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2023.03.21 18:09 jhstephens1 New partnership buying established small business

My business partner and I both own small businesses providing a similar service. We recently started a new partnership when we saw an opportunity to provide an additional service to others in our field when the owner of an established business that provided the same service passed...
We barely got off the ground getting our business set up when we were given the opportunity to buy the established business from the estate.
I have the funds to pay for my half but my business partner doesn't.
We have a non-compete clause in our partnership agreement that prevents me from buying the company myself (just saying this because I've already gotten that suggestion) but I wouldn't want to without him anyway because of what he brings to the table.
How do I structure a deal for our new 50/50 partnership LLC to buy out and absorb this larger company when I'll likely be providing nearly 100% of the funding out of pocket? (The new LLC has very low startup cost and overhead so it doesn't even have 1% of the necessary funds to buy the larger established company.
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2023.03.21 18:09 m-ah6 Man absolutely obsessed with me until one miscommunication and it's all over??

I (25f) matched with this guy (29m) on hinge maybe a year or so ago. I was in an on and off again relationship and didn't really get to talk to him as much at first. We followed each other on Instagram and said a few things and the convo ended - but we stayed following each other.
Fast forward to December 2022. He posts a pic of him on vacation via Instagram. I'm single and thought it would be a good time to comment heart eyes on his photo. He rather quickly DM'd me and i wasn't super interactive in the convo (I had a lot going on with holidays and also ended up getting covid for 2 weeks). No worries!! Valentine's week comes around and he messages me again. This time I was excited because i was finally freeing up some time to give him more attention.
This time we chatted every day until I got his phone number. We would text and chat and I would call him every now and then. I was happy getting to know him. What was shitty is that 5 months before we started chatting, he moved 3 hours away to another city. It felt like we almost missed our shot.. but we still talked. We both wore our hearts on our sleeves a bit and I thought I was finding a guy i could really emotionally invest in. He seemed mature, put together, and self-confident (and really into me). The only issue I would say is that all of his friends were settling down except him and I would often say "yea sounds like what would happen nearing your 30s". He wasn't sure about settling down either and often spoke about how his relationships didn't last more than 2 months. But he didn't sound opposed to a relationship - just didn't find the right one.
We both are in the same career field and although I'm younger - I had a lot of experience he didn't have and he was even impressed when I would discuss work. He often would compliment anything I did and spoke about me as if he thought highly of me. I felt appreciated and respected. I literally never met someone so good.
We continue talking every day until he mentions he was coming back to the city in March to visit his parents. I was ECSTATIC! The only issue was that the one day he invited me to his work party, I would be out of town for a concert. He planned to stay a week though and we planned around his schedule and daily dinners with his family. He was really busy the whole trip but we made some time to work and i was more than happy to finally meet him IRL.
The Monday of the concert Im driving back into town asking if i could stop by and visit since i was coming earlier than expected. He was extremely drunk and at first was flirting but when i said I would actually come thru he swiftly changed his mind. i left him on read because (thoughts going awry) had the idea he might've been going with someone he drunkenly met that night. Instead he later calls me multiple times extremely drunk to tell me he was back at the hotel and he's okay and not to worry about him. I thought it was sweet how he thought of me and stopped being upset with him. However, he proceeded to be extremely self-deprecating. This was a complete 180 from the person I've been talking to for a little more than a month now. He talked about how he was a shitty person and was extremely depressed and that i deserved more or better. I told him that he's been an absolute doll ever since chatting and I wasn't worried about any of that stuff. He proceeded to tell me he's terrible and that I'm perfect. I have everything a man would want and that i could have anyone I wanted. I was put on a pedestal.
This was a red flag for me and made me feel unsafe about the amount of time he was going to stay in my life. I only just met this man, he was absolutely perfect and now he's looking like hes about to run. We hadn't even gone on our first date yet and my hopes of meeting him were dwindling. He was super sweet to me during the call and we let each other go to sleep. the next morning, he remembers nothing. Hes apologetic for bothering me and i reassure him that everything is okay - but I'm worried about some of the things he said.
He assures me we will go on our date. and on the date hes back to "normal". a little embarrassed about the calls but I'm super into him and reassure him that as long as we communicate everything is okay. He knows he can be a lot when he drinks that much and has lost a lot of friendships because of it. The past is the past and he said he hadn't been so self-deprecating in years. We're chatting and cozy and everything feels great. I really like him. We go back to my place and things get really intimate. We're almost done (I'm on top) and i look at him and his face is full of panic. I quickly jump off of him and apologize and ask him what happened. I turn my focus 100% onto him and forget everything we were doing in the moment. He begins to express his anxiety about sex and finishing inside and I immediately apologize thinking i might have forced him or something (sorry I'm so bad at explaining this). We have a conversation and things calm down and I'm understanding of his feelings and he tells me I didn't do anything wrong. Were cozy but he has to leave back to his Parents.
The next day were chatting and he thanks me for being so understanding and that it means a lot to him. I said of course - we've only just met so there's a lot to learn and I'm happy. BUT HERES WHERE THINGS GO SOUTH. were chatting about the night and he mentions me taking the pill. I said 'oh wait.. did u finish?" I was so overwhelmed by the situation I completely thought i shut things down before it happened. But i misinterpreted our convo and apparently, he felt that way after. I immediately apologized and took the pill when things were cleared up. However, things got weird. He made kind of a big deal about me not understanding or even feeling that he did. and I just said in the heat of the moment i mean I simply thought we stopped. We stop talking for the rest of the day because hes very put off by the situation and i take a break because i have really bad anxious attachment style and some abandonment issues so i needed to take a moment to myself to not take his reaction to heart.
I message the next day but hes being weird. hes not replying as much and kinda telling me hes going to give me a call when he gets back home. Im having anxiety like wtf just happened. a few days go and I message him "can we talk, things have been really weird" he said he can talk when hes free and we later call that evening. He begins to explain that he doesn't understand how i didn't realize he finished after the conversation and doesn't feel like he can continue a romantic relationship with me. This really disappoints me but i try not to fight it. I personally felt like this was something we can communicate and work through but apparently its a non negotiable on his end. He proceeds to talk about how his life is also going to change for the next 5 years due to some family stuff and hes just also down about that and put what happened with me on top - he just cant do it all.
we agree to just end it there. I didn't fight or argue with him - I was just confused. how did someone so kind and understanding and communicative just turn cold the moment we had an actual miscommunication?
TL/DR: I spent a month talking and getting close to a guy who was extremely kind, communicative, and a great listener. But when we finally met irl and had our first date, some miscommunication happened and he dropped me (even tho we both said it was no ones fault). I am so confused someone please help me understand this man loollol.
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2023.03.21 18:09 CautiousRiver3506 My Naval Submarine Story

