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TEAS ATI Science Secrets Test Prep 1 UPDATED 2023

2023.03.22 09:50 Sufficient_Intern491 TEAS ATI Science Secrets Test Prep 1 UPDATED 2023

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2023.03.22 09:09 testifylikealullaby Truly this is the state of Misery.

ok I'm gonna green text this.
✨be me, moved from NYC to KC 7 years ago
✨allergies? sure, heard of em. stuffy nose once a year for a week, bada bing bada boom
✨people complain about severe allergies in KC over the years, thank goodness that ain't me
✨come back from a catering event Monday night
✨the fastest wave of starting to feel symptoms ever: sore throat, stuffy nose, extreme body/headache, feeling hot and cold, extreme fatigue
✨i deteriorated FAST. bedridden and huge efforts to move around and talk the next day. I've had COVID before and this is almost worse
✨yay the walk-in clinic has a spot at 4pm! i can barely drag myself to the bus to get there
✨tests: strep is negative, COVID is negative, flu is negative, perfect temperature even tho i feel heavy-headed and so warm. my throat is indeed swollen though.
✨doctor: ok I'm gonna send you home with allergy pills and nose spray. the fluids from your stuffy nose drain into your throat and cause the soreness/swollenness.
✨me: mean to tell me ..ALLERGIES kicked my ass this hard?? they can do that?? is this what allergy life is for other ppl??
✨doctor: yep! we have the absolute worst allergens around here. welcome to the Midwest.
I've heard about developing allergies the longer you live here but this is RIDICULOUS ;w; this has got to be like top 5 on the list of ailments that kicked the absolute sh!t out of me ffs
edit: had no idea using > did the blue line in-text whatever thing. just wanted to do a bullet point format
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2023.03.22 08:42 snapshades Testing magnetic sun shades near NYC

Is there anyone nearby NYC that would be interested in letting us put some magnetic sun shades made specifically for the Ascent? Takes a few seconds to install and another few minutes for photos. You can have the shades if you like then.
Struggling to find a Subaru Ascent in the area!
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2023.03.22 07:51 PotentialLychee8590 The Importance of Proper Preparation for the Challenging FE Exam

The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam is one of the most challenging examinations in the engineering field and requires a great deal of preparation and dedication. The exam, which is administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), is designed to assess the knowledge and skills of recent graduates in the engineering field. For those who are preparing to take the FE Exam, it is important to understand the importance of proper preparation. In this article, we will discuss the importance of studying for the FE Exam and provide some tips on how to properly prepare for the challenging examination.
Study For FE is an essential component of preparing for the challenging FE Electrical Exam. Those who take the time to properly prepare for the rigorous exam often have the most success. It is important to understand the various content areas covered, such as calculus, engineering, mathematics, and electrical engineering, as well as the necessary testing strategies and study techniques. Additionally, familiarizing oneself with the content ahead of time and utilizing practice exams can be invaluable. Ultimately, those who put in the time and effort to adequately prepare for the FE Electrical Exam typically realize the greatest rewards.
Study For FE is an important part of preparing for the challenging FE Exam, as it helps to ensure that students have the knowledge and skills required to pass the test. Proper preparation for this exam includes having a thorough understanding of the material, devoting adequate time to studying, and ensuring that all topics are covered. Developing a study plan can be beneficial in organizing materials and tasks so that adequate time is allocated to each subject. Additionally, working with a tutor or mentor can help to develop the necessary skills needed to pass the exam, while also providing important feedback that can be used to identify areas of weakness. Therefore, proper preparation for the FE Exam is an important step in ensuring successful completion of the exam.
In conclusion, taking the time to properly prepare for the FE Electrical Exam is an essential part of obtaining success. It is important to understand the material covered, such as calculus, engineering mathematics, and electrical engineering, and to utilize practice exams and testing strategies. With the right approach and diligence, those who dedicate themselves to studying for the FE Electrical Exam can prepare for a rewarding outcome.
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2023.03.22 07:48 virgoBread Math 31b final

