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College Basketball multiplayer league, simulated thru "Zen GM: College Basketball Coach"

2023.03.21 18:16 J_Dawg-v3 Me and my friends wrote down all the ow characters and if they were to die (lore wise) who would be the one to finish them then we wrote how (not to graphic or anything). Hope you like it as much as I do; any questions are welcome!

Ana = Reaper (tries to kill soldier:76 but Ana sacrifices herself saving soldier:76), Widowmaker (Widowmaker tries to kill Pharah and Ana jumps in the way of the bullet)
Ashe = Cassidy (if she was going to die I think it would come down to a duel between her and Cassidy and Cassidy would win), Doomfist (Ashe tries to buy overwatch heroes time to escape and Doomfist makes an example of her by killing her infront of them)
Baptiste = Widowmaker, Reaper, Doomfist (he would settle down thinking he is under protection but they would track him get him then torture him to death)
Bastion = Sombra (hacks him shutting him down permanently), Reinhardt (Sombra hack turns him bad and Reinhardt has to fight him like he did at Eichenwalde), Torbjörn (Has to shut him down before he can do more harm after he turns good again), Brigitte (Has to shut him down before he can do more harm after he turns good again maybe after he has killed someone like Torbjörn)
BOB = Ashe (tries to kill Cassidy but BOB defends him and Ashe shoots him), Doomfist (helps Ashe fend off Talon while overwatch heroes escape but gets schooled by Doomfist like Thanos did to Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War)
Brigitte = Any Talon MembeNull Sector Agent (She would stay with Reinhardt while they let the others escape)
Cassidy = Reaper (he first recruited him into overwatch so he is the one who takes him out), Doomfist (Reaper brings Cassidy to Doomfist and he kills him)
Doomfist = Cassidy (Doomfist underestimates him and pays the price), Orisa (it is her sole purpose to defeat Doomfist), Rammatra (betrays him and takes over talon), Widowmaker (blames him for her brainwashing), Reaper (gets tired of him or doesn’t want to follow his orders anymore)
Dva = Sombra (gets hacked so she cannot eject and sombra activates the self-destruct), Rammatra (rips her and takes her prisoner then gives the mech an au and the ai mech kills her)
Echo = Sombra (hack her shutting her down permanently), Sigma (doesn’t realise she is a “person” not a regular robot)
Genji = Sombra (hacks him shutting him down), Moira (she gave him his new body I think so she might have a kill switch of sorts), Reaper (brought him into overwatch and can take him out), Hanzo (he comes to full inner peace by having to accept killing his brother by doing it again), Zenyatta (gives Genji the ultimate peace: death)
Hanzo = Genji (swap roles and they both come to peace)
Junker Queen = Rammatra (she preys on omnics so he would get revenge), Junkrat (his plan would work or it would be an accident)
Junkrat = Junker Queen (would catch up to him and execute him), Roadhog (Junkrat would go to far and Roadhog would kill him out of anger) Reaper (gets annoyed)
Kiriko = Doomfist (would realise how much of a threat she is and kill her first)
Lucio = Symmetra (she would have to get rid of him so her company could take over Brazil)
Mei = Sombra (she would hack Mei’s tech so she would freeze in her iceblock)
Mercy = Moira (they would do battle as they have obviously rivalry due to morals)
Moira = Genji (she experimented on him so he gets revenge), Reaper (she experimented on him and he gets revenge), Mercy (they would do battle as they have obvious rivalry due to morals), Hanzo (avenge his brother), Sigma (she encourages him to kill more after killing echo and he kills her), Widowmaker (it is my head canon that Moira was the one who brainwashed her so Widowmaker would kill her for revenge)
Orisa = Sombra (hacks her shutting her down permanently), Doomfist (he would kill her after she trie to fulfil her purpose) , Reinhardt (if she turned evil Reinhardt would be the one to fight her like Baldriech did)
Pharah = Widowmaker (would kill her to get back at Ana), Junkrat (adds more explosives to her jet back without her knowledge)
Rammatra = Sombra (hacks him and shuts him down permanently), Doomfist (betrays him and takes over Null Sector), Bastion (goes against him after Rammatra tries to convince Bastion that he is on his side), Zenyatta (ends his brother so he may have peace)
Reaper = Soldier:76 (he finally takes him down in a 1v1), Ana (Saves soldier:76 by killing him), Winston (saves Tracer by ripping him in half), Widowmaker (turns against him and talon)
Reinhardt = Orisa (after turning evil she kills him like her model killed his mentor), Rammatra (makes an example of him and kills him infront if the entire team), Bastion (after turning evil overwhelms him while Reinhardt is covering others)
Roadhog =Junker Queen (executes him with Junkrat), Orisa (she would have to be the one to take him down due to her being the only one big enough), Rammatra (gets revenge as Roadhog has killed a lot of Omnics)
Sigma = Moira (sees him as too unstable and a threat so ends him), Sombra (helps him find mental stability by killing him), Soldier:76 (frees him if talons control by killing him)
Sorjourn = Widowmaker (would assassinate her in broad daylight so there would be no backup)
Soldier:76 = Reaper (he finally takes him down in a 1v1), Ana (puts him out of his misery), Rammatra (tracks him down captures him then makes an example of him by executing him in live tv to everyone), Doomfist (tracks him down captures him then makes an example of him by executing him in live tv to everyone)
Sombra = Orisa (would find her trying to hack her and would kill her), Zarya (would get her hands in her and take her to the lady from the sombra cinematic who would then kill her)
Symmetra = Lucio (so that he can take back Rio de Janeiro)
Torbjörn = Bastion (Torbjörn would try to talk down evil bastion and her getting fatally injured would make bastion snap out of it)
Tracer = Widowmaker (would finally get her)
Widowmaker = Ana (would win in the sniper rematch), Pharah (would avenge her mother)
Winston = Reaper (would manage to kill her after all the attempts), Doomfist (leader vs leader)
Wrecking ball = Sombra (hacks him and easily kills the fat hamster), Winston (would have to face him off because he is also form the lunar colony and know what happened to Harold Winston), Junker Queen (would have to put him down after he tries to become junker king in a revolution), Roadhog (Junker queen gets Roadhog to kill him)
Zarya = Sombra (gets the better of her and manages to kill her), Soldier:76 (enhanced soldier vs enhanced soldier)
Zenyatta = Sombra (Hacks him shutting him down permanently), Reaper (killed to shut him up), Rammatra (kills his brother so that he doesn’t cause any more problems)
Ps if this gets removed I’ll be annoyed because I asked to miss about it and neither replied
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2023.03.21 18:14 _0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_ Very Valuable Advice I found on Blind to Cope Up the Layoffs

"As an engineer who has been through this way too many times, I'll try to give a real answer:
  1. Do your job to the best of your ability because its what you are a professional. To be in upper management you have to know how to play politics, to be an engineer you have to actually understand your trade. Do your best so you can look yourself in the mirror and know your worth isn't what a bean counter says it is. Its about self-respect. and if you end up laid off or even PIPed, you can hold your head high. That confidence will move you to the front of the line for the interviews to come.
  2. Keep records of what you do. Once a month update your resume. Stand back and look at what you did in a way that will stand out when interviewing. Don't wait until after you are locked out - write it down now while you can review your own work.
  3. Listen to your teammates - are they allies or adversaries? Are their review comments helpful or building a case against you in the next ranking. Not everyone is your friend and not everyone is your enemy. Always treat both with respect, but don't be naïve. Quickly discovering who is on your side is the number one thing you can do to protect yourself when politics are played.
  4. Talk to your manager, regularly. Never assume they know what you are doing even if they are in stand up. Get yourself on their calendar at least every other week. Make your work visible to them, document it every week. If they like you, it will be used to defend you. If they hate you, they will let you know where you stand earlier.
  5. Be visible to your skip level and to other team leads This protects you if your manager isn't liked. I've seen way too many great engineers suffer because of a manager that wasn't liked by their boss.
  6. Pay attention in all hands - not the pre-prepared, highly sanitized slides but listen careful for how they respond to questions. Management are employees too - they have been told what they cannot share but they will slip up. Micro-mistakes usually. Chat with a least one co-worker about what you heard, they will hear something different.
  7. Watch how your company (all companies actually) treats its employees in bad times - take note of the companies that violate their principles when things get hard. Watch which ones do rolling layoffs, forced URA, prefer hiring over promoting. Do they offer remote and then demand RTO? Take note of this - its indicates a company that doesn't respect you.
  8. Watch what the CEO does - does he play follow the leader? Is he afraid of making announcements? Does he hold all-hands and then announce a controversial policy the next day? Take note of this - these are weak leaders and forecasts more of the same in the future.
  9. Remember, if you are laid off - its never your fault. I know this seems like an obvious thing, but your mind goes there and will stay there. Layoffs are always mistakes made by upper management - they over hired, they tried to market something that wasn't selling, or they just want their stock options to go up. If you do #1, then don't blame yourself - you did your job. If you did 2-5 you did everything you could to protect yourself. If you did 6-8 you knew it was coming.
  10. Finally, and most importantly, make sure you spend time every day becoming better - do a LC problem, update your resume, spend 30 minutes learning something that will get your next job. Take the power back into your hands.
If this sounds like a "get over it" post - it isn't. I just spent 30 minutes typing it out because of Gobble's weak leadership. I'm in the same boat, but I decided to think about the 10 things I could do. #11 is GTFO when I find something that makes me not worry as much. Respect matters more than a big paycheck. Most of big tech has now told us who they are, never forget."
Source: https://www.teamblind.com/post/How-the-f-do-you-work-S8VqobOs
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2023.03.21 18:14 thanosishungry Columbia admit fall 23

