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FathersDay: Ideas and Stories about appreciating your dad

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Do the yardwork and let him relax

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2023.04.02 10:28 JaiZtars I need advice but there is also a story with it.

Good evening I would like to share this experience and hopefully get some advice or some guidance. Im currently in college and it’s some of the best months of my life so far. A couple of months ago I failed a class and had to repeat it and while I had to say goodbye to my old friends I could still keep in contact with them. I then met a new friend group who all seemed a bit chill at first but then we get into February where things got rocky.
I started to realize I wasn’t getting as involved in conversations as I used to and was getting ignored and not talked to much in conversation. Nor was I being considered when I did try to speak. I was also not talked to much on Discord whenever other members of the group would be talking to each other and it as as if whenever I tried to talk to one of them or in the sever it had this dead feeling or they just wouldn’t talk much at all to me. One member of the group, always looked at me scornfully or as if he was pissed when I tried to talk to him it was as if he tried to lessen the conversation as much as possible. When I’d confront him about it he’d listen and be confused on what I meant but immediately would ignore it by looking on his phone or putting in his headphones. Another member of the group would usually just make several dark jokes which we’ll come back to in a sec.
In March was when I’d learn the tensions were high, the guy who told the dark jokes started to make me the butt of many of them as if I was the target. This one member of the group we’ll call him, G pretty much joked around with this guy a lot but out of everyone in the group would talk to me the most after classes. I told him about my issues, how I didn’t seem to fit in, and his advice was ok but he also felt that it probably wasn’t a problem.
But going back with the dark humor guy, we both didn’t get along due to him always having to put me down and claim I’m argumentative when in reality I just have a lot of opinions on things yet he says I shouldn’t have them. It seemed he was the most liked in the group so in desperation, I started to try to tell dark humor or jokes of the same criteria as well which I am good at but I also have a certain sense of it. But one day after a lesson we all got lunch at the nearby restaurant and a friend of mine was with us. He said something about G’s home country and I just went along with it thinking it was all just a joke as keep in mind it wasn’t anything bad and we both had the same sense of fun and games. However G got mad at the guy and stormed off but everyone else in the friend group was immediate to blame me as I told another bad dark joke earlier that week. However, this one wasn’t even mine and was just about a country that even others I told the joke to, agreed was not even an awful things. Due to the nature of it. (Side note the dark joke guy by the way makes jokes going deep into…9/11 territory. Yet the joke I went along with was enough to make them mad?)
After that they claimed I was attacking G and also should have known that I was as if I intended to do harm to him or blatantly forgetting it was just a joke. With the dark humor guy saying that I don’t have any common sense and don’t think as if he was insulting me. It was like a switch had had flipped also due to me noticing them whispering in each other’s ear and looking in my direction I wasn’t surprised that they all got up and just left me at the restaurant as if I was some kind of pest. They then got on discord and proceeded to rant about their issues with me after I asked if we could handle any problems in a civil manner. The server hostess even tried to hold a vote to kick me and I didn’t even give them the courtesy and just left while also not wanting to make things worse as it wasn’t worth arguing.
Long story short, afterwards G told me he wasn’t mad at me and was mad at the guy who told, the joke, he also said he actually took everyone else he wasn’t made at me which means they diligently just used this as a point to just kick me out of the group. He also said that he didn’t want to lose his footing in the group so he couldn’t fix it for me with them.
He also said they were mad for my “behavior” which were just bits of my personality that they seemed to form into issues to just dislike me. G didn’t help much either as he recommend I apologize although I’m not the one who did anything drastic. He also recommended therapy for my social issues that I seemed to have. Which were in reality minuscule and I’ve managed to take care of however I look back at this and think G was maybe trying to “fix” me in order to change me a bit. G also recently hasn’t talked with me much on discord as he used to saying just was seeing my messages but he often uses discord to talk to many people from the group though I hate to just assume things so I probably am just overthinking in that department. But I just ignore them whenever I walked in class, I get nasty looks from that one guy still….but I don’t care. They don’t buy my food, pay my bills, nor did they consider me much at all in the group so as far as I know they don’t affect my life whatsoever.
I felt like I’d never find better friends again until I met back up with my old friends and they treated me better. Not only did I feel like I was part of the group but I felt like I could be myself around them as if I was being told “these are my real friends!” That was such a beautiful moment that I was so glad to experience.
But I’ve always been paranoid if they’ve been planning against me or if they’ll try to come at me with something. They haven’t interacted with me since then expect the dark joke guy who told me happy birthday and was kind of chill with me but it’s best I just move on from them….but I get his feeling they might do something…..
Apologies if this was Long…I just needed to get his off my chest, get some advice, and maybe see if there was someone who may have something to say on it. I’d love to hear some thoughts on it.
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2023.04.02 10:28 white_male_centrist What is the best place to learn industry standard lighting for film and vfx online?

I have about 7 year experience in Maya and mostly use Redshift. I'm a generalist. Im somewhere between a junior and mid. However I do want to level up, its just the scope I do is generally around a mid level artist.
I mostly do like semi-photorealistic product animation. Think clean and professional looking, I get it to look realistic and brand new, but not that extra 5% of polish that takes hours/days due to the nature of the clients I work with.
I basically want to look at industry standard lighting for fully 3D animated shots, as well as industry standard lighting for plates and integration.
Im just at a stage where I want to grow as an artist, and take on more difficult projects as well as pitch more complex ideas to clients.
Ive tried to be broad with the question. But if you've had a good experience with a course, website or online school please share it with me. Or if you dont feel comfortable shoot me a DM.
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2023.04.02 10:28 Nerdystrawberri So Aloysia stole the Jewel and escaped to Ank’Harel with the Rivals…

In our big show-down at the Avandra Prayer site, Aloysia managed to snatch the Jewel and make her escape through the portal while the party was battling the rivals. After a stalemate hostage situation and heavy negotiations Dermot healed back a player character on the condition that the rivals could leave through the portal unhindered. That left the party alone at the Prayer site in the heart of BR.
The party cleric (former wearer of the Jewel) prayed to her deity and received a blessing that guided her investigation check to find another teleportation tablet. So eventually the party did arrive in Ank’Harel however with neither Aloysia, the rivals nor Prolix or Question…
So they have begun exploring the city and I’ve given them access to map and info that all 3 factions are present in the city.
I am planning to run the “The Price of Beauty” module (from Candlekeep Mysteries) as a sort of filler quest where they visit a fancy day spa in the city to look for a local contact that the party rogue knows in Ank’Harel.
But from there on I don’t yet know how to proceed…how will the group steal the Jewel back from the Consortium? The book doesn’t really present any ideas for that scenario 🤷🏻‍♀️
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2023.04.02 10:27 xxkingkilla she finna find it now🤬(im 4)

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2023.04.02 10:25 im1205 He (20M) slept with another girl the day after he kissed me(18F)

so i (18F) met this guy (20M) on a tuesday at the student centre at our school. i was just chilling with my friend in one of the food places and this guy approached me. i had seen him when we first walked in and thought he was cute but did not pay him much attention. when he came up we had a good conversation. he asked me my name, my program and we was just asking each other about ourselves. we exchanged instagrams and i said bye but i really didn’t expect that i’d talk to him seriously or that it’d go anywhere. however that night he texted me talking about how it was nice talking to me and he wants to see me again. i was happy but still weary and low of expectations…i was assuming he just wanted to have casual sex which i’m not up for (disclaimer: im a virgin).
i had told him we wouldn’t see each other till next week when i had class again but there was this party at a club that we both were going to. we planned that we’d see each other there and he came up to me. we talked for a bit but it was very loud so we went downstairs near the bathroom. when we went down he was complimenting me and very affectionate which i liked and was ok with. he then kissed me which i too was ok with and we made out. he started to ask if i wanted to go to the bathroom but i said no because i was not ready to have sex in a club bathroom with someone i barely know. he then later asked me if i wanted to come over to his friends and drink more but i also said no because i know what that could lead to. however when i said no he was very respectful.
i expected that he would not talk to me again as i didn’t go as far as he wanted but that night he texted me that he “loved every minute of tonight” with me. when he said that i was very happy and started to think maybe me he actually wanted me for me and to get to know me and not just sex. we hung out the next monday, tuesday and then on wednesday he asked me out.
i told him i was suprised as i thught he just wanted me to come to his room and he said no that he’s not playing and he’s “actually trying to give me the best”. i was so happy amd excited. he wanted to kiss me but i told him no as i wanted us to build a connection first before we start getting into that too fast. he was confused at first but understood and told me that he doesn’t wanna force me to do anything. i did give him a kiss on the cheek and he gave me one back. everything was great………
however hours later that same day my friends called me and told me that he slept with another girl the day after the party and she even slept over. he slept with another girl the day after he made out with me. i couldn’t believe it but they even showed me a picture to prove we’re talking abt the same guy and i see that he followed that girl recently the same night of the party.
i cried as i was hurt. i dont kiss people that fast without knowing them but i kissed him. it was consensual and i liked it but i felt shitty knowing since he didn’t get that far with me he quickly went to have sex with another girl the same weekend. i thought he was different and he told me he was “different”. i’ve also kissed him after that weekend and i feel shitty knowing he been kissing me while he had sex with someone else on the weekend. i really thought he was serious but several people are telling me that he is not and he’s known around school for being that kind of guy that sleeps around.
but i’m upset confused and don’t know what to believe. when we hung out he seemed like such a genuine guy who’s focuses on school, works a good job and is really sweet. he even told me about his family….he’s called me twice as i have not replied to his messages and i don’t know what to say or do. i can’t let him know that i’m aware he slept with someone that weekend otherwise i risk getting the people who told me in trouble. everyone is saying to ghost him but for some reason i don’t want to. i know he doesn’t owe me loyalty as we weren’t together but this is so embarrassing. but our conversations made me feel like he really cared about me and i’m scared if i ghost him i’m losing someone good for me over one mistake he made. please help i need advice and feel conflicted?
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2023.04.02 10:23 wordswerdswurdz Solo trip to rainy England - product reviews

