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2014.06.16 06:15 Janeyjo Information and resource sharing for subscribers to the Optimum ISP owned by Altice

This is an unofficial, informal discussion forum about Optimum, where you can share concerns and information, and organize to advocate for better service! ----- Disclaimer: This subreddit is not affiliated with Optimum or Altice USA in anyway. It is not monitored by the company, if you're looking for official responses please contact them directly. For a list of helpful threads please check the sidebar (may need to use old.reddit.com interface)

2021.03.04 03:36 Muse_Ingenue MuseysModernDreadfuls

Female Horror Narrato Voice Actress. (Fully trained in Cinematic and Theatre Arts). Horror, Urban Legends, Cultural Horror. If you have Horror stories you want ME to perform please add a link so I can look it over! ALSO-a place to find out OR spread the word about upcoming events in the Horror Community!

2023.03.22 10:45 AutoModerator [Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE) Full Course Download

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2023.03.22 10:45 FictionalMediaBully One of the DARKEST & MOST ADULT storylines in the entire programme!

One of the DARKEST & MOST ADULT storylines in the entire programme!
"Rumor Has It" is, without question, the APEX of the series of "Lincoln & Friends" storylines and another example of why CONTRAST is MANDATORY when telling a good story. The morally well-behaved and optimistic group find themselves in a twisted, challenging and cynical predicament; as they fearfully hitch a ride with Lincoln's teacher, Mr Bolhofner. Their reactions towards Mr Bolhofner, whether it's him bringing up a dagger or being deliciously menacing, are priceless and lead to some of the programme's best animation by far. The colours, expressions and music create a horrific atmosphere that generates worrisome amongst the viewer for the kids' safety. Conflicts ensue, resulting in the group reluctantly hanging out in his cabin; the dangerous content it holds frightens them substantially. They escape after some plan-hatching but then approach a dead end. All seemed over until Mr Bolhofner saved them from a bear - it's here the kids realise their mistake, leading to a thoroughly satisfying and uplifting ending; they learn Mr Bolhofner is a caring person under all the tough and rough exterior, proving the rumours false. It leads to them showing some friends the video Lincoln recorded, thus beginning his redemption.
STORYTELLING: 10/10: A beauty in masterfully crafted contrasting story writing - filled with thoroughly engaging chemistry and development, and the ending is the cherry on top.
AESTHETICS: 10/10: Glorious colours, sophisticated music, and top-notch voice work make it pleasing to the senses.
CORRELATION: 10/10: A thoroughly mastered blend of story and aesthetics that exudes polished television.
EMOTIONAL VALUE: 10/10: "Rumor Has It" is one of the best episodes "The Loud House" has ever crafted. When I first watched it, I was impressed by its extraordinary quality, and my second viewing has only increased my love for it. Mr Bolhofner is one of the best side characters, period; his over-the-top, menacing personality, mixed with an uncomforting presence, makes him a joy to watch; throw in contrasting characters, and the fun factor increases substantially. It's an episode I'm guaranteed to revisit frequently; an exceptional adult cartoon disguised as one for children.
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2023.03.22 10:43 QuestioningCat89 Woman [35f] I’m [32f] dating is late to everything and I’m concerned it won’t work out.

I have recently started dating one of my friends (Lana). But she’s late to everything, and it’s already starting to affect me more than I thought it would.
Lana and I have been friends for years (over 10years) she’s always had issues with time management/organisation for as long as I’ve know her. It is potentially undiagnosed ADHD, she’s been to the doctor and they’ve said it’s possibly adhd but I think the diagnosis has stalled. I am diagnosed adhd but have mechanisms in place to prevent time loss.
Anyway. A few weeks ago we kissed and it was really lovely. We started hanging out more than usual and we’re in the dating phase (not yet serious, as we want to make sure it’s right for us for to make the switch from friends to girlfriends).
We have a massive friend group and they’re all aware of how ‘flakey’ she can be. Last week, She asked me on a date, said she’d be over at 6:30pm to pick me up. I got a text at 6:45pm confirming she was leaving the house. I was already dressed. And just waiting around. This happens all the time. Ranging from 30 mins late to 2+ hours and a few cancellations.
I’m kinda bored of waiting around for her. We’ve had conversations about it and she is worried it’s going to affect our relationship and I’m aware it is.
This morning she was due to go to the doctors for STI testing (we haven’t yet had sex as both wanted to make sure we’re clean etc before). I text her to make sure she was up and ready to go. But she’s asleep (checked with her housemate).
As it’s affecting our ability to move on do I just cut the cord? I would still be around as a friend, just without the lovely cuddles and kisses, and would continue to be as supportive as I have. I really like this woman but I’m feeling undervalued.
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2023.03.22 10:43 MarmitePrinter My Pleasantview/Strangetown families after 20 years in game...

