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2023.03.22 11:10 jxten Moving on

I’m not really the type to ask for help when it comes to personal problems or any kind of problem really. But I honestly need some advice and there’s absolutely nobody in my life that I could go to who would understand so I figured I’d ask the Reddit community.
So my name is Joe (fake name) and I’m 23M who had a best friend who was the LOML she meant everything to me. I loved her so much (still do she was my everything and i could honestly say she was my one.) she was my world i did everything I could for her & I always wanted to make sure she was happy. We kinda grew up together and we talked and texted all day every day for a few years and I mean every minute of every hour at times. It wasn’t until she moved back when we started hanging out in person and would go do random things but it was always a great time from what I could tell & remember but eventually we grew up and we started talking less and less and eventually she met a guy who basically replaced me in a way. she fell for this guy and he wasn’t a bad dude I personally never met him but from what I understood he was a chill dude but when she started talking to this guy she would talk to me less and less and when they would break up or fight she would start talking to me again and it went on for a little while but eventually they got married and I never saw or really talked to her again. There was and is no bad blood or we never hooked up and that’s why she stopped talking to me as much it kind of all just happened. And I’m skipping over all the stories and details bc it’s irrelevant but after 3-4 years I still miss this girl and think about her sometimes not as much as I used too but I do think about her and I miss the friendship I had & till this day I’ve never really opened up to another person like that bc she was special and the only person I could talk to about everything. I have and had friends tell me to move on and forget about her but it’s hard. She truly meant the world to me she was my world. & after 3-4 years I still miss her. What do I do? How do I let go and move on?
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2023.03.22 11:09 Pleasant_Choice_6130 1001 Coffee Schleps from the "Busy Mom of 7" who barely has time to shower...

I found a Pepino's comment earlier yesterday about Hillary's strange need to do 2-block, compulsory block walks to the coffee shop multiple times a day for 1 or 2 coffees illuminating
I'm sitting here drinking coffee from my autodrip right now. Is it my preferred type of coffee? Hell no, I'm as spoiled as the next "go juice" connoisseur; I'd much prefer lattes or a cold drip Jamaica Blue Mountain.
But I have shit to do and this is convenient.
I don't want to get dressed after I walk the dogs, feed the cats, tidy up the living room, put on a load of laundry, unload the dishwasher, etc and climb in the car to buzz it down to Starbucks; nor do I want to hoof it "Pat and Charlie" style 👣 down to the giant grocery store they just built on the corner with the little gourmet café installed next to the sushi bar & deli.
Ain't nobody got no kinda time for that.
Where on Earth does she find the time for all those Papp walks down to Madman Espresso?
Pepinos, have you ever tried to escape out the door when you had small children?
"Where are you going? When are you coming back? How come I can't go? Why does she get to go and not me? How come you're taking her? That's not fair!!! I wanna go, too!! WAHHH!"
They have beautiful, professional espresso machines and Nespresso coffee makers and I'm sure French presses and other devices galore in their house; we've seen them.
Do they ever get used?
I just think that it's funny a woman who complains about being hounded by the press and never having any time for herself straps on her latest, littlest, most convenient prop (the one who can't run away or protest) and parades around the Village several times a day getting something as non-essential and easily made at home as *coffee," of all things.
It ain't like she's going out for diapers or formula
I dunno. Just early A.M. thoughts.
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2023.03.22 11:06 JungleBoyReddit Weird thing happened -- early trust issues with new partner

New partner, a few months, is starting to leave clothes at my place. We'll call her B. Other partner, C, has been around for six years, also leave clothes at my place.
Somehow a pin (more like a thumbtack) got into the sleeve of C's jacket, which hadnt been touched in months. B denies it up and down and is now mad at me for even suggesting it might have been hers.
B is the only other person who's been in my room (I have a roommate who has a private bedroom and bathroom and doesn't have any reason to go in my room). I was scared this was like...a territory dispute or something. Seemed cartoonish, but like you never truly know what people are thinking. A close friend had a partner terrorize them in a similar way and so I got scared and asked.
B and I are taking a break, talking Thursday. Her feelings are mixed up and it feels like a big deal to her. But so does ensuring the safety of C in my place? Am I missing red flags? Does this situation smell funny? If it doesn't, how the hell do I fix it?
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2023.03.22 11:05 divinevessel must i get kittens in pairs

hello everyone, i’ve moving house in a couple of weeks and wanted to clarify something. i’m planning on getting a cat after the move and i’ve heard that u must keep kittens in pairs during their formative years otherwise it could lead to some behaviour problems once they grow older.
as much as i’d love to keep 2 kittens, my parents are only okay w/ having 1 cat in the house (due to fur, vet bills, etc). i’m kind of anxious that i’m doing the wrong thing by only getting one kitten… is it really that bad to only keep one even if i give her lots of attention? i don’t want her to feel lonely or anything like that.
for reference, the breed i’m probably getting is a british shorthair and ive heard they are quite independent. regardless, all im worried about is the wellbeing of the cat; i want her to be happy and not deprived of anything essential. so what do you people say? is it really necessary to keep kittens in pairs or is one kitten fine as well?
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2023.03.22 11:05 Effective_Field_2977 Can’t believe I am venting on Reddit, but here we are.

