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David Goggins is a former Navy SEAL, ultra-endurance athlete, former 24hr pull up record holder, and author. His 1st memoir, "Can't Hurt Me," was released in 2018, and his 2nd memoir, "Never Finished," was released in 2023. This subreddit is about all and anything having to do with David Goggins and related topics.

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2023.03.22 10:52 Eneg1998 Most CBD Business doesn't have a proper Welcome Email

Day 2 of muay thai-ing was a blast.
I got to the gym at noon.
I thought I was the only student but eventually, two boys joined me.
One is a teenager the other is probably around 9 or 10 yrs. old.
They were great and enthusiastic throughout the training.
Their energy overwhelms me. [#savetheintroverts].
But after torturing myself for an hour...
I was fixing my wrist wrap and watching my coach get trained by an MMA coach for their upcoming competition.
The kid went near beside me to get their things.
He looked at me and said with a cute voice, "byeeee" while waving his tiny hands.
I smiled at him and said goodbye too. Then...
He opened his arms asking for a hug.
It's funny because I got taken aback.
So I hugged him and told him he was sweet.
I can tell he is being raised by amazing parents.
That tiny hug made me realize...a warm welcome is truly significant when you meet new people.
You are making someone's day with a simple gesture.
This is why Welcome Email is important.
From your website they opt-in to your newsletter for a reason.
Some might want to take advantage of your discounts or special offers.
Perhaps they like your brand so they want to be the first to know about your upcoming products.
And some opt in because they want to read your newsletter and buy almost every product you sell.
Whatever the reason...
It's great to return the favor.
A welcome email that would make them feel special and appreciated.
Quoting Ian Stanley in this, "Welcome Email is the first impression".
Thing is...
Most canna-business welcome email isn't welcoming.
The worst I've seen are those that talk everything about their great company.
I mean, it's nice to include an introduction about your business but at least not the WHOLE EMAIL.
Because the Welcome email serves as a ''Thank you'' for your subscribers-- not as a company report.
It should focus on customers' goals.
A simple appreciation for taking a step forward.
Like first impressions, it could either be good or bad.
If done right, Welcome Email with high open rates isn't hard at all.
But if not, your UNSUBSCRIBE rates will skyrocket instead. That's the downfall of a Welcome Email.
The easiest way to avoid that nightmare?
Work with a copywriter who knows your market and has an empathic approach to writing. (HI!! that's me).
I know you value each subscribecustomer so much.
So I'm here to help you give them your warmest Welcome Email.
Kick in my DM like an MMA fighter and I'll gladly accept that.
Have a good one.
Speak to yah soon!
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2023.03.22 10:51 silver15599 Returning from spring break

I come back to my dorm room at 2 am after traveling for nearly 12 hours straight. I’m dog tired and all I want is to get some sleep. But when I turn on the lights, my roommate and her bf are sleeping in her bed together. Am I supposed to leave them like that? It was right of me to ask him to leave right?
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2023.03.22 10:51 Aestra_784 Cai fan recommendations?

Bruh the caifan downstairs my house legit turned to sh!3t. Undercooked rice and veggies and most of the meats they serve are fried and are more oily than the oil spill near sentosa a few years back.
The kangkong almost broke my teeth. You might be wondering how? Ya I also dk
I love caifan cuz I budget and I can't cook thanks to rental rules 💀
So anyone who knows any good cai fan in buangkok / sengkang pls let me know.
I'm this close to eating grass and my neighbour's plants alr.
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2023.03.22 10:50 Apocryph761 I turned the "TPK-machine" Death House into a teachable moment.

Last night my party faced off against the Shambling Mound. It was a brutal fight. But a fucking great one.
This is a group of players who are not used to taking D&D seriously. I'm running Curse of Strahd in an attempt to try and train some of the silliness out of them; to demonstrate that actions in-game do have consequences and that - if they want to live - they do need to think more about what their characters are doing.
To cut a long story short, the party fought the Shambling Mound and won, but I feel like knocking the Cleric (and therefore their only source of healing) out in one hit (max damage on a slam! Ouch!), downing the Barbarian twice and putting the Blood Hunter onto single-digit HP made them realise they can't be nonchalant about these things. And in fairness, they did try hard in this fight. They just made two big mistakes:
We ended the session after the fight and everyone is screaming for a Long Rest. Mechanically there's no reason they can't Long Rest down here - the House threats are upstairs - but I also can't see why the House wouldn't send the rest of the ghouls down there to finish them off. On top of that, they have the House traps to deal with: Poison gas fireplaces; knives-for-doors; etc, all dealing varying amounts of D10 damage against 2nd-level PCs.
So I'm in a bit of a quandary: Do I:
Part of me wants to push them. I want them to beat Death House without me having to hold back. They have nearly earned it, and I kinda want to give them that final push. But it's not worth it if it ends in a TPK.
My contingency for a TPK is we play something else. I have an old 3e module converted to 5e ready to go, and we use this experience of "maybe take dungeons more seriously next time". I'm not an adversarial DM - I want my players to succeed. But I also like actions having consequences, and I think that's a lesson my group hasn't really learned yet.
Much to consider for next session.
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2023.03.22 10:50 shorty8818 nu bound oakland/mills college summary for incoming students

