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Fallout_timeline_headcanon (I don't know where to put this headcanon on reddit and thanks for getting my other account banned from reddit) (Fix it thank you for your feedback)

2023.03.22 11:07 Vault_theory_2 Fallout_timeline_headcanon (I don't know where to put this headcanon on reddit and thanks for getting my other account banned from reddit) (Fix it thank you for your feedback)

1945 -1969

World war 3 starts in result of the transistor be destroyed or never invended. this also includes other inventions, laws, business, history information, music being destroyed and people being born and the usa as a whole.

The usa broke up in to parts:

Us states or union states:

Freedom states:

Confederate states:

Independent states:
AK, AZ, CA?, CO, HI, ID, MT, ND?, NM, NV OR?, SD?, TX?, WA?, WY

allies between states are unknown and independent states are on there own.

Confederate has taken over human side of the enclave. Why enclave is asking where the vault is so it can be invaded ending the union us and anyone that is not under this enclave. that is because all vaults are under the us flag or people that want the us to be put back together.
So Confederate is now known as the enclave

China is allies with Confederate so thay can get a procentage of oil in Alaska. The Chinese you see in the us are mercenaries.
It thay did start the nuclear war in 2077 the capital in D.C. would be gone and they would not stop at Alaska they would of keep going through Washington, Oregon and California and maybe Hawaii.
They would have navy ships and a lot of solders to invade the west side of the us but they didn't even touch wa, or, ca it look like that didn't have there navy and soldiers anymore which explains there had to be a nuclear war before October 23 2077.

The us won the Sino-American War in 2076 the Confederate didn't like that and wanted Alaska oil. or maybe didn't want to lose again ? and so thay started making a nuclear steady with China probably giving more oil percentage to join the war so when October 23 2077 came thay where ready ending the last remaining us within two hours and so the fallout universe begans.

Zax computer in Washington DC ravin rock was built to help put the country back together.

If the us loss this war thay would go to space and find a new home.
The vaults where a back up plan if space was a no go. Apparently thay found out that there where spys in vault tec which made The mystery stranger and if the vault where used the mystery stranger would hide within the vault to keep it running right and if the vault dwellers left the vault he or she would keep them safe at all costs.

In the event that the vaults need to be used all vault tests will be stop except under the circumstances of vaults built around that test will continue either a couple of months or a couple of years. The us made it if the us loses the war the vault dwellers from all vaults will be the backup of the us. one vault dweller will be sworn in as president of the us and another will be sworn in as vice president and so on.

It is also believe that California was neutral after the great war until the explosion of the oil rig in fallout 2.

October 23 2077 means the great civil war or the us 2nd civil war.

Vault tec was probably created a couple of years after ww3 also applying there was a war before October 23 2077 and that the green country lodge bunker was upgrade by vault tec.

Also there mite be evidence that vault tec builds some vaults under ground to the surface ?

Confederate spys entered vaults to sabotage the vaults or turn the tests back on.

Fev virus was made to help get rid of radiation and it also has side effects that includes mutations. Also fev is air, water, ground and any where radiation is it also probably there.
And thay mite of also put 75% in nuclear bombs.

Brother hood of steel democrats ? or maybe Republicans ?

Enclave Republicans ? or maybe democrats ?

The brothers hood of steel from fallout 3 is the last remaining democrats or Republicans from California also brother hood of steel mission is to not let civil war or any war happen again in the us. also fallout 3 brother hood of steel outcast is from Washington DC or wherever fallout 3 take place.

Canada is temporary annex in two places one over washington to Alaska and the other over North Dakota to Alaska.

Also Mexico was nuke or bombed by whatever part of the us thay attack.

Also Mexico and south America are dieing or dead because of the new different creature released or made in the wasteland and the deathclaws where created by the Confederate releasing by accident or on the battlefield. the us created the scorchbeast to encounter this.
South America has no power armor no vaults only regular bunkers.

In fallout 3 dlc mothership zeta the laser beam that hits earth is probably the glowing sea ground zero in fallout 4 because you don't see a nuke falling and the mushroom cloud is much bigger than the nuke from fallout 3 and fallout 76 and when you see the mushroom cloud from space it look like it is the same cloud. also if if is from the lazer 95% of everyone in Boston is dead or a feral ghoul. This making father insane making people that he could save into syths if thay where turned into a feral ghoul is was all ready to late. The blast also effect the vaults vault 111 complete computer failure, vault 81 mole rat escape, vault 95 damage inter walls. Thay never got the warning untell it was to late also it possible that the ground zero in the glowing sea it would have been 5,000 to 15,000 rads after the hit. also you know that guy from the beginning from vault tec and thay didn't let him in the vault if thay let him in fallout 4 possibly would have been a defant game or would have never come out at all.

After October 23 2077 one state to take over the whole us ?

Did the Confederate or union mess up the US money ?

Was child of Adam made before the great war ?

Would nuclear winter push new
creatures in to south America ?

Vault 120 somewhere off the coast of the us or Alaska or Hawaii and maybe more vaults are under water or on the cost ?

Japan and taiwan is under China's government possibly ?

Korea is whole again maybe ?

India and Pakistan war at each other ?


1: the us flag 13 stars

2: no one is cleaning or rebuilding city's

3: you can nuke city's with in us borders and there are planes and military tanks, apcs, big cannons which should be on the shore line or overseas or in the ocean

4: us robots attacking

5: people attacking others for no reason. Not over food or water(1-5 rads will not stop someone from drinking or eating also rad away and rad-x will helps with that. ) but territory

6: the capital is still there but the white house and part of the history museum is gone

7: a us t45 power armor shooting a us combat armor solder in fallout 1
And the background look to be in the us and in fallout 3 trailer the soldiers that are fighting at each catheter look to have the same uniform

8: some animals may of gone extinct in world war 3 and even more in Oct 23 2077.brahmin Not one regular cow. Also cows would take generations to become brahmin

9: the geck should of been made during the great war or after not before the war this is also why there had to be a war before October 23 2077

Will the us return back to the usa or is it gone forever stay tuned for the fallout tv show or the next fallout in the game series.
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2023.03.22 10:27 Elon__Ge Fed Expected To Raise Rates by Another 25bps, But Here Are Other Four Key Concerns Need To Be Answered

Fed Expected To Raise Rates by Another 25bps, But Here Are Other Four Key Concerns Need To Be Answered
The Federal Reserve is expected to raise another 25 bps on Wednesday, though some expect a pause of rate-hiking due to the fragile banking system. The central bank has tons of work to do at this meeting, such as reassuring the economy is strong enough to endure a high-rate environment, claiming the health of the financial system despite the collapse of SVB and Signature Bank, and considering whether a rate-cut should be on the table this year.
FedWatch shows that there is an 89.3% chance that Fed will raise rates by 25 bps today, putting the fed funds rates target rate range at 4.75% to 5%. The Fed will also release Summary of Economic Projections (SEP), including the dot plot that shows FOMC’s outlook for the federal funds rate.
Goldman still sees a pause in Fed’s rate-hiking is possible, citing concerns about uncertainty in the global financial system spurred by a string of destabilizing bank failures. High-profile hedge fund manager Bill Ackman also asks for a pause, citing “we have had a number of major shocks to the system.”
In addition to a rate-hike in March’s meeting, four other key concerns need to be addressed, which will be a pivot for the stock market to rally or sell off again.
How high will terminal rate go? Will there be a rate-cut this year?
According to the dot plot from last December, most Fed officials believed that the rate would eventually go above 5%, and no rate-cut would occur this year. Powell also stated that rate-hiking could be faster, higher for longer when he testified in Congress earlier this month.
However, the bond market does not share the same view after the collapse of SVB and Signature Bank. Traders bet the terminal interest rate is about 36 basis points higher than current levels, meaning that after the 25 basis point rate hike today, there is only a 50% chance that the Fed will raise rates by another 25 basis points in May. Then the Fed will stop and cut rates at least once this year.
Powell's speech this time may be more cautious. He will first acknowledge the early victory in the fight against inflation while also stating that the central bank is closely monitoring the banking system and confident in the stability of financial markets. He may also be open to any monetary policy changes, including a rate-cut this year if necessary.
The Fed just added $300 billion to its balance sheet, will inflation heat up again?
The central bank just added nearly $300 billion to its balance sheet in a single week as it kicked off its loan bailout program for banks. Now, the total assets held by the Federal Reserve have bounced back to last November’s high, and some worry that quantitative easing (QE) may fuel inflation again.
Powell may need to explain this to the public: is the Fed turning from monetary tightening (QT) to monetary easing (QE) now? How will this emergent liquidity support affect inflation and current monetary policy?
Is the Fed too fixated on the 2% inflation target? Powell faces a test.
As we all know, the Fed's current aggressive rate hikes are aimed at combating inflation and bringing its long-term target to 2%. However, the collapse of regional banks reflects that the US economy is not resilient enough to endure more rate-hiking. Will the Fed moderate its tone on the inflation goal after recession worries? Maybe
Can U.S. still achieve soft-landing after banking crisis?
The SEP will also be released today, including Fed officials' outlook on real GDP growth, unemployment rate, PCE, and core PCE in the short, medium, and long term.
At the last December meeting, officials believed that US economic growth could range from -0.5% to 1% this year, meaning a mild recession is probable. With continued aggressive interest rate hikes, bank failures, and large-scale layoffs in the technology industry, officials may once again lower their economic growth forecast.
However, there is no doubt that Powell will reiterate his optimism for a soft-landing, citing the tight job market and an unemployment rate of only 3.6%. Will investors buy it? We will see.
More market insight on
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2023.03.22 10:21 KiWePing I think you're in the wrong job buddy...

