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2023.03.22 11:11 Madagascar003 Kratos to Atreus : "I was born as a god." (Read the body text)

Kratos to Atreus :
"I was born as a god..."
This line in God of War 2018 made me completely rethink Kratos' status as a god. Sure, he holds things back, but it seems highly unlikely and out of character for him to outright lie to Atreus about it. I think about the series so far and everything that has happened, and I think Kratos is telling the truth. He was born a god, but he didn't realize it until after he left Greece. First of all, Gaia is the narrator, you shouldn't take everything she says at face value, she had her own agenda and it was in her best interest to lie, especially to Kratos. Kratos was born a god but no one, except Gaia and Athena, knew it at first. Gaia found out through her observation skills, and Athena found out later, around the time she and Ares were sent to find Deimos, Ares found out while Kratos was serving in the Spartan army.
From what happened with Atreus, we know that rejection or ignorance of divinity can manifest itself in physical ailments and even death. Kratos' apparent mortality is thus the result of ignorance of his true nature, his divine power only manifesting itself when he is enraged. This is why the gods who use him work so hard to make him reject his humanity. Ares achieved this by getting Kratos to murder his family. Athena tried to convince him to get rid of his past completely. In Ghost of Sparta, we see Athena supposedly making Kratos a god, her hands shining and putting them on his head. I say "supposedly" because Kratos slaps her hands and walks away, the show she was putting on is not over, but Kratos has become the God of War. The Titans and the gods lied to Kratos, making him believe that he was a mortal raised by them, so that they could manipulate and control him. The borrowed powers (Poseidon's rage, Zeus' lightning, etc.) are the only powers lost by the Olympian blade, his own powers always remained. Gaia did not heal Kratos when Zeus stabbed him, she did not have the power. Kratos healed himself, Gaia just provoked him to be angry enough to activate her power. This healing is the only power other than his physical abilities that we see him using without an artifact.
If Kratos looks older and weaker, it is because he still rejects his divine nature, not because of age. When he was constantly angry and seeking revenge, his power flowed freely. Once the revenge was over, he stopped embracing his divinity, because he always believed that in order to be a god, you had to reject your humanity. This is what everyone in his life has taught him, and what he himself observes in the gods. I think one of the reasons he was so shaken by this final sanctuary is that it was seriously the first time he had considered being a god and embracing his humanity at the same time. He has his own powers and abilities that we haven't seen him use, simply because it never occurred to him to try to use his OWN powers, instead of trying to call upon the powers of the gods and titans as he did before. Look at Atreus and the gods in the Nordic countries. Atreus is far more powerful than some of the gods encountered there, strength and durability, healing, shape-shifting, talking to animals, and who knows what else. These are Olympian powers, passed on by Kratos.
Kratos is and always has been a god, limited by his own beliefs, caused by manipulation and a lack of understanding.
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2023.03.22 11:10 jxten Moving on

I’m not really the type to ask for help when it comes to personal problems or any kind of problem really. But I honestly need some advice and there’s absolutely nobody in my life that I could go to who would understand so I figured I’d ask the Reddit community.
So my name is Joe (fake name) and I’m 23M who had a best friend who was the LOML she meant everything to me. I loved her so much (still do she was my everything and i could honestly say she was my one.) she was my world i did everything I could for her & I always wanted to make sure she was happy. We kinda grew up together and we talked and texted all day every day for a few years and I mean every minute of every hour at times. It wasn’t until she moved back when we started hanging out in person and would go do random things but it was always a great time from what I could tell & remember but eventually we grew up and we started talking less and less and eventually she met a guy who basically replaced me in a way. she fell for this guy and he wasn’t a bad dude I personally never met him but from what I understood he was a chill dude but when she started talking to this guy she would talk to me less and less and when they would break up or fight she would start talking to me again and it went on for a little while but eventually they got married and I never saw or really talked to her again. There was and is no bad blood or we never hooked up and that’s why she stopped talking to me as much it kind of all just happened. And I’m skipping over all the stories and details bc it’s irrelevant but after 3-4 years I still miss this girl and think about her sometimes not as much as I used too but I do think about her and I miss the friendship I had & till this day I’ve never really opened up to another person like that bc she was special and the only person I could talk to about everything. I have and had friends tell me to move on and forget about her but it’s hard. She truly meant the world to me she was my world. & after 3-4 years I still miss her. What do I do? How do I let go and move on?
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2023.03.22 11:10 Vast_Supermarket_169 Bsk is not as good as it sounds