currently a student in the nu bound program and wanted to do a summary of my experience for incoming students
safety: literally the only question people ask. yes. the campus feels very safe, even though it’s an open campus. theres security guards right as you enter campus, and even though they dont do much, it intimates most uber drivers and new guests that drive onto campus. each residential hall has a security guard in the front who scans your id before you go in. you can’t get into a residential hall that isnt yours, unless someone who lives at that hall checks you in. things happen near the campus which can be scary, but the actual campus has never felt unsafe.
campus: beautiful especially when its sunny. truly feels so good on a sunny day. nothings more than a 10 minute walk. theres nothing around the campus tho. besides a liquor store and a gas station, theres not much. but the school provides a shuttle to a couple places and a bus card so not terrible.
residential halls: when it was nuin and nu bound, there were 3 or 4 nuin buildings (not sure) and 2 nubound buildings. nubound buildings are next to the main building for classes and nuin buildings are next to the dining hall. win/lose for both. most people have single rooms. double rooms are kind of cramped unless youre lucky and get a huge and spacious room. nuin doubles were massive. if youre unlucky, you could be in a single room that they turned into a double. WALLS ARE THIN.
dining hall: first semester was ROUGH. bland, uncooked food daily. semester semester has been amazing. theres only one dining hall, and almost every night the food has been really good. currently have no complaints. theres a cafe that serves burgers, tenders, sandwiches, coffee, snacks, etc. only complaint is the hours, especially on weekends. weekdays you can find some type of food from 7pm-7:30pm, but weekends are much harder. also be prepared to be eating dinner much earlier because the dining hall closes at 7:30pm.
size of campus: when it was both nuin and nubound, it felt like a decently sized campus. obv not as big as boston, but you could grab food without seeing someone you know. now that its just nubound, you know everyone and everything. everyones kind of in everyones business. sucks at times but hey! dramas entertaining (unless its yours)
night life: nothing on campus. we’ve tried to have things and security or ra’s end things. also, ra’s arent upperclassmen but ppl that either just graduated or are in their late 20s. most are super nice, but theres a few that just make doing things harder. going off campus is the best option and theres plenty of bars and clubs that are fun to go to.
school: dont think that because its not boston itll be easier. the main compsci teacher worked for GOOGLE. thats all i have to say. (shes a sweetheart tho)
people: what was kinda nice was that everyone here had no clue wtf they committed to when we first came, so we were kinda all stuck in the same boat. no matter where you go theres gonna be people you dont vibe with, but its not hard to find people who you vibe with.
mills students: most students are super nice and sweet, despite what you may read on the millsconfessions insta.
other little things/dump: theyve treated us so well this semester. the school took us on a skiiing trip, a warriors game, overnight trips (yosemite and monterey), and more all for free. each ra is required to have a monthly activity and dinner. free food on neu’s money. the health center here is lovely. ive been way too many times and ive never had a bad experience. if you have tiffany as the doctor next year, youre gonna be blessed by this amazing woman. HOWEVER, theres been many times where i felt like i was being fucked over. theres no on campus advisor, meaning you only communicate over email. it took days for my advisor to get back to me, especially because of the time difference. if i send an email at 2pm, my advisors in boston would already be out of office since it would be 5. because of the lack of students second semester, there was basically only one of each class with 20-30ish spots. if you didnt get your class, youre kinda shit outta luck. you take classes just to have the credits but are kinda wasting your money on credits that might not even count to your major. obviously there might be a difference next year but just heads up. also the power and wifi have gone out a few times this semester, like right now as im typing this with my shitty data (so dont mind the typing errors).
overall: i truly do love mills even if i shitted on it. its a wonderful experience that im grateful for and itll hold a special place in my heart. yes, ive have so many issues with the school and sometimes you think “why the fuck did they think this program would work.” but when it works, it WORKS. many, many highs and many, many lows, but it keeps things interesting! sorry for the length but i know how frustrating it was to consider this program as an option when theres nothing about it online.
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2023.03.22 10:49 2sdrilling Well Drilling Companies Near Me

2S Well Drilling provides full-service well drilling in Maryland. Our team of professionals can provide you with any installation, repair, maintenance, or water-well drilling that you may need.
We provide full-service water well drilling and geothermal well drilling Services in Maryland. Our service includes pump installation, repair, and maintenance. Our Maryland service areas include Anne Arundel County, Calvert County, Prince George's County, Charles County and St. Mary's County.
https://2sdrilling.com welcomes you to be a part of their inspiration.
If you need help with a water well drilling project in Maryland, call 2S Well Drilling. Our team of professionals can help you install a well or locate an existing one, create your custom plan and design, repair or replace components of your existing well system, and perform any other water well drilling services that you may need. Call us today!
If you are looking for well drilling Services or local well drillers and more, please visit our MD Well Drilling page at https://2sdrilling.com/services/well-drilling , and don’t hesitate to contact them with any questions or queries you may have.
Contact Us: 2S Well Drilling Address: 743 W Central Ave, Davidsonville, MD 21035, United States Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Website: https://2sdrilling.com
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2023.03.22 10:48 TheVeryNearFuture Cronos Syndrome - The fear of being replaced.

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2023.03.22 10:47 emptyonion111 Is it okay to live like this?

So I never once thought about the possibility of me having autism until I learnt about autistic burnout. I really relate with so many aspects of it, and I'm not asking for a diagnosis, I'm just asking for validation or advice.
In high school I pushed myself so hard to get good grades, socialise, succeed in my chosen sport etc. My family put pressure on me too and I was generally very depressed and anxious, yet I kept going. And then I went straight to university in a different country to get away from things. This is when I started to feel weird. I became numb and started to give up in trying. I just felt so exhausted, I wasn't doing well in uni, I was missing classes, lying in bed all day. So I dropped out.
I'm 23 now and I don't really live a typical life. I don't work but I draw and do commissions. I don't have big goals but I do have a small dream and goals. I do nothing but game and draw all day but its honestly the happiest I've ever been. I do sometimes feel a bit lost and pathetic, more like I'm worrying about what other people think about the way I live though.
I still go out with friends, just no where near as much as before and I like it that way. I don't have much money but the idea of getting a job makes me sick. Any thought of responsibility makes me incredibly anxious. I don't have much motivation for anything apart from my art goals.
I feel pressure to lead a life like other people my age are. But if I'm happy with what I'm doing now is it alright? Is it fine to take things at my own pace for once in my life? Even if the people around me tell me it's not alright? I know I'm burnt out but I don't even want to think about how to get out of a burnout because even that makes me anxious. Am I even burnt out or just stuck in my comfort zone?
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2023.03.22 10:43 RenegadeWanderer_ I'm Suffering and I have No Support! I Can't It Anymore!

