Front of house flower pots

A new grow using deep water culture hydroponics

2013.10.21 16:01 deepwaterculture A new grow using deep water culture hydroponics


2019.11.28 01:23 Snakecamel Peoplewithhouses

Pictures with nice people in front of their nice house

2021.02.05 18:58 bopeepsheep Fantasy House Shopping

A place for sharing astounding house listings: properties that are so far beyond the reach of most people they can only be considered as 'lottery win' purchases.

2023.04.02 11:42 asusf402w rentals worn out?

helped mate of mate house hunt
houses in this area were built around 2000
so 20 years old
some were owner occupied, some were rentals
stark difference
doors pulled off hinges, knobs gone, holes in walls, pee on carpet
kitchen cabinets totally trashed
rentals are so worn, what gives? why tenants trash the houses? I am sure it doesnt lower the rent
is it a case of f the landlord, do damage and do the runner?
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2023.04.02 11:41 Voyager7771 Althea T25 Powdered Doughnuts 🍩-

Althea T25 Powdered Doughnuts 🍩-
Over 1.7 grams of leaf/trim in one tub,really small flowers which I don’t mind as there is less stalk material. The terpenes are really muted, although you do get a faint scent of terpenes. Under the microscope the trichomes are amber and are intact which is good. It still good pain medication for me, helps with sleep just wish it had more terpenes and was all flower instead of leaf/trim.
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2023.04.02 11:40 Shadow_Cano The wedding

I have a weird dream that I need to share. I'm sorry for my broken English but the dream haunt me for week, I need to share with someone.
The dream begin in a truck, there are 4 other guys and me. The driver take us to some place to prepare for a traditional holiday called "The wedding". It sounds normal but I feel something wrong and horror about to happen. I jump off the truck and run as fast as I can and hide in a small eatery.
The owner of eatery (an old couple) see me and tell me to leave but I beg them to let me stay and I will help them do housework. They agree and then the dream change to other scene, the old woman is cooking something, she tell me bring it to customers whose are waiting. The old couple look like good people but their food look so bad, everything is undercooked or raw meat.
Customers are 3 middle-aged mans, they wear office outfit. Their clothing look clear and neat but something about them make me freaking out. One of them said 1 "groom" is still missing but they will not delay "The wedding", the other agree. And then they call 4 young guys and 5 young beautiful girl step in. 5 girls wear 5 difference color, I can not rememer all of them, look like red, yellow, blue,.. .3 middle-aged mans told the boy to choose which girl they want. No one choose blue girl.
My dream become blur again and I am standing in a small bath room. I step outside and see the clock is 7 am. The old couple told me that "the wedding" is about to begin, everyone must go and watch it.
There are many mortor boats on the river I can see that 4 young guys standing with their girls and their mothers. 2 sides of the river are many guests, flower with different color fly around the sky. This is the most beautiful scene I ever see.
... And the horror begin.
Mans in other boats turn on the engine and start to use it to CUT 4 grooms, brides their mothers. Their meat, their eyes, hair mix together. The river quickly turn in black red, meat fall everywhere. Everyone cheering.
I freak out but no one know who I am. maybe I'm safe for now, I need to leave this place. I try to move with normal speed because I don't want someone notice I'm scared and want to leave. I don't know where to go, I just want to leave!
After I move out of the crowd, I see a glass table under the tree. And again, 3 creepy middle-aged mans are sitting around it and enjoy their coffee. They saw me, I pretend to said hi and try to go other way but they told me to go back. One of them said: "one of the groom is missing, you can't run forever, ....." . I look at them, I finally see what wrong with those mans, their face are upside down!
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2023.04.02 11:40 AutoModerator [Get] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy

[Get] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy
Download course here:
[Get] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy

What You Get:

Module 1

The Fundamental Principles of Direct Response Copywriting

In this foundational module, you’ll discover:
  • The PUREST essence of copywriting nobody talks about today (and believe me, I’ve looked…)
  • The “Promise-Believability” Matrix… a unique new way to look at persuading people to buy
  • Why – in 95% of cases – you aren’t really selling what you THINK you’re selling (And what you’re ACTUALLY selling through your product or service)
  • The #1 way to melt away your prospect’s objections with ease… and turn them into devout BELIEVERS for life
  • The “mother” of ALL copywriting formulas… Single-handedly responsible for BILLIONS of dollars in sales (and NO, it’s not “AIDA”, “PAS”, or “PPPP”)
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Module 2

