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2023.03.21 18:41 cleanrobotics Is Experiential Learning the Key to Better Recycling Behaviors?

Is Experiential Learning the Key to Better Recycling Behaviors?

In recent years, experiential learning has emerged as a methodology to pass on knowledge and encourage skill adoption. It’s a hands-on approach to education that empowers individuals to learn by doing and has exhibited promising results. If experiential learning is an effective way of instilling knowledge, can it help save recycling?

What is Experiential Learning?
Experiential learning is learning something by doing, reflecting, and applying the knowledge and skills in real life. The experiential learning process allows learners to explore, collaborate, and reflect on what they do to fully accumulate new skills and knowledge. Some common examples of experiential learning are internships, clinical education, student teaching, fieldwork, simulation, and community-based research.

The Psychology of Recycling
Studies show when it comes to recycling, people tend to get swayed easily, and small details often result in big behavioral changes. Something as small as the shape of a soda can has an effect on whether we recycle it.
A study conducted by a team of psychologists revealed that people were significantly more likely to recycle when their name was spelled correctly on their cups. 48% of those who had their names spelled right recycled their cup as opposed to 26% who had no name on the cup and 24% of those who had their names misspelled. An author of the study, Jennifer Argo, said:
“We are averse to trashing something that is tied to our identity, as it would be conceptually similar to trashing a part of the self, which makes people more likely to recycle.”
In another study, Argo and her co-author Remi Trudel discovered that an object is more likely to get recycled if it’s in its original shape. For example, a crushed can is considered damaged and is more likely to end up in a trash bin. Additionally, a ripped sheet of paper or small bits of paper is more likely to end up in the trash than a large sheet, even if the quantity is more. Argo explains this:
“When items become damaged, they differ from the ‘prototype’ or ideal version of that product, and as a result, they are perceived as being less useful. As consumers, we tend to equate things that are useless with garbage.”
In a nutshell, human psychology and recycling behaviors are complicated but predictable. Once we know how perception impacts behavior, we can adjust education accordingly.

Incorporating Experiential Learning into Recycling Initiatives
A report by the World Economic Forum showed that globally 25% of people do not recycle because they don’t know how to participate in recycling programs. This lack of knowledge is one of the most common barriers to recycling. Experiential learning programs can help people start recycling, and by doing, they will gain knowledge and confidence to continue the behavior. Here are a few simple ways individuals and facilities can incorporate experiential learning into their recycling initiatives.
For Individuals
Create interactive displays that explain the importance of recycling and show how to properly sort recyclables.
Host hands-on workshops where participants get an opportunity to make DIY projects out of recycled materials or compost their own food waste. Local community centers are great places to conduct these activities.
Organize recycling challenges that encourage participants to recycle more (or better). For example, a challenge to reduce waste output by a certain percentage.
Support community projects that encourage sustainable waste practices, like community gardens, city composting programs, donation services, and charity organizations.
For Facilities
Organize activities to sort different types of materials via hands-on training programs or interactive workshops. Implementing a smart recycling bin like TrashBot can help eliminate recycling contamination and educate users about sorting.
Conduct regular waste audits to identify areas where waste can be reduced, like cutting down on or reusing packaging. TrashBot can provide facilities with on-demand waste audits and analytics on their waste stream.
Prioritize recycling education by providing employees and visitors with ways to learn about recycling and waste reduction. Hosting recycling competitions between different departments (or teams) can also encourage better recycling behaviors.

Leveraging Experiential Learning to Improve Recycling
Experiential learning could be the key to recycling education for any individual. Proponents of experiential learning say that individuals are more motivated to learn when they have a personal stake in the subject. Learning by doing and reflecting on the doing is the best way to see and experience how your actions make an impact.
On the other hand, sorting recyclables is about more than just recycling; it’s about practicing ways to reduce waste. Sorting our trash makes us wonder what we can reuse, repurpose, or put to better use. Alongside recycling education, experiential learning helps us appreciate that our actions make a difference.

Full blog post here: https://cleanrobotics.com/is-experiential-learning-the-key-to-better-recycling-behaviors/
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2023.03.21 18:19 kylebegay What’s the lowest I should take on these? Headed around phoenix az today tryna get rid of these

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2023.03.21 18:17 EthanRunt Ben Hosley's Pitch Time Traveled In From Decades Past

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2023.03.21 18:16 InvisibleRibbon How to use the bathroom with open wounds?

