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2023.04.02 11:17 Initial-Blackberry33 Will still gets the West Ham job after 26/27 games. I would recommend a ligue 1 save to anyone who hasn’t done it, the lack of stadiums is a negative but the licensing is cool

Will still gets the West Ham job after 26/27 games. I would recommend a ligue 1 save to anyone who hasn’t done it, the lack of stadiums is a negative but the licensing is cool submitted by Initial-Blackberry33 to FifaCareers [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 11:16 Pech_fee Problems with Adobe Express

Hey guys,
I'm using adobe express on my android phone and I a prime user. I got no problems with the app until today. So I wanted to open a old projekt, but I got this message
"Project cannot be opened. As a user of a free version do you have on one or more adobe Stock premium images in this project no access" translate from german im english.
The problem occurs everywhere where I have used a prime photo. My subscription is still valid. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. The problem is still there. Does anybody have a solution?
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2023.04.02 11:05 CoobikamisS H: Item W: V 25FFR/50H 25LVC Pepper Shaker , V FSS 25LVC Chainsaw/Ripper/Mole Miner Gauntlet/Power Fist/Sheepsquatch Staff

- Special
These item only swap for listed weapon
- List
V FSS 1S Sheepsquatch Staff swap for V FSS 25LVC Sheepsquatch Staff
V FSS 40LDWPA Chainsaw swap for V FSS 25LVC Chainsaw/Ripper
V 50C 25LVC Pepper Shaker swap for V 25FF50H 25LVC Pepper Shaker
I'm looking for V FSS 25LVC Mole Miner Gauntlet/Power Fist. Thanks.
- Energy Heavy Weapon
AA 25Aim RW GP
B 50C 15VCF Cryo
B 50C FR Cryo
B 25FFR 250DR GP
Exe 25FFR 15C UGL
J 50C FR Pepper Shaker
- Ranged Weapon
Rolled 419 Dragon
AA 50C 25LVC Tesla
AA 50C 15VCF Railway
AA 25Aim FR Gatling Gun
AA 50C 25LVC Hunting Rifle
AAE SF Gatling Gun
AAE SF Handmade
AA 25FFR 25LVC Handmade
AA 50C 250DR Handmade
AA 25FFR 250DR The Fixer
AA 50C SF The Fixer
B 50C 25LVC Tommy
B 50C 25LVC 10mm SMG
B 50C 25LVC Radium
B 50C 25LVC 50cal
B 25FFR 15VCF Handmade
B 25FFR 15VCF The FIxer
BE 25LVC Hunting RIfle
BE 15VCF Pipe Revolver
B 50C 15VCF Gatling Gun
B 50C 15VCF Handmade
B 50C 15VCF The Fixer
B 50C 15VCF AR
B 50H 50BS AB
B 50H 15VCF The Fixer
B 50H 15VCF Handmade
B 25FFR FR Minigun
BE FR Minigun
Exe E 90RW Minigun
IE FR Lever Action
I 50C 15VCF Crossbow
J 25FFR FR 50Cal
J 25FFR 25LVC Minigun
JE 15VCF Hunting Rifle