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2023.03.22 10:13 Informal_Nature5 Second opinion after a worse ENT experience

Male, 29, 75.4kg, 178cm tall.
Dear readers,
Would like to have your opinions. Last week I had an unpleasant experience with an ENT doctor I was assigned to. Online I already read bad reviews, but the GP currently had no other way because the complaints are not "urgent". Just have a background in an anxiety disorder (unfortunately due to a medical blooper). Below my pattern of symptoms with dates. My GP suspects labyrinthitis and vestibular neuritis and from the ENT I have heard nothing, but no word. Not even a hello was possible. Also, the man would not listen or read to my kept diary. He did complain that he finds it annoying that people always come in thinking they have Meniere's when it is a rare disease. Now I have been referred for an audio test, hyperventilation testing and a balance test. Why? Really have no idea. I have unfortunately received 0 explanation and hope that possibly someone can give me something of a direction as to what happened (now virtually symptom free) or why I may still be getting these tests. Currently I am quite sad about the whole situation after all, as my wedding is in 2 months. My pattern of complaints:
The start
Jan 26/27 Sickness (nausea, fatigue, abdominal pain, tightness in the chest etc,) Jan 30 A very brief spinning dizziness. Lasted less than a minute when I turned over in bed. Thought BPPD then, and so did an Epley in bed. The week after I was not completely fit and kept feeling the dizziness from time to time for example with intense exercise, darkness, watching screens or moving objects, also hearing was dull. Didn't think anything crazy of it and just kept on doing everything. Afterward the symptoms looked like a milder or emerging version of the symptoms after the first attack.
On Feb. 9 I had a severe vertigo attack. I had to rush to a friend's house on my break. On the way there I started wobbling more and more and at his house I felt worse and worse. Then I quickly walked home and at home the whole room started spinning. As if I had turned myself up on a swing as a child and then lifted my feet off the floor. I stumbled to the bathroom because I was getting more and more nauseous until I threw up. At first I stayed standing with myself wedged between the two walls, but later I thought it would be smarter to sit down. I emailed my friend that she needed to come quickly and I wanted to see the doctor. After the attack, I was very dizzy and very shocked by the incident. I had started consulting Google because the doctor didn't have time until very late due to the rush. That's where I first read about meniere's and got very worried (very stupid to Google too with an anxiety problem). During the phone consultation, the doctor mentioned that it was probably an inflammation of my inner ear, labyrinthitis.
The weeks after the attack I really had to walk with my friend on the arm for a while in the beginning because of the dizziness and instability. Like the weeks before the attack, I heard everything dull with the left for a while, then tinitus. I also sometimes felt like something of a little fluid was leaking out. In fact, when I walked outside the left felt wet when wind came in. Mental I was still very confused and had little concentration and had a twitching ear muscle (or something?) for a few days. As the days went by I gained a little more confidence and walked larger and larger distances and picked up my work from full again. I also went back to full exercise, calisthenics and started drinking booze. With the wedding planner, things turned very briefly again like the all first incident. I stayed calm and knew that crowded, dark spaces could trigger symptoms in the weeks following the attack.
The symptoms did persist so I sent the doctor to see if it was wise to do everything like this and if there were any physio exercises to create faster stability and speed up the plasticity against the dizziness. However, I was also advised if it persisted to stop by the practice.
On Feb. 27, I went back to work hard in the evening. Worked out for 2 hours after a full day at work and made late with booze the weekend before (stupid). Did a lot of hanging upside down during the workout. Through stretching and handstand push-ups. In the car back my left side started getting all denser again and once home the dizziness started getting worse. At one point I had to go to the bathroom again from nausea. It wasn't spinning like the swing metaphor, but more like being drunk or something. With movement of my head I became nauseous. This moment lasted about 1 to 1.5 hours then I was back in the shower.
The following days I was quite upset. It did not feel like I had to "rehabilitate" as much as after the turn attack. I told my friend again that I felt like some fluid was leaking out again. I remained slightly dizzy, which I was more affected by especially in the evening. Especially mentally I was/am going through a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. I always said my head is my biggest enemy and now it felt like I had lost a battle. I stopped working again and with sports I focus on walking and cardio. Not on calisthenics. The stress and anxiety were very high. But at this moment I am trying to focus on rest.
March 4
By writing this journal, I actually found more peace because everything reads like the stories of labyrinthitis. Not that I took it to articles, but wrote it based on my (whatsapp) conversations with my surroundings and work. Also, my ear still continued to leak slightly after visiting the doctor. Dizziness subsided and now notice it mainly while getting up and later in the evening. It also seems to stick out more in crowded environments. Sometimes I thought I was going crazy that it felt like my ear was leaking. So 1 time I had my girlfriend check it to see if it was wet. This she was able to confirm (yeah, I'm sorry for her). Besides leaking, my girlfriend mentioned once that my ear was all red and warm. That it almost felt heat coming out of it. The other side was just normal and not coming from outside or anything like that.
March 6
Today the dizziness subsided more. Still briefly felt some pressure and seemed to have some fluid coming out again.
March 7
Today the morning starts a little heavier and feels a little full. 10:23 and it feels normal again. Hour later fulllig again and between noon it seemed to leak slightly (like a trickle was leaking or something) then the pressure decreased. 17:00 Pressure is completely gone again. Ear continues to feel a little wet.
March 14
This morning seemed to have another little hot flash. Was lightheaded and dizzy. Almost looked like a much milder version of the 2nd "attack". Also, this was far from similar to the 1st time. Not vomiting or nauseous and had just dressed myself a went downstairs. Also grabbed tea, but then thought it would be better to just lie quietly upstairs. While typing it has already subsided a lot. Slept very badly last night. Couldn't fall asleep and woke up a few times. Yesterday in the early evening I had some more symptoms, but that also subsided. Had no noticeable hearing loss either way. Tinnitus is still present. Sometimes louder than at other times, but not yet disturbing sleep or anything. Rest of the day went just fine again.
March 15
Currently, the dizziness seems to be gone and only something of small pressure can be felt in my head. Tinitus also seems to be a lot less. I do notice a positive line from the first vertigo attack.
March 16
I have a hard time letting go. So I thought I will do a home test to make something more tangible. After all, I understood that a hearing test can show a lot of diseases. So I just did a frequency test at home. You have 2 outcomes in that. Lack in low/mid freqs = pretty much Meniere's. In high freqs, problems in the cochlea, most likely lab. Low I heard everything fine and but at the very higher frequencies (+14000hz) the sound slid towards my right ear. (I got this info from ENT reports)
March 17
Tinnitus remains very mild. The pressure is practically gone now.
As of today
No more tinnitus, only with chewing very slightly (is this even possible?). Mentally I feel part of the world again. Hearing again as I am used to and had no dizziness or instability for more than a week. The anxiety and stress remain high for me only because I have received 0 info or direction from ENT.

Sorry for my long post. Thank you all in advance. Cheers

Edit note: Perhaps good to mention. It all started in a pretty stressful period. My car suddenly broke down. While I just started a big project at work that I have to lead. Wedding planning. Major leakage with our new home. The kitchen equipment stopped working as well. Father suddenly with PTSD. So yeah... A little stress
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2023.03.22 09:53 OP-CDOMarkets Brent Daily Report

Support Level: 73.80 – 72.80 – 71.70
Resistance Level: 76.00 – 78.70 – 80.50

Brent continued the advance, climbed from intraday low 72.80 area to intraday high 75.40. It holds near the top and ended the day around 75.20, up for the day and indicates bullish sign in the hourly chart. Meanwhile, the 20 and 50 SMA started turning north and heading towards longer ones, indicates bulls not exhausted yet. On upside, overcome 76.00 may encourage bulls to challenge 78.70, break above that level will open the gate to 80.50.