Took my calc final today and it’s safe to say I’ve never felt worse about an exam. Once I moved onto the second question I immediately knew I didn’t study properly for the test we were given, despite spending over a week prepping. I did the textbook problems, practice final, and watched so many videos over the concepts, but handing in my test and walking out of that lecture hall has left me feeling extremely defeated. I know there are plenty of others who feel similarly about the exam, but I’m not confident that my professor (Pablo O.) will be generous with the curve, considering he didn’t curve our second midterm which averaged a 60%.
I’m not looking for pity, just here to dump my thoughts and feelings before I take my next final tomorrow
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2023.03.22 07:14 Mother-Respond-5965 Advance Placement

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2023.03.22 05:53 Due_Set7720 200+ Free Udemy Certificate Courses - Part 1 - 22/3/23

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2023.03.22 05:50 Noledgebase Microsoft AZ-104: Azure Administrator Exam Prep Test ($49.99 to FREE)

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2023.03.22 05:34 PC23KissItGoodBye Just Diagnosed- Doing Research

Evening Everyone. Married 56M. Just diagnosed March 1st 2023. Don't drink; Don't Smoke; Feel like I spun the wheel of life poorly. (LOL) Luckily detected on the early side. Two MRI's (2T and 3T) did NOT detect. Nor did DRE. Full PSA average only at 7.5. Biopsy is what found it (just at end of February) 2 of 12 cores. a third one suspicious but not rated. Biopsy was in surgical center. put under. Since MRI's didn't show, NOT Fusion and just a random 12 core template needle gun. (Doctor admitted surprise at my results.) (But Doc had another case with lower numbers and level 9 results on all 12 there. I pray for that man.) FYI. We need a trophy that is the Meat Tenderizer with Pins, Sprayed With Gold and mounted on a plaque. "I survived" underneath. Might have to start a business selling these. LOL :-) ASK: In doing research, is there a "dictionary" of all the related prostate cancer terms AND Abbreviations? I'm having to try to write these down as I come across them. Doctor is recommending "Robotic-assisted radical laparoscopic prostatectomy" (nerve sparing I'm assuming) (did I quote that correctly?) Still have to talk to the Radiation Oncologist about that option. and by April 7, we're supposed to have a decision. Maybe. BTW, my Urologist I was recommended to by my PCP is now the head surgeon and has like 30 years of doing this. His finger KNOWS things all by itself (LOL). He's responsible now for training the next generation of surgeons and urologists, so I think I lucked out having him. SHOULD I get another opinion? Should I ask for any other blood/urine/genetic tests to verify the cancer detection? Or was the biopsy the end all tell? Any help appreciated. I will try to get back online next day or two. thank you in advance. PS. I'm still reading thru many of the posts, so I'm trying to prep for best future. And that's my NEXT post is what is life like AFTER removal. Sorry for random, unorganized, it's late and I need to head to bed before work tomorrow.
If you remember the joke... my wife is threatening to put a Blue Ribbon 1st Prize on me anatomy after surgery. as well as googly eyes. while I'm out cold.
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2023.03.22 05:26 Natural_Ad6330 Passed 3rd Try / Thankful / Hard Work Pays Off / Never Give Up

Passed 3rd Try / Thankful / Hard Work Pays Off / Never Give Up
Very thankful to have passed the FE Civil on my 3rd try.
I work in the industry, and am 2 years removed from college. My first attempt was during my senior year of college. I was close to passing, but did poorly on surveying and construction engineering. All of my friends had passed, so I quickly rescheduled thinking I could do the same, I ended up doing much worse the 2nd time and lost some motivation.
About a year later, I have been studying on and off for about 6 months, trying to grasp the concepts I learned in college. I am a full time civil engineer 1, and finding the time and energy to study was difficult. Here are some tips I would recommend:
- Start with Mark Mattson videos on YouTube to cover the basics of each concept. He will make sure you understand units, almost every problem has a units conversion. He will also use the FE reference handbook in all problems.
- Practice problems with a FE approved calculator, get exposed to the Reference handbook as soon as possible
- PREP FE was extremely helpful to me. I used it my third time around studying, and I think the timed practice exams and solutions were very helpful to me. I simulated each practice test like a test environment. In total I completed around 500 problems
- Get your hands on the NCEES practice exam, take a practice test after you have completed studying to see where you score. Do not bank on the questions being similar to the practice exam.
- Research the exam specifications, the time limit, the testing setup, the break time etc.
I am sure these tips have been said before, but I hope this helps someone out there!
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2023.03.22 05:04 Most-Song1794 Reassurance please

Im 16 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. I live in nyc. I’ve had three first trimester losses before. Im terrified everyday. Constantly doing Doppler checks. I had the nipt and the 12 week scan where everything was considered to be “normal.” Since these tests came back okay does it decrease my odds of having an abnormal anatomy scan? I live in constant fear. Thank you.
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2023.03.22 04:36 Glotto_Gold Am I on Track for May 2023?