Hi there, I’m on a 10-day solo trip in a rainy, gorgeous England (from California, USA) and thought I’d leave reviews about some of the products I’ve brought. I obsessed over all the product reviews here before my trip (well, all the time really - when I’m not traveling, I’m thinking about traveling), and want to “pay it forward.”
  1. Palette by Pak - I used to use contact lens cases but was getting annoyed with having more than one case and tiny capacity and all else. I bought this and LOVE it. The capacity for my particular skin care is perfect for a 10-day trip. I put in Make Up Forever make up remover, Lancôme foaming cleanser, Biossance eye cream, tretinoin, and Estée Lauder Idealist (absolute best for reducing appearance of pores on me). I have a small container of Biossance face lotion. Am considering getting a second Palette for face cream and hair goop because it’s just so convenient and keeps me from overpacking on toiletries (my travel nemesis). Currently I have a couple of small containers for hair goop, in addition to other small containers for other face/body/hair crap.
  2. Stasher half-gallon bag for toiletries. I have an embarrassing number of toiletry bags and this one is the best. I like it better than a ziplock or a Dopp kit. I know it’s bigger than a quart-size but I haven’t had any issues with airport security. I don’t pack it to capacity - the taller size allows the Palette to fit. I might run into an agent who has issues with the larger size bag. I also pack regular quart-size baggies for s snacks and such so can transfer if needed. I like getting things in and out of the Stasher bag and it’s just more handy and sturdy for bathrooms, tossing in a suitcase, shoving in my backpack, etc. I have a smaller version for my makeup and it’s now my favorite makeup bag.
  3. Columbia Carson’s Pass Interchange Jacket - waterproof, wind resistant, looks like a disco ball on the inside, and it’s two jackets in one! The length is perfect on me (I’m 5’6”) - and for the first time in all my Spring-weather travels anywhere; I’m warm! Highly recommended.
  4. Uniqlo Heat-tech base layer leggings (the thinner ones) - great under leggings for warmth without bulk, great as sleepwear, easy to wash in a sink and air dries in a few hours. Wish I had gotten the long-sleeve too as well.
  5. Corkcicle 12 ounce stainless steel mug - found this on clearance for $7 at Nordstrom Rack the day before I left and - on a panic “whim” - packed it. I’ve used this everyday for tea, coffee, wine, packet soup (like miso), water. It’s been really nice - Compared to the water bottle I brought and really wish I hadn’t; it takes up space and is unnecessary cause I could have just bought a bottle here and refilled it endlessly. They have a brand called One sold in aluminum bottles.
  6. Lululemon Bigger Everyday bag - I have a smaller one that I use a lot at home as my purse. I didn’t pack it (again with the panic “whims” on the packing!). Just thought I’d manage with my backpack. I don’t want to (or need to) carry my backpack everywhere). I bought one here and opted for the bigger version for the dual zip main compartment and to fit my phone when it’s attached to a battery. Never traveling without this bag again. I wear it around my back and under my coat when I’m out and about, wear it in front when I don’t have my coat on, wear it on my hip at restaurants - it’s brilliant. Long live the fanny pack.
  7. Crochet people: I have my project I started for this trip (Through the Clouds shawl, Oink Nimbus fingering weight yarn, 3.5 mm hook) and then visited some LYS for Cotswolds wool. There are some fantastic handspun yarns from local sheep and alpaca! Anyway, I brought a 5mm hook cause I thought maybe I’d start another project - and I’m making an ear warmer with “seaweed-eating sheep” wool I found in a lovely shop called Fibreworks in Chipping Norton! Anyway that was a silly addition that turned out to be nice. YMMV
Other notes about my trip: staying in hotels, proper B&Bs. (Available in-room drinkware has ranged from mugs to teeny espresso cups so I really like having that corkcicle mug). Using a Briggs & Riley 22” roller bag and Briggs and Riley delve backpack - love the roller bag; mixed feelings on the backpack. Visiting London and the Cotswolds this trip.
Things I wish I had left behind: water bottle; that 3rd sweate4th pair of pants/4th pair of socks/sneakers (have been wearing my Blundstones everywhere because of the rain - basically only wore the sneakers in airport - should have just brought a second set of insoles instead); and Kindle (have iPad and am listening to audiobooks while walking or crocheting).
That’s all for now. Happy Travels!
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2023.04.02 10:22 LongjumpingJob9262 daily orv art day 38- happy april fools,

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2023.04.02 10:22 toastymctoast10 The chain cutter

