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2023.03.21 18:37 TheOutcast06 I find OWW Lore/Background Info a bit hard to explain all at once so I need to do it bit by bit

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2023.03.21 18:23 benjaminC1011 My love letter to the series, and a dreamed ending of the 100 years with Rick and Morty

The old man and the small boy are falling through a green portal into sheer incomprehension-the infinite multiverse with no filter. If any other humans had experienced the sheer cacophony of the surrounding matter and energy phasing constantly to states from every universe at once, they would have gone insane in the brief instant before their death. However, these two were anything but ordinary humans. Upon Arrival, blue energy shields surround them spreading from the boy's yellow shirt and the old man's lab coat, somehow protecting their bodies from becoming one with the chaos before them. The boy asked the old man in an annoying stammer, “Ah jeez Grandpa Rick, what is all this? Even by our standards this seems a bit over the top.” Rick put a hand on his grandson’s shoulder in a gentle manner, something that shocked the boy more than the insanity before his eyes. Even more surprising was the tone of voice Rick began to speak in, reminding him of how he talked during the funerals of all his lifelong friends: “This is something I have been planning for a long time, Morty. Do you know how long our cartoon has run for?” This confused Morty even more- “why does that matter Rick? Look at this mess, we have to fix it! We need to save the multiverse again!” Rick looked sadly at Morty, and responded in a quiet whisper as opposed to his usual bombastic ranting and raving. “It's been 100 years Morty, a century ago we aired the Pilot episode. Do you remember what I said at the end of that episode?”
The truth fell on Morty like a sack of bricks, as he recalled the insane rant Rick had gone into at the end of their first episode together, something that they had kept calling back to as a running gag in all future seasons. Morty clutched his shirt and breathlessly said “You always said that we’d do this for 100 years, I always thought that was a joke! It certainly doesn’t feel like a century has passed for us…” Rick solemnly nodded, “It's true Morty, for us it seems like only a decade at most has gone by. But for the people beyond the 4th wall who watch our adventures together, the day this episode airs will be the 100th anniversary of the show.” Rick clenched his fists in triumph, “we did it Morty, we outlived them all. Every Adult animated Cartoon got canceled before they got this far. We even outlived the Simpsons for fucks sake!” Morty shakes his head in dismay, “was it worth it Rick? Even I caught on that our show is a shell of its former self, ah jeez we sold out and lost all integrity before we even hit season 10! But you still haven’t explained how that matters to this nightmare in front of us…” Rick sheds a single tear, before explaining himself: “I know we aren’t the shining pillar of adult animation we once were, and that the show is a trainwreck of bad jokes and irreverence. We’re no better than the dumpster fires that became of the greats before us, and it’s a miracle we stuck around for so long. But I have been preparing for this day for a while, even making deals with our creators beyond our multiverse to ensure the success of my final invention.” Suddenly the mayhem begins to converge on a single point, creating a large sphere of pure black that Morty recognizes. Rick continues his explanation: “What we are seeing right now is the nearly completed result of that invention- a convergence event of every universe and reality, to create a singularity that I could control. I have the remote right here, with 2 buttons to decide the fate of everything.”
Morty starts to get angry, and points at his grandpa before shouting: ”Goddammit Rick! I’ve seen you do some risky and evil things before, but this crosses a line that even WE haven’t crossed yet! How can you just destroy everything in the multiverse, after all we have done to save people?! All the people we’ve met, all the places we’ve been, all the things we’ve protected, you’d get rid of all of that?!” Rick puts a hand on Morty’s mouth to silence him, and tries to justify his actions yet again: “Listen to me Morty! Do you really want to keep going like this, a husk of our former glory? Do you want to see what another 100 years could do to us, and allow our show to be milked for every cent it’s worth until we’re tossed aside like all the others?! Do you want to see us rebooted again and again until the end of time? Never allowed to grow old and have a life with a girl like Jessica, to be trapped in meaningless adventures forever?!” Morty is shaken by this line of questioning, and responds uneasily: “I… I don’t know Grandpa Rick. I don’t want to die, but I also don’t think I’d like to be treated like this by our creators anymore…”
Morty begins to quietly sob, and Rick pulls him into a deep embrace. After a few agonizing minutes of Morty crying in the face of this impossible choice while Rick comforts him, Morty calms down enough to regain some mental clarity. Rick gently says to Morty: “The 2 buttons on this remote will decide our fate. They will both cause us to be absorbed by the singularity, but afterwards the singularity will do 1 of 2 things. If we push the green button, we greenlight the continuation of our show in whatever way our creators see fit, for good or ill- and the singularity will erupt in a new Big Bang for our creators to capitalize on a clean slate of a new multiverse. But the red button… that will cause the singularity to collapse in on itself. It will cancel all use of our brand for any purpose, all merchandise sales halted, any tie in media canceled, everything destroyed. I even managed to convince our creators to attempt an additional risky action-to purge our show from history. They will attempt to scrub clean all records of our existence to seal our fates, to erase us from history. We’ll be able to rest in true oblivion, the closest thing to death we can get. I’ll give you the remote Morty, It shouldn’t be only my decision on how we go out. I know it’s a lot of pressure-” Morty interrupts Rick by grasping his hand and saying: ”You’re half right, Rick. It shouldn’t be either of us who gets to choose. It should be both of us. Together, as we always have been. And no matter which button we press, that will never change.” Rick and Morty put their index fingers together, and close their eyes as they push one of the buttons. Without bothering to glance at the remote to see which one was pressed, they give each other one last hug as the singularity engulfs them, content that whatever comes next, it’ll be Rick and Morty together as it should be.
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2023.03.21 18:21 Safe-Use-5664 Beck Had It Coming

Come on guys let's be honest with ourselves Beck brought it all on herself. Deep down she wanted Joe to be crazy obsessed with her. Here are examples backing up this fact from just the first episode.
1.She touched a book in front of him. You don't do that unless you want some Joe in your life.
2.She didn't wear a bra because she obviously wanted him to notice.
3.She could have paid with cash but chose credit so he would know her name.
4.She didn't close her curtains because she wanted Joe to perv on her.
Need I go on? OK just a 2 more examples
5.She didn't have to seduce him when he was with Karen, but she did. She couldn't go on without him being obsessed with her.
6.And finally she didn't have to invade his privacy and find the box he made In her honor. But she did! Thus forcing our poor Joey to lock her in his cage which resulted in her death.
Honestly how could Joe be blamed when Beck was practically begging for what happened to her? The only person Beck can blame is herself.
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2023.03.21 18:21 RecognitionSuper72 S09 Hulu Episode 58

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2023.03.21 18:13 BlueHeart07 DB Reactioners Reactions to OMVHL Mashup

here's a quick mashup video and a potential sneak peak to something later showcasing some of the youtubers who watch death battle & their reactions to Homelander Vs. Omni-Man.

With some rock n roll music to accompany the mayhem of everybody seeing the episode's announcement to represent how everyone felt back then.

Hope you guys enjoy.
Music used is All Animal
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2023.03.21 18:12 True-Arm3116 Random's Drag Race UK S2 Episode 1 : Royalty Returns

Random's Drag Race UK S2 Episode 1 : Royalty Returns



KITTY SCOTT-CLAUS : "It's all right, boys. Kitty don't bite — not now she's been fed."

FAUX FUR : "You may wanna lay off that MSG before you get addicted to me."

ADORE DELANO : "I'm home! Fuck yeah, I'm the third one."

SIGOURNEY BEAVER : "I'm here to throw my vag in the pag."

JAIDYNN DIORE FIERCE : "How y'all doin'?"

LALA RI : "Oh, whatcha say, whatcha say. LaLa Ri is here to slay!"

GIA GUNN : "Just got off the boat, you know, little trip from Asia. Just landed like fresh tilapia."

AURA ETERNAL : "[singing] I-I'am A-aaa-aaa-aaa-aaaa-aaaa-aura-aaaaa-aaaa!"

DAKOTA SCHIFFER : "Here in mint condition!"

COPPER TOPP : "I've got ginger nuts, so pop the kettle on and I'll give you a teabag!"

VALENTINA : "Hello, it's me: Valentina!"

LADY CAMDEN : "Hello, you sexy bitches!"


The award winning RuPaul’s Drag Race UK returns for a second series. Over the course of ten weeks twelve of the country’s most fabulous drag queens will compete to be crowned the UK’s Next Drag Race Superstar. In this premiere episode, the queens enter the Werk Room for the first time and quickly take on their first challenge – a photo shoot with Ru. And then in an added twist the queens are asked to serve two looks on the Drag Race runway. Actress and fashion icon Elizabeth Hurley joins Michelle Visage and Graham Norton on the judging panel as the first queen sashays away from the competition.


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2023.03.21 18:01 stamper197 Why could'nt ro have just blown herself out the back?

So in the latest episode of picard... it seems RO still had full control of all shuttle systems the only thing she could not do was transport out due to the transport inhibit field.

Why couldnt she just have placed an emergency forcefield in front of the rear shuttle access door and then opened it to space and told the shuttle to turn the forcefield off and computer full impulse after deactivating the forcefield. Or just hope after it blows up there is enough distance separation to beam her up after the inhibiter when up in smoke to beam her to the ship.

Long as you blow the air out of your lungs you can survive about a minute in space before you pass out and for several minutes until brain death. That's plenty of time to be beamed and given medical treatment. Lot more chance to live then 100% death sitting next to the bomb.

