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2023.03.21 17:24 chris1598 Colorado Resort Ski

Looking to add another ski to the quiver. 6’1” 185-190lbs expert level and currently on the 186 Enforcer 104 Free as my daily. Also going to add a 192 M-Free 108 but will probably keep the 104 around as well.
I live in Colorado and ski Loveland and Abasin as my home mountains but ski all over the state. I primarily ski off trail but I’m looking to add a 90s width ski that is a bit better on groomers and during low tide/firm conditions.
Want something a little quickeless demanding in bumps than my 104 free but is still stable enough to charge fairly hard and confidence inspiring on firm steeps/bowls/chutes. Stable enough but fairly loose if that makes sense.
So far strongly considering:
Mindbender 99ti 184 2023 version - heard it was more playful and looser
Rustler 9 188
Wondering if anyone has opinions on these and if there is another ski that should definitely be on my radar.
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2023.03.21 17:14 Ghoul_1 Anyone around San Antonio,Tx that can recommend some nice trails to pass through and perhaps some camping spots? I’m new to this whole kinda thing and would love to start adventures. Thanx IA.

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2023.03.21 17:07 MjolnirPants Jerry and the Apocalypse: Part 53

Part 52
Glenda Wilmington, Kinda Digging This Whole Cop Gig
"If you hear anything else, give me a call," Glenda said, handing the woman a business card with her cellphone number on it. The woman accepted it and then squinted skeptically at it.
"Cooperation with an investigation is the sort of thing that parole boards like to hear about," Glenda said in response to the woman's look. That seemed to do the trick. The woman slipped the card into her ample cleavage and met Glenda's eyes.
"I will call. I have no loyalty to that man." Her sing-song Norwegian accent, as well as her tall, thick frame and bright, yellow-blonde hair contrasted with the environment; a run-down housing project in the heart of Compton. But housing for convicted felons on parole was limited, and she'd had few choices in this area. Glenda wondered idly why the woman hadn't elected to return to Norway, where they tended to be a bit more sympathetic to ex-cons. The woman, Duke's one-time head channeler, didn't seem prepared to answer any more questions, however.
Glenda nodded and stepped back. The woman took a step outside, careful to keep the foot with the ankle monitor inside the door and took a look around before withdrawing back into the house. Glenda turned and walked down the steps off the creaky wooden porch and back to the rental car, where Jack dozed lightly in the passenger seat, his cowboy hat pulled low over his eyes. She climbed behind the wheel, trying not to wake him, and started the engine.
He woke anyways. Jack had always been a very light sleeper. He turned his head slightly towards her, not adjusting the hat at all.
"Anything?" he asked. Glenda shook her head. "Nobody's heard from him. I think it's safe to say he's not looking to connect with any of his old associates, at this point."
"Ayup," Jack agreed. Glenda pulled away, heading north, towards the 105 that would take them back to the airport. They were done here. As she drove, she couldn't help but note the scowling, suspicious faces that turned to watch them. She took in the low, chain-link fences that separated yards, the equally low concrete block walls that surrounded paved driveways. The odd mix of Spanish colonial and more traditional American architecture was like a sign. It told her that she could find a bag of the white lady, a bag of weed, or a bag of something more exotic here. She could find a gang, beefing with another gang, and maybe convince one side to pay her to make someone on the other side vanish.
It was almost nostalgic.
They passed a tan-painted Spanish colonial house with a faux wrought-iron fence, and she knew right away that a dealer lived there. The child's play set in the front had never been touched by anything more careless than the wind and rain. The SUV in the driveway might have belonged to a small family, except for the large speakers she could see through the rear window. The tint on the windows of both car and home added to the effect. The kicker, though, was the white-haired, middle-aged man stepping out the front door to squint suspiciously around before heading back up the street in the direction of the channeler's home, where Glenda had spotted him walking this way just a few minutes ago.
Without bothering to ask anyone, she could say with confidence that whoever lived there sold mainly cocaine, but he also had cheap weed for those who couldn't afford the prices at the dispensary. He'd have rocks too, but he probably wouldn't sell them to you if you knew where he lived. He'd sell them on the weekends, manning a street corner, alongside a thug from whatever gang he ran with or paid tribute to.
Everyone knew they were cops, of course. Years of living in rural Canada had faded Glenda's tan and affected her fashion choices. Once, she'd had moved through an area like this in gym shorts, sneakers and a faded old t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. Showing off enough muscle to make the usual idiots think twice about harassing her, but not showing off so much skin than people might take her for a street worker with a schtick. Today, she drove in blue jeans, hiking boots and a flannel shirt. Next to her, Jack wore the same, complimented with a denim jacket. Only a couple of cops would dress like that in this neighborhood.
Though that wasn't strictly true -Jack's jurisdiction ended many hundreds of miles north of here- it might as well be. They were private investigators, working on behalf of the federal government, who was footing the bill for Dylan's recapture. Whether or not they were technically considered law enforcement officers depended entirely upon their needs and some paperwork. So far, they hadn't needed any LEO powers.
As she turned onto the 105 and marginally sped up in the dense traffic of the highway, Jack's phone rang. He begrudgingly lifted the brim of his hat up, squinting in the bright daylight at his screen. Apparently satisfied with what he saw there, he hit the accept button and pressed the phone to his ear.
"S'Jack," he said, then he listened for a bit.
"Ayup," he said. He glanced out the window, then covered the tiny mic at the bottom of the phone. "Get off the highway," he said to Glenda. She nodded and put on her turn signal, eyes searching for a chance to get over. A minivan in the next lane, slightly ahead of them, promptly slowed down to pace them.
"Awwright," he drawled into the phone. "We'll check it out. 'Preciate the heads up. Take care, now."
He pulled the phone away from his ear and tapped the screen again before slipping it back into his pocket jacket.
"That was intel. Said that a bank account belonging to one Dylan Boucher just got emptied by a wire transfer to one Derek Garcia. Just a hair over ten grand. Transfer woulda taken place about a week ago, intel didn't pick up on it until it cleared."
"Garcia, that's the one that calls himself the 'Planewalker', right?"
"Ayup," Jack said. Glenda finally got tired of trying to get behind the minivan and sped up to cut him off, instead. Jack could see that it was being driven by a heavily tattooed white kid with dredlocks. He honked and flipped them off, but she ignored him. She'd had her turn signal on, and tried to get behind him, but he had slowed down and sped up to block her.
Out of pure spite, she tapped the brakes a few times.
Jack bounced forward against his seatbelt as she did and gave her a dirty look. She smiled sweetly at him. "What? That's how you drive around here. You used to live in Atlanta, you've got to know this by now."
"We didn't generally make an effort to piss people off in Atlanta," he grumbled. Glenda turned onto the ramp to get off on Crenshaw, heading south.
Glenda scoffed. "Now you're just lying. I've been to Atlanta. Worst drivers in the bottom half of the country by far."
"You sure about that?" Jack said, eyeing the rear-view mirror. Glenda glanced up to see the minivan still behind them, the driver jabbing his finger at them and ranting.
"Huh," she said. "Maybe this fucker's about to prove me wrong."
"Well, we need to get gas anyways, if we're driving all the way down to San Clemente," Jack said. "Might as well pull over at the first station we see and get it over with."
Glenda chuckled, mostly at what the angry man behind her was about to experience and kept her eyes peeled for a gas station.
The minivan never wavered, staying behind her through multiple lane changes, all the way down to Artesia Boulevard, where she finally found a Shell station. She pulled in and pulled up to a pump.
"You wanna have a white knight moment, or is today an 'equality of the sexes' day?" Glenda asked as the minivan pulled in behind them and stopped, blocking the entrance.
"Sheeeit," Jack drawled. "I mean, I guess I'll handle him if ya want..." He unbuckled his seatbelt and opened his door as the irate young metalhead stomped towards them. He made sure to be outside the car by the time the kid got within angry dick-measuring distance.
"What the fuck is your bitch's problem, asshole?!" the young man demanded. Jack didn't answer, he simply strode forward, within striking distance. Normally, Jack liked to deliver a good, bone-chilling threat, followed up by taking a more reasonable tone as he continued to stare through whomever was causing problems and imagine himself blowing their head off as he de-escalated the situation. It was a tactic that had served him well, many times. But today, Jack was tired.
He'd been hunting Dylan down for weeks now, and only just got their first promising lead as this little shit had gone out of his way to stop them from changing lanes for no discernible reason. So Jack simply slugged the kid right in the nose. He caught him off guard and sent the kid sprawling onto his ass. Before he could gather himself back up, Jack kicked him in the chest with the sole of his boot and drew his large revolver. He crouched down, boot still pinning the kid to the ground, and held the gun casually where the kid could see it.
"You know what a turn signal means?" he asked calmly. The kid's eyes went wide as he spotted the gun.
"Y-y-yeah," he stammered.
"Good. Ya had a little lapse of judgement there. Ya might wanna see to that." Jack stood, holstering his gun and walked back over to open the gas cover and insert the company credit card into the pump. He picked the mid-grade and inserted the fuel handle, locking the valve open before he turned back.
The kid was still sitting there, wiping blood from his mouth where his nose was bleeding. "They oughta have napkins inside," Jack told him mildly. "They're usually by the hot dogs."
Jack filled the tank while the kid picked himself up and went inside. A cop arrived a few minutes later, stopping in the entrance that the kid was blocking and turning his lights on. The cop stepped out and walked around the minivan and into the gas station.
Jack waited for the tank to fill, then replaced the nozzle and climbed back in the car.
"You wanna stick around?" Glenda asked. "Shoot the shit with the locals, make sure the kid gets the short end?"
"Naw," Jack said. "Read about the LA cops. Not exactly whom I'd like to consider comrades-in-arms, if you catch my meaning."
Glenda shrugged and they pulled out right as the kid and the cop both emerged back into the parking lot. Glenda thought the cop look pissed and the kid looked dejected.
They got on the 405 and drove it down to California 73, then took that south to Interstate 5, which brought them to San Clemente an hour later. Glenda got off the highway and turned into a neighborhood full of upscale, tightly-packed Spanish colonial homes. Unlike Compton, most of the yards weren't fenced, and those that were tended towards white picket fences. The lawns were universally well-cared for and nobody looked twice at them as they drove through the neighborhood and up to the address highlighted on the GPS.
It was a small, modest-looking home with a distinctly 70's asthetic. It didn't match most of the tile-roofed, square walled homes around it, but it hardly stood out, either. A BMW sat in the driveway, framed by a pair of shaped topiary trees. It looked like something off the cover of some homemaking magazine, Glenda thought.
They parked on the street and climbed out.
"The air is crackling with magic," Glenda said. "He's in there, doing something right now."
Jack walked up and pounded on the door. Glenda held up a hand, fingers splayed. Jack would understand what she meant. The magic was currently at a five, and she'd let him know if it diminished, and by approximately how much.
She kept her hand still for a while as nobody answered the door. Five minutes passed before Jack turned to her.
"Okay, this is your gig, now," he said. He walked back to the car, opening the trunk to reveal the bound, squirming and sweating Caliope there. He yanked her gag down and fed her from a water bottle.
"Been a long drive, ain't it?" he asked, conversationally. Caliope sucked greedily at the bottle, managing to drink every drop that didn't get splashed into the trunk.
"Fuck you," she muttered weakly. Jack smiled. "Looks to me like you're the one what's fucked, darlin'. Guess you shouldn'ta gone and fucked with your sister's collar like that. I mean, if you'd played by the rules, we'd have overlooked the whole issue of you not actually being any help whatsoever, and taken your good faith efforts as enough to fill your end. But ya had to go behind our backs, causing trouble. So now you're stuck in a trunk until we get back to the airport."
"Fuck you," she gasped again.
"'Scuse me," Jack said, reaching past her for an armored vest. He pulled it out and tugged it over his head, getting the flaps velcroed in place and adjusting it. When he was done, he pulled Caliope's gag back up.
"Awright, girl, you jes sit tight while we check this out. Won't be but a little bit, then we'll be heading to the airport."
She tried to say something, but the gag turned it into a muffled wail. Jack smiled as he closed the trunk and returned to the front door. Glenda stood there, watching him, fully kitted up with her armor and a carbine in her hands.
"Ready," Jack said. Glenda turned and, without preamble, kicked the door open with a thunderous blow. She rushed inside, rifle up and leading the way, Jack hot on her heels. Neither made it very far, though.
The living room had been converted into a ritual chamber. The walls were festooned with runes and the twisting lines that connected them. The floor had a large, ornate circle in the middle, runes etched into it and twisting, spiral designs encasing the whole thing. But that wasn't what gave them pause.
In the middle of the circle hovered a shimmering mirage, through which Glenda could see a city. It looked like something out of a sci-fi film, all rounded corners and smooth, off-white concrete. The windows in the buildings were mirrored, or else none of them had lights on inside, because they all reflected a sunrise coming from behind the view.
"What the hell's that?" Jack asked. Glenda carefully felt the magic around the apparition. "I think it's a portal."
"Okay, so where does it go, do ya think?"
"I haven't got a clue. I don't recognize that city."
"Kinda looks like Mos Eisley, a hundred years after they found oil or something," Glenda said.
"Think that's what Dylan was paying for? A trip to wherever that is?"
"Looks like," Glenda mused. "We're gonna need to call this in."
"Ayup. Let's clear the house, first."
They did just that. They found a den set up in one of the bedrooms, an obviously-lived-in kitchen and a master bedroom used for its intended purposes. In the last bedroom, they found an arsenal and storage space. It was full of survival and camping gear, weapons and ammo.
"Missing rifle," Jack said, peering at a gun rack.
"Yup," Glenda agreed. She opened an ammo tin. It was only half full.
"Somebody geared up here," she said.
Jack sighed. "Let's call it in, then. We'll hand over our little helper when the backup gets here."
It took two hours to get a team there, mostly because the LA regional office was all the way up in Burbank. But they eventually arrived. Two security officers took Caliope off their hands, to bring her back to prison. They brought another collar, to replace the modified wet blanket spell Glenda had been holding since the riot. It hadn't seemed like a lot of effort to hold the spell in place, but as soon as she finally let it go, she felt a wave of relief.
"Julie sent some extras along," the leader of the relief force told Glenda once Caliope had been seen to. She'd already spotted the two middle-eastern men in different uniforms than the rest. She thought she recognized the older one.
"We'll take all the help we can get. Any of you boys willing to go jaunting across reality with us?" The man chuckled. "No, thanks. Besides, we've got orders to secure this building and wait for the feds. Gonna see if there's anything illegal here, so we can nab this Garcia fellow as soon as he gets back."
Glenda nodded, then looked at the two middle-eastern men. She jerked her head in a 'come here' gesture and they stepped forward.
"Glenda, right?" the older one asked, holding out a hand.
"Yup," she said as she took it. He shook firmly, then let go. "I am Aqib, and this is my assistant, Mateen. We've been running around, helping out where we can for months now. It seems it is your turn to accept our assistance."
"Either of you got any magic?" Glenda asked. Mateen hefted his rifle and then tapped his body armor. "All of our gear is enchanted. We have rings, as well," he held up a hand bedecked with silver bands. "They will help us heal from injuries and allow us to see in the dark and other such useful things."
"Good, good," she said, then stopped. Aqib. That name rang a bell. She squinted at the middle-aged man.
"You were at the Wyrm facility when we took it," she said. "About six years ago." He nodded.
"I was with your friend when she fell. She saved my life," he said. Glenda nodded. "I remember that. I'm glad you're still here, then. Glad you're with us. I, uh..." She stopped speaking before she got choked up and cleared her throat.
"Are you two ready?" she asked.
"We have our gear," Aqib said, nodding at a pair of large backpacks leaning against one of the DCM branded trucks. "Camping gear, food and water for three days. Spare ammo, tools. We were told you had much more supplies yourself."
"Yup. I've got fresh food, enough for a couple of weeks for the four of us. Plus a couple months worth of dehydrated foods, MRE's and other food that'll keep for a while. I've got water and other shit to drink, camping gear, etcetera, etcetera. As long as you guys brought your own tents, we're golden."
"That is good," Aqib said.
"Do you have battery packs?" Mateen asked.
"Battery packs?" Glenda responded.
"Yes, for phones and other electronics. To keep them charged. I have a solar recharger, but it takes a long time, and it isn't always convenient to set it up."
Glenda shook her head. "Nope. Never been much for carrying a bunch of electronics around. Besides, I doubt our phones will work, where we're going."
Aqib grinned at his companion. "No video games until we're done, Mateen," he said. Mateen rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah."
"Mateen is still a child at heart, even though he has children of his own," Aqib explained as he stepped forward to get a good look at the portal, still hovering in the middle of the room.
"As long as he can fight," Glenda said. Jack approached, finished with the field paperwork. He had a backpack slung over one shoulder, and a rifle slung over the other. He still wore his armor.
"He fights like a cornered dog," Aqib said mildly. At Glenda's quirked eyebrow, he clarified. "He is very fierce."
"Good," Glenda said. She turned to Jack and gave him a quick kiss. "We ready?"
"Ayup," Jack confirmed. "All the paperwork's done, we're good to go."
Glenda pushed past Mateen and Aqib as they moved to pick up their packs. "I'll take them," she said. Mateen frowned, but Aqib simply nodded and stood back. She grabbed both packs and sent them to hammerspace, accepting Jack's pack and giving it the same treatment. Mateen shook his head slowly, but Aqib seemed unimpressed.
"Okay, let's boogie," Glenda said and strode through the portal before she could work up any doubts.
"None of 'em rotted," Jack said. "They're all mummified. All the plants are dead, but none of them are rotted, either." He stood in what seemed like a small park, a few trees growing in clusters at the four corners, and an open field of dead grass in the middle. Bodies lay strewn about, adults and children alike. Many lay draped over the benches, or slumped in a pile in front of them. One cluster of small bodies had a large, rubber-ish ball laying next to them, as if they'd died in the middle of some sort of game.
Glenda eyed the surroundings. They hadn't encountered a single living being in the hours they'd been moving through this city. "What do you think happened here?" she asked.
"I'll be honest, I ain't got a fucking clue, darlin'," Jack said. They stood in silence for a bit, reflecting on what they'd seen and wondering about it. An entire city, dead. No signs of decay, except for rusted metal. Glenda had seen large piles of rust that she took to be cars, based on the plastic and ceramic components still in them, along with the bodies. An entire city, dead. And yet the bodies remained. They'd held up better than the metal, for sure.
Mateen came around a corner at a jog and made a beeline for them. "Aqib has found something, a fresh body. Recently killed."
"Lead the way," Glenda told him. They followed him back around the corner, two blocks down and then around another corner, where they found Aqib standing over a bloody, headless corpse, resting against a building under a sign written in a language Glenda didn't recognize.
"Sheeit," Jack said as they drew up. "That's certainly out of place. Wonder where his head got to."
"Over here," Mateen said. He gestured to what looked like a bus stop with a trash can next to it. There, fetched up against the trash can was a severed head. A sparse trail of blood led from the body to it. Glenda walked over and crouched down, peering at the head.
"I think this is Garcia," she said. She pulled the photo she had of the man from hammerspace, checking it against the head.
"I think you're right," Jack said, peering over her shoulder. "And the chopped off head. That sounds like something Dylan would do."
"I think we're on the right track then," Glenda said. "But how do we know what direction he went?"
She straightened up as they all looked around. Nothing stood out to them.
A moment later, a terrifying roar sounded from off in the distance. They all turned towards it, weapons rising.
"I do not like that, but I think we know what direction to check now," Aqib said.
"'Fraid I gotta agree with ya," Jack said.
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2023.03.21 16:47 chris1598 Colorado Resort Ski