J 50C 25LVC Crossbow
J 25FFR 15VCF Laser Rifle
J 25FFR 15VCF ULaser Rifle
J 50C 15VCF Laser Rifle
JE 15VCF Pipe Revolver
J 50C 15VCF Pipe Revolver
JE 15VCF Combat Shotgun
JE 15VCF DB Shotgun
J 50H FR Handmade
J 50C 15VCF Lever
JE FR Pump
J 25FFR 15VCF Gamma
JE 90RW Minigun
J 50C 25LVC Railway
J 50H 25LVC Railway
J 50C 25LVC The Fixer
J 25FFR 25LVC Tesla
J 50C 25LVC Tesla
Q 50C 25LVC 50Cal
Q 25Aim 25LVC 50Cal
Q 25FFR FR Auto Pipe Pistol .38
Q 50C FR Radium
Q 50H FR The Fixer
QE 50DR The Fixer
Q 50C 250DR The Fixer
Q 50C 250DR Handmade
Stalker 50C 25LVC The Fixer
TSE 25LVC Pipe Revolver
TSE FR DB Shotgun
TS 25FFR FR Gatling Gun
TS 50limb 25LVC AGL
TS 25Aim 50DR AGL
TS 50H 50BS Fatman
TS 50H RW Missile Launcher
TS 25FFR 25LVC Missile Launcher
TS 25FFR 25LVC The Fixer
V 50C 25LVC 10mm SMG
V 50C 25LVC Railway
V 50C 25LVC Crossbow
VE 25LVC Railway
V 25FFR 250DR The Fixer
- Enclave Plasma Rifle
Med 25FFR 25LVC EPR (Standard Capacitor , Stabilized Splitter , Stabilized Stock , Reflex Sight)
V 50C FR EPR (Refined Beta Wave Tuner , True Flamer Barrel , Stabilized Stock , Reflex Sight)
TS 25FFR 25LVC EPR (Standard Capacitor , Aligned Automatic Barrel , Stabilized Stock , Reflex Sight)
- Melee Weapon
AA 40PA 15C Shishkebab
AA FSS 40LDWPA Tenderizer
AA 40PA 40LDWPA Tenderizer
V FSS 1S Board
V FSS 15Block Power Fist
V FSS 15Block DCG
V FSS 50BS Power Fist
V 40PA 1S Power Fist
V 40PA 1S Sheepsquatch Club
- Armor
Ass AP Cav Leather LL DR: 17 36 Sturdy
Auto Stim AP Sent Combat LA DR: 20 20 Heavy
Auto Stim AP Sent Raider RA DR: 22 10 Sturdy
Bol AP Cav Trapper RL
Bol AP Sent Combat RA DR: 12 12 Light
Bol AP Sent Marine RA
Bol AP Sent Robot LA DR: 13 13 Sturdy
Bol AP Sent Trapper RL x2
OE AP FDC Robot CP DR: 24 24 Light
Uny AP AWR Trapper RL
Uny 1I Sent Trapper LL
Uny 1I AWR Metal LL DR: 26 6 Sturdy
Uny 1S Sent Wood RA
Uny 1S Sent Raider LL DR: 22 10 Sturdy
Uny 1S Sneak Leather CP DR: 21 59 Sturdy
Uny 1S Sent Combat LL DR: 15 15 Sturdy
Uny AP FDC Metal CP DR: 51 11 Light
Uny 1P FDC Marine CP
Uny 25RR FDC Raider LL DR: 28 13 Heavy
Uny 25RR Sent USA RA
Uny 25EDR Sent USA RL
Van AP Cav Combat RA DR: 12 12 Light
Van AP Cav Leather CP DR: 16 45 Light
Van AP Sneak Raider CP DR: 42 15 Light
- PA
Ass AP Sent Ultracite Torso
OE 7LED Sent Raider Torso
- Plan
Pepper Shaker x2
- Mask
Buffoon x2 , Raven x1 , Deathclaw x2 , Hag x1 , Winterman x1
- Apparel
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2023.04.02 11:01 fridayhoIday 29 [F4A] Join our house party this Friday

