Something omori roblox id


2012.07.03 14:50 joebro123 EPIC IS A PEDO

Critical Strike on Roblox is made by a pedophile. Play and support him at your own risk.

2014.11.06 15:18 zombie-rat Fully collaborative game development on Roblox

Open Studios is a Roblox game development concept that allows *anyone* to contribute.

2023.04.02 11:23 KayakGorilla would someone mind helping my curiosity with myself

I struggle with social gatherings and will find excuses not to go. If I do go, I cannot relax and pray that I can find an excuse to leave. Even if I'm out shopping or round my parents, I feel anxious and just want to leave and get home.
I envy those in relationships but when I think about myself being in a relationship and being intimate, I feel sick and think of something else.
I don't trust that people could like me. I have a voice in my head that convinces me that they feel sorry for me. They don't see me as an equal and look at me like a child or something.
I had a small group of friends at school but we all soon split up and I ended up being the victim of a light form of bullying. Mainly silly rumours and making fun of my appearance.
I cannot focus on TV shows or movies. When I'm at home I'd be on reddit or on wikipedia. When I'm in the cinema I'd be day dreaming.
When someone talks to me, I lose concentration and stop paying attention to what they're saying.
I like my own company and like days where I have no plans and I can stay in my house all day. Every now and again, though, I feel sad and start crying when I think about how I spent the weekend alone and had no plans.
If I didn't have a job, I wouldn't leave my house apart from food shopping and appointments.
I've tried social clubs and my mum and sister have helped try and get me to go to different events. I went to a gaming cafe. I love games but I only went twice. I'd convince myself that people in the cafe don't like me and that they'd only be nice to me because they feel bad for me. Same for when I tried netball and running. I coudlnt feel comfortable.
My brother is married and so is my sister. I still feel like I'm young and marriage and kids just don't go with me. I cannot ever see myself being a typical adult who is married and has kids. The idea is crazy to me.
I find myself eating too much chocolate and not eating healthy. I am aware of the importance of eating five a day but I just don't care enough.
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2023.04.02 11:21 ETRONlC Id like to point something out

There has been six dodgebolt 1v3s in the history of MCC and THREE of them have happened in the last 3 MCCs, thats crazy (in my opinion)
although nothing will top mcc 17 dodgebolt, we have had some banging dodgebolts with
- Joel having 2 1v3s
-No s-tier has 1v3
-only empires and hermits have 1v3 (except zeus)

Due to the stars starting to Aline, are we building up to a 1 V 4 BY NONE OTHER THAT THE GOODTIMES WITHSCAR killing a team of Illumina, Sapnap, Fruitberries and Firebreathman with his HotGuy skills

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2023.04.02 11:20 thelocalfemmeboy Looking for a code --><--

Hiya, i'm new to reddit but i wanted to ask for a toyhouse code! I'd be willing to doodle something in exchange! ^^
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2023.04.02 11:19 Imabread AITA for not helping my husband during anaphylaxis?

Last night my husband had signs of an anaphylaxis. Keep in mind it wasn't actually anaphylaxis, sometimes he just starts to get symptoms and thats it. Usually I'd help him to the very best of my ability, but this time I felt different. This time the symptoms of it were him becoming sort of high? It was like he'd taken something, not the usual swelling and such. So basically, my husband is allergic to egg. He used to be extremely allergic, but a few months ago he began eating it with no reactions at all. We both got excited at this - because well, now he has access to everything on the menu in restaurants and nearly everything in Asda. After that, he stopped eating egg for a few weeks, I guess he just didn't fancy any egg products. Then after, he tried some egg again and reacted really badly. We were both really upset by this. So now it comes back to this current time. Ever since he reached badly, I've been warning him to be super careful as not to hurt himself. He hasn't listened to this. He's been reacting almost every day now, and it really hurts me to see him in this state. I know that he's really upset that he reacts to egg products now - but hurting himself isn't the right way to go about it. A few days ago, he told me he was going to take it easy, but last night he told me he'd eaten A LOT. Usually, my reaction to this would to be preparing him for a possible anaphylaxis and to make sure the effects wouldn't be as bad as they could. I really really love my husband, so I'll care for him till the day I die - and do it quite happily. However, because he told me quite confidently, but almost in an "evil way" (idk how to explain it, obviously its not evil because that sounds silly but it was as if this was his "ultimate plan"). So he started laughing really loudly, and saying things that I couldn't recognise him by. He wasn't physically reacting, but his behaviour was so odd. It was so scary to watch. He starts saying stuff like "I've never felt so better before in my entire life" and talking about how the reaction was making him feel so high. I know its only minor comments which I shouldn't be upset by, but he said "I'm probably being an awful husband, but oh well", and it's probably in reference to how we haven't seen eachother a lot lately. I'm upset and scared and I have no idea what to do, and I'm also disappointed in him because he promised me multiple times he'd be careful. I leave the room and go to sleep. But this morning I felt so guilty. What if he needed me and this was just extreme emotions? Idk, but I just want to be there for him and I'm afraid I did the wrong thing.
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2023.04.02 11:18 Amiably_Suspicious 10 Years Ago...