My Pleasantview/Strangetown families after 20 years in game...
I recently put my previous PV/ST megahood on pause as I rejigged my mods and messed things up a bit, so I felt like I needed to start over from scratch. The new version is now twenty years in so I thought I'd share the progress!
  1. The Goth family
Dina and Mortimer got married and Dina moved into the Goth house. She helped raise Alexander and eventually she and Morty had a baby of their own, Fridrik. After Mortimer passed, Dina IMMEDIATELY started flirting with Alexander, who had just returned from uni. He reciprocated and their chemistry was insane, so now she's in a weird semi-incestuous live-in relationship with her former stepson. Will they marry and secure Dina's future?
  1. The Curious family (1)
Cassandra was left at the altar by Don (after he got her pregnant). She fell into severe depression for a few years despite having son Fabrizio to dote on, but eventually she met Vidcund Curious through her coworker Pascal. They fell madly in love, got married and moved in together with their children. Fabrizio and Vidcund's son Icarus (by abduction) soon became best friends (they're currently at college together) and Cass and Vidcund had two children together - Gretchen and later, after much persuasion on Cassie's part, Madeleine. Can life get any better for this blended family?
  1. The Lothario/Caliente family
Feat. my weird open-plan remodel of the Caliente condo!
When Dina moved out, Nina was left in charge of the condo. After she got pregnant accidentally, she and Don agreed to live together there and raise the baby while still maintaining relationships with other people. Hasina was their first baby and after a few years Nicolo came along too. They're perfectly happy in their open relationship and it looks like Hasina is taking after them too - she's a Pleasure Sim. Will she be a heartbreaker like her parents?
  1. The Broke/Burb family
Brandi met John Burb at the market one day and they were instantly attracted to each other. They began an affair, of which little Ian was the product, and when Jennifer caught them in the act, John divorced her and married Brandi. They moved to a larger house where they now live with Beau (who recently returned from college and can't afford his own place yet), Bobbie (unborn baby Broke) and Ian. Beau was in love with Tycho Curious in high school, but they drifted apart when he went to uni - will they reunite now that Tycho is in college himself?
  1. The Broke family
Dustin met Kristen Loste while he was at uni. He was still with Angela, but he started flirting with Kristen and the rest is history. They fell deeply in love despite their small age gap and, as soon as Dustin graduated, he moved into a small apartment with Kristen (that was all they could afford) and got married. They now have a daughter, Madison, who has to share a room with them as their apartment is only 1 bedroom. Will they ever be able to afford to move now that Dustin is rising through the ranks of his Architectural career and Kristen is doing well at her Athletic one?
  1. The Dreamer family
Another remodel - of the Dreamer house this time!
Darren married divorcée Mary-Sue Oldie and, scandalously, Cassandra autonomously kissed him on their wedding day. He stayed faithful, keeping away from Cassandra any time she visited, and eventually Cass moved on with Vidcund while he and Mary-Sue had baby Delilah. A few years later, on Mary-Sue's 60th birthday, Cassandra (who was feeling particularly broody but her own husband didn't want any more kids) kissed Darren again, this time in eyesight of her former best friend. Mary-Sue wasn't going to stand for a second cheater in her life, so she didn't listen to any of Darren's excuses and divorced him. Meanwhile, eldest son Dirk split up with Lilith when she became his stepsister, and later fell in love with Lucy Burb. They now have a baby together, Finley, and have no intention of following in their cheating parents' footsteps!
  1. The Grunt/Oldie family
After Mary-Sue married Darren, Angela inherited the family home. Soon enough, her deadbeat dad Daniel and his new wife Kaylynn came a-knocking looking for a better place to stay now that Kaylynn was expecting. Angela generously let them move in. She also moved in her fiancé Tank and they had twins George and Harriet. After a few years, there wasn't really room for two growing families and, with Kaylynn pregnant again, Angela gave them some money to find a place of their own. Then, just as she and her family had the place to themselves again, Mary-Sue arrived with daughter Delilah in tow having just divorced Darren. Now they live together in semi-harmony but still have to pay the rent and bills on dad Daniel's trailer. Will they ever dig themselves out of this hole?
  1. The Pleasant family
After his divorce from Mary-Sue, Daniel married his lover Kaylynn and they had two children - Oscar and Sophie. They live in the trailer rented and paid for by Daniel's daughter Angela and leech off her whenever they can using guilt that she didn't let them stay in the family home. Oscar isn't doing too well in school, preferring to romance every boy and girl in sight rather than study. Will he be another deadbeat like his dad or make something of himself?
  1. The Curisant family
