Did piper and lev break up

Did Ross and Rachel ever really break up?

2019.07.08 09:28 substance_d Did Ross and Rachel ever really break up?

*The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break* might be the name of the episode, but yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

2020.06.24 20:32 ItsANeetYeet GachaUnityRiseUp

i swear to god this sub is still on, but people forgot about its existence (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)-

2014.12.19 08:01 Don't text your ex, post here instead!

Sometimes, the hardest part of a break up is losing that person you can share anything with. Did you see or hear something funny and you want to tell someone? Did you try a new food or drink that you thought your ex would enjoy? Did you accidentally do something that reminded you of them? It's awful losing that. Even if you've never had it - if you want to share a part of your day that you can't really tell anyone else, this is the place!

2023.04.02 09:51 No-Can5617 Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve to be happy

I’ve spent a long time sad. I classify myself as a sad person. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed necessarily, but I am sad quite often. I’ve made my entire account based on the fact that I am almost constantly sad. However, sometimes when I’m happy, like if I see a post that makes me laugh or a video and I feel happy I start thinking that I shouldn’t feel this way. I shouldn’t be happy because if I’m happy then it’ll discredit how sad I am. I don’t have any real reason to be sad all the time but I am. I guess that’s why I feel like I don’t deserve happy moments. If I’m happy then am I really a sad person or did I make it all up? I got excited about something I ordered online and almost immediately my first thought was I shouldn’t feel this way. I think I see my emotions as all or nothing. I’m not comfortable just having emotions and living in them. I need to feel only one. I guess that’s just sadness and I think that’s why I feel unnatural when I’m happy or excited.
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2023.04.02 09:51 Immarhinocerous Why did we let US hedge funds and private equity buy up the vast majority of Canadian print media companies?

Why did we let US hedge funds and private equity buy up the vast majority of Canadian print media companies? submitted by Immarhinocerous to onguardforthee [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 09:50 squealymcneeely Can’t get baby back to sleep at night - losing our minds.

Our boy is just a few days shy of 8 weeks old. We don’t have a hard schedule yet as he’s still too little but I aim for an 8pm bedtime for him to do his first stretch of sleep. (This happens half the week, other times it’s up to 10pm) but no matter the time, he will do his first 3-4 hour stretch pretty well. When he gets up mid nighttime to eat, he will not go back down for hours. Typically the hours of midnight to 4am are absolute hell in our house.
He’s fed, changed, burped, swaddled and soothed. Hell fall asleep in our arms but the second we put him down in his crib he loses it. Mind you he does his first stretch in the same crib and all his daytime naps in there.
After 3-4 hours of both my husband and I taking turns it’s basically an awful waiting game until he exhausts himself and falls asleep for good. And then he’ll do a 5 hour minimum stretch! So he is a good sleeper when he’s back down for good that but break in between is brutal.
Any tips?
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2023.04.02 09:50 Rustiebuckets Tap compatability with kinematic bed mounts

So I've been looking at setting up TAP on my 2.4 and I saw on the github that beds must be stable for a probing force of 800 grams. From what I have seen Whoppingpochard's mount should work because under the assembly page it says the front 2 mounts if bent at 10° should provide a 3-4kg preload once assembled. So it should in theory it should be able to support the 800 grams of force TAP needs to activate, unless I am misunderstand preload. I did also see Mandala Rose Work came out with their solution for TAP with the outrigger set and that seems like it would definitely work because the pin mount on the 300mm didn't move until 1500 grams was applied. I just want to double check with those who may of already done this and see what you're using so I order the proper style. Thanks.
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2023.04.02 09:50 Rasples Never been tested but all the signs are there for me.

I knew I was different, but I never thought it was autism. Teachers and peers at school, college, and Uni just thought I was strange, quiet, unsociable, and didn't work well in team exercises or answering questions. I was perfectly happy just sitting back and listening rather than speaking, because I had crippling social anxiety. It took years for me to say anything other than "yes" or "no", to a teacher; not until I was in the last couple years of college and Uni did I start to mellow and open up.
But i still find it difficult. Now I'm working, and i struggle to involve myself in conversation still. I try, but it's picking the right moment and always double and then triple-guessing myself. If I speak and someone doesn't understand or laughs at me, it's like a dagger being twisted in my gut. It's why I don't say anything. I feel like I'm 24, my job has nothing to do with my education that I persued, and life feels like it's getting away from me and I'm always in a rush. Everything feels like a waste, and yet nothing I do seems to satisfy me or make me feel productive in any way. I feel like I need to rush everything and do as much as I can before middle-age kicks in and I start to slow down. That's just an example of the many worries I have. Don't mistake it for ADHD because I've never been the "hyper" type physically, it's just my brain that can't slow down and relax. but it doesn't impact the way I move, I just feel permanently bummed out and depressed.
Sorry for the small rant, I just needed an outlet to explain myself and how I feel to the universe whether or not people see it or agree with it. It's even difficult to explain how I feel in terms other people will understand, because it feels like my thoughts are on a 4th dimension. I can't in any way possible explain the way I feel because you need to feel it for yourself. It's why I don't trust therapy or anything like that because nobody has ever understood me. To understand me, you need to be me. I was just wondering if anybody feels the same. Sometimes I get feelings of autistic masking where I try to hide it, and then I get imposter syndrome because someone will tell me I'm not autistic, I'm just something else.
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2023.04.02 09:50 AutoModerator [Get] Zero to $100k Landing Any Tech Sales Role by BowtiedCocoon

