool
  5. Interpret the outcome
Step 1: Select the ingredients you would like to cook with
When cooking, each ingredient used in your recipe adds a die to your pool that corresponds to its level. All dishes need at least 1 Meat or 1 Vegetable.
Step 2: Select the dish’s type and benefit.
Choose if the dish will be a Veggie, Meat, or Spice based dish. If you succeed in cooking the dish, you or whoever eats it will gain some sort of benefit ability for a short amount of time. You may choose to create one through your imagination, or roll for a random benefit with the Flavor Table.
Step 3: Build your Cook dice pool
To build your Cook pool:
  1. Add a D6 for each ingredient used to the pool.
  2. Add D6’s equal to your Cook level to the pool.
  3. Upgrade dice a number of times equal to your dish’s corresponding Skill.
Upgrading Dice
Your stats will allow you to upgrade dice. This means you can change the type of dice you are rolling in that pool. The most common version of this is upgrading dice when cooking a dish. Each level in your dish's corresponding Chef stat gives you 1 die upgrade point. You can spend 1 point to upgrade a die. The upgrade tree is as follows:
D6 upgrades to D8
D8 upgrade to D10
D10 upgrades to D12
D12 upgrades to a D20
Step 4: Roll your Cook dice pool
Roll all the dice in your pool. As with any roll, each 5+ is a success.
Step 5: Interpret your dice pool’s results
Make sure you record what ingredients you used when cooking it. Every time you re-cook this dish, you must have the ingredients on hand to make it.
Example Cook: Ted is using rock salt, bittergreen leaves, and a FogHog steak to cook a Meat based dish that allows the consumer to Jump higher. Since he using 3 ingredients, he takes 3d6 and adds it to his Cook Pool. Rupert’s Cook stat is 2 and his Meat stat is 2, so he adds 2d6 to his pool, and then changes both of those d6’s to a d8. His cook pool is now 3d6 and 2d8. He rolls, and the dice show a 2, 3, 4, 5, 7. His roll of a 2 which cancels out one of his successes (he chooses the 5), leaving only 1 success. He does not successfully create the dish and takes a Stress for his 1 failure.
Another Example Cook: Keeley is using bittergreen leaves, sunsucker treebark, and fireflower powder to cook a veggie based dish that makes the consumer stronger against monsters. And it's fully vegetarian! Since she is using 3 ingredients, she adds 3d6 to her pool. Her Cook skill is 3 so she adds 3d6 more to her pool. Her Veggie skill is 3, so she spends 2 points and turns them 2d6 into 2d8, and with her last skill point turns 1d8 into 1d10. Her cook pool is now 4d6, 1d8, 1d10. She rolls a 2, 3, 3, 6, 5, and 9. The 2 will cancel out a success, leaving 2 successes. She successfully created the dish, and gains 2 Reputation for the Foodtruck!
All feedback welcome! Thank you!
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2023.03.21 17:44 Sea-Shoulder-6943 Final Divorce Mediation - Concerns & Guidance

