Did glenda sue the police department

Live PD

2016.11.12 14:44 GumballPowers Live PD

Live PD was a television show broadcast on the A&E network. The non-fiction program followed police officers in the course of their duties and was broadcast in real time

2013.05.14 22:59 aero1992 Law Enforcement Vehicles

There are many different types of law enforcement vehicles from around the world. Got some cool pictures of them? Post 'em here!

2013.05.20 23:59 DavidDBlog Rescue Vehicles

There are many different types of fire trucks, ambulances, and other rescue vehicles from around the world. Got some cool pictures of them? Post 'em here!

2023.03.22 11:20 EneArtworks The ending and the moral of the story: pure neoliberal garbage

I'm quite disappointed by the season finale. Especially for the reacnotary message the series gives.
From the first season we have been shown a profoundly unequal society, where the fae are closed in a ghetto, systematically persecuted and considered as an inferior race.
All the protagonists have somehow experienced firsthand how much the society in which they live oppresses and represses their people, yet, faced with the possibility of radically changing things each of them makes very questionable choices.
The New Dawn (a communist-like movement whose members are obviously stereotyped with an Eastern European accent) was an intriguing element and the only hope to make a radical change in the Burgue society.
We all know that revolutions are not a dinner party but for gods sake, anything would be better than maintaining a status quo based on the oppression of an entire people. Philo betrays his own people by helping a racist police and killing their biggest weapon to overthrow the government. Tourmaline wants to kill the Sparas ... for what exactly? Vignette did the right thing to stand with the New Dawn in first istance, but she immediately regret her choice. Not to talk about Imogen and Agreus, the worst example of how you can improve your social status if You're a minority.
In the end nothing changes and the message is: the only way to change things and do it as slowly, gradually and peacefully as possible, without threatening the balance of estabilished power and especially individual freedom, (which often coincides with race and how much money you have) and worth more than anything else, even if (like Agreus) you conquered it by literally denouncing and condemning to death members of your own people. Only then you could be accepted by the ruling class of the city and finally open a company, have your horn repaired with gold and have a fae servant yourself (how generous).
All this leaving out the abandoned plots.
Perhaps, in a few centuries, we will see a fae chancellor in the Burgue, meanwhile, we can rest assured that the vast majority of the inhabitants of the Row will remain what they have always been: poor, hated, marginalized.
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2023.03.22 11:12 tienganh_langmaster CẤU TRÚC CÂU ĐIỀU KIỆN LOẠI 1: CÔNG THỨC, CÁCH DÙNG VÀ VÍ DỤ CỤ THỂ

Câu điều kiện loại 1 và 2 là các dạng câu điều kiện đơn giản, được sử dụng khá nhiều trong các tình huống giao tiếp cũng như bài tập Tiếng Anh. Cấu trúc câu điều kiện loại 1, 2 cũng là các điểm ngữ pháp rất quan trọng mà bạn không nên bỏ qua. Dưới đây là công thức cũng như cách sử dụng của từng loại câu để bạn dễ dàng tham khảo.

A. Câu điều kiện loại 1 và cách sử dụng

Nếu bạn muốn dự đoán một hành động hoặc sự việc có thể xảy đến trong tương lai, nếu nó đi kèm với một điều kiện nhất định khác thì hãy sử dụng câu điều kiện loại 1. Đây là dạng câu điều kiện căn bản nhất mà những người bắt đầu học Tiếng Anh cần phải nắm vững và sử dụng thành thạo.


1. Cấu trúc câu điều kiện loại 1

Các loại câu điều kiện nói chung đều có 2 mệnh đề: mệnh đề “nếu” (mệnh đề điều kiện, đi kèm “if”) và mệnh đề “thì” (mệnh đề chính, đề cập đến hành động, sự việc sẽ xảy ra trong điều kiện đó.
If + S + V(s/es), S + will/can/shall + V(nguyên mẫu)
IF+ thì hiện tại đơn, Will + Động từ nguyên mẫu

- Trong một số trường hợp, cấu trúc của câu điều kiện loại 1 có thể thay thế "will" bằng "must/should/have to/ought to/can/may".
- Mệnh đề điều kiện (mệnh đề “if”) có thể đứng ở vế đầu câu hoặc vế sau và thường được chia ở thì hiện tại đơn. Mệnh đề chính thường được chia ở thì tương lai đơn.

2. Cách dùng câu điều kiện loại 1

- Dùng để chỉ sự việc có thể xảy ra ở hiện tại hoặc tương lai:
Ví dụ về câu điều kiện loại 1: If I get up early, I will go to work on time.
- Dùng để đề nghị hay gợi ý:
Ví dụ câu điều kiện loại 1: If you need a glass of water, I can get you one.
- Dùng để cảnh báo hay hàm ý đe dọa:
Ví dụ câu điều kiện loại 1: If you don't do your homework, you will be penalized by the teacher.

3. Những điều cần lưu ý khi sử dụng câu điều kiện loại 1

- Ở một số trường hợp, cấu trúc câu điều kiện loại 1 chấp nhận thì hiện tại đơn ở cả 2 mệnh đề.
Ví dụ: If I want to play soccer, please play with me.
- Mệnh đề “if” có thể dùng ở thì hiện tại tiếp diễn hoặc thì hiện tại hoàn thành.
Ví dụ: If I keep working, I will finish my homework in an hour.
- Mệnh đề chính có thể dùng ở thì tương lai tiếp diễn hoặc thì tương lai hoàn thành.
Ví dụ: If I go to the post office early, I will be sending a letter.

4. Câu điều kiện loại 1 phủ định

Công thức câu điều kiện loại 1 phủ định:
If + S1 + tobe not /don’t/doesn’t + V-inf + O, S2 + will/can/may… + V-inf + O.
Ví dụ cầu điều loại loại 1 dạng phủ định: If you don’t know her address, can tell you.
Có thể dùng "Unless + Thì hiện tại đơn" thay thế cho "If not + Thì hiện tại đơn".
Ví dụ: Unless we pass the driving test, we can not have driving license.


5. Đảo ngữ câu điều kiện loại 1

Đảo ngữ trong câu điều kiện loại 1 sẽ giúp câu mang sắc thái lịch sự hơn và thường dùng trong trường hợp đưa ra lời yêu cầu, nhờ vả.
Công thức đảo ngữ với động từ to be trong câu điều kiện loại 1:
Should + S + (not) + be + … + S + will/may/can + V
Ví dụ đảo ngữ câu điều kiện loại 1:
If you are regularly late to work, you won’t get a bonus this month. = Should you be regularly late to work, you won’t get a bonus this month.
(Nếu bạn thường xuyên đi làm muộn, bạn sẽ không được thưởng tháng này.)
If the children are fine, their parents will be happy. = Should the children be fine, their parents will be happy.
(Nếu lũ trẻ đều khỏe mạnh thì bố mẹ của chúng sẽ vui vẻ.)
Đảo ngữ với động từ thường trong câu điều kiện loại 1:
Should + S + (not) + V + … + S + will/may/can + V
Ví dụ đảo ngữ câu điều kiện loại 1:
If you go to work late regularly, you won’t get a bonus this month. = Should you go to work late regularly, you won’t get a bonus this month.
(Nếu bạn thường xuyên đi làm muộn, bạn sẽ không được thưởng tháng này.)
If the children feel happy, their parents will be satisfied. = Should the children feel happy, their parents will be satisfied.
(Nếu lũ trẻ thấy vui vẻ thì bố mẹ chúng sẽ hài lòng.)
Lưu ý:
– “should” trong đảo ngữ câu điều kiện loại 1 không có nghĩa là “nên”, dùng should không làm thay đổi nghĩa của mệnh đề IF.
– Câu chứa mệnh đề IF” gốc không có “should” thì ta mượn trợ động từ “should”, thực hiện đảo ngữ theo cấu trúc trên.
– Nếu mệnh đề IF có “should” thì chỉ cần đảo “should” lên đầu câu.
Ví dụ:
If your students should need my help, I’ll be there in 10 minutes. = Should your students should need my help, I’ll be there in 10 minutes.
(Nếu các học sinh của bạn cần tôi giúp đỡ, tôi sẽ đến đó trong 10 phút.)