Looking to add another ski to the quiver. 6’1” 185-190lbs expert level and currently on the 186 Enforcer 104 Free as my daily. Also going to add a 192 M-Free 108 but will probably keep the 104 around as well.
I live in Colorado and ski Loveland and Abasin as my home mountains but ski all over the state. I primarily ski off trail but I’m looking to add a 90s width ski that is a bit better on groomers and during low tide/firm conditions.
Want something a little quickeless demanding in bumps than my 104 free but is still stable enough to charge fairly hard and confidence inspiring on firm steeps/bowls/chutes. Stable enough but fairly loose if that makes sense.
So far strongly considering:
Mindbender 99ti 184 2023 version - heard it was more playful and looser
Rustler 9 188
Wondering if anyone has opinions on these and if there is another ski that should definitely be on my radar.
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2023.03.21 16:23 RainbowRickshaw Good Job Santa Cruz

Good Job Santa Cruz
Thanks for everyone who voted no on D and worked against D.
We won.
Now we are bringing those winnings home to the city.
The ultimate trail plan for Segment 9, the mighty San Lorenzo River to Simpkins, was approved.
This segment will save the lives of cyclists, reduce vehicle traffic and set an example for others fighting for bike infrastructure.
If all goes well, construction will start within 2 years.
Of course the greenway people were there peddling their snake oil, refusing to give up.
Every mile of rail trail completed is a nail in the coffin of their anti public transit agenda.
Good Job Santa Cruz! I'm so proud of you!
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2023.03.21 16:08 FlyWithSeedyL Release Notes - Sim Update 12 [] Available Now


If you are playing on PC, outdated packages in your community folder may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior.
If you suffer from stability issues or long loading times, move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title.
[All Versions] How to Install a New Update Safely


General Bug Fixes





Glass Cockpits

Garmin G3000 / G5000

G1000 Nxi

Garmin GNS430W / GNS530W





Airbus 310-300

Bell 407

Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental

Guimbal Cabri G2

Cessna 172 Skyhawk G1000

Cessna Citation CJ4

Cessna Citation Longitude

Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny”

Daher TBM 930



Douglas DC-3

Grumman G-21 Goose

H-4 Hercules “Spruce Goose”


Ryan NYP “Spirit of St. Louis”

Wright Flyer



World Update 1 – Japan

* POIs:

World Update 2 – USA

* POIs:

World Update 3 – UK & Ireland

* POIs:

World Update 4 – France &Benelux

* POIs

World Update 5 – Nordics

* POIs:

World Update 7 – Australia

* POIs:

World Update 8 – Iberia

* POIs:

World Update 9 – Italy & Malta

* POIs

World Update 10 – USA

* POIs:

World Update 11 – Canada

* POIs:

40th Anniversary Edition / Sim Update 11

Game of the Year Edition

Top Gun Maverick

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2023.03.21 15:59 DustyTrailsMTB I think this is what they consider a Flow Trail on South Mountain. Jeesh.

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2023.03.21 15:55 kantemiroglu dangers to avoid and sleeping outdoors

Hi all, I will be in Sydney in a week and I set a few days apart for exploring the blue Mountains and I was hoping you could help me with a couple of questions: - I've never been to Australia and as a wimpy European I am worried about spiders, snakes and other dangerous creatures... specially since I will be alone, so if anything happens there won't be anyone to help. What should I expect, what should I do (and not do)? - I would also like to take my hammock with me and sleep outdoors (in camping sites), but again, I am not sure how dangerous this is. Am I better off finding some accommodation or is a hammock fine? - finally, if anyone has any tips, including must-do trails, etc, I am very happy to listen! thank you!
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2023.03.21 15:48 Whitesox621 130 miles start to finish for a $70 base pay block (never any surges here ). Gas prices are $4.49. Took me 3 hours and Used $25 in gas bringing me to a whopping $15 per hour 🤡

130 miles start to finish for a $70 base pay block (never any surges here ). Gas prices are $4.49. Took me 3 hours and Used $25 in gas bringing me to a whopping $15 per hour 🤡 submitted by Whitesox621 to AmazonFlexDrivers [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 15:35 DustyTrailsMTB I think this is what they consider a Flow Trail on South Mountain. Jeesh.

I think this is what they consider a Flow Trail on South Mountain. Jeesh. submitted by DustyTrailsMTB to MTB [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 15:14 thewmatic [For Sale] Most of Collection: More Added! Indie, Emo, Hiphop, Alternative

