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2012.02.05 07:54 doginabathtub For photos that are, you know, mildly interesting

Aww, cripes. I didn't know I'd have to write a description. How many words is that so far, like a hundred? Soooo, yeah. Mildly interesting stuff. Stuff that interests you. Mildly. It's in the name, ffs.

2023.03.21 18:20 Crafty_Nanda Salaried Employee Availability at Home

I'm not sure where else to ask this. Google was not helpful.
My husband works in logistics as an exempt employee (California). Company has provided a cell phone. When he applied for the job, the work hours were listed as 10am-7pm. In reality, he usually leaves work about 7:30pm. No big deal. And some days he goes in early. Comes with being salaried, I get it.
We have rearranged our (myself and our 20mo) schedule based on this so we all usually wake up around 8:30am.
Husband's boss tried to call at 7am this morning. My husband leaves his work phone downstairs because it gets texts throughout the night. Each driver sends a text when they complete a delivery. The texts literally come in all night long from about 11pm-7am.
His boss said he needs to have his phone where he can hear and answer it. My husband apologized and said he'll start taking his phone upstairs.
Are there any laws for exempt employees about this? Does he really have to be available 24/7? That seems unreasonable, even for an exempt employee.
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2023.03.21 18:20 Adam-best 360 DEGREE PANORAMIC CAMERA LIGHT BULB

The camera can be discreetly hidden in a light bulb and attached to its fixture. From the outside, it looks like a regular light bulb, but it tracks everyone’s movements. These lightbulbs come with 360-degree fisheye lenses that can provide you with a panoramic view of the room.
If you want to be able to monitor your own home and protect it from intruders, there’s a no better option than this 360 Degree Panoramic Fisheye IP Spycam Light Bulb. This makes it the perfect security gadget that can be used to protect your property.
Why Buy This 360 Degree Panoramic Camera Light Bulb? - Records 960p videos with a 360-degree complete view of the room. This light bulb camera provides a wide-angle 360-degree fisheye view of the entire room. As such, you can see what’s happening in the entire room all the time, no blind spots. - The inbuilt ultra-responsive 2-way microphone allows you to communicate with the people in the room with the camera. - The app gives you 7 different viewing modes such as Zooming, Playback, etc. When motion is detected, an alert is sent to your phone along with some snapshots. Loop Recording is available so if the SD card runs out of space, the latest footage is written over the oldest one. - Better yet, using fisheye home security cameras can also reduce your cost on security camera accessories such as protective skins, wirings, power cables, etc., and save you the installation time as well as follow-up maintenance. - Can accommodate up to a 128GB micro SD card. Loop Recording is available so new footage is written over old ones. - The infrared night vision lens allows you a 49 feet field of vision in the dark. - Can be used to detect activities in a large area, like a crossroad, a house front yard, a home back yard, a dining room, a living room, an office, a retail store, warehouses, parking lots, stadiums, museums, concert halls, and ports. - As a single outdoor panoramic surveillance camera can do effective monitoring of large areas, you don’t need to pay more money installing multiple IP cameras.
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2023.03.21 18:20 Many-Ground3470 My adult dog does not like use pee pads

I have a 20 pound dog so i would imagine she needs to pee more than a bigger dog when she was a puppy I would reward her very time she peed on her pad to reinforce that habit. She use to pee a lot so I would got thru like 3 pads a day. I know some people probably think I’m crazy but honestly I figured as an adult she would need to use it less but I don’t mind if she pees inside at night esp while I’m sleeping. I don’t see her as a filthy animal her pee is not dangerous and I just throw out the pads when she uses it. i always keep a pad out at night and she never uses it. She just holds it in until I take her out…
sometime on the weekend I just up sleeping in and it’s like she’d been holding it in for 10 hours.
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2023.03.21 18:20 horny_alcoholic my wife made a comment about how i don't try anymore