6. Viết lại câu điều kiện loại 1

Các dạng bài viết lại câu điều kiện loại 1:
1) Dạng bài chia động từ
Ở cấp độ cơ bản nhất, đề bài sẽ chia một vế cho mình rồi nên các bạn chỉ việc quan sát xem đó là câu điều kiện loại mấy mà áp dụng công thức cho đúng.
2) Dạng viết lại câu dùng IF
Ở dạng bài tập này, đề bài sẽ có ta 2 câu riêng biêt và nhiệm vụ của chúng ta là nối 2 câu lại với nhau thành câu ghép, sử dụng IF hoặc các từ như so = that’s why (vì thế), because (bởi vì)
Đối với dạng này nếu các bạm thấy:
– Cả 2 câu đều chia thì tương lai thì dùng câu điều kiện loại 1 (không phủ định)
– Một bên hiện tại, một bên tương lai / hiện tại thì dùng câu điều kiện loại 2 (phủ định)
– Nếu có quá khứ trong đó thì dùng câu điều kiện loại 3 (phủ định)
Ghi chú:
– Phủ định là câu có not thì chúng ta dùng không có not và ngược lại
– Nếu có because thì thay thế if ngay vị trí because
– Nếu có so, that’s why thì để if ngược với vị trí của chúng.
3) Dạng viết lại câu đổi từ if sang dùng unless
Unless = If.... not... => sẽ thế Unless vào chỗ chữ if và bỏ not, vế kia giữ nguyên.
4) Dạng viết lại câu đổi từ without sang dùng if
Thay Without = If…. not…., bên kia giữ nguyên (tùy theo nghĩa mà có câu cụ thể)
5) Dạng viết lại câu đổi từ Or, otherwise sang dùng if
Dạng này thường có cấu trúc là câu mệnh lệnh +or, otherwise + S will…
Cách làm như sau:
If you don’t (viết lại, bỏ or hoặc otherwise)
6) Dạng viết lại câu đổi từ But for sang dùng if
Dùng : if it weren’t for thế cho but for,phần còn lại giữ nguyên
Các dạng câu điều kiện ám chỉ:
Provided (that), providing (that) (miễn là ) = if
In case = phòng khi
Xem thêm:

C. Bài tập áp dụng

Các bài tập bên dưới giúp bạn luyện tập cách sử dụng cấu trúc câu điều kiện loại 1 và 2. Cùng tham khảo nhé.

1. Bài tập câu điều kiện loại 1: Chọn phương án đúng

1.1. If I (were/was/would be) ____ rich, I (will try/would try/tried) ____ to help the orphans.
1.2. What (would you do/will you do/did you do) ____ if you (see/would see/saw) ____ a snake in your garden?
1.3. If I (was/would be/were) ____ you, I (asked/would ask/will ask) ____ for her help.
1.4. If he (finded/would find/found) ____ a child in the street, he (would take/took/taked) ____ him to the police.
1.5. If she (were/was/would be) ____ a color, she (is/would be/were) ____ blue.

2. Bài tập câu điều kiện loại 1: Chọn phương án đúng

2.1. If I (have/would have/had had/should have) __________ the same problem you had as a child, I might not have succeeded as well as you have.
2.2. I (would have visited/visited/had visited/visit) __________ my mom sooner had someone told me her were in the hospital.
2.3. (Needed/Should I need/I have needed/I should need) __________ more help, I would call my sister.
2.4. (Had I known/Did I know/If I know/If I would know) __________ then what I know yesterday, I would have saved myself a lot of time and trouble over the years.
2.5. Do you think there would be less misunderstanding in the world if all people (spoke/speak/had spoken/will speak) __________ the same language?
Tham khảo chi tiết: BÀI TẬP CÂU ĐIỀU KIỆN LOẠI 1, 2, 3, HỖN HỢP, ĐẢO NGỮ (CÓ ĐÁP ÁN)
Để nắm vững và áp dụng đúng cấu trúc câu điều kiện loại 1 và 2, bạn cần phải thường xuyên làm các bài tập ở dạng chọn đáp án trắc nghiệm, hoàn thành câu… Thực hành mỗi ngày không chỉ giúp bạn ghi nhớ tốt kiến thức mà còn hình thành phản xạ nhanh hơn với các dạng bài tập nhất định. Thường xuyên cập nhật các bài viết của Langmaster để học thêm nhiều kiến thức Tiếng Anh chính xác và thú vị nhé!
Nguồn: https://langmaster.edu.vn/cau-truc-cau-dieu-kien-loai-1-2-cach-dung-va-vi-du-cu-the-nhat
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2023.03.22 11:11 heyitisdee Brother is emotionally blackmailing and abusive

My househelp is 18 y/o and has been in relationship with a guy for 2 years and they want to marry. The guy the girl is in love with is from Punjab, financially stable, working and is of the same caste. The guy’s family is supportive and so is the girl’s except the girl’s brother. In her family, they usually marry once they are 18 or 19.
The brother is verbally and physically abusive and has a control over all family decisions as when their father died he took over the responsibilities and eventually became like a father figure. The girl has been trying to convince the brother to marry the man she loves since an year and even told she’ll run away to which the brother replied he’ll kill them both.
The most baffling part is, her brother himself did love marriage and when the girl is pointing this out, he dismisses it or starts abusing her either physically or verbally for talking back.
The brother even hid her birth certificate, adhaar and such documents so she can’t find them and plan something. She tried asking for her adhaar with excuse if bank work to which her brother said ‘I’ll take you to bank’. If she goes to police they’ll probably say ‘it’s your ghar ka matter’. The brother has even threatened to kill himself if she doesn’t listens and marries where he wants.
Due to her mother’s deteriorating health, she doesn’t wants to do something that’ll put her mother on edge and in a grave state. Her mother keeps telling her that she should try to understand as her brother won’t back down.
Is there anything that can be done to help this situation or girl?
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2023.03.22 10:46 empty-message_bottle Need urgent advice on a current situation I'm in with a claim settlement after a small car accident that was almost a year ago

Forgive me if I'm not too specific but I will try my best. I'm a old timer reddit user, first time posting. but almost a year or "technically" a year ago, was in 2022 I was involved in a small car accident on My way to an a appointment and took a green unprotected left turn going less then 10 mph and saw a car coming assuming they had a redlight as they approached but they kept driving so I guess they didn't and I stopped as soon as I noticed while they stayed in the same lane not making a attempt in stopping or at least moving to the other lane or distracted or something but whatever I guess ... then collided with them no airbags came on that's how small It was, we then moved out of the intersection to a parking lot and I blurt out saying "sorry" my natural instinct. We start exchanging insurance info, I asked if they want me to call the cops but said no and i told the other party that I'm never been in a accident and don't know what to do so the person tells me to take out my car insurance policy out and starts calling my insurer telling them that I hit them and explained what just took place. My insurer asked them if they want the police to show up, then says no, my insurer ask if there car is drivable which they reply yes they kept talking then I guess they came to a resolution and the other party said that was it, that my insurance will handle the rest and that I can go, I asked if they were sure and the said yes so I leave. * Of course after taking pics of their insurance and my car but not there's I realized that late, too many things were going in my head at that point.* I go to my appointment and talk to my insurance company explained everything that has been already explained they said if my car was driveable which I replied yes then asked if I would be able to go and see them for the adjuster to take photos which I did right after my appointment. What's in the first week I have talked to a adjusting of mine sent them photos even though they had some already and was told that everything would be handled, a huge relief washed over me until 3 or 4 months later I get calls from their insurance company telling me that I have to talk to one of them and they kept calling me when I was at work bugging me leaving voice messages to which I called back thinking it was my insurance company but it wasn't I did talk to one of their agents that was really cool he told me that they filed a bodily injury and I was like "bodily injury Claim for real?" Then he replied"yeah man you know how some people are they get into an accident then start feeling all types of pain at typical spots trying to get some money" a week or two later passes when they call leaving a message again and I asked for advice from my family and they say that I shouldn't even be dealing with them that was supposed to be my car insurance job, later I end up calling my insurer telling them what had happened they say just ignore them and that they need to contact them and not me putting me at ease once again. As soon as I thought I was in the clear or that all this was behind me. But a few days ago I received a settlement demand claim from them that I need to pay around $9,000 each to the driver and the passenger because they are claiming to have whiplash, which I don't believe cuz we both were going slow and they both acted fine and I know it takes days or whatever but come on they probably are just taking advantage due to the fact that that's probably the most common thing that could happen so dismissing it is bigot mindset since it doesn't show on any type of scan's.. and if you look up whiplash symptoms word for word that's exactly what they put like they weren't even try using symptoms that they genuinely feel instead of the description online that's not even close to injuring what they claim like a knee in this for sure I know it's a lie because they're walking fine, but I don't know crap. So the main problem I'm really having is that I haven't worked for 2 months and haven't paid my car insurance for a month going on to two in a few days. But I'm planning on working soon and getting my car insurance back but I have no money and they're expecting $18,000 when I barely have 400 for rent this month.. this absolutely blows I went to my appointment was starting to do good in life and turn things around from worse to better then had a small accident giving me imposter syndrome after and financial burdens along with other things going on in my life, I'm low-key freaking out and just really need any kind of help. I plan on calling my car insurance company to get reinsured or to explain the situation and even if I can reinsured I feel like they wont help me because I stopped the payments for 2 months, the only thing I got in my life right now is my car * old bucket car* and my old dog and soon no home and my dog already has two feet in the door so things will get worse for me emotionally but mainly financially. I was Hoping to have a car to live in if I was going to be homeless I guess that's out of the realm now. And they're expecting a response in a few days now, again any help would be really appreciated in this dark time in my life.
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2023.03.22 10:43 MarmitePrinter My Pleasantview/Strangetown families after 20 years in game...