More Records Added!
♤all prices include shipping ◇Pictures available upon request in chat ♧Willing to make deals on 2+ ; $20 minimum
$34 - 112 - Room 112 VG
$21 - 1975 - A Breif Inquiry Into Online Relationships VG+
$25 - 1975 - Notes on the Conditional Form (clear) VG+
$45 - A Wilhelm Scream - Partycrasher (Kaleidoscope) VG+
$50 - A Wilhelm Scream - Ruiner (black/red/gray tri color) VG+
$45 - A Wilhelm Scream - Career Suicide (clear w black and gold splatter) VG+
$32 - Aaliyah - Aaliyah (red and gold galaxy club edition) SEALED
$68 - Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties - We Don't Have Each Other NM
$35 - Aaron West and thr Roaring Twenties - Routine Maintenance (orange) VG+
$45 - Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties - Live from Asbury Park (mustard) SEALED
$20 - Action Bronson - Mr Wonderful NM
$20 - Aesop Rock - Spirit World Field Guide (clear) SEALED
$40 - Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass (2013 2xLP) VG+
$18- AFI - Bodies (black,gray,Silver tri) SEALED
$42 - Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues (gatefold) VG+
$18 - Against Me! - The Disco Before the Breakdown (red) VG+
$18 - Against Me - Cavalier Eternal (opaque blue) VG+
$90 - Against Me! - Crime as Forgiven By (white /200 2001 press) NM
$24 - Akron/Family - Love is Simple 2xLP VG+
$40 - Alexisonfire - Otherness (Gold Nugget SEALED)
$210 - Alexisonfire - Crisis (2016 2xlp clear w white swirl with bonus clear w white swirl 7" comes with slipcover) VG+
$22 - Alexisonfire/Moneen Switcheroo Split VG+
$33 - Alexisonfire - old crows/young Cardinals SEALED
$50 - Alexisonfire - Otherness (black in cleaorchid in clear DELUXE) SEALED
$21 - AL Green - Greatest Hits NM
$21 - Alien Boy - Don't Know What I Am (pink and lemon) VG+
$21 - Alien Boy - Sleeping Lessons (pink/white mix) VG+
$18 - Allen Stone - Apart (orange) vg+
$35 - Anderson East - Alive in Tennessee VG+
$19 Anna of the north - Dream Girl (blue)
$20 - Antarctigo Vespucci - Love in the time of Email (Maroon) SEALED
$40 - Anthony Green - Beautiful Things SEALED
$85 - Anthony Green - Avalon (black 2008 first press) VG
$30 - Anthony Green - Live at Studio 4 (Gold and green pinwheel) sealed
$60 - The Appleseed Cast - Mare Vitalis (green w blue marble[alt cover] import) VG+
$52 - The Appleseed Cast - Low Level Owl 1 + 2 (teal 3xlp) VG+
$19 - Aretha Franklin - Greatest Hits (2016 reissue) VG+
$55 Arkells - Jackson Square (clear w bone black and oxblood splatter) VG+
$19 - Arlo Parks - Super Sad Generation (white) SEALED
$42 - Armor for Sleep - What to do When you are Dead (2xlp Deluxe green/white galaxy) VG+
$140 - As Tall As Lion - S/T (clear w pink splash) VG+
$25 - As Tall As Lions - Lafcadio (powder blue) SEALED
$24 - Astronautalis - This is Our Science VG+
$24 - Astronautalis - Pomegranate (clear) VG+
$45 - At the Drive In - Vaya (White 10")VG+
$17 - At the Drive In - in-ter-a-li-a (oxblood) VG+
$18 - The Ataris - Anywhere but Here VG+
$28 - Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly (3xLP Club edition white/black marble with zine) SEALED
$17 - Aviator - Loneliness Leaves the Light on For me /500 SEALED
$20 - Autre ne Veut - Anxiety VG+
$40 - Balance and Composure - The Things We Think Were Missing (half black half blue) VG+
$34 - Balance and Composure - Separation (green/orange a side b side) SEALED
$20 - Balance and Composure - Only Boundaries (clear)
$18 - Balance and Composure - Light We Made VG+
$32 - Band of Horses - Cease to Begin VG+
$72 - Band of Horses - Acoustic at the Ryman VG [some sleeve wear]
$30 - Bartees Strange - Live Forever (black with bone and red splatter) VG+
$40 - Bartees Strange - Farm to Table (green/brown/tan tricolor) NM
$30 - Basement - Promise Everything (half blue half baby blue) VG+
$22 - Beach Slang - Broken Thrills VG+
$19 - Bears Den - So that you Kight Hear Me VG+
$26 - Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique (double gatefold 20th anniversary)
$40 - The Beatles - The Decca Tapes (1979 picture disc unofficial LK 4438) VG+
$20 - Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) - Former Lives VG+
$18 - Big Sean - Finally Famous Deluxe Edition NM
$25 - Birdy - Birdy VG
$75 - Black Country, New Road - Ants up there (Bronze Marbled) Sealed
$50 - Black Country, New Road - Ants up there (Blue Marbled) Sealed
$50 - Bleachers - Gone Now (White w red)
$30 - Bleachers - Live at Electric Lady (fruit punch)
$40 - Bleachers - MTV Unplugged SEALED
$25 - Bloom - Thousand Yard Stare (pink)
$65 - Blu and Exile - Below the Heavens (blue marbled) VG+
$18 - Bobby Barnett (Captain We're Sinking) - Little Wounds (clear) VG+
$20 - Bo Burnham - Inside VG+
$20 - Bon Iver - 22, a million VG+
$19 - Bon Iver - Bon Iver gatefold black VG+
$32 - Bon Iver - i,I (ttl Red) VG+
$38 - Boys Night Out - Boys Night Out (half pink half yellow) SEALED
$26 - Braid - Frames and Canvas (blue/silver swirl) VG+
$50 - Brandtson - Send Us a Signal (dark blue) sealed
$19 - Brian Bonz - Misophonia SEALED
$55 - Brian Bonz and the dot hongs - From Sumi to Japan (comes in limited edition embroidered sleeve)
$20 - Brian Fallon - Local Honey (orange)
$21 - Brian Fallon - Sleepwalkers NM
$22 - Bright Eyes - Letting off the Happiness SEALED
$20 - Bright Eyes - There's no beginning to the story VG+
$19 - Brittany Howard - Jamie (starburst) VG+
$30 - Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits 2XLP 2018 repress VG+
$20 - Camp Trash - The Long Way, the Slow Way (Swamp green/milky clear) NM
$30 - Camp Trash - The Long Way, The Slow Way (White tour press alt cover) VG+
$16 - Caracara - Summer Megalith (half pink half blue) vg+
$30 - Caroline Kingsbury - Heavens Just a Flight (white) NM
$150 - Cartel - Chroma (ultra clear VG+)
$45 -Cartel - Chroma live (White w red splatter VG+)
$35 - Cassino - Kingprince (White Marble with obistrip NM)
$54 - Cassino - Sounds of Salvation (white /300)
$42 - Cassino - Sounds of Salvation (black /300)
$58 - Cave In - Tides of Tomorrow ( Lime Green VG+ )
$65 - Chance the Rapper - Coloring Book (red/orange OFFICIAL press) VG+
$20 - Charles Bradley - Black Velvet (Purple w black splatter VG+)
$20 - Charles Bradley - Changes VG+
$20 - Charles Bradley - Victim of Love VG+
All 3 Charles Bradley for $50
$17 - Charly Bliss - Young Enough (Blue) VG+
$29 - Charmer - Ivy (cloudy clear w green) Sealed
$60 - Chelsea Cutler - How to Be Human (Coke Bottle Clear) SEALED
$22 - Childish Gambino - Kauai (light blue) NM
$22 - Childish Gambino - Camp (2xlp 180g) VG+
$29 - Choir Boy - Gathering Swans (glow in the dark) VG+
$18 - Chris Farren - Can't Die (baby blue) VG+
$35 - Circa Survive - A Dream About Love (Gold Sealed)
$32 - Circa Survive - A Dream About Love (Green w Splatter) VG+
$55 - Circa Survive - Live Sky Noise (Blue/Orange Split with Blue splatter) VG+
$50 - Circa Survive - Live Sky Noise (red/yellow w black splatter butterfly) VG+
$100 - Circa Survive - Inuit Sessions (Pink) VG+
$86 - Circa Survive - A Dream About Death (Crystal Blue with alt screenprinted numbered cover) NM
$20 - Citizen - Everybody is Going to Heaven (SilveCream/Baby Blue) VG+
$24 - Citizen - Life in Your Glass World (Blue/Green galaxy swirl) sealed
$24 - Citizen - Youth (clear) VG
$34 - Citizen - Youth (green w black smoke) VG+
$31 - Clairo - Immunity VG+
$17 - Claud - Super Monster (Blue) VG+
$28 - Clint Lowery - God Bless the Renegades (red w black) SEALED
$30 - Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory (10th Anniversary Blue Sky color with 2x7" clear flexi) SEALED
$15 - The Coffis Brothers - In the Cuts VG+
$15 - Cold Moon - Whats the Rush (clear w olive splatter) SEALED
$30 - Coldplay - X&Y (slipcase, light shelf wear) VG
$36 - Cold War Kids - Mine is Yours VG+
$15 - Common - A Beautiful Revolution pt 1 (red smoke) SEALED
$16 - Crossed Keys - Saviors (blue swirl) VG+
$45 - Damien Rice - My Favourite Faded Fantasy (2xlp gatefold) VG+
$40 - Dan Mangan - Nice Nice Very Nice 10th anniversary VG+
$38 - Dance Gavin Dance - Afterburner (Black in yellow w mustard splatter) VG+
$390 - Dance Gavin Dance - Box Set (6xlp all color pics available VG+)
$30 - Dance Gavin Dance - Tree City Sessions (OXBLOOD/BEER) VG Sleeve wear
$25 - Dance Gavin Dance - Tree City Sessions 2 (mint/black/gold) VG+
$25 - Danny Elfman - Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack (2xlp purple/yellow) vg+
$18 - Darlingside - Fish Pond Fish
$18 - Dave Chappelle - 8:46 SEALED
$22 - Dave Hause - Kick (clear w black red splatter) SEALED
$18 - Daywave - Crush SEALED
$215 - The Dear Hunter - Act 1 and Act 2 3xlp Clear VG shelf wear
$39 - The Dear Hunter - Act 4 Rebirth in Reprise (oxblood/sea blue haze) VG+
$45 - Death Cab For Cutie - Live 2012 (white w black splatter) SEALED
$60 - Deep Sea Diver - Impossible Weight (test press w one of a kind custom sleeve) NM
$60 - Derek Ted - Better Spirit (test press w one of a kind custom sleeve) NM
$23 - Dermot Kennedy - Doves and Ravens (clear)
$115 - Dermot Kennedy - Without Fear Complete Edition (Blue) VG+
$23 - Dessa - Ides (clear SIGNED) vG+
$22 - Dessa - Sound the Bells SEALED
$20 - Devon Kay and the solutions - Grieving Expectation (clear w light blue dark blue splattet) SEALED
$20 Diet Cig - Swear I'm good at this (blue marbled) VG+
$45 - Dinner Party - Dessert EP (yellow w red splatter) VG+
$22 - Dinner Party - S/T VG+
$27 - The Dip - Delivers VG+ still in shrink
$30 - The Dirty Nil - Fuck Art (Pink) VG+
$30 - The Dirty Nil - Master Volume (red) VG+
$23 - The Distillers - Sing, Sing Death Horse (Doublemint black galaxy) SEALED
$29 - Dogleg - Melee (Black w yellow splatter) NM
$19 - Dryjacket - Lights, Locks and Faucets SEALED
$22 - Doomtree - No Kings NM
$22 - Early Eyes - Look Alive (Blue Seafoam Wave) vg+
$20 - The Early November - Lilac (White & coke bottle green pinwheel) vg+
$200 - The Early November - The Mother, The Mechanic, The Path (oxblood/mustard) VG+
$17 -Eastwood - It Never Gets Easy (green w bone,yellow,white splatter) SEALED
$19 - Empire Empire! (I was a Lonely estate) - You Will Eventually be forgotten VG+
$25 - Fairweather - If they move kill them.. (clear and black marble) Sealed
$20 - Father John Misty - Fear Fun VG+
$26 - The Felix Culpa - Sever Your Roots (2xlp, seam split) VG
$60 - Fear Before - Fear Before (brown black split) NM
$20 - Fences - Lesser Ocean (salmon) vG+
$22 - Fiddlehead - Between the richness (White inside purple) VG+
$20 - FKA Twigs - LP1 VG+
$25 - The Flatliners - Inviting Light (doublemint) VG+
$20 - Fleet Foxes - A Very Lonely Solstice (clear) VG+
$26 - Fleet Foxes - Shore (Crystal Clear) VG+
$100 - Flobots - Fight With Tools (Signed red and blue Cornetto) SEALED
$23 - Fontaines DC - A Heros Death (clear) SEALED
$135 - The Forecast - In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (clear) VG+
$20 - The Format - The EP SEALED
$75 - The Format - Interventions and Lullabies (Silver) VG+
$35 - Foxing - Dealer (clear w red splatter) SEALED
$20 - Foxing - Draw Down the Moon (brown in light blue) NM
$50 - Francis and the Lights - A Modern Promise VG+
$160 - Francis and the Lights - Farewell, Starlite!
$60 - Frank Ocean - Nostalgia, Ultra (bootleg red)
$30 - Frank Turner -England, Keep My Bones 10th Anni (yellow) SEALED
$50 - Free Nationals - S/T (Gold nugget) VG+
$21 - Fuckin Whatever - S/T (yellow w blue splatter)
$24 - Fugees - The Score (clear w smoky white) SEALED
$60 - Further Seems Forever - The Moon Is Down boxset (cloudy white) NM
$20 - Future Islands - The Far Field (white) NM
$145 - Gallant - Ology 2xlp VG+
$24 - Gary Clark Jr - Live VG+
$26 -Gary Clark Jr - This Land SEALED
$ 18 - The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang VG+
$70 - The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt (red and white splatter) VG+
$55 - The Gaslight Anthem - The 59 Sound (blue/black mix) VG+
$19 - Gatsbys American Dream - Modern Man (pink/black mix) NM
$20 - Gatsbys American Dream - In the Land of Lost Monsters (cleaglow in the dark split)
$30 - The Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile (White w blue splatter) NM
$22 - The Get Up Kids - The Guilt Show (Clear w Red Splatter SEALED
$26 - The Get Up Kids - Live @ the Granada Theater (clear and blue swirl) NM
$24 - The Get Up Kids - On a Wire (green and gray swirl) SEALED
$22 - The Get Up Kids - There Are Rules (Blue 2xlp Deluxe w bonus songs) SEALED
$25 - The Get Up Kids - Woodson (1997 black) VG+
$42 Glasvegas - Glasvegas (import, 10th anniversary cover) NM
$20 - The Go Team - The Scene Between VG+
$26 - Gold Necklace - S/T VG+
$20 - Gregor Barnett - Dont Go Throwing Roses in my Grave (clear w black smoke) NM
$45 - Grouplove - Never Trust a Happy Song VG+
$50 - Gulch - Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress (yellow and mint split with orange splatter) NM
$36 - Hail Mary Mallon - Beastiary (Beza Version Picdisc) NM
$60 - Half-Waif - The Caretaker (test press w one of a kind custom sleeve)
$30 - Hanibal Buress - Animal Furnace VG+
$25 - Hazel English - California Dreamin (red flexi) NM
$70 - He Is Legend - I Am Hollywood (yellow) SEALED
$55 - The Head and the Heart- S/T VG+
$28 - Hobo Johnson - The Fall of Hobo Johnson (white) NM
$30 - Homesafe - Nervous Reaction (coke bottle ghostly) VG+
$18 - Homesafe - One (blue) SEALED
$35 - The Horrible Crowes - Elise 10th anni (silver) VG+
$35 - The Hotelier - Goodness VG+
$50 - The Hotelier - Goodness (cerulean and coral) VG+
$22 - Houndmouth - Good For You (yellow and orange swirl) sealed
$55 - Hozier - Nina Cried Power (180g) VG+
$40 - Ace Enders - Dustin off the ol guitar (red/black w white splatter) VG+
$40 - The Internet - Hive Mind VG+
$38 - Iron Chic - You Can't Stay Here (clear w red black gold splatter) VG+
$20 - Ivy Sole - Overgrown (blue/clear w yellow splatter) NM
$26 - J.S. Ondara - Tales of America VG+
$75 - Jaden - ERYS (pink) SEALED
$18 - Jaws - Be Slowly (white) VG+
$110 - Jay-z and Kanye - Watch the Throne (bootleg burgundy marbled) VG+
$29 - The Jealous Sound - A Gentle Reminder (white) SEALED
$75 - John Nolan - Height (random color w one of a kind custom jacket)
$46 - Joy Crookes - skin (clear; import) SEALED
$85 - Joyce Manor - S/T (Coke bottle clear) VG+
$56 - Joyce Manor - 40 Oz to Freedom (lime) NM
$26 - Joyce Manor - S/T (remaster with red cover color mix vinyl) VG+
$130 - The Juliana Theory - Emotion is Dead (red/gold split blue/white split) SEALED
$60 - Just Friends - Hella (reddish bone and black w alt cover screen print) NM
$35 - K Flay - Every Where is Some Where (white) SEALED
$19 - K Flay - Inside Voices/Outside Voices (green) SEALED
$17 Kacy Hill - Simpke Sweet and Smiling (clear and pink splatter) SEALED
$100 - Karen O and the Kids - Where the Wild Things Are VG+ (slight shelf wear)
$20 - Kevin Devine - Put Your Ghost to Rest (blue and white) VG+
$16 - Kate Bush - This Woman's Work 7" VG+
$20 - Kid Canaveral - Faulty Inner Dialogue (yellow) VG+
$25 - Korine - Tear (Clear) NM
$120 - Kurt Travis - Everything is Beautiful (white) VG+
$85 - Kurt Travis - There's a Place I Want to Take You (baby blue) VG+
$22 - Lando Chill - FOR Mark, Your Son (cleared split) VG+
$17 - Lando Chill - The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind (purple w white splatter) VG+
$20 - Latewaves - Hell to Pay ( clear w blue splatter) VG+
$21 - Laura Jane Grace - Stay Alive (lapis blue) NM
$20 - Laura Jane Grace - At War with the Silverfish (clear) SEALED
$32 - Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers - Bought to Rot VG+
$50 - The Lawrence Arms - Skeleton Coast (Malort) VG+
$35 - Left Behind - No One Goes to Heaven (Kelly green)
$20 - Leon Bridges - Gold Diggers Sound (alt cover) Vg+
$22 - Leon Bridges - Good Thing VG+
$25 - Lilac Queen - If Only (purple/blue smash) VG+
$47 - Lucky Daye - Painted SEALED
$64 - Luke Fiasco - Food and Liquor Series (boxset gold and purple swirl/silver) SEALED
$22 - Lurk - Electro-Shock (clear w blue and white splatter) SEALED
$36 - LVL Up - Space Brothers (green)
$135 - Lydia - Illuminate (seablue) VG+
$23 - Macseal - Super Enthusiast (doublemint green) SEALED
$40 - Macseal - yeah, no I Know (pink w etching) vg+
$50 - Mae - Destination B Sides (Blue) VG+
$22 - Manchester Orchestra - The Million Masks of God (pink shimmer) SEALED
$70 - Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything to Nothing (180g w cd) VG+ in shrink
$20 - Maps and Atlases - Beware and be Grateful VG+
$48 - Maritime - We the Vehicles (red) VG+
$35 - Marlon Williams - Make Way for Love (blue) VG+
$50 - Mars Volta - Frances the Mute (blue/red bootleg) VG+
$31 - Mat Kerekes - Luna and the wild blue everything (tri color blue/white/light blue) SEALED
$24 - Mat Kerekes - Luna (white/black asidebside) SEALED
$18 - Matt Berninger - Serpentine Prison (Sea blue) SEALED
$46 - The Menzingers - On the Impossible Past (summer sky wave) VG+
$50 - Mercy Union - The Quarry (Limited to One Record store Anniversary release with screened cover (Sealed)
$18 - Middle Distance - BlueShift (white) SEALED
$25 - Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (2018 Europe reissue with white cover) VG+
$30 - Mini Trees - Always in Motion (red scarlet) SEALED
$100 - Moneen - Are We Really Happy with Who we Are Right Now (orange w clear splatter) VG+
$21 - Movielife - This Time Next Year (gold) VG+
$19 - The Movielife - Cities in Search of a Heart (doublemint) SEALED
$27 - The Muppets - The Muppets Christmas Carol (import) VG+
$16 - Mundy's Bay - Lonesome Valley (bone gray marble) SEALED
$17 - Muskets - Violent Paradise SEALED
$35 - My Bloody Valentine - Isnt Anything (bootleg import) VG+
$25 - My Chemical Romance - May Death Never Stop You (jalapeño green) SEALED
$21 - The National - Boxer VG+
$31 - The National - I Am Easy to Find (red, yellow, grey 3xlp) NM
$31 - The National - Sleep Well Beast(blue) NM
$22 - Nnamdi Ogbannaya - Drool (orange cream) VG+
$16 - No Better - It Felt Like Glass (light blue) SEALED
$46 - No Pressure - No Pressure (yellow) SEALED
$42 - Notorious BIG - Life After Death 3xLP VG+
$180 - Noah Gunderson - Family VG+
$22 - No Devotion - Singles 2014 SEALED
$27 - Nothing, Nowhere - Reaper X Ruiner (White w blk splatteblk w white splatter) VG+
$180 - Northstar - Pollyanna VG+
$40 - Oddisee - The Beauty in All VG+
$25 - Oddisee - Rock Creek Park (autumn gold) VG+
$60 - Of Monster and Men - Beneath the Skin (clear) VG+
$18 - Old 97s - Most Messed Up VG+
$46 - Oragami Angel - Gami Gang (half black half white) VG+
$30 - Oso Oso - Basking in the Glow (Pink) VG+
$24 - Owen - The Seaside EP (blue marble) VG+
$43 - POS - Audition 2xLP VG+
$25 - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - S/T (white w pink yellow splatter) SEALED
$21 - Pale Waves - My Mind Makes Noises (clear 2xlp) NM
$38 - Patton Oswalt - Feelin Kinda Patton VG+
$40 - Paulson - All at Once (Blue splatter) VG+
$20 - Pedro The Lion - Havasu (peach) VG+
$36 - Perma - Fight Fair (half blue/half green) SEALED
$24- Pet Symmetry - Vision (cream) VG+
$20 - Petal - Shame (pink) VG+
$23 - Phoenix - Bankrupt! VG++
$20 - Pianos Become the Teeth - Wait for Love (White) SEALED
$60 - Piebald - All Ears, All Eyes, All the Time (Coke bottle clear) VG+
$18 - PINE - s/t (blue /200) SEALED
$16 - Polar Bear Club - Live at the Montage (red) vg+
$17 - Polar Bear Club - Chasing Hamburg (gold) VG+
$40 Portugal the Man - Americam Ghetto VG+
$90 - Portugal the Man - The Majestic Majesty NM
$65 - Portugal the Man - Censored Colors (2008 black press) VG+
$20 - Portugal the Man - In the Mountain In the Cloud (white) VG+
$44 - Preston School of Industry - All This Sounds Gas VG+
$54 - Prince Daddy and the Hyena - Cosmic Thrill Seekers (half green/half purple) VG+
$30 - Prince Daddy and the Hyena - I Thought You Didn't like Leaving VG+
$45 Prince Daddy and the Hyena - S/T (white w black silver twist) NM
$20 - Proper. - The Great American Novel (pink and evergreen splatter) SEALED
$50 - Pup - Morbid Stuff (half cleahalf white) vg+
$22 - Pup - The Unraveling of Pup the Band (clear w black/yellow/pink splatter) SEALED
$28 - Raquet Club - S/T (Blue/black split) vg+
$40 - Radiohead - in Rainbows (2017 XL press) vg+
$20 - Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine XX (Pic disc) VG+
$80 - Rainbow Kitten Surprise - RKS! Live from Athens (with slipcase) VG+ one corner ding
$65 - Raury - All We Need VG+
$30 - Ray Lamontagne - God Willin and the Creek Don't Rise VG+
$60 - The Receiving End Of Sirens - The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi (clear w black and white splatter--- bonus 2003 demos 7") VG+
$20 - Red City Radio - To the Sons and Daughters of Woody Guthrie (blue w black splatter) VG+
$36 - Red City Radio - Paradise (blue with gray pink twist) VG+
$75 - Reggie and the Full Effect - Inside the Dust Sleeve (180g) VG+
$20 Remo Drive - Natural, Everyday Degredation (clear smoke) VG+
$20 - Remo Drive - A Portrait of an Ugly Man (Maroon) VG+
$20 - Restorations - S/T (white w green) VG+
$28 - Restorations - LP2 (white/green/yellow swirl) VG+
$20 - Restorations- LP3 (red/white/yellow/black starburst) vg+
$20 - Restorations - LP5000 (white) VG+
$21 - Rex Orange County - Pony (slipcase) VG+
$32 - Rhye - Blood (green marble) VG+
$48 - Rival Schools - United by Fate (white/blue pinwheel) SEALED
$45 - Rival Sons - Before the Fire (orange splatter) VG+
$18 - Rocky Votolato - Hospital Handshakes (black/white/light blue) SEALED
$60 - Rocky Votolato - Suicide Medicine (red/bone) SEALED
$38 - The Routes - Dirty Needles And Pins (dysphoria swirl) VG+
$32 - Rufio - MCMLXXXV (orchid and baby blue swirl) NM
$40 - Rufio - The Comfort of Home (Black and gold) NM
$25 - S.Carey - Break Me Open (yellow and black) NM
$19 - Saintseneca - Pillar of Na
$22 - Saintseneca - Dark Arc
$70 Sam Fender - Seventeen Going Under (white marble import) SEALED
$26 - Saosin - Along the Shadow VG
$62 - Saosin - Translating the Name (teal) SEALED
$80 - Saves the Day - In Reverie (white w black and blue splatter) VG+
$33 - Say Anything/Matt Pryor - Daytrotter no. 23 VG+
$18 - Sevendust - Kill the Flaw (blood red) SEALED
$24 - Shannon and the Clams - year of the spider (Godstone) VG+
$20 - Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - 100 days, 100 nights VG+
$19 - Sharptooth - Transitional Forms (GOLD Nugget) SEALED
$20 - Signals Midwest - I used to draw 7" (clear) VG+
$54 - Silk Sonic - An Evening with Silk Sonic (Alt Cover) SEALED
$42 - Silversun Pickups - Swoon (lavendeclear split) VG+
$50 - Sincere Engineer - Bless My Psyche (olive green) VG+
$24 - Skatune Network - Ska Goes Emo vol 1 (white w blue orange splatter) VG+
$20 - Skatune Network - Burn the Billboard (violet) SEALED
$18 - Sleater Kinney - S/T (2014 press) VG+
$65 - Sleater Kinney - Dig Me Out (OG 1997 press) VG
$45 - The Smiths - The Queen is Dead (09 US press 180g) SEALED
$70 - The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs (87 US press) VG+
$20 - Snow Patrol - Final Straw SEALED
$42 - Soft Kill - Savior (black /1300)
$55 - Soft Kill - An Open Door (clear w orange white splatter /100) NM
$25 - Soft Kill - Dead Kids RIP City VG+
$34 - Soft Kill - Desd Kids RIP City (yellow) VG+
$20 - Solemn Brigham - South Sinner Street (brown swirl) SEALED
$20 - Son Little - Aloha (Pineapple) VG+
$35 - Soul Blind - Greatest Hits vol 1 (clear w black/violet splatter) VG+
$72 - The Sound of Animals Fighting - The Tiger and the Duke (red) VG+
$24 - Spanish Love Songs - Brave Faces ETC. (cleawhite split w mint splatter) SEALED
$27 - Stay Inside - Viewing (dusk) SEALED
$165 - Stornoway - Beachcomber's Windowsill (import) SEALED
$20 - St Paul and the Broken Bones - The Alien Coast (gold nugget) NM
$120 - Straylight Run - The Needles the Space VG
$75 - Straylight Run - S/T (brown marble) VG
$21 - Straylight Run - Live at the Patchogue Theater SEALED
$23 - The Stokes - Room on Fire VG+
$20 - Sundowner - We Chase the Waves (orange) VG+
$42 - Superheaven - Ours is Chrome (Black into yellow) VG+
$23 - Surfers Blood - Covers (amber w black) VG+
$18 - Swearin - Fall into the Sun (Coke bottle clear) VG+
$18 - Take Offense - Keep an Eye Out (clear w red and yellow splatter) SEALED
$30 - Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends (Sangria w 10") SEALED
$23 - Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends (12"black copy) vG+
$50 - Tall Heights - Neptune VG+
$20 - theithey're/there - S/t (seafoam clear) VG+
$20 - theitheyre/there - Analog Weekend VG+
$80 - Third Eye Blind - Out of Vein (Silver import) VG+
$25 - Thrice - To Be Everywhere... ( blue w rainbow splatter) SEALED
$35 - Thrice - Majominor (gold/yellow) SEALED
$49 - Thrice - Beggars (green/blue/yellow striped) VG+ with the 7"sealed
$65 - Thursday - Full Collapse live (white)SEALED
$25 - Tigers Jaw - Studio 4 Acoustic (half blue half white) VG+
$20 - Tillian - Factory Reset (red/green/black) SEALED
$27 - Tokyo Police Club - Forcefield VG+
$23 - Touche Amore - Lament (aqua) vg+
$110 - Turnstile - Glow On (pit turd brown) SEALED
$45 - Turnstile - Pressure to Succeed (2014 black press) VG++
$26 - Tyler the Creator - Flower Boy VG+
$55 - A Wilhelm Scream - Partycrasher (Kaleidoscope /150) VG+
$60 - Beavis and Butthead SNES (blue w yellow splatter) NM
$30 - A Charlie Brown Christmas (clear w red swirl) SEALED
$30 Various - Amerikinda: 20 Years of Dualtone (camo) VG+
$18 - Various- Bridge and Tunnel Soundtrack (random color) VG+
$50 - Various - Chillhop Essentials Winter 2021 (white) SEALED
$40 Various - David Bowie in Jazz - A Jazz Tribute to David Bowie (import) VG+
$28 - Various - Dead Formats vol 1 (red white blue smash w splatter) SEALED
$31 - Various - Disney Ultimate Hits vol 1 +2 (green + blue)
$21 - Various - Encanto SEALED
$28 - Various - Girls vol 2 TV soundtrack VG (shelf wear and corner ding
$22 - Various - Lady Bird Soundtrack VG+
$55 - Various - Lyricist Lounge vol 1 (1998 4XLP) VG+ corner dings
$40 - Various - Magnolia Record Club - NPR Tiny Desk (blue marble) VG+
$52- Various - Magnolia Record Club - Spotify Singles (Ghostly Green Swirl) VG+
$54 - Various - Minnesota Beatle Project Vol 3 (red) VG+
$50 - Various - Minnesota Beatle Project Vol 4 (white) SEALED
$23 - Various - Motown Christmas 1's (red and green) VG+
$100 - Various- O Brother Where art Thou? Soundtrack (Black and white split) VG+
$110 - Various - The Phantom of the Opera Motion Picture Soundtrack (2016 MOV black press) sleeve NM media VG(scratch that doesn't seem to affect play)
$28- Various - Sing 2 Soundtrack VG+
$25 - Various - Coco Soundtrack (Pic disc)NM
$75 - Various - The Very Best Of Black Flavour Club (4xlp) [a lot of 90s hiphop] SEALED
$90 - This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday vol 1 (Green/Red) VG+
$20 -Various -Troll World Tour Soundtrack (clear white) VG+
$20 - Various - Wish I Was Here Soundtrack VG+
$20 - Various - Soul Pixar Soundtrack SEALED
$25 - Vampire Weekend - Contra VG+
$80 - Vacationer - Gone VG
$18 - The Warriors - Monomyth (black inside clear) SEALED
$50 - Windowspeak - Windowspeak (red) SEALED
$21 - Worst Party Ever - Dartland (red) VG+
$70 - The Wonder Years - No Closer to Heaved (blue/burgundy mix) VG+
$135 - The Wonder Years - The Upsides/Suburbia 10 yr Anniversary Boxset (white) VG+
$46 - Wintersleep - Wintersleep VG+
$42 - Wildcat! Wildcat! - No Moon At All SEALED
$60 - Wild Nothing - Gemini (purple) VG+
$30 - Wild Nothing - Indigo (blue smoke) SEALED
$29 - Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Secret Boy (Pink) VG+
$24 - The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site VG+
$25 - Waxahatchee - American Weekend VG+
$22 Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud VG+
$80 - The War on Drugs - A Deeper Understanding (clear) VG+
$30 - Walk the Moon - What If Nothing (purple white swirl) VG+
$35 - Walter Schreifels - An Open Letter to the Scene (Green/white) VG+
$20 - Young Statues - Age Isnt Ours (white/yellow) VG+
$20 - You Blew It! - Abendrot (blue in clear) SEALED
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2023.03.21 14:58 SligPants Oldie but a goodie: Nancy Drew mystery game series

