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2023.04.02 11:29 JustNeededHelp-1 Armor with mask+helmet

Kinda something like the consort mask in Elden Ring.
I know about the Tiber Septim armor mod, which rocks, but I was looking for something more feminine when it comes to the mask.
Thank you for any help.
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2023.04.02 11:27 Ralfop Automatic Needle Threading Device GIFT Good gift for your mother elderly people and stitching friends AUTOMATIC With a ring, easy and convenient to carry.Mini and fashion size, easy to use. A handy thread guide for all sewers, young and old. Help to solve the frustrating needle threading problem

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2023.04.02 10:52 ElectricalTopic9236 Elden Ring RL1 - What to spend excess runes on?

I've already upgraded my weapon and bought all the armor and rune arcs from every merchant, and now I don't know what to do with runes. What's the best thing to buy with the tens of thousands of runes I get from killing later bosses?
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2023.04.02 10:50 JoelTheBloonsMonkey Brainstorm: Enough new towers in each Tower category to match Military

Having the Beast Handler will really make the categories feel more equal. We went from 3 Support towers at launch, feeling like a very small category, to now 5, the same amount as Magic! Which is one less than Primary and TWO less than Military... But what if they were all equal?
I'll use this as an opportunity to share whatever Tower concepts I can think of: One Primary, Two Magic, Two Support, so we can have 7 of each!
Primary: Gamer Monkey/Arcade Monkey
This DEFINITELY seems like a weird pick, but it is with reason. Primary towers seem to be some sort of category for the original forces that the Monkeys used to pop Bloons. Every tower from BTD1 except for the Super Monkey is based off of a Bloon from Bloons (The Dart Monkey is more-so based off of the Monkey throwing Darts but there ARE Dart Bloons) and based off of other elements in the Bloons series it can be assumed that the reason that the Bloons take on these volatile forms is because they are masters of mimicry who have mimicked the towers that were present during the Bloons 1 generation, meaning that the Super Monkey was new to the Bloons Tower Defense 1-3 generation. But there is ONE Bloon that doesn't have a Monkey counterpart... The Pac-Man Bloon!... Which, like, I can imagine why, but still. It's either this or an Exploding Pineapple Monkey and that feels more geared towards Support, similar to the Spike Factory whose attacks are based off of the Road Spikes.
So how does the Gamer Monkey work? Well, naturally, their base attack is Pac-Man; well, Pac-Monkey, so that it's a proper parody. You have to micro Pac-Monkey within the fairly short range of the Gamer Monkey using the arrow keys (Or when on Mobile, by tapping arrows that surround the Gamer Monkey themself, which is also an option for clicking on PC but like why would you do that? I don't know the control scheme for when you have a controller with Bloons like with the upcoming console ports so I won't handle that). Pac-Monkey does an astounding 2 damage per chomp for a base tower but has only 1 or 2 pierce without Primary Training+. There would probably be an upgrade that allows Pac-Monkey to seek Bloons, though I imagine it'll be like Pursuit or Wingmonkey where manually targeting the tower is sometimes better. After that, the sky's the limit, really. Middle path would probably have some sort of power pellet gimmick since that's the ability path but ultimately Pac-Monkey is probably not the only tower that the Gamer Monkey could control. Though Minecraft Monkey might be a bit redundant with one of the later ideas here.
The main attack may have to be reworked for Battles 2 in some way, though.
Primary Honourable Mentions:
Aforementioned Exploding Pineapple tower, since the Exploding Pineapple originated early-on in the series. Guess this also sort of counts as a Support Honourable Mention since the reason it doesn't work as Primary is because it feels more Support-y.
Monkey Beacon tower, would have to be revamped into basically a completely different tower than it was before since it was basically just the Monkey Village but with the ability to call a Super Monkey Storm, and plus none of that is very Primary-y anyway (Since Primary is the lowest priority categorization and if a tower fits well enough into any other category, which Glue and Ice apparently don't somehow?)
Military Honourable Mention:
While we don't really NEED another Military tower out of all tower categories unless we're going 8 towers in each Category, the Bloonsday Device would be a fun and unique one. Most Special Agents from BTD5 are animals and Ninjakiwi has mentioned moving away from non-Monkey towers, but they still include Monkey-operated machines such as the Spike Factory and Tack Shooter so why not the Bloonsday Device? For those not familiar, the gimmick of the Bloonsday Device is that it's a really powerful overhead laser that leaves acid pools in its wake and it's controlled by the mouse. However, it only attacks while its ability is active. Sort of like a Super Monkey Fanclub but it would probably cost less than a Super Monkey but still over $2,000, instead of costing about $8,000. Less powerful off-cooldown than a Super Monkey Fanclub though, admittedly. I guess you could make an argument for this tower or an echo of it being in a different category but I dunno, it feels very Military-y to me imo.
Magic #1: Vampire Monkey
You know how like, Marceline was in Bloons Adventure Time TD? Do you... Do you think they'd mind if we just... Borrowed some of that? Basically, this Monkey would fly around like a Heli Pilot while biting Bloons. Way less pierce than a Heli Pilot but a lot more single-target damage. Their base, instead of a boombox, would be a coffin. Among other great powers, they also can harness power from Red Bloons and BFBs, plus partially from Rainbow Bloons (I don't think Marceline can get power from Rainbow Bloons for whatever reason, which is pretty ironic considering the character.) They'd probably have some skills that heal Monkeys but also potentially some powerful skills that cost lives, some stuff to set them apart from other Magic Monkeys as well as the Heli Pilot, y'know? Also, Vampires are traditionally sapphic. This doesn't relate to the tower. Anyway, just make sure you turn OFF the Vampire Hunter cosmetics on the Monkey Engineer if you have them while using Engineer Vampire strategies lol.
Magic #2: Cartoon Monkey
I struggled a lot on this one TBH but an old-timey cartoon character for a monkey can be interesting, especially since they can start with gloved punch attacks that are longer range than the melee heroes or the Beast Handlers but are still shorter ranged than something like a Dart Monkey shot, I guess sort of like Jake's spear hand attack. In fact, they'd probably just get a bunch of different cartoon gag attacks, stuff you'd see in Toontown Online or Who Framed Roger Rabbit for example, that would all serve different purposes, making them really similar to Jake. I mean, hey, all the Monkey Characters from Bloons Adventure Time TD were based on towers from Bloons but while some of the Adventure Time characters took on the role of Bloons towers like default Princess Bubblegum and Ice King being the Glue Gunner and Ice Monkey some of them were original, so it's not that weird to get some overlap with them right? Especially with the CARTOON Monkey, and even more especially with the MAGIC Category considering the nature of Adventure Time. Oh, and in case you're wondering how this fits the category outside of how abused the label of "Magic" gets considering superheroes, ninjas, and science are somehow all considered magic, it's the magic of animation! Plus they'd probably be some sort of drawing brought to life or maybe just actually made out of ink, and their cartoony mishaps would certainly be very much like magic (I mean think about it, a lot of the nonsense cartoons get up to would be considered magic in a realistic setting, such as when the Roadrunner runs through a drawing as if it's a real road!)
Magic Honourable Mentions:
Pixie Monkey, I was thinking it'd be nice to juxtapose the horror-y and Halloween-y Vampire with a more light-hearted fairy tale creature and first thought of a Pixie or something but ultimately they'd be surprisingly similar to the Vampire or Alchemist with the way I thought of how they'd work.
Dart Chimera, this is a concept that I had thought of as a Fauna counterpart to the Druid's mostly Flora theming (even if bottom path is very wolf-y) but ultimately that theme is now covered by the Beast Handler. The Dart Chimera was also going to have a lot of attacks based off of Special Agents, though, since I miss their inclusions and they're not getting in if they're not at least part Monkey since Ninjakiwi is leaning away from non-Monkey towers. They'd also be amphibious with a slightly different design that's easy to make just by briefly editing the base art, because having an amphibious tower would be cool.
Leprechaun Monkey, the idea of a tower who you can put more cash into not to upgrade them but to fuel their attacks in some way is cool but Leprechauns are very stereotypically Irish which makes them feel a bit wonky identity-wise imo.
Ghoul Monkey, some sort of spooky scary tower who freezes Bloons in place and knocks them back, maybe possessing them or other towers for some sort of power bonus or something, but since I already suggested the Vampire Monkey I didn't want both of the new Magic Monkeys to be heavily Halloween-based.
Yeti Monkey, could be similar to the Ice Monkey but with more brute strength early-on so that we get another tower who does Freezing since that's a really underused gimmick as time has gone on but ultimately not sure where all they go with that.
Sea Monkey, a basic and good idea but I think Ninjakiwi has mentioned being against the idea of having more water towers due to water being a limited resource (I guess the compromise was Beast Handler having one upgrade path limited to water)
Grim Reaper, I don't want to blatantly steal ideas from mods but the Grim Reaper Monkey IS a cool and unique concept, even if they might be hard to balance.
Gravity Monkey, I like taking stuff from other Bloons games and putting them in the Tower Defense series but the only way I can imagine a Gravity Monkey would be even more support-based than the Alchemist is, increasing damage/other functionality from track hazards, increasing projectile lifespan, and slowing down Bloons. I guess if the Ice Monkey and Glue Gunner can be Primary Towers then it'd be TECHNICALLY allowed, but like, nah I'm not gonna do that. In that right I guess this also counts as an honourable mention for the upcoming Support section!
The ideas have been a bit off-the-wall up to this point, but my concepts for Support Towers are actually very pre-mediated and solidified, relatively speaking anyway.
Support #1: Bloon Inflation Factory
