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2023.03.21 19:27 Phil_D_Snutz Is a condo developer allowed to do this to a condo he developed 15 years ago?

I'm in Hawaii and my condo developer decided during building construction 15 years ago to use seven storage units to construct his realty office on the ground floor. So now he's currently paying just $2100/year property tax and $80/month in maintenance fees which is less than one tenth of what residential unit owners pay for similar square footage. Many owners want him kicked out or at least charged a fair maintenance fee.
It seems the developer is using this section of the condo declaration as a loophole:
"The Developer, its agents, employees, contractors, licensees, successors and assigns, shall have (and the Developer hereby reserves) easements over and upon the Project, including the common elements, as may be reasonably necessary for the completion of the Project and the sale of all Apartments in the Project. These easements shall include (but not be limited to) the right to use model apartments, sales and management offices, parking stalls and sales displays and shall continue for so long as the Developer or the Developer’s successor or assign retains any interest in any Apartment in the Project."
Also, the house rules and bylaws state storage units are not to be used for anything other than storage.
This developer also owns over 200 storage units and parking stalls totaling 35% and 28% of total common interest and are worth about $9mil. It seems he's renting out these units while also cutting off supply to drive prices up.
Are either of the above legal? What can be done to change this?
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2023.03.21 19:22 dankiel Last week was nice. I wish it was always like this. Las Vegas.

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2023.03.21 19:20 BronxAnt Zombie mobile home question...

I get that if they are properly registered and tagged that their registration fees allow them to park on NYC streets. However, when they were parked along a service road it was odd how long they stayed in their spots without moving. I have a couple more concerns because they have now moved adjacent to a kids playground with windows at playground height. They have video surveillance signs on it, seemingly to protect them, but is there any statute to not film children?. I realize if you can see it from public, it can be filmed, but seems like their should be an extra wrinkle when kids are the subject and the videographer would be secretive and "sus."
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2023.03.21 19:20 alklvlock 2

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2023.03.21 19:19 alklvlock 1

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2023.03.21 19:16 WhiskeyRanting RDA Recap - March 20, 2023

No image this week, ‘cause I just...don’t think I have a good one for this week’s stories.
Hello, friends and neighbors all. I’m SilverKappa. This is the RDA Recap, where I do my best to keep a list of all the music and nonsense that Nash played on Radio Dead Air this week. I don't always get it right, but I don't often get it wrong.
Let’s dive in!
Jordi - “Clear”
SYML – “Laughing at the Storm”
We Are Scientists – “Here Goes”
Death Valley Girls – “When I’m Free”
Civic – “Born in the Heat”
SYML - “Believer”
Sarah and the Safe Word – “Old Lace”
B. Dylan Hollis – Gooey Butter Cake: 1930s
Auralnauts – “Ice Ice MATRIX”
Shriekback – “This Is The Science”
Bad Religion – “New Dark Ages”
Electric Light Orchestra – “Mr. Blue Sky”
Ze Frank – True Facts Animal Awards: Best Worst Jumping and More
Fatboy Slim – “The Rockafeller Stank”
R.E.M. - “Man On The Moon”
Extreme – “Get The Funk Out”
Joel Haver – Joker’s Most Devious Plan Yet
Cocteau Twins – “Heaven or Las Vegas”
Katrina and the Waves – “Walking on Sunshine”
STORY 1: Florida woman pulls gun in McDonald's drive-thru over item not on menu, police say
STORY 2: Maine woman charged with fake threats against New Hampshire Walmart
STORY 3: Milwaukee police chase stolen Amazon van: video
STORY 4: Newark mayor signs deal with Hindu nation that does not exist
STORY 5: San Diego County deputy arrested for driving vehicle through gate of military base, officials say
STORY 6: Iron County Sheriff, other department members accused of helping man in alleged parental kidnapping scheme
Allison Pregler – Star Trek’s Finale Was Horrible (And Sexist) (Turnabout Intruder)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - “Relax”
Arctic Monkeys – “R U Mine?”
AFK – THE BATTLEFIELD – A Star Wars short film made with Unreal Engine 5
A Perfect Circle – “When The Levee Breaks”
Todd in the Shadows – POP SONG REVIEW: “Last Night” by Morgan Wallen
Paul Simon – “You Can Call Me Al”
CHVRCHES – “Night Sky”
Kids in the Hall – Daddy Drank
Meg Myers – “My Mirror”
The Bravery - “Believe”
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2023.03.21 19:11 doodmanOFFICIAL Just gonna leave this image here for a Las Vegas team