After Jennifer caught John cheating on her with Brandi Broke, she decided to divorce him and focus on her Business career and her second daughter Grace, who chose to live with her. She met Lola Curious when her firm hired Lola's law firm to handle their cases. The two discovered a mutual love of business and hard work, and soon a love for each other. They married and combined their names and soon, to their surprise, Lola found herself pregnant with Jennifer's baby - little Otis. Now, with Grace (their live-in childminder) about to go off to university and both of them at the top of their careers, will they start focusing on raising Otis?
  1. The Pleasant/Smith family
When Dirk became her stepbrother and broke up with her, Lilith fell into the arms of her best friend Johnny for comfort. Soon enough, they realised they had a mutual attraction, fell in love and decided to move in together. They now have a son, Vaughn, who is best friends with his cousins George and Harriet, which has started to rekindle Lilith's relationship with her sister. Johnny and Lilith have been living together for several years without any interest in marriage - will they ever decide to take that final step?
  1. The Curious (2) family
When Nervous escaped the clutches of the Beakers, he changed his name to Neville and took husband Pascal's name when they married. He hopes that will be enough to stop them realising who he is. After he met and bonded with Pascal's son Tycho, he decided to adopt him as his own. Then, a few years later, both Pascal and Neville wanted another baby so, when Pascal's sister Chloe had a baby, they adopted little Emilia as well. But when brother Lazlo wanted to find a place for his family to live, he and Chloe agreed to a 'house-swap' of sorts, so now Chloe is living with Pascal, Neville and Emilia. Will Chloe being back in the life of her bio-daughter disrupt the happiness of the adopted family?
  1. The Loner family
Ophelia had thought Johnny Smith was the love of her life, until he went off to college and she didn't. They drifted apart and she met Ajay one day at the bowling alley. They had instant chemistry and Ophelia decided to break up once and for all with Johnny so that she could be with Ajay. Now they live in her aunt's old house with their two children Ronald and Keira. Ronald, as a Knowledge Sim, devours any form of knowledge and is starting to ask questions about the afterlife - will he take after his great-aunt Olive?
  1. The Beaker family
After Nervous' escape, Circe and Loki had no test subject and no one to look after their son Atom. They were despondent, but one day they noticed a dazed and confused Bella Goth wandering around the crashed spaceship near their house. They took her in, fed her, bathed her, and soon realised that she was pregnant with an alien baby and would make the perfect next subject for their tests. After giving birth, Bella unfortunately passed away, so they adopted her baby Ceres to avoid any suspicion. Now Ceres lives in the basement room, despite her older brother Atom's wishes. Will she be able to follow Nervous' footsteps and escape their clutches?
  1. The Smith family
PT9 and Jenny had another baby, Jasper, but PT9 soon died of old age, leaving Jenny to raise him alone. To combat her loneliness, she asked her daughter Jill to move back in and, soon enough, Jill got engaged to her boyfriend Ripp. They married, despite Ripp's commitment issues, and had a child of their own - little Ethan. Jenny loves having a large family around her again - will she give up her nursing career to focus on her family and her side hustle sewing quilts?
  1. The Grunt family
Buzz met Erin Beaker in town and, despite their age gap, they fell in love and got married. Together they had a daughter, Storm, who Buzz loved taking under his wing once his eldest two had moved out. Buck, on the other hand, never moved out. He was engaged to Chloe Curious for a time, but she left him at the altar and, broken-hearted, he decided to stay at home until he found someone else to be with. That time still hasn't come and he's now in his early 30s. Buzz and Erin are getting a bit fed up of him lurking around - will he ever find someone or just take the initiative and move out?
  1. The Curious (3) family
When Lazlo's growing family needed a place of their own, they agreed to a house-swap with Chloe, who had been living alone in the former Singles household. It's still not quite big enough for a family of five, but it's better than being squished in with brother Pascal's family. Will Lazlo, Crystal, Harmony, Infinity and Prince all continue living happily in their small house or will they need to find somewhere bigger and give Chloe her place back?
  1. The College Sims
Tycho Curious, Fabrizio Lothario and Icarus Curious are all currently at college together. Tycho and Icarus are cousins, and Fabrizio and Icarus are step-brothers, so they all get along pretty well. Icarus is a Pleasure Sim whose LTW is to go on as many first dates as possible so he's been exploring that in college, but might just have found the love of his life in cheerleader Sylvie while doing so. Meanwhile, Tycho just wanted to graduate his Maths degree with a 4.0 and make his dads proud, which he did, and Fabrizio didn't mind what he got as long as he could spent time with his sweetheart Bobbie Broke (they're now engaged). It was pretty much a party house for Fabrizio and Icarus, but they all managed to graduate somehow!
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2023.03.22 10:43 Loud_Teacher_8593 What companies refinance with no DL?