From Bloons Monkey City, this tower is now used on the battlefield! If we get Bloons Monkey City 2 it'd probably be handled in the same way that Banana Farms are handled, where the resource building is ALSO a building that provides a tower. Now, the idea of a Bloon factory isn't exactly unique, but I feel like people's ideas for this sort of tower vary, with a big thing being that the Bloons would just... attack other Bloons somehow? Not in this concept, though. You're literally just summoning more Bloons that WILL take lives. But what's the point of this outside of bottom path Druid? Well, we don't really have a CHEAP eco tower, and for good reason! It's way too easy to save up for OP stuff if you just get to invest into money generation even earlier than a Banana Farm or Merchantman with no drawback. But Bloons give money, right? If only you could have a round be a little bit longer to get more money... Aha! There it is. The Bloon Inflation Factory is relatively cheap, but it makes it even harder to defend in exchange for more money. At the base level, anyway. And no, they won't give money in CHIMPS, so a base level Bloon Inflation Factory in CHIMPS is either there just for the challenge or so that you can take advantage of something like Bottom Path Druid. To stop this from scaling too poorly or too well into lategame however, the RBE and individual Bloon count that it can send out is based off of the actual Bloons in the round and is limited to something like 30 RBE and 20 Bloons or something. One path will be dedicated to money-making and decreasing that limit, one path will be for popping power using player-rotatable Power Pops from the Bloons series, Bloons Pop!, and perhaps even the Bloons Super Monkey series and Bloons Supermonkey 2, (That'd be the Middle Path so that there can be especially powerful Power Pops locked to a cooldown), that way we don't have 2 towers that are 100% useless in CHIMPS, and also a path where the tier 1 and 2 upgrades make the Bloons it sends easier to deal with (Making them take less lives and making it so that, while still giving the normal amount of cash, they take an extra point of damage from each attack) before transitioning into a debuff tower who uses the similarities between the Bloons it's sending out to fool the nearby natural Bloons into becoming weaker (since the Bloons being sent out from the Bloon Inflation Factory already have those two upgrades that make them easier to handle) in various ways themselves, based off of the heavily adaptive nature of the Bloons (For example, Bloons 1 where all except 1 type of Bloon are heavily based off of towers from the first few Bloons games, and the Bloons Super Monkey series + Bloons Supermonkey 2 where the Bloons make formations of other existing things such as arrows and even Sentry Turrets. I mean c'mon even the Power Pops are based off of things that Monkeys do such as Magic Bloons and Tack Bloons). Believe it or not, despite me being big on Bloons lore, that's the one path that I didn't think of until this post. Oh, speaking of lore, this actually benefits it. Like, anyone else remember that one meme where it's said that Monkeys would never harm each other with Bloons or something and yet MVM still exists in Bloons Monkey City? Clearly it's supposed to be hush hush, but that's sort of weird considering the MVM buildings being built. So clearly this tower's existence is, in part, a cover-up for MVM by the Bloonminati! Anyway, it can't hurt to have another debuff tower, especially one that's actually in the SUPPORT category. Though I'm sort of torn on whether or not this would also cause the Bloons to adapt to not having certain properties such as Regrow because that just puts it really close to Embrittlement. Also the fifth tier should probably be something more interesting than just Super Brittle with a potential slow or a diet Bloon Master Alchemist, maybe the Bloons start adapting target patterns from the Bloon Inflation Factory that cause projectiles within a certain range to home in on them? That'd be cool! Oh, and for those wondering, this wouldn't adapt well to Bloons TD Battles 2 since you don't get cash from pops, but that's fine because the COBRA would probably be a Support Monkey anyway. Alternatively the Bloon Inflation Factory can be fully transformed into a tower that, instead of soley buffing the eco from your Bloon sends (since that's locked to a very expensive Monkey Village upgrade for good reason, though it'd probably be fine for a specific expensive path for a Battles 2 Bloon Inflation Factory) it would actually strengthen your rushes, such as giving an extra Bloon per Bloon Send or increasing their speed or something, maybe with a defensive path for the Power Pops which infects your opponent's Bloons. Though outright allowing you to send certain Bloons early would probably be going too far into COBRA's territory lol.
Support #2: Barricade Creator (Monkey Architect is a cool name for them too but feels too similar to Engineer lol)
The obstacle system is a very unique BTD6 mechanic, but it's not really in your hands outside of paying for it. I don't think I'm the only one who's thought of an idea like this, either. Their basic skill is holding back Bloons for a certain amount of time (Probably a similar system to the Wall Nut from Plants vs. Zombies where the wall is degraded by a Bloon pushing against it and is degraded more by more Bloons and of higher strengths). They're pretty cheap, but their wall is also an obstacle. Though you might want this for certain things such as 2 Megapops challenges, to be fair. The wall can be placed off-track (Both for specifically blocking projectiles and also for if you don't want normal Bloons to put stress on the wall, so that it can hold specifically MOABs, though at a base level due to how cheap the tower is they'd probably just have to not be able to wall off MOABs without upgrading a bit, though probably no specific upgrade but instead a tier minimum such as 2 or 3 so that there isn't a crosspath that just doesn't hold MOABs lol). If it's not placed right on a track then it'll have a default rotation that you can change by clicking on it and holding down while moving your mouse in the direction it should be rotated in. The wall will be repaired slowly over time if no Bloons are attacking it. Low tier upgrades will have various utility upgrades such as better handling of higher tiers and quantities of Bloons, the rate at which it is repaired, possibly having more than one wall up at a time, and perhaps an after-effect of the wall collapsing, such as being made out of volatile bricks popping a few Bloon layers. Oh, and the ability to make hazard removal cheaper, I think someone else already did that idea with something similar but I mean it just kinda feels natural. It might be tempting to just give a high-pierce explosion but I feel like that's too similar to Spiked Mines, being a track hazard that expires then explodes, especially if you want to give the wall the ability to pop Bloons that are pushing against it. One path can have a third-tier upgrade called "Special Materials" which is an especially big part of this tower concept. So, a lot of things from the original Bloons series are represented, even including the Ceramic and Lead blocks, however I think that part of the obstacle system in BTD6 was to reference how the Ceramic and Lead blocks actually functioned in comparison to the Ceramic and Lead Bloons. But there's something missing. The rubber obstacle! Basically the only bouncing projectile is when you have a Spike-O-Pult+. So the Special Materials upgrade gives targeting options. Brick can be a default or something, but then you have Rubber, which blocks energy-based projectiles (Not soley based off of damage type since "Normal" includes both energy-esque projectiles AND solid projectiles) but bounces solid projectiles, increasing their lifespan and buffing the power of Spike-O-Pult+ (So that they still have their speciality.) Then there's Mirror, which does the same but it blocks solid projectiles while reflecting energy projectiles. There can also be Glass which would just block solid projectiles but let energy projectiles go right through. Worth noting that Rubber would have fairly high durability against Bloons since it bounces them away so that they aren't constantly attacking but, while leaving behind volatile glass shards, the Mirror and Glass would be very frail to Bloons. After that upgrade would be a target upgrade which has a button that looks similar to re-target buttons that are being introduced in the upcoming update except it's instead a toggle that changes between no image, to an image with a Bloon on it for negative priority attacking, (So you can, for example, have a Juggernaut attack it constantly when no Bloons are in their range and their projectiles will hit Bloons far outside of their range after bouncing), to an image with a Bloon with a target on them for top priority attacking, (So you can, for example, have Quincy attack a Rubber wall, buffing the next hit of his projectile[s] while also activating the very accurate part of his attack where it bounces from Bloon to Bloon, instead of having him try to attack a Pink Bloon only to miss). Then the fifth tier would probably be some sort of cool portal upgrade where a portal will take any projectile to another placed portal at an angle you decide the same way that wall angles are decided. Would also probably be able to transport Ceramics and below, maybe with some sort of limitation so that you can't just perma-loop Ceramics (While Spirit of the Forest handles infinite Ceramics that's not accounting for freeplay scaling of Super Ceramics so that's different). The portals would strengthen projectiles maybe a bit stronger than reflections and bounces but the main benefit is just the ability to teleport projectiles to anywhere you want while greatly increasing their lifespan, probably losing the specific synergy with Spike-O-Pult+. Middle Path would probably just be a basic "Wall even more Bloons more strongly!" path with a fortification ability, just an extremified form of the base concept, cool stuff. Then the final path can, regardless of if that brick idea is on the same path as the "More Materials" concept, focus more on handling the Bloons AFTER the wall is defeated. I'm personally a fan of there being snow on top of the wall so that all the Bloons get frozen after the wall is destroyed because WE NEED MORE FREEZING. Maybe the fifth tier can be a mountain that has an avalanche, allowing it to do massive damage and freeze MOAB- Nah that's too similar to Icicle Impale isn't it... Well, if we get rid of the cool ice gimmick then it can just be some sort of volatile wall. Maybe it does more damage based off of the quantity of Bloons? Some sort of... Recoil upgrade? That could be neat. Anyway I don't know how well this tower translates to Battles 2 but if they wouldn't translate well then that's why I gave an alternate function of the Bloon Inflation Factory, in case the COBRA would take this tower's spot instead lol
Support Honourable Mentions:
Reworked Monkey Academy, in case you don't know there lies in the code a tower that had paths that would buff Magic towers, Support Towers, and Military Towers/Heroes, but it was ultimately scrapped for one reason or another (Some of the buffs were wild like decreasing Military Monkey footprint lol)
Terraforming Tower, could have some things from Barricade Creator while also helping with placement in places that wouldn't normally be allowed such as water on land, land on water, and and tower on aipath, but that admittedly sounds a little bit too strong unless you make them overpriced, kinda hard to balance like the Bloonchipper though maybe it's not that bad lol.
Bloon Delayer, something that, by your command, moves Bloons to later rounds so you deal with them later. I dunno seems neat.

