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2023.03.21 18:42 HiFive789_ Babylon 5: Season 1 Episodes Ranked

Currently watching Babylon 5 for the first time. I try to give a short opinion about it, but especially with the earlier episodes, there won't be that much, since it's already 3 months or so since I watched them. But for Episodes that I rated highly or pretty much every episode after episode 12, I will be able to say stuff about.
I haven't watched any of the TV Movies yet, since they aren't on Freevee (yet at least, who knows when and if they will be added)
  1. Born to the Purple (Season 1, Episode 3)
This One just didn't do it for me. I remember being bored most of the time, and the fact that I can't remember it even a bit speaks for itself. I have heard on Serializd that it starts some storylines that would become important later and on First Watch, you wouldn't understand the significance. Maybe it rises on a Rewatch, but for now, it's going to stay at the bottom for the only, in my opinion, "Bad" Episode of the series yet.
  1. TKO (Season 1, Episode 14)
I think this one is not a surprise. I Have seen this on many "worst episodes" lists before. I'm Looking at the Pictures on Google to maybe remind myself what this one was about. The only memorable thing I can really point out about this is that Walker Smith shares the same german voice actor with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Julian Bashir. Apparently, it's about boxing, in a sci-fi show, ... yeah. It is what it is.
  1. Midnight at the Firing Line (Season 1, Episode 1)
For this being the opening episode, I barely remember anything about it. It's mainly there for introducing people to this new series. I mean, it worked, and I stuck with the series, but honestly, I think it's forgettable and definitely one of the series' weaker outings yet.
The Rest I would consider to be good episodes at least. Definitely enjoyable outings!
  1. The War Prayer (Season 1, Episode 6)
Looking at my 6/10's for this season on my Babylon 5 Sheet, I think this one is not necessarily the worst, but rather the one I remember the least. I don't remember it being great, I don't remember it being Bad, Just sort of there. I think it was about Racism and that they are not tolerating it on the Station, so It's at least a great message they got here.
  1. Survivors (Season 1, Episode 11)
Like with The War Prayer, I also don't remember this one that much either. I think it was the episode with Garibaldi freaking out, that were fun scenes. But not much I can remember this for.
  1. Signs and Portents (Season 1, Episode 13)
The name-giver of the season, and surprisingly disappointing. It was fine, but it just didn't blow my mind or anything.
  1. Legacies (Season 1, Episode 17)
Pretty Forgettable. It's apparently about a kid who discovers her telepathic abilities, but honestly, I can't remember a bit of it. I remember I found it decent, not particularly good or bad, so that's what I am going to go with.
  1. The Parliament of Dreams (Season 1, Episode 5)
This one had an interesting plot with G'Kar getting an assassination threat and freaking out all about it.
  1. Chrysalis (Season 1, Episode 22)
Another Highly Rated episode I was disappointed with. I got the same problems here as I had with Star Trek: Enterprise's The Expanse: It's just all tease and set up for the next season. I mean not that it's bad, it's just that this episode just didn't really do it for me. Got some decent setup, some nice resolutions, and a nice plot twist, just not amazing or anything.
  1. Soul Hunter (Season 1, Episode 2)
This episode sold me on the concept of Babylon 5. I mean I wanted to watch Babylon 5 anyway since I am a huge Trekkie and Sci-Fi fan, but this episode really sold me on it. It's not the greatest by far, but it's such a huge improvement over Episode 1 with an interesting premise and good pacing. I liked it.
  1. Infection (Season 1, Episode 4)
This episode managed to win me back on the show After I was disappointed with Episode 3. I have seen another german fan on Serializd who thinks that this is Babylon 5's worst episode. I personally thought it was fun and exactly what I signed up for watching this show. Sure, this isn't the greatest outing, but it's fun and I like it.
  1. Grail (Season 1, Episode 15)
The Babylon Curse! It was interesting to find out what happened to the other Babylon Stations, and it's also a great foreshadowing of what happened to Babylon 4. The plot is a bit forgettable, but the sympathetic guest stars make this all worth watching for.
  1. Deathwalkers (Season 1, Episode 9)
Got an Interesting plot. nothing hugely Interesting, but it got fun and interesting concepts. this woman and them finding out who she is were actually pretty interesting to see.
  1. Eyes (Season 1, Episode 16)
Remember when I said I like on Trial episodes? This may not be their stereotypical outing but instead, it's a different and refreshing take on that concept. Instead of being in this courtroom trying to save the accused member, this one shows that other people on the station also have stuff to do, and can't just sit there in the courtroom all day long.
  1. The Quality of Mercy (Season 1, Episode 21)
This one got a good plot! I really liked seeing Dr. Franklin investigating and I am also a sucker for these on Trial episodes, I always was, even over on Star Trek. With the added element that not a crew member is falsely accused and the others have to prove their innocence, instead, some Random Guy gets accused of something he actually did, but when Susan tries to execute his punishment, she finds out, in an excellent twist, that there is way more to this than one has thought. Got a pretty fun side plot as well.
  1. A Voice in the Wilderness, Part I (Season 1, Episode 18)
Mostly saved the fireworks for the next part, but nonetheless, it did more than a good job setting all that up. The Concept and them actually doing something outside the station was really interesting to me. Most, if not all episodes to this point took place exclusively on the Station. It was just refreshing finally see different locations.
  1. Mind War (Season 1, Episode 6)
Mind War is probably an episode only Babylon 5 can offer. This was the first really refreshing episode for me, everything up until that point I already had seen on other shows before, but this takes the only interesting bit of Babylon 5 we have at this point and resolves a whole story around it. Really refreshing, interesting, and thought-provoking! It's also interesting seeing Walter Koenig in this, he played my favorite Original Series character in Star Trek, Pavel Chekov. He did a great performance as well!
  1. By Any Means Necessary (Season 1, Episode 12)
Now we're getting into the Great episodes. Honestly, it's getting harder and harder ordering these. Sure, my number one is clear and pretty predictable, but everything leading up to that is really hard. I now decided on this episode, even if I love it. I love Deep Space Nine's Bar Association, and this episode is basically that episode, so I naturally love it. With the added bonus that this episode was released first, so another case of Deep Space Nine copying Babylon 5. But I am not here to resolve that topic, we all know everybody has their own opinion on that matter. Moving away from that, it may not do anything particularly outstanding, but I simply like it for this concept. That ending scene is probably my favorite, where Sinclair resolves the strike and says that you don't give someone a gun without knowing what they're going to do with it.
  1. Believers (Season 1, Episode 10)
As I said on Serializd, It's a brilliant moral dilemma. Star Trek is known for having great, meaningful Ethical, Social, and Moral dilemmas every two episodes. One Major difference I noticed in Babylon 5 is that it doesn't happen quite that often. This is Good, this helps these episodes stand out of the bunch. And this is exactly what this is. A brilliant moral dilemma. Either saving a life or respecting other religions and cultures. Personally, I think this is an easy decision. What would you do in this situation?
  1. And the Sky Full of Stars (Season 1, Episode 8)
A brilliant episode! Almost reminds me of a political spy thriller. Simply Brilliant. Sinclair gets kidnapped because of something that happened during the war he doesn't remember. Them Thinking he is miles away, but he's actually on the ship is brilliantly done. A brilliant plot twist. And honestly, It's brilliantly done. I hope this storyline leads to something in the future, we got some tease in the final episode, so I hope this isn't a storyline that was abandoned.
  1. A Voice in the Wilderness, Part II (Season 1, Episode 19)
Great Action and a Great resolution to what has started in the previous episode. Action-packed and filled with surprises. Honestly, Brilliant!
  1. Babylon Squared (Season 1, Episode 20)
Because of course, it is. I have heard from all sides that this is a great episode, and the episode I probably looked forward to watching the most, at least in Season, and honestly, these people played the episode down a lot. It's not Great. It's Excellent! Seeing Babylon 4 and Time Travel, which is one of the sole reasons why I love sci-fi. This Episode leaves us with a lot of questions, and I have already heard that they are going to get resolved in the Season 3 two-parter War Without End. Really excited about that! But the episode was spoiled a bit to me, but honestly, if he didn't, I wouldn't stand here right now ranking these episodes and watching the series. I guess that's the price you pay.