Note: you do not instantly freeze in space that's Hollywood fiction. If you are not near a sun or a source giving off thermal radiation it will take hours for your body temperature to change in the vacuum of space.
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2023.03.21 18:00 Rimaru482 The latest season is Insane

It is by far my favourite season - the characters, the stakes, the pacing, the story, and the animation have all been top notch. It is very depressing though, it feels like a constant hit after hit.
I do think Deku is getting a bit to strong compared to most which I have never been the biggest fan off in any manga, I mean the latest episode with I think 40 - 45 of OFA and his new quirks Deku said he is already comparable to All Might but in general everything has been great. Another issue I have is I wish there was a more significant death, specifically All Might because right now it is just depressing seeing his character and although he is emotional back up for Deku I feel like he just isn't super needed anymore. The final problem I have is the reveal of Dabi felt a bit tacked on, I think it is a great plot point for the Todoroki family but the reveal itself felt a bit weird to me.
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2023.03.21 17:58 Recent-Air-7397 Self-Improvement from Childhood to Adulthood

Starting on January, 1, 2016, my self-improvement journey which includes NoFap has been extremely painful, abysmal yet rewarding. At 12 years old, my older brother introduced pornography and I became instantly hooked as I am extremely sensitive to stimuli which I will explain further down this post. See, pornography provided an way for me escape my childhood trauma. I was sexually molested at 5 years old and eventually harassed and bullied in school. Also, I have autism with extreme communication deficits, which causes me to not understand people and get singled out. Shortly afterwards, I starting cheating in school, lived a sedimentary life style, became fat, and masturbated EVERY day in conjunction with watching pornography. I became downright depressed and suicidal. I had several detailed plans on how to do it. I was actually prepared to die because I could not take the misery anymore. I thought I was a burden to my family, community, and country. So one day, I was holding my father's gun pointed to my head ready to end it all. There were two things holding me back. It would of destroyed my kind mother and she would of blamed herself for the rest of her life for the death of her son. Second, my childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. To reach forbidden, undiscovered lands that presents new knowledge to be gained. The ultimate challenge of life. The life of a pioneer, pilot and scientist. After that episode, I was searching on Reddit and found NoFap. A sparkle of light in my dark times, which presented a way for me improve myself. At first, I could barely make two days, but that eventually became three days, and then four days. Soon I was reaching weeks then months. The mindset is the key. To keep trying no matter what. The effort by itself is good enough. I started standing up for myself putting bullies in their place and eventually started excelling in academics because I wanted to learn. After graduating high school, I took a gap year working on my families ranch, while studying philosophy. Nietzsche once said "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how." The "Why" is the most fundamental question to our lives. Why do you wake up in the morning. Why do you want what you want? Why do you do what you do? If you know the why, then anything is possible. I am a college student that will soon be an Aerospace Engineer, Pilot, and Commissioned Officer in the U.S Air Force within approximately 4-5 years. As of now, I have stopped counting the streak for NoFap and if I gave it a rough estimate, it would be around 160 days. I do all of this because that is what I find meaningful. I do all of this because its what I want to do.
Pardon me for any grammatical and punctuation mistakes, including coherency as I was quite emotional when writing this.
I would suggest using the self authoring program by Dr. Peterson. It guides people through the process of discovering the past, present, and future. If you have any negative thoughts over 18 months old and want to increase self-awareness, I recommend it.
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2023.03.21 17:51 XonHausr Attack on Titan. Rumbling.

I see a lot of people are condemning what Eren has done, they say it’s morally wrong and horrible. But is it really? Considering the fact that in season 4 episode 5 marleyans have announced the creation of world coalition with only one purpose: to completely annihilate people of paradis island. Basically to commit genocide. And all these people who have gathered there were applauding and crying from happiness, happiness of commiting genocide. Yet when this genocide came right back at them, people on internet now say its wrong? I’ll say whats wrong: killing your own comrades is wrong, betraying your own homeland is wrong. Anti-yeagerists are slaughtering their friends in order to save people who openly despise them, who openly wish them death and who openly declared their intentions of commiting genocide against people of paradis island. I think what Eren have done is not wrong in this case. You can not deny what they have declared in episode 5 of season 4. It’s basically a choice: be with a shield, or be on a shield. No third option.
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2023.03.21 17:43 vvoweezowee [For Sale] Collection of JPN/OG/early reissue pressings of Jazz/Soul/Pop classics (Coltrane, Nina Simone, Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans, Kate Bush, etc.) + several markdowns from previous post

Selling lots of classics, many Japanese pressings in pristine shape. Info regarding pressing version, inserts, OBIs, and sound quality (if I had the chance to listen to it) are noted in the spreadsheet below:
Shipping is from Honolulu, Hawaii via media mail for an added $5 on the listed price. Shipping only to US. All opened records are packaged outside of their covers inside poly outer sleeves. LPs are placed in either antistatic rice-paper inner sleeves or plain white inner sleeves as opposed to their custom printed sleeves. This doesn't apply to sealed records.
Note: Shipping via media mail from Hawaii can take up to 4-8 weeks according to USPS. If you'd like to switch to Priority Shipping, I can come up with an accurate shipping quote depending on the records you purchase. Priority generally comes out to an average of $15, but again, it all depends on the titles you purchase. However, I so far haven't had any issues with media mail; Previous sales have taken a maximum of 3 weeks to arrive.
Please feel free to reach out with any questions and requests for pictures if you're considering purchasing. I want to make sure we're all on the same page about the grading and hope that whichever record you're interested in meets your expectations.