I just got an admit to Columbia University's Engineering school in Industrial Engineering for Fall 23. I have started looking for accommodation in the city and was looking for roommates. So if you've been admitted to the same course or any other program at Columbia and are looking for roommates too, please feel free to hit me up.
Some background information about me: International student from India Male, 22 Looking for apartments in the Upper West Side, Bloomingdale, Manhattanville and Morningside Heights
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2023.03.21 17:58 Various-Cut-1070 How should I prep to get into the STEM field?

I’ve always been into tech and some science. I’m pretty decent at math.
I’m 31yo and I’m currently a Housing Counselor at a nonprofit. It’s a decent job, but not what I really want to do in the long term. I didn’t go to college unfortunately. My highest degree is a high school diploma.
What are some things I can be doing to get into the STEM field? I’ve already started studying for the CompTIA A+ certification. A friend of mine told me that’s a good step to get into IT.
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2023.03.21 17:56 codadollars Open bite from nightguard - how to reverse this?

Hi all, I'm 24 and for a while I've had super flat back teeth from grinding/TMJ. Last February I went to a new dentist for the first time in several years (hadn't gone due to lack of insurance). She recommended that I wear a nightguard and said I could even get them at a store or over Amazon. I got one over Amazon that I bit into to fit to my teeth, and within a few weeks was wearing it nightly, which I've continued to do.
I had a 1-year appt yesterday. My normal dentist wasn't there but another was visiting and he noticed that I now have a slight open bite. To be honest, it's not super pronounced and I usually smile with just my upper teeth visible anyways. However, he said it was from the nightguard and said that I "need" to get Invisalign, which would cost about $3000. He immediately contacted an orthodontist who is supposed to call me today.
I'm in grad school, and living mostly paycheck to paycheck. I definitely can't afford $3000 at once, don't want another monthly bill, and don't need more debt in addition to student loans. I'm honestly panicking and have a handful of questions:
  1. Are there any legitimate consequences of having a slight open bite? (It's barely noticeable and I haven't had any issues chewing, etc) I am beyond stressed and can't afford orthodontic treatment. I just applied for medical assistance due to other conditions, but in my state it supposedly doesn't cover orthodontics for adults even if I do get it :/
  2. If I stop using my nightguard, will the open bite reverse?
  3. Does anyone have any affordable and safe suggestions for places that I can get a custom nightguard as I know it's probably best to end up using one eventually?
  4. Do you think that this bad advice (dentist telling me an over-the-counter nightguard was okay, then it caused an open bite) warrants switching to another dentist? I feel both apprehensive and frustrated after this.
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2023.03.21 17:35 giljimbert Help with Syrett Tech Replacement Teeth for HC T-Rex

Has anyone here successfully install the replacement teeth set for HC T-Rex from Syrett Tech? The upper jaw was an easy, if not time consuming installation, but the lower jaw has gotten me vexxed. I removed it with a pegs intact but now my rex's lower pallet seems to be warped and only a half the pegs will insert and the other half will pop out.
Any help or even a video of an install would be greatly appreciated. I've only been able to find Jurassic Compound's feet installation video thus far.
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2023.03.21 17:32 BuckarooOJ Concept for a character in the Harry Potter world

I haven’t decided on a concrete name yet, but here is the general concept:
This wizard’s family has a hereditary trait of being “late bloomers” when gaining magic, often times having the magic come as late as 15. To make up for this, the family is heavily invested in muggle technology such as computers and IT, and tend to use more non magic methods in their day-to-day lives, as they feel often times magic is to heavily saturated in the wizarding world.
The wizard as a first year at Hogwarts is teased and mocked by many students. After many astonishing accomplishments, such as setting up a wizard exclusive internet line, and deepening the school’s knowledge on muggle tech, other student begin to praise them.
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2023.03.21 17:30 untitledtoycollector Question: Best 1:12 scale articulated school uniform female figure for custom?

Question: Best 1:12 scale articulated school uniform female figure for custom?
Hello, everyone! I want to make a custom figure of a certain female video game character who wears a school uniform as pictured below. Do you know of any figma/S.H.figuarts/any 1:12 scale articulated figure that resembles the outfits shown in the picture?
I'd prefer that she doesn't come from a Sailor Moon buck, but something like this figma Hatsune Miku #SP-050) is kind of close. As I continue searching for the best option, I hope you all can give me some input.
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2023.03.21 17:27 IllEfficiency6104 AI App co-founders looking to hire college/recent grad dev team members

Hi ya'll!-
Throw away account here, since I am solely on Reddit right now with a mission to find a young CS team.
**Mods, if this post about seeking potential people to hire is inappropriate for this sub please delete it.**
My co-founders and I, who have been friends for years and been successful in a variety of different industries (and all around awesome people, if we don’t mind saying so ourselves), have teamed up with a mission to build an app that utilizes our combined skill sets to help change the way people can communicate and develop relationships with each other.
That is intentionally vague, and the exact details of the app can be explained later, but for now what is important is that we find several programmers that can help get us to beta.
We have the entire outline built out, the business filings, budget, team of VAs, market research, business consultants, systems and all of the other pre-beta launch pieces needed except for... well, the most important one: the Dev Team.
Now that we have reached this stage, we analyzed our budget and while it is not small, it is also not large enough to hire well-seasoned professionals for an extended of time.
Given that, we are currently accepting applications for students looking for a paid internship (a fair market value paid internship, not a minimum wage one by any means… we always hated that slave labor wage game when we were in school, too) and/or ongoing part-time freelance work for a recent grad, with the idea to eventually transition into a full-time or potentially CTO role if benchmarks to success are met and career goals align.
We currently have a couple applicants from overseas programmers, but today we all agreed that we would actually prefer to hire stateside, and develop a relationship with a young and energized tech team who lives and breathes AI and app development.
(Also… time zones. We are finding that those really matter.)
Looking to work with 2-3 people who are collectively skilled in any combination of the following (all fully remote work):
Backend Development: Python, Java, or Ruby, potentially Flask, Django, or Ruby on Rails.
Mobile Development: React Native, Flutter, or Ionic.
Cloud Computing: AWS or GCP
OpenAI API and AI: (Experience or insatiable desire to learn and dabble in, like us)
Database Management: MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB.
Would be great to have:
DevOps: Docker and Kubernetes.
Frontend Development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Web Scraping: Web scraping technologies like Python's BeautifulSoup and Scrapy
This is not an exhaustive list, and we understand that there is more than one way to skin an app cat here, so open for savvy folks with skills both within and outside of the above-mentioned languages and programs.
If this is you, send an email to Christer, at christer.umali.va@gmail.com (not sure if writing the whole thing out gets triggered or flagged here, but you get it)
Or slide into my DMs here, whatever makes you comfy. Lots of spammers and thieves wanting your ETH out there, I get it.
Anyways, this is a very ambitious and exciting project that is an untapped market (I know I know, but this one is actually mostly untapped), hyper-niched, can serve millions and is scalable to the high moon!
Or it all crashes and burns and you still get paid and we all learn a ton in the process.
Win, win!
This isnt our first start up, but it is our first in the app world, so we will lean heavily on the applicants’ expertise here, but we also understand this is a work in progress for all of us.
We are hustlers and hip professionals here, with a large network in our fields; you’ll like us 📷
Hope to hear from a few of you soon!
(P.S. Christer is our VA manager, my name is Ken. You can address the email to me)
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2023.03.21 17:24 Bodeadly Follow up from my tow 9 days ago - Just got the truck back

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2023.03.21 17:17 Altruistic_Scar8632 Bio class recs for a non-science premed?

