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University of California, Los Angeles

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A community for University of California, Los Angeles UCLA students, faculty, alumni and fans! Go Bruins!

2011.01.13 07:57 California State University, Los Angeles

https://discord.gg/nnVC2uRKd6 Cal State LA is the premier comprehensive public university in the heart of Los Angeles and is dedicated to engagement, service, and the public good. We are ranked number one in the United States for the upward mobility of our students.

2012.10.24 20:41 downvotethis2 Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California.

Eagle Rock is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, adjacent to the cities of Glendale, Pasadena, and Northeast LA neighborhoods. This subreddit caters to the residents and subscribers are free to post discussion relevant to the community.

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2023.04.02 11:21 deekace "Not on the rug, man!"

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2023.04.02 11:15 Suspicious_Green_125 Very happy with this list

Very happy with this list
All of these opinions are 100 % correct
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2023.04.02 11:11 Jumpy-Dinner-6768 'Evil Dead Rise' April Fools Teaser Hilariously Promises a “Love Story For The Ages”

April’s bringing moviegoers a whole new batch of horror releases. However, the most exciting out of all of them is the long-awaited return of the Evil Dead franchise in Evil Dead Rise. The marketing for this terrifying resurrection has slowly been taking over the airwaves and since it is April Fools' Day, the Deadites must have their fun toying with us horror fans. In the latest teaser for the film, Rise uses the prank-filled holiday to hilariously highlight the “love story” heart to this undead nightmare.
The 30-second trailer is cut together like it’s your parents next favorite Nicholas Sparks romantic drama. It’s just two unknown young adults living their best romantic lives at this dreamlike lakeside setting as the music swells. We’re promised a “love story for the ages” as the pair lock eyes and the caption accompanying the new footage, “This April, rediscover what it means to possess someone - in body, heart, and soul”, drives the humorous parody home. While April Fools' Day is usually filled with cruel fake movie news, Evil Dead always knows how to warm a horror fan’s cold dark heart.

Evil Dead Returning to its Horror Roots

However, in typical Evil Dead fashion you can’t trust anything you see as this love story quickly unravels as there’s soon a creepy clock, an odd looking pointy cabin in the woods, and some very grotesque Deadite imagery. This ill-fated couple is not long for this world as the final shot of the teasers sees what appears to be a dismembered head splattered on a dock. While this is a short teaser, it does give a lot of juicy new tidbits for Evil Dead fans to sink their teeth into. For one, Rise isn’t forgetting its horror roots. Three out of the four films in the franchise have taken place in a cabin in the woods far from any known civilization. At least a portion of Rise will take place at the disturbing pointy cabin seen in this trailer and is most likely the cold open of the film before moving the series into its new urban setting. This killer trailer also alludes to the latest film retaining its morbid sense of humor. The franchise has swung on a horrifically fun pendulum that ranges from pure campy-movie horror to traumatizing blood-drenched scares. It feels like Rise will land somewhere in the middle to give Evil Dead fans something that feels fresher when compared to your average genre sequel.

What’s Evil Dead Rise About?

Evil Dead Rise is a new take on the franchise that follows two estranged sisters Beth (Lily Sullivan) and Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) reconnecting after many years of being apart. However, their awkward family reunion doesn’t last long as the Necronomicon somehow gets involved and possesses Ellie. From there staple Evil Dead madness ensues, but what separates this story from others in this long-running franchise is the fact that Ellie has Children. That’s only going to elevate the hellish horror even more. While Evil Dead was having some fun with this April Fools teaser, this will in fact be a love story of sorts. The only difference is that it will be between a family desperately trying to survive the Deadites reign of terror on a Los Angeles high rise apartment building. Will love save this family or will the lack of it be their tragic downfall? Horror fans don’t have to wait too long to find out that haunting answer.

When Does Evil Dead Rise Release?