Watonga City, Mothers realm
April 3rd, 2291
8:30 pm
Diana landed outside the city, Frank disembarked and explained why the bloodthirsty creature was not a threat, all the while Wendy watched. She had felt something off about Oklahoma as soon as they neared its borders, her ears rang at random times, and she had nightmares of mutants. She had kept these things to herself as she had not wanted to worry Frank but now, they were becoming unbearable, her ears rang as Frank stood there calming the crowd but then suddenly stopped.
"Welcome, we've been expecting you two!"
Wendy looked to see a woman in her Middle Ages approaching her the crowd.
"I'm so sorry for the crowd we don't often get visitors around here."
"It's alright. But what do you mean you have been expecting us?"
"You're Sarah’s little boy toy, right?"
Frank stood up straight upon hearing Sarah’s name.
"I'm Victoria...I'm somewhat in charge around here. Please come in. And bring that thing in here..."
Frank turned to Wendy and nodded towards her. Wendy took the reigns and tapped Diana slightly to go forward. However, the griffon did not budge. She did it again and once more nothing.
"Diana come on."
The griffon sat down and shook Wendy off of it before unfurling its wings and flying up into the sky.
Frank ran over to Wendy who sat on the ground.
"Hey you hurt?!"
"Why would she do that?"
"I don't know maybe she's not used to cities being full. Look we can find her after. This is the destination."
"Wait what?"
"We made it."
Frank helped Wendy off the ground and led her to the small gate that surrounded the city.
"I'm so sorry for the trouble of you coming here...we tried to make the trip to you but there were....complications."
"So, I take it you know about her?"
"Yes, she's a psyker...as am I and many others here."
Wendy looked up at the woman.
"You're a psyker too?!"
"Yep, I can influence people with my voice. It's how I got honcho here to trust me so easily at first."
Wendy turned to Frank who now realized just how relaxed he was earlier.
"We call it harmonic influentia..you have electrokinesis it's a rare trait here...but out west more common."
Wendy looked around the city, everything was so clean and pristine. These people were thriving, and Frank even seemed to agree.
"So, where's this training facility of yours?"
"It's by the capital building, we call it the chapel."
("Frank so what now?")
Frank shrugged.
"So do you guys get a lot of issues from Texas?"
"The occasional border skirmish with them but we can charm them away mainly. We are very isolationist...we tend to keep to ourselves and so we do not tolerate violence much. We have few guns to be honest. Only our army and guards carry them."
"I can respect isolationism but only trusting weapons in the hands of certain individuals is an issue."
Frank smelt a small nudge and turned to his left. Wendy mouthed to him.
*Shut up*
"No, it's fine, we're all our own individuals after all."
"How did you?"
"Oh, and would you look at that we’re here already."
Wendy looked at the building, it was large and covered with lavish ornaments.
"So why do you call it the chapel?"
"We worship our mother here."
"Yes, she grants us ideas, instructions and much more. I will lead a sermon tomorrow if you wish to see more."
"You wouldn't happen to know of a Dorkin's would you?"
"Dor....oh the apostate.... yes he was a good man, but he grew radical wanted to create a society ruled by mother. We banished him almost a decade ago, I heard he established his own branch of our church in Utah."
"We had a few run ins with his men just...curious if you were connected."
"No, you're safe...we're not as radical in our beliefs."
Victoria led them up the stairs and into the chapel throwing the golden doors open.
"Welcome....this is our, training ground and your new home Wendy"
"Wait home?"
"Yes, you are staying with us, right?"
Wendy turned to Frank and looked at him.
"Can he stay too?"
Victoria's eyebrows frowned for a second.
"Of course.....he's more than welcome to."
"I can stay...still need to clear my name back in NCR anyway, bastards still think I'm a murderer."
"Then that settles it, the rooms are up the stairs and to the left, they're all empty right now as school is out of session so you can pick one for the time being then come join us for dinner."
Frank and Wendy thanked Victoria before walking off to find two rooms.
"I'll pick whatever is closest too your room got it?"
"Yeah...hey so how are we going to find Diana?"
"We won't have to, she's right outside."
Frank walked over to a window and pointed up to the sky. A large creature flew in the silhouette of the moon.
"She refuses to come in, so she'll probably just be in the area hunting local fauna, you made her promise not to eat random people, right?"
"Yeah, I did."
"Alright well...leave your stuff and let's go eat dinner, chef Kingly can take a break."
Wendy chuckled as she opened the door and threw the bag onto the small bed. The room was small and cozy, there was a sink and a bar of soap. A small toilet was on the other side of the room surrounded by more luxurious items.
"I could get use to this."
As Wendy touched the counter her head throbbed, and her ears rang. She closed her eyes tightly as the pain hit her head. She groaned and grabbed at her head trying everything to make the pain go away. Then the smell hit her, it was horrendous, her stomach curled, and she grew nauseous.
"Wendy you alright?!"
A image flashed in her mind, a giant conglomerate of flesh and machinery held together by old wire and sinew. She opened her eyes and screamed out in horror Frank stood over her as she lay there.
"Hey kid you alright?!"
He looked at her worried.
"What happened?"
"You passed out. I heard you fall and came in here. Picked you up and placed you on the bed. You almost fried me, what happened, did you hit your head?"
The image of gore flashed in her mind.
"I... yeah...I hit my head on the counter."
"Well be more careful......do you still want to eat dinner? I can tell them to bring the food here."
"No, I'm fine.... let's go..."
Wendy got up off the bed and wiped the drool from her mouth.
"I am no doctor...but you had a seizure.... I think we should-"
"I said let's go!"
Wendy tied her hair back into a ponytail and threw water on her face quickly cleaning up before walking towards the door.
"If you insist."
* 15 minutes later
Frank and Wendy sat down at the table with Victoria. The dining room was luxurious, it was clean solid metal and gold.
"How do you guys afford this stuff?"
"It's all just stuff we've found in and around our city, Morgana has put it to good use. You guys must be hungry."
Victoria clapped her hands and a Mr. Handy appeared from another room holding 3 trays of food.
"Your dinner sir and misses."
“So, where is everybody else?”
“As I have said they are out on break usually I teach the classes and hold dinner but right now it's just us three.”
Wendy looked at her plate.
“What is this?”
“Salmon from the shores of Texas.”
“Have you never seen a fish before?!”
Frank said tearing and cleaning the fish tail of any meat.
“Locked in a cage remember?!”
“Oh yes, those damn brutes in the NCR. I swear they have no manners; it must have been awful having all those tests done on you. I experienced a similar fate before the war. All those damn lab coats, poking and prodding at me.”
“Wait before the war?! How...how old are you?”
Frank looked up from the fish and looked back and forth at Wendy and Victoria.
“Cannot say really. I like to think I am young, but my age occasionally shows Morgana is the beautiful one. But at my best guess I am around 226.”
Wendy sat mouth open as she looked at the woman who just shrugged off immortality.
“So, you can’t die or age?!”
“Age, no. Die, we very much can... its mother that keeps us this young, she uses her abilities to influence our cells to prevent the ones we love from dying, by natural means.”
“Oh, well what happened?”
“You said you were in a lab how did you escape?”
“Ahh yes...the great war, it short circuited the power to our cages.... we escaped and... we banished the scientists to the waste.”
Frank cleaned his hand as he looked upon the conversation, he was not a psyker so he simply sat quietly as the two talked.
“So, Wendy when did you learn to control your abilities? Sarah mentioned you struggled at first to close your mind to other thoughts.”
“I struggle slightly but I have managed to prevent it most of the time. I learned it when I was around 6. Then there was pyrokinesis at 8, and electrokinesis was more recent around a month ago now, and even closer was my ability to talk to beasts hence the griffon.”
Frank set his fork down.
“You could make fire this entire time and you’ve been making me struggle for 5 minutes to turn on an old stove every day!?”
“Yeah, I didn’t want to be our damn cooking tool.”
Frank sighed as he continued to eat. He was out of his league and so he quickly finished his meal and excused himself. He walked the halls for a bit, they were old slightly rusted but articulated well. Then he saw her. A woman in purple standing on a balcony smoking a cigarette.
“Hello there handsome.”
Frank felt worried then suddenly at ease.”
“Victoria had said it was just us 3 tonight. I take it you are not supposed to be here.”
“I go where I please, I designed this grand hall after all.”
“You must be the lovely Morgana then.”
“I see V mentioned me.”
“She did...she left out how beautiful you were though.”
“You outsiders really know how to flatter a girl.”
“I should, seduction is a trait I practiced well o-”
“Oh, there you are Frank, who's this?”
Frank blinked his eyes quickly then looked behind him to see Wendy standing there holding a small cup.
“When did you...never mind this is... Morgana....shes the designer of this grand hall...”
“A pleasure to meet you...but I must be going now...so see you soon.”
“I thought she ordered you to seduce him?!”
“I tried, that little rat showed up. The reports were right Lysander, she is powerful, her mere presence broke my hold on him.”
“Not to worry. V still has a plan.”
“That girl is more powerful than any of us could have imagined, Dorkin's is right she’s better off dead even if it's not what mother wants.”
Lysander and Morgana opened the door to V’s room
Victoria shouted at her from behind before pushing them both in.
“HMM? YOU?!”
“No, V it's just...so many have died for one gir-”
V walked over to the desk in the room as she stared at Morgana
“They have died for the Putrescent mother. If I hear more of this talk, I will have you killed for treason! Since you did not seduce and have the guardian fall in love with you, I must alter my plan to make him wish to stay, Lysander!”
“From my conversation with the vessel I have learned that her guardian is one with a strategic mind. In the morning show him one of our pleasant arms factories, but do not harm him. I cannot convince the vessel by force; she must do it willingly for the ritual to be complete.”
“I will do as told.”
“Why must we convince the guardian?”
“Her attachment to him is too strong. And she will not believe him just leaving so we must make it seem like he loves it here, so when we offer her the chance to bring prosperity her mind dwells on him not us.”
“I understand, V please allow me to try again. You must keep the vessel distracted long enough to-”
“No! You had your chance and unless he fails you shall live with that guilt, or you can join the Dowagers!”
“I understand...V I don’t like what you’ve become...”
“I’ve become what mother needs of me to become.”
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Phase 1) Creating A Meaningful Niche Every day I hear people going on and on about trying to find their niche.I also hear people talking about how they don’t know how to combine what they love talking about with *what will sell.*You already have the answer. You just don’t have the clarity.
  • Develop a long-term strategy to create your own niche — meaning you don’t have to worry about your “competition” playing status games.
  • Discover your life’s work, curiosities, and obsessions. I see too many people that are uncertain about this for years.
  • Cultivate and turn your vision, goals, and values into a brand that attracts an audience you love interacting with (and that will buy from you, and only you).
Phase 2) Content Strategy There is one thing that separates those who make it in the digital economy and those who don’t.It’s the quality, articulation, and perceived originality of their content.The content you post has to make sense to the people you attract.Everyone has a different voice and tone that they resonate with. **That they are congruent with and trust.**It has to change their thought patterns or behavior — that’s what makes you memorable.That’s what separates you from the sea of people posting surface-level copy-cat style posts.Example and putting my money where my mouth is:
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  • Implement our Epistemic Research Method — which is just a fancy way of saying scientific research method… but it’s for researching your mind to craft brilliant content and product ideas.
Phase 3) Crafting Your Offer Most people are sitting on a goldmine of skills, experience, and knowledge (that they can use to help people 1-2 steps behind them).That is what people pay for.Considering 95% of the market are beginners… if you are good at something, you can help them get to your level (no matter how “basic” you think the information is).Do you not watch basic content all day anyway? People don’t want new information, they want to be reminded of what works.
  • Use our Minimum Viable Offer strategy to start monetizing immediately (and have something to improve over time, rather than procrastinating until it’s perfect).
  • Have a strategy for reducing the time you spend working over time (as you build leverage and improve your offer).
  • Know how to create your own customers from the audience you are building, instead of “finding” the right customer for your offer.
  • Take the guesswork out of building coaching, consulting, or digital product offers.
Phase 4) Marketing Strategy You aren’t making money because you aren’t promoting yourself or your offer.That is literally the only way to make money. Have something desirable and consistently put it in front of peoples’ faces.In Phase 4, I will show you how to systemize, automate, and be consistent with simple will be able to make money without having the chance of forgetting to do it (or letting fear of failure get in the way).
  • Learn to sell on social media, in your writing, and across different platforms.
  • Have consistent sales coming in while focusing on your meaningful message (no need to sound salesy all the time).
  • Learn advanced automation strategies that you can implement at your own pace, especially once you validate your offer.
Bonus) The Creator Command Center The Creator Command Center is a Notion template that houses all of the systems.This is how you will manage your brand, content, offer creation, marketing strategy, and systemized promotions for consistent sales. Bonus) Live Product Build & Launch In the first Digital Economics Cohort, I built out my course The 2 Hour Writer.I have videos showing how I build it with the strategies in phase 3 and 4.There is a bonus module that shows how I had an $85,000 launch that resulted in my first $100K month.I did this to prove the strategies inside Digital Economics work if you stick to the plan.***And, this past Black Friday, I blew my that monthly high out of the water in 4 days.***That’s the power of these strategies if you stay consistent with your life’s work.
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2023.04.02 10:18 WebCommissar Y'all need to lay off DeSantis, he's our best hope

I've been seeing a lot of comrades attacking Ron, and it seems that they're being serious. So, let me educate the ones not in the loop.
Ron DeSantis is our guy.
Dead fucking serious. He's our man on the inside. Now, his exact politics are ambiguous. It's hard to tell just where he lands on a scale of lib to leftist. However, the important thing is that he is not really conservative. He's successfully infiltrated the GOP via a carefully constructed persona and cunning theatrics. Let me explain.