I have a Final Divorce Mediation coming up relatively soon.
My spouse was dropped from her attorney following our temporary mediation, and she selected a new divorce attorney who was previously a legal family member for roughly a year. Her new divorce attorney practiced law in another county, and her license was revoked for a few years. She is receiving legal support for free, yet I am required to cover multiple forms of costs that were not agreed to within the temporary MSA in order to move forward to our final mediation.
My spouse has been hanging out with her lawyer, including bringing my kids to hangout with her at her house and spend the night. As she is able to consistently seek advice for free, and contact my lawyer with constant unnecessary complaints, it has cost me thousands of dollars that would not have existed if she retained her previous lawyer.
I have suffered severe parental alienation, through multiple forms of communication which are all documented. A few of these led to the change in lawyer, and many more have surfaced following temporary mediation.
My lawyer has received numerous disclosures from her attorney that can be proven as intentionally tampered. One of these instances is so blatantly obvious that she has knowingly and intentionally made a claim that it almost appears to be classified as negligence. There are many other forms of this within the disclosures on other topics, which I can prove as false.
She is seeking full custody, to take all ownership of our home (including equity), transferring every penny of debt to myself (although she is responsible and is documented that she substantially contributed to this), retaining all of the inventory in our home, me paying child support (which I would never argue against and I am in full agreement of supporting them), and to pay continued financial support for her to stay at home while the kids go to school each day for an undefined period of time.
She has admitted through evidence that she will not be working, as it benefits the kids and I should be in agreement that it is best for them. She has an advanced college degree, but has made no efforts to support the family with even a 3-5 hour part time job while the kids are at school 5 days a week for 8 hours. She has made no progress on her “job search” for three years, as the market is very tough. I am recruiting for employees at my current company, and my HR department advised me to make an offer on the spot if I feel the candidate is a good fit because the market is competitive enough that candidates are getting multiple offers.
I have her admissions to multiple forms of abuse including alcohol, pills, physical, and psychological. I have over 40+ forms of admissions and documentation related to substance abuse via email, text, photos, videos, etc.
My lawyer has been quiet, not very helpful, and feedback has been relatively limited. I have requested a link to upload all of my documentation, but have not received one. I have been given no plan on the lawyer’s part, but I do have a meeting on Wednesday at his firm (via my own request). I feel as if I am walking into an ambush, yet he is rated and referred by practically everyone in our area as the top choice for family law.
Just curious on a few topics. Am I obsessing over the upcoming mediation, as it will be more focused on agreeing to terms, or is the evidence a major form of how things play out? I know I do not have to agree to anything I am uncomfortable with, yet she has already told me she will take me to court if I do not give her what she wants. She has already threatened me that we need to meet in advance so she can advise me of how this will all go down. Other than my evidence I have spent 20+ hours preparing, is there anything else I need to bring, such as a list of what I would settle for, and my wishes/outcome from the mediation?
TLDR: I am lost on the next steps as I approach final mediation, and not sure what I need to be doing anymore.
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2023.03.21 17:44 FinalExa About Sandrone's possible role in the Harbingers

Heya! First post here.

I have always been curious about her since A Winter's Night Lazzo was released, she's one of the Harbingers with less info available overall. Still, since Wanderer's release and Nahida's brief description of Focalors, I think there's enough to speculate.

What we currently know about Sandrone, the Character
1) The other Harbingers refer to "her", so she is probably the girl and not the Ruin "Butler". (I am saying this based on the English translation of the game, is this proven wrong/uncertain in the Chinese one?)
Then, in no particular order of importance:
2) Her aesthetic is most likely tied to Fontaine since she and her Ruin "Butler" resemble a lot of Fontaine NPC colors and dressing styles;
3) She is number 7 of the Harbingers, "the Marionette", as stated by Wanderer;
4) She has only ever had (that we know of) negative interactions with the members of the Fatui: Childe says that she looks at him like she wants to "murder" him, Wanderer says she has a horrible personality, and Javert got admonished by her;
5) She is stated by Wanderer to be a researcher, that has "produced a copious amount of garbage";
6) Her aesthetic is also tied to Katheryne, which has been confirmed to be a Snezhnayan bionic puppet by Nahida, which is also the "manager" of the Adventurer's guild in every Nation's main city (as of now);
7) Her constellation is most likely the Marionette suspended by threads.
Sandrone in the Commedia dell'Arte
8) In the Commedia, the character of Sandrone is said to be a peasant who "is crude, clever, and cunning. He is seen as the spokesman of a humble people who are ill-treated, eternally hungry, and always using tricks to make ends meet."

There's currently a lot of missing information regarding her so I know very well that most of this is done by assuming stuff, like she's not the Ruin Butler, etc. The points above state where I stand currently, if there's something that proves them wrong write it down here!
Also, this list was necessary before you read what's next because I will now quote the points with their number whenever needed.
My take and theory
Sandrone is a spy, sent by Focalors, to keep surveillance of the Harbingers and possibly to steal technology.
A bold claim, huh? It's a fun thought experiment I had going on for a while, and while I myself think it's not a huge possibility, with the current information we have about her, and some information we have about Fontaine that I'll explain later in this post, it checks out.
Constructing the theory
Focalors is known since the 1.5 (I think it was in that patch) Endora event, where Rhodeia said that she wanted Lochfolk to act as spies for Fontaine in other nations.
Nahida also said that Focalors participates in almost every court case in Fontaine.
And finally, Dain in the Teyvat Travail Trailer says that she "seeks to judge every other god".
At one point in time, it makes sense that, with this information about Focalors, she has at least the desire to try to infiltrate the Fatui.