Evil Dead Rise is releasing exclusively in theaters on April 21, 2023. It premiered in March at the South By Southwest film festival to rave reviews and Rise appears to be another scary good entry in the franchise. The marketing has done a spectacular job displaying that. While horror fans anxiously wait for the Deadites to return, you can watch Rise’s new April Fools teaser full of possessive love down below.
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2023.04.02 11:08 sansaisderanged The Super Mario Bros Premiere in Los Angeles (April 2023)

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2023.04.02 11:07 ShotGlassBets_Bot [4/2] Vancouver Canucks vs Los Angeles Kings (8:00 PM EDT)

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2023.04.02 11:06 CampaignLow2809 Here's Why Ash Isn't in Evil Dead Rise, According to Filmmaker Lee Cronin

A new chapter in the Evil Dead series is nearly here, with Lee Cronin’s Evil Dead Rise shifting the demonic shenanigans from the deep, dark forest to a Los Angeles high-rise. The writer-director has spoken before about why Rise goes in a new direction, but in a new interview he gives more details about the decision.
Speaking to Collider, Cronin (The Hole in the Ground) explained that while he’s a confirmed Evil Dead fan, joining the franchise wasn’t something he found “overwhelming.” Instead, he said, “I was kind of excited, but I also knew what I wanted and what the guys wanted was to do something that was a little bit of departure, a little bit of a new direction. That actually brought a certain freedom. It was kind of liberating. Had I been telling a story in the cabin in the woods with Ash, I would have been absolutely terrified. But when I had the creative freedom to tell a story that I was interested in, I was at peace. It’s my favorite script I’ve ever written, my favorite screenplay. It was so much fun to write.”
Though Cronin said his on-set mantra was “Make it entertaining,” he wanted to be sure his movie was rooted in substantial themes. “When I found the heart of the characters and the family, and within that the metaphor that drives the story, I think that is always the moment for me because that inspires the choices that you then go on and make,” he said. “And even when the monstrous things happen and the behavior and some of the dialogue with those deadites, it comes out of that kind of deeper idea, that deeper fear of motherhood, how family can fall apart, looking at some of those thematic things. And also, when I felt comfortable with that, I felt like then I could just go and have a party with the horror at that point.”
The horror party—which does involve a chainsaw, if not a Campbell—starts April 21, when Evil Dead Rise hits theaters.
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2023.04.02 11:05 WonderWmn212 Capitol Records Building, Los Angeles, California. Designed by Welton Becket, the 13-story tower resembles a stack of records. When completed in April 1956, it was the world’s first circular office building. The blinking light atop the tower spells out the word "Hollywood" in Morse code. [745x1023]

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2023.04.02 11:01 easylife500 chinese bus driver in los angeles had an accident he is dead, I can do something now

he got caught talking on the bus claiming you can't do nothing with me
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2023.04.02 11:00 EchoJobs Circle is hiring Senior Software Engineer USD 150k-270k Remote US Los Angeles, CA [Azure Machine Learning API Java GCP Kubernetes Microservices SQL AWS]

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2023.04.02 11:00 SixersGameThreadBot [Tailgate Thread] Philadelphia 76ers (51-26) @ Milwaukee Bucks (55-22) - 08:00 PM EDT

Philadelphia 76ers (51-26) @ Milwaukee Bucks (55-22)

Matchup History

Date Location Result
03/04/2023 Milwaukee Win 133-130
11/18/2022 Philadelphia Win 110-102
10/20/2022 Philadelphia Loss 90-88
03/29/2022 Philadelphia Loss 118-116
02/17/2022 Milwaukee Win 123-120

Season Stats

76ers 115.2 40.9 25.1 7.8 4.8 12.8 0.486 0.388 0.836
Bucks 117.0 48.8 25.6 6.4 5.0 13.9 0.472 0.365 0.744

