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2023.04.02 10:31 Excellent_Capital41 Cursed cigarettes packs

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2023.04.02 10:15 thebrotherbear- Mew ex translated, thoughts on its playability?

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2023.04.02 10:13 Bioboss05 Pkmn Infinite Fusion MH references

I've been looking into the Monster Hunter references in pokemon infinite fusion, and these are all of them (that I could find) if you know of any more comment bellow and I'll add them to the list as time goes on. Please note, not all of these are in the fusion calculator, but most are.
Arbok/Aerodactyl - Remobra
Honchkrow/Noctowl - Malfestio
Kecleon/Aerodactly - Pukei-Pukei
Bastiodon/Kingler - Daimyo Hermitaur
Arbok/Jolteon - Tobi Kadachi & Viper Tobi Kadachi
Mareep/Gliscor - Paolumu
Charizard/Aerodactyl - Rathalos
Golem/Kingler - Taikun Zamuza
Ho-Oh/Milotic - Najarala
Golurk/Mamoswine (or Donphan/Bastiodon) - Gammoth
Houndoom/Rampardos - Glavenous
ScytheAerodactyl - Astalos
Ninetails/Milotic - Mizutsune in either order
Steelix/Rampardos - Uragaan (not 100% sure)
Sandslash/Aerodactyl - Seregios (not 100% sure)
Garchomp/Golem - Brachydios
Gyarados/Swampert - Lagiacrus
Charizard/Aerodactyl (Or Dunsparce/Aerodactyl) - Tigrex (alt sprite from Rathalos)
GliscoZoroark - Nargacuga
Zapdos/Slaking (or Tauros/Slaking or Tauros/Vigoroth) - Rajang
FeraligatTyranitar (Or TyranitaRampardos) - Deviljho
Electrode/Rapidash - Kirin (not 100% sure)
Lanturn/Salamence - Namiel
HaunteSuicune - Gore Magala
Metagross/Salamence - Valstrax (Personal fav reference)
RhyperioWailord - Dah'ren Mohran
Torterra/Mantine - Yama Tsukami
Aegislash/Feraligatr - Velocidrome Sns
Honedge line/Groudon - Deviljho Weapons
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2023.04.02 09:57 PetrChubak Does anyone have info on these cards?

Does anyone have info on these cards?
I got these in a box of Pokemon cards someone gave me. The front of the cards look like Japanese Energy cards, but the back is the English card back. There's no year or set stamp. I think they're in the style of 2019 Energy cards? Does anyone know when they were released or what set they're from or anything about them? I'm not finding any answers on Google.
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2023.04.02 09:47 ThatWeirdKat The best way to get the evil leaders back together. (In my way)

Just to be clear, this is purely my way to do it and I always accept ideas for others.
First things first, I will not take in consideration team Rainbow Rocket because as cool as it was way back, it wasn't the mest executed.
  1. Giovanni will not be the leader of the gang. Yes he is the original and the most overpowered pokemon villain in the entire series but now that more time went by, we got some new people. For example, how about we make Volo the leader. Since he has the actual strongest Pokemon ever, being the literal Satan of the pokemon world, and also having Cynthi's team excluding Arcanine.
  2. The leaders will be brought from the universes where they lost, not from the ones where they won, because I feel if they come from the ones they won they'll be way too confident and won't be too afraid of challengers like children or other people because they already win and think that they're superior, rather than already losing and being cautious and prepared for anything (at least that's what I think anyway)
  3. The leaders should come back as better version of themselves, like for example, Giovanni having a more variety of ground types like gharchomp and others (he still has Mewtwo because it helps him a lot). Archie and Maxie should come back as the ORAS versions, because they look cooler and they have access to megas. Cyrus would change too much because he is quite good, but they should give him a mega (he would have a mega Weavile). Ghetsis would be the sequel version that has more Pokemons to use rather than only Unova Pokemons. (As mega he should have mega hydreigon and for the love of arceus, I do hope he has his key stone in the right eye because it is such a great place to hide one). Lysander could have a big scar from the explosion of the ultimate weapon (he still has his mega Gyarados but also some new Pokemon as well). Guzma... Idk about him. I'd say he would just come around just to get his hands on some money if he cans then just leave them. Lusamie is just because Volo wants some more allies (because she wasn't really feeling like joining an organization after all of the stuff going on in her region). Rose is just there to provide money and tech because he's useless in a fight (again just my honest opinion). And for the gen 9 antagonist, they won't be in here, because they're not evil at all and I can't just put them around people like them.
So this is my interpretation on the new reunion of the Pokemon evil leaders. If anyone is willing to give feedback, I'll take them anytime.
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2023.04.02 09:13 jrubolt The ePiC pulls from x4 S&V blister packs

The ePiC pulls from x4 S&V blister packs
Found some Scarlet and Violet blisters and decided to try my luck, especially after hearing people rave about the good pull rates.
First four packs into this set and I've already pulled a duplicate rare 😂
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2023.04.02 08:46 LeftyLooosey Pulled the chase in 2 booster boxes!