Hi everyone, big issue I've been having for a while. My problem area for picking is the skin around my fingernails, like around the cuticle. Since I am a cis female, I need to wipe when I use the bathroom. If I have bandages on to help my wounds heal, that means I usually have to swap them out after they become wet or contort my fingers weirdly to avoid them getting wet as I wipe or wash my hands. Wiping or washing my hands without my wounds covered makes them irritated because of the sting of the urine. I'm not sure what options I have other than disposable gloves, and those seem wasteful considering how many times a person uses the bathroom during the day. Has anyone ever been in a similar situation or have advice?
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2023.03.21 18:15 InvisibleRibbon How to use the bathroom with open wounds?

Hi everyone, big issue I've been having for a while. My problem area for picking is the skin around my fingernails, like around the cuticle. Since I am a cis female, I need to wipe when I use the bathroom. If I have bandages on to help my wounds heal, that means I usually have to swap them out after they become wet or contort my fingers weirdly to avoid them getting wet as I wipe or wash my hands. Wiping or washing my hands without my wounds covered makes them irritated because of the sting of the urine. I'm not sure what options I have other than disposable gloves, and those seem wasteful considering how many times a person uses the bathroom during the day. Has anyone ever been in a similar situation or have advice?
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2023.03.21 18:02 Parker200410 Nicest golf courses in Phoenix, az area with youth on course?

Currently on a trip there and looking to play the best course I can while still using youth on course. Any recommendations?
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2023.03.21 17:52 duchessravenwrenne Why in the fresh hell aren't we trying to expand our culture and team's reach?

I'll be jumping on the bandwagon of complaining about how little reach to the public SAFC really has.
For a team with such a big following and a few distinctive support groups, our reach is very disappointing to say the least.
I live in Phoenix, AZ, and I see at least three billboards advertising Phoenix Riding's games each way on my commute to and from work. This team is becoming a huge part of Phoenix culture, and even Arizona culture. Why the hell can't we make this happen for SAFC is truly beyond me.
I see ads on Instagram, Facebook, etc for Phoenix Rising. Not a single one for SAFC. Why the hell not?
One of our local credit unions even has a partnership with Phoenix Rising. You can get a branded credit card AND discounted tickets to their games through this credit union. A little odd IMO, but I can get behind it.
We are the USL champions of 2022. Why aren't we taking advantage of this and starting partnership deals and growing our reach to San Antone's locals?
Just some thoughts.
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2023.03.21 17:42 Awkward_Ice_8351 Does anyone know where I can dispose of medical sharps hazardous waste?

I need to dispose of some used needles. (My wife uses an injectable medicine and our sharps container is nearly full.) We checked the city of Chico webpage and when we clicked on the link to hazardous medical waste the page was not found. 😳
Does anyone know where hazardous sharp medical waste is collected in this city? Thank you all in advance.
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2023.03.21 17:28 katarokkar Mudvayne announce “The Psychotherapy Sessions” tour with Coal Chamber, GWAR, Nonpoint, and Butcher Babies

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2023.03.21 17:00 EchoJobs Circle is hiring Senior Software Engineer, Frontend USD 135k-180k Phoenix, AZ Remote US [API HTML CSS JavaScript Vue.js React Angular]

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2023.03.21 16:25 jocose Safe Mercury Disposal in Rural Area

We "inherited" (was left unlabeled in a box until recently discovered) several pounds of mercury from a relative that was into gold panning. We put in a large glass jar, but I'm not sure what to do with it long term. We are a 5 hour drive from any location that has some sort of hazardous waste disposal program. We have no interest/ability to travel long distances at this time.
Local officials say we have to pay for a third party to travel 5 hours for disposal at our own expense. Local universities same the same, and say they can't help us.
Does anyone here have any suggestions?
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2023.03.21 15:53 effay42 Cheap potassium monopersulfate. hth pool bright shock. It's almost pure and you can't beat the price.

