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2023.03.22 10:12 LoveMangaBuddy Read The Empress of Ashes - Chapter 20 - MangaPuma

Ailec, who had become Emperor for the sake of his wife, Aprosa. However, he had met his end in the burning palace, unable to protect her. ‘Where did all go wrong? Everything was for you.’ Having gone back in time, he is determined to make a new world so that he doesn’t lose his wife again. However, Aprosa finds her changed husband unfamiliar. One day, she is taken aback by a memory that is both st ... Read The Empress of Ashes - Chapter 20 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/the-empress-of-ashes/chapter-20
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2023.03.22 10:11 Background-Advance68 what should I do?

Hello everyone, I'm 23F and my boyfriend is 24M. We've been together for 1y6m, and basically, for the first 6 months I didn't know that he had a girlfriend, but I found out and confront him. He told me that he doesn't love her and was searching for a way to break up. I told her because I was sure that he wouldn't. After he begged me to stay and I stayed because I believe in second chances. We continue to be together, and now I'm pregnant with his child. Yesterday his ex (that girl) texted him saying that she is missing him and that she thinks they are special. He answered her that he also missed their time together. She was saying that she would love to run in his arms and he said that he would kiss her. Now they are planning to meet. I feel sick to my stomach because, at the same time, he's texting me that he loves me. I don't know what to do and tbh I love him so much to just leave...and if I leave it would make it easy for him to go back to his ex. I feel really shitty and don't know if I should confront him and tell him that I know, or just keep it to myself and struggle... There is so much more to this story, but I'm not sure that someone even gonna read this
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2023.03.22 10:11 throwaway-19373839 I'm a compulsive liar. Is there any way to earn back trust?

I (22F) am a liar and have been lying to my boyfriend (26M) about sexual encounters that occurred during our "situationship" phase when we had explicitly agreed that all encounters would be disclosed to each other. We started dating 3 months ago and all of the lies that I told have been coming out by the bucket load.
At this point now (as of the last 2 weeks) I've told the truth on everything that I lied about but random stuff still keeps popping up and every time it does my SO loses more trust in me and we go right back to square one. Rightfully so, he's ready to leave because he can't believe anything I say. Is there any way back from this? Are there things I can do to earn back trust?
I genuinely love this person and want to spend my life with him. I don't want to give up. I want to be a person he can trust and I've learned that it is safe and good to tell him the truth. I just don't know how to prove that when he can't trust anything that I say.
TL;DR- I lied to my boyfriend about a bunch of stuff that happened before we started dating and I don't know how to earn back his trust.
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2023.03.22 10:11 mysterysolver122 Coincidence?

hey y’all. just wanted to rant about this case and the things that bother me the most about it.
-moving on to the note. He was into the Freemasons at the time. Maybe it was a ritual that got him killed? Or an episode he had? That still wouldn’t explain the shins, the gag-orders and why porter only offered 1000 dollars (he worked in finance, the guy was rich).
-The note; the game . A lot of things revérence the movie “the game”. Maybe they (Rey and porter) recreated the movie but it went too far. Would explain the gag-order.
-Claudia, the last person to see Rey alive and she leaves a day after? She said he was upstairs in his office when that call came, but Allison reported food and drinks months counter downstairs? The police didn’t question her. She might have answers.
Even if we get an explanation, it still wouldn’t explain all of this shit.
Thanks for listening :)
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2023.03.22 10:10 gloryarenax Todd Valentine - Verbal Academy (Full Program)

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2023.03.22 10:10 badlatteart Do I give my cats away ?