Team Leaders

76ers Bucks
PTS Joel Embiid (33.0) (31.1) Giannis Antetokounmpo
REB Joel Embiid (10.2) (11.8) Giannis Antetokounmpo
AST James Harden (10.9) (7.3) Jrue Holiday
BLK Joel Embiid (1.71) (2.49) Brook Lopez

Eastern Conference Standings

Rank Team W L Pct GB Conf Home Away L10 Strk
1 Milwaukee Bucks 55 22 0.714 - 32-16 30-8 25-14 7-3 L 1
2 Boston Celtics 54 24 0.692 1.5 31-17 29-9 25-15 7-3 W 2
3 Philadelphia 76ers 51 26 0.662 4.0 31-16 28-11 23-15 6-4 W 2
4 Cleveland Cavaliers 48 30 0.615 7.5 31-17 30-9 18-21 6-4 L 2
5 New York Knicks 45 33 0.577 10.5 30-19 22-17 23-16 6-4 W 3
6 Brooklyn Nets 42 35 0.545 13.0 28-21 21-16 21-19 4-6 W 2
7 Miami Heat 41 37 0.526 14.5 21-27 26-14 15-23 5-5 W 1
8 Atlanta Hawks 38 39 0.494 17.0 24-24 22-16 16-23 4-6 L 1
9 Toronto Raptors 38 39 0.494 17.0 23-24 26-14 12-25 6-4 L 1
10 Chicago Bulls 37 40 0.481 18.0 26-23 20-18 17-22 6-4 W 1
11 Washington Wizards 34 43 0.442 21.0 20-28 18-20 16-23 3-7 L 1
12 Indiana Pacers 34 44 0.436 21.5 23-25 20-19 14-25 3-7 W 1
13 Orlando Magic 33 44 0.429 22.0 19-28 19-19 14-25 6-4 W 1
14 Charlotte Hornets 26 52 0.333 29.5 14-35 13-25 13-27 4-6 L 1
15 Detroit Pistons 16 61 0.208 39.0 7-40 9-30 7-31 1-9 L 8

League Scoreboard

Away Score Home Status
Toronto Raptors - Charlotte Hornets 1:00 pm ET
Utah Jazz - Brooklyn Nets 3:30 pm ET
Memphis Grizzlies - Chicago Bulls 3:30 pm ET
Portland Trail Blazers - Minnesota Timberwolves 3:30 pm ET
Dallas Mavericks - Atlanta Hawks 6:00 pm ET
Washington Wizards - New York Knicks 6:00 pm ET
Detroit Pistons - Orlando Magic 6:00 pm ET
San Antonio Spurs - Sacramento Kings 6:00 pm ET
Los Angeles Lakers - Houston Rockets 7:00 pm ET
Phoenix Suns - Oklahoma City Thunder 7:00 pm ET
Indiana Pacers - Cleveland Cavaliers 8:00 pm ET
Golden State Warriors - Denver Nuggets 8:30 pm ET
Posted: 04/02/2023 05:00:01 AM EDT, Update Interval: 5 Minutes
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2023.04.02 10:50 LabiaMinoraLover 35 [M4F] #LosAngeles Romantic, cute blue eyes seeks sweet, smart, pretty girl with "outies"💋, a fuller flower🌸, larger pretty petals🌷, butterfly lips🦋, longer labia minora ❤️