Before I officially enters the legit titahood, I want to do this one more time.
Planning to throw a house party this coming Friday. Venue depends on where’s convenient for sure goers.
It’s ambagan for the food and alak and also the house. Interested?
You should be fully vaccinated.
Can carry his or her alcohol.
Not a minor.
Hindi magkakalat at hindi predator sa inuman.
Willing mag ambag at hindi buraot.
Ok lang kahit introvert or extrovert ka. Will be a night of board games, alak and kwentuhan.
Send me a message for more details! Pa indicate your age and gender thank you!
submitted by fridayhoIday to phlgbtr4r [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 11:01 Turbokylling Input on an upcoming build

Hey you beautiful bastards,
So the past month I've be knee deep in trying to put together a build that makes sense and has an aesthetic I like. Though much of what I want is either unreleased or out of stock for a month+ so it's a slow process.
Was just hoping for a final check, some input in case I'm overlooking something;
Anything looking completely off here?
submitted by Turbokylling to pcmasterrace [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 10:55 Klara2003 My love-hate relationship with BABYMETAL (and questions on lore/religious symbols)

I should probably write an introduction, but I don't know where to start... also, i don't know if the flair is correct.... This is my story:
From 2019-2020 I was a RABID Babymetal fan. I was into J-pop, and babymetal introduced me to metal. It was also because of babymetal that I found Sabaton. I had chuunibyou (more on that later) so babymetal's antics were appealing to me.
Then in 2020, things happened, and I "grew out" of babymetal. Their antics were no longer appealing to me, and the crucifixions and the use of the Virgin Mary statue felt cringe and culturally insensitive at best, blasphemous at worst. They felt unnecessary. Babymetal has their own mythology with fox god, taking inspiration from japanese mythology, why mix it with christian symbols?
I was also turned of by the Idol industry and began to think that the girls of babymetal were getting exploited. And I came to the conclusion that they weren't a real band, and not worth wasting my time on, and so I quit Babymetal.
Fast forward to 2023. The Other One was just about to come out, and I decided to see what it was all about. Safe to say, I was positively surprised by some of the new tracks, especially Momochrome. It's a good song with an important message, very relevant for the times we live in. Mirror Mirror was also very great, too. The entire album is easily the best to come out of Babymetal. It is more grown up, less cringe. The girls are adult now, so they're likely not getting exploited anymore at least. They're also going to tour with Sabaton, which made me hungry for some panzerschokolade.
Then, the bomb dropped.
There's really no better time to tell this story. I'm still in a love/hate relationship with BABYMETAL. The use of crosses and the Virgin Mary statue which got blown up, I'm still uncomfortable with that. What is the supposed lore behind this??? I read somewhere that the statue was meant to represent sumetal, not the Virgin Mary, but if that's the case, why make the statue look like Mary?
Please don't misunderstand me, I'm just asking and telling my story.
*chuunibyou translates as "eight-grader disease". It's not a real diagnosis, but the phenomenon is well known especially in Japan, since some aspects of japanese mentality contributes to the alienation of youth, which results in them being afflicted with chuunibyou. However, the phenomenon also exists outside of Japan. People who are said to have "chuunibyou" may actually be autistic, or just having a fantasy-prone personality. Chuunibyou results in intense fantasies which borders on delusions, often involving having magic powers, being a gang member, and so on. For me, it started quite literally around 8th grade, and it manifested as me alternating between being super religious and being interested in esoteric subjects. For quite some time, I imagined myself as being able to manipulate magnetic forces in order to manipulate people, time and space (of course, this just chuuni nonsense). I was into anime, lolita fashion, gothic literature, and I was a member of a literary society on Edgar Allan Poe. I even attempted to start my own secret society! I was not the only one in my friend group who had chuunibyou. My best friend thought she was a witch, which set off my inner christian alarm clocks and made me abandon being her friend. There was also a boy at my school whose bulletin board was plastered with pictures of what appeared to be nazi generals, and he often pretended to be chainsaw man. Yet, everyone knew he was a good guy on the inside.
Yes, chuunibyou IS a real phenomenon. All of this really happened. Trust me. I'm super embarrased by what I did back then. However, I still have shades of chuunibyou, but it doesn't manifest as those crazy fantasies anymore. Now it's just history and warfare.
See you soon :)
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2023.04.02 10:54 bhaskar_ssr Poor at crosswords

Open sidebar Solve the cryptic clue
[email protected] Solve this cryptic crossword clue - Catch reptile with hollowed reed (5)
The answer to this cryptic crossword clue is "SNAKE."
"Catch" is a synonym for "snare," which is a verb meaning to trap or capture.
"Reptile" is a type of animal, and "snake" is a type of reptile.
"A hollowed reed" could be a "s(n)ake," where "n" is the abbreviation for "hollowed." The letter "n" is placed inside "ake" to form the word "snake."
[email protected] Wrong. Try again
My apologies for the mistake. Here's another attempt at solving the cryptic crossword clue:
Catch reptile with hollowed reed (5)
The answer to this clue could be "FLUTE."
"Catch" in this context could be a synonym for "hear," as in catching a sound.
"Reptile" could be the word "lizard."
"A hollowed reed" refers to the instrument "flute," which is typically made from a hollowed out reed.
So putting these together, "Catch reptile with hollowed reed" becomes "Hear lizard with flute," giving us the answer "FLUTE."
[email protected] Wrong. Last try
I apologize for the confusion. Here's another attempt at solving the cryptic crossword clue:
Catch reptile with hollowed reed (5)
The answer to this clue could be "BASIN."
"Catch" in this context could refer to a "basin" or a bowl used to catch water or other liquids.
"Reptile" could be the word "basilisk," which is a mythical creature often depicted as a serpent or lizard.
"A hollowed reed" could be a "sine," which is a trigonometric function used in mathematics. If we remove the letter "e" from "sine," we are left with "sin," which is a homophone of "sink," another word for a basin or a receptacle used to catch water.
So, "Catch reptile with hollowed reed" could be interpreted as "Catch basilisk with sine" and when we remove the "e" from "sine," it becomes "sin" or "sink," which gives us the answer "BASIN."
ChatGPT is poor at solving cryptic crossword clues
The answer is board = to catch(flight etc.) Reptile = Boa Hollow reed = rd
submitted by bhaskar_ssr to ChatGPT [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 10:50 thmind [US-CA] [H] GMMK Pro, Keychron K4 [W] PayPal or Local Sale