Cheap potassium monopersulfate. hth pool bright shock. It's almost pure and you can't beat the price.
Attached is part of the safety data sheet listing the composition.
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2023.03.21 15:31 EchoJobs Circle is hiring Senior Software Engineer, Frontend USD 135k-180k Phoenix, AZ Remote US [API HTML CSS JavaScript Vue.js React Angular]

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2023.03.21 14:53 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 5 Jobs in Minneapolis Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
FSR Clinical Psychologist - TBI Minneapolis
Meet Minneapolis Director Of Market Research City Of Minneapolis
Waste Connections Diesel Mechanic Minneapolis-Saint-Paul
CVS Warehouse Stocker (1st, 2nd or 3rd shift) Minneapolis
Aveanna Healthcare New Graduate Home Care Nurse (RN) Minneapolis
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in minneapolis. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 13:34 Dangerous-Bag-7327 [HIRING] 15 Jobs in Phoenix Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Global Veterinary Partners Veterinarian Phoenix
Senior Resource Group Server - La Siena Phoenix
Open Network Exchange Inc Senior Staff Accountant Phoenix
Banner Health Registered Nurse RN Med Surg Resource Team Phoenix
Bishop Del Vecchio & Beeks Law Office, P.C. Paralegal Phoenix
Banner Health Registered Nurse RN Medical ICU Phoenix
Tenet Regional Resource Pool TRA Registered Nurse L&D Nights San Antonio Phoenix
Trumpf Training Engineer Phoenix
Esdec Solar Group Innovation Engineer Phoenix
Bishop Del Vecchio & Beeks Law Office, P.C. Attorney at Law Phoenix
Tenet Regional Resource Pool TRA Registered Nurse PCU San Antonio Phoenix
Banner Health Registered Respiratory Therapist Phoenix
Taos Ski Valley, Inc. Bell/Valet at The Blake- Summer Phoenix
Taos Ski Valley, Inc. Director of Property Management Phoenix
Taos Ski Valley, Inc. Esthetician at The Blake -Summer Phoenix
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in phoenix. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 13:29 ecoexkeylinedigitech Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a policy approach that aims to shift the responsibility of managing products and packaging waste from consumers and local governments to the producers. EPR requires manufacturers to take full responsibility for the environmental impact of their products throughout their entire lifecycle, from design to disposal.
At its core, EPR is a sustainable practice that promotes resource efficiency, waste reduction, and recycling. By taking responsibility for their product's environmental impact, manufacturers are incentivized to design products that are easier to recycle, repair, or reuse, reducing waste and conserving resources.
Adopting EPR is not without challenges. Producers may face higher costs associated with the implementation of EPR programs, which can impact their bottom line. Additionally, EPR requires collaboration between manufacturers, governments, and other stakeholders, making it a complex policy approach to implementation.
However, the benefits of EPR are significant. By implementing EPR, businesses can reduce their environmental footprint, improve their corporate social responsibility, and enhance their brand reputation. EPR can also lead to the creation of new jobs in the recycling and waste management industries, and help governments achieve their sustainability targets.
If you're interested in adopting EPR, our comprehensive guide offers everything you need to know. From the benefits and challenges to the implementation process, our guide will help you understand EPR and its impact on your business and the environment. Start implementing EPR today and join the growing movement towards a more sustainable future.
visit - www.ecoex.market
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2023.03.21 13:00 astarisaslave ELI5: Why haven't we found a way to better dispose of plastic even though it is well established how harmful it is to the environment? Why does it seem like we have no choice but to leave plastic waste as is, just lying there and causing hazard?

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2023.03.21 12:40 Professional-Ant9147 Well i am sorry my citizen's

Well i am sorry my citizen's
Why are you angry at me
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2023.03.21 12:30 D0WNGR4D3 Space Crusader #0 (pilot)

