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Atypical Epilepsy - Head Trauma. Vet's at a loss

2023.04.02 08:09 brittylee92 Atypical Epilepsy - Head Trauma. Vet's at a loss

Since Maddie is not your typical epilepsy case and the cause is due to trauma my vet is out of her depth(her words). This isn’t her speciality. The problem is that there aren’t any neurologist vets in Oklahoma. We aren’t even sure what her prognosis is and if medication will help. We’ve tried our best to get all of her documentation together and our hope was to see if a neurology vet would take a look at it and do a consult, but now we can’t seem to find one and obviously she has other animals to treat and I know chasing this down is eating up a lot of the time she needs to spend on other patients. Maddie’s currently still having small break through seizures, and i know her medication combination isn’t right. She is basically a zombie dog being on all of the meds, still having break through seizures, but we are all too nervous about changing up her medications to move in any direction. Maddie is prone to ataxia anytime she has an increase in medication, but usually she acclimates in a couple of weeks. With the phenobarbital, she’s a stumbling mess and this isn’t pleasant for her by any stretch. Sorry for the long back story, but on to the questions.
  1. Has anyone seen this kind of injury induced epilepsy and have any experience in a prognosis? Will medications even help?
  2. Neurology vet willing to do a virtual consult?
    1. I read about Texas A&M potentially doing this and sent the info to my vet, but I haven’t heard back yet.
  3. Any vets in Oklahoma that have more experience in epilepsy that could better help Maddie?
    1. Or have recommendations for someone near Oklahoma? People go crazy about their pets and google reviews of vets are almost never accurate in my opinion.
  4. What should our next steps be? What questions could I be asking?
    1. I’m doing everything that I know to do, but I’m not a professional, and my professional is at a loss so I don’t know what to do even more.
If you made it this far, heres a pic of Maddie because she's too cute not to share!
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2023.04.02 07:09 bitchy_cookie How would you handle this?

My dog went to a groomer today and when I picked him up they said they won’t be charging me because they accidentally cut his paw. It looked relatively minor when I checked it out and was a little red. The groomer and store manager (or owner idk) were very nice and apologetic. I was curious why they kept looking at each other and were so apologetic but just figured they were being nice… I accepted their apology and was understanding that things/mistakes happen and my dog initially seemed ok.
Well when we got home and out of the car he SCREAMED and jumped out of his skin. When I grabbed him there was blood everywhere and his little paw pad was bleeding bad. My little guy was panting and shaking so bad from the pain. We took him to the vet of which we found that part of his paw pad was clipped off!!! It was so much worse than it initially looked. The vet said it was a nasty cut. They were trying to glue the wound but too much paw pad is missing. The issue is every time he walks it bleeds bad. We have to go back in 4 days for a bandage change/clean.
So $530 later my dog is officially a lampshade, and needs antibiotics and pain meds 2x daily.
Here is my question- how would you handle this? I truly hate conflict and do not want to tear someone apart for an accident, but they did cause it. My poor little guy is really hurt 😞 (and it makes me so sad because he’s really old and is just such a good boy. He never bothers anyone and I hate that he’s hurting). I left not realizing how bad the wound was and now I think they were acting so worried because they knew the wound was bad. So do I send them the bill? I really want to because that’s a lot of money, but I’m nervous and need advice on how to handle/what to say.
Thank you.
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2023.04.02 06:49 morecatslesspeople Vet bills give me chills