I (f25) and my fiance (m26) have two cats. Lets call fiance R. We adopted the first cat last year, she was my birthday present from R. R had grown up with dogs and this was going to be his first cat owning experience. I grew up with cats. We named the cat Aiko.
Everything was going well, and it seemed he was enjoying the new fluffy companion. We started to notice that Aiko was a little lonely and both of us working full time jobs meant we weren’t home all day to entertain Aiko. So we decided that it would be good to get a second cat for companionship when we aren’t at home. Second cat arrives: her name is Momo, and its chaos. Momo is the most energetic and “in your face” cat. Needless to say, our quieter, sweet Aiko did not take it well and it took a long time to have both cats in the same room without issue. Fast forward 3 months, and the cats tolerate each other with momentary outbursts(usually Aiko being grumpy towards Momo), its unpleasant but given my history with cats, I am holding out hope that they will eventually bond. Sometimes it just takes long.
This tension is difficult sometimes. We had plans to move countries in a few years, we are currently living as expats so we wanted to try out a few countries before settling. This morning R said “ when we leave, i dont think we should take the cats with”. R has confessed recently that he doesn’t like cats and how these two have altered our lifestyle. Unfortunately only something he realised after having cats. He says he cares for our cats but if he could go back in time, he probably would stop us from getting them. He very clearly is not happy with them around anymore, and he has expressed his discomfort or unhappiness with the cats.
I am at a loss for what to do. I treated his feelings with care and tried to understand where he is coming from but as hard as it can be and as irritating as the cats can be some times, I can’t imagine just giving them away. I will admit that sometimes they are a little hard to like (aiko scratched a hole in our wall, 5am cold nose in my face to wake me up, the growling and moaning, the craziness over food, the list goes on) I feel as though we committed to taking care of these little cats when we adopted them, and its unfair to them to just pass them on. And well, very simply, I love them. Despite the difficulties, I would still be heartbroken over giving them away. But at the same time, I don’t want R to live in a home where he isn’t happy. Its not an unbearable environment, but home is a place where complete comfort is a necessity.
It isn’t a situation with an ultimatum. R would never do that. But would I be the worst if I didn’t agree to give the cats away? What do i even do to make home feel better for R?
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2023.03.22 10:10 Biiiishweneedanswers Someone else finally experienced what I’ve been dealing with…

I have this coworker who gives me these judgmental looks every time I talk to her. Especially if I’m going about my business in an unconventional manner (all the time?)
For instance, I was getting a patient from another hospital who was apparently very “dirty” from the wreck they had been in and had a high fever.
Every patient that comes through the ICu get wiped down with warm antiseptic wipes to prevent infections.
So I opened the wipes to let them cool off and squeezed extra surgical scrub onto the surface so we would have a bit more to clean with and the patient would stay “wet” longer, which would allow them to cool off a bit and help their fever in addition to our other protocols we had in place.
When I explained this, she gave me that look as if to say, “What is wrong with you???” I just turned around and continued caring for my patient and hiding my frustration.
Tonight, the charge nurse told my coworker to let her patient’s visitors know that visiting hours are over and if they refuse to leave, we would call security (these visitors have refused to leave before.)
My coworker gave the charge nurse that “look” and my charge nurse basically looked through her and told her it’s a safety issue and she needed to take it seriously. My coworker just shook her head and walked away.
I was in a way SO relieved that someone else experienced what I have been dealing with for months. She probably does it more often than not, but I seemed to be the only one bothered by it.
Later on, my coworker was walking around with her head low and seemed hesitant about approaching the charge nurse about an issue, which I thought was odd because the charge didn’t do anything wrong.
All that to say, this is one of the MANY situations I observe where an NT will behave in a way that is off-putting, untoward, or even offensive but act as if they are the victim when people don’t treat them as if they never did anything wrong in the first place. It’s frustrating.
And for good measure, here’s another example:
I poured some ginger beer into a disposable clear measuring cup we use to measure all kinds of things here at the hospital.
The same coworker walked over and asked, “What is that???” I told her it was ginger beer. She asked why I was drinking it out of the measuring cup, I told her because it’s big enough unlike the styrofoam cups. She them commented that it looked like pee. I responded, “I suppose.” She them turned around and yelled, “She’s drinking pee everybody!” And I was just annoyed!!!
Later on, when she tried to strike up a conversation, I decided to go assess my patient. And each subsequent time she tried to be social, I went and found something work related to do. I saw her look all hurt and solemn later on that shift. But why? She’s not fostering a situation where people will respond positively to her so why does she seem so hurt when people create a bit of distance?
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2023.03.22 10:09 1m2eeeeee What can I do about my dad emotionally hurting me?

For years my dad is the one I have the most problems with. My mom is always out and working/ running her business while my dad works from home as he does online sales. For years my dad always emotionally abuses me, now I have no clue if he is or i'm just over exaggerating. There are days where if I fail a test (getting anything below a B) he'd yell at me calling me stupid, a retard, foolish, pathetic and so on.
If I don't have my room cleaned (As in two shirts on my chair or a sketch pad on my counter with my art stuff still open) he'd call me lazy, useless, and a slob. If I don't as he says he'll call me a brat, and troubled kid and so on. There are also moments where he'd slap me multiple times for these reasons depending if his day was good. If it was bad the harder the slap was or the amount. He'd lecture me for hours of the same thing but at the end says he loves me and he is doing it for me.
That is the thing that is confusing me. He says he loves me but it doesn't seem like it. I always tell myself he care or he is doing this for me so I can be strong and a good person. But in the end I just end up crying for hours, emotionally stressing myself and even start hurting myself (I have a thing when i'm too stress i'd scratch my hand to the point it turns red and sometimes bleeds) I honestly still have no clue on what I can do to stop him or to cope with this issue. I have 2 more years before i'm out to collage which i know many people would dread but the thought of leaving excites me.
Main point. Is there anyway or what I can do to keep me sane for the last two years of this?
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2023.03.22 10:09 faisan120 step Sister Neha has surprise gift for her brother on Christmas suck his balls empty in Hindi audio