oh man that felt great to hear. just A+ material imo.
i'm not perfect. my post history is a clear indication of that, but i've been working tirelessly to improve myself and make myself a better person and partner. i've been sober, hitting the gym harder than ever, taking my diet more seriously, doing more around the house, back in therapy, and back on my mental health medication, which my psychiatrist agrees i can taper off now because things are going well. and things are going well. things were tough, but i've been making a lot of progress to being a happier and healthier person. work is going great. i make a great living and have a great work life balance that allowed us to purchase a great home in an area we love. i planned out a great vacation in a few months for us that i didn't ask her to pay for and i'm funding it with the help of two separate bonuses i received recently.
again, i'm not perfect. i've got a lot to work on. i get stressed. i've got communication stuff to work on. i've been dealing with alcohol abuse and it's put some strain on our relationship and hurt her trust in me, but on the whole i've been solid. all this to say that i couldn't help but find it really insulting yesterday when we were out and i made a goofy double entendre about how i'm planning on nailing more than one thing tonight. i don't remember the context, obviously we were talking about literally nailing something to a wall and she just rolls here eyes at me. i'm a goofy guy, what can i say. i jokingly say to her something like "hey, this is all i've got left in my repertoire" and she responds "no, you used to actually try" and that shit hurt.
i try all the fucking time. i try to plan shit and do things. i'm sorry i've been stressed because you've created a stressful household environment for me, which i won't get into. you can check my post history if you're interested. i'm sorry that due to the pandemic and working from home that i've relegated myself to wearing comfy band shirts and gym shorts. getting sober and changing my meds has fucked with my brain chemistry a bit, so yeah i'm pretty lethargic at the end of the day, but hey i also wake up early and hit the gym as soon as i wake up. try? i literally don't even know what that means to her. she's never been a romantic type. PDA is not something she does. she's not a snuggler. we don't touch when we sleep at night. i stay on one couch and she on another at night when we're watching TV. she unwinds every night with a bottle of wine and passes out half the time on the couch anyways.
and yet i don't try? she never physically touches me. i'm the only one who ever initiates any kind of physical touching. yeah, she tells me she loves me all the time. i guess her love language is literally language, but, fuck, i'd be lying if i didn't admit that i wasn't desperate for sex or even just some physical intimacy.
that comment just hurt. yeah, i'm no fucking don juan, but i've never been that and as far as i'm concerned i've ALWAYS made an effort to try to make myself attractive to my partner. avid gym goer, dieter, etc. am i a goofball? yes. am i smooth? absolutely not. but to say i used to try is so fucking insulting and honestly really makes me want to completely turn it off. you want to see what it's like when i don't try. oh, believe me it could be much worse.
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2023.03.21 18:19 CObearrunner How do you tell someone they aren’t a safe space for you?

Tl:dr: Gay guys family isn’t a safe space to come to for any life issues, but family wants more involvement and relationship but doesn’t realize this is why there’s issues and distance. Pls help.
Hi y’all. 37 gay male here in the US. Like a lot of us, I have a somewhat strained relationship with my family. My family “loves me and supports me” - but they are for the most part, white evangelical Christian republicans. This, especially the church they belong to and are leadership for, is always creating problems for us. The church is tied to a mega church in Australia and while they aren’t preaching on brimstone and fire for all homosexuals, the church definitely has some gross trump-esque opinions. They are not completely radicalized but they definitely are victims to the echo chamber they surround themselves by and the misinformation machine of Fox News. My parents are boomers who are the product of emotionally stunted and abusive parents.
Through my coming out they have proven time and time again that 1. They don’t understand how a gay relationship works. One time my mom asked me who submits to who’s will in an argument because there’s no wife.
And 2. They continually do things that show they have some gross opinions about things. Most recently it’s all about trans folks and drag queens. I’m in a gay chorus and my mom had to “do some serious praying” to get her to come to my Disney show.
I want to have a relationship with them. I want to be a part of things and have a family that I love and knows loves me in return but it feels really difficult when it’s never a safe place for me to exist or even be myself. I would love for them to understand that fact - it’s impact on me - and truly understand what I mean if I were ever to tell them they aren’t a safe space for me to exist. I don’t think they have the emotional maturity to understand what I’m saying and not take offense and let their hurt be the focus.
Obviously it’s not entirely abusive or that unsafe that I’ve needed to sever ties to my family - but it’s definitely not a warm, welcoming, accepting, or even understanding place to exist as anyone who’s not cis white hetero Christian.
Anyone dealing with similar have any success or ideas on how to tell them they’re a contributing reason to my distance and separation from the family? I’m at a loss. I worry we’re never going to have true connection or love when there’s no common bonds beyond blood.
I genuinely am preparing myself for a life without a family once my parents die. My oldest sister might be okay and cool but my radical nut job middle sister and I will likely have no relationship. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t hurt. I love my chosen family. I just wish my birth family were the good people they pretend to be.
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2023.03.21 18:19 ThrowRAjoyy I (24F) slept with someone else during our break up (26m)

