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2023.03.22 11:34 Spiral_out77 What is your favorite all-around weapon?

Not in terms of strength, obviously there's some buyable legendaries that make the game brain dead easy. I mean whatever you find yourself using most of the time, whether that be for its utility, style, aesthetics, fun, etc.
So far I think my favorite is the simple automatic combat rifle. Controllable recoil, plentiful and cheap ammo, powerful but not OP.
Normally my preference would be laser rifles but it seems they really killed them for this game. The bug with energy damage makes it sooo weak compared to a combat rifle with similar mods. Also the laser tends to kick up a ton of dust and the laser itself blocks your view, overall obscuring enemies really badly. Oh and vendors often sell 4x the amount of .45 ammo!
.308 converted combat rifle is a close second as high caliber battle rifles are sick, but the recoil is super weird. It's not fluid, when you fire the screen teleports to the peak of the recoil, just looks wrong and hard to use sometimes. Needs a better animation.
Then I was growing partial to plasma rifles, but the mouse latency with slower ADS sensitivity on top of the slow projectiles just make them so difficult to use outside of point blank range or a completely stationary target.
It sucks there so many little unfixed bugs and janky features ruining otherwise fun weapons!
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2023.03.22 11:33 Over_Building5259 Can you deposit a cheque from a US company on your RBC app?

I am in the USA currently and want to deposit a cheque on my phone. Typically I would go to my hometown RBC Branch but since I am away for a couple weeks in the US I won't be able to.
Can I deposit this cheque on my mobile app and will it automatically convert it from USD to CAD?
Thanks for your help.
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2023.03.22 11:33 WalkerBuldog At this point why not deliver M60s to Ukraine

At this point why not deliver M60s to Ukraine submitted by WalkerBuldog to NonCredibleDefense [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 11:31 Vis_ibleGhost UI Suggestions for Per-App Settings

Following the responses of u/celzero on my post about the icons in the “Apps” section, I noticed that he also plan to turn several universal firewall rules into app-specific rules (issue #720). That would be really great as I find it difficult to identify which apps, especially system apps, need the bypass. However, that could clutter the screen in per-app settings.
Also, some universal firewall rules that are mentioned there still have utility as a universal switch. Like for example, if I would like only the browser to connect to the internet temporarily to save mobile data, a universal switch for “Block when not in-use” would be much more convenient than switching it on on every app then switching it off on every app when I go back to Wi-Fi.
With that, my suggestion is instead still keep them in the universal firewall rules but make various changes to the per-app UI.
(1) Decrease the icons to just 3, which would be:
(2) Add a switch for “Activate advanced settings”. When switched on, this would disable all global rules for that app (which is the same as activating “Bypass DNS and Firewall”) then reveal a menu with the following switches:
  1. Block when device locked
  2. Block when not in-use
  3. Block UDP except DNS and NTP
  4. Block when DNS is bypassed
  5. Block port 80 (insecure HTTP) traffic
  6. Follow the blocklists in DNS
  7. Follow universal IP and domain rules
  8. Only allow trusted IPs and domains
Basically converting all universal settings to per-app settings which aside from making those settings clearer to the user, would also allow everything currently possible in the app plus all those issues you plan to resolve:
On default, “Activate advanced settings” will be turned off and all settings under it hidden, as most users or apps wouldn’t need them, avoiding the screen from getting cluttered. When switched on, only 6 and 7 are switched on by default, resulting in “Bypass Universal”. This will avoid users accidentally reducing their privacy and security by losing the protection from the DNS blocklists.
What do you think of these ideas? u/celzero, would these be possible to implement? Let me know if you like them, have other suggestions, or if there are issues that I have overlooked.
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2023.03.22 11:31 Lazy_Astronomer6461 How do i Colour correct super 8 negatives?