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2023.03.21 19:11 alklvlock 2

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2023.03.21 19:11 alklvlock 2

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2023.03.21 19:10 7jaykyuyu766 Bella Hadid Celebrates 5 Months of Sobriety on Las Vegas Journey

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2023.03.21 19:05 ImpressiveStore5612 Lake Lemon is hiring

SEASONAL JOB DESCRIPTION Position: Gate House Attendant Purpose of Position The Gate House Attendant is primarily responsible for point-of-sale transactions and customer service relations in the Riddle Point Park Gate House operation. Responsibilities and Duties 1. Welcome lake and park visitors. 2. Disseminate information to public. 3. Answer telephone and take messages. 4. Collect lake and park fees. 5. Issue daily and seasonal boat permits. 6. Perform daily park trash policing. 7. Maintain daily cleanliness of gate house, park restrooms, beach, and shelter house. 8. Open the Park by 8am and close by 8pm, including clearing out patrons prior to closing. 9. Assist Manager in lake debris removal and buoy placements. 10. May be called for emergency work at times. 11. This list of responsibilities and duties is not intended to be all-inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties and responsibilities that management may deem necessary from time to time. Skills- Personal Attributes- • Be honest, trustworthy and respectful. • Be flexible and dependable. • Demonstrate sound work ethics. • Deal with the public in a positive, courteous and professional manner. • Be able to perform in stressful situations. Physical Demands • Possess excellent customer relation skills. • Be able to operate a multi-key cash register. • Ability to read, write, and accurately count money and change. • Effective decision-making skills. • Effective verbal and listening communication skills. • Effective organizational skills with the ability to manage several tasks at the same time.
Moderate physical effort is expected in performing maintenance tasks, including frequent bending, stooping, pushing, pulling, and movement of extremities. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds. Working Conditions/Hours • Performs duties in-doors and out-doors, and is exposed to dirt, dust, cleaning products, trash, lake sediment, insects and warm temperatures. • Must be able to work a flexible schedule which includes early morning/evening hours and weekends, April thru October. Salary The Lake Lemon Conservancy District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, marital status, sex, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, and handicapped status in the employment or the provision of services. The Lake Lemon Conservancy District is a drug free workplace. A 30 day Probationary Period is required for this Position Contact Information Ross Carlson, Operations Supervisor 812-334-0233 [email protected] Lake Lemon Conservancy District 7599 N. Tunnel Road Unionville, IN 47468 • $12.00/Hour (Average 500 to 600 hours per year.) • Pay Commensurate with experience An Equal Opportunity Employer
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2023.03.21 19:05 jackshort67 2023 SRT Demon 170 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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2023.03.21 19:05 KotesFolly_ Idea for a Transparent Bank

I'm very surprised an idea like this hasn't been done, and may make sense unless I'm missing something about the banking industry. Let's call it Transparent Bank. The key differentiator allows a depositor the ability to view a digital ledger of exactly how and where the bank is leveraged (in a way for a layman to understand). The bank offers two options for a specific account:
I'd love to know if a bank is doing this or if transparency and banking is an oxymoron
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2023.03.21 19:04 alklvlock 1

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2023.03.21 18:53 MagicOrange5 EDC Las Vegas - Trailers From 2011 To 2022 - Megamix

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2023.03.21 18:52 MannyLV19 Camping somewhere with trees and grass

As spring gets closer looking for camping options near Las Vegas. I know Mnt Charleston is nice with the trees but is there anywhere relatively close that has camping areas with grass?
Thanks everyone for your input.
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2023.03.21 18:50 MechanicFlimsy4834 3kg Haul

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2023.03.21 18:48 EDCMod EDC Las Vegas 2023 Tips, Tricks, and FAQ

EDC Las Vegas 2023

Official EDC Las Vegas 2023 Trailers:

Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway 7000 N Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89115
Dates & Times:
May 19, 20, 21, 2023
Box Office:
Expo at World Market Center 435 S Grand Central Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89106
Box Office Hours:
Wednesday, May 17: 2PM – 12AM Thursday, May 18: 11AM – 12AM Friday, May 19: 11AM – 3AM Saturday, May 20: 2PM – 2AM Sunday, May 21: 2PM – 2AM
Camp EDC Hours
Thursday, May 18th, 9am – Monday, May 22nd, 5pm. All campers must be fully packed and vacating the campground by 5pm on Monday, May 22nd.
Camp EDC Check-In
  • Thursday, May 18: 8am–2am
  • Friday, May 19: 8am–2pm - please note festival traffic begins arriving at 2pm so wait times could be longer
  • Saturday, May 20: 8am–2pm - please note festival traffic begins arriving at 2pm so wait times could be longer
  • Sunday, May 21: 8am–2pm - please note festival traffic begins arriving at 2pm so wait times could be longer

Other informative other posts --


electricdaisycarnival Discord chat

electricdaisycarnival 2023 Reddit meetup info -- (COMING SOON!)

Roommate Megathread

CampEDC/tent-mates Megathread

Rideshare Megathread

EDC Las Vegas 2022 Playlists by Stage Lineup -- (COMING SOON!)

Useful Quick Links:

Purchase festival passes -- LIMITED GA+ & VIP PASSES REMAINING (GA SOLD OUT)!

Purchase shuttle passes -- LIMITED STOPS REMAIN!

Purchase Moon Glow camping -- SOLD OUT!

Purchase Desert Rose camping -- SOLD OUT!

Purchase RV camping -- SOLD OUT!

Purchase Premier Parking -- SOLD OUT!

Hotel EDC

Purchase Locker Rental

Lineup Flyer (COMING SOON!)

Lineups by Stage (COMING SOON!)

Lineups by Art Car (COMING SOON!)

[CampEDC Activities Schedule](COMING SOON!)

CampEDC Party Schedule:

  • CampEDC Pre-Party (COMING SOON!)
  • CampEDC Pool Parties (COMING SOON!)
  • CampEDC After Parties (COMING SOON!)


CampEDC The Mesa Map (COMING SOON!)

Opening Ceremony Lineup (COMING SOON!)

Parking Map (COMING SOON!)

Festival Map (COMING SOON!)

Shuttle Map (COMING SOON!)

Shuttle Schedule --

  • Departure Times: Shuttles will operate continuously from 7:00pm–11:30pm from all Standard Shuttle stops
  • Return Times: Return shuttles will begin at 3:00am and conclude 60 minutes after the music ends at kineticFIELD PLEASE NOTE: Shuttles will not run between 11:30pm and 3:00am.

EDC Wedding Info

Table & Bottle Service info

Helicopter Booking

Lost & Found Information

Basic Festival & Ticketing information

When can I check in to the campgrounds?
Insomniac put together a handy entry guide for camping that is available here
What are the guidelines for camping? I have more questions related to camping!
Insomniac put together their camping guidelines and camping FAQ pages related to camping and they are very informative. I'm not going to re-type all this information here, so use the links provided.
My wristband/parking pass/shuttle pass hasn't come yet!
Be patient, they will be shipping out over 100k+ packages when they go out. You can also call Front Gate Tickets to see where your shipment is and/or set up will call pickup @ 888.512.7469. Also here's the Front Gate Tickets Support Site.
If you are coming from outside of the USA, you have no choice but to go to will call for your tickets. Please see the above event information for the box office location and hours.
I have tickets/shuttle passes/parking passes to sell!
Check out EDCTickets! Remember, even though our community is friendly, caring, and kind, there are ticket scammers out there that are willing to take advantage. Be vigilant, if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts.
Where can I register my Wristband? Do I have to register my wristband?
You can register it here. The only way to recover your wristband if it is lost or stolen is to have it registered. Additionally, there is emergency contact information stored in your wristband as part of the registration process, if anything should happen to you. There is a $40 fee for a replacement wristband.
Well this is embarassing, I didn't listen to everyone and put my wristband on early/on the wrong hand, how can I get it off? I sold my wristband after I attended one of the nights, how can I get it off without damaging it?
Here's a short how-to video to remove the wristband without damaging anything. DON'T PUT YOUR WRISTBAND ON UNTIL FRIDAY BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR HOTEL! It goes on your right wrist, and should be able to fit a finger underneath for breathing room.
I'm going solo to the fest, how can I make friends, I need a place to stay, etc.
There are several ways of doing this. You can use the search function on the subreddit. There's also some Facebook groups dedicated to solo journeys to EDC. Once again, trust your instincts here and only stay with people that you can properly personally have vetted ahead of time.
Also, check the useful links above for ride shares, hotel shares, and tent shares!
Live sets just aren't doing it for me, I need a feel for what this place is like before I attend!
Check out Electric Daisy Carnival 2000, Under the Electric Sky, or The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience trailer from when the festival was still in L.A. If you can find The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience online for free somewhere or even for a couple bucks to stream it, I think it's a much better movie than the Under the Electric Sky movie.