Selling the boards that got me started in this hobby.
GMMK Pro (Modded)
Keychron K4
Open to offers but please no lowballing. Comment before PM. Thanks!
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2023.04.02 10:43 decaguard GDT : RED WING'S @ MAPLE LEAF'S - 4/2/7:00

GDT : RED WING'S @ MAPLE LEAF'S - 4/2/7:00
submitted by decaguard to redwinghockey [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 10:29 ASGfan Episodic Review - The Handyman (S4, E4)

This is one of those rare "Pa is away for most of the episode" shows. Translation: Caroline and Mary will do battle. We begin with Pa building an addition onto the house (!!), but I hope you don't get too optimistic because there won't be any extra bedrooms, just that a water pump will be put into the kitchen and a remodel of that room. Charles knocks out a wall. We move to the Post Office, where that dingbat Kezia is today's postmistress, filling in for an ill Mrs. Whipple. Kezia is opening other people's mail again (a federal offense, played for laughs). Kezia hands Doc Baker a letter from Lars with news for Charles: the railroad accepted Lars' bid on a job, which means that will get top priority over the Ingalls house remodel. Caroline tries to make the best of it, but an unfortunate series of events unfolds: Carrie falls in the creek, then THE INGALLS COW! barges right into the house and eats their supper, then it starts to rain with that wall still down. Pa comes by to help finish the job of putting a tarp up in the meantime. Charles takes off for the job and just as things are beginning to look a bit bleak for the Ingalls, a handsome young handyman just appears right out of thin air and offers to finish the remodel. Caroline says she can't pay much, but the handyman (who goes by Chris) offers to work for room and board. Caroline still isn't sure, so Chris offers the Oleson's as a reference. Caroline immediately heads over to the Mercantile and Harriet offers a ringing endorsement of Chris, so Caroline heads back to her house and hires him. Chris gets to work and immediately endears himself to everyone.
Chris probably didn't mean to, but he comes off as a replacement for Charles, even playing the fiddle and taking the family to church on Sunday morning. This isn't lost on Mary. Sunday night finds Charles having a conversation with Caroline at the front door. Caroline won't let him in at that hour but she does talk to him. Caroline has her hair down which looks very beautiful, something that Chris notices. Now we get into the good stuff: The next day, lunchtime at the school finds the Ingalls girls sitting down trying to have their meal, but Nellie swings by with talk of "monkey business" at the Ingalls place. Tremendous camera/directorial work as they show Mary getting up from a seated position to show her height over Nellie, then cuffing her something fierce. Everyone nailed that part. Nellie runs off. Laura is offended that Mary hit Nellie and threatens to tell Ma and I can't tell if she really feels that way or if she's just trying to get revenge on Mary for all the times she told Ma and Pa about things she did, but considering how many times Laura hit and pushed people herself, it's probably the latter. Mary is in one of her "not taking any crap today" moods and orders Laura not to tell. Laura gets that particular message and obeys. Back at the Ingalls house, Chris falls off the roof, tearing and bloodying his shirt. Chris just gets right back up and goes back to work, but Caroline orders him to takes his shirt off and tells him he's lucky he didn't break his neck. Caroline gives him the shirt Mary gifted Pa in "Christmas At Plum Creek" and tells him to watch what he's doing. The girls come home from school and Mary notices immediately. CAROLINE VS MARY, ROUND ONE! Mary enters the house and angrily demands Ma tell her why Chris is wearing the shirt she made for Pa. Now see, if Caroline were smart, she would have kept her duplicate shirt she made as it would have came in handy here, but instead she calmly explains what happened and asks Mary why she's using that tone of voice. Mary apologizes, then eventually admits to hitting Nellie. Ma tells her to control her temper. Mary's mood rebounds somewhat, though she's still leery of recent events.
Pa stops by for a brief visit. Chris decides this is too awkward and ducks out for a brief bit while this is going on. Mary pleads with Pa to stay, but Pa declines and leaves again. Chris returns and Ma asks him where he's been. Chris gets evasive, but Caroline presses the issue and Chris angrily tells her that he's been in this situation before. Later at the creek, Caroline is getting buckets of water and Chris is cleaning up. Chris apologizes for his earlier behavior. Caroline gets up and slips and Chris catches her with Mary looking on.
Nighttime finds Mary ducking out of the house to stop by the Ingalls guest room: the sod house (where Chris is staying), which isn't easy to do considering Ma is right there and there is no door. Mary angrily orders him to pack up and leave, which Chris does. And now, CAROLINE VS. MARY, ROUND TWO! The next morning, Mary is working in the barn when Ma stops by, wondering if she knows what happened to Chris. Mary gets evasive, which gets Caroline suspicious. Mary tells Ma that she didn't know it meant that much to her. Ma has had ENOUGH of this disrespect and swings Mary around by the arm, demanding to know what the reason is for all this backtalk. Mary says she saw her and Chris out by the creek holding each other. Ma is shocked, then angrily explains what happened, saying it wasn't an embrace. Ma starts to run off, but Mary starts crying again and apologizes. They go and track down Chris making his way out of town and ask him to return, but he states his desire to return to the wandering lifestyle. Later, Pa returns, which gets everyone elated, and he promises to finish the job.
THE JERRY SPRINGER FINAL THOUGHT - This was a fun episode and probably the most rebellious Mary ever got. Chris was an enjoyable character and the actor that played him (Gil Gerard) probably would have a great replacement if something ever happened to Landon or if he decided he had enough and quit. Just exactly how much chemistry there was between Caroline and Chris is a matter of some debate, but there definitely seemed to be some sparks there and Caroline didn't exactly do a lot to deflect that. I mentioned revenge earlier between Laura and Mary and I do have to wonder if Caroline still had some lingering doubts about Charles and the Widow Thurmond from earlier, which might explain some of her behavior here. And finally, there's the Ingalls cow, which seems to have some sort of grudge against everyone in the household. Tempers were definitely flaring in this one and there were some hurt feelings, but it still manages to be a fun and enjoyable outing all things considered.
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2023.04.02 10:17 Theveganqueen1997 25 [F4R] Georgia USA: Seeking a long lasting relationship (serious inquiries only)