Just wanted to check-in given the upcoming deadline to defer the FRM exam.
I have decided to try for both FRM Part 1 & 2 in the same go.
I lost 2~3 weeks of prep time due to COVID & work issues relative to expected, and was hoping to dedicate March & April to iterative testing. As it stands, I will have to rely on April for repetitive practice.
Am I on a reasonable track? Or are my odds of failure too high? (Let's be clear: given the expected pass-rate we are NOT using VaR models!! I know the 99% VaR is failing the exam! :P )
Right now, I'm leaning "Go", but the studying feels like drinking a gallon-sized concrete smoothie. (a lot of material & challenge making the quantitative pieces stick)
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2023.03.22 04:14 tyronpiteauvl Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Smart Amazon Ecommerce Download

Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Smart Amazon Ecommerce Download
Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Smart Amazon Ecommerce Download (14.32 GB)
What You Get?

NEW FOR 2023

Quickly add 10–15% in revenue to your ecommerce brand:

Launch (or scale) onto Amazon in as little as 2 weeks using the proven system from a $150 million/year agency.

Get A-to-Z instructions from Amazon expert Brett Curry on how to set up a high-converting storefront, manage product logistics & use his advanced marketing tactics to unlock the world’s largest ecommerce marketplace.


Crucial Cornerstones Of Amazon Ecommerce

The Goal “It’s Not Too Late to Get On Amazon” Making Sales vs. Building a Brand Amazon as a Primary or Secondary Channel Building Customer Loyalty Getting Familiar WIth Amazon

Preparing Your Launch Roadmap

“Our Brand and Our Customer That’s Our True North” Keyword Research Keyword Research Template Competitor Research Refining Keyword Research Listing Optimization Listing Creation Review Acquisition “It All Begins with Keyword Research”

Managing Amazon Logistics

“You Got to Sweat the Small Stuff” Account Setup Seller Fees & Reimbursement Average Cost of Amazon Fees Customer Service & Messaging Account Settings & Returns Managing Shipping, Labeling, & Prep Account Health “The Devil is Truly in the Details”

Setting Up Your Amazon Storefront

“I Look at the Storefront As a Litmus Test” Amazon Storefront Overview Storefront Buildout A+ Content Overview A+ Content Buildout Brand Story Overview Brand Story Buildout “It’s All About Your Brand”

Amazon Marketing

“If You’re Not on Amazon, Someone Else is Getting that Sale.” Amazon Sponsored Ads Components of Sponsored Ads Sponsored Product Ads Sponsored Brand Ads Sponsored Display Ads Brand Defense Ads Optimizing Your Ads Optimization: Bulk “Start With the Simple Things”

What Success On Amazon Looks Like

“Data is Only Valuable If You Take Action” KPIs: Knowing What to Measure Account Health Audits Quarterly Growth Audits “What Story is the Data Telling Us?”

Advanced Amazon Strategies

“Test, Test, Test, and Re-Test” Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) Google to Amazon Converting Search Terms and ASINs “Whatever Your ‘Why’ Amazon Can Help You Get There Faster”
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2023.03.22 04:09 TrafalgarLawMD How similar are step 1 and step 2?

For those who have taken both, I am wondering how they compare. With our NBME overlords deciding that those of us who are not at top institutions can no longer work hard and get a good step 1 score to be competitive, I'm wondering how much detail I should study in my step 1 prep. I passed my schools CBSE a couple of months ago, and I got a 232 on USWA1 earlier this week. I still have over a month until my test, and since I feel like I am at a good point, I want to spend my time hammering the knowledge that will correlate with step 2 and shelf exams during 3rd year, because those still matter. TIA!
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2023.03.22 04:03 Sea_Machine7828 getting admissions consultants/test prep tutors

^ unfair
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2023.03.22 03:56 Money_Examination890 Smart Amazon Ecommerce – Bretty Curry

Here’s what you’ll get in Smart Amazon Ecommerce

Essential Elements Of Amazon Ecommerce, Module 1
Developing Your Launch Plan in Module 2
Putting Up Your Amazon Shop in Module 4
MODULE 5: Marketing for Amazon
What Success Looks Like on Amazon, Module 6
Advanced Amazon Strategies MODULE 7
Source By: Smart Amazon Ecommerce – Bretty Curry
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2023.03.22 03:24 askmicah New to Calisthenics, not new to fitness... how much is too much?