Hi all,
Back in the Napster / AudioGalaxy Satellite days (between 1999 and 2001), I found a song I believe was called "10 Years Ago."
The lyrics were something like: "10 years ago... he was alive..."
I don't remember the rest, but the melody has been stuck in my head for ages. If you could help finding the name of this band, I'd be super grateful.
Thanks 😊
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2023.04.02 11:14 Kokichi_Ouma666 Hello, it's me again. Just wanted to try again.

Hello, it's me again. It's been a while, hasn't it?
If you don't know me, my name is Azuka and I am a 30 year old, pansexual woman. I Live in Germany and I am bilingual (German/English).
To be quite honest with you, I haven't been feeling like myself lately. I'm still looking for friends that I can be me with. It would be nice to meet some more people my age.
Watching anime together, play Pokémon together, talk about life and random things. I am in love with fictional characters and that makes me happy. It's also a big passion of mine to create my own character and get couple art of her and my fictional crushes. It gives me comfort and joy,so I'm not going to be ashamed of it.
My humor is very weird. I jump from dad jokes to puns to playful gamer rage. Yes, I am a little nuts in the noggin, but that's me and I embrace it.
My personality can be a little all over the place. I'm childish, caring, a big goofball, weird, passionate about things I love (Zelda, anime etc.). I can talk for hours about what I love and I could discuss Zelda theories like a fanatic. But, I don't do it as much anymore. (bad experiences with people.)
Please, don't get me wrong when I say, that I need some affection too. I take care of people. Build them up, try to cheer them up when they aren't doing OK, listen to them and be there for them. I don't mind that at all. But I need that too. It's getting very exhausting for me to keep giving, if no one gives back. I'm human and I have my limits. At some point I get exhausted and start ghosting people unwillingly, because I don't know what to do with myself.
I keep trying to find friends that I click with. That enjoy my company and feel comfortable around me to be themselves, and vice versa. Yes, I can be flirty when I am comfortable with someone, but it's important to me to tell me if something I do makes you feel uncomfortable.
Also, I want to add that I suffer from severe depression and when I start getting along with someone, I can be clingy. Separation anxiety. That comes from a childhood experience of mine, where people left me or replaced me quite a lot. So I get scared of that and react unconsciously with being clingy.
I love daydreaming and fantasizing about being in a different world. Where the love for music that I have is very helpful. I can just turn off reality for a bit and imagine how it would be, living the life of my character I create for every universe that I put her into. Be it the Land of Hyrule or the Regions of the Pokémon World or even the UA. I love making up stories and comission artists to draw specific scenes of these daydreams.
There are a lot of different things I want to learn: Drawing, speaking Japanese, playing guitar and singing. Learning from someone is something that I always wanted to do to achieve these things.
This is a part of who I am and thank you for taking the time to read this. If you did, the password is Sheikah. Since the notifications here are quite broken, we can also talk on discord or telegram.
It may be a random idea, but I have a discord server that I intended to use for people I met here to click with eachother as well. I always wanted to create my own little friend group, where I can be my goofy ass self. Where we can watch anime together, play Pokémon scarlet and violet together, get hyped about games and pre-orders together.
I am aware that this sounds childish, but I really just wanted to get it out there and let you have a glimpse of what my little brain wants.
I'd also appreciate if I wasn't the only female around lol. Also, I'd welcome more of the lgbtq community, since I don't want anyone to feel left out! Some fangirling would be really cool to do together!
Hopefully this isn't too much to ask for?
Thank you again. Have a great day!
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2023.04.02 11:13 Data_zoid Looking for a smart document organisation/storage solution

Heyhey. I'm searching for a decent document storage system for personal documents, bills, insurance paperwork, that sort of thing. I have some basic requirements that seem achievable:
I started using something called Yes! many years ago on the Mac, and it somewhat managed to do what it said on the tin, but for the most part it was a bear to use and I gave up. I'd really like something secure online, but I'd settle for something local as long as it can do all the things with minimal effort.
Any ideas?
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2023.04.02 11:12 GreatHornedRat_UWU Hjulbrek Hunhivehr's Book of Grudges Update and Future Plans

