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Welcome to DesignMyRoom! Just submit pictures of your room, a layout with measurements, and we will help you rearrange it! Please specify budget, location ie: North America, Europe, etc. You can also specify what kind of room you want (eg. minimalist, etc.) to get help according to your taste!

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2023.03.21 17:55 IvanBourbaki Communism is ripe!

All the material prerequisites for building communism are available.
Let's list them. Today, paper money has died in some countries. They were replaced by electronic money. And this means that technical money has died, but political economic money has not died. They live very well, although now money is just a spark in the computer. There is no material shell.
Theorem 1. The death of technical money means that the basis for the destruction of political economic money is already ready. And this means that communism is ripe.
Theorem 2. The Internet is the basis for the birth of the COLLECTIVE MIND of the whole planet. And we already see that this collective mind is powerful, that it can function without money.
According to Marx, under communism, the brains of billions of people will unite into one great COLLECTIVE BRAIN. But the base for creating such a brain is already ready. And this is the Internet. And the collective brain is already working. This wonderful community is the birth of the collective brain of humanity. And this means that communism is ripe.
Theorem 3. According to Hegel, dialectics will be born under communism, and dialectics is the science of a variable world. Under communism, everything will be dialectical, that is, variable, that is, alive.
Definition. A political economic nationality is a nationality by education. You know two languages and love the history of these peoples. And this means that you have two political economic nationalities. Such a political economic nationality will be variable. After all, tomorrow you will learn another language and love the history of another amazing people.
So, the political economic nationality is variable, that is, dialectical, that is, alive. And all this was predicted by the great Hegel. It was he who predicted that the time would come when dead metaphysical constructions would come to life. They will become variables, that is, dialectical.
This is the first example of the arrival of Hegel's dialectic on the planet Earth. And this means that communism is ripe.
Theorem 4. The destruction of money. Unconditional income. Experiments on the introduction of unconditional income are being conducted in many capitalist countries. Its essence is that each person is given a fixed amount of money. And it is obvious that unconditional income will sooner or later be introduced throughout Europe.
What does unconditional income mean? Unconditional income is not given for work, so it is not a measure of labor. Unconditional income is given to everyone the same, so it is no longer a measure of wealth.
So, in unconditional income, two functions of money – a measure of labor and a measure of wealth have died (partially). And this means that political economic money has died (partially) in unconditional income. That is, unconditional income is no longer money in the political economic sense of the word. So, the unconditional income is Marx's RECEIPTS (partially).
Conclusion. Capitalists are building communism themselves. And it's amazing that they build communism strictly according to Marx. They themselves carry out practical measures to destroy political economic money.
Conclusion 1. Communism is ripe.
Conclusion 2. The Marxists have fallen behind the capitalists! Marxists do not destroy money. There are no theoretical works, no practical measures.
Question. Why are capitalists engaged in building communism?
Answer. Money is parasites. Money circulation generates millions of parasites.
Question. When was Sparta defeated? Answer. When Sparta defeated Athena. A lot of money flowed into Sparta. This money decomposed the leaders. And the idea of heroism disappeared. Sparta also disappeared. That is, the reason for the death of the great Sparta was the victory over Athens.
Question. When and why was the USSR defeated? The USSR withstood the most terrible war in the history of mankind. And he didn't die.
Under Stalin, they lived poorly. The amount of money and goods was small. And the money could be controlled with the help of punitive bodies.