  1. Abbey Lincoln - That's Him (E- / VG+) = $30.00
  2. Al Green - Livin' For You (VG+ / VG+) = $10.00
  3. Al Kooper Introduces Shuggie Otis - Kooper Session (VG+ / VG) = $10.00
  4. Albert Ayler Trio - Spiritual Unity (E / E-) = $35.00
  5. Archie Shepp - Four For Trane (E / E-) = $40.00
  6. Archie Shepp - Fire Music (VG / VG) = $40.00
  7. Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You (VG++ / VG++) = $30.00
  8. Aretha Franklin - Aretha Now (G+ / G+) = $10.00
  9. Aretha Franklin - Spirit In The Dark (VG / VG) = $20.00
  10. Arthur Lyman - Island Vibes (VG / VG+) = $50.00
  11. Bill Evans - Conversations With Myself (E- / E-) = $40.00
  12. Bill Evans - At The Montreux Jazz Festival (E / E-) = $40.00
  13. Blue Mitchell - Boss Horn (VG+ / VG+) = $45.00
  14. Bob Dylan - Self Portrait (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  15. Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan (G+ / G+) = $10.00
  16. Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited (VG+ / VG) = $15.00
  17. Bobbi Humphrey - Blacks And Blues (VG+ / VG+) = $35.00
  18. Bobby Caldwell - Cat In The Hat (E- / E) = $40.00
  19. Bobby Caldwell - Cat In The Hat (NM - Sealed / NM - Sealed) = $50.00 (Unsure which exact pressing)
  20. Bobby Lyle - The Genie (VG+ / G+) = $20.00
  21. Buckingham Nicks - Buckingham Nicks (VG / VG) = $40.00
  22. Cannonball Adderley - Somethin' Else (E / E-) = $65.00
  23. Change - Miracles (E / VG++) = $35.00
  24. Change - The Glow Of Love (VG / VG) = $15.00
  25. Charles Mingus - Oh Yeah (E / E-) = $35.00
  26. Charles Mingus - Blues & Roots (E / E-) = $40.00
  27. Charles Mingus - Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus (VG+ / VG+) = $70.00
  28. Chet Baker - Chet Baker Sings (E / E) = $70.00
  29. Curtis Mayfield - Curtis (E / E-) = $75.00
  30. David Bowie - "Heroes" = 英雄夢語り(ヒーローズ) (E / E-) = $60.00
  31. David Bowie - Low (E / VG++) = $60.00
  32. David Bowie - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (VG / VG) = $25.00
  33. David Bowie = David Bowie - Hunky Dory = ハンキー·ドリー (E / E-) = $70.00
  34. Deerhunter - Fading Frontier (M / M) = $20.00
  35. Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - Duke Ellington & John Coltrane (E / E) = $45.00
  36. Duke Ellington • Charles Mingus • Max Roach - Money Jungle (VG / F) = $40.00
  37. Duke Ellington And His Orchestra - Anatomy Of A Murder (VG / G+) = $15.00
  38. Eddie Kamae And The The Sons Of Hawaii - This Is Eddie Kamae (VG / VG+) = $20.00
  39. Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Duke Ellington Song Book, Vol. 1 (VG+ / VG) = $20.00
  40. Ella Fitzgerald - Sings The Rodgers And Hart Song Book (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  41. Emitt Rhodes - Emitt Rhodes (VG / VG) = $20.00
  42. Evelyn King - I'm In Love (VG / VG+) = $15.00
  43. Fela Kuti And Africa 70 - Zombie (VG+ / VG+) = $40.00
  44. Fela Kuti And Africa 70 With Ginger Baker - Live! (VG / G) = $40.00
  45. Frank Ocean - Endless (SEALED (Presumably M) / SEALED / VG++) = $380.00
  46. Frank Zappa - Waka / Jawaka - Hot Rats (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  47. Freddie Hubbard / Stanley Turrentine With Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock, Jack DeJohnette, Eric Gale - In Concert Volume One (VG+ / VG+) = $15.00
  48. Gene Harris - Astralsignal (VG / VG) = $45.00
  49. Graham Nash - Songs For Beginners (VG+ / VG) = $5.00
  50. Gram Parsons - Grievous Angel (VG / VG) = $20.00
  51. Hank Mobley - Workout (E / E) = $60.00
  52. Hank Mobley - A Caddy For Daddy (VG+ / VG+) = $50.00
  53. Happy End - 風街ろまん (E / E) = $80.00
  54. Herbie Hancock - Takin' Off (E / E) = $50.00
  55. Herbie Hancock - Fat Albert Rotunda (VG / VG) = $45.00
  56. Herbie Hancock = Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage = 処女航海 (E / VG+) = $50.00
  57. Horace Silver - Horace Silver Trio (VG+ / VG+) = $35.00
  58. Howlin' Wolf - Howling Wolf Sings The Blues (VG / G) = $40.00
  59. Jaco Pastorius - Jaco Pastorius (E- / VG++) = $35.00
  60. João Gilberto - The Boss of the Bossa Nova (VG / VG) = $30.00
  61. John Coltrane - Transition (E- / E-) = $40.00
  62. John Coltrane - Coltrane's Sound (E- / E-) = $40.00
  63. John Coltrane - Coltrane Jazz (E / E) = $40.00
  64. John Coltrane - Blue Train (E / E-) = $70.00
  65. John Coltrane - Kulu Sé Mama (Juno Sé Mama) (G+ / G+) = $15.00
  66. John Coltrane - Blue Train (VG+ / NM) = $25.00
  67. John Coltrane - Meditations (VG / VG) = $40.00
  68. John Coltrane - Ascension (Edition I) (VG / VG) = $75.00
  69. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme (VG / VG) = $40.00
  70. John Coltrane - Expression (VG / VG) = $40.00
  71. John Fahey - Volume 1 / Blind Joe Death (VG+ / VG) = $25.00
  72. John Fahey - The Best Of John Fahey 1959 - 1977 (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  73. John Tropea - Short Trip To Space (VG+ / VG) = $15.00
  74. Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash At San Quentin (VG / VG) = $15.00
  75. Joni Mitchell - Blue (VG / G+) = $20.00
  76. Kalapana - Kalapana II (E / E-) = $30.00
  77. Kamasi Washington - The Epic (NM / NM) = $100.00
  78. Kate Bush - The Kick Inside = 天使と小悪魔 (E / E-) = $45.00
  79. Kate Bush - The Dreaming (E / E-) = $40.00
  80. Kate Bush - The Whole Story (E / E-) = $50.00
  81. Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love (VG+ / VG+) = $85.00
  82. Kate Bush - Never For Ever = 魔物語 (E / E-) = $40.00
  83. Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly (NM / NM) = $25.00
  84. Kendrick Lamar - Untitled Unmastered. (M / M) = $90.00
  85. Kevin I. - Kevin I. (VG / VG+) = $40.00
  86. King Crimson - Red (VG / VG) = $20.00
  87. King Crimson - Starless And Bible Black (VG+ / VG) = $20.00
  88. Leonard Cohen - Ten New Songs (VG+ / VG+) = $45.00
  89. Leonard Kwan And Raymond Kane - Slack Key Guitar In Stereo (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  90. LeRoy Hutson - Hutson (VG / VG+) = $30.00
  91. LeRoy Hutson Featuring The Free Spirit Symphony - Feel The Spirit (VG / VG) = $30.00
  92. Lonnie Liston Smith And The Cosmic Echoes - Expansions (VG+ / VG+) = $40.00
  93. Lonnie Liston Smith And The Cosmic Echoes - Visions Of A New World (VG / VG+) = $35.00
  94. Lonnie Liston Smith And The Cosmic Echoes - Renaissance (VG / VG) = $35.00
  95. Lou Reed - Transformer (VG / G+) = $20.00
  96. Louis Prima Featuring Keely Smith With Sam Butera And The Witnesses - The Wildest! (VG / VG) = $25.00
  97. Mac Demarco - Another (Demo) One (NM / NM) = $30.00
  98. Marc Benno - Minnows (VG / VG) = $20.00
  99. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Watchout! (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  100. Marvin Gaye - How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You (E / E-) = $40.00
  101. Marvin Gaye - I Want You (E- / E-) = $45.00
  102. Marvin Gaye - Marvin Gaye Live! (E / E-) = $40.00
  103. Marvin Gaye - What's Going On (E / E-) = $65.00
  104. Marvin Gaye = Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On = レッツ·ゲット·イット·オン (E / E-) = $40.00
  105. Max Romeo & The Upsetters - War Ina Babylon (VG / VG) = $25.00
  106. McCoy Tyner - Live At Newport (VG / VG) = $40.00
  107. Merry Clayton - Merry Clayton (VG / G+) = $15.00
  108. Michael Jackson - Thriller (VG / VG+) = $10.00
  109. Miles Davis - Miles Davis (E- / VG+) = $45.00
  110. Miles Davis - Agharta = アガルタの凱歌 (E- / E-) = $50.00
  111. Miles Davis - On The Corner (E / E) = $50.00
  112. Miles Davis - Sketches Of Spain (VG / VG+) = $25.00
  113. Miles Davis - A Tribute To Jack Johnson (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  114. Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (VG+ / VG) = $25.00
  115. Miles Davis + 19, Gil Evans - Miles Ahead (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  116. Milt Jackson - Sunflower (VG+ / VG) = $20.00
  117. Mtume - Juicy Fruit (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  118. Ned Doheny - Hard Candy (E- / E-) = $40.00
  119. Nina Simone - Little Girl Blue (E- / E-) = $60.00
  120. Nina Simone - Forbidden Fruit - Nina Simone Collections Vol. 1 (E / E-) = $45.00
  121. Nina Simone - Here Comes The Sun (E / E-) = $45.00
  122. Nina Simone - Baltimore (VG / VG+) = $45.00
  123. Nina Simone - Pastel Blues (E- / E-) = $65.00
  124. Nina Simone - I Put A Spell On You (VG / VG) = $65.00
  125. Nina Simone - Silk & Soul (G+ / G+) = $30.00
  126. Oliver Nelson - More Blues And The Abstract Truth (VG- / VG+) = $20.00
  127. Ornette Coleman - The Shape Of Jazz To Come (E- / VG++) = $40.00
  128. Otis Redding - Otis Blue / Otis Redding Sings Soul (E / E-) = $45.00
  129. Otis Redding - The Dock Of The Bay (E / E-) = $45.00
  130. Patrice Rushen - Posh (VG / VG) = $20.00
  131. Philip Glass - Koyaanisqatsi (Life Out Of Balance) (Original Soundtrack Album From The Motion Picture) (VG++ / VG+) = $30.00
  132. Philip Glass - Glassworks (VG+ / VG+) = $30.00
  133. Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon (VG+ / P) = $40.00
  134. Prince - Sign "O" The Times (E / E-) = $70.00
  135. Prince - 1999 (VG- / VG+) = $15.00
  136. R.E.M. - Reckoning (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  137. Ramsey Lewis - Mother Nature's Son (VG / VG+) = $35.00
  138. Ray Charles - Yes Indeed! (VG / VG) = $10.00
  139. Ray Charles - The Genius Of Ray Charles (VG / VG+) = $15.00
  140. Robert Wyatt - Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard (VG++ / E-) = $30.00
  141. Roland Kirk - The Inflated Tear (E- / E-) = $35.00
  142. Roland Kirk - I Talk With The Spirits (E / E-) = $45.00
  143. Ronnie Laws - Pressure Sensitive (VG+ / VG) = $10.00
  144. Rotary Connection - Aladdin (VG+ / VG) = $10.00
  145. Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  146. Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (VG+ / VG+) = $60.00
  147. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Neo Geo (VG+ / VG+) = $15.00
  148. Ryuichi Sakamoto Featuring Robin Scott - Left Handed Dream (VG+ / VG+) = $15.00
  149. Sandy Bull - Inventions (VG+ / VG) = $15.00
  150. Sonny Rollins - Way Out West (E / E-) = $40.00
  151. Sonny Rollins - The Bridge (E / E-) = $40.00
  152. Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus (VG / VG) = $50.00
  153. St. Vincent - Strange Mercy (NM / NM) = $20.00
  154. St. Vincent - St. Vincent (NM / NM) = $90.00
  155. Stan Getz / João Gilberto Featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim - Getz / Gilberto (VG / VG) = $10.00
  156. Steely Dan - Aja (G+ / VG) = $15.00
  157. Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians (VG+ / VG+) = $50.00
  158. Steve Reich - The Desert Music (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  159. Steve Reich / Richard Maxfield / Pauline Oliveros - New Sounds In Electronic Music (Come Out / Night Music / I Of IV) (VG / VG) = $45.00
  160. Stevie Wonder - Hotter Than July (VG / VG) = $10.00
  161. Stevie Wonder - Signed Sealed & Delivered (NM - Sealed / NM - Sealed) = $40.00
  162. Stevie Wonder - Talking Book (VG / VG) = $10.00
  163. Stevie Wonder - Innervisions (G+ / VG+) = $10.00
  164. Stevie Wonder - My Cherie Amour (VG+ / VG) = $20.00
  165. Suburban Lawns - Baby (VG+ / VG+) = $20.00
  166. Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell (NM / NM) = $20.00
  167. Sufjan Stevens - Chicago (Demo) (NM / Generic) = $25.00
  168. Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs (M / M) = $25.00
  169. T. Rex - Electric Warrior (E / E-) = $45.00
  170. Talking Heads - Remain In Light (E / E-) = $45.00
  171. Tame Impala - Currents (NM / NM) = $65.00
  172. Tame Impala - Tame Impala (NM / NM) = $100.00
  173. Tenement - Bruised Music, Vol.2 (NM / NM) = $5.00
  174. Terry Riley - Shri Camel (VG+ / VG+) = $30.00
  175. Terry Riley - In C (VG / VG) = $30.00
  176. Terry Riley - A Rainbow In Curved Air (VG / No Cover) = $5.00
  177. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds / Carl And The Passions – So Tough (VG+ / G+) = $15.00
  178. The Beach Boys - Sunflower (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  179. The Beach Boys - The Beach Boys Today! (VG / VG) = $10.00
  180. The Beatles - The Beatles (VG+ / VG) = $20.00
  181. The Beatles - Please Please Me (VG+ / VG+) = $30.00
  182. The Beatles - The Beatles (VG+ / G++) = $60.00
  183. The Bill Evans Trio - Portrait In Jazz (E / E-) = $55.00
  184. The Bill Evans Trio - Waltz For Debby (E / VG++) = $60.00
  185. The Bill Evans Trio = The Bill Evans Trio - Explorations = エクスプロレイションズ (E / E-) = $40.00
  186. The Bill Evans Trio Featuring Scott LaFaro - Sunday At The Village Vanguard (E / E) = $65.00
  187. The Brothers & Sisters (2) - Dylan's Gospel (VG / VG) = $20.00
  188. The Clash - Sandinista! (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  189. The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out (VG / VG+) = $15.00
  190. The Fall - Cruiser's Creek (VG+ / VG+) = $10.00
  191. The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band - The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band (VG / VG) = $15.00
  192. The Horace Silver Quintet - Song For My Father (Cantiga Para Meu Pai) (E- / E-) = $50.00
  193. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced (G+ / VG) = $10.00
  194. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland (VG+ / VG+) = $30.00
  195. The John Coltrane Quartet - Africa / Brass (E- / E-) = $40.00
  196. The John Coltrane Quartet With McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison & Elvin Jones - Ballads (E- / VG+) = $40.00
  197. The Kinks - The Kink Kronikles (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  198. The Kinks - Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire (VG / VG) = $25.00
  199. The Makaha Sons Of Ni'ihau - No Kristo (VG+ / VG+) = $30.00
  200. The Miles Davis Quintet - Cookin' With The Miles Davis Quintet (E / E-) = $40.00
  201. The Miles Davis Sextet / The Miles Davis Quintet - Miles At Newport (VG+ / VG) = $10.00
  202. The Mothers - Uncle Meat (VG+ / VG) = $25.00
  203. The Mothers - We're Only In It For The Money (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  204. The Ornette Coleman Trio - At The "Golden Circle" Stockholm - Volume One (VG / VG) = $45.00
  205. The Pop Group - Y (E / E-) = $40.00
  206. The Pretty Things - Parachute (NM / NM) = $20.00
  207. The Rolling Stones - Aftermath (VG / VG) = $15.00
  208. The Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet (VG / VG+) = $15.00
  209. The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main St. (VG+ / VG+) = $35.00
  210. The Sons Of Hawaii - The Folk Music Of Hawaii (E / E) = $20.00
  211. The Thelonious Monk Quartet - Monk's Dream (VG+ / VG+) = $30.00
  212. The Turtles - Present The Battle Of The Bands (VG / VG) = $15.00
  213. The Velvet Underground - Live At Max's Kansas City (VG+ / VG+) = $15.00
  214. The Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat (E / E) = $50.00
  215. The Velvet Underground - VU (VG+ / VG) = $30.00
  216. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Part One (VG- / VG) = $45.00
  217. The Who - Live At Leeds (VG+ / VG+) = $15.00
  218. The Who - A Quick One (E / VG++) = $20.00
  219. The Witch Trials - The Witch Trials (VG / VG) = $10.00
  220. Thelma Houston - Summer Nights (M / M) = $15.00
  221. Thelonious Monk - Monk. (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  222. Thelonious Monk Septet - Monk's Music (VG+ / VG+) = $40.00
  223. Tom Waits - Rain Dogs (VG++ / VG++) = $80.00
  224. Various - Even A Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973 (M / M) = $55.00
  225. Various - A Christmas Gift For You From Philles Records (G+ / G+) = $30.00
  226. Various - The Harder They Come (Original Soundtrack Recording) (VG / VG) = $20.00
  227. Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes (VG+ / VG) = $40.00
  228. William Onyeabor - Atomic Bomb (NM / NM) = $25.00
  229. Wilson Pickett - The Exciting Wilson Pickett (VG / VG+) = $10.00
  230. XTC - Oranges & Lemons (VG+ / VG+) = $25.00
  231. Yellow Magic Orchestra - BGM (E- / E-) = $35.00
  232. Yellow Magic Orchestra = Yellow Magic Orchestra - Solid State Survivor = ソリッド·ステイト·サヴァイヴァー (E / E) = $35.00
  233. Yumi Arai = Yumi Arai - Misslim = ミスリム (E / VG+) = $45.00
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2023.03.21 17:39 gvdressdr [.WATCH.] John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023) Free Online on 123movies

