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What does it mean for something to have meaning? Come here to tell us your experiences and thoughts about our ability to recognize value, importance, and meaning in things.

2023.03.22 11:47 RichMahogany4 [TRIVIA/MOVIES/TV] TV And Movie Trivia Pod Ep 131 Disney Trivia: Beauty And The Beast w/ Scream Queens "Horror Movie Road Trip" Podcast

Apple Podcasts / Spotify / Google / And more! Click the linktree in the podcast description for full list of podcast players, socials, and to submit YOUR own questions!
Ep 131 question preview:
  1. When the Beast concealed himself in the castle, what was his only window to the outside world?
  2. What song does Lumiere sing to Belle during dinner?
  3. Lumiere seems to have a thing for what other object?
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2023.03.22 11:47 NanolathingStuff Public for-profit buisnesses does/can exists?

I know this is a tricky question to ask and respose and apologise in advance for the wall of text.
I was arguing with a friend that the economy is good if there is low unemployment and if salaries are enough to buy what is produced, so a nation with lots of debt and more than 20% unemployment is doom.
But is possible to fix the economy of something above it by public spending on buisnesses?
Let me explain the idea:
But would a model such as:
  1. A government branch call an entrepreneur to open a certain buisness. Might be everything from a cleaning company to a high-tech startup, but probably will be something more "strategic" like a plane company or a microchip builder (right now 70% are produced in Asia).
  2. The central bank put the money as a loan.
  3. The employees need to pass a basic test (think as a short public competition) befor acces the 1 stage interview. And they need to be current unemployed (it's something to reduce unemplyment after all).
  4. All the revenue after the standard costs (so salaries and machine maintenence) goes back to the state: first to repay the loan, and then as a sort of 100% tax.
  5. Every future investment is put on another loan negotiated with the government.
  6. Optional: After X time, the "CEO" can buy the company for the government or it is sold at the highest bidder.
be a temporary or long term solution for stagnating economies? And what effects would something like that cause?
(Any other alternative to talk back my doomer friend is appreciated)
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2023.03.22 11:47 Streltana 23/PC/GMT/UK - Looking for a genuine long-term friend, where we can shoot heads, get spooked by the supernatural, explore different worlds and more!

Heya all! I apologise in advance for the very long post, but hope you can withstand to read it. I have been wanting to find another gamer interested in creating and maintaining a long lasting (hopefully) friendship where we can chat and game with each other comfortably. I've had amazing successes posting previous, and i'd love to make another. I've been playing games mostly with my partner and occasionally with a couple other friends. I've missed playing with others in a ton of games since its always tons of fun playing with more especially in co-op's and team based games and having more of a group for some games make them a lot more fun in my opinion.
My main games at the moment are valorant, overwatch, deep rock galactic, fortnite (no builds) and recently world of warcraft (retail) again, so it's be a huge plus if you play one or more of these or even all. I also have many other games like volcanoids, sons of the forest, darktide, forewarned, valheim and most co-op/survival games that I wouldn't mind playing again too. I'm also really looking forward to dark and darker, palia, dead island 3 and nightingale in the future and can't wait for them to come out. I have tons of other games too that i'd be down to play but it'd be too long to list everything here so i'd rather save it for conversation.
If you'd want, I'd love to help you learn/get into any games you've always wanted to try but were too afraid to, i've introduced many of friends to games and taught them to play and we've always had fun! If you'd like to eventually be open to play with my other friends too you're very welcome, they're the nicest and we tend to banter a lot so don't be afraid to be yourself (as long as you're not racist or homophobic obviously, but that's self explanatory).
As for you, I can be talkative both in text and voice so i'd prefer someone who also feels the same way about conversation. I particularly enjoy longer conversations and wouldn't wish for the friendship to just be based around just games but to exist out of them as well. I play on PC and use discord a lot more than i'd like to admit, so please have discord so we can chat! Preferably you are in a similar time zone since it can be quite difficult to adjust or manage a friendship with too different of schedules if you can understand, bonus points if you're also from the UK. As for age, a similar age would be nice as it can present some problems if the age is too different but of course exceptions can be made if you're cool! Lastly please be somewhat open to new games or playing multiple or various games as I myself don't really have one main game so it'd be nice if you were flexible too. I apologise for being so picky, but i'd rather be clear about what i'm looking for. I'd like to find someone who also games as a main hobby since that's the case for me too. It'd be really nice to find someone who can commit to a friendship where we can really get to know each other for a long time and we can really get along y'know?
I look forward to hearing from you, please send a message telling me about yourself! It helps a lot in choosing who to respond to and I 100% appreciate and take in longer messages which respond to my post a lot more. Please tell me about your favourite charactehero/class in a game and why, so I know you've bothered to read this all, thank you and hope to speak soon!
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2023.03.22 11:47 PinkPandz Ghosted as a hint she (35F) don't love me (33F) no more