I got the Santander special (really bad deal) at a variable 13.4 interest rate back when I had bad credit a 520 2 years ago. The car was 40k financed. In the 2 years out of $18000 that I have payed only $10000 has went towards the principal therefore I still owe 30k. This stings a lot. Luckily I am still in the green the car is somehow still worth 32k. But it stings a lot to know I threw 8k in the trash and could have been close to paying the car off. I’ve tried to refinance but every time I get to the signing stage they take away the offer because I have no drivers license.My DL has been taken away inevitably so I cannot get one. When I bought the car I didn’t have one either. Now that I have a 710 credit score I know I can get an even better deal closer to 4 percent.
Does anyone familiar with financing know of a bank that will refinance me other than Santander. Obviously they wont do it because they have me right where they want me. If I keep paying at this rate. I will pay 24k over what the car is worth. Help!
Thanks 🙏
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2023.03.22 10:43 RenegadeWanderer_ I'm Suffering and I have No Support! I Can't It Anymore!

I have all kinds of mental and physical health problems. I have learning disabilities. I was homeschooled and got a poor education. I live in the mountains of Southern California and hate it. There is nothing here. My anxiety has gotten so bad I haven't left the house in over 10 years except to go to the hospital. I also suffer from gender dysphoria and I have no support from family. I have no friends. I'm an atheist now, have been for 8 years, and before that when I went to church I was bullied. At 18 I had to have heart surgery for a defect that went unnoticed. No one in the family would talk or interact with me. I went to the hospital believing I was gonna die and that's why no one talked to me. When I got back home, family that ignored me continued to ignore and family who bullied me, bullied me worse. Saying I was weak and pathetic because of my heart problem.
I'm in chronic pain, I'm ill all of the time, be alone and trapped. I can't talk to anyone I know. I tried reaching out again and got told I'm disgusting for not identifying with my gender. I got called worthless and evil for being an atheist. I can't do anything on my own. I couldn't pass the drivers written test and developed extreme anxiety being in or near cars. I'm trapped. I feel like a terrified 10 year old in this body that I hate. My health problems prevent me from transitioning at all. I have no support and I just can't take it anymore. No one will listen to me. I told family I was depressed and suicidal and they don't care. Some of them want me to die because I'm a freak to them. I have anxiety with everything. I can't even talk to people on the phone. I just wanna die. I can't take it anymore. I'm so useless. I don't know how to do anything most people do. I'm just scared and anxious all the time. I've rarely been around people so I don't know how to socialize or have a conversation in person. I don't enjoy anything anymore. Nothing helps.
I just wanna die! I can't do it! I'm sick of seeing my reflection. I'm sick of all these health problems that prevent me from becoming who I am inside. I'm sick of this horrible family not giving a shit and telling me I'm disgusting, evil, and worthless. I need help and there's no help. I've never done anything on my own and I can't. I've tried, but I can't. Death is the only way for me to end this misery.
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2023.03.22 10:42 cornbutterbread Melburnians, any CBD hotels you’d avoid?

We’re looking at 3+ stars. The reason why I ask is that looking for hotels feels like a very different experience Very few have two separate bed options and even then, most seem to be single beds. My own experience in various countries have had two doubles or even two queens avail so two single feels a bit odd. Not being picky about it so much as it all being a combinatio. that and a few other bad review factors s making decisions difficult. I realise it’s all subjective, of course, but some insight is better than home.
For example, the last couple of times when I think I’ve found a decent place, the reviews have shown quite a few complain s bc about the level of noise from the street, the trams, etc, even on higher floors (e.g. was about to book a higher level room at Vibe until I saw a couple of reviews that had chosen what I think are same room types and they were unhappy about noise.) Double glazing doesn’t seem to be allI’m okay but my friend is a bit more sensitive to traffic noise. Would love to stay close to all the restaurants and shopping in the CBD but I’m worried that they all have shitty soundproofing.
The first and last time I went to Melbourne, I had a pretty bad experience (mostly really unfriendly retail and hospo staff, but this was about 15 years ago) and I had experience bealso didn’t know much and social media input was virtually nonexistent, so I booked around the Melbourne Convention centre for some reason and it was just too far and I ended up mostly walking just to get somewhere than enjoying myselfand I’m really hoping this trip will change that because I want to love Melbourne as much as friends who have moved there. I’ve also recently experienced a lot of helpful friendliness here on Reddit from Melburnians - so different from our bored and sarcastic members over in /newzealand and /Auckland. This is making me feel really hopeful about this trip.
I realise asking the city’s residents might not be the best but I’m sure plenty have done things like staycations, staying overnight for concerts, etc. Any input on where to absolutely avoid would be so appreciated!
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2023.03.22 10:42 LowGlobal1192 AITAH, I broke up with my bf to be with the guy I was sleeping with before him