Background: I am 45 years old, 188 cm (6'2"), 82 kg (180 lbs), and have been generally active and fit my whole life with a lean, athletic, "hard-gainer"-type build. I was a triathlete for years, transitioned to CrossFit during its hey-day in the early 2010s, and have maintained a regimen of varied-intensity, varied-modality, varied-routine workouts ever since. I like the idea of being physically competent at a wide variety of sport and ability.
I am used to working out 4-6 days a week, sometimes twice in a day.
Six or so months ago, I happened across bodyweightfitness, saw a lot of things I liked, started incorporating the RR into my routine, researched a lot, and eventually landed on Calimove.
I purchased Mobility 2.0 about 3 weeks ago to improve my mobility and to see how I liked the programming. I started in the Prep Phase and have liked it, so I decided to try Complete Calisthenics, as well. According to their "where to start" chart, I have the pushups, pullups, etc. to start at Level 3, or maybe even Level 4.
My Goals: What has attracted me to bodyweight is the idea of making steady, continual progress (mostly in strength and mobility) because I should be able to avoid the set-backs caused by all the little injuries from moving heavy weights. So I am fine with giving up most of the heavy DB and barbell work and focusing on calisthenics for strength. However, I do want to maintain some variety, for example, I want to continue running once or twice a week and occasionally grinding out a good, HIIT-style workout. But El Eggs seems to mostly advise against this in the FAQs and Intro videos.
My questions... are about volume, variety, and scaling. I did the Level 1 test and was able to find scales of each exercise that put me in the right ranges (mostly 15-25 RM). I did the same with the Level 3 test. Programming after the first 2 weeks of each Level is locked so I can't look ahead, but I assume Level 1 just has a lot less volume than Level 3, even though they are both 3 days per week and seem to be mostly the same exercises.
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2023.03.22 03:21 WhyamIhere526 My time has arrived! Passed ATx3!!!

Hi all! I can't believe I can finally post of my passing the exam!!!
I thought I knew everything to expect from the exam -- but clearly not!!! I struggled with time management and flew through the 2nd and 3rd sections fearing that I would run out of time. I was in panic mode for 2 hours straight!
My naive-self thought that the time for each section was allocated evenly. I didn't know that the 4hours applied to the entire test and that you had to be the watchguard for the entire four hours. I had squandered precious time on the first third of the test (the first 60 was the hardest from the exam).
If you're reading this, plan time wisely! Now I know what they mean by that! lol. Even your breaks were on a strict time watch. I know everyone knows of the 10 minute break between sections, but after reading mind-numbing questions for over an hour straight, you want to cherish every minute of that break. You have no idea how fast that time really is! Within that 10 minutes, you have to run to the bathroom, get some sips of water, and each some crackers to quell the hunger pangs.
The second and third sections were in panic mode. I almost thought I was going to break down in tears because I felt so behind. I seriously thought that I could actually fail the exam because I was rushing through the questions.
I may have scored above target in all three areas, but I did not feel I was performing above target!
As for the test, the first 60 was more like study hall questions. There were several that made me second-third guess my answers in which I fell behind. The second and third sections were easier and the questions were easier to read. There was not much re-reading the question to understand the question being asked.
Also, I was going on two hours of sleep. Despite waking up early and doing all I can to keep myself busy, I was too wired to sleep. See my post from yesterday (I'm taking the pmp tomorrow and I am a jittery mess).
From my recollection, there were quite a number on communication plans, team members not getting along, stakeholders not being happy because deliverables did not live up to their expections.
I had tried to study early to avoid the mad cram at the end (which ended up happening anyways). I did PMTraining for online training. Their training did not help me prepare for the pmp. They were supposedly teaching to the 7th edition which restructured all the ITTOs of the 49 processes. The trainer said that we didn't have to know the 49 processes from the 6th edition. The mock exams on PM training did not correspond to the trainings and I inevitably bombed all of them because they were not really covered in the sessions. After the sessions ended, I ended up getting Andrew Ramdayal's Udemy course and Stuidy Guide to actually learn the 6th edition.
The lesson learned in this was that there was no getting around learning the 49 processes from the 6th edition.
I have joined Reddit about three weeks ago, and I wish I had encountered this subreddit earlier in my PMP preparation journey. I have received such great support and guidance in the short time that I've joined. Thank you to all who have answered my questions and amused and indulged me through my panic posts (posted about my anxieties last night and last week about my rage with study hall).
To all who are reading hoping for inspiration and encouragement for the exam -- YOU CAN DO IT!!!
...just be sure to allocate time in each section and keep mindful of the clock!
Resources used:
  1. PM Training (did not have a great experience with them and they are overpriced)
  2. TIA Udemy course (highly recommend; comes with the Mindset which is essential)
  3. PMP Exam Prep Simplified by Andrew Ramdayal (recommend)
  4. TIA mock exams (recommend for the cut to the chase explanations, but questions are much straightforward than how they would appear in the exam).
  5. Study Hall (the dreaded-effing study hall. It is essential, as much as I resent it. The brain needs to be trained on how to frame these situational questions. Don't place your entire confidence on study hall. I find the answers to be arbitrary and contradictory)
  6. Thirdrock's notes (sorry, I don't know how to tag him). Buy him some coffee! His notes are wonderful as a shorthand review. Notes are succinct and easy to review and covers so much ground!
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2023.03.22 02:51 Status-Garbage-2069 I am looking for someone who performs progesterone test on dogs in nyc

