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Bring the NHL to Houston

2017.12.05 04:32 BYFUGLlEN Bring the NHL to Houston

All over the effort to bring NHL hockey to Houston, while simultaneously promoting and following existing hockey programs within the Greater Houston Area.

2023.03.21 18:11 Imyourdaddynow311 I'm meeting the boy I really like this weekend!

I (24f) met him(30m) on an online fitness chat 3 years ago and we've talked in a group setting for a long time. Recently (end of January) we finally admitted we really like eachother and want to date. We've talked and snapchat much more since and after that became practically torture he bought me a flight to his home town. I'll be in a hotel the first night and we agreed we would play the other days by ear. We've planned a few cool activities to do the four days we have together including kayaking and snorkeling. I'm excited 😁
A few of our other friends in the chat are super excited for us and some who have even done this same thing before (now married) gave some good advice. I want to keep my wits about me and also make the most of the little time we will have together. Due to the unique circumstances I thought I'd ask if any of you have any advice or insights for me? Tbh anything.
-Things to look out for while I'm with him -Things to avoid -This to do while together -Ways to prepare
I'm so nervous. I'm cutting and getting my nails done so I look cute for him so advice on how to look my best is also more than welcome.
Thanks :)
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2023.03.21 18:11 RabbitSensitive7187 Disrespectful lead at work

I’m a barista at a third wave coffee shop in Houston, tx. My manager is driving me crazy. Im 29 and he is 20. Obviously it’s very difficult being bossed around by someone so much younger but I try not to overly blame it on age. I assume they can conduct themselves as an adult. However, this person routinely ignores me. I greet him every day and he just ignores me. In addition, anything I bring up, it seems like I have to fight SO hard to be valued or have an idea to fruition. For context, he just got promoted as we’re expanding in the company. Our previous manager is now a higher tier manager. When my now manager is in front of the higher up manager, he’s respectful to me. But otherwise, not the case. I know my ideas are good and I’m just so damn frustrated.
I’m going to mention that this new manager will also sit on their computer and let me do all the heavy lifting of the shift. I don’t think he’s handling his position well and I’m fed tf up.
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2023.03.21 18:10 criadotameimpala Rushium Tour

i saw a lot of people meeting kevin on airport/hotel/other places and now i am thinking... how can those people KNOW the place that kevin will be? like? there are some manager that they talk with? or is just luck? i really want to see him in some place here in brazil....
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2023.03.21 18:09 m-ah6 Man absolutely obsessed with me until one miscommunication and it's all over??