A bit of context
I was hooking up with my FWB for over a year and had caught feelings. I pretty much pulled back there because I figured he didn't want anything more, and I was just trying to be respectful. We casually saw each other, but I kept it to sex no more hang outs, that was about 4 months ago.
Fast forward to the beginning of last month. I met a guy, and we started talking. Things go really fast, and we become a couple in less than two weeks and start a relationship. And i completely end things with my fwb telling him i got a bf. He says he's happy for me and we can still be friends.
Two days ago, my fwb messaged me to tell me he loves me and he doesn't know what took him so long, but he loves me and misses me. I wake up and read this and cry for about 2 straight hours, feeling a mixture of happiness and guilt.
Over the last two days, I've started to notice myself finding all these little things I don't like or that bother me about said bf. And so tonight while he's asleep, I sent him a text ending it, saying that it's due to us being too different and rushing, and while these are true, they aren't the real reason.
So am I the asshole ?
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2023.03.22 10:42 okBuddyPersian Any tips on how to amplify more damage?

Any tips on how to amplify more damage?
Replay code: H0MFMB (name: Denkstroyer)
Hello everyone,
I'm trying to get better at Mercy in comp. Here is a replay for a game where I played pretty well overall (at least I hope so) but I noticed that at the end I only amplified slightly over 1000 dmg, which isn't much.
Because of this, I feel like I'm getting carried in a way, that I'm not actually contributing as much to the team as I should.
I've seen people here get 3000 or even 4000 amplified damage, so I've been wondering if you could please give me any tips on how to amplify more damage or just any Mercy tips in general.
Thanks for any advice!

Processing img wak6r991i9pa1...
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2023.03.22 10:41 Flurble123 Oh look the weasel asshole is still being an asshole... 🙄

Awww…. You reported me to the powers that be because I wasn’t bothered that you “banned” me from a sub I had already left.
It’s a sub about Swarovski Crystal FFS, get a grip and grow up and stop moaning and whining because Swarovski doesn’t think you’re as special as YOU seem to think you are to them - 35 years as an SCS member, so??! You gave them your money willingly and they are supposed to fall over themselves for you? Like I said, pathetic.
I’ve also had an “official warning” because when I was banned from the sub I replied to the mods and said and quote
“Do you think I care?
Bye losers”
Someone must really have no respect in the real world if you think you have power in this sort of place. It’s an INTERNET APP, not real life!!!
Not that they will probably ever see this, apparently I’m one of their “previous stalkers” who had apparently only come to troll them (wow think the world revolves around you don’tcha…) and so got pissy. I was surprisingly amused at the time because the only other interaction I’d had with this “person” was when they were again moaning and complaining that Swarovski were changing their direction. But yes, of course I’m really here to troll YOU, you think waaaay too much of yourself!
So I’m summary, ban me if you like from places where I’m calling out your crap, you CHILD, I’m really not that interested in your silly little “power” games. 😊
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2023.03.22 10:40 Viewbob__true Watching The Un-remixed version?

7 years ago (holy hell we are all going to die someday) I watched Bebop for the first time in a sleep-deprived stupor on a warm mid-july night. As rainbow Italian ice ran down my chin, I was entranced by the incredible atmosphere and cool of Cowboy Bebop. My life hasn't been the same since. I've now seen the whole series about a dozen times, I got it on DVD, I got it on Blu Ray, I got the Movie, I got all the SEATBELTS CDs, and so on.
I'm nearing readiness to make another trip to the 2070s, and it's occurred to me that I've never seen the mythical un-remixed version! Yes yes, I know, changes so minute, they won't matter to me if my name isn't symbi0tic, but still, I wanna experience this show that's so important to me in a new light, even one that's just a bit dimmer.
The thing is, I don't wanna have to buy another DVD. Have mercy on my wallet! I have the Princess Mononoke steelbook coming in (not to mention Bebop kicked off a love for arthouse cinema that now drains my wallet), I am flat broke!
Are there any sites you guys know to stream the original uncut version? You got any bloody Mary's? If you catch my drift.
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2023.03.22 10:40 GSHealth Chiropractor Or Osteopath: Who Can Help You Better?