Trying this again as I’ve had no luck before Please read through.
Greetings, I'm from Georgia in the United States. I've been lonely for quite some time and find it hard to find a soulmate in IRL. What I'm looking for is someone who I can connect with and have wholesome conversations with. I want to be able to love my future soulmate just as much as they do me. The biggest part of a long lasting relationship is the ability to communicate openly without worry. I'd love if my significant other has a dark sense of humor and continues to crack me up non-stop. As cheesy as it may sound I long for those late night calls and cute texts. I want for us to drive out the very best in each other; become our support system. A little bit about me is that I grew up in Florida and not too long ago moved to Georgia. I'm currently in college to become an RN but I'm also passionate about cosmetic chemistry and nutrition. I'm passionate about science and theoretical applications especially within the medical field. I'd appreciate if my partner is open minded about varying topics and welcomes healthy conversations. Appearance wise I'm not too picky as long as the individual is well groomed and practices basic hygiene. To add on I enjoy playing video games, exercising (I've been slacking off lately), cooking and baking (vegan), playing board games, reading, exploring nature, playing sports (basketball and soccer) for fun, and trying new experiences. I hope to travel someday. I would prefer if you were closer to Georgia or are in Georgia. Please read! Some red flags to be aware of: - I want to have kids some day and would like for us to be on the same page. If you’re unable to see yourself with kids in the future then this wouldn’t work. -If you smoke any kind of substance or do forbidden substances then this won’t work. - If you are narcissistic or highly controlling this won’t work. A relationship is part of a teamwork and no one should intentionally put the other person down. - If you want to know ,one of my red flags just message me.
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2023.04.02 10:09 ShockscapeYT Could someone here read my prologue so far?

I took your advice to not give up on board and have written a short section of a prologue, not finished.
Could somebody read it and tell me if its any good? I'll send it on a private message because it's not much
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2023.04.02 10:00 EpicMangina Mod Notes and Weekly Discussion Thread! - April 02, 2023

Weekly discussion thread for our community - Have fun, be kind, learn from each other!
Please remember: Keep shit-posting and memes to a minimum in this conversation.
General Awareness:
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2023.04.02 09:55 carboard-car Looking to pick up a second hand cd player, which one am I better off getting?

