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2012.04.13 20:59 WilhelmVon Tom Hardy-He's gonna ruin you.

Welcome to the Tom Hardy subreddit!

2014.02.10 01:52 AngelSaysNo Everything Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon lovingly refers to his fans as FalPals (as in Fallon Pals). Excited about Jimmy Fallon and his move to The Tonight Show? Love his other work as well? Just think he's a cool dude? Here is a place to discuss him as well as share pictures / videos from his career. This is NOT the place to bash him. If you don't like him, then don't hang out here.

2023.04.02 10:26 Ninja_bru Is this a new channel???

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2023.04.02 10:26 BatmanBurchett First video for my new channel and it's heavily inspired by people like Eddy and Jakey

First video for my new channel and it's heavily inspired by people like Eddy and Jakey
I would absolutely love it if the boys of this sub would give it a watch or two. I've always been really passionate about comedy and the commentary space on YouTube. Eddy and Jakey are huge inspirations to me both as people and as content creators and the people of this sub would probably be the best audience for what I'm trying to do. So yeah. I hope you like it
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2023.04.02 10:25 Objective-Ad-4208 Drag Race Random Rerun: UK S2 EP8 Results/Lip-Sync

The Results of the "Stoned On The Runway" Stand Up Comedy Challenge are in!
WIN: Danny Beard ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4x win)
HIGH: Raja ⭐⭐⭐⭐
LOW: La Grande Dame ⭐
BTM2: Inti (3x btm) / Trinity The Tuck ⭐ (1x btm)
Inti, Trinity The Tuck. Prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a lip-sync performance of Dusty Springfield's song, "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me". This is your last chance to impress me and save yourself from elimination. Good Luck and Don't Fuck It Up!
Spreadsheet/Track Record
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2023.04.02 10:25 im1205 He (20M) slept with another girl the day after he kissed me(18F)

so i (18F) met this guy (20M) on a tuesday at the student centre at our school. i was just chilling with my friend in one of the food places and this guy approached me. i had seen him when we first walked in and thought he was cute but did not pay him much attention. when he came up we had a good conversation. he asked me my name, my program and we was just asking each other about ourselves. we exchanged instagrams and i said bye but i really didn’t expect that i’d talk to him seriously or that it’d go anywhere. however that night he texted me talking about how it was nice talking to me and he wants to see me again. i was happy but still weary and low of expectations…i was assuming he just wanted to have casual sex which i’m not up for (disclaimer: im a virgin).
i had told him we wouldn’t see each other till next week when i had class again but there was this party at a club that we both were going to. we planned that we’d see each other there and he came up to me. we talked for a bit but it was very loud so we went downstairs near the bathroom. when we went down he was complimenting me and very affectionate which i liked and was ok with. he then kissed me which i too was ok with and we made out. he started to ask if i wanted to go to the bathroom but i said no because i was not ready to have sex in a club bathroom with someone i barely know. he then later asked me if i wanted to come over to his friends and drink more but i also said no because i know what that could lead to. however when i said no he was very respectful.
i expected that he would not talk to me again as i didn’t go as far as he wanted but that night he texted me that he “loved every minute of tonight” with me. when he said that i was very happy and started to think maybe me he actually wanted me for me and to get to know me and not just sex. we hung out the next monday, tuesday and then on wednesday he asked me out.
i told him i was suprised as i thught he just wanted me to come to his room and he said no that he’s not playing and he’s “actually trying to give me the best”. i was so happy amd excited. he wanted to kiss me but i told him no as i wanted us to build a connection first before we start getting into that too fast. he was confused at first but understood and told me that he doesn’t wanna force me to do anything. i did give him a kiss on the cheek and he gave me one back. everything was great………
however hours later that same day my friends called me and told me that he slept with another girl the day after the party and she even slept over. he slept with another girl the day after he made out with me. i couldn’t believe it but they even showed me a picture to prove we’re talking abt the same guy and i see that he followed that girl recently the same night of the party.
i cried as i was hurt. i dont kiss people that fast without knowing them but i kissed him. it was consensual and i liked it but i felt shitty knowing since he didn’t get that far with me he quickly went to have sex with another girl the same weekend. i thought he was different and he told me he was “different”. i’ve also kissed him after that weekend and i feel shitty knowing he been kissing me while he had sex with someone else on the weekend. i really thought he was serious but several people are telling me that he is not and he’s known around school for being that kind of guy that sleeps around.
but i’m upset confused and don’t know what to believe. when we hung out he seemed like such a genuine guy who’s focuses on school, works a good job and is really sweet. he even told me about his family….he’s called me twice as i have not replied to his messages and i don’t know what to say or do. i can’t let him know that i’m aware he slept with someone that weekend otherwise i risk getting the people who told me in trouble. everyone is saying to ghost him but for some reason i don’t want to. i know he doesn’t owe me loyalty as we weren’t together but this is so embarrassing. but our conversations made me feel like he really cared about me and i’m scared if i ghost him i’m losing someone good for me over one mistake he made. please help i need advice and feel conflicted?
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2023.04.02 10:25 awaytoescape TV/Movies is the only thing keeping me alive and, wow! is that depressing.