I (25f) matched with this guy (29m) on hinge maybe a year or so ago. I was in an on and off again relationship and didn't really get to talk to him as much at first. We followed each other on Instagram and said a few things and the convo ended - but we stayed following each other.
Fast forward to December 2022. He posts a pic of him on vacation via Instagram. I'm single and thought it would be a good time to comment heart eyes on his photo. He rather quickly DM'd me and i wasn't super interactive in the convo (I had a lot going on with holidays and also ended up getting covid for 2 weeks). No worries!! Valentine's week comes around and he messages me again. This time I was excited because i was finally freeing up some time to give him more attention.
This time we chatted every day until I got his phone number. We would text and chat and I would call him every now and then. I was happy getting to know him. What was shitty is that 5 months before we started chatting, he moved 3 hours away to another city. It felt like we almost missed our shot.. but we still talked. We both wore our hearts on our sleeves a bit and I thought I was finding a guy i could really emotionally invest in. He seemed mature, put together, and self-confident (and really into me). The only issue I would say is that all of his friends were settling down except him and I would often say "yea sounds like what would happen nearing your 30s". He wasn't sure about settling down either and often spoke about how his relationships didn't last more than 2 months. But he didn't sound opposed to a relationship - just didn't find the right one.
We both are in the same career field and although I'm younger - I had a lot of experience he didn't have and he was even impressed when I would discuss work. He often would compliment anything I did and spoke about me as if he thought highly of me. I felt appreciated and respected. I literally never met someone so good.
We continue talking every day until he mentions he was coming back to the city in March to visit his parents. I was ECSTATIC! The only issue was that the one day he invited me to his work party, I would be out of town for a concert. He planned to stay a week though and we planned around his schedule and daily dinners with his family. He was really busy the whole trip but we made some time to work and i was more than happy to finally meet him IRL.
The Monday of the concert Im driving back into town asking if i could stop by and visit since i was coming earlier than expected. He was extremely drunk and at first was flirting but when i said I would actually come thru he swiftly changed his mind. i left him on read because (thoughts going awry) had the idea he might've been going with someone he drunkenly met that night. Instead he later calls me multiple times extremely drunk to tell me he was back at the hotel and he's okay and not to worry about him. I thought it was sweet how he thought of me and stopped being upset with him. However, he proceeded to be extremely self-deprecating. This was a complete 180 from the person I've been talking to for a little more than a month now. He talked about how he was a shitty person and was extremely depressed and that i deserved more or better. I told him that he's been an absolute doll ever since chatting and I wasn't worried about any of that stuff. He proceeded to tell me he's terrible and that I'm perfect. I have everything a man would want and that i could have anyone I wanted. I was put on a pedestal.
This was a red flag for me and made me feel unsafe about the amount of time he was going to stay in my life. I only just met this man, he was absolutely perfect and now he's looking like hes about to run. We hadn't even gone on our first date yet and my hopes of meeting him were dwindling. He was super sweet to me during the call and we let each other go to sleep. the next morning, he remembers nothing. Hes apologetic for bothering me and i reassure him that everything is okay - but I'm worried about some of the things he said.
He assures me we will go on our date. and on the date hes back to "normal". a little embarrassed about the calls but I'm super into him and reassure him that as long as we communicate everything is okay. He knows he can be a lot when he drinks that much and has lost a lot of friendships because of it. The past is the past and he said he hadn't been so self-deprecating in years. We're chatting and cozy and everything feels great. I really like him. We go back to my place and things get really intimate. We're almost done (I'm on top) and i look at him and his face is full of panic. I quickly jump off of him and apologize and ask him what happened. I turn my focus 100% onto him and forget everything we were doing in the moment. He begins to express his anxiety about sex and finishing inside and I immediately apologize thinking i might have forced him or something (sorry I'm so bad at explaining this). We have a conversation and things calm down and I'm understanding of his feelings and he tells me I didn't do anything wrong. Were cozy but he has to leave back to his Parents.
The next day were chatting and he thanks me for being so understanding and that it means a lot to him. I said of course - we've only just met so there's a lot to learn and I'm happy. BUT HERES WHERE THINGS GO SOUTH. were chatting about the night and he mentions me taking the pill. I said 'oh wait.. did u finish?" I was so overwhelmed by the situation I completely thought i shut things down before it happened. But i misinterpreted our convo and apparently, he felt that way after. I immediately apologized and took the pill when things were cleared up. However, things got weird. He made kind of a big deal about me not understanding or even feeling that he did. and I just said in the heat of the moment i mean I simply thought we stopped. We stop talking for the rest of the day because hes very put off by the situation and i take a break because i have really bad anxious attachment style and some abandonment issues so i needed to take a moment to myself to not take his reaction to heart.
I message the next day but hes being weird. hes not replying as much and kinda telling me hes going to give me a call when he gets back home. Im having anxiety like wtf just happened. a few days go and I message him "can we talk, things have been really weird" he said he can talk when hes free and we later call that evening. He begins to explain that he doesn't understand how i didn't realize he finished after the conversation and doesn't feel like he can continue a romantic relationship with me. This really disappoints me but i try not to fight it. I personally felt like this was something we can communicate and work through but apparently its a non negotiable on his end. He proceeds to talk about how his life is also going to change for the next 5 years due to some family stuff and hes just also down about that and put what happened with me on top - he just cant do it all.
we agree to just end it there. I didn't fight or argue with him - I was just confused. how did someone so kind and understanding and communicative just turn cold the moment we had an actual miscommunication?
TL/DR: I spent a month talking and getting close to a guy who was extremely kind, communicative, and a great listener. But when we finally met irl and had our first date, some miscommunication happened and he dropped me (even tho we both said it was no ones fault). I am so confused someone please help me understand this man loollol.
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2023.03.21 18:08 SlickWiccan A little bit country....a little bit hoe