My Pleasantview/Strangetown families after 20 years in game...
I recently put my previous PV/ST megahood on pause as I rejigged my mods and messed things up a bit, so I felt like I needed to start over from scratch. The new version is now twenty years in so I thought I'd share the progress!
  1. The Goth family
Dina and Mortimer got married and Dina moved into the Goth house. She helped raise Alexander and eventually she and Morty had a baby of their own, Fridrik. After Mortimer passed, Dina IMMEDIATELY started flirting with Alexander, who had just returned from uni. He reciprocated and their chemistry was insane, so now she's in a weird semi-incestuous live-in relationship with her former stepson. Will they marry and secure Dina's future?
  1. The Curious family (1)
Cassandra was left at the altar by Don (after he got her pregnant). She fell into severe depression for a few years despite having son Fabrizio to dote on, but eventually she met Vidcund Curious through her coworker Pascal. They fell madly in love, got married and moved in together with their children. Fabrizio and Vidcund's son Icarus (by abduction) soon became best friends (they're currently at college together) and Cass and Vidcund had two children together - Gretchen and later, after much persuasion on Cassie's part, Madeleine. Can life get any better for this blended family?
  1. The Lothario/Caliente family
Feat. my weird open-plan remodel of the Caliente condo!
When Dina moved out, Nina was left in charge of the condo. After she got pregnant accidentally, she and Don agreed to live together there and raise the baby while still maintaining relationships with other people. Hasina was their first baby and after a few years Nicolo came along too. They're perfectly happy in their open relationship and it looks like Hasina is taking after them too - she's a Pleasure Sim. Will she be a heartbreaker like her parents?
  1. The Broke/Burb family
Brandi met John Burb at the market one day and they were instantly attracted to each other. They began an affair, of which little Ian was the product, and when Jennifer caught them in the act, John divorced her and married Brandi. They moved to a larger house where they now live with Beau (who recently returned from college and can't afford his own place yet), Bobbie (unborn baby Broke) and Ian. Beau was in love with Tycho Curious in high school, but they drifted apart when he went to uni - will they reunite now that Tycho is in college himself?
  1. The Broke family
Dustin met Kristen Loste while he was at uni. He was still with Angela, but he started flirting with Kristen and the rest is history. They fell deeply in love despite their small age gap and, as soon as Dustin graduated, he moved into a small apartment with Kristen (that was all they could afford) and got married. They now have a daughter, Madison, who has to share a room with them as their apartment is only 1 bedroom. Will they ever be able to afford to move now that Dustin is rising through the ranks of his Architectural career and Kristen is doing well at her Athletic one?
  1. The Dreamer family
Another remodel - of the Dreamer house this time!
Darren married divorcée Mary-Sue Oldie and, scandalously, Cassandra autonomously kissed him on their wedding day. He stayed faithful, keeping away from Cassandra any time she visited, and eventually Cass moved on with Vidcund while he and Mary-Sue had baby Delilah. A few years later, on Mary-Sue's 60th birthday, Cassandra (who was feeling particularly broody but her own husband didn't want any more kids) kissed Darren again, this time in eyesight of her former best friend. Mary-Sue wasn't going to stand for a second cheater in her life, so she didn't listen to any of Darren's excuses and divorced him. Meanwhile, eldest son Dirk split up with Lilith when she became his stepsister, and later fell in love with Lucy Burb. They now have a baby together, Finley, and have no intention of following in their cheating parents' footsteps!
  1. The Grunt/Oldie family
After Mary-Sue married Darren, Angela inherited the family home. Soon enough, her deadbeat dad Daniel and his new wife Kaylynn came a-knocking looking for a better place to stay now that Kaylynn was expecting. Angela generously let them move in. She also moved in her fiancé Tank and they had twins George and Harriet. After a few years, there wasn't really room for two growing families and, with Kaylynn pregnant again, Angela gave them some money to find a place of their own. Then, just as she and her family had the place to themselves again, Mary-Sue arrived with daughter Delilah in tow having just divorced Darren. Now they live together in semi-harmony but still have to pay the rent and bills on dad Daniel's trailer. Will they ever dig themselves out of this hole?
  1. The Pleasant family
After his divorce from Mary-Sue, Daniel married his lover Kaylynn and they had two children - Oscar and Sophie. They live in the trailer rented and paid for by Daniel's daughter Angela and leech off her whenever they can using guilt that she didn't let them stay in the family home. Oscar isn't doing too well in school, preferring to romance every boy and girl in sight rather than study. Will he be another deadbeat like his dad or make something of himself?
  1. The Curisant family
After Jennifer caught John cheating on her with Brandi Broke, she decided to divorce him and focus on her Business career and her second daughter Grace, who chose to live with her. She met Lola Curious when her firm hired Lola's law firm to handle their cases. The two discovered a mutual love of business and hard work, and soon a love for each other. They married and combined their names and soon, to their surprise, Lola found herself pregnant with Jennifer's baby - little Otis. Now, with Grace (their live-in childminder) about to go off to university and both of them at the top of their careers, will they start focusing on raising Otis?
  1. The Pleasant/Smith family
When Dirk became her stepbrother and broke up with her, Lilith fell into the arms of her best friend Johnny for comfort. Soon enough, they realised they had a mutual attraction, fell in love and decided to move in together. They now have a son, Vaughn, who is best friends with his cousins George and Harriet, which has started to rekindle Lilith's relationship with her sister. Johnny and Lilith have been living together for several years without any interest in marriage - will they ever decide to take that final step?
  1. The Curious (2) family
When Nervous escaped the clutches of the Beakers, he changed his name to Neville and took husband Pascal's name when they married. He hopes that will be enough to stop them realising who he is. After he met and bonded with Pascal's son Tycho, he decided to adopt him as his own. Then, a few years later, both Pascal and Neville wanted another baby so, when Pascal's sister Chloe had a baby, they adopted little Emilia as well. But when brother Lazlo wanted to find a place for his family to live, he and Chloe agreed to a 'house-swap' of sorts, so now Chloe is living with Pascal, Neville and Emilia. Will Chloe being back in the life of her bio-daughter disrupt the happiness of the adopted family?
  1. The Loner family
Ophelia had thought Johnny Smith was the love of her life, until he went off to college and she didn't. They drifted apart and she met Ajay one day at the bowling alley. They had instant chemistry and Ophelia decided to break up once and for all with Johnny so that she could be with Ajay. Now they live in her aunt's old house with their two children Ronald and Keira. Ronald, as a Knowledge Sim, devours any form of knowledge and is starting to ask questions about the afterlife - will he take after his great-aunt Olive?
  1. The Beaker family
After Nervous' escape, Circe and Loki had no test subject and no one to look after their son Atom. They were despondent, but one day they noticed a dazed and confused Bella Goth wandering around the crashed spaceship near their house. They took her in, fed her, bathed her, and soon realised that she was pregnant with an alien baby and would make the perfect next subject for their tests. After giving birth, Bella unfortunately passed away, so they adopted her baby Ceres to avoid any suspicion. Now Ceres lives in the basement room, despite her older brother Atom's wishes. Will she be able to follow Nervous' footsteps and escape their clutches?
  1. The Smith family
PT9 and Jenny had another baby, Jasper, but PT9 soon died of old age, leaving Jenny to raise him alone. To combat her loneliness, she asked her daughter Jill to move back in and, soon enough, Jill got engaged to her boyfriend Ripp. They married, despite Ripp's commitment issues, and had a child of their own - little Ethan. Jenny loves having a large family around her again - will she give up her nursing career to focus on her family and her side hustle sewing quilts?
  1. The Grunt family
Buzz met Erin Beaker in town and, despite their age gap, they fell in love and got married. Together they had a daughter, Storm, who Buzz loved taking under his wing once his eldest two had moved out. Buck, on the other hand, never moved out. He was engaged to Chloe Curious for a time, but she left him at the altar and, broken-hearted, he decided to stay at home until he found someone else to be with. That time still hasn't come and he's now in his early 30s. Buzz and Erin are getting a bit fed up of him lurking around - will he ever find someone or just take the initiative and move out?
  1. The Curious (3) family
When Lazlo's growing family needed a place of their own, they agreed to a house-swap with Chloe, who had been living alone in the former Singles household. It's still not quite big enough for a family of five, but it's better than being squished in with brother Pascal's family. Will Lazlo, Crystal, Harmony, Infinity and Prince all continue living happily in their small house or will they need to find somewhere bigger and give Chloe her place back?
  1. The College Sims
Tycho Curious, Fabrizio Lothario and Icarus Curious are all currently at college together. Tycho and Icarus are cousins, and Fabrizio and Icarus are step-brothers, so they all get along pretty well. Icarus is a Pleasure Sim whose LTW is to go on as many first dates as possible so he's been exploring that in college, but might just have found the love of his life in cheerleader Sylvie while doing so. Meanwhile, Tycho just wanted to graduate his Maths degree with a 4.0 and make his dads proud, which he did, and Fabrizio didn't mind what he got as long as he could spent time with his sweetheart Bobbie Broke (they're now engaged). It was pretty much a party house for Fabrizio and Icarus, but they all managed to graduate somehow!
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2023.03.22 10:40 tonnie_taller Tennessee woman allegedly attempted to take another woman’s child at Dollar Tree