Here’s options for downloading or watching John Wick: Chapter 4 streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit,1movies, 9movies, and yes movies, including where to watch the boxing sports drama movies at home. Is John Wick: Chapter 4 2023 available to stream? Is watching John Wick: Chapter 4 on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option/service.

Watch Now: John Wick: Chapter 4 Full Movie Online Free

In a world with social media at our fingertips, it often seems as if marketing a film is easier than ever. This, of course, has its benefits for both production companies and audiences, with studios having better marketing success with their films and audiences having greater knowledge and therefore choice when it comes to their next viewing experience. Many may argue that this is largely a benefit to the film community, but that debate is for another day. What this does mean however is that when a film with a great cast, crew, and premise comes along and for some unknown reason, chooses to stay mysterious, the attention of many is instantly caught. There are many indie flicks or art-house experiments that go under the radar but, with a film as large as John Wick: Chapter 4, it comes as quite a shock.

Where to watch John Wick: Chapter 4 Online Free:
As of now, the only way to watch John Wick: Chapter 4 is to head to a theater when it releases on Friday, March 3. You can find a local showing on Fandango. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for it to become available to rent or buy on digital platforms like Vudu, Peacock, Apple and YouTube, or become available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch Now: John Wick: Chapter 4 Online Free

Following its release in theaters, the film will be available to stream on Prime Video. Expect the movie to hit the streamer 45 days after its theatrical run, which should be sometime in April. it's most likely that Prime Video will be the main platform that will stream John Wick: Chapter 4.

Is John Wick: Chapter 4 Streaming on Netflix?
John Wick: Chapter 4 won't probably be available on Netflix because Paramount Plus should be the only streaming service to provide it. That would be a very bizarre move on the part of Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group to permit the horror film to stream elsewhere.

Is John Wick: Chapter 4 streaming on HBO Max?
John Wick: Chapter 4 is expected to stream on HBO Max at some point after its theatrical run. No official streaming release date for the movie has yet been given, but as it comes from Warner Bros., it will likely arrive on the platform after its cinematic debut barring some unprecedented events or a unique deal.

Is John Wick: Chapter 4 streaming on Prime Video?
After completing its huge $8.5 billion acquisition of MGM, the movie studio behind John Wick: Chapter 4, in March 2023, Amazon Studios will undoubtedly be making the film available to stream on their Prime Video platform.

The first two Creed movies are available to watch on the streaming service, so it is just a matter of time before John Wick: Chapter 4 also makes an appearance. No official date has yet been set, but it will likely take a couple of months from the film’s theatrical release before it is available for streaming.

Is John Wick: Chapter 4 Available On Hulu?
Viewers are saying that they want to view the new movie John Wick: Chapter 4 on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. It will be exclusive to the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.
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2023.03.21 17:18 f1newsbot Actor who will play three-time F1 champion Ayrton Senna in new Netflix series revealed

A new Netflix miniseries on three-time Formula 1 world champion Ayrton Senna is coming – and ahead of its release, Netflix have announced who will take on the lead role in Senna.
The six-episode miniseries, produced with the blessing and participation of the Senna family, will chart the Brazilian racer’s rise from his early move to England to compete in Formula Ford all the way through to his tragic death at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.
HALL OF FAME: Ayrton Senna
Brazilian actor Gabriel Leone has been given the nod to portray Senna, saying of his selection: “It is a huge responsibility and also a great honour to be able to represent an icon who inspired so many people throughout his life, showing the world Brazilian sporting talent.
“Knowing that we will bring this story to millions of people in so many countries, through Netflix, inspires me to see this as one of the great roles of my career.”
Speaking of Leone’s casting, Senna’s sister – and mother of former HRT, Lotus and Williams racer Bruno – Viviane added: “He has the ability to faithfully portray Ayrton's unique personality, especially the Ayrton that we as a family knew, off the track.”
BEYOND THE GRID: Alain Prost on Ayrton Senna, his 1993 title – and almost rejoining Ferrari
The miniseries promises to delve not only into Senna’s on-track prowess – which saw him crowned world champion three times, in 1988, 1990 and 1991, a period which saw him embroiled in a high-profile rivalry with Alain Prost – but also his off-track life and personal relationships.
The project – originally announced back in 2020 – will be produced by Gullane, and co-directed by Brazilian filmmakers Vicente Amorim and Julia Rezende.
Source: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.actor-who-will-play-three-time-f1-champion-ayrton-senna-in-new-netflix.581wJj7E9F7PMc9fwGfG12.html
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2023.03.21 17:05 OmegaBoi420 Was a beast

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2023.03.21 17:00 AgentPeggyCarter Nip/Tuck Episode Re-Watch - S6E5 - Abigail Sullivan