Anybody feel like they’re just not good enough to their Mom? My Mom expects so much from me yet despises me. I am constant reminded by this, I even feel it in the morning when I start my day every time. I say good morning -I receive the same “morning” in that monotone voice. She’s a bad communicator and never tell me what the issue is, and when she does, it’s always yelling and then she starts comparing me to girls around my age she knows of. She’ll throw around a frequent saying to make me feel worthless, “There are girls your age who are married and have children and you can’t even cook” (mind you, I cook every day???). I’m 23 and a college student for goodness sake. She’s a complainer, she’s constantly complaining about her life, and me. The amount of times she’s complaining about my appearance and habits... I’m used to it, but it hurts.
The amount of times I’ve heard her say “God why did you give me such useless daughter’s”. It’s everyday and it’s making me miserable, insecure, and depressed honestly. I’ve starved myself from food 6 days during stressful times when she’s been dismissive of me.
She’s controlled me all my life. I’m dead serious. I’ve never stayed out past 9pm, never had a boyfriend (it’s fucked me up because when guys have approached me for my number out in public I get nauseous and scared), haven’t hung out with a friend since I was 13, I’ve never disrespected or fought with anyone in my life, aside from her. I’m so mad that I have been living my life this way. My mom and I have had pretty big fights in the past, she’s gotten physical with me and has hit me a lot as a kid and teenager. A lot of these fights have started because I question her on why she has such a bad attitude towards me, or that I need her kindness (which then she starts calling me unappreciative of everything she’s done for me and that she loves me or whatever) and from then on it just blows up. She reminds me of every past mistake I ever make and it’s always the most minuscule thing ever.
She has a good side where she can be giving, and be very kind towards other people. When we’re out together at an important gathering or whatever like a wedding, she will chat with family members, be happy at functions and SMILE. She will look to see girls around my age, compliment them on how they’re “gorgeous, fashionable, and perfect”. She gives me the worst of the worst stares, and I just have a lot bad memories from events where I should’ve been happy. I have never been out in public with her to go shopping or anything as an adult honestly. Which I miss, because we would have the best time when I was a kid/early teenager. It’s like as I’m getting older she is getting harder on me? I always get the impression she’s trying to belittle me. One thing about her though, she cries sometimes when she prays at night. I know she is unhappy inside.
I’m just so sick of feeling like this. My Dad had his bipolar episodes growing up where he’d erupts occasionally, and it was insane how loud it would get in the house. I’m terrified at the thought of having a partner ever or getting married because of how dysfunctional my parents are and have been. It’s so not worth it. I don’t think it’d ever happen for me, literally my goal is to die alone.
If you’re a parent; please be kind, don’t yell, be loving, and try and have that relationship where you can communicate with them respectfully about any issues you’re having with them.
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2023.03.22 11:04 Abdullahmalikoffical The Lover Of Sufi

Ali had spent several years working in Dubai, but he eventually decided to return to his home country to be closer to his family. Upon his return, he decided to join his cousin's education institute to stay occupied and help the youth of his community.
On his first day at the institute, he met a friendly and outgoing individual named Abdullah. They hit it off immediately and began to chat about their lives and interests. Ali found Abdullah to be a great listener and someone he could trust.
One day, while chatting with Abdullah, Ali mentioned a girl named Muqaddas, who he had met a few weeks earlier. Ali shared with Abdullah that he had grown fond of Muqaddas and had been talking to her frequently. Abdullah was intrigued and encouraged Ali to pursue his feelings for Muqaddas.
Over the next few weeks, Ali and Muqaddas talked regularly, and their friendship grew stronger. Ali found himself falling in love with Muqaddas and began to think about her more and more.
One day, Ali shared his feelings for Muqaddas with Abdullah, telling him that he was serious about pursuing a relationship with her. Abdullah was happy for Ali and encouraged him to tell Muqaddas how he felt.
With Abdullah's support, Ali finally mustered up the courage to tell Muqaddas about his feelings for her. To his delight, she felt the same way, and they started dating.
Over the next few months, Ali and Muqaddas fell deeper in love, and their relationship flourished. Abdullah was happy to see his friend so content and supported him every step of the way.
Eventually, Ali proposed to Muqaddas, and she happily accepted. They got married in a beautiful ceremony, surrounded by their friends and family.
Ali knew that he had found true love with Muqaddas, and he was grateful for the support and encouragement he had received from his good friend Abdullah. They remained friends for years to come, and Ali always looked back fondly on the time he spent at his cousin's education institute.
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2023.03.22 11:04 DaddieModi Lost Temples™ May these 9 days of #navratri2023 bring happiness, peace, prosperity and good health for all. May Devi Maa bestow you all with her aashirwaad ❣️

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2023.03.22 11:02 IAMAK47 29m Feeling lonely, let's fix that?!

I'm really missing my bestie, I don't want to replace her. But I definitely want to make more besties, that I can share with. Talk to each other about our day and share our thoughts. Encouraging each other. All that good stuff!!
Hopefully we can play games together. I play on PC and Xbox. Watch a movie? Binge a series. Idk there's so many things we can do.
It just sucks not having anyone to talk to. If you texted me before and I didn't reply, it wasn't on purpose... Reddit is seriously bad with notifications. Don't ever be afraid to double text, it's important to be heard because you are valid!
I don't care about your age or whatever. Just please put some effort into the conversation. Tell me about your day, share your goals, tell me things that make you happy.
Thanks for reading, I owe you a muffin :3
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2023.03.22 11:01 LunarRabbit18 How to Get Started on Reading Small Words

Mind you, my daughter is only 3 so it’s not like I’m in a huge rush to get her to read. But I was hoping I could at least get her started or interested before she started kindergarten.
She knows her ABCs, both lowercase and uppercase. She knows the sounds of the letters. Usually we use flash cards or a whiteboard to do activities with. But when I try getting her to put the sounds together she gets super frustrated and loses interest. She only seems to want to do things she already knows how to do, but I can see she’s getting bored with these activities and now she’ll purposely do it wrong because she thinks it’s funny.
I can’t even take credit for teaching her 90% of what she knows — that all came from YouTube Kids and the songs she watched on repeat. So I already feel like I’m failing on this whole teacher thing 😭 it’s super hard to keep her focus and she thrives on screen time, but I can’t find videos that can help get started on reading & writing. I want to be more hands-on rather than use an electronic babysitter.
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2023.03.22 11:00 Lottieejx First gay relationship ending bad