Holy shit, I didn't think I'd get this far.
About 3-ish months ago, I started up the Book of Grudges Series as a quick one-off that I thought would be interesting for a story. Now up to the present, I've already written about 8 stories in total, and it's really helped me get motivated into becoming a better writer.
Personal Note: Hjulbrek's Book of Grudges is also a series that is a sort of therapy for me. Just recently, I started reading Electra, Medea, and Agamemnon for one of my University courses; the stories about revenge and personal tragedy really hit close to me, and I started experimenting with writing revenge stories set in DnD. Obviously, I'm still an amateur (plus, my sentence structure needs some work), but I'm an amateur who focuses too much on writing rather than on university classes. The jist of it is that this makes me happy.
Anyway, thanks to all of you for enjoying my work. I mean it by saying that having people see my writing and actually enjoy it is incredibly cathartic; the fact that I have 25 doesn't seem like much, but it really blows my mind. If you want to stay updated on future posts, give me a follow; I also post a lot of stuff on DnD character ideas, and other weird one-offs, though you may have to dig a bit to find them. Now, let's get to the update.
What comes next: right now, I'm close to finishing my semester at university, and after that I'm going to take a year off of school just to work. This mean far less stress, and more time to actually focus on improving my writing. Other than that, it'll depend on how far I can push the story of Hjulbrek.
Future content: Expect a deeper look into the characters of V'vyana, Fiona, Gus, and Caldin as we continue; they haven't really been flsshed out as much as Hjulbrek, even though the story itself is basically from the point of view of Hjulbrek. The two I want to specifically focus on are Gus and Caldin; honestly, I sort of based Gus on Carrot from Terry Pratchett's Guardsmen Series: a pure heart, strong features, but simple-minded as a worm. Maybe I'll throw in a few side-stories of Hjulbrek focusing on his team-mates specifically, like perhaps maybe that one time Gus chopped off the head of a Wyvern attacking a village?
As for Caldin, I'll be completely honest: I was really worried he was going to become a Meg Charactet; you know, like Meg Griffen, where their main purpose is for the other members of the party to humiliate and abuse them for "comedy" or because they're annoying. However, he's starting to turn around a bit into a fireball-throwing badass; also, it wasn't a coincidence that he and V'vyana were traveling together to Citadel Felbarr...just something to think about.
The Big Bad Evil Guy: I'm kind of mixed on what to do here. All I can tell you is that the goblin warlock who got thrown off the Northpass Mountains by Hjulbrek, Gnarl, will return. I'm not going to say that he's the main bad-guy because I'd be lying; it all depends of whether I think the character's served their purpose in the story. I might throw in two other villains later on, but I'd have to take a long time making them.
So...that's it. I'm going to bed now, so nighty-night to all you Geeks and Goblins.
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2023.04.02 11:12 ZephyrBrightmoon How to recognize when enough is enough in a relationship and establishing boundaries