/NipTuck is reviving the re-watch from the beginning. Streaming availability of the show varies by country, so be sure to check where you can find the show to watch. It's currently available on Hulu in the US and Starz Play in the UK. You can check availability in other countries here. Just scroll down to the watch now section and select your country's flag from the drop down menu. The DVD boxset is also available in most places and the show is available from many digital retailers for purchase as well.
Since it is a re-watch, there might be spoilers for future episodes that come up in the discussion, but please try to be mindful of new viewers that are just discovering the show! Spoiler tags are not required, but suggested if the discussion starts to move towards a future plot/episode/etc.
Abigail Sullivan - Season 6 Episode 5
Summary: Julia returns to help with the troubled Matt, but ends up doing more harm than good. Meanwhile, Sean goes off the deep end when a patient talks about her separation anxiety. (From Google)
Original Airdate - November 11, 2009
Directed by - John Scott
Written by - Brad Falchuk
IMDb link
Bonus Content
Episode Trailer
Episode 3 Minute Replay
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2023.03.21 17:00 AgentPeggyCarter Nip/Tuck Episode Re-Watch - S6E4 - Jenny Juggs

/NipTuck is reviving the re-watch from the beginning. Streaming availability of the show varies by country, so be sure to check where you can find the show to watch. It's currently available on Hulu in the US and Starz Play in the UK. You can check availability in other countries here. Just scroll down to the watch now section and select your country's flag from the drop down menu. The DVD boxset is also available in most places and the show is available from many digital retailers for purchase as well.
Since it is a re-watch, there might be spoilers for future episodes that come up in the discussion, but please try to be mindful of new viewers that are just discovering the show! Spoiler tags are not required, but suggested if the discussion starts to move towards a future plot/episode/etc.
Jenny Juggs - Season 6 Episode 4
Summary: Christian has a hard time understanding one of his patients' anger management problem, and Matt's secret is revealed by Christian and Sean. Elsewhere, Teddy, Sean, Annie and Connor go on a camping trip. (From Google)
Original Airdate - November 4, 2009
Directed by - Jesse Bochco
Written by - Jennifer Salt
IMDb link
Bonus Content
Episode Trailer
Episode 3 Minute Replay
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2023.03.21 16:54 WreckageHothHead A New plot Hole thread 7A): trip to Mos Eisley, Luke/Rey skills + retroactive arcs!; + huge hyperspace retcon tangent

