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2023.04.02 10:51 Impossible-winner Forgetting a lot and feeling like I can’t handle my job’s responsibilities

I’m having a really tough weekend, so I just need to vent a bit.
I’ve been really busy at work and lost overview. Before the weekend started I wanted to catch up, but something came in between, and I ended up in a meeting for five hours. It was important, so I don’t mind, but this meant I still have a lot of work left.
Because I ate too little that day and had a lot of stress, I got a heavy migraine that evening (friday). Yesterday I was still feeling very tired and down, so I couldn’t really do anything.
I did found out (1) I double planned something monday morning, so I somehow have to fix that beforehand, but everyone’s having weekend. One of those two things is a very difficult phone call, which already stresses me out without this extra stress.
(2) I forgot to buy my mom a present. Last june (!) I got her something someone else also got, so we agreed I’d exchange it. But I forgot. So months later she told me there’s a book she wants, so I (think I) wrote it down, but I forgot. So yesterday she said she wanted to have it before her trip soon, so if I haven’t bought it yet, she’d buy it herself. I wanted to buy it, but I can’t remember where I wrote it down, so I had to ask for the title again. My mom is very understanding, but I still feel very guilty and embarrassed.
(3) I realised I forgot to do something else for work, which might mean some people will come to my work for nothing. I already messed it up with the same people two weeks ago, so it will give my work a bit of a bad name if this goes wrong as well.
(4) I got a notification from my parking app. It cancelled my parking after 1 day and 15 hours while I actually only parked for 20 minutes, but forgot to stop the parking action. I did put on notifications on the app to notify me when I leave, but the app changed and so did the notifications. So I have to pay 90 euros (again).
(5) I’m not diagnosed. Since I didn’t have anything noticeable in my childhood, a former therapist years ago said it isn’t adhd. I decided to let me be checked once more by experts in adult adhd, so I got referred. I am waiting for a call, but yesterday I saw on the website I’m supposed to call them. So the 36 weeks waiting list has been added 5 more weeks (if I don’t forget to call coming days).
(6) After all this I went to bed, which I still had to make. Before I took off the bedding, I checked if I had enough pillowcases left (clever me). However, there wasn’t a clean mattress sheet (or whatever you call it). It was such a small thing, but I was really tired so I broke down a bit.
Today I still feel sluggish and my head still hurts. I wanted to take a long hike to start exercising for a thruhike (which I did manage to book yesterday!), but there’s still some work I have to finish before the week starts again, and grocery shopping and laundry. I thought about calling in sick tomorrow, but the amount of extra work and arranging things that will cause only stresses me out more. So I’ll just work today, hoping my headache won’t be too bad. And maybe run instead of hike.
Sorry for the long story, I don’t expect many people to read it, but writing it down helps. It shows me it actually is a lot, especially when already not feeling well. And the one person I wanted to call, but shouldn’t, is a recent ex, and it took a lot to not call him (but I didn’t!). Whether I have adhd or not, I figured you guys would understand why I just want to stop life for a minute and just cry and do nothing. Thanks if you read it all ❤️
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2023.04.02 10:50 NumerousAlternative7 [REQUEST] My son and I are the only survivors of a house fire. Insurance isn't replacing things I can't afford. (Southwest Florida, US)

