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okbuddyblackadam is for the biggest blackadam fans ever (me) to talk about dwayne the rock johnson in his new hit movie 2022 black adam out now in cinema near you i love black adam

2023.03.22 09:44 davidsthrowawaym Old housemate sleeping with underage girls

My old housemate who’s moved out since a week ago kept coming back here unannounced to use the shower and kitchen under the guise of visiting me.
He lost his job earlier this year and was unable to pay rent. He told me he’s got a new place around the corner, but I seen blankets inside his car so this lead me to believe he is actually homeless though he won’t admit it.
Homelessness can happen to anybody, so me and the new housemate (who is now living in old housemates’s room) we were willing to allow it but he agreed that he would need to communicate and be open with us.
That was until one night, he brought a girl here unannounced at 12am midnight. I was in my robe and ready for bed but not to be rude, I decided to stay up and entertain them.
He told me the girl was 19 but after talking to her and even seeing how immature her face is, I had to ask her personally what her age is out of earshot from him. She told me she’s supposed to be in year 11, which would make her 16-17 at most.
My old housemate is 38, and told me he already slept with her last year. She would have been 15-16 that time.
After learning that, I told him that he’s not allowed to come here anymore because I don’t like how he sleeps with that young girl. He tried to lie again, saying she’s 19, but I wasn’t buying it so he finally admits her real age.
He tried to justify it by saying she’s old enough to make her own choice and she’s had big d***s before. I was firm with him though, so he took her and left, maintaining his defensive position the whole time as if I’m in the wrong.
I immediately texted my gf about it, told her what had happened. She responds for me not to get involved, because that is his personal choice and its inappropriate for me to call him out on that.
We then argued a little, she basically defends him and how it’s his personal choice while condemning me for speaking up against it. Saying I have no right to do that.
I let her know the fact she isn’t disgusted by it is disturbing to me. She replied: “If I’m being disturbing to you, then leave me alone.” I thumb react and haven’t spoken to her since. This was 2 days ago.
Am I in the wrong here? Surely I have a good point and I’m allowed to call out a pedo if I see one. I don’t know where she’s coming from, or why she is against me.
It crossed my mind that she’s been involved in a situation like this before, or at least someone close to her has. That’s why she doesn’t look down upon it.
I could be overthinking and it’s nothing like that at all. I don’t have anybody to vent to so sometimes I overthink and abandon my own beliefs even though I was right.
Could someone please give me their two cents on this?
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2023.03.22 09:44 nottypicalemirati Total insurance on totalled car

Basically saying a week ago I got into an accident that totalled my car (car has full insurance coverage)
It's insured through Al Sagr national insurance company, on the policy it says "value for system insurance" 215k but paper for the bank "238k"
Now I need answers but no one is giving me anything concrete, will the full payment to the bank be done by the insurance company or do I have to pay something from my side too?
Really need advice/help here
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2023.03.22 09:44 GoldmanSachsEmploye Are dividends a good investment for me?

My country taxes dividends at 25%. My theory is, let's say I get a $100 dividend, now my stock's value is down $100, and I need to pay 25% tax on those dividends, so I basically lost $100 of my stock's value to get back a $75 dividend. Of course the stock will recover over time, is that still a good investment though? Doesn't seem like one to me. Thanks for your help.
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2023.03.22 09:44 genesisorthopedicss How to Find Orthopedics Near Me That Accept Medicaid