Maybe some of you, like me, played Nancy Drew mystery games growing up in the early 00's. But if you haven't, they're super cozy games that I love revisiting even in 2023.
The games are set in modern day (except one). They are mostly centered around a central mystery to solve, and are often loosely based off of one of the books, but also include puzzles and learning about different cultures and history. You investigate by talking to characters, snooping in their stuff, and solving puzzles.
They were generally made for the 10-15 bracket but honestly hold up for me as an adult, especially on harder difficulty. None of them are too in your face about the learning except for, in my opinion, Secret of the Scarlet Hand.
The graphics do date them, especially the first couple games. But after that, since they're pre-rendered, they still look good today. A great bulk of the games were made by the same small team and extremely consistent in terms of quality and what to expect.
The games have a big focus on atmosphere and setting, which makes them very cozy. Some of them are scary, but for the most part they are not. They've very chill, you can mostly do stuff on your own time, except for a few parts that might be timed or tense.
HeR Interactive has most of their library up on Steam. They also sell games through their website and very frequently have 50% off or higher sales there.
Here's a quick summary of each location, bolded ones being my personal favorites:
  1. Secrets Can Kill (PC 1998): Highschool setting with hand-drawn characters
  2. Stay Tuned for Danger (PC 1999): NYC, tv/film studio, first game with fully 3D characters
  3. Message in a Haunted Mansion (PC 2000): Victorian mansion in San Francisco
  4. Treasure in the Royal Tower (PC 2001): Wisconsin ski resort with French historical influence
  5. The Final Scene (PC 2001): Old theater on the verge of being torn down
  6. Secret of the Scarlet Hand (PC 2002): History Museum, main focus is Mayan history
7. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake (PC 2002): Wooded lake cabin in Pennsylvania, focus on prohibition history
  1. The Haunted Carousel (PC 2003): Theme park
9. Danger on Deception Island (PC 2003): Pacific northwest island, nautical and whale-based
10. The Secret of Shadow Ranch (PC 2004): Arizona ranch, western and Native American history
11. Curse of Blackmoor Manor (PC 2004): English manor, medieval science among other topics
  1. Secret of the Old Clock (PC 2005): Set in 1930 Illinois
13. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (PC 2005): On a 100-year old train in Nevada
  1. Danger By Design (PC 2006): Paris fashion house
  2. The Creature of Kapu Cave (PC 2006): Hawaiian vacation/entomology
  3. White Wolf of Icicle Creek (PC 2007/Nintendo Wii 2008): Canadian ski lodge
17. Legend of the Crystal Skull (PC 2007): Creepy Louisiana estate
  1. The Phantom of Venice (PC 2008): Venice, France
  2. The Haunting of Castle Malloy (PC 2008): Irish castle/countryside
  3. Ransom of the Seven Ships (PC 2009): We don't talk about this one Was pulled from the stores due to how a character may or may not have dressed up to change their race, still playable by disc
  4. Warnings at Waverly Academy (PC 2009): Girl's boarding school
  5. Trail of the Twister (PC/Mac 2010): Oklahoma stormchasers
  6. Secrets Can Kill Remastered (PC/Mac 2010): Remastered version of the first game- with 3D characters
24. Shadow at the Water's Edge (PC/Mac 2010): Spooky Japanese ryokan (traditional hotel)
25. The Captive Curse (PC/Mac 2011): Bavarian castle/lodge
  1. Alibi in Ashes (PC/Mac 2011): Nancy's hometown
  2. Tomb of the Lost Queen (PC/Mac 2012): Egyptian archeological site
  3. The Deadly Device (PC/Mac 2012): Colorado electrical lab, Nikola Tesla focus
29. Ghost of Thornton Hall (PC/Mac 2013): Georgia mansion
  1. The Silent Spy (PC/Mac 2013): Scotland
  2. The Shattered Medallion (PC/Mac 2014): New Zealand game show (survivor-esque)
  3. Labyrinth of Lies (PC/Mac 2014): Greek museum
33. Sea of Darkness (PC/Mac 2015): Icelandic town
  1. Midnight in Salem (December of 2019): Salem, Massachusetts (this one's kinda contested in the community since it's totally different and... not as good as the past games)
Ask me anything you'd like! I can recommend specific games to start off with depending on how much you like puzzles vs talking or a specific vibe or location, etc. I don't really recommend playing them in chronological order, but rather in order of what you find most interesting.
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2023.03.21 13:47 hawaiianbeachrentals What Are The Things You Can Do In Oahu When It Rains?