my bf and I have had a very dramatic and confusing relationship. When we first started dating, things were great and things seemed fine since we were both excited to be in a new relationship. Things progressed very quickly and we moved in together since we were both actually looking for a new place to live due to both our parents claiming we need to leave.
I can tell from my bf that he has insecurities and is geared more to anxious attachment style. I am unfortunately have traits for fearful avoidant.
I began to feel very stressed out because I work two jobs and I sometimes didn’t feel like they would understand. He is an extremely emotional person and I would get overwhelmed and sadly annoyed that I felt I had to ‘baby’ him sometimes.
As time went by, we began to have these really big fights and were complete rude and mean to each other. These began to happen every week and grew more persistent over time.
I knew things were getting heated and I felt suffocated and that my needs weren’t being met. I wasn’t allowed to have any male friends or if I even hanged out with other friends that I can tell it upset him and felt like a betrayal to him. I am away from home and I don’t have anybody in the area and I just noticed I became more depressed.
Last summer, things got super rough with each other. I always want to leave to calm things down and come back to when we are both emotionally ready to talk about issues but he doesn’t. Ever since a teenager I have learned this bc I seem to be a very irritated person and this overwhelmed me emotionally. He wanted things resolved there and then and made it super difficult for me and ultimately my needs weren’t being met. We got into huge fights that week and I insisted that we break up. And that he moved to his parents immediately. I wanted things to end because this relationship was OUT OF CONTROL and I felt helpless because we lived together and I don’t have anybody here anymore since I stopped talking to people and making effort to form relationships with other people in order to not upset my bf.
He said some hurtful things to me and mentioned ‘oh why don’t you go back to your ex’… so I did. I ended up contacting my ex and explaining to them what has happened. (Not proud of this but I felt helpless). They were concerned and I honestly just wanted reassurance that I wasn’t crazy and how this isn’t how love should be. I ended up seeing him and realized how long it’s been since I have actually had a conversation with another human being other than my bf. I really didn’t want things to start again with my ex bc I was very confused and felt complete dissociated. I saw him again later in the week and ended up sleeping with him. I felt so gross and had to take a super long shower after bc I just felt so overwhelmed.
Well this is where things backfired and my ex ended up ghosting me after he slept with me (should have learned my lesson the first time). I felt betrayed but honestly I saw it coming since I knew he was always a coward and couldn’t communicate. I didn’t know what to do. I thought someone was just trying to help me but only cared about one thing.
I felt helpless. I felt confused and ultimately I didn’t know what to do anymore. I felt so alone….
my ex that I lived with contacted me and I told him what happened. It broke him. But somehow he was able to forgive me and still wanted to be with me… desperately. I felt overwhelmed bc I wanted to work on the issues that we had but ended up just avoiding them and I can definitely see how that was wrong.
I just feel feel so remorseful on the decisions that I made and how I chose to cope with a break up (just avoid it ever happened and try to move on). My bf forgives me and tells me he is aware that I made a mistake… but ultimately I can’t look past all the guilt and shame I have for myself. I just wanted us to be okay and instead I chose to leave.
I know this is confusing and I just need help as to if I even deserve anything anymore. Please help.
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2023.03.21 18:19 DearCap8732 What should I do next? (residence fees)

To describe my situation: I paid residence fees for fall 2022, but I wasn’t able to come due to visa issues. So, I was able to get a full refund and it was posted to my goSFU account. Now, I have managed to get to Canada and I have to pay fees for summer 2023. I have requested to transfer funds from my goSFU account. I have received the following email:
“This email is to inform you that we have deferred your Summer 2023 residence fees to your goSFU account where your current credit balance may then be applied by the SFU Tuition Deadline. • Your Housing Portal Account will show a balance of $0 owing, but your residence fees will be posted to your goSFU account during the 3rd week of April • Outstanding fees on your student account must be paid by the SFU tuition deadline. • Late penalties are applied to all overdue balances. The rate is 2% per month (18% per annum).”
So, what do I do next? Do I just wait for the money to be deducted automatically? Do I have to do anything else?
Will be thankful for any kind of advice!)
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2023.03.21 18:19 kiki_chan11 Ex friend thinks I’m biologically dumb ?