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2023.04.02 08:29 TheIronSponge Weird lines in the holo portion of this Bombirdier

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2023.04.02 08:28 Just_Produce5681 Can someone help me identifying this card kinda new into Pokemon cards

Can someone help me identifying this card kinda new into Pokemon cards
I recently got back into Pokemon cards collecting and i was wondering if this card is worth anything cause of the misprint in the center. Any answer will help thank you
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2023.04.02 07:57 xgmhx This is the only special card I pulled from the Miraidon etb, ya win some and ya lose some I guess

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2023.04.02 07:53 Fearless-Boss-5089 Ahoj otváral som novú edíciu pokemonou Scarlet violet a padli mi tieto karty padajú iba z Scarlet violet a ešte nápad že by mith mohol natočiť oupening Scarlet violet??btv toho Mirajdona ide získať iba ak si kúpiš Elite Trainer box

Ahoj otváral som novú edíciu pokemonou Scarlet violet a padli mi tieto karty padajú iba z Scarlet violet a ešte nápad že by mith mohol natočiť oupening Scarlet violet??btv toho Mirajdona ide získať iba ak si kúpiš Elite Trainer box submitted by Fearless-Boss-5089 to Kerddit [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 07:52 Wolfe_Lawton [USA-WI] [H] Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles (has issues), ps2/360/xb1 games, figurines/collectables/trading cards [W] GBA SP, DSi/DS/Lite, PSP, your list!

First time posting. Looking forward to building a reputation here. Anyways:


Video Games (will be posting pictures shortly, since i'm very picky about condition myself)
Devil May Cry (PS2) CIB
Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows (PS2) CIB
Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360) CIB
Rainbow Six Siege (Xbox One) CIB, I think? Never know if xb1 games come with a manual.
Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox One) CIB
Consoles (All systems have issues, so please read the description, pics coming)
Xbox One S System - Okay, so here's the deal with this (I want to be as transparent as possible). I'm listing this now because i've officially had enough with this system. While it does work and i've been using it the last several years on the daily, it will randomly freeze/slow down (usually during the best parts of the movie). Now it's VERY few and far between, but when it does happen its so freaking annoying. Basically you have to restart the system and then it takes like 2 hours to load everything up. After great, no issues at all. Makes no sense to me. Comes with the power cord! : )
Xbox 360 System - So kind of the same deal as above, as i've had it with this console as well. System runs amazing....but the freaking disc tray. Sometimes it opens, sometimes it won't. Some times you have to hit the button 4 or 5 times, sometimes 70-80. No patience for that lol. i swear there is a certain emotion that I only feel when i'm pressing the eject button over and over again on this system. So i need to get it out of my life. Comes with power and av hookups.
Collectibles/Figurines/Trading Cards
Square Enix Static Arts Bust No. 3 - Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII - No box, just bust. Great shape.
Captain America Kotobukiya (Marvel Now!) Figurine - Comes with original box and plastic. Magnets are missing from bottom of feet (not visible, just used to attach him to stand).
Pokemon TCG - Will be posting pictures shortly instead of listing everything out. All cards are pack fresh and thrown into a sleeve. So much more that what is pictured, if interested.


I need a way to play my GBA and PSP games. Only looking for consoles in good condition with minimal scratches.
Nintendo DSi/Lite/etc
YOUR LISTS. seriously! i just like trading. i collect almost everything, and am never trying to make money doing this. Send it over :)
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2023.04.02 07:46 Multievolution A bunch of random and lesser known Pokémon facts (some are useful)