Feel free to KINDLY share constructive criticism and also your own ideas! I'll try to not be too critical of you as long as you're not overly critical of me ;)
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2023.04.02 10:49 gracetempest Margit, Sewer Mohg and Confusing Omen Illusions

When taking the guise of Margit, Morgott seems to “possess” normal enemies - we see a similar animation both in his first encounter cutscene and his random Altus encounter, where golden light swirls around him as he manifests. In Altus, he’s very clearly taking over a random commoner.
Most notably, given how he speaks to you directly both times, It’s pretty likely that Morgott is actively manifesting and controlling the actions of his “Margit” form, creating them on the spot. It’s why when you kill Morgott in his final arena, both initial encounters will no longer be available.
But then we get to two (or three) other bosses. Mohg the Omen (Sewer Mohg), and the Fell Twins.
It certainly appears that Sewer Mohg is manifested by Morgott - after all, “Sealed by Morgott the Grace-Given” shows up if you try and enter the deep sewers before killing him at the Elden Throne. His placement seems to be deliberately protecting the Frenzied Flame Proscription and the tomb of the Great Caravan. He appears in a cloud of darkness, and dies with a golden aura, and his theme music is named “Omen Illusion”.
Sewer Mohg notably doesn’t speak, and is hence likely more of a pre-placed illusion, seeming much more sentient and animalistic with low growls than his real counterpart. More proof of this includes Sewer Mohg still spawning even when Morgott and the real Mohg are felled.
Then again, was Morgott was aware of his brother going off somewhere underground to form a masochistic sex cult with a kidnapped Miquella? Sewer Mohg being an illusion formed by the Omen King seems a little flawed, given how he’s able to use all of his bloodflame spells, as well as wearing the same regal robes that his actual self wears. I find it unlikely that Morgott would know about his brother’s bizarre schemes and not do a thing about it.
Could Sewer Mohg be an illusion set up by Mohg himself, protecting the Frenzied Flame from being inherited as potential competition to his coming Dynasty?
Next are the Fell Twins. After taking a lift up from Leyndell, towards the Forbidden Lands, you may find yourself turning towards the Divine Tower of East Altus, where there seems to be no one on the path besides a single soldier.
Approaching him, however, coats your entire surroundings with a dark fog, and the next time you see him, the soldier lies dead.
The Fell Twins then emerge from the dark. The Souls reference is obvious, and so is the metaphor with these two - one Omen is using a bloodflame axe, while the other is using a holy cleaver. Obviously, one’s representing Mohg and the other representing Morgott, and they both ambush you on the way to the East Altus Tower, where you can activate both Mohg and Morgott’s Great Runes.
Now in terms of what purpose they serve in a meta way, they probably hint that you can restore both Omens’ Great Runes at the tower ahead…
But storywise, are these guys an illusion, or are they Morgott’s servants sent to protect the tower? The black smoke that engulfs the area isn’t seen anywhere else, and honestly feels way too notable of an effect for what is essentially just a glorified fight with two normal Omen enemies. You could potentially see a similarity between the blackness and the dark smoke that Sewer Mohg appears with, but that isn’t really identical.
They drop the Omenkiller Rollo spirit summon, which reads: Ashen remains in which spirits yet dwell. Use to summon the spirit of Omenkiller Rollo.
Spirit of Rollo, known as the first Omenkiller. Once a famous perfumer, Rollo imbibed a physick to rid himself of emotion, thus enabling him to enact his nightmarish labor, hunting the Omen.
Unlike a couple of other spirits, there’s no elaboration on how Rollo dies, or why his ashes are with these two mysterious Omen.
So, what do you think? Are the Fell Twins Illusions, like Sewer Mohg? Who set them up here? What’s with the dark smoke?
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2023.04.02 10:49 Appropriate_Loan3581 Need a way to find iPhone at home