The Psychology Behind Persuasive Copywriting & Copy-Thinking

I promise you’ve never seen a more advanced masterclass in emotional response marketing before.
In this module, you’ll discover:
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  • A deep dive into the world of emotional persuasion… through the lens of the BEST emotional copywriters of all time
  • How to identify & tap into your ideal prospect’s deepest NEGATIVE emotions like Shame, Fear, Anger, and Guilt
  • How to identify & tap into your ideal prospect’s deepest POSITIVE emotions like Redemption and Unconditional Acceptance (Often-overlooked emotions that actually drive action like CRAZY!)
  • The BEST way to infuse these powerful emotions into your “Big Ideas” and Headlines to make them 10X more effective!
  • 7 core desires 99.9% of people constantly crave like crazy… and how to use these in your copywriting for maximum effectiveness
Module 3

The “No-Nonsense” 80/20 Marketing Research Process

Yes, yes – I know research isn’t the sexiest of topics out there…
But it’s an absolutely essential aspect of creating winning marketing campaigns.
To make this important topic as painless and swift as possible, I scoured through thousands of pages of my notes…
Revisited scores of past projects I did with various clients…
And analyzed how the best of the best copywriters did their own research…
To come up with a totally UNIQUE blueprint for doing marketing research FAST, in a no-nonsense way.
That’s why, in this module, you’ll discover:
  • The REAL reason why research is soooo essential if you want to be successful
  • The ONLY 8 things you need to look for while doing research. (Most people waste 10s of hours “mindlessly” researching… but armed with this list, you’ll cut your research time by 80%!)
  • My custom-built “Ultimate Marketing Research Kit”that’s so effective… several past students have joined the program JUST to get access to this!
  • 5 of the BEST places to find exactly what you’re looking for FAST in 2022
  • How to know when you’ve done enough research… so you don’t spend any more time on it than needed!
  • 6 sneaky research mistakes you NEED to avoid like the plague! (HINT: 95% of copywriters are guilty of at least one… Are you?)
  • A simple process for finding the 7 key marketing campaign elements you need for winning campaigns
  • Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter’s coveted “6W Method”to quickly and reliably do high-impact customer research if you’re short on time
Module 4

The “Sacred Trinity”: Big Ideas, Headlines, Leads

This is where the “rubber meets the road”…
Because Module 4 is all about the highest-impact copywriting elements out there:
Big Ideas, Headlines, and Leads… PLUS, how they actually relate to each other.
So in this module, you’ll discover:
  • Why I call these 3 the “Sacred Trinity”… and how these elements all relate to each other
  • The mystical “Big Idea” concept… Demystified! (with plenty of practical examples, case studies, and even formulas!)
  • Previously untold A-list copywriting secrets about attention-grabbing headlines. (If you’ve ever wanted to improve your Headline game… you’ll LOVE this part!)
  • 6 of the greatest Lead “types”to start any sales message with ease… While building irresistible emotional desire in your prospect
  • My simple 10-step framework for creating any type of Lead in 15 minutes or LESS
  • My go-to “quick-n-dirty”Universal Lead Template you can copy-paste into ANY sales message to make it 3X more persuasive FAST
Module 5

The “Golden Thread” That Connects Your Big Idea With Your Offer

Once you know the secrets of the “Sacred Trinity”, it’s time to connect these elements with your Offer.
Module 5 reveals everything.
Inside this game-changing masterclass, you’ll discover:
  • How to effectively use the “Neuroplastic Belief-Shifting” Frameworkin ANY sales message
  • 6 things you NEED to know before weaving your “Golden Thread” (ATTENTION: Miss just 1 of these… and your entire marketing argument might crumble!)
  • What NOT to do when identifying your “North Star”: The One Buying Belief!
  • A super simplepersuasive message template you can use to consistently pump out winning pieces of copy in just 30 mins (or less)
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  • The 10 questions your prospects are always subconsciously asking when reading your copy… And how to pre-emptively answer them successfully!
Module 6

How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant by Using a Unique Mechanism