No AP Bio credit. I need classes with labs so I think I'm limited to Gen Bio, Genetics, Cell Bio, and Comparative Physiology. Would taking upper levels look more impressive than taking Gen Bio? Of the upper levels, are there two that med schools would prefer or that would be more helpful for the MCAT?
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2023.03.21 17:11 Sethuel Kings Playoff Odds Update 3/21

Well, that was a ride. On the last game of the road trip, our guys came out snoozing. As the Jazz pulled away early, Coach Mike was throwing everything at the wall, leading to some early minutes for the much-clamored-for Keon Ellis and the rarely-clamored-for Matthew Dellavedova. Unfortunately I don't think we'll be seeing any t-shirts celebrating the "Ellie and Delly" two-man game any time soon. The score after one was 40-19. It's possible there's been a worse start to a game this season but I can't say I remember it offhand.
Anyway, you know the rest, you don't come here for recaps. Number 5 activated fourth-quarter mode early and brought the team all the way back. The Kings went ahead but couldn't hang on due to some combination of questionable calls, an inability to get stops, and some key missed shots. Did you know that coming into last night, HB was 1 of 7 from deep during clutch time? Neither did I. That's not great, but it's also an extremely small sample, so it's not an actual concern, but those two bricks last night make it 1 of 9, which is... stilll an extremely small sample and not an actual concern, but still kind of a bummer.
Also a bummer: the Grizzlies once again overcame a large deficit, but they managed to get the win. So our shot at the 2 seed (or better) took a hit, going from around 48% yesterday to 28.6% today. Some amount of that is just Memphis having an easier schedule the rest of the way. We still have the Celtics, Suns, Warriors, Mavs, and Nuggets, though we do also get two against the Blazers and one against the Spurs. Memphis does have one against the Bucks and two against the Clippers, but they also get the Blazers, Pelicans, and Magic (once each) and the Rockets (twice!). On the plus side, the Lakers are currently stuck in 11th (lol).
Our shot at 50 wins took a hit too. Yesterday it was a nice 69.3%, today it's down to 50.5. Of course if you told me over the summer that the Kings would be a coin flip away from getting 50 wins, I would have baked you a fancy cake (I don't know how to bake, so I would have had to learn to bake first, so I'm talking a considerable amount of effort here).
The Warriors (ugh) are still the most likely first round opponent. I've mentioned this in the comments but that ugh isn't that I'm afraid of them, it's just that I don't want to deal with the inevitably large away contingent at Golden1, to say nothing of the ticket prices if we have to compete with Bay Area tech money. So let's hope it falls to the 3-in-4 chance of being someone else.
We're still looking pretty good for clinching a top-6 spot on Saturday. But first we've got a tough one against the Celtics tonight. I won't be at the game tonight, but I will be at Good News Wine this afternoon for their Cheese and Beer pairing event. If you're there, come say hi. I'm the guy who looks like Paul Giamatti with a giant beard.

​ Table: Kings Chance of Seed (10,000 Simulations)
Seed Chance of x Seed Chance of At Least x Seed
1 2.2% 2.2%
2 26.4% 28.6%
3 69.7% 98.3%
4 1.6% 99.9%
5 0.1% 100.0%
​ Table: Kings Chance of Total Wins (10,000 Simulations)
Wins Chance of x Wins Chance of At Least x Wins
44 0.1% 100.0%
45 0.4% 99.9%
46 2.3% 99.5%
47 7.6% 97.2%
48 16.2% 89.6%
49 22.9% 73.4%
50 23.8% 50.5%
51 16.8% 26.7%
52 7.8% 9.9%
53 2.0% 2.1%
54 0.3% 0.1%
​ Table: Chance of Kings' 1st Round Opponent by Kings Seed (10,000 Simulations)
Opponent Total 1 2 3 4
Total 100.0 2.2 26.4 69.7 1.6
Warriors 23.7 0.3 5.0 18.2 0.2
Mavericks 17.4 0.4 4.9 12.0 0.1
Timberwolves 15.2 0.3 4.6 10.0 0.2
Clippers 12.7 0.1 1.4 10.4 0.9
Lakers 8.2 0.3 3.3 4.7 0.0
Thunder 7.5 0.4 2.9 4.1 0.1
Suns 7.4 0.0 1.1 6.2 0.1
Jazz 5.0 0.2 2.0 2.8 0.0
Pelicans 2.9 0.2 1.1 1.6 0.0
Blazers 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
​ Table: Chance of Kings' Clinch Dates (10,000 Simulations)
Date Clinch Top 10 on x Date Clinch Top 6 on x Date Clinch Top 4 on x Date Clinch Division on x Date Clinch Top 10 by x Date Clinch Top 6 by x Date Clinch Top 4 by x Date Clinch Division by x Date
March 22 1.7% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 1.7% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
March 23 11.2% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 12.9% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
March 24 49.7% 8.6% 0.0% 0.0% 62.6% 8.6% 0.0% 0.0%
March 25 29.8% 29.4% 4.2% 0.0% 92.4% 38.0% 4.2% 0.0%
March 26 2.7% 19.0% 0.4% 0.0% 95.1% 57.0% 4.6% 0.0%
March 27 3.7% 24.4% 21.7% 5.7% 98.8% 81.4% 26.3% 5.7%
March 28 0.6% 0.8% 0.1% 0.0% 99.4% 82.2% 26.4% 5.7%
March 29 0.6% 13.2% 36.6% 19.2% 100.0% 95.4% 63.0% 24.9%
March 30 0.0% 0.1% 0.0% 0.0% 100.0% 95.5% 63.0% 24.9%
March 31 0.0% 3.3% 23.6% 23.7% 100.0% 98.8% 86.6% 48.6%
April 1 0.0% 0.3% 3.4% 1.0% 100.0% 99.1% 90.0% 49.6%
April 2 0.0% 0.8% 7.2% 27.6% 100.0% 99.9% 97.2% 77.2%
April 4 0.0% 0.0% 1.3% 7.6% 100.0% 99.9% 98.5% 84.8%
April 5 0.0% 0.0% 0.8% 4.3% 100.0% 99.9% 99.3% 89.1%
April 6 0.0% 0.0% 0.1% 2.8% 100.0% 99.9% 99.4% 91.9%
April 7 0.0% 0.0% 0.4% 5.3% 100.0% 99.9% 99.8% 97.2%
April 8 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 100.0% 99.9% 99.8% 97.2%
April 9 0.0% 0.0% 0.1% 1.2% 100.0% 99.9% 99.9% 98.4%
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2023.03.21 17:09 InternationalWash822 Warren Buffett invested in these Fintech Companies - How does SOFI Measure Up?