Sooooo let me get this straight....
Someone who bragged about getting knocked up by two different men within 5 months.
Someone who bragged about kissing strange men.
Someone who bragged about sleeping with one night stands.
Someone who went to NOLA every 3 weeks to fuck a guy for pills.
Someone who does sexual favors with a pro se coach
Someone who sucks her own lawyer off for legal debt.
Someone who brags about laying out top less in front of Someone you JUST accused of physically assaulting you.
Someone who has dated and fucked multiple men in the same week.
Someone who cheated on her own fucking husband.
That Someone is now trying to allude that another woman was what exactly? You mention a place and ask about it. Then say that it's next to a "pay by the hour" hotel and you would never. Why even mention the fucking restaurant then? sure you're not getting your own antics mixed up here? I mean....fucking GLASS HOUSES. Well, let's be in your own shame house. 🤣
Tsk Tsk
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2023.03.21 18:07 Matt5136 47 [M4F] #UK Sheffield/Chesterfield looking for much younger for affair

Happily married but missing sex, looking for someone a lot younger for an affair, to get to know and exchange messages and calls, and perhaps once a month a night in a hotel together.
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2023.03.21 18:07 Advanced-Fix2990 Help me pls

Help: I have a phobia of bugs and my recent discovery that beg bugs are indeed a real thing and happens to alot of people is eating at my mind. I’m too scared to travel , I’m too scared to sleep in hotels , I’m too scared to sleep at friends. What do I do for this? Also is there like a preventative spray one can use on their bed or in their house to try to prevent them ?!
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2023.03.21 18:06 Seulgussy [F4A] The Transfer Student and the Frat Boys. A tale of opposites and triumph.

It’s odd. Being the only female on your sports team, no? Is it really a team? Even though the group consists of five players, it’s more so just a game with yourself at the end of the day. Hitting balls around a green field all day. Maybe some sand, dips and curves along the way. But what was it really? Golf. That boring sport? The one you associate with the rich and old people who are retired. Well for some, many actually, it’s their life. Like a Football player. Or a baseball player. It’s a sport that takes time, knowledge and tons of patience to master. Many try, but often never reach the goal they want to, due to the pressure of the idea. It is only you. Any mistake is on you. Everyone’s watching you.
This is that pressure this young woman felt. A top scholar, a bit of a quiet soul, and the only female on her school’s Division 1 Golf team. Now why was she here? Why did they allow a woman into the group? Simple. The team’s highest praised player was out due to injury, and despite the fact this young woman was nothing more than a reserve, she was called up to the main squad for an upcoming tournament. Four grueling days of play, early mornings, tons of walking, and not to mention, eighteen holes of hell. Perform badly enough and you’d be cut, the board getting smaller and smaller every day. Make it to Sunday, that was the goal. Now this wasn’t a problem for most of the team, being one of the best ranked groups in the country, it was sure enough that they’d make it in. The only one they didn’t think who could of course was this young, foreign woman. Foreign? Yep. She was a transfer student from overseas. The team being made up of mostly ‘Frat-Like’ players, it was hard to fit in. English wasn’t her first language, she looked nothing like them, and not to mention there was barely anything in common besides the love of the game.
The team would be posted up in a house, just on the eighteenth hole of the course. It was beautiful, much better than any hotel room. This is where they’d stay the weekend, as there were houses all over the course that would provide shelter for the other teams competing in the tournament. The whole bus ride over, she didn’t say a peep. Headphones on, simply in another world. She was soft looking, but had a hard interior. She was polite, but chose not to speak. The coach was aware of this, but didn’t make any sort of intervention, as everyone was their own person at the end of the day.The night before the tournament, they all laid up in the house, the boys in the living room having a few drinks before their big day tomorrow, talking about all the girls on campus, their own lives, school, typical college talk. Except for one. Her. Locked away in her room for the night, she stared out at the sunset over the lake on the last hole. She thought to herself that she shouldn’t belong here. That she should just leave. But.. she knew she was here for a reason. Clearly she was good enough to be called up from the other reserves. Or was it just for headlines? She’d be the only female in the tournament, something already breaking Sports News outlets everywhere. It was nerve racking. She’d be interviewed for sure throughout the tournament as it was a televised event. Sure, not as big as the PGA Tour, or some major Golf Tourney, but still, it was exposure. Her parents would be watching, her trainer from when she was younger back home. But that was the thrill of playing at the collegiate level no? Finally getting to experience that national exposure. Unlike the rest, she didn’t care so much about that. She wanted to just play the game. Do as best as she could, prove something of herself. But being surrounded by the best college players around the country didn’t help. Only time and patience would tell if she could prevail and seek a good result, hoping to land a spot on the main squad.
So! This is a little bit of an idea I’ve hatched in my head lately, as it’s more of a Sports, Slice of Life themed story! Now with that being said, I do want to add other elements such as Romance and Drama specifically as we dive further into this story. Just a few things I wanted to go over before you message me so we don’t have to revisit them later!Who are you?So what I mean by this is, who will you be playing in the story? I’ve compiled a few ideas in my head, but if you think of something else feel free to suggest them.
So these are just my ideas, but again you’re more than welcome to bring your own ideas! Now, another question you might have is,
“Do I have to know anything about Golf?”
The answer is No! Simply put, there will be a lot more involved in this story besides just that, so I don’t expect you to know anything. Though if you do, surely you’ll be able to provide more in those specific scenes though again, It’s not required! I want this story to be open to anyone who comes across it.
Now just some basic rules and regulations to go over!
Be yourself! I love more down to earth people, don’t feel like you have to overdue your intro or try to please me!
And that’ll be it on my end. I’d love to see some of you, though it’s quite a niche plot, I’m hoping to find someone who would love to explore a deep rooted college romance and sports thrill!
See some of you soon! <3
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2023.03.21 18:05 Sourcee_app Seeking an #ibiza hotel for a family visit wc 16 October. Media discount required in return for a review. Please email [email protected] with opportunities #TravelPR #prrequest #journorequest