Our next topic is about Unique Mechanisms…
Which are essential in today’s world of “high-market sophistication” audiences.
During this module, you’ll discover:
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  • How to find your unique mechanism in just 3 simple steps – even if you’re starting from scratch!
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Module 7

Once Upon a Time, There Was a “StorySelling Masterclass” That Rocked

Next up, Storytelling on STEROIDS! (which I like to call “StorySelling”)
In this module, you’ll discover:
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  • The 4 “pillars” of highly effective StorySelling almost no one talks about
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Module 9

From “Master Structure” to Breakthrough Copy

In this strategic overview session, we’ll revisit the most important 80/20 principles of key topics like:
  • The Fundamental Principles of Direct Response Copywriting
  • The Psychology Behind Persuasive Copywriting & Copy-Thinking
  • The “No-Nonsense” 80/20 Marketing Research Process
  • The “Sacred Trinity”: Big Ideas, Headlines, Leads
  • The “Golden Thread” That Connects Your Big Idea With The Offer
  • How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant by Using a Unique Mechanism
  • Once Upon a Time, There Was a “StorySelling Masterclass” That Rocked
  • How To Create An Offer So Irresistible… Only a LUNATIC Would Ignore It
  • The Breakthrough Copy Development Process (with Real-Life Example!)
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2023.04.02 11:39 GappyV (EFFORTPOST) Correcting xQc's gun debate with the dono

Just watched the gun debate between xQc and the random dono, and wanted to clarify some things given my background and experience (described below). I know most here just want to get straight to the next “MY REACTION WHEN X FAILS IN MINECRAFT LUL” memepost so I’m only going to bold the main points so that I can quickly do what a wise man once said - please clarify.
  1. Banning guns, while extreme, has worked. xQc watched a video from Wendover Productions about negativity bias in media - he’s actually made another video about how Australia managed to enact strong gun control legislation that substantially reduced their mass shootings. Here is the link.
  2. Banning guns will not work in the US. You might be wondering “why haven’t the blue states just banned guns 4Head”? It’s because the 2nd Amendment is EXTREMELY powerful in the court of law, and many stricter forms of gun control have been deemed unconstitutional by the courts. For example, McDonald v. City of Chicago was a landmark decision that deemed certain Chicago gun control regulations unconstitutional, such as banning handguns or requiring guns to be re-registered (or forfeited if the deadline passes). Even when the 2nd Amendment isn’t directly involved, other goofy ahh parts of the Constitution make federal legislation very difficult, such as the interstate commerce clause preventing the “Gun Free School Zones Act” due to United States v. Lopez.
  3. It is hard to make gun control regulation in America because of how the law works. See above.
  4. Democrats are not advocating to ban all guns. However, some Democrats, including Joe Biden, are advocating for an assault weapons ban on the grounds that they have been used to commit multiple mass shootings and are far more powerful than other guns. This is NOT bayzed because the vast majority of shootings are not caused by AR-15s. While this may feel like an emotionally compelling argument, the fact is that most mass shootings are done by handguns ( If we want to reduce mass shootings as much as possible, then we should focus our efforts on the biggest contributing factors - not the one that makes the most media coverage.
  5. Joe Biden and the Democrats are advocating for both more gun control AND better mental health treatment. The Biden administration passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which better funds state intervention programs, improves the background search process, increases penalties for gun trafficking, and provides additional funding for violence prevention initiatives. He has also called for “requiring background checks for all gun sales, requiring safe storage of firearms, closing the dating violence restraining order loophole, and repealing gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability” according to this White House press statement. Joe Biden and the Democrats have also been pushing for mental health reform at the same time, awarding $300 million for states (and an additional $15 million through the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act) to develop their own community mental health centers so that better intervention can occur. There are legitimate criticisms of the Biden administration, but he has actually done meaningful work for both gun control and mental health. This is important because, as X rightly pointed out, mental health issues are what cause a lot of shootings. I can confirm X’s point from experience. [Content Warning, skip to next point if you don’t feel comfortable with depression stuff] Last Thanksgiving, my brother took his own life with a gun that he was able to buy legally without any mental health checks. If he was checked, they would have seen that he had a list of conditions longer than the amount of time it takes X to find the stronghold. He was also originally going to delete my family too, but ended up bailing on that plan. If there were stricter federal regulations on guns like mandatory mental health screenings or a waiting period, tragedies like what my brother planned to do (and ended up doing) can be prevented because of exactly what X said - “the more steps it takes, the more likely someone gives up on their plan because it’s too much work”
  6. If you want to persuade xQc (or anyone) about politics, yelling at them and insulting them will never work. While loud and angry debates are omega pog stream content, they are NEVER effective at convincing someone to change their position. I used to work as a political campaign organizer, (for both unsuccessful candidates and successful current congressmen/congresswomen). One of the most important things I taught to volunteers was not to engage in guilt-tripping or debating people who disagree with you, since chances are we won’t be prepared with the necessary facts, data, time, and empathy needed to persuade them to change from one candidate to the other or from Republican to Democrat. Of those four factors I listed, empathy is the most important. Nobody is going to change to a Democrat because somebody yelled at them about how they are racist and are upholding supremacist values. Why would you change your opinion to the one that the angry dude in front of you is screeching at you about?
  7. Hasan is not “too libtard”/too centrist. I don’t know why the WHOMEGALUL dono said this - if you think that Hasan is centrist/liberal and not a progressive, then you have lost the plot and are probably some child who is too young or stupid to sign up to vote.
The last thing I want people to take away from X's debate is “gun control bad”, so hopefully the nuance above helps clarify things. I’m writing this before I go to sleep so I won’t respond immediately. Much love chat, we will get the record soon, xqcL
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2023.04.02 11:39 ConsCom1949 Should I (21M) go travelling with a friend (22F) with bipolar 1 for the May Day holiday?