When do the set times drop? When does the app update? I can't find the app on the app store, what gives?!
Set times and app updates usually happen the week of the festival. The Insomniac app will update the week of the festival, so go ahead and install it now if you want to.
What about pool parties or other EDC Week events?
Official site here for a list of events and tickets. There's also going to be parties and pools at the campground.
What time should I leave the strip? How long does it take to get to/from to the speedway? What time should I leave the event to beat traffic?
EDC is not like a local DJ show and Las Vegas traffic SUCKS. Parking lots open at 2PM, so I would strive to leave the strip right around that time. Without traffic it will take you anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. The longer into the night you wait to leave the worse off traffic will be and the longer it will take to get to the show. I have heard nightmare scenarios of 2 or 3 hour shuttle rides, so don't let it happen to you!
Typically, you can leave before the sunrise sets or about halfway through it and not have too bad of a wait in traffic back to the strip in the morning! At the end of night 3, keep in mind normal people are also heading to work since it will technically be Monday morning. That's just going to add to the cluster fuck of traffic on I-15 and Las Vegas Blvd. Plan accordingly! If you are driving have a cooler in the trunk with water bottles!
Are we doing the Reddit meetup again this year?
We sure are. Check out the links up top regarding information on where and when we are meeting up. We are going to have two simultaneous meetups, one for campers and one for people on the Strip. All information is contained in the post linked at the very top!
What can I bring into the festival? What can't I bring into the festival? What are the searches like?
The searches could be TSA style, or you could barely get touched at all. It's pretty random. Consider stash boxers or compression underwear to get your favors inside or items that are disallowed like LED gloves, etc.
If you take your time to observe the security, you can usually get a feel of who is being a hard-ass for a dime raise for busting someone and who is just doing their job quickly and efficiently.
As for allowed and disallowed items, here's a link to those lists as well as totem guidelines.
Bring a gallon zip lock bag and put all of your belongings that you want to bring into the festival in it while you are waiting in line. All three days last year security complimented me on being organized and how easy I made their jobs because they could just scan the items in the bag, check my camelbak, give me the pat down and I was on my way.
Seriously, if you make security's lives easier in this way, they will not hassle you at all as long as you aren't trying to bring in stuff that isn't allowed. I didn't even get pat down on Night 2 because I was so up-front about all my belongings.
Any further questions, feel free to comment below, or visit the EDC Las Vegas Guide page!

Tips and Tricks!