Looking to pick up a second hand cd player, which one am I better off getting?
Looks to be a sony cmt ne3 and a phikips mc235b, I don't care too much about the speaker because I'll be connecting the player into a andover spinbase.
submitted by carboard-car to hifiaudio [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 09:53 Spiritual-Oil8046 Yung feeling na minamanmanan ka ng sekyu dahil sa damit mo

Nakasuot ako (female, 28) ng basketball shorts (knee level), tshirt, rubber slippers, at shoulder bag habang nag grocery shopping kanina.
Nakalimutan ko yung listahan ko ng bilihin pero konti lang maman yun so memorized ko. Yung Supermarket na pinuntahan ko 2 floors. Groceries sa ibaba at yung department store sa 2nd floor. Inuna ko muna yung sa Dept store. Naghanap ako ng facial sponge. So fast walk ako maglakad kasi from time to time malayuan nilalagay nila yung facial sponges. Minsan sa may make up/beauty section, minsan nasa may hardware section. Nag survey muna ako. Minsan napap stop tingin-tingin ng mga items na iba. Tapos balik nanaman sa paghahanap. Lumapit ako sa isang saleslady sinabi kung meron pa ba sila nung facial sponge na hinahanap ko pero wala raw. Di ako confident sa sagot kasi nga di alam ni ate girl yung sponge na tinutukoy ko. Pinunta lang niya ako sa ibang sponges. So nagfast walk ako papunta sa mga aisles na dati napaglagyan ng facial sponge na hinahanap ko. Twice ako naglibot para masure ko na wala talaga. Eh wala nga. So pumunta na ako sa next interests ko, stationary and beauty products. Nag scan lang ako ng items tapos itinapat sa balat ko kung feel ko ba na bagay. Habang ginagawa ko to. Dumadaan ako malapit sa guard na malapit sa jewelry items. Siya lang naman guard sa 2nd floor na naka uniform at dun lang siya lagi sa may jewelries. So ayon, tumitingin ako ng mga ballpen, nagcacalculate kung need ko na ba bumili... Yung pagscan ko ng items ay like lalakad then stop, tititigan buong shelf, top to bottom, left to right.
So dumaan na nga ako kay Kuya Guard (35 to 40 ish). Andun ako sa aisles ng tapes at mga paint brushes, binder accessories. Ako lang mag-isa pero may ibang tao na minsan Ayon parang nakarinig ako ng mahinang "ma'am" sa right side so lumingon ako. Andun si Kuya guard lumalakad palapit saken. Akala ko tinawag niya ako so tumitig ako sa mata niya habang papalapit siya para maconfirm kung anong kailangan niya. Walang expression since naka mask naman siya. Naka mask rin ako. So Umalis siya sa pwesto niya pumunta sa aisle kung asan ako at dumaan sa likod ko then liko papuntang isang aisle then balik sa dati niyang pwesto.
Nakalagay kamay niya sa likod. Nung tumitig ako sa kanya parang nakatingin siya sa tapes (masking tape, double sided tape, etc) then tumingin saken. Eye to eye kami saglit tapos iwas agad siya ng tingin.
Feel ko talaga minamanmanan niya ako habang nagscan ng mga aisles sa stationary/school supplies section. Mind you, meron ding lalaki na lumilibot pabalik-balik sa mga aisles na naka hoodie at suot ang hoodie part. Ni minsan di siya lumapit sa lalaking yun.
Meron ding ibang naglilibot pero saken talaga siya napaalis ng pwesto niya. Ganito ako dati pa mag scan ng items sa 2nd floor ng supermarket na ito. Pero ang damitan ko lage eh naka jeans or sandal or yung casual. Hindi parang nakapambahay. At alam kong nakarinig ako ng "ma'am" pero parang nagkunwari lang siya na wala siyang sinabi. Super hina rin kasi pero lumingon ako kasi para talagang ako ang tinatawag eh ang layo pa naman niya saken ay around 2meters nung narinig ko yun.
Nakakainis at nakaka disappoint. Alam kong part yan ng job niya kahit sa jewelry siya naka assign pero wow lang ha akala niya di siya obvious na nag pinpoint lang base sa damit na suot. Tapos ewan ko lang kung anong message na naparating sa kanya na tumitig ako sa mata niya. Feel ko tuloy parang acknowledgement yung pagtitig ko sa mata na tama "hinala" niya na balak kong mang shoplift. Ang sagwa lang sa feeling talaga kapag napagkakamalan ka tapos kunwari "subtle" lang sila when in fact mga super obvious naman. Gusto ko sana kanina na magkamali siya na sitahin niya ako para ma prove ko self na malis siya at masita rin siya na umalis siya sa pwesto niya. Hahahaha
After niya dumaan pala eh naglibot ako ulit sa stationary para makita anong nasa stock nila ngayon para ma compare sa ibang stationary section ng ibang stores. Then diretso ako sa cashier dala yung double sided tape at 2 ballpen. Feel ko yung mata ni kuya guard pero di ako lumingon.
Nung bumaba na ako at pumunta na sa grocery section, I humored myself na perfect akong distraction kung may gustong mag heist or may taong legit nang shoplift nung time na yun kasi saken napunta yung attention ng guard. Ayun share ko lang kasi nakaka urghhh lang talaga. Thank you.
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2023.04.02 09:42 Tigreal Magic Chess Patch Notes v345.1 - Adv. Server