Hello friends! I had an unexpected vet visit and could use a little help. About a week ago, my poor boy Walter was straining to urinate in the litter box, which is a kitty emergency. Luckily, he did not have a urinary obstruction, but started treatment for a UTI.
After a few days with no improvement, I picked up some pain meds from the vet, but they didn’t do anything to help either. Walter started trying to pee on everything! In the sink, bathtub, behind the litter box. Horrifyingly, ON ME because I was under a throw blanket - and worse, on my bed while I was sleeping in it. I know it’s because he hurts, he’s a very good boy otherwise.
I took him back to the vet today and they wanted to check for bladder stones by X-ray. Nothing, bladder empty. Started a new medication that should hopefully help reduce his feeling of urgency.
I’m supposed to work on reducing stress, Walter does have some conflict with another one of my male cats which could have brought on his issues. My cats are all indoor, but a neighbor has moved in recently with an unfixed outdoor male cat and he is spraying all over my house, doors, nearby bushes. Another possible source of the problem but I can’t do much about that aside from cleaning.
Vet recommended Feliway diffusers and calming supplements. Drinking more water is also important so the fountain would really help. I need to find all the spots he’s made that aren’t visible, by black light - Walter has been so irritated that he’s been dragging his behind on the floor while straining, making a smelly mess. Ugh.
$600 was a lot for me to be out right now, and he might still have to go back. I have 8 cats to feed, and lots of cleaning to do. Here’s two of my bills so far for proof + cat tax.
Anything would be so much help trying to get this condition under control while taking care of all my kitties ♥️
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2023.04.02 06:40 sam090212 A big lump developed after subq.

Has anyone experienced their baby developing lumps in the side where subq injection was injected, not the exact spot but the same side. Xrays show that it’s not enlarged organ and its near the skin, a week ago it was a hard lump and her vet said when it becomes soft it will pop out, but now after one week its still a hard lump and became very bumpy like there are lots of tiny spotts inside of it please see the picture below.
A short history a week ago she had bacterial gastroenteritis so she was on fluids, omeprazole, anti inflammatory, reliven and tramadol was injected to her exactly two days after subq the lump developed, she’s acting normal and not in pain but we are worried. We have done her xrays and ultrasound as well, but nothing specific her vet can't tell either. She has been through so much these past weeks and is just starting to gain back her energy and now developed these lumps. She's a heart baby so she's on heart meds as well.
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2023.04.02 05:59 Boring-Notice-3749 Today my grampa told me the real reason we lost in Vietnam.

I visited my grampa last week. He's an ex marine who got drafted into the Vietnam War in 1965 and fought until the end. He also fought in the Korean War. His father had fought in WW2 and his son (my dad) fought in Afghanistan.
I visited him every few months since I turned 6. I'm now 18 and have been thinking about following in my forefathers footsteps and joining the U.S military. My grandfather knows this and asked me to speak to him before I put in my papers to sign up.
He usually tells me the same story about the war. How he met hist best friends there and how he fell in love with and married a nurse who was also in Vietnam.
The story he tells me about the end of the war is kind of cliché. They were the last regiment held up in Saigon when the Vietkong attacked and over powered the last of the U.S forces. He had this look in his eye like he wasn't saying the full story, he was very skittish, always looking over his shoulder.
Last week when I saw him, he made me leave my phone and apple watch outside of his room. I didn't question it, as it was probably his paranoia. He told me to lock every door and shut every blind in the house. I went along with it. Then I finally sat it his room and he told me the truth.
"It was never really about the communists. Hell, we couldn't have cared less about those bastards. It wasn't them that killed us, the strongest army in the world didn't lose to a bunch of yellow rice farmers. No it wasn't them, wasn't the soviets, wasn't even human."
"Grandpa, what do you mean wasn't even human?" I inquired.
"You see, they told us it was for freedom, and in a way it was but what they really wanted us to fight was what the locals called the quái vật không thể xuyên thủng. I'll never forget my first encounter with these impenetrable beasts. I was hiding with my squad captain in a village, on a bridge waiting for the Vietkong to make a push. Well something did push, it wasn't them.
6 massive lions came out of the tree line, there were bigger than a bear but smaller than an elephant. The front limbs of these animals were 2 times longer than the back.
The captain ordered us to open fire and take out each with a clean shot. As soon and the first round of 5.56 hit the skull of the lion the bloodbath ensued. The screaming of my 500 other comrades were so frightful, these men that survived hell, were now cowering at the sight of these lions."
"What does this have to do with anything Grandad? It's just a bunch of animals."
"No. They weren't just animals. They were monsters from not of this earth. None of them died, me and my captain put hundreds of round of ammo into them but they kept on going. Eventually only me and my captain were left on that bridge.
That's when the lions stood up... like a human. They broke their way through every door of every house in that village looking for us. When they made their way to the bridge, there were able to reach it, and in one swift move they cut it down. As they feasted on my captain I fell into the river and was swept away.
I was found by a U.S general and escorted to a room where he asked about what I'd seen. I told him about the massacre and about the lions. I was then escorted to a green room where they tortured me in an attempt to make me forget the incident.
It worked and I forgot about the lions until they attacked again, and again. I saw them kill hundreds of thousands of people and after each attack I was escorted to a green room and brainwashed to make me forget. But the scream were still in my head, and unlike every other vet I remembered these demons. And in Saigon I didn't even pick up my gun, I just waited in a corner listening to everyone get slaughtered until me and everyone else who hid in a corner got picked up by U.S boats and went back home."
"Grandpa I don't underwhere, why would they hide this, what were those things?"
"You see grandson I stayed in the military to find out more and I only got so little information."
It was getting late so I was grabbing my things to go when my grandpa asked me to go to a pharmacy and get his refill for his heartburn meds. I did so and then said goodbye to him and went home.
Today when I came home from my pharmacy for picking up my adhd meds there was a lawyer at my door. This lawyer informed me that 3 days ago my grandfather had died of cardiac arrest, and he had left me something in his will. It was a scrap book he made.
When I opened the scrapbook it was filled with his handwriting and pictures of bombs and planes and writing. The text reads:
"1965- operation rolling thunder, attempt to kill monsters unsuccessful
1945- different monsters spotted in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, attempts to kill were unsuccessful
1954- castle bravo failed to kill monsters still on the loose."
I feel like the public should know about this which is why I'm posting this here, also to honor my grandpa. R.I.P
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2023.04.02 04:35 ckess25 Lymphoma?