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2023.04.02 09:50 Borchert97 Explaining the Jōgan for Manga Onlys

I've seen a lot of confusion/misinformation regarding the eye referred to as the Jōgan ever since the past few chapters got a few more people catching up on the series, so I'm going to try to fully explain what the Jōgan is for those people so they don't need to watch the ENTIRE anime if they don't want to (although I still recommend most arcs). Since the Jōgan is only referenced in the anime, this is obviously spoiler-free besides one manga spoiler that's hidden.

The Jōgan is essentially an Otsutsuki clan dojutsu, if you think of dojutsu you know from the manga, like the Byakugan, Sharingan, and Rinnegan, or the Tenseigan from Naruto The Last, the Jōgan appears to more or less be what the Rinnegan is to the Sharingan, it's the eye's "final form" so-to-speak. Boruto was born with the genetics to awaken the Byakugan, but because of his close lineage to the Otsutsuki clan and because of who his parents are, this manifested at a level far beyond that of a simple Byakugan. It's funny because a lot of people ask for Byakugan lore without realizing that it's being given to us. If the Byakugan and the Sharingan are both stage 1 dojutsus, and the Mangekyo Sharingan is stage 2 of the Sharingan, then the Tenseigan is basically the counterpart to that but for the Byakugan. The Jōgan is like the Rinnegan, it's the highest stage of dojutsu linked to the Byakugan the same way the Rinnegan, or even the Rinne Sharingan, is to the Sharingan. So the Jōgan is probably Rinne Sharingan-level in the endgame of the Boruto series, BARE MINIMUM. I'd say the Rinne Sharingan, Jōgan, Senrigan, and maybe Isshiki's dojutsu all kind of exist at a level above Six Paths level like the MS, Rinnegan or Tenseigan.

As for what powers the Jōgan has, that has yet to be thoroughly determined, but we can draw some conclusions based on the limited showings it has in the manga. It has similar abilities to other dojutsus from Kaguya's bloodline. It has the ability to see the chakra network like a Byakugan which is confirmed in the Nue Arc. It also has a Sharingan-type of copying ability which is sort of hinted at in the Mist Field Trip Arc, where Boruto with virtually zero experience is able to grab half of the Hiramekarei in tandem with a Mist Chunin who was basically being brought up as a future Mizukage and was trained for wielding the Mist blades. The only way this was possible was if he used the Jōgan like a Sharingan to copy Chojuro's movements and wield the blade by borrowing on his experience, or the Jōgan has a sort of wish-granting ability where if a situation you're in requires you to have a certain level of experience, you can call on some level of an Otsutsuki's experience, something similar to the Karma's ability to call on the experience of the Otsutsuki who placed it, so basically, it's possible the Jōgan has some sort of experience-granting ability if it's not the Sharingan's ability to copy, but it's a known feat of the Jōgan either way you want to look at it. Another Sharingan ability is the Sharingan's eye of insight, which is the ability to predict and discern the enemy's movements, as he was able to skillfully deflect an attack from Momoshiki and land a Rasengan thanks to the Jōgan. The last ability is similar to the Rinnegan and Rinne Sharingan's ability to have timespace abilities. Boruto has used the Jōgan in the Nue Arc to view other dimensions and punch a portal through timespace to transport himself and others, and in the One-Tailed Escort Arc against Urashiki, he used it to sense and predict where Urashiki was going to open a rift in timespace, before he had even done it, sort of like the Sharingan's ability to predict things. Some of these are a little more vague than others which are pretty direct like the timespace abilities but they are all very much implied abilities.

As for why Boruto has the Jōgan, if you remember from the movie, the way you make a Tenseigan is by having an Otsutsuki take a human's Byakugan and implant it in themselves. It's actually more similar to the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, since it requires the change of ownership and the transplant of an entire set of eyeballs. The prerequisites for the Jōgan seem to partially be close genetic ties to the Otsutsuki. The last person to have the Tenseigan was only 25% Otsutsuki, and that was Hamura Otsutsuki, the grandson of Kaguya. So to reach an eye above the Tenseigan would require even closer ties than that. Luckily, Boruto's genetics and where he gets his chakra from were basically the perfect storm for this manifestation, with a little help from, guess who, Toneri, the guy with the Tenseigan from The Last. Firstly, directly from his parents, he is a Hyuga which has remained a somewhat pure bloodline until recently, so properly speaking, he is half Hyuga. But he not only has some of Hamura's blood, he also has Hagoromo's through Naruto, who is a descendant of Asura and by extension Hagoromo. On top of that, Naruto received chakra from Hagoromo during the Fourth War and Hinata received chakra from Hamura during The Last in order to stop Toneri.