I have all kinds of mental and physical health problems. I have learning disabilities. I was homeschooled and got a poor education. I live in the mountains of Southern California and hate it. There is nothing here. My anxiety has gotten so bad I haven't left the house in over 10 years except to go to the hospital. I also suffer from gender dysphoria and I have no support from family. I have no friends. I'm an atheist now, have been for 8 years, and before that when I went to church I was bullied. At 18 I had to have heart surgery for a defect that went unnoticed. No one in the family would talk or interact with me. I went to the hospital believing I was gonna die and that's why no one talked to me. When I got back home, family that ignored me continued to ignore and family who bullied me, bullied me worse. Saying I was weak and pathetic because of my heart problem.
I'm in chronic pain, I'm ill all of the time, be alone and trapped. I can't talk to anyone I know. I tried reaching out again and got told I'm disgusting for not identifying with my gender. I got called worthless and evil for being an atheist. I can't do anything on my own. I couldn't pass the drivers written test and developed extreme anxiety being in or near cars. I'm trapped. I feel like a terrified 10 year old in this body that I hate. My health problems prevent me from transitioning at all. I have no support and I just can't take it anymore. No one will listen to me. I told family I was depressed and suicidal and they don't care. Some of them want me to die because I'm a freak to them. I have anxiety with everything. I can't even talk to people on the phone. I just wanna die. I can't take it anymore. I'm so useless. I don't know how to do anything most people do. I'm just scared and anxious all the time. I've rarely been around people so I don't know how to socialize or have a conversation in person. I don't enjoy anything anymore. Nothing helps.
I just wanna die! I can't do it! I'm sick of seeing my reflection. I'm sick of all these health problems that prevent me from becoming who I am inside. I'm sick of this horrible family not giving a shit and telling me I'm disgusting, evil, and worthless. I need help and there's no help. I've never done anything on my own and I can't. I've tried, but I can't. Death is the only way for me to end this misery.
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2023.03.22 10:40 Viewbob__true Watching The Un-remixed version?

7 years ago (holy hell we are all going to die someday) I watched Bebop for the first time in a sleep-deprived stupor on a warm mid-july night. As rainbow Italian ice ran down my chin, I was entranced by the incredible atmosphere and cool of Cowboy Bebop. My life hasn't been the same since. I've now seen the whole series about a dozen times, I got it on DVD, I got it on Blu Ray, I got the Movie, I got all the SEATBELTS CDs, and so on.
I'm nearing readiness to make another trip to the 2070s, and it's occurred to me that I've never seen the mythical un-remixed version! Yes yes, I know, changes so minute, they won't matter to me if my name isn't symbi0tic, but still, I wanna experience this show that's so important to me in a new light, even one that's just a bit dimmer.
The thing is, I don't wanna have to buy another DVD. Have mercy on my wallet! I have the Princess Mononoke steelbook coming in (not to mention Bebop kicked off a love for arthouse cinema that now drains my wallet), I am flat broke!
Are there any sites you guys know to stream the original uncut version? You got any bloody Mary's? If you catch my drift.
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2023.03.22 10:40 GSHealth Chiropractor Or Osteopath: Who Can Help You Better?

Chiropractor Or Osteopath: Who Can Help You Better?
Sometimes you look for alternative treatments to ease your pain. You might have heard of an osteopath or Chiropractor in your search for a cure. Yet, how can you tell which one you require? Grand Strand Health and Wellness gets you covered if you're looking for a Chiropractor Near Me.
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2023.03.22 10:40 Green-Citron-9279 I can't do this

There is no nice way to say any of this so don't read if you aren't in the mood for some truth.
I can't do this. I am in London, 27 years old, 18 months post T10/11 dislocation which caused what I have been told is "probably a pretty complete injury". Obviously at this stage it isn't going to get any better. Yes I know how to handle it, I follow the instructions, I can do the day to day. I absolutely could keep doing this for the next what, 50 years or so, but that is a prison sentence not a life and I have absolutely no interest in spending that long trapped in this body. It literally feels like being sent to prison. You can say you're worse off than me, and all this makes me an idiot and the loser. I know there are people with worse/higher injuries than me who don't feel this way, that's fine for them, I wish them every success, but as everyone always says, these things affect different people differently.
I lost a relationship of 3 years, who can blame him, most men like to think they can make a woman feel good, I can't feel anything. He was very sporty and we would go running several times a week. I used to really enjoy sports and particularly running which is obviously gone, I used to look good, I am now watching my fitness just totally fall apart. It is clear I will lose my career, it has already cost me a huge amount of at work because I am (or I was) self employed in a career which can be quite physical. We used to travel several times a year, that is obviously gone. I wake up half a dozen times a night just to roll over so I'm constantly completely exhausted, if I could just fix that it would be incredible but apparently that's what it is, that's life now. Life is basically about waiting for the toilet timer to run down. That's what I do. I wait for my phone to ping me so I don't end up in a pool of my own piss which has happened twice, including once at work, which I'm sure made everyone think I was fantastic and capable. No matter what I do, a few times a day I get to drop what ever I'm doing for a huge burning pulse of incredible pins and needles which starts in my calf muscles and goes up to the small of my back (or at least it feels like that, it's really coming from the injury I guess). For most of these I have to stop what I'm doing and grit my teeth, and I am told there is nothing anyone can do about this. It is agony and apparently that is normal and everyday stuff I just have to find a way to love.
Yes there are people who are way better at this than me, who were injured younger than me and have been doing it for ages and are totally happy with it, but I'm not. It doesn't make me an empowered girl boss. It makes me a loser. I know you're supposed to feel empowered, you're supposed to feel awesome and feel totally happy with yourself for dealing with it, but I just look at myself now and think: loser. It doesn't make me awesome. I know it makes other people awesome, that's great for them, it doesn't make me awesome. I post here knowing that I normally have very little in common with other people with similar injuries because apparently I'm the only person who ever dared admit that it is absolutely horrendous. It is absolutely not worth it. Not even nearly. I cannot do this.
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2023.03.22 10:39 ev_etc Struggling to Adjust to Limitations on Activity