I have been having intense fears that I am mentally retarded. I’ve been called slow by MULTIPLE people because I made constant mistakes at my job that I resigned from. I would KNOW how to put in the order but there were several times where I couldn’t remember to put TO GO on my orders. It was just little things like that, that I could not remember to do correctly. I know it’s not from my ADHD because other people at my workplace have adhd and they caught onto things and did them correctly. I just literally fear that I am a slow learner like…. Mental retardation or something. Like I catch onto things slow. I have had MANY friends that would tell me that I catch onto jokes slower than other people or things that are “the obvious” and it kills my self esteem because I think that it is true. I am scared of intellectual disabilities and I am DEATHLY afraid of having anything like that… they learn slower than other people and they don’t reach advancement like other people their age. They are limited as far as understanding and development. I am deathly afraid that that is me. My mom who I am estranged with is mildly mentally retarded and she was diagnosed with BID (borderline intellectual disability). If she’s my mom. THAT MEANS I INHERITED A FAULTY GENE THAT CAUSES ID!!! 😰😰 idk what to do. My entire life people have labeled me as slow and cut me off as a friend because society doesn’t put up with biological fools like me… if I am permanently inhibited and there’s nothing I can do about it then I should just end my life. Life has no purpose if your brain and skills are limited. You have nothing to offer to the world and you’ll always be at the level of a child. That’s no life. That’s no purpose. It’s literally a life full of misery, isolation, and disappointment and it’s so incredibly sad that people are born that way and I afraid that it is me…. Who the fuck would be happy with that kind of life??? Have these circumstances happened to any of you guys? Have friends called you stupid and “slow” and were you bullied for being “retarded” despite having an above average IQ? I haven’t met a single above average individual who was labeled as “slow” or r “dumb” like how i described mentally retarded people.. I need clarity because the opinions that so many people have of me makes me think it’s true and that scares the shit out of my because being the best in my field and being EXCELLENT period is something that is extremely important to me, and if you’re intellectually disabled you will never reach any kind of high level advancement or success unless someone helps you.. and this would devastate me. I would rather die than have a limited brain that forces me to be doomed to live a below average life. Even AVERAGE isn’t good enough for me. I need some kind of reassurance because this is really getting to my head.
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2023.03.21 18:18 justinformedTTS 2

Wife had an affair, how do I figure this whole thing out?
Whew, where to start. I didn't post this when it happened because I knew all I'd get were people saying to lawyer up, delete from FB, hit the gym.

First off my wife and I started drifting apart a few years ago. She quit her job to go to grad school and to stay at home with our son his last couple of years before Kindergarden. I'd work all day and she would either go to school or study nearly every night. I worked a lot of extra hours to make ends meet and when we had arguments I even mentioned a few times that I hoped she wasn't just using me to get through school. During this time things between us honestly weren't bad, they were just ok, definently not passionate like we used to be. I thought that was to be expected after 13+ years with the same person. I never went a day without telling her I loved her and was completely blindsided on 6/27 when I saw her looking for apartments on her laptop.

When I saw her she freaked out and started firing off text messages like crazy and said we need to go talk. She flat out told me she didn't love me anymore and was leaving me. She had split all of the bills and wanted to share custody of my son. She'd obviously been planning this for a while. I told her I still loved her but I wasn't going to beg her to stay because I didn't want that held over my head in any future arguments. On the way home I asked her who she was texting. She got nervous and mentioned two friends. I was in shock so I just went to work and stayed there until about 3:00 AM.

The next day at work I got suspicious and logged into our shared AT&T account and looked to see who she was texting. It was a number I didn't recognize and it certainly wasn't either of the friends she mentioned. What was worse they had exchanged 350 messages in the 12 hours before she told me she was leaving. Even more curious I started looking through past bills and found they've exchanged 15,000 texts between mid March and late June. She called me at work to check on me and I asked who it was. She admitted it was a detective who she works with (she's not a cop but the place she works with has an interagency agreement with nearly every law enforcement group in our part of the state that allows her to see lots of open case information and requires her to work with law enforcement daily). I was pissed and asked if she was having an affair, her response was "I don't think so, you should know me better than that". When pressed she said he was just a good friend and all they talked about was "work related stuff and bullshit".

I pointed out that in the time they had exchanged 15000 texts, she had sent me 150. I told her that if she put a sliver of the effort she put into talking to him into talking to me, our relationship would probably be in a lot better shape. She eventually started telling me she just talked to him about our relationship and and his own relationship with his wife. That night when we got home she had flipped 180 degrees, she was now willing to work things out with me if we went to counseling but she kept mentioning that we needed a clean slate. I told her that if that was going to happen she was going to have to cut ties with the guy at work and she agreed. Next day I log back into the wireless account and see they're still at it. They talked for the entire half hour it takes her to get to work and exchanged a few hundred more text messages that day. I called her pissed and told her to end it, she promised she would. At this point I'm absolutely convinced there's way more going on that she's admitting to. I know she went out to dinner with this detective and his partner a few weeks earlier and didn't come home for 3 1/2 hours.