My family woke up to fire everywhere earlier this week. My amazing brave 9 year old boy fought through the heat to my voice and we got out, 700 degrees and rising. My husband and 7 year old babygirl didn't make it. If I start talking about them I won't be able to get through this, but heartbroken devastated lost wracked with guilt don't begin to describe it. I was treated for burns and lung damage, my boy for worse burns, he was just released today.
Red Cross is not finding me somehow. My husband was the sole earner. The apartment is gone. The fire totaled our vehicle. We don't even have the clothes on our backs, they were burnt off. No insurance. My husbands best friend is paying the necessary arrangements, I could never afford it and hope good karma visits him to repay what I can't. Someone started a small GoFundMe, I don't know what to do with it yet but probably clothes and housing (sw Florida hotels right now are at spring break prices, on top of hurricane gouging. I paid $212 for tonight at our towns 2 star, going north or south it doubles). Trying to keep my boy close enough to bus to school since I have no car now. He is mildly autistic and thrives on the routine of school, I'm not being mean forcing him to go back, it's to help him recover. I'm venting here I'm sorry, I'm exhausted and sad and all alone without my husband.
The request. We need a lot. But my request is specific: my son's brand new Nintendo switch and games were destroyed. My iphone SE 2020 was destroyed. Both were insured for replacement/repair for accidentall damage. Both asurion and allstate or whoever Walmart uses require me to return the damaged device to get a new one. I can't do that. Even if I thought the plastic survived, both items were last located within 18 inches of my husband and daughters remains. I'm not digging through the place they died, I can't. Not even for $500+. I begged for the insurance companies to accept the statements from pd and fd, the home is a total loss, we escaped with nothing, naked, I'm not hiding the Nintendo to get one over on them. Both companies refused. My son was just released from the children's hospital today, where he had game systems available. Now we're in a hotel room, sad as fuck and I need something to distract him while I'm on grisly phone calls and he just deserves some kind of happiness. We could barely afford it at Christmas, I can't afford to replace it plus his 8/9 games (Minecraft, the Mario party ones (I butcher the names), Yoshi Crafted World, Mario Bros Deluxe something?, Sonic mania (the other games were babygirls and I don't intend to replace)). I got a $40 Walmart phone for myself that barely functions. I'm not a phone snob, I had a used 7+ that I traded in for a used se2020, cheap androids for many years before that, I would like another apple phone because it has my entire life on it including wallet, passwords, etc. And it just makes life a little easier, and life is fucking horrible and hard right now. A low-midlevel android would even be great though, I just need it to support nfc and video calls and Happy Color. But I don't have $200 for a replacement phone, or the $400(? probably more) to replace the switch. We need a lot, but these two things will bring the most relief to us right now. The most joy to my son.
I thought I was being smart buying insurance. I thought my husband and I had 30 more years. I thought when I took my kids grocery shopping 12 hours before the fire that my girl would eat her strawberries and leave the tops everywhere. I really hope it doesn't sound like my family is dead and I just want new stuff. If I get more emotional I won't be able to stop and the shit my boy and I went through would give you nightmares if I described it. I can provide proof of the fire and proof that I bought and insured both devices within the last six months. I don't know how to make this more concise.. paragraphs. I'll make paragraphs. Thanks Reddit, you're always there for me for a distraction or laugh or consumer report and though this acct is newer I've been a quiet participant for 14 years (I remember broken arms, also the dorito story). If I've broken any submission rules I really tried to do it right, my brain is fried and it's very possible I missed something.
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2023.04.02 10:24 Tasty_Artichoke_7775 Fire af shirts for you or a loved one

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2023.04.02 10:02 buckup_kid I fell off

I did well for a while.. in November I didn't think I'd ever make it past two weeks - I made it 40 days first try.. then went to a holiday party and wanted to 'loosen up.' I'm socially awkward, but when drinking feel like people like me better.
Made it another two weeks, then there was another company party..
Then another two weeks.. I was doing it just because I felt like it again. Every time I would feel like garbage the next day, and I would say to myself 'it's okay, you had your fun. Now really stop.
Buthen I kept letting myself do it.
I was pretending I had it under control, but I was just starting to slip back into the hole. The cycles were getting shorter.
Something happened at work that broke my heart a bit. I went to a meeting on a Monday after criticizing my successors work on their third day. We had what I truly feel was a minor argument. I went in the next day, and was fully ready to apologize.. he left after 5 minutes and didn't say a word to me, I didn't even try to apologize for fear of making it worse.
I didn't think much of it other than it seemed like somewhat of a punk move to not hash it out.
I know I can be an asshole - he wasn't wrong to be offended, but I'm a contractor.. someone's always salty about something on the jobsite or in the shop, most people are alcoholics and that's just how it is in the trades.. it's sad.. I've had public arguments with the old owner of our company, and he has had arguments with everyone else.. he is also not such a nice guy - to me, being nice isn't how we kept the shop alive so he could sell the company and get us all better positions. I gave my life to the job for this opportunity, and it was absolutely worth it.. but I'm tired, this successor was supposed to be my escape from breaking my body to run the shop.
I drank all weekend. Then vowed on the following Monday to stop.
When I went to work, I was essentially thrown under the bus. The new guy said he was afraid I would hurt him. I'm not nice, but I was not overly aggressive about my comments. Our old owner was WAY meaner.. never said anything nice, but he knows his stuff and strives for perfection. His comments aren't meant to be hurtful, nor are mine.. those around us just kind of accept that we are the way we are.
I went in on a Monday and was made a martyr as an example to the people I've worked with for years. The old way is gone, everyone gets a pay on the back and a participation trophy.. I get two forces days off to 'think about what I'd done' and write a report on it.. I left the meeting and got smashed for two days
I went into work after my leave, and submitted to not being allowed at the shop I built so this new guy could even have a job.. there was no hand off, he is failing miserably without me, I don't think he knew what he was getting into.. I can't believe they hired someone who's never managed anytime to manage the animals I call friends and coworkers.
I have to meet the new guy remotely, in the presence of others.. it's so insane to me. I'm obviously still quite upset about it - but ultimately it got me the office job I wanted.. tho I didn't want to get it this way.
As I can down, and made amends with the new guy to a certain extent, I realized I had drank every day for weeks.. just like before. Drinking didn't make anything better, who'd have thought?
It's day one again, and I'm sick of writing stories like this for myself to read through and meditate on so I can force myself to stop.. I need to come here every day again. If it doesn't stick I'm going to AA.
I love this community, don't even really care if anyone reada these posts.. I just know I'm safe here.
I've already made it through the day. The shakes aren't as bad this time but I'm prepared to not sleep for a few days. I know it gets better, eyes on the prize.
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2023.04.02 09:54 One_Dentist7513 2015 chevy tahoe P0430