After getting COVID in early November of last year, I developed long covid and have been struggling with a lot of symptoms regularly since then (chronic fatigue, dizziness, congestion, cough, brain fog) that are better or worse depending on how much of my energy I spend in a day. It has been really challenging to come to terms with everything I’ve been experiencing, because up until this point I was lucky enough to never had experienced any health issues whatsoever. I am 16, I go to an arts high school, and I am in musical theatre training there, hoping to pursue it post-graduation. Last year, around this time, I was in 5 theatre productions in only 1 semester, at rehearsals every single day, and with school was easily out of the house from 7:30am-10pm on weekdays, and 9am-6pm on weekends. I also took 5 dance classes a week. Right now, I am one production, and the rehearsals aren’t nearly as frequent or long as ones I have done for prior shows, but I find myself completely exhausted by the end of every day. I am also no longer taking dance outside of school. Because of developing long covid, I have missed a lot of school (if I miss 12 more days this year, I will not be allowed to participate in productions with my school next year due to poor attendance, which would be devastating to me, so I don’t really have a choice but to keep pushing myself), I am struggling in some of my classes, and the worst part to me is that I feel I am no longer capable of showing up as a performer and artist to the extent I was able to before I got sick. I feel tired at most rehearsals, my breath support is not as strong as it used to be, and I have a hard time giving everything I want to because I feel like my 100% effort is only 60% of my previous capabilities on a good day. For a big production I was a part of from October to January that began before I was sick but ended afterwards, I was so unwell that I could not get myself to go to school, so for 5 weeks I only got out of bed to go to rehearsals, shower if I felt up to it, then get back in bed. I want to keep doing what I love to do, and it is really hard for me to not push my limits some days, and I hope I continue to improve symptom-wise but know that I need to rest to do that (which I don’t have a lot of time for until my productions wrap at the end of April). If anyone has any personal anecdotes or advice regarding coming to terms with what a new normal is for you, or support, it would be greatly appreciated. : )
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2023.03.22 10:37 sdtechsolution01 Laptop Technicians Near me

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2023.03.22 10:37 HowdyGangstas Garuda Indonesia Business Class Lounge - DPS Denpasar Bali Airport International Terminal

Garuda Indonesia Business Class Lounge - DPS Denpasar Bali Airport International Terminal
I recently spent some time in the absolute worst SkyTeam lounge I've ever been in this last week - Garudas Business Class lounge at the Bali airport international terminal. Let me explain what makes this lounge so bad:
  • It's quite small, though thats not necessarily a knock on it or unexpected. While Bali is one of Garuda Indonesia's (Flag carrier of Indonesia) hubs, international flights from there are less common than domestic flights. Still, it got packed very quickly before my flight.
  • There is an okay mix of Indonesian and international foods, but it really isnt fresh. I ended up having to spend 6+ hours in this lounge and watched them refresh food one time - and not removing the cold items that were sitting out 4+ hours, but simply putting new food on top of the old food and calling it good. The food was, at best, meh.
  • There is a mini fridge with mini bottles of 3 things: water, coke, and sprite. Elsewhere there is a hot water spigot (refillable, not plumbed) and next to it a single cafe machine (espresso, latte, etc) and some teas available.
  • There is no liquor. In the back of the lounge there is a little outcropped area with a sign that says Minibar above it. There is a small fridge with 1 type of beer and 1 type of white wine, not very cold, and some red wine bottles. There is a button to call someone to serve you, but it seems like it often went unanswered.
  • Its hot. There are some portable wheeled AC units going but they are not nearly enough for the whole place.
  • Many of the electrical outlets didn't work
  • The bathrooms absolutely stank. They werent dirty while I was there, but they stank from the heat and humidity just cooking anything in there all day
I am really surprised by how terrible this lounge is, considering its a hub for the flag carrier and business class intermational lounge. Good reminder that the SkyTeam brand means very little regarding quality, and is little more than an easy way to market a worldwide route network.
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2023.03.22 10:36 Unlikely-Internal-17 Keys to the universe (An awakening)…