Overall, Season 1 was very hit-and-miss. Most episodes were just sort of mid, some stood out, and some are bad, but none stood out as being unwatchable to me. Like with pretty much all shows I watch, I needed a while to memorize the characters' names and I think I still didn't get them all. Especially with Garibaldi and Sinclair, I still confuse every now and then, I mean not on-screen, but rather when I think back on a particular scene, they just sort of blend in my head for some reason. The same with Susan Ivanova and Talia Winters, I didn't realize they were different characters until writing this post. The writing wasn't exceptional to me, or anything like that. it does play with details that will become important later, which I really appreciate. Most characters are sympathetic and really well-written. But none of them was outstanding to me yet. I would say I didn't feel comfortable in this environment until at least episode 8. The visuals play a huge part in that. Yes, the CGI is dated, but I think it looks kinda good and had its charm. What I wanted to say is the Sets look very generic and boring. It doesn't put me off too much, but it makes every episode sort of blend in my head, which explains why I can barely remember some episodes. I even confused Episode 21 with Episode 17 and had to swap their reviews on this ranking.
Well, now let's get onto Season 2, I have heard a lot of great things about it.
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2023.03.21 18:41 ZOIK666 The real world leaked courses free! All in the discord, no paid bull 💩, just value.

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2023.03.21 18:40 PrivateRedditBrowser Sznz - Thoughts and Poll

After repeated listenings to SZNZ, I’ve come to a few conclusions.
  1. The songwriting of Weezer (specifically Rivers) has musically evolved.
No one except fans really listen to full albums anymore… and that’s a shame. I honestly think Winter is more impressive in musical complexity and meaning than concept albums from rock contemporaries like American Idiot.
However, because of the musical complexity (Rivers essentially wrote a rock opera in classical music overtones), SZNZs will never be recognized by anyone but true fans of the group.
  1. Weezer’s sound - for better or worse?
I fully concede that my favorite songs are typically from Blue and Pinkerton. However, as an album concept - SZNZs is so much more diverse and creative than those albums.
Rivers is a much more complex songwriter now yet the music only appeals to fans who can accept those diverse sounds. It’s such a weird thing.
Green was written primarily as an attempt to become relevant in mainstream music again by writing a pop album with a rock edge - and Rivers pulled it off.
He’s shown he can make music for the masses…. But as Pork and Beans has shown us - that’s not his goal as an artist.
SZNZs was written for his own intellectual edification with the hopes that some fans would be willing to truly listen to the melody creation rather than the “alt rock sound” that Weezer became famous for.
Listen - I get that there are too many “clean nice pop” moments on SZNZs (especially Spring) that will turn off some listeners because the sound is definitely nothing that one could expect on Pinkerton.
But anyone who truly is a fan of Weezer should really make a concerted effort to listen to SZNZ. The profound reflection on aging and dying in “The Deep and Dreamless Sleep” is some of the best work Rivers has ever done… but that song doesn’t quite have the impact of an accessible song like “Island in the Sun.” The only way to truly appreciate a song like “The Deep and Dreamless Sleep” is to listen to it holistically with the rest of the Winter album.
Regardless, everyone must agree on this: Rivers is adventurous. He’s willing to take risk in music that can result in poorly received work. But it’s his constant risk taking that makes his band compelling and makes him a more interesting and historic songwriter.
SZNZs really deserves so much more attention.
If you’re a fan of Weezer that doesn’t really think much of their work after the 90s, I implore you to let go of your preconceived expectations for how the band should sound.
Winter is the closest you’ll get to a Pinkerton type sound so it’s a good entry listen but - I’m convinced that if you give it a chance and appreciate the complexity of the songwriting, you’ll see a band that has made some of the most compelling musical art of the 2020s.
As for the poll - what’s your favorite SZNZ’s EP?
View Poll
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2023.03.21 18:40 AutoModerator Weekly Free Talk and Index Thread - new and fresh every Monday!

Welcome to the Weekend Free Talk and Index thread! You can post whatever you want here - unsubstantiated rumors you heard from some Patreon, fan theories, random shower thoughts, or even musings that are unrelated to the Marvel universe. Anything goes - please just follow the Reddiquette and above all else treat each other and those that contribute to this subreddit with respect.
Potential points of interest:
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2023.03.21 18:38 CEO_Of_Rejection_99 I think I'm starting to get an idea of what it's like to be a true friend.