Anyone got ghosted as a way of the person hinting that they dont love u no more instead of telling u. Its the most painful thing becuase your in the dark and don't know what is going on. But the thing is she only texts me when she's horny
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2023.03.22 11:47 Belisarius0000 Secret Dumbass

I have recently come to love stories like "Eminence In Shadow", "I'm Really Not A Demon God's Lackey", and "Negeki no Bourei wa Intai shitai (Let This Grieving Soul Retire)".
My usual method of finding something similar I like is to browse TVtropes or similar sites but there doesn't seem to be a codified trope for these types of stories where the Main Character is oblivious to how the rest of the world sees him as being far more important/powerful than he is. Specifically in these stories, the MC's luck is always rolling Nat 20's when he says things so that the world itself almost feels like it shifts to make him appear correct and a genius.
Does this trope exist and if it does, what are some more examples of similar stories.
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2023.03.22 11:47 emrygan Is this an impulse decision or not. Can't tell if its the brain or the trauma. Too many parts.

Is this an impulse decision or not. Can't tell if its the brain or the trauma. Too many parts.
Help! Is this an impulse decision or not. I can't tell if its the brain or the trauma...
NOT US. (Third world country i.e. There is no government support of any kind) This is going to be a long one. I'd appreciate it if you'd read through it, but if you can't
TLDR; My toxic 52h/week with 20+ hours shifts workplace is actively traumatizing me. I have food, housing and utilities covered. I just want to quit so I can focus on building skills to change careers. Is this smart?
Hey guys. Please help me with this. I've been struggling with this. I work in healthcare as a junior doctor. I had a greater than 1 year career gap after graduation and was surprised to be hired to the place I'm currently working as I felt unemployable. It's a dead end job with no progression because I can't pass the exams needed. Some background this is the same hospital where I worked during my graduation.
After a few months of trauma-therapy, about over a year of inner child work, and I've finally discovered why I'm stuck acedemically/professionally. Aside from my cognitive weaknesses this line of work is associated with alot of trauma for me (something I just uncovered in therapy). I've decided I'm ready to change careers. I never had the chance to work through what I liked during my early days so I don't know what would work for me and I want to give myself time to discover and learn so I can actually build a career for myself but I understand that it isn't realistically possible. I found a master's programme that really interested me and will atleast be able to provide me with a stable, well-paying, 9 to 5 if nothing else. In my country pays are shit and no decent jobs unless you have a masters atleast. I need to study for GRE and get a good score if I'm to get in. I need time and low stress in order to be able to manage by executive dysfunction enough to study and with my current job I haven't been able to at all and the entrance test is in two months.
My last shift I had an even more traumatizing experience at work. A new supervisor, in a gathering of about 15 colleagues and students proceeded to call me out regarding my decisions and assessments for appropriately 20 mins in front of the patient's family it wasn't even formal calling out but just literally shit talking me. My senior didn't assess the patient like they had to. (I'm very poor knowledge-wise and haven't been able to cope with it to this day but work hard so am considered a decent worker). They said someone complimented me and I guess they were trying to judge if it was warranted. "you don't know how to do this!?" "you've probably never done this before, have you?" "don't lie to me" " no way she did this" " asks me a question and I reply to the best of my shit knowledge proceeds to make fun of my answer" "where do you think youre going come back here" "don't stand over there stand infront of me" "is your stethoscope old? What brand is it? (implying I'm using a shit one" " laughs I asked you to take it from me why are you coming here?" " referring to group she isn't listening is she?" "looks like you've never done this before" "you need to study" you get the gist. On a sad side note: You know how we're always taking about how our trauma symptoms are defences in childhood I actually experienced it play out in real time when this happened and lol I believe it now. If it wasn't for dissociation I don't know how I would've gone on through the day.
I'm tired. So done. A part of me says just quit immediately and start studying for your masters and focus on building skills for a job. Another part says to not quit until you have another job lined up but the response to that is you've been trying to do this for a while just accept that you're not capable of building skills while also working here with all the trauma work and symptom management you have to do in general and also because of your job so can't build skills and manage symptoms and work and also apply to new places like today hustling worker. I really want this masters and I really want an engaging fruitful career. I'm afraid if I quit ill end up back to the state I was in during my career gap (super suicidal literally the worse mental space I've been in) but another part says you're not the same person anymore. 1 of my two primary abusers doesn't live with me anymore and I have much better symptom control. BUT another part says you'll loose your income and so your super expensive trauma therapist approximately 30% of my salary went into trauma therapy but the results are incredible so I feel it was totally worth it and alot of my salary goes into what I call cptsd-tax. The reply is well you can get into freelance work.
Anyways I'm so unsure and my mind feels like it'll explode. Thoughts? After crying and feeling like shit all day some parts of me are beginning to feel resentful towards me that I keep putting myself in this situation. I'm not in crisis-mode that much I can tell and I'm not fleeing from process which means I'm not in a flight or fight state either. I want to take the risk and quit but I feel like I'm yearning for validation in this decision. As I type this I'm hoping everyone says yeah go quit ASAP but I know logically that won't be the case. I'm so confused but also feel a little certainty that even if I did quit I'd make it somehow. Let me know what you think I'm desperate for support.
Thank you to anyone who read this. I apologise of any formatting issues as I'm on mobile.
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2023.03.22 11:47 gleidemiranda Learning Yoga Alone

