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2023.02.15 23:52 TempestSky13 18M Looking for a [relationship] [M4F]

Just going to start this by saying hello, my name is Jake and I’m looking for a short distance relationship. I live in the US and looking for someone close to Illinois, my birthday is in December and I’m not really sure what else to say but Thank you for all this reading
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2023.02.15 23:47 Infinite_Equipment Shadow

During the night I fade away, My essence lingers, I’m here to stay. Never in question, forever there, My life has become a living despair.
At first is was fun, chasing the shadows, Running in circles, for hours and hours. But as you grew, you rejected this, A desire for joy, the desire to live.
Now my presence disturbs you, You see me and squeal. Envision only you, A life without me.
I am your shadow, Your damaged past, What you try to forget, When you drink your next glass.
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2023.02.15 23:11 UnknownWhisp Dad left us with a run down home and now we're stuck

okay so i'm very new to this site and don't post but i need help.
I live with my mom, older brother, his ex, and their baby. The house we live in is very old and is falling apart. There's various issues with the house such as the electricity and heat on the top floor not working, faulty wiring making the house a fire hazard, and various pluming issues. We knew this house was going to be a fixer upper when we moved in but Dad was confident we could fix it up once he got back to work.
For context early last year my dad was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer but the doctors were confident they could cure him in six months. He took time off of work for his treatments and everything was going fine until his body begun to reject the treatments. He passed last early last December leaving us with this very rundown home and no way to fix it up.
We cant afford to fix the home and make it more habitable and we cant afford to buy a new place and move. I'm not asking for any financial help but i don't know what to do. My mom is very stressed as things around the house continue to break and her stuff getting ruined as a result. She had already been talking about wanting to move as Dad died in this house and it hurt her to stay here and it pains me to see her so upset. I want to help her but I've been having a lot of trouble finding employment as i don't yet know how to drive and would not have a ride anywhere and the buses don't run by our house.
we can't stay here but we cant leave yet.
What can I do to help our situation get better?
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2023.02.15 23:05 zentappas [TOMT][TV] Donald's Happy Birthday, but an extended version

I remember seeing an extended version of Donald's Happy Birthday on a (maybe) recorded VHS of what could have been an episode of Mickey Mouse Club from the '70s. I want to say that this version of the club march was in the video. IIRC, the VHS also had other Donald Duck cartoons, with at least "Bootle Beetle", "Sea Salts" and maybe "Grin and Bear It." These were all in English, and I don't think they had subtitles, even though I live in Finland.
I tried googling "Donald's happy birthday" with both "extended" and "part 2", but didn't find anything through that. I also looked through the list of animated shorts on the fandom page at the bottom that can be expanded, but nothing looked like it could be a continuation of happy birthday.
Description of the beginning, following Donald's Happy Birthday:
After finding out that the cigars Huey, Dewey and Louie had bought were for Donald, he becomes so ashamed of what he did that he becomes small. After Donald falls through the hole in the tree house, he keeps running through the grass until he gets to a water droplet that is hanging from a blade of grass. In the droplet he sees someone (maybe Bootle Beetle), who shares some encouraging words with Donald. After having taken the droplet onto his finger, he whisks it away and grows normal-sized again. Then he does something that wakes up his nephews. And the rest of the short I don't remember.
I'll try looking for the VHS, but hopefully someone at least knows what I'm talking about, since it feels like the short doesn't exist.
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2023.02.15 22:35 AustralianChrono CDR 2- Meet the Monarchs: Black Diamond & Blondie A La Mode and Tea Checker Launch!