So I was on a submarine that was in shipyard when this happened. I am still in and this didn’t happen too long ago so I won’t be sharing any specific details to identify anyone involved or the boat that this happened on.
Context: There are nuclear trained (“nukes”) and non nuclear trained personnel on a submarine. Nukes work in the engine room and non nuclear trained personnel or “coners” work in the front half of the boat (with some exceptions). For those who don’t know, a tag is a piece of paper that is attached to equipment that is either in a degraded/out of commission status (either for maintenance or repair). It prevents someone from operating said equipment the tag is placed on.
So here’s a story: coner was hanging a tag on an engine room switchboard to tag out a component that they had opcon of. Turns out there was already another tag on this switch. only switches is a small hole to run the string that holds the tag up through. It’s not big enough to hold two strings for two tags. once he realizes this, he goes to the wardroom and asks what to do (this is where our on duty chain of command tends to hang out). Also, in the wardroom at this time was a shipyard representative. The shipyard representative pulls out a paper clip, unfolded and hands it to this person, and says “use this to push the string through the hole”. The coner takes this paper clip and goes to do just that. Unfortunately, in the mist of doing this, he manages to drop the paper clip into the switchboard and contacts 440 V. this causes an arc blast.
Now and arc blast is what happens when metal contacts high voltage, and is vaporized. When metal vapor rises, it expands 67,000 times at 700 miles an hour with a peak temperature of three times hotter than the surface of the sun.
This explosion shears, 12 bolts holding on a 30 pound metal cover on the switchboard and blows the cover off, this sins the worker flying backwards about 6 feet and causes a fire. Fires on a submarine is a situation that we train for rigorously.
We fight the fire and get this dude to the hospital (he miraculously survived) and an incident report was filed.
Dude never went to mast based on the fact that he had “learned his lesson”. I’ll say this, there is no electrical safety training that will ever put the fear of god in you like witnessing an actual arc ballast will. There was melted metal, blackened bulkheads, and tags that were straight up incinerated.
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2023.03.21 18:09 GRCCPC Is it okay to reach out to a friend who asked me to block her because she was catching unreciprocated feelings?