I started digging. I managed to get a very large portion of her deleted text messages. What I read was awful. As far back as April he's talking about going to get drinks together but he's not sure if he could control himself but he'd better not say anything more or she'll figure out his evil plan. On the way to our anniversary dinner in April he's texting her telling her what she should order and after some joke he remarks "how could you doubt my sexuality since I've been all over you the past week". I read her some of the text messages she had and she turned white as a ghost, she admitted to some flirting but that was it. She promised. I'm fuming mad and start asking her more. Eventually she admits that they met at their office after a happy hour a few weeks prior and made out. She admitted to sexting him multiple times. She admitted planning to sleep with him at an out of town convention that was coming up. At this point her plan to leave me was starting to make more sense. If we were separated I suppose she could fuck him with a clear conscience. I told her to end all contact, the next morning when she woke up I told her I wanted her to call him and tell him on the phone with me there. I told her not to warn him before hand. She called and left him a voicemail. That afternoon I was exhausted and fell asleep on the couch. She starts emailing him and does exactly what I told her not to do, she warned him that I wanted to hear her tell him it was over so he wouldn't call her back. The rest of that thread of emails is what tears me up. She talks about how she's so sorry I found the deleted text messages and how she needed to end it "for now" so she could at least tell her self she tried to work things out with me. He replies back all pissed off and mentions that he had also told his (pregnant) wife he was leaving her and and that they planned on hiding their relationship for 6 months to a year then they'd get married and have babies. The shitbird talks about wanting to buy a house so he could move her and my son in with him. The dude got really nasty with her and her response was "sorry, right now I have to abide by (my name)'s wishes".

We've been to two counseling sessions since this surfaced and we have a thrid one scheduled for Wednesday. The first few weeks were amazing, we got along great, had amazing, passionate sex, talked more than we have in years. Since then she almost refuses to talk to me about what she did. She always says she's too exhausted from work (she does have a very emotionally taxing job) or one of a million other excuses. If I do bring it up she doesn't answer any of my questions (like how did it start, what were you getting from him that you weren't getting from me, etc). All she does is break down crying and calling herself a horrible person. This whole time I've felt like I'm being ripped in two from the inside. Half of me wants to hug her and never let her go, the other half of me feels absolutely betrayed. I feel like I fucked up by not making her leave, at least for a little while so I could figure things out. After 5 weeks I still don't feel any better about the affair or more importantly the constant lies about it. I'm convinced she never would have said a word about Detective Shitbird if I hadn't started digging. So tell me guys:

Is this a person worth trusting? I believe she's done with him (he's tried contacting her since she told him to stop but she's ignored all of his attempts) but I have a horrible feeling that she'll do it again with someone else. I know she's capable of either compmletely writing off our commitment to one another or at she's at least able to justify an affair to herself.

How do I figure out what to do? I don't want to be miserable forever but I also know that she was once my soulmate and maybe she can be again.

tldr - wife had an affair with a coworker, didn't sleep with him but sexted him, made out with him, and made plans to shack up and marry him one day. What do?
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2023.03.21 18:18 bbbaabbbyy What's a no stress & good money job?

Heyyy I'm just fresh out of high school and thankfully someone would support any career, somewhere I wanna go or path I follow.
I don't wanna waste time working on coffee shops or use contacts to get somewhere I can for good money.
I love Traveling, so I consider studying tourism but I simply don't know no one that works there.
I still want the university experience :) but I'm not sure if I'll do it on my country.
I also consider business because of money but it is really stressful. I also hate the idea of working on a office. Or being in the game of the level up system.
And I think about the future. In school I was smart and when I just had energy for 1 activities I did the homework who teached me the most. I want to apply that rule to my job.
Oh and my kid dream was being a safari guide, so I keep that dream for when I'm older...
What I want: Big money, Social ( being in contact with other people), Free time (so I can have fun, and personal life), that keeps me healthy and peaceful and that involves travel.
About my skills: I'm a really good problem solver, I think for myself, I'm positive and creative, I understand things fast and I have action, good communicating, I'm a good person. Multilingual.
I struggle: - I have mood swings - Lonely ( I wouldn't do an isolated job) - I can't remain stable ( like I'm always changing)
I need: - space - being an specialist in what I will do, I'm competitive.
I don't want: - Stress - Having No~Time
I will: - Go to university
This are my pilars for the job:
I think I haven't meet my job yet... so get creative about it, just spill your ideas on what I said
That's all 🤣 Help please hehe 💓
Thanks Thanks Thanks 💛
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2023.03.21 18:18 QuicklyThisWay “Revenue per employee” - I doubt the executives are held to the same standard

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2023.03.21 18:18 Cartoons4adults [CA] Can a parent in another country file a lawsuit to force their children to assist them financially?