Sorry if my content was not posted correctly as I just joined Reddit yesterday, and this is the first thing I ever shared. But the link I attached is jf a thread from a couple years back that was the reason I just joined. It has numerous accounts of people’s experiences on NoS, and the epiphanies they’ve made. I’ve been trying to find someone else for years that knew what the hell I was talking about when I told them that everytine I did NoS I always felt like there’s some universe unlocking enlightenment that I just cannot seem to retain. One time I did retain it, and it changed my life. I’ve done a lot of drugs and I’ve had every reaction and felt every side effect a user can, but no drug has ever given me anything close to a……revelation! I think because doing nos is extremely similar to a near death experience because you are literally shutting oxygen off to your brain, that you pierce the veil in a way, and alter your consciousness which inhibits this from ever happening sober. Unless maybe in a meditative state. And the one time I had a revelation I had to do nitrous oxide alone (which I do not reccomend, whatsoever), but it was the only way that I could get the focus and concentration to a level to successfully document what the he’ll was happening all those times before that I could never fully realize and noone could relate to.
But what I found, was an experience like I’ve never had before. I was removed from my body, which is purely just a vessel, the glass in which my soul is poured into. I was no longer myself, like my age, race, religion didn’t make up this…stitch that was being pulled from the ever changing fabric of time/space and was returning to the completed tapestry of the universe, but I was also the entire universe. I was given all the knowledge we seek as human beings, but not in a way that you would listen to a lecture or read a description to understand jt, because that is how we learn in this realm and plain, but time was not a construct that I was bound by any longer, and all the secrets and the magic that was hidden from me, was gifted and I had all the answers, and knowing everything wasn’t even shocking because it was like I already knew it. There was this overall theme that I came away with as well, about light and dark. And how light is all. It’s the beginning the birth the life the creator and how darkness is the end the death the nothingness. And how there isn’t one without the other. And that they are full circle. And everything is full circle. The infinity vast to the infinite small. And that nothing is vast or small it’s all connected like a loop and that’s how it’s able to go on forever. And everything has already begun and ended, and it’s beginning and ending instantly, and my life on earth coincided all the life everywhere. And when I cease to exist so does everything, but when I cease to exist it’s because I’ve never existed, BUT at fhe same time I’ve always existed as crazy as that sounds and as hard that is to fathom. And without time, you could say the universe beginning and end and everything in between has happenedalways will happen because it’s alll just a circle. Fully connected with no beginning and no end. So there’s no way to start something that just always was connected to itself, and no way to point and say that’s the start and there’s the finale. If the universe is like a DVD, then Existence is like watching the movie inside. And my consciousness was the only thing that let me watch the movie and have that experience because I had laws that governed my trek thru life. Like time, and gavhty, and other forces that we don’t even see or understand but are effecting all that makes up our world, and maybe there’s no glitches in this perfect system that we are integrated, but aha, there may be cheat codes!
Sorry if I rambled, i tend to get overly exited and somewhat long winded when discussing and describing this, and honestly why wouldn’t I. But unfortunately even with all the words in the English language at my disposal and a PHD in philosophy could not better prepare or enable me to describe the experience I had, because it’s like trying to describe our 3 dimensional world to a “one dimensional point” or “two dimensional line.” Luckily everyone will experience this, and has already experienced this. Lol. But if you want to experience this in this dimension in 2023 and as a human on earth, than the only way I’ve been able to do it is by Medicating while Meditating…which I’ve just decided is going to be the name of my Biography!
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2023.03.22 10:34 StatisticianFuzzy327 Guidance on Patent Publication- Any Patent Attorney or Anyone Associated with Patents?

Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well. I have some questions regarding the patent publication process, as opposed to the grant of patent, which I am not currently interested in. I would appreciate it if anyone here knows anyone or anyone who might know some patent agent or attorney who could help me out with my queries. I have an idea that is an interdisciplinary process encompassing multiple fields. I have a realistic design for how it would work but no practical working prototype, but it does combine existing technologies in novel and innovative ways to solve a problem in the real world, and has potential for commercialization in the near future, though that's not my primary purpose right now. I only wish to get a copyright or patent so no one can steal my ideas and accuse me of stealing their (my) ideas.
There are ideas that might not be patentable because they're related to social institutions and philosophy, but it's connected with more scientific and tech project ideas that are patentable. I've also been told by a lawyer (not a patent attorney) that my ideas are good enough to be patentable, but I've only been able to get in touch with one so far, so I turned to Reddit hoping to find someone sooner as it's anonymous but I'm more likely to find such people here. I have good reasons to move fast, so I'd appreciate it if anyone here could let me know if they know any such person. Thank you.
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2023.03.22 10:33 DanDruffSlayer In a sea of faces

Today, I attended an event for that festival we have, in the place I stay in. The place was teeming with people- guys and girls,all dressed up in colourful outfits , taking a multitude of pictures. A cousin of my friend joked that she was here for the 'sight -seeing'. It was amusing. But, strangely, I could only imagine you with me. Hanging out with you. Imagining how you would have had fun there, maybe? Dancing? While I watched awkwardly and laughed . I wasn't really interested in the sights, howmuchever appealing it might have seemed. Will this be a constant? Will I always imagine how it would be with you near me, everytime there is a celebration? I guess I like to live in my dreams.
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2023.03.22 10:33 maxmandragoran Desperate husband of wife, 15 weeks pregnant with twins, uncontrollably angry with me and wants divorce. I'm mad with worry. (Very long post)

We've been married 8 years, have no kids but had two 2 miscarriages in the past 6 years, which took a toll on our marriage.
The 1st miscarriage in 2017 was at 17 weeks, a baby girl we wanted to name Joy. We were both devastated but she believes she grieved more than I did, although I was always the one who had hoped for children while she never wanted any up until then.
The 2nd miscarriage in 2020 was around 12 weeks. It was the first several months of the pandemic. We work in a hospital and the intensity of my duties kept me away for days at a time. Even when we met, I tried to keep a distance to keep her safe from possibly catching the virus, which she understood at that time because the Covid situation then was very severe worldwide and there was still a lot we didn't know about it.
But after miscarriage, she resented me bitterly. She then decided we'd be better off without kids. I didn't want to cause her any more grief, so I went along. Since then, it's been up and down, mostly downs. Eventually I started to spend even more time at work to avoid her wrath at home. We still see each other at the workplace (she's another department) but at least it's civil.
Last year, through a series of misunderstandings, she started to accuse me of having an affair with our colleague. This colleague was my college ex, we moved on 20 years ago, which my wife knew about too. I swore my innocence repeatedly but she refused to accept it. We argued for months. In the process, I said some nasty words, said it wouldn't be surprising if I left her for that woman since my wife was such a terror. I deeply regret it now. I don't think she herself truly believes, but she took my words as admission of the non-existent affair and demanded a divorce.
We started proceedings and separated last April. She still lives in our house while I've practically moved into my office. But on occasions when I returned home to collect stuff or when we attended events outside, we'd enjoy our time together - like the dates we used to have before everything went awry. We managed to have some very good sex too, so I started to find more excuses to "pick up my stuff" couple times a week and she never turned me down.
I'd say our relationship improved drastically after I agreed to the separation. I didn't have the time or interest to date anyone else and to my knowledge neither did she.