I got my Tahoe out of the shop Thursday night after AFM/DOD delete, after driving down the road the engine light turns on. Obd read back code P0430, I’m confused because cat passed emissions test, what else could it be? Hopefully something easy I’m tired of forming out the money for this Tahoe 🥲 we just bought it a month ago. Cars running fine after having delete. No weird smells or anything
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2023.04.02 09:46 ykhluvr did I do something wrong?

I’ve noticed myself not being able to control my emotions well and I need help. To start off, I was feeling a bit off today, and out of it. Not feeling like myself and dislocated from the world. I was on call with my boyfriend for an hour and we played a game, we barely exchanged anything until he pointed out that I wasn’t saying anything. I felt bad.. and apologized for not saying much.
My day was alright, I felt a little sad because I missed him and I know he’s busy with friends and I’m always at home. He called me again later today and the call lasted for 2 minutes since he had to go out and get ready with his friends again. I was really sad since I waited for him and I cried after the call ended. I decided to go shopping and call a friend to keep my mind off of him, it worked for awhile but I started thinking/missing him again.
I started to worry because it was basically 6-7 hours from the last time I heard from him. I began to get a bit anxious and didn’t know where he was and what he was doing. I was sad and upset.
He came back around 1:45ish am and I was upset at the point. Upset that I didn’t know where he was. Didn’t get any updates or anything. He texted me that his phone was dead when he came back from hanging out with his friends and then he called me.
He told me that he missed me and I told him that I missed him too. I asked him what was he doing that took him so long? Then his friend took his phone then began talking and ended our call which lasted a minute. He then called again, I asked him the question from before, and who he was with. He asked if it was bad and I said no, I was just worried because you took so long. I didn’t know where you were. I’m also in the middle of something. He apologized and suggested to call later and I said it’s okay, and asked him if he could join discord since I was in the middle of playing a game with a friend. Mind you, I said all of these really quiet and monotone. He might’ve picked up that I was a bit upset.
He muted during the whole call and didn’t say anything. I asked for sad depressing music on the discord bot lol. I told my friends goodnight after the game was done then called my boyfriend again.
His tone was a bit off and he said that he was going to go sleep. I was worried and asked if he was okay and if he was mad at me? He said he wasn’t and that I have to trust him. I still apologized afterwards and he said it was okay and that he’s just tired then went to bed.
Did I do something wrong and am I overthinking it too much?? This is my first time sharing on Reddit and I am a huge overthinker. 😭 I just felt bad for being upset and not reciprocating the same energy to him since I was already upset.
I feel like I depend on him too much and it’s unhealthy. Is me depending on him a lot, explains my actions? *Note: we aren’t edaters, I come visit him everyday week 😭
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2023.04.02 09:43 personallyidontcare AITA for sleeping on a road trip?

so, my friend and i love to go on road trips together. usually around 2-5 hour road trips one way. well, 3 times i have fallen asleep. each time she gets pissed and calls me selfish and rude for sleeping while she is driving. which is sorta understandable, tho it isn't like i can completely control. i feel as if she should allow me to sleep instead of get pissed at me.
the first time was a 4 hour roadtrip there. i work 11pm- 7am. we left at 10am. i barely slept at all. i told her i didn't wanna b tired by the time i got there, and that i could barely stay awake. she went on a rant on how it's rude to leave a driver alone on a long road trip.
the 2nd time was after the first road trip. she was driving back and i was hella tired, barely could stay awake and ended up falling asleep for like 40 mins.
the 3rd time was recently. i had been awake all day, went over to her place to watch a movie. well, we ended up going on a 6 hour road trip. 3 there 3 back. we went to walmart for a long while, then to a beach at 2 am and ran around. on the way back i was so tired it was practically impossible to stay awake. she kept blasting music and screaming to keep me awake but it didn't work--
-- afterwards she got real mad at me saying she was also tired and that i shoulda just stayed awake with her.
we've gone on MANY trips. it's not like this is every time.
i feel as if these weren't preventable, and that i wasn't a complete asshole bc i have a difficult time staying awake without good sleep. one of her biggest defenses was that she has, and would never do the same to me. i told her i'd allow her to if needed. she said she would never do that to anyone bc it's rude.
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2023.04.02 08:40 Any_Collection3025 Where can I look for a relationship that doesn't include bars, clubs or online dating?