Warren Buffett invested in these Fintech Companies - How does SOFI Measure Up?
The fintech industry has seen one of the most exciting growth trends as it revolutionizes how people access financial services. Right now, there are over 30,000 fintech startups and by the end of 2021, fintech investment reached a total of $210 billion. The fintech sphere is only expected to grow, so I believe it is a very attractive industry for investors and Warren Buffet seems to think so too.
The Oracle of Omaha has been making large investments in multiple fintech companies. In fact, Buffet has invested over $900M (107.1M shares) in the Brazilian company, Nu Holdings, and $907M (30M shares) in ALLY. This is a huge investment even for someone like Buffett. Nu Holdings is actually his 8th largest investment in terms of shares. This raises the question, why has Buffett invested in these other fintech companies, but not in Sofi?
Throughout this post, I’ll be talking about Sofi, ALLY, and Nu Holdings - comparing their pros, cons, and similarities. My goal here is to see if there is room for 3 top dogs in the fintech industry or not.
Why has Buffett purchased a lot of shares of Nu Holdings, specifically?
For starters, the company has grown its customer base to 70.9 million clients in just over a year since going public. Nu Holdings provides credit cards to people who are not eligible to get one through other banks & tries to minimize risk by reducing the eligible benefits that the customer is initially eligible for. As they pay their bills on time, they unlock more benefits & more credit limits.
Another reason is its management. It's no secret that Buffett likes to invest in companies with good management. As he once said, “When we own portions of outstanding businesses with outstanding management, our favorite holding period is forever.”
Nu Holdings has recently hired David Marcus (former president of PayPal & former Meta Board member) on March 6 to be part of its Board of Directors. It’s expected that David will play a crucial role in Nu’s journey going forward.
The rest of the management team brings a lot of experience to the table as well:
  • CEO, David Velez, was a partner at Sequoia capital between January 2011 & March 2013. He also worked for Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and General Atlantic.
  • CGO, Cristina Junqueira, worked for a Boston Consulting group before founding Nu Holdings in 2013.
  • CFO, Guilherme Lago, worked in Credit Suisse Group AG & Mckinsey as well.
  • CPO, Jagpreet Duggal, worked as a director of product management at Facebook.
So you can see Nu’s management team has significant experience in this sector and under their leadership, Nu Holdings grew its revs from $1.7 billion in 2021 to $4.8 billion in 2022 - a 182.3% increase YoY.
Nu Holdings’ Edge - Brazil’s Unbanked Population
Before Nu Holdings started, over 55 million Brazilians were unbanked. This is because it's notoriously difficult for people who are not wealthy to obtain credit cards in Brazil. In general, it's very difficult to get a credit card in Latin America without being one of the wealthy elites.
By offering credit cards to people who would not be able to obtain one any other way, Nu has captured a large, untapped market. This is the main reason Nu is as successful as it is today.
Compared to SOFI, Nu Holdings has a much larger client base, this is of course due to its operations in Brazil, Mexico, & Columbia which in total have a larger population than the US. Thanks in part to these widespread operations, Forbes listed Nu Holdings as one of the world’s best banks in 2022.
Nu Holdings has a larger client base, more revenues, and is growing at a much faster rate than Sofi. The main reason for this is the fact that Nu Holdings doesn’t have as many competitors as Sofi, especially since they focus on an untapped market in Latin America. With Sofi, they have competitors right, left, and center due to established banks and fintech competitors. Nu Holdings became profitable Q3 2022 - only a year after its inception. After making a net profit of $7.8 million in Q3, it went on to make $58 million the next quarter and is on track to report an EPS of $0.02 & $1.393B in revenues in Q1 2023
Whereas SOFI is still struggling to become profitable and is forecast to make an EPS of $-0.077 & $442.262M in revenue in Q1 2023.

*Screenshot taken from Future Investing YouTube*
How are Nu Holdings & Sofi similar?
But Nu Holdings & Sofi share one very important thing in common. They both want to be a one stop shop for financial services.
Since Sofi specializes in student loan refinancing, it creates a bond with younger customers who - hopefully - will turn into lifelong customers that use Sofi for all their banking needs. Similarly, Nu Holdings offers credit cards to customers younger than 18 in Brazil - capturing a demographic of young people who will hopefully become lifelong customers.
This means that both companies could continue to grow and expand as their customer base grows older and younger generations adopt their services as well.

Why has Buffett invested in ALLY?
Having invested $1.7B since 2012 in the industry giant, General Motors, you could say Buffet is an expert on the auto industry. Which helps explain why Buffett took an interest in Ally.
This fintech company offers multiple services but specializes in the auto loan industry since it once was a financing division of GM, originally known as GMAC. After GM sold the rest of its 8.5% stake in Ally for $900M in 2013, Ally has expanded its market by offering mortgages, credit cards, wealth management, & other services.

Another reason Buffett is investing in ALLY could be its history of share buybacks. Buffett is a big believer in stock buybacks and has said they can be the best use of corporate capital. ALLY also offers quarterly dividends to shareholders, which is a sign of the company’s fundamental strength.
How does ALLY compare to Sofi?
The main difference is the source of Ally’s revenue. 65.6% of Ally’s total revenue in 2022 came from the auto finance industry, while Sofi’s edge is student loan refinancing. In 2019, Sofi generated 59.7% of its revenue from student loans. But it’s worth noting that it can be quite difficult to qualify for student loan refinancing if you have a bad credit score whereas it’s a bit easier for people to get auto loans.

How are Ally & Sofi similar?
Ally & Sofi both offer commission free stock trading for investors with a high APY as well. Ally’s savings account offers 3.60% APY and Sofi offers 3.75% APY with a direct deposit. This means that with a direct deposit, you’ll earn a higher APY with Sofi, but without one, you’d earn a higher APY with Ally.
Both companies offer multiple services such as mortgage loans, credit cards, insurance, etc. and are online banks with no physical locations. Given their different niches, it makes sense that Ally’s customers tend to be millennials while Sofi’s customers tend to be students or fresh graduates.
Sofi’s Edge
So after going through the pros and cons of all three of these companies, you might be wondering if SOFI has what it takes to gain market share in the growing Fintech industry.
I believe Sofi has an edge over these two competitors when it comes to diversification. The two pictures below show the type of services that Sofi & Ally offer. Sofi is constantly trying to increase its market by opening up different services to attract new customers. To name a few:
  • Sofi Relay: Allows members to link all their existing deposit accounts, investment accounts, & retirement accounts into a single mobile dashboard.
  • Money Vaults: Helps users prioritize saving money. Vaults are used to save money for a certain purchase to be made in the future (Ex. Car or house).
  • Retirement accounts: Traditional, Roth, & SEP IRAs
    • Traditional: Traditional retirement account, withdrawable
    • Roth: Allows you to contribute after-tax dollars, and then withdraw the money tax free in retirement.
    • SEP IRA: A retirement account for someone who’s self-employed.
  • Sofi Protect: Gathers details to get comparisons on insurance providers to find the best rate for you.
  • Sofi Invest:
    • Crypto investing: offers trading for 30 cryptocurrencies with a 1.25% charge per trade.
    • Stock investing: stock and ETF investing commission free.
    • Automated Investing with goal setting, auto rebalancing, & Diversification
  • Loans:
    • Wedding loans: Loans used to purchase an engagement ring, wedding, or honeymoon with a low fixed-rate personal loan from $5k-$100k.
    • Travel Loans: Loan used to travel. Low fixed rate personal loan from $5k to $100k.
    • Law school loans: Loan for Law school students. Competitive rates, exclusive member benefits, & no fees
    • MBA Loans
    • Home Improvement loans
  • Cyber Insurance: Protection from Cyber financial fraud, cyber extortion, identity theft, phishing scams
  • Sofi Insights: Tracks all your money in one place on the mobile app, monitor your credit score, set multiple goals, track your spending.
  • Estate Planning: Partnered with Trust & Will to give members 15% off their trust.
I recently learned that SOFI is even letting its customers get early access to IPOs which could draw more traders to the company’s services. If SOFI underwrites more IPOs, investors like you and me may join its platform just to get in on that action. Personally, I think this is a fantastic service because up till now IPOs have been a very exclusive process.