William Falis, born somewhere around the late 1300s or early 1400s by Earth's time, somewhere in Europe, first born son of a low ranking noble, one of many to come and go along human history. His story lost to time and unknown by his own people.
His life has been most usual from birth up until his mid twenties. The boy, like many others, had grown with knights being a main leading force in his country's lands and many around it. Looking up to the profession with a romanticized view, the young man grew upholding the views of knights of story, even being closer to something akin to a paladin in virtues. Like any person he had his moments of weakness and his vices, but his love for the meaning of the word 'knight' and the power behind what it meant to be one, always held him closer to a righteous path, more than many others.
His unique story begins when William was about the late age of 25, already having lived half of his life. While on his way back home after participating in a siege while on the attacking side, his attention was drawn to some bright blue lights off into the distant horizon, shining from the thick depths of a near by forest.
As he was on horse back, William stopped his mount's speedy galop as he gazed confused upon the bizzare lights. "Oh, what a light of azure shines through to mine eyes from the depths of the forest. Godly and angelic, tis a sign from God Himself, surely. He must be calling for me to meet him, why else would I be graced by this miracle?"
He took a moment to find a place to loosely tie his horse to and give its head a few gentle pets. "Do not worry, Stevellion. I shall return back to you, but should danger find you, hearken onto my plea and run akin to the wind. The wood is too thick with brush and root for you to safely traverse it. I shall return, post haste, mine steed."
Dressed in a light cloth garb with some padded leather armor on top, the knight grabbed his satchel, spear, sword at the hip and shield, from the horse and he set course into the wood. With decided steps he advanced, ready to meet his God and hear Him and His orders to him.
Meanwhile, at the source of the light deep into the woods laid a metal vessel of decent size, half buried into the earth. Tossed about and broken trees confirm a crash landing. Inside the space craft of a spherical shape, Azail and Gab'el, were just coming back to conciousness. They were nearly 7 feet tall and with a light blue complexion upon their wirey frames, the impact had shook them to their cores, bruises formed on their gentle features.
Azail, pushed back silvery white strands of hair as her golden eyes blinked slowly while she got her bearings. "Oh fuck... everything hurts. Agh-... Gab'el? You alive?" She groaned as she lifted her head up from their ship's console, looking to her co-pilot who was splaied on the floor.
"Y-yeah... agh... although I wish I wasn't..." Gab'el said as he shakily pushed up on his elbows, his four digits on each of his hands, feeling his face for damage.
"W-what happened? My head-... oof..." Azail said as she put a palm to her left temple, pulling away, dark blue blood was staining it.
"We got intercepted b-by a Daemar fighting vessel while getting out of Planet-347H's atmosphere. Evasive manuevers failed and we had to make a crash landing." Gab'el continued as he struggled to his feet making his way back to the console.
"Fucking hell... ugh... check with the xenobiologists over comms and see if they are alive in the back. I will send off an Emergency Signal and a message to the outpost we have on Planet-M4/R5. W-we... we gotta be quick and pray the signal reaches them or anyone really that can come quick."
Gab'el nodded as he got to it, trying the communicator he had a shared frequency eith everyone on board. "Luken, Ashi'in. Report on your state if you can hear this message. This is Gab'el. Over."
Azail got to work as well, setting their emergency beacon online and starting to record a message. "This is pilot Azail from the Anghelon Empire, pilot for the scientific vessel, designation 'Enlightenment', the xenobiology branch. We have crash landed on Planet-347H, situated within the 7th space sector. Crash landing was caused by a surprise attack made by a Daemar combat vessel. Send reinforcements and a medical unit asap. We are not clear of danger."
As Azail finished the message she could hear Gab'el swear angrily as he went to the locker storing their only Redemption Fighting Suit, which was only for emergency cases, which it seems, this was one of those.
"Gab, t-talk to me. What happened?" Azail mumbled loudly to her co-pilot as she inched her way towards him holding onto the wall of their decently sized cockpit.
"I got a hold of Lukin! Shit! It's stuck, fuck! He said, Daemars got their hands on Ashi'in, the back left side is busted open and they grabbed her as she was near the opening. I'm trying to get the suit out, but the damn door is busted." He growled man.
"We are wasting time. I'll grab the first aid kit, check your kinetic energy handarm for damage and we've got to mobilize." Azail said as she unholstered from her hip her weapon, gave it a quick look over and then went to grab the medical kit they had in storage under the console.