To the best of my knowledge I have never wanted to live. I remember trying to kill myself as a child and that feeling never went away, even though as a bipolar person with suspected audhd (confirmed adhd) I am defying all odds. I'm relatively successful, I'm married, a couple close friends and I'm relatively close with my family... but I feel like all of these things are a prison.
I'm in debt, enough to really inhibit any meaningful savings.
I love my spouse, or at least who they pretended to be before we got married. But truth be told I don't even think they like me, let alone love me. I can't afford to leave them or live on my own. Besides, even though I am holding a job, I am still disabled and I question my ability to live independently.
I can't move would be a death sentence as my aging narcissist (diagnosed) father loses his faculties. Fun fact, narcissism and aging do not mix. And I know I'd be forced to assist with caring for him.
I have very few friends and most of them are leaving the city so I'll probably lose them too.
Media is the only thing that brings me comfort and I've started using shows to keep me going. I love cartoons for instance. Steven universe kept me going for a few years. It ended. Then star versus the forces of evil. Ended. Now the owl house is ending and even though I said I would cross everything off my list I'm wondering if I should just end it early instead of waiting for my 30th birthday.
Cause I don't know how much longer I can live like this. 18 years of therapy (therapy twice a week now), countless medications later and I'm still just fucking tolerating my life. I wake up and I feel resentment. I lie awake at night swelling with regret for every failed attempt and all I have to keep me trucking on is a fucking screen. And it was never an if I'll do it. I will. It's just when. Call me ungrateful but I just can't keep doing this.
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2023.04.02 10:24 My_cat_is_sus My problems with Millie

I need to just state right now that I am a fan of the show, I really liked the last few episodes, like exes and ohhs was very funny and I agree that lots of the things are hated for weak reasons or people not seeing past the surface level. Buuuuut I don’t like Millie as a character and in me saying that tons of people will probably just hate my post. I don’t have the same problem as others, my problem isn’t that Millie doesn’t get development, great characters don’t need development to be great to watch, none of the characters in SpongeBob grow, but that’s still episodic, so let’s say a movie. Jack Horner from Puss in Boots The last wish is a treat to watch and he doesn’t develop or have a big sad backstory or is a complex character, but the comedic writing and him still having an actual personality to him still makes him amazing to watch.
But with Millie what is there to her, is she funny in any stand out way? Not really, she can have a funny, but anyone could have the occasional funny line and even then most of the comedy comes from other characters responding to her, there’s not really a moment where I could say “That’s a Millie thing to say!” is she interesting, does she have any real struggles or anything to overcome or any flaws? Again not really, except for the one different bad guy that they need to take out, but that doesn’t really add much to her. Overall she’s not really got much to make her all that of a character to latch onto.
That’s not my main problem with the character, my main problem is more that she feels like a cop out to end an episode. Since she is basically unstoppable in most instances she kind of takes away from any big battles the other characters who develop could go through, like in exes and ohhs, Moxie could’ve had an interesting battle or just end to the episode where he finally really fights for himself and it being against his own dad, but no Millie does everything effortlessly, also kind of taking out all the tension or any worry about what could happen and ultimately makes this episode which could’ve been a great battle for Moxie feel less special. I don’t hate the ending, because the fight itself is very well animated and fun, it’s just that there’s so much missed potential. An episode that doesn’t have this problem is the Harvest moon festival, it actually has stakes, because Millie can’t battle.
I’ll now address some defences people will have. “Millie is not a main character, don’t expect much from her.” Even though she’s definitely not a side character, ok. But that still doesn’t make her a good character and she is actively taking away from others characters moments and struggles so it’s still a negative to have her around. “She’ll become more interesting later.” That doesn’t exactly make her a better character now. “It’s a comedy.” She isn’t really that funny in my opinion, but still having unintentional bad writing in a comedy doesn’t excuse the writing clearly when in this show they want to have emotional complex characters and take itself seriously, it’s honestly just a lazy excuse you could make towards any show you like.
Those are my reasons as to why I dislike Millie at least how she’s used, I see potential in the character, it’s great seeing a couple who just love each other and honestly she’s been used well before like in the pilot where her overly happy and sweet, kind of naive personality that clearly lets stuff slide too easily (see a flaw) contrasted with her being an assassin that kills people others dislike and didn’t really do anything that awful works pretty well. If you disagree and like to share your reasons that’s fine and I’m not forcing any of you guys to hate the character, I just personally don’t like how she’s used.
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2023.04.02 10:24 kitty271995 I’m miserable

I wish I could say that younger me would be happy to know who I’ve become and who I am. I know I let her down. I’m not saying there isn’t things she would be happy about, but my life as a whole would’ve not been her reason to stick around. In some parts I’m extremely happy, I met the love of my life and a loving family. I couldn’t ask for more there. But it’s my habits, my anxiety and my work life. It’s the fact I’m miserable being forced to work in life draining jobs, missing out on everyday events. I haven’t been out really in a long time. I don’t have much moments to make me happy anymore. The house has become a mess and I can’t keep up. It’s never been this bad. I just feel so guilty because I know I’m lucky with love and the love I receive due to that love, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I’m just so miserable.
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2023.04.02 10:24 JustBullfrog6661 I caught my gf cheating with My so called friend

Gf(26) Bf(28) We’ve been together for 5 years now. Around our 3 year mark a old friend of mine asked us to have a 4some we kindly declined(well I sure did). In the two years after we had a beautiful baby girl who is now 14 months. Lets go back to two months ago. Ive finally decided it’s time to pop the question I love this chick we have a 1 year old been together for 5 coming up on 6. The same night I wanted to pop the question I see her phone go off and it’s my old so called best friend. Question was I wrong for going through her phone? Was it an invasion of privacy? 5 years I’ve never gone through her phone. Full complete transparency from me. Any ways I found the whole SHABANG. I’m talking nudes to shower videos to talking about our kid with him. Did I forget to mention he’s married with two kids haha oops. Let’s fast forward to today I’m still here in the same house with her wondering what the f am I doing ? I can’t run away I have a kid I also don’t want to go the legal route. As a child who remembers going to court for that stuff I’d rather not put mine own through that.
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2023.04.02 10:24 Numerous-Lion2467 Frustrating…**to the point

