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2023.03.21 18:21 AceEmbers What are your honest predictions for Riot Mode?

I see it going one of two ways:
1 - It's gonna be a mode accessible from the Main Menu that consists of you staying in one area, fighting endless amounts of the same enemies you've already fought a thousand times, with the same weapons and the same upgrades, with absolutely no rewards for playing it other than meaningless achievements/trophies.
2 - It's a mode that is behind one of the locked doors in the Main Campaign, so you're gonna need to start another brand new playthrough to get to it, without being able to skip cutscenes (because let's be honest, that's never gonna happen at this point), and then it's gonna be the same thing I described in option 1, except that this time it's gonna completely ruin the game balance because you're gonna be able to endlessly farm credits to max out your upgrades.
With the absolute laziness displayed with the release of the Contagion Mode, I'm extremely skeptical about SDS putting any type of effort into Riot Mode, that would make it stand out from the Main Campaign in any sort of interesting and fun way. Hope I'm wrong though, but we'll see.
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2023.03.21 18:21 0x0x01 Fiction I wrote to Spread Awareness about "Marital Rape" on Instagram

WARNING: The following content contains Suicide, Rape, Murder, and Sexual abuse. Not scared, nor sad, she looked into his monstrous eyes every chance she got. He couldn’t tolerate it and punished her tries by coming up with new ways to punish her for her sins. Sins she had never even committed. She wasn’t surprised or shocked when it started. It was as if she had been expecting it. Somehow, it was always a fact to her. She knew she was gonna suffer like that, again and again. It was her fate and she had accepted it. She had tolerated hell when it comes to physical pain, but this time, the pain was worse than hell. Her body was unable to tolerate it. It was as if her heart was about to explode any minute. She wanted it to explode. Wanted it to end. But, it didn’t. “Sometimes there’s just no way out of suffering, some people are just cursed.” she thought to herself. It was a long dark night. But eventually, it passed. Just like those twenty years that had passed.
She tried telling her mother about it the next day when he left her at her parents' home. She did so to empty her chest, expecting no help from her. “It’s normal, let him do whatever he wants, he’s giving you a roof to live by, don’t be ungrateful” she replied. Not something she couldn’t have anticipated. She wasn’t surprised at all because she remembered how this woman did nothing to fix or revenge her daughter's suffering. She could never forget how her mother had blamed her abuse, along with everyone else. How could a kid cause someone to rape them, she could never wrap her head around it. She had discretely discussed it with everyone she had trusted her whole life but they all reacted in the same strange way. Most couldn’t even understand what she was saying. The idea of “marital rape” was alien to them. They could never wrap their heads around the fact that a woman can say NO, even to her husband. That it was her choice.
Throughout the day, she kept thinking about how she could still end up with a man, becoming his object, when she had spent all her life trying to convince her mother to not marry her off. Her efforts to avoid going through the same pain went down the drain, and so did her prayers. But she knew it was not her fault. It was not her choice. Just like it was not her fault when she suffered from the same hell when she was a kid. It was the norm. All those who suffered, or were still suffering, had no other choice… It had been twenty years since that long dark night. The wounds didn’t seem to heal. Time didn’t help. It was as if time had stopped for her, right there, right when the pain was at its peak. Despite the fact that her wounds were as fresh as day one, she had learned how to live with them. She had gotten used to that pain… That Trembling of legs, thumping of heart, shaking of hands, the loss of conscience, lack of emotions, the restlessness, and the utter anguish, all these things were common to her now, she had gotten used to it all. On the outlook, it was as if nothing had ever happened to her. Nobody could tell what storms of anguish were buried in her chest. Let alone falling in love, the mere idea of a man holding her hand had disgusted her for her whole life. Marrying someone? There was no chance!! She hated all men to her core. She considered all men worse than pigs. Whether pigs were bad or not, she had no idea… she just considered them the most disgusting because the religion she was born into taught that. Romance? She had to skip a million books just because of how much she hated that word. But it was fate. She was stuck in a vicious cycle of suffering. Maybe the vacuum that true lovers create by loving someone with all their soul was what caused it. Perhaps she was the one who was to fill that void they created. Perhaps she had to be the yin and balance things out by taking all the suffering on her soul.