My point mix who will be 1 on 4/4 is being tested for lymphoma and I’m just not sure what to think. 3 weeks ago we were in the vet for possible kennel cough, given coughing tablets and doxycycline. Went through those pill packs and his coughing has pretty much gone away.
Tuesday this week I noticed he wasn’t eating and had diarrhea then he had bloody stool and had vomited, took him to the emergency vet and they did X-rays and blood work, X-rays came back clean and said his blood work was fine because we were worried about an obstruction. He was treated for gastroenteritis because of the meds (even though he had been off the meds for about 4 days)
Thursday he was pretty much fine, Friday we went back to vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Vet did an ultrasound again to confirm that there was no obstruction. They found that his stomach lymphnodes were swollen but none others were. Now we are being sent to a test to aspirate the lympnodes to see if it’s lymphoma.
I’m having a hard time believing it’s cancer, he’s a one year old health active pup. I’m not sure what to think… is it possible have caught this early?
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2023.04.02 03:18 notimportantlikely Resentful and frustrated

Why does he get to do whatever he wants?
December of 2021 he decided to quit his job for a break, he wanted to sell his collectables, clean out a spare room of ours and have the free time to do all the things he never had a chance to do. 3 months of time to focus on these tasks, he claimed, 6 max. He said he'd do household tasks I've been wanting for a I agreed. They'd never get done otherwise, we could afford to get by on my salary, seems to benefit everyone to have someone at home taking care of this stuff. We're in our mid to late 30s, he needs some time...I didn't mind.
Now, this in itself didn't bother me, cause him working can be hard too...not having him in a job makes me feel like I don't HAVE to do everything or be resented and have him bitter with me when I drop a few tasks. He's always been the cook of the house and despite it near often being the ONLY thing he did, he would still hold it over my head if I failed to get laundry or cleaning done fully (despite working full time). It was somehow still my responsibility to do everything else and if I didn't do tasks timely (like fold clean laundry I'd washed) he would give me silent treatment or withhold whatever he felt justified in at the time: meals, drop forms of acknowledgement or little signs of care (small things like making me toast in the morning or a forehead kiss for example), he'd put long boring movies on the TV so I couldn't play a game after work. He'd patronise and infantise me, reduce me to a child who had to complete my chores before leisure. He finished work 2-3 hours before me everyday and would be found sitting on his ass, scrolling his phone until I returned but I wasn't allowed the same after an hour plus commute. Me being the breadwinner gave me a sense of purpose, I finally was useful, an adult again and could hold power rather than be reduced to nothing because I didn't fold his underwear after a 8 hour day of work.
However, he's been unemployed to this day, the tasks he said he'd do for me were either never done or partially done. The house is a wreck 24/7. The spare room is still full. He spends most of his time on leisure projects, most costing me hundreds of dollars at a time. The past 17 months have been hyper focus after hyper focus, fun task after fun task. It wasn't until now he started pursuing education options to go back to school and learn a new trade. Which implies 1-2, maybe 3 years more of time where he will be going to school full time, having fun doing a new thing at his leisure. He got to spend time finding out what he enjoys the most after months and months of successfully trying out gardening, running his eBay store for collectables (ONLY when he needed a little bit of cash), going on bike rides, buying organic groceries on my dime, experimenting with cooking techniques with new expensive equipment like canning foods and pressure cooking, going on camping trips with his friends and scrolling reddit.
While he has done a lot of things to benefit the both of us, like growing vegetables, cleaning out the backyard, laundry, dishes (dishwasher)...things have started to fall to a standard that is making me twitch.