And I personally say that getting into the Fatui is not "hard", as we have some backing proof:
- First off, we have seen through Childe that he went from a normal Fatui soldier to Harbinger by showing meaningful results for the Fatui, in his case, his battle prowess;
- Second, we have Pierro that had gone recruiting people from other nations as the first Harbingers;
- Third, we have to consider that due to Pantalone's efforts the Fatui and Snezhnaya are an economic powerhouse, so a Fatui soldier must have decent pay. (however, we only know that Harbingers are rich because Childe clearly states that, I am unsure if normal Fatui soldiers get paid enough);

Let's assume that, considering all the above, Focalors sends Sandrone (and possibly others), as a spy to infiltrate the Fatui, and since Sandrone is talented at her research/effort has a similar climb to power as Childe, however, it's limited to her peak of capability which is the 7th seat as stated in point 3)... or is it her peak? If you view her through the "she is a spy" lens, she could be very well also hiding her true capabilities in case she is found out.
What would be her accomplishment during her Fatui service time? Her Ruin Guards research evolved into puppet making (something I think Dottore has already mastered since point 5 exists), but that ultimately led to the creation of the Katherynes, which considering point 6, give quests to adventurers, but also receive/send data to Snezhnaya.
Note: Katherine's existence and the adventurer's guild's existence are not necessarily related, Sandrone may be the "creator of the Katheryne" or the "manager of the Katherynes", but not the "manager of the Adventurer's guild".
Katherine has been thought to be human until Sumeru's archon quest, so Sandrone may be as well specializing in making human lookalike puppets as her specialization, which, is perfect for infiltration and espionage since nobody can tell the difference. (I am not considering the "rebooting..." "error!" voice lines of Katheryne to be actually perceived by the actual characters, I think it was more a hint just for the players).
Okay so, to do a little summary: she enters the Harbingers as a spy, specializing in making human-like puppets, and also the Katheryne's "network" is made by her, which is possibly used to collect data about other nations.
Remember I said that she could also be stealing technology from Snezhnaya? Snezhnaya is considered the most advanced nation military-wise, while the other technologically advanced nation is Fontaine, work and utility-wise as we know. Sandrone possesses a network of puppets that can possibly relay information and she is probably the administrator, it should be easy for her to send information to her actual homeland, thus explaining why Fontaine really looks like it is underground an "industrial revolution" period.

Also, on the Katherynes topic, a bit of a fun fact. Have you noticed what daily commissions we tend to get in Sumeru? "Jump on the mushrooms", "Hit the mushrooms" and "Chase the light", it is very likely that at least one of these three pops in your list every day, and they all seem out of place considering the rest of the commission in the game, especially considering their frequency.
Why does this happen only in Sumeru? It's because Nahida has technically hacked Katheryne and she's probably the one giving those daily to you.
If we extend this to what I said above it could be also viewed as Nahida jamming that Katheryne's signal. And it could also make sense to answer one question I had: how did Nahida specifically know about how Focalors acted in Fontaine when she was caged for most of her life? Yes, for this one it is very possible that she could have simply asked Katheryne to other people from Fontaine, or simply do a memory reading (even she won't do that unless it's a special case like with Dottore or during the archon quest). But it could be also the result of her reverse engineering the Katheryne technology to learn about other nations... or just the memories Irminsul implanted into her after Rukkhadevata's erasure.

Returning to Sandrone, we know how she could possibly act as a spy, her specialization as a harbinger, and her possible ascension path from soldier to harbinger.
As for why she acts the way she does in point 4, she's hostile towards the other Fatui because of her origin and also because of point 8, Sandrone in the Commedia has a crude character while being clever and cunning (keeping her spy position).
To conclude, all of this fits with her constellation: the marionette with threads, since her position would be that of the spy, "controlled" by another being (in this case the hydro archon, or bound by the Fatui).
Conclusion and Doubts
As I said before, this is more a thought experiment with the information I thought that fits with the view, the story may play out this way with Sandrone or not, so, feel free to debunk or expand this!
The major question while writing this emerged to me is: what if the other Harbingers know about she's a spy? Which would definitely happen at any point if that was the case.
I think that the Harbingers, as seen by how Pierro and Dottore handled Scaramouche's situation, are willing to keep even a spy amongst their ranks until it proves useful and isn't directly trying to harm their "cause", but will try to dispose of inconveniences when they rise.
So, if that's the case the role I think Sandrone will play in Fontaine could be that of running away from the rest of the Harbingers, or she's discovered while staying in Fontaine.
Ironically her role in the upcoming parts, at least for me, is kinda hard to figure out with the current info we have on her.