A day and night passed. She was brought back. She was back in that room. Sitting in a corner, on the floor, she stared at her elevated bed. There were still some rose petals left. “Spreads flowers and then… and thenn-” she murmured. It was an uncontrollable absurd murmur. The pain she was going through caused it. Her whole body was sore. She was in utter pain. Constant, uncontrollable pain. Eventually, the time came, and the night before yesterday repeated itself. She was expecting it even though she tried her best to stop it. She begged him. Begged him to understand. Begged him to not further scar her soul. But he didn’t listen. The pain was even more intense. Tears fell sideways from her eyes. Her expressionless face and her vision, both were red as blood. She kept staring at his face, tried moving like last night, tried shouting, but it was all in vain, he covered her mouth every time she cried out loud, she could almost see him enjoying it, she could see it on his face. How can a human do this, she thought to herself. An animal could not have done something like this. The possibility of it happening, doesn't that make us humans worse than animals? she thought to herself, in her head,… Just before her marriage, she had finished reading 1Q84. Despite Haruki’s unsuccessful tries to justify pedophilia, she read it till the second volume and admired Aomame with all her heart. Back at her mother’s home, she had planned it all. She had prepared herself. She was about to be the Aomame of her life. She was waiting. She waited for a long time. In tears. In pain. She waited for him to let go of her wrists. She had decided on it already. She had decided to end it. Once and for all. She had decided to take revenge. She had decided to break the vicious cycle and rebel. The minute he let go of her wrists, she slowly slid her right hand under the pillow next to them. Her neck was his next grip, she was gasping for breath. If she hadn’t done what she was about to do, she might as well have died because of lack of oxygen.
Without letting him suspect anything, she gripped that sharp knife in her fingers. She was following in the footsteps of Aoamame, like a student. But in a wild way. Using her own new method and the murder weapon. In a split second, she gathered all her courage, and fast forward to three seconds, it was over. The knife was through his neck, sideways, and his blood was oozing out onto her. She instantly gasped for breath because her heart had clearly skipped quite some beats. She tried moving but his wait won’t let her. He was in the other world. In the other non-existing world. He died in an instant. She felt powerful killing him. There was no guilt at all. She was at peace. At ease. The storm was over. There was no more suffering. But she didn’t know what was next. She had only planned it till this point in those couple of hours that she had spared to think. Sitting in the same corner she had sat in earlier that evening, she stared at the scoundrel’s dead body. She was drenched in his blood, shivering. Hina on her hands was barely visible because of the redness of his blood. Her whole body shook. A million thoughts came to her mind. It was as if she was reliving those twenty years, all again. It was as if there was no way out of her pain and it was a vicious cycle. She could bear it no more. Walking out of his room, then his house, she stood in the middle of the dark street, covered in his blood, shaking. There was no one around. They were all deep in their slumber, just like her rapist. But the only difference was that her rapists' sleep was gonna last forever. The only place she remembered was that beautiful Canal. She had always loved coming to her aunt’s house because of that Canal. Yes, he was her own cousin. She had never known him much though. They were almost alien to each other because of the extreme segregation… Walking on the pavement, barefoot, she eventually reached the grass, then damp soil. She could see the beautiful water. The moon and its reflection. It was all beautiful to her. It soothed her soul…
The water was cold. It felt good on every inch of her skin. She kept making bubbles and managed to let out all the air from her lungs, the deep canal devoured her further into its depth. She eventually touched the bottom surface of the canal. Laying in the muddy water, she waited, waiting for the time to come. And it came. She could no longer keep the water out of her and felt it push into her sinus, then her trachea, and finally her lungs. It was very painful but nowhere near what she had been through her entire life. It took no time when it all went blank and the time was no longer relevant to her and she ceased to exist… or did she!?
Note: I am from Pakistan. The concept of marital rape is still alien to people around me despite their education levels. Not just that, a lot of people do victim blaming which disgust me to my core. Not one, but many people I had been very close to suffered through similar traumas. Today I couldn’t bear it anymore. I had to let it out somewhere, somehow. This was my imperfect attempt to convert the pain that I feel for them, into words. Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for reading!
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2023.03.21 18:21 MegaTherion95 Guitar just isn't for me