The majority of the household obligations are still on my shoulders, things like the floors, surfaces, bathroom (including toilet) and basic cleanliness are still mine. He does not touch these tasks for the most part. The house is usually in a shambles, as I have been too exhausted mentally and physically to take much of it on. If he has friends over, I find myself having to clean up as he doesn't clean the toilet or make anything presentable. Our walls are covered in mildrew and mold from the humidity in the house, this needs to be scrubbed off. It never is unless I deal with it.
I still have to prompt him to refill the dogs water, (even when he refills the kibble right next to it) give him worming meds, do his nail trims, vet trips, despite him spending full days with the dog. He is never walked unless I specifically tell him to. He forgets tasks, and if he does a something to a standard I am not happy with and I ask him to not do the task anymore so I can take care of it...he continues to do it anyway to that same level. For example, he has been doing my laundry despite my repeated requests for him NOT to. He mixes loads (knits, casual, towels, delicates) doesn't use laundry sanitiser, overloads the machine, leaves clothes out on the line in rainstorms or outside for days on end (and insists rain is clean) and leaves clothes sitting in the washing machine overnight until they are mildewy and doesn't rewash them. If he does bring clothes inside, he folds them up while they're still wet and claims he didn't realise. If I plead with him to leave my clothes alone, he simply does it again. He refuses to listen.
He started using eco dishwasher detergent (eco EVERYTHING) that doesn't clean the dishes, so all of them come out with food stuck to them (big chunks of unmistakable food). I find myself having to hand wash cutlery before its washed in the dishwasher. If I don't, he proceeds to grab the cutlery out of the machine and put it, food chunks and all, into the drawers for use. Every. Single. Time. He doesn't check despite my having to pick all of them out later and show him.
When he cooks, he makes foods I don't enjoy and acts up if I don't eat it. He'll undercook Chickpeas and Lentils, and get angry when I don't eat them. He cooks foods with too much spice, chilli when I say I have reflux and can't eat hot foods. I spent a fortune on all of the beautiful containers and bulk spices he wanted while optimising our pantry...and I don't even really enjoy any of them. I like flavour, but I definitely would prefer simpler foods every now and then. Everything now has smoked paprika, cumin and curry spices in it, flavours I struggle with. He's focused on a vegetarian plan for budgetary reasons, despite me saying I can pay for meat, we just don't eat it, near to ever. Unless we have guests. My health is declining and I have to supplement for Iron, Vitamin D and B12. Even my favourite foods are now spicy when they typically aren't meant to be. If I say I can't have one of his custom spice mixes, he uses it over again and then says he is "learning" He used to be a fantastic cook but now I have a sense of dread when I see certain meals. Even spaghetti bolognaise has chilli burn now.
We can't communicate, ever, if I express these concerns he just. doesn't. listen. He takes nothing I say on board. If I message him requests, he reads half of them. I ask for a specific product to be bought, he reads a key word and buys the wrong one.
He spends any time I talk to him fixated on his phone, scrolling reddit. I have to ask repeatedly if he is listening. He isn't. Then it's my problem when he does the opposite of what I asked.
Part of me wonders if I am too picky, but another huge part thinks its absolutely ridiculous to put food in the cutlery drawer, and to have clothes that smell like wet dog. To still have to clean the toilet and bathroom, floors and surfaces after a day of work cause HE is having a friend over.
I am tired. Mentally and physically. I don't understand why he gets to do whatever he wants, be free to find himself, and I have to work for everything and still not be enough. If I did this to him he'd never forgive me, but somehow I am still failing. I was out of work for 2 months in 2020 and I cleaned the house so religiously I ran out of things to do. I was cleaning the already clean toilet daily.
It's not even weaponsised incompetence, because he continues to do the tasks even if I ask him not to.
tl;dr: just a vent about how he gets to live however he wants and I am jealous.
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2023.04.02 01:11 honey_bunzzz gi stasis recovery time?