Besides Boruto's genetics, we know for a fact from statements from Toneri in the anime that he was at least partially responsible for helping Boruto manifest the Jōgan, even if Boruto would've done so naturally later on. This first happened during the Nue incident, which was the first arc of the Boruto anime and is a must-watch imo, it's a phenomenal introduction arc. In it a Foundation-grown pseudo-tailed beast hosted inside of an undercover enemy living as an Academy student threatened the Leaf village, and in order to fight this threat, Toneri first caused Boruto to manifest the Jōgan. Toneri would tell Boruto his eye is the star of hope against destruction that will eventually come to pass, another Otsutsuki prophecy and I believe this prophecy hasn't happened yet, since no destruction has passed yet, he also mentioned Gods descending upon the land, which I also don't think has happened yet, since when Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Urashiki did arrive, he referred to Urashiki as a Celestial Being and didn't initially believe the Otsutsuki clan main family even still existed, he says himself that he thought the fate of the Otsutsuki clan would die with him, so why would he give Boruto a prohpecy about Gods descending if he wasn't referring to Momoshiki's group? In my opinion it's entities like Shibai Otsutsuki that he was actually talking about, but that's just my theory. We also have confirmation from Urashiki that Toneri "did something to that boy", referring to Boruto. He confirms his suspicions when he encounters Boruto himself in the One-Tailed Escort Arc and Boruto manifests the Jōgan for the first time since his encounter with Momoshiki in episode 65 which was animated from chapter 9 and 10, so the anime actually retcons Boruto into using the Jōgan in several parts of the Momoshiki fight where he didn't in the movie and manga, but the retcon is definitely canon as they have confirmed to us that Boruto's chapter 1 eye is the Jōgan via the animation of that sequence as well.

I'm sure everyone is connecting the dots by now, it's the recreation of Kaguya's chakra that seems to have caused the Jōgan to manifest, something she herself was trying to accomplish but she failed to do so when she was revived because the strongest chakras on the planet still weren't her's, those being Naruto and Sasuke who had access to all of Hagoromo's chakra. My personal theory although this also doesn't necessarily have to be true, is that we haven't seen full power Kaguya, and maybe she originally had the Jōgan before dispersing her chakra amongst the world. If you think about it, it's the only logical explanation for how she meant to combat the entirety of her clan by herself, there's no way she could've fought her entire clan by herself unless she had some Godly ability like the Jōgan or Senrigan or something. Momoshiki even hints at this when he says the memories of humans have been altered by Otsutsukis in the past, Kaguya did this at least one time that we know of so that is specifically one such incident where this occurred in the past. She turned on Isshiki, claimed Earth as her domain and her's alone, never reported back to her clan, grew an army meant to fight off any who attacked her such as Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Urashiki AND spread her chakra out amongst humans. It's almost like she meant to nurture Earth into a world of chakra superhumans meant to combat the Otsutsuki clan. If I REALLY tighten the tinfoil hat, I'd almost say this is all going according to somebody's secret script. Expect another Black Zetsu-type twist, but this time the master manipulator is Amado, who carefully directed the past few decades of Shinobi history in order to achieve the current state of events of having a Jōgan-wielding Shinobi and an Isshiki V2, he essentially recreated Kaguya in Boruto, and Isshiki in Kawaki. But that's all just a theory.
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2023.04.02 09:50 im1205 He slept with another girl a day after he kissed me…am i valid for feeling betrayed?

so i (18F) met this guy (20M) feeon a tuesday at the student centre at our school. i was just chilling with my friend in one of the food places and this guy approached me. i had seen him when we first walked in and thought he was cute but did not pay him much attention. when he came up we had a good conversation. he asked me my name, my program and we was just asking each other about ourselves. we exchanged instagrams and i said bye but i really didn’t expect that i’d talk to him seriously or that it’d go anywhere. however that night he texted me talking about how it was nice talking to me and he wants to see me again. i was happy but still weary and low of expectations…i was assuming he just wanted to have casual sex which i’m not up for (disclaimer: im a virgin).
i had told him we wouldn’t see each other till next week when i had class again but there was this party at a club that we both were going to. we planned that we’d see each other there and he came up to me. we talked for a bit but it was very loud so we went downstairs near the bathroom. when we went down he was complimenting me and very affectionate which i liked and was ok with. he then kissed me which i too was ok with and we made out. he started to ask if i wanted to go to the bathroom but i said no because i was not ready to have sex in a club bathroom with someone i barely know. he then later asked me if i wanted to come over to his friends and drink more but i also said no because i know what that could lead to. however when i said no he was very respectful.
i expected that he would not talk to me again as i didn’t go as far as he wanted but that night he texted me that he “loved every minute of tonight” with me. when he said that i was very happy and started to think maybe me he actually wanted me for me and to get to know me and not just sex. we hung out the next monday, tuesday and then on wednesday he asked me out.
i told him i was suprised as i thught he just wanted me to come to his room and he said no that he’s not playing and he’s “actually trying to give me the best”. i was so happy amd excited. he wanted to kiss me but i told him no as i wanted us to build a connection first before we start getting into that too fast. he was confused at first but understood and told me that he doesn’t wanna force me to do anything. i did give him a kiss on the cheek and he gave me one back. everything was great………
however hours later that same day my friends called me and told me that he slept with another girl the day after the party and she even slept over. he slept with another girl the day after he made out with me. i couldn’t believe it but they even showed me a picture to prove we’re talking abt the same guy and i see that he followed that girl recently the same night of the party.
i cried as i was hurt. i dont kiss people that fast without knowing them but i kissed him. it was consensual and i liked it but i felt shitty knowing since he didn’t get that far with me he quickly went to have sex with another girl the same weekend. i thought he was different and he told me he was “different”. i’ve also kissed him after that weekend and i feel shitty knowing he been kissing me while he had sex with someone else on the weekend. i really thought he was serious but several people are telling me that he is not and he’s known around school for being that kind of guy that sleeps around.
but i’m upset confused and don’t know what to believe. when we hung out he seemed like such a genuine guy who’s focuses on school, works a good job and is really sweet. he even told me about his family….he’s called me twice as i have not replied to his messages and i don’t know what to say or do. i can’t let him know that i’m aware he slept with someone that weekend otherwise i risk getting the people who told me in trouble. everyone is saying to ghost him but for some reason i don’t want to. i know he doesn’t owe me loyalty as we weren’t together but this is so embarrassing. but our conversations made me feel like he really cared about me and i’m scared if i ghost him i’m losing someone good for me over one mistake he made. am i overreacting or am i valid for feeling betrayed? should i call him back? should i still go on a date with him?
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2023.04.02 09:49 Ok-Ad5903 How to have the commitment conversation?