A little background

First off, Ron was born and raised in Jacksonville, one of the largest enclaves of BIPOC culture in all of Florida. Ron's mother was a hippie and his father was a left-wing atheist, they even met at Youngstown State University (which was one of the most liberal colleges in the country at that point). There's a lot of information about Ron's upbringing, most notably his fascination with baseball (the national sport of Cuba) yet, curiously, there's very little on his Churchgoing life, or if he even attended Church at all. Nowadays he's quick to cite his attendance to the OLL Catholic High School, although it's ambiguous how much time he actually spent there. It's possible he wasn't there longer than a semester, if even that.
The point is, Ron was not born or groomed into conservatism like most Republicans are. Even after graduating Dunedin High School, he pursued a liberal education at both Yale and Harvard. It wasn't even until 2012 that Ron got involved with politics at all, running as a Republican in an overwhelmingly Republican district (6th congressional district), one that hasn't elected a Democrat since the party switch. He won, and proceeded to have a very uneventful, middle-of-the-road congressional career. He also married Casey Black, an openly feminist journalist and Charleston alumni with a major in Economics and a minor in French.
So, up until his bid for governor, Ron DeSantis has been anything but the typical Republican. In fact, he's been battling RINO accusations since as far back as Michael Cohen's political relevancy (if any of you even remember him). His actions are less consistent with a Republican ideologue and more consistent with someone who secretly loathes the party they're in but is trying to keep up appearances. A bit like an anti-Krysten Sinema, if you will. But, as the heading indicated, that's only the background. Let's get to the interesting part.

A series of Saul Goodman gambits

I know you've read about Ron in the news, or at least in posts here. I'm sure everyone here knows about Martha's Vineyard, LibsOfTikTok, the "war on woke". These would all be very fashy things if they were meant to succeed. But, that's just it: they weren't. Let's go down the list.
The Martha's Vineyard Stunt: Everyone knows about this act of cruelty: Ron kidnapped a bunch of undocumented latinx immigrants and stranded them in frozen weather. The left was outraged, the right was cheering and Ron became a hero to the conservative cause. But let's take a closer look. It's common knowledge in lefty circles that the undocumented immigrants were shipped from Texas to Florida, and then to Massachusetts. At first glance it's the actions of an extreme hypocrite: a xenophobe who complains of "illegals" swarming his home, but can't even find any within his own state. This wasn't by accident. Florida has 772,000 undocumented immigrants (source). Ron could have just much more easily found immigrants in Palm Beach or Broward, but he deliberately chose to 1) Subtly undermine his own stunt and give an optical victory to the left 2) Relocate dozens of undocumented immigrants out of Texas, one of the cruelest states to immigrants in general (particularly of a latinx background). Martha's Vineyard is one of the richest parts of one of the most migrant-friendly states in the country. No matter how you slice it, their lives are vastly improved and it was all done on Florida's payroll.
LibsOfTikTok: Here's a much shorter breakdown. When infamous TikTok Nazi and serial doxxer, LibsOfTikTok, got doxxed herself, Ron DeSantis publicly announced that he would offer refuge in his governor's mansion. He got a lot of praise from the right and scorn from the left. Then he didn't do it.
The War on Woke: Here's another long breakdown, although not as long as I had expected. Ron's made constant news coverage with his supposed "war on woke", a series of proposed laws and regulations that would criminalize leftist thought and persecute minorities. This is absolutely a terrifying force to be playing with. However, this is the point that I need to remind y'all: Ron went to Harvard. He graduated with a JD. These laws haven't just failed, they were designed to fail. You've heard of failproof? These were successproof, and intentionally so. The Reedy Creek board has no control over Disney, yet Ron gets credit for "taking down woke Disney". The "stop-woke" law targeting colleges couldn't even make it past a conservative judge. The supposed book bannings have even had the comical side effect of removing the bible from many Florida public schools, a matter which he had curiously not anticipated despite being the architect of their machinations. I'm sure many here assume that these outcomes are all the product of stupidity, but that's not the case. "But why make laws that aren't supposed to succeed?" Well, that's where things get really interesting.

Why would Ron do all this?

Isn't it obvious? Publicity.
It's easy to forget, but Trump is still the defacto leader of Republican Party. There's no sign of a mass exodus from him anytime soon. He is their strongman, he is the new Reagan. Forget Biden, Trump is Ron's final boss. It's also easy to forget that Trump gets billions worth of publicity for free. Nobody can afford to compete with that, not conventionally. Ron is trying to beat Trump at his own game. But there's a clear difference between the two: Trump is a true Republican and has been his whole life. Behind every zany university scam is a trail of ruined lives and stepped on people. Trump has left behind a verifiable trail of destruction. But DeSantis? His big ploys for attention have been victimless. He gave a better life to undocumented immigrants. He wooed right wing voters with authoritarian laws that had no chance of coming to fruition. He's boasted about making the GOP stronger while undermining it every step of the way.
Even John Oliver's Ron DeSantis segment had trouble making substantial criticisms of him. I think this is perhaps because the Last Week Tonight staff are more thorough in their investigations than most legitimate journalists. For example: in the entire 30 minute segment, not once did John ever mention Martha's Vineyard or LibsOfTikTok. In fact, one has to wonder if John is in on it when he spent most of the time playing up Ron's "conservative strongman" persona in a way that would actually make him appealing to the Republican voterbase. In fact, if you watch that segment with the idea of it being pro-DeSantis propaganda, it's actually more effective than it was as a liberal hitpiece. John even felt the need to mention that Trump is the worse between the two.
Which brings me to my final point, and possibly the most important:

What is Ron's relationship with Trump?

That's a topic that the media has been musing over for the last year, but it's really not that hard to figure out. Early on, everyone talked about the "rivalry" between the two. This rhetoric heated up as Trump's jabs at him became meaner and even borderline slanderous. Yet Ron has been careful not to fight back, even attempting to be cordial with Trump.
So, that means Ron likes Trump, right?
Dead wrong. Dead fucking wrong. The biggest piece of evidence that Ron does not like Trump is the fact that he's gearing up to run in 2024 at all. He's only 44 years old. There's no urgency for him to run in 2024. The only reason he would have to dedicate himself to such a clusterfuck of a year is that it's likely his only chance to usurp Trump. Does anyone really expect such a decrepit, out of shape piece of shit to run in 2028? 2028 would likely be easier for Ron, who will only be 48 (an actual child compared to most presidential candidates). Plus he wouldn't be running against a Dem with the incumbent advantage.
No matter how you slice it, the only way Ron's 2024 bid makes any sense is if you view it as pure spite against Trump.
But that circumstantial evidence isn't enough. Instead, I'd like to allow Ron to speak for himself. On the topic of Trump's indictment, Republicans (even supposed "never Trumpers" like Romney) have been outspoken in defense of Trump. Well, with one notable exception. When asked about his thoughts on Trump possibly being the victim of political persecution, DeSantis (who is not one to pass up an opportunity to speak out about Democrats) only had this to say:
He's trying to do a political spectacle … I've got real issues I've got to deal with here in the state of Florida (source)
Ron DeSantis was practically given the chance to woo the Trump voterbase. And yet, a man known for being thunderous and commanding instead responded with... silence. It's perhaps the loudest silence of all: the silence of endorsement.
I rest my post.

TL;DR Ron DeSantis' inexplicable and sometimes illogical political career is a carefully crafted, carefully acted ploy to undermine Trump and possibly the GOP as a whole.

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2023.04.02 10:18 Standard_Gap2234 My sister just got scratched by a cat. My dad suddenly became all abusive towards us. He keeps rambling that we’re adding to his financial problems because of that reason. Does he have a right to get mad when it was an accident?