How to Find Orthopedics Near Me That Accept Medicaid
Medicaid is a healthcare program designed to help low-income families and individuals afford medical treatment. However, finding an orthopedic doctor that accepts Medicaid can be a challenge. Luckily, at Genesis Orthopedics, we accept Medicaid and are dedicated to providing quality care to all of our patients, regardless of their financial situation.
Here are some tips on How To Find Orthopedics Near Me That Accept Medicaid:
Check Medicaid's Provider Directory
The first place to start is with Medicaid's provider directory. This directory lists all the healthcare providers in your area that accept Medicaid, including orthopedic doctors. You can search by zip code, specialty, and other criteria to find the right doctor for you.
orthopedics near me that accept medicaid
Ask for Recommendations
If you have friends or family members who have used Medicaid to pay for orthopedic treatment, ask them for recommendations. They may be able to refer you to a doctor that they had a good experience.
Look for Community Health Centers
Community health centers are often funded by the government and provide medical care to low-income families and individuals. Many community health centers have orthopedic doctors on staff who accept Medicaid.
Research Online
Many orthopedic clinics have websites where you can find information about the services they offer and whether they accept Medicaid. You can also read reviews from other patients to get an idea of their experience with the clinic.
At Genesis Orthopedics, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality medical care. That's why we accept Medicaid and work with our patients to find the best treatment options for their individual needs. Our team of experienced orthopedic doctors and surgeons provides a wide range of services, including joint replacement, sports medicine, and trauma care.
If you're looking for orthopedics near you that accepts Medicaid, contact Genesis Orthopedics today to schedule an appointment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions you may have and help you get the care you need.
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2023.03.22 09:44 Beneficial_Sand3662 0xC0F5214B error

I have 0xC0F5214B error when i try launch every game on Geforce Now. How can i fix it? Im not using any VPN. Can i fix it with buying subscription? I asked support, but none of advices they gave me didnt work.
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2023.03.22 09:44 notgonnamakeitfar 30m 20f not the father scenario

I was in a relationship with no expectations from my side for 3months, her behaviour wasnt serious so i knew smth was off. Well after 2months, she told me that she is pregnant and i am the daddy. Funny story our intercourse would finish orgasmless so i stated politely that there is no to little chance that i am the daddy. She swore that i am. Anyway i took it in responsibly started planing etc but we got in a fight and had a week brake. After that one week i reached out to her because i felt "guilty" etc. Just to find out that i am not the father. There was some other dude.. anyway she said she doesnt want the kid and doesnt love the father wants an abortion so i didnt leave her. Abortion didnt happen, and its noticable now and i cant handle it. So i told her that everything is gonna be okay, said that i love her, kissed her but this has to be end. Now she keeps reaching out to me claiming that she loves me, and going to kill herself. Even sent photos of where she messed up her arm and leg. There is a high chance she was faking it too.
Anyway. I love the girl. I dont even know why. Smile? But because of pride i cant stay together. How do i respond to her because now im ignoring her. I dont want to be friends because deep inside it hurts to me even to watch at her.
TL;DR i love her. And im totally confused to how to act now.
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2023.03.22 09:44 HillPillMill I spoke to a hot girl at my school today, for the first time in a month and a half

Well, I speak to other girls. Namely this girl who sits near me in science. She's not hot though. And a girl who I argue with in science, because she thinks I'm a douche. Other girls sometimes try talk to me, but I ignore them since they're annoying.
Today a sexy Korean girl with big boobs asked me about a exam. I gave her a one sentence response "I did bad", and walked away. STill though, haven't spoken to a hot girl in a month and a half. The previous hot girl I spoke to was this girl.
The sexual frustration really gets to me. There is a sexy girl who sits about 1m away at my tutoring, and she's super hot. I don't know what her face really looks like since I avoid looking at other students but from what little I remember she is a 8.5/10, and would rank 1 if she was in my school.
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2023.03.22 09:43 pleasantsarah Do I just make a move or do we have a talk first? How to navigate when newly dating as a clueless "virgin"