Chiropractor Or Osteopath: Who Can Help You Better?
Sometimes you look for alternative treatments to ease your pain. You might have heard of an osteopath or Chiropractor in your search for a cure. Yet, how can you tell which one you require? Grand Strand Health and Wellness gets you covered if you're looking for a Chiropractor Near Me.
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2023.03.22 10:40 luin11 Car Insurance Premium has increased…

Hi all. I recently changed my car insurance provider as it was the cheapest quote I could find. About a month into my policy with the new company starting, they asked me for a bunch of evidence; proof of address, picture of driving license, DVLA check code and proof of my no claims discount. I submitted all of this evidence via the online portal they provided, well before the due date they had set, and a couple of days later I got a notification saying my proof of no claims bonus wasn’t accepted as it didn’t have the date of expiry of my policy on it. That’s fine, I found what I thought was the correct evidence which was a screenshot of an email from my old provider which had my policy number, date of expiry and length of my no claims bonus. I submitted it on the due date they had set, not via the portal as before because it wouldn’t allow me to change the evidence I had already submitted, so instead I emailed it to their policy analysis email address (their website stated this was allowed). I then received no communication apart from an automated “we’ve received your email” email from them. I didn’t hear anything for about 3 week (and still haven't) so I thought it had all gone through and been accepted.
Last week I decided to log onto my account to see when my next payment was due (I pay monthly) and my jaw hit the floor when I saw my monthly payments had risen from £42 a month, to £68 a month. I’ve paid the new amount for this month as I didn’t want my account to fall into arrears but by doing so I now have no money left until the 9th of April (cost of living and all that fun stuff). I immediately contacted customer services who advised me that my evidence hadn’t been accepted but they couldn’t do anything from their department so they gave me the number for the Policy Analysis department, the ones that I had sent my second lot of proof to. It turns out that my second lot of proof wasn’t accepted either and that because I’d submitted it on the due date they had no choice but to increase my policy (bearing in mind the wording the portal had used was “no later than x date”). I asked what would happen if I contacted my old provider for the correct proof and emailed it to them, to which the response was “we can’t guarantee we would change your payments to the original price”. Despite this, I got the correct proof that fit all the criteria the agent on the phone described to me and emailed it to them last Thursday. I still haven’t heard anything despite sending follow up emails on Monday and Tuesday, and I also wrote a poor Trustpilot review to see if that would catch their attention which describes the above.
Since I still haven’t heard back, I'm not sure what steps I can take to get this issue resolved. I understand I may not have a leg to stand on since I only submitted the actual correct evidence last week, well after the due date, however I feel like that's not my fault as they didn't get in contact with me at all even though I submitted all prior evidence on or before the due date. It feels incredibly unfair that I should have to pay an extra £26 a month because they aren't accepting that I have built up three years no claims bonus, which I have an actual document for with all the criteria they want. At this point they are as expensive as some of the big name providers. After my phone call with them last week, I don't think phoning them again will be much help. I don't know what else I can do or say to get them to respond to me.
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2023.03.22 10:40 UnculturedSlut Waited over a year to be a Shenhe haver; she gave me my first 36 star Abyss <3 I hope you are all enjoying her as much as I am <3

Waited over a year to be a Shenhe haver; she gave me my first 36 star Abyss <3 I hope you are all enjoying her as much as I am <3 submitted by UnculturedSlut to ShenheMains [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 10:40 kavka_sen Dream