I'm bipolar 2, for 3 years. She's 1 or somewhere between 1 and 2, for 4 years. My original plan was to go travelling to Laos, alone. But well... She is really an interesting person, I'm kinda crushing on her despite she having less education and overall socio-economic background than me. We won't get married but we could be very good friends and she even wants to have an intimate physical relationship with me. I also want, kinda. I don't know if it's love or friendship, but we've been quite good friends online for like a month.
She frequently mentions suicide to me and she has records of attempted suicide and self harm. On the other hand I'm only passively suicidal and have no past history of wrist cutting.
My main worries are:
1: If she commits suicide in front of me I could get into some really serious legal and social trouble. Her parents would get mad at me even if I might have done nothing wrong. She probably won't, though.
2: I fear that she may harm me. She said she won't but I'm still afraid.
  1. In China it's quite unusual and even borderline stigmatised for someone studying in a good university and someone who studies in a vocational college to be gf/bfs. I have to keep this relationship secret.
We won't get married or become a couple or whatever but we could definitely have intimacy if I decide to go. She is probably also crushing on me judging from her messages.
View Poll
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2023.04.02 11:39 Brukts Rick Astley's Album "50" does not get enough credit

Rick Astley put out an album called "50" in 2016 that doesn't seem to have gotten the public critical acclaim I would have thought. On top of just being a really nice album overall, it incorporates a pretty interesting motif throughout - using religion itself as a metaphor.
It's a gospel album. It features songs being almost palpably christian.
But the interesting thing here is that Rick Astley's isn't Christian and is quoted as not being religious. He's gone as far as to say he "has faith in human beings" as probably the farthest he'd go.
Whereas many songs might use metaphor to describe religion or take a stab at calling their partner "godly", the whole album here uses religion itself as a metaphor to thread between songs.
You can probably twist I Like The Sun, Coming Home Tonight, or Let It Be Tonight to be more religious, but they're much less obvious in the metaphor.
TL;DR The album, on top of being quite good musically, involves a ton of religion-as-metaphor instead of religious metaphor. It uses religion (mostly the figure of God) as a storytelling device to describe certain emotions more passionately. Religion being such a ubiquitous force that it might be easier to relate to the emotions of religion than with the love he's describing, making it a powerful emotional communicator.
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2023.04.02 11:38 juicybooo How accurate is the data provided by manufacturers in relation to yield?