But anyways, this is all I have to say about her for now, if I missed something or said something wrong let me know in the comments!
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2023.03.21 17:44 marrzipanz Chiropracty

Every time theres a chiro segment I die so much inside. I worked for a chiropractor for two years and the Dr would regularly give adjustments to infants, young children, dogs of all sizes and normal/appropriately(?) aged persons. I wish I could divulge the simultaneous amazement and horror every time.
We often had moms bring in their newborns when the baby was constipated. The dr would do a chest and lower back adjustment on the baby and have them wait in the waiting area for about 25 mins after the adjustment. I crap you not pun intended that everytime, in less than the 25mins, the babies would have bowel movements.
The crazy thing about the baby and dog adjustments was the lil tiny popping sounds… like bubble wrap. No sedatives were used and most animals and babies were docile, however, as a precaution, all dogs had to have a muzzle on LMAO
As for the medical billing….. wooooof i seen some “false advertising” shall we say…
I always want to call in and give the tea on my experience bc it was… interesting
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2023.03.21 17:43 meowmiia how do I tell about my pregnancy?

Hello there 🌻 whilst me and my fiance have told everyone in our close circle (his family and our friends) about our pregnancy (me F 24, him M 21), we still have not told my parents.
The reasons for this matter are a few:
  1. The distance. My parents don't live in the same country as us. They live in a different country (+10k km away), and therefore, I can't really figure out how would be the best way to tell them, since over the phone doesn't really seem to me like a very appropriate way of giving them the news of their first grandchild ever.
  2. I'm still in college whilst my fiance is about to end his military service and then start college as well. I know for a fact my parents have a very different point of view over college and other life situations, always prioritizing the studies over anything else, so for this matter, I'm scared they'd think of us inept of having this baby and raising this child.
  3. When it comes to children, I've argued many times over their points of view in external situations, like, for example, them commenting on some old childhood friend of mine having a baby in early 20's about how "they are fucking up their entire life for having a child at such a young age, or having a child at all" (which for me it's very hypocritical, since they got pregnant at 20 and had me at 21).
  4. Overall, I'm just scared of their reaction. In the past, with my first ever relationship (6 years ago, which ended a year afterward), they never liked the guy, and neither did they like my friends at any point either, so I'm really concerned they would stop liking my fiance (he's the first person that they actually really like and accepted), or me, or both of us, or that they'd hate on our baby or make some stupid hurtful comment.
Am I overthinking this way too much? Am I way too off-track by having these fears? Any opinions and/or advice on how to tell them about the baby?
Many thanks in advance 🙏
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2023.03.21 17:43 ajay126 Ive updated the designs and they came out well! Cant wait to give them to band soon :) (Probably my final post abt them)

Ive updated the designs and they came out well! Cant wait to give them to band soon :) (Probably my final post abt them) submitted by ajay126 to lovejoyband [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 17:43 Snoccinator Contender for worst 3rd Threadspin?

Contender for worst 3rd Threadspin?
On top of having rather low numbers for an AoE Teth (12-20) 4th match flame Yi-Sang Threadspin 3 only gives +2 burn for 80 thread, it doesn't change the coin or base value of the skill.
Every other EGO gains coin value when Threadspun to tier 3, and 4th match flame already suffers from a low base and heads value (It loses to Takedown and Preaching). It costs 7 as an AoE Teth, which is expensive for what it does, especially when compared to Zayin AoE skills that cost 6 such as Representation Emitter and Land of Illusion. Comparing it to Legerdemain, an AoE Zayin that can be spammed every turn due to its low cost ( it costs 42% less than 4th match flame and has a higher base coin value of 18) makes it very hard to justify ever using, even in a burn based team. Its corrosion also does nothing different from the base aside from becoming indiscriminate and having its coin value flip to a 12-24, with every other EGO either becoming AoE or having its effects changed (Fluid sack Faust, Legerdemain, etc.)
I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on this, and if any other Ego feel like they have something wrong with them. I'm just genuinely curious if he's supposed to feel this bad or if its a mistake.