Hey I’m posting basically for some hard core honesty about my now ex and my breakup. I’m F27 and my ex F27. We were together for only 4 months which felt like I have known her forever (in fact we were best friends when we were 9 and crossed paths again when I came out 6 months ago 17 years later)
I have struggled with relationships in the past but when I met my ex everything was amazing I have never felt true love the way I felt with her. We both had some bad habits and struggle with mental health but we always worked on it and wouldn’t leave eachother. I’ve never had a bond like that before. Communication really helped us and we were getting so much better, improving in many places in the relationship. To the point where if we had any issues I felt we could be flat out honest with eachother. Until yesterday. Cut long story short she made a Reddit account and posted our relationship online a month ago. I wasn’t happy with this especially as she doesn’t tell the whole story and makes me look bad. Like at least if you’re going to ask for advice tell the full story so you can get the best advice yknow? She said she will delete Reddit (I thought it was for just gaming and then found pages like this existed) I said she didn’t have to but she insisted. That was that we worked on our relationship and it was the best it’s been so I thought. Yesterday I see her post again, then I saw she made a new account 2 days after she told me she deleted it. I hate lies, I get it if she needed a place to vetbut she honestly makes me look so bad and made me see her in a complete different light. I thought our communication got better. I confronted her annoyed of course but we could have talked it through I love this woman with everything I have. But she flat out lied to me. I know my partner I knew what she was posting and her past experiences. I knew it was her and she was trying to make me feel like I was crazy. Crying on the phone saying it wasn’t her, she won’t admit to something she hasn’t done. She even posted on the account as we were discussing it trying to steer me in to thinking it isn’t her, I was offended that she thought I was that stupid.
Anyway a couple hours later she admits it’s her, no sorry nothing her excuse was she was mad at me because I found her on Reddit and made me feel like I stalk her which she’s been posting again nearly for a month and only yesterday I saw it so I’m definitely not stalking her, she’s done this before I had a hunch she would do it again. I try asking her questions and she turns it all around on me, again avoiding my questions and tries manipulating me that I’m the issue bringing up shit in the past we have already discussed and what I thought had moved on from. It got so heated and I have never shouted the way I did with her because I just couldn’t get through to her she was so cold and blaming me for what I had found.
She had told me about her abusive relationship before me and I hate the thought of anyone hurting her but after this I believed that maybe she was the toxic one in the relationship after seeing this side to her. Was horrible I said that but that’s honestly how I felt and that’s how we have left things. I haven’t cried, I feel numb, hurt and betrayed. This happens so quickly after thinking we were the best we have ever been. I wouldn’t have let Reddit ruin our relationship I get it I’m here for advice myself now. It was the lying and manipulation when she got caught that did it for me. Trust is so important and she broke my trust twice in a day.
She’s still posting about it, so that’s why l wanted to post my side of the story as there is always 2 sides. I have not been perfect and she’s stayed by my side when I’ve had to change certain behaviours because of bad habits I’ve picked up but she always knew how much I loved her and I will forever be greatful for her time and patience with me. This relationship made me a better person. We both were becoming better people so I thought before the lies. I’m just so sorry it had to end. My first gay breakup, a lesson forever learnt
Please if you think I have been at all in this post please let me know, my heart and intentions are pure but I know sometimes it doesn’t come across like that, thank you for taking the time to read.
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2023.03.22 10:58 ThrowRA3326 Do I (28F) move on or do I shoot my shot with him (M40)?

Earlier this year I (28F) had an impromptu dinner with a man (40M) I've been friends with for probably 3 years. We work in the same place (same massive site, rarely interact), play sport together weekly, go to trivia nights with colleagues. He's been divorced for 4 years and hasn't been on a date in that time. He's genuinely a good person (I've been with primarily narcissists, I'm good at picking them now)
Anyway, about 7 weeks ago we went to dinner with colleagues and ended up the last two there. We stayed for a couple hours and talked. And both of us realised fairly simultaneously that there was a spark there. Over the following four weeks we started hanging out a bit more, just the two of us, and sparks were really flying.
And then after about a month we had a beautiful evening, he invited me over and he lot a fire pit, we sipped drinks and talked until 2am. He told me all about his ex wife and kids who now live in another state after she manipulated things and decided to move with her new boyfriend. I told him about my fears in dating and why I was feeling good about us. It was so beautiful to hear a man be so emotionally open and intelligent, to communicate so thoughtfully and carefully. We kissed and he held me by the fire. And boy, did I feel some feels.
The day after I realised I needed to talk to him about, if we are to go further with this, I want to get one of the big talks out of the way because I didn't want to waste his time. I told him I wanted him to know I wasn't interested in just a fun time, I want to find my person and look into my future. He said he really liked me, he thought there were a lot of good things about us, but there are things that would make it hard. He has an ex wife, and kids, and those are big reasons for him to not know if he'll still be in town in a year, or two years.
I was hurt, but also realised he probably is feeling guilty (he's admitted this) that he let his kids go and also guilty that he was feeling happy for the first time in a long time without his kids, and that hit hard for him.
Since then we've stopped hanging out, we've both said we should not pursue anything romantic. But he's seemingly going out of his way to talk to me, at work and at sport, with my colleagues and friends I'm close with and he's not. So it's hard to cut the thoughts off completely. And if I'm honest I absolutely do still have a crush.
So I'm just wondering, I want to ask him if he really doesn't think it's worth just trying and seeing what happens, no expectations and no pressure. But I'm terrified he'll cut off all contact possible and things will be awkward. He's so kind, so good, and I know he doesn't want to hurt me, and I him. He's done nothing wrong.
How do talk to him what I've explained? I'm prepared for the worst. Kind of.
Tl;dr: ended short fling with no hard feelings, still have a crush, how do I speak to him about it?
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2023.03.22 10:56 jinkinater Welp I’m 34 today