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2023.03.22 10:07 MarriottsRidge Hey, that's not fair

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2023.03.22 10:07 rzesgt NURU MASSAGE - Naturally Stacked Redhead Tit Fucks Her Stepbrother's Best Friend Then Rides His Cock

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2023.03.22 10:07 DarkMattias Some rule clarification questions

Hello everyone,
I am a few games deep with my friends and we have encountered a few rule questions we could not resolve for ourselves. I hope I can get some clarity here.
1: Tau Warriors have the ability to drop a turret. How does this turret interact with Unit Coherency? Does it just disappear normally if it is not within range?
2: Transports and moving after disembarking. "Units that disembark can then act normally (move, shoot, charge, fight, etc.) in the remainder of the turn, but its models count as having moved that turn, even if they are not moved further (i.e. they never count as having Remained Stationary)." I read that as you can still move the disembarked units afterwards, but if you do not move them, they still count as having moved. Is that correct?
3: Can Units/Characters use abilities while embarked in a transport (i.e. MWBD of a Necron Overlord)?
4: Actions. My Core Book states: "A unit can only attempt to perform one action per battle round, and the same action cannot be started by more than one unit from your army in the same battle round." Does that mean that you can only have one unit perform, lets say banners, on one objective per battle round? Or does it mean you can have a number of units try banners, but all on different objectives, because being on a different objective makes it a different action?
5: Actions again. My Core book states: "If a unit is destroyed, makes a Normal Move, Advances, Falls Back, attempts to manifest a psychic power, declares a charge, performs a Heroic Intervention or makes any attacks with ranged weapons after it has started to perform an action but before that action is completed, that action is failed." Is that a comprehensive list? Can I still attack in melee? Can I for example have a Canoptek Plasmacyte start an action, then buff the Skorpekhs next to it with its ability and still finish the action (provided it is still on the field after the Skorpekhs charge)?
6: Relics in AoO: How many Relics am I allowed to bring to an AoO game? Only 1? Or more if I use the codex Strats?
7: Warlord Traits in AoO: Same question as 6. Can I only have 1 Warlord Trait? Or can I give more to the army?
8: Szarekh and Warlord Traits: Does Szarekh need to have a Warlord Trait? BattleScribe produces an error if I try to run him without a Warlord Trait, but I can also pick his Warlord Trait without paying for the strat. What is the intended way to play this?
9: Szarekh and Fight First: If a unit charges Szarekh, does it fight first, normally or last?
Thanks in advance for the help!
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2023.03.22 10:07 Bright_Rent_8656 AITA for wanting to encourage our daughter to be more social?

My wife and I have a 15 year old daughter. She's a great kid, kind, and does great in school, but socially she's never been outgoing. She'll be the first one to tell you she has no friends, and prefers it that way. She only knows a few of her classmates names, and never really tries to talk to anyone.
The issue is this might be starting to affect her. Even when she has short conversations with us or other family, she seems short and tired very quickly. Not like typical teenager stuff either, like she's actually not sure what to say. My wife and I have been trying to make sure she can at least hold a conversation for stuff she needs to do in life, like paying at a register or writing an email, but we don't really push her otherwise.
We did want her to take one extracurricular once she started high school, which she did. She chose chess club, not because she likes chess, but because there isn't any talking. I get it, I'm introverted as well, I have three friends who are all holdovers from middleschool. I just don't want her to have a change of heart in 20 years and have no idea where to begin.
So I talked with my wife about maybe having her switch out of chess (Since she doesn't even like it) and into another club or afterschool activity of her choice, just so she'll have more chances to get to know somebody. My wife got irritated at that suggestion, saying our daughter is perfect as is, and she doesn't need friends if she doesn't want them. I don't disagree, but I just worry she's toeing the line between introversion and being socially stunted, and I don't want that to hurt her down the line.
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2023.03.22 10:05 Big-Eye1591 My (26f) BF (29m) acts like a toddler and it's the worst