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2023.03.21 17:43 LeonAdrian17 Help needed with Datapack project!

i wanted to add some magic rings into minecraft. these magic rings would be warped fungus's on sticks, that give special effects via holding them in the offhand and/or rightclicking with them in the offhand. dont worry about textures for now^^ the right click detection would work via a scoreboard, and the effects get executed by the tick function when a player holds a ring (warped fungus on a stick) with a special custom model number that determines the effect In my world where i have set up everything in command blocks, it did not work however. i would very much appreciate some help! here is my pack prototype:
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2023.03.21 17:43 Artistic-Tap-1017 V4 vs V5

It seems like everyone is loving v5 of MJ and saying it is far better than V4 but to tell the truth.. I used both versions for the same prompt and then some that was similar and even completely different and I will say pretty much everytime V4 gave me more of what I wanted. Idk if i just suck at inputting prompts in a way where it can give me what I’m looking for or not. Also, another thing I’m really struggling with is the character thing. I created a character and I want them across different generated photos. Doesn’t have to be exact but just close enough to where it won’t be questioned. I have got that down to where I am somewhat close but how can I get my character to wear the same clothes on each image. Is that even possible?
Ngl I have lots more questions but we will start here
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2023.03.21 17:43 stefnizzle Is My Worst Nightmare Coming True?

I write this while sitting in my son’s room, waiting for our meeting with the ENT team. Born at 26+2, today is his 164th day in the NICU. We are at one of the top children’s hospitals in the country and I’m afraid that I’m just waiting here for them to come tell me to choose which way my son goes to heaven.
His biggest issue has always been his lungs. He has BPD and has been on a breathing tube his whole life. We had one attempt at extubation back in December. He lasted 34 hours before it had to go back in. Since then, it’s felt like a slow decline littered with false instances of hope.
About a month ago, they came to us saying the only way he would make it was with a trach/g-tube insertion. He has no signs of intellectual disabilities or issues with motor skills and they estimated he could probably come off of them at around 3 years. It was very hard to hear, but after a bit of research and lots of success stories, my husband and I embraced the idea. Only issue was we needed the peak(?)on his ventilator to be (steadily) below 40. He was rocking in the 60s.
At one point he got vent-induced pneumonia and they had to paralyze him. Once over that, they woke him back up but eventually put him back under paralytic to prevent him from fighting his vent and get those numbers down, which they slowly have been for the past few weeks. I’ve even seen it hang in the 30s here and there, but he’s mostly in the low 40s.
Earlier this week, our NP came to us and gave us the impression that where he’s at is pretty much “good enough”. He was put on the schedule for the trach surgery and we were soooooo excited! Finally a light at the end of the tunnel! We met with the two surgeons who were gonna do it, signed the paper work, we were briefed on the risks, and it sounded like everything was good to go for 8:45am today. Until last night when I got a call from some other doctor and the call was just so weird.
I can’t imagine what it’s like to have to tell people that their son isn’t going to make it, but it just felt so bizarre. She kept talking in circles. The gist of what I got was that his numbers are NOT “good enough” and if they go through with the surgery, he won’t be strong enough. But at the same time, he’s been paralyzed for 2 weeks now and they can’t keep him like this. But if they wake him up, he’s going to fight his vent immediately and will shotgun in the opposite direction. I asked her if she was telling me this info or asking me what I want to do, and it just got very confusing because she wouldn’t give me a straight answer. Just that she wanted me to agree to canceling the surgery today and both of us coming in for a “talk” in person.
I honestly don’t know what to do. If I do have the choice, I figure I’d rather do the surgery and know that I did everything I possibly could instead of giving up. But I’m also afraid they’re going to say something along the lines of “now that it’s an elective surgery, it’s not covered by your health insurance” or something like that.
Has anyone else had any experience with similar situations? I feel as though my heart will literally just stop beating if this goes the way I fear.
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2023.03.21 17:43 MikeMadigan I WANT TO CRUSH THEM

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2023.03.21 17:43 Open-Suggestion-8460 Please help! My pc turns on normaly, dosen't give out hdmi signal them after 30 seconds it turns itself off waits 2 seconds then repeats. I did open the pc but didin't damage it. Sorry for bad writing im panincing so im shaking very hard.