A girl and I became friends online. She was being buffeted in an on and off long distance relationship with a groomer with weird manipulative actions, and just assumed I was his planted agent/alt account until it later became clear I wasn't. She still feels doubt though occasionally because of deep seated issues. She has a bad family situation, and no friends, crushing debt and of course the heartbreak from being groomed. She latched onto me and said she was developing feelings, but couldn't truly nail whether the fact that she originally considered me an extension of her groomer played a part, although she insists she likes my nature and care as a separate person. Regardless we're not similar people with common interests and I wouldn't feel strongly like she does so I said I could only be a friend. She said that our chat would then keep her hopes up and it's not healthy for her to stay in touch. I agreed to block her. Now I'm mainly worried occasionally because she has noone else, and a good bit of problems. She keeps being seized by irrational notions of romanticising her groomer and finding nuance in his abysmal manipulation (emotional abuse for cash). She's going to the authorities for recovery but she's awful at understanding her legal sensibilities or trusting in professionals, basically she's of limited means. I just want to oversee how she's handling her case, and how she's doing, occasionally. My main questions are, Would someone with terrible self loathing/esteem rather be helped by occasional reminder that someone who rejected them romantically still does care in another way? A weekly message or such? Or would it make things worse by getting her hopes up causing more pain down the road even if I'm upfront that it will never happen between us? Would being blocked without a word because you've asked for it still make you feel abandoned and unwanted and if so should I try showing that low contact is another alternative to no contact? With how whimsical and out of control her impulses are her wishes are honestly only so respectable. I'm not saying she can be saved by another person or something but would ideally at least rather keep motivating her to find other friends and activities. Essentially she told me not to reply to her even if she texts me. I'm basically asking if giving some warmth of company can really be as dangerous as she's making it out to be by leading her on despite my express words, and alternatively if my agreeing with her and cutting her out like I don't care at all (with noone else of import in her life) will make her feel small or bad in a way that's more injurious than helpful. I realize consent and boundaries are the most respectable but I'm not exactly going to be spamming her relentlessly either. The stuff about her initially being unsure about my identity, I'm not sure what factor that plays. She's reasonably sure most of the time but admits she's seized by occasional paranoia. (Yeah she needs a professional, it's not that easy to make happen). Somehow my egging her on to prosecute her complaint for money occasionally plants the doubt that I'm her ex trying to goad her to getting justice for herself and hence brings him back into her headspace to obsess over his thought process, reasons and nature. Tldr: friend caught feelings, I didn't reciprocate, she's got noone else to share to and a slew of problems, she asked me to go no contact so she wouldn't lead herself on. I want to know if losing her last friend without any relapse on my part would hurt her in a non beneficial way, and alternatively if clearly communicated lack of romantic interest and a friendly presence isn't better for her. Will obviously not go to the extent of spamming her without reply. I have some associations with an ex she should get over, too. But she also made some growth towards dissociating the two of us.
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2023.03.21 18:08 Flimsy-Shoe4596 Inheritance question, collective investment bond

Partner's (23) father passed away two years ago and has left an inheritance to her, which she gained access to recently. She's not really sure of the details, but the inheritance is in 2 parts:
She received ~£35k to her bank account. About 20k is going to go to a savings account since it will be funding a master's degree within a year or two. Rest will likely go to emergency fund/savings account/ISA, but the question is about the other part of the inheritance:
The rest (~£80k) has been in a trust(?) until she turned 23 and is handled by an independent financial advisor, she's not really been involved at all and has let the IFA handle it. She just got a letter detailing what's happening with the money now. It's going to a [Collective Investment Bond](' with Quilter. Asked me to look at it and I've not really got any idea whether it's good or not, I'm struggling to completely understand the documentation w.r.t taxation.
She has no other savings. Still a student, has a student loan (plan 1).
The total yearly costs of the CIB are 2.27% (1% advisor, 0.92% fund fees and 0.35% to quilter). This seems pretty high. The CIB seems confusing overall, seems to be taxed at basic rate and withdrawals over 5% a year seem to possibly cause income taxation depending on her future income, all in all we're pretty unsure about that, she had some meetings with the IFA but is still confused.
She's not really ready to make decisions on the money herself. She'd rather not think about the money at all right now, it's a very stressful and emotional topic.
She's unsure if she should do something or let the money stay in the CIB (she has about 30 days to decide if she's okay with that) since it's the easiest option. Concerns are the fees, the fact that there could be more tax efficient options left unused (could put 20-40k to an ISA) and the fact that she's not had time to consider what the money might be needed for. In addition, the concern is that if she later decides that the money would be better off somewhere else, that it might be difficult to move if she has to pay income tax on just getting her money back (?), whereas usually you pay tax only on gains.
We can't really find too much information on CIB's so looking for any opinions on that, if it's something that's reasonable in this situation or not. Whether its best to let it be in the CIB or instead have it in the bank and figure it out once she's ready.
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2023.03.21 18:08 Free-Form5401 45% Off Zinus Florence Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set / Premium Steel Slat Support / Daybed and Roll Out Trundle Accommodate / Twin Size Mattresses Sold Separately wX