I used a wolverine scanner to convert my negatives to the digital space. I don't know how to properly colour correct the footage, what editing software do you people use to do this. I cant seem to find information on this topic anywhere.
Asking as my film has a blue cast over the negatives when i converted them to positive using VSDC Video editor.
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2023.03.22 11:28 hrishi696996 Free photoshoot

I am looking for someone who wants to have free photoshoot. I'm an amateur photographer and want to convert my hobby into a side hustle. I want to build my profile that's why I am looking for anyone who can model for for free. I live in baner so preferably near banehinjewadi area on weekend.
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2023.03.22 11:27 IrateDream Google Sheets formula to Excel equivalent

I am trying to convert a google sheet formula to Excel to track stock performance.
The google sheet file itself is split into 2 tabs. A transactions tab, where all the data is input for my trades and a summary page which shows the data of what was input to show the stock performance.
The formula on google sheets appears in a few columns.
  1. Tracking previous units;
  2. Previous Cost
  3. Cumulative Shares
  4. Total cost
I am trying to convert into excel, and it shows up as an error. I've done some reading online and found that Excel doesn't recognize array formulas and that the filter function isn't available on my current version of Excel 16.
Google sheet formula:
=iferror(if(row()<>2,INDEX(arrayformula(filter($J1:$J$2,$C1:$C$2<>"",row($C1:$C$2)=max(if($C1:$C$2=C2,row($C1:$C$2),0)))) ,1),0),0) .

The argument I'd like the formulate is...
  1. if there is no data, then show a 0;
  2. if there is then add them up.

Any help would be much appreciated!!
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2023.03.22 11:26 Oldbaldy71 In the uk the government recently said they will get inflation down to 2.9 % by the end of the year…

Just read the news:
”Inflation takes a surprise leap to 10.4% with food and booze costs to blame” 🤣
Just keep in mind, that is with the figures they give us being heavily manipulated to keep the figures down…
Oh and remember the banks are really really really safe…🤥
I listen to all this CRAP and just convert more paper into PM while I still can..
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2023.03.22 11:26 paula_gobuildx We're building a mobile warming room bus for our community and are looking for advice.

We're a small non-profit from Port Hope, Ontario, Canada and we're converting a retired transit bus into a mobile warming room for those experiencing homelessness in our community.
When completed the bus will have 6 beds (1 accessable), charging ports, satellite internet, a kitchenette, a half bath, and a mobile outreach office.
We expect to have a safety team member and a trained mental health advocate onboard each evening. We'll also be providing a hot meal each evening to anyone who uses the buses services. The bus is expected to run every evening 365 days a year.
During the day the bus will be used by local social services to provide mobile access to critical services such as walk-in clinics, pop up mental health services, and hygiene product distrubution.
What other features and benefits should we consider building into the bus to help make it a more well rounded service to those in need?
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2023.03.22 11:25 Wooden-Ad1112 Preferences for CST

Looking for some advice for preferencing for CST in England as someone who has never lived outside Scotland. Looking for general surgery themes but finding it hard to know where is good to go. Thanks!!
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2023.03.22 11:25 AutoModerator [Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator

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2023.03.22 11:24 aleX3_channel Anon is weak

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2023.03.22 11:24 jiffybuddy Would this be a waste of money?