The previous ones:
https://old.reddit.com/MauLecomments/115yiq7/spacewars_hackfraudery_how_esb_is_a_lot_closer_to/ "SpaceWars HackFraudery: How ESB is a lot closer to TFA and TLJ in terms of "undoing the victory from the previous movie" and Mauler was WROOOOOOOOOONG"
https://old.reddit.com/MauLecomments/11fytsc/an_example_of_mauler_as_well_as_plinkett/ "An example of Mauler (as well as Plinkett) significantly overestimating the OT's "cause&effect motivation consistency sense-making" - and what possible implications this could have"
https://old.reddit.com/MauLecomments/11fytsc/an_example_of_mauler_as_well_as_plinkett/japzym (bit of a correction/expansion of the OP in an added comment - I should probably post a revised version of the OP somewhere at some point)
https://old.reddit.com/MauLecomments/11hki5e/ot_discontinuity_thread_number_3_schroedingers/ ""OT discontinuity" thread number 3: Schroedinger's gigantic space distances"
https://old.reddit.com/MauLecomments/11q2vwl/ot_discontinuities_thread_4_magic_invisibility/ ""OT discontinuities" thread 4: magic invisibility charms, except not; + First Empire competence issues"
https://old.reddit.com/MauLecomments/11uhedc/ot_discontinuity_thread_5_sending_x_number_of/ ""OT discontinuity" thread 5: sending x number of TIEtroopers + the homing beacon plan"
https://old.reddit.com/MauLecomments/11vbnud/6th_and_probably_almost_last_thread_anhtfa/ "6th (and probably almost last) thread: ANH/TFA opening plot holes and Tatooine/Jakku comparisons"
1a) When covering Rey and Finn's escape from Jakku, here starting at 1:56:30 (Part 2), Mauler says this:
But her navigation of the debris with the Falcon is still undeniably ridiculous - and that closes off the scene which is a horrible mess, but it happened fast, so maybe some people don't notice it so much.
It should be mentioned that they move on to the scene in space with Han Solo very soon, and that up to this point the situation of having this incredibly important droid, this man who knows the importance of the Droid and the inner workings of the First Order, and this woman who is an ace pilot as well as the future most powerful Jedi to exist, that nudges Kylo to kill Snoke, and can get Luke out of retirement, all meeting up, is incredibly lucky.
"Magic and coincidences - oh look that, that's just the Millennium Falcon, it's just sitting there! Oh we gotta run into HAN SOLO - ah heeyy, what a coincidence!!"
If not for Rey, both Finn and BB-8 would likely have been captured or killed by now.
The interesting comparison is that in Episode 4, Obi-wan is seeking out a good pilot with the interest of smuggling them - and so they get the attention of just that, and they pay money for that service; thus Han Solo smuggles them out with strong piloting.
Here though - Lady Luke is smilin'.
First of all, Finn plays an essential role by being the one shooting the gun and blowing up the TIE fighters - the second one in that impressive collaborative maneuver that they did at the end;
so saying that "Rey saved Finn and BB-8" isn't really that accurate - Rey and Finn both saved themselves as well as BB-8.
So now to the Ep4 comparison again:
The interesting comparison is that in Episode 4, Obi-wan is seeking out a good pilot with the interest of smuggling them - and so they get the attention of just that, and they pay money for that service; thus Han Solo smuggles them out with strong piloting.
Here though - Lady Luke is smilin'.
The phrasing here doesn't make 100% clear what exactly his point is, but judging by the context as well as the rest of this review, it's that the Ep4 examples makes a lot more sense because Obi-Wan and Luke seek out a professional pilot, instead of... Luke ace-piloting his way out of a hairy situation as the Troopers have caught up to them?
Implying that that would've been nonsensical (to some degree at least) which is why ANH didn't do it since it doesn't engage in such nonsense - while what it does is all based on established consistency & logic?
However this is a highly questionable assertion, to say the least.
Obi-Wan needs to find a transport in the Mos Eisley spaceport because... he doesn't have a spaceship of his own; which necessarily leads to the question, why doesn't he have a space ship?
If he's there waiting for the right moment to get called into action, and possibly recruit / start training Luke, or protect him (which may very well involve escaping with him from the planet, if a certain type of situation were to arise), why doesn't he keep a spaceship or 2 tucked away somewhere so he's prepared for emergency situations like this?
He doesn't even have a speeder apparently? Why?
"I need your help, Luke - she needs your help. I'm getting too old for this sort of thing..."
"I can't get involved... I've got work to do. It's not that I like the Empire, I hate it, but there's nothing I can do about it right now. It's all such a long way from here..."
"That's your uncle talking."
"My uncle... how am I ever gonna explain this?"
"Learn about the Force, Luke."
"Look, I can take you as far as Anchorhead - you can get a transport there to Mos Eisley or wherever you're going."
"You must do what you feel is right, of course."
Mauler's phrase about "Han's strong piloting" kind of almost implies that Obi-Wan couldn't have pulled that off, which also leads to the question - why assume Obi-Wan was a bad pilot (or not at all), and/or what does the film establish about this? Could it indeed somehow be the case that he can't really fly a spaceship?
"No, my father didn't fight in the wars; he was a navigator on a spice freighter."
"That's what your uncle told you. He didn't hold with your father's ideals; thought he should have stayed here - and not gotten involved."
"You fought in the Clone Wars?"
"Yes - I was once a Jedi Knight, the same as your father."
"I wish I'd known him..."
"He was the best star pilot in the galaxy, and a cunning warrior. I understand you've become quite a good pilot yourself!
And he was a good friend...
Which reminds me - I have something here for you. Your father wanted you to have this when you were old enough, but your uncle wouldn't allow it; he feared you might follow old Obi-Wan on some damn fool idealistic crusade like your father did."
So he was a Jedi Knight just like Skywalker Sr.; they went on an idealistic crusade together - fought together in the Clone Wars (or certainly Obi-Wan did - Skywalker just in "wars", but 99% the Clone ones), and he's describing Skywalker as a "cunning warrior" and "the best pilot";
how much room do any of these lines leave for the interpretation that despite being "a Jedi Knight, same as Skywalker", and even a Jedi instructor i.e. to Vader, he was in fact, unlike Skywalker, a lousy warrior and a lousy pilot if a pilot at all?
Especially given how in final act of the film, Luke's emerging Force powers enhance his starfighter abilities?
I think one can safely say here that virtually none - that he may not have been quite as ace as Skywalker, but probably very good and competent at the very least - and the movie simply didn't need to go out of its way to assure everyone that yes, since Obi-Wan shared Skywalker's "Jedi Knight" and "fought in the wars together" attributes, by extension he also shared the "great warrior & pilot" attributes listed in the same paragraph.
So.... all but confirmed as a skilled ex-warrior pilot, and completely inexplicably without a ship or even speeder, how is his need for a pirate pilot with a ship "logically justified", exactly?
Doesn't seem to be justified at all - and if it isn't, then literally the only reason why the movie had him "have to" go to Mos Eisley and pay for a pilot, is because it wanted them to go to a city with colorful aliens, enter a Western salon, and team up with their new pirate pilot co-protagonist in this way;
quite obviously not a case of rational ground-up plot construction.
So if this intention by the movie to team them up with Solo, or specifically do that in this fashion, at this point, is taken out of the picture - what could've happened alternatively?
Luke's got a speeder, Obi-Wan's got a spaceship tucked away either right by his home, or in some kinda secret cave somewhere or who knows (and probably has a speeder as well) - and, to maintain the spirit of their Mos Eisley escape, the Stormtroopers have now followed the trail from Luke's home to Ben's and are closing in on them;
or perhaps Luke catches their attention by going against Ben's advice and speeding to the homestead;
either way now there's a tense action sequence where Obi-Wan and Luke are both chased by the Stormtroopers and have to quickly get away and leave the planet - and both are skilled pilots, as already established.
Would it somehow been out-of-character for this movie if Luke then jumped into some kind of co-pilot or gotten behind a turret or something, and played an essential role in escaping & fighting off the pursuing Troopers - thus showcasing these skills that he's been said to have, and maybe even already an early hint of his inherited Force potential?
And if yes, how so? That's pretty much exactly what proceeds to happen in the middle and final acts of this movie - and by all looks, really the only reason it doesn't already happen right here and now, at the same spot where Rey&Finn are escaping Jakku in this fashion, is because the movie wanted them to go to the spaceport city and meet Han there instead: an arbitrary creative decision.
The only thing that would've been out-of-character for ANH, would be to make this sequence as over-the-top as its TFA counterpart - however it wouldn't have had the technology for that anyway, and besides, the regular gunslinging in TFA is also over-the-top compared to ANH, along with the visual gags during those shoot-outs;
so yes, ANH would've had a more "tone down", no-nonsense version of that, but that's about the only expected difference there:
But her navigation of the debris with the Falcon is still undeniably ridiculous - and that closes off the scene which is a horrible mess, but it happened fast, so maybe some people don't notice it so much.
; not the core concept of Luke (and Obiwan) not taking a backseat to Solo.
At this point a structured breakdown of both Luke's and Rey's initial skillsets and lvl'ing up arcs is in order:
Rey can fight of 3 (unarmed, in this case) dudes with a staff, struggling somewhat, ending up taking a light punch or something, but basically being quite on top of things there.
She threatens a grumpy asshole of seemingly very limited mobility on an ultra-slow horse with a knife - he has a staff but clearly just uses it to try and throw his weight around, having no apparent ability or willingness to fight.
How much her staff and knife skills extend beyond what was shown here, is unknown and remains unknown.
Never used a gun before somehow??
"You might need this."
"I think I can handle myself."
"I know you do - that's why I'm giving it to you. Take it. You know how to use one of those?"
"Yeah. You pull the trigger."
"A little bit more to it than that - you got a lot to learn. You got a name?"
Has "flown ships before" though:
"That was some flying." "Thanks!" "How did you do that?!" "I don't know!" "No one trained you? No one?!" "I've flown some ships, but I've never left the planet!"
and pulls off a ultra-feat she herself is surprised by.
Then gets told her destiny by Maz, has a mystical experience with the sentient lightsaber;
and shortly later pulls out the gun for the first time, and almost immediately (small hiccup with the "safety", and 1 missed shot a second before the successful one) "sharpshoots" a trooper (after he misses her) - looking startled and amazed immediately afterwards, either at having been immediately able to hit someone at such a long distance, or perhaps at having personally killed somebody for the 1st time? It's unclear.
While she keeps sharpshooting Stormtroopers but also still running from them in visible distress, Han is seen gunslinging like mad, and then Poe is also seen taking down one TIE after another while also hitting individual Troopers on the ground, impressing Finn. (The prominently filmed X-Wing(s) shown picking off the troopers holding them as well as numerous other ground and air targets a slight bit earlier, seemingly aren't strictly speaking confirmed to all be the same one - however it's most likely Poe as well. If not, that just means more over-the-top aces in this Resistance fleet who aren't main characters.)
Then her telepathy / mind control powers are "unlocked" by Kylo.
Then Finn tries to "rise to the occasion" by fighting Kylo, after having seen Rey get knocked unconscious by getting pushed into a tree - lacking the Force (aside from having received a bit of Maz' blessing as well), but evidently having been trained in melee combat incl. with energy blades, just like his earlier stormtrooper adversary.
After his defeat, Rey in turn rises to the occasion, and manages to (intuitively? it happens off-screen while focusing on Kylo trying to do the same) summon the lightsaber and starts putting up a better fight than Finn - only having staff brawling experience in terms of concrete combat practice (and not even against other staff/weapon wielders, at least from what was shown), but now having a serious amount of Force access (which seemingly replaces the need for concrete practice, as has been long established in 4 and 5);
as she's getting pushed against the edge of the chasm, she "taps into the Force" even more, along with getting a new sense of determination and fury, and then proceeds to overpower him.
When Luke
"Sandpeople, or worse... come on - let's go have a look. Come on!"
, he takes a rifle with him, looking quite confident - however it's unknown if he's already shot at moving targets or what not.
Then as he gets overwhelmed by a Tusken raider, and manages to dodge a few of his staff attacks while on the ground and unarmed, before eventually getting knocked out - it's not quite clear how good he would've been in such a brawl had he been prepared; apparently above 0, but beyond that, who knows.
Then he gets approached by the 2 thugs in the cantina, clearly not looking like he's ready to start a fight with them, but also not all that intimidated - even when when the guy grabs him and threatens to kill him. The impression is that he's just determined to not take them very seriously, and doesn't really expect them to attack him if he refuses to give them attention? And then he gets pushed across the room, without putting up any resistance, but also again getting surprised after not really having been prepared (due to some kind of arrogance or naivity) - judging by this moment alone, he may as well have been a complete total zero rookie when it comes to fighting, but just like the Tusken attack it doesn't rule out he can generally do better.
"I understand you've become quite a good pilot yourself!"
"10 thousand?! We could almost buy our own ship for that!" "But who's gonna fly it, kid - you?" "You bet I could - I'm not such a bad pilot myself. We don't have to sit here and listen-"
"It's not impossible - I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home, they're not much bigger than 2 meters."
While it's not clear whether he's "ever left the planet", he's established in dialogue as already a "quite good" / "not bad" pilot - and later as having performed a feat the difficulty of which isn't really consistently established:
One pilot thinks it's "impossible even for a computer", but he replies that it's "not impossible" - and judging by his tone he doesn't even mean that it's particularly impressive either.
However then Gold Leader fails at it "even with a targeting computer" (one is probably to assume that that skeptical pilot was referring to this, and not an automated computer-guided shot?) - and Luke is then seen also starting to use that targeting computer (did he also when shooting those womp rats?), but eventually turns it off to rely on the Force instead.
So it was impossible even for a computer after all? Is that because they're flying faster? But then if those womprat shots had been at done lower speeds, why did he bring it up in the first place?
"Great shot, kid! That was one in a million!"
So... Han's exaggerating, or was it really a "1 in a million shot" that could've only been nailed supernaturally? Or they could've nailed it after a several more attempts, but the supernatural aid just increased the odds for this last second attempt?
But if this task was difficult enough to likely miss at the 1st or 2nd attempt, shouldn't Luke have thought of that when recounting his story? They'd probably know they'd have limited time up there, right?
Or, if the womprats hadn't been too difficult to hit on the 1st attempt, and the speeds back home were comparable, making it valid for him to bring that up - then why did he need to "let go and trust the Force" when he hadn't needed that back home? Again, had he been using targeting computers to hit those womprats? If yes, him putting away the computer here is a bigger deal - however if not, hadn't he already succeeded at it without the Force or a computer? Why did he need it now - again, just to increase the odds since this was the last ditch attempt against a ticking clock?
Point is, according to these various lines and attempts/methods, it's quite unclear just how impossible or just difficult or even unimpressive the task of hitting that 2 meter target in fact was - not clear how impressive the climactic shot was, and not clear how impressive Luke's skills back home had been either.
So while him snapping at Han like this in the bar may come off as some kind of over-confidence, and Obi-Wan even softly reins him in, it's ultimately unclear at that point whether he really could've pulled that off or not - maybe Obi-Wan thinks he doesn't have the skills yet (but then he probably has those skills himself - or is he doubting them due to his age?), or maybe he thinks he does, and he himself does, but why throw away their chances with this good pilot they've just met and his impressive ship, and take chances by going to look to buy some other ship?
So depending on how cocky and irrational Luke is being during that outburst, he either has "never left the planet" and is only really "good" on a local semi-amateur level, and going into space would be serious uncharted territory for him - or in fact he is as good as he's saying, and could really pull this off.
Shortly after takeoff, he's seen being completely clueless about hyperspace travel - however that doesn't mean they would've been screwed on their own, since Obi-Wan obviously knows about hyperspace travel and he could've handled that part.
However is that the only aspect of piloting that he's ignorant about, or is he severely lagging behind in other departments as well?
Well - after what's revealed about his backstory in that Yavin briefing, if he was already pulling off shots that Han would praise as "1 in a million" (even if hyperbolically) before the movie started, then that certainly raises him up quite highly;
however perhaps he's still lacking in the "evasive maneuvers against Star Destroyers" department?
How much time passes between their jump to hyperspace and this:
"Are you all right? What's wrong?"
"I felt a great disturbance in the Force... - as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror - and were suddenly silenced... I fear something terrible has happened.
You'd better get on with your exercises."
"Well, you can forget your troubles with those Imperial slugs - I told you I'd outrun them."
"Don't everybody thank me at once..."
One has to assume that the "Imperial slugs" he's talking about there are the same Stardestroyers (or, well, "Imperial Cruisers" - they weren't yet called "Star Destroyers" in this 1st movie) that they escaped from on Tatooine - however by "outrunning them" Han clearly can't be referring to just having jumped to hyperspace in front of their noses, since evidently enough time has passed for them to have started playing chess and began training with the lightsaber since that point; and he's only outrun them just now.
"Why don't you outrun 'em? I thought you said this thing was fast!"
"Watch your mouth, kid, or you're gonna find yourself floating home. We'll be safe enough once we make the jump to hyperspace. Besides, I know a few maneuvers.
"Safe enough", well this all adds up - looks like in this movie, unlike ESB, the Imperial ships can chase them through hyperspace/lightspeed; and Han just outran them after what might be a 30min or 1h chase, or who knows how long/short.
This is then further confirmed a few minutes later:
Obi-Wan: "It's an Imperial fighter."
Luke: "It followed us!"
Obi-Wan: "No - it's a short-range fighter."
Han: "There aren't any bases around here, where did it come from."
So "long-range ships" could have followed them through that hyperspace trip? (Despite Han having thought he'd lost them?)
At the end of V, they jump to lightspeed, leaving Vader's ship without any chances of catching or tracking them anymore - Vader walks off the bridge, looking defeated and even too depressed go lash out at Piett;
that wouldn't have worked in the universe of ANH?
So when they "invent the new hyperspace tracking tech" in by TLJ, that's only a "new" ability according to ESB's changed universe - before this continuity shift, a similar thing was already possible in ANH.
TFA-Han's ability to lightspeed-jump through a planetary shield, while inconsistent with how he introduced the mechanics of hyperspace travel to Luke:
"It'll take a few moments to get the coordinates from the navi-computer." "Are you kidding?! At the rate they're gaining??" "Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dustin' crops, boy! Without precise calculations, we'd fly right through a star, or bounce too close to a supernova... and that would end your trip real quick, wouldn't it?"
, doesn't seem to stand out that much anymore...
Also to go off on a short tangent here:
"Did your men deactivate the hyperdrive on the Millennium Falcon?" >"Yes, my Lord."
Last time they placed a "homing beacon" and tracked them to Yavin, but now - despite having screwed with the ship in an analogous situation - they've only "deactivated the hyperdrive";
had they also put a tracking device on it, just in case, they could've tracked them down, attempted to capture them and Luke again, and also found their space base - unless of course the Falcon's crew had the bright idea to think of this possibility, and then (instead of immediately forgetting about it moments later) either change ships or find&deactivate the homing beacon.
(Also if a Star Destroyer had showed up at their space base's doorsteps, or even several, couldn't they have attacked it with X-Wings just like the last time? Motti said they were generally more vulnerable than the Death Star - and even if they don't happen to have an equivalent Achilles' Heel, the RotJ fighters still managed to destroy the Super Stardestroyer.)
"Lord Vader - our ships have completed their scan of the area and found nothing. If the Millennium Falcon went into lightspeed, it'll be on the other side of the galaxy by now."
"Alert all commands. Calculate every possible destination along their last known trajectory."
"Yes, my Lord. We'll find them."
"Don't fail me again - Admiral."
"Alert all commands. Deploy the fleet."
So now the Falcon did jump to lightspeed - can't they at least have tried the same approach? That Piett even showed such confidence about? Or was that just in case the Falcon hadn't jumped to lightspeed? (It certainly would've been absurd otherwise.)
This one's not too big of an issue if it's interpreted as Vader just being desperate / refusing to give up and Piett trying to be optimistic and not get killed on the spot; what "trajectory" was he even referring to here, given how all the Falcon had been doing this whole time was fly around in curves and circles while trying to evade them? The trajectory they took when flying at the Stardestroyer's window? Or some earlier point? If it was supposed to make sense, then it seems very hard to explain how so.
Aaaand, for a second tangent:
Obi-Wan: "A fighter that size couldn't get this deep into space, on its own?.."
Luke: "He.. must've gotten lost, been part of a convoy or something..."
Other than the issue of Ben repeating almost the same exact thought that Han voiced moments ago, there are other confusing things about this sequence:
Han: "There aren't any bases around here, where did it come from."
By "no bases" does he mean he's not picking up any big stations / hyperspace-able ships on his scanners, or that there are no known ones in this area (as if the Empire doesn't have lots of mobile "bases"? a mobile "convoy" could've been an explanation too, of course) - or that there are no planets/moons around here?
"Look at him, he's heading for that small moon!.."
"Think I can get him before he gets there - he's almost in range."
"That's no moon - it's a space station..."
"It's too big to be a space station..."
Han hadn't picked up the Death Star on his scanners (which, if that's what he was referring to, should've been a lot wider than what the naked eye could see, since the Death Star was still too far away to be even visible at that moment), and no one showed surprise at there being a "moon" not showing up on any of the charts.
While Han and the rest not immediately thinking of the possibility that "that TIE could've been dropped there by a Stardestroyer" (i.e. what Luke suggests about a possible "convoy" moments later) isn't really a problem, Han's line about "no bases around here" followed by them bumping into this giant moon-sized station remains quite inexplicable.
Back from the tangents:
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2023.03.21 16:45 MoeDantes So I gave Ducktales 2017 a second chance