But under Brezhnev they began to live well. The volume of goods has increased. But alas, the amount of money has also grown greatly. And money decomposed both the party and the state. And Marx was right again. But Marx is always right.
Marx's theorem. The axiom of Marxism.
Money is a terrible universal force. Money cannot be controlled. Sooner or later, money itself will begin to control its controllers. Living money must be killed and turned into dead Marx receipts.
Remark. It is not the people, not even the new Russian bourgeoisie, who are to blame for the death of the USSR. Money is to blame for the death of the USSR. And it is not people who should be punished, but money should be destroyed by turning them into dead Marx receipts.
Question. Why do capitalists themselves introduce elements of Marx's communism into life?
Answer. A cashless economy is the most economical, the cheapest.
Marx's theory of communism. Communism is a global community, that is, a world with total equality of people.
Equality in food, in apartments, in salaries, in the living conditions of children, in treatment, in recreation.
Equality in life, equality in death, equality after death.
Question. Unconditional income is the same for all people. That is, the capitalists themselves are building EQUALITY, that is, they are building communism, albeit partially. Why?
Answer. And the capitalists undertook to abolish the state, albeit partially. Yes, yes, it is.
Why is the idea of EQUALITY of people important for capitalists in unconditional income?
Answer. Option 1. Let the unconditional income be 500 euros. Everyone is the same, exactly 500 euros. Equality.
Option 2. Inequality. Let the unconditional income be 501 euros for some people, and 499 euros for other people. There seems to be no difference between option 1 and option 2.
But there is a difference and it is very big. In the first variant, officials are not needed, but one computer is needed for the whole country. And this computer will charge all people an unconditional income of 500 euros. And if officials are not needed, then the state is not needed either. Or in any case, there will be much fewer officials.
Marx's theorem. The state is a parasite that is not necessary for the functioning of production. According to Marx, there will be a production management system under communism, but it will be different than under socialism.
Results. With the help of unconditional income based on the equality of people, capitalists are building communism according to Marx. They reduce officials, that is, they are engaged in the abolition of the state (partially).
And why? Officials devour a lot of money and slow down the development of society.
Let's discuss option 2.
Option 2. Inequality. Let the unconditional income be 501 euros for some people, and 499 euros for other people. There seems to be no difference between option 1 and option 2.
With option 2, that is, with inequality, an official is needed who will decide who to give 501 euros and who 499. In addition, people will sit in queues and humiliatingly beg for benefits. Officials will steal.
Communism is ripe
Capitalists are engaged in introducing elements of communism into capitalism. And it is. They are engaged in
1) destruction of money (partially)
2) the introduction of equality of people (partially).
3) The abolition of officials (state) partially.
And what are our alleged Marxists doing? Nothing. They don't do
  1. The destruction of money. (Marx)
  2. The problem of real equality. (Marx)
  3. The abolition of officials (state). (Marx)
The Marxists abandoned communism (not socialism) and Marx. This is the reason for our defeat. You won't hear great words like real EQUALITY, real BROTHERHOOD from them.
Long live the Global Commune! Long live Hegel, the great leader of communism, Leader No. 1. Communism (not socialism) will win!
I wrote the book "Marx's Capital is Thermodynamics". The book contains Marx's mathematical model of Capital and Hegel's mathematical model of dialectics"
It turned out that Hegel created the theory of communism. Moreover, Hegel pointed the way to the peaceful victory of communism. The second half of the book is humanitarian. It details Hegel's plan for the peaceful victory of communism. And the main reason for the peaceful victory is that the theory of communism is much more powerful than the socialist idea.
Link to my book
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2023.03.21 17:54 KaleTerrible Gut Health community