It’s my birthday as of yesterday march 21st I should say. I got family texted messages and family facebook notifications but everyone I seem to know that I text almost daily that I’ve known for years didn’t wish me a happy birthday.
I’ve been such an important person in people’s lives but I’ve always felt like a stepping stone so they can achieve better which I’m actually fine with but the thing I’m not fine with is I’m forgotten it seems like. And my whole life I’ve always seemed like an afterthought to my friends
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2023.03.22 10:54 Working-Jellyfish-52 Fool

Aka crushes It’ll always be you, it always has. But I don’t have you, and ur not mine, ur someone else’s most likely but if ur happy then I’m happy for you. So if we’re just gonna stay friends forever and nothing more I’m okay with that cause you’ll be somewhat in my life I told you how I felt I believe awhile back, it’s embarrassing I can’t believe I did that, I was blacked out and don’t remember saying all that I did to you and I don’t wanna know what I said but I think I kidna know I only remember little parts, kept blacking in and out ahhh. I’m glad you didn’t say anything or talk about it anymore. I just took that as my answer that you don’t feel the same way that I do, but I’m so delusional. And ur probably or 100% just being friendly with me and whatever but WHY Do we have to lock eyes the way we do, and how we smile at each other.. ugh or when I spent the night at ur house, the way you were looking at me made me fall so hard for you and made me nervous I had asked you why you were staring at me and you said “can I not look at you” kinda smiling. Ahhh I just wanted to wife you up in that moment but after I left ur house after all we did my heart broke I was so sad, and we didn’t talk at all or much about anything we only talk sometimes other then when we hangout and we actually talk in person lots. Maybe it wasn’t that serious. Or to you it probably wasn’t, it was probably nothing at all, I wish I could look at that way. I wish I could tell you how I feel, not over texts though. I wanna tell you in person, I was about to last time we hung out which was like a month ago but I backed out cause we were hanging with my ex to, i just wanted to grab you and kiss you, but I was wondering if you would kiss back. I mean last time you did 🤓I hope you know I don’t like my ex at all. We may be friends and hangout but that’s all that it is and will ever be When we first really hung out, we spent the next 3 days together. Time just flew by with you lol very eventful for sure and unforgettable We hang for hours but it never feels long enoughhh, I just want you all the time. I really enjoyed all the times we’ve saw each other. we see each other every once or twice a month, and I’m so glad we can still talk and laugh and the vibe never changes, it’s always interesting and I’m so happy you come and hang while I’m in thecity. Cause I do like live a few hours away🤓smh, idk when we’ll see each other again, the last time could be the last who knows but we do always end up seeing each other anyways somehow so who knows Did you manifest me, why am I this down bad I have never been this down bad for someone before 🥸 But I meannn how can I not be, ur YOU and I love you I haven’t met anyone else like you maybe it’s the fact you always showed you cared about me and helped me out and was there for me when something happened and made sure I was okay, and when I told you about when I got raped, idk why I told you. I wish I didn’t tell you I’m sorry I didn’t mean to dump it out on you like that but I was by myself, so alone, and I remembered that once when you said if I ever need someone to talk to about anything that’ll you’ll listen and be there for me. You probably don’t remember though, why do I remember so much little things about everything ah
idk if I ever said thank you for all of that. But I appreciate that talk and you so much, that was a very rough time in my life and I wasn’t well at all after that for a very long time, and I’m glad we got to talk but I’m sorry for dumping it all out on you like that.
When we first met I was a totally different person than how I am now. But I have grown and learned so much, i still have lots more growing to dooo and I have changed some of my ways and my “bad habits”. so much can happen in just a year and it’s crazy we only met in April, it feels like I’ve known you for so long. No lie, I’m sorry you had to meet me at that time in my life. I have liked you for so long lolll I had a crush on you after only “knowing” you for a month or two, idk why but I can’t get over youu, but I’m keeping it a secret for the time being and probably forever till I can actually get over you, but eventually I will get over you, someday. I stopped hoping and thinking I have a chance with you and that’ll we’ll ever be together, i just wish you the best, and hope you achieve all ur dreams and goals that you have. I know you can do it! Ur an amazing man, so caring and generous you help out everyone you know that needs it if you can. I noticed that about youu, you deserve the world.
But I wonder how you are, I hope ur okay. If you ever needed to talk about anything or need someone to talk to about anything, I’m always here, I’ll try to comfort and be there for you no matter what and show you support I mean I’m a very understanding person and I have been through alot of stuff. I like to help peopleee, You’ve said I could talk to you if I needed someone, I hope you know you can talk to me aswell when you need someone. Idk if I’ve ever said that I’m so dumb sorry I worry to much I remember we use to talk abit before and tell each other stuff and about what’s going on in our lives at times but we don’t anymore or you don’t talk to me, It’s like we’re drifting away, but it’s okay maybe we need to be apart
no one else has ever looked out for me the way you have. Or has done any of the things you’ve done for me. No one ever will, ur probably the first person In my life to care about me the way that you do, that’s it, sorry I’m like this I didn’t get no love as a child LOL jk but I’m just realizing now it was probably only in a caring friend way and nothing more But that’s okay, I miss When we would regularly text and sometimes text each other for hours about anything and everything. But you know how it always ended
Welp you already met my mom and my dad were practically snags now jk thanks for helping my dad out. He finally got back on his feet. can we please raise a dog and name it shumgus and have many weed plants/ grow shrooms together
I always see funny memes that remind me of you and I just know you’ll find them funny to. Do we have any inside jokes? I think soooo, I like making you laugh when we’re together 😭jk I also like how every once in awhile you send me funny random snap videos of stuff and ur cool interesting hobbies that you have 😂
😭😭 Also ur Pokémon cards and funko pops are a panty dropper
-love keke I had A lot on my mind and I can’t talk to him and those ice bowls definitely got to me ah
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2023.03.22 10:54 5am-th0ughts Story WIP