My father lives in Mexico at the moment, and I’ve essentially cut him out from my life. I never planned on reconnecting with him again despite his numerous attempts to reach out to me, with every time asking for money. Now, he’s recently sent me an audio message threatening me with legal action that would force me to pay 150% of what I make??? I live in CA and with a quick google search learned about California Family Code section 4400 - filial laws. Can he threaten action from another country? What are my options and how can I contest this? Any additional info appreciated.
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2023.03.21 18:18 algebra_77 Thinking about going back for a CE degree after a weird early 20s experience

I'm 26 and have a BS in mathematics. I originally majored in physics and then briefly CE (one semester), but had a hard time in physics and disliked engineering drawing/AutoCAD. I had a mindset at the time that's convoluted, so I'll spare you the details.
I've been working at a paper mill for about two years as an hourly worker. Our shift supervisors and up are mostly some form of engineer (process managers) and I'd love to have that sort of job. However, I'm much more interested in infrastructure than manufacturing.
I'm interested in field work, such as inspecting existing infrastructure and quality control. I feel right when I'm wearing my boots and hard hat, but I love learning and being able to have an impact, the latter two being rather limited as an hourly employee at a paper mill.
I'm wondering if it's possible to be a civil engineer without living in the office like many engineers do, and what sort of internship I should be looking for. How deep in the program do I need to be before applying for an internship?
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2023.03.21 18:18 Lobukia Thankyou to the Community: Taking students into the black for a week of education and fun

u/DangerPencil Thank you for the time and education and credits to get a carrier up and running u/arandomcanadian91 Thank you (though it was last year) on helping me out with finding a great ExoBio planet for beginners and thankyou EliteDangerous and eliteexplorers all the help from past threads on connecting EDO through a workplace firewall and on tips and tricks in (as a relative newb) taking two teams of newbs from the PFed ball to the big bubble and beyond.
For those that haven't seen me post before, the week before Spring Break (at the College-Prep school I teach at [I'm also a part-time professor, lest anyone think I've misrepresented that]) we do a week of alternate, half-day classes. Some teachers do hiking, furniture crafting, advanced photo shop, etc. In the mornings I do "Narrative Gaming" with a combined 40k/Battletech campaign and in the afternoon I do "Exploration and Other topics in Space". Most of my students were underclassmen this year (students can't repeat a course taken before, and most of the interested upperclassmen took it last year), so many of the topics are things they'll get again later in traditional classes.
Our 5, 3 hour days didn't get near as much done as I hoped... but the kids absolutely loved it... had a great time, and started inviting classmates to the experience. Each day of class I covered real world topics and how they were represented in Elite.
Day 1: got everyone through the PFed opener and established shared keybindings and controls (so that I could quickly answer "how do I?" questions) Topics covered: Government types, basic economics, introduction to the lore of Elite
Day 2: Got everyone to the carrier, built a common Asp Scout after giving them $10 mill (want to help them, but not have them miss the experience of earning things). Topics covered: Space travel theories, physics of landing on a planet, issues with atmospheres, how to use the Galaxy Map, scale compared to a galaxy.
Day 3: Went to an "Outer Rim" like system and explored it. Landed and did bio scavenger hunts. They really got into this, took a ton of time, voted to continue it the next day. Topics covered: world-building, programming, procedural generation, xenobiology, fragility and durability of life
Day 4: Did another day just exploring a planet on foot. Kids got 20+ million in biodata (I don't do much of that and was surprised that one planet earned them that much that quick) and we cleared out a raided base. Topics covered: Space-western genre, law enforcement, bit more of Elite lore, third parties and computer development companies, introduced them to Inara.
Day 5: Asteroid bounty hunting and exploration. Showed how to map a planet. Tried to get to a war-zone, but no missions were being given ANYWHERE for War Zones... so we raided a criminal base instead. We made a plan for when the carrier would jump back to more civilized space and set up a school hosted discussion board for those wanting to continue play. Topics covered: Gamer communities and comparing and contrasting Elite with other games, responsible recreation time management, bit more on scale and EDO, Elite economic forces, aerial combat through history
I took a bunch of pics and a group photo (while on a base), but have either lost the files or did something stupid. When I find them, I'll post here... or maybe get everyone together for a retake.
Again, thank you to the community! It was a great week!!
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2023.03.21 18:18 malimahh First Office Job Advice

Hi all! I just accepted an offer for a SWE Intern position and this will be my first office job... ever. I'm in my early thirties and have been a bartender for the past decade.
I'm very unsure what to expect as far as etiquette. This may sound like an common sensical question but I would love some advice. Do you say hi to everyone you walk by in the hallways? Who do you eat lunch with if you know no one? If I need help, do I send an email/slack first or go to that person's office/desk? Any advice or tips you have, or even just explanations of how daily office life is?
If it helps, the company has a few thousand employees and many work remote, but I'm choosing to go into the office for a few weeks so I can meet people in person. TIA for your help!
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2023.03.21 18:18 katsandlasers Boundary pushing before even meeting.