When I say "enough is enough", I don't mean violence or other very, very large red flags or red flag factories.
I'm not going to go into the specifics of how I met my ex-husband, our dating, marriage, and other aspects of our relationship because I want to focus specifically on a particular type of behaviour here. This behaviour of my ex actually permeated our whole relationship in different ways and this story explains a lot of who he is, as a person. This kind of story could also apply to roommates, family members, or anyone you have to spend a lot of time around.
My ex-husband wanted me to wash the dishes all of the time. Dish washing was to be my duty and floor mopping was to be his duty, and so on. Division of chores is fine with me. We lived in an apartment that didn't have a dishwasher, just a single kitchen sink (not the two-sink variety where you can use one sink for soapy soak and the other one for rinsing off) and tap scenario.
I didn't mind being asked to do the dishes. I lived on my own at different parts of my life so of course I was capable of doing dishes. Get the dishes wet with the hottest water you can stand, use whatever kind of scrubber you need for the severity of the dirtiness of the dish, from scouring pad to stiff bristle brush, to the yellow sponge with that green stiff side, whatever. Soap up your scrubber and a dirty dish and scrub off the gunk. Make sure it looks clean, then rinse and stack to dry as you prefer.
Ex happened to come into the kitchen and managed to catch me washing the dishes for a moment. He then scrunched his face up in irritation and ripped the dish from me, growling, "You're doing it wrong!" I got upset and asked what I was doing wrong and he yelled, "You leave too much bubble on the dishes!" I had no clue but he explained that he thought I didn't rinse all of the soap off because he saw bubbles when I had the dish under the water and pulled it away, assuming it meant I was leaving soap residue on the plates and we were ingesting soap residue and were going to die from it. Anyone who has turned a faucet on to full blast would see that the water aerates as it comes out. It will bubble up on whatever surface it lands on and then the bubbles pop or wash away. It's just air bubbles in full pressure water shooting out of the tap.
I tried to tell him that but he refused to listen. He then angrily did the rest of the dishes. Its weird to watch someone Angry Wash a stack of dishes, but that's what he did, scowling, muttering to himself, and scrubbing so hard I thought he'd strip the rim decoration off of the Corelle dishware he was washing. He also absolutely drenched every plate, cup, and piece of cutlery in bleach! I made it clear that this was a stupid fight and he had no business yelling at me like that when I was just trying to do as he asked and wash the dishes. I then walked away before he could yell anymore at me.
A week or so later, he noticed I was washing the dishes again, but this time, I had finished and was putting away the plates. He said nothing, just sort of hovering at the doorway to the kitchen, then wandered away with a scowl. This time, he hadn't caught me in the act of washing any dishes directly. He saw me putting the clean dishes away. This meant he wasn't sure how I'd cleaned them. He waited until I dried my hands and left the kitchen to go do something else like watch YouTube or whatever. I saw him saunter into the kitchen and I thought nothing of it until I heard the water running continuously and heard some splashing about. I approached the kitchen doorway (It had no door. It's just an open entryway.) and was nearly knocked to the ground by the burning stench of bleach, and there he was, next to him a stack of every single plate, cup, and piece of cutlery he tried to guess I'd just washed. He was rewashing them! I complained, "Dude! I just washed those!!!" He replied with a snarl, "I know. That's why I have to rewash them."
What was his biggest beef? He didn't know if I "left bubble on the dishes" and I refused to douse our dishes in bleach. The smell from the kitchen made me cough and made my eyes water! Apparently we were all going to die if there wasn't enough bleach-wash of our dishes! He bleaches everything out of fear and terror.
We had another fight over how "unsafely I washed the dishes", and so I said to myself, fuck it, I refuse to do the dishes anymore! It took awhile but he finally noticed I wasn't doing the dishes, so then what did he do? Complained I wasn't doing the dishes. I told him why I gave up on it, that I was washing the dishes quite thoroughly enough and I resented him implying otherwise and then being so ridiculous as to rewash what I'd already washed. He argued he was forced to do it because I was doing them all wrong.
I walked away feeling shitty. I was a wife who couldn't properly do her share of the household duties and was letting my beloved husband down. A few days later, I came to him and apologized and said I promised to do the dishes again. He asked if I was going to do them correctly or not and I asked what he meant by that. He complained that I always had to do things in my life my way and never understood that so many of these things I did my way were better done if I did them his way. He said I was just too stubborn and selfish. I then offered to diligently learn "his way" and promised to do it exactly as he taught me.
He actually paused for a few moments to think about it, then scowled and said, "No. I don't believe you actually will do it my way if I'm not there to supervise you so no, you can't do the dishes. I will do them from now on." He then scowled at me with a face that said it was so awful that I had put him in a position that forced him to have to do the dishes!
Y'all. I gave up on this fight but not in sadness, but instead in irritation. I was not financially in a position to just up and move out, and back then, I still loved part of him and wanted to work things out, however not at the expense of my sanity and self-respect.
I realized that if he saw a dish I washed and yanked it out to re-wash it, the only person actually being hurt by this was him. I had left the kitchen and was doing my own thing, feeling satisfied that I had cleaned my dishes thoroughly safely enough. I stopped doing all the dishes and instead just washed the dish and cookware I had just finished using. If it sat in the sink for a bit before I got to them and this made him angry, I didn't care. They didn't sit longer than an hour and usually not even that long.
I stopped letting his, frankly dangerous, perfectionism be my problem anymore. I purchased my own damned set of plates and pointed out that they looked different than the others and that they were mine and he was not to even show the bottle of bleach to my plates let alone put any bleach *on them**. I shortened up my washing time to ensure he wouldn't be inclined to yank up my personal dishes and bleach them. Sure, I couldn't control if he pulled them out and *secretly bleached them but I wasn't going to play his crazy cat and mouse game. He hated the fact that I just no longer cared and he ended up giving up on trying to stealth-wash my stuff because he finally realized what I already had, that the only one who cared about it was him so the only person being burdened by it was him.
There's a reason I wrote up this whole story that goes beyond venting. I believe it feels kind of hollow and empty to give advice without explaining why you gave it or how you learned the advice you're trying to give.
I wanted people to see what I went through and feel my frustration to see if they were in a relationship with someone like this in their lives. You only truly know something when you experience it yourself. It's, of course, not about dishwashing but about disappointment and control.
Where the self-improvement angle comes in to this post:
Recognize when you're in a relationship that drains your soul even if there's no deep violence or verbal abuse. Someone doesn't have to be an alcoholic, drug addict, or violent person to still treat people miserably. Look deep at your relationship and ask yourself, "How much am I putting into this versus what I'm getting out of it?" Ask yourself if you feel you've been completely reasonable, and even ask other people you trust if you're not sure. If the consensus is you have, then allow yourself the right to feel reasonable and to feel tired of the disrespect. Tell yourself you don't deserve the treatment you're getting and then tell yourself that you're not going to *take it anymore***.
This advice can apply to roommates, best friends, and family members as much as it can apply to significant others, too. Reddit looOoOOoooOoves to tell people to "Dump them!/Divorce them!" and I don't think that's always the answer. Maybe like I once did, you feel you can't leave as you have nowhere to go, or maybe you think your relationship is still salvageable. Whatever your case, tell yourself you have a right to establish boundaries of respect in your home. If your partner refuses to respect you, you can refuse to accept and deal with their disrespect. Tell yourself it's ok to tell them, "I've done the very best I can and I'm tired of you disrespecting me over it. If you don't like how I did it, you can do it yourself but I'm done here." and either walk to some other part of your place and do your own thing or leave entirely and go for a walk to somewhere that's calming and enjoyable and do something nice for yourself to make up for their disrespect of you.
If you believe you've honestly tried your best and you feel you're not delusional on what "best" means, you don't have to tolerate this kind of behaviour and you don't deserve it. Don't let people like this bring you down.
Anyone who read this far, do you have any examples of these kinds of crazy control issues? Post them as a comment! I want to hear how you handled them!
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2023.04.02 11:04 i_just_read_this How to drop a feeding

