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2023.04.02 09:52 carboard-car Looking to get a second hand cd player, which one am I better off getting?

The best Facebook marketplace listings I could find were a sony cmt ne3 stereo system for $20 and a philips mc235b for $25, the speakers aren't too much concern as I plan to connect them to a andover spinbase so it meshes well with my turn table.
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2023.04.02 09:49 Ezikell_Chris Any place that sells sturdy and affordable office/computer tables?

I've been wanting to get myself a new table for my setup (I've been using tables from Chowking for the last 3 years) but I don't know where to get one. I want an affordable table that's sturdy, big/wide enough but not too big, and has drawers for storage. I've been considering those 2k computer tables from Facebook Marketplace but they don't look that sturdy judging from the pics they've sent to me and I'm worried it won't be worth it. Any of you folks have any suggestions?
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2023.04.02 09:02 gh0315 Electronic Brain torture

Lashay Hulgan. I have lived in Cullman & I am initially from Bessemer, Al and for the last 4 years my life has been taken hostage and targeted by a group of criminals that need to be brought to justice. I'm what you call a 'Targeted Individual '. When you read or hear about a targeted individual usually it gets looked over or laughed about in some way or another. When this finally gets posted it will sound so dumb because anyone who tries to stop this from happening can't put the truth out there until you read about an event happening like this on an obituary like my parents. So please DO NOT hit the X button or just scroll through this post because it is probably been adjusted and posted by the hackers version not the victim. I have tried to put the real truth on web sites, Facebook, or anything where someone could relate and bann together to stop electronic harassment and illegal use of electromagnetic weapons. Listen this is as real as it gets and if not somehow stopped then over time cyber terrorism and electronic harassment will become headlines like 9/11 daily and by then can not be stopped because it will be too late. I am one of a million of human beings out there that nobody will listen too or take serious that has been electronically harassed, and taken hostage and has become what is known as a targeted individual. It has been called gang stalking, electronic torture, brain torture, microwaveable guns, Havana syndrome, stalkerware, direct energy weapons, sexual mind torture, and so many other things I could list. I and so many others are alone and scared because nobody will believe anything people like me say and when I and probably everyone else has proof or comes up with proof it gets deleted or stolen and nobody can put what is going on out here because they control all of a TI's life and it becomes a revolving cycle. In my case and the people or person that has done this to me and destroyed my life somehow knows my soon to be exwife, and are very jealous, dangerous, and has been claiming to be with the local 2 law enforcement agencies from the only 2 counties that i have lived in for 43 years. Everything over 4 years is starting to point towards a possible relationship/friendship between my stalker and my soon to be ex wife. I have had 8 emails, 6 cell phones, and 3 places of living that have all been hijacked, and broken into over the past 4 years. I have had no privacy whatsoever in the last 4 years. My wife and I are currently going through our 3rd divorce and my wife swears she has no idea who they are but everything that happens has been centered in some way around her. She does things that follow events happening to me. We have a 4 year old little girl, and I know they have harmed her by burning her with laser weapons, and have caused her to fall unexpectedly so many times and my wife just acts if nothing happened at all. During this time my water system at my parents house has been overtaken and is controlled by this individual. My wifi (Spectrum) is controlled and hijacked. My ADS alarm system can be turned off for them to come in my home when I leave to ruin groceries i have, and any type of food in the home gets ruined in some way, they have cameras and some type of laser devices in my parents home that Ican't discover. They have harmed my dog, and I have several witnesses of his behavior as of late and matter how many times I have tried changing the alarm code they hack it. My garage doors will only open if they want them to. I have spent thousands of dollars on security cameras within this time and I have bought almost every brand from Roku, Blink, and Nest and all were tampered with, rewired, or reprogrammed to cause me problems, and bankruptcy issues at one time. I hear of a device out there now that is called stingray device. This device can be used if close enough to zap electronic devices, and mirrored and even taken over as there own. I can't even use the rest room without being watched and abused in stores, work places, my home, and anywhere I go. I have reported to local and federal law enforcement agencies and they don't know what to do and nothing happens about it. The people harassing me follow me around everywhere I go. I have spent over $70,000 in 9 months staying in hotels to get away and purchasing non lethal weapons for protection. They have done everything to destroy my career, marriage, and harmed anything I care about except my wife. She is the only one that has never been threatened in this. In fact one of our first arguments we got in 4 years ago tells me now alot because she said that someone was watching and would help her to get rid of me if she wanted them to and at the time it was laughable because of her past. Everyone else I care about have been threatened in some fashion or another. I can't count how many times they said they were going to kill my parents when me and my wife separated in 2020 and sure enough both my mom and dad were found dead last year with gunshot wounds. It was labeled and setup as murdesuicide. They are no way that happened. They have cameras watching so many people that has no clue especially women. I have had side effects of shortness of breath, constant ringing in my ears,chest pains, eye pain with blurry vision, nasal congestion, . I am trying to post more but they are erasing it and making it sound dumb. Please contact me if you would like further information at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]), [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) or my cell
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2023.04.02 07:44 damegawatt Community Centers shutdown a betrayal to Sioux Falls' working poor (Dakota Scout)