a major trigger warning (suicide and self harm) so please read at your own risk! . . . . .
It’s been ten years. Ten fucking years. Since I lost my lifeline, my best friend, my brother. Since your suicide. It’s funny, I used to think I hated you, just a sibling rivalry thing, but I didn’t hate you. Not compared to how I do now. You left us. You left ME. Your eight year old sister, who trusted you to tell about her being bullied. She was EIGHT, slitting her wrists and hiding in her room all day, because now she couldn’t tell anybody. You left our mother. She was crying. Like only a mother who lost a child could cry. Every single night. For FIVE YEARS. Am I allowed to be mad? Probably not. But am I? More than ever. I wish you were alive just so I could punch you in your stupid fucking face. All the bullshit you ever said about “ohh it’s gonna be okay don’t worry” was a lie wasn’t it? You left an eight year old girl in the dust, and she became known as “Yvette, the girl with the dead brother”. They were fucking relentless. And it’s your fault.
That day broke me. The day I walked into your room wanting to show you a drawing I made you, age 8, and instead finding you, in a pool of blood, dead. Bottle of pills and a blade in hand. Even the screams I let out were nothing compared to those of our mother. They were bloodcurdling, full of pain and anger and utter despair. It was heartbreaking. She was on her knees, cradling the lifeless, mangled corpse of what used to be her son. The face was fine, aside from the perfect, sapphire blue becoming a cloudy, dull grey. It was your arms. Your legs. Everywhere. Covered in inch-long cuts.
Please lmk if i should continue this! Give me any feedback needed!
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2023.03.22 10:51 worthless_meat An open letter to you

I'm still sad about you and I don't know why.
I really fucking like you, so so much and after not dating for years I felt like I was finally ready.
I liked how you looked at me when I arrived at your house for dates. I liked making breakfast with you and listening to music while drinking our coffee and I liked that you made a playlist of all the songs I sent you. I liked how you made me feel.
Then suddenly it all just turned to shit. I feel like you've convince yourself it would work with her and when it didn't, you reconvinced yourself you were meant to be with me.
I've started seeing someone. It wasn't planned at all and caught me off guard. But he's the nicest, most thoughtful I've ever met and makes me feel like I'm worthy of love and affection and yet all I can think about is how terrified I am that the same thing is going to happen again.
You fucking blind-sided me dude and it still hurts. But I deserve to be happy. I don't want to keep feeling like shit about it and I don't want you to keep feeling bad about it. So I'm going to stop checking in.
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2023.03.22 10:49 roaringleopard Look for a good graphic designer specialising in Photo Restoration. Want to restore a 20yr old sepia toned photograph.

It's my Nani's 10th death anniversary this year.
I have a pic of my mom and nani from 20 years ago. Because it's from such an old film camera it's sepia toned. I was wondering if it can be restored to look like it's from a digital camera or taken fairly recently. I have a 600dpi scanned copy of the picture.
I'd love to gift my mom the restored picture for her 62nd birthday next month. This year she'd be the same age as my Nani in that picture.
If anyone can help, or if you'll know anyone who can help me - that'd be appreciated.
Thank you!
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2023.03.22 10:49 Khnum_ My girlfriend broke up with me last night and I’ve never been more broken

For almost 2 years I was convinced that everything was going well, we were in love and nothing could keep us apart. Like every couple we had our issues, she didn’t think I cared enough about her problems and I thought that she tended to overreact over some things. But that’s not the point, we were happy, at least that what she let me think. Yesterday I was walking out of class (college) and she had sent me a voice memo where she was ranting about her day as we would to each other and everything seemed completely normal. Then in the last 5 seconds she said something along the lines of “i have a rough topic to talk about and I don’t think it’s going to end good for us”, and i was caught pretty off guard considering we had just seen each other the other day and everything was great. So I asked her what she meant and she typed out this whole paragraph about how miserable she was because her mom didn’t like me and how she didn’t want to live a life of secrecy any more. And i’ll be honest, I didn’t react very maturely, I said something along the lines of “it’s obviously your choice if you break up with me, just tell me the real reason because you blaming it on your mom is bs”, it wasn’t my proudest moment. So then i got in my car and drove home and when i got home she had texted me and said that she wanted to break up and that there’s no chance of us getting back together. I was so deeply in love with her it’s hard to explain, i’ve done absolutely everything g that I could for her, my choice in major, my diet, haircut, personality, style, all of it was her and now she’s just leaving me. I know I should give her time and let her figure her life out and I want to be able to do that for her but i’m worried that she’s already moved on. I asked her if there’s anyone else and instead of saying no, she asked why and it was really obvious she didn’t want to answer the question. I’m summarizing the entirety of the like 3 hours conversation that we had but the end result was her telling me that she’s going to use our relationship to make herself better and to use what she’s learned in her next one. I feel like a complete fool, she’s acting all high and mighty as if I wouldn’t drop everything that I was doing to help her, there were times where i would go without sleep for days because she needed help with a book summary, or because she felt insecure and the only way to make it better was talking to me. I loved being able to be there for her but I think that she was just using me the entire time. I don’t know how to live my life without her she was the whole point of me being here and now it’s like she’s just completely fine without me. Apologies for the improper grammar and rambling, im a complete mess right now.
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2023.03.22 10:48 alonelysoulwantslove March has been a curse for me..