[Synergy Adjustments]

Astromancer (↑)
When an Astromancer casts a skill, restore 1 HP to your Commander (HP restored per battle limit 1 >> 3).

[Star-Core Adjustments]

Weapon Master Star-Core: Water [New] Freezes nearby enemies.
Archer Star-Core: Water [New] Summons Rain of Arrows to freeze.
Elementalist Star-Core: Water [New] Skills freeze enemies.
Mage Star-Core: Water [New] Freezes nearby enemies when target dies.
Gunner Star-Core: Water [New] Freezes nearby enemies when target dies.
Wrestler Star-Core: Water [New] Freezes nearby enemies.
Assassin Star-Core: Water [New] Summons Rain of Arrows to freeze.
**Swordsman Star-Core: Water [New] Skills freeze enemies.
Nature Spirit Starsoul:** Water [New] Freezes nearby enemies.
Ablaze Bounties Star-Core: Water [New] Summons Rain of Arrows to freeze.
Astro Power Star-Core: Water [New] Freezes nearby enemies.
S.A.B.E.R. Star-Core: Water [New] Skills freeze enemies.
Future Tech Star-Core: Water [New] Freezes nearby enemies when target dies.
Cadia Riverlands Star-Core: Water [New] Freezes nearby enemies when target dies.
Wyrmslayer Warrior Star-Core: Water [New] Freezes nearby enemies when target dies.
Forsaken Light Star-Core: Water [New] Skills freeze enemies.
Scarlet Shadow Star-Core: Water [New] Skills freeze enemies.
Gunner Star-Core: Light [New] The Star-Core carrier gains Crit Chance and Crit Damage when an allied Gunner's Basic Attack critically strikes.
Gunner Star-Core: Dark [New] Removes Star-Core carrier's Synergy Effect but increases their damage.
Wrestler Star-Core: Light [New] Increases Attack Speed of all allies when the Star-Core carrier deals damage to controlled targets.
Nature Spirit Star-Core: Dark [New] Grants Nature Spirit Synergy to allies to the immediate left and right of the Star-Core carrier.
Nature Spirit Star-Core: Dark [New] Prevents fatal damage and enters Elven Form, gaining Damage Reduction, Lifesteal, and Damage Increase.
Astro Power Star-Core: Light [New] When the Star-Core carrier gains Synergy Effect, every star increase of an Astro Power hero will increase the Synergy Effect.
S.A.B.E.R. Star-Core: Thunder [New] The Star-Core carrier does not enter a Mecha Suit, but gains Physical & Magic Defense for each Mecha Suit on the board.
S.A.B.E.R. Star-Core: Mystic [Adjustment] Transforms the Star-Core carrier into a Mecha Suit independently (Star-Core ownership adjustment).
Cadia Riverlands Star-Core: Light [New] When the Star-Core carrier dies, restore HP and Mana to all Cadia Riverlands heroes and increase their Physical & Magic Defense.
Wyrmslayer Warrior Star-Core: Light [New] Grants the Synergy Effect to a certain number of random Wyrmslayer Warriors when the Star-Core carrier kills an enemy.
Wyrmslayer Warrior Star-Core: Arcana [New] Grants Gold after the Star-Core carrier kills a target.
Swordsman Star-Core: Dark [New] The Star-Core carrier gains Dodge when the Synergy Effect is at max stacks.
Assassin Star-Core: Mystic [New] Summons a clone of the Star-Core carrier after they kill an enemy.
Ablaze Bounties Star-Core: Arcana [New] Grants Gold if the Star-Core carrier survives the round.
Future Tech Star-Core: Arcana [New] Adds a copy of the Star-Core carrier hero to your stock if the Star-Core carrier survives the round.
Forsaken Light Star-Core: Arcana [New] The Star-Core carrier gains Damage Reduction when their HP drops below a certain amount.
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2023.04.02 09:09 rickywiles Writing Blog Tips: Make your points briefly and clearly

If you've noticed, this post generally adheres to the three-sentence format. The purpose of this style of writing is to make it easier to read. Adding images, subheadings, and bullet points can all help make content easier to read. Additionally, using a clear and concise language will also make your content more readable. Avoid using complex words or long sentences that can confuse readers and make them lose interest in your post. Keeping your writing simple and straightforward will help you engage with your audience more effectively.