Hello, i picked up guitar when i was 13. Im left handed. In the beggining i really struggle to play, like it took me 9 months to play a power chord. Then i discovered guitar pro and stated learning song from there. I got interested in shred guitar when i was like 15 but i couldnt really do it. I remember tremolo picking everything ebcause it sounded fast, i didnt even alternate pick when changing strings, it was a economy picking. I absolutely despised metronome and dont know whant i was even trying to do.
I wanted to take lessons at some point but couldnt do to school. I didnt have time to play at some point. I kept messing around till college. Then i started reading about technique and try to set up a practice routine but it never went anywhere. Idk, i had trouble repeating the ame stuff over and over. For years i tried to find a practice routine but not matter what i do it never seemed to go anywhere. I never like what i play. I cant even do pull offs, i never figured that out. And it seems like i get more and more impatient as time goes on. I broke my guitar at some point due to frustration and then got a new one months later to try again.
And i try again and again, im 27 now and still cant play anything. Idk, it feels like m fingers are bad, like my middle is too long comared to the others and my pinky is too short. And im never sure if what im doing will work because i suck so how can i take my word for it. At some point i tried learning keyboard but that ended up being too mentally stressful. I can do stuff now that were unimaginable when i was younger like football tricks or solving a rubik's cube but guitar tehcnique eludes me compltely.
I hoped that maybe over timemy brain woud mature more and i would be able to do it but nothing. I recall posting a video on a forum and they said i have the worst coordination they have ever seen as well as my fingers flying away from the fretboard way too much. I do believe in natural talent like the fact that i couldnt understand how "shred" works as a teenager yet other kids figure it out but i believe there is something worse than lack of telent.
Bad habits and having them ingrain over time is crippling. if i had taken lessons when i still had 2 years of playtime things would have been better now but i didnt. Well, ig it was never in my cards, this is what happens when you dont get proper guidance. Or maybe just isnt build for it. After a certain age the idea of making years of commitement just gives me anxiety.
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2023.03.21 18:21 Capitalkid1991 Fine Needle Biopsy for Thyroid Nodules

Hello all,
My wife (31) was recommended to have a FNB of a nodule found in her thyroid. Obviously, hearing "biopsy" has made us nervous and thinking about the worst-case scenario. I have attached her two US reports for refence below, but we are wondering how nervous should we be: (a) about the reports/nodules; and (b) the about the FNB itself? Information from the docs have been minimal and information online is a mixed bag of useful and confusing stuff.
Report 1:
Ultrasound performed of the thyroid gland. Thyroid echotexture is heterogeneous and moderately hypervascular. Right lobe measures 4.5 x 2.1 x 1.5 cm. There is a hypoechoic, ill-defined solid nodule in the mid right lobe measuring 0.9 x 1.0 x 0.6 cm (TR 4). No other nodule is seen in the right lobe. Isthmus measures 0.3 cm. Left lobe measures 4.8 x 2.5 x 2.0 cm. There is a hyperechoic, ill-defined solid nodule in the inferior left lobe measuring 1.8 x 2.1 x 1.6 cm (TR 3). No other nodule is seen in the left lobe.
Report 2:
Right thyroid measures 5.1 x 2.0 x 1.7 cm and the left measures 5.3 x 2.5 x 2.0 cm. Isthmus measures 0.3 cm in AP dimension. There is moderate diffuse heterogeneity of the thyroid parenchyma. Within the inferior left thyroid is an echogenic somewhat heterogeneous lobulated nodule which measures approximately 2.4 x 2.5 x 1.8 cm. This is considered TI-RADS category 3 and in retrospect and when accounting for the difference in technique the nodule remains not significantly changed. The hypoechoic nodule described previously within the right thyroid is not well visualized on the current study and may have represented underlying heterogeneity rather than a discrete nodule. No new suspicious nodules.
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2023.03.21 18:21 pieflaticeteaprune Wayfair Furniture Sale

Visit the link for Wayfair Furniture Sale. This page provides a regularly updated list of coupons, promo codes or discount deals.
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2023.03.21 18:21 remember_khitomer X-T1 - repair, replace, or upgrade?