At some point in the past, I mentioned not liking the 2017 Ducktales. However, not long ago I read things that made me feel like giving the 2017 show a second shot.
The thing that got me interested was, basically, hearing that it ends up becoming this big Disney Afternoon crossover, where apparently the Rescue Rangers, the cast of Talespin, and some aspects of Darkwing Duck all exist in the same universe. I mean, it sounded like a fanfic fever dream, but sometimes fanfic fever dreams can be made of awesome. And who knows, maybe my initial distaste was just a bad mood or something....
So I find a way to watch Ducktales 2017, and I make it about fifteen episodes into the first season...
.... and I stop because I realize I'm going through aspirin way too fast.
But one thing I wanna mention real quick.... the 1980s Ducktales
So usually any time 2017 is brought up (especially if you're critical of it), the discussion tends to turn into a "1980s versus 2017" thing (or if you're dealing with fans who actually know sh--, 2017 versus the comics of Carl Barks and Don Rosa).
But let's be honest: 1980s Ducktales was not some sacred thing too holy for this Earth. In fact honestly, speaking as a guy who nerds out over eighties and nineties cartoons, I always found Disney's TV offerings the weakest of either decade, usually because of the writing.
I will say that Ducktales 1980s is better than 2017.... but it's more accurate to say it's less grating and more bearable and has more moments of geniunely engaging stories. But at the same time it also has episodes like "All Ducks on Deck" which basically foreshadows a lot of the problems I'd end up having with the 2017 show... and I'll say this: Gizmoduck's introduction in 2017 was better than his introduction in 1980, in a movie/five-part episode called "Super Ducktales" which winds up going right off the rails.... just saying: I think the meds were kicking in the moment they decided to have aliens show up and steal Scrooge's Money Bin.
So what sucks about the 2017 Ducktales?
In a word: the characters. Holy Sh-- the characters. After fifteen episodes I was sooo sick of how everyone was this hipster ironic detached self/cosmically-aware dipsh-- always ready with the quips and dialogue that sound like things a Channel Awesome reviewer would say as a joke and yet are apparently what these people actually chose to say for real in their actual lives.
Writing tip: .... try having a conversation with another person in the real world, preferably someone who isn't someone you met online.
One thing I wanna comment on real quick... since I only watched season one, I did not see the 2017 version of Doofus. Now, Doofus in the original show was not a particularly great character... but just on principle, I hate the idea of taking an unpopular character and making them a villain. Why the f--- would you ever think that's a good idea? A better idea would be to just not use him at all.
Let's talk about Webby
I used to think Webby was my biggest problem with this show, but actually she's grown on me... or rather, now that I've seen how annoying the nephews are, she's easier to tolerate.
The thing that bothers me about Webby is she's basically the Pinkie Pie. She's the cute quirky one, which you know in modern writing means she's gonna be allowed to say, do, or behave just however because the writers are gonna favorite her (much like, again, what happened with Pinkie Pie). No quirk or behavior or sudden out-of-nowhere ability is too out-there for the Writer Favorite Cute Quirky Girl!
I recall having a problem with this very early on. "Daytrip of Doom" (the very second episode of the series) shows that Webby doesn't understand the concept of lying, even when its demonstrated right in front of her. This is supposed to come off as quirky and a sign of her "not getting things" due to being a shut-in, but no amount of justifications or rationalizations can change the fact that she just comes off as stupid: Louie shows her how to lie. He does it right in front of her, and he explains the reasons for it.
The only way to read that scene is that she doesn't understand the concept of deception.... but here's the thing:
On rewatch, this issue is even worse: very first episode shows that she has a conspiracy theory wall and already suspects that the McDuck clan has a web of secrets and lies. The very same episode where she can't lie to score a free drink also shows she has a copy of The Art of War which she apparently values so highly that she struggles to fit it into her survival pack (and yes, its very clear that Webby can read, and has an Encyclopedia Brown-like capacity for remembering a lot of it--just the fact that she can translate ancient hieroglyphs demonstrates this). How can she have read The Art of War and not learned about deception when that's like 90% of what it discusses?
AND THEN later still, the show reveals she's been being asked to lie about things all her life by either Scrooge or Mrs. Beakley.
AND THEN AND THEN in episode four, implied to only be a short time after episode two, Webby is such a master deceiver that she's able to trick some of the Beagle Boys by making up an entire fake name and history for herself and her new friend on the spot, with British accents and everything! (Okay, to be fair, maybe Webby is a fast learner... just not fast enough to score free drinks).
But like I said, Webby doesn't irritate me as much, because I now see what the rest of the cast is like.
Let's talk about....
Flintheart Glomgold
Flint, my man, what did they do to you? Why, why did they decide to turn you into this over-the-top parody of cartoon villains?
The funny thing is.... I can't speak for the original Carl Barks comics, but the 1980s cartoon didn't even imply Flintheart was a villain. Him and Scrooge had more like an Old Married Couple dynamic (actually one odd thing about the 1980s show was that the villains could be oddly nice when dealing with anyone who wasn't Scrooge, and I feel like this would've been a more interesting route... but instead the 2017 show goes and makes both Flintheart and my gal Magica more one-note).
Just for an example, watch this Youtube compilation. Now try to imagine this Flintheart walking around with a hand puppet he treats as his son or loading up slides while maniacally explaining his evil plan.
But at least Flintheart was kinda funny sometimes..... as opposed to...
That Mark Zuckerberg stand-in guy
I don't remember his name and I don't care to. I think it was like Mark Beaks or something. God, every time this guy showed up, I hoped he would die, not in a "he's a villain and I want to see his comeuppance" way, but in a "if he dies then I'll never have to see another episode featuring him" way. Seriously, he makes me long for the 1980s version of Doofus.
And look... I get that to an extent, the entire idea is that Duckerberg is meant to be this shallow, social-media obsessed idiot who got big because he just happened to have a few good ideas. And I mean... fine. He's a character who works for one episode. BUT THEY KEEP BRINGING HIM BACK.
One problem I always had with Disney's 1980s cartoons is how they liked to introduce annoying side characters, like how Rescue Rangers had the Pi-Rats and Canina LeFur. I see Disney still doesn't have their heads screwed on straight and still looks at annoying concepts and says "yeah, we need this in our show." Disney: please un-f--- yourself.
Launchpad McQuack
So another issue Disney's writing has had since the 1980s is that the longer their shows go on, the more simplistically (and often inconsistently) their characters are portrayed. Poor Launchpad is prime example numero uno.
Originally, he was a reckless daredevil but he wasn't stupid. This changed as the show went on (maybe all those crashes were giving him brain damage?) and when Launchpad appeared in Darkwing Duck, he had an overall drop in intelligence. Also... does he understand that crashing is bad or doesn't he? The old shows played it both ways--sometimes he thinks crashing is the proper way to land, other times he knows its a mistake.
(Then again Disney is the same company that had Chip grouching at Gadget, a girl he supposedly was in love with. No wonder Gadget ended up marrying the damn fly).
That was nothing compared to Ducktales 2017 though, where Launchpad is such a brainless buffoon that you legitimately wonder how this guy hasn't accidentally choked himself to death or been talked into sticking his beak in an electric outlet.
And the writers are under the dangerous delusion that his stupidity is funny.
It isn't. Easily the worst part of any episode is when they devote upwards of several infinities to showing Launchpad being incredibly stupid. Like no joke, one of the few episodes I was legitimately enjoying was the one about Mt. Neverrest, and yet several minutes were dedicated to Launchpad's stupidity causing him to have several misadventures that really should've resulted in his death (and I wish they had).
Scrooge McDuck and Donald
.... Actually, Donald is probably the one character they did justice to.
And Scrooge isn't so bad either. He acts a little more.... "product of the age of youtube age" than I would like, he's still the most relatable character.
(An example of what I mean... while I didn't watch the full episode featuring Doofus, I did watch the pre-title sequence, and it kinda exemplifies what I mean by "product of the youtube age").
Not to brag, but in that episode that's framed as a mystery where they're trying to figure out who kidnapped Scrooge during his birthday party, I had correctly figured the solution right off the bat. Watching 600+ Detective Conan episodes paid off, baby! (It helped that, well, Scrooge had done basically what I would do).
Huey, Dewey, and Louie
.... But mostly Dewey
I actually don't think I have a huge issue with Huey. Louie's laziness bugged me at first but when it became clear it was being presented as a character flaw he's meant to get over and not just joke fodder, I bore it.
Sometimes I want to slap some sense into Dewey though.
Actually, back up... Dewey had one moment in particular that struck me as "because the script says so."
It was in the episode where they went to that island with Zeus and Storkules (who, unfortunately, I know we see again because his name is in an episode title).
So Webby and Dewey make it to this room that has this entrance to a hidden inner chamber, they open it, and the entrance is slowly closing... Dewey suddenly decides he doesn't wanna go in because this will finally reveal the truth about his mom (spoiler: it reveals f--k all) and Webby had been pestering him all episode about the evidence implying Della had betrayed Scrooge.
So Dewey is suddenly all "No, I don't wanna go in there and risk finding out my mom is a villain!"
...... then just as the door is about to close, Dewey changes his mind.
For no reason.
Webby doesn't give him a speech, he doesn't have an epiphany or a thought... it's like a switch flipped in his head and he said "okay, the script says I change my mind now" and he decides him and Webby should dive in.
To quote Confused Matthew: "What was at stake, the running time?" Actually yeah it really felt like Dewey's sudden reluctance and just-as-sudden turnaround only happened because they needed to pad the episode's length a bit.
Other Things
Not a big fan of Gyro Gearloose being implied evil and only capable of creating robots that turn evil.
On the other hand though, I looked ahead because I needed to see how Gosalyn (from Darkwing Duck) was interpreted and honestly her portrayal makes me wanna at least watch those episodes, even though she's not a patch on 1990s Gosalyn (who was adorable).
I have no real issues with Lena. I do kinda wanna finish Season One just to see how Magica turns out, but... I'm not a big fan of the brief glimpses we've gotten so far.
Does Merlock ever appear in this series? I've heard Gene the Genie does, so I would assume Merlock is here too. (Too bad in this version, he had nothing to do with sinking Atlantis).
In Conclusion
The sad part is that despite how painful this show has been so far (so much that I had to take an extended break after just fifteen episodes), a part of me does want to see more of it, just to see how certain things are done or handled.... even though by this point I know I'm probably gonna hate it.
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2023.03.21 16:33 Zoebla How I think the show should end ...