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2023.03.21 18:05 RsZangetsu Any parades/events after the 30th celebration

Hey all, I went to DLP last year and it was amazing with all the parades and show etc and I love the merch with the 30th stuff
I’m contemplating visiting this year around November in the Marvel hotel, will there still be parades or anything exciting? Mainly going for the Christmas decor but it’d be a nice bonus or wait until new areas get added as maybe too soon to revisit
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2023.03.21 18:05 SunsCosmos The Mystery of the Room at the End of the Hall

I’m a lurker in this sub. I don’t work hospitality myself, but I love and appreciate every one of you for the hard work you do. I stay in hotels about six or seven times a year for work and I always try to be thoughtful of the staff, especially after reading your stories.
Most often I stay in the same hotel right next to my work. Twice a month we do an inventory of the entire store. It’s a small store, so I’m often there doing it by myself until midnight or 1am. After a full nine hours shift plus inventory, I’ll sometimes crash instead of making my hour commute home, especially if I have to be back at the store in a few hours to open.
I’ve become a rewards member at the hotel since I stay often enough to earn free nights. (My stays are not covered by work since it isn’t considered “necessary” and rather a luxury, so this is important. Usually I make my reservation through an app and show up at the front desk around 12:30am to get my sleep for the night.
This one night has stuck with me for almost a year now. That night, sleepy tired exhausted me did not question why I would be assigned Room 523 in a hotel with a near empty parking lot. Walking all the way down the hallway, to the very end near the stairwell, on a clearly empty top floor was eerie.
With every plodding footstep the walls seemed to close in, oppressive darkness closing around me. I thought about returning to the front desk to beg for mercy, to plead why?! I wondered if I had entered some kind of purgatory. Endless mazes of off-white walls and locked wooden doors, unfriendly red lights staring at me from every digital handle. That first right turn from the elevator sent me spiraling into madness as I walked to the very end of the wing.
When I finally got there I locked the door in every way I could. Bolted, shuttered, everything short of nailing boards to the wall. Later I ended up putting a chair in front of it so I could get to sleep.
Is there any reason why front desk would have assigned me a room in the middle of no man’s land? It is a mystery that plagues me. I toss and turn, wondering if there was some rationale hidden in those dexterous front desk fingers, or twinkling mischief, or even malice, in the night audit’s eye. Something I might have missed. Maybe he refused to bow before the almighty Rewards Guest and my assumed mastery of the Karenetic arts. Or perchance something about my work uniform made him certain he wanted me far far away from all other patrons, lest I continue inventory well into the night. Perhaps there is no answer to this puzzle at all.
The Mystery of the Room at the End of the Hall remains unsolved.
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2023.03.21 18:02 GovernmentDoingStuff Your Guide to the Sweet 16 Part 2