What Are The Things You Can Do In Oahu When It Rains?
A rainy day in Oahu doesn’t have to mean staying cooped up in your hotel room considering that the island offers plenty of activities and attractions that can be enjoyed rain or shine.
From exploring hidden gems to learning about the island’s rich culture and history, there’s always something to do on Oahu, even on the wettest of days, and if you’re wondering what those activities are, you’re at the right place.
In this article, we will share some of the top things to do in Oahu when it’s raining, so you can make the most of your island vacation, regardless of the weather. Not only that but, we are also going to list down some of the things that you need to do before heading out on a rainy day so you can have fun!

The Best Fun Things To Do In Oahu When It’s Raining

Here are some of the things to do Oahu or nearby when it’s constantly raining:
Explore the Hawaii State Art Museum
Visiting the Hawaii State Art Museum can be a great thing to do on a rainy day while on Oahu. The museum is located in downtown Honolulu and is an indoor space that offers visitors the chance to view a diverse collection of contemporary Hawaiian art. The exhibits showcase works by local artists as well as pieces that reflect the cultural heritage and history of Hawaii. On top of that, the museum is free to the public, making it an accessible and budget-friendly activity for everyone. Not only that but by visiting the Hawaii State Art Museum, families can stay productive on a rainy day on Oahu while learning more about the vibrant art scene in Hawaii.

Things to do in Hawaii
Discover the Byodo-In Temple
Discovering the Byodo-In Temple is another great activity to do on a rainy day while on Oahu. This temple is located at the base of the Ko’olau Mountains, particularly in the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. It is an indoor and outdoor tourist attraction that provides visitors with a unique cultural experience.
The temple is a replica of a 900-year-old Buddhist temple in Uji, Japan. It features traditional Japanese architecture, including a large meditation hall and a beautiful garden filled with koi ponds, waterfalls, and tropical plants. Inside the temple, visitors can admire intricate wood carvings and stunning works of art that they will not find anywhere else.
By visiting the Byodo-In Temple on a rainy day, visitors can enjoy the serene and peaceful surroundings of the temple while staying dry under the temple’s sheltered areas. Along with that, visitors can take their time to explore the temple grounds, take photos, and soak in the beauty and tranquility of this unique cultural attraction!

Visit The Malls
On a rainy day, you can visit the malls in Oahu and just chill there to take a look at what the locals do in their free time. While there are multiple malls that you can visit during your stay, here are some of the best malls in Oahu and surrounding areas, along with some of the things you can do at each mall:
Ala Moana Center
The Ala Moana Center is considered to be the largest open-air shopping center in the world and the best thing about it is that it offers a wide variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options for its visitors. Inside this mall, visitors can find high-end fashion brands, local boutiques, and international stores. There’s also an indoor food court and a variety of restaurants, as well as a movie theater and live entertainment, making it a great option for those that are looking to stay productive even on a rainy day.

Things to do oahu Hawaii
Pearlridge Center
This is the largest enclosed shopping center in Hawaii and is located in Aiea. The mall offers more than 170 shopping stores and restaurants, including popular retailers like Macy’s and Sephora, and a variety of local and international brands. Inside the mall, there’s also a movie theater and an indoor miniature golf course, making it a great option for almost all visitors, which means it’s a great option for those that are looking for things to do around me.
Windward Mall
Located in Kaneohe, the Windward Mall is a smaller shopping center when compared to the other ones that we listed. But despite its size, this mall offers a more relaxed and low-key shopping experience. The mall currently has more than 110 stores and restaurants, including a variety of local boutiques and specialty shops. Just like the other malls, this one also has a movie theater and a children’s play area.
Ka Makana Ali’i
The Ka Makana Ali’i is a mall that’s located in Kapolei. The mall offers a mix of local and international retailers, as well as a variety of dining options for all the foodies out there. There’s also an indoor playground and an outdoor performance stage for entertainment purposes.
Waikele Premium Outlets
If you’re into premium shopping, Oahu has something for you too. This outdoor shopping center currently offers more than 50 outlet stores, including popular brands like Nike, Coach, and Tommy Hilfiger. The mall is located in Waipahu and the best thing about it is that it offers discounted prices on high-end merchandise all year long.
Note: At each of these malls, you can do more than just shop. Many of them offer dining options ranging from food courts to restaurants, as well as entertainment such as movie theaters, playgrounds, and live performances. Some malls even offer unique experiences like miniature golf or outdoor stages for live events. Additionally, each mall has its unique atmosphere and selection of stores, making it worth exploring even if you’re not a big shopper.
Relax In A Spa
Visiting a spa on a rainy day in Hawaii can offer several benefits beyond just relaxation.
Numerous spas in Hawaii, no matter which island you’re on, are known for using natural and local ingredients, such as honey, coconut oil, and sea salt, in their treatments to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. These ingredients are often sourced from local farmers and producers, which means those that are availing of these services are also supporting the island’s economy and are promoting sustainability.
In addition to using natural ingredients, many Hawaiian spas incorporate traditional healing practices into their treatments.
For example, the Lomi Lomi massage is a traditional Hawaiian massage technique that uses long, flowing strokes to release tension and promote relaxation. This massage is believed to not only relax the body but also to balance the mind and spirit.
Also, rainy days in Hawaii can be an opportunity to experience hydrotherapy, which involves the use of water for therapeutic purposes. Many Hawaiian spas offer hydrotherapy treatments, such as hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms. These treatments can help to improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, and detoxify the body.
Check out the Waikiki Aquarium
Checking out the Waikiki Aquarium on a rainy day can be a great way to stay dry while still experiencing the unique marine life found in the waters surrounding Hawaii.
The Waikiki Aquarium is home to more than 3,500 species of marine life, including colorful tropical fish, sea turtles, and coral reefs. The aquarium also features exhibits on Hawaii’s marine ecosystems and the conservation efforts that are being made to protect them.
Also, the rainy weather can help out in creating a more tranquil and relaxed atmosphere, which can enhance the entire experience of exploring the aquarium.
Visitors can take their time and stroll through the exhibits, admiring the beauty and diversity of Hawaii’s marine life. The aquarium also offers educational programs and activities, such as guided tours and interactive exhibits, which can provide a deeper understanding of marine ecosystems and the importance of conservation efforts.
In addition, the Waikiki Aquarium is located in the heart of Waikiki, which offers plenty of options for indoor activities and dining.
On top of that, all the visitors of this aquarium can explore the nearby shops, art galleries, and museums, or grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants in the area.