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2023.03.21 18:08 iii11qq Sexy Redhead Jerk Off and Riding on Dick Lover - Cumshot

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2023.03.21 18:08 candytropicalsteel 20% Off Orvis Coupon & Promo Code

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2023.03.21 18:08 SlickWiccan A little bit country....a little bit hoe

Sooooo let me get this straight....
Someone who bragged about getting knocked up by two different men within 5 months.
Someone who bragged about kissing strange men.
Someone who bragged about sleeping with one night stands.
Someone who went to NOLA every 3 weeks to fuck a guy for pills.
Someone who does sexual favors with a pro se coach
Someone who sucks her own lawyer off for legal debt.
Someone who brags about laying out top less in front of Someone you JUST accused of physically assaulting you.
Someone who has dated and fucked multiple men in the same week.
Someone who cheated on her own fucking husband.
That Someone is now trying to allude that another woman was what exactly? You mention a place and ask about it. Then say that it's next to a "pay by the hour" hotel and you would never. Why even mention the fucking restaurant then? sure you're not getting your own antics mixed up here? I mean....fucking GLASS HOUSES. Well, let's be in your own shame house. 🤣
Tsk Tsk
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2023.03.21 18:07 fatdog66 All do

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2023.03.21 18:07 HollowDakota Having trouble reloading a save point, every session I continue the same play through. Need help!

Every session my avatar loads back in and I continue my progress same as the last time I played before logging off to [rest]. My issue is that I constantly try to access my old save data and load back in from that point because there’s SO many things I want to do differently. The amount of lost loot and character progression quests that I missed out on is criminal, am I just expected to continue playing the same run even after messing up on stuff and allocating my skills poorly? I mean after all it’s my first time playing so how was I supposed to know what do to? For devs sakes the first 18 levels of tutorial did almost nothing to prepare me for actual endgame content
Pls reply I haven’t heard anything from the devs
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2023.03.21 18:07 AdAffectionate442 What’s with wearing shoes in the house?

Girlfriend thinks of worms when she drinks tap water but let’s wipey walk around the house in her Jordan’s that she’s worn outside, bringing all of that bacteria in and spreading it around for our dainty princess to then walk around barefoot in.
Also I can’t believe this absolute sow showed off 8 separate Amazon packages in her latest video. There’s an option to forgo 2 day shipping so your shit arrives in fewer packages. Couldn’t have waited a couple more days for the eyebrow brush or cheap watch case? Gotta have that instant dopamine rush that comes with adding to your hoard.
Her carbon footprint/waste is enormous and I think this is what I hate about her most.
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2023.03.21 18:07 CicadaOne Fireteam Matchmaking feels decent. Here’s what I think the next step to improving the solo queue experience might look like:

So far, I’m cautiously positive on how fireteam matchmaking has worked in its first Trials weekend. Waiting for freelance is a thing of the past. But the next step in improving the experience might look something like this:
Every weekend, the first time you queue alone into Trials, you get a tutorial mission on that weeks map. Saint is there with some borrowed training frames (thank you, Shaxx). Saint pulls out his perfect paradox and shoots one of them.
Saint: OK! Now, res them! Do it quickly, there is no time!! Good. Now, it is verry important to do this in a match. Or else you will loose. And I will be sad for you. Do you understand? Good. We move on to something more advanced.
Saint joins you next to a training frame, facing off a team of three other frames.
Saint: Ok! You watch!
Saint proceeds to quickly take down two of the frames, and damages the third then makes a show of tripping and falling down.
Saint: “Guardian! I am down! There is only one left!! It is One-Shot!! You and our other team mate must team shoot him together! It will be very easy!
At this point I assume that the majority of blueberries I get paired with will rush in without the third, miss all their shots, and die one by one to the enemy frame’s shotgun rush.
Saint: Ohhhh, I’m so sorry Guardian. Good try, but… not this weekend. Go! Practice in quick play and maybe we will try again next time! muttering to himself these little birds, they take some time to learn how to fly. It is not your fault Saint, you teach what you can.
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2023.03.21 18:07 Nice-Fly-5017 58% Off DHP Twin-Over-Futon Convertible Couch and Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder - Silver aQ

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2023.03.21 18:07 candytropicalsteel 20% Off Orsay Coupon & Promo Code

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2023.03.21 18:07 greenteawolfer 20% Off BuyBuyBaby Coupon & Promo Code

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2023.03.21 18:06 WhatandWhyandHow 29 [M4T] #NYC/Brooklyn - Long fat straight dick needs to get worshipped by femme