What would everybody like to see in the last season or even episode? Do you think joe should die or have jail time or get away with it?
I personally want Henry to come back after a time skip (putting him at about 15 or older) and be the one to beat Joe to death. I think it should be brutal as i assume henry would want justice for joe murdering his mother. Also I reckon if they do bring Henry back his gonna be crazy if not crazier then Joe because both his parents are basically born/bred psycho. Maybe after he kills Joe the very last scene of the series could be henry finding his own "YOU" just like dear old dad. No spin off though, should just be left for interpretation.
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2023.03.21 16:15 raysweater I love Star Trek, but I do want to talk about the acting of two of its captains. It's all from a place of love.

First off, I'm about to talk about two actors from two shows I absolutely love: Captain Archer and Captain Sisko. I watched Enterprise a year ago all the way through and it was awesome. I just started season four of DS9 last night in my watch-through. These two just happened to be the two shows I missed out on growing up.
Also, I only notice acting when it's bad or when it's great. Good acting flies under the radar and is kind of "expected."
Enterprise. While I love this show dearly, I do feel like like Scott Bakula wasn't great in it. His character was fine, even if he is probably my least favorite captain, but his performance was weird. There were times it felt like he was just doing a Shatner impression. I felt like he didn't rise to the moment in some of his big scenes to shine and was very one-note his entire performance. I just never bought the adoration his crew had for him. Most of the time he was fine, but he just couldn't deliver when the scene required him to deliver something great.
Deep Space Nine. When I first started watching this show about a year ago, my biggest takeaway from the pilot episode was how awful Avery Brooks was as Captain Sisko. Rewatch the pilot. He is bad. I will give him credit though, he has improved. By this point in Season Four he isn't great, but he is definitely not bad. I guess I was just in shock after coming from finishing my rewatch of TNG earlier and watching Patrick Stewart be awesome and also watching Anson Mount kill it as Pike that same year. It also doesn't help when he is surrounded by talent like Nana Visitor (Kira), Armin Shimerman (Quark), and Rene Auberjonois (Odo). Every episode, Armin Shimerman as Quark makes an acting choice that is just so good, usually comical.
I just wanted to share some thoughts and I hope you don't take this as me hating on the shows, because it is probably a top three fandom of mine to be a part of. Just wondering if this is anything anybody else noticed.
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2023.03.21 16:08 SanthornStormblessed Axiety, ADHD, or just me?

Hey all. For some reason today this scene popped into my head. I don't know if any of you can relate, but this very much resonates with me.
I mean, sure I'm a holographic doctor on a starship in the future lost in the far reaches of space, but who isn't these days.
I feel like this kind of analasys breakdown is a part of my daily life only, instead of being about life and death, it's about should I get dressed first or eat breakfast first, or if I'm taking a break from work to eat a snack and take a walk which should I do first? Often it's not even about doing one or the other it's literally which of these two mundane tasks to perform before the other one.
The most frusterating part is I'm actually good at important decisions. If it's something that matters and is time sensitive I'm good at analyzing the information and making a decision quickly. I'm even good at accepting when those decisions were mistakes and being kind to myself about it, but I'll ruminate all day on if things would have been better if I had gotten dressed before eating breakfast and tear myself down for possibly making the wrong call.
Can anyone else relate? Does anyone have any advice on how to work through this? Maybe these weigh on me so much because there just doesn't seem to be enough information to make what feels like an informed decision? But, if that's the case, how do I cope with that?
Also, can I just say, for anyone who can relate, the scene at the end of the episode with Janeway is just so touching. Not only does it show that she sees him as a person and a valuble member of the crew, but it's hard to find a friend who both understands enough to know that's what you need and is willing to do that.
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2023.03.21 15:59 candidlymckenna Questions as a new watcher from the US!

Wow gotta say, UK is top tier compared to USA version. Can’t believe I just discovered it!
I just started binge watching Season 9 a couple weeks ago and unfortunately with Hulu I have to wait every day for a new episode to load…currently at Rongate for reference 😂 just wondering if the rest of the season is even worth waiting for (any good drama coming) or should I start a new season?
Which brings me to question 2…what seasons do you think are the best that I should start binge watching!❤️
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