So me 27F dating a 23F for 3 weeks now. Already on our first "date" it ended with me spending the night at her place, and since then I've spent the night 5 more times and one entire weekend and couple of days where we wake up together and part ways for work.
Ever since my second time staying the night we have cuddled for hours, lightly groped, had make out sessions, and pretty much always tangled together in bed or the couch. Me 27F is however, very new to dating and I'm still almost a virgin. I spent most of my 20s working on myself, losing a lot of weight and coming out and dealing with depression. She has had previous relationships and previous experience despite the age difference which is normal and fine.
I just feel kind of awkward making a move or taking it to the next level physically. First of all I wrote "virgin" because I only ever had one relationship 7 years ago that lasted almost a year. We had sex once or twice before she came out to me as aesexuall, which I was fine with as we still cuddled and kissed but just did not have sex. This was 7 years ago and I've not had sex or dated since, and even before that I barely even got started so I kinda feel like a virgin anyway.
The girl I'm seeing now does not really know exactly how limited my experience is, but I did tell her I have not dated or seen anyone in a long time and have very little dating experience. I'm fairly confident, I initiate cuddling, kissing, and always compliment her and embrace her which she seem to really enjoy. It's just, I'm not sure how to take the next step.
It feels awkward because of the experience difference and with our age gap. And since I have so little experience, how do I even do it? I don't wanna come off as creepy or weird by making a move and then what if she really didn't want it? But I also don't wanna do nothing and then she gets bored and frustrated you know? I wish she made the first move towards sex because I'd feel a lot more confident after the first time or if I knew 100% she wanted to do it. Is it weird to talk about sex before having sex, is it like a mood killer?
Maybe I'm already not taking hints due to being a clueless dumbass. When cuddling she usually take my hand and place it on her breasts and massages it. She constantly wants to me to caress her thighs and hips and always push back when spooning and caress my hip and I can feel her breaths getting heavier. To me this is just cuddling and not an invitation for more unless clearly stated. She has not said anything about being frustrated but I just feel like she might eventually get bored of me if I don't do something more.
Sorry for the long text, help a clueless person out?

TDLR: New to dating and sex. 27F with little experience dating 23F with more experience. Not sure how to initiate sex first time in new "relationship". Should I talk about it first or just let it happen? Don't wanna come off as creepy or pushy but also don't wanna do nothing and make her bored and frustrated. We both make a lot of sexual puns / jokes (not really about us doing it) but in general neither of us are very prude and I'd say I'm a sexual person despite my experience just got into this later in life due to mental health.
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2023.03.22 09:43 SpaceOtter008 The start of the Krangled event would've been sooo much better with unlimited respec points and permanently revealed nodes.

Just imagine pathing through the tree, going for generic cold dot/mine/random leveling skill nodes and then, as you go around the tree, suddenly you see a f*ckton of 2h weapon damage nodes. So you say to yourself: "Hot damn! This is some busted build in the making!" Or finding billion cast speed/spell crit nodes and then theorycrafting the spell that scales with that.
Compared to that, what we have now feels like wrestling for control with the game system that isn't designed for what you're trying to do. "Oh, did you find a lot of increased mine damage nodes? Well sucks to be you, good luck farming 50 orbs to reroll everything you don't want lmao." I swear to f*cking god, every time I see a good combination and I don't have orbs of regret to try it out, I feel like I'm dying inside a bit.
Wasn't the beginning of the event supposed to be about players finding creative ways to play the game, without guides and on their own? Then GGG, why in the hell didn't you give players MORE OPTIONS IN A SSF LEAGUE TO BE CREATIVE AND TRY THOSE THINGS OUT? Or at least made the nodes on the tree permanently revealed once you path over them. That would've still been a grind, but once you've seen the nodes, you could plan out your next build. Instead, I'm just waiting for a fully revealed tree to come out so I could finally get to the fun part of making a custom build without arbitrary game system fighting against me every step of the way.
I'm still excited for the final reveal of the tree, when I'm finally going to try to experiment with the passive tree, which kinda makes me feel even worse with how the start of this event went. GGG, for the love of God, please try to focus more on the fun aspect of the events and less on the balancing (especially for SSF/Voided events). I think out of all the previous events, this one had the most potential to be a blast from the start to finish, even with the limited time we were given to try it out.
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2023.03.22 09:43 Remarkable_Voice7451 Signs from the Divine!