Don’t ever do what I do… “the truth will set you free.”, and I know if I’m in protracted benzo withdrawal that I shouldn’t tell them well once or twice I took a Xanax from a friend otherwise I always took my 6 mg clonazepam correctly… which is the truth! It’s been about 10 years now that I fuhkd up when prescribed fentanyl and admit yeah I took it usually as normal but started to need more so would take more…. So got 5 years I took methadone and clonazepam at high doses and help down and was kicking ass at my old radio job I loved! Then they took ever away. Got horrible advice to go and check into a psych ward to get clean… they cold turkeyed me… I withdrew like no other… 3 months about 6 hours of sleep a week and total dissociation… still Lingering 6 years later to today!
Now after going through literal hell I just don’t care. 4 psych ward stays, a horrible rehab stint that made my doc and family so happy, while I was miserable instead…. At the time I was going through more benzo opiate protracted symptoms and fake friends got me back on the bnz and I went from isolated to doing therepy and graduating a hvac college course. **** this is where my point is**** I’ve been completely honest the whole time with my therapist. Honest beyond even stuff I should say. She turns into a bitch because how many people they have to see. Refuses to talk to me. I finally go in check up with doctor first visit he writes in my medical notes that “ I’m in an online research group” when I actually said I am on online benzo and harm reduction groups. Then he wrote people were sending me the benzos I use to taper!! That’s what scared the shit out of me!!! I get my stuff from same people I always have. Never bought into that fake online bs. It’s just ridiculous I tell him everything asked correctly and he changes stuff around and still doesn’t believe I tell the full truth. Now I’m scared that they are going to medically destroy me cut me off have no chance with my notes that anyone will help. Do more damage and have me end up in prison because they prescribed all this shit. Never took me off correctly and probably die in prison. My body can’t take it. How do I get rid of this asshoole? Phones tapped probably no money on Medicaid that no benzo doctor will take meridian. Help these doctors suck ass plus the rudeness of them from every staff I walked by!
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2023.04.02 10:23 wordswerdswurdz Solo trip to rainy England - product reviews

Hi there, I’m on a 10-day solo trip in a rainy, gorgeous England (from California, USA) and thought I’d leave reviews about some of the products I’ve brought. I obsessed over all the product reviews here before my trip (well, all the time really - when I’m not traveling, I’m thinking about traveling), and want to “pay it forward.”
  1. Palette by Pak - I used to use contact lens cases but was getting annoyed with having more than one case and tiny capacity and all else. I bought this and LOVE it. The capacity for my particular skin care is perfect for a 10-day trip. I put in Make Up Forever make up remover, Lancôme foaming cleanser, Biossance eye cream, tretinoin, and Estée Lauder Idealist (absolute best for reducing appearance of pores on me). I have a small container of Biossance face lotion. Am considering getting a second Palette for face cream and hair goop because it’s just so convenient and keeps me from overpacking on toiletries (my travel nemesis). Currently I have a couple of small containers for hair goop, in addition to other small containers for other face/body/hair crap.
  2. Stasher half-gallon bag for toiletries. I have an embarrassing number of toiletry bags and this one is the best. I like it better than a ziplock or a Dopp kit. I know it’s bigger than a quart-size but I haven’t had any issues with airport security. I don’t pack it to capacity - the taller size allows the Palette to fit. I might run into an agent who has issues with the larger size bag. I also pack regular quart-size baggies for s snacks and such so can transfer if needed. I like getting things in and out of the Stasher bag and it’s just more handy and sturdy for bathrooms, tossing in a suitcase, shoving in my backpack, etc. I have a smaller version for my makeup and it’s now my favorite makeup bag.
  3. Columbia Carson’s Pass Interchange Jacket - waterproof, wind resistant, looks like a disco ball on the inside, and it’s two jackets in one! The length is perfect on me (I’m 5’6”) - and for the first time in all my Spring-weather travels anywhere; I’m warm! Highly recommended.
  4. Uniqlo Heat-tech base layer leggings (the thinner ones) - great under leggings for warmth without bulk, great as sleepwear, easy to wash in a sink and air dries in a few hours. Wish I had gotten the long-sleeve too as well.
  5. Corkcicle 12 ounce stainless steel mug - found this on clearance for $7 at Nordstrom Rack the day before I left and - on a panic “whim” - packed it. I’ve used this everyday for tea, coffee, wine, packet soup (like miso), water. It’s been really nice - Compared to the water bottle I brought and really wish I hadn’t; it takes up space and is unnecessary cause I could have just bought a bottle here and refilled it endlessly. They have a brand called One sold in aluminum bottles.
  6. Lululemon Bigger Everyday bag - I have a smaller one that I use a lot at home as my purse. I didn’t pack it (again with the panic “whims” on the packing!). Just thought I’d manage with my backpack. I don’t want to (or need to) carry my backpack everywhere). I bought one here and opted for the bigger version for the dual zip main compartment and to fit my phone when it’s attached to a battery. Never traveling without this bag again. I wear it around my back and under my coat when I’m out and about, wear it in front when I don’t have my coat on, wear it on my hip at restaurants - it’s brilliant. Long live the fanny pack.
  7. Crochet people: I have my project I started for this trip (Through the Clouds shawl, Oink Nimbus fingering weight yarn, 3.5 mm hook) and then visited some LYS for Cotswolds wool. There are some fantastic handspun yarns from local sheep and alpaca! Anyway, I brought a 5mm hook cause I thought maybe I’d start another project - and I’m making an ear warmer with “seaweed-eating sheep” wool I found in a lovely shop called Fibreworks in Chipping Norton! Anyway that was a silly addition that turned out to be nice. YMMV
Other notes about my trip: staying in hotels, proper B&Bs. (Available in-room drinkware has ranged from mugs to teeny espresso cups so I really like having that corkcicle mug). Using a Briggs & Riley 22” roller bag and Briggs and Riley delve backpack - love the roller bag; mixed feelings on the backpack. Visiting London and the Cotswolds this trip.
Things I wish I had left behind: water bottle; that 3rd sweate4th pair of pants/4th pair of socks/sneakers (have been wearing my Blundstones everywhere because of the rain - basically only wore the sneakers in airport - should have just brought a second set of insoles instead); and Kindle (have iPad and am listening to audiobooks while walking or crocheting).
That’s all for now. Happy Travels!
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2023.04.02 10:23 serendiputopia Let’s Listen to My Favorite Song Together by Joe Berkowitz