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2023.03.21 17:43 helly_nelly Transcript of what Joe says to Nadia

I've seen two different interpretations of this scene, so I'm posting the transcript.
Joe: Don't be nervous. I wouldn't hurt you. My circumstances have changed. I now have access to substantial resources--
Nadia: Don't give me anything. I'll go away.
Joe: You work, what, two, three jobs? Sleep's for the rich, right?
Nadia: I'm not gonna say anything to anyone.
Joe: I can make this work for all of us. I've done bad things. I'm not proud. But the important part is I've been given a chance to redeem myself and make up for what I've done. And I can only imagine how that must sound to you, really. I-- I promise, no one has to get hurt. Nadia.
--She trips over Eddie's body and starts to scream--
Joe: Shh, Nadia.
Internal monologue: I got a second chance and this time, I'm utilizing all of me.
Joe: Give me your hand. Give me your hand.
--Nadia takes the knife he's handing her--
Joe: Nadia. Tell them all about me. No one's gonna believe you. So you'll live. You're right, I want that for you. Honestly, my greatest pride as a teacher is that I could help you grow. And there's gonna be a box found in your bedroom by the police. Rhys Montrose's things. Anonymous tipster. They'll realize it was Eddie- that's why you killed him. You have so many gifts. I'm looking forward to watch what you do next.
Internal: She refused to speak in her own defense. Still hasn't spoken in prison. Like I said, smart.

Joe's narrative is saying Eddie is the anonymous tipster, tipping off the police to the box in Nadia's apartment and that is why she killed Eddie-because he discovered she was obsessed with and killed Rhys. If he were setting Eddie up as the killer of Rhys and she as discovering the box, Joe would expect her to claim self-defense in Eddie's death. Also, he put the box in her house, not Eddie's. Yes, the writers could have written his little speech better.
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2023.03.21 17:42 apexanimo What is true purpose of the Institute synths?

When we visit Diamond City, all we hear about is their paranoia about the Institute and their synths. We hear how people get replaced by identical looking synth. We can even stumble upon two Arts, one synth, one human. It is truly frightening.
But, when we infiltrate the Institute, we can clearly see that all Gen 3 synths are programmable human looking machines, ready to work obediently as slaves.
Synths possess sophisticated technology that simulates free will and emotions (synth component), so they can easily infiltrate any settlement, city etc. That is what coursers do..
But, what is true purpose of these synths in general? Nobody clearly say to you what their role is. My interpretation is the following:
Institute scientists are safe underground, while irradiated wasteland contain deadly monsters, mutants, raiders, malfunctioned robots etc. So, the technology to manufacture synths can give these scientists the possibility to populate the surface with as many synths they can, because they are programmable soldiers far better prepared to live there than humans. If some hostile foreign organization comes to the Commonwealth, they will be deceived by these synths, and think they are some humans living peacefully. That gives the Institute upper hand to prepare for an attack and repel any hostile organization, while they are safely hidden.
So, scientists just want to be sure they and their children can be safe from anything above. Only trouble is, people on the surface don't matter to them.
The biggest problem they face early on is that Brotherhood of Steel comes to the Commonwealth, much earlier than scientists planned. So BoS can't be deceived, because they already know about synths. Also Railroad operates successfully "from the shadows". At this point, Insitute replaces people to see if synths can pass the Turing Test (and they certainly do imo), older models are securing pre-war technology, coursers hunt rogue synths, scientists learn how to remove bugs in synth's programming, testing FEV to see if mutants are effective means to destroy any disobedient people. So, they have big ambition, no matter how unethical it is. But, would you save common folk who only wants peace or intellectual elite capable to "redefine mankind" ??
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2023.03.21 17:41 TypewriterKey Should my wife and I (F34, M37) tell our kids (F7, M9) about their grandparents (50s)?