Besides diversification, SOFI’s focus on student loan refinancing is also a plus imo. College education is essential in the US and without a college degree, most people can only get so far in their career.
For instance, 53.7% of the US working population in 2021 graduated from college and at least 75% of new jobs require a college degree.
When you factor in the average cost of tuition - which has soared 31.4% from 2010-2020 - and that the average student debt among college graduates is $28,000, SOFI is in a great position to profit from this sector.
Given this inflationary environment & higher interest rates, I think that demand for student loan refinancing will only increase. This is because employers are constantly looking for people with degrees & the number of jobs requiring this are increasing every year. So it's no surprise that CEO Anthony Noto recently said, “We’d expect the demand for that product (student loans) to really go through the roof and be back to normalized levels that we saw in 2019.”
But with the student loan pause in place, SOFI is losing a lot of money. The company stated that it has lost $300M to $400M and is pushing very hard to get a decision passed ending the student loan moratorium. The Supreme Court already heard the oral arguments regarding the case and is expected to give a decision in June.
If things are not resolved by then or the Supreme Court rules against federal student loan forgiveness, then payments are expected to resume by the end of August. This is because payments are expected to start up again, 60 days following the ruling.
Needless to say this would be a huge catalyst for SOFI and I, personally, believe that the Supreme Court will rule in SOFI’s favor. And the flood of refinancing requests that could come in once this limbo ends could give SOFI’s revenues a much-needed push. With this in mind, June will be a make-or-break moment for SOFI.
Now, you might be thinking ‘that’s great and all but what about Buffett’s 8th largest investment by shares? OP is just some dude on the internet, and this is THE Warren Buffett’.

Well, you wouldn’t be wrong. It's hard to argue against Warren Buffett’s logic and I think NU could be a good investment as well, but compared to SOFI, I think that it presents a lot more risk.
For one thing, Brazil has just gotten out of one of its worst economic crises in history and with a new government taking over there’s a lot of uncertainty. Corruption is very high in Brazil, and banks which provide their services almost exclusively to the rich in Brazil could use their power to turn the government against Nu Holdings if they feel threatened.
Also, giving out credit cards to kids under 18 (even if the card’s benefits are limited) just sounds really risky to me. Given that most people in Brazil are not as financially well off as most US residents, its weaker currency, and struggling economy, Nu Holdings could face the greatest risk of all three companies. But time will tell whether the Brazilian government will make life easier or more difficult for a company like Nu Holdings.
So this means that ALLY, which also focuses on the US market for financial services, is probably SOFI’s greatest competition.
Both companies have a lot in common, but they’ve chosen to specialize in different niches. So let’s break it down:
  • 91.55% of households reported having access to at least one vehicle in 2020, however, the number of registered vehicles declined between 2012-2019 by over 25 million.
  • The average cost of a car in 2021 was $42,258 with an average payment of $563 per month. Today, it costs an average of $48,080 to purchase a new car.
  • Moreover, around 31% of American adults have relied on auto loans to pay for their car in 2022.
  • Rising inflation has caused new vehicle prices to increase 5.8% YoY according to February’s CPI report, although used car prices decreased 13.6% from last year (probably due to overstock).
With ALLY being specialized in the auto industry, its fortunes may take a hit as the US enters a recession since consumers are less likely to purchase new or expensive vehicles when they are monitoring their budgets. New vehicle sales dropped nearly 40% during the 2008 recession and I believe history is likely to repeat itself here if the economy enters a recession.
Regardless of the potential hit to the automotive sector, when you compare auto loans to student loans you quickly see that student loans take the cake.
The market size of the Auto leasing, loans, & sales financing industry is $173.2 billion, while the student loan industry is a massive $1.76 trillion. So Sofi has the upper hand here in terms of the market potential.
With college tuition constantly increasing & students entering college year after year,
SOFI also has stricter requirements for qualifying for personal loans, such as a credit score of 680 and other factors which make their loans comparatively safer since its clients are more thoroughly vetted. This is good because it allows Sofi to minimize the potential risk of a customer not being able to pay back their loan in the future.
So, in conclusion, I think SOFI is in a fairly safe spot as long as the Supreme Court gives a favorable ruling. Since Nu Holdings operates in Latin America it won’t compete with Sofi for market share. Ally & Sofi also have different specializations, but Ally is a more established FinTech company which could take customers from Sofi. Still, SOFI’s goal is to become a one stop shop for all financial services and it has diversified its services extensively over the years which could give it an edge in this industry.
Personally, I believe SOFI will be able to grow its customer base better than ALLY because it appeals directly to young adults heading into college. If these customers have a good experience, then SOFI can become their go-to financial service provider for the rest of their life.
On this note, the FinTech industry is on track for major growth especially since Covid-19 acted as a catalyst for the industry - leading to wider adoption at a time when contactless payments were becoming essential.
Besides this, the FinTech industry will likely continue to grow just out of sheer practicality. For one thing, Fintech cuts down servicing costs like maintaining physical branches while still providing a very high value service. As more and more transactions move online, the digital revolution continues to work in the industry’s favor and the widespread adoption of smartphones means that our phones will increasingly act as wallets. So, it's not surprising that the use of Fintech companies increased 88% from 2020 to 2021.
So I'm pretty bullish on three of these stocks for the time being at least.
Now for the TA...

$SOFI has been stuck in a sideways channel since April 2022. The stock has a strong resistance at $7.59 which it tested on its positive Q4 earnings, however SOFI dropped almost 18% to its support at $5.25 due to market uncertainty.
Now trading at $5.20, SOFI is below the 50, 200, and 21 MAs on the daily timeframe. Despite this, I’m expecting a bounce and potential retest of the $7.59 resistance leading up to the Supreme Court decision in June since the RSI oversold at 30.
Right now SOFI is fundamentally oversold IMO. I bought 1k shares here as a starter with a stop loss at the $4.92 support. I’ll be averaging down under the $5.25 support or averaging up depending on the trend. My take profits will be the 200 MA, $6.43 resistance and the $7.59 resistance.


ALLY was in a downward channel all of 2022 but it broke out at the start of 2023 - testing the $34 resistance after earnings. Since then the trend has reversed and is now bearish. The stock touched its $21.91 support mostly due to market turmoil rather than fundamentals.
I’m expecting ALLY to break out of this channel like it did at the start of this year when it approached the $34 support. The stock recently tested what was once the upper trendline and bounced off of it which is a bullish sign.
Personally, I think that these banking fears will dissipate now that the government has stepped in - as illustrated by the XLF closing green on Monday. Looking at the daily timeframe, ALLY is oversold with the RSI at 30 so I am expecting a bounce over the next few weeks.
Long-term, I think ALLY will trade in a sideways channel between the $23.80 support and $34 resistance until a strong catalyst is able to break it out.
But for now, I’ll take a swing here with a stoploss at $23 and my take profits at $27.05 and the 50MA.

Compared to ALLY and SOFI, NU has not dropped as dramatically, which is likely due to its exposure to Latin American markets rather than the US.
The stock is currently trending downwards within the sideways channel. The stock is testing the 200 MA on the daily chart, if it breaks through it I will be going short with the lower trendline as my take profit and the 50 MA as my SL.
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2023.03.21 17:06 Plentifulpastry Has anyone here broken contract? How bad was the fallout?

I’m entering what feels like the final gauntlet of interviews for this job. It’s like a flurry of interviews with the hiring manager, team members, going over a take home assignment, corporate culture meeting, all back to back next week.
I’m stewing in anxiety if it goes either way. I am so scared that the summer will have this flood of transitioning teachers and it’s a hiring lull season anyway and what if I don’t find a job, so I should take an offer now if I get it.
On the other hand, I’m terrified they’re going to make me a great offer and want me to start before the end of my teaching contract. And I’ll have to break contract. There’s already so much gossip about me not returning next year and other teachers being weird to me.
It’s 2 weeks notice and a 2500$ fee to terminate my contract early. This would be very easily doable on the new salary which will be at the very least a 32% bump on what I make now. And I believe they do have to pay out the withheld summer pay. I guess I should go ask HR but I’m scared of that too haha.
The new job would be fully remote with a very well known tech company in their L&D department (you’ve probably used their app) but I’m nervous about the worklife balance there too bc it’s very silicone valley. But I guess my work life balance sucks now anyway.
I’ve never heard of anyone breaking contract at our school. It would be so dramatic. And what if the new job doesn’t work out? I’ve been training like mad since September but I still have serious imposter syndrome. And I can’t imagine ever wanting to return to teaching but it might be a black mark to leave early.
I have therapy tomorrow so I’ll definitely be talking about it then. I just feel so anxious and trapped and guilty. I woke up this morning to two emails setting up interviews for two different jobs which should be a good thing but it almost sent me into a panic attack for some reason.
Has anyone here broken contract? How bad was the fallout? Sorry for the word vomit haha
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2023.03.21 17:02 Grand-Management-720 Fuck Gentrification and Fuck Landlords: A Rant