Hi everyone,
As someone who has personally battled SIBO and candida overgrowth, I know how isolating and frustrating it can be to deal with gut health issues. I felt alone in my journey and struggled to find the right support system. That's why I've created the Gut Health Society Discord server - a place where we can come together to support each other, share our experiences, and find solutions to improve our gut health.
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2023.03.21 17:54 navybluevicar Cheapest live backup option?

I have a Sony HXR NX100 which I’m using to record business meetings and other conference room events. I’m recording to microSD card in the camera, and also have a BNC cable from camera plus audio mixer going to a live DVD burner for backup. What would be the cheapest way for me to record backups live from the camera without needing to keep buying DVDs?
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2023.03.21 17:54 Jatskinesis My girlfriend's dad has this painting in their living room and we need help identifying who made it. We did some research and it was an oil painting of the Bavarian Alps in Germany. We can't seem to make out what the signature in the 2nd picture says. Please Help.

My girlfriend's dad has this painting in their living room and we need help identifying who made it. We did some research and it was an oil painting of the Bavarian Alps in Germany. We can't seem to make out what the signature in the 2nd picture says. Please Help. submitted by Jatskinesis to WhatIsThisPainting [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 17:53 jlmg9430 Baby noises at night, when to go feed/interfere?

We recently moved our 2 month old son to his crib in his room, which is right next to ours. Now I’m having a hard time figuring out if he is actually awake or not for feeds. He’s a noisy sleeper and moves frequently.
Basically, how do you tell if your baby is awake versus just being loud and still in their “active” sleep? Do I wait to go get him until he is full on crying? Right now I just go in after a few minutes of him making loud noises and moving around (can see him on the monitor). However, sometimes his eyes are still closed when I go in and they were open just 1 minute ago. I don’t want to wake him if he’s not ready/can soothe himself back to sleep.
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2023.03.21 17:52 user09426i9o6g I have some questions please🙏🏼😭

I have some questions please🙏🏼😭
I’m in the UK and got moved into an apartment that has bedbugs , after a few weeks I must have awakened their dormancy and only realised after the welts started.
I have unknowingly brought them to my parents apartment where I am currently isolating.
its been about a month. I hired an exterminator three weeks ago who applied a liquid chemical treatment to my mattress and edges where the walls meet in my room of my parents apartment.
My parents apartment is small but has a lot of family stuff in it accumulated over the years, activity died down but spread across the house to other rooms due to my ignorance in the first few weeks, and my parents have also been bitten after the first week of treatment.
The second week of chemical treatment was applied to the bedding of mine and my parents rooms, the wall edges and the living room sofas.
I’ve had two treatments so far with a third this week, Activity has decreased as the welts are now just tiny bites most likely from Nymphs, I have tried to declutter although it hasn’t made much difference space wise and have been wearing clothes from sealed bags my parents have not however but are coming around to the idea, I hoover and wash clothes and bedding every 2-3 days and use a dryer to dry the clothes, I’ve used a steamer on the bed also bought a new bed as the old one could accommodate them too easily.
But the nymphs remain and keep biting even after the exterminator has sprayed the treatment, I know they could be anywhere and everywhere and are the size of a grain of salt almost. I’ve put Diatomaceous earth down finely everywhere but I doubt due to their tenacity and the time it takes this will do much.
My questions is , how do I eliminate the last of the nymphs and what is the best way to protect clothing like suits and trainers, Air tight bags vacuum bags? I’ve been sealing some things and adding 5-10 Fresherpack 300cc Oxygen Absorbers but haven’t got round to doing everything.
Lastly how can I treat the problem in my now vacant apartment (Vacant for around 1 month) is this even possible as the bugs may go dormant? it only has a table and chair inside at the moment and isn’t being occupied, I don’t really want to act as bait before the treatment as my skin reacts really badly to the bites, most likely the adult bites and I do not want to bring anymore into my parents apartment.
Heat treatment for two properties is most likely out of my price range and I doubt I can afford it but I have been using a professional exterminator and can probably afford other treatments .
Any advise or something i may have missed other than abandon all hope will be appreciated? Thank you
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2023.03.21 17:52 lilmissSunshine04 Daycare struggles with young toddler

My son just started daycare last week for the first time and is really struggling with the adjustment. I was a SAHM for 13 months, and then my BIL who lives with us watched him for another 6 months so I could get a job. He just got a job and I can't afford to give up my job, so we had to enroll him in daycare. He will be 20 months tomorrow and is mostly nonverbal. He says about 6 words, but they aren't clear at all and the only way we really know what he's saying is if he also signs. With the way our work schedules line up, he's only at daycare from 2-5:20 or so, but he freaks out when his dad drops him off, cries off and on the whole time he is there, and loses it when he first sees me when I pick him up. He is clingier and more emotional at home now as well. We are struggling hard. We never leave him to cry, so having him cry this much is hard on us, and my boyfriend who has to deal with drop off wants to pull him out, but that financially just really isn't an option. How can we help with this transition, and how long does it typically take kids to adjust? The daycare seems great and aligns with our values, but with a room full of toddlers I know they can't drop everything and comfort him constantly even if he wanted them to, but that's the kind of attention he receives at home. He's normally a really happy kid who rarely cries, so this personality change is so hard to see. We already tell him "you're going to daycare today. Daddy will drop you off and mommy will pick you up later." And when we get home I make sure to give him a lot of extra love and attention to help refill his emotional cup, but this is still just a huge battle. Any advice or support is welcome!
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2023.03.21 17:51 BribableSugar Need help with play area

My 17-month old is not talking independently, but loves to climb on things.
I keep seeing the Nugget everywhere, but I'm concerned about flame retardant and other yucky ingredients.
He plays in our small "living room" (basically the space between the front door and the kitchen). It's small, so I'm looking for something that will allow him to explore, while also not taking up so much space he can't push his walker around.
Is Ikea generally the best place to shop for non-toxic?
Thamk you!
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2023.03.21 17:51 ambreenh1210 Roommate wants to open part time photography business from my basement