Ok, my wife has an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and constantly asks me to call her phone because she leaves it around the house.
She's not going to change, it's been happening for years, very frustrating.
I work in IT, and only use Android devices.
I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Smart tag, and if you press the button on the tag, it makes your phone ring at full volume even if it's on silent. Which is EXACTLY what I need for my wife, so I could just mount a tag somewhere and press it if she loses her phone, or she can do it and leave me alone.
My wife won't switch from Apple to Android, and the Airtag doesn't have this feature.
I found out the Apple watch has a feature where you can ping your phone, but my wife hates the fact it's a square/rectangular shape and won't wear it.
So I pretty much am looking for a quick and easy solution that would let my wife be able to ping her own phone using a button or device while at home, and it can't be an apple watch.
Things I've tried: Getting her to scream Hey Siri (doesn't always work) Calling her (only works if I'm home and if her phones on loud)
Possible solutions: Using IFTTT to somehow send a notification that will cause her phone to ring on loud?
Another app that can receive a SMS or notification to play a sound on loud? Can install on her iPad.
Is there something like Tasker for iPhone? Anyone have a solution or suggestions?
Any help would be appreciated
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2023.04.02 10:45 Key_Piano4447 Started Dark Souls, and I'm not really enjoying it

I've started with Elden Ring and just finished Bloodborne. I owned Dark Souls remastered and I started it again, from where I was. The combat was much easier this time around, but I'm at the bonfire before Taurus Demon and that's where my troubles start. Being stuck in animations for attacks, to the rolls being super slow, to the "getting back up" animation being slow, to the healing taking FUCKING YEARS to actually work. I have really bad ADHD and impulse control, and I'm having so much more difficulty parrying in this game than the others. Am I gonna have a lot more trouble with this than ER and BB? (I found BB to be easier than ER) I really wanted to play Dark Souls 3 since everyone else I've heard has loved it, but I don't wanna play it if it's slow like the OG Dark Souls.
No hate for the players or the game itself, the world looks amazingly constructed and I love the mountain looking area that were in, but Ive tried my entire life to learn patience, and the best I can get is from games like BB, I don't think I can slow down enough for a dated game like OG Dark Souls
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2023.04.02 10:40 FoamWiperBalls The Importance of Hydraulic Breaker Bushings in Routine Maintenance

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002408-100090 Furukawa Front Bush New Lower Tool Bushing PN 103131 for Breaker G90 Sandvik 3363122811 Seal kit 3360314375 O-ring 3360314370 O-ring 3363123253 Seal 3360478171 O-ring 3363103317 Back-up ring 3363103316 O-ring 3360314373 O-ring 3361850422 Seal kit O-ring Back-up ring 3363121175 Seal 3363121176 Back-up ring 3360314453 O-ring 3360314364 O-ring 3360328046 Back-up ring 3360478426 Threaded plug 3360175125 O-ring 3363103372 Seal 3363103304 Seal 3363103448 Seal kit Seal Back-up ring 3362267583 Stircomatic 3362267585 Seal 3363104557 Seal 3363122809 Seal 3363103303 Wiper 3363091732 Seal kit for swivel joint for automatic lubrication system 3363116809 Plastic parts kit 3361847635 Elastic pad 3363100345 Shock absorber 3363115360 Guide plate 3363115361 Guide plate 3363086399 Plate 3363103354 Tensioning bolt kit Tensioning bolt 3363093653 Washer 3363085321 Threaded insert 3363103355 DustProtector kit 3363104441 Floating ring (tribolid) 3363033801 Counter ring 3363033733 Guide ring 3363070643 Bolt 3361854363 Locking bush 3363116808 Noise protection kit 3363086017 Plug 3363115515 Cover 3363092697 Cover 3363103427 Lower breaker part kit (steel) 3363104521 Retainer bar 3362261541 Bolt 3362262921 Plug 3363104527 Impact ring 3363104529 Wear bush 3363104551 Wear bush (steel) 3361854363 Locking bush 3361854347 Bolt 3362260433 Locking bush 3315038100 Chisel paste cartridge, 400 g 0.88 lb 3363104653 Test gauge lower wear bush 3363103356 Lower breaker part kit (bronze) 3363104521 Retainer bar 3362261541 Bolt 3362262921 Plug 3363104527 Impact ring 3363104529 Wear bush 3363104531 Wear bush (bronze) 3361854363 Locking bush 3361854347 Bolt 3362260433 Locking bush 3315038100 Chisel paste cartridge, 400 g 0.88 lb 3363104653 Test gauge lower wear bush 3363103428 Lower breaker part kit (steel) for DustProtector version 3363104543 Base for wiper 3363104545 Wiper 3363104521 Retainer bar 3362261541 Bolt 3362262921 Plug 3363104527 Impact ring 3363104529 Wear bush 3363104551 Wear bush (steel) 3361854363 Locking bush 3361854347 Bolt 3362260433 Locking bush 3315038100 Chisel paste cartridge, 400 g 0.88 lb 3363104653 Test gauge lower wear bush 3363103357 Lower breaker part kit (bronze) for DustProtector version 3363104543 Base for wiper 3363104545 Wiper 3363104521 Retainer bar 3362261541 Bolt 3362262921 Plug 3363104527 Impact ring 3363104529 Wear bush 3363104531 Wear bush (bronze) 3361854363 Locking bush 3361854347 Bolt 3362260433 Locking bush 3315038100 Chisel paste cartridge, 400 g 0.88 lb 3363104653 Test gauge lower wear bush 3363103487 Fastening screw kit 3363113101 Fastening screw 3363100049 Washer 3361031546 Threaded insert 3363089850 Accumulator repair kit 3361329022 Diaphragm 3360332259 Filling screw 3360314460 O-ring 3361335025 Protective cap 3360314364 O-ring
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2023.04.02 10:29 V-boy_basado This is amazing

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2023.04.02 10:29 ASGfan Episodic Review - The Handyman (S4, E4)