Hello fellow outdoor growers,
i‘ve been growing for a while now but it was just for the love of growing, (i don‘t actually smoke weed, i get the pleasure from watching the plant grow, tending it and getting my friends high) i never really cared about whether or not my plants yielded the amount the manufacturer said it could, but this year i want to optimise my grow.
According to sources i have read, the data on the THC content and yield is more or less accurate if grown indoor under good conditions. THC content is lower and yield higher in plants grown outdoor.
So my question is, what can i expect from my strain and setup in relation to yield? I went through a lot of web pages and articles but could not find a conclusive answer. It seems growing outdoor is no being researched as much as indoor, it is more like art than science, apparently.(The last part hurt as a STEM student)
All my plants are being prepared inside until mid april. I live in switzerland, so it still can get relatively cold at night during april. My plants are stabilised until they are strong enough to withstand strong winds.
My strains and setup: - Blue Gelato 41, Runtz Muffin and Mimosa Evo - 35l pot - Plagron Light-Mix - Wuxal (NPK: 99+99+74) - Wuxal Bloom (NPK: 60+95+120) - Hesi Power Zyme - Hesi SuperVit - Hesi Boost (for the leaves) - My father crops the plants sometimes, to get rid of leaves or branches that are not needed to save energy.
The yield according to the manufacturer: Blue Gelato 41: 2500-3000g Runtz Muffin: up to 1000g Mimosa Evo: up to 2000g
So what do you think? Am i in for a treat or disappointment?
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2023.04.02 11:38 Voicedbilabialtrill Dream where grandparents died

I just woke up in the middle of the night after having this dream. I'm still tired, my eyes hurt and I'm crying. In the dream my mother randomly told me there was a cockroach infestation. I killed every single one of them, then, my garbage can got 5 times biggers and my room was infested with maggots crawling everywhere. My mother just left the room. I randomly teleported to a void, I could not see anything and I had forgotten about the maggots, but I could hear my parents tell me that I could visit my grandparents. I randomly teleported right in front of my grandparents' house in *****. I teleported inside and noticed two skeletons on the staircase staring at me, next to them was a pile of skulls. I somehow immediately knew the two skeletons staring at me were my grandparents. I started to scream and cry in the dream because I genuinely thought it was all real. This all happened a few minuted ago.
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2023.04.02 11:37 ElbowDeep462 Why is this grass different in this circle? In front of a church, about 1.5 feet in diameter, halfway between 10-12 feet from wall to sidewalk.

Why is this grass different in this circle? In front of a church, about 1.5 feet in diameter, halfway between 10-12 feet from wall to sidewalk. submitted by ElbowDeep462 to Whatisthis [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 11:37 c4etech Best Game Streaming Solution