Wow. It's hard to put this into words. But I feel like I'm making a realization. I may not absorb it immediately, but it's still a realization nonetheless.
This is a follow up to these three posts:
Quick summary: I developed a friendship with someone several months ago and we became close. We hung out a lot at that point and also developed a system of hugs and handshakes. I noticed that sometimes she doesn't respond to text messages, or requests a smaller form of hug/handshake. I then became worried that these were signs that she was pulling back, and this was the beginning of a slippery slope that would result in the end of the friendship.
I've covered this topic extensively with my family, and they became concerned that I was obsessed with her. And now that I think about it, I agree with them. It may not have been a romantic obsession, but still an obsession nonetheless - an obsession out of an excessive worry of losing her, even though there were never any actual bad signs to begin with.
I realized that a lot of my previous worries about supposedly losing her after massive gains in the friendship came from past bad social experiences in high school. Many of these were "crushes" that ended in a damaged friendship and sometimes being blocked on social media. A lot of these experiences were my own fault. Another source of these worries came from someone whom I used to be close with, but turned out to be a toxic person who gave me a lot of anxiety about interpersonal relationships, and gave me bad advice. (In fact, I recently blocked him on all social platforms for this exaact reason.)
I inherited a lot of bad mindsets and interpersonal relationship strategies from these sources. My past response to an apparent "pulling back" from the other person was to put even more energy into the relationship by making myself excessively available, excessively apologizing, and not giving them space to try to cover the apparent losses. (While I like the idea of apologizing, I think it can actually make certain situations worse if the issue at hand wasn't even huge to begin with.) These bad experiences have made me hyperaware of minute details within relationships, from responses to texts (or the lack thereof) to whether or not they're talking to other people, and recently, patterns of hugs and handshakes. They have made me excessively worry that one small interruption in these processes will just be the start of a slippery slope that could spell disaster for the friendship. I was afraid to just be my true self and let go of minute details, out of fear that would end in disaster because I was apparently too carried away to notice the supposed bad signs.
I have instinctually treated interpersonal relationships as a competition where I have to race to the finish line to receive a prize as fast as possible, as opposed to the more natural processes by which interpersonal relationships form. I became afraid of the other person talking to other people, or even doing their own thing, because I feared that meant I was losing the competition, and so I needed to compete harder. I first learned this instinct when trying to enter romantic relationships, but I've also unintentionally applied it to platonic friendships as well. This was only made worse by the bad dating advice that I have recieved that has essentially pushed the idea of treating it as a competition, or you will "miss your chance."
It's easy for me to assume that people, and by extension interpersonal relationships, are constant. I want to believe that they are nice, neat, formulaic, and follow a predictable sequence of events. But here's the truth: they're not. I've had to learn it the hard way. People are complicated creatures. Sometimes we want one thing, and sometimes we don't. We can be in the mood for one thing, and not in the mood for another thing. This extends to interpersonal relationships. Sometimes there's lots of enthusiasm and excitement, and other times not so much. I guess it's just the nature of interpersonal relationships, and it doesn't change whether you're close to the other person or not.
Looking back at these previous posts, I almost giggle at myself knowing how much I've worried over minute details and approached this college-level friendship with the attitude of a teenager. In hindsight, I don't think she was really "pulling back." She just wasn't receptive on that specific day. Perhaps there are reasons why. Maybe our schedules just didn't line up, or maybe there was the stress of the school trip that these occurrences took place in.
Things like texting, pictures, and patterns of hugs and handshakes are not the entire relationship. These things should follow the natural social interaction that is the basis for the connection, not completely replace them. How I've tended to operate this friendship was to ask for pictures/hugs right away. Thank you so much to the people who mentioned that I might have been pressuring her in my previous posts. While I'm a big fan of asking for consent before things such as hugs and pictures, I think starting every single interaction off with asking for something would give off the impression of a transactional relationship that the other person has to invest in, which might make them uncomfortable.
I realized that I've had an urge to try to establish "control" over other people, but it's not out of malicious intent, but instead a fear of loneliness and losing friends because I didn't try hard enough to keep them in my circle. While it may not be out of malicious intent, it can still make people uncomfortable and feel pressured to act in my favor.
The truth is that people have their own free will and have freedom to make their own decisions. It doesn't mean my friends hate me, or are pulling away from me. It's just human nature by default. They might be stressed, or having a bad day, or request a handshake because a hug would take too much time and they're running late to class. Just because someone doesn't want a hug, or a handshake, or picture, or whatever that particular day, doesn't mean they don't want to be friends with me anymore. That's just how they feel. It has helped me to seperate the concept of free will from signs that the friendship is ending. The most I can do is match the other person's level of communication. If they're not being receptive on a particular day, I should back off and lessen my intensity.
I used to think of the concept of giving space as a bad thing. Not in the sense that just the idea of giving space is bad, but I believed that giving space was something only restricted to the worst of the worst friendship situations, as if the friendship had gotten so bad that space is warranted. But now I believe that giving space is not a bad thing at all, and I can give anyone space, even if they're not uncomfortable around me. In fact, perhaps I should give everyone space so people don't actually become uncomfortable. I think it's a perfectly healthy thing to do, and giving someone space doesn't mean the friendship is bad.
Now that I think about it, the concept of a relationship that benefits me and me only is pretty ridiculous, as much as it may seem like the easiest option to pursue. Because this friendship I'm speaking of is not just about me. It has never been solely about me to begin with. It's about her as well. The purpose of a relationship is to benefit both people within the relationship, not just one. I've read somewhere in a Reddit thread that true friends are people who open you up to greater possibilities, and those who restrict your possibilities are not considered close friends. So I really shouldn't try to restrain people's options since that would make me a shitty friend. I should also not be surprised if they talk to other people besides me, since people are allowed to have multiple friends at the same time. In fact, I should do the opposite and open up their options.
I've worried a little bit that this would result in me getting yelled at by "dating gurus" for willingly "giving away" the friendship with the other person, and I would "miss my chance". While this mindset of "try super hard or you will miss your chance" is very oversimplistic and misguided, it's admittedly been really hard to shake off after being ingrained in my head for years.
People will say "Just be confident!" "State your intentions!" "Be direct!" And I will say the following: I don't think this advice is incorrect. I think it's generally helpful in a lot of situations. That advice alone is just too oversimplified in my opinion, and there's a lot more that goes into close relationships than just "being confident" or "being direct." You should also be your best, kind, respectful self, and if it's clear they're not being as receptive, then cut the interaction short. Plus, in my opinion, confidence is more than just having the guts to speak to the girl you like. Confidence is more than just being overly bombastic and boisterious. It's being confident enough to move on if they're not interested, and confident enough to be your best self.
It's been a few months since the last time I posted about this friendship. And despite my fears, it's still going strong, and I believe it will continue that way despite my anxieties. I don't see this friendship as a failure at all. In fact, I see it as one of the most wonderful, successful friendships I have ever formed. I see this entire friendship as a rite of passage - a symbolic transition from an immature and oversimplied understanding of interpersonal relationships, to a more developed and comprehensive understanding of such things.
I used to think that close friends were 100% involved in each other's lives, that the friendship is always constant, their text messages never get left on opened, they hang out every single time, etc. I've always wanted to be like one of those people who had a "best friend" with whom they always hung out and did fun things all the time.
And then I met her.
I initially thought the friendship was following my preconceived "plan" of a close friendship. Then this stuff started happening. My previous beliefs were challenged, and everything I thought I knew was stretched to the very limit. And now my views of close interpersonal relationships have changed.
It's hard to describe in words. There's no definite way I can explain this. But I'll do my best. I realized that even the closest of friends are not 100% involved in each other's lives. They have their own lives and their own friendships outside that particular friendship. What keeps the friendship going is that they respect these lives. They might have different schedules and be around different groups of people. But it doesn't change the closeness of the friendship. And with this particular person I am speaking of, we're both on different schedules and we're both around different groups of people. But it doesn't change the closeness of the connection, and we will still be friends no matter what, plus all of the silly hugs and handshakes (and maybe even occasionally hang out with each other).
I admit I've had a distorted view of the friendship for some time. I still believe it's a truly beautiful development that will continue to live on through the future. But I don't see it as me being the knight in shining armor, protecting the princess that is my friend. I see it as just two travelers whose paths just happened to cross. Because I am not a knight in shining armor, who can get any princess to fall for me. I am just a lone explorer, just going on the journey of life. I have no real authority over anyone else's paths. The only thing I can truly control is the path that I choose to go on. Sometimes our paths diverge, sometimes our paths converge, and that's not a bad thing. That's just the way it goes.
The friendship is not "recovering." And not because it has died and will never be brought back, but because there's nothing really bad enough to "recover" from. It's not that something really bad happened and the friendship is being built back up again, one social interaction at a time. It's just normal social interaction interlaced with human nature.
It's not a friendship that basically "owns" her. It's a close friendship that can coexist along with HER other close friendships. And for HER sake, it should stay that way. It doesn't mean she hates me, or her other friends are overtaking me in some sort of friendship building competition. It just means I'm part of her greater circle of friends, and the friendship with me is just one among the others that she has. I'm not saying this to express pessimism about the friendship; I'm just telling the truth.
The most I can do is to continue to support her on her journey, wherever she goes, and be my best, kind, gentle, nice self. And I don't mean nice as in "nice guy" or pretending to be nice and expecting things in return; I mean being a genuinely nice person, so it would benefit HER instead of just ME.
I truly believe this is a wonderful and beautiful friendship, and I believe it has potential to become an even better friendship than it is currently. It's been one of the most successful friendships I've ever had with another person, and the first time I've developed a close friendship with a woman as a man. It's truly been an honor to even have this friendship in the first place, and I am strongly convinced that it will continue to remain strong in the future.
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2023.03.21 18:38 f1newsbot Red Bull’s dominance risks triggering the reaction they are anxious to avoid