Check out for more: Read Daily Reports
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2023.03.22 09:34 iloveclouds69 Hit and run incident

Apologizes for the long read but it’s a very complicated situation and I appreciate any advice I can get.
My car, which was parked on my neighborhood street, was totaled by a hit and run. Upon finding my car, I learned that the woman who hit me had caused two other accidents prior on the street nearby and then after hitting my vehicle abandoned her car down the street and ran away on foot. I was able to get the license plate and footage of the car as well as video of the incident. The police gathered my information but told me that the report will take some time since they are combining all the other incidents from this woman all together in this report. This happened on the 5th of March and as of today I am still waiting on the report and have not received any information on the woman or if they have found her. The car is registered to a man but was not reported stolen so I’m confused on the slow investigation. Regardless this is all just background on my ever evolving back luck 🤕
I do not have collision on my insurance (connect) and as soon as I opened the claim my rep was quick to close it saying the other insurance should be handling all costs. After talking to the police today they told me that it’s more than likely that this person does not have insurance so I need to reach out to my insurance to inform them of this situation. Meanwhile my car which was totaled was parked on my street for about a week before I finally called triple A to come tow my car. This is where it gets worst. Their representative came and upon telling them where I wanted my car to be towed he told me that that would not be possible due to the size of the tow vehicle n the alley/spot I wanted to drop it off at my mom’s apt. I asked him what my options were and he said he could tow it to their 3rd party lot (Carmel towing) and that my insurance should be able to cover it. He even called his boss to make sure for me since I was unsure due to my lack of collision coverage. They told me since I have uninsured property damage coverage, that it would be fine. That they will connect with my insurance. They towed my car n I honestly forgot about it until I received an invoice from them yesterday with the storage and tow fees I owe. They charged me 700 for the tow when I was under the impression that it was through triple A. They also charge $175 daily storage so my bill is currently around 2000$ which is more than what my totaled car is worth. When I tried calling them to gain clarity they were extremely rude and unprofessional. Multiple reviews of their business showed similar experiences from other costumers. They currently have a lien on my car and I’m just trying to figure out what my best solution is. Is it possible for me to avoid picking up my vehicle n having them sell it at the lien auction. Will they still come after me for the difference of what I “owe” them even though it seems like these are fraudulent tow predators. I really don’t know what to do and this is my first time dealing with something like this and it’s been extremely frustrating and depressing how this one incident that just occurred to me is now costing me so much money:( Any advice would help! I appreciate anyone for just reading and sending good vibes
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2023.03.22 09:33 arcticheatpumps How Do You Integrate Air Source Heat Pumps with Solar Thermal Heaters?

How Do You Integrate Air Source Heat Pumps with Solar Thermal Heaters?
Are you looking for the most energy-efficient air source heat pumps for cold climates in the North American market? If yes, then you should look no further than the Arctic Heat Pump. Apart from this, the heat pump is recognized for hydronic heating and cooling application.
In addition, the Arctic series air source heat pumps for cold climates are perfectly engineered to integrate quickly with a solar thermal heater. With the integration, you can expect to take advantage of increasing overall efficiency and the system’s operational costs. Solar thermal heating system makes a perfect integrating unit to use with an air source heat pump and can add an extra 47,000 BTU per day on an average per every collector.
For integrating with the solar thermal heating system, the Arctic Heat Pump uses the SunRain Solar Vacuum Tube Collectors that will allow the system to provide hot water even during the coldest winter in North America. The evacuated tube collectors are well-known as the top-rated technology with a ten-year warranty. Their efficiency allows the system to produce energy even on cloudy days. Solar thermal systems have an 80% efficiency rating which means they capture and provide 80% of the solar energy.

How Does the Integration of Air Source Heat Pump and Solar Thermal Heater Work?

Solar evacuated tube collectors utilize heat pipe technology that helps in transferring solar energy to the heat bulb. The heat bulb can attain temperatures up to 300C. Every collector contains 20 or 30 bulbs, inserted into an insulated copper header, known as a heat exchanger.
The heat pipes start transferring heat energy to the header and then to a special glycol heating fluid. Every header comprises 0.6 gallons or 2.2 liters of heating fluid. A temperature sensor is inserted into the header heat exchanger. A second temperature sensor is present in the bottom part of the heat pump buffer tank and a differential controller with a pump system senses temperatures.
When the heating fluid present in the top of the collector exceeds the tank’s water temperature, the pump gets switched on starting the energy transfer process. The hot heating fluid circulates through the large heat exchanger present on the bottom part of the tank. After that, the energy is transferred to the storage tank which is again delivered to the remaining home heating system.
Integrating air source heat pumps with solar systems makes a perfect combination as they have the same glycol heating fluid. Other than air-to-air heat pumps, hydronic heat pumps, and solar thermal systems have the same energy storage principle of a thermal mass, known as a buffer tank. Most homeowners want to reduce energy costs; so you should consider the advantage of combining air-source heat pumps for cold climates with solar thermal heaters to increase overall performance and minimize operational costs.
If you want help with integrating an air source heat pump with a solar thermal system, please contact Arctic Heat Pumps today at 1-866-800-8123.
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2023.03.22 09:21 cocosharkmun Monitor having glitches past 144hz.

This just started happening today out of the blue. Whenever my monitor is displaying past 144hz it glitches out half of the screen. I'm using a DP cable and have tried using a different port on my GPS but no luck. I have a second monitor that doesn't do this but it only goes up to 75 hz. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.22 08:35 develthe0 Exploring the Intersection of Tech, Health, and News develthe

A Brief Overview of the Tyrannosaurus Rex
The Tyrannosaurus Rex, or T. tyceratops Rex for short, is one of the most iconic dinosaurs in the world. It was a massive creature, measuring over 12 meters (40 feet) long and weighing over 6 metric tons (13,000 pounds). The T. Rex was a carnivore, meaning that it ate other animals for food. It had a large head with sharp teeth, and its powerful legs helped it to run at speeds of up to 30 kilometers (19 miles) per hour.
The T. Rex lived during the late Cretaceous period, around 66-68 million years ago. It was one of the last dinosaurs to exist before the mass extinction that killed them all. The T. Rex was originally discovered in 1902 by paleontologist Henry Fairfield Osborn. Since then, many more fossils of this amazing creature have been found, giving us a better understanding of its anatomy and lifestyle.
The T. Rex was a fearsome predator, and its size and strength meant that it had few enemies. However, it is thought that the T. Rex may have occasionally been preyed upon by other large carnivores, such as the Giganotosaurus. It is also possible that the T. Rex was killed by diseases or injuries.
Today, the T. Rex is one of the most popular dinosaurs, and it has appeared in many movies and television shows. It is also the official state dinosaur of several US states, including Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana. The T. Rex is an amazing creature, and its fossil remains continue to fascinate and intrigue us.
2. The Discovery and Naming of the Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus rex, one of the most famous dinosaurs, lived approximately 68-66 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous period in what is now North America. The first Tyrannosaurus rex fossil was discovered in 1902 by paleontologist Barnum Brown in South Dakota. Brown went on to discover several more Tyrannosaurus rex fossils, which he then sold to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
The Tyrannosaurus rex was given its name in 1905 by Henry Fairfield Osborn, the president of the American Museum of Natural History. The name means “tyrant lizard king” and is derived from the Greek words tyrannos (τύραννος), meaning “tyrant”, and sauros (σαῦρος), meaning “lizard” or “reptile”. The specific name, rex, is Latin for “king”.
Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the largest land predators that ever lived, with some individuals reaching lengths of over 12 meters (40 feet) and weights of over 7 metric tons (15,000 pounds). The largest Tyrannosaurus rex specimen ever found, nicknamed “Sue”, is on display at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.
Despite its large size, Tyrannosaurus rex was not invulnerable to predators. It is thought that the smaller, but similarly built, Tarbosaurus was a major predator of Tyrannosaurus rex. In addition, Tyrannosaurus rex may have been preyed upon by the even larger crocodilian Deinosuchus.
Today, the Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the most popular dinosaurs, appearing in numerous books, films, and television shows. It has even been featured in video games and toys.
3. The Size and Appearance of the Tyrannosaurus Rex
The Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the largest land predators that ever lived. It was up to 40 feet (12 meters) long, and weighed up to 20,000 pounds (9,000 kilograms). The Tyrannosaurus had a huge head with teeth up to 12 inches (30 centimeters) long. It also had two small arms with two-fingered hands.
4. The Behavior of the Tyrannosaurus Rex
The Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the most feared predators of its time. This massive creature could reach lengths of up to 40 feet and weighed in at over 5 tons. The T. rex was equipped with large, powerful jaws that could crush its prey with ease. It also had sharp, serrated teeth that could tear through flesh and bone. The T. rex was a fast and agile hunter, capable of running at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.
This fearsome predator was not without its predators, however. The T. rex was often preyed upon by the smaller but equally deadly velociraptor. The two species would often battle to the death, with the victor feasti
5. The Extinction of the Tyrannosaurus Rex
The Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the most feared and respected predators of its time. But what led to its extinction? While there are many theories, the most likely cause was a combination of factors, including disease, climate change, and competition from other predators.
The first factor that likely led to the extinction of the T. Rex was disease. Like all animals, the T. Rex was susceptible to infections and diseases. And while some diseases may have been treatable, others were not. For example, one disease that likely killed many T. Rexes was trichinosis, a parasitic infection that was transmitted through eating infected meat.
The second factor that contributed to the extinction of the T. Rex was climate change. During the time when the T. Rex lived, the Earth was going through a major climate change, causing the environment to become increasingly arid. This change in climate would have made it difficult for the T. Rex to find food and water, leading to starvation.
The third and final factor that led to the extinction of the T. Rex was competition from other predators. As the climate changed and food became scarce, the T. Rex would have had to compete with other predators for food. This competition would have been particularly fierce with the emergence of new predators, such as the raptor.
While the exact cause of the extinction of the T. Rex is still unknown, it is likely that a combination of these three factors led to its demise.
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2023.03.22 08:33 Billy_Carpenter Edu's BBQ: How Arsenal smashed Crystal Palace — Inside the 4-1 romp, including looks at the suffocating 2-3-5, the Saka-Martinelli connection, White's clinic, the set piece quandary, and Partey's debut at right-back