Currently I’ve met 2 people through hinge. This one’s a little long & I’ve also tried to break them down so I can ask what advice I’m looking for. I’m f(25) I’m looking for a long term relationship
Prospect 1: M(26) Met thrice for over 4-6 hours each date. He texts once in two days. He makes plans & when we’re together seems interested. We slightly made out in the last two dates but nothing too overly physical. He feels a bit unavailable to me, he’s in the middle of starting his own company & he talks a lot about that. I feel hot & cold.
Prospect 2: M(26) Only 1 date, felt super connected to him & been texting. This one is not looking for anything serious and he clearly mentioned that he is also looking to leave the country. But I feel like he’s fun, cute & we had a good time together.
Heads up: I told Prospect 1 about 2, he asked how the date etc went & then went on w me as though it was business as usual. He hasn’t texted me all day either today.
  1. When during dating do you have the commitment conversation?
  2. How do you decide that this won’t work out?
  3. How many dates until you know whether this person is interested?
  4. What are the telltale signs of a good, promising boy?
I’m asking with context to these above prospects. Pls help, I really am done w flings & short terms. I’m looking for commitment!
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2023.04.02 09:49 Immarhinocerous Why did we let US hedge funds and private equity buy up the vast majority of Canadian print media companies?

Over the past decade, the vast majority of Canada's major media companies have been sold to US investors and companies; especially hedge funds and private equity. Postmedia Network is the most egregious example. It's majority owned (63.1%) by Chatham Asset Management, which is a hedge fund founded and owned by Anthony Melchiorri, an ex-Morgan Stanley trader and high yield bond investment manager. They own over 130 Canadian media companies, including the National Post, all of the Suns, the Financial Post, most main papers in Alberta, New Brunswick, and Ontario, and a bunch of other papers and online media brands.
Postmedia Network Canada Corp, the Postmedia Network holding company, majority owned by Chatham Asset Management LLC
Bloomberg article I was referring to: https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/at-hedge-fund-that-owns-trump-secrets-clashes-and-odd-bond-math-1.1230399
I remember immediately noticing the shift in tone in the Edmonton Journal, after Postmedia acquired it. It had always had conservative commentators, but it also hosted many conservative critics and more progressive commentators in the past. I appreciated the balanced coverage. When Postmedia bought it and the branding changed, the latter voices were silenced overnight, and the Edmonton Journal began publishing primarily conservative editorial/opinion pieces. I also noticed a large increase in political attacks on the NDP (the primary non-conservative political party in Edmonton that regularly wins seats).
So this is a massive Canadian media network with control over major brands, controlled by a guy who uses media networks to threaten and attack people. Oh, and he works with political fixers.
Canada and The Beaverton did a good article on this recently: https://www.reddit.com/canada/comments/11gkp9n/canadians_agree_the_only_foreigners_who_should/
I'll end on a satirical quote from that Beaverton article: “If China wants to affect the outcome of Canada’s elections, they should do it the old fashioned way, by owning a 66% stake in Postmedia.”
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2023.04.02 09:49 mawdgawn If you could remove one character from the show, who, and why?