After Liberty Media took over Formula 1 at the end of 2016 it installed former team principal Ross Brawn in charge of the series. Reinvigorating what had become an increasingly uncompetitive championship ranked highly among his priorities.
Changing that deeply entrenched advantage would prove an enormous challenge. After Liberty Media’s first two seasons in charge, Brawn reflected that the domination of F1’s podium positions by Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari had only been broken on two occasions in that time.
“Two podiums from a total of 123 is unacceptable,” he said. “Especially when it comes with an ever-increasing technical and financial divide.
Brawn devised a twin-pronged solution which would prevent the richest teams spending their way to success and help those which had fallen behind to catch up. One much-vaunted element of this was F1’s first budget cap, introduced in 2021. Now all teams had the same spending limit covering much of their car development, it would force the richest competitors to rein in their spending.
F1 also introduced a new handicap system for 2021 under which the most successful teams in one season faced tighter development restrictions than their rivals the following year.
The new rules could not be introduced immediately after Liberty Media’s takeover as they had to be agreed in line with F1’s regulatory system. In the meantime, Brawn urged fans to be patient. For a while, he penned a column for the official F1 website after every race, the gist of which could often be summarised as ‘well, that wasn’t very exciting, but once we’re done levelling the playing field everything will be better’.
Red Bull locked out the front row of the grid for the opening round in Bahrain and would surely have done the same in Saudi Arabia had Max Verstappen’s driveshaft not failed during Q2. But even with the reigning world champion lining up a lowly 15th, the team romped to a second consecutive one-two.
While Red Bull’s advantage in qualifying over their closest rivals was in the region of a few tenths of a second, their margin in the races was huge. In Bahrain they were the only front-running team capable of running two stints on the soft tyres instead of two on hards, and even at a canter Verstappen won by 38 seconds. In Saudi Arabia, with Verstappen pushing flat-out in his attempt to regain lost ground, Red Bull out-paced their rivals on the same tyre compounds by over a second per lap.
F1 is facing domination on the scale of Mercedes’ annihilation of the competition between 2014 and 2016. That is not compatible with Liberty Media’s view of how F1 should be. So will they react, and if so, how?
One option would be to sit tight and keep the faith that their rules will even out the competition over time. This has potentially already begun. At Mercedes the penny has finally dropped that their original design solution for the current regulations was wrong and an alternative is needed. Ferrari appear to just be discovering their car is in need of extensive changes, as the SF-23 produces respectable pace for a single lap but chews its tyres in the races.
Then there is Aston Martin, which over the first two races have leapt forward by an average of two seconds compared to last year and bagged a podium each time out courtesy of the irrepressible Fernando Alonso. With an overhauled car compared to last year, a new factory opening soon and a 50% higher restriction on aerodynamic development than Red Bull, they may represent the best hope for those eager to see competition at the front this year.
Of course Liberty Media do not set the rules, the FIA do. But we’ve seen in the recent past how the two organisations have worked together and we have seen their willingness to tinker with the rules in the past.
A desire to cut downforce after 2020 produced a change to the floor regulations which just happened to hit that year’s runaway leaders Mercedes harder than most, teeing up their championship fight with Red Bull the following year.
Two years earlier Liberty Media introduced a revision to the front wing rules in the name of improving overtaking. This was at best a qualified success – any improvement in the racing was hard to discern, but perhaps it prevented a bad situation getting worse.
Among the strongest critics of that change was Red Bull team principal Christian Horner. But the prospect of a short-term tweak in the technical rules now would surely frustrate him far more, and not just because of the potential threat to his team’s dominant position.
Red Bull’s budget cap breach during 2021 was punished by a fine and a cut in their aerodynamic development allocation. As the reigning champions, they were already due to have the smallest proportion of any team this year – 70% of the reference total, compared to second-placed Ferrari’s 80% – but their cost cap penalty trimmed that further, to 63%.
“It really depends if anything changes in the regulations,” said Horner. “We’re expecting stable regulations.” Whether or not Red Bull get that wish may depend on how crushing their expected success over the coming races is.
Former Mercedes technical director Paddy Lowe has said that during the height of their domination in 2014 team principal Toto Wolff repeatedly urged him to avoid revealing the full potential of their car out of a concern rules changes might follow to neuter their advantage. Wolff has disputed this claim.
Some within Red Bull may already be thinking they should do something similar to prevent a rules change which could hit them where they are potentially most vulnerable. Assuming they aren’t doing so already…
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2023.03.21 18:36 Pure-Office-2981 Amalia foxie. Pentru mai mult in privat

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2023.03.21 18:35 soapcleansthings The only way to guarantee a truly surprising reveal for Picard fans who are analyzing every possibility is to change the show in the middle of the season to a sitcom podcast called Summarizing Susan

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2023.03.21 18:35 linkenski My only woes with the ending are thematic... and a bit continuity-related.