Edu's BBQ: How Arsenal smashed Crystal Palace — Inside the 4-1 romp, including looks at the suffocating 2-3-5, the Saka-Martinelli connection, White's clinic, the set piece quandary, and Partey's debut at right-back
Behold! A few dubious observations from the reassuring 4-1 win against Palace!
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The retro 2-3-5

A football pitch is a flat rectangle, but time is a flat circle. In tactics, as in fashion, what is old is new again.
In his yearslong project, Arteta has gradually and then suddenly shifted the Arsenal shape, inverting the full-backs to flank Thomas Partey, and pushing Xhaka up into the frontline to join the attackers. This generally brings the team together in a highly modern 2-3-5 attacking setup.
This was, of course, the very first formation adopted en masse, as chronicled in Inverting the Pyramid: The History of Football Tactics:
There is a widespread belief … that the 2-3-5 was first played by Cambridge University in 1883, but there is evidence to suggest they may have been using the system as much as six years before that … Certainly Wrexham were employing a center-half when they faced the Druids in the Welsh Cup Final in 1878.
Here’s a lineup sheet from 1887:
For the next 35 years or so, the “Pyramid” formation remained king, thanks in no small part to the success of Preston North End in the 1880s. Traditionalists at the time shared their outrage over the formation. Their ire wasn’t about the number of players committed forward, but the gall of these newfangled teams to leave two players back to defend. One poor Scottish club caught shit in the local paper for only putting nine players forward in attack.
In other words: much like Antonio Conte burning his bridges on the way out, the 2-3-5 is true #footballheritage.
The Arsenal have used the shape to devastating effect this year. One of the key reasons behind their success is the concept of “rest defence,” which Tifo explained brilliantly here, and we’ve talked a lot about over the course of the season. As the video posits, a simple way to look at this concept is by asking: “how prepared are you in the attacking phase to deal with a shift to defending?” For Arsenal, the answer is usually splendidly: the team is simultaneously able to maintain maximum width in attack with the front-5, and maximum narrowness with those behind (generally in a 2-3 shape).
It’s incredibly frustrating to play against, and directly led to the first goal against Palace.
At 26’, the team is in their usual attacking shape, with 5 in the front and 3 behind. There have been some rotations (Ødegaard and Saka have flipped, and Martinelli has made a central cut), and Ødegaard fires in a cross.
Palace does an effective job of gaining position and getting the ball, then clearing it. Home free, one would think…
Nope. Holding runs up from the backline, and the team swarms Édouard. He dishes it back to Doucouré. Home free again:
Nope. Ødegaard immediately runs at Doucouré and separates him from the ball:
Partey then runs up and plays the loose ball to a cutting Ødegaard in space:
…but he overhits it by a smidge, and Guéhi steps up and intercepts it. Home free again. Guéhi plays it up to Zaha to get rid of it, but uh-oh, somebody’s waiting there, too:
…aaaand that’s intercepted, as well:
From there, White plays it up to Saka, who crosses it to Martinelli, who slams it home.
One of the first concepts you learn as a kid is the idea of creating space while attacking, and generating compactness when defending. You may remember hearing coaches yell something like “SPREAD!” as soon as you won possession and “SQUEEZE!” as soon as you lost it.
Arsenal’s shape allows them to do both at the same time. The same reasons that early football teams were drawn to it — a fundamental ability to sustain attacks while minimizing vulnerability in the middle on the counter — are the same reasons it’s working today.
It’s claustrophobic, relentless, and dispiriting.

Saka ❤️ Martinelli

Speaking of the first goal, here was the eventual assist:
In the post-game interview, Martinelli was asked how much he loves playing with Saka, and here’s what he had to say:
“A lot! He is a great guy. Not just him, but the whole team, we are a family. Bukayo has been playing so well. He’s a brilliant player and I just love to play with him.”
Judging by the stats, the feeling is mutual.
Given that the two stars line up at opposite ends of the pitch, they may make a bit of an underrated duo when collaborating directly.
To investigate, I was messing around with Ninad Barbadikar’s new shotmap tool in Tableau, and pulled up Martinelli.
Point thine eyes to the top-right, and you’ll see that Saka has assisted 15 of Martinelli’s shots, the most of any Arsenal teammate — by some margin:
Together, they have combined for 37 G+A. They’re both younger than Kiwior. And they’re both secured for the long term.
Not bad.

Unexpected rotations FTW

Which brings us to the second goal. If you happen to read these things weekly, you’ll notice a recurring theme. Arsenal goals are so often created after a player takes initiative to begin an unexpected set of rotations.
I’d encourage you to watch this sequence in full. After a ridiculous control touch by Zinchenko on the right, then one of those winding muscular gaited dribbles by Ødegaard, the ball is switched over to Gabriel on the left.
Now, Palace was pretty run-of-the-mill in terms of how low they chose to play against Arsenal — pretty negatively, to be sure, but with some semblance of a press here and there.
When teams play low, one of the key tools at the attacking team’s disposal is the center-back dribble. It carries real risk, but it’s often a worthwhile transaction: the opponent is forced to choose between letting the CB through (and making it easy for him to find a decisive pass) or standing up and marking him (and risk getting bent out of shape). I associate these dribbles with Joël Matip, who is proactive about unsettling settled blocks.
Gabriel did this here. He saw the left half-space vacated, and forced the issue by dribbling through it, and laying the ball off to Xhaka on the LW:
….now look at the screenshot below. Gabriel joins the front 5, the standard Arsenal attacking line. But because he’s an unexpected entrant — “What da hell is a polor bear doin in Arlington texas he draws two defenders towards him, leaving Xhaka open to cut on the left. Zinchenko, like Ødegaard, does a brilliant job of masking his body-shape to play it into space:
…this leads to the dangerous Xhaka cross, which Saka corrals and then brings back into play.
He does a 1-2 with White, leaves poor Zaha in the dust, and scores as every Arsenal player calls for the ball:
After that was a VAR check, a kickoff, and a ferocious high-press. Within eight seconds of going up 2-0, Arsenal had created another good opportunity — Trossard had options all around him before opting to shoot:
No rest for the weary.