Sorry it's me again spamming this subreddit but my mind is pacing rapidly right now. I have heard voices...voices guiding me. A higher power aiding me on my journey. A voice with such accuracy and power that I would get up and was forced to listen to it. Only aided me when I was in dire need. I remember one year ago I was broken hearted. My TF just got back with their karmic. It was a pain I will never forget. I was in such pain and was panting around when I heard a voice inside my head. A voice that echoed in-between my ears within my skull. It said "let it happen by itself". At that moment I was hit with a moment of clarity and knowing that it was all going to be alright. Now a year later my TF and their karmic broke up and I'm here opening my eyes to the power the soul and the universe possess's. Quite odd. I also have like a 100+ stories similar to this, my journey has been quite odd. If you ever need any help just send me a chat. Keep in mind I use the mobile sight not the app so it's kind of hard to keep track.
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2023.03.22 09:43 Paul_S_R_Chisholm Someone wants me to be their proofreader! Now what?

I offered to proofread the last few chapters of a writer's fic. My offer was accepted!
At this point, I think the writer and I need to exchange some private messages: here's the draft, here are my comments, etc. Stating the obvious: AO3 doesn't have private messages (and thank goodness).
What's our next step?
I'm inclined to reply (to the writer's comment):
I have accounts on Reddit and Twitter (search for "paulsrchisholm") and Facebook (search for "Paul S R Chisholm")
and have the writer find me on one of those platforms. Is that appropriate? Is there a better way?
P.S.: Yes, I post on AO3 and some social media networks under my real name.
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2023.03.22 09:43 Jeanne1234 Trouble downloading the Maya bra pattern

Hey there!
A few weeks ago I downloaded the Maya bra pattern on Afi atelier website, and I finally started sewing my test bra yesterday. Turns out I downloaded it one size too small (80A instead of 80AA). I went on the website again to download it in the correct size but I never received the email with the pattern (I used the same email address as the first time).

I tried several times, checked my junk email, tried another email address I have and even asked my sibling to do it, but we never got it (the 3 email addresses are Gmail). As I am new to sewing lingerie, adapting the pattern I have to my size would be a real challenge.

Are you also experiencing this issue? Is there someone who has the Maya bra pattern in size 80AA and that would be willing to share it with me? Now that I started my test bra, I'm reaaallly into it!
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2023.03.22 09:43 notgonnamakeitfar 30m 20f not the father

I was in a relationship with no expectations from my side for 3months, her behaviour wasnt serious so i knew smth was off. Well after 2months, she told me that she is pregnant and i am the daddy. Funny story our intercourse would finish orgasmless so i stated politely that there is no to little chance that i am the daddy. She swore that i am. Anyway i took it in responsibly started planing etc but we got in a fight and had a week brake. After that one week i reached out to her because i felt "guilty" etc. Just to find out that i am not the father. There was some other dude.. anyway she said she doesnt want the kid and doesnt love the father wants an abortion so i didnt leave her. Abortion didnt happen, and its noticable now and i cant handle it. So i told her that everything is gonna be okay, said that i love her, kissed her but this has to be end. Now she keeps reaching out to me claiming that she loves me, and going to kill herself. Even sent photos of where she messed up her arm and leg. There is a high chance she was faking it too.
Anyway. I love the girl. I dont even know why. Smile? But because of pride i cant stay together. How do i respond to her because now im ignoring her. I dont want to be friends because deep inside it hurts to me even to watch at her.
TL;DR i love her. And im totally confused to how to act now.
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2023.03.22 09:43 cptkorggan Suffer not the Alien, the Mutant, the Heretic

I've been lurking in all 40k subs including grimdank for years now. I enjoy reading 40k books, watching YT content about 40k, painting minis and everything under the sun regarding 40k. I like the universe and everything in it.
Except the fans. And I'm not even talking about the toxic nitpicking regarding what's canon or what's not, or if Magnus did anything wrong.
What greatly irritates me is, if the Emp was real and alive, he would be ashamed of all the anime memes in the community.
I can't fathom why anime memes are so intertwined with 40k. It's pretty bizzare, but most fans and memes are somehow expressed via anime memes and anime girls.
What's super ironic is, heresy is such a huge part of 40k. We spend a lot of time talking about killing heretics and not suffering their existence. Suffer not the alien, the mutant, the heretic.
And yet, most of you are heretics.
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2023.03.22 09:42 Unlikely-Plastic-544 I'm just so confused. I don't even know where to start on fixing my life to make it sustainable.