March has been an extra curse for me. Every year, something always goes wrong; maybe it's because it's my birth month but it's so hard to feel good about this month. I thought maybe March won't be so bad because I was coming home from a really nice and relaxing trip-- just to end up getting into a car accident! on my birthday.. Luckily my friend wasn't hurt, but it sucked.
Next, I accidently got sad because my close friends didn't say a simple "happy bday", and silly enough, I remember them putting it in their calendar so they don't forget, which they didn't forget until this year. I mean I'm not that hurt about it, you just kind of have this slight disappointed feeling but everyone's busy so it's alright.
Another instance, this one hurt a lot. After a week from my birthday, this guy I was talking to for over two months, suddenly blocked me. Like no message, no nothing. We were just interacting the night before too, and when I went to text him.. his account was gone and I realized I was blocked by him. It hurts but that's life for me. I saw it coming to be honest, maybe that's why it happened. Like I knew it was going to happen because there were signs, and I stupidly ignored them too. I was in bliss, but just for that moment I guess. It was disappointing, I also hoped to be friends with him because I knew liking him was a no-go. It made me realize, the universe sure doesn't want me to have love, friendship, and even lust.
Lastly was about my friends, i dont have many but im starting to want to delete my social media and not talk to any of them, if they decide to text me back. They often keep me on delivered for months after a full hour of texting me. And it's exhausting. I realize that they only talk to me or want to video call with me when they are lonely or when their close friends are busy. It's like I'm the last option when it comes to interacting with me. My one friend and I would always video call on Wednesday for 3 hours, while he waits for class to start. Lately he doesn't even talk to me anymore or asks to video call. So I'm guessing he found friends. Not saying it's bad or anything! I'm happy if he did found people to accompany him. But it kind of sucks that they just don't bat an eye to you. I usually even free time for him, but that doesn't really matter or that important of an info.
tldr; car accident on bday, boy I like blocked me all of a sudden, and friendship problems. I feel like universe doesn't want me to have anything
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2023.03.22 10:44 Mylastnamebecake AITA for calling out my brother’s comments to my niece in front of all his children ?

My (25 F) Brother, B (39M), came over to my Mum’s, for his birthday last week. He brought over my SIL (36F) their 3 children M(F11), Z(F9) & N(3M).
I’d done a whole buffet of food and had probably gone a bit OTT, but we don’t see eachother as often as I’d like and it was a celebration.
Everyone loved the food and everyone ate their fill, but B kept calling out M.
He kept making disapproving comments telling her to slow down and asking her if she was going back for more. When she grabbed herself a second cupcake he said “Put that back little piggy”. She put it down and looked like she was going to cry, she then went and sat in the corner away from everyone and wouldn’t really engage in anything after that, despite me trying to get her to join in.
B, Z & N all had multiple cupcakes and it really bothered me he’d called M out.
I put some leftovers into boxes for them to take home and told M that I’d put an extra cupcake in there for her. B’s response was “She doesn’t need it, look at her the little porker”.
M isn’t fat - She’s put on some weight recently, but in the way kids do before they have a massive growth spurt.
I told B he was going to give her a complex and I told him that comments like that lead to disorders.
He said he was just looking out for his kids. Im not a parent, I don’t understand that he needs to teach them to be healthy. I said as long as you have balance you can have eat like this sometimes.
He looked uncomfortable and tried to lighten the mood with “well at least she’d be skinny” and my response is the reason I think I am the AH - I said “Yeah, maybe she’ll be so skinny she’ll be dead”.
Everyone went quiet, apart from my youngest two nibblings who were tormenting my cat under the table.
They took their leftovers and went, B sent me a text later saying he was really mad about the way I handled things. I shouldn’t have questioned his parenting and that he’s considering if I should be at his wedding. My SIL hasn’t commented and I’ve not responded to my brother.
Mum thinks I was an AH but my heart is in the right place.
Note: My brother has never struggled with an ED, whereas I’ve had troubles with eating since I was 12 so this is a sensitive subject.
AITA for calling him out like that?
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2023.03.22 10:43 MarmitePrinter My Pleasantview/Strangetown families after 20 years in game...