Hi, my holland lop (5yr) is experiencing gi stasis. i noticed yesterday she didn’t touch her food or poop and usually when i wake up she’d be back to normal but her food was still there. so i brought her to the vet and she got an exam and x ray and he said there was definitely gas that needs to get out. i tried giving her critical care and pain meds but she’s really fighting back. i think i’m stressing her out is that making it worse? she’s never done this for more than 24 hours so i’m very scared
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2023.04.02 00:10 Jesuslovesyou1234567 Premed choosing between small regional university (almost full ride) vs uf (39k/year)

So I’m going into premed and recently got into uf from oos. The regional school is in Michigan and does have a good passing rate to med school, although not even ranked in top 200. What are the pros and cons for uf, specifically for pre med students and oos students? Is the oos tuition worth it?
I know the decision might seem obvious but I do have some things I’m considering:
-weathelocation: honestly sick of the weather in mi and love Florida. Would like to be in a city with lots to do as my town doesn’t have much.
-diversity: I’m Arab and would truly like to meet some Arabs in uf if I go but heard that they uf is composed mostly of white people
-social life: not planning to rush but do want to find a good friend group and I wanna go to football games, which regional school doesn’t have
-umich transfer is an option, how would that play a role knowing that
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2023.04.01 23:52 RabbitNosey Possible gas/blockage? Question!

Hey there. I have a question about my bunny's health and I was wondering if anyone in this sub has experienced something similar, or can share their knowledge :)
My bunny has had a few gas problems the last few years (he's eight now!) and his behaviour has never been exactly like this. He is still eating a little bit hay and a few of his fave treats (before he started eating hay and I wanted to make sure he ate at least Something). He has also eaten a bit of green leafy veggies.
The problem is that he doesn't poop much and he has been lying down in a weird way. As in, pushing his belly to the ground and his hind legs backwards. He does react pretty okayish to his name and other sounds.
I've had contact with the vet and, because I always have some, I gave him meds for gas/blockage. However, besides the no pooping (which is very bad!!) and the kind of weird way of lying down (he only lies like this once in a few days, not the whole day), he doesn't really give signs as to what might be wrong. Especially since he is still eating voluntarily. The last few times he was ill, he stopped eating altogether, so I'm a little confused. Did anyone ever experience something similar? Or have any tips as to how I can help him some extra?
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2023.04.01 22:56 kateinoly 17 year old Chihuahua mix with colitis of u nknown origin.

Two days ago our old man chihuahua mix (about 12 lbs, neutered, takes Cerenia for cough due to trachael collapse ) started with runny poop that turned to constant need to poop and bright red bloody stools in small quantities.
Vet did an exam and bloodwork. They did not find an obstruction, pancreas seems fine, kidney function was off (could be partially due to dehydration)and thyroid was low. There was a strange sticture of some sort inside his anus, but she thought perhaps it had been there since birth. She was surprised at how debilitated he was; we are too. She gave him fluids, and we have a follow up on Monday .
Meds: gabapentin (oral), bupenophrine (oral), metronidazole and probiotics. All started yesterday morning.
He hasn't eaten in three days and shows no interest in any tasty food, even scrambled egg. He goes to the water bowl to drink but doesn't/can't. He will take water from a syringe, but just threw some of it back up.
He does not seem to be improving. He still walks (slowly) outside, strains and poops a little blood, somewhat less frequently than at first. He's loopy from the meds, so it's hard to tell.
Is it possible his digestive system is just done? How long should I wait to see if he improves? He doesn't seem to be in pain, due to the meds.
Thank you!
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2023.04.01 22:13 AquariusAmani Hello 👋🏽, I’m looking for help on building a website with a user credit system