Hi people.
I am a homeowner and i rent out one of my rooms to my roommate who is very sweet and kind. She works in a restaurant and has been pursuing photography as a hobby. It started off as setting up some equipment in the basement (which is a gym for now and the laundry room, not being used for anything else), and having people over for small, free of charge photography. She would give me heads up for these visits. Now she is asking me if she sets up a studio in the basement and has people over, she can start to charge them and give me a cut from the business as well. Nothing has started yet, it's her idea for now, and she will continue to work part time at the restaurant (provided this doesn't affect her ability to make rent on time).
During our agreement signing there was no clause for or against a business set up, because I never thought it would be something I would have to worry about.
I don't know if I am overthinking and worrying unnecessarily, but it feels like more headache for me. There will be random strangers in the house, roaming around, the basement will be occupied depending on how much this takes off. The upside I see is i make some money from this in addition to the rent. Also, I am very conflict averse and have a hard time saying no. Can someone put this in perspective for me, am i overthinking this? Is this something legal?
Thank you so much.
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2023.03.21 17:51 jadejuen Points FOMO

I travel a lot for work and stay mainly at Hyatts to earn Globalist. While on work travel, I can expense all of my drinks/meals but it has to be paid for on my corporate credit card (so I cannot just charge my WOH CC and get reimbursed). I have a set $limit per day, so I also cannot just charge all my dining expenses to my room and pay them off at checkout. Right now I just pay each bill individually with my corporate card but I'm missing out on thousands of points per year that I could be earning from dining expenses.
Is there a good way to earn those dining points that I'm overlooking? I suppose I could charge to my room and pay off the balance at the end of each day, but that seems inconvenient for both me and the front desk.
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2023.03.21 17:51 Melodic-Extent-1888 I (20's F) went through my late teens Brother's computer and regret it. Now I am mad and feel guilty.

I did it. I messed around and found out. Why? Pure curiosity. Now I regret it extremely but I also am scared and pissed.
Short background- my father left the country leaving my mother, brother and myself, alone. He was the sole bread winner of the family. My brother is in his late teens out of highschool and I am in my mid 20's. As of now, I am supporting my family financially entirely. I am paying for everything but their food- which is paid for by my mother. She is living off savings she had saved up from pre-marriage to my father.
My mother has been paying my brothers student loans since July, except the last two months. Those I paid for. (I cosigned them, terrible mistake I know...) He only went for a semester for reference.
Instead of saving $ I spend $2000 in rent and electric (other utilities are included in rent), $30 for wifi, $50 in car loans, $700 in my own student loans and $50 for car insurance. I drive almost 2 hours a day to work back and forth because my mother insisted we stay in our state to keep their state health insurance, and I don't make 3x rent. I had to call every potential land lord crying and pleading for them to rent to me. My entire life I lived with my parents aside from college, no one wanted to rent to me. Now we have a two bedroom. My mother and bro share a room. She has a normal sleep schedule (midnightish to 8amish) and he sleeps from 6/7am to around 2pm. When shes asleep he's in the living room. I have my own room - I insisted since I pay for everything i need my own space. I go into my savings monthly just to make the bare minimum payments (not including my own food and gas).
So fast forward to yesterday, my brother went out with my mom and left his computer unlocked. I looked through the tabs he had opened and found nothing insane, or out of the ordinary. I did however find his tumblr. There I found his girlfriends page. When I went to delete my history I accidentally closed the browser and saw a folder in the middle of his desktop. I clicked it. It was pictures of his gf in all angles. Nude, not nude. All clearly taken by her. I don't know if she is local or not but he never leaves the apartment. He doesn't have a car or license.
I think she is a terrible person for him. She has a plethora of mental disorders and constantly posts about 9/11 conspiracies as well as posts about how she is so disabled that she cant work and that there are many people who are willing to care for her fully so what is the point of working ever?
My brother doesn't work or go to school at the moment no matter how much I try and tell him to get a job or go to school. I don't care what he does just do something! He is on his computer from the second he wakes up to when he goes to bed. Now that I know he has this gf, I can assume that when my mother and I are asleep he is just up all night talking to her. Yes hes a teenage boy and he's horny, but come on???? SHE IS 100% CONVINCED SHE HAS MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES AND ONE OF THEM IS EMINEM??? In her damn bio on tumblr she says she has ADD, ADHD, DID, and a low IQ as well as autism. This girl doesn't need the internet or to talk to my brother 24/7 she needs therapy. Not self diagnosis. (I only assume this because she posted a few things about how she never has been to a doctor because she doesn't trust them). From one human to another - she deserves love and help if she so needs it in any way. But I am worried she is either brainwashing my brother into thinking its ok to never work- that people are lining up to care for you entirely. OR that he is taking advantage of her because she sends him nudes and he doesn't have to do much to keep her (being long distance). I can't think of why he is with her otherwise.
Anyway- I can't tell him that I know about her but I also can't do nothing. I feel extremely terrible for what I did snooping... I did not sleep last night.- BUT I am myself clinically depressed, see a therapist (but I stopped since we moved back in August due to lack of funds and distance from therapy). It is not fair for me to be working all day, drive an hour home, only to come home and cook my own dinner, and lunch for work and repeat? For what? So he can stay at home and whack off to this crazy chick who's a hardcore 9/11 conspiracy theorist when she isn't Eminem? My brother is not physically or mentally disabled. He can work or go to school- he just choses not to. He was the top of his class all of highschool and had a 3.9 GPA. In College we pulled him out because that was when my dad left the country and he became a bit depressed and stressed out about that. Even if he worked just part time it would benefit not only me (by him having money to pay his own loan off and help chip in for phone and internet) but it would do him good imo to get outside. Talk to people in person. I thought about telling him I am changing the internet password. Maybe giving him access to the internet for like 4 hours a day and then cutting him off. Not giving him the new password until I see some job or college applications?
If I move out at the end of the lease in August, both my mom and bro will be incomeless and homeless. I remind them everyday of this and just just laugh it off. I am trying to become mentally stronger and cut ties if I must, but I will not lie. They gaslight me and guilt me into being their cash cow. I need things to change or I am not sure how this story will end. I am 1000% not ok with supporting them both just so he can get off at 3am to his insane gf. It's been since Dec 2021 that he's been out of school and he's just been glued to the computer since then. My mother enables him. She thinks its ok. He's her precious boy and I am obligated to help because I am the oldest.... (only by 5 years may I add).
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2023.03.21 17:50 Suitable_Crab Can a landlord unilaterally invokr a break clause?