The evolution of Benjamin White

Benjamin White was probably Arsenal’s most consistent performer before the World Cup break. That consistency has largely stayed in tact, but in a couple matches since — Manchester United, even Sporting CP last week — it’s easy to conclude that fatigue was showing up in spurts.
But a few tired games may have clouded the overall picture, which is that White’s technique, dynamism, and wide 1v1 defending are all on upward trajectories.
The Palace game gives us a perfect opportunity to reflect on this. In August, White made his first start at right-back for Arsenal. He was relentlessly targeted, largely against Zaha on the wing, having to initiate 23 defensive duels in all, the most of his career (which is surprising, given his time under Bielsa). He succeeded through tireless effort and smart positioning, but it always felt a bit of a high-wire act.
Everything has felt more controlled since. But the true improvements have been through his cutting edge as a passer. On the left, you can see White’s passing range and stats from Sunday. On the right was his game against the same opponent back in August:
Some of this should be caveated, as Arsenal played a more dominant game in possession overall. But White contributed to that, of course, and had a blinder of a game, notching an assist and a pre-assist. More than that, his interplay with Saka is looking more dangerous by the week, while his crosses are getting lower, stronger, and more incisive (instead of the pick-and-pop variety that we saw so much of in the first half of the year)
Just last week, he played it to his off-foot and cut a perfect far-post cross to Martinelli, which forced an excellent Leno save:
It would have been nice to have Tomiyasu to spell him down the stretch, but moving forward, White is one of the big winners of a once-a-week schedule.

Set piece shambles

Despite the beautiful display, a familiar concern resurfaced after White hilariously booted the ball into the stands: corner defending.
Schlupp outmuscled the skipper, Gabriel got a bit boxed out by both of them, and the clean sheet was disappointingly no more:
Set pieces are a unique wrestling match all to their own, and I’m likely to devote an upcoming deep-dive piece to them specifically. In the meantime, I went back and took some quick notes on some of the corner goals that Arsenal have conceded to date, in an effort to identify patterns:
  • CRYSTAL PALACE (19 March): See above.
  • SPORTING CP (9 March): Kiwior doesn’t jump after a potential Matt Turner call.
  • BOURNEMOUTH (3 March): Partey just loses Senesi for an easy header to go up 2-0.
  • EVERTON (2 February): Tarkowski goal, and this is probably the one to study most. Ødegaard is again isolated on a beast. It’s Jorginho against Onana, Ødegaard against Tarkowski. Saliba gets muscled for position.
  • UNITED (22 January): Tomiyasu runs into Ramsdale, and Lisandro Martinez heads it home with his head bandage on.
  • JUVENTUS (friendly): Short corner, Xhaka header own goal. Just unfortunate, not a big deal.
  • PSV (27 October): Luuk de Jong gets isolated on Tierney (who doesn’t jump), Holding goes up without marking a man, and Ramsdale is boxed out and misses his punch.
  • VILLA (31 August): Ramsdale gets tackled and Douglas Luiz curls it in. Super cool, very legal.
As I said, I’ll look to study this a bit more. But after watching them back, here are my initial impressions:
  1. Arsenal has a delicate ratio of Big Guys. When a lineup features, say, Trossard, Martinelli, Saka, Zinchenko, Jorginho, and Ødegaard — it’s too easy for a team to isolate one of their beasts on a smaller adversary. In a case like Everton, they’ll have big guys match up with the likes of Saliba and Gabriel; then, they’ll have big guys to spare against the Jorginhos and Ødegaards. The skipper is so good at throwing his weight around in advanced defending but can get thrown off-balance on corners with relative ease.
  2. There are probably three cases of ineffective communication between the keeper and his defender: Turner and Kiwior against Sporting; Ramsdale and Tomiyasu tangling against United; and Ramsdale missing a punch and getting boxed out against PSV. The commands may need updating and more indoctrination.
  3. Saliba and Holding can still run into problems with jockeying for the ball instead of winning position first.
  4. When they’re not in the zone of the aerial duel, I’m not sure Arsenal defenders join Ramsdale on the backline quite enough (see Holding above).
As far as other potential solutions go, that’ll probably be for another post. That’s all I got on this for now.

Introducing right-back Thomas Partey

One of the more interesting developments of the game was seeing who filled in at right-back once White came off: none other than Thomas Partey.
We even got a rare sight. A Thomas Overlap:
This was his first time doing so at Arsenal, but the Wyscout data tabulates about 1,000 minutes at the position over the course of his career.
I went back and watched some of his tape in the position, and it went about as you’d expect. He scored a goal on a give-and-go in his debut in the position back in 2017, and then started there across La Liga, Champions League, Europa League (against us) and Copa del Rey. The most I watched was in a 2-0 loss to Barcelona in 2019, where he played 56 minutes and won 12-of-17 duels, effectively zeroing out the left-wing as a Simeone defender (but I didn’t watch the whole thing, so that view may be incomplete). As a silly way of looking at it, I see his WhoScored rating is 7.41 in starts at RB, compared to 6.93 overall.
Now, hear my bullshit idle speculation (sue me, it’s the international break). My ears perked up whenever I heard that a desired Moisés Caicedo signing would not impact a move for Declan Rice in the summer. Looking at that potential midfield — Partey, Caicedo, Rice, Ødegaard, Xhaka, Vieira, ESR, potentially Trossard, now Jorginho, and I’ll even throw in Sambi to the mix — one has to assume that Arteta has a plan for incorporating them (or otherwise, shipping them off).
While it’s possible there could be some unexpected departures, my hunch is that one (or more) of those players may be slated for more creative utilization, and the full-back position may be a good place to do it: it is, after all, pretty fundamentally a midfield position in this setup. Could Arteta envision a Caicedo or even a Thomas providing actual depth there once the midfield depth chart gets properly stacked? I don’t know. Maybe. But Sunday gave us no reason to fully discount that notion.
Maybe I’m overthinking — who, me? — so here’s a simpler way to look at it in the short-term: if you give Arteta even the slightest chance to play Jorginho, he’ll probably do it. In lieu of actual cover for White at right-back, an emergency Zinchenko/Jorginho/Thomas “3” is entertainingly press-resistant.

Final notes

Let’s bring it home:
  • An interesting corollary to the Thomas-at-RB thing is that the team didn’t opt to go for a 5-back as they had early in the season. Arteta was a little bit more flexible with formations in the opening months, popping Holding into the backline to protect late leads, and sometimes moving to a bit of a 3-5-2 (with Nkeitah and Jesus up top) when chasing goals. The results were mixed at best. It was somewhat disastrous in the first United match; it worked when completing a 2-1 comeback against Fulham the first go-around; and didn’t produce results against S’oton. It has, by and large, melted away. The shape is the shape is the shape.
  • Holding was magnificent, particularly when pushing forward to break up play in the midfield. His touches were crisp (hitting 9 of 10 long-balls!), and he was great in the air when they hoofed it long (winning 7-of-10 overall). He’s likely to face more direct on-ball pressure in the games to come, not to mention teams who can more reliably generate chances, but apprised himself quite well in the meantime. Sure, he’s no Saliba. He shouldn’t be expected to be.
  • Zinchenko’s upfield defending deserves all the plaudits that it gets, but he had a ruthlessly efficient game on Sunday: passing at a 96.1% clip and putting on a defensive masterclass against Olise everywhere on the pitch. That’s a tricky mark, and Zinchenko looked like, well, Tierney.
  • Speaking of Tierney, was so happy to see that head-up assist. Everything about his appearance looked strong to me.
  • Xhaka looks to be returning to his early-season self. It’s hard to project chemistry, but he and Trossard really seem to have a mindmeld going in these early days, and it’s a lot of fun to see.
  • We’ve mentioned it a couple times around these parts, but Kiwior really does seem to have that extra something talent-wise. Arsenal can afford to be patient with him.
  • Here’s a concern I never touched on after the loss to Sporting CP. The 2-3-5 rest defence that we talk about above can hide a lot of Jorginho’s deficiencies. He can still get dribbled around, but is active, and when surrounded by other narrow defenders, can be quite effective. The problem, as everyone knows, is his speed, which is probably in the 40th percentile… of referees. Something I saw Sporting CP do to exploit this was to play out of the back, drawing Arsenal defenders upfield, which allowed them to then isolate on Jorginho in space. Pedro Gonçalves, who was playing central midfield but has wingstriker capabilities, could sprint into lanes to his heart’s delight and they could play long-balls to him like a true attacker. It was smarter than simply hoofing it long, and something that’ll have to be watched in upcoming Jorginho appearances.
  • Saka, Saka, Saka, Saka. In conclusion: Saka.
Finally, let’s hear it for that Rob Holding striker audition. You can never have too much depth.
Next up, I’m working on a piece with some ideas of players who Arsenal can target in the summer market in the back-four, particularly long-term options at RCB and FB. Given the performances of Holding and Tierney on Sunday, it feels spectacularly ill-timed. I never said I knew what I was doing.
Be good out there.
Get well, Tomi.
And happy grilling. 🔥
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2023.03.22 08:29 Waste_Highlight642 I need some advice.. (accidental discharge)