A Tennessee woman attempted to take another woman’s child at a Dollar Tree store, even purporting that the child was hers. Officers with the Metro Nashville Police Department responded to the store on Mt. View Road on Monday after a report that Vickie Mitchell had attempted to take another person’s child, Mitchell’s arrest affidavit says, … Continue reading Tennessee woman allegedly attempted to take another woman’s child at Dollar Tree
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2023.03.22 10:33 maxmandragoran Desperate husband of wife, 15 weeks pregnant with twins, uncontrollably angry with me and wants divorce. I'm mad with worry. (Very long post)

We've been married 8 years, have no kids but had two 2 miscarriages in the past 6 years, which took a toll on our marriage.
The 1st miscarriage in 2017 was at 17 weeks, a baby girl we wanted to name Joy. We were both devastated but she believes she grieved more than I did, although I was always the one who had hoped for children while she never wanted any up until then.
The 2nd miscarriage in 2020 was around 12 weeks. It was the first several months of the pandemic. We work in a hospital and the intensity of my duties kept me away for days at a time. Even when we met, I tried to keep a distance to keep her safe from possibly catching the virus, which she understood at that time because the Covid situation then was very severe worldwide and there was still a lot we didn't know about it.
But after miscarriage, she resented me bitterly. She then decided we'd be better off without kids. I didn't want to cause her any more grief, so I went along. Since then, it's been up and down, mostly downs. Eventually I started to spend even more time at work to avoid her wrath at home. We still see each other at the workplace (she's another department) but at least it's civil.
Last year, through a series of misunderstandings, she started to accuse me of having an affair with our colleague. This colleague was my college ex, we moved on 20 years ago, which my wife knew about too. I swore my innocence repeatedly but she refused to accept it. We argued for months. In the process, I said some nasty words, said it wouldn't be surprising if I left her for that woman since my wife was such a terror. I deeply regret it now. I don't think she herself truly believes, but she took my words as admission of the non-existent affair and demanded a divorce.
We started proceedings and separated last April. She still lives in our house while I've practically moved into my office. But on occasions when I returned home to collect stuff or when we attended events outside, we'd enjoy our time together - like the dates we used to have before everything went awry. We managed to have some very good sex too, so I started to find more excuses to "pick up my stuff" couple times a week and she never turned me down.
I'd say our relationship improved drastically after I agreed to the separation. I didn't have the time or interest to date anyone else and to my knowledge neither did she.

Now, about 2 months ago, she suddenly turned all cold and angry again for no discernible reason. She called in sick for a few days and ignored all my calls, messages and shrugged me off when I checked on her.
2 weeks later, my brother finally learnt the truth from another colleague - my wife is pregnant, with twins.
I'm very hurt at the way I had to find out, but that's beside the point. The colleague later told me she explored her options for abortion but did not or has yet to go through with it because my wife reportedly told her she "knew it would break (me) for real" if she did.
Hearing that, I was reaaally hopeful that this pregnancy would save our marriage. I have been so miserable.
But when I approached my wife about her pregnancy, I discovered that she was (and still is) in a terrible rage at me. She keeps telling me not to get my hopes up, keeps flinging the abortion threat in my face, says she'd rather raise the children on her own because I'll never have time for them, insists she still wants to go through with the divorce, will take care of herself, won't need maintenance, and basically many illogical, contradictory and hurtful things.
She has even been trying to convince me that the babies aren't mine. But in one tired distracted comment while mad at me, she said they've driven her crazy "just like their father". Another day, she declared she hates me and hates my babies. Yet another day, she blamed me for picking a good date to intentionally knock her up - we spent the whole stretch of Christmas Eve to New Year's Day together, had unprotected sex throughout often at her initiation, and now her EDD is the date of our 1st miscarriage. Unless she managed to slip out in secret to bang the deliverymen, I really don't see how the babies aren't mine.
She also said she's gonna quit her job and move out for good so we never have to meet again. And she is really packing up her stuff at home into big boxes and has been researching renting dubious walk-ups in lousy neighborhoods far from me.
Meantime I'm relieved at least she's still seeing the OB and taking her iron, folic, screening tests and avoiding alcohol, caffeine etc. While mostly cold and snappy, she still lets me take her out for meals several times a week and never rejects food or massages from me. The other day I even spotted two twin pregnancy books on her car seat when I peeked in. I was incredibly heartened.

I have no doubt she's terrified and conflicted. But she's so stubborn and angry that I just can't get through to her. She's made clear counselling and therapy are out of the question, and I can't slip her any tranquilizers either since she's pregnant.
I'm worried sick about her for so many reasons:
She's pushing 40 and that already puts her at significantly higher risk for many pregnancy complications, carrying twins to boot. So far no major issues detected, the usual anemia, low BP, some spotting; cervix unremarkable. But her face gets a gaunt green cast from nausea or headaches most mornings even now, and though she's showing quite a bit, she has actually lost considerable weight. She was already borderline underweight. Can tell she gets dizzy or breathless easily but she still insists on climbing up and down needlessly packing her boxes and even wants to lug them down the stairs herself. Of course I put an end to that nonsense when I see it, but I'm really terrified she'll hurt herself trying to prove some reckless physical feat when I'm not around. Or pass out in the bath alone at home.
She goes on about me never having time for a family but bars me from her OB visits - which occurs at our workplace! I've had to install "spies" all around her to find out how she feels, yet even that is difficult - the guys are useless as she knows their loyalties to me and I can't be too pally with her women friends in case she develops another misunderstanding, which would be the worst time for that to happen again. So far only my brother and his gay partner have been my greatest help as she genuinely adores them. She forbids us from telling both sides of our parents about the pregnancy and keeps trying to suck in her belly to keep it a secret as if people are blind. She was never like this before.
I'd like her to take a long break from work or even quit entirely so she can get sufficient rest and hopefully regain her sanity, but I know she'll be insulted or suspicious of my motives and it will also be much harder for me to keep an eye on her if she's not constantly pottering around near us. She might also use that newfound free time to really run away forever.

I really really really want to be around for her and our babes, but I'm so scared of destabilizing her with anything I do or say.
I've turned this over in my head time and again but I truly truly don't believe that we have reached the end of our marriage. I feel like there's still so much evidence pointing to the fact that she still loves me.
Many people claim it's clear I'm a calming presence for her (the irony!). My bro says even now her eyes always sweep the room until she spots me. She still publicly defends me in arguments in my absence and is always empathetic when I have a trying day (as long as it's not caused by her). I don't know what I would do without her.
She seems to have it all together in public but it's a different story in private. These 2 months, in the rare few instances I've dared raise my voice back at her or when her rage has driven me to break down, she would become immediately contrite, retract her words, apologize profusely, and then inevitably become distressed to tears, at which point I would have to spend more time consoling her. Those are also the only times she allows me to guide her in techniques to calm her erratic breathing. But sometimes I think I'm having a panic attack myself.
It's all terribly exhausting for us both but even more so, it is simply gut wrenching for me watching her. The 2 miscarriages left me wracked with guilt; there are many things I wish I did, I truly don't want her to have to go through that trauma a 3rd time. I'm a medical professional and there's so much I know in theory but I am really at my wit's end when it comes to my delicate pregnant wife who's perpetually in an uncontrollable rage at me. Everything I've done is wrong. I'm so fucking scared. I'm so fearful I will again unwittingly hurt her irreparably. And there are still so many weeks more to go. I don't know if we can make it.
When I ask what she wants from me or what I can do to make things better, she says impossible things like carry the babes myself, leave her for good, or to father other children with other women. My god.
I have thought long and hard about it and have put this to her as gently as I could: I don't need to have kids. She doesn't need to have kids. If it comes down to that, I would save our marriage over saving the babies. Or if saving our marriage is impossible too, it would be OK as long as she is happy and healthy again. Mentioning this invariably leads her to more rage and more inconsolable tears. She is incensed that I'm "choosing between them" or trying to force her to choose, which I'm not! I'm just trying desperately to say there's no pressure, there's nothing I could ever want so badly that I can't do without, I swear it. I'm just so afraid she can never be herself again. Should I help her arrange for an abortion and make her go so that the choice is mine?

I've tried so hard to analyze and identify/eliminate any potential causes for her rage.
I never comment on her growing belly or boobs in case she flares up. She definitely likes belly rubs, back rubs, calf and head massages so she certainly doesn't hate my touch. She doesn't gag when we kiss. It's not about the sex either; in fact it seems to put her in a better mood for a very short while. We're not financially strained (unless she really intends to divorce me and refuse a cent while trying to raise the twins on her own) and both of us can arrange for prolonged time off work if we really need to. We have a part-time cleaner so any chores she ever does herself is because she wants to. Anything she can't tolerate, I've stopped eating as well. I've given her copious supplies of vitamins, essential oils and home remedies for her nausea and headaches. I've been spending so much more time with her now, work is really just an afterthought. I've tried ignoring her provocations but she would follow me and demand a response then accuse me of patronizing her. To protect her sense of independence, I even let her continue to drive despite my concerns about her terrible driving.
There are some things I can't compromise though - no way I'd let her have sashimi or lift the heavy luggage and boxes herself. Admittedly I'm a bit of a nag about drinking enough water, taking her supplements and BP monitoring. But can I really allow her to be so reckless and go her own way?
I suspect my presence alone might be a trigger for her rage. But apparently not having me around distresses her too. 3 times these 2 months, I was shocked to learn that when I missed minor meetings or events without first informing her (though I had no idea I was expected at all), she disappeared into the bathroom to cry. She insists it was nothing but once let slip that she thought I stayed away because I was angry at her, which is so irrational. Why would I be angry at her??? My bro and his partner concluded that my absence was the only consistent factor for her odd behavior.