I first tried yoga 5 years ago in a weekly class in community college. it was particularly illuminating and soothing for an otherwise chaotic mind. i tried going back before covid hit and for some reason i couldn't vibe with it (same teacher). the practice wasnt physically challenging and the teachers tone of voice struck me as sort of consumed with power (thats an overdramatic way of describing it) and i intrinsically dont vibe with people telling me what to do. long story short, does anyone have experience learning yoga on their own? anyone done it through books instead of youtube? what are the advantages and disadvantages?
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2023.03.22 11:46 vnapoli3313 Does anyone have experience reporting poor veterinary care?

I don't want to go into specific details if people aren't interested, but basically I strongly feel the need to do something more than just leave a poor Yelp review in order to prevent people from having their pet over-medicated... and killed. I was in too much of a rush to read through the reviews thoroughly, but afterwards I found at least 1 review that complained about exactly the same thing.
It's an older Vet who runs the entire place by themselves (only actual Vet -- but he employs a few technicians) and on Sunday for example, is the only person who shows up to "check" on the animals who are staying over night. To be fair, this might not be uncommon - but they don't even keep on staff 24/7 despite having several animals.
Regardless, his methods seem... unconventional at best, and downright negligent at worse. I had a terrible feeling about what was going on and then was still blind sided by a sudden loss despite tests showing significant improvement and arguably no actual issues.
He killed my baby girl - and I don't care about compensation or have any interest in suing, I just want to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.
Does anyone have experience with a situation like this? What steps can and should I take? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.22 11:46 simonthearchitect Photoshop script command help