We are paying so much for my brother to get the best education but instead he’s getting bullied he’s already dealing with enough in his life because of his medical condition and now some stupid kids think it’s funny to leave him out and make fun of what he’s going through I always hated that school and even when I studied in it me and my friends/classmates would get bullied and I know a lot of people who transferred schools because it was a huge issue. Bullies exist and it happens but the school failed to create a safe space for everyone imagine being scared to go to class because of people making your life hell. A lot of people complained but they’re deleting and blocking everything because all they care about is their image
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2023.03.22 11:10 Kgpal Addiction

I seriously think I have a food addiction. It's all I think about, what i can eat, what I can't eat, when I can eat etcetera. I can't walk past the fridge or the pantry without looking in. I don't know how to stop.
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2023.03.22 11:09 StuPots790 My perspective on Witty

My opinion of Witty is shaped by perhaps unfair comparisons to Mike who is actually laugh-out-loud funny. The impersonations, improvisation and musical talent are hard to deny. (Found Mike's burner) Hoch was (is) also lol funny.
When I want sports radio, I listen to PFT Live w/ Mike Florio or my local station 1310 The Ticket.
The Dan Lebatard Show with Stugotz is not sports radio. It's something more wonderful. It's something more entertaining. It's rare. A free source of joy I've had "across decades." Thank you Dan and co.
Back to the subject, Witty is not laugh-out-loud funny. Self-serious even while goofing around. It's not that he lacks a sense of humor, it's that he is unable to entertain in the pure form. Play-by-play is a role well suited for him. It's funny how Dan often says other media members or sports personalities are "starched," while his content is more authentic or uncompromised by bureaucracy. I can't think of anybody talking sports (podcasting, not television where starch is more a part of the job) more starched than Witty.
I'd like to elaborate, and this is where I may be projecting my own insecurities and I apologize if this is insulting or offensive to anyone.
Witty as a person doesn't fit. In Dan's words, "We are a brown show. We are proudly Miami." One of the most admirable things about Dan is how he shared a national platform with his father. Papi introduced sports fans to an authentic Cuban-American and the show didn't hold back with references to culture or accents. (Papi on the air reading gangster rap lyrics for instance). It's different. It represents a part of America whose voices aren't heard as often. This resonated personally since I am also a bilingual immigrant, but could only dream of building a career with my own father and honestly envy that type of father-son bond.
When the Boston radio guys insulted Papi and when the ignorants would call him "Mexican" as an insult, it was obvious that even in the fun little world of sports media you cannot escape "race" or US history itself.
Back in the 790 days Roy was a young black dude with no background in sports who earned a spot on the show. I've spent over 20 years listening to sports radio and that was (perhaps still isn't) a common thing. Juju Gotti isn't a common thing. Calling your producers The Shipping Container filled with Frightened Refugees isn't a common thing. Pipo.
I'd add that none of this has anything to do with Trump, Twitter, BLM, Kaepernick, Jemel Hill, ESPN, Clay Travis, ect. Dan may have taken a "side" on recent issues, but even if he hadn't my point would stand.
& this is where Witty and whiteness comes in. The show refers to it but in different words. Fancy lad. Anglophile. The other day Witty had to say that the James Bond franchise was obviously greater than Rocky and Mike just had to say "give it up man you're not English!" He was joking, but only a little.
It is uncomfortable for me to say this about someone else. As a non-white person I remember being in HS and wanting to be "white." Obviously that didn't mean I wanted new skin. It meant wanting to be successful. Or wealthy. Or popular. Or desirable. Or prestigious. Anglo civilizations were portrayed as superior in every way. I thought all those things and "white" meant the same shit.
Presently, I am 30 years old and none of these issues impact me at all in the actual physical world. However, in my mind I wonder if I resent Witty for being a brown person who so blatantly behaves white? & what the hell does that even mean? How do I reconcile that I am wrong for having expectations of a man's character based on their genetics, something they have no control over?
This has been a clumsy effort to describe something that is completely subjective. I can't offer you an actual definition of brown or whiteness. Nor can I truly say I understand what race is.
If you've made it this far, you must love the show as I do and it's an important conversation I'm glad we're having it. Overall, I didnt think Witty was a great fit for the show and glad he has moved onto what seems to be great opportunities.
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2023.03.22 11:09 MasterpieceNo2379 Competition in the future