In terms of moving the story forward post-ME3, it always hurts the brain to think about "what to do with the endings???"
For me it's not simple either, but it feels complicated for the wrong reasons. It's not an ending where we really must preserve and account for every detail people care about. It's not an ending where we can easily glaze over it either. That's frustrating, because it means almost no matter which Bioware chooses, it'll make some fans feel like they're not being seen.
I simply thought that the ending failed to wrap up the meaning and message of the whole saga in the succinct way it's trying to do it. It failed because it's the wrong theme and the wrong message. It simply doesn't apply to the story that I felt I had seen, and that goes for all 3 endings. I felt like the vast amount of the storyline was about political powers, alliances, and finally yes, existential questions about our being (species, organic life vs synthetic life, our behavior) but it felt like the ending mistakenly focused ONLY on "Organics/Synthetics" as if the story across the 3 games can be summarized as "Man vs Machine" and it really made me go "What? That's ALL this is about?" instead of the kind of thing you'd expect from a Reaper-unveiling: "Wow that is so vast and epic; makes so much sense!"
Instead of relishing in how believable everything is and crying about how over it all is, I was confused by how empty-minded the content is and I was reeling from what a lame final dilemma we had to die over because of it. I chose Synthesis because for what the scene is, if you look at it in complete isolation and imagine that this really was this story about the whole galaxy being at existential war with itself because we made machines outran us in sapience, Synthesis SEEMS like a poetic resolution between the "True Conflict" of that story, where it's the metaphysical issue of Us vs Them that is the true perpetrator and the Reapers merely a symptom of it.
However... when did they actually tell that story again? The theme is way off, and does not reflect all the amazing things I was invested in. Mordin's sacrifice for the long-standing feud between primitive organic species vs hyper-intelligent shortlived aliens, you know... the conflict of Warfare, the conflict of Biological differences of species who are otherwise EQUALS. The stories about romance and how much people like each other across birthplace and race. The gung-ho military pride of being an alliance soldier promoting Earth's needs either morally or amorally into a public forum. The conflict between the posh civilization of the Citadel vs the rogue gallery of outlawed space.
Like, there's just so much at play in Mass Effect, you can't just reduce the entire narrative to its core by saying "Yo it's a story about what happens when we make robots that rival our own intellect!"
Singlehandedly that dramatic question alone is why the ending was this complete buzzkill.
Lastly, it had some annoying continuity just objectively, where apparently the Reapers are actually a hivemind? But Legion kept talking about how they had independence, like Sovereign said, whereas Geth had "interdependence" but then we meet the Child and voila, the Reapers are now just mindless puppets of a master program... apparently. For a big enigma as the Reapers were, if you were going to do a big expose on their truth and origin, it really needed to be believable and have a sense of adding up. But this just made me go "Is this even authentic?"
TL;DR: So for Mass Effect's future, I think the biggest problem it faces is the sense of narrative illegitimacy that the ending has. Meaning, if you skip it it'll be very strange because everyone's like "Okay... So what actually happened since the ending?" but if you try to reference it and include it, or justify it, either you'd be retconning the things that doesn't work about it, or you'll just make painful reminders to people that "Oh yes... that... ugh." when what you actually want to do for ME5 (yes, I call it that!) is make people go "Oh fuck yes, Mass Effect! I remember my romances. Ooh the Citadel was so cool! The galaxy is amazing!" and it can still happen... but I really don't know how.
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2023.03.21 18:35 billbrasky___ Is Joe Mixon a top ten RB?

There is a debate going on regarding this on twitter, where people think that its only Bengals fans who think he should be replaced because he's not worth his cap hit. I'm hoping to settle, simple yes or no poll. Thanks in advance. In my opinion he is not because he cannot pass block and his mtf is too low.
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2023.03.21 18:34 Cautious_Buddy9863 mati marroni OnlyFans

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2023.03.21 18:33 Lelouch-_V- x

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2023.03.21 18:33 Old_End5347 kendra sunderland onlyfans leaked Watch Kendra Sunderland Onlyfans fuck video Kendra Sunderland Only Fans

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2023.03.21 18:32 Veliryn [Online][Other][Tuesday 2pm Est] Looking for players for a one shot playing Souls D20: An Elden Ring and Soulsborne inspired system

Looking for up to two more players to fill out a one shot group in an EU friendly time (Tuesday, 2pm Est). The one shot is meant to be an introduction to the system so no prior knowledge is necessary! Message me or comment if you are interested.
To provide a bit more info on the system: Souls D20 seeks to capture the tactical positioning, movement, and counterattacks of the Elden Ring and Soulsborne games. If you are a fan of the games, or are just looking for more tactical combat encounters in a dark fantasy setting, then I would strongly recommend you check it out! - Souls D20 focuses more heavily on player choice during battle Attacks target multiple spaces on the battle grid, and *always hit* unless the players dodge into an unaffected space. So as battle progresses, players learn which monster attacks should be dodged and how to do so, instead of relying on only die rolls. As a result, combat progresses with a flow of back and forth decision making and resource spending even when its not a players turn!
- Building a character provides players with meaningful decision making throughout the leveling process Instead of choosing a class and simply gaining the abilities of that class as you level, characters assign their levels to any number of 21 proficiency trees. As you gain synergizing abilities through the trees, your character is built out into a unique class of your own making! For example: take the ability to bend the earth into cover from the pyromancy tree, along with the ability to intercept projectile attacks from the bow tree to make a cover producing protection archer. Progress into the fist and reaper trees to create a martial arts master that powers themselves up by extracting their own blood. Combine abilities from the hammer and miracle trees to become a frost paladin that conjures freezing lightning when they crush their enemies into the ground. And so much more!
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2023.03.21 18:32 WrongColorPaint I have 3x dead skr pico boards: wtf btt...