I'll try to summarize the relevant backstory as much as possible:
MIL and AFIL, more or less, kidnapped my wife and her sister away from her bio dad when she was a child. They're crazy in ways that go beyond this but that's the basic gist of the situation.
About 12 years ago my wife cut contact with her parents.
About 9 years ago she allowed them back into our lives because my wife wanted our children (she was pregnant at the time) to have a relationship with them.
About ~2 years ago the family relationships exploded. My SIL started digging into court records and discovering more and more about the 'kidnapping' and cut off her parents. She and her husband were living in a home and paying rent to her parents at the time.
My wife and I already knew a lot of the details but as we learned more and more from SIL who was finding things out in the court records we decided to go minimal contact - but our kids love them and we didn't want to take away their family.
As SIL and her husband were splitting up and moving out of their parents house 'someone' destroyed a bunch of stuff at the property. Wife and SIL both think it was AFIL. I feel like there's a chance it was someone else (SIL's ex husband was completely unhinged at this time) but didn't care as I felt that them believing that AFIL could do something like this was evidence that they thought he was potentially dangerous.
This pushed us to no contact instead of allowing them to keep in touch with the kids. Except for presents. Every few months for various holidays our kids get gifts in the mail. We either remove the tags and give the gifts to the kids or return the items and buy something for the kids. The kids don't know they're still getting gifts from their grandparents.
I think this is wrong. We've explained to the kids some of the situation - enough to understand why the grandparents are no longer allowed around. They were sad but understood as much as could be expected. To kids of this age gifts are love. I feel like not telling them they're getting gifts in the mail makes it seem like their grandparents stopped loving them. My wife feels like severing the ties completely is necessary. I leave it to her because it's related to her family.
End of backstory.
Recently my son has been getting interested in things like the mail and paying bills. He wants to understand this stuff so that he's prepared to be an adult. I don't know where it came from but I have no problem with it. He asks me what each piece of mail is and what I do with things like bills. I've explained credit cards to him, junk mail, and all that stuff.
My wife is concerned that he's going to find a piece of mail from her parents. She wants to send them a letter telling them to stop, but admits that it may not be a good idea (they might double down if they find out she's annoyed). She'd also like to move to Canada to escape them (only half joking) but that sounds insane to me and she doesn't fight too hard for this. I want to talk to our kids about the situation.
My wife is concerned that if the kids know her parents are still sending them things that the kids will continue to have a soft spot for them and that when they're older her parents will exploit this and try to reach out and turn them against us. I feel like it'll be easier for them to do that if the kids discover we've been keeping gifts they've been receiving secret for years.
Should we tell the kids about the gifts (or anything else)? Should we try to get the grandparents to stop sending gifts? Should we move to Canada?
tl:dr - Grandparents are crazy and not allowed around our kids. To what extent does the situation need to be explained to the kids?
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2023.03.21 17:41 Negative-Ninja-122 Haproxy 503 errors - what is the cause?

What could be the cause of the following:
Suddenly both application servers behind Haproxy are not available. Haproxy gives 503 SSL hanshake error. Both app servers are up and running, but Haproxy does not communicate with them.
I do everything, restart all, etc. but only when I restore both app servers from 5 days old snapshot to a new VMs they start to work with the Haproxy.
So my question is, is there a system in Haproxy, like in high demand, that Haproxy cuts traffic to backend to protect them?I think there might have been a spike in traffic, which may have been the reason.
Global maxconn 10000 Server maxconn was 3000
HA-Proxy version 2.2.9-2+deb11u4 2023/02/11
If those values are reached, will haproxy block totally traffic?Also I checked that openssl was not updated, same version as in the working 5 days old snapshot.
So for the future, if I dont find the reason for sudden 503 no servers available, then I have to restore app servers from backups, which feels really weird.
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2023.03.21 17:41 kickedthehabit Story of success: my experience and what worked for me