Things to do in Honolulu Hawaii
Travel And Visit the Honolulu Zoo
Amidst the rain, the Honolulu Zoo is a fantastic option for visitors to explore on Oahu.
Housing over 900 animals, including native species to Hawaii and the Pacific Islands, the zoo offers a chance to see a variety of animals up close, including majestic elephants, towering giraffes, fierce tigers, and playful monkeys.
In this tropical paradise, guests can learn about the animals’ natural habitats and behaviors in a unique and immersive way.
On a rainy day, visitors can add a new dimension to the animal-watching experience, with many of the animals being more active during or after rainfall. With both indoor and outdoor exhibits, including the Hawaiian Monk Seal Habitat, Komodo Dragon Exhibit, and Discovery Forest, visitors can enjoy all that the zoo has to offer, regardless of the weather.
In addition to the animal exhibits, the Honolulu Zoo offers various educational programs, such as guided tours, animal encounters, and educational exhibits, to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the animals and the conservation efforts that are being carried out for them. Not only that but guests of the zoo can also refuel at one of the several on-site dining options, such as the cafe and snack bar, before continuing their animal adventure.
All in all, a visit to the Honolulu Zoo on a rainy day can be an exciting and educational experience, where visitors can discover and appreciate the diversity of the animal kingdom in a tropical paradise setting, making it a great thing to do in Oahu.

Hike to Manoa Falls
Hiking to Manoa Falls on a rainy day can be a unique and exciting experience for visitors to Oahu. However, it is essential to take certain precautions before setting out on the trail.
Due to the rainfall, the trail can become muddy and slippery, making it challenging to navigate. It is advisable to wear appropriate hiking shoes with good traction to avoid slipping or falling. Additionally, it is essential to dress appropriately for the weather, including rain gear, to stay dry and comfortable during the hike.
On the other hand, a rainy day can provide stunning views of the lush greenery and waterfall. The increased flow of water can make the waterfall appear more dramatic, creating an unforgettable experience for hikers.
It is important to note that during heavy rainfall, the trail may become hazardous, and it is advisable to check with the park authorities before starting the hike.

Visit the Lolani Palace
The Lolani Palace is a significant historical landmark and was the official residence of the Hawaiian monarchs during the late 1800s, and on a rainy day, visitors can take their time exploring the palace without worrying about the weather. The palace is indoors and air-conditioned, providing a comfortable environment to escape the rain and humidity outside.
Visitors can take a guided tour of the palace and learn about the history of Hawaii and its monarchy. The tour includes a visit to the Palace’s many rooms, including the throne room, dining room, and private chambers, which are adorned with beautiful artifacts and decorations that tell the story of Hawaii’s royal past.
In addition to the guided tours, the palace also offers several educational programs, including cultural demonstrations, lectures, and musical performances, which provide a deeper understanding of Hawaii’s history and culture.

A rainy day in Oahu doesn’t have to put a damper on your vacation plans.
There are plenty of indoor activities and outdoor adventures that can be enjoyed, rain or shine. Whether you want to explore the island’s culture and history, relax at a spa, or get up close and personal with animals, there is something for everyone.
Some tips to keep in mind when planning your rainy day activities in Oahu include bringing appropriate rain gear, such as umbrellas and rain jackets, wearing comfortable and slip-resistant shoes for any outdoor adventures, and checking the weather forecast for updates on any potential storms. It’s also a good idea to call ahead or check online for any changes in hours or closures due to inclement weather.
So don’t let a little rain ruin your Hawaiian vacation. Embrace the opportunity to try something new and experience the island differently. With these options and tips, you can still make the most of your time in Oahu, rain or shine.
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Having trouble Calming the mind?
Incense burning for meditation and prayer is an ancient tradition. Burning incense for meditation decreases stress, and it is believed that different types of incense, like sandalwood, lavender, jasmine – have the power to cleanse negative energy, ease tension, and elevate your meditative state.

Incense burner, May Help you in Calming the Mind and cleaning the energy in your environment. Our splendid, Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder, Back-Flow Incense Burner has been carefully handcrafted of beautiful, glazed ceramic.
When the incense cone is lit, the trail of smoke mimics a waterfall flowing down a mountainside. This lovely, ceramic incense burner is ideal for burning your favorite incenses while providing a relaxing and decorative touch to any space.
It's also a great gift for all meditation and yoga lovers. Choose between two colors: Mystic Blue and Desert Tan don't forget to order a pack of our assorted, incense cones. These scented incense cones are specially made to work with Ceramic Back-Flow Incense Burners.
Bullet shaped and produced with a small hole in the base, and a hollow interior, these cones will produce the beautiful smoke 'waterfall' type effect when burned in our Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder.
Did you know?
Incense burning for meditation and prayer is an ancient tradition. Burning incense for meditation decreases stress, and it is believed that different types of incense – frankincense, sandalwood, and sage – have the power to cleanse negative energy, ease tension, and elevate your meditative state.
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2023.03.21 13:15 resurrective Chapter 19 - A brief respite

Under the vibrant dawn above Buranikka, among the shadowed streets, a tall red-haired man made his way through the empty space. Clad in Blade’s equipment, he carried a blue dress in one hand, and an eerily smooth white sphere in another. Every divine armament had a soul, and that was its vessel.
“Haa, one overpowered scumbag less, at least.” Keyaruga muttered. His plans were brutalized by the circumstances. First he got knocked out by the Hero of the Sword, then she passed out right when the fun barely began, and ultimately, lost her mind for good.
Did she really die? Or did that god of the sword take her away? No matter, this is already more than all other gods ever did for their heroes, after all. After I deal with my Norn, we’ll have to focus on Bullet.
Ah yes, Bullet. A giant black-skinned musclehead, the infamous pedophile, and one of the smartest men in the world. He couldn’t be left alive, no matter what.
We’ll be getting that divine beast, Caladrius, for Eve. And then what? Should we overthrow Hakuo? Or hunt down Bullet? Guess there’s only one way to find out.
Having finished with his pondering, the man gave a quick glance at his spoil of war. This thing could become anything he wanted, any weapon or armor. Alas, a hero had only one chance to get his prize, and if it proves unsatisfactory, there would be no way to change it. And since a god-chosen could only wield one, not even acquiring another of those ten things could help with that. Ideally, each hero should’ve got one. But since it wasn’t an ideal world…