The recipe says to let the casserole cool for ten minutes before digging in. Ten minutes to go until delicious casserole. I’m absolutely starving right now, though, and this feels like an eternity. What can we do to pass the time? I’ve got an idea: let’s listen to my favorite song together! With me watching you! It’ll be both fun and interesting to see whether you like the song or not. Some losers don’t seem to “get” it.
They say you can tell a lot about a person based on the music they like. You can also tell a lot from the music they don’t like. I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m putting any pressure on you to like what you’re about to hear. Even if it turned out that you didn’t find this song transformative and amazing, I’m mostly certain that we have enough going between us to sustain a friendship. After all, music isn’t everything. And it is subjective. And just because someone doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about and has garbage-ears doesn’t mean I would just up and abandon that person.
Okay, now just be quiet and experience this with me. Absorb the song. Let it wash over you like a stream. Then let it get inside of your pores and uproot the impurity within, like a Biore Strip. Listen to it all, my friend: the subtleties, the nuances, the keytar solo. Listen closely or you’ll miss something. The lyrics demand total concentration, and then a period of reflection. Every word is important—a DNA strand in the genetic makeup of some greater poetry. It’s very complicated. And it rocks so much ass.
Don’t feel obligated to maintain eye contact with me just because I’m studying your every physical reaction and grading it according to my own secret rubric. If you don’t feel like nodding your head at the same speed as me, just nod at the speed that feels most comfortable. Do not for one moment worry about how your arrhythmic, inconsistent head-nods might adversely affect my opinion of you as a person. If your thoughts are focused on worry and not enjoyment, then you might not experience all the pleasure this song has to offer. But that’s okay—I, for one, would never equate your inability to derive pleasure from this song with that of a person who is unable to climax sexually.
On second thought, I’d prefer it if we did maintain eye contact. That’s much better.
What you are hearing now is the revolutionary technique of metamorphosis through repetition. Every time you hear this beat repeat itself, it’s as though the band is reintroducing it again for the first time. It’s as if the beat is knocking on the door to your headspace and asking if there are any vacancies, then haggling you down to a price you can live with. Once the beat is inside your head, you can’t stop listening until it’s had its way with you. And you’re not a quitter, are you? I should hope not. Because I don’t care for quitters. Besides, if you quit now, you’ll miss the good part. Yes, the good part is coming up. Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it. That was it.
I’m just kidding—this entire song is one long good part.
I’ll be honest with you: listening to this song together was a terrific idea. We’ve gotten to know each other better, and we now have a thorough idea of where each of us stands. You should not concern yourself with any judgments I might have made over the last ten minutes, nor whether the plans I’ve suddenly remembered for later tonight include you. These are questions for the ages. And my plans are none of your business. For now, just try not to let my penetrating gaze disturb you as your taste buds luxuriate in the bold flavors of this casserole, while we await your taxi together.
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2023.04.02 10:23 Arkhameus An official communication from the Emperor - March

An official communication from the Emperor - March
As the sun rises on another glorious morning in Massina, I bring more news to the faithful! As previously decreed, my scribes are hard at work laying the foundation of our great Empire’s ambitious plans into a format that can be shared with all of you. Lesser nations have approached this task by offering a paper of white... a document so bland and mundane in its styling that even an accountant would find it sleep-inducing.
I assure you that my plans will be relayed to you in a far more grandiose and evolutionary fashion, as is commensurate with what you have come to expect. Our Empire has no desire to ever stop expanding, and so these plans will not suppose any predefined final destination. Expect the initial unveiling of this effort by the end of the month.
By now, you have certainly heard rumblings that your efforts to procure artifacts from the Imperial collection have not been in vain. Indeed, the loot you have secured DOES have utility beyond its artistic value. These precious items will be the very building blocks of the Maestro Challenge Towers!
For in the coming months, all Maestros will be called upon to build towers of their own design, raising them up long, thick, and firm in an effort to oppose any challengers who dare attempt to topple them. They shall herald forth a new era of competition in Massina.
Many of your accumulated assets will play a role in unlocking the plethora of options to make your particular tower more challenging and interesting to fellow Maestros. In time, those of you who excel in this endeavor will find opportunities to entice your rivals to attack you, if they agree to your terms of engagement. By my glory, I have granted you this opportunity to grow your enterprise, and in return, we shall grow together!
Make haste and collect this inaugural loot while you still can.


Hang these in your Tower to change the visuals of each floor. They also come with custom environment hazards!!!
The Temptation of Dardariel: Celestial Dojo – A dagger buff sits in the middle of the map. Invaders that pick it up deal double damage, but lose 100 Health per second.
Vitra in the trees: Wild Dojo – Randomly placed Zarkberry bushes heal Defenders for 50 Health and deal 100 DMG to Invaders.Bush is destroyed in the process.
Bring your corpse to the MOB: Slums Dojo – A dagger is thrown at Invaders whenever they parry an attack. The dagger deals 200 DMG.
Seris enjoying a zarkberry: Mountain Peak Dojo – Lighting bolts strike Invaders randomly dealing 100 Air DMG. (Between 10-30 seconds).
Countess Debora in victory: City of the Moon Dojo – A guillotine swings back and forth in the middle of the map, dealing 400 DMG to Invaders. Defenders only take 100 DMG.
The Ministry of Bone – Corpses are welcome: Butcher Dojo – The stench causes Invaders to vomit after using dodge.
The Library of the Arcane – Where the magic happens: Library Dojo – 10 Books are strewn across the floor, each book gives Defenders 5 Fury of the Titans. Book Respawn after 10 seconds.
House of Life – Close your eyes and feel the sun on your face: Temple of Life Dojo – Light comes through the window and casts a 1x1 spotlight that expands as time goes by (1 radius every 5 seconds). Defenders in the spotlight heal for 100 Health every second.
House of Death - Don't drink the green stuff: 80% of the floor is death sludge, slowing down Invader movement speed by 20% and dealing 10 Death Damage every second.
Necromancer Shop – Feel alive again: Necro Dojo – Defenders will have their health set to 200 instead of dying the first time they are dealt a killing blow.
Fight of the century: Boxing Dojo – Defenders have a 20% chance of dealing double damage.
Massina in the morning: Nice Street Dojo – Defenders become inspired every time they parry, resetting all their cooldowns.