I seek a woman I like to make smile, loudly, who is my pleasure to please and make so happy that we will want to be exclusive. I'm patient to gain trust, to build a connection by communicating and seeing if there is potential attraction. I'm open to begin as platonic friends, hanging out, dating, growing to be lovers, even LTR, whatever we desire. I like spontaneity, creating chemistry highs with teasing to pleasing, almost anytime, anywhere, once we are sure of our attraction. I like sharing affections, cuddles to kisses, to earn my turn, to prove myself, giving massages to multiples and more. Offering this munch loving makes me seek someone special, perhaps a shy inexperienced woman curious to explore the best feelings possible or a woman with an insatiable libido, yearning for one man to keep her full/filled.
For us to pursue things, I want attraction for more than just lust, to feel butterflies looking in each other's eyes, loving simply holding hands and spending quality time together. I like anticipating, feeling a non-stop romantic hunger, a primal passion in my belly that brings out the lover-giver in me (tho I love receiving too). For me, a spark starts with pretty eyes and smile, combined with personality, poise, voice tone, and even an accent. The eye shapes I prefer can be described as upturned, almond or cat-eyes (and any color). I like skin tones from white to dark olive tan skin. I like natural curves, in the right places on a thin to thick-voluptuous hourglass shape, natural bigger lips on your mouth and on your kitty (my username checks out-ies ;)
I prefer longer labia, thicker, fleshy, meaty minora, because they're sextra arousing to see, admire, kiss, lick, nibble, suck on, play with, feel wrapping around, and spread with tongue or D during kitty lip n clit worship. Sometimes lovely longer lady-lips may be hidden by puffy labia majora, while some are "outies" protruding, some can dangle, spread like butterfly wings, like a fuller flower with big pretty petals blooming with nectar. You probably know if you're blessed with lips bigger than average. Speaking of which, I'm above average down below and cut. I also prefer labia that are darker pink to tan brown, as well as those colors of nipples and fuller areolas because they make me hungriest to kiss, suckle, breast-nipple worship, including dry or wet ANR, ABF. I can be open-minded in bed, with sexy roleplay, foreplay, edging, sweet gentle pillow princess, face-riding/queening, Gspot to cervix massage, to rougher play, both sub and dom dynamics, giving and receiving multiple Os, breaking pleasure records, within shorter and longer sexy sessions. I can get into erotica, writing, talking aloud, discussing fantasies, learning your kinks. I often get ideas to give my lover more and better pleasures including designs for toys/furniture, ways to keep her happily cumming and cuddling. This site has interesting info, useful to see diversity of women's labia, and many are the larger range I prefer. (NSFW) https://gynodiversity.com/panels
I'm cute, fit, fun/ny, 5'11", hygienic, healthy, white with blue eyes, brown hair, soft beard (for now), single with no kids. I enjoy reading, documentaries, podcasts, comedy, cooking, nature, hiking, exercising, science, arts. Keeping healthy is a passion of mine, including a whole-plant food diet, yet I may be open to 420/drinks during loving. While playing together, I like to listen to/make DJ mixes with styles including chillout, chillwave, deephouse, indiedance, nudisco, dubtechno, dreampop, downtempo, synthwave, ambient and open to other music. What are some of your favorite music genres/bands/songs? (No one ever answers this question :)
If you relate to what I wrote, we can use the Reddit live DM/PM to decide if we want to verify with voice, pics/live video, etc. I may be open to distance, but prefer Los Angeles losangeles LA L.A. SoCal, Ca
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2023.04.02 10:43 PinkPicasso_ What is up with this freeway?

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2023.04.02 10:39 thebigshow90 Any underrated places to visit in Los Angeles?

Been to most of the tourist spots such as Hollywood, Hollywood sign had nice views from the top, Disneyland in Anaheim, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, DTLA and the Fairfax area. Looking for underrated places to visit or hike, so far I'm thinking of visiting 6th Street Bridge to take photos, maybe Orange County and Ascot Hills Park. Anything else to add to the list?
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2023.04.02 10:35 pinkypromisekiss biggest underachieving overachiever somehow achieves repressed childhood dreams