I'm ashamed to be such a bumbling clueless husband. Truth is she's surrounded most of the day by people and family perfectly equipped to handle any physical problem that might occur. Yet I've never felt this stressed, helpless, blindsided and impotent my entire life. I am at a total loss. And it's been only two months since I found out. Last night she screamed at me to just stop bothering about her. So today she drove herself to work while I stayed home to despair over the keyboard wondering if it's tears or rage now because I actually heeded her advice. Maybe I should have feigned ignorance about the pregnancy from the start.
It was very hard for me to put this all down in words, I'm sorry it's so long and incoherent, but I've really reached my wit's end. I don't usually log into Reddit, so this is a measure of my desperation. If anyone out there studying this convoluted essay can help figure out any hints to the root of my problem or if anyone can offer a desperate man some sound advice - that works - on daily methods to handle my fiery pregnant wife or tips on how to dissipate her flying rages... please help me. I will be eternally grateful.
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2023.03.22 10:33 Killjoy_9520 Need Advice: My BF bm is keeping his daughter(5yo) from him. It's been 1yr 3mo

I'm not sure what information is needed and what is TMI. My bf (23M) and I (23F) got together back in Sept 2020. His bm (22F) and him were coparenting when we met and continued to do so up Until Dec 2021. At first she would only ask him to care for their daughter (3yo @ the time), whenever it was convenient for her. Which we didn't mind the extra time. Keep in mind she was always in Phoenix with her bf (whom she planned on moving in with etc.) and there were no scheduled times between them. Nor any agreed upon pickup dates. When he would ask, she wouldn't want to discuss it and would promptly avoid doing so until my bf told her I was pregnant. Then next thing we knew, she was planning on moving to phoenix and just told my bf that he wouldn't see his daughter for awhile. And he asked her what she meant and she just said she was joking. Then she messaged during the whole month and a half we had her talking about giving temp custody of her to her mother (my step daughters maternal grandma). Said that they would still coparent but her mom would be able to keep her from time to time when she wasnt able to come back down. If we didn't want that, she said she would sign over temp custody of their daughter to him along with any food benefits she received. We didn't go for it as we were already concerned that if we did get temp custody, she would abuse it and not help financially. She ended up coming back down and getting her for a few days and bringing her back. There were times she would keep their daughter to herself and times she would ask him to get her asap and not give us any reasons. She started talking to me in April 2021. I would give her updates on her daughter and whenever I wanted to know about what my step daughter was doing she hardly responded. I had also talked to her about how to discipline her because my bf and I didn't know how to go about it. She told us to lightly spank her which is what we started to do but I believe my step daughter had gotten used to her dad not disciplining her at all. We had no idea when she had broke up with her ex but she ended up with a new guy whose nickname was Beasle. They got together the end of May 2021. Then got a new car together beginning of June 2021. Which makes me assume they must've been together longer than that and decided to go public at the end of May. (This information is important ; trust me) The first time my bf met this guy was when his bm came to pick up their daughter ( by this time we were switching her off every 2½ weeks; we convinced her to start a schedule before our baby arrived) and I distinctly remember that my bf came back inside from taking his daughter out and he told me " I met so and so's bf. He's kind of suspicious." I said "why.?" He said "because he wouldn't give me eye contact at all." Which I thought was super weird. But I didn't comment on it much. Then the next time his bm came to pick up their daughter after our 2½ weeks, she said her bf was scared of my bf. Which i also found suspicious. I still didn't comment on it though. Then we had seen she changed all her socials back to single around Aug 2021 and wondered why but didn't question much as we are only concerned for my step daughter. Then in October 2021, we had seen a screenshot of her fb story (that she hid from me and my bf) about her ex, Beasle, and how he was in jail and his sister threatened her. She included things about how he held her against her own will, that his family didn't help her and they watched, even called him a killer, said he threatened her life, her family's lives and to take his own life to keep her. She said she's only posting a portion of what he's put her through. I admit I used a fake account to reply to her story about this and she told this fake account that he has even shot a gun near her to keep her around. That she has tried to call the cops multiple times and he always ran off and would come back and threaten her life again. She admitted he was in prison and for a huge reason. I was concerned hearing this from her and she never talked to me or my bf about this. We both didn't bring it up because we were both afraid to do so without having her take his daughter away. I think because she knew my bf would be upset that she put his daughters life at risk this way. Finally, we were doing fine till I noticed inappropriate behavior and talked to her mom about it. I explained how we have everything in my home kid friendly because of my younger siblings and niece. She seemed to echo what I said back to me but in her own words about how everything is at her house. It's weird because if she noticed this type of behavior on her end, why not bring it up? I thought that was strange but my bf didn't want to question anything because he was afraid to stand up to his bm for this reason. That she would keep their daughter from him. Then, in December 2021, after we had our 2½ weeks with his daughter, her mom picked her up and stopped talking to us 2 days later. We didn't know what to do or who to call. When the time came for our 2½ weeks, my bf tried to call the grandmother (because that was his bm main residence) to discuss if they were going to drop her off or if we had to pick her up. The grandmother texted him back that she's under medical investigation and that he's not allowed to contact her or his bm. We were genuinely confused because these past weeks with her were fine except for the fact that we did have to discipline her a few times for being mean to other kids. She was always a little naughty when getting her back from her mom. We always just did what her mother recommended last. We always tried time out or just talking to her first. We were worried and started calling around. First we called CPS and asked if there was a case open with my step daughters mother. They said yes and my bf tried to ask about visitation for his daughter as we were afraid she was taken away and might've been hurt badly at her grandmother's house where her and her mom were staying. We found out that was not the case at all when the social worker told us that there were serious allegations on the father. We tried to ask what they were but she told us she couldn't tell us anything and that visitation was up to the mother. She redirected us to the police department and said to ask for Officer L. We had done so but he wasn't there or was out on the field. We kept calling day after day and when we finally got ahold of him, he said he did make a report through the hospital with his bm but wasn't allowed to discuss the details because it's between him and my bf bm. He then redirected us to a criminal Investigator who was looking into the case. We called and they met up at an FBI office and they interrogated my bf about child abuse and child SA. They told him that the family was scared of him and asked him why that is. They asked him for DNA and lie detector test which he agreed to but they never got either of them the day he was there. He came out an hour and a half later and was upset that he didn't find out anymore information and was upset about the 'possible charges'. Before all this also, an officer stopped by the home but pronounced his name wrong so my bf never got served paperwork. We called and asked about that but nothing. They said they'd bring it by the next day and never did. We tried calling and stopping by the police department only for them to send us to dispatch then for dispatch to send us back to ask what officer had his papers and to find out when they're working to get the papers from them. We then decided to talk to a lawyer but the said lawyer wasn't with a law firm and kind of gave us a hard time including myself when I tried to help my bf remember dates when talking to him. We are lost and tried to call around about all of this but still are in the dark. We also recently found out that his bm ex (Beasle) who was in jail had groomed 2 teenagers who were in hs in his early 20s. So we have reason to believe that maybe he had done something to my step daughter. Although we know we are in no position to point fingers, we want to know how to go about this and if there's anything we can do. We are so lost and I just want my son and his sister to know each other. The last time she seen him, he was 3months old. Now he's 18months old. Not to mention the fact that we found out his bm got with someone new back in February 2022 and had a child for this new guy sometime in December 2022 or January 2023.
Sorry it's a lot and for those of you who take the time to read, it's very much appreciated.
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2023.03.22 10:28 mantsu Cannot receive sickness or injury, shoubyouteate(傷病手当) benefit money. Please help

TLDR : I am too unwell to work and only found out today that I cannot receive health insurance benefit money from my precious company's insurance provider. I found this place and this place but they require you to apply within 20 days of losing previous insurance. Don't know what to do, will probably end up homeless.
Long version. I worked at a company for a year before being fired because I was too sick to work, luckily because of a benefit they had I was able to continually get health insurance income each month, though it was only 17man. After a couple of months I was feeling a bit better and tried to work out of a contracting company, unfortunately I started falling over, fainting etc while at work and 3 months later they just told me not to come back. I was still within the contract of the contracting company but because I was sick they couldn't put me in a job. During this time I was receiving health insurance money.
My contract ended with them at the end of January. The insurance company they were with only accepts shoubyouteate after the payment date of the time not worked, which is a month later. I asked the company what I should do to continue to obtain shoubyouteate money and they said to go to hello work. Hello work told me to "Come back when I am able to work", I asked about the monthly health insurance and they told me to go to the city office and ask them. No one knew, no one at Hello Work, no one at the city office. The Health Insurance Department at the city office only deals with handing out health insurance cards, not anything to do with shoubyouteate. So they told me to go back and contact my company, which I did, who told me to then go to hello work again and they told me to wait for something in the mail, which I did, and it was for some kind of school program or something weird. Not anything to do with shoubyouteate. Eventually a friend searched around for me and found the exact same insurance company my previous company was using.(BTW I asked my friend if there were any other companies, she got a bit mad at me and said she found the only one.. my mistake, I should have looked myself but I assumed all these institutions and companies would point me in the right direction.) . My friend said I can send an application to this place. I read over the website and filled out the forms, went to the doctor and had them fill out the shoubyouteate. I had some questions about the forms so I emailed the contracting company I was with and they said (today) that I can only receive shoubyouteate money if I was with them for 12 months, which I was not.
So I realized the last month of running around talking to this and that person was futile. I searched and found this place and this place but it seems I am far to late to apply for it. By the time I had to hand in my last shoubyouteate to my previous company it was already to late to sign up to a new insurer.
I can't seem to find any other place to sign up to, does anyone know one that will accept me? Or do I just try to do uber eats with the small amount of energy I have each day, and hopefully not collapse.
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2023.03.22 10:26 Last_Interaction1360 My dog was stolen by this evil mother Heather Pittman she refuses to give it back I’m super torn and devastated I would do anything to get my puppy back not even the police will help I’m reaching out hoping and praying the internet can help…😢😢 his name is dally and he is a corgi