These allow holders to apply a different Tower Color associated with their specific title. Additionally, these titles also provide an additional bonus number of floors + defender slots in addition to the floors that can be earned via normal progression with the feature.
  • Boss: +2 floors with 1 defender slot per bonus floor.
  • Chieftain: +2 floors with 2 defender slot per bonus floor.
  • Baron: +3 floors with 2 defender slot per bonus floor
  • Loremaster: +3 floors with 3 defender per bonus floor.
  • Count: +4 floors with 1 defender slots per bonus floor.
  • Earl: +4 floors with 2 defender slots per bonus floor.
  • Duke: +2 floors with 3 defender slots per bonus floor
  • Lady: +3 floors with 3 defender slots per bonus floor
  • Lord: +3 floors tower with 3 defender slots per bonus floor
  • Princess: +5 floors tower with 3 defender slots per bonus floor
  • Prince: +5 floors tower with 3 defender slots per bonus floor
The number of defender slots are only for the bonus floors. Regular floors retain their number of bonus slots.


Use stickers to add a custom Modifier to each floor of a tower (1 per floor)
Cries In Karkadon: Invading Karks cannot use claws. Dance: Air and Arcane Defenders will heal for 10 HP when they use Dodge. Let's Duel: Gives Defenders 10% Bonus damage when they have full HP. Good Vibes: Earth, Life and Water Defenders will gain 5 Fury of the Titans every 30 seconds. Gratitude: Death, Fire and Air Defenders will heal for 50 Health every 30 seconds. Pineapple Pizza: Invaders will lose 5 Fury of the Titans every 30 seconds. HODL: Karkadon, Il’gra, and Keymaster Defenders will reduce damage taken by 5%. Kek: When a Defender dodges an attack, it will deal 5 damage to the Invader. Lazur Eyes: Increases Grondal, Seris and Il’gra Defender Damage by 5%. I know a secret: Sadaari, Aos and Darulk Defenders begin their match with 20 points of Fury of the Titans. Love: If the Invader is of the same family as the defender, they begin the fight with a full bar of Fury of the Titans. OG: Defending Prime Eternals have their damage increased by 5%. Pamp It: Gatekeeper, Vitra, and Keymaster Defenders damage reduced by 5%. Bruised Pineapple: The first time a Defender drops below 5% Health, it will gain a full bar of Fury of the Titans. A Slice of Massina: Increases Defender damage by 5% whenever the Defender is of a different family of the Invader. Real Pizza: Water, Air and Life Invaders gain 10% Bonus damage when fighting against a House they counter. To the moon: Fenrir Defenders start out with 50 bonus HP. Rocket Time: Fire and Arcane Defenders start out with 10 Fury of the Titans. Sleeping Karkadon: Fenrir, Whisperer and Keymaster Invaders have their damage reduced by 5%. Tell me more: Whisperer Defenders reduce damage taken by 5%. Thumbs Down: Increase Defender damage by 5% whenever the Defender defeats a Champion. Caps at 15%. Thumbs Up: The second Defender in every floor gains 5% damage. !vibes: If the Invader is of the same family as the defender, their damage is reduced by 10%. !wagmi: Floors with more than 4 Defenders increase the cooldowns of Invaders by 1 second.


Records play music for the Floor they are assigned to and trigger a Battle Cry Buff when played.
  • Regular Record - When Defender is at 10% Health
  • Gold Record - When Defender is 20% Health.
  • Platinum Record - When Defender is at 40% Health.
The Creed Record
  • Plays a day in Massina when triggered.
  • Battle Cry: Gives Defenders permanent Unblockable on all attacks.
As our Empire grows, we must adapt with it...Tournaments are approaching fast on the horizon! As we begin to initially implement this new paradigm, you will participate as competitors. However, just like the aforementioned Maestro towers, in time you will also be able to take the reins and promote your own grand spectacles!
Yes!!! Prime holders will be able to create and sponsor their own tournaments. They will be able to configure an entry fee, a tournament size and structure and specify what rewards participants can win.
Finally, now that I have most certainly succeeded in wetting your appetites, prepare thyselves for my final generosity...It is well-known that you possess insatiable appetites, and so, I have decided to bestow upon you a creature whose hunger can never fully be quelled. Yes, 1000 Hungering Chests will be magically airdropped to 1000 lucky, lucky Elementals. The Hungering Chest is a most unique pet; one that has both battle utility AND an additional earning perk.
This little beastie will have the same traits as other pets (Favorite Toy, Favorite Food, Personality, etc). It will also function just like any other pet, following Champions around in the overworld and boosting them in battle via the “DEADLY MIMIC” ability which sees the chest disguise itself as a “helpful” item on the field of battle during certain engagements. Is that really a life-saving health boost over there, or the stinging bite of a Hungering Chest?
These pets also have the “Featured Entree” trait, which lets you know what they are really hungering for! If their owner satisfies their hunger with enough of what they desire, they will reward those efforts with a variety of riches! The featured entree trait will be reset on different intervals, offering new requirements and new rewards each time. This skill will be added later this year!
Now, marinate on that... I assure you that more details will be on the way soon. Stay vigilant, you filthy degenerates !!!!
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2023.04.02 10:23 GRAND-BLUE So i just finished reading Vinland Saga

One day i decided to give vinland saga a shot since i got no other manga to read, but then it blew my fucking mind. The fact that chapters 1 to 50 was nothing more than prologue was insane. Reading through thorfinn's evolution is just so good, the way askeladd was chilling in hell was kinda funny for me and that "FIGHT YOUR TRUE BATTLE" line hit so hard
And i love that as the story kept going along, thorfinn's journey to atone for his sins and earning forgiveness while trying to be the better man that he was before is just so admiring to watch. Speaking of forgiveness, that scene where hild finally forgives thorfinn of his sin, let's just say some tears were shed that day
All in all, Vinland Saga is an insanely underrated manga, it honestly gives me a berserk kind of vibe, like the way guts,despite everything thrown at him, keeps pushing on.
Hopefully there thorfinn stops hild from making a grave mistake
submitted by GRAND-BLUE to VinlandSaga [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 10:23 ControlHead5224 [Qcrit] Epistolary Adult Sci-Fi-- REPENTANCE-- 90k words (second attempt) + 300 words