I've done this kinda write up on many posts from poeple asking this question so I thought I'd just make it one single post and link to it the next time I see this question pop up... So here's my experience with streaming...
I've spent 2 years trying pretty much everything that's been out... So here's the mainstream and not so mainstream options...
As you can see its been almost an obsession for me 😂 - so if anyone has any new ideas, I'd love to hear it... Anyway here goes....
Phone + controller - way too small a display for streaming aaa titles - 5.5" 16:9 is what you get on 6.8" 20:9 screens... (Technically can use custom resolution and stream 20:9 but lotta games don't support it and at that point you are looking at widescreen patches etc... And it's waay too much work)
Tip - use displaywars website to calculate screen sizes
Same applies to the Razer edge and gpd XP/XP+
Retroid pocket 3+, ayn Odin, retroid pocket flip etc... Display is still too small and they have short switch style sticks which I found to be a deal breaker... Games like hades, dead cells, Stardew valley... It's perfect for... Uncharted, hzd, GTA etc... Not so much... Basically if you play anything where u need to aim, you are gonna find it challenging
Pimax portal - haven't used the sticks, so not sure but the 5.5" display rules it out for me
Abxylute - perfect sized display, short sticks (why? Guys why?)
G Cloud - perfect - good sized display, full sized sticks... The best option right now but it does cost a pretty penny so...
...Steamdeck - given how close to the steamdeck the g Cloud gets, you might just get the steamdeck instead... It's heavier, slightly worse battery life (if streaming only) but you can also run some games natively which I know isn't what someone looking for a game streaming device wants but it's a nice bonus
Windows handhelds - great only if you want it doubling down as a PC... Else waay too expensive and short on battery for just streaming
So basically that leaves us having to choose between the g Cloud and steamdeck...
If you insist on still looking for more here are some lesser known options
Retroidboy (phones custom built into controllers) - super expensive, needs import from china, same small display and short stick issue
Lenovo legion play - difficult to source, filled with bugs due to not being final units... But almost beats the gcloud by being cheaper and lighter and matching it on everything... If only the damn units worked 😢 (also needs import from china... As in someone to pay in rmb and fwd to you)
Nvidia shield portable - small screen but the controller is so damn comfortable... Still small screen, old af, slow micro USB charging, stuck on Android 5.1 (no Xbox game pass or psplay since they need A6)... A6 custom ROM available but is iffy...
Nintendo Switch Jailbroken - could work... Not a fan personally cuz I don't like switching between Android and the regular os - and I'd need android since I also want to stream psplay... Maybe worth exploring for someone looking at gamestreamig...
Lenovo y700 + custom controller - this is promising... It's been tempting me for a while since I have the y700... but the custom controller is $200 and needs to be imported from china so I've kinda not tried it yet... So Quality remains unknown... For those interested here's a pic -
Lenovo y700 + gamesir x2 pro - this is a good solution... Technically gamesir x2 pro doesn't fit tablets but if you break the plastic to the back slightly, you can make it fit it... It is an easy mod... Check yt to see how easy it is... And 8.8" screen is super cool, sd870 also beats the sd720g on the gcloud... The tablet is 350 ish, the controller 75 (don't remember exactly) - could be an option (alternatively cheaper tablets with type c like the realme pad mini could work)
Foldable + telescopic controller - only makes sense financially if you already own a fold... Maybe you could give this one a shot... Deal with irregular aspect ratios... Could be a cheap solution (...if you already own a fold)
Rog Phone + kunai gamepad - excellent gamepad, excellent phone, again just too small a display for AAA gaming but... It has an extra type c port... So if you wanted to say use an nreal air or Lenovo t1 glasses and get the display projected in front of you... This is the only phone that would let you do it while connected to a controller
Phone + nreal air + Xbox clip + Xbox controller - doable but kinda clunky and we are going waaay over budget here 😁
This is pretty much all I've tested and thought of - after all this I settle on the gcloud usually or my steamdeck if I don't wanna stream and just natively play on device 😊
Hope this helps!
About me - YouTuber who's never created a device but has been part of launches and planning for multiple phones and usually test 50-100 phones a year... Handhelds is a hobby... I've bought and tried almost everything I've mentioned in this post
Edit: Added the Switch
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2023.04.02 11:37 EviePhoenix Looking for advice on hair transplants (34yo trans woman)

Hey all,
I was looking for some advice around hair transplants as a 34yo trans woman with red/sandy hair. My hair loss (front and crown) is one of the most significant aspects that craters me internally, as I'm sure many can appreciate. I'm only 2 months into HRT (Decapeptyl & Finasteride) and know regrowth is possible, but at least when it comes to the front of the hairline I started thinning/receding in the first half of my 20's.
Recently I've been fortunate enough to have an opportunity to have a hair transplant, and am keen to go ahead as a) I can still boy-mode, and b) I honestly just want the chance of a full head of hair as soon as possible. I know it would do wonders for my own sense of self if achieved and the sooner I get there the one less aspect of dysphoria I have to contend with.
I just had a few Q's and would be super grateful if anyone had any ability to offer advice on them:
Honestly I'm torn between absolute excitement at having the chance to have hair again, and dread of something making it not possible now I have the means. Awhile back I got equally as excited about laser removal for facial hair, before finding out it wouldn't work for my red hair and I'd have to go 100% electrolysis. That cratered me and I think I'm just supremely cautious to get my hopes up around anything again.
Any advice anyone could give would be so greatly appreciated 🙏 thanks for reading
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2023.04.02 11:36 WimUga I want to delay / postpone my implant with 3/4 months. Would that be an issue?

Hi, I'm scheduled to get my implant (front 21) in June. The problem is I have to business travel that month. So I would like to postpone the implant placement. My tooth was extracted in January this year. That means in June I'm already missing my tooth for about 6 months. In the meantime I also started a braces treatment. Now I'm wondering can I postpone the implant to SeptembeOctober? To get my final crown by DecembeJanuary?
I know I shouldn't wait too long to get the implant installed to avoid bone loss in the area of my extracted tooth. What do you think? Any feedback welcome!
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2023.04.02 11:36 marikasweet Best way to make sales in dropshipping