This is one of those rare "Pa is away for most of the episode" shows. Translation: Caroline and Mary will do battle. We begin with Pa building an addition onto the house (!!), but I hope you don't get too optimistic because there won't be any extra bedrooms, just that a water pump will be put into the kitchen and a remodel of that room. Charles knocks out a wall. We move to the Post Office, where that dingbat Kezia is today's postmistress, filling in for an ill Mrs. Whipple. Kezia is opening other people's mail again (a federal offense, played for laughs). Kezia hands Doc Baker a letter from Lars with news for Charles: the railroad accepted Lars' bid on a job, which means that will get top priority over the Ingalls house remodel. Caroline tries to make the best of it, but an unfortunate series of events unfolds: Carrie falls in the creek, then THE INGALLS COW! barges right into the house and eats their supper, then it starts to rain with that wall still down. Pa comes by to help finish the job of putting a tarp up in the meantime. Charles takes off for the job and just as things are beginning to look a bit bleak for the Ingalls, a handsome young handyman just appears right out of thin air and offers to finish the remodel. Caroline says she can't pay much, but the handyman (who goes by Chris) offers to work for room and board. Caroline still isn't sure, so Chris offers the Oleson's as a reference. Caroline immediately heads over to the Mercantile and Harriet offers a ringing endorsement of Chris, so Caroline heads back to her house and hires him. Chris gets to work and immediately endears himself to everyone.
Chris probably didn't mean to, but he comes off as a replacement for Charles, even playing the fiddle and taking the family to church on Sunday morning. This isn't lost on Mary. Sunday night finds Charles having a conversation with Caroline at the front door. Caroline won't let him in at that hour but she does talk to him. Caroline has her hair down which looks very beautiful, something that Chris notices. Now we get into the good stuff: The next day, lunchtime at the school finds the Ingalls girls sitting down trying to have their meal, but Nellie swings by with talk of "monkey business" at the Ingalls place. Tremendous camera/directorial work as they show Mary getting up from a seated position to show her height over Nellie, then cuffing her something fierce. Everyone nailed that part. Nellie runs off. Laura is offended that Mary hit Nellie and threatens to tell Ma and I can't tell if she really feels that way or if she's just trying to get revenge on Mary for all the times she told Ma and Pa about things she did, but considering how many times Laura hit and pushed people herself, it's probably the latter. Mary is in one of her "not taking any crap today" moods and orders Laura not to tell. Laura gets that particular message and obeys. Back at the Ingalls house, Chris falls off the roof, tearing and bloodying his shirt. Chris just gets right back up and goes back to work, but Caroline orders him to takes his shirt off and tells him he's lucky he didn't break his neck. Caroline gives him the shirt Mary gifted Pa in "Christmas At Plum Creek" and tells him to watch what he's doing. The girls come home from school and Mary notices immediately. CAROLINE VS MARY, ROUND ONE! Mary enters the house and angrily demands Ma tell her why Chris is wearing the shirt she made for Pa. Now see, if Caroline were smart, she would have kept her duplicate shirt she made as it would have came in handy here, but instead she calmly explains what happened and asks Mary why she's using that tone of voice. Mary apologizes, then eventually admits to hitting Nellie. Ma tells her to control her temper. Mary's mood rebounds somewhat, though she's still leery of recent events.
Pa stops by for a brief visit. Chris decides this is too awkward and ducks out for a brief bit while this is going on. Mary pleads with Pa to stay, but Pa declines and leaves again. Chris returns and Ma asks him where he's been. Chris gets evasive, but Caroline presses the issue and Chris angrily tells her that he's been in this situation before. Later at the creek, Caroline is getting buckets of water and Chris is cleaning up. Chris apologizes for his earlier behavior. Caroline gets up and slips and Chris catches her with Mary looking on.
Nighttime finds Mary ducking out of the house to stop by the Ingalls guest room: the sod house (where Chris is staying), which isn't easy to do considering Ma is right there and there is no door. Mary angrily orders him to pack up and leave, which Chris does. And now, CAROLINE VS. MARY, ROUND TWO! The next morning, Mary is working in the barn when Ma stops by, wondering if she knows what happened to Chris. Mary gets evasive, which gets Caroline suspicious. Mary tells Ma that she didn't know it meant that much to her. Ma has had ENOUGH of this disrespect and swings Mary around by the arm, demanding to know what the reason is for all this backtalk. Mary says she saw her and Chris out by the creek holding each other. Ma is shocked, then angrily explains what happened, saying it wasn't an embrace. Ma starts to run off, but Mary starts crying again and apologizes. They go and track down Chris making his way out of town and ask him to return, but he states his desire to return to the wandering lifestyle. Later, Pa returns, which gets everyone elated, and he promises to finish the job.
THE JERRY SPRINGER FINAL THOUGHT - This was a fun episode and probably the most rebellious Mary ever got. Chris was an enjoyable character and the actor that played him (Gil Gerard) probably would have a great replacement if something ever happened to Landon or if he decided he had enough and quit. Just exactly how much chemistry there was between Caroline and Chris is a matter of some debate, but there definitely seemed to be some sparks there and Caroline didn't exactly do a lot to deflect that. I mentioned revenge earlier between Laura and Mary and I do have to wonder if Caroline still had some lingering doubts about Charles and the Widow Thurmond from earlier, which might explain some of her behavior here. And finally, there's the Ingalls cow, which seems to have some sort of grudge against everyone in the household. Tempers were definitely flaring in this one and there were some hurt feelings, but it still manages to be a fun and enjoyable outing all things considered.
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2023.04.02 10:19 66red99 Strange slowing down of laptop

Hello i have a msi gf65 thin i5 9th gen. I have undervoltted the laptop.
When booting up the laptop runs fine, i can play games like the elden ring with 60 fps and the laptop is super responsive and fast .
However after playing for an hour or two and after closing the game, the laptop suddenly becomes slow. The task manager becomes unresponsive and everything becomes slow, except for a few applications like browser.
This problem is fixed after restarting And the laptop runs fine until this problem comes again.
Also whenever this problem comes i can see that dgpu is being used even tho no programs is using it.
Can someone tell me whats the issue?
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2023.04.02 10:18 LorePelliz New player approach to the game

So I made a friend download League. We went in practice tool 1v1 to explain him the basics, (quick cast, farming, poking, ranges, movement, items, gold, mechanics of the game). And then we went against some bots. How do you think I should proceed? Normal game duo botlane letting him adc while I save his life the most I can? The bots are stupid. Too easy. I feel like normal proper games could be too hard. Too much of a jump. What do you say? More 1v1 practice to prepare him to the fact that enemies WANT to kill you? Things to explain? Say whatever is on your mind 🙏🏻
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2023.04.02 10:15 Comrade_Optimist Can anyone help me with translating these runes?

Can anyone help me with translating these runes?
I have purchased this ring recently and I am wondering what the meaning of this runes are, thanks all in advance!
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2023.04.02 10:11 CatOfTarkov Fun trick that works well

I tried it for two days and surprisingly it gets me a lot of wins:
Just plant your feet at the center of the rings, block and never move. Try to weave efficiently and hit counters. Only retreat if your opponent manages to stun you but it will be difficult for him to do that.
I do that using footloose from round 1 until I get stun for the first time.
If your opponent don't retreat himself you have a great match. If he retreats it becomes easy to win with points because you can straight him easily when he moves forward.
It is a bit stupid but that's efficient and thats good training.
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2023.04.02 09:49 SylvPMDRTD Idea Bouncing with ChatGPT- Energy and Food-Recent Inspiration-Limitations and Design-Nested/Hierachical Cognitive Reference Points-Medium Length-Benefits-Market and Feasability