Hi all
This is in England
My landlord wants to conduct extensive works in the house. This be an extension, the creation of two new bedrooms, a new kitchen, and changing each existing bedroom to include an en suite. They will then want to increase the rent on each of the new rooms.
There is a break clause in the contract which states either party can invoke with 2 months notice. The AST runs until January 2024.
I'm trying to work out my options. They have offered me a reduced rent if I stay while the work is happening and then keeping rent at the currnet level until the contract is up. Is the 2nd point even relevant? Surely they have to maintain the terms for 12 months anyway? Or could they in theory just invoke the break clause and chuck me out? Or would they have to get a section 21 which you cant do within the 12m term?
Would appreciate any advice.
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2023.03.21 17:50 Jcb112 Humans Don't Hibernate [Part 38/?]

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Patreon Official Subreddit
Instead of the chirpy voice of the AI continuing on with some great, all encompassing plan, all I was met with after those few uplifting seconds was a strange silence.
Though that silence didn’t last for too long.
“I don’t think I can do this.” The AI blurted out with his equivalent of an uneasy tone of voice.
This sudden shift in tone after an unexpected silence as we sat idly above the moon was nothing short of disconcerting, but it wasn’t long before the AI continued on his train of thought.
“I’ve done the calculations, I’ve run several simulations, the way things are going, if we do both operations at once, should we be caught off-guard… It's too risky. Seeing as we need to manufacture the specific materials needed for the interloper’s interrogation, I’m planning to take this opportunity to actually start repairing myself. This isn’t a request either, this… this is something I must do.” The AI uttered out with an exasperated, almost exhausted breath. “Before you ask, Lysara, I’ve been barely holding myself together throughout this entire ordeal. It's difficult to explain… but whilst we’re standing here oblivious to it, I can feel this gash getting worse and worse with each passing minute. Whilst I could tolerate it at first, it wasn’t like I was ever not aware of it. Unlike a human’s whole fight or flight adrenaline fueled state of mind, or whatever your version of that would be, I don’t have the luxury of having a brain that has pre-coded tolerance subroutines that literally turn off certain aspects of perception and sensation of one’s own form at any given time. In fact, that honestly sounds outright horrifying to me to be perfectly honest. To not be hyper acutely aware of every aspect of your form… from the blood flowing through your veins like the lubricant and hydraulics throughout my body’s pipes, to the flow of air into every single alveoli bud in your lungs like the air circulation nodes within my body’s life support centers… to live without knowing every aspect of your body is truly frightening to me on an existential level. Which is why throughout this entire ordeal, from our getaway from the second interloper flotilla to the encounter with future humanity, to this whole moon fiasco… I’ve constantly been aware of the growing threat that is the hull breach on deck 9, and the distinct lack of an atmosphere down there. It feels wrong, Lysara. The loss of sensor readouts there feels like a part of me is now numb and empty. The lack of ventilation and atmosphere feels as if there’s a gaping hole in what should be my form.”
This entire talk, the unrelenting cavalcade of topics broached by the AI, was as concerning as it was necessary to hear. It gave me the necessary context to reevaluate my entire frame of reference. It gave me pause as it made it clear that I needed to put forth accommodations and certain considerations to Vir… as up to this point, perhaps somewhere at the back of my mind, I was still incapable of truly comprehending what a consciousness of his nature would be going through as opposed to my own. I needed to expand my organic-centric sense of empathy, which was difficult to do since I had no real context for it. Regardless, it was clear at that point that I was pushing the impromptu mission too far, that I didn’t truly realize the actual state of our ship, and by extension, the state of Vir’s existence.
“This means that whilst I’m taking the time to begin production on the specialized equipment for the interloper, I’d suggest placing the operations on the planet on hold. At least for now. I apologize I didn’t make that clearer earlier.” The AI quickly added.