I'm 15 y/o boy studying 10th. I am learning java basics at school and python at home and I'm kind of very scared abt my future. I want to study in iit and practice programming but seeing the current competition I'm worried about the competition by my time.
The one key factor I know to survive is that to keep updating with time but I don't know what all progression has happened in this field. I heard from a senior about quantum computing being new. But I still want to know what else is knew cuz even google ain't providing any info.
Thus I'm asking the fellow redditors to kindly update me with the technology and programming situation currently and also any tips. Thank you in advance
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2023.03.22 11:08 JadenGringo74 Here’s a survey that was asked to be shared here

Hi all,
I am a graduate student from the Sociology Department at Uppsala University, Sweden, and I’m conducting my master thesis research on usesurvivor experiences of iatrogenic injury sustained by psychiatric treatment. I am currently looking for participants willing to share their experiences by partaking in a qualitative survey, and I wanted to ask your permission to recruit participants on this subreddit. All participants will remain anonymous, and the study is conducted from a critical perspective which is inspired by survivor-led research.
I’m enclosing a link to the survey below. It also includes an information letter detailing the aim of the research study, as well as information about the survey, consent, and anonymity.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me either here on reddit or at my university e-mail address.
Best, Amelia Johansson-Everday, master student researcher [email protected]
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2023.03.22 11:07 srutatechnologies Digital Marketing: How to Leverage Technology for Business Success

Digital Marketing: How to Leverage Technology for Business Success
In today’s digital age, traditional marketing techniques like print ads, billboards, and TV commercials are no longer enough to reach your target audience. The vast majority of consumers spend their time online, making digital marketing a vital component of any business strategy.
Digital marketing is the use of technology, such as the internet, social media, and mobile devices, to promote a product or service. By leveraging these tools, businesses can reach a broader audience and increase their visibility, leading to greater success and revenue.
Here are some key ways to leverage digital marketing for your business:

1. Website Optimization

Your website is the foundation of your online presence, so it’s crucial to make sure it’s optimized for search engines and user experience. This includes using relevant keywords, creating valuable content, and ensuring your site is mobile-friendly.
Additionally, you should track and analyze your website’s performance through tools like Google Analytics to understand what’s working and what needs improvement. This data can help you make informed decisions about your website’s design, content, and optimization strategy.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of optimizing your website’s content and structure to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). By improving your website’s SEO, you can attract more organic traffic and increase your visibility to potential customers.
Some key SEO tactics include keyword research, creating high-quality content, building backlinks from reputable sites, and optimizing your website’s structure and code. It’s important to stay up-to-date on SEO best practices, as search algorithms are constantly changing.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer an opportunity to connect with customers and build brand awareness. By creating a strong social media presence, you can engage with customers, share valuable content, and drive traffic to your website.
To succeed in social media marketing, it’s important to understand your target audience and the platforms they use. You should also create a content strategy that aligns with your brand and engages your audience.

4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertising allows you to place ads on search engines, social media platforms, and other websites, paying only when a user clicks on your ad. This can be an effective way to drive traffic to your website and generate leads.
To succeed in PPC advertising, you should conduct keyword research, create compelling ad copy and visuals, and continually monitor and optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the use of email to communicate with customers and promote your brand. By building an email list and sending targeted campaigns, you can nurture leads, promote new products or services, and drive sales.
To succeed in email marketing, you should create valuable content that resonates with your audience, segment your email list for more targeted campaigns, and track and analyze your email performance to continually improve your strategy.
In conclusion, digital marketing offers a range of powerful tools and tactics to help businesses reach their target audience, increase visibility, and drive revenue. By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, businesses can stay competitive in today’s digital age and achieve long-term success.
We hope you have received all of the necessary information; for additional information, please visit our blog section. Or call us at +1-215-650-3185.
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2023.03.22 11:07 hanzann I told him I need space but now I don't know what to do.