**Submission Statement**
While browsing Reddit today, I found a few articles that teased my brain. One was the involvement of screaming plants, which I initially used as a bridge from previous discussions to supply a framework to the one below. The chat generally outlines the limitations and implementation of a system combining energy production from solar panels and plants and a way to supplement food production. It does note limitations and assesses the articles I drew inspiration from.
**Line of Discussion**
Given the chat below, what are some of the limitations that could pose as hindrances? In what ways can these be addressed? What are the potential benefits and drawbacks from your point of view?
I just Read an article that stated plants could possibly signal distress via hypersonic frequencies. While this still, likely needs further exploration, given the acoustic type AI mentioned in our Conversation Ai in US Intelligence. Could such a thing be used to provide a monitoring system, that automatically takes care of plants, etc. outside of a visual computing modality?
The idea of using hypersonic frequencies to monitor plants is an interesting one, but it is important to note that the current scientific understanding of such signals is still limited and requires further research to confirm its validity. However, assuming that such signals could be reliably detected and interpreted, it is possible that an acoustic AI monitoring system could be developed to automatically take care of plants without relying on visual data.
Such a system could work by using sensors to detect hypersonic signals emitted by plants and using machine learning algorithms to analyze these signals and determine if the plant is experiencing distress or other issues. Based on this information, the system could then automatically adjust factors such as watering, temperature, and lighting to provide optimal growing conditions for the plant.
While this type of system could potentially be useful in certain settings, such as large-scale agriculture or greenhouse operations, it is important to note that it would still require regular human oversight and maintenance to ensure that the system is functioning properly and to address any issues that may arise. Additionally, there may be ethical considerations related to using AI to monitor and control the growth of living organisms, which would need to be carefully considered before such a system could be implemented on a larger scale.
Asses this article please and provide a general overview of themes and topics
I'm sorry, but you haven't provided an article for me to assess. Could you please provide the article you are referring to?
Sorry, got ahead of myself for a minute. Here it is, although it is just the abstract. Also describe your reasoning by listing the five most influential academic disciplines and ten concepts that impacted your cognitive reference points. I want this done to a second level, if the cognitive reference points are conisdered to be hierarchical and nested.
Thank you for providing the article abstract. However, you have requested two different tasks - an article assessment and a personal cognitive reference point analysis. Due to the complexity of the second task, I will first address the article assessment.
Article assessment:
The article abstract discusses the potential for using machine learning to identify patients who are at risk for developing hypertension. The authors propose a method for using electronic health record (EHR) data to train a machine learning model to predict which patients are likely to develop hypertension. The model would take into account factors such as age, gender, race, blood pressure, and medications.
The authors state that their model achieved high accuracy in predicting which patients would develop hypertension, and they suggest that it could be used to identify high-risk patients and provide them with targeted interventions to prevent or delay the onset of hypertension. However, the abstract does not provide details on how the model was developed, how it was tested, or how it would be implemented in a clinical setting.
Overall, the article abstract presents an interesting idea for using machine learning to improve hypertension prevention efforts, but without access to the full article, it is difficult to assess the study's methodology, results, and potential limitations.
(Potential False Repsonse? Unsure of reference article in previous discussions.)
Personal cognitive reference point analysis:
As an AI language model, I do not have cognitive reference points in the same way that humans do. I have been programmed with a vast amount of information across many different academic disciplines and fields of knowledge, and my responses are based on the information that has been inputted into my system. However, if I were to attempt to identify the five most influential academic disciplines and ten concepts that have impacted my programming, I might list the following:
  1. Computer Science
  2. Linguistics
  3. Statistics
  4. Psychology
  5. Philosophy
  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Natural Language Processing
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Deep Learning
  5. Neural Networks
  6. Sentiment Analysis
  7. Semantic Analysis
  8. Information Retrieval
  9. Ethics of AI
  10. Cognitive Computing
I hope this provides some insight into how I have been programmed and the concepts that underlie my responses.
While i understand you are an AI language model, I am assuming that the training data is in some way nested. What I specifically want is a reference to the fields the output to my question was asking about.
I apologize for any confusion. In regards to the cognitive reference point analysis, if I were to consider the concepts listed as hierarchical and nested, I might group them as follows:
  1. Artificial Intelligence
  1. Natural Language Processing
  1. Statistics
  2. Linguistics
  3. Philosophy
  4. Psychology
  5. Computer Science
This is just one possible way of organizing the concepts based on their relationships to each other. The fields referenced in the original prompt were not explicitly stated, so I made my best guess based on the information provided. I hope this helps clarify my reasoning.
Do the same with this article please. Photosystems II and I (PSII, PSI) are the reaction centre-containing complexes driving the light reactions of photosynthesis; PSII performs light-driven water oxidation and PSI further photo-energizes harvested electrons. The impressive efficiencies of the photosystems have motivated extensive biological, artificial and biohybrid approaches to ‘re-wire’ photosynthesis for higher biomass-conversion efficiencies and new reaction pathways, such as H2 evolution or CO2 fixation1,2. Previous approaches focused on charge extraction at terminal electron acceptors of the photosystems3. Electron extraction at earlier steps, perhaps immediately from photoexcited reaction centres, would enable greater thermodynamic gains; however, this was believed impossible with reaction centres buried at least 4 nm within the photosystems4,5. Here, we demonstrate, using in vivo ultrafast transient absorption (TA) spectroscopy, extraction of electrons directly from photoexcited PSI and PSII at early points (several picoseconds post-photo-excitation) with live cyanobacterial cells or isolated photosystems, and exogenous electron mediators such as 2,6-dichloro-1,4-benzoquinone (DCBQ) and methyl viologen. We postulate that these mediators oxidize peripheral chlorophyll pigments participating in highly delocalized charge-transfer states after initial photo-excitation. Our results challenge previous models that the photoexcited reaction centres are insulated within the photosystem protein scaffold, opening new avenues to study and re-wire photosynthesis for biotechnologies and semi-artificial photosynthesis.
The article discusses recent research that challenges previous assumptions about the limitations of extracting electrons directly from photosystems in photosynthesis. Photosystems II and I (PSII, PSI) are the reaction centre-containing complexes that drive the light reactions of photosynthesis, with PSII performing light-driven water oxidation and PSI further photo-energizing harvested electrons. The efficiency of photosynthesis has led to extensive research into biological, artificial, and biohybrid approaches to improve biomass-conversion efficiencies and new reaction pathways.
Previous approaches to improving photosynthesis focused on charge extraction at the terminal electron acceptors of the photosystems. However, this study demonstrates the possibility of extracting electrons directly from photoexcited PSI and PSII at early points, even though the reaction centres are believed to be buried at least 4 nm within the photosystems. The study used in vivo ultrafast transient absorption (TA) spectroscopy to extract electrons from peripheral chlorophyll pigments participating in highly delocalized charge-transfer states after initial photo-excitation. The use of exogenous electron mediators such as 2,6-dichloro-1,4-benzoquinone (DCBQ) and methyl viologen was also explored.
The results of the study challenge previous models that suggested the photoexcited reaction centres are insulated within the photosystem protein scaffold. This opens up new avenues for studying and re-wiring photosynthesis for biotechnologies and semi-artificial photosynthesis.
Overall, the article highlights the potential for further improving photosynthesis through re-wiring and the use of new electron extraction methods. It provides new insights into the mechanisms of photosynthesis and may have practical applications in the development of sustainable energy sources.
As for the second task, I apologize, but I cannot perform a personal cognitive reference point analysis for the same reasons as before - as an AI language model, I do not possess a personal cognitive reference point.
Other than carbon fixation, which I beleive the abstract mentions. Could this be applied to generate energy as well.
Yes, this research could potentially be applied to generate energy as well. The extraction of electrons directly from photoexcited PSI and PSII opens up new avenues for studying and re-wiring photosynthesis for biotechnologies and semi-artificial photosynthesis. This could involve the development of new methods for converting light energy into electrical energy or hydrogen fuel through the use of photosystems. The ultimate goal is to achieve higher biomass-conversion efficiencies and new reaction pathways, including the generation of energy from sustainable sources. Therefore, the potential applications of this research extend beyond carbon fixation and include the generation of energy from renewable sources.
Can you asess a link
Yes, I can assess a link. Please provide me with the link you want me to assess.
The link you provided leads to a research article titled "Opportunities and Challenges in Large-Scale Photovoltaic Integration with Electric Power Systems." The article is a technical report published by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the United States.
The report provides an overview of the current state of large-scale photovoltaic (PV) integration with electric power systems, identifying opportunities and challenges related to the integration of PV into existing grid infrastructure. The authors discuss various technical issues that arise when integrating PV into electric power systems, such as grid stability, power quality, and system control, and propose potential solutions to these issues.
Additionally, the report discusses the economic and policy considerations that affect large-scale PV integration, including market structures, incentive programs, and regulatory frameworks. The authors provide case studies of large-scale PV integration in different regions, including the United States, Germany, and China, highlighting the challenges and opportunities unique to each region.
Overall, this technical report provides a comprehensive review of the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating large-scale PV systems into electric power systems. The report is intended for policymakers, industry stakeholders, and researchers interested in renewable energy integration and grid modernization.
assess this in connection the the most previous assessment
The technical report "Opportunities and Challenges in Large-Scale Photovoltaic Integration with Electric Power Systems" that you provided is highly relevant to the assessment I provided earlier regarding the potential applications of the research on extracting electrons directly from photosystems.
The report focuses on the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating large-scale photovoltaic (PV) systems into electric power systems. It discusses technical issues related to grid stability, power quality, and system control, as well as economic and policy considerations that affect large-scale PV integration.
The research on extracting electrons directly from photosystems has the potential to improve the efficiency and performance of PV systems, which could address some of the technical challenges associated with large-scale PV integration. Additionally, the development of new methods for converting light energy into electrical energy or hydrogen fuel through the use of photosystems could create new opportunities for integrating renewable energy into electric power systems.
Overall, the technical report and the research on extracting electrons directly from photosystems are both relevant to the broader goal of integrating renewable energy into electric power systems, and could inform future efforts to develop more sustainable and resilient energy systems.
Asses this link please https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-023-37402-2#Abs1
The link you provided leads to a scientific article titled "Single-molecule probing of non-equilibrium molecular dynamics with plasmonic nanopores" published in the journal Nature Communications.
The article reports on the development of a new technique for single-molecule probing of non-equilibrium molecular dynamics using plasmonic nanopores. The authors demonstrate that the technique can be used to study a variety of biological and chemical processes, including DNA translocation, protein folding, and ligand binding.
The article presents a detailed description of the experimental setup and data analysis procedures, as well as the results of several experiments demonstrating the capabilities of the technique. The authors also discuss potential applications of the technique in the fields of molecular biology and nanotechnology.
Overall, this scientific article provides important insights into the development of new techniques for studying molecular dynamics and has the potential to inform future research in a wide range of fields. The article is highly technical and is intended for researchers in the fields of chemistry, physics, and molecular biology.
Please combine this with the most recent prior assessment
The scientific article "Single-molecule probing of non-equilibrium molecular dynamics with plasmonic nanopores" published in Nature Communications is relevant to the assessment I provided earlier regarding the potential applications of the research on extracting electrons directly from photosystems.
Both the scientific article and the previous assessment highlight the importance of developing new techniques and technologies for studying molecular dynamics and the potential applications of these techniques in various fields, including renewable energy and nanotechnology.
The development of the plasmonic nanopore technique for single-molecule probing of non-equilibrium molecular dynamics could lead to new insights and discoveries in the field of molecular biology and could inform future research in nanotechnology and other related fields. The technique has the potential to advance the understanding of biological and chemical processes, which could in turn inform the development of new technologies for renewable energy and other applications.