I have had exactly one girlfriend in my life and it didn't last very long. And even that was some years ago. I've tried online dating and I simply don't want to try anymore. I don't drink and personally I'd rather avoid bars and clubs. But I also am fearful of being "another guy who bothers a girl" while she's at a cafe or shopping for records or something, which is something I frequently do myself. What about bookstores? Libraries? Gyms? I have a very high interest in history, especially film and music history. I also wouldn't mind developing new skills like drawing or painting. But that can also be a lot of money, and I guess my main goal wouldn't be to learn to paint so I'd probably be going for the wrong reasons anyways.
I've had some people tell me that it's best to start off as friends for awhile. I have a few problems with that based on my own experience, which is the friends I've had never really want to go further. I've literally always been "friend zoned" and I'm tired of it. I think I'm an overall good guy but I also think I struggle with trying too hard.
Finally, I've also heard "maybe you should focus on yourself instead of trying to find a relationship." Which, again, I've had plenty of time to work on myself. No I'm not perfect and I'll always be working on myself, but at the same time I feel like you can prepare for relationships as much as possible but it's different when it actually happens. Sort of like a simulator vs driving an actual car on the highway at 60 mph.
People tell me I'm young (I'm in my mid-20s.) But I don't want to turn 30 and still be single. 30 turns into 40 and 40 turns into 50. If I turn 40 and I don't have a loving woman by my side, I suppose I will feel like I've lost. Ever since I was a young child, I think my idea of "success" was being able to have a family and at this point I just feel undesirable.
I'm sure there's tons of thinking errors in here, and I'm not afraid of them being pointed out. I want to be better, I want to think in healthy ways. Just please don't make me feel like shit about it either. There's probably a ton to unpack here, I'm just so conflicted.and I'm really starting to feel hopeless.
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2023.04.02 08:32 PresentationTop9547 Husband just doesn’t get being pregnant

Rant, but would also like advice / reality check. I’m 28w pregnant now and am feeling so overwhelmed with everything there is to do before the baby arrives. Aside from registry / buying baby things / baby classes, I basically found out today that I also have GD, which means between my ob / PT / scans I’m looking at weekly doctor appointments. And then just the chores of everyday living. Add to that with GD now I need to plan and prep meals and make sure I’m staying more active.
Through all of this, I feel like I’m doing it alone. My husband doesn’t seem to be worried or bothered with prep. His philosophy is, if the baby has a place to sleep and a car seat to get home we are sorted, and I’m getting tired of trying to explain to him there’s a lot more involved with the baby. He doesn’t want to help with any of the mental load, doesn’t want to talk about birth and what all could happen then, keeps putting off shopping for baby things. It’s also been hard going through physical changes and I can’t vent to him, otherwise he calls me selfish or says I wanted this. I mean sure I knew I would gain weight, but nobody prepared me for my boobs looking weird, and hemorrhoids, and terrible acne & the pelvic pain n what not. I’m looking forward to my baby, but I’m not loving what my body is becoming. What do I do? I’m freaking out cos I know I’m going to get more tired as this trimester goes along, and everything is going to get harder and I don’t have someone who gets it.
I don’t have a local support system to rely on either. I could just do everything on my own like I have been. It’s just starting to feel very lonely and sets the tone for what parenthood might end up being like, and that’s not the kind of marriage I signed up for. I’ve not been able to stop crying about this all day (which is probably also the hormones cos I’m not usually a crier).
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2023.04.02 07:59 chris11211 New wheel alignment blunder. Volvo S60 06

I took my car to a local mechanic shop to get an alignment after I got new tires. However, after the first job I noticed that the steering wheel is not centered, just a 2 or 3 degrees off, slightly to the left. And if I tried straightening then the car would obviously go to the right. So a week later I got a redo and now it's even more crooked.
Right now they assume that the rack has too much play and there can never be a straight alignment, so it needs to be replaced; but they never even did a test drive nor gave me paper proof before sending me off. And they also aren't willing to do it a 3rd time, so I'm wondering what should I do next?
My plan right now is to take the hit and try with another shop that had it dead straight; not mention the steering rack problem and see if they come the the same conclusion. Because at this moment the off centering is very noticable and I can't focus on the road like this. And $1k on this car isn't on the table atm.
I changed the inner and outer tie rods 3 years ago.
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2023.04.02 07:10 fridgefoodTA AITA for emptying the fridge?