  • Put an Emergency Contact Information (ICE) on your phone's lock screen. Android or Apple. This serves as two things.. One, if you lose your phone, someone can try to get it back to you. TWO, if you get hurt or fall out, the medics on site can get in contact with someone you know.
  • Call your bank/credit card companies and let them know you will be traveling to Vegas to avoid holds on your account.
  • Be vigilant on the Strip. Everyone is trying to hustle. Street performers will expect tips if you take pictures!
  • Hit up a Vegas buffet at least one day.
  • Stretch beforehand in your hotel room. Your muscles will thank you in the morning!
  • Wear comfy shoes and/or get insoles to replace the "stock" insoles that come with your shoes. Also, consider moleskin if your feet are prone to blistering from rubbing against your socks. Your feet will thank you!
  • Get to the festival early. Stop by the merchandise tent first thing. Items sell out fast. Consider a mobile charging locker to store your merchandise in! Additionally, if you bring all of your sealed items in on the first day (wipes, chapstick, cigarettes, gum, tampons, etc), you can keep them all in your locker overnight and not have to worry about getting 3 of each sealed item to bring in every single day. REMEMBER! Hide your lock combo from people that may peer over your shoulder or look at your combination wristband and try to get into your locker. Remain vigilant inside the festival!
  • After you get your merch and put it in your locker, you next stop should be one of the free water stands to fill up your hydration pack or water bottle. It's very important to remain hydrated, especially while the sun is still out and bearing down on you! If you tip some of the vendors, they will give you ice if the warm water turns you off.
  • If you need to eat something, consider the food trucks instead of the concession stand food. The food trucks have their company name out there and on the line when compared to the generic concession stand stuff, the quality of the food is unparalleled. Don't make the same mistake as I did a few years ago and get a raw onion sandwich masked as a "cheese steak".
  • Bring earplugs! Tinnitus sucks!
  • Wear sunscreen! Remember, if you are staying all night the sun is up at like 5AM and starts beaming down on you almost immediately.
  • If you want to ride the rides, get there early or risk missing sets while standing in line! Some rides you will be waiting for an hour or more at peak times.
  • Time-stamp your texts! There will be cell service congestion. Stamping your texts will help your friends know whenever you truly sent a message!
  • Bring an external battery pack in with you to charge your phone if you are someone who likes to take a lot of photo and video!
  • Bring cash. Credit and debit cards could possibly be hit or miss if the speedway's internet network would happen to shit the bed! Don't be stuck without a way to pay for something you need!
  • Remember to take it easy night 1! EDC is a marathon not a sprint!
  • Emergen-C packets are a lifesaver. Take one before the festival every night in order to help you recover from the night before and prepare for the festival ahead!
  • Take some time to look up and enjoy the fireworks!
  • Don't forget about the EDC parade down Rainbow Road every night! You should at least try to check it out one time out of the three nights you are there! Check the app for times, but it should be around midnight every night!
  • Follow your favorite artists' social media so that you know if they may show up unannounced, or if they are doing any surprise sets on one of the art cars, etc.
  • Send a post card to back home at the EDC Town Post Office. Mine took until October in 2017 to land, but it was a nice surprise when it finally did! Check out EDC Town in general. It's pretty sweet.
  • If you are feeling at all dehydrated or anything else medical related, visit one of the medical tents. Staff is super friendly and you WILL NOT get in trouble for seeking medical treatment, no matter your condition. If you can't make it to the medical tent, look for a Ground Control staff member to assist you or any of your friends! Look out for your fellow ravers. If you see something, say something! This will keep everyone safe and having a good time.
  • If you are going to do drugs, and especially MDMA, I suggest only doing it 1 out of the 3 nights and finding something else for the other two days. Just to let you know as an example of responsible use, in 2017 we did edibles and shatter the first night, rolled night 2, and just chilled with some shatter night 3. Everyone is different, but be safe, and TEST YOUR SHIT. Do not buy drugs at the festival. Not only do you risk getting bunk shit, but undercover cops are everywhere!
  • If you are going to drink alcohol, do so in moderation and stay hydrated! For every alcoholic drink you have, you should drink 8-16oz of water!
  • If you are a lady, bring wipes! Usually the porta-potties run out of toilet paper. It's just a fact of the festival and usually they don't get resupplied until the following day. You will thank me if you get caught in this situation.
  • Bring a hand fan for the water lines! They can get pretty hot and people will love you!
  • Try to catch at least one sunrise set one of the nights. I recommend night 2, since everyone and their mothers will be staying on night 3. Plus, Monday morning rush hour traffic on night 3 is no bueno.
  • If you have a large crew and need to split up to see different sets, plan a meeting spot! Try to pick something that is stationary, like the locker area, the cooling area, one of the buildings in EDC Town, etc.
  • Buy a smoothie or a lemonade. They are a nice change of pace from warm hydrant water.
  • Get a bandana and tie it around your neck for each night you are out there. Put it over your mouth and nose when the dust gets to be too much. Your lungs will thank you, plus you get to look like a bandit. Win/win.
  • Trains of people going in and out of the crowd are going to happen, so use them to your advantage. Become the caboose to go into or out of the crowds and use your manners! Excuse me, thank you, etc go a long way when navigating the crowd!
  • Bring good vibes, leave the judgement at the gates, and most of all, enjoy yourself and smile! EDC is a glorious wonderland of fun. Extrude the vibes you wish to receive back to you and you will have a great time, I promise!
If you have other tips, tricks or questions, comment your thoughts below!
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2023.03.21 18:47 alklvlock 2

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2023.03.21 18:44 goonerfrog10 Storm chasing is actually a pretty safe job. Or at least I thought it was.