Yesterday I covered Thursday's Sweet 16 games. I have a part 2 today that will go over Friday's games. These next two days can't go by fast enough!
Game 5: (1)Alabama vs (5) San Diego St.
Team Profile: (1) Alabama
KenPom: 2
T-Rank: 2
Major Contributors: Brandon Miller
Alabama has been one of the best teams in the country all season long. Nate Oats’ squad plays an NBA style, up-tempo offense. The man of the hour is freshman forward Brandon Miller who is one of the top players in the nation. Alabama also has veteran PG Jahvon Quinerly leading this team on the floor. The Tide also possess one of the nations top defenses that seems to heavily contest every shot
Team Profile: (5) San Diego St.
KenPom: 15
T-Rank: 10
Major Contributors: Matt Bradley
San Diego State brings an elite defense into this tournament where they are allowing the 4th fewest three point shots in the country. San Diego St. is extremely experienced, every rotational piece is a Junior or a Senior, end even then, that includes just two Juniors. The Aztecs like to slow the game down and take their time creating open jumpers or lanes to the hoop
Game Profile:
Spread: ALA -7.5
Alabama without a doubt should be favored with how dominant they are on both sides of the ball. If the Tide can speed this game up, San Diego St. will get uncomfortable and make mistakes which Alabama will capitalize on. For the Aztecs to succeed, they need to be efficient and methodical on offense and defend the way we know they are capable of. The Aztecs best asset is their experience, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try and score at the rim to get freshmen Miller and Clowney in foul trouble early. If SDSU can hang with Alabama deep into the 2nd half, their experience may allow them to prevail.
Game 6: (1) Houston vs (5) Miami
Team Profile: (1) Houston
KenPom: 1
T-Rank: 1
Major Contributors: Marcus Sasser
The Coogs have been dominant this season. They come into this one top ten in offense and defense with stud PG Marcus Sasser leading the way. Houston defends hard and has one of the best offensive rebounding rates in the nation. It isn’t always pretty, but Houston basketball is extremely effective. Sasser and one of his co-stars, Jamal Shead have battled injuries down the stretch here, but when healthy, it’s hard not to see Houston as the nation’s best team
Team Profile: (5) Miami
KenPom: 32
T-Rank: 34
Major Contributors: Isaiah Wong, Nijel Pack, Norchad Omier
Advanced metrics don’t love Miami, but they keep winning. The ACC regular season champs are led by one of the top point guards in the country with Isaiah Wong. The Canes have a very good offense in part due to Wong’s abilities as a scorer and passer. They are great at getting high percentage jump shots and drives to the rim. Miami’s defense has been very suspect most of the season. They lack the length to be elite on that end of the floor. However, they have shown the ability to force turnovers and generate fast break scores that way
Game Profile:
Spread: HOU -7
Houston is incredibly tough to beat when healthy, but Sasser and Shead are arguably the most important players on this team and injuries to them could be the end for Houston. If the Coogs are efficient with their shooting, they should eventually pull away and win this game. Miami on the other hand has to take advantage of Sasser and Shead who are not 100% and they are equipped to do that with a great guard of their own.
Game 7: (6) Creighton vs (15) Princeton
Team Profile: (6) Creighton
KenPom: 12
T-Rank: 13
Major Contributors: N/A
Creighton is balanced personified in college basketball. They are top 25 in offense and defense and don’t have one dominant player, but rather a deep roster of stud playmakers. Creighton is really good at scoring off of 3s, and overall they are really good at staying out of foul trouble. Their only real deficits are not forcing a lot of turnovers and they don’t grab a lot of offensive rebounds
Team Profile (15) Princeton
KenPom: 91
T-Rank: 94
Major Contributors: Tosan Evbuomwan**, Keeshawn Kellman
Princeton are the darlings of this tournament reaching the 2nd weekend as a 15 seed. They are led by Tosan Evbuomwan who has one of the highest usage rates in the nation. Princeton doesn’t have any particular stat that jumps out, but they are very good at defensive rebounding and preventing 2nd chance points. They also like to score inside with the infamous backdoor cut.
Game Profile
Spread: CREI -9.5
Creighton is the largest favorite of the Sweet 16, and it isn’t hard to see why. There are so many guys that can contribute to this team’s success and they have very few weaknesses. If Creighton plays up to their capabilities, Princeton doesn’t have much of a shot. That being said, Princeton has an opening in the rebounding game. If outside shots aren’t falling, Princeton should allow very few offensive rebounds to Creighton which can allow Princeton the ability to capitalize on the misses with offense on the other end.
Game 8: (2) Texas vs (3) Xavier
Team Profile: (2) Texas
KenPom: 5
T-Rank: 6
Major Contributors: N/A
Like Creighton, Texas doesn’t have one star, but a collection of great pieces that can hurt their opponents. The Longhorns are great on both ends of the floor, top 15 on offense and defense. Texas wants to use their warchest full of guard talent to penetrate the defense and score in the lane. They are a team without many weaknesses, but they also don’t possess any outlier strengths
Team Profile: (3) Xavier
KenPom: 15
T-Rank: 20
Major Contributors: N/A
Xavier lost their one major contributor in Zach Freemantle about a month ago. They have weathered the storm and a near upset to make it to this point. Xavier is the best shooting team left in the field as they make 39% of their 3s. Defensively, there are some definite question marks around this team’s ability to stop elite offenses in the country. If you can’t stop them, outshoot them. In the absence of Freemantle, Souley Boum has been the unofficial leader of this team on the court.
Game Profile:
Spread: TEX -4
The Longhorns are favored and rightfully so. It’s hard to bet against a team in March that has elite guards and has few holes in their game. If the Longhorns can defend the arc and keep Xavier from bombing them from deep, this should be a very winnable game for Texas. Xavier is going to need to shoot well from deep in this one. The good news is that they have the talent and personnel to do just that. This could very well be the most entertaining game of the Sweet 16.
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2023.03.21 18:01 SimilarTangerine8669 What’s going on😂?