I mean deleting the character and writing around whatever issues that would cause, rather than recasting the role.
Personally, I’d happily get rid of Andy. I have no criticism of Ed Helms’ performance - I just don’t think Andy is written in a way that adds much to the series. I know we’re not meant to love him a lot of the time, but I find him pretty annoying. His antics aren’t backed up by the kind of depth that Michael has, so he’s nowhere near as endearing, and then his aggression and multiple plot-driven character changes just make him even more off putting. I could also do without the Andy and Erin relationship. She already has some personal growth in romance when she breaks up with Gabe, and I think it would have been interesting and more funny to see her going on dates with lots of different people around Scranton for the rest of the series, trying to figure herself out. I’d love to hear strings of Erin’s bad first date stories and I think that would make entertaining discussion with the other characters. Initially Andy is kind of set up to be her Jim, but obviously that doesn’t work out, and I think being with Andy robbed Erin of the chance to become a more complex character.
Obviously there are some interesting things raised by Andy becoming manager, like the dynamics of everyone in the office having to go along with their boss’ plan to impress his parents, the fact that as a wealthy white dude he lands the role because Jo is impressed to see Cornell on his resume, etc. but ultimately I think he’s pretty disposable. I feel for Ed Helms having to work with a character that’s kind of at the mercy of whatever the plot requires rather than having a consistent story of his own.
Who would you eliminate?
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2023.04.02 09:48 tinyghost Nothing in my birth went as planned, and it still ended up being a positive experience

I wanted to make a quick post, hopefully this will maybe help alleviate some fears some of you might have.
I am FTM, and my loose birth plan was: no induction, epidural or laughing gas if possible, labouring standing and in a tub and giving birth on a birthing stool.
Well, it all went wrong lol. I had to be inducted because I tested positive for GBS and was qushing amniotic fluid without any contractions. When the contractions finally hit I couldn't stand up so spent time curled up on a bed with a TENS machine hooked to my back and squeezing a comb in my hand (that was basically the only thing in my birth plan that went as planned).
I was at 10cm in a couple of hours, taking everyone by surprise, and was whisked to labouring room from the induction department. I had back labour and epidural seemed like a great fucking idea at this point. The epidural didn't take on my right side, so I felt everything on my right buttcheek and thigh. My baby’s heartbeat started dropping while pushing, so I had an episiotomy and he was assisted out with a vacuum. On top of that, I tore. No idea how badly, I asked the midwife how many stitches I got and she just answered solemnly ‘we don’t really count them’ lol. But she did sew me up for some 45 minutes so…
Sounds like a horror show, right? Well - good news. Feeling the contractions on one side helped me time my pushes a lot. I was numbed for the episiotomy so I didn't feel a thing, neither did i feel he tearing or sewing up. I was up and taking a shower two hours after giving birth. Going to the bathroom didn't hurt a bit, nor did I need any pain medication. I had to be a bit careful when sitting down for a week but five weeks after I’m completely healed.
I have no intention on downplaying other people’s experiences, or handwave away potential complications or pain. But I encourage you to not borrow trouble from future - educate yourself on what might happen, but try not to spiral into thinking it will 100% be a horror show if unexpected things happen. My experience ended up being surprisingly positive, despite everything going a bit pear shaped, and I wanted to share that.
(English is not my first language, so sorry for any mistakes.)
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2023.04.02 09:48 Nervous-Lab9821 Unjust but maybe fair

This is my story of why I cheated on my partner. Me (30) M and gf (28) F. With my 8 year old step daughter.
Off and on for 3 years. Mostly on but anytime we’ve been off in the past is due to her either cheating or talking to someone she shouldn’t be. Exs in her dms, friends with old flings, and her anger issues. Me and her are both bipolar however I’m more so depressive and she’s very angry. Whenever she has an episode she’ll explode and say very hurtful things such as she wished my cancer killed me and she doesn’t care about me or what I do. Whenever I have an episode it’s more so I don’t care about anything. I just kind of exist and go day to day.
Somewhat recently a very kind old friend reached out to me and asked how I was doing. I’ve grown scared to be friends with any women due to my gf wanting full access to my phone and asking who these “hoes” are and are and why I’m friends with anyone. Against my better judgement I start talking to this old friend and ask her how she’s been? (We both have very similar abusive childhoods and have been there for eachother for a very long time) She tells me she’s been good and she misses out late night talks about life.
We end up scheduling a day to grab lunch together and it’s fun and innocent. Until she starts making comments here and there about how good I look and how much she’s missed me. Next thing I know she’s trying to plan a time to see me again.
Against my better judgement I say let me check my schedule and see what we can do. I go home and feel very guilty about even having lunch even if I did nothing wrong.
Low and behold here comes gf with a rant explaining how awful and terrible I am. And how I never do anything to help at all. (Mind you I pay a majority of the bills about 80/20, 90/10) And that if I’m not going to be helpful then I should leave and go be someone else’s roommate.
She starts to get ready for work and she leaves her phone downstairs to charge while she gets ready. Against my better judgement I look at her phone. And there’s her ex messaging her that she said she blocked. It looks like a continued conversation.
I internally snap and decide to just go day to day and save money to leave.
Friend hits me up again and asks if I’ve been ok and if there’s anything she can do?
She wants to grab dinner but I don’t feel right about it still even knowing my gf is cheating.
It’s my day off and she’s at work and I decide that it’s harmless since she’s just a friend and my gf is cheating on me.
We grab dinner. Everything is great. I forgot what it’s like to just enjoy someone’s company. Friend asks me about my relationship and how it is being a step dad. I tell her the truth about my situation. She gets very very sad and grabs the check and pays for it before I can say anything.
She grabs my hand and we head towards the car. I had two drinks so she follows me home to make sure I get home safe.
When I get home she steps out of her car and walks over and looks very upset and kisses me.
“I never waned this for you.”, she says. She takes me to her car and we sit in the backseat for awhile and talk. I get really upset and explain how I don’t know what to do or how to abandon my step son.
She explains it’s not my fault and it’s not my responsibility. She holds my hand and starts kissing me. I tell her I’m not sure what to do or if it’s ok. “You already know she’s cheating, you know it’s over, let someone who loves you take care of you for once.”
The rest is history. Currently living together with gf knowing she’s cheating but she doesn’t know what I’ve done. Am I horrible or is it just a bad situation Gone wrong?
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2023.04.02 09:47 Cold-Aerie8965 We get tokkens for mastery in ARAM now ??!