Hola mi amigo
I’m looking to create a website that will implement a credit/coin system for users.
Users can then use these credits to do different things and take actions around the site.
I have experience in web design with Wordpress, Webflow, Wix, Weebly, and Shopify.
However, I’ve only done simple small business sites with information or e-commerce sites selling products. Never something like this.
Does anyone have any recommendations on how I would be able to build a website like this? What do you think would be the best website builder?
Thank you and stay lit 🔥
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2023.04.01 22:12 AquariusAmani Hello 👋🏽, I’m looking for help on building a website with a user credit system

Hola mi amigo
I’m looking to create a website that will implement a credit/coin system for users.
Users can then use these credits to do different things and take actions around the site.
I have experience in web design with Wordpress, Webflow, Wix, Weebly, and Shopify.
However, I’ve only done simple small business sites with information or e-commerce sites selling products. Never something like this.
Does anyone have any recommendations on how I would be able to build a website like this? What do you think would be the best website builder?
Thank you and stay lit 🔥
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2023.04.01 22:06 AlexW_01 Min vän frågar aldrig ut mig

Det är något jag har märkt redan i augusti förra året att hon aldrig frågar ut mig. Då menar jag gå ut, dricka lite bärs och snacka lite. Dom gångerna vi har gått ut så är det jag som frågar om hon vill följa med. Nu går hon ut idag igen med några vänner och till och med bjudit en tjej som hon öppet snackar skit om till mig. Nu är detta inte största problemet men det får mig att känna mig utanför. Jag har tänkt att fråga henne varför hon aldrig bjuder med mig. Men vet inte hur jag ska börja.
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2023.04.01 21:52 thiagopepper Moon, Love and Friend HA Eevee, Love and Friend HA and Own Tempo Rockruff

Still going as of 10 PM Pacific (UTC -7)
This post might be a bit of a downer, and a long one, but please, bear with me.
Last monday completed one month that my dog, one of the biggest loves of my whole life, passed away due to heart and kidney issues. Her 9th birthday would be in April, about a month from now. Lola was the sweetest, most obedient, nicest dog I’ve ever known. She never misbehaved, always showered everyone with unconditional love, never complained when taking shots at the vet (a thing that became very frequent the last few years) and always took her meds like a champ. She was the joy of my life, and it’s been hard to adjust to a life without her barking at me, hiding under the table or going crazy for some lettuce (seriously). She was always, always cheerful, even at her worst days and I miss her like nothing else in my life.
In her honor, I decided to do a giveaway featuring two Pokemon that always remind me of her, Eevee and Rockruff, but I wanted it to be special. Random apriballs and a hidden ability wouldn’t be enough, so I decided to give meaning to all Pokemon aspects. I picked Friend, Love and Moon ball for the Pokemon, all inspired by her, and decided that all Pokemon should be females. I also chose seven natures that reminded me of Lola’s personality, one for each ball combo I wanted to use. Lastly, all Pokemon are nicknamed Lola after her. My idea is to spread dozens of tiny Lolas over the world, in hope that she brings her joy to more people.
I've been doing this for the last five days, and I intend to do it until I'm out of Pokemon to give away.
I currently have the following (keeping quantities updated):
All know the egg moves Thrash, Endeavor and Last Resort
Ball Ability Nature Quantity Left
Friend Own Tempo Docile 1
Friend Steadfast Calm 1
Love Own Tempo Jolly All gone
Love Steadfast Gentle 2
All know the egg moves Yawn, Curse, Double Kick and Mud-Slap
Ball Ability Nature Quantity Left
Moon Anticipation Relaxed 3
Friend Anticipation Mild 3
Love Anticipation Careful 4
You may have up to one Steadfast Rockruff, one Own Tempo Rockruff and one Eevee (three in total, one of each ability)
I know this is a giveaway and I’m not allowed to ask anything in return, but I’m going to anyway: take five minutes today and spend them with your pet. If you don’t have any pets, do it with any person you love. Don’t wait until it’s too late. I also request that if you, in the future, decide you don’t want the Pokemon from this giveaway anymore, please Wonder Trade them away instead of releasing them.
Due to Eevee having a low female rate I had to breed over nine hundred eggs exclusively for this giveaway. I kept a log of every single egg hatched for this, so if anyone is curious about statistics like abilities, gender and so on, feel free to ask about it.
If you want a few Lolas, please, leave your IGN and a LC. Also, no trade evolutions, eggs, the usual stuff.
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2023.04.01 21:25 AquariusAmani Hello 👋🏽, I’m looking for help on building a website with a user credit system