“No no, that’s, more than reasonable Vir. We need the ship, I mean you, in working order before we attempt anything else.” I paused, taking a moment to gather myself before continuing. “Vir I’m so sorry for having overlooked this.” I responded in kind. “I… I understand you’ve already discussed how the ship is an extension of yourself, but because my mind has been so preoccupied with what feels like an impossible number of developments around us… I, I apologize. I am by no means attempting to excuse myself or my inaction in this case. I should’ve known, should’ve been more aware, and I should’ve asked.” I admitted with a strange mixture of both guilt but also a sense of resolve. If only to be supportive for the AI as he’d done so for me.
“I don’t fault you, Lysara.” The AI responded in kind, his tone on a path to recovery back into that chipper voice. “Organics… even the ones who are trained and educated with the express purpose of understanding AI, sometimes just lack that intuitive understanding that comes with our fundamentally different state of being. It’s something that can’t really be taught, but rather, understood by virtue of empathy over a prolonged period of time in peer to peer social interactions.” Vir paused, clearly in an attempt to make a point here. “Which is why just you being super compassionate here really does mean a lot to me, Lysara. It’s way, way more effort than what most organics are willing to put in. Besides, you’re going through a lot yourself, so there’s no need for that. I’m still doing fine, I just wanted to… I mean, I guess I just wanted to vent as well I guess?” The AI snickered out awkwardly, returning to a more colloquial-leaning manner of speech as evidenced by the shift in his tone and choice of vocabulary. “I just see as we’re more or less in this together, that I might as well be open about these sorts of things you know?”
I nodded several times in response, smiling with an even stronger resolve now. “I appreciate the frankness, Vir. I really do.” I stated simply, knowing well there wasn’t much else to be spoken on the topic that wasn’t already out in the open. “I’m glad that you were there when I woke up.” I quickly added. “I can only hope to contribute to this partnership as much as you have, Vir.”
It was with that, that the pace of our overall operations within the system started to take a drastic turn. Not towards a blind acceleration, but instead, towards a significant downtick in frontline actions. Focusing almost all of our efforts instead into the logistics and backline operations that was necessitated by the state of our ship.
The modern battlefield was as much about the impressive show of force and tactics, as much as it was about the logistics and systems behind it all, after all.
Which was especially true at this level of complexity.
Though supply lines and an industrial base would’ve been ideal, it was clear that the designers of this vessel had intended for what was in effect, an end-of-continuity scenario. One which operated on the assumption that any and all outside aid would be all but impossible. It was with this logical assumption, that the various overly engineered ‘accessory’ systems of the ship started to make sense. From the oversized minifactory through to the various drones, workshops, and repair bays that weren’t typical of your run of the mill ship, it was clear the vessel was designed to run completely independently from any preexisting logistics network.
Not even vessels designed for long term exploration came close to this degree of over preparedness, with this vessel more comparable to what you might find on a pre-FTL generational ship that would’ve warranted long term means of self-sustainability.
Coupling this with the humans’ propensity for designing everything with a liberal take on size and scale, this vessel acted more akin to a mobile mining, processing, and production facility all neatly packaged inside of a frame comparable to a Vanaran battlecruiser, with the weapons loadout of a Vanaran battleship.
The whole notion being more akin to something taken from the eccentric mind of a science fiction author, and should’ve had no place in the practical limitations of reality.
And yet here I was.
Sitting patiently within the spacious confines of the ship’s bridge, watching as drone after drone started on their lengthy diagnostics cycles as we began our trek across the solar system.
We left the moon and its prisoner behind in the safe embrace of a potent nuclear device; a contingency should we ever come to need it. With that extra bit of security and assurance in mind, my focus shifted squarely to that of what Vir had calculated as a near week-long venture, one that would see us mimicking the development of a fledgling interstellar civilization’s first tentative steps to stellar industrialization.
Except we were doing it at a much faster pace, on a much smaller scale.