Storm chasing is actually a safer profession than factory work, public transit, and even teaching now. Every known storm chaser death over the last 60 years has been driving related, most of which had nothing to do with the actual storm itself. You don’t choose to chase tornados because its safe, but when people bring up safety as a reason they could never do the job it proves to me they don’t know what they’re talking about. At least I felt that way for the first 15 years I was storm chasing. Then last year everything changed.
I was in Chickasha county, Oklahoma heading south towards Texas. I was in Norman for a storm chaser meet up a week into spring, tornado season was up and running, I’d already put 600 miles on my truck. Everybody knew everybody else for the most part, sometimes we had newcomers, most of them didn’t come back the next year. It isn’t the storms that drives people away it’s the driving, the tedious radar checking, the disappointment when you been chasing a cold wind for 3 days and the damn twister doesn’t even touch the ground. You have to be obsessed with these storms, the horrific beauty, the terrifying power, it has to be in your bones or you won’t make it back out here. Not to mention Oklahoma is about the least visually appealing place the country has to offer. Now I’m from west Texas and there ain’t much to see out there either, but my god do I pine for the hundreds of miles of desert when I’m in the plains of Oklahoma. Hell, at least we have mountains. But a storm chaser in the mountains is like a fisherman in the in the Gobi, just don’t belong.
Anyway, I was on the tail of storm system making it’s way over to Wichita Falls, it had changed direction on me twice and I almost gave up on her, but there was a warm wind coming up from Louisiana and it was sure to bring a hell of a storm with it. Now I’ve had more sub-par meals in local diners than I’ve had hot meals at home but every single one of them is worth it when I get a tornado that touches ground. I’m not a scientist, I’m not doing this to further the knowledge of mankind. I’m what is now being called a “storm journalist” although “guy who really likes tornados” is more accurate. I document what I see, take pictures, take some measurements of winds and temperatures and then I send them to websites that give me enough money to live. I happened to be a little low on funds and I had to follow this storm and just hope and pray it turned in to something.
Buddy of mine named Jeff Skelton had a real nose for the cold winds and where they were headed told me the twister would turn up about 40 miles northeast of Wichita, I headed out there, saw a couple of other teams on the way. I worked alone but most people didn’t now a days. Safety in numbers and all that. I parked the truck in a field after I paid the owner of the land a small fee for letting me on it. This was my favorite part of the whole thing. Setting up my equipment while the winds grew more powerful and the rain started, the chaos always brought a deep peace to my mind. Like all the shit flying around inside my head finally matched what the outside was looking like. I used to love being in the middle of the storm. Until I didn’t.
I first noticed this storm was different because of the lightning. Or lack there of. I’d never seen it before. All tornadoes come from thunderstorms. Sometimes the lighting strikes aren’t as many, sometimes they don’t even hit the ground, but the sky is always lit up when a twister starts turning. The funnel started to form in the clouds and I hadn’t seen a hint of lighting in an our more when I was up north. My first reaction was how lucky I was to be covering such a rarely occurring natural phenomenon. My second reaction was doubt, and uncertainty. The doubt and uncertainty didn’t have much time with me though. Soon every inch of my body was enveloped in fear.
As the twister touched the ground I could see something moving inside of it. Not the usual swirl of debris from houses and trees, but something gigantic. Something moving against the swirls of the wind, something that you could feel in the ground beneath you every time it took a step. There is a mysterious reoccurrence whenever there are deaths from a tornado. Many bodies are never found. The logical thought is, of course, that the bodies are thrown such great distances and such random locations that the couldn’t possibly be located, but it happened even with smaller twisters. I think I was beginning to understand why.
Whatever was in the twister kept taking swipes at the ground. It was pulling up tress and dirt and whatever else was in it’s path and sending it into the swirling winds. The storm was coming closer to me but I was glued to the part of the earth I occupied. From the field to the left of me a red jeep pulled up right next to me.
“Jerry we got to get the hell out of here. What is that thing?” I didn’t answer. I stayed staring into the storm as much as I possibly could, I needed to understand what I was looking at. The guys in the Jeep were friends of mine, Dave and Harry. They hopped out and grabbed me, threw me in the back seat and took off. Madder than spit and running like a hot damn. But my eyes were fixed on the monster in the twister. I watched it throw my truck into the swirling winds. I watched it as it started to ascend back into the heavens. I watched until Dave turned onto the main road and I couldn’t see it anymore. Dave pulled over about 15 miles down the road and started to weep. Harry was also overcome with emotion. We tried to talk about it then and there but the words kept getting stuck in the back of our throats.
I haven’t chased a storm since I seen the thing inside the twister. The cold winds will disappear soon and then twister season will be over. Usually that’s the saddest part of the year for me. Hell, it can’t come fast enough.
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