Hola mi amigo
I’m looking to create a website that will implement a credit/coin system for users.
Users can then use these credits to do different things and take actions around the site.
I have experience in web design with Wordpress, Webflow, Wix, Weebly, and Shopify.
However, I’ve only done simple small business sites with information or e-commerce sites selling products. Never something like this.
Does anyone have any recommendations on how I would be able to build a website like this? What do you think would be the best website builder?
Thank you and stay lit 🔥
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2023.04.01 21:23 fruitlady1 Heartworm Preventative choices

I will be going to my vet soon and will discuss this with them but want to know what you think about the different meds available. Looking on I reviewed Heartgard, Simparica Trio, TriheartPlus ( never heard of that one) and Interceptor. I know they all don't have the same ingredients so that explains the price difference most likely,but to go from $60/year to $350/year that's a lot. I'm not looking to get the cheapest but the best protection for my puppy. Has your dog had any adverse reactions from the heartworm med you give them? Again I will be taking the advice of my vet on this.
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2023.04.01 21:22 saradelarge Vad fan ska jag göra med min inneboende och hens hund?

I vintras fick jag en ny inneboende och hen hade berättat att hen skulle skaffa hundvalp i samband med detta. Hen var dock tydlig med att hunden var hens ansvar, att den skulle vara i hens rum och när hen skulle jobba skulle hen ha hundvakt. Gott så. Tänkte att det skulle bli okej. Att dessa regler skulle följas. Det blev inte så. Regelbundet lämnar vederbörande sin hund ensam i hens rum, i flera timmar. Utan hundvakt. Ibland så länge som 10 timmar. Och hunden gnyr och gråter och är alldeles ensam. Hen kör med ”foot-in-the-door”-tekniken titt som tätt, där hen kan inleda med att bara fråga om jag är hemma. Säger jag ja, ber hen mig gå ut med hunden. Jag har svårt att säga nej, så jag går med på det. Jag tycker det är jättejobbigt att gå ut med hunden och hen sa under intervjun att hen skulle ha det ansvaret, att om jag eller min andra inneboende vill gå ut med den får vi. Jag kände direkt att jag aldrig kommer ställa den frågan. Igårkväll, när jag bara ville ha en mysig kväll för mig själv upptäcker jag att hen lämnat sin hund ensam på rummet. Jag upptäcker detta för att jag hör att den gråter. Lugnet förändrades snabbt till ångest och stress. Jag har extremt svårt med känsloreglering så jag såg ingen annan utväg än att självskada för att bli lugn. Jag skriver och frågar när hen kommer hem, då jag blir extremt stressad av att höra hunden gråta i sin ensamhet.
Så är vi här idag. Hen jobbar. Kommer på morgonen och frågar mig om jag ska jobba idag. Nej, säger jag, men att jag behöver plugga. Hen säger att hunden ska vara ensam, men uppehålla sig i de gemensamma utrymmena. Jag vill inte det egentligen, men jag har inget att säga. Jag frågar om hen inte kommer kunna ha hundvakt. ”Absolut inte” blir svaret. Så, jag måste alltså gå med på det. Mina gränser räknas inte. Trots att jag, på grund av min autism, hatar plötsliga förändringar. (Vederbörande vet om att jag har autism) Jag gick iväg och tränade. Upptäckte att hunden bajsat och kissat överallt. Och det är mitt ansvar att ta upp det, trots att jag aldrig tackat ja till att ha det ansvaret. Jag börjar gråta, dels för att det gör mig stressad men också för att jag tycker så synd om hunden. En hund ska inte bli behandlad såhär. Jag får också så extremt mycket jobbiga tankar och känslor. Tankar om att jag är en hemsk människa som låter detta ske. Att jag egentligen borde gå ut med hunden, trots att jag inte klarar av det. Tankar om att det är mig det är fel på. För jag umgås aldrig med någon och har därför ingen ursäkt. Hade jag inte varit en sån ful, äcklig, jobbig och värdelös människa hade jag kunnat säga att jag inte hinner, att jag ska umgås med någon, och det hade varit sant. Känslor av ledsamhet, sorg och stress. Tanken var idag att jag skulle plugga. Men jag känner bara ångest och har inte kunnat koncentrera mig pga hunden gråter titt som tätt. Jag känner att det bara är mitt fel. Jag borde hålla hunden sällskap men jag orkar inte. Jag är delaktig i vanvården av hunden och är därmed en fruktansvärd människa. Gör allt för att stå emot impulsen att självskada, jag har egentligen inte råd att bli ännu fulare och äckligare men jag vill bara ha lugn i själen. Så….ja, vadfan ska jag göra åt denna situation?
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2023.04.01 21:16 KungenSam Väggdisplay med plastfickor för bilder