Now, about 2 months ago, she suddenly turned all cold and angry again for no discernible reason. She called in sick for a few days and ignored all my calls, messages and shrugged me off when I checked on her.
2 weeks later, my brother finally learnt the truth from another colleague - my wife is pregnant, with twins.
I'm very hurt at the way I had to find out, but that's beside the point. The colleague later told me she explored her options for abortion but did not or has yet to go through with it because my wife reportedly told her she "knew it would break (me) for real" if she did.
Hearing that, I was reaaally hopeful that this pregnancy would save our marriage. I have been so miserable.
But when I approached my wife about her pregnancy, I discovered that she was (and still is) in a terrible rage at me. She keeps telling me not to get my hopes up, keeps flinging the abortion threat in my face, says she'd rather raise the children on her own because I'll never have time for them, insists she still wants to go through with the divorce, will take care of herself, won't need maintenance, and basically many illogical, contradictory and hurtful things.
She has even been trying to convince me that the babies aren't mine. But in one tired distracted comment while mad at me, she said they've driven her crazy "just like their father". Another day, she declared she hates me and hates my babies. Yet another day, she blamed me for picking a good date to intentionally knock her up - we spent the whole stretch of Christmas Eve to New Year's Day together, had unprotected sex throughout often at her initiation, and now her EDD is the date of our 1st miscarriage. Unless she managed to slip out in secret to bang the deliverymen, I really don't see how the babies aren't mine.
She also said she's gonna quit her job and move out for good so we never have to meet again. And she is really packing up her stuff at home into big boxes and has been researching renting dubious walk-ups in lousy neighborhoods far from me.
Meantime I'm relieved at least she's still seeing the OB and taking her iron, folic, screening tests and avoiding alcohol, caffeine etc. While mostly cold and snappy, she still lets me take her out for meals several times a week and never rejects food or massages from me. The other day I even spotted two twin pregnancy books on her car seat when I peeked in. I was incredibly heartened.

I have no doubt she's terrified and conflicted. But she's so stubborn and angry that I just can't get through to her. She's made clear counselling and therapy are out of the question, and I can't slip her any tranquilizers either since she's pregnant.
I'm worried sick about her for so many reasons:
She's pushing 40 and that already puts her at significantly higher risk for many pregnancy complications, carrying twins to boot. So far no major issues detected, the usual anemia, low BP, some spotting; cervix unremarkable. But her face gets a gaunt green cast from nausea or headaches most mornings even now, and though she's showing quite a bit, she has actually lost considerable weight. She was already borderline underweight. Can tell she gets dizzy or breathless easily but she still insists on climbing up and down needlessly packing her boxes and even wants to lug them down the stairs herself. Of course I put an end to that nonsense when I see it, but I'm really terrified she'll hurt herself trying to prove some reckless physical feat when I'm not around. Or pass out in the bath alone at home.
She goes on about me never having time for a family but bars me from her OB visits - which occurs at our workplace! I've had to install "spies" all around her to find out how she feels, yet even that is difficult - the guys are useless as she knows their loyalties to me and I can't be too pally with her women friends in case she develops another misunderstanding, which would be the worst time for that to happen again. So far only my brother and his gay partner have been my greatest help as she genuinely adores them. She forbids us from telling both sides of our parents about the pregnancy and keeps trying to suck in her belly to keep it a secret as if people are blind. She was never like this before.
I'd like her to take a long break from work or even quit entirely so she can get sufficient rest and hopefully regain her sanity, but I know she'll be insulted or suspicious of my motives and it will also be much harder for me to keep an eye on her if she's not constantly pottering around near us. She might also use that newfound free time to really run away forever.

I really really really want to be around for her and our babes, but I'm so scared of destabilizing her with anything I do or say.
I've turned this over in my head time and again but I truly truly don't believe that we have reached the end of our marriage. I feel like there's still so much evidence pointing to the fact that she still loves me.
Many people claim it's clear I'm a calming presence for her (the irony!). My bro says even now her eyes always sweep the room until she spots me. She still publicly defends me in arguments in my absence and is always empathetic when I have a trying day (as long as it's not caused by her). I don't know what I would do without her.
She seems to have it all together in public but it's a different story in private. These 2 months, in the rare few instances I've dared raise my voice back at her or when her rage has driven me to break down, she would become immediately contrite, retract her words, apologize profusely, and then inevitably become distressed to tears, at which point I would have to spend more time consoling her. Those are also the only times she allows me to guide her in techniques to calm her erratic breathing. But sometimes I think I'm having a panic attack myself.
It's all terribly exhausting for us both but even more so, it is simply gut wrenching for me watching her. The 2 miscarriages left me wracked with guilt; there are many things I wish I did, I truly don't want her to have to go through that trauma a 3rd time. I'm a medical professional and there's so much I know in theory but I am really at my wit's end when it comes to my delicate pregnant wife who's perpetually in an uncontrollable rage at me. Everything I've done is wrong. I'm so fucking scared. I'm so fearful I will again unwittingly hurt her irreparably. And there are still so many weeks more to go. I don't know if we can make it.
When I ask what she wants from me or what I can do to make things better, she says impossible things like carry the babes myself, leave her for good, or to father other children with other women. My god.
I have thought long and hard about it and have put this to her as gently as I could: I don't need to have kids. She doesn't need to have kids. If it comes down to that, I would save our marriage over saving the babies. Or if saving our marriage is impossible too, it would be OK as long as she is happy and healthy again. Mentioning this invariably leads her to more rage and more inconsolable tears. She is incensed that I'm "choosing between them" or trying to force her to choose, which I'm not! I'm just trying desperately to say there's no pressure, there's nothing I could ever want so badly that I can't do without, I swear it. I'm just so afraid she can never be herself again. Should I help her arrange for an abortion and make her go so that the choice is mine?