My dog was stolen by this evil mother Heather Pittman she refuses to give it back I’m super torn and devastated I would do anything to get my puppy back not even the police will help I’m reaching out hoping and praying the internet can help…😢😢 his name is dally and he is a corgi submitted by Last_Interaction1360 to Animal [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 10:24 TheHatsumeProject am i a dick for not talking to my parents

Im 26 and i started living independently when i was 18. It's not common here in the philippines kasi yung iba hanggang sa tumanda na nakatira pa din sa parents nila. I have no problem with that.
My parents are abusive, mentally, verbally and physically. Working student ako kasi ayaw nila akong pag aralin dahil 'bobo' naman daw ako. We are not hikahos sa buhay. Kumbaga 'may kaya'. thats why i dont understand why they chose to provide to my 31 year old sister sa ika 2 degree nya at ako naman eh magsastart pa lang sana sa college non pero ayaw akong pagaralin kasi 'si ate muna'.
I loaned sa 5/6 para makapag paenroll and nag working student After 2 years in college i left home. Pinagaral ko ang sarili ko and nabuhay magisa. Even though ganan ang nangyare i still give something sa parents ko so that i dont cut the ties. If di ako magbigay matik na kung ano ano nanaman maririnig ko kay mama. Na kesho 'mapagmalaking mayabang'.
Bumili ako ng motor in cash from my hard earned money sa third job ko. Nakapangalan sa tatay ko since wala ako alam noon kung pano tumakbo ang casa ng motor. Sabi nya sakin pag walang lisensya bawal kumuha ng motor.
so i believed that, tatay ko naman yon. 'what could happen, right?'
The time has come na may lisensya na ako at kukunin ko na ang motor ko, ayaw na ibigay ng tatay ko at sa kaniya daw yon dahil 'sa kanya nakapangalan'.
I was so devastated kasi hindi biro ang 83K cash para sa tulad kong nabubuhay independently and for a minimum wage earner.
He told me pwede ko naman daw hiramin ang binili kong motor. So me and my live in partner for a year decided to borrow the motorcycle. he lends us the motorcycle for 4 hours pero ang kapalit pala noon eh irereport nya na ni nakaw ang motorcycle.
Mabuti na lang naiuwi namin agad ang motor, nalaman na lang namin kasi itiniawag ng kapatid ko na magreport daw ang tatay ko na ninakaw daw ang motor nya. Which is true kasi nichat ako ng kaibigan nyang police at nagtatanong daw ang tatay ko kung ano pwede ikaso sa magnanakaw ng motor.
I was so shocked and disappointed na magagawa yun sakin ng tatay ko. Also as a result na paghiram namin tinapon nya lahat ng important documents sa trabaho ko na iniwan ko sa bahay since malapit ang location ng bahay nila sa branch ng BIR. including mga issued receipt ng bir na ididistribute ko sa branches ng pinagtatrabahuhan ko.
I cried so damn hard kasi yung receipt na yon pag nawala mayroong fine kay bir which i believe 20K per booklet ng resibo at meron akong 50pcs that time na nawala. So imagine that ton of money.
My dad told me i was just being a 'crybaby' and gaslighted my na hindi ko daw sila magulang dahil umiyak na lang ako ng umiyak sa walang kwentang bagay na parang sinisisi ko sila. i told him i will be fined and yet what he did next it the reason i dont talk to him.
He told me 'makukulong ka kasi di ka makakabayad? Wala akong pakialam kahit makulong ka o mamatay ka' i was left speechless and i felt empty that time nung sinabi nya yun.
My live in partner rushed in galing pa sya ng batangas that time at minotor nya hanggang quezon, pinagsabihan ang magulang ko na kukunin nya na ako dahil hindi na makain ng aso ang sinasabi nila sakin at sila itong magulang pero parang ibang tao ang trato sakin.
I left home, and eversince di ko na sila nakita these past 2 years. I always wonder if im right to not to speak to them again. It creeps me up all night and ako yung nakokonsensya na nagalit ako sa kanila.
With the receipt na tinapon, tinulungan ako ng accountant at ceo ng pinagtatrabahuhan ko para di ako makapag fine. Thankful ako ng sobra sa kanila.
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2023.03.22 10:23 sikeig Google product tells Google it’s a monopoly

Google product tells Google it’s a monopoly submitted by sikeig to PoliticalCompassMemes [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 10:15 BuyTime1016 Is this legal? (In Canada)

If the police are responding to you as a victim of a stabbing in your home, and the incident did not occur in your home, are they allowed to look around and search your place and seize things from your home?
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2023.03.22 10:13 JayPGPF Is this guy trolling? Did he hit his head?

I remember ages ago being suggested his videos, a guy working around the woods, talked about tools, had some interesting tips, cool music. Sure I figured he would have different view than me on things like religion and gun control, but that's fine as long as you respect others views. Point is I watched the videos enjoyed them eventually he stopped being suggested to me and I forgot about it.
The other day while on tik tok I saw someone stitching a video of some dude grounding his bed turns out it's wranglestar and I fell into a rabbit whole of insanity. And I genuinely was not expecting this. Is he joking/trolling? Making insane content for views? Did he hit his head? Perhaps trying out random medications to see what happens?
I used to be subscribed to AvE stopped after the truckers/Covid/they took our jobs. But it didn't absolutely shock me. I didn't expect it but you know it's in the realm of possibility for someone who only know from talking shop videos.
Wranglestar though? Holy crap... WTF is a professional homeowner? Is it a joke? Why the hell is he grounding shoes? This plus the beanie that he seems to be dead set on proving should come with instructions for certain people. Makes me think it's satire and a character, but seeing other stuff the guy seems to be genuinely thinking the government is coming for him?! And random women are just waiting for you to hold the door to then sue you and saying you rape them. Because "it totally happened guys I read it SuperRealNewsForTheRealMan.biz"
Should somebody check on him? And the wife/children? If it's satire it's funny and I'm entertained but if it's for real he seems like he could snap...
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2023.03.22 10:07 LostKnowledge4180 Struggling with workplace bullying. I don't know what to do.

I was recently employed as a cleaner within a police station in the UK. Through my work I meet a lot of police officers as I clean the building they work in. A certain group of officers have been saying comments towards me or around me between one another that make me feel uncomfortable. They have also been doing things to make me feel uncomfortable. There is over 12 officers involved, but I'm only going to count the worst ones.
Comments often are said when I'm in the same area as them. They call me things like a twink or joke about holding me down or putting me in handcuffs. I get jokes about arresting me happen almost daily. Every time I feel very anxious and awkward. Half the time I don't respond because I don't know what they expect me to say or do. I've also had situations where multiple officers put on rubber gloves and approached me to talk, which made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. Both occasions they joked about giving me a cavity search. This has happened twice, both times it made me feel very uncomfortable as I was alone in the room with just those officers. They all laughed, some did a gesture with their finger, it seemed coordinated like they'd planned it beforehand.
I do try to laugh it off sometimes and carry on with my job. Sometimes though I cant laugh at it and genuinely don't know what to say or do. I am a very shy person and this job is destroying my self esteem. So many officers are taking part in this that I feel very worried about reporting it. I'm not a confident person in the slightest and I worry I won't be taken seriously. Other officers at the station ignore me or are pleasant to talk to. It's just about 12 of them that are giving me real issues. 4 days ago one of them asked me if I liked "to be edged and gang banged", I said no and they all started laughing at me, one of them said "his mouth said no, but his eyes said yes". Yesterday the bullying escalated further and one of them placed their hand on my butt while the others laughed. I don't know why they were laughing or found that funny other than maybe the fact it caught me off guard. I'm sure anyone would be startled by something like that though?
I honestly feel so horrible. I've struggled to get a new job and when I finally get one I'm being bullied there. I've had jobs before and have never experienced treatment like this. I was originally working a job with less pay and far less stress. I ended up switching jobs as I wanted more money, but I realize now I've made an absolutely terrible mistake. I could genuinely cry. I never thought I would be bullied at the age of 23 by people twice my age who are police officers. I'm very shy and have never experienced workplace bullying, never mind bullying like this.
I could really use some advice. I'm feeling so powerless over the situation. I used to be a very emotionally stable person, but lately I find myself sobbing whenever I get home from work. Is there anything I can do?
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2023.03.22 10:05 cnygreen Can a Sheriff arrest someone outside of their jurisdiction?