LO is 11 weeks. We have a pretty good routine now but I'm really struggling to work on night weaning. He's only in the 5th percentile so we aren't looking to wean all feedings but we can start with one as long as he can make up those ounces during the day. He currently eats about every 2-3 hours so a usual overnight schedule is 10, 1, 3, 5, 8/9. Idk why his longest stretch is the last part of the night. I'd rather it be in the beginning but I'm not sure how to change it. The problem I've been having is I've been trying to reduce the amount of ounces for the 1am feed (I'm keeping 10om as is for a dream feed). But if I even do 1/2 ounce less he just wakes up earlier. I've also tried having him go just a little longer between the 10 and 1 feedings but nothing sticks. I try and make sure he's actually ready to eat and not just needing help getting to sleep. I also make sure he's eating plenty during the day. It just seems like he's not ready/not wanting to change the current set up. But something needs to change. My husband and I are beyond exhausted. I'm not even asking for sleeping through the night ...even just consistently doing three hours between feeds would be amazing.
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2023.04.02 11:03 Salvare003 Help deciding starter build

Greetings Exiles, im currently split btween trying cold dot trickster or SRS necro. i am usually in the traps&mines build philosophy whereas my objective is to abandon any thoughts on survivability and solely focus on killing shit b4 they kill me but i want to try something new and i found these 2builds extremely intriguing. needless to say i have never played any of them b4(have played other minion builds b4).

the caveat this league is that i only have 15days to play due to work related issues and wont be able to play anything until early november, so id like to make the starter count and complete all content minus ubers. my budget for 2 weeks would be at best around 30 divines if im lucky^^ and around 15-20divines if my luck is dogshit. any suggestions are welcome.
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2023.04.02 11:01 soupafloopa Should I be worried about my 8 year old sister?

Hi guys, I've been noticing some strange patterns in my younger sister and was curious if I should be looking into them at all, or bringing them to the attention of my parents. My younger sister, 8, seems only able to express anger and jealousy. Not to say she's never happy, but it's significantly less than the other emotions. She throws constant fits over very small issues, (Ex: Waking up for school, asking to do homework, if her friends are busy, she isn't immediately given what she wants...) And every response is hostile. One example that happens all the time is if I'm wearing an outfit that she likes, she doesn't say something like "I like that outfit!" or "Man I wish I had that..." she just says "Why do YOU get to wear that???" or something similar. Instead of compliments or even a neutral statement, its an insult or expression of jealousy. When she angry as well, her first reflex is to hit or physically hurt the person (Or anybody that is standing near.)
She has never once said "I love you" to anybody in our family, and I've never seen her say it in front of friends either. She can be affectionate, but its mostly just in the form of playing or play fighting. She doesn't like to do anything for other people outside of maybe buying gifts for friends or coloring a card. She never says or expresses that she misses somebody (The only time she did is saying she missed hanging out with her friend, but not really her friend herself.) Every request to complete something reasonable or even a suggestion of "Let's eat here!" or "Do you want to go to ____?" is met with defiance. Teachers have also stated she is NOTHING like this at school, and is in fact very quiet and shy.
If you request anything at all she says things like "Why do I always have to do everything?" Just earlier tonight, I was brushing her hair (Which she was supposed to do) and my mom handed her toothbrush to her, and she angrily mumbled, "I always have to do EVERYTHING..." She is horribly bossy and constantly orders my family around, yelling stuff at them like "Why haven't you made me food yet??" "Go pick out my clothes!!!" And other similar things. She actively makes my parents dress her every morning for school.
She no longer cries about things (At least as often as other children) and shows zero interest in other people, or any signs of being affected by them. She does not cry if she's yelled at or disciplined. She doesn't react when watching a sad movie or if someone else is upset. She doesn't ask questions about other people or make any effort to learn about anything. She seems to only do things if she is forced or if there is a reward for doing them (Like chores, apologizing, waiting her turn...) and she just has generally apathetic behavior.
I'd also like to add that on Christmas last year, she had a full blown temper tantrum and hysteric fit over "Not getting enough presents," (She got nearly 50 total, and she had this crying fit in front of my entire family at my grandparents house.)
She does not exhibit symptoms of autism or similar disabilities that would make her behave this way either, and she has directly contradicting traits that rule those things out.
It's just been very apparent in the past few years since she was about 5, and I wasn't sure if these were signs of something or if I should be watching out for or concerned about anything. Thanks for reading.
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2023.04.02 11:00 tomblahtomblah Planning a trip to UK/Europe.... need advice