"Sigh, wish they let us issue our standard Rail Rifle for this mission, SPECIFICALLY because of shit like this. These dinky things won't do shit against Daemar armor." Gab'el said as he checked his gun while opening the doors leading from the cockpit to the small hallway with doors leading to their storage closet, small accomodations and the lab at the back.
The duo advanced carefully towards the lab doors that were already partially slid open, seemingly busted from the reck. Passing through them they had found Lukin hiding behind one of their research tables, which were standard issued as bolted to the floor. The scientist's left golden eye was busted swirling with his own blue blood .
"Hah! Azail, G-Gab'el. There's four of them, h-heard them talking about coming in for a sweep." The scientist, Luken, whispered with groans of pain. "They beat up my assistant, p-please do something!" He said desperate.
"Did you see what weapons they are using? Anything higher cal-" Gab'el began questioning, but a shot from a Rail Rifle ripping a hole in a different table answered his unfinished inquiry. "Ffffuck! If we live, I will kill our whole logistic department, the greedy fucks. They give us an old first gen RF Suit and they think its enough. Pieces of shit." He swore with fury, whispering exasperated as he went into proper cover besides the scientist.
Azail crouched near them as she peeked over cover and out the hole in the side of their ship. Four Daemar, indeed, all equipped with impact body suits that harden when struck by high velocity projectiles. "Ghah... at best our pistols are distractions."
Daemars were shorter in stature than Anghelons, mainly due to their long legs being double jointed with a joint bending back while the second one bent forward, their legs had thicker toes near akin to hooves and their backs were hunched heavily. When fully sprawled out they might actually beat Anghelons in length, which wasn't encouraging as they also seemed brawnier physically than them.
"Come on fellas, you have until the count of three or we blast this bluey's brains onto this forsaken shit planet's mud." One of the Daemars yelled out.
"Agh- fuck you, you red piece of crap!" Ashi'in yelled out which got her a kick in the jaw in return.
"Feisty fucking thing." Chuckled another who administired the blow.
At about this time, William had gotten closer and closer to the flashing blue light, hearing sounds of voices he couldn't understand he became wary of danger. Sneaking up through the brush he found his eyes gazing upon a scene he had a hard time understanding.
After his mind took a moment to process what his eyes saw, he arrived to one certain conclusion. "God hath called upon me to assist one of his angels upon which demons had been set. Oh what woe for such a divine being to have been befallen by!" he whispered angrily to himself.
'How dare they!' He thought with a wordless gasp as he witnessed one of the demons kick the angel in the head.
Insulted by the uncalled for strike upon the already subjugated angel, William stood, an iron grip on his spear. Holding his spear for a throw, Michael rushed out of the brush in a charge. "HOW DARE YE, VILE FIENDS! GET OFF THAT ANGEL! RHA!" He roared tossing the spear at the closest demon his eyes landed on.
Daemar's hearing the shouting turned confused seeing a human charge at them. "IS THAT A FUCKING NATIV- AGH!" The Daemar closest to William said exploding into a shriek of pain as the spear he tossed impaled his torso. "AGH! HAAAH! HA! HOW?! W-WHAT?!" It shrieked out as he grasped the spear's shaft that was stuck in him.
The reds in shock reacted really slowly, since the knight had enough time to continue his charge. He shield bashed with the edge of his shield the one who already got struck by the spear, retrieved his weapon and then shoved his spear once more into the unlucky one's throat.
"Shoot it!" Said a higher ranking Daemar as his two goons began pointing a rail rifle and a kinetic pistol at the leather armored knight.
Before they could fill the primitive native of the muddy planet with holes, the trio of Daemars got covered in a small volley of pistol fire from inside the ship.
William peered from where the flashes of light came and he could see more angels. He tossed his shield aside and using his free arm he lifted up Ashi'in onto his shoulder, which he seemed to do so with ease. "Pray forgive me your Divinity, but I must assist hastly!" He yelled as he bolted inside, slipped on the slanted metal floor and slid on his ass all the way to the back.
Gab'el, Luken and Azail looked wide eyed at William who's eyes sparkled with awe.
"Doc, can it understand us?" Gab'el asked as he took cover back behind the desk.
"W-we've been studying them for quite a bit and no, they shouldn't... I don't understand why it came to our assistance, its kind hates one anothers i-if they wear slightly different clothes! This is insane!"
Azail groaned impatient as she kept overwatch towards the opening into the ship. "Less talking, untie Ashi'in, you morons! You can gawk at the dirt mammal after we're done with this. Gab'el shoot it if it tries to do anything stupid."
"Uhh... Az, I think it's getting up to go out there." The co-pilot said uncertain as he undid the zip tie like bindings from Ashi'in's wrists behind her back.