Hello to this wonderful community
i'm a total noob in term of javascript, but i find it really useful to ease some redundant task in photoshop,
Here is my question : I'd like to pick one file and add a suffix to it to gain some time (and nerves). I'd also like for it to be saved in an other file and here is the problem... Here is the code that I have :

if (app.documents.length > 0) {
var myDocument = app.activeDocument;
try {
var theName = myDocument.name.match(/(.*)\.[^\.]+$/)[1];
var thePath = myDocument.path;
catch (e) {
var theName = myDocument.name;
var thePath = "~/Desktop/Comodis/VHigh"
var theSuffix = " - HD";
// duplicate;
var myDocument = app.activeDocument.duplicate("theCopy", true);
// jpg options;
var jpgopts = new JPEGSaveOptions();
jpgopts.embedProfile = true;
jpgopts.formatOptions = FormatOptions.STANDARDBASELINE;
jpgopts.matte = MatteType.NONE;
jpgopts.quality = 10;
myDocument.saveAs((new File(thePath+"/"+theName+theSuffix+".jpg")),jpgopts,true);
// close;

I think i have to change "myDocument = app.activeDocument.duplicate" but i don't know what to change...
Does someone have a solution ?
thanks !
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2023.03.22 11:46 elsestar How to add texts to a scoreboard

Hello, I am very new at editing. I started just to make highlight videos of my son's soccer games and I found a silly problem that I hope someone can help me with.
I am using a scoreboard, this one: https://imgur.com/a/Daj11G7
So far no more than 4 goals have been scored from either team, but in case it happens, I don't see a way to easily add a text in the format of the ones on the screen:
I can delete but I cannot add a fifth title.
I know that if I click on Advanced I can add a title, but it does not have the same format than the previous ones, and I have to match the size, effects, etc:
Is there a way to easily add a title without having to manually add all the effects?
Thank you!!
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2023.03.22 11:45 whiteboysummermerch White Boy Summer Merch White Boy Summer Fans Merchandise Big Discount

White Boy Summer Merch

Chet Hanks, the son of actor Tom Hanks, has launched a line of "White Boy Summer" merchandise. It includes hoodies, T-shirts and shorts.
Hanks says the merch isn't meant to be racist. However, some people aren't having it. They're labeling the font as Nazi-ish. The lettering on the merch is Gothic, and it resembles Fraktur, the script that was used in Nazi Germany.
White Boy Summer Socks White Boy Summer Boxers White Boy Summer Sweatshirts
White Boy Summer Puzzles White Boy Summer Wall Clock White Boy Summer Plaques White Boy Summer Posters White Boy Summer Night Lamps


Typically worn as underwear, boxers are a cool-weather staple that are now being dressed up as streetwear. If you're looking to get in on the trend, look for a pair with a comfy elastic waistband that will keep you feeling fresh.
If you're on a budget, consider Uniqlo's Woven Striped Boxers. They are breathable and feature cuffed detailing for extra comfort. They're made with 100 percent cotton and come in a variety of fun prints.
The eldest son of Tom Hanks, Chet Hanks, has recently faced criticism for his White Boy Summer clothing line. The collection features t-shirts, shorts and caps that feature a font similar to the one used on Hitler's Mein Kampf. While this sounds divisive, Chet Hanks is a musician who has assured his followers that the merch is not intended to incite hate.


Sweatshirts are a great way to show off your White Boy Summer pride. They come in a variety of styles and colors, with options for both men and women. They are made of heavy blend fabrics, which help the design stand out while also providing a comfortable fit. The quality of these garments is top notch, and they have the potential to last for years to come.
Chet Hanks' merch collection is no exception to this rule. The designs are not only a lot of fun, but they're also a great way to show off your love for White Boy Summer. One of the sexiest items in the collection is a shirt that features a "white boy" in a gothic font. It's the first time we've seen a t-shirt with this particular feature, and it’s definitely the best shirt in the collection.


A fun and challenging gift for any puzzle fan, this jigsaw puzzle features gold foil embellishments that make it stand out from the crowd. It also includes an image from Frank Stella’s geometric painting Firuzabad, making it even more challenging than a traditional rectangular jigsaw.
The ombre design on this puzzle means the hues blend together to create a vibrant pink- and yellow-toned scene. It’s a cool-toned challenge that will take hours to complete, but once you’re done, it makes a great modern piece of art for your wall.
Chet Hanks — the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson — has become notorious for his White Boy Summer merchandise, which is currently under scrutiny due to the Gothic typeface he uses on T-shirts and other clothing items. His Instagram posts and jokes about this phrase have caused a lot of controversy, so it’s probably best to stay away from his apparel.