This man is nearly 30... and he talks with a lisp. (Sowwy me no no mean to make mommy angwy) when I'm in public he will shout that he has to make a poopy woopy. He's a literal 30 year old googoogaga Gerber baby... and when we first started dating I thought he had a sense of fun and I found him cute... then he started acting immature all of a sudden like if I grab the wrong food for him he will hide under his "bwanky" and give sad puppy dog eyes like lmao its creepy. I just ignore it but he literally has mommy issues so he expects me to do all the laundry, clean our kitchen (he leaves his beer cans all over the coffee table and doesn't do his own freaking laundry so guess who does? :/ ) and if we're out eating as soon as I start to criticize him he hides under the table... like a fucking child. I know he has trauma and mommy issues (obviously) but it's gotten worse. He was never like this but I'm do D o n e. I need a man not this idiot! I'm so ashamed. My friends tell me to dump him. But I feel bad cause he says if I leave he'll cry and blame me
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2023.03.22 10:05 RPA031 Beloved Kitty Killer loves everyone. (Attack occurred in Meeteetse, Wyoming, date unknown)

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2023.03.22 10:05 cnygreen Can a Sheriff arrest someone outside of their jurisdiction?

A hotel guest of mine got snitched on (I assume) by their significant other. Long story short, he was ignoring her, she kept calling me to be transferred to his room, got fed up and said she was calling the police. The sheriffs show up and ask me about him, I explain everything, and eventually they ask me his room number. Now, I know cops need a warrant to go into hotel rooms the same as if it’s a private residence. So I ask what’s going on and if they have a warrant. They immediately get defensive, almost stunned that I asked and didn’t immediately give them the room number. Asked me if I’m his buddy etc. Then they said “we’re just county, we’re not even going up there. The warrants through 1townover, they’ll be the ones to come get him if they want to.”
If he really had a warrant for his arrest, even if it’s 1townover, couldn’t they have arrested him? It’s the same county FYI
I feel like the cops were lying about the warrant and wanted to go talk to him..but that’s why I’m asking if sheriffs can arrest someone for other departments. Because if they can, they were obviously lying
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2023.03.22 10:04 djfredgarde LDS Quote

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2023.03.22 10:04 CrusaderNumber455 Kid beats me up, and then tries to get me in trouble for it

When I was 6 (maybe 7) my family and me went to a party with people I didn't really know. But I was younger and a social butterfly so I was able to become friends with some random kids I had met. That's when I met the A-hole kid (AK) and his brother (B). We had been running around and playing games and were generally being kids so I thought that this would be an awesome party. Then we decided to play foursquare. Me, my sister (who was like 5), and the rest of the kids were all generally having a great time until AK got out and got in line behind me. Because of how many kids were playing the game it was getting boring just waiting so, me being bored, I decided to just swing my leg back and forth. That is literally all I did and no one else had a problem with it accept AK. After a while of me swinging it he tells me to knock it off. I thought about it and, being the dumb kid that I was, decided it would be funny if I swung it 1 more time just for some laughs. Well I did. And this AK goes fucking crazy. After I was done swinging my leg I smiled at him and he tackles me to the ground! I didn't know what to do I was scared so I just started trying to slap him to get him off, but this AK was way bigger than me and much stronger. He starts beating me up and all the kids are just screaming and the older ones are running off to get adults. My sister runs off crying to find my dad. I am just left there with some other kids just trying to get him off me. At this point I was just crying and didn't know what to do so he was just slugging me in my face. Then the B and the others get adults to pull the AK to pull him off me. The B checks on me seeing if I am okay but I'm sobbing to much to get a word out. Unfortunately that wasn't the end of it. The kid somehow got away from the adults and I just barely saw him come around the corner. HE JUMPS ON ME AGAIN. HE JUST STARTS BEATING ME UP AGAIN! This time though the fight was cut short because his brother pulled him off of me. The AK runs off and I am just there crying my eyes out. The adults and other kids try to comfort me but nothing really worked. But even this isn't the end. I'm standing by the door and this AK comes out with his MOM fucking crying. What. The. Fuck. Some how this bastard was able to convince his mom that I BIT HIM IN HIS ANKLE which is why he beat me up. How she fucking believed it I wouldn't know. At this point my sister has found my dad and he come storming around the corner to find me getting yelled at by the Karen of a mother this AK had. My dad yells at me, "WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING! (My name) are you hurt?! Who hurt you?!" I couldn't mutter a word through all my crying. "WHO THE FUCK HURT YOU?!" He then turns to notice the mother standing there arms crossed. She then proceeds to tell my dad, "Your son injured my AK! He bit his ankle so my son just pushed him. Your son is overreacting." My parents then proceed to get into a screaming match with her until the dad come out. Luckily the dad had a brain and was nothing like his wife. He pulled us both aside, asked for our side of the story, asked the other kids, and yelled at his son. He than had us shake hands and that was the end of it. We ended up leaving after that. The B was really apologetic to me as we were leaving and made sure I was okay before I left. He was a pretty chill dude.
BONUS STORY: I go to another party and at this point I'm pretty sure I was 8 or 9 but that doesn't really matter. What mattered was that there were 10 stacks of Hershey's Chocolates on the table with no parents to look after it. I wanted all of it. Sadly I was not the bravest so I didn't take any. Then I met the B from last time and he saw me. He comes over and apologizes for his brother profusely. I said thank you to him but he could tell I was still scared of his brother. He tries to comfort me by telling me his brother was in the car, which I later learned was a lie, and I got more comfortable. Me and him end up hanging out for a while and talk for a little bit and generally had a good time. Then my family had to leave and me and him had to say goodbye. But before I leave this guy runs over to me and sneakily gives me 1 of the packages of Hershey's that he stole. If that guy is out there. You were the fucking coolest.
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2023.03.22 10:04 potocko How do I ensure a family member doesn’t get anything if I die?