Normally I work from home however I had to fly for a business meeting. I decided to make a trip of it and went on a mini vacation also so I was gone for the week. My flight home was scheduled for 8pm but it ended up being several hours delayed so I actually arrived at the airport for 11pm. Finding an Uber was a hassle so I actually got home around just after midnight. I was starving and my wife Emma hadn't restocked our fridge. Because I was out of town, she went to stay with her parents for that time (they live a few hours away) and was due to get home that morning.
All in all, I finished the yoghurts, fried up some bacon with the last egg and called it a day. All we had at that point was freezer food and cereal and other ingredients that have to be cooked into a recipe. I meant to wake up earlier but I was so tired from the flight that I slept into the afternoon and I could hear Emma rooting through the cupboards for something for lunch.
She asked me why I had basically emptied the fridge and I told her I was sorry and I'd go to supermarket to do the grocery shopping. She called me selfish and asked how I'd like it if she left me with nothing convenient to eat after she'd been making the multiple hour journey home. I pointed out that I only had 2 yogurts and the bacon and egg but she said I could have just eaten the yoghurts and that I didn't need to cook a full breakfast before going to bed. I pointed it was barely a breakfast because I didn't make any toast (we have no butter) in a lighthearted joking manner but she was not receptive to my attempt to lighten the mood.
She went to order lunch in and is now giving me the cold shoulder, even after I went grocery shopping. Was I an asshole for this? It's not like the fridge was full and I ate everything. I was still hungry after I'd eaten.
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2023.04.02 06:51 the-names-poppy 1986 Toyota van

Hey guys. So in a few days I’m being gifted a 1986 Toyota van. It’s coming from a mechanic shop so it will be all checked out and stuff, new battery and running engine, good tires extect.
I’ve own a 1990 Corolla before but it was in a near dead shape when I got it. This van I want to last.
Are there any things that I need to look out for to keep the van living The long? It has less than 100k miles- one owner who used it as a secondary car and kept in the garage for most of its life.
I’ll post pics when I get it
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2023.04.02 06:17 kev595 Roadtrip from hell with Rivian R1T