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2023.03.21 17:59 FrequentComplaint8 I've accepted my situation and no longer to going to let it bother me

Well after this weekend, I've accepted my dead bedroom for what it is. Went out with friends in another town, had drinks lots of fun, we talked about doing x,y,z back at the hotel....nothing happened till the next morning, and it was 3 attempts of sex......(1st keep talking about some irrelevant 2nd she stopped to go use the restroom then hopped in the shower for a 15min shower which I joined but didn't want her hair to get wet and 3rd finally some action but it was like a starfish that keep talking so I just came quickly to get it over with)
We've talked about our declining sex life and I've never made it like a blame game. I try and make it like a "what can we/I do", "does something else interest you" or anything along those lines. Yes we all can be tired, stressed, or whatever but when I do 80% of the cleaning, extra help in the house, took a job working 50% remote so I can do more stuff at home, tried encouraging her to workout for more energy/better self-image (I'm very athletic, workout 3x a week), I get flowers bi-weekly so I don't know what else to do. I've done the candles & massage but I don't want to do that every single time I want to have sex.
At this point, either she just isn't into sex, me, or both. But I'm not having this conversation again or going to keep getting rejected, or have sex just on her terms which are roughly once or twice a month. Crazy part is she'll acknowledge it after I get alil touchy with her "oh i know it's been awhile I got you" then proceeds to laugh it off and do nothing.
So I'm going to keep working out, invest in more of my hobbies, venture out to strip club to keep myself sane and I've backed off on being touchy not to get myself excited for disappointment.
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2023.03.21 17:58 Cultural_World_9746 fucking his best friend in the hotel room

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2023.03.21 17:58 Dirtychicken1 Paying for a room without credit card

Hey all. I'm new to the SD relationship and like some others in this position I have a SO. How do I pay for a hotel without a credit card? I'm not looking for a trash placeut doesnt need to be 5 star. Most hotels are asking for credit card and for obviousreasons im reluctant. Thanks for the 411..
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2023.03.21 17:57 Posnail Interviewed about Agnes