I've tried so hard to analyze and identify/eliminate any potential causes for her rage.
I never comment on her growing belly or boobs in case she flares up. She definitely likes belly rubs, back rubs, calf and head massages so she certainly doesn't hate my touch. She doesn't gag when we kiss. It's not about the sex either; in fact it seems to put her in a better mood for a very short while. We're not financially strained (unless she really intends to divorce me and refuse a cent while trying to raise the twins on her own) and both of us can arrange for prolonged time off work if we really need to. We have a part-time cleaner so any chores she ever does herself is because she wants to. Anything she can't tolerate, I've stopped eating as well. I've given her copious supplies of vitamins, essential oils and home remedies for her nausea and headaches. I've been spending so much more time with her now, work is really just an afterthought. I've tried ignoring her provocations but she would follow me and demand a response then accuse me of patronizing her. To protect her sense of independence, I even let her continue to drive despite my concerns about her terrible driving.
There are some things I can't compromise though - no way I'd let her have sashimi or lift the heavy luggage and boxes herself. Admittedly I'm a bit of a nag about drinking enough water, taking her supplements and BP monitoring. But can I really allow her to be so reckless and go her own way?
I suspect my presence alone might be a trigger for her rage. But apparently not having me around distresses her too. 3 times these 2 months, I was shocked to learn that when I missed minor meetings or events without first informing her (though I had no idea I was expected at all), she disappeared into the bathroom to cry. She insists it was nothing but once let slip that she thought I stayed away because I was angry at her, which is so irrational. Why would I be angry at her??? My bro and his partner concluded that my absence was the only consistent factor for her odd behavior.

I'm ashamed to be such a bumbling clueless husband. Truth is she's surrounded most of the day by people and family perfectly equipped to handle any physical problem that might occur. Yet I've never felt this stressed, helpless, blindsided and impotent my entire life. I am at a total loss. And it's been only two months since I found out. Last night she screamed at me to just stop bothering about her. So today she drove herself to work while I stayed home to despair over the keyboard wondering if it's tears or rage now because I actually heeded her advice. Maybe I should have feigned ignorance about the pregnancy from the start.
It was very hard for me to put this all down in words, I'm sorry it's so long and incoherent, but I've really reached my wit's end. I don't usually log into Reddit, so this is a measure of my desperation. If anyone out there studying this convoluted essay can help figure out any hints to the root of my problem or if anyone can offer a desperate man some sound advice - that works - on daily methods to handle my fiery pregnant wife or tips on how to dissipate her flying rages... please help me. I will be eternally grateful.
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2023.03.22 10:33 Knightcapt My 3 month old puppy constantly barks in the crate when my wife is home but when she's at work, completely silent. How do I get her to do this when my wife is home

Okay so to start this off, my wife works 12 hour night shifts so if the timing seems off, this is why.
We got our new puppy last month and over the last few weeks I've began to notice a pattern whenever my wife is home vs at work. Our puppy will bark and whine constantly in the crate when my wife is home but whenever she's at work, she is completely silent in her crate. I know part if it may be due to the fact that the puppy definitely has separation anxiety BADLY and barely listens to me since I'm the stricter of the two of us.
But the part that confuses me is I know for a fact the dog has separation anxiety with my wife because the dog goes into a full on panic if my wife leaves the room or even goes on the other side of the doggy gate thing we have in our livingroom. Like full on panting, pacing, whining, barking, etc. Full panic. But whenever my wife leaves for work, or leaves the house in general, the dog never panics. It's like she fully understands that she's not in the house and will be quiet in the crate or even when playing with me. But the second my wife gets back, full on velcro baby and panic attacks when she's not near her.
How can we get her to be quiet when my wife is home just like when she's not?
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2023.03.22 10:33 StatisticianFuzzy327 Guidance on Patent Publication- Any Patent Attorney or Anyone Associated with Patents?

Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well. I have some questions regarding the patent publication process, as opposed to the grant of patent, which I am not currently interested in. I would appreciate it if anyone here knows anyone or anyone who might know some patent agent or attorney who could help me out with my queries. I have an idea that is an interdisciplinary process encompassing multiple fields. I have a realistic design for how it would work but no practical working prototype, but it does combine existing technologies in novel and innovative ways to solve a problem in the real world, and has potential for commercialization in the near future, though that's not my primary purpose right now. I only wish to get a copyright or patent so no one can steal my ideas and accuse me of stealing their (my) ideas.
There are ideas that might not be patentable because they're related to social institutions and philosophy, but it's connected with more scientific and tech project ideas that are patentable. I've also been told by a lawyer (not a patent attorney) that my ideas are good enough to be patentable, but I've only been able to get in touch with one so far, so I turned to Reddit hoping to find someone sooner as it's anonymous but I'm more likely to find such people here. I have good reasons to move fast, so I'd appreciate it if anyone here could let me know if they know any such person. Thank you.
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2023.03.22 10:33 Killjoy_9520 Need Advice: My BF bm is keeping his daughter(5yo) from him. It's been 1yr 3mo