William had indeed set Ashi'in down, who looked in a confused awe at him as he brushed some of her longer silvery locks from her face. "By God. You are a true beauty, truly God's children." William said gazing towards the others as he grasped his spear tighter.
He stood up confidently and began scaling the slanted floor towards the opening.
"Fucking hell, its going to kill itself." Gab'el said as he face palmed.
"M-maybe not. Despite his primite weapons he seemed like he could fight them. His species is rather sturdy and surprising. He might be able t-" before Lukin could finish his words, the group witnessed the primitive mammal go up to the opening, was about to chuck his spear which got a yelp from one of the Daemars and then promptly got shot, based on the less scary sound, by the kinetic pistol.
William groaned, fell on his back while dropping his weapon, and like a pendulum, slid downwards once more at the back of the laboratory next to his 'angels'.
"Oh God! M-my heart! Ghah!" He said holding onto his chest.
"Oh, for the love of... the dominant species on this planet are complete idiots." Gab'el said as as he went besides Azail, at this point not caring about the fate of their unlikely helper.
"God, could you be more heartless." Ashi'in said annoyed as she grabbed one of the arms of William. "Doc, help me pull him towards the back, quick, he's losing blood. Lets give the soldiers space and go to safety."
"R-right." Lukin said as he got a grip on William, and the two dragged him towards the cockpit with the first aid kit.
"Why do you think his attack worked?" Gab'el asked his colleague clearly confused by how a primitive's weapon could hurt a Daemar.
"I don't know... the suit is supposed to harden upon high velocity... impact..." that is when Azail's golden eyes glimmered with realization. "His spear is as slow as hell by comparison to our weapons... the armor doesn't register them."
The Anghelan woman then reached and took in her hands William's spear looking at it. "Gab' take this and sneak closer to the opening. If they approach I will shoot to distract, you stab."
"Eh, good of a plan as any other." The co-pilot sighed resignated at the situation before him. He took the primitive weapon and began his sudden suicide mission.
Back inside the cockpit, Lukin and Ashi'in, had dragged their unlikely native ally inside. The lead xeno biologist began looking over the heavily bleeding William, who seemed to be slowly dying. "Damn it, i think the bullet might have ruined the heart." He said as he began grabbing a few tools and bio sealant gel packets, and basically tried to patch the hole in his chest with fast acting cell regeneration medicine. "This should works, the native cells seemed similar in make to our own and in testing it seemed effective."
Ashi'in frowned. 'It'll be too slow.' She thought as her eyes looked quickly about. As her golden gaze laid upon the locker of the RF Suit, eureka struck her. "The suit. It has cell replication properties and an in built life support, it could help." She said as she took William's sword from him and began using it to pry open the busted looking door, struggling to do so.
"The suit?! Are you crazy?! That is the equivalent of giving a nonsentient primate a Rail Rifle after putting its digits on the trigger." Lukin said while keeping on with the first aid.
"Well, that thing saved my life and I don't know about you, but I am not about to let it die. I owe it at least that!" Ashi'in said grunting as she pried open the locker doors just enough for an arm to fit in.
She stretched as best she could and pulled from inside the locker a silvery metal disc about the same size as her palm.
"Ashi'in as the lead researcher I forbid it!" Lukin said standing up with a clear furious expression on his face, which receeded quickly once he saw Ashi'in lift up the sword she wielded in one of her hands.
"You can shove your position up your ass, and if you do, please make sure you can taste it in the back of your throat." She growled as she gave Lukin a shoulder shove.
She kneeled besides William and she looked down upon the pale pink primitive who's brown eyes stared half open at her, his long brown hair spread about the floor, soaked lightly with his own blood. "O-oh... mine beautiful angel... see that mine soul reacheth the gates of Heaven... and please... go release Stevellion of his duties as mine stead... he doesn't deserve to suffer the wait of my never coming... return." He said coughing up a few globs of blood.
Ashi'in listened, but... she couldn't understand a single grunt the damn thing was making. She just nodded her head and took his hand into hers. "Don't worry, it'll be fine... hopefully." She said nervous as she placed the metal disk at the center of his chest and gave it two finger taps.
The silvery metal disk chimed with a gentle sound after a few moments and it began saying. "The suit's pilot is in critical condition, for quicker life support assistance would you like to initiate full suit integration instead of the standard operating system?" The device declared, its monotonous voice echoing in the cockpit.
"Yes! Initatite full integration, focus on life support before booting any other systems." Ashi'in yelped impatient.
The metal disk chimed in an affirmative sound as it then shifted across the knight's chest, right over the wound. It sealed the hole with its own surface and then it started buzzing.