I love being in other people's business, so it only feels fair to share mine. Here's some representation for the more average people.
Intended Major(s): sociology, journalism, media studies, communications
Standardized Testing
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Gender and Sexuality Acceptance Club - Secretary all 4 years, 1-3 hours a week, held inclusivity events on campus every year, hoisted Pride flag on campus, made gender-neutral restrooms more accessible to students
  2. Los Angeles County Elections - a few days, 30-40ish hours, election volunteer work
  3. Altar Serving - 3 years, 1 hour a week
  4. National Alliance on Mental Illness - 3 years as club-member, created health and wellness room, decorates campus for awareness events,
  5. Zine Club - 1 year President, created a school zine for students as an artistic outlet
List all awards and honors submitted on your application
  1. Excellence in Class Rank - 11th grade, rank top ten in GPA
  2. Principal's Honor Roll - 9th-11th, at or above a GPA of 4.00
  3. AP Scholar with Honor - 11th, score at least a 3.25 on all their AP tests and score a 3 or higher on at least four exams.
Letters of Recommendation
I basically only applied to UCs and Cal States, so these are all PIQs
Creative Side: basically my creative side was being argumentative and enjoying debate, I transitioned that into a love for writing and how it tied into my advocacy in GSA.
Educational Barrier: I wrote about my parent's turbulent relationship and how my mother moved back to the Philippines in the middle of my Junior year. I centered it around my emotional distance and stoicism and how my mom moving impacted me to be more open and honest with my emotions, improving my school life/academics and my personal life
Subject that Inspires Me: English, I wrote about my lifelong love for literature and storytelling of all formats. I discussed how my core passion for storytelling is related to other extracurriculars I did not list like drama/theater and personal writing; I related it to my other classes like Psych and Soc, also tied it into how necessary storytelling is for advocacy and it changes culture.
Strong Candidate for UCs: Despite having a small list of extracurriculars, I exemplified how extremely dedicated I am to the clubs and passions I do participate in.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
Berkeley has been my dream school since middle school, but as I grew up I just assumed I wouldn't be able to get in but I did! I'm going to Davis primarily because of I got more aid there and a better school culture. Admissions are rough for everyone, but we did it's all mostly over and I'm proud of everyone here :)
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2023.04.02 10:34 DiegGV27 Como ven a este idiota subdesarrollado?

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2023.04.02 10:33 KillmongerZero Quero alguém pra RP +18 envolvendo WWE comigo. Vou ser o homem e a mulher pode ser (becky lynch/ Alexa bliss ou Sasha banks)

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2023.04.02 10:32 Empty-Potato-7383 Weighing in at 5500g. Shipped today thru GD-EMS. Are they a reliable currier?? How long to receive the pack thru them? Any chances of this pack getting seized you think?? First time buyer here. Just tryna learn as I go!

Weighing in at 5500g. Shipped today thru GD-EMS. Are they a reliable currier?? How long to receive the pack thru them? Any chances of this pack getting seized you think?? First time buyer here. Just tryna learn as I go! submitted by Empty-Potato-7383 to Pandabuy [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 10:21 quatrotires What To Watch This Week (3-9 April)