Håller på att bli galen i mitt sökande. Kan inte komma på bättre nyckelord och får upp nada.
Vi har ett ”plastskynke” med fickor för fotografier på vår köksvägg. Den har några år på nacken, och behöver bli utbytt. Problemet är att ingen lyckats komma på vad de heter eller hur vi ska hitta en ny.
Kanske bara är så att vi kollat förbi någon uppenbar länk eller produkt, men det är som det är.
Är det någon som vet vad denna produkt kallas?
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2023.04.01 20:50 wilsonconnan01 My dog reacted better to dog aspirin (bought at a pet store and isn’t real human aspirin) than the carprofen prescribed. Not looking for dosing or medication advice just wondering if Carprofen and dog aspirin are used for different things?

4 year old dachshund mix - weight 13 pounds and neutered, no pre-existing conditions and was never on meds before this. He injured a spot in their back recently. On the first day before our scheduled vet appointment we picked him up some things from our local pet store.
Dog aspirin made for small dogs and used for pain relief and inflammation worked amazingly. They basically went back to their bubbly self.
The dog aspirin was 120mg and you can give 1 every 12 hours. The carprofen is 20mg I believe? And we’re recommended 1/2 every 12 hours.
I’m sure since both meds have different ingredients the dose will be different. But we of course completely stopped the aspirin and waited over 12 hours before giving him his 1/2 of carprofen. And it doesn’t seem to help the same way.
Their shakes aren’t going away. He shakes when he’s in pain and will start shaking if he thinks he’s being picked up. Dog Aspirin made this go away. The carprofen hasn’t. He’s still very sad and lethargic.
And it doesn’t seem to be taking his pain away. I just don’t want him in pain while he’s recovering. I’m just curious because I cannot find anything online if my dog reacting to dog aspirin at 120mg way better means it’s not a back injury thing but potentially something else? I don’t know if I should inform my vet immediately or if I’m not giving the carprofen enough time
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2023.04.01 20:30 rawrcutie Skrotalplastik för borttagning av ärr som pre-op MtF?

Är det någon här som vet var jag kan få hjälp med borttagning av ärr där nere? Vill hantera det innan min könsbytesoperation för att slippa att ärr syns tydligt. Förmodligen måste jag gå till privat vård, men var finns ens det? Är det bara att börja fråga plastikkirurgikliniker kanske.
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2023.04.01 20:13 chruby_ cat no longer wants to play

about two weeks ago, i took my cat to the vet - two separate occasions, only 4 days apart - because he wasn’t eating or drinking anything. they gave us meds to give him which we did but now he has absolutely zero interest in playing (which is very unlike him) and he is eating+drinking way more than before (probably double what he used to).
we know he’s a very shy cat so the vet office isn’t his favorite place and he was probably quite stressed during the two visits but he’s usually happy after getting home. has anyone experienced this before?
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