Okay so this is probably going to be a pretty long rant about this because I can't get this out of my head, and I really thought I would get some peace of mind but I haven't.
I (19F) have been really close friends with someone online for almost a year now. And well, we haven't really been only friends. I always told him that I don't want to label us as dating because we still know each other only online, but seeing our actions that's kinda what we had been doing, dating.
I really didn't think I'd fall in love with this person, but that's what happened. And he told me the same. He has been one of the best things in my life these past few months. I just really loved his company. Our relationship has had a lot of issues though, we have had pretty bad arguments quite often, and this year I think they got worse. It led to both of us feeling like shit after, but we always reconciled, we sometimes thought if what we're doing is too much for us but I truly never wanted to stop talking with him and neither did he, but we always continued.
Probably a week ago though he told me that maybe this is truly too much now, that he thinks we can't talk to each other anymore, and we also have another personal thing that is affecting us being together a bit (our beliefs being different.) He told me it's probably a really low chance that we could be together, but didn't say that it's a 100% we can't. That made me feel really desperate and I told him I dont want to end things, I love him so much that I'm ready to take the chance even if it's low, I just don't want to lose him.
We kind of stopped talking about that because the conversation got too overwhelming and I told him I need to talk about it some day soon again and he agreed with that, but we hadn't yet. After that, the way he acted felt like shifted even more. His response times got longer and he didn't want to do some things like video call much anymore, and I asked him, does he still like me and does he still want to spend time with me? He told me he does, but the way he acts so distant and whenever he hang out it feels like he's not even enjoying it was just driving me crazy. It affected my mental well-being so much, I was constantly thinking about it and stressing about what's happening to us and how is he feeling and everything about that.
So I decided I have to get this out of my head and tell him how I feel. I told him I'd want to talk about some things but he told me he probably doesn't want to. I tell him I need to talk about it, that it's stressing me out so much, and he still says he doesn't really wanna talk about it. Maybe I should've respected that, I don't know, but it was seriously driving me insane, it was either I explain to him how I feel or I blow up and ghost him, I don't know. I just couldn't take it anymore, so I explained to him how he's made me feel these past few days, how it feels like he doesn't even want to talk with me anymore and that I'd need a bit more than whatever this is from him I guess. He didn't even try to understand my feelings, the whole time he was just against me, saying I am not listening to him and I don't believe him because he told me he does wanna spend time with me and does like me, and saying I forced him to talk about it. I am listening to him, I really am, but even if he tells me that it's not like It makes me feel much better when I know how distant he is acting. And I don't know if I really was wrong to explain how I feel when he didn't really want to, but him saying I forced him to talk at least 3 times just hurts because how can you see it like that when you know in how much pain I have been these past few days because of this. I just couldn't take it anymore.
He was mad the entire conversation, and I told him I'd just need a bit more than what this is because stressing over these things does not affect me well mentally. He told me he can't provide me that, and that he hates when people have expectations of him. Can those really be called expectations? Maybe they are then, but it hurts that he sees them like that when I'd just need a bit more to even feel good in his company. It just hurts so much to read our older conversations and see how different he is acting right now. I also know he has stress about a lot of things so it's probably not nice to be talking about problems like these, but I don't know, it hurts he's not being even a bit understanding of my feelings..
After that I told him if this is really how you feel right now, I think I need some space for a bit. All he answered to me was okay and alright. Maybe I was stupid for expecting something else from him when he's not in a better mindset but Idk. I thought I would get some peace of mind by saying that, but I was wrong. I feel so horrible right now, because I'm so scared of what's happening to us. I still haven't gotten an answer to that from him, so I'm scared what this break might do. Maybe when I go back after some time he really is done with me for good. I don't know if I should try and get over him or If I should just wait for him and have hope for us. I thought space would be a good idea because whatever was going on was really driving me crazy, but I realize that this uncertainty is driving me even more crazy and I'm just so scared. I really don't know what to do. I want to text him so bad but I know I won't even get anything I want from him right now regarding our last conversation. If our relationship is giving me this much stress then I know that it's not healthy, but I can't just let go without even talking about it or getting some certainty of our feelings or something, I don't even know. I just feel so lost with this right now and I can't handle this feeling.
If someone read this whole thing this far, I'm sorry you had to go through with that. I know I am kind of a mess right now, but I'm just so scared of what's happening to us. He has truly been the most important person to me for a longer time now, and I thought I need space but now I'm having even more anxiety. I really just wish he would text me, but I know he won't do that. I am just so lost.
I don't know if I can take advice in this state but if there's someone out there with more experience than me reading this, please tell me a piece of your mind. I would really appreciate it.
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2023.03.22 11:07 javiers Orange Pi mini NAs