Keyaruga crossed the threshold of Tidir’s inn. He liked that place, despite each and every supernatural connotation of its master. Speaking of whom, the blue-feathered bird-man sat on his place. Usually, he would just stare into his book, and pretend nothing exists, until approached by another set of annoying customers. But this time, he was speaking to a woman of empyrean beauty (provided an illegible cawing was indeed speech).
“Well-well-well…” The Hero of Healing sneered, looking at the deity. She couldn’t be anyone below that rank. Her naked body was supposed to be stunningly alluring, and yet the man felt almost none of carnal impulses. Her loose hair consisted of assorted leaves, flowers, plants. They bloomed and withered in a matter of mere seconds, rotting into nothingness to give place for new flora to thrive their instants. Her kind expression wasn’t diluted even with her eerily closed eyes. But more than anything, the lad was struck by the pale green hue he could register with his jade eye. “Panakea, I presume?” He asked, approaching the gods.
“Khe! Leaving! You speak to mother!” Tidir cawed, slamming the door behind him. Whatever the reasoning, in this moment he clearly wanted to be as far away from Keyaruga as far as possible.
“…” And then, the goddess began talking. No words left her mouth, instead the man’s mind was assaulted with foreign thoughts. Pictures, visions, concepts – as the deity opened her golden eyes, the flood of information that transcended mortal speech rammed Keyaruga’s consciousness. There was no place for uncertainty or misunderstanding in her intentions.
“One question, huh?” The hero mused, averting his gaze from Panakea’s eyes. Her sight was impossibly oppressing, she was dominating his will simply by looking in the lad’s direction. The man could stand up against this pressure only because of his mastery over memories.
Still, however unnerving the healer’s patron turned out to be, she offered him a deal. A nice one in that. One question, one answer. Every forbidden knowledge about this world Panakea could provide, she would give with no additional conditions. Even the possible consequences the woman promised to deal with herself.
What should I ask? The King of Jioral’s true nature? Maybe I should inquire about this guardian spirit of mine? Where to get all of the divine armaments? The Philosopher’s Stone? Or maybe… why the fuck did she make me suffer through all of that? Suffer… Wait…
“Tell me about Eve. What is it she couldn’t protect?” Keyaruga asked with no regard as to whether or not the goddess remembered the first world. He needed to know, even if that barely mattered now, even if all of that only remained in the erased future.
“…” Panakea replied with a keen smile. Then, the floor vanished under the man’s feet. He fell to the pit, and found himself in the infinite void.
“Hmm…” Keyaruga murmured, glancing through the bottomless pit of darkness. With no resonance in his throat, he was quick to notice that something was wrong. Aside from complete blindness, he felt disembodied.
Although, it wasn’t long before that emptiness took form. Nothingness morphed into black chunks, and they formed the forest, the night sky, flora and fauna. Hunters… and their prey.
“This… I remember this.” The hero mused, watching as dark clay transformed into lions, their riders, and… “This is when Eve lost her last guardians.”
The healer found himself in a full-scale diorama, the still three-dimensional image of the past. A spectacle for but a single viewer.
“Is this how I have to commune with you, Panakea?” The man asked, floating amongst the armored bloodthirsty demons. Their fervor, thrill, exaltation – these were the marks of beast-hood, savagery, memorialized in the goddess’ mind.
“…” She answered with agreement, through the purest concept of confirmation. So powerful, so crystal, that the lad couldn’t help but feel his sanity slowly draining away.
“If you want to speak, speak in a humane way. I prefer having normal conversations, face to face.” Keyaruga demanded, focusing his mana. His arcane powers never faded away, yet they were distant, unnervingly detached. But even this thin string turned out enough to awaken the jade eye. “I can see through this charade, Panakea. Show yourself, or I’m leaving.” He warned, as the waves of magic re-anchored the hero’s consciousness into his body. His flesh had taken form in glittering shards of reality.
“A goddess… gives you a chance of such rarity… and you turn away?” A voice, equally beautiful as it was distorted, made itself known. What side did it ring from? Above? Below? Everywhere? The lad turned his newly-formed head back. His eyes met with the deity. The latter stood on the void, in a completely gravity-defying manner, she walked upside down. And neither her leafy hair, nor her bare chest sagged in the direction of earth.
“Great. So you can speak normally, after all.” Keyaruga sneered, watching as the woman approached him, as if moving through an invisible pipe. The closer she got, the more grounded her footing became. Until both the hero and the goddess of healing stood in a single line. “First things first, if you crawl in my mind, I’ll leave. If you coerce me into something, I’ll fight back.” I won’t give away my agency, no matter for how long, and what can I get from it.
“He-e-e…” In a frantically bizarre nature, the embodiment of constant rebirth beamed at the lad. “Words… are constrictive… my boy.” She stated, seemingly struggling with Phasian pronunciation. Was it so much below her? Or rather it was Panakea’s limitations that caused it?
“Words equalize us, and I had a pretty rough night for verses in pure emotions, my girl.” The man scoffed, completely unhinged in the presence of his deity. He didn’t ask for his mark, nor his burden, after all. “It would do you good to conjure some clothes, by the way.”
“N-no-o. It… s-s… Shackling.” She responded, while Keyaruga averted his eyes toward the frozen scene of chase. “For all… o-of us.” The woman added, recalling the time when she wore a toga. A kind of attire she one could only put on with a slave’s help. And even though there were plenty of other garbs to wear, she reveled in her nudity a little too much.
“I see. Well, we don’t like exposure. Cold, sun, insects, thorns, rubble, claws, and… mind trickery.” Keyaruga admitted, as his jade sight scanned through the grand illusion. How it worked, what it responded to, and… how to navigate in this extravagant piece of imagery.
The Hero of Healing walked through the forest. He carefully assessed the pursuers. Batnara shashu, the ruling lion tribe, named after the fact that their patriarch governs Tenanulic from the Obsidian throne. A bunch of hounds, riding unnaturally resilient beasts.
“Yuel stood no chance. Neither did Mero.” Keyaruga deadpanned, glancing at the corpses of the defeated black-winged men. Yuel was swift, but feeble. Mero was a mighty bruiser, but no matter how much lions’ necks you could break with bare hands, they were just too many. “And this is… what was her name?”
“Naala.” Panakea made a hint. She followed her chosen one, mostly as a silent spectator. For him, she was never an idol to be praised. For her, though…
“Yes, Naala. She died anyway.” The lad spoke, swiping his hand to move the sequence further. This world, this eternalized memory was created for his sake, but not as the man’s playground. The fact that he managed to snatch control of it away from the deity… wasn’t all that surprising, seeing what sort of entity followed his trail anywhere he went. “This is where Eve’s memory ends, though.” He said, watching his current companion lying helpless after she poured most of her strength into a single spell. A devastating one, but utterly pathetic in its results. “You don’t happen to know about that, do you?”
“He-he-eh… La-ater.” Panakea chuckled, casually shaking the man’s shoulder. This felt weird, almost as if Keyaruga stood in the presence of some child, eager to share her mischievous deeds with a peer.
“Damn, what’s wrong with you?.. Ah, heck. There’s more to see here.” The lad murmured, putting things in motion. Or, rather, let the static pictures change one another.
Nothing strained from the range of the man’s expectations. Some goon took Naala’s fresh corpse for indignities, another punched him in the face to be the first, then a third, and the fourth… Honestly, too much brutality to keep track of. But Eve...
He watched, as some brute took Eve by her narrow foot and dragged her into the middle of their loose formation. Keyaruga creaked his teeth, as his arm phased through the fiend’s body.
“It’s just the memories…” The hero whispered, trying to calm his nerves. He had witnessed rapes plenty of times, he was the victim and the perpetrator, and yet, he couldn’t help but shudder, as he was about to see the queen-to-be brutalized by a bunch of leonine beasts.
What’s even worse, the lad felt Panakea’s derision behind his back. And he couldn’t even blame her for that. The lad was just too emotional when it came to his companions.
Do you find it funny, wench? Did you also mock me, when I was dragged like a slave?
“No-o… I… was making a b-b-bless… ing for you.” The goddess admitted with quite surprising cheerfulness in light of her stuttering. She couldn’t resist sending a message straight into Keyaruga’s brain.
What did I say about crawling in my head?
“So… My poison resistance was your gift all along?” The man asked, turning his head toward the deity. One would presume, she would stand proud and strong, but in reality, her golden eyes were one of a happy puppy after a master’s praise. So much infantilism, so much childlikeness, it just demolished any traces of sexual attractiveness from the naked woman for him, which says a lot, seeing as she was a beauty of a divine scale with no garbs whatsoever.
Seems like eating all those grebes wasn’t really required, huh?
“Thanks, I guess…” Keyaruga spoke, turning away. It took Panakea three whole years to calculate, compose, and implement this skill into the Laws of Deimos. She even had a confrontation with the god of fear himself for that. Fortunately, though, it took the goddess only a month to remake her masterpiece in this world. “And Tidir is your son, I suppose. Not hard to guess, why he dislikes you… Well then, how can I repay you?”
“Don’t… think too much of that. Do… what you must do.” She replied, pointing her finger at Eve. Panakea completely entrusted the metaphorical keys to this theater to Keyaruga. It was his call, whether to look further… or just walk away.
Still, the man remained. He braced himself for a vision of cruelty, something so atrocious, Eve’s mind just refused to register it. And he… was not disappointed.
Suddenly, an imposing figure entered the scene on his lion. While other lions wielded spears, polearms, axes and whatever could cut and slice, this warlord-looking monstrosity carried a stick. It was a long and sturdy stick, but primitive nonetheless. With this, he effortlessly smacked the brute, who dragged Eve, into submission.
“I’m kind of glad all of this is just a mute reflection.” Keyaruga admitted, watching at Eve’s fruitless attempts to break free. He looked at the man, with his size and bulk, he towered above not only the tiny feathered girl, but all of his troops as well. But what’s more interesting… “He… won’t harm her?”
“Look!” Ultimately, Panakea waved her hand, and everything turned into chaos again. Nothing to see, nothing to hear, and yet the duo of spectators still existed in the void. The goddess razed everything into abyss just to recreate another scene.
Another fight, another battle. Two massive armies clashed amidst the barren mountain plains. Under the gloomy sky, they cropped the rocks with their blood, sweat and tears.
“What have you done? Where are we? What happened to Eve?” Keyaruga asked brashly. With the time lapse between these two events being unknown, the man couldn’t help but unleash his wrath at the deity, he grabbed her by the shoulders, began unapologetically shaking her body…
The next moment they two stood amongst the corpses, amidst the valiant warriors of all southern races and tribes. Two sides, two opposing forces. One, under a banner of a lion’s maw, had their formations torn into by another side. Standing under a flag of the black bloodied wing… Wait, WHAT?!
Eve was there, wearing frivolous dress of black and red, she loomed above the battlefield, showering her foes with manifold of piercing light. Spells and arrows spurred from the spherical barrier around the maiden… No, not the maiden.
She’s pregnant here, I can see… And this standard-bearer… “What the fuck is going on, Panakea?! What is it?!” The man raged, seeing the same lion fighting alongside Eve. A flag trembled on his spear, the flag of Eve… alongside a dried severed head. Not only him, but multiple kokuyoku, mostly female, clashed on the same side as this beastman.
“This… This is love!” Panakea declared, trying to hug Keyaruga. Alas, the latter just pushed the goddess away from him just to take a closer look at the decapitated one.
“I don’t believe in love.” He said, looking at the hare-eared head. It was rotting, but even so, he managed to get a grasp on his main facial features. Must be one of the iuei saraga, the tribe of star rabbits. But why? Aren’t they supposed to be the kokuyoku’s allies?
“Wha-a… t do you… beli-i-eve, m-my boy?” Panakea wondered, hugging the lad from behind. For the healer, this experience was transcendental as it was deceptive, and now it also felt unfair. Was it truth? A beautifully constructed lie? No, something in between.
“You’re hiding quite a lot from me, Panakea.” The hero stated, looking beyond the skirmish. A menacing spire overlooked the field. This… was Kinacrith. And Eve battled against Hakuo’s forces.
“He-he-e… Demon king… be… betrayed Cornar… Wanted to… wipe him… and Eve Reese… They survived… formed a pact… Found love…” The goddess of healing explained briefly.
“It’s Me-ua, ma-zok pora bantaru(the ruler of the people of magic).” Keyaruga said, glancing toward the distant peak of the spire-like fortress. “Also, you’re being awfully ambiguous now, Panakea.”
“All… w-words are… I can… show… more…” The deity offered, taking the man’s hand. She was surprisingly clingy for a higher creature of her rank.
“All I wanted was to see who Eve was trying to protect. That’s it.” The man said wearily. Looking at that man filled him with unreasonable dread, envy… jealousy. He wouldn’t admit it, but the hero wanted to be there for Eve.
“He-he-he-e…” And Panakea clearly understood his heart’s motives. Underneath her feigned naiveté, the goddess harbored aged wisdom and undiluted love. Who knows which of those traits posed more danger and risk…
Without any further delay, the woman shifted her illusion to its ultimate end. This time, they found themselves in the middle of grim ruins, underneath the crumbling roof of some dilapidated temple. This scene wasn’t about battle, glory, or any sort of valor. Keyaruga stood in the middle of misery. Scourged children, crippled men, dying women. An old man throwing up his own blood, a kid trying to wake up his long dead mother. Probably, the smell was also terrible. The hero couldn’t tell, the spectacle was purely visual. But even that was enough.
“This… is Norn’s doing. And what I allowed her to do.” The lad pronounced tiredly. They’re… All of them are good as dead. They’re starving, they’re sick, they’re… No doubt, this is how Norn deserved her death.
Every step brought Keyaruga closer to Eve. He moved through the ranks of incorporeal wretched, the tribe doomed to death. Jioral would never leave them alone, and even if it did, these accursed lands could never feed a single soul, and there were hundreds of them. Hundreds of broken malnourished refugees, some of which literally fed fleas and flies with their necrotic bodies.
She was there, caressing the feeble, comforting the dying. Even in such a desperate predicament, the queen hadn’t lost her dignity, nor her compassion. Seeing the kokuyoku scion serving as a beacon of hope for her nearly extinct people filled Keyaruga with a strange mix of pride, joy, and existential horror.
The next episode only aggravated these emotions.
Eve Reese was preparing to head on to her last battle. Her might was immense, she could destroy the entire armies with… whatever spell or power she had in her, but even so, the Confederation had been defeated. Butchered, divided, conquered and scourged. Barely anyone can go on after losing so much. Unless that is, they had something to fight for.
The last diorama was about the family. A mother calming her three-year old son, knowing she might not come back. A father, caressing the starving half-blood infant. While the black-winged girl practically ascended to the demi-godhood, her leonine husband had lost his right hand and the left shin. His right eye was burned out, and the left barely even functioned. Hardly anything remained of that proud flag-bearer. And even so, the brave Me-ua never left him.
“S-see-e?” Panakea spoke, caressing Keyaruga’s hand. “D-do you… b-believe… now?”
“I believe you should work on your pronunciation…” The hero growled, turning away from the scene. Another goal was complete, now he knew exactly what Eve was trying to protect. What… she died for.
Then, a bright emerald hue emerged from the man’s right eye. The guiding light illuminated his way out of this memorial. He made a step… and approached Panakea in the waking world.
“What happened to him? After… you know?” He whispered in the deity’s ear. He was shown three distinct memories, and yet a mere second passed in reality. Once again did the man found himself carrying the white sphere and the fated dress.
“…” Alas, this time the deity remained silent. Her will, her smile did all the talking. The last brief picture she sent him was about Eve, radiating the aura of green, murdering her would-be-husband with a sphere of scourging light.
Panakea saved the maiden, she never shied away from it. She even admitted, that the black-winged girl would never find her way to Keyaruga if not for her. That she and Takemikazuchi saved his companions from a their doom.
“Pff… Ha-ha-ha… You’re a fucking monster, Panakea.” The red-haired lad scoffed, walking toward the stairs. He was drained, as if the sleepless night wasn’t enough, this revelation too took a toll on him.
You, gods, are all the same fucking thing. Think you can just bribe people into doing whatever you like. You… Why didn’t you…
Alas, the Hero of Healing couldn’t continue his line of thinking. He almost missed the door to his room, after all. Panakea gave him a key to his collar, she never chastised him for how and when he used it. She watched out for him. But most of all…
“Hey there girls… I’m back.” The man said, entering his room. It took a lot of agility to not only open the door, but not to drop the ball. Either way, at this point, the hero was almost completely exhausted, so what he saw inside took him a moment to process. Well…
Master Keyaruga-a-a-a!!!” At first, he would have to somehow handle a frisky half-haked wolf-girl, jumping on his neck.
“Glad to see you too, Setsuna.” The healer spoke, crumbling to his knees. From the way it looked, the huntress had been training with Eve, while Freia washed their clothes from dirt and blood. Their blood.
“Keyaruga… Look, we have…” The black-haired maiden, on the other hand, got a little bit disturbed by the man’s arrival.
“You girls ran into Hawkeye, and he did a number on you. Yeah, I know that much.” The lad spoke, awkwardly trying to get up. As he did so, the she-wolf did her best to support him.
“Are you not… mad at us?” The kokuyoku scion timidly asked, still unsure what to do. Now that Keyaruga knew about her past, what she had, and what she had lost by Panakea’s ‘grace’, his attitude would never be the same. Or…
“Look, he’s a demigod (literally, his dad deflowered the goddess of hunt) with forty-three years of battles behind his back. He’d served under Jogarn Thur Jioral in his prime days, and he’s been specializing in butchering the likes of you, high-leveled, yet inexperienced kids.” The man said, picking up the orb he took from Blade. With it in his hands, he approached the melancholic sorceress, which ultimately ruined her attempt to fade out of existence. “You don’t have to feel so bad, Freia. Organ is at his peak, while you three are just getting started.”
“I know, you’re trying to be nice, but I nearly got us all killed…” The girl said, soaking her bolero in the trough. Surprisingly enough, that defeat motivated Eve and Setsuna to train harder and to take a revanche. Freia? This only bolstered her own self-loathing issues. “I… must congratulate you, though. This was Josephine’s, I think…”
Oh gods, I’m so sleepy… But this just simply will not do.
“H-how was… E-e-eh?!” The princess squeaked. Not such an unnatural reaction, when a strong man picks you up and carries you to the bed. “W-what’re you?.. Do you want to-?..”
“He-heh… What do I want? I wonder…” Keyaruga scoffed, laying the magician on their bed. He began undressing himself, tossing away the cuirass and the rugs he looted from the Hero of Sword. And after he finally undressed…
He hugged the princess, closed his eyes, and fell right into a dream. When Setsuna covered all three of them with a blanket, he had already been asleep.
“…” Eve, left completely unaddressed, sat in the corner of the bed. Before she knew it, the maiden too succumbed to the slumber.
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2023.03.21 12:47 Zenscoper420 Advice needed for bike purchase

I'm looking to buy a new bike for enduro use and I have narrowed it down to these 2 bikes, however, I am open to new suggestions. My budget is max 5k. I mostly ride in the alps, and 160mm of travel is enough for my terrain.
Any advice is appreciated, Thanks!
Spectral Mullet CF 8 CLLCTV CANYON HU
Spectral 29 FW CANYON HU
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2023.03.21 12:04 berserker13 Dangerous and Challenging Hikes

I have a work trip in NC this spring for 2weeks and looking to fill in that weekend with some hiking. Im from the North East and have hiked plenty in the White Mountains, Green, Catskills and Adirondaks.
I'm looking for day hikes that edge on the more challenging and dangerous side. By dangerous, I mean trails with cliff faces/iron rungs, ladders, caves, bouldering, and slides. By challenging, I mean steep and strenuous. I do not mean 20+miles hikes, I'm looking to keep this to day hikes.
Does anyone have any suggestions? My work will be in the RDU Triangle area, but not opposed to driving out west, as that seems to be where all the fun is.
Also, if there is a better subreddit to ask, please let me know. Thanks
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2023.03.21 11:57 MisforMandolin 36mm shocks for a new rider

Buddy pointed me to a good deal on a Specialized Status, but it’s got 36mm shocks. I’m not jumping or doing anything wild. Just trail riding.
Is this going to be too much bike for a new rider?
Buddy is a dentist. Apparently there is a joke about dentists and mountain bikers. But he wouldn’t tel me what.
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2023.03.21 11:28 Trivik2023 Best Resorts in Chikmagalur For Couples

A stunning incline town at a degree of around 3400 feet is called Chikmagalur. It needs your expedient thought since it is a new region. Farms of trees, particularly coffee fields, can be seen here. This region is seen as one of the most gorgeous regions with unimaginable weather patterns enduring consistently. According to fables, this district’s space was recently given as a settlement to Sakrepatna’s more energetic young lady of an unbelievable manager named Rukmangada. Just in light of this belief was the slant town given the name “Chikmagalur,” which signifies an “energetic young lady’s town.” The hypnotizing brilliance of this area, which encompasses swamps, harsh regions, the most wonderful points of view, and the best exercises in Chikmagalur, will unquestionably address nature darlings. The slant station’s greatness is unadulterated and rough in its most commonplace state since it is less visited and has a large number of the Best resorts in Chikmagalur for families. Every one of the fundamental comforts for guests, as incredible lodging choices, devouring establishments, works out, and inward transportation decisions, are immediately available.
From here, the Western Ghats start, and the lovely Yagachi Stream rises from the nearby slants. Chikmagalur is well known for its peaceful natural elements, verdant woods, and high mountains. It is routinely suggested as the coffee area of Karnataka and is entirely striking for its coffee. There are various regions to visit here, in this way there are lots of exercises. Visit Mullayanagiri, the most imperative top in the state, move to Kudremukh Zenith, take in the sights of Hirekolale Lake’s backwaters, research the coffee farm fields, cool off at Buttermilk Falls, examine Belavadi and Sound offers, go on an excursion to Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Safe-haven, take in the gloriousness of Bhadra Dam, and an outing to Bababudangiri Hil. These are several awesome “the thing to do” in Chikmagalur ought to recall visiting a piece of these stunning regions for and around the city with rich lodgings in Chikmagalur.
Chikmagalur, known as the Coffee Spot where there is India, is one of the most lovely slant towns in the country. This region is #1 among honeymooners on account of its stunning scenery. There are various genuine spots you can go to as a team, like coffee farms, enchanted overflows, having a go at climbing trails, critical safe havens, unprecedented homestays, and the Best resorts in Chikmagalur for couples. Venturing is an intriguing development here, while nature climbs are a serene activity for people who like to contribute their free energy alone. Plan your genuine getaway couples-obliging protests in Chikmagalur.
One of Chikmagalur’s most rich retreats is Trivik Housing. To make your visit to a novel book hotel in Chikmagalur, they offer the best food and entertainment decisions. It is the best blend of lavishness and joy. It joins various excesses of pampering living with the normal environment of untamed life. The personnel at this retreat guarantees that you respect your natural variables, live respectively as one with the area, and partake in the agreement and grandness of the area. Specific Features: Free Wi-Fi; Free Halting; Free Pool (Ordinary Pool); Room Organization; Power Support; Kitchenette; Cooling; Attire; Squeezing; Housekeeping; Paper; Public Restrooms.
Mullayangiri, Chikmagalur, Karnataka 577101 Sy Nos. 216 and 344 Channagondanahalli, Vasthur Hobli, Elunoorkhan Rd Assessing begins at INR 17000.
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Having trouble Calming the mind?
Incense burning for meditation and prayer is an ancient tradition. Burning incense for meditation decreases stress, and it is believed that different types of incense, like sandalwood, lavender, jasmine – have the power to cleanse negative energy, ease tension, and elevate your meditative state.