Its been a very long time since my big fat cock was thoroughly worshipped like it deserves. I want to watch you slowly work my cock, licking it, sucking it, and choking on it until i cant hold it in any more, and I fill your mouth with cum. Then, you keep going and suck me off for another round.
I'm 29, 145 lbs, 5'6, fit, clean, drug free besides weed, disease free, respectful, sane, and just looking for a good time.
Primarily looking for a transwoman, but im open to anyone thats fem enough for me to be attracted to them. This means no facial hair, at the least. Ideally youre recently tested so we can swap results and know were both having some good clean fun. Also ideally looking for you to come over tonight at 830, but thats open to negotiation.
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2023.03.21 18:06 External-Dress-3052 64% Off Melissa & Doug Let's Explore Campfire S'Mores Play Set - Play Campfire Sets For Kids Ages 3+ uJ

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2023.03.21 18:06 I-See-Fire Your Top Recommendations for books in Romantic/Love Story/Successful Marriages genre

Witnessing a failed relationship of my own parents has had a deep toll on my perspective towards love, romance and marriage. Since childhood, I have a repulsion against marraige and feel like they are destined to fail, and recently, i feel as if they are contracts to benefit the stronger party of the two clients involved in this social construct, both trying to further their needs and involves manipulation ans tactics. It seems like a shitty concept and therefore, I would like to challenge my viewpoint by reading some books on decoding marraiges, love (as a chemical hormone and how it effects our physiology), examples of successful marriages, love stories or romantic relations to better cope with situation. Please leave your suggestions of such books and/or you thoughts on dealing with this situation. (I didnt want to rant, but it might come off as if I did, I just want to challenge and improve myself in an area I see very pessimistically in life) I would prefer if the book is a short read (preferably under 200 pages) as I'm not an avid reader and dont have much time for reading as I'm preparing for a tough entrance exam. Thank You
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2023.03.21 18:06 MrWattz0n Help with Melee Shield+1h weapon Build.

Hey I need some help.Its my first playthrough playing Dark Souls 2 and Im struggling my butt off with parrying so pretty sure I wanne do a pure melee build with a shield.Would help a ton if anyone can give me some recommendations on a full build ie a full armor set+shield+1h weapon.
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2023.03.21 18:06 Y_U_Need_Books4 Just a Biomedical PSA:

Howdy everyone! I'm a human certified BMET, but I work in veterinary because it means I get to pat more animals. We fix up and do PMs on anesthesia machines, microscopes etc...
We ran across a couple of cases recently that I wanted to highlight so as to help others from making similar mistakes.
The first case we ran into was a doctor who taped the pop-off valves on all their anesthesia machines into an open position. Apparently the tech who usually assisted in the surgeries would fidget with the pop-off valves absentmindedly, and would sometimes close them. Now, although taping them open might solve one issues it creates another: You still have to pressure test the machine. If you can't test for leaks, you don't know if you might be under-gassing your patient, and gassing your coworkers.
The second case happened just this morning. We looked at a machine that a different company had previously been taking care of. At first glance we could tell that it was a mess. The oxygen flow was backwards through the vaporizer. This means their patients were getting near 70-80% iso in every breath. So the lesson is this: be sure your BMETs are good. The previous company should have noticed that. Also, get to know your equipment. If you really get to know your equipment, you'll seriously be a hero to your clinic.
Anyway, sorry for the novel, just wanted to spread some knowledge!
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2023.03.21 18:06 ineedatinylama Benefactor of a malicious compliance got me a first class upgrade

Yes I know people have legitimate allergies. Dont nit pick this story, the eoman may have had allergies, but they only popped up when it was convenient. ) This was in 2000. I was traveling with my service dog and my family. We had seats in the back of the plane.
At the check in, entitled business class ticket holder Karen spotted my service dog, went up to the desk, and demanded we be bumped off the flight because she was " highly allergic" to dogs. She began wheezing, sneezing and gasping on cue. ( Side note: we had been sitting within 2 feet of her for over an hour. My dog was under my chair, as he was trained to do. She spotted him when he came out to get water).
The csr stated he would be happy to bump HER to a later flight. Karen pitched a fit ( forgetting she needed to cough, wheeze and sneeze). Karen requested a supervisor. Supervisor came, listened to her, and stated that if she wanted to stay on this flight, they would do everything in thier power to move the seating so that my dog was as far away from her and her family as possible. She agreed.
She and her family got moved to the back row. My family got put in the empty first class, where my dog got his own seat. ( yes, they covered the seat with a blanket and I put my coat on it as well to keep fur off. )
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