A hotel guest of mine got snitched on (I assume) by their significant other. Long story short, he was ignoring her, she kept calling me to be transferred to his room, got fed up and said she was calling the police. The sheriffs show up and ask me about him, I explain everything, and eventually they ask me his room number. Now, I know cops need a warrant to go into hotel rooms the same as if it’s a private residence. So I ask what’s going on and if they have a warrant. They immediately get defensive, almost stunned that I asked and didn’t immediately give them the room number. Asked me if I’m his buddy etc. Then they said “we’re just county, we’re not even going up there. The warrants through 1townover, they’ll be the ones to come get him if they want to.”
If he really had a warrant for his arrest, even if it’s 1townover, couldn’t they have arrested him? It’s the same county FYI
I feel like the cops were lying about the warrant and wanted to go talk to him..but that’s why I’m asking if sheriffs can arrest someone for other departments. Because if they can, they were obviously lying
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2023.03.22 10:04 TimeyWimey221 How do you argue with someone who doesn't believe evidence is real?

I have had consistent arguments with people around me who just think all evidence is biased and the only thing that makes sense is what you witness with your own two eyes (unless it benefits them then they will happily share 'evidence')
I have consistently tried arguing this biased within the courts and police system (the little that I know). Person A has been to prison and is white. This is important because person A fails to see biases within the justice system because they (Person A) were in jail. Person A now has a great career and says shit of the equivalent "I did meth and went to jail, if I can do it everyone else can. Pull up your bootstraps" thinks that people take advantage of the system as is and no one works for shit. I've tried saying that I don't believe if you do drugs you should go to jail. I believe that if you steal on drugs the crime isn't that you did drugs but that you stole. I believe if you attack someone on drugs the crime isn't that you do drugs but that you physically assaulted someone. Etc.
Person A is super against this and doesn't want to hear it. Thinks it's nonsense I want people doing drugs. Which isn't what I said. I think you should be able to do whatever as long as you don't hurt people. I want you to have all the resources to get help if you want them (things like but not limited too: places for people to use these substances safely with medical staff on duty in case if an overdose or if the substance has been laced, free drug handouts to devalue black market substances, research institutions on addiction and substance abuse, facilities for substance abuse victims to receive the help and guidance necessary, cultivating a more positive culture around substance abuse so victims feel comfortable coming forward.) But I don't think you should be in a place meant for the worst of the worst just for doing a substance that damages you and you alone until you cross that line of encroaching on others. Person A disagrees with all of that.
When I try to explain how racism was so imbedded into our country it didn't just go away. It influenced every government and business institution. How real estate agencies devalued black neighborhoods, the crack epidemic by the Reagan administration, etc. (Person A says Reagan was his favorite president and he was just a genuine guys. Said what he meant.) And also that prisons are private institutions trying to lock as many people up. That these institutions have been fundamentally built in standards of racism. So therefore these institutions are racist. All hell breaks loose.
I have said I believe most cops are racist (knowingly and unknowingly). When that happened person B chimed in not having any of that statement. He started stating a bunch of personal anecdotes of seeing people attack cops on body cam footage. I said that I believe that if you are a cop you go into every situation calm and collected, not on attack mode. You asses every situation differently. If you don't come home that fucking sucks that should be the nature of the job a citizen protector. the problem is that cops are told at the end of the day "come home safe" while firefighters seem to follow a different motto of "get everyone out safe". Police only have to protect property and whenever they fuck up who investigates them? The police. Whenever a progressive movement has a hint of starting, who historically have been the first responders to stop said movements? The police. The police are a fundamentally racist institution and should be abolished. Person B feels people end up where they are because of mindset.
The conversation ended with everyone yelling and just agreement to stop.
How the fuck do you argue against this shit? I want to win these arguments. I want to change my shit hole of a state. I want to change minds so I can create mutual aid groups. But honestly it seems the only option is to fucking move so I don't get shot for saying something like this to the wrong person because no one wants to fucking hear the harsh reality that shits fucked. I was hella conservative but then I moved out and realized people should just be allowed to live their fucking lives and we should just fucking take care of each other.
I feel like this system has done a good job at making people like these villainize everyone around them (homeless, trans people, colored communities, etc.) And they don't want to gain any understanding/empathy for others.
I posted another post not even like five minutes ago stating Im struggling relearning history. I feel like I have good knowledge but I want to expand it. If you have any good sources that could help me argue against personal anecdotes. My knowledge is very limited in history of this country. I've been trying to pick up pieces here and there from debates and such that I watch. I just would like definitive sources that I can read up on, watch video/documentary on, podcast, etc.
And how can you verify historical sources and evidence!
Any help is appreciated! I want to learn!
Thank you!
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2023.03.22 10:01 autotldr Delhi Police file 100 cases, arrest 6 for posters seeking ouster of PM Modi

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 65%. (I'm a bot)
The Delhi Police have registered 100 first information reports and arrested six persons after posters seeking the ouster of Prime Minister Narendra Modi were found in several areas of the national capital, an official told PTI on Wednesday.
The posters said: "Modi hatao, desh bachao."
The police took down 2,000 posters and seized 2,000 more posters from the vehicle.
"What is so objectionable in this poster that Modi ji filed 100 FIRs," AAP tweeted.
The crackdown comes two years after the Delhi Police in 2021 had arrested several persons for posters critical of Modi's handling of the coronavirus pandemic.
The posters had asked, "Modi ji, why did you send our children's vaccines aboard?".
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: poster#1 Modi#2 arrested#3 Police#4 Delhi#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.03.22 09:56 SirFuente If every supervillain got a specialized prison cell, who's would be the most expensive? Image: Fantastic Four #56

If every supervillain got a specialized prison cell, who's would be the most expensive? Image: Fantastic Four #56 submitted by SirFuente to Marvel [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 09:54 SuddenStorm1234 "I felt so unsafe I couldn't leave my car"

We had someone, Ms. Smith, due to checkin for three nights, and they requested mobile key before getting to the hotel.
At 7pm I get a call from our sister property about 5 minutes down the road from us, saying we had someone who stayed at our property and asking what the rate is. It was Ms. Smith- I was like "Oh she's due to stay here tonight!" "Yeah, she's here now- I'll call you back in about 15"
A few minutes later I get a phone call from Ms. Smith.
"Hi, I had a reservation for your hotel today but I am staying at your sister property down the road. I tried to call the Shiny customer service number but they had me on hold for 30 minutes. I wanted to see about cancelling the reservation for today."
I pull it up and see that she had requested mobile key, which I hadn't sent yet so the reservation was still not checked in. "I see you requested mobile check-in, why are you staying at our sister property and not here?"
"Well, I felt very unsafe. I drove to the hotel and it seemed like it was in a very bad part of town."
Huge internal eye roll, we are right next to city hall and the police station, a decent shopping mall- and are in one of the safest cities in the country. So I'm thinking she's trying to BS her way into a free cancellation because she probably got a cheaper rate at the sister hotel.
"Oh I see, do you have any specific details on why you felt unsafe?"
"Well, there were some really sketchy people hanging outside."
"Did you come in and talk to the front desk?"
"No, I didn't even feel safe enough to leave my car."
"I'm just really confused- in three years I've never had someone tell me they felt unsafe or that we are in a bad part of town. We are right next to the police station. If there were sketchy people, you should have called us right away so we could address it. As it's 7:15pm day of arrival you will be charged the cancellation fee per the rate booked"
And honestly the fact she never contacted us until after she checked in at the sister hotel just makes me all the more suspicious of her story.
"Okay, if you have to charge a cancellation fee it is what it is."
No argument, no pleading, just an instant acceptance of a $300 charge. My guess? She knew her story didn't land and is eating the cost. Or her company is paying for it. But I know if I chose not to stay at a hotel because it was dangerous I wouldn't just shrug off a $300 cancellation fee.
I called the sister property back a few minutes later and asked what she had told them- the front desk associate said she didn't feel safe staying at our hotel because it seemed like anyone could 'break into the door', which is weird because she never left her car let alone saw what the room doors look like. She said that the way she was talking made it sound like she was currently a guest at my hotel, not someone who never even made it into the door. I told them what she had told me and we got a good laugh.
Now let's see if the cancellation penalty sticks.
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2023.03.22 09:54 gabrielamilene UPDATE: 52 year old coworker stalker post from a few days ago.