Hi, I need advice if this is waste of money or to convince myself to purchase. Im looking to get cpu/motherboard(maybe ram).
I'm looking at 13600k or 5800X3D Let's say I'm on a budget and these cpu are within the range. But here is where it gets a little complicated for me on the decision.
  1. This is would be a third pc if i go with the 13600k route as the current motherboard has bad VRM to handle a 13600k
  2. Drop in upgrade if go for 5800X3D as well as spare money to get a Thrustmaster T-LCM Pro Pedals set (Sim Racing), which I could still get it someday if I'm going with route 1.
  3. Don't spend anything and move on with life lol.
I currently own 2 PC(Pls don't ask me why XD). Currently Own:
1st PC: 12400f B660m Pro Rs rtx 3070 32GB 3200mhz EVGA GD Gold 600W
2nd PC: 5600G(Had a good Deal, so I bought it) MSI B550-A PRO 6750XT 32GB 3200mhz ADATA Core Reactor Gold 750W
As I'm not from the states, I'm have roughly (converted to usd) $670 to spend and I'm also could not sell the components I currently own to increase the budget(some personal reasons).
I have considered AM5 but it would cost too much with additional purchase of DDR5 ram. And of course as to why I'm seeking for advice is just pure PCMR temptation/urge of building another system/upgrade(Reward Myself). The peformance I'm looking for is any game that I could play at 1080p 60fps, that is all I asked(even though I have a 1080p 165hz monitor, and I don't plan to upgade to 1440p).
Lastly, I don't/never OC to prolong my component lifespan. And I would prefer something to last me for awhile as this would probably be quite sometime for me to upgrade.
So which route is better? Or there are better suggestions, I'm open to it. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.22 11:23 Snowflak88 How do i grow some balls and quit this place?

I've had this office job a family friend offered me after moving regions and struggling to find work for about 5 months now (feel free to look at my post history for context) I'm being coerced to work illegaly and i'm being paid next to nothing (1.50$ when converted to USD) i was able to contact the boss yesterday and she told me if i don't radically improve until the end of the next month she's letting me go, the friend told me she's kicking me out if i don't "socialize more" and sighn up for a course or a past time activity and i need to "do something with myself". I have really bad social anxiety and anxiety + depression over all and i only took this job out of desperation but i'm getting fucked over big time. I'm expected to spend money on a past time activity and go way over my boundaries for 1.50 an hour and risking getting in big trouble ??? I'm being coerced into staying and taken advantage of because it's really hard for me to find and keep a job and she knows it. I've been gaslighting myself telling myself they mean well and i'm unemployable etc but i know that's not true (i loved my former job i had to move away from and i just am happy in my small social circle) i'm really scared to quit because a family member who's renting us an apartment knows the family friend and he is threatning to throw me out if i end up jobless again/quit this job (i do pay rent jobless or not) and i know the friend would guilt trip me. I feel so exploited and talked down to and trapped and i dread going to work every day. But i don't have the balls to just not come and say i'm quitting to her face. This is such an awful situation that if there wasn't for my partner and my sister and mom i'd end it all. It doesn't help that new job offers are extremely scarse around here.
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2023.03.22 11:23 spaandmassage02 Massage Center in CST Mumbai

Angel Spa a great range of fulfilling and refreshing spa & massage services to its customers at reasonable rates. This reputed Massage Center in CST Mumbai has successfully ensured absolute customer satisfaction by meeting the expectations of its valuable customers.
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2023.03.22 11:22 Dangerous-Smile9525 free guest post submission

free guest post submission
The wholesale and retail market has undergone a major transformation in recent years. As the brick-and-mortar shops were compelled to move online, customer purchasing patterns likewise saw a rapid transition. This led to an abrupt acceleration in eCommerce growth.
Retailers are under more pressure than ever to step up their online marketing efforts and make sure they perform at their peak, especially during busy times of the year. Therefore, companies operating in such paradigms must set themselves apart from their competitors in some other, creative manner.
We at Bloobus have outlined the Top 5 eCommerce Best Practices to assist company professionals in creating powerful eCommerce strategies in this blog. Keep reading!free guest post submission

Top 5 Best E-Commerce Practices In 2023

Numerous E-commerce practices will win you over your customers and persuade those who aren't sure whether to buy from you. Follow these Top 5 Best Ecommerce Practices that will help you to Boost Your Sales in 2023:

Get Rid of Cluttered Website

Yes, that's right! Your first step should be getting rid of clutter from your website. Visitors who arrive at your store with a lot of information may get confused. It's one of the finest practices for eCommerce that every marketer should implement best guest posting sites 2023.