My beloved X-T1 (graphite silver) is in great physical shape and mostly perfect working order except one thing - the rear command dial sticks, heavily, to the point where it's almost unusable. The front command dial isn't as bad yet, but shows signs that it's wearing out as well.
I called Fuji's repair center in Edison, NJ and they told me that it would be a minimum of $200 just to open the camera up and diagnose the problem. That's about as much as the camera is worth at this point. So, I am trying to figure out what makes the most sense and how to proceed.
Repair: This would be my preferred option, but I don't want to end up spending more than the camera is worth.
Replace: Buy a second-hand X-T1 and hope I have better luck with it. If I sell mine it should offset a big chunk of the cost to replace it, so this should end up being cheaper overall.
Upgrade: I don't really feel compelled by any of the features on the newer cameras - joystick control and more film sims would be nice, but not necessary. The one thing that is driving me in this direction is that the new 3rd party lenses coming out recently don't support the X-T1. If I go this route I would probably go for either the X-T2 or X-T3; I would appreciate any input on the relative merits of each (or other bodies that I should be considering).
Thanks in advance for your advice!
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2023.03.21 18:20 fayofblossoms [22F] Looking for a best friend or long-term friendships!

You know when you're doing something you really enjoy and you realize you don't have anyone to share that with? No one you can message and be like "yo, look at this shit I'm working on"? Well, that's been me during most of my life. Today I decided I want to stop being such a lonely person and start sharing my essence, my interests, my problems and my feelings with others. So, watch out, world, here I am!
I love watching TV shows, movies and anime. Last series I watched was the HBO's The Last Of Us series, loved every damned second of it and I can't wait for the second season! Although right now I'm out of stuff to watch... oh well, I guess it's time for a rewatch...
Also love reading, both manga and books. My favorite book authors would have to be Stephen King and Neil Gaiman, although the Harry Potter saga had a special place in my heart when I was a child. It was the reason I started writing, honestly.
Besides writing, I also like to try and draw but I'm terrible at it lmao. I'll get better at it one day, I promise.
I used to love playing games, too. My favorites probably were Fallout 1, 2 and New Vegas, Stardew Valley, The Last of Us 1 and 2, Valorant, COD, CSGO, The Binding of Isaac, Terraria and Minecraft. Nowadays I don't have that much time to play a lot, but I do enjoy some Dead By Daylight on mobile matches. I suck at it tho lol.
I like to have conversations about politics, history, culture, the space, the ocean, but I also love listening to other people's thoughts or interests so be sure to tell me about the stuff you like to do if you message me.
I adore animals, especially cats, fish and snakes. I actually have a cat myself and I'll gladly send you pictures of him or tell you about him if you want!
I have BPD. It isn't an issue most days, but I wanted to inform it in case mental health problems are a dealbreaker to anyone.
Spanish is my native language but, as you can see, I can speak English quite easily as well. I know a bit of Italian, too, but I wouldn't recommend talking to me in that language as I'm still learning!
I'm willing to make friends with anyone, really; I don't care about gender, age or whatever (I'm bi, tho, so lgbt people will be welcomed with open arms!). Also, I can't believe I have to say this but please don't be a creep!
Anyways, feel free to message me if you're interested in making friends with this idiot! Have a great day and thanks for reading <3
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2023.03.21 18:20 virtualpostmail TruLease: Your Proof of Address Solution For Opening Amazon Store

What You Need To Open Your Amazon Store

With 98.07 million users accessing the Amazon shopping app at least once a month and retail sales nearing the 500 billion mark, it is no surprise that millions of small business owners have made the leap to open an Amazon store.
Selling on Amazon can open your remote business up to a world of opportunities, including an increase in online sales, an additional stream of income, and the potential to get your products in front of millions of eyeballs. In other words, it can help you level up your business in ways that other e-commerce platforms cannot.
When you register for your Amazon Seller Central account, you’ll need to have the following on hand:
If you don’t have a utility bill to submit as proof of address, VPM’s TruLease plan can help you open your Amazon account. Ready to find out how?

How TruLease Works

VPM partners with commercial building owners to lease you an office space. When you sign up for Trulease, you’ll get a physical address along with a lease agreement and a separate mailing address that comes with virtual mailbox services.
To open an Amazon Seller Central account, you’ll need to request the utility bill add-on. With it, you’ll receive a utility bill in the lessor’s name along with the service address shown on the bill to prove the physical address exists.