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2023.04.02 07:41 damegawatt Community Centers shutdown a betrayal to Sioux Falls

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2023.04.02 07:16 SoDakZak [Round 124884] Sioux Falls: Coords on the house the person in red is in front of?

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2023.04.02 07:05 SwordfishTasty4023 Has anyone lost money from a scammer (seller or other?)?

I’ve lost $109 ($90 + $19 shipping) from a Canadian seller through Facebook marketplace last summer: they offered a refund to me twice and I regret turning both down. Due to delay in shipping.
Paid $90 for 20 bratz dolls. Seller is located in Woodstock Ontario and I’m located in Georgetown Ontario. I believe I’ve reported her on Facebook. But she told me she shipped it eventually and they it would arrive within 1 week from being shipped; also that she’d send tracking but she never did.
Because also losing out on around $300 (plus $350 worth of texts I sent via text to a scammer: government grant scam) + $750 for an apartment scam;
I got my money back from 1 scam: where I paid via PayPal Goods & Services: PayPal chose my side based on the evidence I provided them. The seller kept saying that the payment was still pending and that they wanted me to have it cleared so they “could ship the items to me”. I know other people from the bratz doll community had shared in a group about that seller being a scammer so I wasn’t gonna believe anything the scammer said.
Anyone realize that another part of our addiction that we all fall for due to our impulsivity being that we can easily enough fall for scams and not think and end up either going to court to get the money back or losing $$$ for our impulsive actions with scammers?
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2023.04.02 06:34 ttknsfw Anyone else doing crazy numbers using Facebook boosts on marketplace?

Full disclaimer this method wouldn’t pay off with a “single ticket” item eg selling a one off item you have lying around the house. However if you have huge amount of something or own a local retail store with a good supply of products.
Finding a sweet spot for some products using boosts is incredible.
Certainly doesn’t work for all products but they’re are some I experimented with using the boost eg $20 a day returned $300 in sales, ok I up it to $50 a day boost do and I get $600 a day in sales.
Now I’ve got a handful of products which I max out ad spend $200 a day and get anywhere between $1k-$2k a day in sales.
I’ve rarely or never seen Facebook boosts on marketplace mentioned here so wanted to see if anyone else has tried their hand at it?
Obligatory: “Is this still available?”
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2023.04.02 04:54 monkey_trumpets I have these tables for sale in the area of Glen Ellyn, IL. Right now I have them listed on Facebook Marketplace, but I'm worried that that isn't the best place to sell them. Is there some better place to list these?