Create A Trustworthy Website

Most customers won't be aware of or even have heard of your brand until you are a trustworthy brand. As a result, they have no reason to believe you just yet. To increase trust in your website, consider the following suggestions:

Strong Social Media Strategy

You need to have a clear understanding of the target audience, perfectly engaging content, and predefined social media goals to have a strong social media strategy. Most e-commerce companies use social media in a way that keeps potential buyers on a social media platform rather than directing them to the sales site.
Use tactics like social media chatbots, live streaming, and storytelling to drive customers to your stores. Paid advertisements (PPC ads) will convert the potential leads to “ready-to-buy” consumers.

Use a Strong SEO Strategy

While Google and other search engines may be changing privacy and data rules, SEO best practices are one thing that has largely not changed. There are a few tried-and-true recommended practices that continue to provide results despite periodic adjustments to Google's algorithm. By adhering to these, you can attract the attention of your human readers and perhaps gain a higher rating.

Introduce Mobile E-COmmerce

As per the mobile-focused marketing strategies, your customers are always on their smartphones, and you can reach them anytime anywhere. The growth of mobile e-commerce is anticipated to be 22.3 percent in 2023. So, for e-commerce firms to remain competitive, you must optimize your consumer experience for mobile.


Although there are many additional e-commerce best practices that business owners should take into account, if you implement the aforementioned strategies, your online store will start to see positive results.
If you have any further queries about the newest E-commerce trends and best practices, you can reach out to our Bloobus website at and read blogs from other industries as well.
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2023.03.22 11:21 PostViralPsychosis SR is like a vaccination against desperation.

Like a vaccine puts your body up against a benign form of a virus so your immune system can learn to tackle it, SR puts your mind up against a benign form of despiration. It's not a risk of death. It's not a loved one in danger. It's just you and your full balls. And yet the desperation it reveals within us is a real form of desperation. It taps right aside our body's fear of death, for orgasm is, in natural circumstances, our physical, organism's means of transcending death and recreating itself as new life. Thus on SR, the body becomes desperate now it no longer sees itself as evolutionarily secure, and tugs on the mind with the urge.
Furthermore, in the modern age, orgasm is rarely to do with creating life using the human body. It has a lot more to do with pleasure, and the avoidance of discomfort, the latter being the utterly sinister side of the coin, and the former being a grace of the circumstance, as I see it. The avoidance of discomfort for the sake of it is literally the same as the avoidance of your own potential. The avoidance of discomfort is the means by which consciousness avoids its passion, and is instead entrapped by circumstance. Each moment one avoids passion for the sake of comfort is a tragedy for nature as a whole. The desire for comfort is the path of the conscious spirit into the constraining contraptions of the mind, and away from the liberation of understanding through direct experience.
When one maintains a stoic nature in the face of all their desperation, what happens? The body must rise to the occasion. In other words, it must live to live, not to pass on its turn, so to speak. Besides the direct conservation of seed, this is a great benefit of SR. In coming to terms with a desperation for comfort as an obstacle to one's true nature, one gains immunity to it, and begins to explore the world with a certain lucidity, as if they have noticed that this life lies within the corridoors of their own dreams. Fear of certain negetive experiences begin to lift, as one reveals the capacity within themselves to face these experiences moment to moment, without preoccupation or distraction. When one shines as an example, they carry the receptive around them into their state of of being. They need not justify, convince or convert a thing.
Good riddance man.
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2023.03.22 11:14 cinch123 I keep tearing the same muscle