Hi team!
I am going to be in short the proud owner of two Orange PI zero units. The first one will have already a purpose, pi-hole at home.
I was planning to use the second one as a mini Nas for my (very small) backups on a couple or more microsd cards.
I know that sd cards are unreliable for this purposes and they will probably fail within a year, but I have access to an almost unlimited number of them ranging from 256 GB to 1TB. Meaning essentially that I can swap them yearly and I still will have enough of them to keep running for years and years.
So my questions are simple:
  1. I am looking for a hat that allows me to add extra as cards. I know that some raspberry hats are compatible, but I am not able to find a reliable source of information for that…
  2. I plan to use lvm with mirroring (if only a two sd cards is available) or raid (if a 4 card hat is an option). Has anyone used lvm on an orange Pi here? Does it perform adequately?
  3. Also, the lvm volumes will be exported using NFS for the backup software (on another Linux node) to dump all backup data there. Any experience with that too?.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.22 11:06 arugamelodges What Makes Namibia the Perfect Destination for a Hunting Adventure?

Namibia is a land of natural wonders and breathtaking beauty. It’s also home to a number of game reserves, where you can hunt and experience the thrill of Africa’s wildlife. If you’re thinking of visiting Namibia for a hunting adventure, then you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got all the information that you need before you travel. So what are the best places to visit, and what should you pack. Visit Us:-
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2023.03.22 11:05 Vanillest Is “online poker is rigged” a conspiracy theory? Does it have merit?

This isnt a post whining about some poker site. Don’t come at me with “fish” and “variance”.
I like conspiracy theories because it is kind of like poker. You got “the earth is flat” (72o) and “Epstein didn’t kill himself” (AA). Some are easier to convince(bluff) people with than others, yet there is no ultimate showdown of truth like in poker.
I like to work conspiracy theories backwards. Rather than scour the internet for confirmation bias one way or another, ask yourself the inverse of the theory. Like, instead of “Biden is trying to destroy America”, ask “what actions/steps would a president take if they were trying to destroy America?”. It’s like uncovering motive in a murder 1 case.
So with that preamble done with… here is the Crux of the post: positing that it exists, what dataset/proof would you need to fully believe that some online poker website was intentionally rigged? How many standard deviations from the norm would be required for you to adamantly side with the “online poker is rigged” people? Would 10 (in a row) post flop all in dominating hands getting sucked out on by the river do it? 100? 1000? What data point would you require before you could not dismiss it as variance?
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2023.03.22 11:05 SwiinkaPeppa NO VIEWS ON ALL VIDEOS

I received really fantastic numbers the first time I made a TikTok profile, and one of my videos "blew up," getting like 700 likes and 40k views. Regrettably, the profile was blocked for some reason, so I made a new account based on it, and all of the videos got virtually no views. Then I tried once more, twice, three times, but nothing worked. In order to sell in other places where I believe there are more potential clients, I am utilizing a UK sim card. With this approach, the first account performed fantastically, while the others showed no such results.
Any insight into this or suggestions for how I could resolve this and market?
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2023.03.22 11:04 throwRAcyb3rgh0ul i like to think about my relationship in a nice and peaceful way but then i get a negative thought and i get angry really quickly.