CDR 2- Meet the Monarchs: Black Diamond & Blondie A La Mode and Tea Checker Launch!
“Diamonds… are FOREVER.” Black Diamond smirks. “I’m forever the best, and I haven’t even STARTED!”
Black Diamond
“I am Black Diamond, the elegant, gorgeous jewel of drag- and unlike other drag Queens, these are Diamonds, not diamantés.” Black Diamond laughs.
Welcome to the second season! The world is changing- how is your drag here to show that?
“To be frank, I’m the future of Drag. I’ve been doing it for less than a year, and that is an advantage- look at Stacey, she got two wins! My Drag is expensive, talented and young, which we kind of need after last season…”
What are your drag inspirations?
“Myself.” Black Diamond laughs. “The elegance of Mary-Lynn Monhoe and Vitória Benedita, with Naomi Campbell Couture.”
How are you going to win this competition?
“Anything those people did last season, I could do better. Honestly, I expect to place high, if not win every single week. I’m the full package! Rich, expensive, pretty…” Black Diamond shrugs. “What else do you want?”
“Oh my GOD, the camera is on me? I haven’t even brought my little dog out yet!” Blondie laughs, suddenly taking out a mechanical pink dog from her bag that barks.
Blondie A La Mode
“My name is Blondie A La Mode, and I am the prettiest girl in the WORLD!” Blondie laughs. “Only pretty, because like, what is the point of society if you’re not pretty, Blonde, or… pretty?”
Welcome to the second season! The world is changing- how is your drag here to show that?
“...What’s a drag Queen?” Blondie asks, confused. “I am really pretty..” Blondie says distractedly.. “All the boys say so!”
What are your drag inspirations?
“I am inspired by the great minds of like, today. Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie…” Blondie stops. “I don’t know any other blondes. Oh, myself!”
How are you going to win this competition?
“DUH….” Blondie looks up. “...Yes.”
Tea Checker has launched! Check out your tea HERE!
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2023.02.15 20:57 eggsausagesammie achievements not popping on xbox?

Did a search and nobody else seems to be bringing this up. Has anyone else not had certain achievements pop yet? Specifically the best friends and money achievements.
I was hoping the developers were going to mention it in the next update but didn't see anything about it.
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2023.02.15 20:14 im_rug possible iud side effects?

so I've had my Kyleena iud for about 4 months, and I love it. First time having an iud and can't recommend it enough. However, for the first time in my life, I have really bad acne all over my face. The only thing that's changed since it started occurring was the iud, so I'm assuming it's hormonal. No matter what I do, no over the counter methods work, and if they do, another spot pops up as soon as one goes away. Other than that, nothing has been out of the ordinary except for insane baby fever. I very much want to be a mom one day, so it's not necessarily abnormal, but I feel as though it's intensified tenfold since I got my iud. There's other factors that play into it, my love for my partner, friends having babies, etc., but it gets to the point where it's sometimes all I can think about. It's frustrating bc I know I can't have a child in my current situation, which is why I'm on birth control in the first place.
So if anyone has had similar experiences with either of those, I'd really appreciate some tips for acne and understanding of the baby fever.
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2023.02.15 19:51 josekmagallon NFL Streaming Service

Introducing our NFL Streaming Service, the ultimate platform for football fans to watch all their favorite NFL games online! With our state-of-the-art streaming technology, you can enjoy every game of the season, from the comfort of your own home, office or even on the go.

Watch NFL Games Live Stream Here

Our Service offers high-quality streaming for all NFL games, with exclusive access to live games, highlights, and expert analysis. Our interactive dashboard makes it easy to navigate, and you can stream games on multiple devices including your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.
The NFL Streaming Service also provides access to in-depth stats, breaking news, and expert commentary, so you can keep up to date with your favorite teams and players. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily filter through game schedules and personalize your viewing preferences to never miss a moment of the action.
We take pride in our exceptional customer service, and our team is always available to assist you with any technical support needs. Join our community of passionate NFL fans, and experience the thrill of every touchdown, sack, and interception as if you were in the stadium yourself.
Subscribe to our NFL Streaming Service today and never miss a moment of your favorite teams' games. With our reliable and uninterrupted streaming service, you can enjoy the NFL season to its fullest, no matter where you are.
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2023.02.15 19:23 Reddit-or-Not-Here We had a slow break up