Having positioned ourselves squarely within the orbit of one of the larger ringed gas giants within the system, we began our operation in earnest. Or rather, it was Vir who began performing what in his words were “The job that no self-respecting AI would want to do, save for those who actually enjoy self-inflicted mind numbing spreadsheet work.”
Yet that spreadsheet was far more impressive when seen in action. Not just from the bridge, but in-person, through the viewing ports situated in a sectioned off control room within the drone bay.
What amounted to hundreds upon hundreds of drones ranging in size from small family cars to something bordering on the smaller end of a proper cargo shuttle left one by one, organized into neat rows and columns as they set forth like a flock of birds. Though I would later rectify this analogy in the following days, as I returned to the bridge and started viewing everything from a more top-down, administrative scale.
The analogy that had started as a ‘flock of birds’, was accurate enough at first. As most of the drones acted like scouts, casting a wide net and flying wingtip to wingtip, in effect maximizing their effective scanning radius compounding off of one another’s networking arrays. Eventually however, once the asteroids or moons of interest were ascertained and logged, things started to shift to something I was more accustomed to seeing; as the once ‘wide’ formation quickly condensed to that of small, narrow lanes of a continuous stream of drones.
More analogous to a convoy of locomotives now.
These convoys would ferry the hastily mined minerals towards the ship, dumping them within the ship’s mass stores, eventually leading to more specialized minifactory drones to begin the process of sorting, transportation, and eventual processing within the various modules clustered within the minifactory.
Once again, seeing everything from an administrative view didn’t truly do this whole system justice. It took me that ten minute walk down to the minifactory to see the sheer scale of operations we were currently undertaking.
Breathtaking would be but one of the words I’d use to describe it.
For what was being accomplished by an entirely autonomous system within the span of these few days, was something which would’ve taken months at best to do under a traditional Vanaran operation. Sure, it could scale larger with time, but the fact that this lone ship had gone through the entire industrial process: from the sourcing of the necessary raw materials through to the processing and eventual production of the components in question was nothing short of incredible. Especially when considering this was being done in the span of a single week.
In fact, we did the impossible task of accomplishing everything within schedule. Something that even the largest of megacorporations back at home seemed to always have trouble with, especially with government contract work…
At the end of it all, after an entire week of a constant flurry of work that had seen nonstop progress around the clock, we’d finally done it.
Deck 9 was completely repaired. The various systems and subsystems that had been malfunctioning or had been completely inoperable, were likewise mended or completely replaced.
In fact, Vir had even taken the time to produce spares in the event we needed them in an emergency. Indeed, parts of the ship I didn’t even know needed sprucing up, were done so whilst I was either away from that given area or simply asleep.
Even the bridge seemed different.
Gone were the scorch marks left by that fire from our first jump, and in were these sheets of factory-fresh metal plates and screens that I could’ve sworn had a slightly different tint to the rest of the bridge, perhaps due to the variations in their composition being just slightly off from the original factory-spec.
Gunmetal blue now blended with starker grayish whites, glistening with a new coat of whatever protective buff was applied to them in the final production process.
As I stood on the bridge at the end of this week of housekeeping, datatab in hand with all of the various documents I’d been dissecting, I looked on towards the mystery planet in front of us and the signal that continued emanating from it in a continuous unending stream.
“Ready, Vir?” I asked the AI with a mix of anticipation and nervousness.
“Ready, Lysara.” The AI responded with a similarly anxious tone of restrained excitement.
“Let’s take her out then, and let’s determine where we stand along the way.”
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(Author’s Note: We finally get to address a lingering question, that being the state of the ship! :D The next chapter is already out on Patreon as well if you want to check it out!)
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2023.03.21 17:50 Saturno-3 25 [M4M] #Berkeley Experience a nude Swedish massage