this is gonna be a rant!! :)
my 2 years with my boyfriend (i cant mentally call him an ex yet) was really good. there wasn't a lot of bad times. though he would always criticize my intelligence as a joke but then this joke would turn into an insult. i remember december 2021 i was crying on his chest telling him how it really hurts when someone calls me stupid. he told me how he doesn't see me as dumb and that he'll never make that an insult because i care so deeply about it. remembering that really makes me mad and i wanna text him how he's an asshole.
ive been called stupid my whole life because i'm a little slow. stuff doesnt come easily for me. i also stutter and there's a negative connotation that comes with it too. because ive been called stupid my entire life, i actually think im dumb. like i'll fail anyways so trying is pointless. but im actually really good at writing. i got an A in english (language arts) without trying. i was in the gifted program in elementary school AND middle school for reading and writing and i would always score high on government mandatory tests for the subject. i know a lot of people suck at it and knowing that i was good, was the biggest confidence boost ever. knowing that i was actually good at something. but people would always diminish it and i'll always be the dumb little girl.
another thing that pisses me off is that when we graduated high school, i wanted my boyfriend to block his ex girlfriend because she always treated me like i didnt exist. they were still friends and she would always come up to him batting her eyelashes and flirting with him while i was literally holding his arm. im not a confrontational person so i would always subconsciously slide behind him and he said how i should stand up for myself when she does that. i posted about that on reddit and someone said that since he obviously can tell whats going on and i told him how i felt, that he should say something. he never once did. went to lunch with him once and she was at the same place, worst lunch ever. i was never acknowledged. and he knew that i could never tell her to leave or call her names because i hate confrontation, but he didnt care. now that we're over he told me that he wont block me because he's not like me. i was so confused because i dont block people so i asked what he meant, and he was talking about her. now im thinking that he probably unblocked her and they're hanging out again :D
thinking about these 2 things shoves every good thing away into a box and all that's left is anger. he made me think i was really dumb and when i would talk about this with people, i wouldn't tell them how i felt because i knew what they would say. i didn't want them to think that he makes me feel stupid 24/7, because that'd make him look bad. i protected his image heavily with the cost of my self worth. just fuck him dude, he really made me think i was the dumbest person on the planet just because i couldn't understand coding and what a gpu and a motherboard is on a computer.
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2023.03.22 11:03 qu4ney Arc hiding top Google search results and sidebar with information

Arc hiding top Google search results and sidebar with information
How do I get these results to show? And why is Arc hiding them? I've tried disabling "I dont care about cookies" and Ublock Origin. Arc is showing mostly ads and not relevant information.
Difference between Chrome and Arc:


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2023.03.22 11:02 Fgs54 What are the best methods you use to correct/ improve on spoken language mistakes you have “automatised” when speaking spontaneously?

I have grammatical mistakes I can hear myself making all the time when I’m speaking. If I’m writing in my TL it’s fine as I have a few seconds to think about it.
But when I’m speaking, I can hear myself make certain grammatical mistakes all the time and then a second after the fact realise it sounds wrong and how I should’ve said it.
What is the best way you’ve found on improving your spoken grammar even when you understand the theory and can type it in written grammar?
Is it just to find exercises with those grammar rules you often make mistakes in, then to write and speak them over and over again. Kind of like writing lines in school in order to “drill” them into your brain or are there bettemore enjoyable ways?
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2023.03.22 11:02 AutoModerator [Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE)

[Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE)
Get the course here:
Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE)

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Now, who is the genius (kidding… kinda) behind this whole course?
Let me introduce myself, my name is Iman. At the age of Seventeen, I dropped out of high school to commit to the world of online marketing. Within my first year I had made over $300,000+, I had traveled the world working from my computer, I had constructed my dream lifestyle and this was all done through the power of what I teach in Six Figure SMMA. I run my own digital marketing agency based out here in London, although we have clients out in Amsterdam and St. Tropez.
I have my personal brand which is another six figure business…
Then I have a few other smaller income streams here and there. I love the internet! Haha
Damn… I worked hard for this life. I worked hard to create the sort of income where I can take care of my family and not even check the price…
I guess that’s why I’m so passionate about what I teach. It’s because it changed my life in unexplainable ways. I don’t think I could ever go back to my old life after living like this.
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2023.03.22 11:02 mh500372 Man I’m so done with social media.

Just saw a post on twitter and it got posted to Reddit where it was that Guardian post about fetal progression in a Petri dish.
And everyone’s just eating it up like a pig feasting on slop, no one’s questioning the misinformation because all the people questioning it get banned.
It’s so crazy because I just never see the people who believe this stuff in real life. Even at my super liberal college people were educated enough to know what a 9 week fetus should probably look like.
I feel like at my workplace (emergency department) probably more than half of the people there are prolife, then I step in the internet and I feel like we are less than 5% of the population.
It’s so damn tiring, and this is what young kids and impressionable teens get to see. Blatant, deceitful misinformation.
Internets just tearing us apart from each other.
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2023.03.22 11:01 Fuzzy_Tension9360 AITA for not waiting to cut my first son's hair just yet?