My city has been dealing with gentrification for about a decade, what was once a blue collar port city is quickly becoming a trendy destination for the upper class. Housing prices have risen exponentially and it is driving most of the working class out of the city.
I live in a finished basement apartment attached to my landlords home just outside of the city. Until now, they had been gracious enough to keep the rent reasonable so I could continue to live and work in the city.
Well its finally happened. Greed has gotten the better of my landlords and they have decided to kick me out of the apartment to renovate, and then increase the rent by around 73%. But because I am a good and reliable tenant they told me I am welcome to "discuss" moving back in at the new rate. Which despite my financial success over the past few years I cannot afford.
I work in this city and I do not have a car. Where I live a studio is more than I can afford, even working40 hours a week at a 9-5, and 20 at a second job cleaning office spaces in the evenings. My entire life is being uprooted and it feels very much as if I have been run out of my home.
I need to get a car and find a new apartment and potentially a new job depending on where I can find somewhere to live. All so my already well-off landlords can get an extra monthly buck.
So fuck you S*** and J******, fuck you and your noisy kids who skateboard and bounce basketballs inside at 7am that I literally never complained about. Fuck you and your loud dance parties and your sauna that I funded but cannot use and the back and front yard you fenced off to keep me out of and scowl at me if I so much as walk across to get my mail. Fuck you and your annual month-long vacations to Costa Rica and your refusal to replace my fridge after it broke down over the summer. You never respected me as a human, and my apartment as my home**. I was the tenant you TOLERATED living on your property for 7 years so you could afford your sauna and trampolines and backyard skate park and tropical vacations.**
Fuck you right to hell. That apartment is NOT worth what you are pricing at at and won't be even after your shitty renovations. Especially without access to any amenities and with the two crotch goblins who are WAY more noise than I think you are aware of since I have always tolerated it without complaint. I hope you can't fill it and you lose your extra source of passive income entirely.
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2023.03.21 17:00 The_Red_Haiku I don't know how to help my husband heal after ex-best friend attacked us