Long time looker and first time posting.
I’ve been following this sub and Rivian R1T for a while, had my deposit in Nov 2021 and received the truck in Dec 2022. Since then, it’s mainly been my daily drive, replaced 2010 Odyssey. It drives night and day compared to the minivan. In meanwhile, made one trip from Westchester, NY to South Jersey, had to make one stop at an EVgo on the way back and it worked fine.
Fast forward to this week, kids are off from school next week and decided to go to Orlando and would be fun roadtrip. Since new to EV, decided to test out few more different DC Fast charging, both EA, EVgo and ChargePoint. EA and ChargePoint worked fine but EVgo was hit or missed. With some confidence, left the house on early Thursday and was planning to spend the night in NC, with little kids, it’s almost impossible to made it down in a day. Plus our check in to the resort was Friday.
The first day, things went great. We stopped at 2 EA stations, both at Walmart and it started to charge right away. Pull in to a station, open the charge port, plug-in and follow the instructions on the screen or start from the app then plug in. Also, driving was with Driver+, felt more relax and less tired. We arrived at the overnight hotel on time, the hotel had slow L2 charger - 6kw but it was going to be 100% by the the time we are leaving the next day.
On Second day, even with the slower charger, the truck was 100% ready to go. We grabbed some breakfast and hit the road. We made our way to our first stop at another EV station and things went smoothly, like the day before and hit the road again. Now it was around lunch time and time for another charge. I dropped off the wife and kids at the mall and headed crossed the street to another EV station at Walmart. Pull in and plug in, used the RFID reader to get it going and nothing. The station is stuck on initialing charging and the truck is saying starting charging but nothing happened. So I moved to another station and same. I called the EA service center and was on the phone with them for 30 mins, in meanwhile, wife is keep calling to see when I’m coming over. Even after the reset of the station, nothing worked. Other EVs comes and goes and no problem, even at the station that I was not able to charge. I began to google anything I can find on this issue and hard reset or letting the truck go to sleep for 30 mins may fix the issue. And tried both, nothing. This is definitely the issue with the truck, not the charging station. Now, I’m going crazy, worries started to set in. We are no where close to Orlando, probably another 4.5hrs driving to go and the truck is down to 20% or so. I now go back to pick up the family at mall and saw a L2 charger and plugged it in and it began to charge but at 9kw/hr. We decided to hang around a little longer here add while we look for options. We searched PlugShares and found another DC Fast Charge, about 30 miles away, ChargePoint 125kw stations. We made our way there and nothing, same as EA. Now, we are calling the Rivian Service for an assistance. The service rep I spoke with was very nice and suggested we find a hotel nearby with EV to stay overnight. He was going to set up an appointment with the Orlando Service Center and arrange a rental for us while we stayed there. We didn’t know how these 2 star hotels are so much more expensive when booking on the day of you are staying. Now, we are losing a day at the resort we were planning to stay at and needed to stay in GA. We were all so stressed and exhausted by now and accepted the fact that we have another tough day ahead of us. Luckily was able to find a hotel with L2 charger and book a room. Checked in for the night and plugged in the truck for the night. I don’t even know if Rivian will pick up the tab on this.
Day 3, 3am, I can’t even sleep and now thinking how I’m going to even go back home even if it’s fixed. By 9am, the truck is 97% and hit the road to Jacksonville FL. Overnight, Rivian sent location of L2 charging locations and a rental reservation information. We make our way to Jacksonville and stopped to have lunch, add a little so that we can made it over to Orlando. But now we can’t make it on time to pickup the rental, all Enterprise closes at 2pm on Saturday, except the airport. In meantime, we spoke with few different Rivian Service reps and they were all nice but no one is telling me definite details or going out of the way to help. Now, we are all so tired and stressed, this is not something we wanted to go through during our vacation. We talked to Rivian again, changed the rental car reservation to airport pick up, pick up rental and finally able to dropped off the truck at the service center with 8% to go. Of course the service center is closed and all of their L2 charger are being used so I just parked the truck, leave the key in the drop box and finally checked into the resort.
Now what? The truck will probably die, I would be very surprise if it still has some power left on Monday morning when the service center opens. And will it be fix on time for us to drive it back? It’s an understatement to just say my wife is mad. My wife is insisting that we don’t drive the truck back and I don’t blame her, I feel the same way. We are leaving early Friday to go back to and we all need to be back at work, school next week. All the service reps that we spoke with are nice and like I said no one is going out of the way to take care of the issue. Having a loner at the service center would have been definitely nice, instead of making another stop at the airport. This is the last thing I want to deal with during the vacation. It will be definitely a vacation to remember years from now and laugh about it but for now I’m extremely disappointed and upset. I still have another reservation on R1S for wife but will probably cancel it when it’s called up. I realize now have $85k vehicle that is “home range” only, reliable on home charge but cannot rely on DC Fast charge because it will either be the truck or the charging station with issues. Seriously doubting about keeping the truck.
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2023.04.02 05:29 dcandap [PC] [late-90s] junkyard racing game

Platform: PC Genre: kids’ racing Estimated year: 1998 Graphics/style: cartoon
I don’t remember too terribly much about it but I do remember putting car tires on a shopping cart in the “build your car” mode. It’s not Gary Gadget (did some searching and this was the closest I could turn up).
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2023.04.02 04:50 bbbeeennnjamin Some weird Hiboy S2 Pro Issues...would love any help!

Hey all, if anyone has any insight it would be great...i'm having the below issues.
  1. Hand break doesn't really work anymore...I thought that might just be wear and tear on the pads but it has 0 friction at this point (is the answer just getting new pads?)
  2. The stem used to be super easy to fold up/down - now I'm getting a decent amount of resistance each time I do, I inspected and didn't see anything that would point to that (I have no idea here)
  3. Just yesterday I noticed that sometimes when I'm riding I'll get sort of a jerk back motion like i'm hitting on a break, and it will take a handful of seconds for the ignition to work again
Info that might be helpful:
I've never done anything with the breaks and it's been a year of heavy urban use.
It goes full speed most of the time with no issues.
The electric break seems to still work fine.
I didn't see anything trapped or touching the steam fold point or the tires that would slow them down, the tires are full too/no air pressure issues too.
I use this to get to work every day so any help would be super appreciated!
Also if the answer is, just take it to a shop and stop mooching off of reddit...I'd love the name of any in San Francisco that folks could recommend.

