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Small potatoes concrete ramp

2023.03.21 18:05 GRRUNGERRR Small potatoes concrete ramp

Small potatoes concrete ramp
So I've managed to convince my wife to let me build a little concrete ramp at the top of our garden because she wants a flat area for table and chairs and I convinced her we could make this both.
The ramp is only going to be about knee high, and only on one side because I'm old and I just want something to hop about on and to eventually try and teach my daughter to ride/drop in on when she's big enough.
My plan is to clear and get rid of the bark and set aside the slabs and bricks for later. Get a length of ply wood to run alongside the little wall and then cut the shaped sides for the ramp either side and screw them together as a bit of a frame. Annoyingly I can't go flush with the existing wall as it's part of a 15th century church so I think I'd be crucified if I damaged it at all, so will be maybe a foot out from that that the back of the ramp starts (with room then for a little fence too in order to protect the wall from any stray foot plants that anyone may try).
At that point I'll smash up the bricks and slabs and fill the wood frame as a kind of base ramp though I assume I'll need more than the 10 slabs and maybe 30 bricks I have even for my little ramp. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to connect a metal pipe for a coping (any tips? I was thinking maybe 2 or 3 breeze blocks inside the frame and then laying the rail across them and then concreting it in, but will that hold?)) or if I'll need rebar like you would on a larger ramp for the shape (again tips would be massively appreciated), but once that's all in place I'll lay the flat part of the concrete and then fill in around the smashed up stuff inside the frame and let it set a bit. Then maybe the next day (not sure how long concrete takes to set?) Go in with a finishing layer and smooth it all off.
My biggest question is soes this sound right? I've watched a few videos on YouTube on making bigger ramps and obstacles and have kind of adjusted that to what I plan on doing, but I'd like a ramp that's going to last a few years at least so if there are any glaring absolute noob type mistakes in the above I'd love some advice. It's the biggest DIY project I've ever undertaken and I know the wife thinks I'm going to fail or give up, but I'd love to be skating again in the summer and being able to do it in my back garden would be a dream.
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2023.03.21 17:09 DigitalOrgasm New Setup (thoughts/opinions wanted)

New Setup (thoughts/opinions wanted)
Hey all,
First off, I am 100% new to growing. I've never been able to keep a houseplant alive in my life, but I got the overwhelming urge to jump into hydroponics for year-round harvests.
I bought an Exo Tower (20 hole), Kihung (amazon) 24w 2' lights, Mars Hydro 2'x2'x55" tent, a 6" inline ducted fan mounted at the top to draw fresh air through the bottom vent screens, timers for pump/lights/fan. 1 light in each corner of the tent, attached to the support structure. So far, things seem to be going well. I have butterhead and grand rapid lettuce, arugula, kale, and just transplanted some bok choi seedlings into pods.
Lights and fan are on 15 hours a day, water pump on 15 minutes per hour while lights and fan are active. Nutrients are at recommended levels and PH is 6.2. Btw, the lights are about 12" away from the plants and I added the reflectors after the initial pic was taken.
Does anyone have any thoughts or input on adjustments I might make? Please, no flaming or saying I should have build a rail system. I'm just starting out and, if it even somewhat provides an edible harvest, I'll likely build a fence post rail system in the future.
Tower in tent
Tent with exhaust installed
Lettuce roots at transplant
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2023.03.21 14:44 Little-Ostrich2410 Complex Endorsement Training in VA

Already reached out to Rick Aviation, Aviation Adventures (all locations), and Norfolk Flight Center. They advertised on their website, but they all said they aren't doing it right now. Is ANYONE else in VA offering it right now????
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2023.03.21 13:41 LogicalHelicopter952 Chicken run....

In the process of designing a run and trying to minimize purchasing materials. I have a bunch of top rail from a chain link fence we tore up awhile back. Has anyone had any luck finding fittings and connectors similar to those used with wall tents but for pipe with a slightly larger outside diameter (1 3/8")? All the connectors I've been able to find are for 1 5/16.
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