Any Acting/Drama Club or acting programs for non-CCMs?

2023.03.27 03:19 Evocatix Any Acting/Drama Club or acting programs for non-CCMs?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone know any organizations, on campus programs, or any near the campus for those interested in acting/theatre/drama or even just acting classes? I've looked through Campuslink and searched but cannot find any organizations, which seems strange that there isn't even one drama related org in the entire uni. All I found searching was the Acting BFA, opportunities for CCM students, and the summer program for children. Please let me know if you all know any, thank you!
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2022.03.23 22:19 mfspjp95 ENED 1 Cultural Assignment Events?

I'm currently in ENED 1 and we have the CCCD assignment where we have to attend an event outside of our "comfort-zone" and explore other cultures or, how our professor puts it, "different fish-bowls". CampusLink has some events but I'm struggling to find something valid, and it's due next week on Thursday. Any ideas can help.
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2021.04.09 01:16 flashmemories PACUC 100 gecs ZOOM concert (Apr 7, 2021)

Are there any UC students who have recorded the 100 gecs ZOOM concert that happened on Apr 7, 2021?
Music Artist 100 gecs performs a live set for UC students on April 7th, 2021 at 8PM. Follow PACUC on Instagram and Twitter for up-to-date information.
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2021.03.23 15:39 TheTrainWarden SGA Elections

Hey Reddit! I'm a representative of the Edwards-Bias Presidential Campaign team! I'm here to answer any questions you may have about them and to ask you to please vote in the final round of SGA elections today and tomorrow! You find the link here
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2021.03.10 19:13 TheTrainWarden SGA Elections

Hey friends! OSU SGA elections are today and tomorrow. Very importantly, the student body president is on the ballot! I am personally supporting candidate Jack Edwards and his VP Alex Bias. Jack is a kind and caring man who seeks to make SGA what it is always meant to be, a tool for serving the students.
Last semester alone Jack passed 8 bills to help concerns that he heard from students. The biggest one that you can feel the impact of are Wellness Days! Yes, he passed the legislation about wellness days.
I would love it if you guys voted today! Even if you don't vote for Edwards-Bias, as Jack would say, "What really matters is that people's voices be heard!" If you want to vote, follow the link below to find the voting form!
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2020.09.24 21:51 auslwoo Ms. LaTosha Brown speaking on Black Voters Matter TONIGHT at 8PM

BEARCATS ‼️ Come learn about voter suppression and other incredibly important issues facing our society.
PAC is hosting a virtual event starting at 8PM with Ms. LaTosha Brown speaking on these issues. Q&A to follow event.
Are you willing to give a hand towards change? BE THERE
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2020.08.22 22:30 Kithin7 Online Student Org Fair Sunday

In case y'all haven't heard, SALD is hosting the fall student org fair online tomorrow 8/23/2020 1-4pm. I think this is replacing the giant mess of tabling that use to happen on Main street every fall as part of the welcome weekend or whatever it was called.
Idk how they are presenting it (I'm just a lowly club pres), but it's a giant Google slideshow of a bunch of student orgs. (There's a crap ton of slides).
Highly recommend it for all the freshman out there who want to participate in clubs. Also look at CampusLink for clubs too (my club uses CampusLink for announcements, idk about others).
Have a nice (online) semester y'all!
Edit: some minor stuff
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2019.04.18 18:33 jputna Offseason - What cool activities does your school host in your stadiums?

OSU is hosting a laser tag event in Boone Pickens Stadium tomorrow evening and it made me think about what other schools might do. Link
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2018.03.29 01:33 ProfessorLlama Let's talk about OSU's club and organization catalog, CampusLink

In all honesty, this website is hot garbage. I would assume such an important tool for connecting people around campus would be updated regularly and promoted more around campus. Outside of the first couple weeks of class when there are club fairs, there isn't much of a way to find new clubs or organizations to join. CampusLink was made to solve this, but what's the point if it's not updated and used by organizations? There's even organizations that exist and don't have a CampusLink.
There are clubs on the online list that haven't posted updates in years or haven't posted anything at all. There's no indication if a club disbanded and contacting the club doesn't result in a reply. I provided a couple examples below.
Film Club - Last post was in 2016. Even their facebook page hasn't had an update since March of last year. No reply from attempting to contact at the start of the year. This club is dead.
Coffee Club - Last update and only update was a year ago to change their cover photo. No indication that this club still exists.
I think OSU needs to get this site cleaned out and clubs should rely on this website more to recruit new members.
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2017.03.10 22:57 Broberto1512 Soccer club help

I'm wanting to join a soccer club or league here in Stillwater. I tried CampusLinks at first to join the Men's Soccer Club at OSU but I got nowhere. Is there a recreational soccer league just in Stillwater where I can join in?
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2016.01.31 17:45 oldpaintcan All the hyperloop competitors that are going on to build for the test track and their designs.

  1. rloop!/
  2. University of waterloo (uwaterloop hyperloop)
  3. University of Washington (uwashington hyperloop)
  4. University of Toronto
  5. University of Maryland and Rutgers (RUMD loop)
  6. University of Florida (gatorloop)
  7. University of Colorado Denver (team hyperlynx)
  8. University of Cincinnati (hyperloopUC )
  9. University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB hyperloop team)
  10. University of California Berkeley (bloop)
  11. Texas A&M university (aerospace hyperloop)
  12. Technical university of Munich (WARR hyperloop)
  13. Purdue hyperloop design team
  14. Oral Roberts University (Codex)
  15. Lehigh university (lehigh hyperloop)
  16. Keio university (Keio Alpha)
  17. Drexel University
  18. Carnegie Mellon Hyperloop
Top Five
  1. MIT Massechusts Institute of Technology
  2. Delft University of Technology (Delft hyperloop)
  3. University of Wisconsin Madison (Badgerloop)
  4. Virginia Tech University (hyperloop at Virginia Tech)
  5. University of California irvine (hyperloop excite)
3-10 more teams will be announced upon review in the next weeks.
Edit: Full awards: Edit2:changed UofWaterloo's site address edit3:misspelled hyperlynx
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2014.09.09 02:17 j_schneider810 Looking to get involved!

Hey! I am a workaholic looking to take one or two nights off a week to get involved on campus. Anything to do with Writing, Poetry, Music, or Service would be cool!
On the CampusLink page now; just wondering if anyone had personal suggestions! *PS don't have the time to go Greek, sorry frat bros!
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2014.08.27 20:10 Megas3300 Ham radio? Check out the UC Amateur Radio Club tonight at 7PM in 911 Old Chemistry. Discover radio with us!

The UCARC will be having its first meeting of the semester tonight at 7PM in 911 Old Chem. (The room is off of the top of the northeast stairwell)
Come learn about and participate in global two way communications with other amateur radio operators. You don't need a license to be involved with us, just a desire to participate and learn.
More info about amateur radio Here
More about the UCARC at (campuslink link): [](
Disclaimer: We are not involved in linear commercial broadcasting (I.E Bearcast)
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2014.04.24 03:47 SinNominae CampusLink Next Year?

I've been hearing rumors that CampusLink either won't be running next year or will cut their route in half. Any of you guys hear anything about it? I'm just concerned because I (and most students in my apartment complex) rely on it.
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