Long story short I 33 F and 38M been together for 7 years we have 2 son together and he has 2 daughters prior. Anyhow we've had the conversation about our 23 month old getting a haircut. Me personally I don't think he's ready. For acouple reasons.
  1. When he was born he had the old man hairline from ear to ear.
  2. Took months for just the top of his head to grow his hair back.
  3. It's not even enough to cut it
  4. He will not sit still and I know this because im a stay at home mom.
Well the conversation keeps getting brought up and I've politely said no to everyone who had asked and given all my reasons. So now it got brought up again and I snapped, didn't mean to but I just kept feeling like my choice for my first son is always overlooked or disrespected as my decision. So my MIL asked I said no asked again I said no again and then I jist got annoyed because said partner was trying to Aldo push the situation after we had already discussed together and agreed until we both think its safe. But now seems like things changed because I finally told them a direct NO im tired of people bringing it up.
Now once that been said I knew I was alittle over the top but it started to get under my skin for not being respected as his mother and the decision I should be able to make.
Yes I know 2 have to make a baby and make decisions together but if I sp happen to keep pushing a situation that he would always say no to he would've been the same way and finally explode. Now with that being said finally get home and it's a all out war with him. Now he wants me to pack my belongings and get out of our place. Mind you I've been a stay at home mom for the last 2 years. No complaints, no nagging, I don't even ask for a penny from him for myself it always go to our son.
He has 2 other children and I've been with him for 7 years and never once have I ever pushed a situation on any one of them. He's my first child and maybe I was the asshole but I believe every mother should have that first haircut but on her own time and not pushed or pressed by anyone else. He's done his first with the other children he has why can't my decision be respected?
Am I that asshole? Sorry it's a long one but this is just the most recent.
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2023.03.22 11:01 engineering-aus Differences Between Supply Chain Management And Logistics

Supply chain management and logistics are closely related and often overlap, but they are not the same thing. Here are some key differences between the two:
Supply chain management:
Deals with the planning and coordination of all activities involved in the procurement of raw materials, the production of goods, and the distribution of finished products to customers
Involves managing the flow of materials, information, and finances across the entire supply chain, from the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of finished products to customers
Focuses on improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing customer satisfaction throughout the supply chain
Refers to the planning and execution of the movement and storage of goods, services, and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption
Involves managing the flow of goods and materials from suppliers to manufacturers to distributors to retailers to customers Focuses on the efficient and cost-effective movement and storage of goods and materials
In summary, supply chain management is concerned with the overall management of the flow of materials, information, and finances across the entire supply chain, while logistics is focused specifically on the movement and storage of goods and materials. If you want to learn more about supply chain management and logistics then explore the blog by CSA Engineering now.
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2023.03.22 11:00 544ssecnirpytterp AITA for Googling a word my friends were using that I didn’t know?

Hi everyone!
I (19F) joined the theatre program at my school for my college. I joined the costume crew for the show, and most of the people in the crew are in a higher year and have been in there since their freshman year. We essentially get a the whole theatre classroom to ourselves, while the other crews work in their respective areas, i.e, sound crew in sound booth, hair and makeup in the dressing rooms, etc.
So the other day we were knitting some hats for the show per the instructions of the crew head, a senior. It was very fun. Two kids in my year, Kevin and Josh, who are more quiet, were sitting near the counter a few feet away from me. One of them, Kevin, had been absent from school for our first semester.
So I hear Kevin talking to Josh a few feet from me, and he says he was at something, we’ll call it Farfields. I asked what Farfields was and Josh says “dont worry about it”. This annoyed me because I felt they were treating me like I was a child or something when I’m the same age. I told Josh I’d just Google it, and he told “there is literally no need for you to know what Farfields is.” So I google it and find out it’s a hospital of some sort, and tell them I found it. Then Josh gets all mad and says that wasn’t any of my business, and I told him that maybe he shouldn’t talk about stuff like that in the open if he doesn’t want anyone to hear, plus it’s rude not to tell people what a something means when they ask. The club ended for the day pretty quick after that and I’m a bit anxious to go back tomorrow because I feel a bit bad, so Reddit, AITA?
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2023.03.22 10:59 bilalahmedP5 Playing shyrim for the first time should i install mods?

I have heard that skyrim is all about mods so should i play the game vanilla or should i install mods if yes then which mods should i install
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