We get tokkens for mastery in ARAM now ??!
I played a game of pantheon in aram and was shocked to get a chest AND a tokken. I had a lot of S+ with champs like kata or samira and never had a tokken in aram, is this new or did i break the game ?
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2023.04.02 09:47 breadandbunny Does anyone else take meds for anxiety?

I'm tired and cannot sleep. I took a medication I have almost an hour ago. I am so tired of being anxious about the next thing coming up. I need a BREAK. A REAL break. No projects, presentations, anything. I can't handle anything anymore.
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2023.04.02 09:47 Mr_Fox135 Python JSON help

I have only just recently picked up trying to learn programming again, and I'm stuck on this project. I'm trying to save the student's data after I've stopped running the program. I've ran the error I'm getting and the code through GPT several times but no luck.
(Edited to fix formatting)
import json # Initialize empty list to store student dictionaries. students = [] # Initialize tuple with dictionary keys student_keys = ('name', 'age', 'courses') # Initialize empty set to store all courses all_courses = set() # function to save students def save_students(): with open('students.json', 'w') as f: #convert the set to list before serializing to json all_courses_list = list(all_courses) for student in students: student['courses'] = list(student['courses']) json.dump({'students':students, 'all_courses':all_courses_list},f) # function to load students from file def load_students(): global students try: with open('students.json', 'rb') as f: data = f.read().decode('utf-8') if data: parsed_data = json.loads(data) students = parsed_data['students'] all_courses.update(parsed_data['all_courses']) else: students = [] except FileNotFoundError: students = [] # load students from file load_students() while True: #display menu options print('Student Management System') print('1. Add Student') print('2. View Students') print('3. Update Student') print('4. Delete Student') print('5. Quit') choice = input('Enter your choice(1-5):') if choice == '1': #add new student information student_info = {} for key in student_keys: value = input(f'Enter student{key}: ') if key == 'courses': courses = value.split() student_info[key] = set(courses) all_courses.update(courses) else: student_info[key] = value students.append(student_info) print("Student added successfully!\n") save_students() elif choice == '2': # view student information if not students: print('No students found') else: for current_student in students: print(f'Name: {current_student ["name"]}') print(f'Age: {current_student ["age"]}') print(f'Courses:{",".join(current_student["courses"])}') print('') elif choice == '3': # update student information if not students: print('No students found.') else: name = input('Enter Student name to update:') for current_students in students: if current_students['name'] == name: print(f'Current age: {current_students["age"]}') new_age = input('Enter new age:') current_students['age'] = new_age print(f'Current courses: {",".join(current_students["courses"])}') new_courses = input('Enter new courses (seperated by spaces):') new_courses = set(new_courses.split()) all_courses.update(new_courses) current_students['courses'] = new_courses print('Student updated successfully!') save_students() break else: print('Student not found.\n') elif choice == '4': #delete student information if not students: print('No students found.') else: name = input('Enter student name to delete:') for i, current_students in enumerate(students): if current_students['name'] == name: del students[i] print('Student deleted successfully\n') save_students() break else: print('Student not found.') elif choice == '5': #quit program print('Goodbye!') break else: #invalid input print('Invalid input. Please enter a number from between 1 and 5.\n') 
The error:
Exception has occurred: JSONDecodeError Expecting value: line 1 column 44 (char 43) StopIteration: 43 During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred: File "/home/usePython/student_directory.py", line 29, in load_students parsed_data = json.loads(data) File "/home/usePython/student_directory.py", line 39, in  load_students() json.decoder.JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 44 (char 43) 
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2023.04.02 09:47 Dr_Code1306 Everyone says that friendships are cultivated but…