Ooof ladies I’m mad at myself. I set my own self up for disappointment. My current SD mentioned at dinner that he was going to be taking a pay cut and we all know where that heads. So I’ve been searching for a new one for whenever our arrangement inevitably comes to an end. Met an anesthesiologist who is a straight 10. We video called for like two hours straight and we agreed to meet for dinner Wednesday. Well texting today I now realize that I’m not going to to meet him because he has an issue with my boundary of not hooking up on the first date. I don’t understand why it’s becoming harder and harder to have a legitimate meet and greet. It wasn’t like this years ago and it just upsets me. Does anyone else hate when they get super excited and then it’s all for nothing? That’s how I’m feeling right now 😭
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2023.03.21 18:17 Synyster_V I'm done with Lyft after this. Uber may be trash as well, but they would have fairly reimbursed me ar least.

I'm done with Lyft after this. Uber may be trash as well, but they would have fairly reimbursed me ar least.
I was quoted 34 minutes for a 25 dollar ride. Of course it was BS and traffic kicked in making it over an hour and a half. Literally tripling the trip time and all they want to say is "here's 4 bucks be happy with it"
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2023.03.21 18:17 NaflaW what does 'please submit your profile' mean in job postings?

I am an undergraduate student in accounting. I have applied for jobs, and some postings mentioned that please submit your profile to [email protected].
Is it a Linkedin profile? what does exactly 'your profile' mean in the posts?
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2023.03.21 18:17 VacationOptimal290 Unsure about eyecare rights?

Hi! I am reaching out to inquire about my eyecare rights and to share an experience I had while attempting to purchase eye contacts online. .
In short, I was about to purchase contacts online but I was missing my base curve information. The online retailer offered to call and inquire on my behalf, but I wanted to know for myself in case of an emergency. For example, if I were to be stranded abroad for a few weeks or months and didn't bring enough contacts with me, I would need to know my base curve information to purchase new ones.
However, when I called to inquire about my base curve information, I got into a heated argument with the individual on the phone. They stated that it was against company policy to disclose this information and that I should not be purchasing contacts online. I was taken aback by their response. The only reason I want to purchase my contacts online is that the website offers interest-free installment payment options, which is especially important for me as a university student paying for rent and groceries in this challenging economy. Also, I like wearing a specific kind of colored contacts which aren't available at my eye clinic.
I believe this is unfair treatment and would like to know who I can escalate this matter to for further assistance.
Thank you for your time and attention to this matter!
I am currently located in Quebec.
I also attempted to find information on this by using Google, but the answers I found were somewhat ambiguous. They stated that an eye care professional is obligated to provide me with my prescription, but I am unsure of what exactly that entails.
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2023.03.21 18:17 ThrowRAaccoconut I(F34) feel my unfortunate job situation is stressing my husband(M36) out. What can I do?

Sorry if this comes out a bit rambly,
My husband and I have been together for almost twenty years now. We dated in High School, got married in our early 20s and have two beautiful daughters. Throught it all we've stayed very much in love and until now had a very healthy marriage.
My job situation on the other hand has been a rocky road. I've always had a job but its not until recently that I got something that pays very well. Working as an office manager and personal assistant to one of my old students from my college teacher days.
I barely even remember him and I didn't find out he'd be my boss until I got the job as the person who interviewed me was somebody else. He does remember me and said that when he found out I applied for the job he pushed to make sure I'd get it.
So here's the problems or well problems.
He has an annoying way of addressing women(always slipping ''mi vida'' y ''amor'') which for context I guess woud be like English guys who call women he's friendly with ''love'' all the darn time. I've tried addressing it but he keeps defaulting to it and defends himself as saying that's just how he talks but I notice that he doesn't use it with all the women in the office. As far as I can tell only me and two young women in their early 20s have to put up with it.HR is non-existent so I have nobody else to submit a complaint too.
He has a colorful dating past, including dating co-workers and is actually proud of it. Not to mention for a guy in his late 20s still comes off as very impulsive and lacks tact.
The job involves travelling as its basically a specialized call center and he travels around to meet new prospective clients, attend conferences, catch up current clients and checking on a sister company in a different city. I've already had to travel with him but it was a short trip and didn't have to spend the night in a hotel. The longer ones to the US are planned for later this year and one will involve a 10-day stay in Miami.
My husband understands we need the income, understands I'd never be unfaithful, and understands I'll jump to something else as soon as I can but this hasn't stopped him from feeling anxious over the whole thing.
I tell him everything and stuff like my boss saying I'm a proper woman and the type you don't find anymore makes him cringe. When I had to travel with my boss, my husband was constantly texted me, and even called me late at night. I told him he had nothing to worry about but he told me he couldn't help it. That he hates that I'm stuck sharing an office with some young guy who got lucky in life and maybe(or maybe not) is attracted to me. That when I turned down the job at first because they wouldn't meet the salary I requested just for them to call back an hour later to say they'd do it was his doing and might have been less about my competency and more about getting the ego boost of having me work for him makes my husband angry.
I admit it does makes me sad that my best paying job is working under somebody younger and somebody I used to teach. The awkward tension just makes it worse.
We're in debt as we took out a loan to open a business that didn't pan out, we're paying for our girls to go through an expensive private school and help out our parents so quitting the job is not an option. My husband has never even suggested it but the way he always asks me how my day was I can tell its eating at him.
I'm not sure when can I do besides constant texting through out the day to appease him. My boss right now even has a girl friend. Its just how he talks, his past and the upcoming long trips together that are needling at my partner.
tl;dr: I'm working for a boss that makes my husband uncomfortable. I need the job so I can't quit. What can I do?
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2023.03.21 18:17 TerriblePressure5034 Elder Kevin Pearson calls upon seniors to serve "Two Missions" without consideration of the financial consequences Pearson, while CEO of Ingenix made millions defrauding his company's health insurance policy holders, sparking an SEC investigation.