Wall Clock

White Boy Summer's wall clock is a fun piece of home decor for all ages. It features a battery-free alarm that can be set to either beep or chime. The gizmo also has a unique design that is sure to garner plenty of compliments. The best part? It is made from recycled material and will withstand the test of time. A nice feature is that it's a cinch to clean, making it a great addition to any bedroom. It may not be the prettiest clock in the world, but it's an eye-catching piece of decor that will be a welcome addition to any room. It can be used for any occasion and will make a statement in the process. It's a must have in any home or office!


White Boy Summer is an online meme whose message has become so popular that it has been adapted into merchandizing, physical propaganda distribution and extremist meetups. Extremists have promoted the concept through online "shitposting," racist and misogynistic tropes and explicitly white supremacist propaganda.
Chet Hanks, son of Tom Hanks, launched a merch line for White Boy Summer. The merch features an array of apparel that includes a T-shirt, hoodie and tank top.
The collection also has a hat, biker shorts and leggings that all include the phrase "White Boy Summer" in a Gothic font. Some have criticized the merch for being offensive and Nazi-like, but some fans have been excited about it.
Hanks' merch isn't a good way to promote the ethos of White Boy Summer, but it certainly does make for a funny Instagram story. He even includes some genuinely good advice in his rules and regulations: Backward hats are good and booze breath is bad.
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2023.03.22 11:45 IssaClark Video Poker Classic

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2023.03.22 11:45 Dr_Dhananjay_Chavan Is Hair Loss a Common Side Effect of Cosamin Consumption?

Is Hair Loss a Common Side Effect of Cosamin Consumption?

Hair loss is common in both men and women and can be permanent or temporary. Most of the time, hair loss can be caused due to genetics or hereditary factors. Also, medical conditions such as thyroid, lupus, and syphilis contribute to hair loss.
There are many drugs which lead to hair loss as a side effect. One such drug is Cosamin. Let us quickly understand what Cosamin is before knowing how it affects the hair.
What is Cosamin?
Cosamin is a drug formed by combining glucosamine and chondroitin that helps maintain the joints' fluidity and flexibility, also treating osteoarthritis pains. However, it is not intended for medical purposes and should be used only as a supplemental therapy. Cosamin is proven effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis as well.
Cosamin and Hair Loss
As all drugs come with some side effects, so does Cosamin. Patients have reported several side effects of Cosamin, one of which is hair loss. 93% of females above the age of 65 experience hair loss by intaking Cosamin and around 8% of the male are reported to experience hair loss due to Cosamin.
Cosamin and hair loss are interrelated in several ways. If you experience hair loss after taking Cosamin, it is recommended to visit a trichologist immediately. They might be able to help you reverse the hair loss process.
How to Prevent Hair Loss Caused Due to Cosamin Intake?
In some cases, hair fall is irreversible. However, sometimes, with proper care and medications, you can have your healthy, voluminous hair back. In case of severe hair fall, you need to take some safety precautions by yourself at home. Along with that, you need to see a hair doctor who can recommend you proper medications. Some of the home remedies are as follows:
  • Take proper diet
  • Consume multivitamins
  • Avoid hot water for head baths; use only lukewarm water
  • Avoid tight hairdos
  • Get an ample amount of sleep
  • Drink plenty of water
In case of severe hair fall that might lead to hair loss, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist to contain the condition as quickly as possible. Hair loss can cause a lack of confidence and self-esteem, as many believe that the beauty secret of a person lies in the hair.
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2023.03.22 11:45 sugarcoochie moral scrupulosity?