Planning to go on a UK/Europe trip in August/SeptembeOctober this year (2023). My current rough plan is (in order): Scotland, England, Netherlands, Greece OR France, Italy.
I am travelling with some people and we will do a combination of travelling together and doing our own thing. They want to go to France instead of Greece before Italy, and do Greece at the end of their trip, but due to time constraints for myself, I need to pick ONE of these to go to prior to Italy. This would include Athens + some Greek islands.
I know logistically, it makes more sense to go to France first and work down towards Italy, but theres something about Greece I think I would enjoy more... I'd love your advice and opinions foagainst France and Greece. Keeping in mind, I would be going to Greece alone, and would be with my fellow travellers in France. This will be across 26th of August - 12th of September 2023.
I'm also not entirely set on going to Scotland/England and saving the UK for another trip. So anything foagainst London/Scotland would be helpful.
Please be nice.
Thanks, Tom
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2023.04.02 10:59 QueenOfSadness_ Low effort guy

Guy im seeing makes no effort to travel to see me, i am the one that every time has to keep travelling to his town. A few days ago we planned to meet up in my town and id already told him where i lived. He knew it was quite far from where he lived, but not super far or impossible to get to by train, bus. Then he messaged me and said JESUS YOU SHOULD HAVE MENTIONED WHERE YOU ARE, well im tired now but ill have to do something about this problem tomorrow, brb / ignores the other texts id sent about other stuff
Me like obviously my first reaction is im super offended because i even planned the day and what to do, and then here this guy is making a super big deal about just travelling 15 miles. What should I do, is it reasonable that I feel like this. I feel like i should not be made to feel like i am chasing this guy, and go to his town every single time. It makes me feel like i just listen to what he says. Its sad that ive taken a 1 hour train for him but he apparently seems to not want to do the same and cant even be bothered about it
also always wants/wanted to meet me and was the one to initiate but never made specific plans, very lazy about the specifics, so he'd say a particular day at the most, but no place or time. and it would just make me feel so fed up.
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2023.04.02 10:55 GregFirehawk Co op Game with developing specialized roles?

I'm looking for a game to play with a friend. I want something that's sort of like an RPG maybe. I'm looking for a game where players have distinct roles or classes and they then level them up through new skills or develop them with items like in an ARPG. Specialized roles could be a tank and a healer for example, or a pistol dual wielder and a sniper. I sort of want the experience of partying in an MMO, but I don't want an MMO, I just want me and my friend and like a campaign mode maybe.
Salt and Sanctuary sort of matches what I had in mind. We were playing Risk of Rain 2 and that was also pretty close, the only caveat being it was more random than we liked with the rogue like mechanics. I also got recommend Dragon Crown by someone, and while I haven't played it that did sound like something that fit as well.
Really just looking for a game with good asymmetric party synergy.
If anyone knows something I'd really appreciate a tip. I'm mainly looking for PC and emulator titles.
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2023.04.02 10:53 Big_Town2675 I never thought I'd do it..but I Quit!