I have these tables for sale in the area of Glen Ellyn, IL. Right now I have them listed on Facebook Marketplace, but I'm worried that that isn't the best place to sell them. Is there some better place to list these? submitted by monkey_trumpets to Mid_Century [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 04:41 Itemsopolis Fiskars Mini Guillotine Paper Cutter Photo Scrapbook Office

https://www.ebay.com/itm/266198918382 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/741137887735970 https://poshmark.com/listing/Fiskars-Mini-Guillotine-Paper-Cutter-Photo-Scrapbook-Office-6428e9b4b142f3ab397edcec https://www.mercari.com/us/item/m48906904436/
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2023.04.02 04:22 According-Nose-9468 Switch is possibly patched, need to know whether or not it can be modded

Recently I found a V1 switch on facebook marketplace for an extremely good price. But i checked the serial number and it says the console is possibly patched. I'd really like to know whether or not it can be patched before i buy it, since i'm a teenager, and have been saving up awhile. so that said, is there any way to confirm whether or not the console can be modded?
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2023.04.02 04:22 MistakeNotDotDotDot Tricking someone into thinking they did something horrible?

I'm not planning on doing this, this hasn't happened to me, etc etc. Let's pick Massachusetts for the jurisdiction.
Suppose Alice drives home with her friend Bob in the car. She hits a deer, but is shaken and manages to get home. At home, she slips and falls and forgets the events of the past few hours; Bob then decides to "prank" her by convincing her that the damage to the car was actually from hitting and killing a person. Alice then turns herself in to the police, posts on Facebook, and her life is just generally ruined. Bob doesn't confirm or deny any of this, he just watches.
From a legal perspective, what has Bob done wrong?
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2023.04.02 04:07 britalian_rapscalion Conditions projected for Tuesday put together by Convective Chronicles on YT

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2023.04.02 03:47 NewAccWhoDis93 I see what they did there 🤣

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2023.04.02 03:30 Loose-Waltz2544 Records: Facebook Marketplace seller attacked with knife while trying to sell PlayStation

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2023.04.02 03:24 Cucumbermagee Cars

Hey guys I’m about to turn 16 and i am looking for a car. I have a $3000 spending limit that is kind of flexible. I was wonder what i should buy or what to look for. I also don’t know how to detect a scam on facebook marketplace. Can you please help me.
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2023.04.02 03:12 abusdhobo The Westfield Indiana WPD Cover Up what they believe to be Kidnaping or Human Trafficking in front of Sherifs house during pandemic. Victim is Ex Twink Porn Star Jamie Knight.

This is becoming a federal case. Thoughts on firms that can handle this in Chicago? My geuss is a Civil Rights Attorney any other idea post it here for consideration and why.
More videos at the link but not al evidence available as WPD has been caught editing the evidence. The FBI has been notified and directs abuse and civil rights concerns to Hamilton Country IA and WPD. There has been no follow up on these allegations by IA or any detective or form of law enforcement.


Description from link. This doesn't work on phone.
GRAPHIC TRIGGER WARNING! \This warning has ben ad at moderators request.]This was police fake arest and felony misconduct with WPD Westfield Indiana and the county on 07 18 2020 to 2021 case was dismied without prejudice. Yes I am safeish cat 1 homeless and sueing them.)
Why this matters is obvious defamation and that I did not do all of that work on my reputation and nothing on my record and not hitting this wackjob after every bipolar rant he has and threats for 2007 to 2020 just to have the police lie and say I did conveniently on his brhda right before I get to leave.
In 2007 I moved in with someone online in different state due to money issues that didnt tell me he had a murderous roomate and was then kept against my will by this man a bipolar psychopath ptsd sociopath 450 lbs morbidly obese 50 yo man with diabetes recent bariatric patient on 2 antipsychotics felon ex con for capitol offence extortion with threat of homicide was thron into mental institute for criminaly insane its on his record police kno that etc... had always been threatening me that if I leave he would make a false charge against me to protect himself from prosecution for kidnaping and atempt murder because roomate going to throw him out if I was to leave. The roomate want me to stay to replace him so roomate said oh your going to leave and fck me then by leaving me alone with him. I said didnt want anything to do with the guy and have nothing and have to get out of there.
Story Continued.
The acuser man threw all my clothes out and in 2010 to 2020 had fake swatting calls to the police telling them I would murder police and had a gun or one cal was that I was dancing naked in public in front of families or another was that I was threatening him with a murder video that if he didnt let me go I was going to send him to jail etc... all trying to get me arest on various false charges with a different story every tim.
04 10 2010 Phoenix police record fake swatting call by acuser about officers in danger that I am armed with weapon and going to kill them so have their guns ready when arrive... That call 04 10 2010 Phoenix. WPD and Phoenix denied FOYA request by attorney for reports and videos from previous calls.
2013 Westfield police record fake insanity call by the man acuser about OCD and threats of prosectution for attemted murder
2016 Westfield police record fake 911 call by the man acuser about me dancing naked in public in front of families in westfield in atempt to get me arrest because was in argument with witness about why clothes were stashed that acuser didnt kno about. The call fails and acuser calls police a bunch of fagots
**2018**Witness kicks out the man acuser and is threatened by him with murder as acuser is insane. Witness gets intoxicate and bashes head in outside on acident. The Man acuser calls police and 911 and sheriff comes into house and evaluates situation and sends witness to hospital then leaves.