I host in central/west Berkeley or travel nearby.
In a warm room you’ll undress and rest on the padded massage bed.
I begin working on your back. My firm press moves from the arches of your feet all the way to the back of your neck. I continue to release all tension from the back before working on the front.
As you turn over the sensual service continues with stimulating inner-thigh work. The treatment concludes with the "perfect finish" to a perfect massage.
Experience is roughly 75 minutes, $100 cash or $150 for outcall within 10-15 miles of berkeley.
Me: 25, 6ft 200lbs, strong hands, discreet and easy going.
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2023.03.21 17:49 swelboy My opinions of World Federalism

I don’t really think a world-spanning government can ever be achieved or even should be achieved. The vast majority of the world’s nations want to keep their internal and external autonomy and wouldn’t join a Federation like that. Even if it was achieved, I think there would be a very good chance it would end up be dominated by the richest members of the Federation, using it as nothing more than a vehicle for imperialism within other countries. However, I think if we as a species, encourage: the spread and maintaining of democratic societies and systems, unity against the various forces of authoritarianism and oppression, and support a system of co-dependence and cooperation between free nations; that the core ideals of World Federalism of: supporting democracy, fighting global issues (like climate change), defending human rights, and ending war can be achieved without even the need of a world government in place
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2023.03.21 17:49 Urs_Grafik My DM isn't admitting to shredding my character sheet

My DM had a clear problem with my Wizard's Strength score of 20 at level 1. I got an 18 on a dice roll, which was one of the first 18's I have gotten as a semi-experienced player. He kept talking about the martial-caster disparity, and how unbalanced a muscle wizard is for the party. I apologized and he said there'd be a 1% chance that he'd forgive me.
Regardless, we leveled up to level 2 after two sessions, and then at the beginning of the third had to make an athletics check to escape a river. I was the only who succeeded, so I apologized as he had a violent nervous breakdown.
The next session, the DM told me that we were going to go ahead and say I was caught in the river, and I agreed because I didn't want to have to apologize again.
He then said he wanted to check something on my character sheet, and walked out of the room with it. I heard the sound of the paper shredder briefly and when he came back, he didn't have the sheet. When I asked him where it was, he told me he had given it back to me. When I tried to remind him that he'd taken it with him, he kept interrupting me by saying 'nuh uh' and 'losersayswhat?' so when I asked 'what?' everyone pointed and laughed at me.
I was pretty annoyed because I loved my character, and I told the other players what I thought and they said I was being a little bitch. Now everyone is upset at me, and I don't know what to do.
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2023.03.21 17:49 MeasurementPure7844 Implementing a bedtime routine at 3.5 months

I tried getting my son on a napping/bedtime schedule at 2 months and it was a frustrating, stressful disaster. Now, at 3.5m, I feel ready to try again, starting with a bedtime routine. I am following my two besties’ suggestions (they have 5 kids between their two households):
6pm: Give LO a big bottle; get him to drink as much as possible.
7pm: Bath time.
7:15pm: Read a story about sleep in my bed (he has a bedside bassinet for easy transfer).
7:30pm: Turn off the night and turn on the sound machine. Offer him the bottle one more time. When he’s done, transfer him to his bassinet, and walk out of the room.
If he fusses, I will let him do so for 5 minutes and then go in to comfort him. The second time he fusses, I will wait 10 minutes, etc.
I’m sure this isn’t rocket science to most of you but as a first time mom, and a single mom, it was very helpful to type this out. Wish me luck! If you have any tips or modifications, I am open to suggestions! And if this helps someone else, rock on!
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2023.03.21 17:48 bastardseries Why is there bra Hanging on sector 4 roads (Nerul)

Is this a cult? This is happening since a long time. Overnight someone comes and hangs up multiple bras near the Wadhwa road. Since months I've been noticing this. Everyone sees it but nobody knows how it got there and when. It's really weird. It looks spooky sometimes. Is there a secret society shit?
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2023.03.21 17:48 miqulith need help

need help
Guys, we're stuck like this, we can't do anything right now, we can't reach live support, please someone help
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2023.03.21 17:48 RadishFarm Movie about special needs kid with a group of teenagers

So as far as overarching plot I’m a bit clueless considering I saw this in a hospital waiting room 10+ years ago but I remember one scene specifically. The special needs characters is established to calm down when given cut up tomatoes to eat however during an episode one do the teens gives him an entire uncut one which he promptly grabs and throws through a wall before continuing to scream. I remember he wore large framed glasses.
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2023.03.21 17:48 neidhardtzx Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Normal vs PRO?

What is the exact difference between the Normal and the Pro versions? If I only use it in one room, should I get the normal version?
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