Hi everyone. I posted a query on here 7 months ago, and I sent out about 6 queries at that time (I actually voluntarily removed one, so it ended up being 5.) I got form rejections from two, personalized rejections from two, and never heard back from the other one. Since then I've done massive re-writes and reconstructed a lot of the backstory, so if you read my old post thats why there's some inconsistencies. I'm not planning to query again for a while but I thought I would start getting feedback sooner rather than later.
Other notes:
Dear ,
Magdalene grew up in a cult on Mars, where they worship a supercomputer that makes their life possible. Her best friend, Elias, is tasked with becoming a priest, the group that is mutilated for the maintenance of the computer's language module. They panic, come up with a plan for his escape quickly, can not think straight due to the pressure. When the plan goes horribly awry, Magdalene is excommunicated, and she sneaks Elias away with her.
Ten years later, Magdalene is living on the Lunar Outpost. She's spent the past decade trying to avoid thinking about her past, diving head first into her work as a way to avoid it. She begins to date a journalist who's obsessed with the history of the past century, the way that Mars and the Lunar Outpost replaced Earth as it died. She convinces Magda to keep a diary and document her experiences, and Magda realizes that the root of her guilt isn't the failed plan-- it's the fact that she smuggled Elias out in an effort to save him, and then he disappeared.
Elias left to the dilapidated Earth and never came back. He could be dead, and it could be her fault. She sets out to find him, explores the planet she's been told to fear her whole life, and is forced to reckon with the past that she's been running from.
REPENTANCE is a stand alone, epistolary, adult science fiction novel complete at approximately 90,000 words. Thank you for taking the time to consider my query.
First 300 words:
I was eighteen when I burnt down 256 acres of crops. I only meant to burn down one or two— only wanted to give the impression that Elias had died in the fire and burnt to a crisp. What I wanted didn’t matter. I stood near the edge of the field, watching miles of flames move faster than I could have imagined, and I was unable to move.
Elias, at this time, was running in the opposite direction. I remember watching the fire and imagining him running, and I thought, rather distantly, about how the plan had been for him to run at night and yet my fire was taking the darkness away. This detail made me realize how idiotic the whole thing was. How easily we had been blinded by desperation. He was set to be ordained in two weeks and we could think of nothing else. Could not plan his escape as intricately as we should have. How was I supposed to stop the fire at only an acre? How was Elias supposed to show up in another neighborhood unannounced? I want to imagine that we had answers to these things, but it’s hard to remember the details. This was nearly ten years ago.
I should have been running, too. I should have been distraught, should have faked the pain of my best friend dying by my hand. I willed my toes to move, but they didn’t move at all. I counted one, two, three, run and ended up standing there for a while longer.
I watched my fire consume nearly a year’s supply of food. That was my clearest thought — that I was causing a famine and yet still could not run for help.
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2023.04.02 10:23 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation (The Course)

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To get Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: (+) 447593882116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.04.02 10:23 sucelasimon AITA for telling my parents they gave me the ugly

M24 here, I am single and have been single all my whole life. I am that ugly alone dude in your city.
Overall i'm 5ft6, bad teeth, bad genes.
My parents (M63, F59) keeps asking me why I am single since always. AITA for telling my parents they gave me the ugly?
Both of my parents have really bad genes (mom is bordeline obese and dad is bald+ugly) I know they don't love eachothers (its been like that since day1) but they dont quit because both are too old and ugly to start a new relationship somewhere else. My mom already told me that my dad "wasn't the most beautiful" but she liked him cause of the way he was talking to her, yeah sure it looks like you both made a couple because it was your last option. (They are together since 26 years)
In my case I've tried to speak with girls IRL and on every fucking dating apps in this world but nothing was succesful. At this point I have accepted that I'm ugly and will die alone but on the other side I have my parents who deeply want to be grandparents one day. Needless to say it probably wont happen because of my uglyness and my other brother (we're 2) is gay.
(Sorry for bad english)
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2023.04.02 10:22 toastymctoast10 The chain cutter