04 10 2020

begged the police to get me out of there that he was threatenening fake acusation if was to leave asked for detective and camera or ride out of there etc... officers denied.
**06 10 2020**The Mans sisters makes Human Traffiking call against acuser and roomate saying The Man molest her as a kid and is abusing males in his house and posting legal BDSM videos of teens and selling them on internet WPD refuse the caller to WPD go into the home for welfre so they not only refuse to go into house the report they make says that they list acuser roomate and a victim on the police report one of the officers from this sho up on scene in next call WPD tried to delete and remove this part from aresting officers cam video but forgot to edit it out of the other officers video.
On 07 18 2020
The police fake arrest. The evidence here is from this scene.The Man acuser brhda less than 2 weeks before I can leave The Man gets into argument and fightwith roomate who was a intoxicate witness and during that fight and argument with he man about money the witness tells the man that I am going to leave in 2 weeks and get 100K inheritance and nothing the man can do to stop me and that the witness roomate changed his mind abot me staying there and that he is going to assist me in doing so and wont deal with the mans threats anymore.
The man acuser says I dont get to leave without some kind of police involvement and that we are lying to him that I am not leaving in 2 weeks im leaving that wekend and trying to screw him on his brhda.
The man argues with the witness and the witness says dont plug in a computer cant handel that lethal amount of stres right now as the witness has high blod presure and a lethal stress diag by the VET and as the witness goes to rom the man did it anyway and didnt like me there witnessing it because makes him the bad guy then he attatckd me and tried to take my cloths off and shed them as usual before his fake police cals because didnt like that I was still wearing them and wouldnt take them off because knew that he was going to do it again because he insanly wants me naked in front of the police he bleieves that is going to discredit anything that I say against him like the atempted murder and because he is always caled a mental patient by roomate in arguement so wants me to be one also but the witness was there during the threashing about because I was saying hes assaulting me repeatedly and came out of rom as I was on the flor and the man didnt know the witness was there as he was doing that to me and once found out the man got angry then called 911 says we ruin his brhda and says I picked him up off of the ground and full contact body slamed him to the ground and punched him in the face and threw a peor cord at him 100% BS. The witness is a felon ex con and on parol for DUI scared of the cops and just repeats what the acuser says because he is intoxicate.
The police arive I go out and change my destroyed clothes to the only par of clothes I had stashed let for my get away so that I wasnt completely naked as The Man intend and The Man angry with that informs 911 that I was doing so. I couldnt leave them on or the police would have been like WTF and forced me to go to the hospital and arest the guy and not what I want.
He was cleared of any injuries by medical on scene and no ability to tell if injury with aresting officer.
The officer desperately attempts to validate ability to arrest with other officers then decides yes and instructs new to WPD officer bowel to transport because stinks to much for her and she should stay behind and with no evidence arrest is made and officer manufactures a false police statement and illegally signs a arrest affidavit and coaches witness to change written statement to add SAW as in witnessed manufactures the witnesses written statement further herself when the change wasn't enough for use in court and the edit the bodycam evidence later to remove human traffiking conversation and medical talking to her in addition is the only silenced cam video.
The City of Westfield Indiana and WPD covered up what they believed to be Human Traffiking going on at 319 Park Westfield neighbor to the Sherrifs house who in 2019 list his house for 5 x its value at $1.2 Million because the City has done a lot of work in front of his house in addition the city has built a hospital nearby and grand park and the YMCA was deciding to put a $35 Million facility there and would make everyone's house values go up and westfield has been trying to get the YMCA to build that 2018 to 2022 recently they offered YMCA $5 Million to build it. The police kno that and are also havign issues with not getting arrest due to the pandemic and is evident by the evidence that could be the motive so WPD manufactured false evidence against me on camera pretending to be authentic and valid and coached a Intoxicate witness who was on parole for DUI to change his written statement to say he witness me battery a guy in a domestic dispute and it wasnt enough so she actualy changed the witnesses statement herself and signed her name to it and completely lied about everything that happened on scene including talking to another officer who told her he recently responded to a Human Traffiking call there less than a month prior.