anyone also experience moral scrupulosity? i believe this is an ocd term but i think it might manifest due to my black and white thinking from bpd. i'm very obsessive when it comes to doing the right thing whether it be in terms of racism, microaggressions, being abusive/manipulative, following my political and moral beliefs to the tee and holding myself to extremely high standards because i'll feel like a bad person otherwise.
i also think this about others. if they exhibit any moral red flags i am quick to mentally write them off as an unsafe person to be around. this is def valid to a point, but my black and white thinking is so obsessive i find myself making assumptions about strangers and being paranoid/standoffish. it's becoming isolating. teachers, doctors, people in a waiting room, someone who was friendly with me, friends of a friend. i'll have a positive thought then immediately shoot it down with, "i wonder if they did *insert bad thing*" because i'm so paranoid that i'll be disappointed by having a good impression of them only to realize later down the line that they're a terrible person somehow.
i dated a guy once, and even after i pulled out the checklist to make sure he was a "safe" person for me to be around, i still found out that he was good friends with someone i knew from high school that was racist. he knew he was racist. i had a panic attack for an hour and almost had my mom take me to the hospital. i'm so terrified of this happening again that i'm almost completely disinterested in meeting anyone new.
i think a lot of this stems from my fear of getting attached to someone unfavorable and being stuck in that situation, but i find that i can't trust anyone anymore. i haven't even met my friends boyfriend of a year because i'm terrified i'll find out something about him or i'll dislike him and it'll impact how i view her. i had a panic attack and went home early when she unexpectedly tried getting me to meet him. birds of a feather and all that.
does anyone get this or should i post to the ocd sub? not even my therapist is sure what problems of mine are from which disorders, so just throwing shit at a wall y'know lol
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2023.03.22 11:45 b67844 Wii u online with mario maker

Can I play Super Mario Maker online now? I heard eshop will be closing 3/27
Does this mean that I will not be able to play online ever or what ?
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2023.03.22 11:45 AvailableBowler5954 I keep having self-doubts that I can do it

Hallo, I've been learning German in order to go study for bachelors in Germany next year. I've already completed A1 level and will soon start A2. I did my A1 course under an instructor whom I personally knew, and I intend to keep taking intensive courses online, some from Goethe and some from DeutschAkademie. My goal is to be able to pass TestDAF 4, which is the minimum requirement for most of the Engineering programmes. Which means that I want to reach C1.1 level (DAF4 is B2 and C1.1)
So yeah I do think I will be able to pass the exam TestDAF. But from time to time, I keep having doubts that I will be able to learn German well enough to study. Sometimes, someone reassures me that I will be fine and after a while, those fears and worry creep back in. Passing an exam is one thing, but actually being proficient in a language is another thing. I keep reading posts of people here who have studied hard for years and are barely able to be proficient in B2 or C1.
From what I've heard, studying a technical degree like Engineering is comparatively easier than studying a non-technical degrees like Business, Economics, Philosophy etc because the vocabulary, whether in English or any other language, is extremely complex. But despite that, I still fear that I will not be able to understand lectures well. Or understand course materials.
I don't really want to give up on my dream of studying bachelors in Germany. Of course there's an opportunity for Masters later, but I just want to study bachelors here.
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2023.03.22 11:44 3dgemaster CPU AIO display red triangle

I got a H100i Elite Capellix 240mm CPU AIO CW-9060046-WW, which I later upgraded with a CPU cooler LCD display CW-9060056-WW. As my mobo has two USB2 headers, the bundled Commander Core CW-8960071 and the CPU AIO display each had their own decidated header. Some time later I also got a set of LC100 lighting panels CL-9011114-WW, which came bundled with a Lightning Node Pro CL-9011109-WW. The CPU AIO display came with a Y-splitter cable for USB2. I installed the Lightning Node Pro into its own USB2 header, while the CPU AIO display and the Commander Core were connected using the splitter. This resulted in the display giving me a red triangle when I next turned my PC on. Upon boot, it does show the Corsair GIF. When I turn off the iCUE app in Windows11, sometimes the display reverts back to its HW profile, sometimes it keeps the red triangle. iCUe shows me Commander Core only, the display is not visible in iCUE. The pump, RGB control, fan control, and everything else seems to be working fine.
What I've tried so far:
I've read about this issue and there are various causes. But I've found no examples of it occurring when a Y-splitter is introduced to the chain. So I'm a bit lost now. It seems my next option is to try and get the display RMA'd. The whole system is about 6 months old.
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2023.03.22 11:44 justrandom4757 Falsely Disabled account or not?