All the high school cafeterias I dreamed of were a tall building, the staircase I dreamed of last time was a hundred feet high, dirty and chaotic inside, and like all memories, everything in high school was colorless and full of people. I was laughing and walking on the way to the cafeteria, she slowly walked up from the side, but she was wearing a light blue dress, I turned to her and asked: how is life in Italy. She said it was not good and had some sadness. However, I don't know if this part happened in the middle or at the end of the dream, because now I look back on the dream and don't know the sequence at all. There were also clips of me playing BMX, and what I was doing with my classmates by the black river. The dreams are very common, all the usual thoughts, very well explained.
 Dreams are Aquarius and like to make up stories. The first few days of the dream only remember two fragments. One is that I play lol with the first perspective, is the kind of immersive: I became Lulu, was chased by two ADC, I flew in the air to avoid their attacks, the feeling of flying is very cool, and is the kind of feeling that can be controlled. I used to have a dream where I was being chased by a demon, and when I realized it was in a dream, I thought I could control my dream and flew. And I was more forced to wake up by making myself hurt, but there were also accidents. Once I dreamed that my brother turned into a monster that looked like a monkey and killed people, so I hit my head against the wall, and then I woke up from my bed, but not the bed I sleep in now, but lying in my bed in my old home when I was a child, and I woke up like I did when I was a child and shouted at my grandmother, and I roared loudly, and then I heard the sound of a monkey roaring and pressing towards me. So maybe the thoughts I thought I could control are still dream thoughts. In the second clip there was a girl who was sad, probably a lost love, it felt like a colleague of mine, she handed me a note: what may drink this half of my leftover wine, she was trying to have sex with me. But I refused her, she always day lying in front of the window, the light shines in the house, people do not shine, I feel very sad, and finally I introduced him to a friend of mine. This clip is almost over. The woman in this dream was a mishmash, and the story was a real-life mess. That night before going to sleep and a female high school classmate chatting happy, she opened a dirty paragraph, so will dream of a girl to have sex with me, and there was a colleague in my memory is plump and intellectual, but we do not meet for a long time is rusty face, so the dream came together a girl who feels great, (maybe, if great, how can I not on it, do not remember why) but that woman like some stone Yeyue meaning it. And the note was written on an article I read on Douban that said Pan Jinlian seduced Wu Song words. So everything was put together, the dream made up a story, but to he could not make up, perhaps to wake up. 
A beautiful dream is always sad, like stepping on a late ark, and then revisit all the good times that should be.
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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2023.03.22 10:40 AutoModerator [Get] Ryan Moran – 5 Days To 7-Figures Challenge Full Course Download Instant Delivery

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2023.03.22 10:40 Green-Citron-9279 I can't do this

There is no nice way to say any of this so don't read if you aren't in the mood for some truth.
I can't do this. I am in London, 27 years old, 18 months post T10/11 dislocation which caused what I have been told is "probably a pretty complete injury". Obviously at this stage it isn't going to get any better. Yes I know how to handle it, I follow the instructions, I can do the day to day. I absolutely could keep doing this for the next what, 50 years or so, but that is a prison sentence not a life and I have absolutely no interest in spending that long trapped in this body. It literally feels like being sent to prison. You can say you're worse off than me, and all this makes me an idiot and the loser. I know there are people with worse/higher injuries than me who don't feel this way, that's fine for them, I wish them every success, but as everyone always says, these things affect different people differently.
I lost a relationship of 3 years, who can blame him, most men like to think they can make a woman feel good, I can't feel anything. He was very sporty and we would go running several times a week. I used to really enjoy sports and particularly running which is obviously gone, I used to look good, I am now watching my fitness just totally fall apart. It is clear I will lose my career, it has already cost me a huge amount of at work because I am (or I was) self employed in a career which can be quite physical. We used to travel several times a year, that is obviously gone. I wake up half a dozen times a night just to roll over so I'm constantly completely exhausted, if I could just fix that it would be incredible but apparently that's what it is, that's life now. Life is basically about waiting for the toilet timer to run down. That's what I do. I wait for my phone to ping me so I don't end up in a pool of my own piss which has happened twice, including once at work, which I'm sure made everyone think I was fantastic and capable. No matter what I do, a few times a day I get to drop what ever I'm doing for a huge burning pulse of incredible pins and needles which starts in my calf muscles and goes up to the small of my back (or at least it feels like that, it's really coming from the injury I guess). For most of these I have to stop what I'm doing and grit my teeth, and I am told there is nothing anyone can do about this. It is agony and apparently that is normal and everyday stuff I just have to find a way to love.
Yes there are people who are way better at this than me, who were injured younger than me and have been doing it for ages and are totally happy with it, but I'm not. It doesn't make me an empowered girl boss. It makes me a loser. I know you're supposed to feel empowered, you're supposed to feel awesome and feel totally happy with yourself for dealing with it, but I just look at myself now and think: loser. It doesn't make me awesome. I know it makes other people awesome, that's great for them, it doesn't make me awesome. I post here knowing that I normally have very little in common with other people with similar injuries because apparently I'm the only person who ever dared admit that it is absolutely horrendous. It is absolutely not worth it. Not even nearly. I cannot do this.
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2023.03.22 10:39 mollydehnert tretinoin advice needed

hi all. i’m feeling really discouraged about tretinoin. i was on accutane for 7 months & after almost a year of clear skin, i started getting pimples again. they’re not cystic, just these red spots that aren’t painful. my derm put me on 0.05%. i’ve been on it now for 6 weeks. when i apply, i alternate between putting it directly on my skin one night, and on top of moisturiser another (this is to help with irritation, i have SUPER sensitive skin). since being on it, i am getting new spots everyday. they only appear in my problem areas, so would this be a purge? i thought it would be over by 6 weeks & i would finally start seeing some progress :( it’s getting discouraging, and i seem to be obsessing over my skin. is this normal with tretinoin, or do u guys have any advice?
side note: i eat healthy & exercise. i have cut out dairy entirely.
routine: AM: la roche posay effaclaire face wash, cetaphil acne prone oil free moisturiser
PM: la roche posay effaclaire face wash, cetaphil acne prone oil free moisturiser, tretinoin
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2023.03.22 10:39 MrTasticles 42 [M4F] - California guy looking for a text or voice [chat] and maybe a [friendship]!