Just so everyone knows, "Elder" Kevin Pearson is a disgustingly unethical person who was CEO of Ingenix, renamed to OptumInsight / UnitedHealth Group which engaged aggressively in a form of medical billing fraud that drastically increased out of pocket costs for their health insurance buyers.
He will think nothing of demanding elderly members bankrupt themselves serving 'missions' performing free labor for the corporate church which has over $100 Billion in cash and far more than that in real estate and other assets, while also collecting total compensation and benefits in excess of $250,000/year in tithing dollars on top of his ill-gained wealth obtained by defrauding his company's insurance holders. (while falsely telling the membership there is no paid clergy in the church)
With guys like Pearson being recruited into top leadership, is it any wonder the Church has actively engaged in fraudulent SEC filings while setting up phony shell corporations to hide its obscene wealth?
Kevin W. Pearson
Kevin W. Pearson (April 10, 1957) is a current member of the First Quorum of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was previously CEO of Ingenix, Inc. (1998-2005)
Optum, Inc. Makes Big Moves Since Rising from the Ashes of UnitedHealth Group’s Infamous Ingenix
To put the Ingenix fraud into perspective, Governor Cuomo described a typical scenario. An out-of-network doctor who charges $200 for an office visit is told that the “going rate” is only $77. The insurer would then normally pay only 80 percent of that figure, leaving the patient responsible for the difference of about $138. At the heart of New York’s lawsuit is how that $77 rate was set in the first place. Come to find out, the number is derived from a database of claims data created and maintained by Ingenix and then sold to other insurers.
OptumInsight, aka Ingenix
In 2006, the SEC began investigating the conduct of UnitedHealth Group's management and directors, including Dr. McGuire, as did the Internal Revenue Service and prosecutors in the U.S. attorney's office for the Southern District of New York, who have subpoenaed documents from the company.
Ingenix scandal points to need for database auditors
Cuomo had charged Ingenix with posting phony rates in its database, so that a $100 office visit might be reimbursed as a $72 visit, leaving the patient with a bill for the remainder.
The case started in 2006 when Columbia lecturer Mary Jerome complained she was left with tens of thousands of dollars in bills for ovarian cancer treatment, despite having full insurance.
Pearson was CEO from 1998-2005, when Mary Jerome was defrauded by his company. This strategy was running under his direction. "Elder Pearson" is scum who enriched himself by exploiting and defrauding sick people.
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2023.03.21 18:17 No-Brother7875 How am I supposed to even start?

So I signed up over a month ago to dash but so far any time I try to schedule myself the only available times are like midnight to 4am. I’m in a rural area. Nothing is even open at those times. It’s ridiculous.
Finally managed to schedule myself for a 5-8:30pm shift on Sunday but when I logged on the option it gave me was to “dash along the way” and that the next city over was busy if I wanted to drive half an hour to get there. I don’t know if there just wasn’t anything available in my area or what but I don’t want to drive 30 minutes to mayyyybeee make some money. 15 minutes later I get notification that my shift has been cancelled since I didn’t sign in correctly. What the heck?
I checked 3 times during that time hoping to see an available order to take but nothing. Am I just really dumb and can’t figure this out or is dd screwing with me?
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