A few minutes earlier, I saw a cat wishing it could be friendly since i’m a cat lover myself. Suprisingly, it came towards me and purred. It didn’t bite me or anything though. Unfortunately, when my sister came towards it, it suddenly attacked her and a light bruise appeared on her hand.
My mother saw it and my father suddenly yelled from the balcony downstairs and walked away from us. He then keeps rambling that we add up to his financial problems saying that “Now, we need to have to spend a lot because of you!” I’m not really sure how to feel…and how to react. Suddenly, my mother says that it’s because we don’t go to church now….I entirely know how to react. I’m scared because a little while back my father was happy a few seconds, and then suddenly he became furious. I don’t really know anymore.
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2023.04.02 10:18 Venting_once Finally happy TW:

Normal people dont go around destroying somone they once loved. You told me you loved ne 30 minutes before breaking up with me. You moved on 2 hours later. The nect day you thretened me with things I trusted you with. You obviously never loved me so dont say you did. I missed you at first then i relized i deserved better. I missed the old you, not the you, you sre now. The one that cryed on call because he made me cry. I did miss that you but then I relized neither the old you or the new you deserved me because you were full of red flags and always made me cry. Lucky for you I didnt levae because of attachment issues so instead i let you hurt me over and over again. You were great at manipulating. I should have left. You broke up wiht me 7 times within an hour then told me you were going to TW: kill yourself. I cried for an hour because ypu blocked me and i had no way of making sure you were ok. Then you unblocked me and broke up with me again then moved on 2 hours later. But honestly good luck finding someone who put up wih as much ad i did cus ur gonna need it with your personality. Luckily when I told you I'm going to find someone that deserves me I didnt lie. He is the sweetest guy I have ever met. And I trust him like I never did you. I love him and he makes me so so happy. I can finally say I'm over the things you put me through because he makes me forget all the bad. <3
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2023.04.02 10:18 Content-Apple-833 Alternating scrub on multiple machines

I'd like to scrub pools on different boxes in the same rack on alternating schedules, each about once every 4-5 weeks.
For example,
Box A would scrub at 12AM on 4/2 and then every 5 weeks (35 days) after that. Box B would scrub at 12AM on 4/9 and then every 5 weeks (35 days) after that. Box C would scrub at 12AM on 4/16 and then every 5 weeks (35 days) after that.
Alternately, I'd be fine with something like the first, second and third Sunday of each month respectively.
I would prefer this to be on a weekend, so would rather not specify an exact day like the 1st, 8th and 15th as they may fall on any day of the week.
Because the conditions in the custom schedule are OR'd rather than AND'd, I'm having trouble setting this up.
Any ideas?
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2023.04.02 10:17 cosmooo3 🐯😴🍤

Recommending everyone to care for a cute bsh :) they fill your day with so many lil moments of cuteness/happiness 😍
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2023.04.02 10:17 100johan Actually asking for money 😬

So, there’s this boy I deeply love. I don’t know how it happened. I didn’t see myself loving anyone this much and it has gone beyond what I ever knew of love. Anyways.
I have been wanting to get him a laptop for some time, which he has expressed in front of me that he needs for work. Just recently I have been planning to save up some to get him one, but he's going to his new job in a few days, and I wouldn't be able to achieve my goal until at least a few months.
I don't really expect anyone to help with this. Truly. But I'm still trying my chances.
The dynamics of our relationship are a bit special and that's what has made things complicated and part of the reason I'm here, doing this and doing it like this. We're two boys and we live in a country where we have to hide our sexuality. I can't ask my parents for money because of that. Even though I'm not very conservative about my sexuality, at least not until it puts people I love at risk, telling my parents about it seems impossible and even dangerous. I'm also a university student.
Last words that, firstly English is not my first language so it is a bit difficult for me to explain everything, I hope you bear with me and later ask me any information you needed to know in a pm. I come from a well-off family, and I live a relatively good life. Nothing, but the happiness of this person I love, and mine consequently :) depend on this. Secondly, I won't be able to pay you back. I'll only be able to make sure that I will make similar gestures wherever I could, now and later in life and that's the only way I can pay back this favor. Crypto wallet IDs are the only way I'd be able to receive anything. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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Olivia Eden Orphicbunny Paigeuncaged Paige Woolen Pantynectar Patricia Lopez Pengali Princess Phia Pixei Praewasian Prosexx Puppiwi P7oh7 Queen Needy Queenqawan Quinnfinite Quqco Railey Diesel Rainey James Razorbaby Realprettyangel RealSkyBri Redheadwinter Renata Riww RileyFans Romi Rain Rori Rain Rose Monroe Roxysdream SaabSilvi Saleemamansur Samantona Saucekaybaby Savana Sky Scarlett Johansson Scarlet Silva Senya Marin Shania Perrett Shinratensei98 Shycutie Siegex Sierra Cabot Skyexxxsummers Skyiiah Snaxychann Sienna Mae Gomez Skylar Blue Sofiallia Fiaax2 Safiyaax Sofia Mariana Sofia Silk Sophielaurenxxo Soogsx and Puppiwii Stella Barey Steffy Moreno Stefanie Gurzanski Steph Murves Summer Brookes Sweetie Fox Sydneymay Tahlia Hall Tanababyxo Tantot Twins Tayathegoddess TayTatted Tayylavie TheBaeBreanna Theesammyjo TheGorillaGrip Theprivateavocado Tiffanynhoe Tiny Texie Talia Mar Triplex Celeste Trippie Bri Trishyland Tru Kait Urfavbellabby Ur69baby Uwucatxoxo Valeria Vidal Vanessa.rhd 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2023.04.02 10:16 beginners-blog 50 Simples for Beginners to Start with Facebook Advertising

  1. Define your target audience: Consider factors like age, gender, location, interests, and behaviors. Example: A fitness app targets women aged 18-35 interested in health and wellness.
  2. Create audience personas: Develop fictional profiles representing your ideal customers. Example: "Mike, a 28-year-old tech enthusiast looking for the latest gadgets."
  3. Use Facebook's targeting options: Leverage demographic, interest, and behavioral targeting. Example: Target users interested in photography and travel for a camera backpack.
  4. Test different audience segments: Run ads targeting various segments to identify high-performing ones.
  5. Utilize Custom Audiences: Target existing customers, website visitors, or email subscribers.
  6. Use Lookalike Audiences: Reach users similar to your existing customers or high-value prospects.
  7. Exclude irrelevant audiences: Exclude users who have already converted or are not relevant to your offer.
  8. Research competitors: Analyze competitors' ads and audiences to identify potential segments.
  9. Monitor audience overlap: Avoid targeting the same users across multiple ad sets by adjusting targeting.
  10. Set clear campaign objectives: Choose objectives like conversions, traffic, or engagement, depending on your goals.
  11. Test different ad placements: Experiment with placements like News Feed, Instagram Feed, Stories, and Messenger.
  12. Use Facebook Pixel or Conversions API: Track conversions and optimize campaigns based on this data.
  13. Monitor ad frequency: Avoid overexposing your ads to the same audience, causing ad fatigue.
  14. Optimize for the right conversion event: Choose the event that represents your campaign goal, such as purchases or leads.
  15. Test bidding strategies: Experiment with the lowest cost, cost cap, and bid cap to find the best strategy.
  16. Test multiple ad creatives and copy variations: Continuously test and optimize ad creatives and copy.
  17. Use automated rules: Pause, start, or adjust campaigns based on specific conditions, such as CPA or ROAS thresholds.
  18. Optimize ad delivery: Use Facebook's ad delivery optimization options to improve performance.
  19. Experiment with ad formats and lengths: Test images, videos, and carousels, as well as different ad copy and video lengths.
  20. Monitor and adjust budgets: Regularly review ad spending and adjust budgets to maximize campaign value.
  21. Use ad scheduling: Run ads during specific hours or days when your audience is more likely to engage.
  22. Keep headlines short and sweet: Limit headlines to 5-7 words for easy readability. Example: "50% Off Gourmet Coffee!"
  23. Use numbers and symbols in headlines: Make headlines stand out with numbers and symbols. Example: "Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days!"
  24. Address pain points in headlines: Offer a solution to your audience's problems. Example: "Struggling with Acne? Try Our Serum!"
  25. Create urgency in headlines: Encourage immediate action with phrases like "Limited Time Offer." Example: "Flash Sale: 3 Hours Only!"
  26. Ask questions in headlines: Engage users with thought-provoking questions. Example: "Want Glowing Skin This Summer?"
  27. Use powerful words in headlines: Evoke emotion with words like "amazing" or "exclusive." Example: "Unlock Incredible Fitness Results!"
  28. Leverage social proof in headlines: Mention customer testimonials or reviews. Example: "Trusted by 10,000+ Professionals!"
  29. Highlight benefits in headlines: Communicate product or service benefits. Example: "Stream Movies & Shows Anywhere!"
  30. Test different headlines: Continuously test and optimize headlines to improve performance.
  31. Keep ad copy concise: Use short sentences and bullet points for easy readability.
  32. Use a conversational tone: Make your ad copy relatable and engaging by using everyday language.
  33. Focus on benefits in ad copy: Highlight the unique selling points of your product or service. Example: "Our meal delivery service saves you time and provides healthy, delicious meals."
  34. Include a clear call-to-action (CTA): Use phrases like "Shop Now," "Learn More," or "Sign Up" to prompt user action.
  35. Use social proof in ad copy: Incorporate customer testimonials, ratings, or success stories.
  36. Address potential objections: Ease user concerns with guarantees or risk-free trials. Example: "Try our software with a 14-day free trial."
  37. Test different ad copy variations: Continuously optimize and improve performance through testing.
  38. Use high-quality images: Ensure your images represent your product or service effectively and look professional.
  39. Create short, engaging videos: Showcase product benefits, customer testimonials, or behind-the-scenes looks.
  40. Experiment with ad formats: Test single images, carousels, slideshows, and video ads to find the best format.
  41. Use eye-catching colors and design elements: Make your ad stand out in users' News Feeds with attention-grabbing visuals.
  42. Test different ad creatives: Regularly test and optimize ad creatives to improve performance.
  43. Utilize tools like AdCreative.ai: Generate ad copy ideas and inspiration with AI-powered tools.
  44. Use Facebook's Audience Insights: Analyze your target audience's demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  45. Leverage third-party tools like AdEspresso and Qwaya: Manage, optimize, and analyze your Facebook ad campaigns with these tools.
  46. Implement tracking tools like Google Analytics: Monitor website traffic, conversions, and user behavior from your Facebook ads.
  47. Use A/B testing: Experiment with ad elements such as headlines, ad copy, images, and targeting options to find the best-performing combinations.
  48. Review ad performance metrics: Analyze click-through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), and return on ad spend (ROAS) to measure campaign success and identify areas for improvement.
  49. Stay up-to-date with Facebook's ad policies: Ensure your ads remain compliant and effective by following best practices and algorithm updates.
  50. Engage with your audience: Respond to comments and messages on your ads to foster relationships and improve brand perception.
By following these 50 detailed tips and examples, beginners can create effective Facebook ads from scratch. Continuously test, analyze, and optimize your campaigns to improve performance over time.