It started right after Christmas, he went into a depression and I was trying my hardest to help him. I honestly feel guilty because I failed to ask at the beginning of our relationship for a timeline of his relationships. When I finally found out, he had been alone a total of 3 or 4 months since divorce in the last 2.5 years. And he’s 48. He had never taken the time to heal himself from his childhood trauma (he grew up LDS, with a family that centered themselves around a disabled sibling) his marriage was dysfunctional as a function of the church, but when we met? He was honestly well adjusted. He kept up with me.
And then after Christmas all of a sudden he thought he wasn’t good enough for me and became very passive aggressive looking for my attention. Demanding all of my time (which he was nearly getting) and it spun me into manic. When I met with my therapist to break down what was happening I put in place some boundaries and reassured him exactly what I was doing with my time (I’m getting my second MBA- a program I put on pause because it was taking away from time with him) I had gotten a puppy for Christmas for my kids and surprisingly gotten two (last littermate came home too) so I was getting into a routine) I took on additional duties at work to honestly save my job, and my kids have always taken priority.
He asked for a few weeks to get his head space, and I gave him that and then we decided to date again, allow the relationship to grow again. I listened intently and supported his plans to help himself, but voiced concerns when those plans included only Ayawaska or MDMA treatments, and when he said he was going to do “hero” doses alone in his apartment or have his adult son supervise. After I researched and couldn’t find evidence that pointed to clear conclusions that this would heal him, I asked him if he had that evidence I could look at and he didn’t. I also said it was unfair to ask his adult child to supervise what could become a dangerous situation with no experience. I offered books and resources, and became concerned that he wasn’t seeking them on his own (I ordered 3 books this morning on break ups)
Last night we decided to do a small valentines at my house and when we sat down to dinner he said he didn’t get me anything for Valentine’s. This is after he brought up the topic of gifts one week ago. I said I’m not a huge Valentines person, I prefer small thoughtful gifts, that don’t cost much. For reference, I hand made a picture frame with a map of our first date on one side and our first picture on the other side. He didn’t bring a card. He is a teacher and yesterday was a snow day, the snow had melted by 10am. I don’t care about a gift, I care that it was clearly intentional.
Many of his actions have been passive aggressive, either in an attempt to get me to think of him, do something for him, feel bad for him. I was madly in love. I showed my love often and he told me so. Unfortunately I think the unhealed parts of him, were afraid that I would change. The constant need for validation was not because of something I was doing but because of something he was missing internally.
I think this will be hard to heal from. And I’m not sure why. We spent many months blissfully happy. And then it changed. Sometimes it seems I’ll never be able to trust that people have their shit together.
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2023.02.15 19:23 CB_scorpio Let's discover together PeerMe (previously Superciety) world

Let's discover together PeerMe (previously Superciety) world
$EGLD Warriors,
Today we introduce you to @PeerMeHQ (formerly Superciety), the place where people come together to work on something they believe in 🌟


PeerMe is built on top of @MultiversX and is dedicated to ideating and developing DAO tools with a form of simplicity with empowers communities & organizations to become highly autonomous, transparent, and vastly decentralized using the power of blockchain technology.


Although the Internet has transformed the way we connect and interact with each other with a profound impact, the numerous communities that have emerged haven’t formalized themselves into mission-driven organizations with a significant impact.


Enter DAOs (𝑫𝒆𝒄𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒍𝒊𝒛𝒆𝒅 𝑨𝒖𝒕𝒐𝒏𝒐𝒎𝒐𝒖𝒔 𝑶𝒓𝒈𝒂𝒏𝒊𝒛𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔)
DAOs are a critical technology for allowing like-minded individuals to pool their resources together and create new sources of value which exceed what they could achieve on their own.

Build & Grow DAOs

Peering DAOs adapt to your workflow, not the other way around. Different voting methods can be utilised to satisfy your needs:
- Basic Token Voting (ESDTs) - Members vote based on the number of tokens they own.
- NFT/SFT Voting - Allows anyone to vote with their unique NFT.
- MultiSig Voting - Allows whitelisted addresses to vote. - Plug your existing Smart Contract (𝒔𝒐𝒐𝒏) - Define vote weights using a custom smart contract.

For the Multiverse, in the upcoming xWorlds, we will get to see many people coming together who pursue a common goal. DAOs provide users with a framework to manage shared resources and make collective decisions, by leveraging pre-defined voting processes. That is disruptive!

Peering members can:
- Vote on proposals
- Propose ideas themselves
- Propose actions on the blockchain
- Have deep insights into the DAO

The $SUPER token powers PeerMe and it is used for everything; setting up PEERID, creating Peerings, enabling more features, and even as a store of value.
It is listed on @xExchangeApp and 50+ projects have already registered their DAO using PeerMe on @MultiversX mainnet.

While DAOs are present in blockchain technology, PeerMe sees immense upsides of a 10x improvement required for these tools to reach the level of transparency, flexibility, and usability needed to ignite the DAO revolution.

PeerMe has already walked a long road and is excited to see what the builders of the Multiverse will build on top of their foundations and the impact it will have on the world.
Become a Peer and join the community. Web 🔹 Twiter 🔹 Discord 🔹 Telegram


Source: [email protected]
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2023.02.15 18:40 AutoModerator Joe Lampton - Onlyfans Genius (Full Course)

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2023.02.15 18:30 devready Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (Complete Course)

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2023.02.15 18:21 Digital-Chupacabra Trying to ID a Ukrainian song found on old family tapes

link to the song in question
As the title says, this song was found among some old family tapes i'm trying my best to digitize and restore. I'd really love to splice in a higher quality version of the music, but I don't know what it is. Nor do I speak/understand the language.
Reached out to the folks who had the tapes prior to us, and they aren't sure but will try and find out.
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2023.02.15 17:56 Jiale88996 Where to get Comprehensive car insurance?