bigtreetech: I'm not happy with you right now.
I'm your biggest fan and I love these little skr pico boards. But ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I have three dead boards and IT IS NOT ME! This is you guys and your parts failing, NOT ME!
  1. The first board died the second I plugged a fan into pin gpio20. It sparked, killed the fan, and gpio20 was dead on both ends (at the laser io/pins as well as fan#3 pins. The rest of the board worked fine but after that I didn't trust it. That board I returned/exchanged with the seller on Amazon.
  2. The second board has a dead x stepper driver. No clue what or why or what happened, just the X stepper motor died and stopped moving. The rest of the board works fine and because I'm running an ebb36 board on that printer, I just moved the X over to E0 stepper driver. But x stepper driver died (for some unknown reason, it had worked fine for 6-ish months)... That board is still printing petg reliably on a cr10-smart. (with a dead stepper driver)
  3. The third one I'm pretty upset about. That's my favorite and most reliable printer, It has always JUST WORKED. I did nothing. I didn't change anything and I didn't do anything. I went to start a print --five minutes later I saw the camera and saw the printer wasn't moving... So I walked over to the printer to check on it. I could smell the "I just let the smoke out" smell. No clue what happened --the LED's won't turn on and the whole board is REALLY HOT. The fuse is not blown and nothing obvious looks burnt. I did absolutely nothing --this printer and board, configuration, etc. has printed exactly the same for the past ~9-12 months. It's old enough that it was still running Klipper out of the ~/klipper_config directory and not the new ~/printer_data/config directory. I've done nothing to this printer other than use it several times a day. Its reliable, produces REALLY GOOD prints and it just worked. Until my skr pico board just died...
BTT: You suck right now. WTF. That was my most reliable, go-to printer that always "just worked". It ALWAYS worked, it never let me down and it prints really good parts. And your SKR PICO board just shat the bed and died.
Bigtreetech: What do you sell that I can use? We own two boards: We own 3x octopus pro 429 chip boards (that are awesome, have never, EVER had a problem with them --2209's and 5160's) and we own 4x skr pico boards. Everything has canbus and either an ebb42 or ebb36. It is stupid to buy and put an Octopus Pro board into a little tiny printer that only needs x, y, (one)z and has an ebb36/ebb42 board. I don't care how much it costs: I just want something that isn't going to die on me randomly. BTT: Please suggest something with canbus that won't die on me.
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2023.03.21 18:30 ParisTexas7 Are Tim Pool fans under the DELUSION that “rural” Americans support their dreams of starting a civil war over Donald Trump?

I’ve noticed a lot of Tim Pool fans recently discussing and supporting the “national divorce”.
This includes, most recently, threatening CIVIL WAR over the alleged looming arrest of Donald Trump, the billionaire elite from Manhattan and the twice impeached former President who lost to Joe Biden in 2020.
From what I can tell, Tim Pool fans think “rural” Americans support their dreams of civil war. I’ve heard talk of rural areas “cutting off food supply” to AMERICAN cities to gain the upper hand.
Now, from my perspective, this is total lunacy. But despite being BORN and RAISED in rural America, perhaps I just got this wrong?
Then I checked…
Only 25% of Republicans support the notion of a “national divorce”. Hmmm. And as we know, Republicans make up a large part of the “rural” voting bloc.
So, what gives? Who is this coalition of “rural” Americans that are willing to put the well being of their FAMILIES and COUNTRY at stake in order to carry out these threats of civil war?
Because, honestly, I got news for you guys — again, as someone who was born and raised in rural America, your little teenage fantasies of civil war aren’t as popular as you think. So you should be FUCKING CAREFUL when throw around those threats.
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2023.03.21 18:29 yiwiroh7 Arikytsya Leaked onlyfans viral video on Twitter Arikytsya / Ari Kytsya OnlyFans LEAKS & PPVs❤️ Ari Kytsya LEAKED ♀️ Watch Arikytsya

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2023.03.21 18:27 Pure-Office-2981 Grup cu postarile de pe only. Amalia foxie

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2023.03.21 18:25 maximusaemilius H1: "Uhh.... hi Mom, hi dad, do you remember that diplomatic mission with the new alien species i was sent to right? There might be a sliight pregnancy problem now." H2: "Goddammit Adam, please tell me you havent impregnated an alien female..." H1: "Yeah about that..."