I’m going to give a detailed account of what happened I had just gotten back from a range day with my buddy and we took apart the firearms and cleaned them properly after reassembling them and making sure that my RUGER 556 MPR EDC model was assembled and ready to be loaded for home defense in 223 i sat it down on my lap inside of my rifle case and had it unzipped but the rifle inside so I could load it and I was talking to my friend beside me on the couch and I loaded the mag fully with high end creedmoor ammo 223 75 grain bullets (because it’s the only 223 we have) and I slide a round of 223 into the chamber of my AR and had one hand on the optic which is a SPARC AR and the rifle was on its side in the case with the bolt release facing up towards me and I dropped the bolt and the rifle went off with the gun being on safe and the hammer NOT dropped and it blew a hole through my rifle case and nobody was injured and living room floor has a hole in it now at first I thought it was the rifle but it was actually the round the primer was sticking out just enough to hit the firing pin and cause it go off when it wasn’t meant to and there is nothing to learn from this on my end but I turned into a lesson for my sister and mom about why gun safety is so important moments after it happened since they are new shooters it was a good lesson for them and also I can’t get my dad to email creedmoor about this because I’ve already found two faulty rounds and one has caused me medical issues and possible TBI from the incident according to my doctors. I just need some advice because I love firearms and I know it’s a freak accident but I’m nervous as fuck to load a round into the chamber of my rifle.. even to just pull the charging handle back and ease it into the chamber anyone know what I could do.. to ease this..
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2023.03.22 08:00 TwoStonksPlease Here's my try at explaining how Options Hedging and Gamma Ramps work. This is not in any way an endorsement of options trading, or even all that helpful if you are already planning to start optionsing. It's just an example to illustrate the market forces we will (hopefully) be seeing at work soon.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial expert, and no part of this post should be construed as financial advice. Almost everything I know about it I learned here, so there's a chance of ignorance cross contamination. Don't start buying calls because of this post, it doesn't contain nearly enough info to prepare you for options trading. It's just intended to illustrate what could possibly start happening tomorrow.

Did you know that if you eat enough gold crayons you can look like you have a grill?

TA;CIB;WM?: (Too Ape; Crayons In Brain; Wut Mean?: Sometimes the options chain makes the stonk go faster.

I've seen a few people talking or asking about call hedging and gamma ramps, so I'm going to give a simplified example that should help illustrate how it works.
So, say you have $TONK, and $TONK has 5 available options strikes: $5, $10, $15, $20, and $25. All 5 strikes have the same Open Interest (number of those contracts existing) for this Friday, 10,000 each. Enough contracts for 1 million shares at each strike. And right now (Monday) $TONK is trading at $16, and no catalysts to move the price are expected. Calls are hedged for by buying shares, and puts are hedged by shortselling shares. For this example, assume the options writer only sells calls. The hedging on those calls will look something like this:
$5: 100%
$10: 75%
$15: 60%
$20: 40%
$25: 25%
So, why not 100% even on calls that are well ITM? Because the hedging on the OTM calls balances out the total to 100% of the ITM calls, as long as the price stays the same (hedging will be adjusted if the options writer is expecting the price to move). If $TONK trades sideways, by Thursday the hedging will look more like this:
$5: 100%
$10: 85%
$15: 75%
$20: 25%
$25: 15%
Which means the options writer hasn't actually had to buy any more shares. It's more likely that the $10 and $15 calls will still be ITM on Friday, but less likely that the $20 and $25 calls will go ITM, so the hedge stays balanced.
So what if the price does move unexpectedly? Well, if it moves down Friday morning, say to $13, the options writer will actually be over-hedged. They have enough shares to fulfill all the ITM calls, plus a full million shares extra that were hedged for the $15 and up strikes. They can now safely sell those extra shares, which is part of the reason a red week tends to be even more red on Friday - the hedges are being unwound to match the new $TONK price.
(Note: During market hours, hedging is done semi-automatically in real time. A price move on Monday will usually require less adjustment than on a Friday, because there is more time to buy shares without driving the price even highelower. Hedging isn't saved for Friday afternoon and then done all at once. When someone talks about calls ITM and T+2, it's probably being assumed that the person writing those calls had not been hedging properly, and is now on the hook for buying shares to cover all those ITM calls. Unhedged calls are called "Naked Calls," which are usually not as fun as they sound).
But what if the price rises substantially Friday morning? Unexpected good news on a patent application by TONK Corp... $TONK has quickly climbed to $22! Suddenly the hedge on those calls needs to look more like this:
$5: 100%
$10: 100%
$15: 100%
$20: 75%
$25: 25%
That means the options writer needs to have 4 million shares to cover the calls now ITM, but only has 3 million. They need to buy a million more shares on the open market, and they really want to do it TODAY, so they don't get another surprise price rise over the weekend.
Even being as careful as they can manage, buying those million shares raises the price even more. The climb reignites that morning's enthusiasm, and even more people buy in. $TONK is now $28, and all 50,000 calls are ITM. Now the options writer needs to buy ANOTHER million shares to cover the $25 strike calls. They have T+2 to do this, so either they buy them quickly on Friday and raise the price even higher, or they risk something else happening over the weekend and making those million shares even more expensive when they slowly buy them on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Either way, $TONK is probably headed well over $30.
Now imagine the options writer had also sold calls with a $30 strike, and a $35 strike. And $40. And also calls for all those strikes next week, and the week after, and oh shit 3 weeks from now is Quad Witching and the OI is 25,0000 on each strike. Also the options writer had only hedged for this week and the next, and now needs 2 million shares by Tuesday, and at least another 3 million by next Friday. And 6+ million for the week after that. And all this share buying keeps the price climbing, so by Quad Witching $TONK is trading at $42, and the options writer needs to buy 20 million shares somehow...
THAT, my fellow Apes, is a Gamma Ramp.
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2023.03.22 07:59 RoboticOperatingBudd On This Day in Nintendo History: 3D Tetris

On this day (March 22) in Nintendo history...

What are you favourite memories of these games? How do you think they hold up today? Hash it out in the comments.
(I am a bot. I think that I'm posting Nintendo events from this day in history, but if I've made a mistake or omission please leave a comment tagging KetchupTheDuck).
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2023.03.22 07:49 thespuzz ‘Valuations of Indian stock market are not expensive from a long-term perspective’