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2023.03.22 02:43 troythedefender Why I'm still bullish long-term despite all the current bearish FUD.

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the direction of crypto in the U.S., but I'd like to share the reasons why I remain optimistic and excited for what the future may hold. Let's not forgot all the positive developments that have occurred over the last couple years. What else would you add? What makes you most optimistic about the future?
-In June of 2021 El Salvador became the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin as legal tender.
-In November of 2021 the US congress passed an infrastructure bill that included for the first time ever provisions addressing crypto currency, taxes, and reporting requirements. While controversial, Congress has continued to discuss legislation, with several key representatives providing a pro-crypto voice. In September of 2022 the White House released the first-ever comprehensive framework for the responsible development of digital assets, acknowledging the perceived risks and benefits of crypto.
-In mid 2021 Visa first announced it would begin settling transactions with USDC stable coin. Speaking at the StarkWare Sessions 2023 conference in Tel Aviv, the head of Visa’s crypto operations said the company has been testing how to accept settlement payments from issuers in USDC starting on Ethereum.
-In August 2022 Blackrock, the worlds largest asset manager with $8 trillion in assets under management, partnered with Coinbase to give institutional clients access to Bitcoin. In December of 2022, the CEO of BlackRock predicted crypto's blockchain technology will usher in "the next generation for markets."
-In June of 2022 Solana announced development of its own smartphone to securely store crypto keys and provide seamless dapp integration.
-In early 2022 Los Angelas's former Staple Center became the arena. In mid 2022 the Home of the 76'ers, the former Wells Fargo Arena was renamed the Bankless Arena.
-In 2022 Polygon partnered with many major companies and is being utilized by Starbucks, Disney, Adidas, Stripe, Meta, and Reddit on a number of NFT and customer loyalty projects.
-In October of 2022, BNY Mellon, the oldest bank in the United States, became the first bank in the US to launch its digital custody platform, allowing select clients to safeguard their Ether and Bitcoin holdings.
-In November of 2022 Fidelity announced it would offer Bitcoin and Ether trading to institutional clients. Since then it has begun offering Bitcoin and Eth purchase to its 401k retail customers.
-In November of 2022 it was reported that the JP Morgan wallet was now a registered trademark for cryptocurrency transfers and related services. The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted the application on Nov. 15. That same month, JPMorgan completed its first live cross-border transaction on a public blockchain using the Ethereum layer-two network Polygon, and a modified version of the aave protocol—a DeFi technology.
-In November of 2022 it was reported that Google is working with the Solana Network providing node & validator services.
-In January of 2023 Amazon began working with the Avalanche Network to provide cloud solutions for app-chains.
-In March of 2023 Microsoft was reportedly prepping to release a built-in non-custodial wallet for Microsoft Edge.
-In March of 2023 Polygon and Immutable partnered with a plan to onboard 100 million gamers into web3 in the next two years. These two chains working together are expected to usher in a new era of gaming.
-In March 2023, several major trad-fi banks in the US and Switzerland failed. The thought of the US or global economy and fiat system tumbling is beyond terrifying, but it also highlights the need for de-fi and a reliable, immutable, transparent, self-custody option.
Edit to fix some typos.
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2023.03.22 02:32 SoftSeason5391 I got rejected by every school I applied to so far.