I’m a polish citizen living in the uk (I have settled status). I’ve had a mortgage for my house in England for nearly 6 years now. I’m only in my 30s but we know life’s full of surprises and I want to make sure if something happens to me my dad does not have any right to my money or my house or any other assets. However, I’d like a portion of it go to my half siblings (his children with his new wife) who now live with him in Iceland. Is there something I can do to ensure he does not get anything, they do, all this ideally without him knowing? Thanks in advance
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2023.03.22 10:03 djfredgarde LDS Quote

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2023.03.22 10:03 SugarZade19 Theory (could be wrong)

Brittany is jealous of Aella, 1. the community totally dug Aella(duh she’s the cheese)! 😍💩 2. Aella does not feel affected by her SA and Brittany is so traumatized by hers and it feels like an extra personal attack to her. 3. Destiny fought with Brittany and got along with Aella that same day about the same subject he fought with Brittany about.. so she’s making SNEAKO her AELLA and trying to get her community to talk positively about SNEAKO the way destinys community talked positively about AELLA so she could “show destiny how she felt that day” …. Make sense??
I’m not saying it’s okay. In fact quite the opposite I feel like it’s so fucking immature, unhinged and it paints her entire “healing journey” as potentially fraudulent.
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2023.03.22 10:03 taurus__1996 Ex (28m) says he loves me (26f) and has thoughts about us sleeping together but he just told me he’s still seeing his girlfriend and doesn’t want to see me till he can figure out what he’s doing with her

TL:DR - ex contacted me confessing he loves and misses me, we arrange to meet up then he tells me he’s still seeing his gf but wants to keep talking, I can’t tell if he’s genuine or just using me
So my ex recently contacted me again, I’ve known him since child hood and was in a relationship with him from when I was 15 till 17. He’s always reached out to me but I’ve been in 2 long term relationship since he left so I haven’t responded. He recently contacted me again and I’m not single so I thought I’d talk to him too because I’ve always loved him deep down and thought about him from time to time. He messaged me confessing he loves me, misses me, wishes he stayed with me and has a lot of regrets I confessed my feelings for him too and we arranged to meet up, he’s been talking to me about things like if he were to see me he couldn’t keep his hands of me etc…
After awhile of talking he has just dropped it on me that he can’t see me because he still see’s his girlfriend but his relationship is rocky and he only see’s her once a week. He says they never have sex and don’t want the same things in life and he knows that him and I do. He says he loves us both and is confused. I told him I think I should take a backseat and wait for him to sort things out with his girlfriend he messaged back saying he loves talking to me and that it’s just the seeing part he can’t do yet because “he knows what will happen” and he can’t do that to her. I told him I was confused because he had arranged to meet up and told me he loves me, misses me and always will and he responded with “it’s complicated and not easy, I have feelings for both but I have been with her for a few years and need sometime”.
(I’m confused as to why he was talking to me like this in the first place if that’s how he feels) I told him I don’t mind waiting and that I hope everything works out.
He still tries to message but I don’t feel comfortable talking to him while he’s seeing her still.
My question is; why is he doing this? Does he seem genuine and maybe he truely does miss me but feels bad for his girlfriend, or is he using me? I have strong feelings for this guy so I wanted to give him a chance but I also don’t want to be “a second choice” I told him this and he said “you’re not a second choice to me, I just want to take things slow with you until I figure out what to do with her”.
I told him until he does we shouldn’t be talking anymore and he said “I’m sorry if I’ve let you down”.
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