As William felt himself fade a spike of pain shot from his chest, more specifically his heart. It was as if something was shredding his heart apart and then it came in stabbing his inner flesh with many hot needles, it burned and stung like nothing else he ever felt. He yelled as his body convulsed and after about two minutes of this constant torture, the pain dulled and subsided.
"Biological analysis complete. Repaclement of damaged vital organs complete. Suit systems connected neurologically to host. All basic boot up functions complete." The suit stated once more monotonously.
Ashi'in sighed with relief as she sat down onto the floor. "Phew... I am so glad that worked." She said with a shakey voice and a small smile on her lips.
Lukin groaned annoyed as he looked at the suit's core now physically implanted into the native's left side of his chest. The damned thing tore through his bio clothing and just dug itself into him. Looking more closely now, the bit of it that was still exposed... it morphed... into a shape akin to the metal shield that the primitive was carrying.
William feeling himself breath fully and feeling life course through his veins proper, he looked at his chest and noticed the hole in his leather armor and the shirt below it. His eyes sparkled with a hope renewed as she looked at Ash'in. The young man scrambled onto his knees and palms and bowed his head with the forehead against the floor. "Oh! Most gentle and generous angel, thank you for your blessing, thank you for gracing me with the Lord's love and keeping me in your favor. I shall devote myself to assisting you and the Father in purging those demons."
"Oh, what the hell is it doin' now?" Ashi'in asked as she chuckled nervously, doubting her choice at this point. Her eyes wandered towards Lukin for an answer.
The lead xeno scientist stared into empty air after seeing William's display and he seemed to search for an answer in his mind's library. "I... don't... I know this has something to do with religious behaviors and rituals, but... why would it..." Lukin stuttered flustered.
William stood to his feet with a determined look upon his fair features. "God! I carry thine will as you command me, grant me thine protection and strength to end the plague that are those demons!"
"A.I. Assistant designation, God. Activating defensive protocols, enabling full access to in built nano machine weaponry." The suit's voice declared in a lpw tone monotonous voice.
"Did he just... name the suit's A.I. ... as God?! I understood what the suit said, but really, God?" Ashi'in asked confused as she stood up.
Lukin face palmed himself as he finally realized. "The unevolved idiot is mistaking us for divine creatures, oh hell... there's like fuck knows how many religions that I documented here, which one is he even part of?!" The lead scientist said stepping back.
The silver disk on William's chest began spreading over his body like mercury, enveloping him entirely. As it began taking shape, initially in the standard form of the suit, it then began changing. It morphed into a full suit of armor that looked like the full plated armor the xeno biologists have seen the natives of this planet make and wear in one region of the planet.
Despite the look akin to various metal plates strapped together, it was simply just the design choice of the user for the suit's exterior. The living metal even moved to make filigree patterns across various "edges" of the armor and in the middle of William's chest the designs merged to form a cross. His head piece took the shape of a Great Helm style helmet with a cross pattern in the middle, the eye holes being actual visors that shined a blue hue.
"Damn, these people are really into religion h-huh..." Ashi'in said as her eyes widened at how much the suit had changed from the standard look. This feature was usually used for one to lightly personalize their suit's design, but it was now unrecognisable.
"God, hear my plea! Grant me a blade to cut through mine enemies with thunderous force! Let me smite them, lightning quick!" William shouted as he reached a hand forward and from his palm, bits of his suit formed into a hilt, which grew a pummel and hand guard eventually shooting a straight edge blade that pulsed with electricity.
As Lukin observed he began tapping away at a little data pad. "I don't think the suit understands his vocal commands, but... full integration merges the suit with one's nervous system... it might actually be able to reproduce these details and follow his commands based on his brain's electric patterns which form his thoughts. Oh ho ho... this might be quite interesting. Such a basic intelligent life form operating intricate technological machinery. This'll-... agh!"
Lukin groaned as Ashi'in elbowed him in the side. "I understand this is our work, but can you not?" the assistant groaned annoyed shaking her head as she then gazed back at William. "Lets hope it'll put it to good use."
The knight stared at his new blade and down at himself as he tightened his free hand and began making his way out of the cockpit and back towards the laboratory he gor dragged from. "By the grace of God..." He uttered zelously under his breath as he pressed onwards, his voice ringing out with a metalic tone to it and echoing.
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