Hi! I tend to work a good bit throughout the week and would love someone to chat with in downtime as well as when I’m off. I’ve always enjoyed talking with new people and learning about their interests or what is troubling them. Age can be older, same, or younger than me, I don’t care either way as long as we can have a good conversation together.
Things I’m into: Music, the outdoors (mountains/beach), photography, mountain biking, and just started to make my own bread (it’s pretty good!). I’m also pretty chill and non-judgemental.
DM me and say hello and let’s text or voice chat (discord or other apps)!
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2023.03.22 10:39 Elegant_Sweet_9612 Feel The Thrill Of Paragliding In Nandi Hill

Feel The Thrill Of Paragliding In Nandi Hill
Paragliding in Nandi Hills is one of the most thrilling experiences in the world. Located near Bangalore in Karnataka, India, Nandi Hills offers an unmatched experience for paragliding enthusiasts. With its lush green valleys, vast expanses of sky, and stunning views of the surrounding landscape, Nandi Hills is the perfect place to take flight.

paragliding in nandi hills
The paragliding activity in Nandi Hills is managed by qualified and experienced instructors. To ensure safety, all pilots must wear a helmet and a life jacket before taking off from the launch site. Once in the air, you can enjoy the bird's eye view of the hills, the valleys, and the surrounding villages. The wind and the thermal updrafts make the experience even more enjoyable.
The paragliding activity in Nandi Hills is open all year round and you can book your flight online. During your flight, you can reach heights of up to 600 metres, and the experience can last up to an hour.
The Best Time to Experience Paragliding at Nandi Hills
The best time to experience Nandi Hills paragliding is during the monsoon season. The monsoon brings with it strong winds which are perfect for paragliding. The strong winds create ideal conditions for an exciting and smooth paragliding experience. The monsoon season runs from June to September and during this time, the strong winds make it possible for even beginner paragliders to experience the thrill of paragliding.
The Cost of Paragliding at Nandi Hills
The cost of paragliding at Nandi Hills depends on the type of flight that you choose. For instance, if you opt for a tandem flight, the cost will be higher than if you choose to fly solo. This is because the tandem flight requires two people, and the instructor will need to be compensated for their services. The paragliding cost also depends on the duration of the flight, as well as the type of gear that you use.
The cost of paragliding in Nandi Hills can range from as low as Rs. 1500 for a short flight to over Rs. 20,000 for a longer flight. The cost also depends on the type of equipment that you use and the type of flight that you choose.
Types of Paragliding Available in Nandi Hills
1. Beginner Paragliding:
This is the most basic type of paragliding, and is suitable for those who are just starting out. This type of paragliding requires minimal instruction and is suitable for both adults and children.
2. Cross Country Paragliding: This type of paragliding is more advanced and involves long-distance flights. It requires more skill, and it is important to have good weather conditions in order to achieve the best performance.
3. Acro Paragliding: This type of paragliding is more extreme and involves performing tricks, loops, and rolls in mid-air. It is considered to be an extreme sport and requires a lot of skill and practice.
4. Tandem Paragliding: This type of paragliding involves two people flying together. It is perfect for beginners as it allows them to gain experience while being in the safety of an experienced instructor.
How to Book a Paragliding Session at Nandi Hills
1. Research the paragliding providers in Nandi Hills. Look for companies that provide certified and experienced pilots.
2. Contact the paragliding provider of your choice and inquire about available flight dates and times.
3. Book your session with the provider. Make sure to book ahead of time to ensure availability.
4. Prepare for your flight. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and dress appropriately for the weather.
5. Attend your paragliding session. Follow the instructions given by the pilot and enjoy your flight.
6. After the session, pay any outstanding fees and take home your souvenirs and memories of your experience.
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2023.03.22 10:39 Sawse-Bawse Can't find online players in team battle

Me and my buddy have been trying to play team battle online for smash ultimate and so far its just been me and him vs the same 2 sets of people for over an hour. Is it the time or is it just nobody is online anymore?
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