Where to get Comprehensive car insurance?
It’s fact, many lenders will ask you to add comprehensive car insurance to protect you and your vehicle in any possible scenario when you buy a new vehicle. However, finding the right comprehensive car insurance company can be a like a titanical task. As an insurance blog, we at Insurista have done the research and are here to provide you with guidance on How to get comprehensive car insurance that is both comprehensive and affordable.
There are many car insurance companies offering Comprehensive car insurance, be sure to choose the right one for you.
First on our list is USAA, they offer some of the lowest prices for comprehensive insurance in the industry. As the best-valued car insurance company in the US, they are especially great for veterans and military workers. Their comprehensive coverage options are robust, ensuring that you're covered in a variety of scenarios.
Next, we have Progressive, the 3rd largest car insurance company in the country. Progressive offers comprehensive car insurance and has a unique rideshare feature. Their coverage options are versatile, and their customer service is impeccable.
Travelers is another comprehensive car insurance company that we recommend. With fewer customer complaints than other companies, they have proven to be reliable in their services. They offer comprehensive coverage options for any type of driver, so you'll never have to worry about being underinsured.
Allstate is also a comprehensive car insurance company with lots of coverage options. They offer rideshare in many states and are known for their exceptional customer service. However, for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on their comprehensive car insurance coverage.
State Farm is a great option to buy comprehensive car insurance becasue they offer a large amount of discounts, making them a great choice for drivers looking to save money. Additionally, they offer rental auto coverage, so you'll always have a car to drive in case of an accident.
Auto-Owners is a comprehensive car insurance company that receives fewer customer complaints than other car insurers. They offefr many coverage options, comprehensive coverage is one of them, and their customer service is top-notch.
Farmers is a comprehensive car insurance company that has been rated above average in the satisfaction customer survey from J.D. Power for both buying comprehensive car insurance and claims. They offer comprehensive coverage options for all types of drivers and are known for their affordability.
Mercury Insurance is a comprehensive car insurance company that offers great prices for good drivers. They also have excellent rates for drivers with DUI or lapse citations. Their comprehensive coverage options are versatile, ensuring that you're always covered in any scenario.
Last but not least, we have Liberty Mutual, a comprehensive car insurance company that offers a great app and available discounts. They also offer comprehensive coverage options that will protect you and your vehicle in many scenarios.
In conclusion, when it comes to finding a comprehensive car insurance company that is both good quality but also affordable, you have many options to choose from. Each car insurer has its unique pros and cons. Said so, all of them are great choices for you when it comes to purchase comprehensive coverage for your vehicle. We hope this guide help you to take the right decision for your car. Remember, it's important to always have comprehensive car insurance to protect you and your vehicle from any acts of God.
Read more in my blog.
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2023.02.15 17:45 worthflash Fresh and Fit - DMs on Demand (Full Program)

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2023.02.15 17:45 brittanyummg New Hampshire State Business Taxes - BPT or Nothing?

Hi all, I'm just hoping to get some clarification on wording here so I don't miss anything for my state taxes. Since I live in New Hampshire, I've never had to file a personal return for state income tax. Now that I'm a business owner, it APPEARS that my business didn't make enough for me to need to file a state report. For reference, I earned around $60K in gross revenue. Is this correct?
I know I don't need to file a BET, but I'm confused about whether I need to file a BPT or any other tax documents for the state.
The BT-Summary Worksheet states:
All business organizations, including corporations, fiduciaries, partnerships, proprietorships, limited liability companies, combined groups, and homeowners' associations, or other form of organization must file a BPT return provided they are carrying on business activity in New Hampshire and their gross business income from everywhere is in excess of $92,000. "Gross business income" means all income for federal income tax purposes from whatever source derived including but not limited to: total sales, total rents, gross proceeds from the sale of assets, etc., before deducting any costs or expenses. Even if there is no profit, a return must be filed when the gross business income exceeds $92,000. Combined filers should see NH-1120-WE General Instructions for additional filing requirements to file a combined report. Grantor Trusts: Income from Grantor Trusts (Section 671 of the IRC) shall be included in the BPT return of the owner(s).
For SMLLC, it also states:
SINGLE MEMBER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES (SMLLC) For New Hampshire taxation purposes, an SMLLC is recognized as an entity separate from its member. An SMLLC is required to report and file New Hampshire taxable activities at the entity level. An SMLLC is required by law to file its own New Hampshire tax return even if the SMLLC is disregarded for federal tax purposes and does not file a separate return. An SMLLC that is not disregarded for federal purposes shall file using the same tax classification as it does for federal taxation. An SMLLC that is disregarded for purposes of federal taxation shall file its New Hampshire business tax return using: a. Form NH-1040, "Proprietorship Business Profits Tax Return", if the member is an individual. b. Form NH-1041, "Fiduciary Business Profits Tax Return", if the member is a trust. c. Form NH-1065, "Partnership Business Profits Tax Return", if the member is a partnership. d. Form NH-1120, "Corporate Business Profits Tax Return:, if the member is a corporation.
Any clarification/insight is much appreciated! TIA
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2023.02.15 17:27 BobBoner Water pipes rumbling constantly regardless of usage or hot water tank running