Sorry for my English I just put it on translate. Hope it’s readable. Everyone says that friendships are cultivated. And today I am almost 21 despite having cultivated friendships through school and sports. Being fun, I could go many times if it was essential that I was there.
All those people turned their backs on me in the way, besides we are all from the big friend group Im like isolated, everybody have their own little friend group so if there’s a party or something I will be like without a friend group, I know that I should know to be a lone, but like I know how awkward I look because it’s like I’m not that friends with everyone to be like hoping from one group to another and it's not like I did anything wrong or did something bad. Talk trash or something. Im just a good friend. On the contrary, despite being a leader when we where in highschool. I was the one who often stood up for a problem at school or I simply didn't tell.
I do have friends at my university but not in my grade so I'm quiet all day and it's not a bad vibe, I've just become very serious as a result of also moving to a city/town where there's nothing. and I don't know anyone and the friends I have from the university are not from there and those that do, don't invite me to do anything.
I no longer live there. I now live in my hometown and drive to the university daily. But it's the same being there and here because I still don't have anyone to go out with despite meeting a lot of people.
And I'm not even ugly. I could say that if I realize when I arrive somewhere and that at least a woman finds me attractive. But still for the same reason that I became shy I don’t talk to them. I just play the idc face and continue with my shit.
Other situation for example, during the week I went to the gym and saw a friend who was only 1 or 2 years old without seeing him and I could say that he was a good friend of mine, when I saw him and wanted to say hello I turned my face and the same situation happened to me with another person shortly before that.
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2023.04.02 09:46 ykhluvr did I do something wrong?

I’ve noticed myself not being able to control my emotions well and I need help. To start off, I was feeling a bit off today, and out of it. Not feeling like myself and dislocated from the world. I was on call with my boyfriend for an hour and we played a game, we barely exchanged anything until he pointed out that I wasn’t saying anything. I felt bad.. and apologized for not saying much.
My day was alright, I felt a little sad because I missed him and I know he’s busy with friends and I’m always at home. He called me again later today and the call lasted for 2 minutes since he had to go out and get ready with his friends again. I was really sad since I waited for him and I cried after the call ended. I decided to go shopping and call a friend to keep my mind off of him, it worked for awhile but I started thinking/missing him again.
I started to worry because it was basically 6-7 hours from the last time I heard from him. I began to get a bit anxious and didn’t know where he was and what he was doing. I was sad and upset.
He came back around 1:45ish am and I was upset at the point. Upset that I didn’t know where he was. Didn’t get any updates or anything. He texted me that his phone was dead when he came back from hanging out with his friends and then he called me.
He told me that he missed me and I told him that I missed him too. I asked him what was he doing that took him so long? Then his friend took his phone then began talking and ended our call which lasted a minute. He then called again, I asked him the question from before, and who he was with. He asked if it was bad and I said no, I was just worried because you took so long. I didn’t know where you were. I’m also in the middle of something. He apologized and suggested to call later and I said it’s okay, and asked him if he could join discord since I was in the middle of playing a game with a friend. Mind you, I said all of these really quiet and monotone. He might’ve picked up that I was a bit upset.
He muted during the whole call and didn’t say anything. I asked for sad depressing music on the discord bot lol. I told my friends goodnight after the game was done then called my boyfriend again.
His tone was a bit off and he said that he was going to go sleep. I was worried and asked if he was okay and if he was mad at me? He said he wasn’t and that I have to trust him. I still apologized afterwards and he said it was okay and that he’s just tired then went to bed.
Did I do something wrong and am I overthinking it too much?? This is my first time sharing on Reddit and I am a huge overthinker. 😭 I just felt bad for being upset and not reciprocating the same energy to him since I was already upset.
I feel like I depend on him too much and it’s unhealthy. Is me depending on him a lot, explains my actions? *Note: we aren’t edaters, I come visit him everyday week 😭
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2023.04.02 09:46 Isopod-Severe ChatGPT

Funny conversation with chatgpt, this guy is cool to talk to :)
what are those arms that stick out of the enterprise
The arms that stick out of the Enterprise are the ship's nacelles, which are large structures that contain the starship's warp engines. The nacelles are designed to generate a warp field that allows the ship to travel faster than the speed of light. They are usually located at the rear of the ship and are connected to the rest of the vessel by pylons. The design of the nacelles varies somewhat depending on the class of starship, but they are a prominent feature of most Starfleet vessels.
why are they so big when much smaller ships do not even have them
The nacelles of Starfleet vessels like the Enterprise are relatively large because they contain the ship's warp engines, which require a lot of energy to operate. In order to generate a powerful enough warp field to propel the ship at faster-than-light speeds, the engines must be quite large and complex.
Smaller ships that do not have nacelles typically use different propulsion systems, such as impulse engines or sublight drives, which do not require as much power or generate a warp field. These types of engines are more compact and can be located within the body of the ship itself, without the need for large external structures like nacelles.
In addition, the larger size of Starfleet vessels like the Enterprise allows them to carry more crew and equipment, as well as to undertake longer and more complex missions. The nacelles are an essential part of the ship's design, allowing it to travel faster and further than smaller ships with less advanced propulsion systems.
bro didn't you see star trek 4 it had this little klingon ship that went warp when it slingshotted around the sun and it didn't have any big ass nacelles
You're correct! The Klingon Bird-of-Prey in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home did not have traditional nacelles like the Enterprise or other Starfleet vessels. Instead, it utilized a unique propulsion system that allowed it to travel at high speeds, including a technique known as "slingshotting" around a star to generate a powerful acceleration.
The Bird-of-Prey's propulsion system was likely based on different technologies than those used by Starfleet ships, and it was also much smaller than the Enterprise. As a result, it did not require large nacelles to generate a warp field.
It's worth noting that Star Trek features a wide variety of ships and propulsion systems, each with their own unique designs and capabilities. While the nacelles are a prominent feature of many Starfleet ships, they are not the only way for a starship to achieve faster-than-light travel.
no look it up, bird of prey went warp on its own, it didn't need any slingshotting around the sun
You are correct, my apologies for the mistake. In the Star Trek movies and TV series, Klingon Bird-of-Prey vessels are shown to have their own warp engines that allow them to travel at faster-than-light speeds without the need for slingshotting around a star.
The Bird-of-Prey's warp propulsion system operates differently than the warp engines used by Starfleet ships. It is likely that the Bird-of-Prey's smaller size and different design required a different type of propulsion system than the larger Starfleet vessels, which use nacelles to generate a warp field.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I apologize for any confusion my earlier response may have caused.
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2023.04.02 09:46 Iusetobewithit We tried to be poly but I couldn't cope.