MODS please don't delete this, I had a post that reached front page before it got deleted and people are still inboxing me for updates.
Hi everyone, if you haven't seen my first two posts, one here one of nice guys, please ignore this, none of this will make sense. To everyone that was involved in the posts, hi again. My posts got deleted because even though I blacked out all the names, people kept trying to guess the parties involved and so both posts got deleted for doxxing. Never the less, I have an update.
I went in on Monday with full intentions of having my HR meeting, but instead, HR had a meeting with ALL OF US. Turns out our boss who's been with us for 30 years was fired for sexual harassment and sleeping with another employee. Then they pulled in one of the women who was having a consensual affair with him and tried to fire her based off her performance and the fact that she is highly mentally unstable and picks fights for absolutely no reason, however, she threatened to off herself right then and there so they gave her the number to a hotline and told her they'd deal with this later.
In the meeting about my boss, our HR and corporate reps made it very clear that sexual harassment or harassment of ANY kind will NOT be tolerated and personally handed out their business cards to all of us. The whole meeting I felt THE GUY's eyes on me and it made me super uncomfortable. However as soon as the meeting ended, my old supervisor (who was now fully our manager) pulled me into his office. He said that he noticed the guy staring at me in the meeting and wanted to talk to me. He asked to see the texts between us as my other coworker told on him and said that it makes HER uncomfortable to see how startled I've become and how I seem depressed and isolated, especially since I'm always laughing and smiling. I consented and showed him my messages (the ones that you all say on the Nice Guys post). He asked if he could scroll up since, like you guys, it seemed like messages were missing. I told him that he could scroll to a completely random time in the last two months and they would seem just as out of context and weird. As you guys saw, the guy can ramble on and on and seem like he's having a conversation with himself. My manager did that three times, scrolled to random days and each time he was baffled by how this man was having full blown arguments with himself and then begging me to love him, and then saying that I'm acting like a child etc.
This manager is very nonchalant and doesn't show emotions a lot but for the first time he actually looked at me with pity and pain. It looked like my dad was looking at me after learning someone fucked me over. He told me that he's not going to confront the guy on this harassment. I was shocked but it actually made a lot of sense. He said now that my boss is fired and he is stepping up to that roll, he's getting rid of all the employees that don't do their jobs and have been warned. The guy is one of them, he doesn't do his job very well. My manager stated that if he were to do a whole HR thing or call the guy into a meeting about me, he fears that the guy would turn dangerously angry at me. Especially since he lives right next to the college we work in. He told me that when he gets fired, it will be performance-related and he'll have no idea that it also had to do with his treatment of me.
My boss also said that it will take a week or so to do that because he needs to make sure that everything is resolved when it comes to my boss and there is an awkward transitioning period. He can't just start firing people day one. He said, he doesn't want me around the guy until then so he's going to use me as a personal assistant. However, that means my hours will change a little bit, so he will be paying for my rides to and from work (I can't drive due to medical reasons). The thing is when the weather is good I take the bus home, and he wants no chance of this guy finding out where I live. Since the guy isn't allowed to drive by law, the chances of him following me are min.
So, I will be by my boss' side all day at work, I will get home safely and I'll have to text my boss when I get in, lock the door, and turn on my alarm. I know it's not the great justice some of you were telling me to get, but with a person like this, you've got to think things through. I will be going to the police this week to make sure that if anything escalates, I have records of me going to the police and filing a complaint and stating that I fear for my safety and that I, by all accounts, have a stalker.
Thank you everyone that reached out to me. I got all your messages asking if I was murdered or not lmao. I figured this would be the easiest way to let you all know.
And yes, he is still trying to contact me, yes I am screenshot-ting everything and printing them out.
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2023.03.22 09:49 Dr_Apperpixion They see us as a threat

So here I am, hiding in the backyard of an abandoned house 4 suburbs away from anything that even remotely resembles home, just me and my friend.
She's severely wounded, I'm all scratched up. Being too afraid to leave out of fear they might find us. I am hearing the ruckus among the neighboring houses of this street now. The whistling is getting louder, and I'm afraid. It's only a matter of time until we are surrounded. We should keep moving but without any resources and as torn up as we are now, we would never make it.
Someone once said that humans fight and try to kill anything they are afraid of. Sadly, it's more of a shoot first, ask questions later approach with them.
Me and my pack of werewolves never considered this when we moved in to the big city, we believed most people mind their own business and if we didn't harm anyone, we could live normal lives and never be disturbed.
Raw meat always seemed to curb the lust for flesh and whenever we had a chance we would go hunting. We'd go camp in the woods for weeks.
I am Eric, I lived a Fairly normal life, I graduated high school with my friends. I was born a werewolf; it runs in my bloodline. I only realized it when I turned 18 when I started feeling different. That summer I turned the first time. It was horrifying. Upon doing some research I found out this was a bloodline from my dad's side, he had been killed when I was very young. My mom said it was a car accident.
Yet, I still wanted to live a normal life. I couldn't ever hurt anyone.
I moved to America to attend college and went to a college in New Jersey. The circumstances aligned and that's where Alicia sniffed me out. She was a werewolf as well, who was part of a pack that lived a normal life. I befriended her and we became inseparably close in a matter of days.
Alicia introduced me to the rest of her friends: Derek, April, Kegan, Dwight, Stephanie and Kevin (there is always a Kevin)
Alicia was our alpha, we loved and trusted her. She took great care of us.
Alicia spent a lot of time helping me make my transitions easier and adapting to my new life. She was so patient with me.
I was so lucky to find a pack that believed what I believed and yet could survive.
Life was simple; we never had any problems and went under the radar.
This all changed one night in autumn when one of new guys we had befriended, Trent went wild. He roamed free out of the confines of the campground that was secluded and wound up attacking innocent people near the river 30 miles away. He killed and ate about 10 people that night.
Most conspiracy theories arise from witnesses who escape and tell others. First, they seem crazy, then someone else pops up with a video until, whilst remaining silent about it, the city officials act softly and without hesitation. They never listen to any potential objective points that may prove anyone innocent and as it happens, most of us innocent get punished for one wicked individual.
People stand trial while the beasts get beheaded.
Anyway, we needed to continue living our lives and stay in the background to avoid suspicion.
We didn't realize the city officials had been through this several times with the more dangerous of our species and knew how to catch us. We were naïve; we thought there was no way a human could find us without us exposing ourselves to them. We also thought that they would be open to reason, but protective instincts have never proven to investigate before attack. All our predecessors have made the rumor of werewolves who don't eat humans a myth. Alicia recons that if we were human, we would have done the same thing and we need to understand their point of view. It's only to protect themselves. Rather safe than sorry. Rather kill the beast to protect your people than to have regrets.
Unbeknownst to us, we continued going to school. The first week was calm. Everything was normal. Everything except for these weird high pitched whistles we would hear. They were quite far away but the closer they got the more we felt them in our bones.
Everything went fine until Kevin went missing. I have no idea where he went. We couldn't get hold of his family, but Alicia did not want to jump to any conclusion. She had faith. So, we continued our routine to avoid suspicion.
Another member of our pack disappeared and she had to face the fact that this was suspicious.
We all wanted to run. She didn't believe in running. She believed time would prove we were innocent. She'd always say that if one part of the world didn't like us and we ran, what would stop it from happening again? We had to prove we weren't enemies whether it was by living normal lives or facing the authorities head on and proving our innocence no matter how long it takes. That’s what we all wanted; we wanted to be treated as citizens.
Humans murder each other too. Every day you hear about serial killers, massacres, robbery and even cannibalism. Those people get tried within the confines of the government and the innocent get protected and treated like your model citizen. Why couldn’t it be the same for us?
None of us knew what the city officials already knew. Maybe knowing that would have changed everything and saved my friends in time.
That same week there was a full moon, we needed to go to our camping grounds and so we did. Our part of the forest was far from the river. Nobody went there because of wild animals.
Around 2 am there was a horrible noise that penetrated my organs. I felt it before I even woke up.
The police came out of nowhere with their weapons firing.
First shot: Stephanie was out. She didn't move. She didn't heal. That's when we knew they had discovered something that could kills us.
Derek screamed, he loved steph. He ran to her and got shot too. He also didn’t move. The bullets were so powerful, one shot took his head clean off.
I had no Idea I could be so afraid of humans.
Alicia looked at me with blood streaming down her eyes and ears screaming "run!" That was a difficult task but the rest of us did and tried not to look back.
As we ran, our friends were slowly caught. Shot one by one until only me, Alicia and Dwight were left.
we ran until we thought we were safe.
We got cornered a few times on the way. Alicia got scraped by a bullet on her leg and I got hit by a car passing.
With all our cuts and bruises, we jumped a few houses, running through the yards and over the fences until we found this abandoned house in the suburbs.
We had been hiding for a few hours when we started hearing them in the streets. I could hear the whistling get closer. Without hesitation Dwight ran out and pulled off a distraction. I heard the gunshots, and I knew he was gone. He had temporarily swayed them sacrificing his life in the process.
This is something we would all have done for Alicia, our alpha. I’d happily go next.
"We have to run,” said Alicia.
I have no strength left. I'm tired and we are hurt. We can't continue much longer.
I left this letter so you can understand our story, our journey and who we are so that maybe you might empathize with us or at the very least believe that some werewolves are good and won't hurt you. Maybe the next time you would find another way so that not so many innocent beasts would get hurt. We were always willing to cooperate; you don’t need to be afraid!
We are innocent, we never hurt anyone. If you find this letter, we are either gone or dead but if you see us. Please don't shoot.
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