Organic TikTok (FREE)
Going viral on TikTok is one of the greatest ecommerce opportunities in 2022. It is extremely easy to go viral and start getting sales on your Shopify store.
This is one of the best ways for beginners to get started with dropshipping and it does not require any budget. You just need your own creativity and a lot of hustle!
Pre Launch:
- Create personal TikTok account. Add profile picture and bio.
- You need 1000 followers before you can post a link in bio (You can use a business account if verified but there's no trending sounds etc).
- Order your product from Amazon, Aliexpress or CJDropshipping etc.
- Create your first 20 pieces of content. You want to post 2-3x per day on your TikTok account.
Content Strategy:
- Post videos that are 8-15 seconds in length.
- Structure: Hook, Introduce product, state problem/solution OR product's benefits (1-3x) and call to action.
- Call to action: Link in bio or Go to (if no link in bio) to get yours now
- You can also add it in your post comments to remind users. Pin it.
- Use quick transitions to retain attention and increase engagement. Keep each scene for 3-4 seconds.
- Add trending sounds and hashtags.
- Use text to speech feature.
- Use 4-7 relevant hashtags in your post
- BONUS: Create stories and narratives around your product e.g My boyfriend bought me this 🥰

Best Practices:
- Find content ideas by studying your competitors and modelling success. Find videos that have gone viral in your niche and recreate them.
- Follow trends on TikTok. Look for trending songs and hashtags.
- Use Discover page and FYP page to keep up to date with the platform.
- Test hooks as much as possible. The first 3 seconds are the most important.
- Once you've gone viral, repeat the formula and create as many variations as you can of the winning video.
- Be consistent. It takes time to get results

Action Steps:
1) Find winning product you want to test.
2) Order it to your house.
3) Study competitor's videos in your niche. Recreate them.
4) Create a shot list. Plan all the videos you want to film including hooks, scripts, angles.
5) Start filming videos. Create 20.
6) Start posting 2-3x videos every day.
7) After you reach 1000 followers, add link in bio.
8) You may get some sales before this but most will come after you add the link in bio.
9) Rinse and repeat for each product.

PS. The testing process for organic TikTok products ranges between 2-4 weeks. 20 videos. Don't spend too much time on a product if the video results are not good.
PPS. Use the same TikTok account and brand for all product tests as you need 1000 followers before having links in bio.
List of 100+ TikTok winning products and brands:
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2023.04.02 11:36 Jacques_le_fataliste Sunday morning — prompt: a fairy sleeping on a branch of a tree, surrounded by leaves and flowers, vivid colors --v 5 --ar 3:2

Sunday morning — prompt: a fairy sleeping on a branch of a tree, surrounded by leaves and flowers, vivid colors --v 5 --ar 3:2 submitted by Jacques_le_fataliste to midjourney [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 11:36 Maybe- Puttering out when rocked side to side? (XV750)

Hey Everyone! For the last decade I've always admired 1-off 'cafe-racers' that I see built, but never thought I'd own one especially the way I like it. Last year I decided to dive head-first into my own build and oh man, it turned out sweet. 81' Virago xv750 mated to a 2006 GSXR front end. I tried to keep as much hardware from the old girl as I could even cleaning the stainless bolts as 40+ year old stainless just slaps different. All aspects of the frame have been modified in some way (with all new powdercoating on most parts) to accomodate all the stuff under the tank and outfitted her with an m.unit. Wired it up and it was off to the races. Tuned the carbs individually, adjusted the floats (pics) and balanced them together. She starts with a little bump of the choke and purrs strong with leakdowns at 160/155 psi on the jugs Here's where I need help...It runs a top sitting still (and front what I can tell back and forth,) but If you start to jiggle it around specifically side to side it dies. I pull the choke and it dies faster which tells me it's loading up on fuel somehow when it's being knocked around. A little puff of black smoke after it recovers happens also if I can bring it back with the throttle before it putters out. I can't imagine anything else that moves other than the gas in the float. Where do I go from here?
Linked pics of the bike and the floats (2 on the raked side.)
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2023.04.02 11:35 danaaaban_ AITA for not wanting to go to my mother’s friends’ party?