"So, you're telling me we found another sapient omnivore species?"
The commander grunted, ripping his boot from a watery patch of mud and nearly crashing into the swampy water between two twisted tree roots.
Sunny reached out with one of her four armored arms and caught him by the back of his pack, pulling him upright.
He nodded a thanks to her and adjusted his gear.
Behind her Ramirez ducked under a low hanging branch, slogging through a pool of knee-high water, adjusting the containment pod, holding Krill more comfortably over both shoulders.
Krill, comfortable and warm inside his containment pod, watched the marines, scientists, and a linguist struggle through the mud under a covering of impossibly tall, twisted trees, their canopy blocking out all light that might have dared cut downwards towards the watery floor below.
"Not entirely sapient, I suppose."
Krill answered,
"Unfortunately the way in which they communicate is going to drastically reduce their ability to create complex structures and perform mathematical equations."
Together they maneuvered themselves over a root, which at some point in the distant past, had decided to grow upwards instead of down. At about four feet high, it had changed its mind and arched back down into the water. Perhaps it had been smaller then, but at four feet wide, the root was an absolute monstrosity now.
The trees themselves were massive, challenging, and sometimes outgrowing the legendary redwood forests of the western Americas, but unlike the redwoods, these trees didn't stand tall and proud. Instead, they chose a twisted path much like the branching veins which made up a human vascular system. They twisted and undulated, interlocking past each other with branches that were well over two feet wide in many cases, and stretching to over four feet wide in others.
No one direction was good enough, and the trees twisted, ducked swirled and reached, grasping for any sort of light to be found.
On top of the darkness cast by the trees and the soggy nature of the forest floor, it was also horribly hot and humid, giving the impression of a microwaved wet blanket thrown over the world. Where heat from the upper canopy met the cooler air of deep forest pools, it created a perpetually thick mist which writhed and undulated through the trees, leaving only the shadowy impressions of twisted trunks and clawing branches past distances greater than 50 feet (15m).
"They communicate primarily through pheromones and heat modulation. From what I understand, the language in itself isn't precise, and really only works in generalities and feelings than it does in absolutes."
Commander Vir kicked a rotting log out of the way, ducking as a massive green bug buzzed over his head and into the fog.
Turns out the hotter and more humid a planet gets, the bigger the bugs get,
"But we were still able to communicate with them?”
Krill nodded from inside his case,
"Yes, generally speaking. For a species that cannot communicate in absolutes, I hear they are quite reasonable. They seem willing to accept our friendship, and have..... invited, I guess, us to participate in some sort of primitive ritual."
Vir perked up, flashing a bright smile.
“Reasonable? Peaceful? Rituals? And definitely CANNOT communicate in ABSOLUTES!? Am I the only one who thinks that sounds familiar?”
Sunny sighed,
“No Adam I am reasonably sure that they are not Jedis…”
“C’mon, that would be so cool! Like lightsabers, the force and stuff… maybe they look like tiny Yodas? I mean it fits, with the swamp, the speech impairment and all…”
He nearly fell over another root.
“Adam, focus. We have a mission here.”
The commander nodded, scrambling over another tree branch,
"Alright, so... where are these things anyway? How do they look?"
His boots hit solid ground, covered in some sort of wet spongy fungus and he glanced down at his GPS.
“Considering they talk by smell, my bet is on Elephants with giant human noses. What do you think Mav?”
Ramirez turned around to look at Maverick, who had stopped walking.
“Giant… fucking spiders…”
Commander Vir was still looking at his GPS and no one else answered, so without looking up he broke the silence and said:
“Wow you are always so negative; it better not be, I want my space Yodas…”
More silence.
This time it was broken by Ramirez.
“Giant fucking spiders… with… Wolfheads!?”
The commander was still diddling around with the GPS in his hands.
“Oh not you too Ramirez, also that’s oddly specific, you always had a pretty cruel imagination. Ah there we go I think it’s that way.”
He said, looking up from his GPS to keep moving.
After some steps he realized no one was following him, so he stopped and turned around.
Behind him the other marines were dead silent, heads lifted towards the sky in shock.
One of the marines whispered, scrambling back behind a tree root.
Commander Vir turned and nearly fell into the water again, eyes locked onto the creatures descending from high above.
They were huge, about the size of large horses, and horrifically spider like in their construction, or perhaps an ant. They had large-scale abdomens connected to a thinner thorax. All together they had ten appendages, three pairs of spider-like legs on the abdomen which, instead of ending in a pod or foot, ended in a sharp pointed spike. On the abdomen, they had two arm-like appendages, with too many joints and strange wavy tentacles instead of fingers.
The head was just as disconcerting.
It seemed too large for the body, grossly out of proportion and strangely out of place, like some cosmic sentience had used a random animal generator to assign parts to its body.
The head was wolflike, if you were to strip the skin and fur away, leaving only the muscle underneath. You could see the line of teeth running up either side of the muzzle, while the large red-pink ears rotated continuously.
Commander Vir had backed himself into the bowl of a tree eyes wide. Sunny slogged herself up from the water, placing herself between the strange spidery creatures and the human.
They didn't descend like a spider might, on threads of silk, but they used their back six feet, and the spikes on the end to dig into the bark of the trees with a disconcerting thud thud thud thud.
Finally the largest of the creatures reached the ground, surprisingly silent for its massive bulk.
Glancing around Sunnys tensed body, he noticed something he hadn't before, and that was a strange small mass gripping onto the spidery creature's underbelly. Upon closer inspection he counted ten legs and a surprisingly spidery head buried against its underside... a completely separate creature holding on to its companion.
Behind the largest creature, he noted ANOTHER type of creature. It boasted the same sort of structure as the large creature, but its abdomen was devoid of scales, and covered in strange black bulbs suctioned onto its body by way of a strange, sticky black-green webbing. Its head was also constructed differently more like a lizard than a wolf, with large bulbous eyes that could rotate behind its own head to look in all directions.
Commander Vir fiddled nervously with the advanced translation headset he wore, strapped to his helmet, supposedly it was supposed to be able to understand what these things were saying.
"Sky... friends."
The translation was somewhat garbled, but he understood it was the large wolf-head who spoke.
He walked forward, pushing Sunny gently to the side despite her clear reluctance,
"Yes, we are friends, and we are here to offer peace to you, and the assistance of the Galactic Assembly."
He wasn't entirely sure how that was going to translate over in smell, but the creature seemed happy lifting its head and gnashing its large canine teeth.
"Agreement... for a favor."
Commander Vir grew unsure then, letting off a reluctant,
"What favor?”
The spidery shape moved closer sniffing at him with its large wolffish nose. Sunny stiffened at his side, and he put a hand on her arm to calm her.
"Ritual... you watch and help."
"None of us will get hurt... will we?"
The creature stopped and pondered the question for a long moment,
"No danger... live... healthy... happy."
Commander Vir nodded slowly,
"Alright, what do we have to do?"
The creature hefted its large bulk, and turned in the opposite direction,
It commanded, scuttling off into the trees.
"This is very interesting."
Krill was saying to one of the accompanying scientists, who nodded vigorously in agreement.
"What's so interesting?”
Commander Vir whispered, from where he stood at the edge of yet another, but larger fungus covered clearing, watching as the creatures scuttled back and forth.
The scientist learned in in excitement,
"It seems that these creatures have a ternary gender system."
Before the commander could ask, the scientist continued,
"For ease of speech, the large ones are the females, and those things on their bellies are probably the males. The medium ones are the third gender, the 'they' if you will. It looks like the male impregnates the female who then attaches the eggs to the third party. Dr. Krill tells me that the third party have a very high heat signature, probably to incubate the young. Those attachments probably provide nutrients into the egg and may even transfer DNA over as well."
"Wow... freaky."
The commander muttered in fascination.
"Kind of gross if you ask me."
Sunny muttered.
"I'm with her. Its kinky, but too kinky for me…"
Ramirez muttered, receiving a few nods from the other marines.
"Oh please."
Krill whispered,
"I know what human reproduction is like, and it's arguable way worse."
The scientist waved them all off,
"The big one there, the one that's been talking to us. I think she's the queen, and judging from those egg sacks, this is probably mating season, if they have one."
"Creepy, but cool, I guess."
The captain muttered. They watched for a little longer as the queen scuttled around the clearing and then returned to look at them, lowering her meaty wolffish head to the commander's eye level.
"Ritual... find... eggkeeper."