Benefits of TruLease

TruLease provides you with a professional business address that is a true physical space. Other major perks of the service include:
Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that TruLease comes bundled with 2 addresses: a mailbox address and a leased address.
The leased address is to be used in places where proof of physical business address is needed (i.e. your business bank account).
The mailbox address will be your permanent mailbox address. You may use this address for all other purposes, including sending and receiving mail, communication with customers, and documentation.
Last of all, with TruLease you can request an additional utility bill for further proof of address (i.e. for opening your Amazon Store).
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2023.03.21 18:20 JustTimBtw Arbitrum Airdrop: The Start of a New Era for DeFi Enthusiasts

Stay informed about the $ARB drop token by following their official Twitter page:
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2023.03.21 18:19 Mar_SanFierro My friend/crush (19F) is coming to my (20M) place tomorrow...Do I make a move?

So I have been talking to this girl for about a month now. I met her at work but we didn't really talk much and it was only when she responded to a note on Instagram that we started talking. She was at a party and I was too and she texted me saying that she'd give me a chance. She didn't remember saying that the next morning (or she did but didn't acknowledge it). Regardless of that, we've been messaging on Instagram, her phone broke so we emailed each other but now we use Whatsapp. We talk all day and message for hours as well as play games together and we have met up outside of work with just us two.
Im having a hard time deciding and working out if she likes me. At work, we always talk and she always smiles and walks over to me when I see her. I drop her home sometimes and im very open and honest with her. Over the past few weeks now, i have realised how lonely I really am and how nice it is to just have someone to talk to. Every time my phone rings I get so happy.
Okay, on with the scenario. She's been away for 2 weeks and got back last week and we always talked about doing something with my hair so shes coming to my place tomorrow to cut my hair for me and I am going to wash her hair, style it and paint her nails - a kind of mini spa day is how were looking at it. I am really really looking forward to this and have been shopping today to buy snacks and stuff as well as cleaning my house for when she gets here. My question is, should I make a move or play it safe?
We talk alot, spend time together outside of work and she has hinted to me in the past so maybe she likes me? Im totally new to this and I haven't had any experience really so while my friends are saying things like "it's obvious" and "shes waiting for you to make a move", I have no clue on what shes thinking or feeling. Regardless of how she feels, she's a great person and if we don't work out romantically, I have a new friend who I love.
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2023.03.21 18:19 5w6kvg9rf Rupert Murdoch New Wife - Is He Getting Married For 5th Time?

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2023.03.21 18:19 FerretWrath Had to clip my conures wings today.

Recently had to move in with someone and the living situation simply won’t allow for an unclipped bird. I felt so horrible having to do it but it’s only temporary and hopefully by the time they grow back, we’ll be living in a new place where he can have his paradise. What’s your best methods for earning bird forgiveness?
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2023.03.21 18:19 pndjr CAILLOU THANKSGIVING SPECIAL New funny Animated cartoons for Kids Cartoon Movie Kids Cartoons

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2023.03.21 18:18 QuicklyThisWay “Revenue per employee” - I doubt the executives are held to the same standard

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2023.03.21 18:18 CSGOSOURCE2 Best cars for highway self driving?

Looking into buy a new car and currently drive a 2011 Yukon with no self driving capability's and have no experience with self driving.
I've been told Toyota has some options & GM is currently developing one.
Any suggestions outside of tesla (tesla doesn't have the range required for some of my commutes)
Thank you for your suggestions
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2023.03.21 18:18 katsandlasers Boundary pushing before even meeting.

Ooof ladies I’m mad at myself. I set my own self up for disappointment. My current SD mentioned at dinner that he was going to be taking a pay cut and we all know where that heads. So I’ve been searching for a new one for whenever our arrangement inevitably comes to an end. Met an anesthesiologist who is a straight 10. We video called for like two hours straight and we agreed to meet for dinner Wednesday. Well texting today I now realize that I’m not going to to meet him because he has an issue with my boundary of not hooking up on the first date. I don’t understand why it’s becoming harder and harder to have a legitimate meet and greet. It wasn’t like this years ago and it just upsets me. Does anyone else hate when they get super excited and then it’s all for nothing? That’s how I’m feeling right now 😭
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2023.03.21 18:18 5w6kvg9rf Rupert Murdoch New Wife - Is He Getting Married For 5th Time?