Since I’ve played the first 4 gens quite a lot, I’ve picked up a fair few neat little facts over the years, some are actually useful and I thought I would share them, I’ll be going through each gen for this.
It’s possible to evolve a stone based Pokémon with a glitch by swapping to a Pokémon that has a specific pokedex number after levelling up, for Staryu for example, I believe the Pokémon you need to swap to is onix.
Due to how shiny Pokémon are determined by stats in these games, you can breed shines at odds between 1/64-1/256 depending on gender ratios of the Pokémon, it’s actually impossible to have 1/8192 odds by breeding in these games, as it’s either those or 0.
In the location that you get eevee in gen one, the staircase that’s on the top floor has a interact-able wall to the right of the staircase that you can click to have your character do something slightly dubious.
You can reset your time and date by using a special code that’s determined by your in game money and trainer Id, calculators exist online for this.
This one’s a little bit cheeky, but in theory it is possible using some technical knowhow to trade between gen 2 and 3. I believe it requires special tools and it’s dubious at best, but that proves it in theory was possible back then if they wanted to work on it.
as most people know you can use cut to remove wild encounter grass, but you can remove more per cut if the Pokemon has hyper cutter.
Firered/leaf green
The trainer tower in the sevi islands is incomplete in western copies. In Japan you have the ability to change trainers that show up with an e-card reader.
The legendary beasts appearing in these games due to a programming error will always have awful IV’s.
For all gen 3 games a mew or deoxy’s that’s cheated in and illegitimate will never obey under any circumstances.
The bicycle stands near Pokémon centres can be used to get on and off your bike instead of the normal method.
Slot machines in games that don’t allow you to gamble can provide free coins when interacted with.
Heart gold/soul silver
There’s a npc in violet that will provide an egg randomly between mareep, wooper and slugma. It requires a special code you can generate online using your trainer id and game language.
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2023.04.02 07:35 Sea_Kaleidoscope3309 Any good? Aside from the golden charizard 🤑lol

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2023.04.02 07:30 AKTrace My pulls from my Pokémon Center Miraidon ETB, I really wanted one of the full Art Tera ex cards so I’m really really happy it got in my hands.

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2023.04.02 07:26 exe_rhpyC I think I'm gonna like this era.

I think I'm gonna like this era.
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2023.04.02 07:25 Ok-Parsnip9933 Help with shipping a Pokemon card

Hi I was wondering what I'd need to ship a Pokemon card I'm selling in and how I would go about with where to send it to have it shipped. It's my first time selling something and I'm really not familiar with if I have to go to the post office or I can just drop it in a post box and let the mailing company sort it out.
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2023.04.02 07:24 meerkatopia [US][SELLING] Manga Oasis Sale Wide As The Eye Can See! Come Shop With Me!