My mother (45F) has been friends with a peculiar couple for many years. They’re compulsive shoppers. Every year they put a new jacuzzi in their garden, they have a gym they don't use, they have a boat they don't use, they put an elevator in their house even though they’re both able to climb the stairs and they buy figures of fairies, goblins and dragons to decorate their entrance every week. They organize parties once a month and my mother always accompanies them and when she’s with them she becomes just as unbearable and immature. My father (47M) accompanies them sometimes, but he is fed up that when he doesn't go, they laugh at him and criticize him. The only thing the couple wants is to gather a lot of people in their house and post pictures on their social networks. Next Thursday it’s going to be my father's birthday, so the couple wants to organize a party for him on Friday. My father explained that 1- Friday will be his only day off and he prefers to spend it relaxed at home and 2- as I (16F) am autistic, I won't enjoy a party where I don't know anyone 3- precisely on that day, my friend, who is also autistic, will come to my house and he won't want to go to the party either. The couple ignored it and they grabbed my father by the neck to continue insisting and they told him that he was selfish for not wanting to carry out a plan that everyone else wanted and that he was ungrateful for not appreciating a surprise party. I told my mother that I don't think it's a good idea at all to go to the party, but she only answers that I'm selfish and boring like my father. Are my father and I exaggerating or what my mother and her friends is as bad as we think? AITA?
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2023.04.02 11:35 ncfcfan10101 Freddie's Flowers - Free flowers worth £29

As posted previously on the sub, each paid customer of Freddie's flowers gets a code to send to 4 friends each month for a free box of flowers.
As it is now April, my code is now valid again for 4 new customers!
To get the flowers:
Go to the website:
Click 'Start my subscription'
During the sign up process enter a referral code (for a free box of flowers worth £29 for your first box)
My code: JosephG6620
There is no commitment to continue past the first box - the cancellation process is outlined clearly in the website help section.
Final note: Please try to comment below or message me when you've used my code so I can update my post when all 4 free boxes have been taken. If my code is only giving you a half price box during sign-up, that means my 4 boxes have all been taken - just ask another user here for a refreshed code!
Enjoy the flowers!
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2023.04.02 11:35 SnooDogs4899 27M - Bangalore/Pune. Looking for a partner

I've been lurking on this sub for a long time, but I guess I finally got the courage to put myself out there. I have been through my fair share of trials and tribulations, but I'm at a good place in life right now, and I would like to see things progress on the romantic front too. Hence this post.
About myself- I'll keep it short for now. I'm 27M , from Bangalore/Pune. I would consider kindness and empathy my biggest treasures. I feel a lot, and I love having conversations about anything and everything. If we connect I'll be happy to divulge more details.
I'm looking for a companion, a best friend and someone with whom I can share the small joys of life - be it a cup of filter coffee on a rainy night, or a game of badminton , or reliving that childhood memory which drowns you in a wave of nostalgia.
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2023.04.02 11:34 Belatorius 2017 toyota camry LE $13,950 with 60k miles. KB values it at $17k. "Reported as corporate leased vehicle" Thoughts?

2017 toyota camry LE $13,950 with 60k miles. KB values it at $17k. submitted by Belatorius to Toyota [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 11:34 drbrokenglass Broken mysterious coffee pot

Broken mysterious coffee pot
Please help! I noticed this morning that our coffee pot had this crack. I’m mainly wondering what the cause of this could possibly be? Because I live in a corridor, so someone might’ve easily dropped it without me knowing, but because I discovered and acknowledged it, I feel like I’m responsible. I have not dropped it, and this morning I used the hack to have a splash of milk in the pot while the coffee is brewing so that the milk isn’t cold and cools down the coffee. Therefore my theory at first was that the heated milk caused the crack, but that doesn’t make any sense since it quickly fills up with coffee and is supposed to tolerate heat. Another theory is if someone did drop it a long time ago but it didn’t cause a visible crack, so with time a small crack might’ve escalated to this due to the heat. Or another theory is that someone did indeed drop it but did a hit and run.
So, I need help finding out the cause so that I don’t have to be the one paying for a new one. And also because this feels very mysterious - I can’t move on with my life without solving this case. Thank you.
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2023.04.02 11:34 turikur Discovered The Last Kingdom thanks to Ewan Mitchell on House of the Dragon so I made an Osferth/Aemond crossover :D from u/kayemagistro

Discovered The Last Kingdom thanks to Ewan Mitchell on House of the Dragon so I made an Osferth/Aemond crossover :D from u/kayemagistro submitted by turikur to AemondTargaryen [link] [comments]