Hey, I’m hoping someone can help me troubleshoot this. I have had this low rumbling sound that goes constantly for the past few days. I tracked it down to the water inlet from the city. The pipe directly above the inlet is constantly shaking even with the hot water heater off and no water usage in the house. I live in Michigan and the pipe is somewhat cold, but doesn’t feel like it could be cold enough to be frozen. Also the temps have been pretty moderate this week.
I tried to turn off the water as a troubleshooting step but I believe the shutoff valve is stripped out or something. It’s just free-spinning and not shutting off the water. So there’s another pain.. not sure how to replace that valve without asking the city to kill the water at the street.
Any ideas on this sound though? Could it be something transmitted from the city thru their pipes? No construction going on nearby that I know of, however the water pressure does seem significantly lower than normal. I have no indications of a pipe burst anywhere in the basement or main floor (mainly because I see no water damage or standing watewet spots anywhere)
Any advice/ideas are greatly appreciated.
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2023.02.15 16:56 stabbedacrylic Should I be wary?

I just got finished playing a match with a nurse, who in the end turned out to be a ttv! I was definitely going to drop a follow but in their description they mention they have been banned and this was a new account.. They weren't currently streaming so I cannot be sure I want to follow them if they are doing some not nice things.
I don't want to support dark parts of this community, it's already got a lot of toxicity. (P.S I'm on console so I don't get to see pregame or postgame chat :( )
I will not drop the TTV link in the case they are doing something not nice things and people might want to attack them for it.
But should I notice that they've been banned before, considering what you have to do to get banned in the first place on twitch?
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2023.02.15 16:35 blowlock Playing With Fire - Ultimate Dating Blueprint (Complete)

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2023.02.15 16:08 rimjobmonkey69 what should I do

So there's a girl I've been playing CS:GO with for almost a year,and i think she has a slight interest in me since she invites me to play every time I'm online,but the problem is i don't even know if she has a boyfriend since I didn't ask about that. I didn't even heard her voice in game since he only uses chat or know what she looks like. What should I do before she thinks I'm uninteresting and even stops playing with me.Im a boring person and I don't really know how to handle the situation I've never had a relationship before and I'm 21. Also she lives in a city farther than mine. How do I begin to get more into the deep stuff aside basic chit-chat about games,tech and so on.
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Something that is notoriously skipped over by most teachers in the SMMA space!!
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2023.02.15 15:44 Vanityx_o_x He claims I lead him on then he wrote a song about me..

So I (16f) have been friends with this dude (17m)for about two years. Lets call this guy Mike. Now this whole thing started around November when I told Mike I liked his friend. He got mad at me and told me he didn’t like that I liked one of his friends, ofc I understood why he was angry and apologized. Just when I thought we worked past it he began to get mad at me for other things too, simple things. I tried to ignore it for the stake of our friend group even when Mike started talking shit about me to our friends. Then December rolls around and Mike tells me he likes my cousin, so I try and set them up. A few weeks later he’s not talking to me or my cousin. Now it’s the new year and I have a new friends and I’ve gotten over it. A few weeks ago me and these friends are hanging out and one of them tells me that Mike likes me and has liked me since October, I’m shocked by this. I had no clue especially since you know he told me he liked my cousin!! Now it’s a few days later and I get a bf and he so happens to be friends with Mike. Literally the day after me and my bf start dating Mike, my bf, and two of their other friends decided to hang out. From what my bf has told me about that night Mike just randomly started talking shit about me and that I lead him on, that I was just going to use my bf, and that I’m a bitch to my bfs face. My bf just told him to shut up and left it at that. Now it’s a few days later and I’m talking about all of this to my best friend and she tells me that Mike just made a new song and makes himself look like the victim in it. I’m so pissed and on top of all this he started talking shit about my bf too.
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