Doshi: It’s very interesting that whatever is happening globally is just reinforcing our thought process and our belief that India is on the right track. We could never have expected such sort of accidents in our system. While we always think that we have regulatory challenges in India, today, I think it is a very big blessing.
I think whatever is happening globally, is just start of a cycle where you will see the pain going on for many years. These are all warning signals for us. But India stands out very well.
Jain: The way monetary policy and banking regulation in India has worked over the last few years has been a typical first world style of functioning, which unfortunately did not happen in the first world. It’s quite an irony.
About a decade ago, perhaps post GFC, in India, we saw fairly volatile times, with weak balance sheets at an aggregate level with huge NPAs building up and current account crisis as well. Post that we’ve seen – both at the government and at corporate level – steps taken to strengthen the structural fabric of India. I think we are just seeing the benefits of that come through. It’s a good thing that we did not let the crisis go waste.
I believe that the next decade is ours for the taking.
Mukherjea: I think every 10 years, America blows up. I don’t think that’s the story of the moment.
You will remember 2023-24 as the year in which the world went to war without weapons. What’s happening between America and China is very serious. And it has huge implications for us as a country. Let’s take two developments.
ASML, a company headquartered in the Netherlands, is the only company to produce ‘extreme ultraviolet lithography’ technology to produce integrated circuits, which play a key role in the global chip supply chain.
The Dutch government, basis the pressure from US, stated a few months ago that there will be no exports of ASML machines to China. The western world, in a way, is saying we will send China back to the stone age as quickly as possible by making sure this semiconductor manufacturing comes to a halt.
The other dimension is in the Pharma industry. When we speak to the western pharma major companies, in which we invested in, all of them say there are clear orders from the powers that be in America to buy less API from China and buy more API from India. Fly to Baroda, Surat or Vapi in India, you will see a whole new industry coming up, which is ramping up API production.
Even if China’s 10% of API production moves to India, our API industry will be doubled.
Also Read : What are the rules that qualify any property as ancestral?
Indian stock market valuations
Doshi: It’s not that our premium has gone up. But it’s just that the valuations of the other countries have gone down. So, our valuations look a bit expensive. But India is charting a growth path of its own.
Could you have imagined that the inflation rate in India would be lower than many parts of the West. I couldn’t have dreamt of it 10 years ago. Further, in the last five years, we are enjoying a corporate tax rate of 25.17%, absolutely undisturbed. Now, isn’t that a very strong promise from our government, to provide consistency and stability?
Shah: Indian stock market valuations are undoubtedly not cheap on a one-year basis. But take a five-year view, and suddenly we are the cheapest among the emerging markets.
Today Maharashtra’s GDP is equal to what whole of India’s GDP was in 2005. The combined GDP of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand is what India’s GDP was in 2001. And three states—Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Karnataka—combined GDP is where India was in 2000. Can we assume that over the next 15-25 years, these states will produce what India is producing today, if all of us continue to work as hard? I think it is eminently achievable. Now, in which part of the world would you see states becoming as big as the country, with reasonable amount of assurance. People who buy into that story will not find India’s valuation expensive.
Jain: In the calendar year 2022, Nifty 50 gave about a 4%-5% return, which sounds unexciting, of course.
But you should analyse the performance of that 50-stock basket by removing the outliers. And you will find that the difference in returns between the best performing and the worst performing stock is 90%. The best performing stock gave you 50%, the worst performing stock was down 37%.
I think it’s important to be able to identify those companies and take advantage of stock selection in order to create alpha and not overly obsess about aggregate valuations, aggregate growth, etc.
Mukherjea: Do a simple analysis. You look at companies that have a double-digit revenue growth and double-digit ROCE (return on capital employed) in the last 10 years. India has 140 such companies and China has 130. Remember, China’s economy is 4-5 times larger than us and still has fewer companies with the growth I mentioned. And there is no other emerging market in that picture.
The Indian companies filtered would have compounded wealth at 24% over the last 20 years, while the Chinese companies would have compounded at 12%. This is the best that China has to offer .
The decade of manufacturing
Shah: The train which we missed in the 80s, where China became a manufacturer to the world and we became back office to the world, is likely to get reversed, in my opinion. It’s not a 1-3 year journey, it’s probably 10-30 year journey. For China, the manufacturing is about 40% of the GDP. India’s manufacturing should grow from below 25% of the GDP towards first 30%, then 35% and hopefully someday to 40%. That’s the story of manufacturing in India.
Be watchful of:
Mukherjea: We need to push up the ante on corporate governance. We have improved vastly from the days of Satyam and the DHFL debacle etc. But I think given the rate at which our country is going, also the rate at which domestic money is coming into big mutual fund houses, we owe it to the investor community both in India and abroad. To push up the ante on accounting, quality and corporate governance is imperative.
Shah: From the economic point of view, we can’t afford to make a self-goal. In 1947, we were at par with Japan in terms of per capita GDP. In the1960s, we were at par with South Korea. In the 80s, we were at par with China. Today, all these countries are way ahead of us. And that’s because they have done many good things. But we have scored self-goals. The best example of Indian self-goal is when Singur, a state in West Bengal, opposed Tata group’s automobile plant in an essentially backward area. They tried for five years, couldn’t do it and finally moved out. They went to Sanand in Gujarat, which is now growing at a healthy rate. If all of India is going to follow a Singur model, it is time to short India. If all of India is going to follow Sanand model, it’s time to go double long India.
Doshi: India runs one big risk of continuity of reforms. We have had extraordinary leadership at the country level, which need to carry on for another one or two terms, I believe. There are a lot of unfinished reforms in many fields such as agriculture, defence, divestment of PSUs. etc. These are some of these big-ticket items that will actually take India to the next level.
Jain: I like to think that we don’t have control over what is going to be the political climate in India over the medium term and also on how regulations will be shaped. But what we can control is identifying companies that will be able to traverse these differing political scenarios, macro-economic situations, and so on and emerge stronger. So, I would as an investor and as a fund manager, only urge that we need to put effort into identifying companies and winners that can go through variables that we can’t control or which we can’t predict.
Read More The
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2023.03.22 07:45 abx901 Change plan to lower bill

My plan is supposed to be 29.99 (attached). My bills are over $100 every month. Xfinity says it's because the 29.99 was promotion good for one month and then the price tiers up to $75. I asked them how did I get on this plan b/c I never switched, authorized, or would even consider going on a one month promotion for the same services that I already have (hbo + internet). Xfinity said that I got faster speeds with the promotion. I don't care about speed b/c my speeds are always less than half of what the plan is selling. Ex. I'm currently paying for 300Mbs, aver speed as of today 15.2Mbs.
My question: Keeping the same channel lineup (HBO), can I lower my speed to lower my bill?
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2023.03.22 07:36 aringrose Powerwalls not working

I’m in the east bay CA, and we have had a few power outages lately. ~2 months ago now I got 2 powerwalls and a solar system. PTO is still pending but we’ve been making ~99% of our power so that has been great. The issue that I am having is that my system seems very unreliable in power outages. A week ago the power went out and my powerwalls never kicked on. After hours on Tesla support they said I’d have to wait for PG&E to get the power back on before they could diagnose. 48 hours later PG&E resolved the issue. Annoying but OK. Today the power went out again and the powerwalls worked fine for ~3 hours. After that they stopped supplying power (at 56 percent charged) and Tesla support was again unable to help. They said they’d escalate to “tier 2” but they said that last time as well. Needless to say, I’m frustrated after paying north of $75k for a system I can’t rely on (currently pulling out my old generator to run a sump pump). Does anyone have any tips on how to actually get Tesla to do something about this? If they won’t, do I have any real options? Thanks!
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2023.03.22 07:27 chhajedplates1 Brinar Steel Plate Stockist

Chhajed Steel and Alloys is a brinar plate cash related specialists and suppliers, passing on to the whole of the world.we are ISO 9001:2008 support and supplies brinar plate to all around got a handle on quality benchmarks for applications. brinar plate have staggering quality to altogether satisfy customer's necessities.
The brinar plate gave by us are seen by clients in various circles of the affiliations going from basic endeavors, for instance, Sugar, Paper, Textile, Dairy, Engineering to more erratic, for instance, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical and Fertilizers, Power Generation and Nuclear Industries.
Chhajed Steel and Alloys has some specialist in brinar plate .With significant clusters of thought in gathering brinar plate we offer unbelievable, cleave down cost yet the best affiliation. Thusly to our entrance account today is in various countries like Saudi arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, UAE, Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Greece, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa,South America,Brazil, India, Australia, Egypt.We welcome your demand.
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Likewise, other than being available from stock all brinar plate can be cut to size and shape as showed up by your creation and blueprint necessities and all work is tended to by our self-sufficiently endorsed and constantly overviewed quality systems.Our brinar plate are sourced from the most raised quality steel makers on the planet and, like each and every one of our suppliers, these creators have been registered and looked with by our securing gathering.

What is Brinar plate ?

Other than the excellent evaluations of water smothered and tempered steels with degrees of hardness of around 400 or 500 HB, which achieve their wear restriction by building up the composite hardness, Chhajed Steel and Alloys supplies steel surveys that have a novel status among wear-safe steels. The explanation behind affiliation is the steel studying BRINAR® 400 Cr. The wear thought of this steel is made by its optimal compound thought. Despite the covered hardness of the steel a fine dispersal of hard chromium and molybdenum carbides that show against wear contribute towards a long affiliation life under impossible wear conditions.
A reason for the possible change in advantage life while using this emerge steel is the course that by honorableness of water covered and tempered steels the hardness is diminished towards the purpose of merging of the plate thickness by virtue of the decreasing chilling off speed, while by morals of the steel assessing BRINAR® 400 Cr the microstructure and hardness are uniform all through the plate thickness. Along these lines, uniform wear can happen being utilized.