*I wrote this draft a week ago but was too exhausted to completely finish/post it. Writing it is honestly exhausting. It’s been a horrible week with multiple bad things happening. I may need to make a second post about a separate incident in upcoming week.
My (32F) husband (36M) came home from work crying tonight. He’ll do this a few times a year. I have so much guilt over this situation and mixed emotions.
TLDR: My husband’s best friend attacked both of us 5 years ago because we decided to get back together after a big breakup. His friend was so upset, he tried to get me fired from my job and kicked out of my doctorate program. Illegally kicked my husband out of their mutually-owned company. Wanted us to “let it go”, and is confused why we want accountability. Makes a Facebook post about us… monthly, for the past 5 years…. At age 37… My husband is still confused and hurt.
In 2018 (so almost 5 years ago) we got in a fight with my husband’s best friend (his current age 37M)… now ex best friend. They have not been friends since. They got in a fight over my husband and I getting back together after we broke up. Even though it’s been 5 years, it still hurts and bothers my husband. He wants accountability from the ex best friend to mend the friendship… but he refuses.
In 2018 my husband and I were not yet married. Our wedding was scheduled the end of that year. Basically, I was going through a lot and was doubting if we should get married. We were fighting a lot. At the time I didn’t realize my husband’s best friend was actually causing a lot of the fights we were having. My husband would vent to him about our issues and take his friend’s advice.
To be fair to the ex best friend, I get it. I had depression and was not always the nicest and mentally present. I would be online/my phone all the time. We had a 2-year-old daughter in 2018. I have had depression ever since she was born… and unfortunately I realized recently most of my life. It got worse when she was born.
My now-husband and I started dating in 2013. We had a baby before we were married. She was an accident. We love her… but I was not ready to be a mom. I was 24 when we found out we were pregnant. I was devastated. We had only been dating a year and a half.
Props to my now-husband. He let me decide if we should keep the baby and said he’d support whatever decision I made. He’d be there. And he was.
Before we found out we were pregnant he was unhappy with our relationship. I found out later he was considering breaking up with me. When he found out I was pregnant, he decided to stick it through. (This detail is important later…)
Honestly bawling like a fucking baby writing this right now. I did not deserve any of the nice things my now-husband did/has done for me.
I didn’t know at the time, but his best friend told him he was making the biggest mistake of his life. He told him to go and convince me to get the abortion. My now-husband refused.
To be fair to the best friend, I would have been nervous for my friend in this situation.
It’s 2016. I’m an “okay” mom… and that’s being generous. My husband does 80% of the parenting and work. I just graduated nursing school and have my first job in surgery. I come home and cry at least once a week. I feel stupid all the time. The surgeons are cruel. The OR nurses are mean. I work 6 shifts a week with a newborn. (5 normal, one trauma/call shift). The baby nurses and cries all night. Im not sleeping, and I’m on a medication for post-partum depression. I’m very anxious. I feel like my youth is gone. I become obsessed with Facebook and Instagram. It makes me feel good to post like I have this perfect life and am happy. I get into writing and am constantly writing online. Having all these followers and feedback is the only thing I care about and the only thing that makes me feel good.
My husband manages a bar. He works all night, gets up with the baby because I’m always too tired, then watches her while I’m at work. Never complains. He barely sleeps.
I have a breakdown at work a year later and quit. We move back to our hometown to get help from family with the baby. I also get another job in surgery at the hospital.
We get engaged and schedule the wedding for 2018. We were fighting a lot. My now-husband says I’m always on my phone. I’m missing out on our daughter’s childhood. I was worried about finances and affording the wedding.
I was doubting if we should get married.
I decide to call off the wedding. It’s a few months away, and I’m not ready. None of our stuff is in order. I need more time.
I didn’t know at the time, but my now-husband is heartbroken and starts venting to his best friend. The friend tells him to give me an ultimatum and that I’m “unwell”.
My husband comes home and we get in a fight. He gets upset, and out of anger tells me we wouldn’t be together if it weren’t for the baby. He was going to break up with me. I get so upset I tell him then we shouldn’t be together. Despite him crying and telling me he loves me… and things have changed since then, I break up with him.
I spend the next year single and I do go on a few dates. We split custody of our daughter equally. She’s two. She’s very confused and emotional. She doesn’t understand. But knows something isn’t right. My now-husband is roommates with his best friend and another friend. He’s very depressed and has lost a lot of weight from the break up. Understandably, his friends hate my guts. My now-husband sends me a text a few times a month telling me he still loves me and he misses me. I ignore half of them.
The best friend keeps trying to talk to my friends and sister about me. They tell me it’s making them uncomfortable. He obsessive with me and constantly wants to talk to them about how I’m “unwell”. They tell him to stop asking about me.
(Side note: the friend was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 5. He has been on multiple stimulants the past 30 years. He always exaggerates things, and takes things too far. He post 10-15 posts a day on Facebook. Many about his opinions/life story… and memes. It’s just odd for a 37-year-old man.
He’s only had one girlfriend… ever. And the relationship lasted 4 months.)
Christmas 2018 is in a few days. It’s my now-husband’s week to have our daughter. I come home late, alone, after work.
I walk in and start sobbing… there are two custom-made frames my husband made with pictures of the day our baby was born. He got them professionally printed. I had never seen them.
The hospital had a professional photographer. We were really poor. So they only took a few photos of our baby and gave us a digital copy. I kept saying I’d go print them… but was so exhausted and depressed I never got around to it. I was too in love with my phone to do anything else than be online in my free time. After two years, I had forgotten all about them.
I cried all night. It’s like I had forgotten everything he had ever done for me. How kind and patient he was. How he could have left me alone to raise the baby. But he stuck with me. Even after how horrible I was. And I took him for granted and threw our relationship away over one fight. How he had basically raised our baby completely alone since she was born while I loved my phone more than I loved my family.
I showed up at his apartment the next day crying. I told him I was sorry and to please give me another chance. I didn’t deserve one, but I was so very sorry for breaking his heart and putting our daughter through everything she’d been through the last year.
He’s cautious, but tells me we could talk about the possibility of giving our relationship another try.
The best friend is absolutely against this idea. He sends me a message asking if we could meet up and talk. I agree.
(Important to note: before the break up, the best friend shot himself in the leg… he keeps all his guns loaded so they’re ready to use when he “needs” them… he’s had multiple surgeries and is on lots of meds because of this… he brags a lot online how he shot himself in the leg…)
We meet up at a bar. I was only there 20 minutes before I walk out. He tells me I am “not well” and there is a lot of things wrong with me. I need professional “help”.
When I ask what he means, he tells me I don’t see reality. He gives me examples of all these times I lied or made things up. I try to explain these “situations” where I “lied” (example: I told everyone I took my nursing exam once… but I actually took it 3 times… because I was embarrassed)…
I keep my cool, but the whole interaction is bizarre. He tells me I remind him of Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie “Shutter Island”… where he can’t see reality because he’s schizophrenic.
I tell him that all these things he’s saying about me people think about him: he exaggerates, he’s obsessive, his friends talk behind his back, he’s not well…
He starts shaking and tells me I’m gaslighting him! This is exactly what he’s talking about! I’m crazy… and he’s not falling for it.
The bartender comes over and asks if I’m okay… (the best friend was yelling and waving his hands around causing a scene, and the bartender wanted to make sure I wasn’t in danger…).
I’m fed up. I tell the friend I don’t agree with what he’s saying about me and we are done talking. I leave the bar.
He sends me this long text… telling me he’s shaking he’s so scared from what just happened. I’m so far gone from reality and I need help….
I’m not dealing with this shit. I just reply “goodnight”.
I get a call from my now-husband the next morning. His friend came home last night and walked in his room while he was sleeping and woke him up. He was shaking and talking really fast and trying to explain to him he had proof I was “crazy”. (He’s pretty sure he was drunk…)
My now-husband got mad and told him he didn’t want to hear any of this and went back to sleep.
The following morning the best friend called and confronted him and told him he wasn’t dealing with this. It was either him or me. He couldn’t have both.
My now-husband said he could not believe he was acting like this. We had a child together. He could not just cut complete contact with me.
The best friend told him, “It’s not my fault you put a load in crazy…” (Which is a huge insult against our daughter).
My now-husband is a very patient man. But he absolutely lost it. Since this was over the phone, and he was driving, he said he had to pull over. He was so furious he was shaking. He told him he’d beat the shit out of him if he got back to the apartment and he was there. And I was his family. So he was always going to choose me.
The best friend freaks out and is afraid. He calls up his parents and the church group we were all apart of. He says my now-husband has “gone crazy” and “threatened to kill him.” (Which is a lie).
The church group comes to the apartment and helps him move all of his stuff out in a few hours… so he can feel “safe”.
My now-husband isn’t aware of any of this. He avoided going home to “cool-down”. When he got there, he said the friend had placed a “loaded gun” in the window by the front door as a “warning” to my husband. The church group was just finishing up moving things out.
(Side note: if you think this is bizarre, it only gets much, much worse from here…)
A bunch of events ensue after this.
The friend’s mother tells my now-mother-in-law that I am on “uppers” and am “not safe to be practicing as a nurse” and “the public should be warned.” She also tells her I was taking “uppers” when I was pregnant with my daughter and “am high at work.”
Of course, my mother-in-law is upset. The friend’s mom is one of her best friends and of course she believes her. She confronts her son (my now-husband) and he tells her that is absolutely not true.
I am very upset when I am told this. The friend’s mom also tells our church group the same thing. I am so ashamed and embarrassed. I never go back to this church… and screw religion.
My mother-in-law tells us the friend’s mother is threatening to report me to the hospital. I’m extremely upset by this. I ask where this is coming from.
My now husband confronts the friend. He says that in 2013 he gave me one of his Adderall pills. And he has proof in a text message my husband sent asking him for one. (Reminder… this story currently takes place in 2018… almost 2019).
This upsets me so much. I did take one the friend’s Adderall pills in the past to finish a project in college. I had taken some before in the past for the same reason. He gave out his Adderrall a lot… not just to me. Sometimes, he’d just offer it to people.
But I wasn’t addicted to drugs… I wasn’t even a nurse yet or pregnant. I was still in college. I had also never been to work when I was “high”. What the hell did this have to do with anything/the current situation?
I had no idea what the hospital was going to think of this. I also started college again that year because I was working on my doctorate and master’s degree. What was the doctorate program going to think?
I went into my boss’ office the next day crying. It was so embarrassing… I told her what had happened. She told me to immediately go to HR and be honest and tell them the current situation.
HR manager told me they could not say yes or not if someone had called in and complained about me… (which means, either the friend or his mother did call). I told them I would take a drug test immediately, if that is what they wanted. I was not on drugs.
She told me that was not necessary. She thought it was odd and it seemed vindictive. She had already talked to my boss and a few of the surgeons. She said they all said I was “a good nurse” and none of them ever thought “I was high or unsafe at work.” She said that’s all she needed. She told me I should call the college ASAP, and make a report I’m being blackmailed.
I called campus and made a report. The Doctorate of Nursing Program said since I’m drug tested quarterly, that is also all they needed from me. They were sorry this was happening.
I was so relieved.
However, we get a call from my now-husband’s sister. The best friend’s family was threatening her job… because he heard that in the past, she was someone who had also taken his Adderall. She was absolutely furious… she did not work in healthcare. We had “never done drugs together.”
The friend and his family were literally doing anything they could to hurt me and my now-husband’s family. They were using the excuse that they were “being good Christians” as to why they were bringing this all up. All these things were things we had done only a few times in the past.
My now-husband owned a small “company” with this friend and few other buddies. It was a side-gig, but my husband put a lot of work into it and was proud of it.
The best friend and his mother texts him and says he’s been “voted” out of the company. When asked why, they say him getting back together with me is a “liability”. My now-husband is devastated. I tell him I’m pretty sure this isn’t “legal”. He decides to sign the paperwork to dissolve his partnership and give up his shares in this company.
My husband cries off and on a lot the next 6 months. This was his best friend since he was 2. A 30-year plus friendship is gone. His friend’s family was like a second family to him.
My mother-in-law mentions that the friend’s mother has thought about it and “feels bad”. We tell her if they feel bad, they need to talk to us. This is insane how this has become what it has.
Around this time as well (6 months after the fight), the friend sends us a group text (me and my husband) apologizing. Saying he was “on a lot of drugs” for his gunshot injury. They made him “act different”. Then sends a meme he thinks is funny.
I reply that if he’s actually sorry, talk to us in person. Like a fucking man. He’s not sorry. He wants an easy way out of this. The medications he was taking are just an excuse. He’s always been this way and lashes out as aggressively as he can when his feelings are hurt. He’s done things like this in the past to other people… just not this extreme. (It was a long reply.. but that’s the gist).
Over the next almost 5 years, he posts vaguely about this situation almost monthly on all his social medias. They were public, so I would read them and fume. Sometimes he puts some Bible quotes with it, justifying his new theory as to what happened and what “mentally healthy people do”. Other times he’s scathing mad and was “wronged”. Other times we’re “narcissists”. After a few years of this shit, I just stopped reading it… it was too taxing on my mental health. What a child. I’m being childish playing along. I know he wants us to see them. He also tells our mutual friends every chance he gets about how he was wronged and we’re not well. Our friends believed it at first… then slowly realized it didn’t make sense. We’ve asked them not to talk to us about him.
The past 5 years he’s randomly reached out to my husband through text… apologizing. Saying he misses him. Sends him random memes pretending like everything is fine. But he refuses to sit down and talk with us.
My husband says he’ll forgive him if he apologizes to me. He went too far. He refuses… then says he will… then refuses. Never does.
I realize I’m never getting an apology. I’m fine with him never ever being back in my life or our family’s. Plus, he’s unstable and dangerous. I don’t want him near my daughter.
It took awhile, but a few months ago I was able to silently forgive him… only took me 4 years.
But my husband is still so hurt. Of course he is. They were friends 30 years. He wants accountability. But I don’t think he is capable of giving that to my husband.
I’ve contemplated writing his family a letter. Telling them all the hurt they’ve caused my husband. But I don’t know if it’s a good idea. I don’t know if it will do any good.
I screwed up. I should have never taken those Adderall pills. That is my fault. But this picture he’s painted of me is extremely exaggerated.
I don’t know what to do to help my husband heal. I also feel crazy telling anyone this story. I’ve never dealt with a person like this.
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2023.03.21 16:47 gonnacry4eva ion know what to do

i’m in school right now and my cousin took of her hoodie and i saw cuts along her upper arm and they r very visible n i’m worried, i feel sick idk what to do. I wanna give her a hug i feel so bad she doesn’t tlak to anyone to get help and I js dunno what to do or what to say or if I should tell anyone
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2023.03.21 16:38 Sidelines_Lurker "after the fact" regrets are the worst for 30+ skin