My Pleasantview/Strangetown families after 20 years in game...
I recently put my previous PV/ST megahood on pause as I rejigged my mods and messed things up a bit, so I felt like I needed to start over from scratch. The new version is now twenty years in so I thought I'd share the progress!
  1. The Goth family
Dina and Mortimer got married and Dina moved into the Goth house. She helped raise Alexander and eventually she and Morty had a baby of their own, Fridrik. After Mortimer passed, Dina IMMEDIATELY started flirting with Alexander, who had just returned from uni. He reciprocated and their chemistry was insane, so now she's in a weird semi-incestuous live-in relationship with her former stepson. Will they marry and secure Dina's future?
  1. The Curious family (1)
Cassandra was left at the altar by Don (after he got her pregnant). She fell into severe depression for a few years despite having son Fabrizio to dote on, but eventually she met Vidcund Curious through her coworker Pascal. They fell madly in love, got married and moved in together with their children. Fabrizio and Vidcund's son Icarus (by abduction) soon became best friends (they're currently at college together) and Cass and Vidcund had two children together - Gretchen and later, after much persuasion on Cassie's part, Madeleine. Can life get any better for this blended family?
  1. The Lothario/Caliente family
Feat. my weird open-plan remodel of the Caliente condo!
When Dina moved out, Nina was left in charge of the condo. After she got pregnant accidentally, she and Don agreed to live together there and raise the baby while still maintaining relationships with other people. Hasina was their first baby and after a few years Nicolo came along too. They're perfectly happy in their open relationship and it looks like Hasina is taking after them too - she's a Pleasure Sim. Will she be a heartbreaker like her parents?
  1. The Broke/Burb family
Brandi met John Burb at the market one day and they were instantly attracted to each other. They began an affair, of which little Ian was the product, and when Jennifer caught them in the act, John divorced her and married Brandi. They moved to a larger house where they now live with Beau (who recently returned from college and can't afford his own place yet), Bobbie (unborn baby Broke) and Ian. Beau was in love with Tycho Curious in high school, but they drifted apart when he went to uni - will they reunite now that Tycho is in college himself?
  1. The Broke family
Dustin met Kristen Loste while he was at uni. He was still with Angela, but he started flirting with Kristen and the rest is history. They fell deeply in love despite their small age gap and, as soon as Dustin graduated, he moved into a small apartment with Kristen (that was all they could afford) and got married. They now have a daughter, Madison, who has to share a room with them as their apartment is only 1 bedroom. Will they ever be able to afford to move now that Dustin is rising through the ranks of his Architectural career and Kristen is doing well at her Athletic one?
  1. The Dreamer family
Another remodel - of the Dreamer house this time!
Darren married divorcée Mary-Sue Oldie and, scandalously, Cassandra autonomously kissed him on their wedding day. He stayed faithful, keeping away from Cassandra any time she visited, and eventually Cass moved on with Vidcund while he and Mary-Sue had baby Delilah. A few years later, on Mary-Sue's 60th birthday, Cassandra (who was feeling particularly broody but her own husband didn't want any more kids) kissed Darren again, this time in eyesight of her former best friend. Mary-Sue wasn't going to stand for a second cheater in her life, so she didn't listen to any of Darren's excuses and divorced him. Meanwhile, eldest son Dirk split up with Lilith when she became his stepsister, and later fell in love with Lucy Burb. They now have a baby together, Finley, and have no intention of following in their cheating parents' footsteps!
  1. The Grunt/Oldie family
After Mary-Sue married Darren, Angela inherited the family home. Soon enough, her deadbeat dad Daniel and his new wife Kaylynn came a-knocking looking for a better place to stay now that Kaylynn was expecting. Angela generously let them move in. She also moved in her fiancé Tank and they had twins George and Harriet. After a few years, there wasn't really room for two growing families and, with Kaylynn pregnant again, Angela gave them some money to find a place of their own. Then, just as she and her family had the place to themselves again, Mary-Sue arrived with daughter Delilah in tow having just divorced Darren. Now they live together in semi-harmony but still have to pay the rent and bills on dad Daniel's trailer. Will they ever dig themselves out of this hole?
  1. The Pleasant family
After his divorce from Mary-Sue, Daniel married his lover Kaylynn and they had two children - Oscar and Sophie. They live in the trailer rented and paid for by Daniel's daughter Angela and leech off her whenever they can using guilt that she didn't let them stay in the family home. Oscar isn't doing too well in school, preferring to romance every boy and girl in sight rather than study. Will he be another deadbeat like his dad or make something of himself?
  1. The Curisant family
After Jennifer caught John cheating on her with Brandi Broke, she decided to divorce him and focus on her Business career and her second daughter Grace, who chose to live with her. She met Lola Curious when her firm hired Lola's law firm to handle their cases. The two discovered a mutual love of business and hard work, and soon a love for each other. They married and combined their names and soon, to their surprise, Lola found herself pregnant with Jennifer's baby - little Otis. Now, with Grace (their live-in childminder) about to go off to university and both of them at the top of their careers, will they start focusing on raising Otis?
  1. The Pleasant/Smith family
When Dirk became her stepbrother and broke up with her, Lilith fell into the arms of her best friend Johnny for comfort. Soon enough, they realised they had a mutual attraction, fell in love and decided to move in together. They now have a son, Vaughn, who is best friends with his cousins George and Harriet, which has started to rekindle Lilith's relationship with her sister. Johnny and Lilith have been living together for several years without any interest in marriage - will they ever decide to take that final step?
  1. The Curious (2) family
When Nervous escaped the clutches of the Beakers, he changed his name to Neville and took husband Pascal's name when they married. He hopes that will be enough to stop them realising who he is. After he met and bonded with Pascal's son Tycho, he decided to adopt him as his own. Then, a few years later, both Pascal and Neville wanted another baby so, when Pascal's sister Chloe had a baby, they adopted little Emilia as well. But when brother Lazlo wanted to find a place for his family to live, he and Chloe agreed to a 'house-swap' of sorts, so now Chloe is living with Pascal, Neville and Emilia. Will Chloe being back in the life of her bio-daughter disrupt the happiness of the adopted family?
  1. The Loner family
Ophelia had thought Johnny Smith was the love of her life, until he went off to college and she didn't. They drifted apart and she met Ajay one day at the bowling alley. They had instant chemistry and Ophelia decided to break up once and for all with Johnny so that she could be with Ajay. Now they live in her aunt's old house with their two children Ronald and Keira. Ronald, as a Knowledge Sim, devours any form of knowledge and is starting to ask questions about the afterlife - will he take after his great-aunt Olive?
  1. The Beaker family
After Nervous' escape, Circe and Loki had no test subject and no one to look after their son Atom. They were despondent, but one day they noticed a dazed and confused Bella Goth wandering around the crashed spaceship near their house. They took her in, fed her, bathed her, and soon realised that she was pregnant with an alien baby and would make the perfect next subject for their tests. After giving birth, Bella unfortunately passed away, so they adopted her baby Ceres to avoid any suspicion. Now Ceres lives in the basement room, despite her older brother Atom's wishes. Will she be able to follow Nervous' footsteps and escape their clutches?
  1. The Smith family
PT9 and Jenny had another baby, Jasper, but PT9 soon died of old age, leaving Jenny to raise him alone. To combat her loneliness, she asked her daughter Jill to move back in and, soon enough, Jill got engaged to her boyfriend Ripp. They married, despite Ripp's commitment issues, and had a child of their own - little Ethan. Jenny loves having a large family around her again - will she give up her nursing career to focus on her family and her side hustle sewing quilts?
  1. The Grunt family
Buzz met Erin Beaker in town and, despite their age gap, they fell in love and got married. Together they had a daughter, Storm, who Buzz loved taking under his wing once his eldest two had moved out. Buck, on the other hand, never moved out. He was engaged to Chloe Curious for a time, but she left him at the altar and, broken-hearted, he decided to stay at home until he found someone else to be with. That time still hasn't come and he's now in his early 30s. Buzz and Erin are getting a bit fed up of him lurking around - will he ever find someone or just take the initiative and move out?
  1. The Curious (3) family
When Lazlo's growing family needed a place of their own, they agreed to a house-swap with Chloe, who had been living alone in the former Singles household. It's still not quite big enough for a family of five, but it's better than being squished in with brother Pascal's family. Will Lazlo, Crystal, Harmony, Infinity and Prince all continue living happily in their small house or will they need to find somewhere bigger and give Chloe her place back?
  1. The College Sims
Tycho Curious, Fabrizio Lothario and Icarus Curious are all currently at college together. Tycho and Icarus are cousins, and Fabrizio and Icarus are step-brothers, so they all get along pretty well. Icarus is a Pleasure Sim whose LTW is to go on as many first dates as possible so he's been exploring that in college, but might just have found the love of his life in cheerleader Sylvie while doing so. Meanwhile, Tycho just wanted to graduate his Maths degree with a 4.0 and make his dads proud, which he did, and Fabrizio didn't mind what he got as long as he could spent time with his sweetheart Bobbie Broke (they're now engaged). It was pretty much a party house for Fabrizio and Icarus, but they all managed to graduate somehow!
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2023.03.22 10:40 kavka_sen Dream