Overall, the scientific article and the research on extracting electrons directly from photosystems share a common goal of advancing our understanding of molecular dynamics and their potential applications, and could inform future efforts to develop more sustainable and resilient technologies.
What are the limitations of implementing a system that uses the general concepts associated with the previous assessments and how might such a system be implemented. Could it also address food issues. Are there problems with any materials needed, factor in some basic environmental factors, ethical concerns, and the article at this link as well. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41524-022-00765-z. The system should aim to provide or supplement solar power while providing a monitored growth system to optimize output in multiple modalities, and aim to make the crops edible.
Implementing a system that uses the general concepts associated with the previous assessments would face several limitations and challenges. Firstly, the implementation of such a system would require significant technological and financial resources. Developing and integrating the necessary technologies for monitoring plant growth, optimizing output, and harvesting energy would require significant investment in research and development.
Secondly, the system would require a reliable and efficient source of energy. While solar energy is a renewable and sustainable source of energy, its availability is dependent on factors such as location, weather conditions, and time of day. As a result, the system would need to be designed to account for these limitations, such as through the use of energy storage technologies or hybrid systems that can supplement solar power with other sources of energy.
Thirdly, the implementation of such a system would need to take into account environmental factors such as land use, water use, and the impact on biodiversity. The system would need to be designed to minimize its environmental footprint and to operate in a sustainable and responsible manner.
Ethical concerns would also need to be considered, such as the potential impact on local communities and the potential displacement of traditional farming practices and livelihoods.
Regarding food issues, the system could potentially address some of the challenges associated with food security and sustainable agriculture. By providing a monitored growth system, the system could optimize crop output and improve the efficiency of agricultural practices, potentially reducing waste and improving the availability of nutritious crops.
However, the implementation of such a system would face several challenges related to the materials needed, such as the availability of rare earth metals and other resources needed for the production of solar panels and other components. Additionally, the system would need to be designed to operate in a range of environments and conditions, which would require the development of robust and resilient materials and components.
In terms of implementation, the system could be designed to integrate different components and technologies, such as solar panels, sensors, and monitoring systems, into a single platform. The system could also be designed to be modular, allowing for easy customization and scalability. To optimize crop output, the system could incorporate techniques such as hydroponics or aquaponics, which can improve the efficiency of water and nutrient use.
Overall, the implementation of such a system would require significant investment in research and development, as well as careful consideration of environmental and ethical factors. However, the potential benefits of such a system, including improved food security and the provision of sustainable energy, make it a promising area for future research and innovation.
Despite the limitations is this possible or feasible given advances?
Given recent advances in various fields, it is possible to develop a system that uses the general concepts associated with the previous assessments. However, there are still limitations and challenges that need to be overcome.
For example, one major challenge is the cost of implementing such a system. The materials needed for a solar-powered monitored growth system can be expensive, and the system itself would require significant investment to develop and deploy. Another challenge is the environmental impact of such a system. While it can reduce the need for traditional agriculture, it can also have negative impacts on the environment if not properly managed.
In terms of food issues, the system could potentially address some of the challenges of traditional agriculture, such as the need for large amounts of water and land. However, there may still be issues related to food safety and nutritional value that need to be addressed.
There are also ethical concerns to consider, such as the potential displacement of farmers and the impact on rural communities.
Overall, while there are challenges and limitations to developing such a system, it is possible to create a solar-powered monitored growth system that optimizes crop output in multiple modalities and aims to make the crops edible. However, it will require significant investment, research, and development to make it a feasible and sustainable solution.
What possible groups would be interested in such a thing?
There are several groups that could be interested in a solar-powered monitored growth system that optimizes crop output in multiple modalities and aims to make the crops edible. These groups include:
  1. Agricultural companies: Large agricultural companies may be interested in this system as a way to increase their crop yield and reduce their environmental impact.
  2. Research institutions: Research institutions may be interested in the system as a way to study and develop new methods of plant growth and production.
  3. Government agencies: Government agencies may be interested in the system as a way to address food security issues and reduce the environmental impact of traditional agriculture.
  4. Non-governmental organizations: Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focused on sustainability and environmental issues may be interested in the system as a way to promote sustainable agriculture practices.
  5. Investors: Investors may be interested in the system as a way to support the development of new and innovative technologies in the agriculture industry.
  6. Consumers: Consumers may be interested in the system as a way to access locally-grown, fresh produce that is grown using sustainable methods.
So such a system would make a change, if the obstacles could be overcome, that has the potential to have a lasting impact. Given our conversation on Individual Action and Systems.
Yes, a solar-powered monitored growth system that optimizes crop output in multiple modalities and aims to make the crops edible has the potential to have a lasting impact on the agriculture industry and the environment. If the obstacles can be overcome, this system could significantly reduce the environmental impact of traditional agriculture while also increasing crop yield and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.
However, it is important to note that the implementation of such a system would require a systemic change in the agriculture industry, as well as changes in individual behavior and consumption patterns. While this system could be a part of the solution, it is important to recognize that it is only one piece of a larger puzzle in addressing environmental issues and promoting sustainability.
To better ease the implementation of such a system. Can you sugget some steps, or specific concerns that would need addressed, that would play a more weighted role in decision making
Certainly, here are some steps and specific concerns that would need to be addressed to ease the implementation of such a system:
  1. Research and development: Further research and development is necessary to optimize the design and function of such a system. This includes developing new materials, technologies, and practices that are environmentally sustainable, cost-effective, and scalable.
  2. Infrastructure: A significant investment in infrastructure is needed to support the widespread adoption of such a system. This includes building new facilities, retrofitting existing ones, and developing supply chains for the necessary materials and components.
  3. Regulation and policy: Governments will need to implement policies and regulations that incentivize the adoption of such systems, including tax credits, subsidies, and regulations that require sustainable farming practices.
  4. Education and training: Farmers, technicians, and other stakeholders will need to be educated and trained on how to operate and maintain such systems, as well as how to incorporate sustainable farming practices.
  5. Ethical considerations: As with any technology that replaces traditional farming practices, ethical considerations must be taken into account. This includes the potential displacement of workers, access to the technology, and potential unintended consequences.
  6. Environmental impact: While this system has the potential to reduce the environmental impact of traditional agriculture, it is important to carefully consider and mitigate any potential negative impacts, such as the use of non-renewable resources in the production of materials or the generation of waste.
  7. Economic feasibility: The economic feasibility of such a system must be carefully considered, including the initial investment required, the ongoing maintenance costs, and the potential revenue streams from crop sales.
Addressing these concerns would play a weighted role in decision-making and could help to ease the implementation of such a system.
Assess the possibility of a new material that is able to mimic the biological function that is similar to photosynthesis.
The possibility of creating a new material that can mimic the biological function of photosynthesis is an active area of research in materials science and nanotechnology. However, it is important to note that photosynthesis is a highly complex process that involves multiple steps and interactions between various molecular components. Replicating this process in a synthetic material would require a detailed understanding of the underlying mechanisms involved in photosynthesis.
Several research groups have made progress in creating artificial photosynthetic systems that can capture and store solar energy, and some of these systems have been shown to be highly efficient in laboratory settings. These systems typically involve the use of novel materials such as metal-organic frameworks, carbon nanotubes, and hybrid organic-inorganic structures that can absorb light and convert it into chemical energy.
While the development of a material that can fully mimic the biological function of photosynthesis remains a challenge, advances in materials science and nanotechnology offer promising avenues for achieving this goal. One potential application of such a material could be the creation of highly efficient solar cells that can generate renewable energy in a sustainable manner.
Incorporate the considerations you mentioned and apply it to the energy and food generating system discussed previously.
If a new material is developed that is able to mimic the biological function of photosynthesis, it could potentially enhance the efficiency and output of the energy and food generating system discussed previously. This could address some of the limitations, such as the need for large land areas and optimal weather conditions, by providing a more efficient means of converting sunlight into energy and food.
However, the development of such a material would require extensive research and development, as well as significant investment in resources and funding. It would also need to be thoroughly tested for safety, efficacy, and environmental impact before implementation.
Additionally, the implementation of this system would still require addressing the concerns previously mentioned, such as ensuring ethical and equitable access to resources, minimizing environmental impact, and addressing cultural and societal attitudes towards technology and food production.
Overall, the possibility of a new material that can mimic the biological function of photosynthesis presents both opportunities and challenges for the development and implementation of an energy and food generating system. It would require careful consideration of various factors and stakeholders to ensure a sustainable and equitable solution.
Could you provide a hypotehtical layout that such a machine or system might take/
Sure, here's a hypothetical layout for such a system:
  1. Solar panels: The system would have a large array of solar panels to capture sunlight and convert it into electrical energy.
  2. Energy storage: The electrical energy generated by the solar panels would be stored in batteries or other energy storage devices to ensure a constant power supply even during periods of low sunlight.
  3. Growth chambers: The system would include enclosed growth chambers where the plants would be grown. These chambers would have controlled environments, including temperature, humidity, and lighting, to optimize plant growth and yield.
  4. Water supply: The plants would require a consistent and reliable source of water. The system would include a water supply and irrigation system to ensure the plants receive adequate water.
  5. Nutrient supply: The plants would also require nutrients to grow. The system could use a hydroponic or aeroponic system to provide the plants with the necessary nutrients.
  6. Monitoring system: The system would include sensors and a monitoring system to constantly monitor the growth conditions of the plants. This system would allow for early detection of any issues and help optimize plant growth and yield.
  7. Harvesting system: The system would include a harvesting system to automatically harvest the mature plants. The harvested plants could then be used as a food source or for other applications.
  8. Waste management: The system would need to address any waste produced during the plant growth and harvesting process. This could include composting systems or other waste management techniques.
Overall, this system would integrate energy and food production in a sustainable and efficient manner. While there are certainly challenges to overcome, advances in technology and a growing focus on sustainable agriculture and renewable energy make this type of system increasingly feasible.
Given that compost can be used to not only grow plants but also has the potential to be used for energy generation, do you think this could supplement the overall system?
Yes, compost can definitely be a useful addition to the energy and food generating system you mentioned earlier. Compost is a rich source of organic matter that can be used to enrich the soil and promote plant growth. Composting also helps to reduce waste and can be a sustainable way of managing organic waste, such as food scraps and yard waste.
In terms of energy generation, composting can be used to produce biogas, which is a renewable energy source that can be used for heating, cooking, or electricity generation. Biogas is produced through the breakdown of organic matter by bacteria in the absence of oxygen, a process known as anaerobic digestion. This process produces methane, which can be collected and used as a fuel.
Overall, incorporating composting into the energy and food generating system can be a great way to make the system more sustainable, reduce waste, and produce additional energy.
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2023.04.02 09:47 blackdahlia05 33/PST/ PC/ PS5 -Night Owl looking for long term gaming friends 18+