I wish I had taken better care of my face when younger, now I look like "Hank Hill" with all the sun-darkened skin lol
I frequently get told I look older than I am. For example when I was 22 I was told "you look 30", now I'm in my early 30's and more recently someone said I "look" 38 or 39 when I asked him to guess my age
Working that random blue-collaoutdoor-in-the-sun-for-8-hours-a-day job right out of high school is "the gift that keeps on giving" 😆
I no longer work outdoors/blue-collar, but I have a "permanent reminder" whenever I see myself shirtless in the bathroom mirror - just like Hank Hill the cartoon character from TV, my forearm area is nice and browned/darkened, while my upper arm/shoulder area is basically snow white/untouched by time. Face is similarly darkened from years of exposure
Younger folks and people in their 20's have that small window to possibly reverse some of the damage, but once you've been discolored/darkened for 10+ years I'm guessing the tint is permanent
As a side-note, this is yet another one of the downsides to being from pooworking-class. In an alternate/parallel universe where I had grown up under a white-collar family/upper class, it's likely I never would have needed to take that blue-collar job to support myself in the first place. Being from a poor family is definitely "expensive" in more ways than one...
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2023.03.21 16:27 iksnet [Spears] “I want bigger things for my wife and myself,” Josh Hart said. “Just find a home somewhere where we are valued and really like living there. And I think that can be New York. I would love for it to be New York and hopefully the organization feels the same way.”

Josh Hart and his wife, Shannon, dated in high school in Silver Spring, Maryland, and they got married in South Beach Miami in August 2021. Shannon Hart is now pregnant with twins, the couple’s first children. It was tough for Shannon Hart to get support in person from family and friends when her husband played for the Blazers in the Pacific Northwest.
“Portland was good, but it was just so far and I’m not from the West Coast,” Hart recently told Andscape. “It was tough. Not on me, but more so on my wife because she’s not a huge fan of flying. So, she’s all the way in the Pacific Northwest, not really flying, just by herself. That was one of the things that was weighing on me a little bit, just seeing her struggle with that. So, me being gone but being close to home, it’s been great.”
New York is 12-4 since acquiring Hart, who told Andscape that he hopes to sign a long-term deal with the Knicks. His wife is on board with that decision, too.
“I want bigger things for my wife and myself,” Hart said. “Just find a home somewhere where we are valued and really like living there. And I think that can be New York. I would love for it to be New York and hopefully the organization feels the same way.
Hart said he and his wife are living temporarily on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. If signed by the Knicks long term, the self-described homebody will likely find a new home near the Knicks’ practice facility in Westchester, New York, during the offseason. Hart, who is in the final stages of releasing his first wine, also has wine bottles to move from Portland.
“We love the Upper West Side, but them brownstones are expensive as [expletive],” Hart said. “It’s crazy. So, I’ll probably be a Westchester guy. But this summer, hopefully, everything goes well and maybe I’ll be a Westchester guy and find a nice little country club somewhere, play some golf.”
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2023.03.21 16:15 gman6923 Any Advice on moving to the NOVA area for work

My family and I are locating to the NOVA area. I will be working at the pentagon. At first we thought about buying in Stafford. However, the commute was a little longer for my liking.
We looked at homes in the upper Marlboro and brandy wine area. Unfortunately, the schools did not meet the standard for our children.
Now, we plan on simply renting. Are monthly budget for rent is 3500-4000 a month. Looking for a town home with at-least 4bed and 2 baths
Close to decent shopping. And decent schools, and an overall safe environment for a family of 5. With three children under 11.
I’m not use to public transportation. However, I hear public transportation has improved in the NOVA area. Biggest thing is my commute back and fourth to the pentagon. TBH Woodbridge is looking like the ideal area. However, I thought I would ask people with boots on the ground.
Any suggestions. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.21 16:09 alluce1414 Has anyone attended the Northwestern Sonography Program?

I'm currently applying to sonography schools, but haven't been able to find much outside information about the one at Northwestern Med in Chicago. I pretty much only have what's on their website and that they're accredited.
Has anyone in this sub gone to school there or know any other techs who have? It's a small program, so I'm trying to get a read on if people liked the instructors, clinical work, etc.
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2023.03.21 16:06 tehrabbitt PSA - FlipperZero GPIO Modules - Safety, Tips, and What to watch out for.

Over the past few weeks, Several people have started to jump on the "GPIO Add-on Board" bandwagon. It's great to see some of the things people have come up with :) I have met some awesome people along the way and I've learned some valuable lessons as well that I figured I'd share.

1.) Many people are looking to "get rich quick" by selling thrown-together boards on Etsy, Ebay, etc. with lots of hot-glue shrink-wrap, and wires for prices WAY higher than they are worth (I saw an NRF module selling for $100 the other day for a $15 module on $2 worth of protoboard) . These "mods" are barely worth the hot glue holding them together. This is similar to people Scalping graphics cards and reselling.

2.) Some people decide they are going to design a PCB and sell them. This is AWESOME and I love some of the creative and nifty designs people have come out with :) it's great seeing what this community can build and the creativity people have. That said, there are still many people who cut corners, looking to maximize profit at the sacrifice of safety to modules and the flippers. There are also some designs that have no malicious intent, but instead just left out some simple things that can easily be fixed in a revision.
I've seen many "5v mini CC1101 modules" for instance that have just a voltage-regulator between the 5v pin, and the module, or worse, just a resistor, with no decoupling capacitors for noise (or the wrong type), reverse polarity diodes are missing, etc. While they *can* work, they might not work long, you might damage your module or flipper, or you might run into other issues when using them.
My advice, is if you see a module you like, and you think it's something you'd like to add to your flipper, if you don't know, ask! Most of the people making boards, myself included are more than willing to answer questions or explain how something works :) Make sure to ask things like: "How are you going from 5v to 3.3v." "Did you design this with polarity protection?" "Is this hot-swap safe or will it corrupt my SD Card? Should I power down the flipper before removing the module?" Etc. Never be afraid to ask questions!
This said, there are safe 5v modules and "mini-boards" that will NOT cause damage to your module and/or flipper. You just need to make sure the module you are buying, falls into this category and not the first one :)

3.) many people do go the extra mile but they choose to use the cheapest available components to try to save on cost. I've seen boards being sold for $50-100, that cheap out and use the absolute cheapest parts just to maximize profits. This includes using "cheap" knockoff modules, non-name brand components, etc. For instance, the boards I sell, I use "Samsung" or "Uni-Royal" or "Kyocera" or "LG Components" etc. I don't use components from "Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Tech". The price difference between the Chinese cheap resistor vs Uni-Royal or samsung? $0.01 . I'm not saying that resistor is bad either! it might be just as good as the Uni-Royal. But why Take the risk in my opinion. This said, If you are building boards, you should know better than to throw crap components onto them just to save a buck. That said, there are unscrupulous people who don't stand behind their product, and well, See #1 above.

4.) Always be wary of posts that seem "too good to be true" or items being listed with over-exaggerated descriptions. I have seen some posts of boards people have made that advertise "This 5v module will give your flipper 10x the SubGhz Range!". the people behind these listings, are the same ones behind the listings in Item #1 above.

5.) Beware of people offering to sell you flippers outside of official channels. Yes, there are a LOT of scams going on, a lot of fake "flipper reseller" stores, run by scalpers, or worse, fraudsters that will take your money and run. I come across these often.

Sorry for the long post. Just some things I figured needed to be shared / said. Y'all a great group and I'm thankful to all the support I've received over the past few months. Feel free to message me here, on discord, etc. even if it's about a board you've stumbled upon and want to know if it's a good investment.
TL;DR - Be careful buying modules. Do your homework / research. Look for signs of Quality. and never be afraid to reach out and ask questions! Also, if it's too good to be true, it likely is.
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