She scuttled away.
"Oh... this is some sort of… Mating ritual maybe? To choose that third party you were talking about?”
"This isn't exactly the kind of "Mating ritual" I wanted to see."
Ramirez muttered. The other marines turned to look at him with raised eyebrows. Sunny stuck her tongue out in disgust.
Off in the clearing, some of the smaller females had moved themselves onto the high branches scuttling through the trees to examine the "they" who waited patiently. It appeared that side was very important in the ritual, as they all fought for the largest counterpart. Once found, the wolffish head would lower, and open up to reveal a tube under the tongue. From there she would... disgorge the egg onto the abdomen of the 'they' and the mucus would solidify to hold them on.
"It has to do with size."
Krill hissed,
"But it seems that it has more to do with heat. The big ones only get chosen more because they also happen to be warmer than the smaller ones. I'd say they incubate at an average of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, so 32 degrees Celsius."
They watched this for a while, the scientists taking notes and the marines making inappropriate jokes.
Eventually most of the creatures had finished, leaving only the queen left over.
Everything went still when she began to move, and she scuttled around the clearing, looking over all the available 'theys' she could find, but she just didn't seem satisfied.
Commander Vir tugged at the collar of his jacket, a line of sweat dripping down his face.
She continued her circuit once and then twice; at some point she turned her head, large eyes locking on the humans.
She sniffed at them.
The human laughter died as she advanced.
"What is she doing?"
The commander muttered under his breath.
The scientist that stood next to him, hidden partially behind Sunny, answered
"I... I'm not sure."
She scuttled even closer, and the humans backed away.
"Hey doc... didn't you say something about... them being attracted to heat? And like the “they’s” being around 90 F/32 Celsius?”
Ramirez wondered, hiding himself behind a root.
"Yeah... I did, why?”
"Not to freak anyone out or anything but... isn't average human heat about 98.6 Fahrenheit… so 37 degrees Celsius?"
What followed was a rather violent game of nose goes, but instead of involving touching one’s nose to see who was the last person standing, it involved a mad rush to reduce body heat.
The smartest marines took the initiative and dove into the water beside the clearing, completely submerging themselves under the surface.
Others chose to cover whatever exposed skin they might have had in mud, as if to mask the heat.
Still others chose to cut and run.
Unfortunately, with his position at the head of the group, commander Vir wasn't fast enough.
She came at him in a scuttling rush, and in a frantic leap to get away, his boot caught on a root and he hit the ground hard.
Sunny tried to leap in front of him, but was bowled over by the mad rushing form.
"Shit! Shit! Shit!"
Commander Vir repeated, scuttling backwards across the ground, as the large spidery shape loomed over him.
He stopped dead in his tracks, backed against a tree root.
She leaned closer.
He raised his hands above his head blocking his face,
"Please don't lay your eggs in me. Please don't lay your eggs in me."
She reached out one of her forward hands, surprisingly delicate, as she cut through the first layers of his jacket, and shirt.
They fell away in slices revealing the pale human skin underneath red and sticky with the tropical heat.
His chest and abdomen heaved with his breath as he tried to scramble away, but she caught him with the prong of one of her back legs pinning him in place.
"Fuck... Help... HELP."
Sunny wasn't fast enough, having been tipped head over heels into the water, with the rest of the marines in similar positions, Krill contained inside his tube unable to help but also unable to look away.
She lowered her head, and the man screamed. It was cold, gelatinous and slimy at first, but even as it touched open air, he could feel it fusing against his skin solidifying. He thrashed and wriggled, but she was far too strong holding him in place.
Finally though, she backed away, leaving him panting on the ground shaking and trembling leg throbbing where he had been pinned.
She leaned her head down to examine him,
They locked eyes,
"Friends... now... Keep them... warm."
She retreated, and he struggled to his knees, turning to look down at his body which was now partially obscured by a sticky pod of six black eggs, pulled tight against his skin. His hands were shaking, as he reached down to touch them, cold and smooth.
He tried tugging on one, but nearly fainted at the pain it caused against his skin.
The creatures were withdrawing back into the trees, leaving him kneeling on the fungus, hands trembling as looked downwards.
Sunny was the first to recover, scrambling out of the water and over to him, placing a hand on his back as she examined the strange eggs attached to his skin,
"Mother of-"
The marines cut her off as they came wriggling from the trees,
"Commander, commander are you ok..."
One of the marines cut around front, frozen in his tracks, eyes wide once he saw,
Sunny reached out as if to tug on one of them,
He snapped, jerking away from her.
The others gathered around to look with exclamations of shock and disgust.
The commander looked up at Sunny pleadingly.
She decided to take charge, helping him to his feet and then pulling him into her arms,
"We have to get him back to the ship, let's move, NOW!"
"What do you think, Dr."
Dr. Katie examined the scan with a frown,
"It's very, very strange, that's for sure."
Commander Vir lifted his head to look down at them,
"Well what the HELL does that mean?”
Krill shoved his head back onto the table,
"Stay still."
Dr. Katie hummed softly as she continued to examine the scans,
"It looks like these little filaments have breached the skin ... and.... well at least one of them has made it to your liver, this one here has made it to your lungs."
"What about white blood count?"
Krill wondered,
"The body must have noticed something by now?"
Dr Katie shook her head,
"Nothing, the body seems to have accepted it. I took some samples and... well I think I might know why."
She rolled herself to the side in her chair and over to one of the adjoining computers,
"See this, this is HIS DNA ...and this is the DNA of the strands."
Krill pearled over her shoulder,
"What the... they look almost identical."
"Yes... I don't think the body knows anything is wrong."
She turned her chair back around to look at the commander,
"Congratulations commander, you are perhaps, in the weirdest way possible, the only man in the history of existence who might just experience the miracle of life. You are going to be a dad!"
The look on his face made it clear he wasn't interested in being congratulated,
"What the actual fuck does that mean?"
He snapped, Dr. Katie rolled closer,
"Well, to explain in terms you may understand. You are doing more than keeping them warm. Those filaments that you saw are acting like umbilical cords. The one at your liver is using it as a filter, and to take in nutrients as it seems to have branching filaments to the stomach and intestines. The one going to your lungs is taking in carbon... not sure what that's going to do to your breathing if anything. But at this point I don't think that even Dr. Krill, as good as he is, can remove them. We would have to remove too much of your internal structure to it to be viable, plus they don't seem to be hurting you."
"Not hurting me! NOT HURTING ME! You said it yourself they are SUCKING OUT MY VITAL JUICES."
Dr. Katie shrugged,
"Welcome to pregnancy... sort of.”**
”Look we will monitor you, make sure they aren't sucking away to many nutrients. Look on the bright side, you can probably eat more, and judging from an analysis of the egg sacks, the average gestational period is only around two months."
Sunny, who had been standing next to the man at the head of the exam table, couldn't suppress a short chirp of laughter.
He glowered at her,
"What's so funny!?"
She chirped again placing a hand on his arm,
"You're gonna be a mom."
If looks could kill, shed be reduced to a singularity,
"Get your hand off me or ill break it in half!"
She continued chirping but removed her hand just in case.
This was going to be a very awkward call to the UNSC and the GA.
For that matter, it was going to be a very awkward call home.
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2023.03.21 18:25 The_Puss_Slayer Rules for fanning a revolver?

A player at the table is playing a nomad cowboy and insists on using only revolvers and long repeaters, I personally love it but RAW makes the revolvers a really limited weapon especially with the reload length. I want to make them a little more viable so I've given him full access to half moon clips and am trying to work out a house rule for fanning the shots on his weapon. Any ideas or established house rules are welcome!
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2023.03.21 18:23 Gruvfyllo42 Passed yesterday - here is what I learned

Took the test online, had initially some technical problems, but then went smoothly. Some questions were damn hard, others were very easy. There was a surprising amount of agile questions (10-20), many questions on ITTOs, tailoring and a few ones that just didn't make any sense. Only had to use the calculator once. Got 11AT/2T
Prepping I did (declining order of importance):
On a side note, I will likely not even use 5% of what I've learnt studying for the exam. The actual useful content of this is minimal. Most of the content feels so abstract, high level and generalised that it's impossible to apply any of it. That the focus is a lot on memorising the ITTO and the concept of "no you have to use interpersonal and team skills in this part, not meetings!" is just absurd. Hope the PMBOK 7 is better...
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