Sorry everyone, this will be long. Wife(35f) and I (35m) decided to open up our relationship a little over 2 weeks ago. It started out as maybe dipping our toes in and wanting a triad. We quickly learned we weren't going to make that happen, so we talked about maybe dating separately (vee). It started with us finding Facebook groups, apps, redditors,and so on to talk to. It was fun. We would spend a lot of time talking about how we were doing. I asked her to start with women, because that's what she said she wanted to do and I know I can't stick with that ,but to give me time. I was so sure I could do it. As she talked to people she learned she was demi and wanted a meaningful relationship. I'm OK with that.
After about a week things get "weird" she's being secretive, having a lot of phone conversations and she always before would come tell me "that was so and so calling about whatever".spending a lot of time on her phone and if I ask her how things are going its just "good were connecting". Now I know she needs privacy ,but I knew she was being weird about things. When I confronted her about it she said that she was an individual and I'd have to respect her space. She couldn't tell me things about others. This was weird because weve always shared everything important within the bounds of privacy. I wasn't asking for intimate details just maybe things were doing this or that. During them time I did find someone to talk to and we hit it off pretty well, but slowly. We talked a lot and I wanted to share how things were going, but she was really wrapped up in her on thing. I wasn't much a part of. Atleast I felt that way. If I brought it up she got kinda defensive and I'd drop it.
It came to a head when I told her I just couldn't do it. I cant do this and it's affecting my mental and physical health. She admitted that she had gotten really attached to one a girl and another guy. She knew I had asked her to take it a step at a time and explore her newfound bisexuality, but she had "accidebtally" gotten attached to him and didn't mean to. She also admitted that she had been sending some nudes around even though she had already told me that was something we'd ease into as well, because she knew I wasn't as eager as her. She said it was just a part of her and she felt so comfortable with it that she just kept going.
We decided to close. I told her that I wasn't going to force her and though I was hurt with her telling me half truths and leaving out details because she didn't want to "make me upset". I think if she just took a different approach to this I'd be ok for now with her continuing the female she was really attached to. She said that she didn't think I could and would end it anyway. This was yesterday. I'm struggling with is:
  1. Can she really be happy if she isn't poly, it became such a big part of her in such a short time. It was so important and fulfilling she said she finally felt whole.
  2. I feel like she cheated on me. She never went and did anything and I know nothing happened but I feel like that. I feel stupid because I can't seem to out it down.
  3. Maybe I'm just and idiot and shoukd have let her keep going. Why should I be jealous? I dunno
  4. She wasn't just flirting and getting to know people like she said. She said I'm demi I don't want that I want a ltr, a real connection. That may have been true for the girl, but there were guys she had gotten really sexual with in chats right away. No setting that I know of but them asking to send dick pics and her telling them it's hot and so on.
  5. She also said that the 2 (kind of 3 but she said he's really just a friend and she has no feeling for him.) Weren't all she could handle. That she could see herself having 4 or 5 more people that she was "in a relationship with". This doesn't sound like poly, but I dunno I'm lost. Am I wrong?
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2023.04.02 09:46 SameSeaworthiness613 Just a question

So SWIM did .1-.3 of dmt for their first few blast offs was that too much? i heard they didn’t just break through but had full on visual of the the next day at work the beginning of the universe the realm we all from and go to after death. also we’re in a circus type environment where voices said things like oh he’s here again but he’ll go back to sleep like he always does.
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2023.04.02 09:45 TimebombTinaOfficial First free referral pick and gift.

First free referral pick and gift.
I didn't end up utilizing the 5 book picks option in March because I had already pre-ordered 2 books from the choices. I felt kind of bad for not picking 5 books last month, when given the option while others did not get it. This month I was able to choose 5 books again. I had to do my due-diligence this month in hopes of everyone being able to choose 5 books, so I picked 3 that caught my eye and 2 that I have had on my to-read list.
I wonder if the 5 book choices was given to people that typically max out on add-ons first, or if it's just random. For most of 2022, I was picking 3 books a month, and I might keep it at 3 a month, but I have a book buying problem so... that's probably a lie.
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