Hi all,
Before I got on my most recent flight, I spent a lot of time on this forum reading other people's experiences and trying to take what I could from exceptional commenters like the several pilots who frequent here. Now that I'm home from my two flights, I thought it might be helpful to give back to this community that had given much to me. Here's my story:
Despite having flown (25+) times in my life, my fear of flying developed very early in my childhood and has plagued me ever since. Despite knowing the safety and statistics, I've let it hold me back from experiences I have dreamed of my whole life: Parisian cafes. English pubs. Icelandic hot springs – all of the wonderful things life has to offer when you travel. When my new partner came along a few years ago, we bonded over travel, especially international travel, and my reluctance to get on flight not only was bound to impact our relationship, but also continue my pattern of self loathing and missing out. Despite my reservations, we booked a trip to London and Paris, and the minute the "buy" button was pressed on the tickets, the dread set in. Only this time, I wad adamant I was getting on the plane and there was nothing stopping that. All I could do was prepare. Here's a list of what I did:

Things I Did

You may be saying to yourself: wow, that's a lot of stuff! And yes, it was. But I wasn't going to prevent this horrible fear keep me earthbound anymore and stop me from seeing the places I want to see before the end of this mortal coil.


The day came and the 8 hour flight lay ahead. I experienced quite a bit of anticipatory anxiety which included some vomiting at home (my anxiousness manifests as nausea). But I combatted that with sour candies (recommended by my therapist) which seemed to really help. We got to the airport early and went through all of the annoying security procedures which is even more interesting with international flights. To be supportive, my partner upgraded our seats so we had access to a lounge where waited to board. As soon as I got on the flight, I found the head attendant and explained I was a nervous flyer and asked to meet the pilot, which the S.O.A.R. program recommends. They couldn't have been nicer and the pilots even more so. They shook my had, thanked me for trusting them, and even offered to let me sit in the cockpit which politely refused. I went back to my seat and a funny thing happened: the nervousness went away. I put on my headphones and started watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown and before I knew it were were heading toward takeoff. I thought in my head (v1-rotate-positive climb-gear up) and had prepared myself for the sensations to expect (the elevator-type falling feeling) that were all normal. They all happened right on schedule, and soon we were airborne and I was completely fine. The flight was fantastic and when I arrived in London, I was both thrilled and proud.
The flight home caused some pre-flight anxiety as well, but the same thing happened. New attendants, new pilots, but all were wonderful. My fear was gone once we were on the actual plane. The crew took good care of me and even presented me with wings and a handwritten note to say how proud they were of me. Now, I'm back home with the post-vacation blues – why did I allow this fear to stop me for so long?

What Worked for Me

As I laid out earlier in this novel, I did quite a bit of work to help, so I can't point directly to what worked and what didn't. But here's what I believe made the biggest impact:


I was exactly like you. I thought everything that worked for others wouldn't work for me. I thought my plane would be the one in a billion that crash. I thought it would just fall out of the sky. I thought I would never do it or that I would freak out on the plane. And, less that 24 hours ago, I was eating beef short ribs 39,000 feet in the sky without a worry in the world despite some rough air that made it hard to drink my coffee.
If I can do this, if I can get though this, you can too. You can open the world up to yourself and you can get on the plane. It is not impossible.
I know this was a novel-length post, but I hope it might help others as previous posts have helped me. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out - I would be happy to answer them!
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2023.03.21 17:41 Glittering_Ad2771 Any of y'all feed your mice insect feeders?

I've constantly got an excess of crickets and mealworms that I feed to other pets so I like to give some to my mice aswell. Im sure most don't consider insects as food for mice but they would be on the menu in the wild. They provide a good source of fats and protein for them as well as a chance to utilise their hunting instincts. Mine especially love mealworms.
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2023.03.21 17:41 oddballr I created a list of things wrong with me.. and it's frikkin' long.

So I'm having an off-day where I just feel empty and not feel like anything. Wanting to at least attempt to get out of it, I tried journaling about my self-attacking thoughts and it turned out to be .. a lot of them. I currently suffer a lot from anxiety attacks due to a very low self-esteem & my financial situation (I'm living paycheck to paycheck without savings) and honestly I just feel down all the time.
I've talked to professionals in the past. However, it lead to nothing because of my own stupid stubbornness. I'm too hard to work with & fix since I just believe I can't change, even though that's bullshit. I can't even start or finish anything, which makes this so hard to go through to fix myself. Honestly, I'm scared to death that I will always feel this way for the rest of my life.
Here're my dark thoughts that I wrote down in just a few minutes. They're a lot.
I'm not even sure why I post this. But I just felt like it, I suppose.

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