These posts are as much for me as they are for you. So please feel free to reply with your suggestions for what to watch, and make a case for any game to be considered 'must watch', in which case I will bold it. The time zone used to sort games was LIS (Lisbon) time zone, so no, the game is not on a wrong date.
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
19:45 / 14:45 US Sassuolo vs Torino Serie A
20:00 / 15:00 Everton vs Tottenham Hotspur Premier League
20:00 / 15:00 Valencia vs Rayo Vallecano La Liga
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
17:00 / 12:00 Eintracht Frankfurt vs 1. FC Union Berlin DFB Pokal Quarter-finals
19:15 / 14:15 FC Basel vs Young Boys Schweizer Cup Semi-finals
19:45 / 14:45 Bayern München vs SC Freiburg DFB Pokal Quarter-finals
20:00 / 15:00 Chelsea vs Liverpool Premier League
20:00 / 15:00 Juventus vs Internazionale Coppa Italia Semi-finals
23:00 / 18:00 The Strongest vs River Plate Copa Libertadores Group D
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
03:00 / 22:00 Millonarios vs Defensa y Justicia Copa Sudamericana Group F
17:00 / 12:00 1. FC Nürnberg vs VfB Stuttgart DFB Pokal Quarter-finals
17:30 / 12:30 Aris vs Panathinaikos Super League Greece
18:30 / 13:30 Galatasaray vs İstanbul Başakşehir Türkiye Kupası Quarter-finals
19:00 / 14:00 Feyenoord vs Ajax KNVB Beker Semi-finals
19:00 / 14:00 Olympiacos vs PAOK Super League Greece
19:45 / 14:45 RB Leipzig vs Borussia Dortmund DFB Pokal Quarter-finals
20:00 / 15:00 Manchester United vs Brentford Premier League
20:00 / 15:00 Barcelona vs Real Madrid Copa del Rey Semi-finals
20:10 / 15:10 Nantes vs Olympique Lyonnais Coupe de France Semi-finals
20:15 / 15:15 Gil Vicente vs Sporting Clube de Portugal Liga Portugal
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
03:00 / 22:00 Vancouver Whitecaps vs Los Angeles FC CONCACAF Champions League Quarter-finals
19:30 / 14:30 Sturm Graz vs LASK Linz ÖFB-Cup Semi-finals
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
18:00 / 13:00 Benfica vs FC Porto Liga Portugal
20:00 / 15:00 Lens vs RC Strasbourg Ligue 1
20:00 / 15:00 AC Milan vs Empoli Serie A
20:00 / 15:00 Sevilla vs Celta Vigo La Liga
20:30 / 15:30 Boavista vs Vitória de Guimarães Liga Portugal
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
12:00 / 07:00 Hamburger SV vs Hannover 96 2. Bundesliga
12:30 / 07:30 Manchester United vs Everton Premier League
12:30 / 07:30 Celtic vs Rangers Scottish Premiership
14:30 / 09:30 Bayer 04 Leverkusen vs Eintracht Frankfurt Bundesliga
14:30 / 09:30 Borussia Dortmund vs 1. FC Union Berlin Bundesliga
14:30 / 09:30 SC Freiburg vs Bayern München Bundesliga
17:30 / 12:30 Southampton vs Manchester City Premier League
19:45 / 14:45 Lazio vs Juventus Serie A
20:00 / 15:00 OGC Nice vs Paris Saint-Germain Ligue 1
20:00 / 15:00 Real Madrid vs Villarreal La Liga
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
12:00 / 07:00 Olympique Lyonnais vs Stade Rennais Ligue 1
14:30 / 09:30 Borussia Mönchengladbach vs VfL Wolfsburg Bundesliga
15:15 / 10:15 Real Betis vs Cádiz CF La Liga
15:15 / 10:15 SD Eibar vs Levante Segunda División
16:00 / 11:00 AEK Athens vs Aris Super League Greece
16:30 / 11:30 Liverpool vs Arsenal Premier League
18:00 / 13:00 Casa Pia vs Sporting Clube de Portugal Liga Portugal
19:00 / 14:00 Panathinaikos vs Olympiacos Super League Greece
20:00 / 15:00 Rayo Vallecano vs Atlético Madrid La Liga
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2023.04.02 10:15 PackageNext4743 April 1992 in the beautiful country of the United States.

This story was inspired by the Los Angeles black riots that took place in April 1992 in the beautiful country of the United States. Out of the $850 million worth of #damage done in L.A., half of it was on Korean-owned businesses because most of #Koreatown was #looted and #destroyed.
#IOKCOMPANY #orignal
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2023.04.02 10:02 Careful-Bike4108 Asylum court merits hearing in a few months - Los Angeles

I am going to have my merits/individual hearing in Los Angeles immigration court. Did anyone have their hearing recently? Would be of help to know how it went, get any tips or comments about it. How long did it last, did you have phone witnesses, did you receive the decision right away, what would you do differently? Any information helps!!!
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2023.04.02 10:02 easylife500 chinese bus driver in los angeles had an accident he is dead, I can do something now

he got caught talking on the bus claiming you can't do nothing with me
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