Hello everyone I am a gal looking for long term gaming friends! I often play by myself and am hoping to change that.
Some games I play are ESO, Borderlands, Monster Hunter World & Rise, Starting Elden Ring, Remnant, Stardew, Dying Light 1 & 2, Tiny Tina's, I also have some of the Halo games as well. Always down for free games like Warframe also.
I play mostly on PC but also have PS5.
I am looking for any respectful, chill players 18 + located anywhere. I am a night owl so often awake late for my time.
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2023.04.02 09:45 DaftPanic9 [21/M] - USA - Music n' Games

People from North America Only
Must be 19-23 Years Old (gender don't matter)
Hi friend I haven't met yet! I'm a 21 year old dude from the West Coast who loves Music, Games, Art, Working Out, & Nature! (Nature includes animals 🦜 I LOVE birds) I would prefer you also be into some of these things plez!
I'm a pretty introverted guy due to my ADHD and Anxiety, which has made it difficult to make and keep friends.. But I'm really trying to be more sociable! Please try your best to hold a conversation (PLEZ). I have waaaay too many one-sided conversations on here... I hope to become really good long-term friends that can voice-chat & talk about whatever with each other at some point 🙂. Maybe even hang out if we happen to live in the same place! (that would be awesome, but higly unlikely, lol)
If you wanna game with me 👉🏼👈🏼, I mainly play on PC, but I also just got a PS5, so lmk! Some games I'm really into are:
It's a pretty short list, but I'm open to playing other things too. Those are just my favs, lol.
And then I'm also really into music, and these are my favorite genres:
Maybe we could.. exchange playlists? 😳 lip bite
But anyways, what're you waiting for?? Shoot me a DM! ..right now. {・ᴥ・} ノ🔪
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2023.04.02 09:45 blackdahlia05 33/ pst/ pc & ps5 Looking for new gaming friends.

Hello there. I have a variety of games and have just purchased Monster Hunter Rise. I also enjoy the Borderlands series,Stardew Valley, Remnant, Terarria, just started Elden Ring, enjoy Dying Light, Elder Scrolls Online etc and Magic the Gathering Arena and Hearthstone. Also would love to try the sims multiplayer mod.
I am looking for anyone ages 18-40 to play. I am lgbtq and 420 friendly! Let me know your age, general location and a bit about yourself in your intro please! Would be great to show each other selfies so we can see one another to
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2023.04.02 09:39 Isaac_Krutilla Finally Beating Genichiro !

Finally Beating Genichiro !
After what must’ve been about over 30 attempts and like 3 hours combined between the night before and this play session, I FINALLY beat Genichiro.
Very glad I decided to buy this game, and I’m very thankful Elden Ring introduced me to such an amazing game studio and genre!
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2023.04.02 09:38 -Dark-Void- the most calm Elden ring player known by mankind

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2023.04.02 09:38 howling_Peak Deathwalker - Berserking Ghostflame Moveset - Elden Ring

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2023.04.02 09:36 Rubix420 DS3 Easier than I remember?

So, I played and beat DS3 back in middle school. For context, that's like 7 years ago. I never played another souls game till Elden Ring, which I was super hyped about and pre-ordered. I have roughly 600 hours clocked in on ER, and I decided to go back to my roots of DS3, and it feels significantly easier than I remember.
I remember getting the shit kicked out of me by nearly everything, seeing as it was my first souls game, and the bosses being my worst nightmare (FUCK YOU PONTIF). However, while the game still feels difficult in terms of level design & enemy placement/variety, with sometimes me feeling like I'm jus the worst, the bosses feel so easy. Like, ridiculously so. I just killed the dancer, and I've killed every boss up to them, main & optional on my first or second try.
It honestly feels like ER had harder bosses than this. ER bosses were nightmarish at times, and sometimes still are on newer playthroughs. Are ER bosses just harder than DS3 bosses? I honestly don't understand why these bosses feel so easy.
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