I spoke with the news crew that was here today and spoke about the main issue about Agnes and the mental health services here on campus. I do not have connections with the two people who have died due to suicide. However I have dealt with suicide via failed attempts and loss of people close to me. Here is a summary of what I brought up. 1. Agnes Arnold Student access to Agnes Arnold top floors should be restricted during after hours and be monitored during campus hours. Agnes has been a suicide Hotspot since the 80's and university higher ups have only put short term solutions to this problem. Closing classes and relocation should have been the go to solutions to help close off Agnes and have been retrofitted. It should not have been the main solution. Agnes is technically 7 stories(6 floors and a basement level) and we have students have access to it that is a scary thought especially if ready access to a high building is a carrot on a stick to those planning on committing suicide. The slow response and band aid solutions are hurting the university as a whole. 2. Mental Health services CAPS(Counseling and psychological services) is a understaffed and under funding program here at the university. We have around 10 specialists mostly compromised of grad students completing their degree plan. The solution provided by CAPS is in a one semester plan. One semester that is not enough for those who are dealing with pressing issue. The individual sessions as well are for those who know what their problems are and are for solution planning instead. If CAPS can't treat you they will refer you to other houston service(which is a terrible industry with lack of accepting insurance and no available booking). We need more funding and the university needs to stop using the facade of being a top 50 university and say to the state we need funding for our students. Every university has this issue and being 45 in the nation or 20 in the nation is not going to solve this problem. 3 University response The university has the same copy and paste response to these situations. The most recent one was even shorten and was apathetic. At this point the university has provided copy-paste response. The university highers up hear the news through a telephone method with it trickling up to the dean of student affairs and the university president. This level of disconnection is one of the many the university has with it student body. They try to held on to the same conversation but now it shifting and they are behind in the times. The belief of face to face classroom and work environment while everyone can take a online class or work remote type of situation. Another example is the closing of campus, on campus residents don't have a food option during thses times and the higher don't think about it because they don't need it or use it.We need a better connection with the higher ups and the student body to solve issue like this especially when it comes to student mental health and wellbeing.
I hope my points help address these issues and my fellow cougars, if you ever need help find help. It is easier to give up and make believe that nothing is okay but it will be in the future all you have to do is ask. Find comfort in yourself and other.
TLDR Had a interview with KCRP and brought up the issues of the unsafe condition of Agnes and the events surrounding the building, the underwhelming amount of mental health services and capabilities of such programs here at the university, and finally the disconnection and apathy from university leaders and authorities.
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2023.03.21 17:57 Paul-Belgium Hotel St-Catherine menu 1922. In the early part of the 20th century, the Hotel St. Catherine was an exclusive resort hotel on Santa Catalina Island that was a favorite of Hollywood stars and movie moguls.

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2023.03.21 17:54 ArchyBeatz Falling Elevator Dreams

I dream a lot. Almost every night. Majority of my dreams start off with me on some kind of large transportation. A boat, plane, train, flying boat and different people I've met are there along with randoms. Two things usually play out after we reach whatever destination. Either we explore the terrain and world or we somehow find ourselves in a hotel. The hotels always vary but anytime I get into an elevator in the hotels the elevator goes into a free fall. I get the falling feeling in my dreams every time. Sometimes the elevator goes back up, sometimes up and down. But a lot of the time it goes crashing to the bottom. When the doors open its usually a completely different dream or the elevator doors open to long turning tunnels. Any ideas on what some of this stuff means?
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2023.03.21 17:53 OliverWhi Rachio + Flex Daily in Houston

can someone share your experience using Rachio Controllers in Houston or Texas?

They have plenty of settings to set and I adjusted only root depth from 9 to 4 inch.
The issue I have, - that it keeps moving the date forward despite we have no much rain and the soil is dry. For the last week my flex daily decided not to water anything at all. Also next week was also without any scheduled tasks. And even whatever comes in one week, - it will water zones very minimal.
The app is saying that I have high moisture in my zones, - but actually, it is not and almost dry. We had 1 inch of rain 3 days ago, - but since it is clay and St Augustine's only top layer, - all the water for sure found it's way to the drain.
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2023.03.21 17:52 IDidIt_Twice Question about the area around 278 and MLKJR expressway.

Staying at a hotel for 2 days in the area mentioned above. Some people have said the area is sketchy but wouldn’t/didn’t elaborate.
I’m mostly concerned with random acts of violence and breaking into vehicles. Is that something I actually need to be worried about?
Would you suggest we stay elsewhere?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.21 17:51 drccw Sargassum at Hotel Esencia

I have an upcoming visit in may. Any current experiences and or past experiences with how the beach is and how the hotel has delays with sargassum blooms?
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