now the title might not be true, but i want to hear your thoughts because i keep getting different answers from people. My friend was over and he asked me if he can use my laptop so i let him, but in that situation i didn't know what he needed specifically.. turns out that he needed to log into his discord account to text someone. so he gave me his laptop back after he did his thing and then later i logged into my account. remember all of this time and i still had no idea why he needed the laptop. Now the problem is when i logged into my account the login ip adress got messed up and discord thought that i was sharing my account. which got my account disabled by them. I sent them an appeal that explains all of that but they said that they will not reinstate the account. What i personally think is that I didn't violate the Terms of Service because i had no intention of breaking the rules. i were simply allowing a friend to use my laptop, and it was a coincidence that he logged in to his Discord account before i started using the laptop again. please let me know if i'm wrong i want to hear your thoughts.
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2023.03.22 11:44 Dusk-Form Precipitation Tool

I have issues understanding the Precipitation tool in the -Configure World- thing, like What does the percentage mean? Like, if I set it to 50%, does it mean that the world has 50% of the precipitations of Earth?
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2023.03.22 11:44 forrestam I haven't collected patient feedback - will this really matter for revalidation?

Hi guys, I'm coming up to my first revalidation this summer. I didn't collect any patient feedback in the last 4 years and am currently doing an academic job without a clinical component. Does anyone else have any experience of having not collected patient feedback during a revalidation cycle? If so, what happened? Thanks!
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2023.03.22 11:44 sndjln Multi-book Buying Additional Country-Currency needed

Hello. We have 5 subsidiaries for now which their functional currency is their local's except one (it's the parent company and fx currency is in USD) . Now we want to add a book in USD currency for the other 4 subsidiaries. Do we need to buy additional subsidiary country-currency licenses for these?
That means it will double what we are paying for the subsidiary licenses right?
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2023.03.22 11:43 WillowLeast2886 How to Implement Blockchain into your Business

How to Implement Blockchain into your Business
Blockchain Technology was mainly created for catering to the digital currency trade. However, the tech-savvy world soon realized that blockchain technology can be utilized in empowering businesses.
Blockchain implementation has the potential to bring more efficiency, trust, and transparency into day-to-day transactions. As a result of this, industry leaders are now planning pivotal projects for their organizations. Blockchain technology across industries is growing quite faster these days and has now become a part of the company’s transformation journey.
How to Implement Blockchain for Business?
Blockchain for business is helpful for entities that transact with one another. With distributed ledger technology, the participants can access information at the same time. This helps in improving efficiency, removing friction, and building trust. Blockchain technology also allows businesses to rapidly scale and size their solutions.