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2023.04.02 04:49 Key-Basil254 Financial Literacy 101

Are you tired of feeling like your wallet is constantly on life support? Do you find yourself nodding along to conversations about stocks, bonds, and other financial jargon, all while secretly wishing someone would explain it to you like you're five years old? Fear not friends, for I am here to help!
Let's start with the basics. You know that little piece of plastic in your wallet that you use to buy stuff? Yeah, that's called a credit card. And no, it's not free money. In fact, it's more like borrowing money that you'll have to pay back later, with interest. So, next time you're tempted to max out your credit card on a shopping spree, just remember: future you will not be happy.
Speaking of interest, let's talk about savings accounts. Remember those piggy banks you had as a kid? A savings account is like a grown-up version of that. You deposit money into the account, and the bank pays you a little bit of interest for letting them use your money. Sure, it’s not a lot and it definitely won’t make you rich.
Now, let's get into the exciting stuff: investing. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds...oh my! If the mere thought of investing makes you want to run for the hills, don't worry, you're not alone. But here's the thing: investing is actually pretty simple. You're basically buying a piece of a company, and hoping that the value of that company goes up over time. Of course, there's more to it than that, but we'll save that for another day.
Finally, let's talk about budgeting. I know, I know, it's not the most exciting topic. But trust me, it's important. Think of your budget as a roadmap for your finances. It helps you figure out how much money you have coming in, how much you have going out, and where you can cut back if needed. Plus, budgeting can help you save for big-ticket items like a house, a car, or that dream vacation to Hawaii.
So there you have it, folks. A crash course in financial literacy. Remember, the key to financial success is not being afraid to ask questions, and taking the time to educate yourself. Oh, and also not blowing all your money on parties. Just kidding...kind of
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2023.04.02 04:46 Rugdoll1010 Buying Maxxis Pace

Im considering replacing my stock 26x 2.10 Tiandi MTB tires of my Rhino B2 Xtreme, and as I made some researching I found out Maxxis Pace is a popular brand and model of the MTB tire. In terms of cost, the durability of its tire has been proven by many cyclists all around and here in this community. Now after scouring reviews and compare some other brands that fits my budget (Ragusa, Myth, CST, Kenda...), Maxxis Pace became the tire I fallen in love for.
However, two things considered after making up the decision of what tire brand and model that fits for you: to purchase them online? Or on physical?
Some say, its better online as its going to get you those tires for less (as long its verified store, has good reviews and good flags of its autehnticity), while others in physical to have a better look of its quality. Its pretty hard to choose between the two. I managed to scour local bike shops that this community recommended to have a better price besides Quiapo region, and yet I am still torn between to acquire it online or in physical
Regardless, budget is my big problem for now. I will manage to acquire them on time before these Tiandi tires reached its panot stage. In the meantime, I just shared these thoughts for you all to initiate some discussions.
And yes, there are bunch of posts about Maxxis Pace's reputation here and I wanted to express my view of this favoured brand of tire. Stay safe to all!
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2023.04.02 04:35 TeaTimeCentral Are Walmart and / or Target problematic and should I stop shopping at them?

This is kind-of a weird one, as much I would say: "Of course their problematic, their corporations!" It MIGHT be a bit of a stretch for me to boycott two of the biggest corporations in America.
But I'm still concerned that continuing to shop at these retails stores is doing more harm than good, especially for the workers. So I'm wondering, are there alternative stores to shop at?
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2023.04.02 04:04 SleepinGriffin (F10) Replaced Headlight Control Module, Fixed 2/4 Errors, how do I fix the last 2?

I have a 2013 535i and over the past year the left headlight was starting to malfunction due to condensation and I got use to it over time. I took it to get inspected the other day and forgot the turn signal was out. So instead of paying $1300 for a whole new headlight assembly, I spent $70 and 30 minutes replacing the module. It fixed the turn signal and day light running lights, but the adaptive lights and vertical aim controls are still malfunctioning, or at least the car says they’re malfunctioning. I honestly can’t tell a difference between the right and left headlights in the way they function.
Is there anyway to fix these 2 warnings without just going with a new assembly all together? Would it include getting it recoded at BMW or a specialty repair shop? I appreciate anyone who can give me any answers.
If you’re wondering how I replaced the module without taking the headlight assembly out: Jack up your car, take off the wheel, take off the front wheel well liner (8mm socket), unscrew and replace the module. The inside screw for the module doesn’t have a lot of room for a tool so I just used a tire screw bit and a vice grip to get leverage. You’ll have to maneuver the module around a piece of the body (I think) but it can be done both taking them out and putting them back in but it takes a little bit of effort.
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2023.04.02 03:59 ZodiacEra Sudden coldness in chest, slowing/faster and tiredness feeling in heart region.