After 2 and a half bootcamps, I quit programming.
8 months ago, I found this sub-reddit. Me,27 years old, seeing that was not bad of an age, became eager to become a programmer. I was already good with computers (you know what I mean, not programmer-good lol). I had left half a CPA and a big 4 job behind (toxic as hell) and figured this could work.
I didn't even have a laptop, my dad had to buy me one.
I used to read about people quitting but I never figured I'd be one of them, although my reasons differ. I finished both the web dev camps by Angela and Colt and like 25% of Angela Python camp.
Projecting the fact that my job hunt would be solely based on luck alone, my motivation waned. Even for an internship it seems they expect you to know everything. And it doesn't help that I'm from India, where the competition is so intense and where most people get jobs through college placements. And there's just so much information, and every employer is looking for something different. And seeing the job cuts was an addition.
Nevertheless it was kinda fun. I liked programming, learning it was a bore though. I guess it just added to my knowledge and nothing to show to an employer. I cried a bit. Now I think I'm gonna finish my CPA and get a job(sigh. So much for work from home and non- toxic culture).
But anyway thanks guys, I would have never taken the plunge was it not for this sub. At least I have a practical deeper understanding of the programming system now. ( A great hobby.)
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I at the time m15 was dating a boy m16. We had been together just over 2 years and I was making plans for us to do stuff around my birthday that was a week away. When he texted me about his "friend" that he's been spending time with everyday after school for just over a week and talking about constantly. And when I mean constantly I mean we'd talk about Pacific Rim, friend comes up in conversation and he goes on a rant about this. For times sake I'm going to call the friend Harry, not his actual name obviously. So my bf comes to me and asks for an open relationship and that he met this amazing guy, Harry and how I'd love him and we should all talk. Now, I don't really judge ppl that have OR's but I just wasn't up for one and it felt like cheating to me. So i find out that Harry has my number and texts me hey and stuff. So my bf makes a group chat. The group chat wasn't us talking but them flirting. So I left it and told my bf that I wasn't comfortable and he went on a ramble about how it was good for us both and how we should just talk about it. And then accused me of wanting to break up with him. This hurt me a bit but thinking back at it I should have answered yes. So I don't answer him, tell my mother about it and we talk and go to bed. In the morning I can't hold myself together, it all kind of hits me. My bf went out, met a guy, and then asked me after they'd done God knows what if it was OK. So I did the right thing and sent him a text clearly stating my feelings which was - Hi bf name, I've thought about what you've said and I've slept on it. The thing with Harry feels like an open relationship and I don't agree or want to be in one. If you want to have a relationship with him, then it's not something I wanna be part of. I love you very much but we can't be together if you want to be with someone else. Love you
Now at the time I thought I was being manipulative and a bad bf and that I should just accept the OR and move on. And his response was - I understand that, are you still in?
I said not obviously and he went on a ramble on how he loves me and I said- You wouldn't want to date someone else if you loved me.
And I still think that that was a shitty thing to say. But he told me he loved me and that we'd talk. Now, let's take a pause here, did we talk? Did he explain himself? No. He told me he had homework in a subject he didn't have that day and the last day he had a sub and he told me how happy he was that he didn't have homework. I mean at least one of us has to listen, right? So I kept pushing when he redirected me to a game I just finished and talked about that for a while and then when I went back to trying to talk to him again he redirected to a show I just finished and how I was so upset my favourite character died. Now this was weird but well met because he never really toom interest in my fav games or shows he was more into music.
So the next day he texted me and told me that he hadn't been eating and that he was so sorry, stressed, and that he loves me. This is where he messed up by saying he was going to get food at a place down by my house since it was one of the only take outs in walking distance in the town. So I said that we should meet up and talk. He told me 4 hours later that he's meeting up with "friends". And that the "friends" don't like me so they wouldn't let him leave to see me. So suggested that I go to him. He said no. Now, I'm not stupid, and I knew that most of his actual friends were busy with studying or off on sports trips. So, Harry wasn't. Harry didn't care about his education or sports. So I told him that if I'm less important to him than his "friends" then that shows me where I and our relationship stands. So you've ended our relationship.
Now that shit hurt. And I mean it hurt. But suddenly he was interested in meeting up and talking so he came to MY house. So he was the one out of HIS depth. So after he came I went outside and we sat on the wall outside. He told me that he didn't want to talk to me in town because he didn't want people listening and it made him uncomfortable. So we talked and he told me that he loved me and that he's sorry that he went out and he thought I'd just say yes to the OR. And then came out as fucking polygamous. He told me that he needed someone else to feel happy and that he couldn't change that about himself. Now, I found out that a lot of OR's turn into polygamous couples. So I did some research on that when he wasn't answering me. And do you know what it was all about? Consent, making your partnepartners comfortable, communicating. So I told him that I thought that it was best for us yo end the relationship and he asked if he could hug me because "you look like you're going to fall apart". I said no and he Hugged me anyways. Now, I'm gay right I'm still a man and I will bash someone's nose into there forntle lobe if necessary. I told him that he should probably go to the take out and get some chips since he hadn't eaten in two days. And he stared at me and looked confused before being all loud and agreeing before running off. He told me before he ran off that Harry is down by the take out if I want to meet him. And I asked what about the others. And he said what others? Before telling me they were late. So if I didn't break up with him he would have cheated on me and lied about it. Not even a half hour after our break up Harry posted on his story "guess who has a new bf". And a picture of them at the take out. The next day he spammed me on everything I was on. Even things I forgot I was on. Then he asked what to do about my bday present. So I told him to burn it. His parents didn't know so my mother texted his mother "Hi name, I was just wondering about the musical tickets we had booked. Nice name and ex bf are split up now and he's dating someone new". As you expect chaos ensued. That asked what HE did wrong. Not what I did. And when we told them they were fuming and told me that my tickets were mine and that I could sell the musical tickets and keep the concert tickets. I haven't been spammed since or sent another bad apology so I'm focusing on myself right now. Trying to get over it all and process it. My brother got me a book "A Song Of Achilles" and "The Graveyard Boys" so ill be reading them. Anyways this is probably going to be a throwaway. So, am I the ahole?
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2023.04.02 10:52 TheBetterMithun Started feeling better, everything went downhill and feel even worse than before.