Hey everyone,
Have these books I will be rehoming for good prices. Please stay respectful to each other, and have fun!
Requesting photos in the comments works- Then I will send you an imgur album with a 360 shot of the books and more
Please leave a thread comment first. Paypal goods and services for this sale
Shipping is separate, and your offers welcome.
Have fun, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day/night!
Lady Snowblood 1-2 $80 G4
Pet Shop Of Horrors 1-10, Tokyo 1-8 $400 G3\\G4
Utena boxset G4\\G5 $140
Ace Attorney complete $425
Ikigami 1-10 G5 a couple are sealed $275
Delicious Dungeon 1-10 G4\\G5 $120
Drrrr 19 volumes G4\\G5 $150
Maximum ride 1-9 + witch $70 G4
Devil is a Part timer 1-18 G5 $140
Light novel 1-11 G5 $70
High school 1-5 G4 $120
All Devil Part timer $300
Puella Magica 37 volume lot G4\\G5 $700
Yugioh 1-38 G4 $400 #15-17 has bumped lower corner G3
Made in Abyss 1-8 minus 6 $180
Pokemon 67 volume lot G4 a couple G3 corner wear $280
Shugo chara 1-12, chan 1-4 G4\\G5 $165
Reiko zombie shop 1-3 G4 $30
Parasyte 1-8, Neo G4 $70
Tenchi 1-10, Sasami G4 $100
Ring 0-2 G4 $43
Juion G4 $32
Re:Monster 1-5 G5 $40
Machimaho 1-2 G5 $15
Lucky star 1-3 G3\\G4 $70
Sorcerer Hunters 1-3 G4 $30
Utena 1-4 G4 $40
Hack 9 volume lot G4 $100
Mushoku Tensai 1-9+ Roxy 1-2 G4 $180
Persona 3-4 21 volume lot G4\\G5 $300
Ubel blatt 1 G4 $15
Alice hearts 1-3 G4 $45
Magical girl raising project 1-2 G5 $20
First love monster 1-2 G5 $20
Big Order 1 G4 $12
Junji ito cat $12
Magical Girl Apocalypse 1-13, site 1 G4 $170
Cardcaptor sakura 1-5 G5 $45
Cardcaptor Omnibus 1-4 G4\\G5 $150
Tomodachi monster 1 $15
Those who hunt elves 1-2 G4 $20
Wolfsmund 1-8 G5 $135
Tokyo Babylon 1-6 G4 $125
Sailor Moon 1-7, V1 G5 $65
Sherlock Bones 1-7 G4 $55
Deathnote 1-13, novel G3 $75
My pathetic vampire life 1-2 G5 $12
Hellsing 8, 9 $45
Ouran HS 1-18 G4 $120
Promised Neverland 1-20 G4-G5 $110
Danganronpa 13 volume lot G4-G5 $99
Megaman 7 volume lot G4-G5 $160
Cells at work box set G5 $50
The story of Saiunkoko 1-9 G4\\G5 $185
Absolute boyfriend 1-4 $25
Devil survivor 1-8 G4 $100
Zelda 15 volume G4 $80
Fuishigi 1-3 G4 $42
Neon Genesis 1-5, Shinji 1-5 omnibus G4\\G5 $225
Afterschool charisma 1-12 G4 $75
Hetalia 1-6 G4 $75
Battle Angel Alita 1-9, Last order 1-15 G4\\G5 $480
Magic Rayearth omnibus 1 G5 $30
Crimson spell 2-5 G4 $30
Pichi Pichi Pitch 1 G4 $28
Sakuran G3\\G4 1 crease on cover $50
My solo\\lesbian G5 $19
Dragon half 1-3 G5 $50
Anima 1-10 G4 $120
Loveless 1-13 G4 $80
Lone wolf and cub half set $200 G3-G4
Color Of Rage sealed $40
Arm Of Kannon 1 Sealed $60
Eden 2 sealed $30 plastic peeled open at corner
New lone wolf 1-4 G4 $80
One Piece -1-100 G4 Omnibus + Singles $525
One Piece 24-100 G4/ mostly G5 $400
Spare 46-70 G5 $110
Triage x 1-3, 6, 8 $45
Emma 1-2 G3 $30 ex lib
Tokyo 1-2 G4 $25
Btoom 25 Sealed $10
One piece omnibus 1-45 with gaps (9 vols) $70 G3/G4 one has writing on bottom side
Inuyasha 1-4, 15, 17-23, 37, 46, 48, 49 G3-G4 A Couple Ex Lib $90
Alice in Murderland 1-3 G5 $80
Dr stone 1-7 G4 $30
Land of the Lustrous 1-3 G4/G5 $25
20th century boys 1 G4 $20
Arm Of Kannon 1-3, 5 G3/G4 $40
Arm of Kannon sealed volume 1 $50
Jyu oh sei 3 G4 $5
Arppegio 4 G4 $20
Clover omnibus G3 $6
Terraformers 1, 3 G4 $15
Mobile Suit thunderbolt 1-2 G4 $15
Blade immortal spares (7) spine fade G3/G4 $33
Oishibo 1 G4 $5
Lone wolf 1988 tpb $18
Wounded man 4 G4 $14
Get backers 12 vols including G4 #25 $100
Get backers 25, Infinity 1-2 $85 G5
Samurai kyo 12 vols $65
Jojos manga (9) G5 $75
Gunslinger girl 1-3 G2 $8
Fullmetal alchemist HC 1-4 G4 $45
Flowers bees 2-3 G4 $35
Monster hunter orage 1-3 G3/G4 $40