What are the Steps in Blockchain Implementation?
84% of executives utilize blockchain in their operations to a certain extent. Blockchain integration has its own set of challenges. So, if you are wondering how to implement blockchain in your business, then it is highly recommended to consider the current situation and the future plans of the organization before going for it. Let’s check out what are the steps in blockchain implementation:
Begin with a Use Case
The first step is to identify and organize your needs. Understand the right problems you want to solve and confirm whether the blockchain integration solutions will help to resolve those. It is always recommended to begin with the pilot project, analyze the results and then implement it on a large scale.
As you proceed to identify use cases, always keep in mind that it is always safer to start in smaller steps. You have to choose relevant blockchain new cases that you can evaluate, research, and explore before you jump into utilization.
Develop your Own Proof of Concept (POC)
After identifying various options for use cases, the second step is to create a valid Proof of Concept (POC). In case you are wondering what Proof of Concept (POC) means, then it simply refers to a strategic process utilized for evaluating how viable blockchain implementation would be in your business.
Before you create your POC, it is necessary to understand the complete reach planning phase in the upcoming stages. You also need to consider a few questions regarding the challenge and competition of your business. This includes:
“How to implement blockchain technology in a simplified manner?”
“How to use blockchain technology?”
“What business problems am I trying to solve through blockchain technology implementation?”
“Will I be able to see any positive results after implementing blockchain in my business?”
Essentially you need the direction key to create your Proof of Concept (POC). You should be able to realize the potential outcomes of your actions. It should be deliberate and tactical. Creating a Proof of Concept (POC) involves the following major steps:
It has boosted trust which has led to greater efficiency by reducing the duplication of efforts. In case you are looking forward to implementing blockchain in your business, then it’s time that you introduce your business to the next level of automation. Let our experts help you to know how to use blockchain technology. Leverage our top-notch custom blockchain development company by discussing your project idea with us.
Create and follow a set of guidelines that explains the intent of your business project. Create a prototype using advanced tools that would entail the designs, sketches, architecture, code, etc
Test your prototype to understand how well it works.
Analyze your MVP with a minimal set of features.
Make a Careful Selection Of Your Blockchain Platform
It is crucial for you to be careful enough while making your choice for a blockchain platform for your business. Also, you must know how to use blockchain technology in the best possible way. Consider factors from thorough market research and budget while making this strategic decision.
A lot of companies have now adopted the utilization of Quorum in their blockchain integration. Quorum eliminates data tampering in business transactions, thus allowing organizations to make secure transactions along with ensuring privacy. Blockchain technology like this is all set to revolutionize business transactions.
Ethereum is mainly used for developing innovative contracts and is currently being used by several organizations for determining the potential scaling rate of their business. Ethereum can be utilized for buying and selling goods and services like Bitcoins. What’s unique about Ethereum is that the users can easily build applications that can run on blockchain-like software.
Stellar is a kind of blockchain platform that is used for developing blockchain applications for organizations. Stellar mainly supports a distributed exchange mode which allows the users to send payments in a few specific currencies as the network performs the forex conversion automatically.
Hyperledger Fabric
This particular blockchain platform is mainly used for creating private blockchain applications for businesses. An expert in Hyperledger can develop technical solutions that build companies through blockchain implementation.
Corda allows you to make direct transactions through smart contracts which guarantee the topmost privacy and security. An expert in this platform would be able to create excellent designs as well as utilize the platform for eliminating the costly contingencies in a particular business contract.
Just like its name, the multichain blockchain platform can be employed in various industries like the Healthcare sector, Banking and Finance, Human Resources, Educational sector, E-commerce, retail business, and so on. It is mainly used for professional optimization of the businesses’ human resource works.
For instance, the Appinventiv experts created a blockchain-powered Learning Management System platform called Nova that is currently transforming the education sector.
Powered with the smart abilities of blockchain, Nova is just the answer to all the genuine issues of today’s education sector. The developers at Appinventiv looked into every stage of the Nova project right from designing the elements, to its development, the inclusion of blockchain, creation of the smart contract, cryptocurrency development, QA testing and finally deploying it in the stores.
The Openchain blockchain platform is used for maximizing every aspect of a particular business’s Human Resource Management.
Build and Test Blockchain Solution
It is always advisable to study the current blockchain technologies for choosing the best for your blockchain implementation. For evaluating this you need to consider certain factors.
  • The quality of the technology, which means that the technology should offer valuable consensus and security. You also need to know if it will work with both public and private blockchains.
  • The blockchain infrastructure
  • The vastness of the technology (if it is compatible with other multiple blockchain platforms)
Another feature that you need to look up to is the smart contracts. Smart contracts enable businesses to make vital transactions without any interference from third parties. You can attach your own set of rules to the smart contract. The transaction process becomes transparent, automatic, and fair.
All the parties will be mandated to abide by the smart contract rules. The nature of the smart contract is the only reason why most businesses have now chosen blockchain technology. Hence, while building your blockchain solution, you need to develop smart contracts that will directly automate your transactions. Soon after that, you can go for testing your blockchain integration and analyze how well it is working.
Read more about blockchain implementation
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