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Bullet shaped and produced with a small hole in the base, and a hollow interior, these cones will produce the beautiful smoke 'waterfall' type effect when burned in our Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder.
Did you know?
Incense burning for meditation and prayer is an ancient tradition. Burning incense for meditation decreases stress, and it is believed that different types of incense – frankincense, sandalwood, and sage – have the power to cleanse negative energy, ease tension, and elevate your meditative state.
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2023.03.21 11:19 wetheriders Some of the Mountain Bike Parts

Most of us like going for a ride on our bikes be it mountain biking, dust trails or any other off road terrain. I am sure we definitely enjoy the thrill and the adventure, but have you ever thought on the parts used to make your mountain bike? Well, neither have I. Nevertheless, it's actually very important to know our bike parts as it might be of help one day.

Some of the mountain bike parts are as listed below;

Bottom bracket, which is an adjustable attachment of the crank set to body of the bike. Crank lever which extends from the bottom bracket to the pedals and it's main function is transferring power to the chain rings, which are Custom Mountain Bike Clothing toothed rings which hold the chain. Chain circular, are set of links that transfer power from the chain ring to moving parts of the wheel.

Mountain bike parts also include; a brake cable and a lever whose functions are attaching the lever to the mechanism and activating the brakes respectively, Derailleur Mechanism which moves the chain from one part to another, front Shock absorbers, headset mechanism which connects front fork to the stem or the handlebars and spokes which are attached to the Hub Center section of the wheel.
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2023.03.21 11:11 adonaivn Các Loại Sinh Tố Đẹp Da Và Lưu Ý Để Đẹp Da Toàn Diện

Các Loại Sinh Tố Đẹp Da Và Lưu Ý Để Đẹp Da Toàn Diện
Các Loại Sinh Tố Đẹp Da:
Sinh tố từ bao lâu nay vẫn luôn là chủ đề được sử dụng rộng rãi hàng đầu trong chăm sóc da đẹp. Thức uống này ko chỉ bổ sung rộng rãi chất dinh dưỡng, mà còn nổi bật có hương vị cùng sự phong cách về màu sắc. Vậy buộc phải phổ biến chị em ưu tiên sử dụng sinh tố đều đặn. Vậy các loại sinh tố đẹp da phổ biến hiện tại sản xuất dưỡng chất gì? Những quan tâm để sử dụng sinh tố đúng cách để phát huy tối đa công dụng? Hãy cùng Adonai khám phá ngay ngày nay nhé!
📷Các Loại Sinh Tố Đẹp Da Và Lưu Ý Để Đẹp Da Toàn Diện
Tóm Tắt Nội Dung

Sinh tố đẹp da và những dưỡng chất nổi bật
Vitamin C
Vitamin C là 1 trong các chiếc sinh tố đẹp da phổ biến nhất. Nó là một chất chống oxy hóa mạnh mẽ giúp khiến cho giảm sự xuất hiện của những nếp nhăn và đốm nâu trên da. Ngoài ra Vitamin C còn giúp nâng cao cường cung cấp collagen, giúp da săn chắc và đàn hồi hơn. Để tiêu dùng vitamin C để khiến cho đẹp da, bạn sở hữu thể sử dụng sản phẩm cất vitamin C. Cùng với đó đơn giản hơn là ăn đa dạng mẫu trái cây như cam, dâu tây, kiwi, và quả chanh.
Error! Filename not specified.Sinh Tố Cam – Loại Sinh Tố Đẹp Da “Quốc Dân” Dành Cho Phái Đẹp
Vitamin E
Vitamin E là 1 chất chống oxy hóa khác giúp ngăn ngừa tình trạng oxy hóa của da. Nó giúp bảo vệ làn da khỏi những tác nhân gây hại từ môi trường và tia UV. Vitamin E cũng là một chất chống viêm, giúp giảm sự xuất hiện của mụn và viêm da. Chưa kể còn giúp cải thiện tình trạng da khô và bong tróc.
Nhìn chung cái Vitamin này có trong nhiều loại trái cây và rau củ quả. Trong đó mang thể kế đến dứa, mơ, hạt hạnh nhân, cải xoăn, cà chua và cà rốt,… Để tăng cường lượng Vitamin E cho cơ thể, bạn với thể thêm các loại thực phẩm này vào chế độ ăn uống hàng ngày.
Collagen là 1 loại protein tự sản bởi cơ thể nhằm hỗ trợ cấu trúc và đàn hồi cho da, xương, sụn và những mô khác. Tuy nhiên, khi lão hóa, phân phối collagen của cơ thể giảm dần. Từ ấy gây ra những vấn đề như nếp nhăn, da chảy xệ và đàn hồi giảm. Sử dụng những sản phẩm mang đựng collagen có thể giúp cải thiện tình trạng này và làm đẹp da.
📷Sinh Tố Óc Chó Vừa Là Sinh Tố Đẹp Da, Lại Có Vị Ngon Nổi Bật
Các mẫu sinh tố cũng là một cách để bổ sung collagen cho cơ thể. Những chiếc sinh tố này thường bao gồm những thành phần như sữa, đậu nành, hạt chia, quả óc chó,… Cùng với ấy là một số dòng thực phẩm chứa chất béo tốt cho da như hạt dẻ và bơ.
Beta-carotene, Vitamin A
Beta-carotene là 1 mẫu carotenoid, là chất dinh dưỡng chuyển hóa thành vitamin A trong cơ thể. Vitamin A sở hữu thuộc tính giúp tăng cường sức khỏe cho mắt và da. Beta-carotene cũng sở hữu thuộc tính chống oxy hóa. Bổ sung sẽ giúp giảm sự xuất hiện của các nếp nhăn và giúp da tươi trẻ hơn. Các thực phẩm giàu beta-carotene bao gồm cà rốt, bí đỏ, khoai tây, và nhiều dòng rau xanh lá,…
Omega-3 là một loại axit béo không thể tự sản xuất được bởi cơ thể nhưng lại siêu nên thiết để giúp cải thiện sức khỏe da. Omega-3 giúp giảm sự viêm và kích thích chế tạo các tế bào da mới. Cùng sở hữu đó là cải thiện độ ẩm và độ mềm mại của da.
Những chiếc sinh tố thường bao gồm các thành phần như trái cây, rau củ, hạt, đậu và sữa,… đa số đều đựng đa dạng chất béo phải chăng cho da. Một số mẫu thực phẩm được khuyến khích bổ sung omega-3 bao gồm cá, hạt chia, hạt óc chó, hạt dẻ và rau xanh lá.
📷Sinh Tố Rau Xanh – Sinh Tố Đẹp Da, Tốt Cho Sức Khoẻ
Tuy nhiên, khi bổ sung omega-3 thông qua những mẫu sinh tố, cần phải để ý đến lượng chất béo bổ sung cơ thể. Việc tiêu thụ quá phổ biến chất béo với thể gây nâng cao cân và các vấn đề khác về sức khỏe. Do đó, việc bổ sung omega-3 buộc phải được kết hợp sở hữu chế độ ăn uống cân bằng. Tiếp nữa là luyện tập thể thao để duy trì một sức khỏe da và cơ thể rẻ nhất.
Kẽm là 1 khoáng chất quan trọng cho da và sức khỏe chung. Nó giúp giữ ẩm và tăng cường cung cấp collagen, giúp da săn chắc hơn. Kẽm cũng giúp ngăn dự phòng tình trạng da nhờn và mụn trứng cá. Các thực phẩm giàu kẽm bao gồm hạt hướng dương, đậu, làm thịt gà, giết thịt bò và hải sản.
Lưu ý để sử dụng sinh tố đẹp da, phải chăng cho sức khỏe
Sinh tố đẹp da là một trong các bí quyết để bổ sung những dưỡng chất nhu yếu cho cơ thể, giúp cải thiện sức khỏe và làm đẹp da. Tuy nhiên, để đảm bảo sinh tố phát huy hết tác dụng, bạn phải chú ý các điểm sau:
Thời điểm cần uống sinh tố
Nên uống sinh tố đẹp da vào buổi sáng hoặc trước bữa ăn để cơ thể dễ dàng hấp thu các dưỡng chất từ sinh tố.
Tuy nhiên thời điểm thưởng thức sinh tố cũng sẽ tùy vào chiếc sinh tố. Các chiếc sinh tố mang thể mang thời kì thích hợp khác nhau. Ví dụ, trường hợp bạn uống sinh tố chứa vitamin C, cần uống vào buổi sáng để giúp tăng sức đề kháng cho cơ thể. Trong khi đó, giả dụ uống sinh tố cất những dưỡng chất giúp thư giãn như l-theanine, bạn bắt buộc uống vào buổi tối để giúp thư giãn và ngủ ngon hơn.
📷Các Loại Sinh Tố Đẹp Da Vừa Ngon Miệng Lại Tốt Cho Sức Khoẻ
Đối tượng bắt buộc uống sinh tố
Các mẫu sinh tố đẹp da mang thể được tiêu dùng bởi hầu hết đối tượng từ trẻ thơ tới người to tuổi. Tuy nhiên, trước khi tiêu dùng sinh tố, bạn buộc phải tham khảo ý kiến ​​của chưng sĩ hoặc chuyên gia dinh dưỡng, đặc trưng là giả dụ bạn đang sử dụng các dòng thuốc hoặc sở hữu bất kỳ vấn đề sức khỏe nào.
Tần suất sử dụng
Không nên sử dụng sinh tố đẹp da quá liều hoặc quá thường xuyên. Nếu bạn tiêu dùng sinh tố hàng ngày, hãy đảm bảo tiêu dùng theo chỉ dẫn của nhà phân phối hoặc theo hướng dẫn của chuyên gia dinh dưỡng.
Kết hợp những hình thức khác
Không thể phủ nhận thức uống này vừa ngon, rẻ cho sức khoẻ lại rộng rãi lựa chọn. Tuy nhiên, không bắt buộc quá tập kết vào sinh tố mà thiếu các yếu tố chăm nom da khác. Ví dụ như việc bảo vệ da khỏi tác hại của ánh nắng mặt trời, tẩy trang đúng cách, dưỡng ẩm đầy đủ và chế độ ăn uống lành mạnh. Ngoài ra, tránh các lề thói xấu cũng là chi tiết quan yếu để giữ cho làn da khỏe mạnh và trẻ trung.
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Cách tốt nhất để bảo đảm bạn đang cung ứng đủ những cái sinh tố đẹp da là ăn một chế độ ăn uống phổ biến và cân bằng. Điều ấy có tức là bao gồm nhiều mẫu thực phẩm giàu chất dinh dưỡng. Nếu bạn không thể bảo đảm rằng mình đang cung cấp đủ các chất dinh dưỡng cho da của mình, bạn mang thể xem xét dùng những sản phẩm chăm nom da hoặc bổ sung dinh dưỡng mang cất các chiếc sinh tố này. Tiêu biểu nhất là sử dụng những cái viên uống đảm bảo an toàn và hiệu quả. Có thể kế đến viên uống Adonai với sự kết hợp của Collagen Peptide Cá Tuyết, L-Glutathione hay Lô Hội, Kỷ Tử Adonai,… Từ đấy giúp ko chỉ giúp da căng bóng, mịn màng mà còn tương trợ xóa mờ nám hiệu quả.
Kết luận
Các dòng sinh tố đẹp da sở hữu thể giúp cải thiện tình trạng da, làm da trẻ trung và tươi sáng hơn. Tuy nhiên, nó không cần là biện pháp độc nhất vô nhị và ko thể thay thế những chế độ trông nom da hầu hết và lành mạnh. Việc duy trì một chế độ ăn uống cân bằng và chăm chút da đúng bí quyết là chìa khóa để mang được làn da khỏe mạnh và đẹp. Mong rằng những san sớt trên đây sở hữu thể giúp bạn hiểu hơn về sinh tố. Từ đấy tạo thói quen sử dụng thức uống này, hài hòa có viên uống collagen, chế độ tập luyện, ăn uống lành mạnh để rẻ cho sức khoẻ và làn da.
Hotline: 0982 069 039
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