Use charts and pictures.

If in doubt, include more pictures. It turns out that images do more for your articles than just add some colour and style. According to studies, blog posts with lots of images typically receive 94% more views than blog posts with just plain text. The arguments are clear-cut and convincing:
More than just believing, seeing entails a thorough understanding of concepts and information. Therefore, don't be afraid to use images. There are many excellent websites where you can get free access to high-quality stock images. Look up Pixabay, Unsplash, and other related websites. There are images available for every subject you can imagine. And they'll give your content more life. Work with design tools to add interactive elements, slide presentations, and original infographics to your website. One such platform that you can use without charge is Canva.
Many bloggers make the mistake of writing lengthy, complicated sentences in an effort to sound intelligent. They also speak to audiences who aren't experts in the subject by using obscure terminology and complex explanations. Making your blog's content complex has the effect of turning readers away. It shouldn't be difficult for readers to comprehend what you are saying on your blog. Therefore, keeping your writing concise is a crucial rule to follow in order to make your blog engaging. Additionally, stay away from filler words and paragraphs that can be removed without changing your message.
Generally, you should write in a conversational tone for your blog posts. If you've completed the first step, which is to identify your target audience, you'll notice that the tone of your blog posts will naturally be friendlier. Your content will always be ambiguous and challenging to read when your audience is unclear. It is also important to break up your writing into shorter paragraphs and use headings to make it easier for readers to skim through your content. Finally, don't forget to proofread and edit your writing before publishing it to ensure that it is error-free and polished.

Write posts with strong opinions without fear.

Your readers are not looking for concepts and knowledge that can be acquired by using common sense. They are seeking new and intriguing insights that will make problems easier for them to solve. You need to have a novel and fresh viewpoint if you want to increase the readership of your blog. The attempt to avoid offending anyone when writing blog posts is a common error made by most bloggers. You won't get very far if you try to appease everyone. Your writing will come off as bland, safe, and generic.
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Daily Writer's Room, DD, & News Discussion Thread

Welcome to the Writer's Room.
Hello fellow APEs! This is our daily Writer's Room where we plan our podcast and other productions, and also talk about News & DD to feature.
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This subreddit stands for truth, fun, community, and learning. Use this thread to collaborate on projects to educate and entertain the community. But most of all, have fun doing so! Apes Strong Together. BUY HODL LAUGH LOVE

If you yourself are a musician, artist, ape with a heartwarming story of your own to share on our show, let us know in the comments below, so we can invite you to share as a special or musical guest.
If you are an animator (2D or 3D), video editoproducer, sound engineeproducer, podcast producer, or highly motivated ape who can direct your own production, please message WeAreAPE moderators and pitch in. The more producers we have on board, the more we can Educate, Entertain, & spread the joy and love.
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2023.04.02 08:22 autotldr Germany: Discrimination against Roma and Sinti on the rise

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 87%. (I'm a bot)
Mehmet Daimagüler, the Germany's first commissioner for combatting discrimination against Roma and Sinti, confirmed that Roma from Ukraine had been discriminated against at all stages of their journey from Ukraine to Germany.
"I find it intolerable that Roma, descendants of people who survived the Holocaust, some of whom were taken to the gas chambers on Reichsbahn trains, are now being discriminated against on Deutsche Bahn trains," Daimagüler told DW. Meanwhile, he said, the chairperson of the Deutsche Bahn board and the chairman of the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma had discussed the matter, and Deutsche Bahn had committed itself to educating its employees about anti-Roma and Sinti discrimination.
DOSTA has found that whether they are shopping, working or dealing with neighbors and landlords, Roma - and people who are thought to be Roma - experience discrimination in all areas of life.
The 2022 Leipzig Authoritarianism Study found that many people in Germany tended to be hostile when asked about Sinti and Roma.
Antiziganism has led to a rise in crime against Roma and Sinti in Germany.
A 2021 RomnoKher study conducted by the nationwide association of Roma and Sinti found that more than six in 10 experienced discrimination at school.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Roma#1 Sinti#2 people#3 German#4 often#5
Post found in /worldnews and /berlin.
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