Best tools for Facebook Advertising

Here's a list of some of the best tools to help you with Facebook advertising:

  1. AdCreative.ai:An AI-powered tool that generates ad copy ideas and inspiration, helping you craft compelling ad headlines and text.
  2. Facebook Ads Manager: The built-in platform for managing and creating Facebook ads, with various targeting options, performance tracking, and ad scheduling.
  3. Facebook Pixel: A code snippet that tracks user actions on your website, allowing you to optimize your ads, build targeted audiences, and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  4. Facebook Analytics: Provides in-depth insights into your ad performance, user demographics, and behaviors, helping you optimize your campaigns.
  5. Facebook Audience Insights: A powerful tool that helps you better understand your target audience by providing detailed information about their interests, behaviors, and demographics.
  6. AdEspresso: A comprehensive tool for managing, optimizing, and analyzing your Facebook ad campaigns. AdEspresso offers A/B testing, automated rules, and in-depth reporting.
  7. Qwaya: A Facebook ad management tool with features like ad scheduling, campaign management, performance reporting, and A/B testing.
  8. Canva: A user-friendly graphic design tool that helps you create eye-catching ad creatives, such as images, videos, and GIFs, without requiring professional design skills.
  9. Google Analytics: A web analytics tool that tracks website traffic, conversions, and user behavior from your Facebook ads, providing valuable insights for campaign optimization.
  10. Hootsuite Ads: A social media advertising tool that simplifies the process of creating, managing, and optimizing Facebook ad campaigns.
  11. Connectio: Offers a suite of Facebook ad tools, including ConnectAudience (for audience targeting), ConnectRetarget (for retargeting campaigns), and ConnectExplore (for interest targeting).
  12. Madgicx: An AI-driven Facebook advertising platform that automates the entire ad lifecycle, including ad creation, budget allocation, targeting, and optimization.
  13. Revealbot: A Facebook ad automation tool that helps you manage campaigns with automated rules, performance monitoring, and reporting.
  14. Driftrock: A platform that syncs your CRM data with Facebook Custom Audiences, allowing you to create highly targeted ads based on your customer data.
These tools can help you create, manage, and optimize your Facebook ad campaigns, ensuring better targeting, improved ad creatives, and more effective use of your advertising budget. Choose the tools that best fit your needs and budget, and integrate them into your Facebook advertising strategy.
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2023.04.02 10:15 IndependentNo9223 I don't know what to do...

I don't know what to do about my wife's alcoholism anymore. It's reached a serious tipping point. She's amazing but has mental disorders that are comorbid with her alcoholism. She will get me near the tipping point, fix things, do it again, and cycle. I am also afraid she will harm herself or me if I left. I don't know what to do anymore.
An Apology:
Before I even start, I'm really sorry that I'm bothering everyone because I feel like I should know what to do and not be going back and forth like I've been doing. But, I'm online asking a bunch of strangers for advice (probably because I'm too much of a piece of shit to just man up and do what needs doing).
So, I'm genuinely really sorry. I just feel embarrassed.
My Wife:
One of the smartest, sweetest, amazing women I've ever met. She really is and has been my best friend for nearly 8 years. We do everything together from gaming, books, travel, and she even supports my dream of becoming a writer. We got married about 9 months ago.
I can honestly, without reservation or doubt, say that I love her with all my heart.
She is in the middle of getting a career in medicine.
She has a history of mental issues (primarily bipolar), and I highly suspect she has 1+ untreated neurological issues that result in her struggling with attention, some memory, and other minor things. Because of recent events with work, she is being forced to deal with them.
I'm a writer and work to make real money. I have moved around to help her get her career off the ground and be a good husband. I'm not perfect, but I really try. I have no money. I have a family in the state.
She has had substance abuse problems with on and off throughout her life since she was a teenager. She stopped the hardcore substances around the time I met her and has cleaned up her act substantially. When I met her, I didn't see too much of a problem because I had only seen her in small doses or in social situations.
The deeper into our relationship we got, the worse the issue became. Whenever she'd drink, she became a different person. Whereas she was normally calm, collected, and reasonably friendly when she was sober, she transformed into this raging party animal when she was drunk. It was like she never wanted the party to end and lost all ability to "read the room." Alongside her sudden change of behavior, we would always, without fail, get into a fight. Usually, it was because I was the voice of reason (e.g., "don't go out to 8 more bars and go dancing all night when you have work in the morning," "you probably should lower your voice because you're literally yelling right next to someone," "why are you going in and out of the house and slamming all the doors for the millionth time to yell on the phone at 1 am?", etc.).
For the first few years, I let it go. Every time I confronted her, she told me she would stop (and still do). After the first times, she started sneaking alcohol. She would buy handles, drink them in secret, and leave the empties in her bag/draweetc. like her father used to. I would find them (usually by accident) and she would turn it around on me with accusations that I shouldn't be going through her things.
As time has gone on, the alcoholism stabilized for a while until about 2 years ago. Honestly, I think I still partially blame myself for her deep dive into drinking near the end. I went off to be in law enforcement in another state because we were talking about setting up a life there for when she left medical school. There was no work where we were. So, we both agreed that I go ahead, set everything up, get established, and she would follow in X months. We both agreed on the plan, but she couldn't handle the loneliness. So, she started hanging out with our alcoholic, piece-of-shit, useless neighbor, who I suspect got her back into drinking. Obviously, our plans blew up in my face.
Every time she drinks, we fight over stupid shit. She has driven drunk, spent ridiculous amounts of money (separate bank accounts) on drinking in private, won't tell me when I ask (and know) if she's been drinking. In our most recent fight, she tried to sit in my lap while we were fighting over her insulting my mother. After telling her no, she decided she would try to force her way there. I moved to stop her by putting my hand out (not aggressively. Just stick it out to stop her). She got angry because she said I was pushing her. So, she reacted by trying to choke me, to which I had to physically restrain her (non-violently) to de-escalate the situation. When she calmed down, I immediately let her go and backed off.
This isn’t the first time she’s hit me during a fight. She punched me in the arm two times before. I have never once raised a fist, hit her, or threatened to do so.
She has rejected professional help because she doesn't want it to get out and affect her professional status.
Since then, she has apologized profusely and claims she can't remember the situation. She has been doing a lot of nice, small things for me to show me she's "trying." She is about to join intensive therapy to go over her medication and other issues. However, I don't think alcoholism is among it. She's fine for now, but I don't know. Every single time she does well for a while and I start to trust her, she screws up and goes back to being in the doghouse. Lately, she's been stressed out because of work, giving up drinking (again), and so forth.
Honestly, I'm feeling fairly shocked, disgusted, and shattered over recent events. I haven't been happy even half the time for the last few years. Everything is just tinged with either stress or sadness. I'm tired of the apologies and being sad.
I don't know that I want to stay anymore. The good times are some of the f***ing best times. She is sweet, funny, and amazing. She is getting adjacent help. I love her. However, I don't see the good side very often. Instead, I see the monster, who is spiteful, inconsiderate, and selfish. And, I'm tired of being close to leaving, having her fix it, have it get better, and just continue that cycle endlessly.
But I keep going back and forth on it. I can't seem to decide, even though this is depressing me. I feel trapped because I'm unhappy, but I don't want to abandon someone that needs help so badly. Also, I fear she would:
A) stab me to death if I try to leave,
B) commit suicide if I try,
C) delve straight into her habits and ruin her life
D) become so depressed that her life will crumble.
Her mother is a divorce lawyer with a protective streak for her daughter. I fear that she'll try to blame me or make my life worse if I leave.
Any thoughts? Advice? Anything? Am I an asshole?
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2023.04.02 10:15 DTG_Bot Sunday Plz - Longer Conga Lines (For the Emote)

Greetings Guardians!
Ever since the conception of this sub, we've dealt with floods of reposts. We’re sure you’re familiar with them. Many are for important issues that are shared by the entire player base, while others are just for personal requests and desires for the game. The Bungie Plz was shortly implemented after conception as a central "wish-list" for all that we, the community, desired. It is completely user driven. With rare exceptions, nearly all submissions are sent in by you, the users of this subreddit!
However, just like Destiny 2, our wiki article began to experience problems as it grew over time. It's been getting just a few sizes too big. We understand that the continued addition of topics has begun to encroach on your ability to continue the conversation towards matters that mean the most to you, and even though the Bungie Plz has seen so many successes over the years, with well over 100 officially implemented game suggestions and desires, there's still dozens upon dozens of retired topics that haven't seen the light of day for many months...even years!
Every Sunday, this thread will focus on a certain retired Bungie Plz topic of your choosing, voted by the users. We will curate a list of 5 suggestions to help focus your voting process, but you get the final say on what is talked about each week. By all means, if one topic is overwhelmingly desired despite not being part of those 5 items we picked, then we'll be happy to go with that one. Our curated list is only to help you focus the conversation. The only stipulation is that the topic must be new every week. This thread is for the entirety of the Bungie Plz wiki, so no back-to-back voting!
Think of these threads as a way to keep the spark alive, and to bring old topics up to fresh light. For example, do we still want to move Queenbreaker to the special slot? Or does Arbalest serve that purpose well enough now? Do we still want an all-black shader, or do we want to bring back Prismatic Matrix?
You tell us! This is your conversation, guardians.
For this week, you voted on:

Longer Conga Lines (For the Emote)

For next week, here are some suggestions:
  • Add strike specific loot to playlist strikes
  • Reissue Season of Dawn weapons
  • Let us apply shaders to exotic weapons
  • Increase the inventory caps on upgrade materials (Ascendant Shards, etc.)
  • Sell Exotic ornaments through Xur
Sound off in the sticky comment for which one sounds good, or anything else in the Bungie Plz wiki that catches your eye, and we'll do our best to accommodate!
You can find the full Daily Thread schedule here.
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2023.04.02 10:15 AutoModerator [Get] Marisa Murgatroyd – The Experience Product Masterclass 2023

[Get] Marisa Murgatroyd – The Experience Product Masterclass 2023
Download course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/marisa-murgatroyd-the-experience-product-masterclass-2023/
[Get] Marisa Murgatroyd – The Experience Product Masterclass 2023

What You Get:



Designing a Blockbuster Hit Starts Here
The best products start with the best and most profitable ideas — which don’t happen by chance nor by waiting for lightning to strike.
It takes a proven process to zero in on the idea with the potential to fly off the shelves.
In this module, you’ll discover my Profitable Product Idea. You will:
  • Choose the best product and audience for you to profit from right now
  • Make sure your Idea passes all 7 Criteria of the Profitable Niche Checklist
  • Express your Idea in one simple phrase that attracts your target market in droves
  • Pre-validate there’s demand for your Idea in a way that automatically lines up your future customers
  • Create your Profitable Product Idea Blueprint so you have everything in one place
This process was developed over 7 years and 7,000 students, and can shave months or even years off your journey from idea to profit.
Whether you don’t have any ideas, or you have too many ideas, or you’re not sure whether your idea will work, your Blockbuster Hit Product starts here.


Turning Your Idea Into an Irresistible Offer
In this module, you’ll take your profitable idea and transform it into the kind of thing folks will line up to buy.
We call it your “Offer”, and it’s the scaffolding around your idea that makes it real. Elements such as:
  • Your blockbuster course name, your price point, your guarantee, bonuses and the reasons to buy now
  • The points of credibility that create massive buyer trust — even if you’re just getting started
  • Your uniquely valuable “process” — how you go about getting your students results (a huge selling point)
  • The social proof to start attracting paying customers immediately, even if this is the first time you’re doing this
The right offer can triple or even quadruple your sales, while the wrong offer will turn a great Idea into a ghost town.
By the end of this module, you’ll have the deep confidence that comes from knowing that everything you’re creating is exactly what your audience wants to buy.
Now you’ll be ready for Module 3, where we’ll start building!


Creating Your Minimal Viable Product & Getting to Market Fast
By the end of this module, you’ll create just enough of your new program or course to be able to start making real, actual sales to real actual customers.
So many programs stop short of this critical step, and leave you stranded, wondering how to bridge the gap between theory and practice. That’s a huge mistake, because it’s critical to test the real world response to your offer before you create your whole course or product, while you still have time to make easy changes and pivots.
Some folks hit it out of the park on the first try, while others need to refine and adjust for a few cycles before they land on just the right thing. Either way, this process ensures you never waste months and thousands of dollars creating the wrong thing.
In this Module you’ll:
  • Use the “paint-by-numbers” MVP process to choose the exact pieces of your product and how they fit together
  • Finalize your Launch “Blueprint”, including the exact concrete steps to get to market FAST and start making sales straight away
  • Choose and deploy one of the 3 simple marketing & promotion campaigns to locate and find the people most likely to want to buy from you
  • Copy/paste from our pre-written campaign messaging templates to immediately have people wanting to know more (versus tuning out or scrolling past)
  • Follow the word-for-word sales scripts to confidently sell your MVP and start taking money even before the end of the module!


Reach Even More People & Make Even More Sales
Now that you’ve proven your offer by making some sales, our optional Module 4 is where you can take your marketing even further by stacking 2-3 campaigns together to create a supercharged, multiplier effect.
Whether you stack simple campaigns, requiring little-to-no technology, or more robust campaigns — this is how you realize Goal X. A whole lot more. Whatever that looks like to you.
In this Module, get ready to turn a handful of sales into an avalanche:
  • Get our EIGHT pre-written ready-to-go “Experience Marketing” Campaigns that you can just plug right in
  • Recieve my entire vault of pre-written scripts, emails, web page templates, sales & video scripts that you can take and customize or just use “as is” — they’re yours and they’ve generated literally millions of dollars for my other students
  • Create a Custom Campaign Stack that suits your dominant marketing style — whether you prefer to sell through 1:1 conversations, speaking to groups, or writing — so marketable feels easier than it ever has before
  • Recieve my entire vault of pre-written scripts, emails and web page templates that you can take and customize or just use “as is” — they’re yours and they’ve generated literally millions of dollars for my other students
  • Stand out with your marketing in a powerful, unique, fresh and engaging way that gets the attention of your ideal customers, which is 99% of the battle in today’s noisy marketplace, so you can make some real money
After that, we start to really dial up the “WOW” for your students…


Supercharge Your Results
Now that you’ve proven your product with real sales and you have a plan for reaching even more people and making even more money, this is where we pour fuel on the fire by “experiencifying” your course.
“Experiencification” is the process of stacking the 10 Core Experiences of The Experience Formula™ into every element of your Experience Product, to increase the effectiveness of your product by 10-30 times.
In this Module you’ll:
  • “Experiencify” your program with the 10 Core Experiences of The Experience Formula™ to create an engaging experience that works with (rather than against) the brain to get your customers “hooked” on taking action and getting results
  • Watch as your students spontaneously put down distractions and excuses and become “achievement machines”, focused on taking action, getting results and bringing more customers your way
  • Embed a powerful process for gathering success stories right into your course, so you can quickly have dozens if not hundreds of glowing testimonials (this is how I ended up with 1480 testimonials and counting for EPM!)
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2023.04.02 10:14 happytoseeyousmile [Ro] Foggy Eyes (The first book in the "Of Love and Tears" series) Chapter 4 + author notes