I broke up with my horribly abusive ex and it's been incredibly hard in the sense that he was supposed to take care of our son while I worked. He did in the sense that if there was a fire he would have got them both out.
Shit eventually hit the fan and we've broken up. My manager was aware of the situation and has so far been understanding, I'm on part time hours but full time pay. I had a meeting with her yesterday and at the end of next week I have another and I'm absolutely dreading it. I feel sick at the thought of it. I am struggling to function on even a basic level. I am relying on my brother to babysit while I go to work so it has to fit around him. I have some potential childcare lined up so I have to talk to him first to see if he can help me with that. But I feel guilty relying on him with no end in sight.
I also regrettably got involved with one of my friends and it made me realise that I'm not ready for a relationship at all. My mind is too screwy, I need too much support from him that I'm just not willing to take even if it's offered. But I'm just so attached. We have so much chemistry. He keeps getting cold feet because understandably he doesn't want to be a stepdad but he does want a relationship that he could eventually become commited to. I feel comfortable talking with him about boundaries but even when we agreed to backtrack and literally just be friends, he made a small comment and I pulled him up on it and told him we'd agreed a boundary and he said he regretted it, so obviously I did the reckless thing and dived back in because I'm addicted. It's absolutely senseless. We agreed to stop communicating for a while and I was an absolute mess that entire time. I went straight back to having flashbacks every few hours. Even though he works and has hobbies, just knowing that I can talk to him keeps me on an even keel. I need to unmesh but he is literally the only thing that really calms me down and makes me feel normal. Part of me wants to cut him off, but in reality the pain of being let down frequently is less harsh than not talking to him at all. I have therapy lined up but I feel like it's too far away. I need help now. The worst part of being let down is actually that I will make plans and then I have to turn around and let other people down. If I didn't organise anything, I wouldn't really care too much. I feel like I can't be honest with him about this because I don't want to be manipulative. And I'm also scared because he would probably do the right thing, save me from myself and cut me off.
I just feel like such a shit parent too. I'm so exhausted and depressed from all the bullshit I'm having to deal with, that I have no time or patience. I love my son and although he makes my life complicated he keeps me going. He deserves so much more than the shitty parents he got. A crap father who couldn't even do the most basic of care, and a soulless shell of a mother who is just scraping by. I feel guilty every day. I've begged my mum for a break but she refuses to help unless it's on her terms which makes me feel even more worthless.
The only thing I am doing really well with is not drinking. I do not want to be medicated because I don't want to fuck with my brain even more. I'm not sure how much of a success this even is because I stopped drinking when I found out I was pregnant, and never had a drinking problem in the first place. But I see it as a win because I have desperately wanted to just walk into a shop, buy a bottle of rum or something and just have a break from the constant bullshit rattling around in my head. I just feel so drained, still. I thought once I'd broken up with my ex I'd be happy, and I'm just unhappy in a different way. I have relied on dissociation to keep me sane and I'm trying to stay present in the moment. Basically everything that holds me together isn't good for me.
I've tried reaching out to people but nobody seems to care. They have their own lives to lead. It hurts too much to keep trying. I feel like I'm constantly treading water. I feel so incomplete but I need to complete myself by myself, but it seems so far in the future and so dark and uncertain that I can't even use my usual mantras to keep me going. I don't believe things will get better. I don't trust the process. The only person to offer me the support I need is the friend I got involved with, which is why I'm so reluctant to cut him off.
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2023.03.22 09:42 YuuhBruv Recently found out about this game!