Emanon 1-3 G4 $40
Appleseed spares (3) G2-G5 $50
Code geass sazuka 1-2, queen 1 G2/G3 $20
Eurekai Seven (5 vols) $40 #G3/G4
Doubt 1-2 G4 $21
Tokyo Tribes 1-5, no #3 G4 $50
Cutie honey G4 $15
Crying freeman journey $8
Tenchi- $3
Fire Punch 1 $7
Exaxxion 1 $5
Sacred blacksmith4 G4 $4
Karneval 1 G4 $11
Akira singles (11) $100 6.0-8.5
First master 2 G4 $30
Blade of the Immortal Deluxe 1-3 G5 $60
Alita 1-9, last order 1-8 G3/G4 $165
Me and the devil blues 1-2 G4 $170
Banana fish 1-5, 9-12 G4 half have yellowing $80
Black Jack 1-5, 13 G4 $90 (vol 2 is G2)
Ultraman 1-16 G4 G5 $125
Wotakoi 1 G5 $8
JJk 0-3 $23
Psycho Pass 1-4 G4 $50 1st print
Spare volume 3 $15 1st print
Phoenix 3 G4 $55
Initial D 1-33 $1000 All but one limited edition cards enclosed
Golgo 1-10 Missing #2 G4-G5 $140
Golden Kamuy 1-19 G4 $150
Bleach 1-27, 32 $100
All other spares Bleach G3-G4 $2.50-3.50 each based on condition
Skullman 2-7 G4 $120
Raqiya 1-2 G4 $70
Monster 1st 1 G4 Single $12
High School DXD 3, 6, 10 G5 6, 10 Sealed $50
GON 6 volumes G4 $90 missing a couple from full run
Fist Of The North Start Viz Graphic 1-4, Blue Sky 1-4 G4 $200
fist spare graphic novel edt 3-4 $50 G4
Apocalypse Meow 1st 1-3 G4 $80
Dance In The Vampire Bund 1-3, 7-9, 18-21 G4 $50
Outlanders 1988 1-8 G4 $175 #5 is G3
Attack On Titan 1-34, 4 extra volume 34 editions BAM, Kinokuniya, B&N, Spare Kunikinya sealed G5 38 volumes $300
Attack On Titan 1-34 G4, Kinokuniya w/o card G5 $250
The king of fighters 1-6 G5 $50
Lone Wolf & Cub Omnibus Complete G4/G5 unread 1st print $500
Berserk 17 volumes $150 DMP G4, 161-18 G3
Blade Of The Immoral DH 1-31 + novel G3-G4 Some Ex Lib $200
Blood Blockade Battlefront 3, 10 G4 $80
Bride Of The Water God 1-6, 8-13 G4 $100
Bt'x 13 G4 $20
Captain Ken 1, G4 $10
Chainmail Novel LN 1 G4 $10
Cyborg 009 1, 2, 4 G4 $35
Dororo 1 G4 $10
Fire Punch 1-2 G4 $20
Gantz 1-2, 11-13, 15, 34 G4 $100
Gundam Lot G4 $140 Spares Available
Gyo 1 G4 $30
Ichiroh 5, G4 $9
Infini T Force 1-4 G5 $21
Judge 1 G4 $7
Junji Ito Lot Remina, Sensor, Uzamaki HC G4 $45
Kagerou Daze 1-7 $180
Kurohime 8 volumes G4 $40
Knights Zodiac 2, 4, 11 G4 $44
Shugo chara 2-6 G3/G4 $20
Drifting classroom 1-3 G4 $30
Lum Viz 1st Print 1-2 G4, Unread $20
Magic Knight Rayearth 1st 3 G3 $3
Mai The Psychic Girl 3, 4 G4 $50
Jojos pt 3 tpb 6, 8, 12 G5 $90
Mermaid Saga 1-4 G4 $50
Midori Days 8 G4 $20
Ode To Kirihito 2 G4 $10 Spare Available
Oh My Goddess Omnibus 1-3 G4 $60
Pandora's Heart 1, 2, 10, 14, 18 G4 $50\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\* Spare 18 G4 $10
Peepe Choo 1 G4 $15
Reborn 1, 3 G4 $35
Resident Evil Marhawa 2 G4 $18
Saint tail 1-7 $150 G4
Shaman Warrior 2, 7 G4 $25
Strawberry 100% 1-3 $35
Street Fighter 8 Volumes $100
Spare Ryu Final 3 G4 $18, Alpha 2 $30
Ultimate Muscle 6, 8, 10, 11, 14, 18, 23 G4 some remainder marks #23 G3 Ex Lib $125
Uzumaki HC G4 $20
Zombie Powder 3-4 G4 $30
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2023.04.02 07:24 casperfacekilla Got the Violet etb and pulled Koraidon

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2023.04.02 07:23 stephen6686 Picked up my Pokemon cards

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2023.04.02 07:19 r-snorlax For anyone who plays online have fun and let me know if you get anything good.

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2023.04.02 07:13 CHANASTYx Charizard Alt Art Pull 🔥🤩

Charizard Alt Art Pull 🔥🤩
Literally have had the worst luck with brilliant stars. I bought a booster box a while ago and have just been holding it and decided to give it a go……
In the FIRST PACK!! Snipe 🔥🎯
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