I'm not sure what information is needed and what is TMI. My bf (23M) and I (23F) got together back in Sept 2020. His bm (22F) and him were coparenting when we met and continued to do so up Until Dec 2021. At first she would only ask him to care for their daughter (3yo @ the time), whenever it was convenient for her. Which we didn't mind the extra time. Keep in mind she was always in Phoenix with her bf (whom she planned on moving in with etc.) and there were no scheduled times between them. Nor any agreed upon pickup dates. When he would ask, she wouldn't want to discuss it and would promptly avoid doing so until my bf told her I was pregnant. Then next thing we knew, she was planning on moving to phoenix and just told my bf that he wouldn't see his daughter for awhile. And he asked her what she meant and she just said she was joking. Then she messaged during the whole month and a half we had her talking about giving temp custody of her to her mother (my step daughters maternal grandma). Said that they would still coparent but her mom would be able to keep her from time to time when she wasnt able to come back down. If we didn't want that, she said she would sign over temp custody of their daughter to him along with any food benefits she received. We didn't go for it as we were already concerned that if we did get temp custody, she would abuse it and not help financially. She ended up coming back down and getting her for a few days and bringing her back. There were times she would keep their daughter to herself and times she would ask him to get her asap and not give us any reasons. She started talking to me in April 2021. I would give her updates on her daughter and whenever I wanted to know about what my step daughter was doing she hardly responded. I had also talked to her about how to discipline her because my bf and I didn't know how to go about it. She told us to lightly spank her which is what we started to do but I believe my step daughter had gotten used to her dad not disciplining her at all. We had no idea when she had broke up with her ex but she ended up with a new guy whose nickname was Beasle. They got together the end of May 2021. Then got a new car together beginning of June 2021. Which makes me assume they must've been together longer than that and decided to go public at the end of May. (This information is important ; trust me) The first time my bf met this guy was when his bm came to pick up their daughter ( by this time we were switching her off every 2½ weeks; we convinced her to start a schedule before our baby arrived) and I distinctly remember that my bf came back inside from taking his daughter out and he told me " I met so and so's bf. He's kind of suspicious." I said "why.?" He said "because he wouldn't give me eye contact at all." Which I thought was super weird. But I didn't comment on it much. Then the next time his bm came to pick up their daughter after our 2½ weeks, she said her bf was scared of my bf. Which i also found suspicious. I still didn't comment on it though. Then we had seen she changed all her socials back to single around Aug 2021 and wondered why but didn't question much as we are only concerned for my step daughter. Then in October 2021, we had seen a screenshot of her fb story (that she hid from me and my bf) about her ex, Beasle, and how he was in jail and his sister threatened her. She included things about how he held her against her own will, that his family didn't help her and they watched, even called him a killer, said he threatened her life, her family's lives and to take his own life to keep her. She said she's only posting a portion of what he's put her through. I admit I used a fake account to reply to her story about this and she told this fake account that he has even shot a gun near her to keep her around. That she has tried to call the cops multiple times and he always ran off and would come back and threaten her life again. She admitted he was in prison and for a huge reason. I was concerned hearing this from her and she never talked to me or my bf about this. We both didn't bring it up because we were both afraid to do so without having her take his daughter away. I think because she knew my bf would be upset that she put his daughters life at risk this way. Finally, we were doing fine till I noticed inappropriate behavior and talked to her mom about it. I explained how we have everything in my home kid friendly because of my younger siblings and niece. She seemed to echo what I said back to me but in her own words about how everything is at her house. It's weird because if she noticed this type of behavior on her end, why not bring it up? I thought that was strange but my bf didn't want to question anything because he was afraid to stand up to his bm for this reason. That she would keep their daughter from him. Then, in December 2021, after we had our 2½ weeks with his daughter, her mom picked her up and stopped talking to us 2 days later. We didn't know what to do or who to call. When the time came for our 2½ weeks, my bf tried to call the grandmother (because that was his bm main residence) to discuss if they were going to drop her off or if we had to pick her up. The grandmother texted him back that she's under medical investigation and that he's not allowed to contact her or his bm. We were genuinely confused because these past weeks with her were fine except for the fact that we did have to discipline her a few times for being mean to other kids. She was always a little naughty when getting her back from her mom. We always just did what her mother recommended last. We always tried time out or just talking to her first. We were worried and started calling around. First we called CPS and asked if there was a case open with my step daughters mother. They said yes and my bf tried to ask about visitation for his daughter as we were afraid she was taken away and might've been hurt badly at her grandmother's house where her and her mom were staying. We found out that was not the case at all when the social worker told us that there were serious allegations on the father. We tried to ask what they were but she told us she couldn't tell us anything and that visitation was up to the mother. She redirected us to the police department and said to ask for Officer L. We had done so but he wasn't there or was out on the field. We kept calling day after day and when we finally got ahold of him, he said he did make a report through the hospital with his bm but wasn't allowed to discuss the details because it's between him and my bf bm. He then redirected us to a criminal Investigator who was looking into the case. We called and they met up at an FBI office and they interrogated my bf about child abuse and child SA. They told him that the family was scared of him and asked him why that is. They asked him for DNA and lie detector test which he agreed to but they never got either of them the day he was there. He came out an hour and a half later and was upset that he didn't find out anymore information and was upset about the 'possible charges'. Before all this also, an officer stopped by the home but pronounced his name wrong so my bf never got served paperwork. We called and asked about that but nothing. They said they'd bring it by the next day and never did. We tried calling and stopping by the police department only for them to send us to dispatch then for dispatch to send us back to ask what officer had his papers and to find out when they're working to get the papers from them. We then decided to talk to a lawyer but the said lawyer wasn't with a law firm and kind of gave us a hard time including myself when I tried to help my bf remember dates when talking to him. We are lost and tried to call around about all of this but still are in the dark. We also recently found out that his bm ex (Beasle) who was in jail had groomed 2 teenagers who were in hs in his early 20s. So we have reason to believe that maybe he had done something to my step daughter. Although we know we are in no position to point fingers, we want to know how to go about this and if there's anything we can do. We are so lost and I just want my son and his sister to know each other. The last time she seen him, he was 3months old. Now he's 18months old. Not to mention the fact that we found out his bm got with someone new back in February 2022 and had a child for this new guy sometime in December 2022 or January 2023.
Sorry it's a lot and for those of you who take the time to read, it's very much appreciated.
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