Watonga City, Mothers realm
April 3rd, 2291
8:30 pm
Diana landed outside the city, Frank disembarked and explained why the bloodthirsty creature was not a threat, all the while Wendy watched. She had felt something off about Oklahoma as soon as they neared its borders, her ears rang at random times, and she had nightmares of mutants. She had kept these things to herself as she had not wanted to worry Frank but now, they were becoming unbearable, her ears rang as Frank stood there calming the crowd but then suddenly stopped.
"Welcome, we've been expecting you two!"
Wendy looked to see a woman in her Middle Ages approaching her the crowd.
"I'm so sorry for the crowd we don't often get visitors around here."
"It's alright. But what do you mean you have been expecting us?"
"You're Sarah’s little boy toy, right?"
Frank stood up straight upon hearing Sarah’s name.
"I'm Victoria...I'm somewhat in charge around here. Please come in. And bring that thing in here..."
Frank turned to Wendy and nodded towards her. Wendy took the reigns and tapped Diana slightly to go forward. However, the griffon did not budge. She did it again and once more nothing.
"Diana come on."
The griffon sat down and shook Wendy off of it before unfurling its wings and flying up into the sky.
Frank ran over to Wendy who sat on the ground.
"Hey you hurt?!"
"Why would she do that?"
"I don't know maybe she's not used to cities being full. Look we can find her after. This is the destination."
"Wait what?"
"We made it."
Frank helped Wendy off the ground and led her to the small gate that surrounded the city.
"I'm so sorry for the trouble of you coming here...we tried to make the trip to you but there were....complications."
"So, I take it you know about her?"
"Yes, she's a am I and many others here."
Wendy looked up at the woman.
"You're a psyker too?!"
"Yep, I can influence people with my voice. It's how I got honcho here to trust me so easily at first."
Wendy turned to Frank who now realized just how relaxed he was earlier.
"We call it harmonic have electrokinesis it's a rare trait here...but out west more common."
Wendy looked around the city, everything was so clean and pristine. These people were thriving, and Frank even seemed to agree.
"So, where's this training facility of yours?"
"It's by the capital building, we call it the chapel."
("Frank so what now?")
Frank shrugged.
"So do you guys get a lot of issues from Texas?"
"The occasional border skirmish with them but we can charm them away mainly. We are very isolationist...we tend to keep to ourselves and so we do not tolerate violence much. We have few guns to be honest. Only our army and guards carry them."
"I can respect isolationism but only trusting weapons in the hands of certain individuals is an issue."
Frank smelt a small nudge and turned to his left. Wendy mouthed to him.
*Shut up*
"No, it's fine, we're all our own individuals after all."
"How did you?"
"Oh, and would you look at that we’re here already."
Wendy looked at the building, it was large and covered with lavish ornaments.
"So why do you call it the chapel?"
"We worship our mother here."
"Yes, she grants us ideas, instructions and much more. I will lead a sermon tomorrow if you wish to see more."
"You wouldn't happen to know of a Dorkin's would you?"
"Dor....oh the apostate.... yes he was a good man, but he grew radical wanted to create a society ruled by mother. We banished him almost a decade ago, I heard he established his own branch of our church in Utah."
"We had a few run ins with his men just...curious if you were connected."
"No, you're safe...we're not as radical in our beliefs."
Victoria led them up the stairs and into the chapel throwing the golden doors open.
"Welcome....this is our, training ground and your new home Wendy"
"Wait home?"
"Yes, you are staying with us, right?"
Wendy turned to Frank and looked at him.
"Can he stay too?"
Victoria's eyebrows frowned for a second.
"Of course.....he's more than welcome to."
"I can stay...still need to clear my name back in NCR anyway, bastards still think I'm a murderer."
"Then that settles it, the rooms are up the stairs and to the left, they're all empty right now as school is out of session so you can pick one for the time being then come join us for dinner."
Frank and Wendy thanked Victoria before walking off to find two rooms.
"I'll pick whatever is closest too your room got it?"
"Yeah...hey so how are we going to find Diana?"
"We won't have to, she's right outside."
Frank walked over to a window and pointed up to the sky. A large creature flew in the silhouette of the moon.
"She refuses to come in, so she'll probably just be in the area hunting local fauna, you made her promise not to eat random people, right?"
"Yeah, I did."
"Alright well...leave your stuff and let's go eat dinner, chef Kingly can take a break."
Wendy chuckled as she opened the door and threw the bag onto the small bed. The room was small and cozy, there was a sink and a bar of soap. A small toilet was on the other side of the room surrounded by more luxurious items.
"I could get use to this."
As Wendy touched the counter her head throbbed, and her ears rang. She closed her eyes tightly as the pain hit her head. She groaned and grabbed at her head trying everything to make the pain go away. Then the smell hit her, it was horrendous, her stomach curled, and she grew nauseous.
"Wendy you alright?!"
A image flashed in her mind, a giant conglomerate of flesh and machinery held together by old wire and sinew. She opened her eyes and screamed out in horror Frank stood over her as she lay there.
"Hey kid you alright?!"
He looked at her worried.
"What happened?"
"You passed out. I heard you fall and came in here. Picked you up and placed you on the bed. You almost fried me, what happened, did you hit your head?"
The image of gore flashed in her mind.
"I... yeah...I hit my head on the counter."
"Well be more you still want to eat dinner? I can tell them to bring the food here."
"No, I'm fine.... let's go..."
Wendy got up off the bed and wiped the drool from her mouth.
"I am no doctor...but you had a seizure.... I think we should-"
"I said let's go!"
Wendy tied her hair back into a ponytail and threw water on her face quickly cleaning up before walking towards the door.
"If you insist."
* 15 minutes later
Frank and Wendy sat down at the table with Victoria. The dining room was luxurious, it was clean solid metal and gold.
"How do you guys afford this stuff?"
"It's all just stuff we've found in and around our city, Morgana has put it to good use. You guys must be hungry."
Victoria clapped her hands and a Mr. Handy appeared from another room holding 3 trays of food.
"Your dinner sir and misses."
“So, where is everybody else?”
“As I have said they are out on break usually I teach the classes and hold dinner but right now it's just us three.”
Wendy looked at her plate.
“What is this?”
“Salmon from the shores of Texas.”
“Have you never seen a fish before?!”
Frank said tearing and cleaning the fish tail of any meat.
“Locked in a cage remember?!”
“Oh yes, those damn brutes in the NCR. I swear they have no manners; it must have been awful having all those tests done on you. I experienced a similar fate before the war. All those damn lab coats, poking and prodding at me.”
“Wait before the war?! old are you?”
Frank looked up from the fish and looked back and forth at Wendy and Victoria.
“Cannot say really. I like to think I am young, but my age occasionally shows Morgana is the beautiful one. But at my best guess I am around 226.”
Wendy sat mouth open as she looked at the woman who just shrugged off immortality.
“So, you can’t die or age?!”
“Age, no. Die, we very much can... its mother that keeps us this young, she uses her abilities to influence our cells to prevent the ones we love from dying, by natural means.”
“Oh, well what happened?”
“You said you were in a lab how did you escape?”
“Ahh yes...the great war, it short circuited the power to our cages.... we escaped and... we banished the scientists to the waste.”
Frank cleaned his hand as he looked upon the conversation, he was not a psyker so he simply sat quietly as the two talked.
“So, Wendy when did you learn to control your abilities? Sarah mentioned you struggled at first to close your mind to other thoughts.”
“I struggle slightly but I have managed to prevent it most of the time. I learned it when I was around 6. Then there was pyrokinesis at 8, and electrokinesis was more recent around a month ago now, and even closer was my ability to talk to beasts hence the griffon.”
Frank set his fork down.
“You could make fire this entire time and you’ve been making me struggle for 5 minutes to turn on an old stove every day!?”
“Yeah, I didn’t want to be our damn cooking tool.”
Frank sighed as he continued to eat. He was out of his league and so he quickly finished his meal and excused himself. He walked the halls for a bit, they were old slightly rusted but articulated well. Then he saw her. A woman in purple standing on a balcony smoking a cigarette.
“Hello there handsome.”
Frank felt worried then suddenly at ease.”
“Victoria had said it was just us 3 tonight. I take it you are not supposed to be here.”
“I go where I please, I designed this grand hall after all.”
“You must be the lovely Morgana then.”
“I see V mentioned me.”
“She did...she left out how beautiful you were though.”
“You outsiders really know how to flatter a girl.”
“I should, seduction is a trait I practiced well o-”
“Oh, there you are Frank, who's this?”
Frank blinked his eyes quickly then looked behind him to see Wendy standing there holding a small cup.
“When did you...never mind this is... Morgana....shes the designer of this grand hall...”
“A pleasure to meet you...but I must be going see you soon.”
“I thought she ordered you to seduce him?!”
“I tried, that little rat showed up. The reports were right Lysander, she is powerful, her mere presence broke my hold on him.”
“Not to worry. V still has a plan.”
“That girl is more powerful than any of us could have imagined, Dorkin's is right she’s better off dead even if it's not what mother wants.”
Lysander and Morgana opened the door to V’s room
Victoria shouted at her from behind before pushing them both in.
“HMM? YOU?!”
“No, V it's many have died for one gir-”
V walked over to the desk in the room as she stared at Morgana
“They have died for the Putrescent mother. If I hear more of this talk, I will have you killed for treason! Since you did not seduce and have the guardian fall in love with you, I must alter my plan to make him wish to stay, Lysander!”
“From my conversation with the vessel I have learned that her guardian is one with a strategic mind. In the morning show him one of our pleasant arms factories, but do not harm him. I cannot convince the vessel by force; she must do it willingly for the ritual to be complete.”
“I will do as told.”
“Why must we convince the guardian?”
“Her attachment to him is too strong. And she will not believe him just leaving so we must make it seem like he loves it here, so when we offer her the chance to bring prosperity her mind dwells on him not us.”
“I understand, V please allow me to try again. You must keep the vessel distracted long enough to-”
“No! You had your chance and unless he fails you shall live with that guilt, or you can join the Dowagers!”
“I understand...V I don’t like what you’ve become...”
“I’ve become what mother needs of me to become.”
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2023.04.02 10:22 MarkPickess Travel deals website- feedback HUGELY appreciated 🙏