After being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes last year, I have been in a very successful diet and exercise journey to extend my life. I am down to 240 pounds from 292. I have been doing a combination of weight training 3 days a week and cardio 2-3 times a week. For cardio, I started with a 45 minute brisk walk, but I feel so good lately I have started jogging for as long as I can, then walking until I feel like I can jog again.
Back in late January I was jogging and started to have some pain in my right calf halfway between my heel and knee. It got worse and I had to limp home. I treated with ice, rest, and mild stretching, and a couple weeks later I started walking again, no running.
Today I felt confident enough to try another run. I have had no soreness in my leg for several weeks with regular walks. I hydrated, stretched and warmed up with a 10 minute brisk walk. I ran a 12 minute mile and felt great. Then about 2 minutes into the second mile I felt the same muscle tear. I had to limp home. Now I'm icing it.
I am very frustrated. I want to do this. I feel good enough to do it. I want to get in shape enough to run a 5k with my kid this fall. But every time I tear this muscle it makes cardio pretty much impossible for a couple weeks, and that's a huge setback for me.
What do I need to do to rehabilitate this muscle? Do I need to go to the doctor about it? Will PT do anything for it? Please help.
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2023.03.22 11:11 TheDeerTTV A newsletter aimed to benefit PT businesses?

Hey everyone, long time lurker, first time poster.
I am building a fitness app to support the business functions of Personal Trainers, it should be out later this year. Working directly with PTs for testing and market research, I often get into conversations about how to improve their revenue and client retention. I am passionate about this stuff, which is probably why it's no coincidence that it happens nearly every conversation...
Given the app's success is centered around the success of its users and its ability to help them achieve their outcomes, ensuring to improve PTs revenue & longevity has become a focal point of my time.
I have brainstormed and written a 50ish page document with frameworks and advice that has helped the PTs I have spoken to. For example, the first PT I spoke with was a friend and his revenue 3x from $500 to $1500/wk after implementing some of these ideas.

If I posted a free weekly newsletter that shares this information, would this be helpful? The newsletter would be aimed to assist fitness professionals and in particular, personal trainers with their businesses.
If anyone wants to reach out for free 1 on 1 advice I still have availability as I do this in my free time and I use these sessions to improve app functionality.

Why am I not charging if its value can help generate tens of thousands for PTs? I might some day, but not for this newsletter, that'll always be free.
My main focus is to build a good fitness app and a good app has users, so I figure if I can provide tons of value for free, one day reciprocity will work in my favour and those I've helped will be more inclined to use my app.
Anyway, just putting a feeler out there.
- Reagan
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2023.03.22 11:11 Astice_Pensante Warhammer 40K: Gladius - Relics Of War is free on Epic right now (03/22/2023)

Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters ended up turning me into a bit of a Warhammer game convert last year, and over the last nine months or so I've been steadily hovering up as many Warhammer-themed strategy games as I can muster. Today, I can add another one to my roster for literally zero pounds, as Proxy Studio's 4X Warhammer-thon Gladius - Relics Of War is now over on the Epic Games Store for the next week. Read more Link to article
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2023.03.22 11:11 martinkaller Tactical RPG Miasma Chronicles launches on PS5 May 23

Tactical RPG Miasma Chronicles launches on PS5 May 23 – PlayStation.Blog
During combat, we wanted an easier tactical experience for new players but without sacrificing the deep tactical mechanics that players enjoy. So, we introduced 2 ways to play;
Light Tactical – This is intended to be an on-ramp for new players of tactical games, emphasis on RNG (random-number-generator – the classic hit chance) is reduced and more under the hood things are changed to give players a more approachable tactical experience. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any challenge here.
Full Tactical – This is the full RNG tactical experience, that skilled players will love. You may find that Critical Hit chance is handled differently than other tactical games – we encourage you to get above 100% critical chance by manipulating weapons, tactical positioning and upgrades etc. Any score above 100% gets converted to bonus damage.
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2023.03.22 11:08 SnooDoggos7976 Been playing League for only 1 week and I am absolutely dominating in unranked. How are people this bad?

Started League 1 week ago and I have mostly mained Sylas. I was horrible initially but now I am solo carrying with an avarage of 35 kills every game. I wanna keep playing but i cant be bothered grinding my acocunt to lvl 30
What would be the rank convertion rate between unranked and ranked?
submitted by SnooDoggos7976 to leagueoflegends [link] [comments]