Add Info
WPD may have instead of officer edited the cam videos silenced arresting officers video and removed some completely including when she use their ID's as you can tell from the evidence and found out both were ex cons and they may have instead of her have removed completely the human trafiking video portion of her bodycam but they forgot about this officers video and left it in so you have the evidence.
She denied on reports that the conversation ever happened under felony perjury charges and that both felon ex con's statements acording backgrond on their ID were both and their statements credible and that she had no evidence or say so otherwise and that no other officer told her anything that would lead to believe otherwise. She shood that officer away intentionaly lying to him about fake drugs and aspergers claims 100% lies and silenced her bodycam repeadedly as asked him and other officers to do the same so what she says couldnt be heard by anyone later. Then in evidence her entire bodycam is silenced.
The Lawsuit
If anyone knows a Civil Rights atorney let me know I have contact the ACLU but they are too busy with other cases and I guese and they dont care about me. The county also tried to murder me negligently at the jail and by forcing me to wheeler mission instead of legaly releasing me and the hering judge after getting angry that I didnt asnwer yes or no to him gave me a lawyer who was practically disbarred for trying to have sex with his clients and his wife worked against me for the diversion part of the prosecutor's office who then voice mailed me and extorted me saying that she listened to my voice mails and emails to her husband threatening if he is working agaisnt me with the prosecutor that could be federal jail for him and she said that it didn't sound like I was too interested in pleading guilty to divert my case and if I did not hurry up and pay her $400 to divert my case that I could be convict of a crime.
I kno that some guys in the facebok group queering indi are from wheelers mission in Indianapolis that witnessed me being raped and abused in person in front of them and 250 other guys where the police forcibly drop me of at during a pandemic with no phone or trnsport or ID or job 45 miles from court. The nurses in the jail asked why I wasnt sitting in the medical cell I said because I have OCD and there is fecal everywhere and mold and I have open bleeding wound on my fet that they took pictures of and tel me if I didnt sit down in fecal matter that could contain lethal pandemic residue and rust and mold in the cell that they would inject me with vitamins to pass out and I said thats not legal and they came back with more nurses and chemicles that could kill you and they said because you have ocd then you wouldnt mind cleaning up the cell for us... BECUASE IF HAVE OCD 7th most devistating mental condition I WOULDNT MIND CLEANING THE POTENTIONALY COVID 19 INFECT LETHAL FECES AND MOLD AND RUST.... FOR THEM not because I have a disorde no because I have a disorder I wouldnt mind doing it.. not for me but for them and ridding of the evidence of that medical cell and put that disorder to work... That is attemt murder not endangerment but murder many counts of that.
I am going to be sueing WPD the city of westfield and hamiltn county in federal court as a user said to do. If you kno a civil rights atorny that is LGBT let me kno because ACLU is useless and I have no money and am category 1 homeless but staying someplace saf. The statue of limitation is not over yet this happened in 07 18 2020 was homeless in wheelers until case got dismissed because of witness recanting story and accuser lying. The acuser is insane and not liable for anything and the witness was intoxicate and abused by police and financial punitive is due to be paid to both of them and I will be trying to get that. This was a corrupt police and the county. The judges prosecutor officers and jail and with FBI and county sherrif refusing to do anything and passing the buck that is a royal flush in the law if there is one.
Here is some evidence for you I wouldnt make claims that couldnt be proven in and out of court by my atorneys.