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to see if I could get some feedback from fellow travel lovers! I’ve just launched a travel business after being made redundant late last year and I’m hoping I can turn it into my full-time job 🤞
It’s designed to help people travel more and spend less by avoiding EXPENSIVE travel agent commissions! I find awesome flight and hotel deals and share them FREE OF CHARGE. You then book directly with the airline and the hotel through / at the cheapest possible price, without having to spend hours finding the deal yourself!
I find 20 new deals every week, from airports all around the UK- so hopefully, there will be a deal that suits everyone!
I’ve also added a page where I outline the process I follow to find the deals! I want to help people can get out there and travel (something that’s really improved my life ☺️) even if none of the deals I’ve found are suitable!
In terms of feedback, I’d love to get your thoughts on the website functionality, the deals themselves, any glitches or bugs you may experience (hopefully not!) and your general impressions.
I genuinely appreciate any feedback you can give (positive and negative!)- it will MASSIVELY help me improve the website and help people get out there and travel 🙌
Thanks again- please shout if you have any questions 🙏
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2023.04.02 10:22 UniMadness [TOMT] Song that has drums going duh duh duh duh... "I can feel love in the air tonight?"

It has 4 drum sounds I believe, then pauses and the guy says I can feel love in the air tonight(oh yeah)
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2023.04.02 10:21 Astro-Nass Anybody in Virginia Down to be friends?

I’m 19M in college in the norfolk area of Virginia it’s hard to make friends irl for me so I figured I’d come up here to try, I love movies, tv shows and everything pop culture
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2023.04.02 10:21 IVIagicSmurf639 I think the sanderlanche is coming

I’m finally getting around to actually finishing the well of acension after buying it to read on my phone which I wish I did earlier, way easier for me but anyway
I’ve just hit chapter 52 so I think I’m close to the end and it’s starting to finally get to everything it’s been building up to and I know I’m going to love it, I want to read more but really shouldn’t since I need sleep as I start very early in the morning but I need to know everything
Also that oreseutensoon reveal was so damn good but damn it hurt, I still don’t know how to feel about it
submitted by IVIagicSmurf639 to Mistborn [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 10:21 nitorita Out of curiosity, does Dana own full rights to the show? If so, could she potentially license it to another company to be adapted?

I don't know too much about the backend aspects of business, but I am genuinely curious as a fan who loves and adores this show. Is it possible for Dana and her team to get another studio to adapt this series? Or perhaps make a legal spinoff of some sort that can fill the same gap?
If shows would require too massive of a budget to pull off, then could TOH be converted into something like a graphic novel/manga instead? Or some sort of indie YouTube series, etc?
This reminds me of Alita Battle Angel vibes, where the possibility of the movie being continued was put into question due to so many factors beyond Cameron's control, and Fox's absorption into Disney. It was yet another movie that deserves more, but is now in indefinite limbo. And we've had situations like Firefly and subsequently Serenity, which showed the potential of a continuation through alternative means, so long as there is funding.
AntagonistDana (Just inserting her username here in case she ever pops in to personally answer.)
submitted by nitorita to TheOwlHouse [link] [comments]