All the high school cafeterias I dreamed of were a tall building, the staircase I dreamed of last time was a hundred feet high, dirty and chaotic inside, and like all memories, everything in high school was colorless and full of people. I was laughing and walking on the way to the cafeteria, she slowly walked up from the side, but she was wearing a light blue dress, I turned to her and asked: how is life in Italy. She said it was not good and had some sadness. However, I don't know if this part happened in the middle or at the end of the dream, because now I look back on the dream and don't know the sequence at all. There were also clips of me playing BMX, and what I was doing with my classmates by the black river. The dreams are very common, all the usual thoughts, very well explained.
 Dreams are Aquarius and like to make up stories. The first few days of the dream only remember two fragments. One is that I play lol with the first perspective, is the kind of immersive: I became Lulu, was chased by two ADC, I flew in the air to avoid their attacks, the feeling of flying is very cool, and is the kind of feeling that can be controlled. I used to have a dream where I was being chased by a demon, and when I realized it was in a dream, I thought I could control my dream and flew. And I was more forced to wake up by making myself hurt, but there were also accidents. Once I dreamed that my brother turned into a monster that looked like a monkey and killed people, so I hit my head against the wall, and then I woke up from my bed, but not the bed I sleep in now, but lying in my bed in my old home when I was a child, and I woke up like I did when I was a child and shouted at my grandmother, and I roared loudly, and then I heard the sound of a monkey roaring and pressing towards me. So maybe the thoughts I thought I could control are still dream thoughts. In the second clip there was a girl who was sad, probably a lost love, it felt like a colleague of mine, she handed me a note: what may drink this half of my leftover wine, she was trying to have sex with me. But I refused her, she always day lying in front of the window, the light shines in the house, people do not shine, I feel very sad, and finally I introduced him to a friend of mine. This clip is almost over. The woman in this dream was a mishmash, and the story was a real-life mess. That night before going to sleep and a female high school classmate chatting happy, she opened a dirty paragraph, so will dream of a girl to have sex with me, and there was a colleague in my memory is plump and intellectual, but we do not meet for a long time is rusty face, so the dream came together a girl who feels great, (maybe, if great, how can I not on it, do not remember why) but that woman like some stone Yeyue meaning it. And the note was written on an article I read on Douban that said Pan Jinlian seduced Wu Song words. So everything was put together, the dream made up a story, but to he could not make up, perhaps to wake up. 
A beautiful dream is always sad, like stepping on a late ark, and then revisit all the good times that should be.
Translated with (free version)
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2023.03.22 10:39 Alert_Lengthiness_20 Butter glow expose

Butter glow expose
So there is a user by the name of butter glow and she's the most sussiet user i ever met but heres a exposing note of her:
Butter glow is a miner who keeps spamming wierd and sussy images on discord and she wouldn't even spell anything then others
She is 14 years old and considered a minor she's a troll user but a liar she needs to be banned from discord immediately because she sus, and she has a YouTube channel but her oc is a furry but luckily changed her oc to butter glow same as the user of her discord user and she pretend like she's trying to marrying me and at some point she is the only one that exactly makes fun of me for Wierd reason
She keep posting images of me as an emo but she calls me an xemox for no god damn reason and she is spamming inappropriate images and spams porn spams marrying me and more sussy stuff (i put an image of a meme fish as a censored image)
And she Spams a lot of crap, and i call her a potato cus i saw her face but funniest part she shapes like a potato And she is a liar but she is putting me on her dumb server and forcing me to be here for no god damn reason so i guess she stop putting me here at this point so yeah (so go hate on here cus shes spamming porn and being a minor)
Oh and by the way butter glow if your reading this
Im not an emo because i do not have a long hair also I don't have a one eye i have two eyes and i do not look like seak from the stupid roblox doors you potato head looking thing
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