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2023.03.21 18:17 Synyster_V I'm done with Lyft after this. Uber may be trash as well, but they would have fairly reimbursed me ar least.

I'm done with Lyft after this. Uber may be trash as well, but they would have fairly reimbursed me ar least.
I was quoted 34 minutes for a 25 dollar ride. Of course it was BS and traffic kicked in making it over an hour and a half. Literally tripling the trip time and all they want to say is "here's 4 bucks be happy with it"
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2023.03.21 18:17 0mg3z A part of this GPU looks rusty. Is this normal?

I'm looking for a new GPU, and I saw a 3080 for a good price, but as I compared it to company photos i noticed a big color difference (it looks like it's rusting imo). Could it be from mining? Or is it normal?
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2023.03.21 18:17 TimelyAnxiety8135 Where you will get the best location and shifting company?

If you are a resident of Lucknow city and looking for efficient packing and moving firms in Lucknow, then you will be happy to know that we are the one you are looking for.
New Lucknow Packing and Moving Company has been in the forefront of this field for the last six years and has benefited many people till now. It is the right of the customer to get all the information before joining any efficient packing and moving firms. Taking this as the objective, we have provided successful facilities to more than 1000 people till now. Our company in the city of Lucknow, India is known for getting better facilities at affordable charges.
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2023.03.21 18:17 TerriblePressure5034 Elder Kevin Pearson calls upon seniors to serve "Two Missions" without consideration of the financial consequences Pearson, while CEO of Ingenix made millions defrauding his company's health insurance policy holders, sparking an SEC investigation.

Just so everyone knows, "Elder" Kevin Pearson is a disgustingly unethical person who was CEO of Ingenix, renamed to OptumInsight / UnitedHealth Group which engaged aggressively in a form of medical billing fraud that drastically increased out of pocket costs for their health insurance buyers.
He will think nothing of demanding elderly members bankrupt themselves serving 'missions' performing free labor for the corporate church which has over $100 Billion in cash and far more than that in real estate and other assets, while also collecting total compensation and benefits in excess of $250,000/year in tithing dollars on top of his ill-gained wealth obtained by defrauding his company's insurance holders. (while falsely telling the membership there is no paid clergy in the church)
With guys like Pearson being recruited into top leadership, is it any wonder the Church has actively engaged in fraudulent SEC filings while setting up phony shell corporations to hide its obscene wealth?
Kevin W. Pearson
Kevin W. Pearson (April 10, 1957) is a current member of the First Quorum of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was previously CEO of Ingenix, Inc. (1998-2005)
Optum, Inc. Makes Big Moves Since Rising from the Ashes of UnitedHealth Group’s Infamous Ingenix
To put the Ingenix fraud into perspective, Governor Cuomo described a typical scenario. An out-of-network doctor who charges $200 for an office visit is told that the “going rate” is only $77. The insurer would then normally pay only 80 percent of that figure, leaving the patient responsible for the difference of about $138. At the heart of New York’s lawsuit is how that $77 rate was set in the first place. Come to find out, the number is derived from a database of claims data created and maintained by Ingenix and then sold to other insurers.
OptumInsight, aka Ingenix
In 2006, the SEC began investigating the conduct of UnitedHealth Group's management and directors, including Dr. McGuire, as did the Internal Revenue Service and prosecutors in the U.S. attorney's office for the Southern District of New York, who have subpoenaed documents from the company.
Ingenix scandal points to need for database auditors
Cuomo had charged Ingenix with posting phony rates in its database, so that a $100 office visit might be reimbursed as a $72 visit, leaving the patient with a bill for the remainder.
The case started in 2006 when Columbia lecturer Mary Jerome complained she was left with tens of thousands of dollars in bills for ovarian cancer treatment, despite having full insurance.
Pearson was CEO from 1998-2005, when Mary Jerome was defrauded by his company. This strategy was running under his direction. "Elder Pearson" is scum who enriched himself by exploiting and defrauding sick people.
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2023.03.21 18:17 gh05td0g [USA-NJ] [H] CORSAIR DDR5 64GB DDR5 5200 MHz [W] PayPal

Model: CMK64GX5M2B5200C40
These are new, sealed in the box.
$150 Shipped - I'm seeing these for $220 on Amazon and Newegg currently.
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