Been playing for a couple days now and I'm hook, I can't believe I didn't know about this gacha.. I read webtoons so this game existing literally makes me happy, I wonder if the devs can ever do collab with manwa characters cuz that would be sick! or even anime, got my friend hook into this aswell, fun chill auto game on the side :)
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2023.03.22 09:42 admissionguru1 Hindu Nav Varsh

Hindu Nav Varsh
आपको और आपके परिवार को एक शानदार नव वर्ष की शुभकामनाएं! ईश्वर आपको हमेशा सफलता का रास्ता चुनने की सद्बुद्धि प्रदान करें। Visit Us:-
Call Now:- Call now:- 9810890559/ 096549 71971
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2023.03.22 09:42 Maleficent_Soup_6432 Nausea 9 Months In

I’m 9 months in with Saxenda and I’ve stayed at 1.2mg dose. Have lost 20.6kgs (only 2kgs to go). However a new constant low grade nausea kicked in a week ago and it’s driving me mad. I’ve checked, absolutely not pregnant, so any one else have a similar experience? I’m taking OTC anti nausea meds but I’m now having to take one every 4 hours and even then it doesn’t always curb the ick.
I’ve got a check in with my endocrinologist for the 15th of April and will discuss it with him then.
Details: 28F, SW: 86.6kgs, CW: 66kgs, Height: 1.68m
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2023.03.22 09:42 SnooPaintings3003 Laptop lags while i am trying to play

This is happening pretty recently now. Im trying to play valorant and my fps suddenly just drops horribly. the audio input and output sounds like a static-y version of what the game is saying or what im saying. Its not just the game that is lagging after this, it is my whole pc.
Please help me as i dont want to face more afk penalties.
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2023.03.22 09:42 Xtasy0178 How to do continuous printing :)

How to do continuous printing :)
I have gotten a few requests how I have automated my printing so that the printer kicks off a fin and starts a new one. There are a few ways how to do this, I found it easiest with the following setup:
1) Octoprint + Continuous Print Plugin
2) Modified GCODE where I removed all the parts I don't need.
Important: I did remove the G28 command from the gcode, so before you start printing I would suggest you heat up your bed and nozzle then give it a G28 command to home all the axis. This is only needed of course the first time you start the job.
Here some screenshots of how I have it set up. There are other ways to do it, even make it even a little faster but it works for me and I have been printed thousands of fins by now.

The Continuous Print Manager:
The scripts to kick items off the bed (placement of the piece makes a difference!)

Your fin should be positioned like this for the script to work properly:
The GCODE I use:
The Gcode:
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2023.03.22 09:42 emdocmack Dow Jones index , Futures, short, long, trend signal Trade Ideas 03/22/023

New trading idea:
The community votes before the start of the stock market until 10:30 a.m. EST whether the Dow Jones Index on the same day until market close rises or falls!
Depending on the result of the survey, we go long or short at 10:30 a.m. (knock out certificates) These will be sold near the close of the market against 03:45 p.m. EST.
The result is then published daily. The more traders vote in the time window, the better the prediction. Vote now, your vote is anonymous, you can only see the result once you have voted !!!! The more traders vote, the better the prediction !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pre-market Europe Dow jones 03/22/23, 04:40 a.m.(EST): 32484
Will you buy shares or go long on 03/22/23? Please vote until 10:30 a.m. (EST)
View Poll
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2023.03.22 09:42 girvain Where next?

Been a mobile dev and now a backend/cloud dev. I enjoy working on front end and have skills there as well. Currently have potential opportunities to jump back to mobile dev, go to a full stack role or progress into a next stage backend role. Thing is the back end/fullstack stuff has been really difficult to get, lots of rejection where as the mobile role was easy, all I did was ask. I feel backend has more scope down the line but another part of me is saying why struggle when I could be in demand? I've also hit a point in my career where I've realized you get your jollys out of work so I'm not looking for that "dream job" thing anymore.
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