long post but information might be relavent please bear with me .
I am not entirely convinced of my doctors analysis of whatever my condition is and would likea second opinion.
First im 30yr old male from the UK, just under 6ft tall, about 90kg weight (not that much muscle about 25%? bodyfat) used to gym 5-7 times a week but then covid so no gym never got back round to going. Vape heavily, diet is not exactly healthy/is healthy at time (more on that in a moment) also asthmatic and i also have anxiety issues.
So about 2 months ago i starting having a little problem within my chest. It began a week or so after i changed my diet in an attempt to lose some weight, previous diet was pizzas/burgers/chicken as i work in my local takeaway shop that does those foods, i would eat at least once or twice a day of just this food, though i do recognise my unhealthy diet and would try to balance it out by drinking at fruit smoothies/huel shakes as well but i decided to cut out the pizzas and stuff and would eat chicken and salad for lunch and dinner.
A week later i started to feel like my heart region was tired? weak? for lack of a better description. Over the course of a week, it became worse and developed a new sensation. An extremely unpleasant horrible coldness spread from the heart outwards across my chest in all directions, there wasnt any pain, it was just sheer coldness that honestly felt so awful. A thing to note, is that while the tiredness was constant in day to day stuff, the coldness only came at night when on the verge of falling asleep, it would instantly wake me up fully, but again would happen and well repeat. Also during the time i was trying to fall asleep my heart often times skipped a beat or spasmed (again lack of a better term, but it genuinely felt like a spasm like when an eyelid would twitch rapidly for a second,) or speed up or normal pace but thumping heavily.
This continued on until i went to my local doctors who performed an ECG said it looked fine but referred me to to go the hospital for further tests.
Again another ECG and blood was taken for test, all came back fine and normal, they also did an ultra sound of my heart and said my heart was fine. The end verdict given to me was due to the change in my diet, it caused irritation to my stomach walls (due to me only usually eating once or twice a day large amounts of greasy food, the over production of stomach acid was outbalanced by smaller easier to digest portions of chicken and salad causing an irritation to stomach walls) which in turn caused an irritation to my sternum area which caused all my symptoms.....
I was told to take ibuprophen to counter the irritation of my sternum and give another set of pills to help settle the irritation of my stomach walls and to stick with the healthier diet.
This continued for several weeks until i partially relapsed on my diet and would eat the previous diet and healtier foods combined. After a while this seemed to settle down and went away. However it is now back again this week, this time there is the previous symptoms but a new one where i will suddenly have a decrease in heart rate down to about 55-60 beats per minute and slight dizziness for a few seconds, the heart rate taking a while to get back up to normal for me which is around 67-75 beats per minute.
A thing to note, is that i stressed to the doctors that the symptoms mainly flaired up at night when trying to fall asleep and that when doing to the ecgs and ultrasound my heart area felt fine with slight discomfort, i dont know if these things would show on the tests during the day but i feel like they should have been done at night when they actively flaired up.
If anyone has any opinions of anything they could tell me that could help settle my anxiety over this issue would be appreciated, if you need any additional information please ask away i will do my best to answer them.
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2023.04.02 03:51 ChapterAlternative69 Maybe some PPD?

I love being a mom- I really do love all of it. My son is a miracle. I had a really rough newborn stage with him. He was hospitalized twice, once being when he was born and was transferred to a different hospital where I spent the night alone (I insisted my fiancé go with him) so I am extra appreciative of all the moments with him. All the times that feel hard I appreciate because he is alive and healthy. But tonight I’m struggling.
My fiancé is at a concert with his little sister and I am happy for him. He works to pay our bills so I can stay home with our son. He’s incredibly hands on when he is home. But I am jealous. I’m jealous of him being able to go out without feeling guilty. I’m jealous of him going to work and being able to focus on one task at a time. I’m annoyed he hasn’t asked how I’m feeling yet I don’t want to drag down his night.
Before I got pregnant with my son I was 200 hours away from completing my degree. I had a very rough first trimester and basically dropped out and slept until my son was born. I do want to finish but I don’t feel comfortable sending my son to daycare and there is no one I trust enough that can watch him while I’m at school. I want to wait until he’s older to send him to daycare. No matter how I feel I won’t let anyone watch him until I do feel comfortable.
I guess I’m rambling the whole point of this is that I’m tired and I need a break. I’m going shopping with my mom tomorrow while my son will be with my fiancé but I’m going shopping for my son. I just don’t feel like I am a thought anymore. Like nothing is for me. I feel so guilty even saying those words. I love my son so much. I’m already on medication for postpartum anxiety due to him being hospitalized so much. idk thanks for listening.
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2023.04.02 03:43 OverEmperor I want to change my 18” to 17”. Is this a good choice?

I want to change my 18” to 17”. Is this a good choice? submitted by OverEmperor to mazda3 [link] [comments]