The officer coaches witness to change statement so say he directly witnesses battery and then thats not enough so she later edits the witnesses written statement herself and signs her name to that.
I do not have Aspergers the police kno that I have OCD and have caught the acuser lying about it the officer knows that continuesly using Aspergers as excuse to decredit my claims and explained that to police that acuser trying to get me arrest many tims before the guy made aspergers up becuse he watched Osark Seson 2 that gave him the idea to make up aspergers to 911. The shoes I am wearing... The pile of clothes to the right of car are the ones guy was tryingto rip off of me because wante me naked for police as usual. The guy didnt kno that I had a last par of clothes stashed that he couldnt find and throw away like everything else but did tell 911 was changing my clothes as if that would decredit any of my claims more that that.
The officer never mentions the men are both felon ex cons for extortion and witness is on parol for DUI also purposely forgets to mention acuser is bipolar psychopath sociopath with PTSD on 2 antipsychotics and recent bariatric patient also has dentures glasses and diabeties a fall could kill him but yet was injured and punched in the face and body slammed to the ground with no marks of any kind and cleared from medical also already caught by police lying about Aspergers and intoxicate witnesses story changing and suspect claiming kidnaping matching another officer that described human trafficking call by acusers sister.
This is felony perjury here or is it not.
This is felony perjury here or is it not.
This is Officer bowels report and proves that he knew I did not have Aspergers that I had OCD and that he had evidence that the acuser was lying and did not inform the arresting officer.
This proves it to be a legal arrest the accuser and witness 100% credible got it or is it not you decide. Also a lot more happened at the jail than just an irregularity in the scan wouldnt you say.
You should blow up your car officer.
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2023.04.02 03:00 AutoModerator Weekly r/brisbane's garage sale thread

This is a thread to rehome your unloved items, please note your suburb to pick up and use imgur.com/ to link photos. Links to Facebook marketplace and Gumtree, etc will be removed.

\The mods take no responsibility for any murders (or anything less than) that may happen when two internet strangers meet in person.)
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2023.04.02 02:48 Itemsopolis Spin Spa Cleansing Facial Brush Set As Seen on TV

https://www.ebay.com/itm/266198832297 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/169736419285085 https://poshmark.com/listing/Spin-Spa-Cleansing-Facial-Brush-Set-As-Seen-on-TV-6428ce4acd201bef07bf0e53 https://www.mercari.com/us/item/m80306740445/
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2023.04.02 02:23 Itemsopolis Rejuveness Pure Silicone Sheeting Scar Reduction 2 x 3

https://www.ebay.com/itm/266198814761 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3364534387122200 https://poshmark.com/listing/Rejuveness-Pure-Silicone-Sheeting-Scar-Reduction-2-x-3-6428c8aa34e2530cc3e63d24 https://www.mercari.com/us/item/m50522429899/
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2023.04.02 02:07 Vampirexbuny Got another great deal on Facebook Marketplace :)

Got another great deal on Facebook Marketplace :)
I got the doll and accessories for $10 each and the books plus accessories for $5. Not a bad deal :) I’m really happy
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2023.04.02 02:00 PhillipBrandon Good price on a Yepp Maxi kiddo seat on Facebook Marketplace. This isn't mine, but I have one, and my son and I love it. If you've got a little one to ride with I recommend it.

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