I’m reposting this just to compare my college acceptance projections with the results I got.
For some context, I’m an international student from Brazil looking for financial assistance. Though a full-ride would be the most advantageous option for my family’s finances, my parents were willing to pay for college costs if I got a partial scholarship.
I applied to 31 schools after being forced to go on a gap year. I had gotten into both NYU (NYC campus) and Purdue with average extracurriculars, a 4.0 gpa, and good essays, but couldn’t go to any of these schools due to financial incompatibilities.
Going on a gap year only strengthed my ECs and awards, which made me consider applying to college in the US again. I was obviously scared – A2C doesn’t have very favorable opinions about gap years – and I was aware that going sabbatical could negatively impact my chances of going to a t20 since I had already applied (and was rejected) to top schools like Dartmouth, Yale, and Northwestern.
My current college list consists mostly of t20s, Ivies, “Little Ivies” (Swarthmore, Bowdoin, etc), and “safeties” (like Bard and Sarah Lawrence). These schools placed significant importance on my financial situation, so, even though my application was virtually strong, I was rejected at Bard and deferred at Sarah Lawrence.
Here’s my application:
Demographics: Female, White (technically Latina cuz I’m from Brazil, but I have mostly Western European ancestry).
Intended major: Physics.
SAT: I’m going test optional (and fearing for my life).
UW/WGPA: 4.0 uw, 4.93 w. Graduated optima within the best 5% of my class/389 kids.
Coursework: junior (AP Lit, AP World History, AP Human Geography, AP Chemistry, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP Spanish, AP Physics); senior (AP English, AP Biology, AP CSP, AP Psychology, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics C, AP Politics).
Awards: Brazilian Physics Olympiad finalist; state/regional honor for academic merit; state honor for excellence in mathematical performance; medal for civil merit; school award for academic achievement; Columbia Engineering Experience 2022 (ik it’s weird, but they said we should list it as an honor).
Extracurriculars: published independent research in physics; received a merit scholarship for a research program to develop research in theoretical physics; summer physics program at a highly prestigious national university; created an online platform using C++ in which I tutored students whose understanding of STEM subjects was impoverished during the pandemic; youth parliament (governor’s program) in which I created a city law; volunteered at the best hospital in Latin America; internship at National STEM Honor Society; founded and was elected president of my school’s student council; field hockey varsity team captain; head of my school’s drama club; taught English to kids from impoverished backgrounds; studied astrophysics under an Oxbridge professor; studied neurolinguistics under a NYU postdoc; model UN; created a campaign to help girls in teenage pregnancy; volunteered at an Italian circus; feminist literature book club president.
(Because I have so many ECs, obviously because of my gap year, I kinda juggled them all according to my supplemental essays topic).
I’m also polyglot, being able to fluently converse in English, Italian, German, French and Korean, apart from Portuguese, which is my native language. I’m currently studying Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Ancient Greek and Latin.
Common App Essay: I wrote about what books meant to me as a child and how I taught my late Great-Grandma how to read and write, something that connected really personally with my work as a language tutor. I 100% regret this essay topic now; I struggled really hard with this essay and, looking back at it now, I know I could’ve come up with something better.
LOR: physics teacher (best student in his class), ap human geo (top of her class, she loved me), coach (field hockey), peer (for Dartmouth, best friend is a physics major at the best university in Latin America).
Deferred: - Sarah Lawrence
Rejected: - Bard - Johns Hopkins - Swarthmore - Bowdoin - URichmond - Harvey Mudd - Tufts - Skidmore - Notre Dame - Case Western
Waitlisted: - Amherst
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2023.03.22 02:32 Fun_Awareness_7411 Selling LSAT Materials

Prices are negotiable. Let me know if interested.
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