Started therapy a year ago for depression that went untreated for at least a decade. I started to feel better with antidepressants, slowly worked towards keeping a stable routine and work towards my goals. I've always dreamed of becoming an artist for video games. Theres so many games that are near and dear to my heart, I want to be part of the creation of new games that will mean that much to someone else.
With that motivation I signed up for an online art academy that I was super excited about. I started practicing regularly, and it felt like all I had to do was keep away my fears of failing. Trust that with enough time and dedication it was within the realm of possibility to become as good as my idols. Fast forward to January of this year, and on new years my father got sick and passed away. My mother whom I love and is the sun of my life has never felt more depressed and I just feel like I'm a burden for her. I tucked everything in to go get a job asap as our financial situation which wasn't particularly good beforehand went to shit. I had to drop out of the art school and now owe them way more money than I can afford now. And with all the ai art developments, none of it even feels worth it. I was amateur at best, and I suppose that at least I don't owe bachelor degree levels of debt, but it's still a lot of money and time for a skill that feels practically useless.
I had made myself hopeful and excited that if I worked towards that goal I was doing something meaningful and it'd be worth it in the end to keep fighting every day, as cheesy as that is. I feel like absolute garbage having lost that excitement after working so hard to nurture it and work with my therapist. It just feels like nothing is worth it. I realize it's naive to think things would go my way and for making plans and expecting them to work, but at the same time how do you stave off depression without that?
In order to be stable and hopefully be able to support my mother I'm going into nursing. I love the sciences and this happens to be another interest of mine. Even though I like it I can't manage to make myself as excited for it. It feels as though I'm a coward for abandoning what I "truly love" even though it's completely logical. I'm starting work as a nurse assistant on the 10th. Starting associates degree in nursing in the fall. Pay is very good where I live for rn's so I know it would be enough to leave my mother with everything she needs to be comfortable. I know I'll survive, but I cannot find a reason why to even suffer through that in the first place. Especially when everything feels like a chore and difficult, happy times don't seem to be enough.
Today I didn't even have that bad a day. In fact, my mother and I went out for coffee and had a great time laughing and chatting while taking a walk in the sunshine. But at the end of the day even that joy, which felt like the most I'm capable of, isn't enough to sustain me living. All I can think about is ending it but I can't put my mother through that right after my father's passing.
I don't know what to do and I'd love to hear what keeps you guys going besides obligation. Otherwise, frankly I don't think I can take it anymore
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2023.04.02 10:50 TMC1982 Did OK Go's "Here It Goes Again" video help make MTV irrelevant?

I know that it's extremely simplistic to flat out suggest or imply that OK Go's treadmill music video from 2006 is what directly to MTV to air Ridiculousness and other cheap reality programming for the bulk of their schedule some 15 or so years later.
But I still think that it isn't that much of a stretch to say that OK Go provided something of a "Nirvana effect" with the "Here It Goes Again" video. I don't recall Todd discussing it in detail when he did his One Hit Wonderland video on them but according to the director of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video, Samuel Bayer " “If Nirvana ushered in the grunge generation, it seemed like OK Go ushered in playing videos on the internet.”
And of course, "Here It Goes Again" would become one of the first massively viral sensations on YouTube. You can actually make a fair argument that OK Go and "Here It Goes Again" blowing up like it did on YouTube helped saved the music video as a viable artform and promotional tool in light of MTV's gradual network decay.
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2023.04.02 10:49 ShadowDeku7 What's a good shave soap/aftershave to pair with Amouage's Bracken Man?

For anyone unfamiliar with the fragrance, it's a fougere (barbershop scent) that's heavy on clove and patchouli.
I'd also love to find a match for Amouage's Journey Man.
I'd prefer a clone/inspired-by, but something that is fairly similar and pairs well would work too.
Here are links to their fragrantica pages for note breakdowns:
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2023.04.02 10:43 hotchy1 folliculitis/rash/spots

Iv always had a problem with spots on the back of my head. What's the best treatment to clear them up? I know I could go to the doctor and get cream etc for free here but I'd still rather just buy it from the online pharmacy as i really hate doctors... (if the main gel/cream etc doesn't work ill have to man up and go..)
I got them very much under control but now gone for my touch up but the no washing and cutting for 4 days seems to have put me back months... I can see my crown.. well not really but I can see a crown shape rash.. yay lol. Need to try something new. Any ideas are appreciated :)
I'm tempted to also just laser the hair off the back forever to never deal with shaving rashes or spots again and just smp the back Haha.
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2023.04.02 10:40 Much_Ad2321 I feel so unmotivated and jealous.

I often go through waves of being excited to create something on Roblox, and start a new project. I recently have been playing the game “Doors” a lot and I start to get jealous, like I’ll never be able to accomplish creating such an amazing game as it. It has everything. Cutscenes, we’ll thought out gameplay, amazing visuals incredible sound effects that immerse you perfectly in gameplay. How will anything I ever create compare to something like that? It’s not just doors, also Frontlines is another fairly new game that makes me feel this way.
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