Shattered Realities
WILLIAM! GET ME OUT OF HERE” Marie ordered in a stern loud voice, without another second passing Marie was finally out of the shithole that she had been cornered in. William eyed the person who stood in front of him. Even though they shared the same physical features, he couldn’t help but feel that another person brewed out from the gallery. “What have you done Wills?” whispered William to himself. William knew what the first memory held, what he didn’t know or rather what he wasn’t sure of is how Marie will react to this ground-breaking news. {Well, it TOTALLY seems like she enjoyed what she saw.} He thought to himself. William extended his hands to touch Marie -a fatal mistake he will later realise-; she was quick to snap back, slapping his hands fiercely. For a moment, William caught glance of the monster burning within Marie, it didn’t require a genius to figure out that these scorching flames were dangerous to just be around, and yet here he was.
“DON’T TOUCH ME” exploded Marie. She didn’t even think twice about jumping away and concealing her body as much as she could. Disgust, just like smoke, it slowly filled the air. Alongside it came the sense of suffocation that gripped William tightly from his throat. Oh, how much did that hurt. The words slid into William’s ears; it didn’t take long for him to feel the venomous bite strike his heart. It was the look that Wills had always been afraid of. It was EXACTLY what he was terrified of facing in his life. A feeling that was facing William right in the face and a feeling that unlike Wills, he can’t escape. It was funny in a way; he was just born a couple of hours ago -against his will might one add- only to find himself hated or even feared by the very thing he adored to the cores of his bones. William cursed the day that Wills created him. He tried to reach for words, he tried to find something in his archive that might help him in comforting Marie. As expected, all of that fell short, Wills was never prepared for this situation. In the end, he muttered the most meaningless useless words that he could find in such a situation. “I’m sorry Marie.” He cringed internally, what was a sorry going to do? How was it going to help? How could it fix the world that fill apart? How was it going to compensate for the hours, days, months, or years that were wasted with someone who was fake from start to end? How could he ever understand what she was feeling right now?
“SORRY? SORRY!? IS THAT ALL YOU CAN SAY? ALL YOU CAN OFFER? WHAT DOES A SORRY DO FOR ME? HUH, TELL ME!?” Marie wasn’t seeing straight, she launched herself onto William before drilling her fists as deeply as she could in the body of the man she loved. Used to. William took it all in without saying a word, without moving, without causing a sound. For him, it was the least he could do to her. Marie dug her nails into his chest before clenching the cloth he wore. “WHAT CAN IT DO FOR ME? WHAT CAN IT DO? COME ON WILLIAM TELL ME. WHY ARE YOU SO SILENT WILLIAM?!” She shacked the poor man. He could swear that he was feeling his molecules vibrate more than they should ever do. Seeing how much of a wreck Marie had become only added to his feeling of powerlessness, he was supposed to be a know it all and yet he failed in the only thing he was built for.
Instinctively -if you can call his coding routes that-, he hugged Marie. He wasn’t sure if it was out of pity or because it was the correct thing to do. Either way, it didn’t matter, it just felt right for him and that’s what did actually matter. Luckily for him that seemed to work, because as soon as he wrapped those arms around the piled-up woman, tears rolled down her cheeks. Marie’s legs grew weak, slowly but surely giving out at this sudden unexpected burst. A tear, that was all it needed for Marie to fully break down into a crying mess. William stood there; he didn’t say a word, he couldn’t dare to. Hours passed, the tears painted the clothes, the mourning was the only sound that could be heard for miles then finally silence doomed the place. A deafening sense of relief covered the land. Time breathed. At last, it could move again. Even with the freedom of time there wasn’t much that changed, Marie still refused to budge from the spot she was kneeling on with her fingers fixed firmly in William’s chest. William just accepted her sorrow, that’s the least he could do, that’s the least he could offer to the person he loved the most. He couldn’t dismiss the non-diffusible stings he had. In a way, they were like strings of guitars, yanked strongly, horribly, by an inhumane force. They were being ripped free, they were being dislocated from their once safe heaven, and all he thought about was if he could give every single one of them to her.
“I love you, Marie.” He whispered “I also know that Wills loved you as much as I did if not more.” Marie didn’t reply, she looked into the distance -with her now dreadfully empty eyes-, looking at the nothingness that stood in front of her. The sky, oh how pretty they were, called her. She always loved the cyan bright portrait that covered the Earth. People often undermined how beautiful nature is, unless they were someone as Observant as her or…him -at least who she used to think he was-.
“How is that going to help me?” Muttered Marie under her breath. “Oh Marie, come on. Don’t be like that.” “I WILL BE HOWEVER I WISH TO BE WILLIAM!” shrieked Marie. William couldn’t help but get startled a bit. Marie seemed to realise that she had been lashing on the wrong person. William wasn’t the one she was supposed to be attacking rather the one who left this world. The one who took away her ability of ever having the joy of facing him. From that moment forward, William and Marie refused to share even a glance at each other. There were no more words spoken; no more conversations held. Quietness descended on the room with two broken shells held right beside each other in the arms of one another but each of them in a realm of their own. “Get me out William.” Demanded Marie. There was no respect, adoration or even a form of affection in her voice. It was nothing more nor less than a form of inconvenience to her -that’s what she showed at least-. Normally, William would have argued, made a snarky comment or flat out refused but under these tense circumstances he couldn’t help himself from submitting his will to the person who seemed to dominate him both in mind and soul. William extended his hand as he slowly caressed her face for one last time. He wiped away the traces of the tear on her face with his soft tinder hands. As Marie “ascended” back into reality, a tear could be seen jerking down from William’s face, for he knew it would be the last time they meet. Marie couldn’t help but wonder how a “robot” could feel such deep feelings, but it didn’t matter, nothing did any more.
Pitch black, that was what Marie woke up to see. She quickly checked her pockets, searching for her phone. It was 12am, right at midnight. A sense of relief washed over her before a sudden jerk of panic set in, she jumped back when she noticed that she had spent nearly two days inside the metal tag. The Carters will come over in a half a day. [Perfect] thought Marie to herself [Just what I needed, more stuff to deal with.] [Don’t be like that. Think about it from a different point of view. At least you will be able to talk to someone!] [NOW you come back huh? Where were you literally a couple of minutes ago? Hm? Anyways, no. I don’t wish to talk to the Carters right now. I prefer staying to ourselves for a couple of days. Especially with what just happened with their son.] [You had a VERY large outburst back there. I didn’t see us crumble this badly since the day Dad died.] [Well, how would you have reacted to it? Everything, EVERY moment from the minute details to the large grand memories were all built on a fake lying premise.] [I agree Marie, there is no way we will be stable after such a blow, but his parents have nothing to do with him. Need I remind you? They are the parents we never had. They care Marie. If anything, I think talking to them about it will maybe help us in sorting this out.] Marie didn’t reply to herself. She just decided to stand up and head to bed. This was enough torture for one day. She kept spinning in the bed with the comfort of sleeping slipping further from her hand every second. Although her thoughts kept her awake it wasn’t enough to overpower the emotional exhaustion, her body limped as her consciousness fade into nothingness. Or that’s what she convinced herself she did.
The Carters arrived on the time they have promised a couple of days ago. Mr. Carter LOVED to be on time, his accuracy was within the range of seconds. He was never, in the 25 years that Mrs. Carter had known him, late or early. The Carters knocked on the door multiple times with no response. Mr. Carter was a keen hearer, despite his ever-growing age, yet he couldn’t make a out a muffle, a sound, a rustle. Everything was quiet, suspiciously quiet. The knocks gradually grew louder. An invisible force pulling him forward, rushing him. He could swear he felt a touch pressing on his emotions, a touch that enraged him to act faster, a touch that was familiar, TOO familiar. The Carters didn’t exactly know or rather remember how the door opened but it did and that was all that mattered. They rushed inside. They had hoped from the bottom of their hearts that they were wrong. They had hoped that it wasn’t too late. They had hoped it wasn’t what they thought about. What they didn’t realise was how funny Fate is sometimes. They just lost a child to suicide, a burden only few could lift without breaking under the pressure. Only for fate to surprise them with a more severe slap in their face. She laid there in the hallway, as cold as ice, as white as snow. She was pale. Her chest didn’t buff, her eyes didn’t open, her muscles didn’t tense. She was barely recognisable. What was left of her was a skinny skin suit with striking visible bones. She seemed as if she was not only dehydrated but also starved for days. Inside Mr. Carter something finally snapped, his knees struck the ground, the tough shell that was once placed was now nothing more than a broken vase. Mrs. Carter couldn’t afford to pay attention to her husband, she rushed towards the phone, dialling, hoping to save the poor girl that laid in front of them. Mr. Carter opened his eyes to find himself hugging the corpse of the woman that had loved his son from the bottom of her heart, a woman who he also considered a daughter. He didn’t sob, he didn’t weep. It wasn’t because he refused to. It was simply because he couldn’t. Having to hold his emotions back for so long, the man forgot what crying or even tearing felt like. Even if his psyche gave up, his body has not yet, it refused to, for the touch wouldn’t allow it. Mr. Carter tried calling out to Marie, shaking her body, and holding her as tightly as possible while grieving just like a father who just lost his child. Only when the paramedics arrived had the last silver of connection to this mortal world was cut off, Mr. Carter was now broken beyond repair. The worst of it all was how Mrs. Carter saw what was happening to her husband, but she had no power in her hands to do anything. As there was no hope, there was no cure, there was no way to make this situation into a lovely bubble. Sometimes bad things happen, and they are meant to be. Sometimes horrible events haunt amazing people for unfair reasons but when was life ever fair? How could a life be fair when it took away two lovebirds? How could it be fair if someone as kind as Marie was toyed around thanks to what fate stored up to her? How can someone believe and disbelief in the same faith at the same time? How can someone be so believing of what fate brings when it harbours good and dismisses it when it brings back the blackish news? And so is life. An ever-changing unbound hell.
There was no running. No more. He had to accept what he had done. It was time for him to finally fight off the demons in his mind. The archivist begged the lord to forgive him, for he didn’t forgive him. Forgiveness, a word that he didn’t know about, as he never deserved it. For he has sinned greatly, for he has hurt the only thing they have ever loved. If he will never forgive him then the lord won’t forgive him too. Since he can’t forgive himself, how can one ask for forgiveness from others? May the lord forgive you. May the lord have mercy on you. May you not sin. Praise the Lord, praise the one within. The fall of us has yet to begin. We will bring doom; we will riot those hearts within. We will hold you then.
Author notes
Hey there reader! You finished ‘Foggy Eyes’. Hope it was a pleasant ride. This is a story I wrote to someone dear to me, though I for sure hope she doesn’t read this story, for rather obvious reasons. Personally, I have a belief that everyone deserves their Marie. Sure, we are not all Angles -we can’t be-, all of us are flawed in our own ways but does that mean we don’t deserve love? In a way, love makes us suck less than we truly are, but are you deserving of this gift? This salivating blessing? And what are the standards that you must check to be deserving of such gift? Are they tangible? Is it just the mutual agreement that you both like each other? What makes a person unworthy of love? What even defines love? All of these questions are things that hovered in the back of my mind whenever I thought about how I observe love around me or even try achieving it. Now dear reader, what would it be for you? Do you think you deserve this blessing in disguise? If you do, why? What would make you more befitting of this gift than others on Earth? In the ever-expanding universe, we are nothing but mere specs in space. You are not special, neither am I. We are nothing and that thought is frighteningly comforting. Is it because of our non-existent value that we are allowed to experience something that makes us valuable? In the end, no one decides the value of events in their lives except the one who experiences them. So, my dear reader, make sure to enjoy your self-proclaimed valuable memories to the maximum. You don’t know how long you will last on this Earth, so make sure to seize every breath, every sound and to appreciate the creation that stands residing beside you. For once in your life, take in and I mean TRULY take in the blessings that were bestowed upon you by whatever you believe in. You are lucky to have these little, tiny things in your life that others might not be so fortunate to own.
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