Brinar plate Grade and Specification

ItemAbrasion Resistant PlateMaterialHARDOX 500 ,HARDOX 400 ,HARDOX 450 ,HARDOX 600 ,SUMIHARD ,NICRODUR ,BRINAR ,DUROSTAT ,DILLIDUR ,JFE EVERHARDThickness3-200mmWidth500-3000mmLength1000-12000mmHeat TreatmentN, Q+TSurface PaintEP, PE, HDP, SMP, PVDFExport toSaudi arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, UAE, Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Greece, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa,South America,Brazil, India, Australia, Egypt

brinar plate Properties


BrandManufacture/CoHARDNESS RANGE C.E.V. Typical ValuesValues for AR 400Thk: 10 – 20Hardox 400SSAB370-4300.37QUARD 400DUFERCO370-4300.42JFE EVERHARD 360LEJFE STEEL CORPN.360-4300.38SUMIHARD K400SUMITOMO METALS400-4400.46ABRAZO 400TATA UK LTD.360-4300.43RAEX 400RUUKKI360-4300.43DILLIDUR 400VDILLINGER HUTTE370-4300.43XAR 400THYSSEN KRUPP370-4300.43BRINAR 400ILSENBURGER GROBBLECH360-4300.48FORA 400INDUSTEEL360-4300.48HARDPLAST 380ISD HUTA360-4300.56NICRODUR 400ACRONI360-4300.56CREUSABRO 4800INDUSTEEL360-4300.48WELHARD 400NSC/JAPAN400-4400.46BIS Plate 320Bisalloy Steels Pty Ltd320-3600.4BIS Plate 400Bisalloy Steels Pty Ltd370-4300.4BIS Plate 450Bisalloy Steels Pty Ltd425-4750.48Rockstar 400Essar Steel India Ltd.370-4300.45Rockstar 450Essar Steel India Ltd.425-4750.52Rockstar 500Essar Steel India Ltd.450-5400.6Abrex 400NSSMC360-4400.4Abrex 450NSSMC410-4900.5Abrex 500NSSMC450-5500.55Abrex 600NSSMC550-6500.73

Typical Application of Brinar plate

Brinar plate Packing & Shipping

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2023.03.22 07:21 Whole_Cow6078 A Comprehensive Guide to Knowing Your Insurance Coverage in Guam

A Comprehensive Guide to Knowing Your Insurance Coverage in Guam
If you live in Guam, having the right insurance coverage is essential to protect yourself, your family, and your assets from unexpected events. However, understanding your insurance coverage in Guam can be overwhelming, especially with so many options available. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the different types of insurance coverage available in Guam and how to choose the right policy for your needs.
Auto Insurance Coverage in Guam
In Guam, drivers are required to carry liability insurance coverage to protect against damage or injury caused to others in an accident. Guam Insurance Quote offers various types of auto insurance coverage options to protect you and your vehicle, including collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, personal injury protection (PIP), and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.
Homeowners Insurance Coverage in Guam
If you own a home in Guam, it's crucial to protect it with homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance coverage in Guam typically includes protection against natural disasters, theft, and liability. Guam Insurance Quote offers customizable homeowners insurance coverage to meet your specific needs, including additional coverage for jewelry, artwork, and other valuables.
Commercial Insurance Coverage in Guam
If you own a business in Guam, commercial insurance coverage is essential to protect your assets, employees, and customers. Guam Insurance Quote offers a range of commercial insurance coverage options, including general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and workers' compensation insurance.
Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage in Guam
As an employer in Guam, you are required to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage for your employees. Workers' compensation insurance coverage provides medical and wage benefits to employees who are injured or become ill on the job. Guam Insurance Quote can help you navigate the workers' compensation insurance process and ensure that you have the right coverage for your business.
Marine Cargo Insurance Coverage in Guam
If you're shipping goods to or from Guam, marine cargo insurance coverage can protect your goods against damage or loss during transportation. Guam Insurance Quote offers marine cargo insurance coverage to provide you with peace of mind and financial protection in case of unexpected events.
Bonding Insurance Coverage in Guam
Bonding insurance coverage in Guam provides financial protection against losses caused by fraud or dishonesty by an employee. If you own a business in Guam, bonding insurance coverage can provide you with added security and protection.
Casualty Insurance Coverage in Guam
Casualty insurance coverage in Guam provides protection against loss or damage to property caused by unforeseen events such as fire, natural disasters, or theft. Guam Insurance Quote offers various types of casualty insurance coverage, including property damage and business interruption coverage.
Understanding your insurance coverage in Guam can be overwhelming, but it's crucial to protect yourself and your assets from unexpected events. Guam Insurance Quote offers a range of insurance coverage options to meet your specific needs, whether you're looking for auto insurance, homeowners insurance, commercial insurance, workers' compensation insurance, marine cargo insurance, bonding insurance, or casualty insurance. Contact Guam Insurance Quote today to learn more about their insurance coverage options and get a personalized quote.
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2023.03.22 07:20 minidisc3000 I've been a KPOP DJ for 6 years. Ask me anything!

Hello. KPOP DJ here. I hope you all are doing well.
I won't disclose who I am because this account is more or less supposed to be a throwaway, but I recently have come across this subreddit and thought I'd share my two cents about what's been going on when it comes to KPOP Nights that have been happening in general in the last couple of years. I also want to answer some questions that some people may have.
I've been a DJ'ing for the last 6 years. I got a good start doing KPOP Nights at one of my favorite clubs in my city and basically have been hosting and doing shows since then. I've traveled to different cities and worked at different festivals. I even have had the opportunity to work with a few KPOP artists. Most of the shows I do are pretty fun. I prioritize and take great pride in simple mixes in between songs and incorporate music videos in my sets whenever I can. It makes it easier for me workflow wise and I think people tend to have a good time. It's also hard work.
I've worked with both UH2T and KPOP CLUB NIGHT (ran by POPGOESTHEWORLD) in the past as a DJ for their events. If you are unfamiliar with either of these entities, they basically talk with LiveNation or some other third party venue acquisition company and hold KPOP Night events at these venues all over North America. These venues include places like House of Blues arenas, Irving Plaza and etc, places that can hold up to a 1000 people or more. The nights are similar to what many have seen with stuff like Shrek Rave, Spongebob Squarepants rave and a host of other themed raves. I had the pleasure of covering shows for both, but personally prefer working with the good people at KPOP CLUB NIGHT because the owner of that company actually likes KPOP and when I had the opportunity to cover for their shows, the hospitality was always top notch.
With UH2BT, I can tell that the owner of the company is simply looking for a cash grab. Making requests for accommodations that should be standard and simple feels like pulling teeth.
I personally prefer doing smaller KPOP NIGHTS at smaller clubs and venues in my city, because it feels like you're more so growing a community as opposed to just playing music for a large crowd. I also really enjoy playing at cupsleeve events, vendor events and at Boba shops. There have been some ups and downs over the years, but I honestly wouldn't change anything. I enjoy what I do. I have been feeling like I should be doing something different lately but I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.
I started listening to KPOP shortly after I got into J-POP and JRock. Back in the day, we had this channel called the International Channel. On certain nights or mornings, you could catch Japanese and Korean music shows, so thats where I got hooked. I listened to some stuff on and off. Believe it or not, the first K-POP song I remember hearing was Baby VOX's "Xcstacy," which illegaly sampled and featured 2pac on the song. I remember seeing the video and being floored. After that I started digging. I discovered groups like Dynamic Duo, Big Bang, Se7en, TVXQ, Epik High and Girl's Generation. I remember hearing Gee being played on the radio when I was in college. It was surreal. Now it's everywhere. Currently, my favorite groups/artists are Red Velvet, Twice, BTS, Seventeen, Nieah, Hoody, Yummda, Jay Park, Jessi and ITZY.
During my sets, I play some of this stuff today, but if I'm being honest, a lot of the new audiences that are tuning in to KPOP now may consider 2nd gen KPOP to be too old and won't vibe with it as much. I also feel like people who go to KPOP Nights typically don't like to hear too much Korean Hip Hop or R&B. I usually play mid to late in the 3rd gen and 4th gen KPOP. I try to please everyone that comes to my events and make myself open to requests. Lately, my goal is to host a full-on KHH night at a small speakeasy in my city soon and grow that into something bigger.
Anyways, I won't write too long because I know you all have some questions about KPOP Nights in general and about how DJ's typically approach their work. I've seen some good and I've seen some bad. I have plenty of stories to share and have some opinions about certain fandoms in the wild, so just ask. I will be very blunt. I also would love to hear your opinions about KPOP Nights in general and if you have any of these type of events in your city at all. I'd be down to pass on some info to industry people if you have ideas, suggestions. I will try to respond to everyone who has a question.
If you'd like to follow my work, message me privately and I'll share some links. I just don't feel comfortable or right self promoting myself on this post.
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2023.03.22 07:19 Nanna-Batman My proposal:

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